Insane Blaze Farming + Epic Additions to Chunk House | VulgarCraft SMP 4/1/24

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okay here we are back on vulcraft everybody I know I’m currently paused but that will end soon there we go uh back in the base what have we done since oh yes I will show you something that we’ve done since last time wow uh I changed up our vine farm now it’s this so we get a lot more vines that helped me I filled up the whole store um up the entire store with stuff I did all the the rest of the Terracotta down to here uh I think there’s a one layer underneath the farm down there too but we can still see out which is nice and it’s lit up which is also nice uh let’s not jump on the cactus I don’t have fly mode on right now so we got to do this the fun way there we go uh what do we got in there anything how we got in here might as well take it all okay so what do we need here we got 42 so let’s put that into three and let’s put that with it once we get I can get rid of oh yeah also let’s jump down here for a sec there’s a m shaft right under our base I found while I was digging around um there’s no way back up there right now though so I have to go into fly mode there we go all right we’ll get that fixed soon uh either tonight or the next time so one of these one of those one of these one of those one of these and one of those and then we do this there we go put this back and we might as well just teleport to home it’s just up there and it’s just way easier than going all the way back up uh but yes actually let’s go to spawn I’ll show you what all I put in the shop uh speaking of shop we just bought a protection four book from Chris and we got a feather falling for book from Shawn and we also got this vodka from sea which we’re going to uh drink here in just a little bit should give a fun effect but I added green terracotta uh I filled the yellow terracotta everything’s full now except Rand site needs one more uh I added this specials box they might be just a onetime buying opportunity so we got some polished Blackstone bricks cuz I found a Bastion and then some glazed terra cotta well more colors coming soon uh Cobble deep slate I don’t think was in last time same with Mossy crack and mossy Stone and mossy cobblestone Stone was in I don’t know if stone bricks were and cobblestone was but we have made 57 diamonds off of our uh of our shop so far and I found a lot of stuff we’re going to need uh for upgrades here uh also I got three wither skulls I don’t even remember how I found one in like a a box oh yeah and I got these Blaze Spawners for torch and a skeleton spawner which we’re going to put up in above the house in the base but tonight we’re building the second floor and then I want to see if I can get a oh that reminds me CP brought a present you just heard it you probably heard it all through the uh all through the other thing too actually I didn’t check something over here let me make sure okay we’re good I was paranoid my mic wasn’t turned on the lights’s on but sometimes oh he’s got a creeper in with him too what a guy what a guy let me just there we go yeah I think uh we will eventually try to get him into the base and down in and maybe make a glow squid Farm if we put him down in the bottom of the base cuz he’ll just sit there and just blast glow squids so as long as they spawn in there we can set it up so that he stays where he is and set up a water stream guess I could have showed them to you from here it would have been safer but whatever but yeah other than that um I got to put those farms in here sometime soon but they’ll they’ll come they’ll come in soon it won’t be too long um I’m wondering if I might not start them till the second floor like just keep this whole area here just like put more Planters down here and then uh just like make it a big deck and then up here we’ll have like a secondary deck and then Planters up there uh actually you know what I going to move this guy because we’re going to be building over here so let’s move him just uh I don’t know how far away he shoots from so let’s put him like over here he shouldn’t be able to hit us from there I mean he will on the way back here oh no we got out of his range there we go so we’ll put him there for now we’ll move him back later he won’t despawn he’s uh he’s not name tag but he’s in a boat we should maybe name him maybe we got any ideas for a name oh this is our gradient for tonight too that’s we’re doing we’re going do very few of these mostly this oops mostly this uh green concrete and then I think in the darker areas we’ll do the the green terracotta and that’ll be the second floor oh I also found these banners in like some crazy like Dock Place in the nether it was pretty cool so yeah um I also want to see where this goes uh we should probably I guess we can look cuz this is right on the chunk board so be so be here and then the chests are there this will be right beside the chests and two in the chests will be moved eventually so that’s not really a problem uh what I want to do is I want to have a water elevator go down but we need two of them so we’re going to need one that’s like beside it as well oh right it’s h i got to shift and how do I get out of here can I even do that if I I go up and then shift okay we’re just going to have to break this I do have fly mode on oh I could have just done that the whole time oh maybe not I could only do that right here all [Music] right oh do I leave the secret door open no it’s closed okay so yeah that’s going to be our template for today and so we want to we want to bring a water stream down here and what it’ll have is we’ll have glass panes and it’ll be there’ll be two spots one of these will have a glass pane in it oh I don’t I might have to rethink this I thought if we just put glass panes we could go into the corner of it right which you can and then go up but that would require like a two wide think maybe we put the water there and put a glass pane here and took this out could we do it we’ll have to test uh I’m not sure what it’s oh I guess we can sleep but uh yeah oh actually I also wanted to see how much where’s my boots how much is this going to cost me to put these on here seven for feather falling and 10 oh my God it’s probably more expensive than the other one okay what if what if this that costs four so let’s do that and then let’s see with 15 ah you know what let’s go get two levels real quick quick and then we can go and get what we need oh right we’re going to get shot on way here also um I know that these are outside the one chunk base but I will be moving these into the base lower down these two spider spawners uh my rule was that the only thing I could build outside the base was temporary stuff so you know it’s temporary cuz we can move them because we can move spers on This Server so that was it’s not entirely in the rules if I was doing a one if I was doing a one chunk challenge that would be different I wouldn’t uh well I’d set the Border thing I would figure out how to do that I kind of want to do that like uh I seen a bunch of guys do different versions of it and like one of them was like there the Border was right around the base and every time they the one guy had to pay a diamond every time he wanted to move out a block and I think it was like one Diamond then two diamonds and that might have been the way it went um another one was uh I think as he leveled he had to trade levels for wow are you going to spawn I’m better than you and you know it yeah that guy’s here how you doing I buddy not so bad how are you how is your Easter oh it’s good my kid ate all of the chocolate uh the side of the Mississippi so oh my God we’re we’re real far from the Mississippi Oh no just let me know when you’re all ready to rock and we can turn on par sec I’m just getting loaded up like Matthew good no that’s skip T load me up by Matthew good highly recommended come on you stupid spiders let’s go I only need a few more for my levels why why won’t it let me joined I don’t know you’re on 12.4 invalid invalid session uh just try again probably be fine right restarting the game at a launcher sh stop tell I’m going to live my life I can’t try all the time I had a lot of ham so it’s pretty good are over here too I taught my niece how to play a little bit of Minecraft she always played on Creative but now now she’s going to be a master of survival we are going to move those we’re not moving them tonight I never did finish my story because I got interrupted by someone yelling mjf catchphrases at me however let’s get dangerous Darkwing Duck style I’m going drink this vodka I’m going to try to swim back vodka I’m going try to swim back to the to the house this is no Dr Who I’m backwards oh I think I’m am I cured already what did you drink Vodka whose vodka did you get oh no everything’s all weird Sean sells it at his Tavern and I went over there to buy a feather falling book I need I drank it I think I drank it too quick I should have drank it while I was in the water that would have really messed me up I see why I never come back this way wait maybe I am still messed up a little bit I don’t know maybe I just couldn’t jump I was just it was just me being stupid we got to dodge this Guardian look how codfish he’s going to get you all right we did it we got home and we didn’t get killed and we didn’t drown oh and I get to put my armor on oh no we we’re still drunk that was not me that did that crazy sideways chant there oh oh oh oh that’s weird it doesn’t have like a timer thing when you look at oh there you finally got on all right I’m in let’s hit that bod back screen we’ll get torch in here and we will I mean we’re not going anywhere really if I can find the thing here where is it be right back there it is I can read don’t worry about it big whoop want to fight about it maybe what was I doing you know I just realized I can’t do the part SEC screen from the be right back screen it’s not on there okay there we go and what th C they on oh that’s why we had to do it I had to go do the that’s why we needed to be right back cuz I needed to connect to you odd par SEC oh yeah yeah that would be why I’m smart I wouldn’t go that far oh okay there we go oh I got to turn the sounds off here and hide the button okay now we’re ready to do that thing what I said we would do I’m already doing things oh actually I just noticed I don’t have the request queue up people could be wanting to do stuff okay now ready for real that that last one was just psycho Ayer fools got you oh right my cursor is gone I’ve been playing for like 20 minutes okay now let’s get hous building I look over the torch cam it’s just black what the hell you doing over there I was like yeah this great great content we got going here in water first thing we need to do is build this up I never I went down there to get my armor finished oh I there still drunk I wonder maybe it broke what’ you broke well I don’t know it seems like I’m still drunk even though I’m not drunk I’m not moving backwards okay I got to take off my boots oh what are we calling [Music] these all right if I’m going to yeah got my Converse All Stars hell yeah F down do I have to go here oh [ __ ] what I think I had swis sneak no wait piercing wait did I put the thing on that I hold on okay Soul speed damn it how much is that going to cost me now 19 okay we’ll put that on later I guess I was going to do the netherite but we’ll do that after we finish the second floor but our armor is all finished I don’t have Swifts sneak but that’s the only thing but I don’t really need Swifts sneak it’s cool like I’m not building big enough things this season to like need to worry about it two three four five also we got fly mode which is you know basically cheaty yeah Sean’s got levels if you’d like to add the enchantment he does have a way better XP F than I have too all right Sean come on over buddy I’ll get i’ll land for you so you don’t take fall damage too how’s Howell’s that for being a gentleman what a nice guy oh almost almost couldn’t turn I’ll even take the hit on my Anvil are we building oh yeah he can just do that are we building a spawn or uh Blaze spawn Farm yeah if you want but probably don’t have time tonight what are you talking about well cuz I have to build the Second Story of my house that’s what the stream’s called yeah I can I can do things oh no he’s holding my boots and Ransom nice thanks John Hanks I almost said hanks to him he already Lou thanks okay cool spelling is hard oh it really is I didn’t even mean to spell that one wrong makes it funnier though so we’ll just keep it I should go trade this string with you villager too I got so much in my little box here leave my villager alone all right five so I need a netherite oh I only got four wait I can do all my armor for four perfect and I got one left over also snout armor trim I also have SN armor trim I need a I need a uh thing did you also get trapped in the nether when you went to get yours oh also I got my fan on I that on how did you get trapped in the nether uh I got too close to the world border and it lagged me out so hard I couldn’t get back on Scotty literally had to come and turn off the world border for me so I can get my [ __ ] so I gave him a real nice present I gave him uh Pig stap and all kinds of other stuff uh I just found a bone block under my temple yeah it’s probably fossil I think OT on top I don’t remember how to make a smithing table I’m hoping that it’s uh I think I might need to turn this down a little bit too I can’t find my can’t find my mouth oh there it is I needed to go way over I’m just going to turn this down just a tiny little sco here hope it doesn’t turn out like the other time when I did that and it that all of a sudden was way too low but I think we’ll be okay so you said fossils are pretty rare they’re usually pretty rare they’re more they’re less rare in deserts right here oh yeah I need my armor well now I kind of want to dig this out should really put this on my uh probably put this on my other stuff first but whatever making sure I got everything on my pants and stuff that I need there we go cover me in desas now I’m fireproof I haven’t even considered looking for NE or um ancient AB burst yet I didn’t go get it that way I found it all in like fortresses and stuff oh can they only be found in deserts oh there’s like one close to his house too Sean like it’s not even uh um like there’s one in a desert temple that the desert temple um spawned underground like it’s you need to make that part of your theme par cuz that that shit’s super rare well I can’t right now because it’s underneath it’s where I’m putting all my no but I’m just saying like when the time comes like do that it’ll be awesome I mean I don’t want to tell you how to build your base but I that’s exactly what you’re doing sometimes you just it’s too good of an idea not to do you know uh actually I want to do it all the same way it doesn’t matter I just realized because I’m putting trap doors over it anyway so I’m really hoping this doesn’t mess with the uh Iron’s farm right above it what oh you’re digging out for the blaze farm yeah uh it shouldn’t I mean while you’re using the blaze farm the iron farm probably won’t do much but the rest of the time it will well not the thing is I want to be able to uh it should be fine to light this up so maybe we’ll do like some redstone lamp idea like what we did on the last one can I have your opinion on something I guess do we think that this should come out one so this Crossways block should come out in front of this one so that it kind of continues the step look yes okay thank you you’re welcome thanks babes George texted me earlier to tell me he’s going to be late the stream and I just text him back thanks babes and it was really funny to me and I know you’re probably like this guy’s an idiot but I thought it was good I like how you think that’s why I think you’re an idiot oh I mean there’s plenty of other reasons as well but that was just one of them so then should I how many blaz spawners do you have four okay so this is the light stuff this is oh are we going one in I don’t I don’t think so I think we’re going to go one we’re going to do the maybe just the outs oops sounded smashy smash I was just I was just wiping my eye cuz there was something in it but I hit the arm of my glass glasses in it like maybe we can create dep like this I have something else though you’re free to get it on your own if you don’t want these I don’t know I want everything is it free I want it give it to me he sells vodka for like five emeralds so it’s probably pretty cheap if I could give voder for five emeralds in real life I’d be set you don’t have five em oh yeah that’s true emeralds are significantly more expensive in real life aren’t they someone never thought they’re analy through okay so then me um how the hell is this going to work oh this will be the floor to the next one okay got it so this wall goes here actually I think it goes back one we will do it back one here sniffers I wish I had room I might I might be interested they can be part of the petting zoo actually this part should have significantly more of this because it is shaded by the floor above it trying this gradient thing again but I think I’m going to do it right this time you think so I’m hoping so cuz look look at the difference between these ones there’s like nothing it’s great gradient I get it your jokes are [ __ ] thank you that’s why we make the big bucks what do you mean we don’t make the big bucks we don’t even make the Bucks the Young Bucks will be disappointed in US oops I didn’t mean to do that twice yeah I don’t like five star tag matches anyway my name is Vin McMahon I’m an alleged sex offender human trafficker and all kinds of other [ __ ] everybody’s a human trafficker nowadays have you notice that yeah P didy [ __ ] Vin man what’s going around all these rich [ __ ] in their human trafficking and P did he killed two pck no he didn’t well he paid for it somebody said and I was like that’s a cool Theory I like it I’m going to follow that whole heart oh my God a oh I’m sad thanks Tod what I’m going to make a oh yeah downstairs I’ll make a hole like I’ll put sniffers in with the bees oh my God it’s going to be perfect I’m going to put these in safe place right now I want oh also I should look how that looks it looks pretty good well you know what I don’t that’s a little too square but other than that I believe we’re pretty good let’s maybe do this one dark no this one because in the other one’s lighter how am I supposed to have a children’s ride where they can ride sniffers think of the children what’s up what do you think think of the children that P didy is trafficking probably I thought those were people people not children I don’t know he killed he killed Tupac I he apparently how it went I probably saw it on Twitter you know it’s true if it’s on Twitter you can’t just lie on the internet torch people definitely didn’t make entire careers out of exactly that come on now I like the guy that changed to band’s Wikipedia to say he was part of the family just so he could get a backstage pass for free bro that is genius thank you how do I not have enough space you know what I don’t say screw with the green concrete powder it sticks out a little too much you know what might be better actually I wonder if the next step up is moss moss tequila you remember David Lee Roth he’s probably dead now everybody’s dead now we not allowed to have cool people anymore not David Lee Roth though you can’t kill oh maybe he is oh my God what if he is I don’t know is he I keep freezing up for some reason like super like yeah you probably run an update or something on your computer like always Bonk Bonk it is better but it is better I think it would be better in a place like up there though also I’m going to need more Moss let me put oh yeah I don’t have any more I just switch it out for this one but Moss is easy to get I got bone meal so I got bones not after I break them I will break you I don’t think you’re I forgot to put the sniffers in a safe place oh my God the worst person ever thank get free sniffers and you just don’t even care I do care I’m going to build him a whole sniffer Sanctuary down to my sweet basement are you calling it The Sanctuary I’m calling itff Conrad’s human trafficking ring featuring P Diddy and Vince mcmah if you don’t call it that now I’m going to be very disappointed oh God I’m going to forget Jingo okay holy crap I got another whole stack here these ones are done oh let’s get some experience that’s not what I yes I do I need three of them actually I’ll get cu cuz then I don’t waste coal if I put in three stacks of eight here all right I got to figure out how I’m going to decorate the outside of this well like the walls of this just look so sketchy yeah as long as all eight of them are in there we’re good I want to fix my pickaxe let’s see okay so pickax is at 1074 out of 1561 let’s see if we can get all 500 from like I think what do we got like eight Stacks oh it’s almost out of one furnace it’s almost good it’s now at 148 all right well let’s get some experience now I’m level 11 or you doing now I’m level 16 awesome and they’re going through yeah good yeah I was using my Cactus forarm but now I want to get some oh I forgot the bone meal stupid man I even ran an ad before the thing and I just got one on my phone all right 25 should do oh I don’t have a hole wait do I uhoh oh my God this guy is going to be more that he found a Wither spotter a Wither spawner yeah oh not a Wither sorry a wither skeleton spawner that’s why I was in the nether the other day I wanted to find to you I didn’t however 60 this [ __ ] guy barbaric 60 I have three to be fair I didn’t work for them I found them in a barrel mostly oh yeah th there’s a um M shaft right under by base oh yeah you mentioned that oh I got 40 MTH out of one bone meal that’s pretty efficient um oh no where’s that going now yeah I looked everywhere I didn’t see any that was a pretty good placement it was right right next to the wall that should actually be enough I didn’t realize I was only going to need two bone me for this great I got over a stack all right all right yeah that’s here this one there we don’t need all these so we’ll put like half of them back this back uh bone wheel goes with the bones she don’t eat meat but she show like a bone very Moon Jesus Christ what did you do before stream just meth watched hocky and I drank this energy drink oh monster meth flavored they lost an over time got two um goals called back but I mean they should have been called back himman hit the goalie stick right before he had to make a stick save and what was the other one oh Kane High sticked it and it went off his own knee and into the net which I looked up the rule turns out that’s not allowed even which this surprised me uh if it deflects off another player like a their player in that case still doesn’t count because he didn’t have control but if he High sticks it and then like and then the guy just shoots in his own net for whatever reason why would you do that I don’t know um then then it counts because the guy would have had control um I’m I’m Excavating my fossil here you know I think this would look better maybe with just a little more of this we’ll do a half cross because it was Zombie Jesus day the other day mean Zombie Jesus day huh oh no today yeah you’re right today’s Zombie Jesus day he wasn’t a zombie before that he tried to be but he wasn’t cool enough take that Christians Char I got him nope not not even pretending to get involved with that one what are they going to do sin on me the answer is probably yes oh my God efficiency five shovels no joke I don’t care if you’re religious or not it’s not something that matters to me well I mean to a point like if you’re like religious in the way where you like hurt people because you’re religious because you’re a [ __ ] idiot then I have a problem with you but and that means like mentally too like if you’re like I don’t like gay people so I’m going to [ __ ] bully gay people well you can [ __ ] off and you know what you can go meet your maker see if he’s actually there no skin off my ass but if you’re just like SK yeah it is but if you’re just like I go to church on Sunday like cool nothing wrong with that you respect people then you everyone’s allow to their own opinion as long as agrees with mine pretty pretty straightforward well anyone’s allowed to their own opinion as long as it’s not putting other people out that’s my theory like why you got to be an [ __ ] like unless it’s funny cuz like you know a lot of times we’re [ __ ] to each other because it’s funny it’s true you dick oh yeah like earlier when I texted you that I hated you and then texted you made for fools right after that didn’t make it hurt any less yeah I mean because the best jokes come out of truth if I had feelings I would probably hurt them I like don’t be an [ __ ] and I was just a total [ __ ] oh it’s a great stream we’re doing awesome tonight yeah we’re doing we’re on point look and I made something that didn’t look [ __ ] terrible this time neat figured out that gradient thing I I think because these places it’s less is more because they’re so small where I was trying to do more is more I was trying to be BDubs although BDubs would be smart enough to know that less is more right off the bat yeah that and he knows what he’s doing and not just trying to make it up like on the fly yeah like we do pretty much everything BBS is a short King which is funny cuz he’s my height like if he’s 510 we’re the same height cuz I’m well I’m like 510 at three quars I usually just say 511 because it’s easier and it’s technically closer if you round up but like I don’t give a [ __ ] [ __ ] if somebody were to call me 510 or 5’11 really doesn’t matter so I’m going to guess this is the last of it uh Spruce I do need some of these six foot this [ __ ] guy he’s so tall an [ __ ] just kidding Sean I say that cuz I know Sean can take joke he knows I’m almost never serious until I need to be which is luckily hardly ever I yelled at a dog the other day but he deserved it [ __ ] thing stupid dogs of my sisters cannot figure out how to get underneath the like I have my oh actually that’s kind of a neat I thought maybe I would need a stare here here but I think I like that I’ll try stair just to see but um they can’t figure out how to get like I have uh my laptop on a TV tray and they have to walk by it to get around to the other side of the couch yeah those [ __ ] idiot dogs are too stupid not to just run into the TV tray every time and like they’re no bigger than Blitz was and Blitz never once had a problem going through there I guess German shepherds are just smarter than boxers at least in this case and to be fair uh BL was the best talk of all time so I mean I know I’m biased but it’s also true oh hey okay that does look better come to where I am I found this you broke one no they I didn’t break any of the so was pretty neat though you didn’t find any diamonds in here nope a sometimes they have diamonds in them a lot of coal but not oh we’re too high for diamonds down if you find them down in like deep slate they have diamonds in them it’s pretty sweet though you know you should do you should make like a skull on one of them well no what I was going to do was light this up and redo the walls on it so that when we come down into the this is going to be the spawner cuz you’re Egypt right yeah so this is what I would do you don’t have to but this is what I would do I would make like a crocodile looking skull on one end and then extend it out as like a tail the other way and then like I don’t know maybe on the walls you try to do like a like a shitty mural I don’t know how you would do it in this small of a space of like a crocodile so it kind of looks like a hieroglyph or whatever like this putting a lot of faith in an idiot here I think you could do it I think like you could find a skull thing that wouldn’t be too hard to make I like this idea it’s a good idea and then I’m going to change out the walls I’ll probably do all sandstone and light it up in here and then glass it off yeah oh you probably went those spawners eh oh eventually yeah I don’t really have space right now there you go here in there okay perfect thanks I need one of those no mine oh you’re lucky I can build another one like no I got plenty of obsidian and uhu oh good oh Jesus Christ Wolf’s here scared the [ __ ] out of me I just looked over this thing was flying oh man that was funny oh well now that I’ve had a small heart attack I think I’ll go back to work working on my base trying to think of how I want to build this up build it against this wall that scared the energy drink right out of me how big does it need to be 8 by8 9 by9 this is a good one wolf man you got me so good I was not expecting anyone to just show up there why are you wearing echo’s head well sometimes Ekko dies near you and you just pick up her head kind of happens that’s fair oh here we’re cheating again with these These are technically outside of the chunk don’t tell anybody right does it matter how deep it is I don’t know it depends how how uh she likes it really I I don’t know Echo seems like a sweet gal I don’t think that’s something i’ really record I wasn’t talking about Echo you bastard she watches these sometimes I know that’s that’s why I followed through with that you’re welcome on the plus side I’m in the good books because I said EO seems like a sweet girl she does seem like a sweet girl she accidentally put on a binding armor piece I needed someone to kill her that oh every that’s so Echo I mean it’s just like oh man that goes the fast oh what was I doing oh yeah I needed more trap doors so it has to be 9 by9 what is this yeah cuz you need like well it doesn’t have to be 9 by9 it depends how far you want them to drop they only need like one space underneath them to drop right like cuz the space goes three out yeah to each side so I guess it only has to be it only has to I guess 9 by9 like if you’re looking down from it but I think that’s with the walls maybe the walls has to be nine the walls might be the ninth one because it be seven by seven that can’t be right it must be N9 by it must be nine by because I think each spawner does 9 by3 so like it does the layer of the spawner the layer below it and the layer above it and then it goes out four on each side it must go thought went three on each side I I thought so too but I think it might be four okay let me go look at the spider farm hello wolf that one didn’t scare me because I’m used to people just showing up in my base meanwhile while I was underground with torch and there was a random random person there I was not expecting that I think was it you was trying to get me with the uh the warden the other day when I was over in the Mesa min I knew there wasn’t a warden there just brought a warden over no he had a note block with the ward with the warden head and he was trying to get me all scared I think it was wolf I’m not sure who it actually was but I uh I didn’t I didn’t fall forward oh that was Mac I was wondering cuz like okay let me see here let me light this up so I only dug this one out three that doesn’t mean I’m right though before you build the good Farm we should probably Google it Jesus stupid spider as soon as I broke that soon as I broke the thing they spawned right on me no I don’t want any more string I have so much string ah the still in there it’ll go away yeah my chicken and my rabbit still down there rip all right yeah I still need those uh I have nice oh no I’m being haunted by the ghost of a squid that that guy over there probably killed why is he not killing the squid guy it’s right there what him out of you is he too close um hold on do they not kill squids if they’re in a boat anymore this might break my whole plan for okay now shoot him oh okay he was too close I think I need a bunch of amethyst shards I need to go find a geode I got you can we still silk touch the geode things yeah I got some do you yeah oh no kenan’s here how uh oh God how how many do you have uh I have four of the things but I have some shards too I just don’t know how many I’ll have to go look okay maybe I’ll just go find a geod yeah I don’t know where I got them from so uh is it in this box I have two stacks and I got some amethyst clusters yeah oh shards uh oh [ __ ] um cuz I’m going to need a lot uh well I can get you started I’ll bring them to you well don’t do it yet oh I’m also in fly mode I won’t die well I’m not near my house oh that makes sense then okay not bring give me all your things there you go that’s how many I have you’re not wearing pants this guy doesn’t even have pants on it’s my cloth that’s a good skin though Co nailed it I know I’m really really happy with it oh I already have the GL okay how do I make tinted glass now I have oh no he showed me his tentacles come on man as this this is a Christian Minecraft server you doing over there show me his tentacles is this some kind of H tie all right how much does this give me okay I got I got what I needed that’s right I can’t get up the stairs if you’re the way ghost here and here all right so I have one stack of the glass this one here and I think this one I’m going to close cuz just to be different you know maybe we don’t want all the windows open um what is that one is that just a blow you’re just wearing one of the mini blocks that’s cool I didn’t know you could do that did you Google how many we need no because I have to have display capture on for the stream oh yeah I also want to make this a dark oak oh how trendy do I want to be do I want a red front door like your mom has no but that was super trendy when people were doing it yeah she already hates it well not already it’s been there for like 20 I was going to say it’s been there for a long time what do you mean already it was very trendy when she did it though it was yeah it was now it’s like that cyan or whatever stupid color that is oh is that the new thing yeah turquoise or something you know what I wish we could get those potato doors from the April fools update they look cool as hell that was an option yeah dude did you see the April Fool’s update no oh it was so good I made a potato house that was great see I need these need some more of those though I got idea I just saw fish head is I was flying out of my hole you had a fish head fly out of your hole no there I I was flying out whoever’s floating around with the fish head was there I got a wooden block on my stairs ow hit my head I never did grab the dark oak to finish that off but whatever let’s do the corners I don’t think we have enough we needed eight why was I so stupid to not know that four corners is going to need eight actually this one might need some stairs I think it will yeah see what we can get with the old stone cutter here I’m going to try and do some nice walls in there yeah that’ll just need some stairs I’m going to make this this floor even bigger right every floor is going to get a little bigger well as much as we can until uh it’s me hi me this one can only get three bigger then we’re at the end of the chunk I think it’ll look neat go hang out with Poseidon like that he did already a whole bunch with my head oh no not with your head he knows he knows how would turn me on too much know if that’s entirely true oh I do I do meow all right let’s do two stacks of those there I’m liking this little floor wait speaking of floors I actually need a floor in here I think maybe I should do one more of these up and then we do the floor yeah so I go get my this brown terracotta and dark oak El might need more on the top there employees only Sean sorry no employees only didn’t you say last stream that he worked for you now oh yeah you work for me get in here I thought I remembered something about that was that no that was CPE not Sean get out employees only some point I thought you said Sean oh oh yeah no no feel free come on by come on come on in yeah ooh oh good God I don’t have that much space here take that I got to pick this thing up because it’s in my way excellent I’mma keep that put my other ones my gold block and my diamond block oh yeah you weren’t around for a while torch so like wandering Traders keep coming to my base and just dying because I don’t have anything lit up up top so like they’ll come in and as soon as they get like as soon as the day comes and they’re not invisible anymore they just get freaking destroyed by mobs it’s actually kind of great I was going to say that sounds fair I haven’t killed a single one as far as I know I don’t think I have but I’ve got like a whole bunch of leads and stuff from their lavas it’s been great well now I might have enough glass right I came up here for wood me this i’t need all that actually and I need more Spruce stairs uh eight should do I don’t think I need oh yeah on Brown terracotta luckily I have loads of it I mean I had to build another Ender Chest because you stole mine what well I said you’d have it after you stole it but I don’t know what you’re talking about I could find my obsidian I wouldn’t be so worried was in here somewhere so uh oh obsidian I need what should the background to the walls be uh I would use I would use terra cotta bought from uh Poseidon Stone and such Stone and stuff what color do you have located near spawn I have yellow green regular Orange um white and light gray I just even some glazed ones in there I can’t find my obsidian I know I have a whole bunch where did I put it it’s not in here is it that would be no it’s not in there oh for Christ sake it’s right here I found it can I trade you and a site uh are you in a trading mood how many stacks you taking uh you don’t want to know cork cor don’t steal stuff then I have to ban you I’m not stealing stuff no cor said he had to steal stuff yeah uh well how how much are you looking for if you’re looking for one just put an an aite in the an aite chest and we’ll call her even like an anite stack I’ll do that anyways but I need that’s not how you make those I’ll need a lot yeah I mean I’ll trade Fran asite it’s the thing I have the least of oh where did I get these oh I love these ones these are the best mini blocks the lit Redstone lamps nice thanks Wolf I didn’t even know you dropped those ones for me there’s a new shop under construction and a beacon who just been there for a while the shop oh the Beacon’s new yeah oh it’s it’s not really a beacon it’s just a oh just the top of one is that yeah he’s still here spond Village oh I forgot my Moss God damn it every time I come up here I got to go back down get something else all right I wasn’t stupid this would be so much easier spawn bille is getting redone nice here let me play around with some things and then that last time you said that I got pregnant said your wife I would assume well that’s not really um there now I need to finish this floor oh I got to blow my nose one second three four five six seven eight [Music] Oh wrong forgot to un mute my mic I freaking sneezed so hard my brain almost came out one three one more over there do a little like and the rest can be this this first floor is so small you actually there’s actually a little room up here that’s a good idea I like that what yeah uh Mac is doing a medieval village that’s oh well this is an interesting conundrum oh wolf got an ad I even played ads at the start so I was hoping people wouldn’t get as many I really don’t like that I guess if I just did this as the the floor from the bottom I guess that would be okay CU you don’t really see it anyway because you just see the bottom of the floor right um I suppose I guess I could do the whole floor in dark oak I was going to do something lighter but dark oak will work with the green yeah let’s do that although I might want to do slabs for the middle like maybe it’ll I think that would look good I’m going to do slabs Alo how you doing night cor long time no talk so wait cor if you’re back does that mean you’re going to be playing D next week that’ll be awesome we’re we’re night Bros okay now where do I guess this corner is probably good enough here we go yeah oh he just got back from ads damn those are long ads I guess you probably got him at a different time slightly than uh uh then wolf probably but uh did you uh you going to be a D and D next probably next week I assume we’re playing next week that’ll be that’ll be fun hell yeah dude can’t wait I wasn’t invite well it’s the online one you’ll be invited when we play the other one speaking of which I talked to Joe he wants to play too when we play in real life again so all fairness I’m going to Vegas uh Wednesday morning so oh yeah when you how long you going to be gone so I know what to tell people we’re streaming um oh just to like what’s tomorrow or what is it Wednesday yeah Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday so I shouldn’t miss too much oh so you’re like back for next week okay uh yeah but I’m not back I’m not able next week oh cuz you got to work yeah makes sense I’ll just do Warhammer because oh my god did I get my ass kicked at Warhammer last time I did not know how to use the gunpowder units at all I thought I was like trying to use them like archers and like have them shoot over [ __ ] no turns out what you’re supposed to do apparently let me just turn these on here is uh okay so we can go one more out and then we’re at the the block limit for my one chunk base but we should have a nice little floor there uh so basically like instead of trying to fire like I was putting guys down the hill from them so that they could fire over top of them I thought that would work turns out it doesn’t work that great uh like no matter what with archers that’s like the way to go but not with not with gunpowder guys yeah cuz archers can lob it right over right I suppose that makes sense not those guys so much there let’s turn this off oh unless I want to do I think I’m going to do one less and I’ll do like I did here and have it come out like that yes that’s that’s a better idea you missed oh I’m not going to tell you I would allow it be a surprise for you actually did Jay tell you about uh about coric like about your character how we like wrote you off for a few weeks me no no no for the online game no I’m not part of the online game oh yeah yeah we’re trying to get you back as fast as we can but it hasn’t been working yet are you talking to me I talking to Coro too if I was talking to you I would say torch or I would fart guess if I wanted to hear from an [ __ ] at part I use that joke a lot because I really like that joke even though it’s stupid all right sh that’s cool buddy glad to have you chatting all right sorry you’re selling selling the Tado for emeralds or what no diamonds Diamond think about charity case I don’t well I don’t even really need emeralds although Sean uh Sean does have vodka over at his Tavern wolf didn’t realize we had a Discord server oh my my God he’s going to join he’s going to be so happy over there when we talk like twice a week in it it’s going be so good that’s not true we talk a lot more these just keep appearing in my face Wolf’s going to be so many wolf I can only handle so much head buddy what are you doing I need time to rest what does everybody want hell yeah I’m glad you get it you get some of my wrestling jokes actually these are pretty cool heads I’m going to put these in here the snowplow is one of the best moves in wrestling it’s like I don’t know if you remember he like picks the guy up it’s hard to explain he like picks the guy up under his arm by the head and like cradles him across his chest and it basically just drops him on their head like it looks so cool I don’t know how he does it safely I think the next couple games are going to be playing a different character cuz yeah cuz it I we’re not quite there yet we we were we’re rushing again Jesus wolf thank you every time I turn around he’s just dropping stuff for me which is awesome where do I put my shirts there oh the angr one I wanted that one I was going to put on my deck and I could profish in it I’m going do that right now where’s my four bricks I guess I only need three bricks bricks oh I got way more than that yeah that’ll be fun though to play like a completely different character I always like I always like messing around with stuff like that uh what do I put it on top there what are you thinking about playing you got any ideas yet he’s trying to clean his chest so that’s not a bad idea oh and it’s raining it’s like kizman they knew I was putting down my fish pot oh that’s the wrong way uh this way nope this way there we go oh I should get more of those D hold on I got it in here I can’t see my mouse cuz still not used to it even though we’ve been playing like an hour like this oh the parag rodick fishingtackle this out except for I left my fishing perch I will let you know that’d be awesome oh a druid would be cool especially in that setting it’s the first second I catch is a nautilus shell serious I tried to catch na shell for coup the other day I couldn’t catch a single one all right what are we going to do there we go so it’s a Cod oh I could get two I can get one for salmon too I love the I love that you can store stuff in these pots now excuse me sir you going to do that on my deck in my sun I missed him by a mile in my sun chair oh I should make sun chairs my original plan for tonight was going to be to start working on my like Village area that didn’t happen I see that but rodri Mac you I really got to light this place up ain’t no lights know how this explains why I got attacked by a skeleton immediately mediately upon coming back from fishing I don’t even got a roof going be another deck up there and then we’ll have yeah I do have Spruce we’ll do this in each corner I think that’s the way to go and then the rest of it will be slabs uh I’m liking it too actually I really like honestly I’d really like I didn’t know how it would look when I started but down here the the Mesa look and I only I only had that idea after I started selling terracotta I’m like well I’m going to have a lot of Terra Cotta anyway oh speaking of which I have a lot of vines here but I like how this came along and we’ll have there’ll be other floors in here before we get down they’ll I’m only doing the glass floors until we get to the top of this um but after that it’s going to be um like I’ll put the sniffers down there with like a moss floor and stuff and I’ll put um uh that’s where the way down to the bottom is where the uh um where the inventory is going to be and every floor will drop all the way from the top uh cuz above the floor and building in the base right now either directly above it or on the floor above it I’ve got a couple I’ve got one actually I want to get a couple um skeleton spawn you son of a [ __ ] why you know what I should have done tested out a water bucket in here cuz that’s how wide it needs to be oh yeah so 8 by eight or you could put you could put one block up in the corner and then it’ll flow for nine uh yeah that’s new problem well at least my house is uh at least my house is popular with zombies and skeletons [ __ ] oh yeah I was going to do the I got to make some slabs all right so I need to extend how many damn skeletons get out of here anyway I’m going to have uh once I figure out my way to get down or way to get back up I should say because the way I’m going to get down I’m calling it a slime elevator it uh I’m just going to jump down every floor is going to have a slime block that you can jump down to and then uh from there you know you just you just don’t take damage on it and then uh on the way back up I want to build like either right in the corner corner or like like close to it just like one of those water elevators you can just zip up cuz it’s like you can o an axel I put oh I’m going to make a pond for him he’s going to be my best friend I’ll name him Jimmy I don’t know why he just seems like a Jimmy what if it’s a blue one it’s probably not a blue one let’s see Brown’s cool with me oh I got the advancement cuz I picked him back up all right buddy for now you’re going to have to go in that’s the food box you don’t go in the food box you go in the pretty things box because you’re adorable and then later I will make a nice little Pond for him I don’t want to put them in when I’m going to make the squid Farm because uh they tended like just die randomly in places like that oh jeez I just realized he gave me like a whole stack of banners too ominous banners and I needed slabs that’s what I was here for not those ones though actually those that should probably be enough I think I’m not sure how big that area is is I guess we’ll find out that sucks what is it too big no it’s not big enough but I had it all designed if you want to come see the design of it it I don’t I think it looks okay okay but wait is that’s what she said I love it when you can’t hear the stream why because I did the that’s she said thing fancy here so it’s going to be this on the inside and then I’m going to wall the outside of it with terra cotta so you’ll see the Terracotta through the glass oo that’s a good idea and then I’m going to add in um I want to open that area up more where the fossil is yeah and I’ll probably put a skull over here no I’m not putting a skull anywhere but it’ll be so cool that’ll won’t be so cool maybe I’ll come put a skull over here you can try but you skull I’ll uh light this up somehow maybe with the like sand or sand fire yeah like the the lanterns lanterns that would beol I was just thinking like the Soul Sand having it just in here the blue light in the corners and then creating a build oh yeah you could do like uh yeah like a like almost a shrine idea well yeah they I’m thinking like uh like a big I don’t know what it’s called like a big uh braer yeah you know like where it just has the fire come up top but it’s blue yeah that would be cool I keep seeing these name tags I think like P in over there so I got to I’ll have to dig this out probably at least one each around each side so I can put some terracotta or sandstone in there recently found unopened eye dog for 100 bucks hopefully I can get it before someone else does what is an eye dog seeing a dog what is up dog good thing you didn’t get me with that one that would have been embarrassing seriously what is an eye dog I don’t know what that is like a seeing eye dog no no not a seeing eye dog it’s an eye dog like an iPhone is how it’s spelled oh is it one of those like robot dogs like they oh I used to see them all the time well hopefully you get it it sounds like cuz they’re probably do they still make them or are they like out of uh are they out of production cuz if they’re not still making them that’s probably a really good price I’m still mad about uh one time I was just scrolling through Facebook I was actually looking for games and stuff and uh somebody was selling an unopened sorry not unopened it was open but it was like she claimed it had been used once and honestly it looked like it had been used once um Sega Master System oh yeah for $10 in the box and I was about 5 minutes too late messaging her and I’m still pissed off about it I have a SGA Master System now and it’s just not the same because I paid regular price for it like a [ __ ] chump it’s okay though I got the pal version of Rambo 3 so instead of spending like 50 bucks on it I spent eight that’s a great thing about the Master System is that it’s it’s not region locked so you can buy all the Pal games for cheap and they’re exactly the same it just doesn’t have the Rambo splash screen but what do I care I know what Sylvester Stallone looks like I probably know what he looks like at 8bit graphics why do I never make enough stuff it’s because I’m always worried that I’m if I just make all this stuff I’m going to run out and know but then I waste so much of my time running back to the crafting bench to make more there we go oh you know what should do for the deck for lighting the deck is like tiki torches that be fun wait does this come out right oh no it’s one over too far who designed this place I could well I’m not going to but I could I no I think it would look ugly if I went all the way up with a yeah oh also I just realized that I think I have to move this door over because Farms are going to go back here and they’re going to be like three or four wide yeah better do that now before I forget I’ll put it yeah I’ll put it right here where’ I get three stone bricks from oh probably where you are did you need them back uh probably eventually okay well you just let me know I’ll come throw some at you I probably made them did you buy them from my shop no I had enough Stone I’ve made 57 diamonds off that shop I can’t believe it either actually because we’re putting a door here let’s put these on the other side yeah I didn’t think that uh Stone would sell that well cuz I assumed everybody would just have some how does that not one two three don’t worry wolf I paid for uh oh I don’t have it on me I have a totem of undying I bought I haven’t used it yet though this is coming along I’m really liking this and then once we get once we get these we oh maybe that’s how I’ll do it I’ll have like maybe on this side I’ll have the stream going all the way down oh no that can’t be right oh no he’s still there he was just out of range okay good thought I lost my guy my my glow squid Farm idea was dying if he was not there what would be better than oh that’s it oh man we know Eko doesn’t use them she just dies like this is how she rolls I think yeah life is not a hobby of hers in this game I found out to be fair she probably eats a lot less than the rest of us CU she’s always fully saturated because she’s just died all the time that’s true what do I what color would even look good though oh I got sneeze that was a bad one I got the mic muted okay so I need to extend this more right oh I should put a slime block down there oh no I can oh I can’t I can I can put it here a lot ladder I think I think maybe the next one next layer maybe I’ll do red I’ll try a red gradient or maybe I don’t know maybe something a little different not big enough all right either way I like how it’s coming along oh taking my time with it because you know sometimes that just feels right this is one of those Seasons I rush to get my equipment instead of you know waiting to get that last like I usually do and then I uh decided I’d make my build slowly and just dig it out off camera because that’s just the way it goes I do need to put doors in there still get some chocolate bars here oh I should bring them to your kid apparently he eats all the chocolate this side of the Mississippi he does and jelly beans my niece had a whole bunch too you she watches our streams sometimes on the vs I was like wow you’re only 10 that’s inappropriate yeah we are we are not [Laughter] child so if I bring believe I freaking I was over here playing Warhammer Easter Bunny came I didn’t even know I just turned around there’s eggs everywhere that [ __ ] sneaky dude I tell you I think I’m going to put a dark oak stair up there let’s see how that looks imagine if rank can uh solidify the concrete powder that would suck oh yeah yeah I’m glad they didn’t do that oh maybe a I a TR Spruce see what looks better I just wonder if because those are Spruce over there also can we see this from downstairs let me check it’s the oh yeah because it’ll be three four five six one two three four five maybe not it’s buried I’m going to strip that log I think it’ll look better oh no oh yeah oh what are you annoying about I was so yangang over here uh I have to dig out an entire part of a wall so this doesn’t touch the fossil oh ripy here a damn it you know what all right CH what do we think we think this one or do we think this one so that’s Choice number two here’s Choice number one again Choice number two I don’t know which I like better by the time I’m done this I’m going to need a XP farm for my pickaxe one Sean likes the dark oak I’m indifferent I think they both look okay enough to be fine two okay dark oak is probably going to run away with it here so let’s do that there we go yeah I think that does look better too [Music] actually with my storm shutters got to have storm shutters if you live on the ocean what about hurricanes you don’t live on the ocean yes I do that’s like a oh no my shutters this is the this is the ocean look there’s coral reef you get Coral Reef in Lakes good what are you a racist coral reef for racist that was stupid I don’t even apologize for it though I should put some more of these in what other crops do I need there wheat nobody likes wheat although I do have cows that’s where the corner has to be I I should put in a little wheat one oh I should put in my what I do I just jungle let’s put in some more so we don’t fall off the deck when we get too trashed on uh hello chicken how are you get too trash on Sean’s vodka let’s see jungle logs jungle boogie that’s as far as that one’s going to go pop this on and get some sticks don’t know how many going to need but it’s going to be a bunch that’s not right nine we definitely need more nine nine Sticks no nine uh um probably don’t need many more actually I can’t find my mouse again uh 15 is probably pretty close if not exactly what we need also I never checked the wood chest see if we already had some we didn’t okay we’re good oh oh I might as well sleep then I can see Wolf coming throwing me new stuff okay oh yeah why am I flying it’s just right here oh that was stupid not bad I only made two extra that’s pretty good for me now I need to make some dark oak oh I use my I’m an idiot I use my dark oak to make the sticks when I need a dark oak after to make uh trap doors you know what these stripped ones be fine I’m not going to use them anyway let me put some of the stuff back I don’t have a place for concrete right now so let’s just pretend that I do right so this is where the wall needs to be so many 12 gets us I need some dirt need a Terra Cotta back here how’s my dirt there it is and I need my hoe uh where’s my hoe I’m right here I never mind oh hey I got I got a Ming Ho who knew I must have found a gold mending hole at some point you know what they say uh you want to get a hole with a heart of gold or whatever what are you talking about a can’t make a whole housewife yeah I heard that okay how far away did I make these ones from that one two blocks so I guess if I and how many blocks one two three four you sell Granite at your shop of course I do I sell all Stone and stone varieties as far as I know I think we can only go to here with this don’t I don’t even know about the last one there I also just realized I didn’t grab the wheat seeds CU I’m brilliant not brilliant’s the term I would use yeah now if that one goes we’re good I guess I’ll give it time while I go get the wheat seeds oh and another barrel for the wheat not a barrel you know what I meant no no idea what you’re talking about uh um you know thingy a decorated pot decorated pot yeah it’s fancy pot like why don’t you just use normal pot because bro the fancier the bong the better the hit that is not true everybody knows that not true at all to be honest well you never hit it out of a you never hit an apple bong yeah we were all in high school at one point I was so good at making those I didn’t even smoke weed high school but I man did I ever make a whole bunch of Apple bogs for people seeds wheat seeds that’s what I’m looking for all right let’s see if that Farmland dried out well we don’t know if it righted out yet I’m not going to plant there just in case I don’t think it can reach over there it might be able to reach over there well that’s why I’m waiting just to see because it’ll go it’ll go back to dirt if it doesn’t it also doubles as a secret entrance oh no I didn’t close it you can close it like halfway down I don’t need one of those this is my die Farm I come out here and hit that with bone meal what do you want I threw one in the water go get it stop following me chicken oh it doesn’t work for that one okay no I’ll just take it out I was going to I was thinking maybe I put another one but I can just put something else in this corner all right chicken you can to have the thing oh yeah like the barrel this is a good idea I keep calling them barrels and they’re not barrels there I put the weed in there weed weed weed no my kid kept calling it weed oh yeah I remember you saying that when you were playing uh you know let’s do another one here but this time I think I’ll actually use some some grass and then we’ll uh put some flowers on them I don’t know if I have any flowers I have some I always have some but we’re going to have to remove that which is fine because we have plenty of cocoa beans holy smokes oh I might have that do I have that I might have other side if I do I’ll pass it along to someone else oh hi bud wait where are you going you just run around over you better not be wrecking my crops what are you trying to do you want out there you go get out of here yeah now what are you going to do little turd oh let me I I went and got the grass and I didn’t use the grass idiot I don’t even know if grass is the right call who plants on grass oh actually you know what I saw a thing just yesterday on TV this lady was just planting a garden but like she was just doing it like in some weeds on like the side of her property she’s like we got to keep it all natural for all the stuff like yeah you know what though I’m going grow my tomatoes so I get more [ __ ] Tomatoes don’t give a [ __ ] about your weeds lady all right let’s go see what kind of flowers we got over here they got to be one tall or at least one of them has to be one tall I could do a fern well I have these so let’s just do those and in that case I think the green will work very nice I don’t exactly stand up but when you get near them they’ll look good and I don’t have anything pink over here so there we go got a nice little planter everybody wins I’m not winning over here oh well sorry hold here should I do Co dirt I think cor dir would look better I’m going to go make Co dir I don’t think I have any I might it’s not in there that’s not where I keep dirt ah I do just enough I have one extra even but I got to go get some I definitely got to go get some uh oh hello sir I guess I have a villager that lives here now what is that doing weird things oh I might have just had an idea uh I went right past where I was working at I got to go find some flowers tpr won’t let me down look at all these flowers oh my God what a perfect spot stupid tpr the only place with no flowers ever okay here we go I think I found somebody’s base or something I think this must have been somebody’s hidey-hole for the night o white horses ah flowers let’s get a comb flower or a corn [ __ ] um we get this cornflour though I really like these ones for Planters can I get rid of here oh I have a [ __ ] Ender Chest what am I doing it’s probably where I was going to put this stuff anyway oh Ward that’s a good one oh no I didn’t I only had pigstep nice all right all right now we can get some flowers let’s do two of these in a corn flour except for that it’s only two wide box listen Bud get out of here I think I’ll just put the two white flowers in the Box we’ll leave this one here for someone else you know what we’ll put it out their hidey-hole I don’t know who this is we’ll put it on top of their hidey-hole here we go push that back hey but oh fisherman hey so he like string huh this works out pretty okay hey for a minute thanks bud oh have to make emerald blocks I really got to get my storage system going but I got to dig all the way down to whatever the bottom limit of the build height is now because that’s where it’s going all right give me this this over over here oh you know what I don’t need this anymore so we take all these down cuz I’m going to do a globber farm let me get some fence posts I want a jungle fence posts yes I’m going to need some more some more sticks what do you mean just one oh cuz I don’t have enough jungle wood okay let me grab some more I’ve CH chopped down two jungle trees I’ve done everything I’ve needed so far been pretty lucky really yeah I haven’t needed much I just needed the gates for the oh actually I don’t think that’s enough let me get these other ones beautiful yeah I only need the gates for the um the rails on my deck where the [ __ ] are all these guys coming from I don’t need villagers that was probably well then again what if I want villagers later yeah I should keep them just in case I mean that one guy did come in handy already yeah we’ll do just so it looks looks better give me these may do this on a couple of sides actually could do it over here too yeah so I need what do I need there six no yeah no eight so I need eight oh I moved too early there we go I guess I just put down another bed for that other guy then he can have a light gray bed I still forgot to put those flowers on there come in here other guy’ll figure it out you’re put a lot of faith in AI he might die out there before uh actually he might die out there I better sleep tanks for the gifts oh you’re welcome buddy thanks for saving my ass I turn it off the world border there I can not get my stuff by myself I’m glad uh I’m glad you liked them I thought it was I thought it was stuff that would be useful so I hope it hope it was hope it ended up being useful uh I do it jungle logs no stop filling up my inventory this not Square no God damn it I already have some of these flowers oh oh man oh these ones are awesome I really do like them but thank you I do appreciate it this just a bad time you know what I’m going to use these out there instead of the instead of those other ones I’ll put these back and where were the here we go that’s not the right box oxide Daisy those things are basically a weed don’t talk about that here what what no not that weed weed a weed as in like good luck if you get them in your yard cuz uh they going to stay they’re very prolific breeders we got seven okay so we need one more so we need to break another log okay that should be good put the jungle logs back probably put these back I don’t think I need them anymore put those back all right here I’ll give you a hint no you okay fine do what you want Oh I got more flowers awesome there we go actually you know what those do look they don’t take up enough space I that’s why I wanted the other ones I think so I’ll go get them I think those ones work better it would be best to like the tall ones but it’s got lava in it but I have one okay never mind these might actually work better these ones actually you know what I’m going to try something I’ll take out the dirt well I’ll move the dirt cuz still needs dirt um where was I putting these in here we do something just a little different put these peonies there so I can pretend that I can come out and smell them CU my neighbor has these super I think I’ve said it before on stream my neighbor has these super overgrown peonies and for like one week a year does it ever smell good lilocks I’m not thinking of panies we have panies at the back they make actually they smell good too but you got to get really close because they’re not like pungent we can’t just put these on the wood can okay I didn’t think so I was like 90% sure on that but you won’t see this anyway uh yeah penies are really good you can eat them too I tried it once they’re not that good really they’re perfumey and they kind of taste perfumey too you know what I mean yeah there we go that looks better that’s much nicer oh man this place is coming along I love it when a plan comes together love smell a naal in the morning oh [ __ ] what did I see the other day that had it was a joke similar to that oh I think it was an OG’s Discord he actually had one about um in his Discord about uh oh I can put two there that’s fine still looks good you no I’m not I’m just going to leave it I like that this is a nice little I wish this was my deck I wouldn’t have to go all the way to the greenhouse to pick food or flowers actually I do need there’s a planter on the deck that I always ignore one year I’m going to put some nice flowers in it I mean we put flower well we thought that flowers kept coming back in it for a while while and they did for a few years but then they then they stopped and I never didn’t really bother replanting it after that we need a bucket for glowberries not a bucket oh did you need me to make it and bring you a bucket I can do that no no I just went made one myself yeah cuz I have one but it’s full of lava I don’t know why I’m carrying it around wait what are these glass bottles doing here when they should be over here same with this I knew there was another one oh we don’t have a data pack for a water bottle stack oh yeah I was going to make tiki torches how do you do that look at this guy stand over here you’re not a a farmer he’s trying to pretend he’s a farmer even though I know you’re a fisherman this the composter stupid I don’t call him names well he has a name his name is Leo Vex leox yeah it’s a pretty cool name oh Jesus Christ out of nowhere with the Axel in the face put him beside his friend what color is this guy I like this color no don’t go don’t get drowned the white one or whatever it is I’m not sure what actually is that the cyan I don’t know which color it is looks nice though where did I put your friend where did I put your friend here we go this is taking much longer than I thought it would wanted a flower pot I got a flower pot I wanted a flower I give one of these these organs are the best oh I know what you’re doing idiot you see the barrel through the thing though you you can’t figure out that that’s the way down idiot well this is disappointing I uh was going to put that up here but there’s no place to put it cuz I don’t want to put it on here I want to put it on the [ __ ] it we do here for now then at least we get the particles from it need this I need this I need this and I need this oh yeah I wasn’t even thinking of putting it there but now boom nailed it I did nail it thank you I got him you thought I was being supportive C thought that my base was pretty before he’s gonna lose his [ __ ] when he sees it when he comes back from his trip oh I was gonna ask when he was on that trip uh he’s on until the fourth I wonder if he did his surprise yet oh just look at just having the particles makes this place so much better oh my God it’s [ __ ] magical [Music] dude okay I’m going to require an opinion here in a little bit the answer is maybe yeah I’m going to put that back cuz I’m going to put the the floor for this one is going to be this height so it’ll be on top of here I think that’s the best way to do it which then maybe I’ll make this into yeah I might make this into a dark oak log or a spruce log I’ll think on it I like the way it looks now but this place is looking good and this is going to have like uh the back half of this is going to be like melum pumpkin sugar cane and bamboo farms that’ll stack up to the next layer and then to break it up I’m doing a Pergola like I did in season two for the for the big Roman um I guess it was Greek but it was probably more of a Roman style house because I’m insensitive to cultures uh I don’t know I I designed it myself so I don’t know exactly what it was it was meant to be Greek but who knows and I’m going put it here so it’ll kind of cover up some of the farms and the way up and then I’ll put some seating up there look Leo’s having a great time over here I do need to figure out some tiki torches how would I set that up I wonder Leo it’s time for bed go to bed idiot one day I’ll have to trap you down there but I don’t have my way up secured yet which you’ll probably walk into and drown at some point won’t you because you’re a genius look man I don’t want to go get a lead just I will I’ll go get one right now show you never done it before so I might as well if I can find my leads oh I still don’t have a job eh oh there’s only those barrels and stuff around I’m pressuring him I have to one of us has to support this family the Vex family oh no one’s name’s Haze where did I put my I keep finding llamas just stranded on my Island there’s got to be some place where I can get where have I been put it there they you go if he’s not dead already okay oh maybe I have to shift um oh yeah it did it worked just facing a serious food short shortage not really I like how you you get them right between the eyes with the uh thing though come on buddy there you go oh now I don’t have a bed there you go jerks steal my damn bed uh how will I keep them in here I think I actually way what if I just do this jump up there losers and then I fell down the stairs I guess that’s what I get let’s see I’ve never let it grow this much before let’s just see how much we get from this oh I broke the goddamn glass oh you idiot because I was expecting to go across and just like take everything out oh [ __ ] all right if you get the second one you you waste some if you don’t do the first R first except for on the walls the walls has different rules walls you can do any of them first it doesn’t matter it’s a CM Punk had interview today or the other day and they were reporting on it God I hate how much sense it made he’s talking about how like Tony Khan seems like he wants to be like the wrestler’s friends instead of their boss and from what I’ve seen I think he’s right and it’s kind of annoying because if you’re not going to do business you’re not gonna be in business long and I really like aw he also surprisingly said he doesn’t have a problem with Jack Perry Oh [ __ ] choked about what nothing you uh you got a little close to the action did you uh probably put some stuff on for this now I need an adult okay I don’t know where we’re going to get one let me pick up my things so they don’t go away what do you need uh to go in here and break two blocks Place one more spawner and then put the water in okay but I was hoping that it being lit up would help but I don’t think that matters for Blaze Spawners let me get this I’m fire prooof so I don’t really give a [ __ ] oh that’s fair well then you’re on your own I’m out of here okay do you want the water bucket it’ll probably help yeah what okay this is this is the problem I got myself into I’m going to come put the water buckets in and the last spawner I think if you light it up a little bit it does help not like that goes there you go there you go there you there oh [ __ ] sorry I didn’t know you were there I was just trying to get these guys out of your way you should go there no he dropped two what a fancy boy did that last bucket not bucket well no they’re all good okay okay so you want me to take these out then cuz it wasn’t helping anyway you were right uh did you want me to put blocks on top of here uh it’s up to you you should so they can’t spawn on top of the spawners all right um the only problem is that I only have three blocks and I need more oh uh one two three I need seven more I’ll come get them I can get out of here uh here they’re just down here they’re at the bottom there oh we can just hear them getting in the sauce excuse me I’m trying to put blocks in here you penises there we go all right going to be a hopper oh I should have I guess there’s one more block we can put in oh at the top oh did I also get no I didn’t get all the things hold on let me just grab the all the Torches so we don’t need them I mean I don’t think it hurts anything with them being in there but no all right when you come out I’ll just pop that last block in there we go now I just have to build the storage system underneath I don’t know how many levels I went in there with but I came out with 20 yeah how does it look like from up the at the fossil way there fancy how’s the one chunk base going it’s going really good uh let me I don’t know how long ago that was I haven’t my god I’ve been so stupid not paying attention Scotty might asked me that an hour ago I uh I don’t have a way to turn this off that’s fine you don’t need to uh it’s looking pretty good so far I do have a problem with spawning I got to I was looking for some tiki torches so I can put them on the deck I like it I like how it looks oh wolf you son of [ __ ] my shutters oh is he invisible oh no he logged off but he must have done it before he left oh uh I think it’s looking good I did cheat all these are technically outside of the chunk but good enough I mean you know whatever but yeah I like it I think it’s it’s uh looking like it kind of did in my head so that’s always a good thing right we got a lot going on in the basement oh I was going to pick the rest of my things my shears are like trying to break here already they’re like Halfway Gone not even through this whole thing yet let me get this oh yeah I got to replace that glass too all right let’s go see how this works out it should be pretty good it was working great while I was in there yeah I’m just I got to uh oh oh you can get too close to it that’s a good startan you get too close to it aren’t they trapped yeah but they can hit me still how’ you do it last time time holy [ __ ] one two three four five six on almost a half stacks pretty good vine farm uh I probably have enough Vines forever now let me see oh I don’t have room for them anymore all right tell you what we’ll move you over to the green D chest because that’s basically all I got in there other than a few things that’ll probably be gone pretty soon here we go here we go uh how do I make a te torch I’m really wondering about that H wouldn’t be a bamboo with a no it’s got to be something I guess just a fence post maybe a fence post with a or do I just hang I could hang lanterns I got a lot of chains hold on I can find them a lot of these do I have any lanterns that’s the question lanterns I don’t think so I’ll have to make some use a torch and those right apparently not what the hell do we need to make a l ladn oh cuz it’s in my off hand [Music] probably now I don’t think the blue ones fit the [Music] build let’s make four uh do you need blaze rods uh I mean I could use them in my thing eventually oh I guess I can only make three that’s fine oh they can shoot underneath that’s nice wonder why that happens okay that’s stupid that’s not going to work there what is your [ __ ] get out of there get you still don’t have a job by the way I noticed that stay the [ __ ] out of the flower bed what’ I just tell you and then this guy just standing around he’s King [ __ ] over there tell you man these villagers asking for it I don’t think we actually need any of them on chains I guess we just put one right here uh is it yes it is but then like we’ll need another one out here somewhere oh we have a glow Berry all right uh four stacks of blaze rods is that reasonable yeah how did you for Stacks already where oh it’s in the FL it was in the wheat that’s going to be annoying to be working in there putting all that terracotta Amor on the outside that is going to suck some donkey dick there we go now everything’s set to where what’s all set keep the door closed you let the ants in oh what’s all set was the uh wait how did they get up there I put a trap door here so they couldn’t get out can they jump up a trapo who villagers how can I jump up a trap door I don’t know what was useless just put them in an area like put them in uh well once I make the way up and down it’ll be easy oh except for they’ll fall down oh my God I’m going to have to just put them in cages I’ll just put them in put in like a one and then put a honey block underneath CU they can’t jump out yeah I will do that later right now I have to fix my floor all right I need to go need to go terracotta I was going to see how much I dropped some uh [ __ ] in the cactus farm here which is fine because this is going to be where the uh later on this is going to be where the uh all the other stuff comes through anyway oh at that might as well smelt these up colored once those smelt up I should be able to fix shears con yes I have an efficiency five pair of shears with Ming my God it’s because I have a giant vine farm to make all the mossy stuff at for spawn wi I purchased terra cotta from here I see you terra cotta from me just don’t pay too much attention to how much I paid I mean seems right I know it was right I didn’t even steal any my God I made so much Diamonds oh you never traded for andesite either oh yeah you can just have some I’ve got [ __ ] got enough [ __ ] well I’ll trade you for it that’s all right how much I sell it for one Diamond a stack tell you what I’ll give you put these away so I know how much I made on my store I’m not counting stuff that I buy from other people I’ll give you a half Diamond a stack so uh a diamond for every two stacks how many stacks do you want how many can you how many do you feel you can hold oh how many can I hold one two three four five six six we’ll say cuz actually no cuz I won’t have the diamonds cuz it’ll be I can hold eight I’ll just meet you with your host you go home first okay oh that’s pretty sick 6 9 I only have 13 so it’s not like it’s too bad okay well I’ll buy 12 from you well then I’ll put one away apparently yeah just in case you need it you might as well I’m still I still have another Half Stack here plus I still have to dig out behind where I’m putting the Terracotta oh it’s score after 12 that’s fun wait that villager told me that they accidentally fell into a Ravine and died oh yeah I need to get you two more diamonds this a single block I don’t know what you were trying to pulser I should probably put these away huh there you go thank I give you a piece of bread because you’re my friend a I like bread no for real I like bread I’m G to go have a ham sandwich after this because I am damn hungry I usually don’t eat after stream anymore but tonight well Thursdays I usually do because Thursdays is a long stream hoop generator yeah Coupe [ __ ] change the name it’s my stone generator that’s where I get my stone for my shop oh if you need some grab some I don’t care oh I do not I like this place your vine farm here it uh yeah it makes Vines tell you what and then the big open area right down to the cactus farm yeah there’ll be more floors I just don’t know what to put there yet I’ll probably put the villagers on one with like I don’t know actually maybe I’ll put the villagers with the uh cobble generator is this just all cactus farm down here yeah and then underneath is uh going to be more stuff like that’s where I’ll put the sniffers and stuff cuz I want you to I want to be able to see through at least to the water layer and I as you look down it’ll be like that fog effect too I think it will you get through to the uh there’s some uh trap doors here right here oh okay oh there we go oh and this is your uh XP farm yeah this a little smelter you just turn off the oh actually I don’t know how much I got enough coal still for now oh we have blaze rods how many I know well blaze rods is the next thing that all me and then the uh the M shaft is just down here that’s why I stopped digging I was going to keep digging on the uh the other day but I decided I’d stop cuz and then here is going to have like a I think I’ll have an item sorter to sort out maybe just the cactus where’s here oh there it is oh yeah up here I think I’ll have an it it sword here to sort out just the cactus and then everything else will gets spit down into another stream that goes all the way to almost the bottom where the sorting system will be and then all the stuff will just go into the sorting system except the cactus cuz like I can come get it from here at any time I need yeah yeah everything will fall into this water stream first and then go through there get sorted and then get sorted again kind of get sorted get spit out and then unless I can’t find a good way to make it like I don’t want to have it constantly ticking yeah if I can’t find a way to make it not constantly tick because I don’t want lag um then I’ll just have it everything go down I’ll just move this down to the to the bottom too I need to figure out a way to shut off the blaze farm if I don’t if I’m not using it well it’ll be fine they have the water to die in all you need to do is put that water remember like we did last time put a dispenser with a bucket of water and just turn on and then it’ll go down right into the thing it’s only got a 16 block range right so as long as you’re outside 16 blocks of it not doing anything no that’s fair yeah um that makes me happier I’m going to go down here yeah you forgot about that from last season didn’t you yeah yeah this is where I was getting my this is where I got my Moss from yeah I think I explored this whole thing I’m not sure I was getting some tough from down here too and some what about this this cave spider we can have it if you want it I don’t think I want it I did that last season it The Blaze spawner with four on its already up 13 levels yeah I have the spider spawner that I was going to move into the base I might not now just because like I don’t think I need it now that we got that haven’t been through this whole thing but I think I’ve been through most of it when I continue and do my museum part I’m going to come steal a bunch of webs from you though yeah absolutely so I want to put some around oh maybe I’ll put some by the fossil here I’ll give you some right oh ah she’s con will be fine there were more spider spawners down here but I kept testing to see if silk spawners is working with them cuz I’m like I’m not going to use a [ __ ] cave spider spawner and no one’s going to care if I get rid of them thank you you’re welcome uh there’s more around too so oh yeah yeah I’m not I’m not overly concerned to be honest so yeah I don’t know where the way out is somewhere around not that way definitely not I am hearing a skeleton why’ you cheek up when I I was walking behind you like hey you haven’t looked at my ass for long enough oh guess I didn’t go all the way through [Music] here you smite on that thing or something oh so bad did you get the head uh no what no head you can get bad heads yeah they’re hilarious I’ll give you one when we get back to my base in fact just TP to me it’ll be easier for everyone that guy’s up there and he’s going to die oh can I TP accept while oh I was trying to do it while I was in bit see what happened oh guess you got a job uh is there a haze yeah uh where are my heads at did you get a job huh no yet I go to the doctor on Wednesday oh see about disability I’m hoping because like everything hurts most of the time so that should be where the [ __ ] did I put on my head maybe I look right down here we go there’s a bad head they’re pretty hilarious yeah they kind of look like Zed app a little bit honestly like if he was lost his mind and wee black face or something it it looks so awkward oh yeah I don’t know if I I don’t know if I want this yet oh Pig you got a lot more heads than I do yep found a bunch of them by being cool and people giving them to you well some of them yeah but most of them I got on my own oh most of the ones wolf gave me are actually in my Ender Chest they’re not even in there cuz they’re like evoker heads and stuff why are you always in there every time I come out here your real jackass is z Hayes you know that what about Leo Vex he doesn’t get in the flower bed every single day oh do you need another decorative pot for this dude I got so many decorative pots it’s what did you do you broke my carrot pot oh you’re being judged Leo Vex is not a happy camper how not happy of a camper you know what I’m just going to put a lantern right on that pole or right on that thing that’ll work that should I think think make that part spawn proof uh iron I get this I like your roof I don’t have a roof not yet and your deck looks good the deck is looking pretty good so far stop I see you up there doing that I can see you on stream where where are you I went to make a lantern just leaving I had enough of your [ __ ] fine playing with my damn trap doors what is this I just seeing which way they open spawn of last season opening day everybody was doing that Scotty’s build a spawn oh really it was funny um I only have 12 deckers pots speaking of which I got to decorate this place oh I got like 40 of them I just kept finding them everywhere well I’ll just take them you never know when you’re going to need them right I need to build a way into that spawner into that farm it’s a problem with having fly mode hey you forget you got to build places into places that’s what I find that’s why my base is only where it is I got to build another one of those I have to try and my goal is to try and make it somewhat secretive oh so that only the high rollers can get there e yeah pretty much I like it um oh [ __ ] I had lanterns over for crying out loud oh well whatever not a huge deal ‘s class oh do you have Soul Sand um no I have oh I do have a little Soul Sand I thought it was so soil I need to find some kelp too I live by an ocean yeah going to be really difficult what else did I come down here for I totally forgot cuz you distracted me ladder that’s what it was oh that’s what I should figure out how to do again too bebs made this planter with he didn’t he wasn’t the first one to make it he stole it from someone else and he fully admitted to it but I can’t remember who did it oh I made him look great hold on we’re trying it right now the only thing is that annoys me a little bit about it is I mean you’ll see in a sec when I do it here I think how did he do that I know we need a boat and is it maybe it’s those uh I might have to look this up after just because if I don’t get it right here and I also got to make a ladder that I still haven’t made there we go now I don’t know how this works exactly all right in fact I don’t know if this is how you do it at all but we’re g to try it try it like right here this thing go okay and then do we okay maybe I do pots first yeah pots always first dude here bro 420 smoke them if you got them there’s too much sea grass I can’t find any kill hold on maybe it’s can I even put it there okay and then maybe we piston I don’t even think I have a piston if this doesn’t work I’ll just have to figure out how he did it it’s one of his videos from this season so it should be easy to find what did he do what you do he made like a flower pot out of a boat it looked really good except for the the paddles annoy me a little bit with it but you know what are you going to do um yeah I don’t think I have any Pistons I’ll just make one that I need an iron ingot I need a red stone dust where is my red stone it’s right here also and Cobblestone all right I just found a really neat cave by my place no buy mine oh okay so well not really buy mine but you know buy mine in as okay let’s try this now I don’t know if this is going to work I mean it might if I put this one closer can’t put a one closer though okay so that’s not how you do it I’ll figure it out and I don’t know if that’s the best place where CU I hold on let me test this before I decide to put it there um because we might do a problem where if you just walk into the boat that it might move yeah that okay so that’s not going to work anyway you know what I’m going to do another one of those put a little I want two yeah let’s give me let’s give it two here this there we go still trying to find I want to make my backyard look like this all these raised bad planners I mean I have this many but where you going it’s a one chunk base get back here you turd you know what now I kind of want to do another one over here this might be starting to get too much I don’t know we’ll see see when I let’s see how is kelp the hardest thing to find in this game can tell you oh what one of these and then a fern why do you just come over my there’s kelp Everywhere by my house I don’t know why you’re not just over here trying to find it oh I really need to organize this [ __ ] more but I don’t want to make more stuff it’s the problem that’s I think that would be the biggest downside on a one chunk base is that well no once I get a sorting system in it’ll be perfectly fine I just I just don’t want to build a whole bunch of stores before I put it in you know you didn’t let me finish oh sorry is until you have storage it seems like it would be a lot more difficult to just lay chests out everywhere cuz you’re trying to stay within the one chunk I mean 16 by 16 is pretty big it’s actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be like when I first started I didn’t realize I was going to have as much space as I have okay let me put this away let just see I don’t think uh where what am I looking for here light 11 block three okay four and that’s without any of that 3 two oh we’re getting close but we’re not quite I think here might this no four is this somebody’s base just walking through someone’s base oh I was checking light levels you penis I guess I should have told you I need a knight I really really like those Bays fact because I have villagers now and they’re too stupid to stay down to the place until I I’m actually going to light the rest of this island up and then once they’re safe I can I’ll take out the Torches is is this someone’s base no said call for adventure cuz you filmed a new place I don’t know it’s some from one of the data packs or something okay I’m going to put these ladders in I think we’re going to call it cuz it’s now 12:35 and we’re just still going like it’s nothing I don’t mind I don’t really mind either but I would rather mind well no I’d rather be you know eating that ham sandwich I got sitting in the well I haven’t made it yet but all the parts are there I found a ruined town map and a undead crypt map oh yeah was everything else looted cuz I’ve been to those places and just left that [ __ ] cuz I don’t care about it cuz it’s not something well there’s like pumpkin pies and bread and stuff oh taking a pumpkin pies so I haven’t been there yet yeah and the only other chest I found has like seeds and wheat okay let’s call it there I think man I hope Scotty is not mad I ignored his question I didn’t mean to Scotty we love you I think he knows that where’s my remote thingy there it is actually I got get out of this chair anyway my back’s starting to hurt so I’m not going to raid anybody tonight but thank you for coming by everybody thanks for the chats even if we ignored it sorry Scotty I didn’t mean to I swear I just didn’t see it and uh I hope that you like both the bases and how they’re coming along and also special thanks cuz of the wolf for giving me just every item in the game it seemed like and the jump scares oh and Sean for selling me that feather falling book which is awesome and the jump scares yeah that was that one got me real bad that’s going for this one everybody we’ll see you in the next one we love you

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