Insane 100-Day Modded Minecraft Challenge – EPIC Adventure!

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Hello everyone my name is Dan sorus and welcome back to another video today I’m trying something a bit different as I’m tackling the 100 days challenge I’ve always wanted to do 100 days video and so here it is except I put my own twist to it my channel is dedicated to Old

School Let’s Plays and modded Minecraft so I decided to combine both of these ideas So today we’re going to try and survive 100 days in Minecraft Beta but it’s modded more specifically with the better than Adventure mod now before I continue here’s a time stamp to to it to

To if you want to watch the 100 days Challenge and ignore all this explaining but I’m now I’m going to briefly explain what better than Adventure is better than Adventure is a mod from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 And attempts to create an alternative update from Minecraft you see on September 14th of 2011 moang

Released the adventure update an update that completely reshaped the game by adding controversial features such as hunger and more B Adventure aims to create a world in which this update never came to fruition Ben Adventure fixes many of the bugs and the early beta versions and adds more fresh

Content to the game while still maintaining that retro Minecraft feel I’m writing this after having played 100 days of this mod and honestly this mod makes Minecraft feel more minecrafty it revives that sense of fear while also having that that sense of curiosity and freedom I really enjoyed this mod so I

Hope you guys enjoyed the 100 days of me playing through it and with all that being said I hope you guys enjoyed 100 days of Minecraft better than Adventure oh my god oh there’s a zoom in this too what the hell wow didn’t want start off like any other

Minecraft let’s play where I was just punching logs survival survival I then began to make wooden tools and all this s stuff so I can make things much more efficient efficiency is key I saw a cow and decided to commit some classical war crimes I love war crimes you’ll find

That out throughout this whole series decided to go ahead and punch some Stone I wanted to get some stone tools and I want to get situated before it turns dark after getting myself situated I began to set out on a hunt I wanted to find a good area to situate myself and

Live before I turned dark so I wanted to go and search out for a nice little Cozy home while on my search I actually found some coal so I decided to mine up some coal I love me some coal everybody loves them some coal it turned dark really

Quickly on me and so that I I had a rush I start I started pooping myself I had never actually played beta Minecraft so I didn’t really know what to expect from Darkness I knew like that that these older versions were like scary while they were dark but I didn’t know what

Was going on so I started building quickly look at me go look at me go look at him build which I feel that’s actually very interesting because this is actually my first time ever playing beta Minecraft I had actually never played bet beta Minecraft up until this

Point I used to watch it when I was younger obviously but I never actually played it until I started doing this 100 100 days so a lot of this was actually my first time ever playing this version of Minecraft which is very interesting for the rest of day one I just continued

Chopping some logs I just chopped away until the night went away and I after that I just watched the Sun for Sunrise that’s a beautiful sunrise for day two such a gorgeous Sunrise oh my God woo I ran out of wood on day one on bu

In my house that’s why I was chopping down trees so on day two immediately got to work and finished up my roof cuz oh boy that thing was ugly it still look a little ugly I’m not going to lie to you day two saw me uh making some storage I

Wanted to make sure I had enough uh storage because I’m so used to being Baby by my mods that I really got humble during the series when it came to storage so I immediately made some chest so I can store my items it started raining midday which is

Actually it was kind of peaceful honestly it looked really beautiful and I don’t know what it is about this version it just makes the rain look a lot nicer and all the weather in general it gets foggier throughout the day sometimes and it even snow sometimes

During this 100 days and I don’t know it just looks really nice anyways on later later in the day I decided to go out in adventure because I wanted to explore and find some new land I didn’t find new land though I found some coal every loves them some coal who doesn’t love

Coal somebody cooked here somebody cooked around here and I think a zombie cooked alive around here war crimes I love war crimes decided to go swimming but then I kind of forgot I had didn’t have a boat and I just kind of drifted out for a long time and then I finally

Hit land and I have a monkey brain and I saw mountain and you know exactly what people do when they see a mountain yeah I I decided to climb to the very top of the mountain I climbed all the way up but it was actually really worth it

Because it was a really good view up here now remember this view remember this view cuz you’ll see it again I promise you not giving any spoilers but I think this is where I end up building my house but sh sh don’t tell anybody okay this is where I start building my

House cuz I really like the view look at that view B look at that view it looks so good I mean I it’s kind of weird seeing the view by itself that’s it got dark pretty quickly on me and so I decided to just go run into a hole I

Mean everybody everybody when they first started playing this video game immediately ran into a dark into a hole they dug a hole or ran into a hole and the moment it turned dark cuz we were all super scared so I mean it just it just fits the general nature I mean I

Think I think I’m just role playing I think I’m laring too good I’m I I love me some coal I Love mining some damn coal decided to hop into the other cave when I got sniped God damn Dam what is he shooting at there’s a whole man down

Here there’s a whole another man down here there’s a hell lot of man down here oh boy there’s a creeper in here too I actually I remember being so scared of dying so quickly cuz I this was my first run and my only run and this is one of

The closest points where I get to almost die and I mean well it was only like four Hearts down that’s still a lot and oh I just I just keep getting jumped I just like can they can they I more more I just keep getting jumped I don’t know

I don’t know what what’s going on I don’t even understand after my near death encounter I quickly realized I probably wanted to get some iron and I got jumped and I my sword broke and I had to punch this man to death which is some mly stuff right

There I punched that dude to death dude that’s crazy continue mining some Mar I started smelting my iron up a little bit uh I I got some nice looking good some good some good pickaxes and stuff I can get mining a little bit quicker um but

Yeah day day to was pretty much just a mining Mission I got some iron chest plates and stuff and I made my way on out of that cave because that cave stunk like pure but I love chopping me some trees I love chopping me some trees I

Really like the way this looks honestly like before I built anything here I it was just a really peaceful looking land and by the time I was done with it it looked horrible but that’s not the point started planting my trees down I wanted to mark my territory I was want to get

Enough wood to to build my house in the first place so I wanted to plant enough trees down and enough load my crops as well and I pretty much just made this territory mine I decided to go back home to get my stuff from my old house now

Took a long time because in this version there isn’t running obviously cuz I was added in the Aventure update which was this is the whole reason why this update exists and some more M exist and so it took a very long time for me to get back

To my house but I eventually did and got all my items and all my steps and I just transferred everything that I really wanted and I didn’t really want I didn’t really want I left it here I took everything I wanted and I went on my way

To my new home my new home is going to look so cool I can’t live up my land I want to make sure no monsters spawn of course if I die in this in this series then the series ends because obviously it’s 100 days surviving if I die it’s

There’s no hardcore in this version that wasn’t added to like 1.0 when the official release started but if I die at all in the series and of course it ends also we’re building our house here I I forgot to mention that I did DED du this little staircase hole that I proceeded

To never remember I had until right this moment when I’m recording this that’s insane I forgot I forgot that even existed um zombie here I I kicked his ass continue building throughout the night a lot of these days are me just digging digging away and digging and more

Digging also discovered a little new feature while I was adding on this is called the guide book it basically is like the too many items this mod which just lets you see all the recipes in the game which is such a lifesaver oh my God

And then I saw one Lifesaver oh no he found the bed he found the bed I’m telling you all the nights after this very moment are going to be extremely so fast anyways day four I’m just building my house again I think I built for most

Of day four I kind of just got some glass I got some sand here for some glass sorry and uh just did a lot of digging L diing and then I contined building my house most of the day and I believe this is the day I got my first

Low nap my first low nap now remember this remember this very moment because I decided to nap a lot during this 100 days I mean it’s 100 days I have to nap at some point you know and I’m a hardworking man also two beds nah three beds more construction day five and more

Bre breaking down logs I’m really just a shell of a person at this point I have been building for like 4 days straight and I continue to keep building throughout most of the day the roof now the logs now I’m just building glass now I’m just building away building my

Little hard away finish the roof before the night end well I mean not really the roof the ceiling cuz I I decided to go the whole roof the day after Lord bless me I’m so sorry for all of this building in the first few minutes of I mean like

I think most of the day most of the first few days are just me building anyways nap day six was supposed to be a roofing day I mean I spent most of the day Roofing technically sorry I’m so struggling with my cold a little bit but I uh I spent

Once a day Roofing but then I actually ran out of wood right here so I decided to go out and mine some logs and got back right before the day ended so I got back just just at the crack would be the crack of dawn the crack of night crack

Of night and I guess that makes sense right day seven I spent most of the early morning of the day impressed by a blue-eyed spider it’s a blue-eyed sper spider don’t know why more Roofing finally finished the roofing on day seven not the roofing I guess I had

A roofing made a little attic up here which I was actually going to eventually make into my little bedroom here’s me putting some glass down oh boy oh my lord it’s a little staircase here which actually I I I it doesn’t really fit the oak wood of the

Ceiling too much but who cares here’s my bed anyways I I had a nice little bedroom at the very top of the house also decided to spruce up the bottom floor because we without the little bedroom in the corner and it’s now replaced with a staircase so I guess it

Looks a little bit nicer but it was still pretty empty it stayed pretty empty but I I made it look a little bit nicer also it’s nap time nap time nap time day eight started with me making some iron armor I wanted to go and explore cuz I wanted to find something interesting

Some dungeons some interesting stuff so I went out exploring and finding new land new land in the process I found some nice little coal who doesn’t like mining coal I also found a Minecraft Spawner or like the vanilla spawner I guess I didn’t even know they kept these

In this version but they did and here we go look at this it has some very basic ass loot um I don’t know can I can I there you go open the chest thank you godamn have has some nice loot in here but it wasn’t anything interesting so I

Just kept on exploring kept on my mighty little way till I found a little nice dungeon over here that got me a little bit interested I was like what is this what is this this is a Labyrinth it is one of the many structures that was added by the better than Adventure mod

And it’s very interesting it’s actually very like in uh intricate I guess there I I see some more labyrinths later on in the series but I didn’t really see apparently they can they can get really big I wasn’t ever able to see that in in

This in this 100 days to be honest with you I’m going to be 100% honest with you spoil it this one isn’t as big and they get a lot bigger than this one so I hopefully maybe if I come back for 200 days it’ll be a lot bigger than this cuz

It’s it’s kind it’s kind of a little small it’s a little but small anyways I’m such a hero so I just jump down and get absolutely jumped by a bunch of skeletons and monsters honestly another time another point in time where I almost could have died if I just wasn’t

Careful except I’m literally I’m literally the best Minecraft player in the world I Wouldn’t Die to this somebody found out that the bows and arrows don’t have a cool down so he started spamming the bows and arrows till he killed every single Monster in the dungeon I promise you I do this a

Lot for some reason I I I just have uncontrollable uncontrollable look at this look look at me go he he just doesn’t stop he doesn’t know to just stop pressing I literally was just holding down the button I continue I continue I literally I can can I stop

Spamming the bow and arrow please please please please please please please let it end let it end let it end let it end let it end please stop spamming the bow and arrow I sto spamming the bow and arrow and hit a pretty nice combo on

That creeper right there and and then I proceed to turn the corner and then get absolutely jump scared and freaked out and then it doesn’t stop there I get jump scared again I get shot into the creeper like I didn’t know this game was with a nightmare Feel Jesus Christ

Please spare me the anyways I kind of got bored of the dungeon I just decided to go back home there wasn’t a whole lot of loot in there that was very useful for me so I went back home and just kind of stored my stuff away and then I

Proceed to stare at a chest for half the day nap time nap time nap time technically was supposed to be Day N uh started off with me just mining trees and Gathering my uh stuff and I actually made a clock but apparently I found out

It was day 12 now I did some research and found out that this is because Minecraft days at this time in development start at day three don’t know why but we’ll just take the game’s word for it it’s day 12 it’s also why I decided not to include the little

Counter in the corner because it just ends up being really weird with the timing and everything anyways I’m making a storage shed here because my storage situation is getting really bad I also decided to dig another hole in the ground which even though I already had

One I just made another one but anyways yeah it’s storage sh shed building Montage time the end of the night I decided to go make a little nice little nice Pathway to my house I think this ended up really looking this whole area looks so nice later on I I love the pathway

And everything nap time nap time there’s some more Roofing on day 13 I just wanted to get the shed done with and so I got it done pretty quickly add of my little attic and I usually do even though I never really used the attic in the storage shed anyways I added my

Little chest in here and everything and when I finished it was already night time but pretty much by most of the night just transfer my items from the the the house to the shed and I kind of organized everything too as well with little signs and little cool pictures

That they added with the mod so think my stor look pretty nice pretty nice pretty nice it was thundering at the end of the day so I decided to go do my casual NP time I need to add a nap counter I’m going to do a nap counter any Wass day

14 I decided to make a little hole because I wanted to get some wheat now now I have I had an idea right and you know it it’s it’s a horrible time whenever Denny G Dan orus gets an idea but I had an idea so I started mining my

Way my my my little L away and I made a little animal pen I wanted to get wool and I want to get wheat little did I know that in this version of Minecraft that whole system wasn’t even implemented yet until way later in in development so I I got I got pretty

Unpleasantly surprised when the Sheep just kind of stared at me like I was a lunatic looking at him with a piece of wheat I mean look at me like I I I really believe that this sheep would want me I was trying to breed the

Sheep did I I I obviously didn’t do any research while before playing this damn mod pack anyways I saw a pretty cool looking recipe in the guide book and you know my monkey brain just had to immediately craft it and and I did and I made a

Flag and you know what my monkey brain thinks about when when when I see a flag I had to make a flag Tower and I also I I made a smiley face in the flag with a little nose I immedately got to mining cuz I

Wanted to make my flag Tower I want to make the tower long too like very tall and everything so I nearly got a mining I mined for a very long time and I actually went pretty far down deep too and which way I ended up finding my

Little cave here which I don’t want say anything but I I think I find some pretty nice ores down here I find some pretty nice ores down here I found some diamonds oh boy I I I remember getting so hyped when I first saw the diamonds I

It was my first pair of diamonds in this in this version of Minecraft so I mean come on man I love diamonds my diamonds diamonds I found diamonds Dam it that was a lot of hard work and efficiency there so I decided to go finish it off

With a nice nap I’m very productive with every day d 16 saw me start making the the tower I started construction on the little Tower I wanted to make something that was very tall and noticeable so if I was far away I could see it and I

Think I did a pretty good job here and I got a little nice little Spire kind at the top while I was running out of cobblestone and this is exactly where I place my nice little flag at the very tipy top of the of the tower I think it

Turned out really nice as well as I added a little nice staircase inside of the Tower so I can have a little nice way up the tower which I think turned out really well too my monkey brain my monkey brain approves it is gorgeous is absolutely work of art Mona Lisa I need

I need a nap after all that effort oh my God hard work day 17 I started at the floor for a uh concerning amount of time still staring at the floor I love the floor later in the day I went down to the the lava pool that I

Found earlier and I wanted to make it into some obsidian so I can make a nice little nether portal there was no enchantment tables at this time so there was no point of gting too much obsidian so I just gathered enough to make another portal and I went on my very way

Also found some coal I was like who doesn’t like coal we all love coal day 18 and I’m staring at the Block I Love Blocks so much redeemed Myself by finding a nice little mob spawner it was made out of bricks i’ never seen one made out of the bricks before but it

Looked pretty cool also kind of scary cuz they were all just going crazy in that thing that thing was insane anyways went back up to the surface and I got my way out of that cave reorganized all my materials as I was getting ready to go

Into The Nether the Nether world I du it into a nice little cliff and the side here um I I kind of wish I put a little bit more effort into it it it just kind of looks a PR simple but whatever day day 19 I get ready to go into the into

The Nether as I make a diamond sword and I make a bunch of other fun stuff so I can go into The Nether with ease I I I I think at this point I didn’t really know was in the nether cuz when I played Minecraft and the older versions and

1.2.5 and all that kind of stuff the nether was already getting like it it was already it had blazes and had the Nether fores and everything it didn’t at this point so it was it was pretty empty I I was mining for a a a very long

Time I I I promise you a a very very very very very very very very long time before I I I found anything worthwhile and my worthwhile was an open cave with nether coal which to be fair nether coal was actually very important for this mod

It was a it added by the mod in the first place and you basically use this to make steel now steel is like the equivalent to Diamond in this pack except it has a little bit more durability um I don’t believe diamond tools I believe have efficiency on them

By default and or steel tools don’t they just have more durability so it’s kind of the same thing anyways I got some glow stone I I love glowstone I also nap time nap time now I lost the fridge for these days but I hope you guys enjoy

This dog um um anyways here’s my live reaction to me realizing I didn’t have the footage okay so I just realized I wasn’t recording for like 3 days um wow I went mining I made steel stuff uh and I uh what else did I do I

Uh I made still stuff they going a little bit of off camera Mining and totally I I mean I I didn’t cheat I know I didn’t cheat but like I know people going to say that in the comments anyways after going on some little off camera mining I finally made my way back

Home and here’s my reaction to coming back home thank God oh my God civiliz oh civilization I was walking for a very long time anyways day 23 I know we skipped a lot of days I’m so sorry I was making a lot of different armors because

On my way on my little Adventure out there I had realized that there’s a little stat bar here and the stats bar gives me various States for the various armors I have on and I try to Mid Max unit I I just yeah I just I just looked

Kind of dumb anyways nap time day 24 I made a treml uh this basically just makes me able to kind of put my waste items in here and it basically Auto sorts it and makes into other useful items now I didn’t know how to use it so

It was kind of just spilling items all over the place um eventually I got it kind of to work here I kind of figur out how to use it and I got it working here so it’s it’s it’s okay it’s useful what if I build like a mob spawner with the

Meshes and then the meshes can drop blocks through cuz the meshes allow items to drop through those it P but nothing else is there hoppers or some way cool idea Daniel but then you continue to stare at a wall for the rest of the day wow start my day 25 by harvesting my

Crops here I wanted to make a basket so I for a basket I needed wheat and Leather So I went out to search for some cows and and it’s winter so winter makes it so that days are shorter and mobs spawn less and so it turn turned dark on

Me pretty quickly and there wasn’t very many cows out here and I needed a lot of letters so I got pretty scared I got chased by a creeper and I don’t know why I decide I need to stop just swimming um I learned my lesson made a boat and I

Tried going back to my old house and finding Refuge there I didn’t have very much luck I got pretty lost and I didn’t really know where I was at so I I went asleep on a tree man we’re on we’re on some crazy nap times here I spent qu I don’t know

How far I managed to go out but I spent quite literally the full day 26 just trying to make my way back home now I don’t remember going this far out but look at this I mean this is insane anyways I got back home and of course I

Had to take my my my classical hard work nap time I started my war cry machine I wanted I don’t know why I wanted to make a m grinder it was just like you know it’s it’s old Minecraft I wanted to make a m grinder so I decided to start flying

The land out and getting my little M grinder ready day 27 so I just started playing this all out and I got decided I got started on the design pretty quickly um I’ve never actually made a mob grinder before uh prior to this uh to

This series or to these 100 days and so I didn’t really know what to do I didn’t really know what I was doing um I know you needed Hoppers but the hopper equivalent in this version is just a basket and mesh blocks didn’t really know exactly what I was doing but um I

Mean I think it turned out pretty well anyways nap time day 28 I continue work on my uh my mob grinder here got pretty damn God damn goam I got pretty deep into it and I I I had to watch a tutorial a YouTube tutorial on how to

Make a mob grinder it was very embarrassing um and then I stared at a block spent the rest of day 28 working on the mob grinder there ain’t no naps around here Mister we continue working day 29 I was going to work on the mob grinder but I ran out of cobblestone so

I had to go mine in my little mine that even though I totally had a mine underneath my house and I could have made it into like a basement here we are making a whole separate mine now I had originally wanted to make like stairs on

That area but I just never did anyways uh I continue work on the M gruner day 29 nap time day 30 I got curious and the guy book again and I made a hand Cannon the amount of war crimes about I’m about to commit is is diabolical absolutely

Diabolical I made some cannon balls the monkey discovers air time oh no oh no oh no oh no he’s coming A oh my God I killed the cow after committing local war crimes against the cow population I decided to work on a war crime machine I had to watch the

Tutorial to keep doing it cuz I had no clue what I was doing but I think it turned out pretty nice I was working on it it pretty well and I the progress was amazing hard work deserves a nap time of course it does of course it does more

Mob grinder working I’m getting tired of this already I ran out of the Cobblestone so I don’t want you guys to say anything don’t say a word don’t say a single word I swear to God what time is it it’s nap time SP most of the day admiring my beautiful War crime machine

Very hard work so I decided to go and take another beautiful nap time I kind of want to make the a giant road to my old house like cutting through here and so I did I got started with mining away and I’m telling you I was mining and

Mining and mining for a very long time but I’m telling you this project was probably one of the most beautiful projects I’ve made look at this cutting through the landscape cutting through all this natural terrain and habitats I love destroying that natural habitats and that’s exactly what I kept

Doing the rest of day to 33 just kept planting my damn bridge on the floor kept building throughout the night and I actually I was doing pretty good until I got jumped by a skeleton and decided to show him the War chinator I don’t think

He’d ever tried to jump me again I mean I don’t I I I wouldn’t honor I don’t think any skeletons would try and try me again after after seeing that I had to dig through a mountain now um man I I did a lot of digging throughout this 100 day

And man I I don’t I know it’s a part of Minecraft but I don’t think I’ll ever mine again anyways day 34 I finally struck daylight oh my God you don’t understand how good it feels to struck daylight after dig it for such a long

Period of time I dig a lot during this series I almost died here by the way I don’t I don’t know what I was thinking if I missed that there’s no Sprints in this I don’t know why I decided to jump that I CL my mind yeah regardless 3 Day

Day 34 I spent building and I spent building I built for a very long period of time day 35 I decided to admire my beautiful build by just staring at it for a very long time then I continued to walk all the way back after Gathering more slabs and

Continue to build now the problem was that not only did I want to make this back to my old house I just wanted to make my old house which here it is by the way I mean it’s gorgeous but I also failed to realize that I I wanted to

Turn this into a railroad at some point for the achievement now I do that later on in the in the in the video but I fell to realize that it’s 1,000 blocks straight and it has a very significant turn anyways I go out exploring on this

Next day and I find a labyrinth that had a whole lot of nothing and I got very disappointed and went on my Merry way I was looking for Spruce Wood now let me tell you a little bit something about this about this update in this update better than Adventure primarily

Spruce was very very hard to find and it still is it’s the new update that will be coming out eventually at some point it’s going to make it a lot easier to find Spruce Wood um but up until then it’s very rare and most of the snow

Bottoms General are very rare because of the temperature map uh which is a whole different thing I’m not going to get into I got scared on this day so I decided to go hide in a hole and sleep as one does but yeah it’s very rare so

It takes a very very long time to find anything other than the bioms that were already used to I did find a desert finally um deserts are also pretty kind of kind of rare not not too rare but I found the new wood too from the deserts

As well that they added um this is eucalyptus wood and it’s actually a pretty cool looking wood it’s kind of like an orange color the trees look really cool so I decided to get some saplings for that too but yeah yeah Spruce Wood is is very hard to find and

So I go out on an adventure all right I I go out very long and very far to find myself some damn Spruce Wood now of course I found some labyrinths and stuff like this which by the way I get jump scared so badly right

Here oh damn hey back up back up back up back up back up back up back up back up back up back up oh my God after being absolutely bricked by a creeper I decided to go back out and keep exploring I at this point I was out at

Least 10,000 blocks I was very out very far out and I was beginning to lose hope so much so that I I just had to take a Reviving nap time on a desolate Island it didn’t really help me too much I was still very disappointed so I decided to

After exploring for such a long period of time I decided to ask to Discord to see if I can get any answers and unfortunately at this point in time I wasn’t aware of the update situation and yeah and the current version that I was playing of better than Adventure snow

Biomes and any GL Glacier biomes were very hard to find just because of the temperature map that I mentioned earlier and so I was just having very very very very unlucky however however however I kept exploring as I was going back home oh I found it it’s sa to say I was just

A little bit just just just a little bit excited over seeing over seeing that damn that damn Spruce Forest oh my God I remember you don’t understand the joy relief of walking 10,000 blocks and finally finding a spruce bomb I had to take a nap time after that of course I

Did of course I did after my rejuvenating nap time on day 40 decided to head back home and find my house I was out pretty far and day 41 I kept on walking and finally found my house on the later Little littleit M day of day 41 I found the bridge actually

Technically so now that I was back home I was getting ready to use my riches and my spoilers and I made a jukebox to play my favorite song far far nap somebody’s going to be watching this video to like study or something they’re just going to hear me screaming nap time

At the top of my lungs I’m so sorry for you anyways day 42 I wanted to make a cake I I’ve never b a cake actually before in this game for surprisingly somehow and I I didn’t even know how to make a cake look don’t don’t ask me

Don’t don’t even don’t even judge I had to use a recipe book to figure out how to make a cake I took it out in the cow I’m so sorry I love war crimes I wanted to go through all the achievements in this series so um here’s me making the

Cake and getting the cake achievement and after this I play the cown I eat my little cake I I said that such a weird way anyways I make a fishing rod I here I get my fish and there’s also a fishing achievement by the way if you didn’t know so you

Have to get the fish catch a fish cook the fish and all that kind of stuff I think it’s is that the Hot Topic achievement no the Hot Topic is making a furnace here’s my gting the fish achievement here’s also me gting the acquired Hardware achievement which

Somehow I didn’t get even though I have diamond armor doesn’t make any sense to me anyways I’m walking down my path day 42 loving the land loving the land on day 43 I’m back at my old house for some reason I don’t even know why I’m back

Here but I’m capturing some of that beautiful oak wood from my old house that I probably would have never used otherwise and I decided to make a little Bridge kind of I originally the original idea was to make a little Port kind of thing like a fishing dock it ended up just

Becoming a bridge later on but uh um it it was supposed to be like like a fishing dock so I could fish off of it um because I thought I’d be fishing more cuz fish apparently Stacks in this update it’s the only food that does

Stack I I I think I’ve only fished this one night this was the only time I ever fished I fished the whole night and that was the only time I ever did so day 44 I’m on in about again I want to get the chain mail achievement which means I

Have to uh get a full set of chain mail armor and repair it with chain links now chain links are dropped by chain mail like zombies and you can use that to repair the chain mail armor you can’t craft chain mail armor you can only find them in the Dungeons and this Labyrinth

Co instantly I just left all the chain armor in here I also decided to strip the entire thing bare I telling you I took literally everything and after all that hard work a nap time of course a nap time day 45 instead of getting the achievement like I should have I decided

To make a Jacuzzi now I don’t really know why I just I wanted a Jacuzzi man so look at me build look at me go I I I made a damn jacuzzi I made a damn good jacuzzi I mean I even added a little little bit of glow stone

In there a little bit of little bit of little bit little bit of limestone a little bit of glass a little bit of fire I got a little bit of everything in that thing I got a bit of water in there too oh boy that thing was cooking that think

Was nice in there I actually almost caught my house on fire A Few Good Times um so I added in these like little kind of bits of uh gold brick to the side and uh I had some little white lamps as well I didn’t I died in green but um yeah uh

It did almost catch my my house on fire a good few times and uh thank God it didn’t because my floor been out of cherry blossom wood and that would have been a horrible thing anyways spent the rest of the night just chilling on my jacuzzi and I took a good nap time

Afterwards good nap time good nap time day 46 I star at a block for a while 3 minutes later I’m finally actually mining again I don’t really know why I was mining I think it was because I wanted iron to build a railroad um but to be honest with you I

Was just I was just mining man I was just digging around which by the way I think I think Min has always been my favorite thing to do in Minecraft honestly just like mining all the various ORS and stuff I don’t know it’s always been very fun anyways here we are

Getting more and more diamonds um I’m just try to Yap so I can fill up this entire section because it’s it’s just a lot of mining I’m just mining I never really found recording mining interesting but uh here we go I mean we’re getting hell of Diamonds though

Hella of diamonds hell of diamonds finally though on day 47 we’re finally getting out of the mines oh my lord it’s been a very very long time in the M shaft day 48 I decided to make a painting I you know I could have I could have really

Made this look a lot better but um I I I think it’s just the Dan sorus way to make things look absolutely abnormal and I did a really good job of it I think it looks horrible I then sheared some leaves and some grass or

Piles of leaves I believe it is and I added it over to my little area because I wanted to decorate my area just a little bit more so I kind of spruced up the the weird house thing as well this the house thing the storage shed come on

Daniiel come on what was up with you today as well as I kind of sprued up in front of the house I made it look a little just just a little bit prettier with some nice little leaves on the floor and everything and everything and yeah

That’s day 48 started day 49 by going over to my mob grinder and collecting all my little goodies I actually I’m honestly kind of surprised how good it’s working so far but I mean I’m look props to me I’m just a professional builder now I also wanted to dig a hole

In the ocean more precisely now I was originally going to do it there but I got distracted and I would decided to go out and get the pig fly the wind the wind pigs fly achievement I believe it’s called which basically means you just put a saddle on a pig and you try

And make it like fall like or fall to its death I believe you just make it fly I I mean I I was pretty smart with it honestly cuz there wasn’t any uh Whatchamacallit like the carrots on the sticks things that we have nowadays there wasn’t any of that back in the day

So I I I resulted in doing classic war crimes I [Laughter] mean it it worked later in the day I got started finally on my little chunk I kind of wanted to just take out of a chunk of the ocean and Mak it into like a glass cube kind of thing with some

Grass inside of it so that’s kind of what I do that’s kind of what I start doing as well as I start laying out some flat land over here I wanted to make a day 50 sign as well as I just need glass for the sign anyways so killing two

Birds with one stone except I’m I I don’t know if I’m dyslexic or or what’s going on with me because I I built the day 50 sign here right and I I I don’t I don’t know what’s wrong with me I I don’t think I’m dyslexic but I built a

20 I I I I don’t I couldn’t tell you I mean maybe maybe everybody has this issue or something but there you go Day Day 50 day 50 wonderful wonderful and I lit up on day 50 and just kind of enjoyed the scenic view of day 50 with

The Sun or the the moon rising in the the moon setting and the moon whatever day 50 was back to construction I was over here making my little glass cube almost drowning multiple different times um I’m not very good with it as well as it’s winter and so it started snowing I

I don’t know why it didn’t snow the first time I don’t know maybe that’s just like it always happens the second time or if it just didn’t want to too this the I don’t I I really don’t know they started breaking out my crops and I also wanted to get the Icebreaker

Achievement as well um which is just breaking ice to be fair and I made some uh what is it ice cream ice cream yeah yeah yeah ice cream I forgot the word for it and basically for the rest of the day I just kind of sat around did a

Whole lot of nothing pretty much what I’ve been doing for the past couple days just staring out windows to be fair and I ate my ice cream up and I enjoyed the scenic view day 54 and I decided to do some war crimes I love war

Crimes can I label a cow remember this moment because this moment is very pivotal to the story line of the 100 days Series this is very very important I promise you both these cows are actually very pivotal I don’t know if I included the second cow um towards the

End but this is very this is very pivotal to the the story anyways shov any more uh glass for dirt and pilot glass for dirt did I just seriously say that I’m sorry I I I was basically just getting this whole thing drained out and done throughout the night of day 51 it’s

Very very simple work and it’s very very hard work I I think I’m going to need a nap pretty soon but luckily luckily I I continue to work hard I work hard throughout the night I don’t I don’t take rest not anymore not anymore we’re we’re making sure every single day is

Productive I also I’ve never used sponge in this game before obviously this is the older sponge so maybe the modern mechanics are a bit different but I was really bad at using sponge it took me a good long while this this first chunk to really uh understand how to drain things

I mean I’m still going day 52 I mean and I’m kind of getting the hang of it here you can kind of see I’m kind of understanding how to drain things but man maybe I’m done but by but the end of day 52 I pretty much got going good and

Uh I just decided to fly on the whole thing day 53 um don’t really know why I could have made this a lot easier for myself but yeah the whole day 53 I just spent digging and digging and actually no no placing placing placing placing not digging placing yeah big difference

Anyways day 54 I was pretty much getting the glass like set in I was uh digging out the sand that was there I was smelting the sand as well so kind of multi taxing a little bit and then placing in the glass at the same

Time I’m sorry I still got my cold a little bit but um yeah I was pretty much just placing the glass in the whole 50 day 54 most of these days actually I think I spent I spent a lot more days on on the chunk and I really realized

Honestly I it’s I started at day 50 or so no it was like day 49 right I don’t even remember anymore it’s been like at least like four or five days on this damn chunk here I am day 55 spending the day uh terraforming which what I was

Saying earlier I I don’t really know why I removed the whole Chunk in the first place or like sorry pled the whole thing in the first place when I was just going to terraform it anyways I me I guess it makes it easier for myself but I don’t really I don’t really know

Why cuz I spent the whole day doing this man day 55 at the end of day 55 I’m still growing it but I I make it look a little bit nicer I I I make it look a little bit nice and um yeah I I really don’t know why I

Spent such a very very long time digging I spent the whole day digging that whole thing out just for him to place it all back pretty much and and a nice little tree I mean the tree looks pretty nice though the trail the tree does look really nice though anyways nap time we

Finally got it back day 56 saw me uh digging out the sand again and placing the glass back in again um I’m telling you I I spent a very very long time on this project but I think it comes out very worth it in the end again more day

56 is me just more digging it out digging it out digging it out as well as the end of day 56 is me getting rid of all the Netherrack and stuff man I I I I I need to use Netherrack more because it just goes away so quickly and it’s so nicely as

Well as I just put the Cobblestone back in so that way it looks kind of nicer on the top as well as this day was also when it turned spring and on the all the nice little I started melting also nap time day 57 I finally finished it and I

Honestly I I really like the way it looks I think it turned out really amazing here’s me finishing the the glass Dome part um I really like the way it looks I also eded kind of like a trap door door kind of thing here I I think I

Really like the way it looks I’m really proud of it that deserves a nap time day 58 and day 59 I quite literally spent the whole day planting down trees why I don’t know look day 58 day 58 right here and then day 59 to planting down trees like Lord give me a

Break I was going crazy on trees and then day 59 the rest of day 59 I just kind of spent staring at the sunset I just like to stare a lot don’t I I’ve been staring I trust trust me there’s plenty more staring for me to do

I don’t know why I stare so much day 60 I got a little bit bored so I decided to build a wall and I promise you this isn’t a political statement I just wanted to build a wall I mean I have a monkey brain and when I have a monkey

Brain I want to do things dig a hole build a wall do all kinds of things and this is exactly what I did I just kind of built a wall to the very top of my of my mountain and it was Ming to protect my compound my little area from um from Monsters

Now to the effectiveness it’s worked I I don’t really know but it looks it looks really damn cool here’s day 61 me lining up the area so that way don’t things spawn inside the wall um and I’m really proud of it I think I think the view

From up here as well looks really nice too again this is what I was telling you about earlier to remember this cuz this is the exact view that I had earlier and I think it looks really really interesting now now that we have a bunch

Of stuff here anyways day 62 I wanted to get wool for a lighthouse as well as red roses too so I can kind of die that red house or the wo red anyways here’s a very pival moment this is label the cow remember label from like 12 days ago

This is very pivotal remember this remember this moment anyways I keep on searching and I think I’m beginning to lose my mind just a little give me sheep I need them I want them I crave them still searching day 63 I I I remember specifically this day was was just me

Like committing war crimes because I couldn’t find sheep I’m so sorry label there are surviving labels how the how did you end up out here from over there where where where all I I labeled some sheep I found the Sheep I found the Sheep after committing

Heinous acts of war crimes I began to lose my mind just just just just a little bit you will soon find Salvation my friend no no no this way yes yes yes this way and this way welcome to your new home my friend I’m sure you must enjoy it in

Here where are you going now go up up there’s a perfectly more capable sheep up there I will kill you if I okay hey hey hey hey hey you are to be the new label my friend you are to be transported to the to the the to the the prophecy land was there

Another there was another my friend do you wish to join the church of label my friend you have you’ll become a nice addition to the Church of label after losing my mind and committing hanous acts of treason I began building my lighthouse which I think honestly the lighthouse is

Probably my favorite build I’ve done in this entire series it just ends up looking really good it kind of now I don’t know if I don’t remember how Barber the little Barber symbol thing looks like but it kind of ends up looking like that just a little bit but

I mean I think it’s a very solid Lighthouse and then you you’ll seeing just a little bit I I’m really really proud of this Lighthouse I think it ended up a lot better than I was expecting because I was using wool so I wasn’t really expecting it to look nice

But I think the wool back in this version looked amazing I got a little nice little Observatory kind of thing up here that the little light and everything I also tried my first time using Redstone in this version I am not a redstone player at all I’ve hardly

Ever used Redstone it took me the full day to get this thing working especially like I I’m already day 65 and I I’ve got it working yes but it took me a long while now we’re getting started with the with the railroad I need the honor

Achievement and to do that I needed to go a thousand blocks in One Direction and I didn’t know it was I knew it was a th000 blocks but I didn’t know it was One Direction um poor me poor me here’s me going a very long

Way and I’m still going a very long way now I turned here that’s what I was telling you about earlier I turned here and uh poor me look at me day 68 I’m still going the wrong way and I’m I’m still going the wrong way I I I I I I I

Really should have looked it up first I’m still going the wrong way D Day 69 I I can’t believe myself and day 69 I I think I’m I think I’m now to be fair this area is actually really cool it’s like a little roller coaster thing that I kind of made going and

That’s why I thought it would need to be originally I thought it just need to be like 1,000 block long railroad track it’s not it’s 1,000 blocks long in Just One Direction and um man I I Day 70 I’m still riding this thing I think this is me riding to get

Over there so I can build it longer because I thought the reason why I wasn’t getting achievement was because I thought that it wasn’t long enough not that it wasn’t going One Direction but cuz it wasn’t long enough and so man I I I really can’t believe myself

But I kept I kept going I I kept building it and it still wasn’t giving me the achievement and it just didn’t it didn’t click for me here’s me mining to get more iron so I can make this thing longer like like why didn’t I just

Search it up beforehand it’s Day 70 and I’m mining to get more iron to make this thing longer what is up with me day 71 I’m still mining to get more iron what is up with me I I it never clicked on my mind here is me looking at the damn

Achievement and it never clicked my mind this is finally when it finally CL my mind I had to go straight and that’s finally when I started going straight Day 72 I started this on like day 68 day 73 I’m still going like I I don’t know

Why it took me such a long period of time to get this whole thing like understood but here’s me getting the achievement yes I got it Wooh after getting that achievement I only need one more achievement which was the fireflies achievement which basically meant I had to go into every

Biome quote unquote uh to get fireflies now fireflies only come in at the dark and here in the nether by the way I’m using full bright I’ll explain that in a little bit too um but here in the nether you can basically get Fireflies by either placing your Firefly Lantern down

Like this and then breaking it and then collecting into a jar or you can find them naturally I couldn’t find the naturally at all I went spent a long time here in the nether so I just decided to get him this way it was much much much much much much much much

Easier than having to go all the way out and try and find them so I I just did that and here’s me day 74 continuing to go out and I’m now looking for a desert biome where I will find Orange fireflies here is pretty much where I’m going to

Find them this kind of biome I need I just need to be night time for them to spawn in they had only they only spawn in dur night time but pretty much every single biome like the desert biome the snow biome and the the other bioms have

These fireflies now here they are for some reason I don’t know why that trick that I use in the ne in the nether didn’t work here in the overw world but I found the naturally here in the overw world anyway so it’s okay so now I have

Green fireflies from the plains biome uh Orange from the desert and red from the nether now all I need is the blue fireflies from the snow biome so I tracked all the way out to the snow bioms out here that we used to go to or

That we went to back in back woo back in the day and I found my blue fireflies there we go that’s all the fireflies I spent a very very long time going back home I I think it was yeah it was day 78 I’m still going back home and I’m Fally

Here at midday um and I get the achievement and oo that achievement felt nice that achievement felt really good look at that look at that look at that Oho God damn all all four it’s like Infinity Stones in that thing look at that oh c them all after now getting all

The achievements I wanted to make like um like like like a like a Podium like like like a maum kind of thing to celebrate all my achievements and I found this Limestone over here that actually looks really nice you can uh you can smelt this in a blast furnace to

Make it um into uh marble which is what I’m using here and I think this looks this look this honestly it’s probably like my second favorite build I love the I love Lighthouse so much but this looks just amazing I love the marble I don’t

See why marble just isn’t a block in the actual game which to be fair I mean mojing doesn’t add anything with their updates to be fair I’m not throwing shave I’m being realistic here so I think the masine looks amazing I think chef’s kiss chef’s kiss it just looks

Phenomenal I also added uh lights here on day 80 which these days are going by fast now oh my God but I add a little lights here and I think I just think it looks phenomenal I think it looks really damn good man oh my God the rest of day

80 I spent building a railroad station kind like a train station I guess kind of thing I just wanted to have something in the backyard and make it look kind of cool and you know my monkey brain how it works I I if I build something if I see

Something I got to I build a day 81 I’m still building this thing and I I I pretty much finished a day day 81 um think I had some like small details afterwards but it’s not very important day 81 I also built a brick house for some reason again monkey brain wants to

Do monkey things and I I don’t think I ever really use this uh house very much I I don’t know why I built it I just kind of want to build a brick house and here we go also you can see the 69 the day 69 sign I

Didn’t include that in here but uh I built a day 69 sign for day 69 day 82 I began building my castle I again I I was just coming up with things to do at this point I was running out ideas I also built another damn Cobblestone mine after already having two separate

Cobblestone mines and day 83 I’m still buing my castle I I I think this is going to look I I won’t be able to see the foot finish thing when there’s ice on the ground but I think it’s going to look really cool when there’s ice on the

Ground ground and this thing freezes over and everything also the mine’s horrible the mine’s not lit up at all bad but we still have to continue production the production must continue for Cobblestone day 84 I’m still I’m kind of like I’m I’m filling it in I I I don’t

Really know why I decided to do this but I just thought it would look cool it was much deeper than the chunk I did so I I I had to use a lot more sand to do this and again I I I’m just doing Monkey things at this point but I’m making sure

It’s efficient with with creeper mining Lord Lord bless me which I don’t let me get into a rant real quickly I almost died here by the way that was the closest I’ve almost died in this entire series um let me get to a rant here and in these versions of

Minecraft uh creepers blow up and they’ll drop all the blocks that they blew up now and so does TNT now I I can see why this can be a performance issue but like that’s so much more useful like you don’t understand you can just use TNT to mine it efficiently and it’ll it

Will drop every single block like that’s so useful like I literally like got half the sand and gravel that I use here for this build from creeper Mining and it costed me nothing though I I finished on day 87 by the way but like that is insane why isn’t creeper mining like a

Thing still I I I have to keep mining for class on d88 but like still like d89 I’m I’m uh I’m trying to commentate and and ranchy at the same time I’m sorry but like yeah like I I think it should be a feature that at least should be toggleable or something

Maybe it is I don’t play enough Minecraft to know but day9 I actually almost die here again here you go here’s a little audio clip out holy it was a really good reminder to remind me that any wrong step I make will literally get me killed it’s crazy crazy stuff anyways day

Nighty um finishing up the little wooden kind of thing in in interior there you go I don’t know what is up with me today I’m getting on my last 10 days it I I finished up my little castle here and some glowstone some grass and stuff down

Here and I think it looks really nice I also commit some more war crimes I always commit war crimes even more war crimes here I I’m blowing up a side of a mountain for fun I I I really got bored this is day 91 I’m blowing up a mountain for fun uh

I was really really running out of ideas to do and I was really getting bored by this point so I I just blew up a whole Mountain for fun insane I am I’m running out of things to do on uh on day 92 I blew up a whole Mountain I built a giant

Forest I did a mob grinder um yeah man I I I really don’t know what else to do um as one does whenever they run out of ideas I decided to commit more war crimes against the chicken I deeply apologize to the chicken Community I’m so sorry have you heard of the name

Label hey no no no no no no no where do you think you’re going not to leave theary I trapped a bunch of pigs yeah the sanctuary label and I I quite literally was going insane by this point how did you get out how are you outside teach me your

Ways how are you outside the wall what is this betrayal I will let you redeem yourself good pig you must stay behind the wall at all times I put you into my church my friend and you betrayed me betray me though no longer let that be an example my

Friends I haven’t sted at a wall in a very long time so day 93 I am staring at a wall for a very long time no no no no no hold on on I’m still staring at a wall for a very very very long time I

Kind of want to I kind of want to build my like a the number 100 day sign out of diamonds but I don’t even know how many diamonds I have have right behind it I want right here in the middle the 100 day sign but I don’t think I’m going to

Have enough diamonds one oh hell no hell no absolutely not so d94 I went mining I was digging for diamonds and I was thinking for a very long time day 95 I am still mining for diamonds I bless me I thought I had enough diamonds of day

96 and so I went out of the mines and I I would be be massively massively dis disappointed okay man this ain’t enough bro oh my God it’s not enough day 97 I continue mining now I have this little option in the in the mod which is actually like present in

The mod which is called Full bright which makes sure that all the caves L up this EAS I have to like wor about turning my gam my brightness every single moment but uh yeah that’s why you see the caves lay up so brightly sometimes anyways here’s me finally finishing the

Monument day sign of diamonds look at that oh my God that feels good I want to find the label cow in these last two days Mr label himself the man who started it all Mr label himself he’s somewhere out here all in day8 my best friend my my

Like I I I don’t know where he went the chunks were loaded yeah these chunks were loaded cuz the Labyrinth is right there so these chunks were loaded and so that means he did move he was moving while we were going out to get the fireflies he was alive and moving for

Sure where he went I don’t think we’ll ever know Lael is still wandering to this day and if I do 200 days he’ll still be wandering unless he like went up that hill and then just I mean that’s that’s a very big possibility too that he’s just

Dead how are you alive how are you alive dude it’s it’s Where Have You Been label I tried building label a little humble something in him he he just doesn’t want to settle down so I just in the long run I decided to let label continue roaming the world you want

Label I’ll be back here if I if I come back for 200 days I’ll be back here label let me screenshot these coordinates so that way I can know where he went I’ll be back here label day 99 man wow this has been a journey here’s

The house uh the house was made back in like day 20 day 10 it has have been updated since prettyy much other than me adding in the jacuzzi in the in the in the very central part of the house also add the bookshelves that we got from the

Labyrinth uh but yeah I mean the house has been pretty similar to how it’s always been after that we built the storage shed which I’m still a very big fan of storage chat I think it looks really cool and I think it it’s just very it’s very useful in here I have so

Much stuff in here we also have our mob grinder which we built pretty early on too as well as a little Bridge connecting it then we also have the FL lag pole which was also built pretty early on you could tell that was built pretty early on our little trophy

Monument here I built pretty later I think I built this around Day Day 80 Day 70 our steel block our diamond block our rail R for the ra achievement the cake achievement and all the fireflies I love the way that it look turned out it’s a very cool looking

Masoleum looking thing we also have the giant uh Lighthouse which I don’t think I’ll would ever actually fix cuz the lights on the very top of the roof don’t actually work anymore I went outside the chunk and the redone stopped working so the lights just don’t move around

Anymore oh that’s a bummer I’m not going to fix that the wall which I I think if I do 200 days this wall is going to get bigger for sure I have to do it on that side and all the other sides protect my little compound in here we also have the

Brick house which I just I just wanted to make a brick house at one point and here it is it’s very very empty as well as our day 50 side we made on day 50 and the day 69 side we made on day 69 as well as day 100 which will be hitting

Tomorrow um very excited for that I made a full diamond blocks which took me forever to make uh we have our weird little chunk that’s just a kind of grass area I just wanted to dig out the ocean at one point and here it is I think it

Looks really cool um it looks really cool during the winter cuz it freezes over completely um I I think it’s a pretty neat looking thing it has a little glass trap door so you can get inside of it we had the whole Forest here that I planted not too long ago

Actually it’s been a while it’s been a while since I planted this but we had a whole Forest here it looks really pretty I think it turned out really well we also have the giant castle which I think is really cool I think it looked really cool I think it’s

Going to look really cool when it snows again it’s not going to snow uh again for this video but when it does snow I think if I do 200 days it’s going to look really cool finished product um I’m really proud of how this came out I

Think the grass is still growing so it’s not done yet but um it look really cool a 100 days ago this is where I lived 99 days ago actually this is exactly where I lived on day one and that’s crazy to think about this was me 30 hours

Ago in this house right here this is where we started man this is this is pretty much all we had at the very beginning this was our very first night when we looking over the view here scared there was fireflies there and a whole new world for us man spawn Point’s

Like right here too would I do a 200 episode or 200 days on this world I just can’t tell you I don’t know uh I know the mod is going to get an update at some point and uh if they do get an update then I’m so down to go

Back here if it’s a major update I’m so down to come back and and do 200 days of modded Minecraft Beta but I think without the update I think I’m I think I’m done with this world honestly I think we’ve done all we can with modded Minecraft Beta here and I’ve

Had a blast better than Adventure I I definitely recommend this mod um I’m just not an avid Minecraft player that’s like I just I don’t I don’t play too much in general even for Minecraft overhaul and all the series I do on this channel I just don’t play enough to I

Just don’t play enough to actually warrant another 200 days you get me on Minecraft overhaul I play once a mon month maybe and I uploaded all that all that footage over a long period of time I don’t play very consistently it’s just it’s not me and I don’t play in general

Very consistently games in general so I I don’t I don’t think without an update a major update that can bring me back into this I don’t think there will be uh 200 days in this world unfortunately um doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it it just means I kind of done everything there is

To this mod and of course it’s only one singular mod there’s no other mods compatible with this mod and so there’s nothing much else I can do uh in this world really without a major update that comes from better than Adventure themselves cuz there’s nothing there’s

No there’s not a whole lot of list of mods that are compatible with this uh mod pack day 100 ooh that feels good hold on let me take a picture of that give me a second one second okay well that’s 100 days in Minecraft modded beta better than Adventure

Um man was an in experience um that was fun again if I can come back for 200 days and the mods updated good enough so I can do a whole lot more I would love to um in the meantime there may be another 100 days video depending

On how good this video does I might do another one um but obviously Minecraft overall will continue like usual and all my other uploads my daily upload will continue like usual I’m sorry for disappearing for such a long time I was recording this I was recording day 100

Or 100 days of of Minecraft uh better Adventure man it’s 2: in the morning I am fried but uh I hope you guys enjoyed this whole adventure with me and yeah man thank you so much for watching

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Hello Everyone! Today I am playing 100 DAYS in Modded Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. My channel is dedicated to mods and let’s plays so I decided to combine the two and play Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 with mods for a 100 Days series! The Mod of choice is the Better Than Adventure mod! A mod that completely rewrites and revamps the existing update for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3! It attempts to imagine a world in which Minecraft Beta 1.8, “The Adventure Update” never came to fruition! This was really fun to make and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Better Than Adventure Link!

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    Bedwars Shenanigans: Blue Dream vs Moiz Gaming Minecraft BEDWARS: Blue Dream VS MOGALA Gameplay Welcome to the chaotic world of Minecraft BEDWARS where strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes are key to victory. In this intense gameplay session between Blue Dream and MOGALA, the players face off in a battle for dominance. Let’s dive into the action-packed adventure and see how the game unfolds! Teamwork and Strategy In BEDWARS, players must work together to protect their bed while attempting to destroy their opponents’ beds. Blue Dream and MOGALA strategize and gather resources to fortify their base and launch attacks on their rivals. The coordination between team members… Read More

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    Alazkaban's Prisoner: Minecraft Ep.7 Escape Roar In the Prisoner of Alazkaban, Frogo’s tale is spun, With a trident in hand, his adventure’s begun. Gifted by the drowned, a weapon of might, But in need of repair, to shine bright. To the master blacksmith, a player of skill, Noor’s the name, with knowledge to fill. Enchantments and mending, his expertise clear, Fixing the trident, no need for fear. But a deal is struck, to free the librarian in chains, In the Prison of Alazkaban, where darkness reigns. Luxury apartments and secrets untold, Frogo’s plan, daring and bold. Solitary confinement, with the warden near, Silence is key,… Read More

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    Crafting the Ultimate Budget Quarry in Minecraft Minecraft Adventures with Batsy: Building the Cheapest Quarry with Minecraft Create! Episode Recap: Digging Deep and Exploring Ancient Cities In the latest Minecraft episode, Batsy embarks on a quest to build the cheapest quarry using Minecraft Create. The journey begins with Batsy facing challenges, from battling withers to completing server quests. Despite setbacks like quest resets, Batsy remains determined to forge ahead. Exploring the Ancient City Venturing into an ancient city, Batsy encounters sculk sensors and navigates through mysterious chambers. With a mix of curiosity and caution, Batsy delves deeper, uncovering loot and facing off against formidable foes. Building… Read More

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    Random Loot Galore: Skyblock's Surprise Store #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, I took on a challenge, a random item dream. Every 15 seconds, a new gift would appear, Testing my skills, pushing me to persevere. Starting on a dirt block, so humble and small, I had to survive, or else I would fall. With each random item, a new path to pave, In this Skyblock world, I must be brave. From diamonds to dirt, from swords to slime, Every item brought a new challenge in time. But with wit and skill, I conquered them all, In this Minecraft world, I stood… Read More

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    Knarfy's Hilarious Minecraft Update Minecraft’s Funniest Update Minecraft’s Funniest Update Do you remember that video a while back where we played around with a mod that changes your size? Hello there. You think you’re safe? Goodbye! Uh, yeah. Me neither. But it turns out Mojang added funny features into the game themselves in the form of attribute modifiers. These essentially let you change things like your speed, interaction distance, and height with a simple command. And you can apply them to pretty much any mob. So naturally I decided to grab the two crazy guys from that other video. And we made another… Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft World Shenanigans The Ultimate Minecraft Farm Performance Guide Are you looking to maximize your farm performance in Minecraft? Look no further! With a farm performance of around +3600 per hour, this guide will help you achieve the best results possible. Keep reading to discover the key details and tips to enhance your Minecraft experience. Farm Performance Details Farm Performance: Achieve a farm performance of approximately +3600 per hour, depending on your sword enchants (Looting 3), AFK time, farm speed, and the use of TNT dupers. The rate may also vary based on the server type you are playing on. Versions and… Read More

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    "UNBELIEVABLE!!! DaveRigs ¡ayúdame! 😭" #minecraftVideo Information Tomaran mamá ayuda ayuda boludo Por qué amigo pero no pero amigo no me dejan boludo alguien ayuda ayuda amigo por qué estas cosas Me pasan a mí boludo estas cosas n más me pasan a mí la madre This video, titled ‘AYUDAAAA😭 #minecraft #sʜᴏʀᴛs #humor #streamerlatino #twitch’, was uploaded by DaveRigs on 2023-12-29 14:12:10. It has garnered 6361 views and 197 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Read More

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    INSANE Bedwars Plays with Pepezinho! 😂🔥 #minecraftVideo Information A Então venha mano agora você tá ligado que eu sou muito calma mano calma mano eui a nossa mano que mais mano tem out bho um cara at potente PR tomar uma filha da mãe dois ouro aí tenho Ô você é português né nossa mano eu adoro um arrozinho com feijão tá Ligado beix acho que eu posso quebrar essa bomba aqui ó você nem avisou mano o cara tá aí tá já Ai caramba mano se a gente não ver essa partida eu sou P tá ligado ai que filha da Man ô vem a… Read More

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    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

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    herobrine.liveEmbark on a thrilling adventure at – a Minecraft survival server where you create, survive, and thrive. Engage in a vibrant community. Read More

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  • Will’s Minecraft Server’s Minecraft Server is a whitelisted village building, slightly modified SMP where players can come together, make new friends, build a house, work a job, start a business, and more. You start as a citizen of the village where you can live in a starter apartment until you find the resources/money to purchase a plot and build your own house or business, or you can go off on your own and come back when you feel like being social, its up to you! The opportunities are endless. We maintain somewhat of a roleplay game environment, where killing on sight, raiding… Read More

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