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gra play for there is one vote do I stream for minutes all right let’s team let’s team this I’m G call the didn’t I put wait what excuse me it’s a 50% uh Ms Ms G Fu r c a n who’s right next to me who’s right next to me chain is chain do you want a team it’s a 50% Angy web hello Angy web nice to see you I know you’ve been wanting to yes I could see that you are back Angy web is is thumbnail working right I I think I have to reset this because it’s not okay speed because saying it’s working properly but I can’t see oh guys this is Rush this is Rush watch is working I don’t know har F hello harsh can you guys tear them all just yelling in the back guys subscribe if you think I’m going to win and like if you think A6 is bading hello HP Bing hello why does it say 499 cuz that’s what I’m at next to me now you scared me you scared me you scared me you scared me I’m sorry yeah yeah just do just with the yeah I don’t know what the Yeah means but yeah dude I like how gray is just oh going red that’s pink that’s pink he’s yelling in the background it’s just Aiden and chain and Okie bokei and everybody else yeah wait are we going for beds or we just are we going for for last uh guys no guys no emeralds until um beds are broken like uh your bed is once your bed is broken you can grab emeralds so we can we can break people’s beds then yeah got it actually come here yes exactly find them for me I need you to find them no emeralds no emeralds now who should I go for you guys you guys you guys tell me who to go for I’ll show you the teams those those are the teams pick somebody let me let me lower the volume hey no emeralds no Emeral your emal I said drop your emeralds drop them drop them drop them let me lower their volume they’re being all loud thank you sorry what should I red red I should go for red got it St to break my bed bro you break my bed I break your bed you understand that yeah I’m not GNA die is D how how I pronounce it okay then we don’t have to fight then right okay this is what I was going to do waited sick go save it save it save it no dude you’re so suspicious CH so bogy did you just try saving no please get well soon yes go get well soon realiz I like the most you’re good now that’s good you both been oh yeah whatever um hi hello hello what are you doing you’re prot my I’m just I’m just chilling you’re just chilling that’s good it’s good yeah you shouldn’t break you shouldn’t do that oh that sucks do that you can’t I was I was lagging the whole time that that doesn’t count all right well guess I’m going for you too then no please AR dude I’ll let you live Y at me my dog what you know Darius isn’t on which is upsetting CU he was really mad because I streamed yesterday do you know how to pronounce this dar dar is that it yes is Dar is is that is that your name Dar yeah okay what the fudge Dar will win this game why you bro why stop dude mess he CH I’m just over there defending your and he’s just like flop hello do flop let me talk to dar dar if you win this game I will give you um I shall give you a mod only because only because I care about you chain I won’t do itop flop is here and he is my moderator mys what what’s wrong harsh what did I do something wrong notice me I notic you did I stream on M I did I did do poop I did I was I was doing b rock though so that’s maybe why you didn’t you didn’t see it Dron can you hear what can you guys hear me in like stream I’m not sure I’m not checking maybe they’re joking with you but I’m not I’m not sure yo Mr what what’s up Mr what people wait uh so oh you’re on your [Music] iPad okay I noticed you I noticed yes eight pushups I know dou I know I’m very quiet am I let me check yes I can it goes it’s probably because I’m whispering maybe that’s the reason why maybe turn up turn up Discord no it’s it’s are very different settings Mr what Discord is quiet okay you know oh Discord Oh you mean my Discord oh that’s yeah I can I can raise that up in a minute that red no that’s no wa did YouTube just crash I can raise that up for you guys dang it freak I absolutely hate when there we go okay whatever wait what the heck you can’t hear the okay well you can I think you can hear them now a little bit I don’t know they’re not talking right now please I’m trying to I don’t know about you guys yeah her up I I know but I I can I can change it I’ll change it eventually you what I’ll just change it right now why not Mr what I hold on just a minute I I will change [Music] it SC H Aiden where are you okay dude Minecraft just like crashed let’s see there we go he changed [Music] it you can’t hear them still Mr one okay let me fix it then I’m clicking the I’m clicking the wrong things can M what he I a there we go turn that’s good I ran out of box where are you come back I ran out I have gained a good amount of subscribers this don’t break my bed or else I won’t be able to dude Minecraft I ate a a I ate a how do you eat a t can you teach me the ways of eating a t how how do you do that a what to yeah Saucy dragon 3.0 says he ate a turn be scared BR could just said ha that would have worked too okay no that’s what he said he both of them are um I’m sort of getting scared now like huh how how did you eat a turn fix hold on stop stop don’t do anything I’m not even sure don’t what is red doing I I I didn’t want to go for them Dar how what Dar why weird I guess why Dar what why did you have to do this by the way do you guys think I should get a new mouse I don’t think I need one but I’ve been thinking about it he need it he need it well I wasn’t asking your opinion I was asking Chad’s opinion ask I think you were were you like asking your chat or something yeah I was yeah go figure wait guys I have a razor Mouse you know it’s I’m a very proud razor owner fre a freaking turn what the heck why is my okay how come ha joins the stream I really miss Haze um okay there we go people in chat should I do a review video on a mouse do you think that would be a good idea there you go you should try reviewing my mouse what is I was doing and yes okay you oh says yes I feel like we should make this game go a lot faster by just you know yeah you you guys hold on you guys can’t do that just give me a sec sorry uh so’s what’s going on you guys you guys should I end this game should I just end it all no hold on doing something not even barely playing Minecraft I’m going to get afked in 10 seconds okay well should should we try to finish this game then yeah we can try just can I finish when I’m like tring to finish this Aiden hurry up Dar you guys aren getting obsidian are you Dar should I do a um a review on a mouse I think that’s a good idea do you does everyone think it’s a good idea will it get me views one will as get a good [Music] Thum crash look at these freaking crashes dude did you lose did you lose everything that think there we go you you l everything please no wait please what’s going on are you are you holding him at gunpoint what’s going on okay no no one’s holding him a gunpoint sure I just ate Minecraft Saucy Dragon just ate Minecraft just ate Minecraft yeah that’s why Aiden’s crashing so much my just like literally my game is pissing me off right now I’m actually mad us to crash so don’t no no I’m like I don’t want to complain all right I’m bored I’m going to go beat everybody up now get chain then cuz I’m mad his Chain’s actually or Oki or something they’re actually in I’m dead I got was the first person I killed why oh got uh but uh wants to play zoinks zoinks I get a beat up a YouTuber again I’m not going for you red if I was I would have blown up your I would have got your bed by now black game yes I want to beat everybody up in Black game in the black game what what has uh you know you got I believe in you okay here hold on let me just come back I feel like my better at risk it is oh well I won’t know until later mo better um mo better what J that mo better what just nearly 4,000 put these diamonds away what yoube with nearly my is bugging you it’s not that bad it’s it’s it’s it’s not that bad it’s where is it where’s my fob at it’s not that bad I’m back I’m back I’m back I’m back I do have a lot of stuff I do I do I do is it matter of fact and got this did you just run did you leave Aiden to die dude m f I’m actually going to piss the fudge off that’s hold on one second I’ll be right back my [ __ ] goodness oh my gosh oh that’s not good no I didn’t even realize that I think you UNC crouched for a split second I completely would have left nobody’s talking chat let me just do he he he he he what does he he he he he I’m going to leave Aiden alone just cuz he he he’s crouching a lot okay here I’m just going to do this instead because I was trying to do something kept like my computer really just like it oh that that Mr well that that seems very annoying to do someone broke my bed though so someone said they were going to leave me alone you know I’m going to go to go did that Chan why did you break my bed who’s Chan who broke my bed I can you find out who broke my bed I was was if it was if as6 can’t find out it was look CH take a look in ch right now was remember it being well I can’t look in chat because I wasn’t in the game that’s why and you guys just blame each other so I have no idea it might have been me I didn’t realize it you probably was you it wasn’t me chat are you still alive no he’s dead I killed him oh cool then I can go to a new game then should I choose I choose whatever map I’m joking wow uh is A6 you didn’t get rid of my bed sussy dragon 3.9 did apparently he ate my bed he’s just eating everything today ain’t he oh yeah don’t do that got to stay here where’s Red at here we go oh he’s what are you doing okay sorry did you win the game you know what I’m going to snitch on red I know I like red he’s just like where red is D I know where red is just teleport to him he’s liter I literally don’t actually know where this guy is because he’s like he’s like I don’t want to say it I don’t want to say oh he’s probably just in no I can’t rejoin that’s so dumb man s you have to win M I’m I’m just spectating dude Asic doesn’t even dude he’s bar man’s barely got any block this feels really annoying oh it is probably like you’re not I I ate your friends deal with it he he he oh I guess I have no friends to talk to anymore you never did to that’s but oh diamonds you got a diamond pick that’s cool cool diamond picks are cool oh hi Oki welcome back I watched you disconnect and reconnect I I saw that I did that on purpose I saw that I I did that on purpose no I saw CH chain R inside his base yeah had no yeah I think as wait wa wait don’t don’t kill red Red’s St we we need Dar to win he I saw that he yeah yeah I have no reason he just needs to win okay he he just needs to win that that’s it I dig it Down’s a brave mood man dude just got a Tracker why are you diing down got shut up exactly I would I was going to get a Tracker regardless you guys make it sound like it’s not the op the obvious option [Music] Diamond um my dragon three point I never had a diamond pick s um um uh I don’t I don’t really know what you’re talking about but now the fact that you actually almost pulled that off is annoying [Music] just no play I saw that I saw that I saw that I saw that I saw that y I saw that I saw wa why didn’t you get a bow why’d you get 19 TNT instead what he had ASX has 19 TNT why do you need that oh has two too no def that’s a mean word Run Red Run go6 what are you even doing I honestly I’m going to be honest with you I don’t know I do not have the help to beat this guy a A6 um you know why your pickaxe is only iron it’s because suy Dragon 3.8 nice thank you thank you thank you this is very weird wait please don’t uh no nobody has a diamond pick but [ __ ] ate it how many of you oh you wasted that sleeping dust oo that’s tough stream right 49 push-ups so far I can’t the most I’ve ever done is like 30 so really yeah like at once though 30 30 was the most I did at once that’s stop there’s four of us zombies there’s more than four of us I’m pretty sure there’s five is still alive no he’s dead okay finally new game no Dar I believe on what all right we’re going to do we’re going to do we could do party games let’s do party games no all right actually uh actually I oh good oh good um all what I don’t even know what you’re doing I’m actually gonna I’m actually G end nice see you thanks for coming I’m actually gonna end stream here uh so um okay that’s ww. I’m gonna end stream here thank you you hate getting hacked can Sol all your yeah yeah hold on guys CH A6 is or not chain Oki is thanking his viewers for watching his stream yes subscribe I’m going to go now no don’t listen to WN w Aiden what your do I’m so lost in what’s going on with these oh nor no bro no Bunch oh wait I’m literally oops wait where why are y’all asex has the game started yes my Game just crashed why did Minecraft just crash oh it’s cuz this this that stream delay is wild and it’s because of you and your big nose hello even H I think it’s hate everything did you f off I SLI oh my God hey man what’s the doal watch your phone go away I didn’t do I don’t know who as6 is rushing right now but he’s rushing someone oh he’s rushing chain oh that’s what oh god I don’t know how to do this what me neither oh my God how did I win you had a a freaking block above your head dude why do you always get Chade out first now CH has to sit here and be he was right next to me I know but like man have some mercy on the guy I to go for that person right next to me though that’s how the game works we just barded we’ll just hope chain can win honestly I think we should do SkyWars or something else that’s just how video I had a really good idea really good video idea in mine what is it what is your really good video idea I’m going tell you you steal it you mean I’m going to I don’t even have a VR to steal it with as6 does oh as6 are you going to steal his gorilla Attack video no oh well you see he said he wouldn’t steal it depends how good it is yes I will steal your video idea see oh there’s no fall damage on this map oh that’s even oh there is fall damage you just choose the kangaroo no all well it’s either that or I got a hack clim it’s either there’s no fall damage or I just got a hack CL no you there is no fall damage king of hop hop hop like a bunny doing quiet I don’t know nothing that’s nothing very interesting going on oh W you’re getting oh I get to be the last Rush woohoo yay did you guys know that there’s a bee that beats me up every single day no that’s just you well that’s because you need to stop taking drugs Aiden I don’t take shrooms I don’t know what your deal is but I have to stop dude you say that but then your actions you like like is are using my thumbnail that I made you is just he’s just like starting beefs that’s Chade he just disconnect he uses he’s using my thumbnail that I made him wait oh wait oh no out of T and there’s hores he made it out he did it out of the nowhere but you made it for me though yeah well how come you’re using it just now I wanted to use it today I mean wasn’t it just the same I didn’t notice there was a different thumbnail where you going where you going oh you’re not going near me oh cool cool cool I was worried for a second [Music] off there to go oh I think didn’t you he like said goodbye he wasn’t like he wasn’t like hiding he literally he was like Hey [Music] I I didn’t hear him though all I think he for some you like diamond armor yeah would really be happy if thatl hit and it doesn’t the Pearl doesn’t hit nobody got any kills but me shut up well it’s cuz you go and Rush everybody so nobody can get good can we can we please do party games hey say Chaine do you want to do party games no all right is what do you want to do chain you pick I said no I said pick something and zombies we have I know what he wants to do he disconnected never mind it’s just it’s just the three of us I I think I made I think I made him rage quit my apologies oh I know we should do there’s this really there’s a really fun game mod called called going home yeah what’s about I’m pause music I do notare to fight I’m joking you guys don’t need to prepare to fight lose prepare to have to cry prepare to have fun I mean that’s not very positive or NE I mean that’s not very I’m G to die zo dude as chain you you had as6 funny way are friends oh yeah because you you said that you you you said I’m your agree let you agree okay never mind zo zoinks say that zoinks stay mad don’t don’t tell me to stay mad stay happy hello every again it’s we’re just playing some SkyWars right now cuz I got bored of bed hien what’s good I don’t know man I’m I’m kind of scared I’m kind of scared I have a you a I saw that that’s you we just died I just saw a bunch of pearls being spammed can’t even be [Music] mad oh does does it sound like I’m really Bor today I don’t know I guess I kind of am if I’m being honest okay fine fine I’m just dude get murdered already yeah he did I also did I fell in the void actually so and you get nothing me dude you keep rushing me so I going to doal with you I know this oh I’m might by A6 no you’re not bro if you’re capping or you’re lying I don’t like that word anymore I don’t like that word anymore dude it feels overused I can’t use a word that feels overused if everyone says it then it’s just a literally you murdered yourself sucks that he’s not the party leader not I’m G to hope you fall on the void I’m just gonna hope you miss your pearls or something oh no I’m up here I didn’t even lose any health oh that’s protection four for you so many prop oh my gosh bro this crazy bro that’s crazy bro that’s [Music] crazy Doge CH I have one p left hello RP the gamer hello hello there my go I rushed all of you with just 16 pearls I didn’t not yeah whatever you’re so good you all with 16 pearls okay buddy okay buddy buddy all right buddy okay buddy okay buddy all right why stop trying to kill me you’re just going to have to go to a new game oh no I don’t think I got him I didn’t get him I’ll wait for a63 CH don’t worry oh CH also fell off no he didn’t he literally said right before what’s up we play tomorrow no I think I need I think I need to stick to Java I’m G to be honest oh dude he literally after the stream bro he talks so much crap about about Bedrock he really doesn’t like I did not like Bedrock it was fun don’t get me wrong but it’s cuz you were a dictator a ruthless dictator I think I think we see how how I get when um when I have a little too much power when not a too little bro you were power hungry hey I I love power man it’s so it’s so good he whipped me on my back okay I didn’t that quick my bad oh finally I have protection four leggings now how do you not have 500 still you suck never mind never mind everything’s okay everything’s okay D you’re not even going to win bro like everyone knows asex is just going to win we’re I don’t know what happened with that Pearl I didn’t can we know I’m siing a Java sorry maybe you maybe someday in the future I’ll do it again someday in the future no we we’ll we’ll do it again sometime during the summer I think or not I’m G to c summer dude chain is just a troll rer man you guys not hear me is my mic maybe not working I your mic’s not muted I should be saying that CH is your mic muted oh is your mic mut is my mic mut CH is your mic muted it is chane is your mic muted m is your mic muted chane is your mic muted is your mic muted I think I think this stream is not very entertaining today I think I’m going to be honest it’s pretty boring I know I mean none of us none you you know you got you enchant you just cuz I’m here I see hi oh hi chain what F I don’t have any diamonds you know never mind man I think we need to just uh not beef um how did how did you guys die got get madad at me I this is this is a very you know guys tell me what I can do to make stream better what can I make it what can I do to make it more entertaining start being more offensive you’re not being offensive like trying to be nice to everybody so start just being he’s not nice he’s not nice to me he’s not being nice to me you know what I think how about bedwar challenges but you guys just get to choose challenges for me would that make it entertaining I think I think that’s what we all mostly enjoyed I enjoyed it everybody else enjoyed it it seemed we all having a good time bully kids yeah you guys start talking about the elf in the room that’s crazy yeah I think that’s the best thing for me to do is he just oh in Minecraft yes of course I’ll do I’ll do that tomorrow is an old bed Wars stream we’re going back to this normal stream no zo that’s tough bro I feel so bad I actually don’t feel bad at all of course you don’t you fall in the vo I’m not hey help me help me please dude here here I got you I got you I got this i got this potion oh never mind you already fell oh my God I wish you could respawn in Skywars that’d be so cool well no cuz then you could just well no well no my name is a my name is aen well no my name’s chain my name is a as why are you just blowing up mid bro what are you doing I got bored I’m over here bro I’m just I’m just killing them I got I got my I got stacks on stacks of Ender Pearls for to try to kill me go over here keep get two more Stacks never mind everything’s okay I have regeneration let’s go I should probably have it in my here chain A6 you should uh there’s this potion you should drink it it’s a potion of uh poison it’s really nice where you at fudge that’s not going to hit okay um fudge fudge fudge that’s also not gonna hit when of any of them are gonna freaking hit what am I doing I’m I’m just blowing up I’m just blowing up stuff in mid because I’m bored yeah because no one’s going up to him and fighting him everyone’s just like everybody’s running away from me okay you’re the only person in the game Aiden TW I know I know you should I know I should probably go Rush him right they we need to do bedw Wars man oh he actually almost did Kill Me There why are you think I’m going to go back to that I don’t know TNT let me teleport right I’m too bored right now oo oo I’m blowing stuff blew stuff up wrong okay almost almost almost just gave a oh I’m blowing stuff up that’s you hi dog god I am not the I’m not being the most ENT what are you doing bro I’m just going to punch you off with my I’m too tired okay and I’ll knock whoa both of my things just what the fudge I’m GNA go back up here can we doed can we do bedar 33s please honestly yeah let’s go do that I can play the N word by me dude I can play the nword by me what the fudge oh someone’s GNA [Music] take I am so sorry for today today is not most entertaining yeah I know why I mean yesterday you were a ruthless dictator and now today you’re just being nice to everybody the day before I was a crazy man punching people off with a pickaxe in the day yesterday I became a ruthless dictator and today I’m just exhaust yep wow dude my game is like being [Music] weird play game I don’t think they’re here anymore I ain’t sure cuz I’m not really paying you know I’m just going to play bed War laying down right now I’m too [Music] tired I’m not going to protect the bed I don’t really care all layen I don’t really care do what you like I’m going to go bridge to people and just go up a little bit yellow’s going oh here I got they’re going to fall for it you guys got this I believe you he knocked me in oh he broke the bed oh I died that okay 500 are we at 500 never mind ship dude why is everyone unsubscribing subscribe bro so he can hit his 500 thing and he it doesn’t really matter if I hit 500 cuz I I still need to watch hours technically oh I guess not I have 1K oh my gosh bro just doesn’t care he’s like all right what did he say hey buddy all right oh my God still that cheered me up a little bit dude why are you in the freaking technically I still got you go Let it go I can’t hold it back anymore why youing Frozen song Let It Go Let It Go Mr the W you’re not going to join oh not going to join I hate M and his whole family bro my golly first you’re here for the first time well I guess I can introduce myself I am A6 I suck at this game and these guys are my idiot friends who literally just threw TNT out the bed helping out the enemy okay wow that was so crazy I did I did it first I did it first bro I did it first though so I helped you out got the thank you man thank you man thank you man to tired right now I don’t even have a fireball to broke I’m too broke we just walk on the hello okay you know what maybe a bit of a bot I got this wait a minute let me check something Aiden help me okay I’ll help you I’ll help you red come here you big bullies okay I’ll help you I’ll help you red come here you big bullies I’ll oh that’s just going to keep replaying I should probably not do that did you skip the game my poor stats my stats I’ve been working so hard to fix them hey you’re 51 subscribers now though [Music] no man that’s tough that sucks man I’m sorry M hello no my St why do you going do why do you get pleasure out of this is it is this stream a little bit delayed it might be I’m sorry if it is I’ll try to fix it tomorrow how did they all get wiped out so fast the doesn’t bother me anyway it what the hell you just join whatever that win streak currently Zero thanks to these two Mr I BW up the B defense and blew it up defense cuz you guys W going to defend and they blow it up actually not going to lie that wasn’t me that was some guy named chain was it before like two I think oh my gosh going lie dud that was what the hell we’re going to protect it in a different way I really can’t put blocks there put blocks what is this a b what the I’m so I hate you guys so much dude it’s okay bro don’t worry you got yeah it’s okay it’s okay in the game you just have to trust take a deep breath in unsub no donut going to I don’t know but now I’m a little more until an enemy comes you blow TNT that’s much worse with the bed no the bede you know what the bed not the bed I’m just trying to protect the bed man my thr from laughing what the hell I’m not even I’m not even I have a TNT but I’m not going to oh okay wow caring 508 pushup so far no there I just want to see how it looks Jade please I even have blocks you guys keep taking the generator Let It Go give me some I hate you push-ups uh what’s a thing me and doop have you can you can ask him all right let it go is the great probably the best song ever I’m just being real Let It Go it yeah you know else we should oh that’s tough I get I’m going of sad hold hold ch ch ch as as gosh hold get to place my why’ you guys get eliminated fault was that whose fault was that Aiden I am paying attention to CHF I am that first of all I’ve been trying to I first of all who you can’t blame it on me cuz it’s all you buddy I think is it’s all you let me see if I can fix some bony doesn’t it matter I don’t I don’t think I can fix it so I’m sorry that’s all you man all right see it thanks for comenting and know thanks for dropping by you guys can you guys give me eight gold I need to buy something can you also give me eight gold I need to buy asex we need some gold man as some you’re going to count giving I’m not giving you guys gold 5 Seconds delay is is delay I’m your best friend give me some gold I’m not giving you nothing let me tell about my best friend you you you took that video down Chaine what you took that video down okay please don’t blow it up let me just oh my gosh oh come on F [Music] dude oh you’re also you’re on a cracked account Phantom that sucks left what a legend bro do flop didn’t explain it okay he kind of did but basically basically for every um every like I have to do a push-up at 1K V maybe tomorrow which I’m kind of starting to reget regret $1 for every 15 push-ups I just watch off of looking at chat I saw that I’ll have you know I’ll make a off you should probably do that they’re coming the Blue’s coming over here oh and can you move my God yeah I got you please the T the T TN did you guys place the TNT no you place a TNT you have a okay okay hold on it’s all right we can repair I I bought the best blue oh thank thank you man appreciate it bro how am how the hell am I doing this how am I actually killing everybody let me tell you about my best friend yeah every like is is one pushup and that I have to do at 1K aen aen this is going to be fun yeah forget our bed dude let you can’t break it unless the en an enemy approaches oh yeah okay here I got a TNT don’t worry I’ll place it when an enemy approaches yeah I got five up for godbridge I’ll try I don’t promise that actually I’m going to go to Diamonds and get Iron Forge so we can get let me try again you got to get golded Forge all I can’t do gbridge this is annoying wait is someone coming is someone coming nope I can’t do a god Bridge it’s fine I’ll just fight people I don’t need a godbridge who need’s go Che let’s go check on asex what’s he up let okay okay I get a fireball I don’t know who this asex is but he sounds like an [ __ ] he made a video he was like let me tell you back I just real I did not buy a [Music] that’s I even know what as is going to do you can’t even jump down from there you don’t even have enough Health to jump down nope moonwalk how do you do a moonwalk again I forgot how to do a moonwalk oh I can buy another TNT fire I have a deep to both of you right now take it back now y’all I don’t even have for a pickaxe I’ll try doing a moonwalk no promises it’s going to work though move dude we got two Fireballs can we have some of that gold no I’m not giving you none of this gold I need it yo as6 you’re my best friend come on oh my God we’re losing the bed oh this sucks okay hold on oh we didn’t even get fire ballet no fun how many team did you guys buy what is this I three I actually ch ch real smooth I don’t know F right now it was never there dude look at asex he’s just watching us oh man hey we actually win look all we got do yellow bed bro yeah now we KN that that it was never there even me a b Asic I’m so done with you inis guy crazy all right guys keep losing every game yeah six come on step it up bro we can buy Plus+ look at chat they’re asking if you could buy the MVP Plus+ what is your response take it back now y’all I have I got I got chain one MVP plus plus because it was eight tou to move oh I hate this so much out we’re smoo all right asex also by the way we got to talk about so whose fault was that asex was that who was that yours you guys sat there getting like anything don’t know what you’re talking about sometimes Bic you have to look at yourself in the mirror understand your mistakes and learn from them so you can do better than sometimes you have to have a bit of you’re losing brain Mr what that makes two of us that makes two of us man oh this is the best Rush map bro we’re going to lose so quickly fre so good oh yes okay get as much TNT as you can you also great content obviously Phantom 18 I’ll I’ll check them out I’m G let you do that I got to protect the bed so as got protect the bed don’t even protect the bed there’s no point I got to do it I got to do it what am I asex if I don’t protect the bed what am I cut out you only Fireballs until an enemy approach cuz we oh cool let’s go no we lost what Russia What the fu let’s go what the game what the hell try to win I can’t play the game we did it we did it we did it we we’re gonna be the first team out let’s go didn’t realize I’m so we lost the bed What’s your deal cuz yellow freaking was weirdos and like side why would they side rush me why you hitting me what I you stop side rushes on this map a straightforward rush for no reason you’re evil evil does that you’re evil I’ve not even met you guys I’m just confused you’re evil dude why are you mad that we’re winning bro I am on losing streak because guys the be actually came back of course the bee came back honestly dude there was a butterfly he keeps attacking me as well I have this [Music] butterfly hold on as6 can you stand on a on an open not standing on an open Bridge took the emeralds and we’re so dead we so [Music] dead we’re so dead watch out A6 has a has a fireball and he might want to throw I don’t think person if I did trust me I would have used it already I’m probably [Music] myself who just opened up a soda who just opened up a Cham that was me it was so loud bro why you trying to hit me bro don’t make me on fire too oh F I got to go no no I could won that I could I hate you guys so much I could have won that there’s no way I could have won that so easily I could have won that you can’t even rage you can’t even oh my gosh I’m okay I got to take brck old one yes he did I’m so fuing annoying I’m so done I could have won that with such ease I could have invis and jump boosted and I could have got the bed there was a real good chance of me winning that I’m so done A6 where you at stop complaining about the losses and focus on the W screw the W there is no W’s to speak of as I think you’re just praying on everyone’s downfall and my gosh all right I think we got a real chance at winning this I shut up I’m a really try dude I’m really try too you know that being I’m hello I’m dying inside right now these I’m really TR yeah yeah me too yes that is that is my friend as a matter of fact he’s actually no never mind I take that back he’s not my friend hey bro what’s up nothing nothing much just just chilling you beg me to come back every day now the guy is it the guy that Donald Trump skin this is why I was so sad when ASA went chain did wasn’t going to come back and this like this pure joy CH go away again can you go away my St my poor p again the strikes again as gosh that’s crazy that’s crazy I can’t even Bridge oh my God I hate you he’s like coming over here to fire ball me up I’m staying in the generator oh I got to go in the generator thank you thank you for saying that I wish I could can say the same but the so far it’s a pain in my ass D what’s a who’s a wait who somebody said that they were going to go to sleep but they started scrolling on YouTube and found my stream what the hell yeah what the hell is going on click off click off this stre [ __ ] sucks you suck I I don’t suck no I suck a lot personally I don’t agree I agree you do suck personally I don’t agree this this whole stream is for some reason more chaotic than yesterday that might be I’m happy dude as Jane asex hold on you were like asex you were like um this stream was boring and I was like I can’t have that so I’m start pissing him off so it’s cuz you know what I prefer a more boring stream than ruining my poor stats my poor innocent stats they’ve done nothing if they don’t like it what’ you say I’m so close to the microphone right now I don’t know bro my my my 3v3 is when the last ratio went up to like a a 0.36 it was actually getting good shade screw up broe how about this you stay here so it’s that’s a good no I don’t want to okay and I creepy I’m just losing my sanity over here slowly losing my mind because of these guys I don’t want to be doing nothing stop blaming us shut up like I literally just have to sit here I can’t move hey is I think you should on a bridge oh I wonder why yeah stop camping stop camping the generator please stop camping the gener fine I’ll stop camping the generator you’re going to see what happens you’re going to see why I’ve been camping the generator all right let’s get another layer for our bed to you I that’s why I’ve been camping that’s why I’ve been camping generator that’s why cuz I can’t leave my bed moment bro I can’t leave the bed selling who the hell just said I’m selling I’m not selling anything it’s these guys who are selling I don’t just in case I more I can’t do that cuz I get Fireballs off dude how about I bridge for you I’ll bridge for you I bridge for me yeah I’ll bridge for you yeah you I can’t even trust you’re sing man IDK L I just joined not I’m getting I’m getting freaking bullied because of these guys I’m getting bu oh my God literally I can watch him just walk up there just no dude it’s not me it’s oh my gosh please help me buy they B it’s not me you made it as good for you good J buddy I guess the there’s not even there’s nobody even over here I guess ghost wasn’t that good there’s literally nobody over here it’s just us in red how about I make V for red Red’s coming over by the way we’re so dead oh don’t worry don’t worry I got this i got this uh first off here’s what you do first you do that you pop a TNT and then Bo let them get the bed I’m dead too I’m dead I’m dead nope man I’m de man I’m okay I really want to start another game soon I swear you start another game of leaving I’m going to leave I will leave this game so help me God I can’t deal with this anymore I need a win okay here how about this we’ll let you win we’ll let you win this game I’ll let you win this game there’s red here I’ll let you win this game A6 how did I survive win get out why are you throwings oh no Zs Zo yeah I guess I’ll show a6’s Stream Run just run just run no you hate you you game how many Fireball wait what that just wasted no no oh okay you got this no no okay start game start game start okay oh you got the same actually you get to the last guy start a new game that sounds like a funny guy he about to beat the last guy start in the game okay I don’t know actually I don’t know if I want to do that he’ll get so mad if I do that so fun grinding my ass off no you’re freaking kidding good going on you man how did I not win that I didn’t have enough Shield well at least that wasn’t my fault G some close almost I’m so done I can’t believe it you could have protected the bed can’t believe you lost the game like that you you man that’s tough I can’t believe you sold like that can’t believe you s us like that my goodness you’re not very good dude as6 is just just just as is just mad you guys want to see my bikini I do I don’t know show [Music] on all right people last game because I’m going to start I’m going to start losing my sanity all right last game people oh why is it the last game as6 because because you keep you keep throwing for us hello Julia I am I’m I’m dying why do you keep throwing for yeah we just want to win the game and you keep throwing for us I’m I’m wow I’m speechless stream player sanity is gone my ey sanity is almost gone already all right after this game it’s probably going to be completely gone I don’t know what why you’re M but you need to stop I don’t even want to look at my he’s already gone it would have disconnected ages ago yeah you honestly it’s so hard to deal with these guys sometimes they’re so fun to play with you so chain do me a favor man make you said I’m not find computer oh my God I didn’t disconnected I’m so done computer I swear I swear blue why why are you doing this why he’s coming back blue come on Blue please please please please blue please no no no come on come on the St I have to try like I’ve never tried before okay well never mind I guess I just got owned wow yay we did it we did it we did it we did yay guys what’s the What’s oh yeah ala 4 ala 4 what’s the number for 911 what the [ __ ] did you just [Music] say he’s dead I do it I can’t fight today you you never can’t chane hey that’s a that’s a mean thing to say and I think you should take that back I can’t even buy wool you hey man not lie mean thing to say and personally party me I don’t even know oh it’s a viewer never mind I know who that is usame it’s not wly just buy four Swords I did just buy four Swords on accident I didn’t mean to there’s two of you why is there two of you why what how good do you guys think I am I’m so done okay let piano let go to the piano I’m not going with the piano with you I’m going to the piano on my own I’m I’m going to the piano on my own what did I do okay you found my name yeah it was it was just showed it be able to come back you asked me I could have won if I used 0 four Swords honestly maybe matter you could oh by the way for the person who parted me you could just friend me I’ll accept it you can just friend me Quest if you find him he’s going to do rare things just he’s going to start laughing like a horse just just send me a friend request no don’t don’t don’t just you can do that in fact there’s this guy named chain official yeah go he’s on YouTu videos all right subscribe the chain on YouTube y yeah fine I’ll no [Music] no dude my computer’s bugging out fine I won’t end stream I won’t end stream I won’t I you know I’ll do one game one game of solos just cuz I want one win all right one game of solos let me let me join hell no please let me join my sanity is gone all right plus one sub best friend all right all I need is one win I swear there’s going to be like like 10 sweats in this game who is this oh Mr well you’re stream sniping hello I’m actually kind of happy you’re here yay first time getting stream sniped most toxic bed absolutely the most toxic yeah he not he’s not right next to me is he he’s not guys guys my bed was guys my bed got destroyed G I do why did you take so long to respond to that he6 why be mean why do you think all right dude I didn’t even throw last game oh actually I did I I actually was the one that tnted the defense I didn’t throw I didn’t do anything let’s go yeah Al the best mode yeah good no we didn’t win we yeah we won though better get destroyed in the first like 10 seconds cuz rushed us for no reason we won that game okay well at least my computer is working kind of now what the hell was that what was his that guy’s movement was weird update failed the update my internet my internet’s not connect is we should do TNT games I’m I’m actually not that good unfortunate Le so no te [Music] games did you just pull a KB stick on me yo that’s crazy what happened bro what crazy D my game dude my first this is got like reset up all my stuff now okay now I got to go for blue did Mr what die I think Mr what died oh God can play with me for a bit all let’s play a little bit what let’s play Let’s play a couple of games D my mouse who was Mr well was gray wasn’t he yeah he was gray he died what got fire in the face to what he did die I knew it I knew he died what what what what what what what why did he use what what I got him though what what I didn’t get him what what what what what what got suffering over here no you’re not stop overreacting you know I actually wish I was overreacting oh you are so don’t even try don’t even try yeah you were over what you’re talking about you like got all mad at us like started yelling at us dude rude man yeah like I’m traumatized yeah like you guys you’re kind of being rude you know I’m say send me something in Discord I will look at it in just a second why you oh I’m always appear offline why I mean it’s kind of rude to appear offline don’t you think no yes Australian ping is rough I know cuz must be the wrong one then guys this this really cool game called gorilla [Music] I dude that is so loud I don’t know why this is so loud walk off the best yep I’m I swear if I fall off again I fall off again I’m GNA uninstall this game actually your hands to play Gorilla that up well you can just well you could probably use your feet and in gorill probably plays it actually a base around it called infection it’s it’s basically are you playing with as are you playing with chain right now or are you doing a solo game I’m doing a solo game what what what you just leaving hit chain out to dry to dry yeah SpongeBob SpongeBob WF one an iron sword bro it’s cracked with an iron sword bro you got to get you got to get Pro as6 got get Pro what are you doing actually this map called city map that’s where you buy all the cosmetics and that’s start where all the events happen usually the Cosmetic cost a lot but sometimes dude I just watched you knock throw yourself in the voy that was not that why you to disconnect you can’t disconnect because items I don’t know why I need help please somebody somebody send help I mean nobody I don’t think anybody can send help why do you have iron armor yeah you have iron armor never mind6 I got to go by Sessy Baka do you want do you want to play you want to play doubles no I don’t want to play doubles do you want to play doubles Chain man that man you know what actually I’m G to party you and we’re going to do something okay you’re going to party me and I’ll accept your party request I joined six minutes ago you’re fine their team views good it’s helping me it’s it’s helping me maintain my sanity the illusion of living was good I guess you’re not good at gorill TAG I’m gorill tag my bad I I’m tired I’m good at gorill tag you’re not I can’t even move Gill tag bro b next bedless one on no bedless new Bridges a lot and I don’t like bridging bridging is weird dude a chain has 1K on YouTube yeah did you know that ASX I did not did you yeah see isn’t that kind of cool hey accept the party hold on I got to do something I got 60 seconds got open I notepad I don’t know why why is not not in it’s literally called no P my gosh AC accept the party invite please let’s is good thank you for saying that I’m good it it helps me it makes me feel better how come just someone name how come just someone someone yelled my name Shane out my window up bro he was not afraid at Le he wasn’t afraid to show it a fan outside my house I heard someone say Shane outside my house what the oh he actually got me did my Minecraft just crash I think there I think there’s a fan outside my house there’s a fan outside your house cuz you’re so famous yeah I literally heard Shane out my window well may what if it was someone just trying to get your attention thank you okay like shut up you think you’re all that why why did you just b s oh my bad my fault dude dude we’re going to like be here for like 5 10 minutes are you guys doing Bast blea why would why aren’t we doing boast blea isn’t that a better question fair enough how do you spell private must be private I to start breathing in the microphone pink just going to stop you’re scared me just going to sit there and Camp it you have to do yeah okay as is always dude like why don’t you just go to bed you’re prob you’re tired well that’s because you’re you stream at midnight I gotta oh chain Julie said she’s better than or they’re better than you like gorilla tag where is noodle YT Mr what where is noodle YT he’s usually here it’s unusual for him not to be here wait wait hold on why me why there we go my bad Aiden stop Aiden stop Aiden s stop no bro that’s crazy we’re waiting we can watch asex why are you what are you doing with the obsidian just breaking it all why cuz I’m going to use it are you going to break the bed no you’re just taking their obsidian and leaving yes I’m too tired right now people all right can I what happens if I fall in the the void now oh I just teleported where is he even at I don’t even know where he’s at oh he’s the illusion of living was only the [Music] beginning I almost fell hey wouldn’t that been crazy I literally like went to oh that’s crazy how’ you fall in the voard I did that on purpose how’ you do that on purpose oh you have 12 obsidian I have to hold on we have to I have before I start before I go back to my stream I got to skip on this for a second I’m too tired people all right you finished it going back I’m going have to make this like a VOD instead of a live stream no cuz I have two streams now God I really want to reach but I’m just stealing the obsidian I needed it there’s no way I’m winning this [Music] game what the you even do that bro that’s crazy there’s no way I was winning this the illusion of living was only the [Music] beginning why do you you got to use more of your Iron Man I no pinks here K watch this let me do something let me do something not very smart is he stay back Lance you can’t hear anything Lance it’s some worry I’m just asex asex asex won a bedw war game I’m so sorry asex I did it nice GG I did it I did it spam everyone yay I did it sorry also is you said you’re the only YouTuber that lets people spam but I actually have a friend who streams all the time and he lets people spam all the time I don’t care I’m too tired shut up yay shut up Jade wble you I’m dying inside yeah yeah actually I don’t want who wants subscribe I will find you actually no I don’t care that much right now I’m too [Music] dead shut up too tired for another I’m no I can do I can do another I’ll do another game fine I’ll do another game dude give me 110 double jumps bro what you I wonder why it’s so hard to beat you stole the OB I and you’re like you know what I’m just gonna just have so many double jumps I needed the OB actually yeah we can do we can do dude I’m not even GNA care I’m gonna start actually double jumping bro if I got a lot of them you can do that that’s cool y we can do some double games Mr what hey why aren you playing with us as6 like we literally like how many times have we won together I’m I’m going to look at my win or loss ratio and if it went down I’m gonna be mad I don’t care it’s not my problem that it went down how how the hell wait actually wait oh never mind I was about to say how the hell did you guys get a that all the way down to a 30 I was going to be actually surprised dude what the f what 5 hear you can’t hear anything that’s weird I’m pretty sure I never W to hear you [Music] [Music] sayc back stre boys yes we are the back I’m so worried dude I actually actually have uhuh no don’t do that are they just going I got to take a shower my stink you’re stiny boy got to go as I see you don’t worry man thanks for coming anyways to see this um [ __ ] show dude why is my bit okay there we go there my bit R goes back I was wondering why my bit R just go just like tumble wow I don’t know what the hell is going on right there but I I pulled that off so whatever my name’s Aiden whoa look at that play that you’re not invisible Lance I see you man I see you you go I see you too oh God I’m dying it’s just I’m I’m struggling right now with some stuff cuz no one even sees me I see you you are seeing don’t worry I see all of you guys it’s just a little it’s a little hard cuz I’m also trying not to no no okay do you see me I do see you I don’t see you chain what’s your problem it’s simple chain if I saw you I would go blind that’s just mean I know that was just bullying bro hi GL founded funny I want it that way yes that’s just me yeah you’re just being mean as I mean like as6 how you just try you everness have I ever tried kindness being like kind everybody man like you don’t have to be mean like kindness is like kindness is his own reward you know when I think of kindness I think of people who will make me a bet defense to help me win games and not Fireball me off every five seconds I’m trying to bridge dude I only fire R you off like once bro and you got all defensive about it you got all mad about it like I did something wrong where’s my reward I’m kind of subscribe I kind Lance don’t worry you’re kind you will get a reward one day I promise you and if you want that war to you better be start being kind huh oh my I I’ll start being kind I’ll be nice to all of you guys now you’re the best high pixel player I’ve ever seen thank you for saying that including me and chain snipe am I am I being sniped oh yeah I am [ __ ] yeah thought you lik it I do because I live in Canada I like it I encourage sniping I’m letting you guys know you guys can stream snipe it whenever you like I encourage it bro that’s so crazy oh that’s so crazy all right guys last game CU I I need sleep also one more thing now now that I have a bunch of viewers what mouse would you guys want me to use what mouse should I use I’m I plan on buying a new mouse what mouse you pick a mouse for me pick a mouse any gaming mouse how he cuz is cool and he joins my chat a lot and I like him I’m cool I’m so cool that I’m in the freezer that’s cool tell me why a but tell me why I don’t to hear you say I want that way why you wait why are you defending your bed bro CU I need to why Boo’s coming we we win how about say oh [ __ ] I don’t want it what’s an explosive Das how do I do an explosive Dash you fart really hard how did I okay I got them both at least whatever you fart wa you needed Mouse again oh I What’s your deal you also use you also use a razor Mouse that’s good see I’m telling you guys razor Mouse is are good you guys are just liars it’s not that bad now hello I do things for some reason oh God that’s what I get for looking at chat we’re going up against people tell me why so weird you’re doing great thank you I’m doing great yes I believe you um razor Viper that’s an expensive Mouse isn’t it or is it the razor Viper ultimate expensive I forgot it’s a razor Viper Mouse I know that’s they’re very expensive mouses to use the bed by the way how do you do an explosive Dash how do you do that I don’t know go go go go we going we’re going we’re going as fast as I can I win so good oh God thank you and I love you thank you appreciate it you’re welcome I think I went up a little too high golly I did not TNT they’re making they’re making a little umbrella to protect it from TNT though we don’t got TNT what about me I’m cool too yes you are also cool you’re all very cool I’ve said this multiple times you’re all very cool very cool people a I lost my snow oh they’re back a i f no I’m falling yes got it oh they they they disconnected we actually pulled that off wow how the hell did we pull that off a I fell in the void easy bed yeah that was an easy bed 100% that was an easy bed [Music] 100% Dash I’m reading I’m reading chat uh we should probably should probably yeah do some a mode that’s fun pleasee do a mode that’s fun please I said appre like I’d appreciate if you did [Music] it you think I’m going to win hopefully I win honestly I’m hoping I win too you’re the best Hypixel player thank you now I think that was a 2our stream that’s crazy it’s not it’s been an hour it’s been 1 hour and 34 minutes did you no not yet you goed double jumps do I have I am but I need Hypixel to think so so that I get a custom rank I want a custom rank really bad that’s how there Dragon a why is there a dragon a why is there a dragon a why is there a dragon um you’re the party leader and so you control the party settings broke our bed lost karma for them I guess anyways as6 is the best thank you custom rank want yes I want a custom rank I want a custom rank like technoblades how about this A6 you think you’re the best that’s that’s I’ll give you that what no I I I I will accept I don’t I don’t want it no I want to I want I I want a custom rank like Pig Plus+ Pig rank I want that I want something like that that’s what I really want I mean hypix is only given a couple I mean like technoblade is like a kind of like that was just because he was like the best player on the Hypixel when he playing I have I have Big Dreams people and you just got to work hard then bro what do you think that’s what I’m doing say a guy who literally has only for like an hour 5 minutes like that’s a long time Teo blade did the same thing and it worked for him I think it will work for me actually that’s not true I don’t think he did how long did he stream for somebody stream for come on somebody search that up for man need to figure it [Music] out IC stands for incoming very interesting game very interesting play Aiden what did you say all I said was I want it that way tell me why a hour tell me why I don’t want to hear you say Sho I got own damn hold on let me get I gotta get you guys I gotta get as’s copyrighted one second good fight good fight all right people I think it’s time it’s time for me to go good night y right as I’m trying to get you copyright strike big dog proud of the first no disrespect you’re the best YouTuber thank you just a minute just a minute all I couldn’t I couldn’t say stuff with them playing guitar in the background so I’m just gonna bye Lance thank you thank you for saying I’m the best that means a lot to me I want to I want to try to be one of the best players so I can get one day a custom rank just like Pig Plus+ cuz I don’t know no it’s a custom Rank and it’s Unique so no not many people ever get a custom rank like that as what you can you can get so that’s what I want anyway see you guys next time bye

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    Join Minewind: Crafting Made Easy in Minecraft! Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and greatest in the world of Minecraft! Today, we stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “Autocrafting the worst thing to craft in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.” While the video may not be directly related to Minewind Minecraft Server, it got us thinking – why not join a server where you can put your crafting skills to the test in a whole new way? Minewind Minecraft Server offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that will challenge even the most seasoned Minecraft players. With a dedicated community of players and a… Read More

  • Mastering Bedwars in MCPE: No Commentary

    Mastering Bedwars in MCPE: No Commentary The Exciting World of Bedwars in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Welcome, fellow gamers! In this video, we delve into the thrilling realm of Bedwars in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) without commentary. Witness the intense action and clever strategies as players aim to destroy their opponents’ beds while defending their own. Engaging in Epic Battles Watch as players engage in epic battles against each other in the quest for victory. Learn some tricks to secure a win in Bedwars and experience the excitement of the chase throughout the game. Key Highlights: Intense bed destruction gameplay Clever strategies and tactics Exciting… Read More

  • Back Row Prodigy: Minecraft’s New Teacher!

    Back Row Prodigy: Minecraft's New Teacher! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Fangkuaixuan brings laughter in every dive. Animations that sparkle, humor that shines, Bringing joy to all, in these pixelated lines. From classroom antics to songs that adapt, Every video a treasure, no need to unwrap. Just hit subscribe, join the fun, In Fangkuaixuan’s world, the laughter’s never done. So come along, let’s dive into the blocky land, With Fangkuaixuan as our guide, hand in hand. Minecraft adventures, in rhymes we’ll explore, In this world of laughter, we’ll always want more. Read More

  • My Demon Lover: Minecraft Animation

    My Demon Lover: Minecraft Animation Minecraft Animations Boylove – MY LOVER IS A DEMON – EP 1 Exploring the World of Minecraft Animations In the realm of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds, a new series has emerged – “MY LOVER IS A DEMON.” This captivating animation delves into the genres of Boylove, Girllove, and Magic, promising viewers an enchanting experience like never before. With its publication date set for 20/06/2024, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the first episode. Unveiling the Magic of Boylove and Girllove As the title suggests, “MY LOVER IS A DEMON” intertwines elements of love and magic in… Read More

  • Frozen Fun: 100 Days Survived in Hardcore Minecraft

    Frozen Fun: 100 Days Survived in Hardcore Minecraft In the Arctic, I found myself in a bind, Crash-landed with no way out, a chilling find. Frozen survivors, horror monsters in sight, I must be careful, survive the frozen night. Evolved Cave Dweller, a boss to defeat, Scavenge and survive, the cold I must cheat. 100 days in the Arctic, a hardcore test, Will I make it through, or freeze like the rest? Inspired by LukeTheNotable and ForgeLabs, I take the stage, In Minecraft’s icy world, I must engage. Join me on this journey, subscribe and support, As I navigate the Arctic, in this hardcore report. Patreon and… Read More


    EPIC Roleplay - UNSTOPPABLE LIVING ARMOUR!!Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVING ARMOUR! – Minecraft Dragon Fire (SMP) Ep10’, was uploaded by TrueKing – Roleplays on 2024-03-08 16:45:00. It has garnered 42 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:17 or 917 seconds. LIVING ARMOUR! – Minecraft Dragon Fire (SMP) w/ TrueKing This Minecraft Survival is based on the Dragonfire Mod. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a like and comment below if you enjoyed, and have a Great day! Duels done through (Subscribe for more New Videos Every Week! I do Minecraft Roleplay, Overwatch and more Random Videos!) โ–บSubscribe:… Read More

  • PepeMontana’s Insane Home Flower Arrangement

    PepeMontana's Insane Home Flower ArrangementVideo Information This video, titled ‘DOMI FLORUS REDERS’, was uploaded by PepeMontana on 2024-04-26 04:04:36. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. CW MINECUB CW LOXER. CW MINECUB, MINECUB LEAGUE, CLAN WARS, MINECRAFT PVP, DESTROY THE NEXUS, SERVER … Read More

  • ๐ŸŸข Dolan’s CRAZY BINGO NIGHT! LIVE in Minecraft!

    ๐ŸŸข Dolan's CRAZY BINGO NIGHT! LIVE in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘๐ŸŸข Dolan Hosts BINGO NIGHT! | Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Dewlan on 2024-04-04 03:17:00. It has garnered 28 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 02:59:10 or 10750 seconds. Ohai and welcome to Minecraft Bingo! In this Dewlan Minecraft livestream, I play Bingo, a gamemode for Minecraft with the PTA crew! So crack open a Dew, kick back and relax to some Bingo chaos! Streamed live on Twitch: ————————————————————————————————————————— JOIN THE DEW CREW Buy me a Dew, support me on Ko-Fi โ–บ Join the Dewscord: Buy my merch:… Read More

  • Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft Hunt

    Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft HuntVideo Information This video, titled ‘โœจMINECRAFT MANHUNTโœจ 1 v 1 v 3’, was uploaded by Qyuwi on 2024-06-09 03:13:12. It has garnered 380 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 02:55:36 or 10536 seconds. Powered by Restream Use TTS FREE With Channel Points: โ•”โ•โ•โ•โ•— โ•‘โ•”โ•โ•—โ•‘ โ•‘โ•‘ โ•‘โ•‘โ•”โ•— โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•— โ•‘โ•‘ โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘ โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•šโ•โ•‘โ• โ•ฃ โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•โ•‘โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•โ•‘โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•‘โ•šโ•—โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•โ•‘โ•‘ โ•šโ•โ•โ•—โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•—โ•”โ•โ•šโ•โ•โ• โ•šโ•โ•šโ• โ•šโ• โ•šโ•โ•”โ•โ•โ•‘ โ•šโ•โ•โ• โ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌ (,,โ—• ฯ‰ โ—•,,) โ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌ Social Links: Insta: Twitch: Twitter: TikTok: Discord: โ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌโ–ฌ tags: #VTuber #Qyuwi #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Anime Read More

  • Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!

    Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft’, was uploaded by MLP Play on 2024-06-11 09:15:54. It has garnered 2164 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:27 or 3867 seconds. Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack,Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, heir own minecraft server and play minecraft MLP Play this is an entertainment channel where my little pony characters plays minecraft, SUBSCRIBE! Disclaimer: All voices are completely AI Generated*. Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Record Breaker – The Weekly Thing

    Insane Minecraft Record Breaker - The Weekly ThingVideo Information This video, titled ‘The Amazing Story of the New Minecraft World Record’, was uploaded by The Weekly Thing on 2024-04-01 16:00:06. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. This is the amazing story of craze’s new Minecraft world record on bedrock 1.16 RSG (not an April Fools video, sorry). After close … Read More

  • Pyracraft

    PyracraftWelcome to Pyracraft, one of the newest and most captivating Earth SMP servers where you can embark on an adventure alongside your friends or forge new friendships! Here’s what you can experience: Create Your Kingdom: Establish your realm, build your defences with turrets and other structures, conquer territories, and navigate the intricate dynamics of forging alliances and overcoming your enemies. Leveling System: Ascend the ranks to become the top player by adventuring in our world. Skill Progression: Hone your skills to unlock powerful abilities that will prove invaluable in battles and various adventures. PvP Duels: Test your mettle in our… Read More

  • TotallyNotSuspicious Modded SMP LGBTQ+ Friendly Whitelist Java

    NEW MODDED MINISEASON Apply here: (Applications are rarely denied unless there is a lack of effort!) INFORMATION TotallyNotSuspicious is an SMP established in 2018, focused on creating an inclusive, friendly, and collaborative community where interactions between members are the main focus. Every member is welcome to join with open arms; no matter how is judged here. Why should you join us? Servers hosted in North America Discord to Minecraft chat Simple Voice Chat integration Suggestion forums, available to all members Private ticket system, for complaints/questions/support Diamond economy, no shop plugins Organized Dragon Fights and various other events 350 server… Read More

  • The Spider’s Den

    The Spider's Den| Welcome to The Spider’s Den – do mind the cobwebs everywhere. |We are a safe space to hang out and play 1.20.1 (java) Minecraft – including LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, etc.! However, you must be 16 or older to join. This server is focused on exploration and making sure that dull moments are hard to find with mods such as:- Create (and many of it’s addons)- Origins (which you can suggest!)- Ender’s Cataclysm- Ice and Fire- And more!And don’t worry, if fighting isn’t your style there are plenty of cooking and decoration mods to decorate whatever kind of building you desire… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Crafting Empire: Domain Domination”

    Minecraft Memes - "Crafting Empire: Domain Domination"Why did the creeper enter the domain expansion world? Because he heard it was a blast! Read More

  • Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime

    Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime In the desert of Minecraft, a crash has occurred, Surviving on sand, with challenges absurd. Follow the quests, stay cool in the heat, Beware of the night, where dangers will meet. First challenge is water, to beat the heat’s wrath, Second challenge is food, to avoid hunger’s path. Hardcore map, but with a graveyard mod, So you won’t lose progress, just keep on trod. Stay strong, my friends, as you navigate this land, With each new challenge, you’ll make a stand. Forever Stranded, a mod-pack so grand, In the world of Minecraft, where survival is planned. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze!

    Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze! “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” Read More

  • Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE

    Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE Minecraft Hardcore Mod: A Challenging Adventure For Minecraft enthusiasts looking to up the ante and test their survival skills, the Hardcore Mod offers a thrilling challenge. This mod introduces a new level of difficulty to the game, pushing players to their limits as they navigate a harsher, more unforgiving world. What is the Hardcore Mod? The Hardcore Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is designed to provide a more intense and demanding gameplay experience. In this mode, players face permanent death – once they die, the world is deleted, adding a sense of urgency and tension to every decision… Read More

  • Java’s Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds

    Java's Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Minecraft 1.21 Update – Top 5 Seeds (Java) Exploring the Best Seeds in Minecraft Minecraft players are always on the lookout for exciting new seeds to explore, and the latest 1.21 update has brought some fantastic options to the table. From ancient cities to trial chambers, these seeds offer a wide range of biomes and structures to discover. Let’s dive into the top 5 seeds that are currently making waves in the Minecraft community. 1. Coral Cove – Seed number: 2090070116 If you’re looking for a seed that offers a variety of interesting locations, Coral Cove is the perfect… Read More

  • DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ใƒใƒ“ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]

    DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ใƒใƒ“ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]Video Information This video, titled ‘change of plans I wanna play minecraft [SHORTS]ใ€Streamed on Twitchใ€‘’, was uploaded by Neavy Ch. ใƒใƒ“ on 2024-07-11 20:00:12. It has garnered 1001 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:54:37 or 10477 seconds. Rules for Chat: 1. This chat is inclusive so any form of hate will be dealt with accordingly. 2. Be positive! Don’t be weird! 3. Have fun! Enjoy the Stream! Don’t need to chat you could also Lurk! Credits: Stinger: Logo: MikaLogoStudio (Etsy) Art&Rigging: Other Credits: Spill the tea SUB EMOTE – Nikamii (Etsy)… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House Destruction

    Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ฅ | #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Thunder Gaming on 2024-06-11 13:05:00. It has garnered 9140 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ฅ | #shorts #minecraft #minecraftpe minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj… Read More

  • Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! ๐ŸŽฎ #Games #MinecraftBattle

    Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! ๐ŸŽฎ #Games #MinecraftBattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘100 HUSK ZOMBIE VS 10 IRON GOLEM IN MINECRAFT #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #game #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by Game Educator on 2024-07-10 20:45:52. It has garnered 178 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Hello everyone To buy our Udemy Minecraft A-Z Guide click the link below! Tags: #minecraft #fyp #minecraftbuilding #minecraftmemes #viral #minecrafttutorial #gaming #foryou #minecraftpe #minecrafter #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters Read More

  • Intense Minecraft Rescue: Villager & Dog Saved

    Intense Minecraft Rescue: Villager & Dog SavedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Heart-Pounding Minecraft Survival Rescue: Saving Villager and Dog’, was uploaded by Mr.GengarPlay on 2024-01-15 18:30:16. It has garnered 13146 views and 495 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Welcome to our gaming YouTube channel, where epic adventures and thrilling gameplay await! Join us as we dive into the captivating world of gaming, exploring a wide range of genres and platforms. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just starting your gaming journey, our channel is the ultimate destination for all things gaming. From exhilarating action games to immersive RPGs, we have… Read More

  • Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! ๐Ÿ”ฅVideo Information This video, titled ‘My Eyes ๐Ÿ’ซ | Minecraft CPVP Edit’, was uploaded by Zxron_ on 2024-05-23 17:40:07. It has garnered 19 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:25 or 25 seconds. First video! Any thoughts? ๐Ÿค” Drop a commentโ€ฆ Song: My Eyes – Travis Scott Credit for audio: @drakeneditz DISCLAIMER: I donโ€™t own this song in this video, All credits goes to the rightful owner. Server: Instagram: @Zx_ron Discord: Styson_op Tags: Im a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client cause you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. i know how to butterfly… Read More

  • Lucasd10’s Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!

    Lucasd10's Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!Video Information This video, titled ‘๐Ÿ”ดGRIDNING MINECRAFT HYPIXEL BEDWARS & CHATTING W VIEWERS LIVE! (pls subscribe!)๐Ÿ”ด’, was uploaded by Lucasd10 on 2024-05-30 05:18:36. It has garnered 2477 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:24 or 8784 seconds. ๐Ÿ”ดToday I Am Playing Minecraft LIVE. Don’t Forget To Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Turn On Post Notifications To Never Miss A Livestream Or Upload!๐Ÿ”ด โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€ ๐Ÿค‘DONATE TO ME HERE๐Ÿ’ฒโž” Feel Free to Donate, It Is Optional But It Can Help Me In Many Ways. I Can Buy New Gaming/Streaming Equipment, Things In Games, And It Gives Me A… Read More


    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘ใ€Minecraftใ€‘I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikรณ tou Dรกsous ( — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! ๐Ÿ’ŽMy Twitter: โœจJoin the Crystal Kingdom: ๐Ÿ’ŽLive: #CTalusLIVE โœจArt: #CreaTalus ๐Ÿ’ŽClips: #ClipTalus โœจMemes: #JesTalus ๐Ÿ’ŽModel: — Rubylight Socials: — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

  • Luvstar’s magical fairycore build in Minecraft โœจ

    Luvstar's magical fairycore build in Minecraft โœจVideo Information This video, titled ‘A Chill Building Day โ™ก Fairycore Minecraft Let’s Play โœฉโ‹† Ep 36 โœฎโŠนโ™ก’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-05 17:00:13. It has garnered 2339 views and 177 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:26 or 3866 seconds. ๐ŸŒˆBecome a Channel Member for exclusive posts, early access videos, BTS, exclusive videos, discounts on stickers, and more: Hey everyone my name is Luvstar! Welcome to my fairycore-themed relaxing modded let’s play! This series will include episodes of me living as a mage elf and exploring and transforming a beautiful fantasy minecraft world. I chose the… Read More

  • Sophie’s Insane Disney Cover Takes Over Music World

    Sophie's Insane Disney Cover Takes Over Music WorldVideo Information This video, titled ‘#disney #cover #music #singing #nflopaa #song #funnymemes #roblox #minecraft #nflopa’, was uploaded by Sophie on 2024-07-21 20:42:14. It has garnered 1586 views and 143 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Read More

  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Read More

  • MossCraft! Semi-Vanilla SMP, whitelist, Cross-Play, 1.20.6, Bluemap, Pets

    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft grind never stops lol

    Well, at least all those hours spent in your survival world have given you some meme-worthy content! Maybe it’s time for a break and some fresh air outside of Minecraft? Read More

  • Survived 100 Days: Desert-Only Minecraft Adventure!

    Survived 100 Days: Desert-Only Minecraft Adventure! In the desert world, I took my stand, Surviving 100 days, with shovel in hand. Building my shelter, under the hot sun, Mining for diamonds, oh what fun! Facing creepers and zombies, with skill and might, Crafting new tools, in the dead of night. Exploring the desert, for treasures untold, In this harsh world, my story unfolds. So if you enjoyed this epic tale, Leave a comment, like, and set sail. For more adventures in Minecraft land, Stay tuned, for I have more plans! Read More


    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

  • Jackbhaiya’s Hilarious Mye Moye Moment

    Jackbhaiya's Hilarious Mye Moye Moment Gamerfleet’s Minecraft Adventures: A Journey of Laughter and Fun The World of Gamerfleet Gamerfleet, a popular gaming group, has been entertaining audiences with their hilarious Minecraft gameplay. From funny moments to epic adventures, they have created a unique gaming experience that keeps viewers coming back for more. Jackbhaiya’s Moye Moye One of the standout features of Gamerfleet’s content is the "Moye Moye" moments, where the players engage in fun and lighthearted interactions. These moments add a touch of humor and camaraderie to their gameplay, making it a joy to watch. Meeting Modi Ji In a surprising turn of events,… Read More

  • Minecraft Scam Exposed!

    Minecraft Scam Exposed! Exploring Minecraft Community Controversies Introduction The Minecraft community has recently been abuzz with a controversial topic involving some players who purchased the game only to request an immediate refund. These players then took to the internet to mock those who had legitimately purchased the game, sparking heated debates within the community. Refund Controversy Some players who bought Minecraft decided to quickly request a refund, a move that raised eyebrows among other members of the community. These players not only returned the game but also took to online platforms to ridicule those who had paid for the full version. This… Read More