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hi everybody hi everybody we are here we are going to get face we’re going to do a drunk MCC gu Lobby stream with a bunch of fellow content creators they’ve all been drinking for about 2 hours uh so they have a had start on me so cheers and I’m very excited I’m me go invade one of the voice calls and see what’s happening over there also Cooper’s here and I’m in a onesie wait I forgot to show you it’s a onesy I’m going to join a VC and yell at beer funger are you guys ready for this I’m going to real quick take Qui beer beer put me in a party oh I’m in I’m in yay yay I can game and now I can start drinking yay I’ve never done a pby does it randomly matchmake us and then we join the it’ll randomly matchmake you with someone and then you just join the corresponding VC all right I just dropped my whole dinner on my lap hi I just dropped my entire dinner on my lap what we are going to kick today I Believe in Us I Believe in Us too I think oh wait it’s been so long since I’ve played hold on oh my God I fell no wait wait I have a ly but I’m still dead it’s fine it’s fine you know someone has to be the first to die and I need to try to recover my dinner my teammate’s not in the call hello I was in the wrong color it’s okay I literally was like where’s Aqua I was like how does the outfit work I can’t see color well I can but I I’m I’m just an idiot okay the start of last game I spilled my entire dinner on my lap I don’t remember how to speed Bridge oh there’s a guy above me I’m going to go this way oh there’s diamond swords here oh sweet oh someone’s shooting at me I’m going to try to go for one of the upper chests are you drunk I’m not drunk but I’m definitely not sober I’ve had a couple of ciders and I’m feeling good whoo who behind me wo I almost got someone but I failed I’m so sad oh I dropped all my TNT no nobody said I’m smart it’s fine but a lot of people said I’m gay so you know what boobs that’s what I’m saying you know how could you know [Music] boobs oh you just [ __ ] exploded I tried so hard to like get in there and steal and I just oh I got my [ __ ] rocked hello well hello there how’s it how’s it going uh six and a half shots damn someone else is like 13 shots in so like it’s fine we’re all different Paces here definitely grab middle it has a levy and arrows oh thank you I do love a good Levy how many levies do you have right now two two okay I’ve got four I can pass you another one absolutely ow who is that is that Chan or Chris shooting at us or is it beer I’ve made enemies with all of them but no one’s gotten mid yet so we’re fine oh I’ve got [ __ ] for you let’s [ __ ] [ __ ] up in a good way there you go also behind us oh my God oh my God boobies all right Sushi’s down Sushi is down nice oh my God I’m getting carried oh you’re chasing the kill oh he’s lagging on me again get back up get back up as fast as you can get him oh my Lord oh yo you got him look at oh I was slaying absolutely you want to like hold hands uh it’s okay I hold hands with you I hold hands with you oh my God oh my God oh my god dude no I levied on Chan and it doesn’t proc get him what the heck you got him you got this did they pick up my [ __ ] cuz I died on the ground hang on behind you behind you out see where the orang is blocked off behind you dig out there dig out there go around the side go around go around go around keep going there’s there’s more levies and a heal I’m so scared to let you down but like you got got this is sh who who is uh tan and two red and uh purple you know I’m not taking that what just that’s a corner Hider I’m just a little I’m just a little I’m going to go buy milk I’m going to go buy milk milk I’m not going to come back oh you’re going to oh it’s just like my dad I got him nice oh no Chan no oh no CH no no no noing lovey again he’s after you lovey again he’s after you is it just them damn I’ve never seen this map before neither have I we have a winning team and our great personalities o Diamond woo wooo we’re going to kill people oh go go go go go go go jump I’m very slow I can speed bridge I’m sure you can bre you son of a [ __ ] can I swear I swear like a [ __ ] shuer and yes cool I have as a single person I’ve TR to call with if I can swear I just been puff you [ __ ] [ __ ] oh o o o o that’s not good for me I’m going to die I think oh my God oh my God I’m alive but at what cost I’m literally running one heart in a dream I’m dead fing died I was recovering and how did it go you know I feel pretty good emotionally and fig and what physically yeah that I haven’t even had a drink yet you you what I literally got here and Spilled my dinner spilled your dinner yeah I dropped my entire plate you know what it is I’ll take a shot just for you cheers to to beer funger who I’ve let down in Minecraft today I appreciate this a lot you know I have I’ve got big goals I want to I want to marry a rich woman and be a housewife perer I’m going to throw you into the you could throw me into the void that hurts my feelings you can throw me you can throw me in there you can throw me into the wood I guess like real Qui just for a little oh my God I just watched someone just walk into the wood I forgot that we’re like in a game who the [ __ ] did that okay this time I swear that one wasn’t me I swear that one was me I’ll be honesto you’re a [ __ ] [ __ ] I love you too you know when you go to a restaurant you get that warm bowl of rolls and it has like the soft butter you ever just hit up Co in your life where you could eat bread and butter for a month straight done that it’s when I’m chronically ill are you chronically ill me too I’m chronically acid do you mean like you mean like gird no I’m not a bird no like gird with the G oh yes that’s it yeah I have it too oh my god dude it sucks balls slurping that that jumpy juice I’m I’m slurping your mom going through a very tough time listen I’ll treat her right okay be your carpent wait that sounds fun actually the do you know what buio Kart is uh I don’t it sounds like a Pokemon so basically you play Mario Kart but you start with an entire beer ooh and you have to finish it by the time the game ends but you can’t drink while you’re driving you have to pull to a stop and then drink wait that’s I would love that but with not a beer I mean all knowledge in Minecraft is kind of just taken from other people all knowledge is taken from other people if you think about it no cuz one time I peed like H my pants are wet I found that out on my own thank yeah but how did you learn to pee your pants your ancestors did it before you what I mean I have had occasionally I have had those Pees Where I’m like oh my goodness my ancestors I didn’t know you thought about your ancestors all peeing where’s this person going that I’m following whoever knocked me over I swear to [ __ ] God I your pillow is going to be so warm tonight I’m going to piss on it oh whatever you’re I’m sorry I don’t know where that I don’t know where that came from sorry I was Unbecoming this bottle of wine is like a gallon of wine and it was full when I took it from the fridge an hour ago I’m concerned but not afraid I’m concerned and afraid of spiders yeah no they’re not here don’t worry that’s what that’s what a spider in Disguise would say [ __ ] that’s exactly what a fake spider would say I can’t believe you’re a spider trying to preserve their life would say that so in the [ __ ] axe oh my God no I love this map this is a good map this is a good map this one has actual mobs in it no it’s a good map you just have to not get punched off right away and then it’s a great map I’m going to get punched off right awayo stop punching Meo stop punching me I’m not I’m not it’s the zombie for real it was not the zombie please I’m sorry I’m just trying to [ __ ] get through my life they look out behind you no why did everyone run past that chicken what chicken oh my God it’s early birds just sitting can’t read I’m I’m in tears no no oh for [ __ ] sake what is hitting me okay no no no no please I [ __ ] hate this fine hey guys I won are you happy for me I’m going to I’m going to try to chug my drink in honor of you winning chug chug chug this is for beer funger this half of VOD [Music] colonade I did it I’m in the happy drunk right now do you enter a not happy drink era at around four beers I tend to get really sad but I’m drinking wine so I don’t know my limit because beer is just you know gross hey what the [ __ ] beer I don’t know how to tell you this but I have a gluten allergy so like [ __ ] can’t handle barley I guess it’s me I’m [ __ ] I [ __ ] moms just when I thought my mom was safe moms are never safe around me be nice to your mom will show up at your house I’ll Len it doesn’t matter if you’re nice to your mom I’ll be nicer to her who’s getting ped your mom’s getting piped mom wait um Shep are you a lesbian like me wait what someone told me you’re a lesbian who told you that I don’t know I’m drunk you know what girl power girl power I’m live why are they all me too I just don’t understand what’s happening ever I do the same I shoot my little I my little French fry I drink my little vodka I’m drinking vodka too we’re like we like so # twinning we are and you have ADHD right yeah we’re like the same person do you like women we are I love women me too oh my God maybe we’re twins that’s all I could get just shot me Chris oh I’m going to hunt him down hun him down I to kill they’re fing jump down down down jump jump jump you got to jump sorry that’s that’s crazy that’s crazy it’s okay we [ __ ] I can’t believe they fil lesbians how are you did you say lesbians me I’m a lesbian who is spreading the notion that I am a lesbian I don’t know but I heard it I’m sorry that I heard it and had to tell you the the backwards whoever gave women a sub I love you thank you because I love women I’m a woman lover you you know me you know me I love women so thank you for that women am I right I need someone that’s a little crazy asking if they can R you up who moo mush TV heard of mush like mush mushroom TV like like yes yes I love Mushu TV are you kidding me moo get in here if you want to talk you this oh my God moo hey sh guys I have to pick a class my last team was trying to set me up with somebody so they might join the call it’s moo okay I might I I might be getting a partner tonight guys not trying to brag or anything oh that’s crazy wait wait what team were you on last wait wait oh my God wait Debb’s here Debbie Debbie will you train me I I am in love with your talent will you train me you’re so talented oh you can’t be here do you you can’t be here I just came in here to risk Christina dude you you it’s working are you are you mushroom TV or are you mush TV this is mush TV okay then I don’t think I know you but like that’s okay oh we don’t get bows and I’ve never seen this map oh what is this this is a very you have to no moon is Slow’s dead run you’re the last one left I got mured filling they’re filling they’re filling that’s so cringe I know right oh that’s crazy I have let’s friendly F I don’t like calling others other people [ __ ] [ __ ] SL Paws if you like being called bit then that’s you being Kink I got I’m just so gay like that period okay okay oh my a fellow gay a fellow gay I’m so gay darling listen I oh my god do you want to like Kiss hypothetically hypothetically I cannot do that because I have a boyfriend oh my God L said hey good for you for loyalty good [ __ ] all the gay [ __ ] have boyfriends and they’re not me and I have a best friend who’s gay that would is she pretty is she nice she’s gorgeous she’s gorgeous Vice trust me you like her is she okay to become a United States citizen leave again I’m going to be sad I died I’m going to take my dog out this is my sign I’ll be right back everybody okay entertain my chat tell them nice things hello [Music] oh I’ve returned oh hi Christina hey how’s it going am I even on aqua team um you are we’re on no te we’ve been p in the wall this whole time oh okay cool oh last game oh my God Tom that was the last this is the last V took a step one took a step right got little it’s goofy o clock yo I sent Bry spice with a message to Jo I looked at the wrong wall I was in fourth okay thank you guys so much for joining thank you for having me I had so much fun I got to get a new bottle of wine I’m almost threw this one this I got to get a new handle of titos I went through my whole [Music] thing oh

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DRUNK MINECRAFT WAS A MISTAKE! What happens when you take a group of Minecraft Content Creators, give them alcohol, and put them in private lobbies on MCC Island? Watch to find out! I hope you all enjoy!

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