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this is day two of season 10 of EOD um I have done stuff off stream as as happens with EOD uh so I’m going to catch you guys up once we log on but yeah this is uh if you don’t know what EOD is it is a multiplayer limited time modded Minecraft server uh you have 20 lives and the server’s only gone going for 2 weeks uh and it’s heavily modded and there’s a bunch of uh like mods that make it harder to live and mods that make really cracked things and um yeah our theme for this season is uh it’s called the end of gearheart SMP but the theme is like pollution and weather and vampires and like steampunk it there’s a lot going on but I eat it up and I have a plan for today Chatters you’ll see what I mean oh things hi oh hi things oh good morning still here still here um I got to catch you guys up um we’ve done some progress actually quite a bit of progress um we’re not defenseless anymore place has been renovated oh yeah we moved um we’ve got um a nice little a nice a nice little uh a little a little place going on here okay um I have a plan I am so glad you guys are here for this I have a sick journey to make today also check the check the fit um check check the fit cool drip vampire Hunter drip yeah chat I am um a level six vampire Hunter uh my two my two teammates are both vampires so that’s fun I’m going down this this Brewer path because there’s um there’s a lot that I can I can do with this uh so this is one of our goals for today is all of that uh and that’s my cult corner it looks like where you would wake up in a horror movie to me but it’s got all my things it’s got all my it’s got my oils and my and my and my holy Waters and I’ve got all my all my stuff yeah um I’ve done so far the last like the last like day or so uh we’ve been we’ve been pretty hard on the um the vampire and vampire hunting um agenda uh but I have a different plan today oh there’s a baron hold [Music] on uh oh yeah look so I’ve made this house a home um this is our this is our wonderful home our wonderful house and home um that’s not my corner why are pigs dying oh they’re just they’re just they’re just snorting hold on going to turn down my my pig sounds uh yeah I’ve been making this house a home um is there still a baron there is all right oh yeah look at my sick Axe by the way look at that thing pretty big pretty cool am I right but um we’ve mostly been working on vampire Hunter and and Etc you ready for this you ready for this chat dead so this is um we we we are now in a place with a significant amount of vampires uh which is really good once they hit a a low enough Health chat uh they just die which is pretty sick uh I’m going to grab my crossbow out of my box really quick though uh but let’s let’s see if the the guys are around hello hello hi hi good morning hello what are you up to fighting off hords of [ __ ] vampire Hunters ah I’m fighting off hords of vampires so I know I guess that checks out what it’s okay we killing my people I’m killing your people it’s it’s it’s a nice little little world we’ve got going on here yeah a little bit there’s a baron but the baron is like in the ground so like how do I where are you bro what are you doing down there he doesn’t know he doesn’t know this guy’s got drip things the baron the baron get drip let me dead oh yeah he just spawned in like a one block hole all right well L to him L to that guy uh but yeah chat we’re in we’re in a vampire Forest which is something very nice for all of us actually I was going to say you guys but me me too I going to say it’s actually very helpful to you as well so yeah uh We’ve we’ve also been doing a pretty good job of like keeping pollution in check I would say we’ve been kind of on on top of that uh which is very cool we’ve got a little a little guy um King I’m going to make my machine yeah I know I hav won’t be on for very long yeah you’re good where where are you at right now uh one of the villagers uh the vampire villager Place ah did you find the other one or just the the regular one just the one I was doing okay you’re in that you’re in that sick grind yep I have 28 so yeah hopefully that means that I can hit Level Nine are you funny you mean human hearts no I thought you meant like Minecraft Hearts no I don’t know I okay that’s fine there uh we have animals though and uh so we we have this we have this vampire Forest um but tornadoes have ripped through it and for some reason changed the biome this this was all vampire Forest uh and then a tornado ripped the dirt up and it’s not anymore yeah I don’t I don’t know I don’t know how that happened uh but it’s true uh but we we’ve got a nice little a nice little area going on uh around here uh pollution pollution is um not the greatest around here but it’s not the worst it could be so much worse I was going to say it could be much worse yeah and the other thing is that the pollution actually helps our crops grow very quickly very very quickly based yeah I don’t like that’s just how that works but like pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig I’m BL I’m I’m I’m breeding all your subjects that’s fair I do need them yeah we we’ve now hit a system where they don’t need to be drinking my blood and they can now drink the the many animals that we have yeah which is nice I think I’m going to make like an awning too for for you guys of awning on the other side so that we can move around and stuff yeah this stupid bat the stupid bat making pollution in my house it’s just it’s just not what you want to see but chat are you ready to hear my plan I haven’t told them what I’m doing ah um so chat I have an amazing thing that I found uh for me you guys know how I’ve got lightning in my bones you guys know that I’ve got I’ve got lightning all up in my bones well I found a way to take the lightning out of my bones and use it so I’ve been on an arc and I found a thing and I’m being vague because of [Music] suspense um you guys can kind of see all the all the stuff we’ve got going on we have quite a quite a bit but I got to go plant my my hemp seeds which I you know the machine I made last night uhhuh I totally don’t need it I didn’t think he did you just made it and I was like I I understood the the the menu wrong but this this will be this will be fine look at this Industrial Hemp nothing weird about that all right it’s all for this oh my God I just got so much okay so there are many things that I need to make actually to get this thing to work but let me show you what this is this is backpack and it can hold lightning more accurately energy and then I can turn the energy into liing now out of character chat I have spent the last 3 hours this morning testing this in a creative world so that I know how to do it for real um and the first thing we got to do is make this uh and I have a lot of the pieces that I needed already um 90% of the uh the pieces I sped made last night uh because I was losing it over the fact that I could maybe had this you that my thing my favorite thing my thingy thing I don’t know what your thingy thing is but possibly um we’re going to need I think five of those [Music] uh yeah five of those and then we need the wire coils and that’s going to make this nice so I have everything now to actually make it we’ve got uh oh I need leather but that’s that’s nothing um we need the rods we need the sticks we’ve got the sticks where are the rods did you take the rods no the rods are right there we’ve got the sticks we’ve got the rods we need the connectors which we have yeah it is going to make me look like a Ghostbuster I’m not going to lie uh terra cotta and copper I can I can make it now uh soon as I get the the single piece of leather but the thing is chat all this is your hat is so silly I can’t hear you if you’re talking hello good sir staring longingly at your blood pedestal all right don’t leave me um oh do we just have a hold on I’ll change that really quick one moment yeah we just had a big one I shall move oh hello welcome back hello I was talking about your silly drip good sir I know I ignored you cuz you didn’t matter what what how dare you do you like my drip I think your drip looks dumb as hell well so does yours and so do your eyes thanks you stupid idiot thanks appreciate it what are you [ __ ] whining over there what the hell is wrong with you yeah okay okay but the the thing is chat is I have a backpack very cool um the oh steel rods bro in order to make steel we need to have a blast furnace in order to do that I need to go to the nether so you need steel right yeah I need to I need to get a one of the furnaces I can’t make yet why not cuz I have to go to the nether to get nether [Music] brick well this is dumb if you get me a portal I can go in real fast and grab you some nether brick I can get you a portal up you have like 15 minutes you’re going to be stuck no no oh you just need a ruin portal that’s true actually Netherrack is that oh that’s that’s true no but I’ll just make cuz we do need a portal we do we do we do we do I know where lava is if I go on my quest it did the thing well that’s too no I I’ll go fix it Chatters um okay but making the backpack very chill very cool it’s the everything else that’s the uh that’s a little bit harder because I need to be able to make the thing that makes the energy and then make the thing that holds the energy and then make the thing that shoots the lightning so there’s there’s a lot of steps going on yeah I didn’t mean to do that per se that’s it’s fine I’m good I’m good yeah sound like you’re not good just a little nerve-wracking that’s all mhm what’ you run into King just a lot of sulfur oh yeah it sounds about right which is to be expected do you know how much can you check how much obsidian we have uh yep in a second yeah I’m doing blood ritual things yeah go for it my guy are they would they in Stones what where would the where would uh Obby we have six six okay we need four more I was asking what where they were ah valuables yeah I I found that thank yeah yeah there you go clearly I found that I was I was guessing that you did find that me fully aware that lava makes a bunch of pollution me goes into lava pit surely this is fine yeah I’m fine it was just a lot of sulfur okay but but it’s fine I have my I have my special thing sure yeah I’m totally believing that you have a special thing King I back with enough Obby um where do we want it where do we where do we want it um I’m checking something it could go right there oh my God that’s so neat chat I know and I can’t fix all the sub grps guys I know and what I can’t fix them all Gamers I’m going I’m going but okay uh where where is it there it is there we go thank you Calamity Rose for the 22 months of tier three thank you so much thank you um huh can I put the portal in like a questionable place where is this questionable place going to be just like next to our beds I feel like that’s an awful idea like I could just put it right here you have a magic spell I do spell me oh oh that actually did like sizable damage yeah it did it’s kind of based do you want me to put it outside uh I don’t know you’re the home decorator I’m going to put it outside I guess sure yeah I’m just going to put it like right outside the door it’s a great idea I can make it pretty later all right your portal frame is made um thank you I’ll light it really quick for you thank you and um have fun okay well I’m I’m not going to be in there long I know I know all right we’re good it’s a blue moon a Super Lucky Moon where did you put it outside by buy your machines by your alter I never know okay oh bu my altar it’s just right there you didn’t you didn’t need to fly have fun what’s it like in there um we have theories chat about what the nether might be well where we are at it is good cool I will grab the immediate Netherrack that is here sounds good and also there’s some nether quartz and I will grab that I know we need yes please yes quartz quartz how much do you need just uh just a little bit um theoretically we want more than just a little bit but I can make my thing oh she’s going to be so happy yeah you’ll be able to do a lot today King I know I’m going to I’m going to advance dude I’m going to be advancing all over oh oh oh there we go is it pollutant in there um I’m not seeing it pollute so no cool maybe we were very scared chat because lava makes pollution and Fire makes pollution which isn’t the best thing to in a in a dimension where there’s no sky so there no sky for to sit in so where does it go explode on the roof yeah this was this was a a theory we we kind of got to and we’re like H let’s let’s just move gone from that okay well let’s look at the other stuff that I need to make uh because we get this steel that we can get that steel furnace and then I I can figure that out king um I’m also going to need this uh which we have everything we need I have my my this and I need lead uh cool and I can just boom nice I’ve been kind of doing things on a on a as needed basis like as soon as I am I really thinking about what I’m making not necessarily like bucket of redstone acid that’s something for sure does sound interesting yeah yeah it does um not something I’m keen on you know knowing personally but that’s okay well you do now H nice all right okay I am going to just get a little bit more of the two materials I know I need I will not explore this this is our battery I do not want to be here I terrified I know you just just just get on get on out of there um to be fair I have not seen any pollution regenerated yet so maybe no this is the other thing we need all right 30 nether quarts good for the moment yeah all right do you have an alloy Kil I think that’s the one we need the nether brick for king um no that’s a blast furnace which one hold on I’m I’m I’m I’m looking you keep doing what you’re doing it’s going to be it’s going to be my job to figure out how to do everything else H I kill need blast first to make steel yes lv’s lightning value surely oh yeah for sure what is that not not going to question it how do I make an okay Google here I come I have a lot of Wiki Pages open made of Kiln bricks is this is this not the one we already have hi Oshi I discovered something thing oh we have an alloy kill we’re fine that’s I was going to say if it’s not one of the I didn’t really question that you didn’t I just didn’t check yeah um so what copper and nickel all right I’m on it okay okay I died twice last last night no I I died collecting Hearts just now also um interesting yeah vampire Hunter trainers have 300 health and hit like a truck were you trying to kill him no I was in his home ah I see didn’t enjoy me being there I actually found where you were uh and that that’s totally the guy I needed and I’m I’m I’m higher levels now cuz I talk to him yeah yeah killed me twice so yeah to twoo sh I’m also level nine in vampirism now oh I was I leveled up twice last night K I think I might be eight hell yeah I’m loading up Minecraft now you’re good I am in the nether oh yeah we needed stuff in the nether so I went in do we have quartz we do have quartz I need exactly one two maybe pieces of quartz oh I have 30 so you should have plenty this is a win all I want is my arom meter I want it so bad H I actually am in the middle of making something else miraculous but I just have to get out of here okay let’s bang this I think I lost my vacuum bag though when I died your ventilator no my ventilator is my vacuum bag that’s yeah yeah I didn’t know you had a vacuum bag I had the the backpack you can make without it oh yeah you right chat I’m so in the zone I am engineer I am I am engineer I am what does the aom meter do uh the the aerometer measures pollution so I can see how much pollution is in the air and I can know uh how fast it’s polluting and what effects were on like the negative effects it’s going to let me study the WEA yeah it is in in simple terms K you may have to come and pilot my computer if you want the stuff today are you not trying to get home I’m trying to but I’m underneath the portal right now we’re in a really weird [ __ ] area ah the portal is at least that’s fair I have no idea if it’s up or down at this point how has the server been on uh dying uh it’s been okay yeah I don’t know where the [ __ ] I’m at in terms of like location you’re good so and I I have to go yeah you’re good stuff I can go to a ruined portal and get the the the the Netherrack just more of a quest for me yeah well I I don’t know where the hell I’m at so iron nice all right okay so that and that are there that’ll make the other thing I’m so in the zone right now I’m listening to you like make things as I’m like fighting with Essentials to please let me in oh you’re you were you were so good I discovered that I could make a lightning backpack um oh no that’s that is what I’m doing don’t you already have one of those um not in Minecraft [Music] okay okay okay okay chat we’re going on a quest our Quest is for ruined portal our other Quest is to go pick up a bucket of lava but uh cuz we’re going to need it do you know what the lightning backpack is for I do know what it’s for conx and I oh I now realize what your favorite thing is because the backpack is is is very much used for your favorite thing I know what you speak of now okay I would a bribe could get a song list at some point during stream yeah you could do a bribe a five or 10 bribe as we do as we do often all right I’m going back down into lava hell okay off I go into terrible lava land oh no uh we have a a lava pool near our house it’s so pollution oh so very pollution okay good to know good to know do we want to make it like a a goal to try to make it not pollution um maybe Pro probably we should I want to try to see if I can put the vampire Forest back at all that’s a solid idea if I can fix the biome yeah it’s it’s not it’s gone it I don’t know cuz the second tornado came through mhm but that would be third actually oh no no then just just the two but it didn’t kill that part oh if if you’re looking if you’re looking at my stream or I guess you’re on you’re on now I’m just getting now cuz that just got de [Music] that was up there the pig that was up there Loa thank you for the five thank you for the five gifted did you see my little thing I made uh for me and David’s stuff which thing the our little corner I do see I did see your corner I like your bat I like your bat cage thank you he’s got a little guy in there did you have to grab him no it’s just the item I love him I do too what is his name does he have name uh I don’t know I’m still debating I think uh victim is a good one though yeah did you see yeah he might be a victim did you see our animals I did I I got on just a little bit SLP it is to slurp oh thank God I found something out interesting you can take raw meat specifically the ones of animals you can drink out of and if you put it in the seeve or the grinder it makes it into blood oh that’s kind of SLE actually yeah well there you go now you have a a a way to get food directly other than through me it doesn’t make a lot is what I’ll say yeah okay one sec chat let me find a ruined portal and we’re going to go get some Netherrack uh let me let me like find one on my map but I don’t want you guys to see my map so um I changed screens but just give me a moment hide uh [Music] never all right that way off we go off we go no I do the hydrate I will do a hydrate I first vampire Outpost I went to like the hunter Outpost I slaughtered them with relative ease yeah I don’t know what happened in the second one but it was it was embarrassing yeah that’s that’s fair no I sure I sure was a little bit late to seeing seeing your your message I I sent sh like a panicked message of being like please help me that was that was all by death number two I was like they were going to kill me but I’m just glad you did get your stuff back but it was funny cuz I I think I I found the Outpost that you went to and I was like oh it looks like somebody looted it and then I found like your dead body chest and I was like oh I know where this is my orse and I had to I had to as like a bat fly above this this over overpowered man Chad and like box him in for my own safety because he doesn’t have a weapon he just beats you to death with fists no because now now he’s in a he’s still in a box but he’s in a very nice box because he is teaching me his ways okay he’s he’s the he’s the maker of the essential oils you yeah it’s your cult leader allegedly yes [Music] oh all right hey all right player player mobs just just go away oh I’m a I’m better at biting now by the way oh yeah fun I don’t take as much did you just like practice yeah I got better at it yeah so now like animals last a whole bunch longer oh heck yeah oh yeah okay I remember him talking about this cuz I I I I don’t know what your guys’s like skills are I can like go disguise mode but it doesn’t appear to do anything oh no directly oh I see what you mean by the pig that was up there there’s vines that are growing into the pig habitat oh okay I’m not crazy good to know I just went up the [Music] vines okay now I have no idea how much I’m going to need but I know it’s a lot I’m just going to mine a bunch of Netherrack so we don’t have quartz still because he’s he’s still stuck in the nether h okay but that’s a stack of Netherrack that’s that’s it is taking taking Haley to work lame lame how dare he how dare he stop playing Minecraft yeah I mean like when when he gets back he will probably get on who’s to say the end of day grind never stops I want you to know I will see like the little updates of when you guys get on the server and I look and I go that’s 700 a.m. why are you’re at 7 a.m. for [Music] me yeah that’s when we’re like at like 4:00 a.m. is when we get off it it hits 4:00 a.m. and I’m like all right it’s our bedtime I I found the the backpack last night at 3:30 and then for 30 minutes tried to frantically make it last night before I quickly realized that it was not that easy so that’s my my my goal today uh but if all goes well chat and and you um the backpack will be attached to me with a bunch of power on it it will be able to charge a nondescript thing that I might hold it might be a gun and I like how it’s chat and [Applause] me well you’re both we’re both you’re both here and when something hits me they will get electrocuted how do you feel about that it’s a big win for the whole me I have any leather left um we have cows and belts oh how do you what do you use put the belt in your crafting table one of the bad ones oh okay I’ve done that many times I see I see I see all right well I just I need to make another one of those which is reasonable okay okay I swear last night I left and we had a lot of leather though so [Music] um get out the player mobs being able to open doors is still dumb they yeah big agree okay I’m glad the spiders are now broken with the the new updated like mod they can’t get over fences very easy oh thank God I was so this the spiders were were terrible for some reason in particular yeah I don’t they still attack me and David and I it’s like it feels [Music] personal yeah okay here we go chat are we ready we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to do this we are going to get on Get on Up in this all right do we have bricks just just laying around it all I hear the pumping Y is there is there an issue no no no issue oh I need to go get more uh more cow oh yeah yeah I should probably make sure they don’t die I think why am I under the effects of garlic is there a garlic diffuser in our house no oh uh in on our farm there’s garlic growing oh I think if you step in it it might I think I definitely did I was about I was about to get like like offended no I did I did not put the thing that just kills you in our house I was like sure why am I under the effects of [Music] garlic okay um it’s funny though because this mod I I only understand to the ability of being able to make what I wish for if you asked me how it works or or what it’s doing I couldn’t tell you but I can tell you immersive engineering yeah but I can I can understand the crafting way to get there okay um so I need to look at how I think it’s I don’t know how big it needs to be for the record but I I get these bricks right I get the I get the Nether Bricks I get the bricks and I make a square out of them and it turns into a furnace I think from from what I understand when I place them kind of just like that it will make a furnace I don’t think it’s a small one no okay you’re going to need the bigs okay okay maybe I maybe I move you CU I sure don’t you also need to tap it with a hammer okay this is important information there’s a lot of tapping with hammers in this mod um I’ve discovered what you just like hit it a few times or like what yeah yeah yeah pretty much you kind of just hit things sometimes and they and they become it’s a 3x3x3 sounds good I need oh it’s so many oh I need another piece of leather okay okay we got this we got this Loa I will do the the song listen in a little bit for the record uh I want to I want to get the thing and then I’ll do a little listen and we’ll move to a different thing that I want to do so okay um I believe in you thank you uh where’s my hammer all right do do you want to watch me tap it with a hammer I actually really do hold on okay okay are you outside um no I think I I might need four more three more but here we go here we go hold on hold on what did how did this guy get here two three one two a portal oh oh 1 2 three one 2 three okay yeah I need I need more I’ll I’ll be back I’ll be back and then I just kind of I just kind of right click it and it becomes a furnace pretty [Music] cool uh we have more magma so I’m going to be okay I would really like to not have to run back wait we have more magma right we [Music] should the weird thing is chicken doesn’t work for the pump so that’s that’s all yours ah thank you chat we got to go get more magma I can go underwater and get more if that helps um or do you mean lava no I mean magma blocks I can just go back to my my ruin portal that I was just at it’s it’s fine my pickaxe broke I was going to get more but my my pickaxe broke so another Journey also do you want to know about the I don’t know how to Des the absolute like Terrors I’ve been through that have been caused by this umbrella oh please yes tell tell tell tell me the journey tell me tell me the journey so fun fact Sher and chat um with the umbrella you can’t do a lot of things you can’t fly with the umbrella clipped you can’t like I don’t you can break in place blocks but like you can’t do a lot of things but that that flying is Big because as a bat you can Shuffle around in your inventory and if you go and hover over with the inventory the umbrella while you’re flying as a bat it ships you out of bat form to yell at you and say you can’t fly with the umbrella equipped and it doesn’t care if you’re really high in the air or being attacked by hunters it’ll shift you out of it if you accidentally say say you know my sword’s on one side of the inventory or my blood bottles on the other and I want to switch to the blood bottle scroll and I scroll five times no I have died five times luckily that’s one of the things you can has wrecked from ah five times that’s very funny uh but terrible the hissy fit I threw last night when I died like the fourth or fifth time no I’m leaving yeah I feel like that’s that’s [Music] reasonable dang um I forgot I was supposed to get it’s okay I’m going to need a bucket of water but that is not the the hardest thing in the world so rosul the dark master is guarding this chest guys sorry to sorry to get in his way it’s okay that’s fine okay do we think that’s enough magma I shouldn’t need like two or something so okay oh my come oh my come I was going to change my music but something is dying what what is okay going to chill by these guys they’re they’re my homies sorry for the spooky music chat okay but no chat how how are you guys doing are you guys doing good I see I see epic song Lessing yeah cuz I also need it to level up oh all all three of us need the books which is is like fair enough but because for me it’s like you need the knowledge to learn how to defeat them and it’s like okay sure for us it’s you need to the knowledge to learn how to defeat them yeah and you’re also killing vampires true I I do think it’s funny that like the Hunter whole thing is like your your whole goal is to kill vampires so you can get stronger and then the vampires thing is your your whole goal is to kill vampires so you can get stronger we both we both need to kill vampires it’s the fact that we both need pure blood and it’s like you you want me to kill vampire Barons that’s what you that’s what you want okay moving on up in the world I guess yeah okay I want to try to fix our vampire biome cuz I did just look over it a little bit and oh oh dear dear yeah um yeah it sure tornado didn’t like it did it no huh am I had a [Music] brick got too much stuff I’ve got too much there’s a tornado oh that that weather is occurring oh to figure out cursed grass spreads at all I feel like it should like grass it definitely should um oh I just needed bricks remember all that clay I gathered oh yeah that’s for me nope wrong okay let’s let’s just let’s just get rid of some stuff chat we got to we got to clear out our inventory if we want to we want to do this for real okay um we’ve got more blast bricks doot doot doot get out of here Heathen all one’s to kill the vampires the other is to prove dominance yeah yeah one is like we need to get rid of the vampires to eliminate them and the other ones we need to kill the vampires to prove I’m better yeah where is it where is the there’s no storm why are we lightninging uh I think cuz there can be regular thunderstorms without or do you mean like good yes good is there no rain at all no oh I don’t know then I mean maybe maybe the I can feel it in my bones so hard that it’s that it’s lightninging who’s to say who’s to say okay I don’t know how far out you are oh you’re right here aren’t you okay I’m about to tap it with my hammer do you want to see oh I want to see okay here we go here we go ready Bop yeah that’s it you put a hole in it I did okay I did it um now I can make steel okay okay is the hammer to just like smash the hole in yeah probably hi hey hey frog our poor I’m looking at the map our poor [ __ ] vampire biome is is so ugly it is I I think the vampire uh the vampire Forest is giving um Quick’s Pond yeah it’s giving and then everything else is concrete it’s just like it’s just like a void for us and then you step in it and it’s like oh the fog it consumes me the fog okay okay okay isn’t wasn’t there a whole like the fog is coming meme a little bit ago yeah oh we had bre I swear I remember this V tornadoes definitely dig up more than just you know grass I know they take leaves and they take wood they took dirt the stone like the stone is exposed dude fun it it didn’t just look like like this unless like the the vampire biome has a different like block I don’t know it it’s like like has a diff I I don’t know it’s counted as the same thing is wood or leaves maybe yeah I mean I don’t [Music] know it’s going I’m getting steel all right I feel like I’m I feel so I’m so cool I’m so okay so what do I need okay we have the accumulator the accumulator is done we have everything but the steel to make the thermo electric generator when we make that we’re going to need the the wires I know that and we’re still going to need what am I missing for the for the backpack itself oh I need steel rod okay so we have um the sticks that we need for that we have we have the connectors we need for that and we have the wire okay so that’s all of that there’s a leather M we have our lava we’re going to need water and we’re going to need copper wire coils [Music] H hold on where’s LV wire coil that’s what we want so we want wire wire more wire and sticks okay okay okay okay that makes four I think that’s going to be enough cuz we’re only going to need two more of those to connect it I’m I’m like listening to you figure this out I want it so bad okay let’s look at our miniature T Tesla coil now this is the other piece of our puzzle yeah okay okay electrum wire where do I get electrum from do you know how in like movies with Scientists they usually have like a little assistant who doesn’t know what’s going on that that’s me right now yeah good okay we got silver we’re going to need electrum we’ve got things up the Wu oh get get out of here we’ got steel chat okay we’re making electrum lightning value accumulator yes yes yes um I don’t actually know what lvb stands for okay oh [ __ ] now now we’re storming tornado big one yeah just just showed up like explosion and then I’m in it it picked me up sh you okay no I was fixing the forest it’s destroying it oh my gosh I nothing happened there was nothing happening and then there was an explosion and then I was in the tornado I don’t know if I don’t think that’s how that works it’s going to come across oh no our animals oh oh no it’s going to get our animals oh take me take me take me take me take me I’m in it yeah I can’t I can’t get out of it you did this I’m going to stand in it I’m it’s not taking me yeah don’t go directly in inside of it it won’t I’m going in it if you run away from it it’ll want you more I can’t get out I’m stuck I I I’m stuck I I can see help [Music] me I can’t get out of it I’m in the I’m at the build limit I’m literally in the sky I’m I’m I’m trying to find you you won’t be able to see me oh you’re a bat aren’t you no no I’m not I was just so high H up all right look over in the vampire biome oh there you are there you are I see you I can’t I’m still in it I can’t even if I turn into a bat it doesn’t help it’s passing [ __ ] stuck by tornado no not by tornado I’m Still Here by tornado [Applause] J J I’m still in the tornado it’s okay you’re okay you’re fine I got out of the tornado okay I hate it here I I was doing nothing and it just suddenly appeared well um I think did you were you placing cursed dirt down yeah okay so that’s you it’s regrowing okay maybe I don’t know I not in the I wasn’t placing it in spawn I see tornado iar my god did you miss off apparently R’s favorite one thank you thank you thank you jelly for the raid hello I hope was fun thank you Jessica Hills for the 16 months sorry I got a little caught up in my um sorry I got a little bit caught up in it um you you okay you good yeah I’m just I keep I to be fair I’ve been doing a lot of like i’ I have been gravitating to a lot of storm characters so like it makes sense it’s coming closer to me it’s getting closer together it’s getting closer together no okay okay no cuz I oh good I have slag good to know sorry what storm characters are you drawn to uh uh well right now Fay is becoming one seemingly ah good yes good yes I did I did just mention Ral I do like him from Magic he’s my guy okay chat so I need I need to tell you an anecdote I did bring him up but he’s the he’s one of the few magic characters that I know yeah okay so chat you know how I’m I’m going to Magic conon and I’m making a really complicated cosplay um the really complicated piece of the cosplay is the it’s the item I’m making it’s it’s the same thing it’s it’s called an accumulator that he has in Magic and I’m and it holds lightning and he shoots it at people and he shoots it at people hi abais if you just walk into the tornado it does nothing but if you don’t want it to hurt you it comes after you yeah if if you if you don’t accept it then it then it destroys you but animals are fine yeah the animals the I don’t the animals were just ready for it I guess I guess no I didn’t place any of the cursed dirt heads down here down so I don’t I don’t know how that got here oh that’s it says it’s a grass block oh that’s weird that’s weirder it it doesn’t say cursed dirt it’s not technically cursed dirt huh I don’t know what that is that’s something yeah who’s to say else you guys can see the time that’s fine it’s cuz it cuz it’s raining I got the the update and it pushed it down a little bit more chat so you can see the bottom layer but all all you can see in the corner is is that it’s uh day 228 so that’s fine I was trying to fix this vampire biome and it’s got worse all of the storms spawn here they do I think they maybe they’re drawn to it reasonably so I think okay I still need a bucket of water this is still an important piece of the puzzle um so let’s get some water but no I ears there’s another one I’m trying to remember what ears old goody Storm from X-Men is honestly I love Storm from X-Men me me when storm characters maybe yeah she’s very cool but I also I I love Rogue and I love Gambit and they’re very neat I I am there are not many people who are X-Men enjoyers in my life but I I feel like this is important uh do you agree that Charles and Magneto are a little gay yeah yeah yeah I I wish I could yell about this more than I do because they’re they need to get more into X-Men than I am um but I I have a few I’m I’m happy about the canonical X-Men polyu with Wolverine I think it’s really funny that they just they just have you Z for the raid hi they do didn’t know you’re an xmanager hey hey are you an X an enjoyer yeah that was a art player mob the player mobs are terrifying on EOD but they’re they’re wonderful conx just put all of the players that he was he’s ever been in a server with into the player mob and as well as some of like other uh popular I think YouTubers like you’ll see that’s why you’ll see like Phil and technoblade around what are you doing in my house what are you doing in my house house get out vampires in my house this is our house enter pleas man I I forgot that I invited some people over oh well they’re dead now that’s okay that’s why I invited them over tou thank you zeny for the 20 months thank you chat are you guys X-Men enjoyers it was Kitty quak uhoh it’s just Stone over here it’s so bad it’s look at the map hold on it’s so bad oh I can’t open my map oh wait yeah I’m very careful today about showing cords don’t open your map they don’t get to see that well rip that guy yeah that just looks terrible i’ve been freed but no thank you everybody for the raids it’s being a vampire Forest is it yeah what yeah I don’t understand how this happened back to being a vampire the second tornado [ __ ] healed it well maybe the second tornado ripped up the regular forest and it became a vampire Forest again oh it’s still there’s there’s still the chunk that’s there like from before but it’s the main is I don’t okay chat I have steel this is a big deal um we can make the thing oh God the tornado giveth and the tornado taketh away whoa whoa whoa what did you do our pollution just skyrocketed what happened uh I think the tornado brought a lot of pollution over um we are in a very very bad pollution spot okay okay cool I’m withering yeah yeah put put up put your thing on put your thing on okay okay okay where is where did I put it there it is yeah our animals aren’t going to make it out this is now all of the air um that means oh I can’t drink my bottles with it oh no but that means um the carbon pollution is at 80% I got it I got hold on hold on hold on hold on I can try to get a filter down uh it it needs to be the up in the sky okay I can try to help our our place though the fog yeah isn’t vampire Forest fog anymore oh fun fun oh wait there we no it’s coming back it’s coming back back God we need to move that just just come outside and look up if you can give me a I I I’m so yeah what just did that was that the tornado or was that the machines what in the world that’s scary I’m turning I’m turning it off it’s carbon that’s the issue right yeah I might just go up there oh my god oh wow oh hold on if you can go up there and get a filter that would be I definitely can that’s if I I can fly up there [Music] actually jeez that came out of nowhere okay yeah uh well that’s not what you love to see no I’ll make another gold filter yeah we’re not really at the diamond level to do that yet but no then what else are you supposed to do kind of thing what is it it is oh yeah it’s just for gold and glass paines I’m not wrong you can set up a tube and a hopper to pull it out of the air uh yeah we might have to look into that yeah I was look into I didn’t think I thought we had more time I don’t know what just caused that do we not have any more glass did somebody take the [Music] glass did we not take it with us uh I mean we should have it is it in the the blocks it is not huh I’ll go get some glass yeah okay well either ways um we have the the blocks we need to make my machine okay I need steel rods how do I make steel rods I’m still determined despite if if I’m doing anything I I want this so bad despite setbacks okay [Music] ah okay let’s set up our horrible area shall we I’m going to go a little bit further away oh wao yeah looking up that’s that’s not great that is a full square that is a full square is it the furnaces is it the is it the if it’s the last furnace I made that’s crazy because that’s the only thing I feel that makes sense it shouldn’t be there’s no way I had no idea that it would go that far holy crap okay well I’m going to move I think our house is now more vampire Forest as well yeah I think it I think the biome did move oh my God somehow all right I need a good thing to I’ll use good to know I had C ear and then I took them off and I will also hydrate I’m so good at looking at my R I can fly up but I can’t like place blocks up there I’m going huh yeah go for it okay well I’m going to go a little bit further away oh it’s it’s fog now it’s all fog okay chat are you are you ready for this got a little sidetracked by terrible things on the horizon um but that’s a problem for another day because I just want lightning on my back okay so the way this works chat is uh this is one of the few things I actually understand uh this is going to generate power now it’s generating power because it’s differing be between um the temperature of the blocks on each side uh if I could get a piece of ice to put here and keep it cold it would be outputting even more power but it’s getting energy from the competing temperatures on each side um then I put one of these on top and you can see it’s filling up up at the top of the screen um you can see that it’s that it’s filling up and I can put the accumulator like right there uh and put the connector and then I basically just string them together and now the accumulator is getting power uh and what I’m going to do is let this fully charge to 100K and when it’s 100K I then go take it and put it in uh the workbench with the backpack and um I now have 100 uh kilograms of uh Fe iron something uh in the backpack uh and I now have it portably like with me around uh which is pretty cool man I I need David to get back with that quartz so I could just go up there with the vacuum yeah I might go steal his computer there’s a vampire Baron in our house oh okay uh I am coming help you’re good I got you I got you he’s casting a magic spell yeah I think definitely more of our uh house is a vampire Forest yeah I somehow oh it’s a level four Baron how is it moving the biomes bro yeah that’s the respirator I need to eat you had to give me weakness oh I can eat from the thing thank God bro okay the our house actually surprisingly I think is okay there’s a vampire Baron outside the door you can take off your thing in here I think at you you’ll get mining fatigue but it’s because I put this here sick that’s good to know right I got buy biscuits uh centros bought us biscuits and then died with them so yeah I mean I’ll still have to but like okay now that my weakness is gone I’m going to go actually kill the baron saw you coming you don’t do nothing to me loser dead as hell my uh quirky axe chat um jeez yeah do not take off your respirator outside no I got poisoned outside that’s why I was like oh you can you can actually uh breathe in here yeah I can’t eat in here though cuz it’s going to make pollution or I guess if it’s filtering it yeah well I’m going to stand right next to it and take a Chomp hopefully it’ll get rid of that theoretically it will okay eventually inated for okay uh let’s put some stuff away chat while my accumulator is charging uh and we still need to make the Tesla coil which is the other uh cool piece of what we’re we’re going to make and I mean yeah then there’s the real gun but like we’ll get to that cuz this is how you this is what you need to be able to use a rail gun really otherwise the rail gun runs it a charge too fast okay so we need a miniature Tesla coil which we need um electrum wire which we got electrum very good uh and we need to cut it into wire boop boop boop boop we need four sick cool done and done that’s the first piece we need aluminum plates which is fine we need three aluminum plates nice uh and then we need this thing which just wonder what is that every every piece needs more and more what do you need uh you need a crafting component blueprint which I know how to make uh aluminum copper iron uh where’s the copper uh aluminum copper iron uh let me get back to that uh blue Dy and paper I think I had some blue dye up there already but I’ll grab more I think I actually also had the sugar cane up there already I’m making so many pumps we’re going to need so many yeah uh cool and then we can go cool crafting blueprint cool uh we want to make that thing to do that we’re going to need aluminum wire back vacuum tube and dir plast sheet Chad I’m so determined every every step has 10 more steps but it’s okay I think I’m watching you lose your mind I am losing my mind just like a little bit okay how do I make a dirt plus sheet a bottling machine how do I make a bottling machine the worst part about these pumps is that I have to make more pollution to make them because I need Stone oh God okay let’s look it up bottling machine B bottling machine immersive engineering are you crying no I got it 3×3 multi 3×2 x3 yeah I know how [Music] construction CH look at what it wants from me okay we won’t have the Des coil for now I will do this off stream because you you basically need to make it it doesn’t it’s not like a like you just make it in Minecraft you’ll also need a refinery it’s okay why is why is there so much to this look at it on my back look at it it’s so cool it’s so cool on my back all right I have stuff for two filters okay epic so I’m going up there it does look look like it’s less of a block now it does I think I’ll take a look maybe it’s still solid okay it’s separating it it is evening out yeah God I think it was my I think it’s the Kil the the the the blast furnace I made that’s crazy well I’m going to sit here and I’m going to wait for a second and then we’re going to we’re going to go check on my on my accumulator and my Thermo Thermo I I put down the the like filter to get rid of the carbon and I just watch it immediately start just making a chunk did it yeah oh thank God me with with my air purifiers I am going to quickly put out an air purifier by The Animals though uh yeah that’s true I think all all of our pigs brutally died um yeah um they they definitely did we can’t I know how to get them back though so that’s okay I know how to revive them not there one Pig not in a weird way though right no not in a weird way okay they they they’re from a Gateway oh okay that’s how we got him in the first place there’s a vampire in there in here no that’s that’s dark lord it’s a how he bro can’t we just have a nice day I was going to try and get a second hit on [Music] it okay okay that does look way better yeah it’s also traveling yeah hey there you go yeah yeah being able to be outside without a ventilator is cool yeah oh is it is it okay now yeah I I don’t have it on and I’m not having terrible what’s the effect oh okay we’re actually really okay right now I’m going to go up there it’s right above where our um our furnaces actually leak out of so I’m going to keep it there yeah make a little grid yeah because the furnaces are absolutely going to pump more yeah I put I tried to put it up there with the furnaces but I don’t think that’s going to work yeah no that’s that’s fair I don’t care I don’t care um okay let’s put some stuff away okay uh so we’re we’re doing fine yeah we’re doing we are doing okay to be fair yeah it is it is not looking like chat that I I’m going to be able to get exactly what I want from this but I am at least going to be able to have the backpack uh I mean I mean I already have it the back back but and it’s going to be charged it’s just not going to do the electric shock thing that I desperately want really bad right now uh because it needs uh so much just to make a little guy because to make a little guy I need to make a big guy to make the big guy I need more things but such is how it is in the world I see your grid the current bad thing is that part of that grid is outside of the vampire Forest ah so I like can only really work on it at night kind of or I I I can try it during the day yeah but night is night is better yeah I think I you can place you can place blocks with an umbrella it’s just like a little weird can you just get down here so I can kill you it’ be way easier than burning yourself to death good sir that’s the most painful way to die do you want to die that way or do you want to get stabbed do you want to die that way or do you want to get stabbed okay there he goes I just realized I don’t have another filter how’s our thing looking hey all right our thing is is full and good which is good and it also means that we can pick it up where is that pollution coming from uh okay and I think for now we’re going to not have this hooked up to anything yeah but now when I pick this up it says stored 100,000 that’s that that’s what that does we’re just going to pick up this machine and not keep it outside right the house is fine for pollution right now right we yeah we’re good it’s it is it is now dispersed and we’re not I’m going to put the one filter that’s in the house up yeah go for it because I feel like it’ll it’ll protect the house anyway if it’s up yeah okay so maybe in a crate uh actually chat let’s let’s charge our backpack so the way that this this works this section um is I dump them into this workbench and I say put that there and it has four upgrade slots uh so in one of them I’m going to put the accumulator uh I’ll be able to get it out of here like this as well uh but I can also put the Tesla coil in here and it attaches to the top of the accumulator it’s an upgrade for it but now it’s a backpack with all the energy store uh so now if I wear this and I hold something that needs energy and charge it’ll automatically refill in my hand um most notably the rail gun um if I if I shoot it it will naturally uh recharge I won’t need to keep bringing it back to like a charging station or something which is a thing um so sick we’ve got an epic backpack and I’m uh thriving actually um okay this is our this is our vampire crate but I think I’m going to take another crate and turn this into our everything we need to make our machine we are getting so much black dye though I I will say from the uh the pollution yeah oh wait we oh yeah you get dye out of the filters [Music] ow okay and then four that’s Co all we need is this thing which just needs we could make that really quick hold on we can we’ll we’ll we can do this Nickel Nickel Plate is easy um we have nickel around so it’s just going to be this the thing that I need a full mold for which is really dumb hello so I’ve made used all of the iron no it’s just upstairs I have no I have okay so fun fact um I made the furnace over there it’s not a furnace anymore because it brought our pollution um to 90% it ran for like yeah 10 minutes and above our head was 80% pollution so now we’re making a grid of filters um but we have some steel but I I I’m convinced it was the furnace I’m not actually sure it was the furnace cuz a tornado was coming by at the same time it could have just taken it all but it’s now dispersed it was a square I’m now invested to see this well when I turn the furnace back on and we test to see if it does it again yeah on a side note I have a backpack it’s got the the the charge in it yeah where did it go where’ the charge go no not another tornado not another tornado it might be another one but I got all the stuff that I need and I have the full generator and I generated uh I can’t make the Tesla coil because it needs a bottling machine to make a bottling machine we need a Refinery to make a Refinery we need to blah blah blah blah blah blah so I can’t make the testic coil because of this stupid thing it’s not even this I can make both of those I just can’t make this oh yeah you need a yeah and I I I was looking at hey how do I make a bottling machine and I went yeah I don’t want to I mean but I have the backpack and that’s a win that is a win shut my door huh shut my door no what are you doing pride month chat you can’t make the liquid for the duroplast without a refinery go okay so it glitched chat it stopped saying that it had the okay good glad to know it’s still in there maybe we keep them apart for now um it glitched for a second and didn’t say that that was in there how do you how do you put a chest on top of another chest but have the chest connect to the other CH are you trying to fill it no hold on I’m making a new one I I’m cooking I’m cooking but you might you might need to to break the the the wood and the signs no no no maybe yeah okay pickle plate pickle plate copper wire Redstone glass all things I have [Music] oh wait what freaking blueprint do you need oh still crafting component good good good good so there I’m making a new chest for the stuff we need to combat pollution PL glass yeah don’t I think maybe that might become relevant what what would make you think that um maybe we got withered we almost died yeah we did almost die oh nice it’s kind of traumatic impressive yeah you shouldn’t leave us alone for too long I was not even gone that long I feel like don’t you guys have the masks we do and that’s how we lived all the pigs died though no yeah all all of the pigs immediately died to the pollution so yeah you guys killed my [ __ ] food source it’s okay I was able to put it in the grinder so now it made more blood that’s the other thing the charging station that’s what charges the real gun if I don’t have my backpack that’s what you have to use yeah they’re okay yeah they they were out of the chunk yeah so they that the way you say it does not make me feel like they are they’re fine are you still in the nether by the way can I please have some quartz I’m muted are you still in the nether by the way oh my God please please come bring this stuff please God good to know that slag does nothing it does do something it makes fertilizer I see that it does things as well the the part of the forest that was no longer a vampire Forest is a vampire Forest again and also more of our house I don’t know how it’s happening I I was about to say I’m now very confused well another tornado flew in sure but that’s that’s the leading theory is that tornadoes do it tornadoes are responsible yeah oh pollution is definitely here in this [ __ ] place oh how were you able to tell uh I just flew past a [ __ ] ton of sulfur yep that’s about right you get nether oh you know live in my dreams I am going to quickly go attempt to mine because I’m yeah iron please iron and gold actually are the things that we well I can get gold in the nether that could be something I can mine in the Nether um I’m not exactly privy to being here but let me at least find a way to get the [ __ ] out of this location man why did you say it like that because our portal is like inside okay I found it please quartz if you give qu I’m I’m going to I’m going to make the aom meter so fast I’m coming out right now if you’re coming back with quartz I’m making I’m making a vacuum tube hold on hello uh hi well [ __ ] us I guess yeah give me quartz give me quartz give quartz quartz give quartz Now give me quartz give meart please God think it’s funny I’m being chased by nonsense please quarts vacuum vacuum it’s a flood Moon by the way I need a block of gold gold inot okay you guys used all of the stuff for everything didn’t you well yeah making expensive uhhuh we are Material Girls yeah apparently ones that killed my dudes killed my Piggies little piggy piggies no no no I need I need I need glass I need a glass p P I need a glass pane there should be should be some glass in there I don’t know I use most of not enough not enough listen listen listen I is there what is happening I have two blocks of gold there’s no gold I have I have two blocks of gold chill please the iron I don’t have the the iron I don’t have any of thank you thank you will go if I was about to be like I’m about to go take apart our [ __ ] altar no we need that I need that so why but we can replace some of the blocks temporarily and I’m at a level where I need them to I need to have that high level I need two more glass does nobody have two glass I I have a block of iron no what if I go out in the blood moon we’re we’re having a time okay I I need you you should you should have seen me when I found out I needed a bottling machine we need you to be supportive for us what do you mean supportive I would be supportive of what your nonsense yes okay well you have a block of iron now in the chest so I’m doing what I can to be supportive by making sure that you have materials I guess that’s just my job is to dig go dig yeah because if I do anything else I die so where’s my where’s my where’s my parag glider where is my paraglider this is what it’s been like the whole time gone for an hour and you all lost your [ __ ] I went out in the blood I went out there and I didn’t have a parag glider just in the oh I got teleported there’s a uh weeping angel near the door oh hey Santa oh he polluted in our house BR no bro po don’t wor if I fix it don’t worry okay I’m an expert at moving the pollution like one block at a time I got a [Music] tube this no you don’t understand how huge this is okay okay I I’m sure it’s I’m sure it’s just uh absolutely wonderful no it is who there’s another weeping angel oh there’s another one are they counted as Undead or why are they there’s so many right now oh my god there are like well I mean if you look on the mountains fine I’m not leaving the house crabs the crabs don’t matter no but I think they count as a Undead is what I’m [Music] saying all right I’m going up and I’m going to vacuum out the pollution my my myself do you guys not have the materials you needed I gave you I I I just got it I I literally that’s you gave me the materials to go do this go vacuum up the pollution myself [ __ ] why why not just use wool to filter the carbon guys because it takes longer and it’s only a radius of space so I’d have to keep placing it and placing it and placing it I don’t want to do that my God she’s raving she’s raving she was in here last night raving you can’t you can’t see her you just blocked off the I because it’s okay fine you can come in I’ll I’ll block them off I’ll unblock them hi the player mobs can they enter the gates well I thought that was the point of the gates I thought so too okay okay well you’re losing your mind it’s okay they’re there it’s okay they’re there me you’re the one losing you’re the one losing your mind not me God Is Right is the gold only for sulfur wait a what yeah oh no no wait I did I just get sulfur in here why does it say sulfur you put the oh my mask is at 100 how do you clean out the masks filter H I don’t know I know oh Anvil Anvil Anvil and the thing that you would put in the filters so like anvill and paper anvill and leaves uh and that does it I remember I watched a video Let’s watch her rave she was in here last night raving you want to see her Rave look over here King trust me trust me I don’t look through this window no you got to stand right here you got to stand right here I see her I see her she I’m okay slow down good slow down mace I [ __ ] love that video you guys are losing your [ __ ] minds right now you the vacuum isn’t working just moving it I have everything I need to make an AR meter except for two glass do you can you bring me two glass is that an option no you idiot how we down to three diamonds by the way did you use an anvil to put filters in the backpack no KX is just watching me move pollution around cuz I was Dumb and didn’t put the filters on I’m losing just okay I have five six lives left and I’m doing better than you guys I’m doing just fine I’m just can you get glass yeah I got just two sand I don’t need any more than two two sand and if you give me a little bite in a second yeah yeah yeah yeah oh good man please God I just want a black coffee okay I got two sand I’m bringing it over you got the sand I’m going to go find a CH I got the S put it in the furnace I have to fly over okay okay oh is God here oh God’s here he’s witnessing this I was like why is there another player on my map this is concerning oh it’s tiny God you’re right next to victim this is victim do you like him that’s his name that is his name oh glass glass glass are you did you hover over your umbrella I had to get away from a and then I Dr him and I what also I found the vampire structure for those that care yeah I care I care pictures of me I’m taking pictures of you this is what happens when vampires die chat they just go down and then in a little bit they can get back up yeah hold on I’m going I’m you can show them I’m about to get back up okay hold on ready ready uhuh yeah I’m ready wa I’m also glass glass Blass put it in the furnace give me a [ __ ] bite to e right here right here I can’t you have that armor on okay do it again oh my God okay are you done yeah okay as much as I can be you have to stand in our in our hole because eating causes pollution because I can’t stop burping eating causes pollution because living causes pollution [ __ ] everything causes [Music] pollution okay Chad Chad Chad [ __ ] breathing causes po I’m just going to try and find us some iron guys leather you leather I need leather I thought I had everything I didn’t breed breed the cows and then kill one of the cows no I got it I got it I’m good are you done did you get your arrow meter I got it I got it vacuum bag I got it oh [ __ ] okay in the house very clean I’m glad very clean in the house very clean very clean in the house just for reverence oh my [ __ ] God I think I need help my teammates have lost their mind okay okay let’s find out what it’s like outside vacuum with the umbrella what it like outside I’m cleaning it don’t worry wait how does this work okay wait I can do this I’ve spent so long yearning for this item how does it work I’m cleaning the skies don’t worry okay we’re pretty good I think we’re lagging okay oh yeah now we’re lagging oh no we’re good I want to go up there God what I wouldn’t give for the server to have the like ride on shoulders like okay guys I’ve got my little machine the lag issues have insolv that is true yeah it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything that I I don’t know what was the cause of it but it did not like something so I’m going to grow bamboo I can even have my mask off up here it’s everything’s fine yeah my aom meter says so good thing we got that hold I’m coming down you guys you guys good over there yeah God thank you what did he do he fast grew my bamboo there’s a weird Angel outside so I’m just going to she’s one of the ones you can’t break there’s a weird [ __ ] oh she one that’s raving she’s raving she ring she was in here last night raving I I know we need the [ __ ] thing but I usually just let him despawn I’m not going to lie just going to chill there all right the carbon in the air is going to do great things for these for these crops okay is it yeah it does it makes can I see the AR meter I want to see how bad it is up top I was that’s what I was going to do okay but you can have it I’m getting I’m getting bamboo to make scaffolding so that I can go up fair and just scaffold really high that might be best for for you yeah you Mak such an unnerving sound what what is happening God is mischievous well yeah it’s God what did you expect God to do I don’t know God is God is a mystery to all sure okay I don’t think I can I don’t think I can go much longer that’s fair you have started to lose it a little bit I don’t know the arom meter works it’s it’s not showing anything oh yeah yeah you have to open it in your inventory what what does that mean HX who are you I’m giving it back it’s at half durability I don’t know what I did what what did you do I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what did you do it’s that half durability though you take this [ __ ] before I break it where is it where are you how dare you use my Aram meter what did you do to it I gave you my aom meter for five minutes 2 [Music] seconds do you know what I’ve gone through yeah I was there I’m going to go suck the pollution out of buildings okay I don’t new Pastime new new favorite hobby blood moon without IR you’re doing so good dude you’re doing so good so you’re doing so much good for us yeah you guys are losing your mind yeah no more buildings will explode on my watch does it use durability well yeah it does the filter but I just have to change the filter ah got it iies you see me going up oh you guys are underground never mind there [ __ ] what do you mean they can go through one block doorways why can’t they go through one block doorways they’re spiders yeah they can they usually can Chad I’ve wanted this aom meter for so long because I really like the idea of Ajax having the aesthetic of having an aerom meter so you guys could draw him like a weather research guy but I’ve gone so off the rails I’ve gone so off the rails I have very few special interests Minecraft is one of them I’m not saying it’s not a special interest I’m just saying I feel like no kill me dear God there’s more what did you what did you do I’m Coming Home the spiders were mean to me it lost the it lost its durability at all fair I’m sorry to hear that the spiders are mean I’m baffled why are you bold King oh well I mean like we’re really not polluted this is good to know but like like I got to get my my ladder down we we’re so non-polluted it’s breaking our AR here I think it [Music] is is that a good or a bad thing I don’t know well I have to make another one okay well then I will get you the supply I I no no I I have enough now I just I’m good but okay I can’t it’s okay you started losing your mind there a little bit homie and I yeah sorry I feel I feel more composed now I feel I feel better uh I feel like I got it out of my system I don’t I maybe not okay maybe not okay the good news I have a generator I have a fully charged accumulator I have a backpack with an accumulator it does not Shock things currently unfortunately because I think that would just cause so much emotional damage but I have an aom meter we went through a pollution crus and now I’m going to [Music] sleep okay good night guys I’ll be if I don’t pass out in the night of terrible good good night that wasn’t words [Music] it’s like the pollution gets into my [Music] head like that’s [Music] why I got the things I [Music] need I’ve completely forgotten anything else that I’m supposed to be doing right now like in terms of the the whole event [Music] but we’re not dead not [Music] dead I’m going to I’m going to bed good night good night things

This video, titled ‘The Backpack Fiasco | End of Days S10 [DAY 2]’, was uploaded by SherbertquakeVODS on 2024-06-05 23:49:04. It has garnered 647 views and 37 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:41 or 7181 seconds.

Welcome to End of Days! A limited time, heavily modded, pvp minecraft server! This is the second episode of season 10 of trying to stay alive… enjoy!

This is the official VOD channel for Sherbertquake56 on twitch.

We also now have a discord for the Fable SMP community!


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