INSANE 100 Days of SUPERFLAT Minecraft Survival!

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this is the most standard world in Minecraft where there is a variety of resources biomes and animals and this is a super flat world in Minecraft there is absolutely nothing here except slugs and the generation of villages this is one endless flat area four blocks deep I will have to live in these conditions for the next 100 days I have to explore a very large number of villages to find my home get the first food as well as diamond tools in this survival there will be an opportunity to receive a totem of immortality and perhaps even fight a dragon hello my name is Simon and this is my 100 days in a super flat world enjoy watching day one from the first seconds of this survival I found myself in a world where there are absolutely no resources or biomes although I do notice a few cows very quickly typically animals in such a world can appear exclusively at spawn and only once after looking around a little more I immediately noticed a village in the distance in the first house I found leather armor which was a pretty good start I also took away a bed that I will definitely need in the future a minute later I already had food supplies for some time fortunately in the village it is possible to find a tree because without it I simply cannot imagine this survival the first workbench and of course a wooden pickaxe I took the cooking stand from the church the priest definitely won’t need it anymore meanwhile the Golem very successfully protects this Village and fights with the Slugs after mining the pickaxe it would be a good idea to take care of the availability of the first cobblestone Stone there are not many options here and I am simply forced to dismantle one of the houses I hope the residents will forgive me by evening I already had a stone pickaxe and a sword in my inventory day two the morning began with a sudden explosion from a creeper caution in hardcore is clearly not my thing when all the monsters have disappeared you can safely return to Resource extraction so far the village is their only source there are small reserves of wood and stone which means we can move on quite unexpectedly I find it Tower of robbers this is the first time I’ve seen such a number of robbers in one place and I think that it’s clearly not worth getting closer to them this is a slightly non-standard super flat world and in addition to generating a standard Village there is also the possibility of an outpost appearing as well as a fortress with an Ender portal by evening I found myself in a new village where there were cows although they suddenly disappeared somewhere I also had a great opportunity to get a couple of iron ingots day three the people of this Village were very generous and gave me some carrots now that I have resources and food I can think about finding a place to survive I wanted to find the village that I like the most along the way I found an abandoned portal to the nether world and the first Golden Apple created a bucket from Iron to collect some lava I examined the new settlement very carefully looking for something unusual day four a new day and another Village I understand that there are problems with coal here and I begin to collect absolutely all the Torches for lighting there was a stable and good supplies of hay I am actively mining iron for future instruments at night I found myself in a village where there was a librarian in bookshelves this find was very valuable day five my inventory is already completely full and I urgently need to look for a place to settle down and begin my development in a neighboring settlement I find a pen with pigs I look around very carefully and understand what I like here this Village had one long path and the houses were located in one row I chose one of the houses and made a temporary Warehouse in it in the evening a resident successfully occupied my bed although in our case everything was Mutual the house is mine and my bed is his day six not far away I noticed the third portal of Destruction and suddenly almost burned in the lava I had a desire to explore the territory further and as it turned out it was not in vain I was able to find a blacksmith’s house which contained some diamonds obsidian and a saddle it was the ladder that turned out to be most valuable to me because very soon I will be able to tame horse and move around the world many times faster I climbed a little higher to look around at this moment I thought about which Village I should choose day seven still I decide to go back I like this area many times more besides there is a portal and a pen with animals nearby I’ve been trying to tame the horse all day but it clearly has a temper day eight on this day she and I were able to find a Common Language and she agreed to become my personal transport after running around the neighborhood I found another Pig and tried to to bring it into the pen with the others one of the Slugs clearly didn’t like this idea after Many Adventures we can finally build something and this will be the cobblestone generator I decided to make it in the church because there is Stone everywhere and nothing will catch fire from the lava which is very important the first attempt failed and my lava source turned into obsidian in the evening I took a chance and went to the portal as it turned out doing this on a horse is extremely safe day nine spent the whole day and night mining cobblestone day 10 I have some supplies and it’s time to think about protecting my Village the simplest option would be to Simply fence all the houses with a stone fence but first you need to build an observation deck I roughly Mark where the fence will be located having descended I began construction but after a few minutes it turned out that it would not be so easy the Slugs quickly paid attention to me and apparently decided to help by evening I had completely run out of cobblestones and urgently needed to replenish my supplies day 11 by this point most of the fence had been erected and I was left with the last piece on the left side at lunchtime I decided to have a little snack and gain strength it was decided to privatize the vegetable garden because the farmer did not take care of it at all and his Harvest simply dried up besides I need somewhere to grow food for my residents Sunset comes very quickly and this is a great opportunity to illuminate the area day 12 crafted some axes and started thinking about a starting Tree Farm first of all at a height of seven blocks you need to to build a limiter for the growth of the oak tree at the same time I am very actively mining iron which I will need for funnels and the time has come to solve another very important problem slugs appear inside this area because there are several slime chunks located here and to prevent their appearance it is enough to Simply plow the grass this activity is not very interesting but jumping green slugs 2 m high do not suit me very much one of the chunks is ready and at night I go in search of the rest at this moment several zombies decided to kind help me and please don’t ask why but I will have two slugs as pets I’m not giving them names yet so you can write your options in the comments by this point I was out of torches and had to overcook some wood for charcoal by morning I find another slime chunk and plow it very quickly day 13 this section turned out to be much more dangerous because these green guys were closely watching it in moments I lure them to me and while they are in another place I run to the desired area and plow the blocks while running around the village I noticed two residents in boats and you need to catch new pets very quickly as Darkness Falls I light up the tree farm because skeletons appear very nearby and interfere with my work on the right side I found two adjacent slime chunks at once and cleaning them up will take many times longer but I want to note that doing this at night is much more comfortable because thanks to the monsters slugs do not appear outside day 14 most of the work is already behind me and I have very little left at this point the Slugs begin to gather their army and you need to be extremely careful I wanted to a little change of scenery and went to a tree farm but when I returned an extremely unexpected surprise awaited me as it turned out the golm and my new friends did not become friends and he changed their place of residence I returned some of the soil near the boats so that new slugs could appear at night it started to rain heavily and without hesitation I went to bed to gain strength for the new day day 15 the adventures with the beds continue and it turned out that I would spend much more time on this than I had planned bited one of the Slugs to his village although does not know for what purpose and then a minute later my pets are back in their places but this time we need to secure them and fence them with a stone fence I collect wheat to make bread because Food Supplies are running out very quickly suddenly I notice a merchant with llamas I find dark oak seedlings from him and this find is extremely valuable I kindly invited him to my Village but the issue with the emeralds remains unresolved I make a decision very quickly and create tables for Archers the rest of the night was spent getting wood day six I inspect all the houses and remove the profession blocks so that the residents take the one I need a minute later I had the first batch of emeralds in my inventory I bought four seedlings from a merchant and now I will have at least some variety in this survival having planted the seedlings I accelerated their growth with the help of bone meal if there is a tree then why not cut it down in the evening I find all my archers locked in a pen with pigs how they ended up here is not yet clear I’m selling another batch of sticks and buying several seedlings they definitely won’t be Superfluous now you can relax a little and admire the sunrise day 17 I walk around my Village and realize that I have very few inhabitants but to get new ones I need beds and food my faithful horse will come to help me in this matter because it would be nice to travel a little since ordinary animals do not appear here they can only be found in villages I found the first cows and this is a great reason to take them home true they had no idea that they would have a small race of several kilometers it was time to do a little Sports already now I have horses pigs and cows there are only sheep left which are not so easy to find day 18 in the middle of this world I find a homeless resident but he didn’t want to go with me I’m actively exploring the area and found another Forge with obsidian a chest of food was hidden in a nearby house which would come in very handy and now after 400 blocks I find the first gray sheet and very close by in the paddock I noticed a white horse I decided to try my luck and tame it and I succeeded very quickly day 19 having picked up the Sheep I set off 500 blocks away there was a village with another librarian and then after walking another 500 blocks I discovered a pen with sheep I decided to leave the gray sheep to the residence and went home as it turns out these animals are very [Music] hearty I waited out that night in one of the settlements day 20 in the morning I discovered that one sheep was missing and very quickly ran in search of it fortunately she got lost very close I will be keeping a very close eye on them throughout the rest of the journey Upon returning home he quickly brought them to the pen at this moment I understand that it’s already getting a little crowded here after examining my chests I didn’t have any food and I think it would be nice to build a full-fledged Wheat Farm I chose a small plot of land near the tree farm for her and got to work this is where one of the slime chunks is located and it would be nice to improve it and turn it into something useful I dug up some water blocks and said hello to the spider that came to visit me day 21 water sources are ready and you can start plowing blocks with water were covered with half blocks for easy movement and as usual my old friends came to me who were clearly unhappy with what was happening I have two sheep and it would be nice to Shear them to make rugs thanks to them it will be convenient to jump over the fence half of the farm was sewn with wheat and potatoes Now All That Remains is to wait for them to mature the rest of the day was spent in the cobblestone generator day 22 I notice a large slug on my property which means a block of grass is missing somewhere I thought that the problem might be in the semi blocks and put a fence on them in the evening I went to cut down trees meanwhile one of the Golems is closely watching my pets and this is clearly not the case when you should get to know them better day 23 spent most of the day mining wood which will be very necessary to obtain a corner in torches at night I can calmly walk around my Village while dangerous monsters are walking outside day 24 the skeletons that appear near the fence bother me a little so I started lighting the area I spent the whole day doing this activity at night I climbed out to the observation deck and the lighting below looked very interesting the security issue has been resolved and you can start building one very useful farm this will be an iron farm taking advantage of the opportunity during the darkness I caught one of the zombies and put it in a boat one truss will not be enough for me so I made markings for the second one at a short distance I immediately put a roof over the zombie so that it doesn’t burn in the sun day 25 harvesting the first ripe crop on my new Farm it is already possible to sew most of the beds with seeds and further increase the efficiency of wheat harvesting I found the Lost Pig and of course returned it to the pen with the rest of the animals Day 26 quite recently I found sheep for wool production but there were problems with their breeding I needed beds very urgently and I decided to go to a neighboring Village to get them along the way I met a gang of robbers and the idea came up to get totems but at this stage of development it is too early in the neighboring Village he took several beds as well as a Pulpit fortunately I managed to return home by Sunset while my residents are sleeping soundly I decided to give them a small gift and install new furniture in each house day 27 in the village I find another large Slug and I began to suspect that the problem was a pole with lighting or a roof on which there were complete blocks in the evening I found a cow in a well and had to quickly save it I put things in order in the chests and created full-fledged blocks from the mucus day 28 I sold some sticks to the archers and bought bread from the farmer for emeralds a minute later the first little resident appeared in my Village for now it would be a good idea to continue building the iron farm he built a roof on top and in the evening he poured water in the right place at this stage the two Farms are almost ready but you need to wait for new residents to appear in order to bring them to the zombies day 29 for the full operation of the Farms I also need lava so taking my faithful assistant I went to mine it to the nearest portal created signs from boards and sticks at night I went to mine cobblestones which I had completely run out of day 30 harvesting ripened wheat and carrots from my farm in the evening he gave all the bread he received to the residents walking around the village I noticed this my pet slugs are gaining more and more fans well this problem needs to be solved urgently day 31 I got three new residents and with the help of profession blocks I can take them to the iron farm they follow the blocks willingly and everything went pretty quickly the lower blocks were replaced with composters but while I was distracted the residents decided to take a walk and returned to their village with the onset of sunset the profession blocks no longer affected them and I had to use the beds finally they are in the right place in the walls can be completely completed and as soon as I relaxed a little a creeper appeared from around the corner and exploded day 32 I started mining blocks of dirt to cover the strange hole near one of my Farms I installed the chest below and connected several funnels to it I hang signs on the walls so that the Golems don’t get stuck in the blocks also do not forget about the buttons with which you need to build full-fledged blocks below I poured lava onto the tablets and my first iron farm is completely ready but it’s too early to launch it in the evening I very carefully try to plow the land around the farm so that Golems do not appear outside its borders day 33 and as soon as the sun appeared Over the Horizon my excavations became much more difficult because the Slugs were still trying to control everything I removed several blocks from the zombies and the farm started working immediately I finally have an endless source of iron which means I can completely forget about stone tools one Farm is good but two are even better I thought and went for three more residents day 34 all my residents suddenly fled somewhere and I had to look for them on top of the roof I pour water in lava and place buttons I checked the efficiency of the first farm and took 30 iron ingots they are perfect for crafting a few more funnels at night near my Village there were two working Farms which very soon will bring me a lot of iron day 35 an uninvited guest has appeared on my territory but approaching him is extremely dangerous so All That Remains is to accept the fact of his presence when it came to plowing the ground the Slugs became active very quickly it is extremely difficult to work in such conditions and you need to come up with something I created completely iron armor although it is not particularly powerful I will still have some kind of protection I walked around the village to replenish the Food Supplies of its residents this time they will have raw potatoes and carrots on the menu I ran into a very annoying skeleton that haunted me for a long time Day 36 i l at the Slugs as far away from the farm as possible although even this doesn’t really help me that day there were too many of them and I couldn’t even plow a few blocks of land at night I started lighting the area so that I could calmly come to the farm and not fear for my life I look around the surroundings of my Village I know that development is moving extremely slowly but still a little progress is already noticeable the rest of the night was spent chopping wood day 37 meanwhile a couple of new Golems came to visit my slugs a very strong storm and thunderstorm began so I went to bed day 38 after Darkness always comes Dawn and with it comes a traveling Merchant unfortunately he didn’t have anything valuable at this stage of development it’s time to think about upgrading tools to diamond ones so one of the residents was given the profession of a toolmaker I buy my first stone tools for emeralds and immediately throw them away the second in line is the sale of Hardware which is extremely convenient and fast after checking the chest on one of the Farms I understand that another problem has arisen residents periodically stopped being scared in Golem stopped appearing immediately closed the zombie for a while and restarted the farm at night I once again started harvesting the wheat Harvest because to increase the population of the inhabitants I will need quite a bit more bread day 39 the necessary resident updated his trades and by this time I got to the first diamond axe true the efficiency of one did not suit me at all an efficiency 3 pickaxe was a much better option but we need to strive for more I created several additional toolmaker tables and placed them on the street near The Archers so that all the residents would be in one place thanks to the small iron reserves I can quickly sell two new toolmakers and get to the diamond picks and axes I need I noticed that around evening time they constantly gather near the well every day they do something but all evenings they spend only here I planted potatoes in the small garden for variety very soon you can bake it and enjoy a new meal because eat the same bread for 40 days in a row is already completely boring at night I began cutting down dark oak to buy diamond tools I will need a lot of emeralds and for a lot of emeralds I need sticks day 40 archers are very willing to make deals although they are in no hurry to make discounts I found an axe with efficiency too from a new peasant and I was clearly not prepared for such a development of events I had two stacks of emeralds in my inventory and decided to buy an axe with efficiency I visited the gold farm and again I understand that it is is not working I repeat the procedure with blocks and the Golem immediately appears this worries me because usually such Farms work very efficiently day 41 from afar I watched two farms at once to find the cause of the breakdown within 5 minutes everything worked perfectly and I decided to start chopping wood for sticks over the entire period of time I managed to collect 40 dark oak seedlings and now it is possible to grow a full-fledged forest in my Village day 42 another check of the chests and the first one containing three iron ingots but the second Farm already had 40 ingots I sold the resident to the last level and he was able to offer me just a pickaxe for efficiency today was clearly not my day to take a little break from the hustle and bustle I went to my animals and bred them sheep and my case are an excellent source of new blocks day 43 I had trouble finding great tools and it would be nice to try my luck with enchanting I bought several bookshelves from the first librarian to speed up the process in the chest I found three diamonds a obsidian and created the first enchanting table I added bookshelves on all sides and the place for enchantment is ready there is a problem with lapis lauli in this super flat world but fortunately there is a priest in my Village who is very willing to share it for greater convenience I crafted a sharpener and an anvil the first spell turned out to be fortune 3 very good but you need to look further and after four attempts I finally had an axe in my inventory with an efficiency of four and strength of three I created beds for future residents from the previously mined wool I decided to check my iron Farms but none of them started working day 44 a merchant with llamas came to see me but he didn’t have anything useful I noticed that in this survival they come extremely often instead of blocks between the resident and the zombie I added half blocks and hatches so that the residents had the opportunity to rest the first Golem has appeared but it will take a little time to check these changes for sure in between my activities I am engaged in breeding sheep I still need quite a few beds in order to significantly increase the population of my inhabitants I checked the residents and zombies to see how they behave at night day 45 the issue with tools is partially resolved but it would be nice to take care of the armor for this purpose I need armor plates and even more emeralds with the help of iron ingots it was possible to very quickly sell off the first resident by evening I had two full-fledged armorers who were offering good things I compared their offers and bought my first diamond bib after removing the enchantment from from it I managed to get protection four and strength three day 46 at this stage of survival a problem with a lack of experience appeared initially there was a plan to build a mob farm but why do this if millions of slugs are walking nearby in practice everything turned out to be very good and my scale slowly filled up I spent the rest of the day trading with residents and looking for good enchantments for boots and under the cover of Darkness he returned to chopping dark oak and with an axe it was a pleasure to do it efficiently day 47 I had seven stacks of wood in my inventory which would be great for crafting sticks and getting emeralds I had to spend this batch on a second purchase of lapis lazuli in order to continue enchanting armor Elements Day 48 well the day has come finally ordinary iron armor can be replaced with a more durable one and with it the chances of survival in this world increase sharply running past the Slugs I once again notice a crowd of golems in the evening I went to meet the Slugs to test my new armor and also gain some experience day 49 survival is in full swing and the next thing I would like to take care of is a normal pickaxe as well as a shovel they will be very useful in future construction the first attempt was unsuccessful which means that the question of experience again remains open suddenly a traveling Merchant comes to me and at that moment I suspect something is wrong very quickly I was able to see what he was selling but as usual slime started to bother me at night I bought some beet seeds as well as watermelon a very good way to diversify your diet day 50 I connected two pcks in an anvil and I was again one step closer to finding the perfect tools I wanted to show off my new clothes to my residents but as it turned out they didn’t care at all because they were more interested in sticks and emeralds half of the survival is already behind us and this is what my Village looks like at this stage and I’ll be honest it’s very terrible we need to radically change the situation and appearance of this Village but before that it wouldn’t hurt to eat a little and collect the ripe wheed Harvest [Applause] day 51 this day starts with very positive news my iron Farms have started to work fully thanks to half blocks and hatches residents have the opportunity to sometimes rest and this has significantly improved the efficiency of the farm I spent the whole day gaining experience and in the evening I went to collect dark oak logs day 52 in the village I met a new traveling Merchant from whom I bought droppers and a glowstone I collected some beets and planted pumpkin seeds very soon I will need them to create an army of Golems well to make things go much faster I accelerated growth with the help of bone meal while the Harvest is ripening I am busy cutting down trees because I need to do something I need to collect at least 30 pumpkins to make my plans come true by morning I reached the Oak Farm day 53 I plant another batch of Oak seedlings I examined my Village very carefully and planed the first chain changes at the very beginning it would be a good idea to expand the pen for animals that are already extremely cramped at night I wanted to ride a horse in search of the robber’s tower but I found nothing day 54 sheared the new sheep and brought a couple of pigs into the pen with the help of potatoes I managed to collect 19 pumpkins and perhaps this number will be enough but in order to use them to create Golems you first need to cut them off he collected absolutely all the iron ingots on his Farms it’s very good that there are two of them and you don’t have to wait so long for the required amount of resources I wanted to show the residents who is the richest here surprisingly they did not pay any attention although one of them became interested in what was happening I crafted a shield from boards and iron without it my journey would simply be impossible having collected all the necessary resources into my inventory under the shine of the Moon and Starry Sky I set off day 55 the Adventure Continues and now I have to find the nearest robber Fortress I now have some good tools and armor but it would be nice to think about totems of immortality it won’t hurt to take a break from the daily routine and fight with the robbers after walking several thousand blocks I was able to get to the very first Outpost in addition there is a village very close by which in my situation would be a big plus day 56 some of the residents need to be sent to shelter because very soon Fierce robbers and Sorcerers will come to this Village the Slugs began to bother me very much and I created the first Golem so that it would at least begin to distract them a little it is the golems that will become the Defenders of this Village and assistance in this battle I thought for a very long time about how to protect myself even more and installed boats in some places they will be hit by the Vex which are best avoided because they are quite strong opponents by lunchtime this settlement of residence was already guarded by 10 iron golems and I hope they will greatly help my plans the main part of the preparation is completed and you can go to the robbers you can already see a whole Army from afar and you urgently need to think about what to do next very carefully I lured out the main one with the flag but killing him had no effect which was very strange they very quickly realized what was going on and organized a hunt for me with the whole crowd the situation is clearly out of control and we need to quickly change our action plan returning to the Village the bells were already ringing and I had the effect of a raid day 57 having climbed onto the roof I monitored the situation very carefully I need to manage my iron Wars and quickly come up with a new plan the Golems took care care of it very quickly and all I had to do was kill the last two robbers the second wave of the raid passed very quickly even now witches are coming to the aid of the robbers so you need to take part in the battle Yourself by evening the situation became more and more serious and they called upon powerful beasts and Sorcerers the boat trap began to work and caught the first few robbers but this is just the beginning therefore without hesitation I quickly Min blocks of wood in order to significantly increase the number of boats my Golems are fighting bravely and I need to heal them with iron ingots to give them more strength at night ordinary monsters also joined us but they would not really interfere with the outcome of the battle and now finally the first of the sorcerers is on the horizon although he stayed here for a very short time the first totem of immortality was in my inventory and this could be considered a victory but it’s too early to Rejoice the battle is not over yet the Vex arrived at night and I must admit even I felt a little scared meanwhile not only robbers but also zombies and creepers were s in the boats unfortunately some of them could not be saved day 58 the last robber remains and this is a victory together with my Army of iron golems I won a victory and received some emeralds and totems of immortality as a reward true The Village suffered a little after the battle and urgently needs to make major repairs I return the residents from the bunker to their homes and at Sunset I head to my home Village but suddenly something happens that I did not expect at all the outlines of an abandoned Fortress can be seen in the sky the same Fortress where there is a portal to the end I wrote down the coordinates and may be back here very soon but for now I have completely different plans aimed at radical changes in my Village day 59 had a little snack to replenish my strength after a long hike of course I also fed all my animals who were very hungry after my absence with the resources you have mind it would be a good idea to think about expanding your Warehouse although you need to think about expanding absolutely everything because this house is becoming extremely crowded but I would still like to solve one last problem and completely improve my armor I have to find a librarian with a book to fix I bought bookshelves from the first resident which are needed to create new profession blocks in the evening all the residents gathered at the well and my Search for the book was still without results day 60 at lunch one of the Librarians still managed to find a book to repair and I was incredibly happy about this but to buy seven books I need a lot of emeralds to do this I went to the Market to offer armor Smiths and Tool makers a profitable exchange I started enchanting the shovel and on the second attempt I found some pretty good enchantments in the Anvil I combine all the elements of armor and tools with the necessary books somehow a skeleton entered my Village and I quickly showed him where the exit was day 61 once outside his village he began to repair the sword so far the only source of experience is the slugs in the middle of this endless plane but I thought it was extremely boring and the repair of the axe began with the sale of iron to the residents and according to my observations trading turned out to be many times more effective in gaining Experience day 62 I collected several buckets of lava near the nearest portal I also made Seven funnels after receiving totems and excellent armor I had a question about getting a large number of blocks and to solve it it would be nice to improve the cobblestone generator and make it a little more productive of course as before it will be located in the church although I had thoughts of moving it somewhere outside I installed funnels at the bottom and a row of steps for water on the side I poured lava in the opposite direction and everything was ready but my plans changed dramatically instead of a cobblestone generator you can make a stone generator and this will slightly diversify the number of available blocks in this survival in a few minutes everything was ready and I spent the rest of the night mining cobblestones day 63 spent the whole day in the generator and by evening half of my chest was filled with Cobblestone blocks this is a very good result and this amount will be enough to start construction but you need to finish the job and find a pickaxe with silk touch I made another inspection of the offers from The Peasants but unfortunately there was no necessary pickaxe and in this situation only the enchantment table will come to the rescue day 64 created some more beds to increase the Villager population I decided to try my luck and find the book from the librarian I chose the two bravest ones and very quickly began to change their professions in the evening another Li R and joined them but so far there are no results I don’t know why but somehow it was possible to change trades even at night although this is only possible until the evening day 65 using a pickaxe for fortune 3 I harvest the wheat of course I give all the bread I received to the residents by evening luck clearly Smiled On Me and the silk touchbook was found with the problem of the lack of emeralds of course I turned to The Archers and they kindly agreed to give a few pieces for sticks the rest of the night was spent gaining experience to create a second pickaxe day 66 freed the residents so they could get some fresh air walking down the street I saw this this time there were many more Golems I tried to connect two pcks but again I didn’t have enough experience at night I went hunting to unwind a little I had to disperse a gang of iron golems away from my tame slugs I no longer have the desire to look for another replacement for them day 67 I fed the Sheep wheat and finally after such a long time I got a pickax with efficiency 5 and silk touch this means that I will be able to mine not only Cobblestone but also Stone I can’t wait to check on her as soon as possible and need to urgently run to church day 68 the second part of the chest is filled and with this amount I can already think about dramatic changes to my Village I went to the observation deck to plan everything in detail one very crazy idea appeared in my head approximately in the very center he built a pillar of wool and now on each side you need to build 50 blocks for marking three sides were ready very quickly but to add the last one we had to destroy someone’s house a little and without further Ado I suggest you just look at it what they were doing there and how they ended up is not clear this particular situation amused me a lot you don’t see something like this very often although the question of how they got up without a ladder remains open I broke part of the house and ran into a pen with my animals a second later the Golems instantly became active I cover the top of the blocks with a fence so that the Golems cannot get inside day 69 I examined the markings to understand the scale of the territory this Stone cross is needed to build a circle one large and very even Circle at that moment I still had no idea what awaited me ahead while harvesting a witch suddenly attacked me somehow she managed to sneak into my Village at night I give the harvested potatoes to the pigs very soon meat will appear in my diet having chosen one of the sides I begin to round off the sides and build the first part of the circle I looked very carefully at the diagram of the circle and count each block at night construction was further Complicated by creepers and skeletons I really tried to install at least a few blocks but I rarely succeeded as you can imagine I spent the whole night fighting monsters Day 70 as Dawn broke things progressed a little I connected two adjacent parts and then an unexpected surprise awaited me my blocks didn’t match without further Ado I’ll just start demolishing the first version of the markup the diam of this circle is 101 blocks and I decided to build something like this for the first time although I don’t know why I decided to do this yet but it should be very interesting monsters bother me at night but these slimes bother me during the day the idea came up to make things a little easier with the help of iron golems as soon as they appeared the Slugs immediately began to have problems and I had little chance of peaceful construction I examined the first part of the circle using leashes he led the Golems behind him so that they would not run far with such guards construction sped up a little but it is extremely difficult to call it comfortable and the second time my blocks didn’t connect either and the realization came that it simply wouldn’t happen anymore day 71 for the second time I demolished an unsuccessful option for a ranging blocks he brought the golems with him and returned to construction fortunately this time everything worked out I need to speed up a little and I moved to the next half on the left side but suddenly my Golems ran away somewhere and I had to fight off the annoying green cubes myself and just look at this kindergarten it turns out that babies are completely safe and you can even continue construction with them at Sunset I look very carefully at the first part of the markup because that is where the most problems were at night it started to rain heavily and I had to return to the Village Day 72 half the circle may be considered complete but it is only half I had a clear plan for what this place would look like although the scale of the plan would need to be adjusted in any case there is nowhere to Retreat and the first stage of construction must be completed very quickly a minute later an army of slugs attacked me and I decided to Simply run away in order to lure them as far as possible from the desired territory part of the markings will rest against the first version of the fence and I will have to demolish it I managed to build this site in just a few minutes and I even remembered the sequential combination of all the blocks the last stone is placed and everything is ready if you didn’t know what a circle with a diameter of 101 blocks would look like in Minecraft then here’s a clear example the territory turned out to be large scale but for my purposes I only need the central part with the village The Next Step would be to illuminate the entire area because very soon this marking will turn into a full-fledged fence thanks to good armor placing torches is very comfortable day 73 to completely protect myself from unwanted slugs I need to increase the entire marking by just one block having carefully examined the contents of my chests it turned out that I had run out of stone and in the evening I went to the church to it an extremely strange place to mine Stone and cobblestones but the safest day 74 after 15 minutes the supply of stone increased significantly I went up one block and tried to run very quickly so that the Slugs would remain somewhere far away and not interfere by Nightfall most of the work was done and a very small piece remained on the left side and then I noticed a zombie in golden armor such a specimen is not worth losing so it quickly ended up in the boat the last few blocks in the circle is completely ready although at the moment it is already a full-fledged fence he built a roof over the zombie so that if something happened he would not burn in the sun day 75 I went to battle the Slugs and suddenly lost my first totem but if it hadn’t been there it would have been my last day in this world at the iron farm I took all the resources because it takes a long time to gain experience with slugs meanwhile the meeting of golems and the discussion on how to get the slugs in the boat are still ongoing intelligence is visible in their eyes but I hope they will not evolve very quickly I sell iron to Residents and the strength of the pickaxe increases before our eyes of course after such long trips to get Stones I will have to fix it quite often I happened to look at the pen with the animals and one of the sheep clearly made it clear that they needed new space so the first thing I did was create a dark fence and start expanding I could use some new blocks of wool and have sheared a few sheep and he began demolishing the resident’s first house yes while they sleep their house gradually becomes smaller day 76 a minute later I was already on the roof of the second house absolutely everything needs to be demolished in order to begin building a new and improved version of this Village at this rate there is only one empty chest left in the warehouse and we need to think about expansion some of the residents ended up in a pen with animals and here we can do without comment in the evening I reached one of the largest buildings the only thing left is the floor and a few beds for the residents to sleep day 77 another traveling Merchant came to me I’ve really lost count of how many there are but he had extremely valuable cane I also bought some red sand and tropical fish in a bucket and this is what my settlement looks like at the moment half have successfully disappeared but these changes are only beneficial the rest of the day and night was spent clearing away the extra blocks day 78 today I had a very unpleasant surprise once again I didn’t keep track of the golems and they made their way to the Slugs everyone needs to be collected and taken to a certain place away from the residence in the the evening I reached my house with a warehouse and the same fate awaited it as the rest of the buildings but for now I’ll leave the chests in this place and later I’ll figure out where to rearrange them there were already three of them standing on the church under the Moonlight and I won’t touch the church itself for now in the future I’ll see if it will interfere with my Construction in addition to the home large trees also need to be removed this will not only clear the area but will also replenish my resource reserves day 79 this night creepers and zombies came to me very often this means you need to carefully examine new dark areas meanwhile one of the Golems is playing with little slugs I brought two new pets but I don’t know for how long in the evening a new Merchant visited and it seems to me that they have a secret base somewhere where they all live I bought tropical tree seedlings and mushrooms from him at night he started harvesting on his farm and as it turned out a zombie in golden armor turned into a cat a very unusual phenomenon but it happens in Minecraft day 80 a very heavy downpour with lightning has started and it’s getting a little scary most of the territory is already ready and I have started marking out the cobblestones in the center of this circle I need to build a square which will be the guideline for my house day 81 I thought about everything very carefully and decided to allocate an area of 40x 40 blocks but having examined everything from above I understand that this is extremely little I decided to increase each side by another 10 blocks in addition I am removing the remains of the old fence which once protected my Village the left side of the marking abutted the pen with the animals but for now I’ll leave it that way with each change new areas for Monsters to appear appear and once again everything needs to be illuminated I used the sail of iron to repair my pickaxe after very long problems with iron Farms they began to work effectively and bring me quite a lot of iron to sell to residence I examined the new markup and think this will be quite enough for a start day 82 the reserves of stone completely ran out and I went to mine it the next 15 minutes of my survival will be spent in this generator day 83 there is very little time left and we need to hurry so that residents would not get in the way during construction he created a separate recreation area for them I collect all the beds that are left and move them to the right place the Golem decided to give me a red flower I don’t know for what reason but I definitely won’t refuse such a gift at night I take the opportunity to quickly move the peasants to a temporary hotel before you start building your house there are a few more small parts you need to remove day 84 I am cleaning the garden in the village and notice very strange sounds having removed several blocks I see octopuses after all there once was a well in this place and they found a way to survive here he created stone bricks from the extracted Stone and began marking out his house on the right side I count the blocks to make the main entrance in Two Towers this will be a castle my little castle it will turn out to be extremely simple if it works at all after all there are only 15 days left and I need to somehow manage from the right corner at the back I make markings for the main storage for chests day 85 on the left side near the church there will be a small trading area with residents something like a small Open Air Market the approximate outlines are ready and you can safely remove the old Cobblestone blocks I also demolished the first version of the walls for the left Tower and rebuilt it a little to the right at night several zombies visited me to evaluate my layout of course it is very difficult to please them and I politely asked them to leave my territory the design looks very strange indeed but this is just a drawing day 86 I decided to move the castle walls inside so that part of the towers would be outside and it would look more natural I Mark out the main Warehouse which will have two small towers and a central room finally everything is planned out and the wall can be erected they will be made of ordinary Stone simply to save resources layer by layer I raiseed the first Tower higher and higher having reached the top point you had to think about its roof on each side I added several half blocks and steps and stone bricks on them the first version looked something like this to say that everything is bad is to say nothing and something urgently needs to be changed using a bucket of water I climbed up and decided to remove one block from each Corner day 87 the solution turned out to be quite good and I do the same procedure in the three front Towers next in line will be the long tower on the right side of the warehouse although I decided to also divide it into an ordinary wall and a tower on top I added Stone steps throughout the area and on them of course there are stone bricks and half blocks of dark oak I illuminate each Tower from the inside with torches because the first mobs have already begun to appear and here is the intermediate result of the work done day 88 torches as lighting seemed extremely boring to me I need to add at least some Decor to these gray walls and with this question I went to the Librarians in search of lanterns but I also really need glass for Windows and with the help of profession blocks I added several new Librarians and started looking for the right deal the roof on the topmost tower will already have Windows I added a layer of dark wood on top and tried to make the roof a round shape the first version turned out to be very terrible it is better not to watch this for the faint of heart at a very fast pace with the help of water I climbed up to the top to quickly demolish everything by morning not a single block remained of the roof day 89 I realized what my mistake was and began to rebuild the upper wall to make it smaller thus the walls turned out to be 3×3 blocks and now you can try to build a compact and simple roof I installed glass panels inside the oak boards and on the second try and trying to think of a better roof design and I think it looks much better but still needs more details in a minute everything was ready this is exactly what I need night has fallen but I have absolutely no time to sleep I run for the next batch of stone and start building the walls of the main room with a warehouse I also started thinking about window decoration the first option was with Oak steps and a stone fence day 90 The Librarians had difficulty purchasing lanterns so a second batch had to be created from pieces of iron and torches I replaced the stone fence with a wooden one to see the difference there were quite a few options but I settled on the decoration of Oak steps as well as the addition of lanterns very quickly we managed to build a wall with an entrance and a small balcony unfortunately the stone ran out and the sidewalls had to be made from cobblestones I added steps and stone bricks along the outside day 91 the roof from the inside will be simply flat with a small exit for the stairs in the very center but I can’t do without Stone to continue construction so I set out to mine it this is where I spent the next 20 minutes of my time day 92 here is the result of the first construction it turned out pretty well considering that I need to be in a hurry and have absolutely no time to think about the design added an entrance in the form of steps and lanterns the next stage of construction will be to protect and build walls in my castle having climbed three blocks up I simply go forward and place stone bricks for decoration I will use the same dark oak steps and stone fence to give the flat wall a little more volume I need to add steps on both sides which is what I did for the rest of the day at night I started adding stone bricks and a fence day 93 most of the blocks are installed and a small part remains on the left side after this it is possible to walk in the center and put a stone fence on each side the final decoration will be of course the lanterns so that this building could be seen from neighboring villages in addition additional lighting against mob spawning will also not be Superfluous to save money I install them every three fences meanwhile workbenches in Minecraft are learning to fly I climbed to the highest tower to illuminate it too the neighboring Tower has undergone a number of small changes and I think this has benefited it and here are the results of my work done there is a lot of empty space inside because it will be used for future houses Day 94 finding myself near the main entrance I decided to decorate it too very quickly I got to the right tower to complete it once again the first design was not particularly pleasing to look at I removed the unsuccessful option and start building the second version I am removing some of the walls to make the tower a little smaller for a more compact roof day 95 I wanted to somehow diversify the castle and started using H oak logs I built up the inside with stone and left room for an exit I like this version of the tower much better although it would be nice to make it a little taller I made windows on both sides for viewing and at this moment this happens lightning strikes the ground and skeletons on horses appear but the Golems dealt with them very quickly I saw a zombie pig inside the castle but didn’t attach much importance to it but as it turned out the most interesting thing happened in the pen with the animals lightning turns some of the pigs into zombie pigs in one hit this is the first time I’ve seen something like this and that’s not all the surprises for today a minute later a new batch of skeletons appeared and they had to very quickly save their animals from the fire when there was silence and the rain stopped I calmly returned to building the towers day 96 this version will have a regular roof and observation deck and very quickly exactly the same one needs to be built on the left side I removed the enchanting table and Anvil as well as several small parts inside the castle unfortunately I don’t have time left for the shop area so I just started making walls for volume I plow the beds with a hoe so that they soon turn into ordinary soil and grass day 97 tried to fight the Slugs with a very high light level but it didn’t help and the idea came to Simply tame them in a separate pan I lured all the green cubes found and locked them in one place of course this won’t last long because they will soon disappear but it looks very funny I started mining oak logs which are urgently needed to create some decorative elements and between the main warehouse and the residence Market I wanted to make a small tree farm there is plenty of space here and it needs to be used somehow day 98 using a shovel I’m making paths inside the castle and I really want to quickly build several houses for my residents the first step is to mark their location using stone bricks I got four small foundations and started building the walls the frame will be made of stone but the walls will be made of dark boards there are only a few minutes left and I am trying to build everything as quickly as possible I’ve definitely never had a village building speedrun before on top of the roofs I add Cobblestone steps for variety day 99 I make cobblestone floors in every house I also decorate the lower part with steps three houses are located near the entrance to the castle and the fourth will be near the tree farm finding myself on the roof of one of the houses I try to figure out how to decorate it of course everything will be very benol and the same blocks of stone and fence will come to the rescue the house near the farm will have a small second floor and its own balcony by evening everything was ready and we needed to take this opportunity to bring the residents to their new homes they look very compact but each of them can easily accommodate five or eight residents and of course don’t forget about the profession blocks the center of the street turned out to be empty and I wanted to add a small fountain here day 100 the final day of my Survival on the left side of the castle there will be a paddock for my favorite horses thanks to them I was able to travel around this world having built a stone frame I realized that there was still a small place nearby for a house a little wood glass steps and lanterns and in a minute the building is ready the paddock was simply surrounded by a dark fence and on his White Horse He galloped through the main entrance to show her a new resting place to further Revitalize this area I used bone meal for the grass the second part of the beds was moved into houses so that residents would not have to spend the night on the street and here are the results of my survival I survived for 100 days in a super flat world I was didn’t say it was very difficult but it was extremely exciting if you want to continue this survival in the next 100 days then please support this video with a comment and share it with your friends the fate of this world depends on your activity well my name is Simon and we will see you again soon [Music] [Music]

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