INSANE Hardcore Minecraft Pro Plays On Half A Heart!!

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There we are are it’s perfect we’re ready okay I need to get rid of this all right uh I probably just need more wood I’ll use Oak for come here it’s perfect this run is going to win I’m telling you I’m telling you this is the winner

I’ll buy an ax then I’ll buy a pickaxe then I’ll buy a pickaxe I’m just going to okay I need storage real quick uh uh I’m going to kill every single villager here I only need like two I literally need a toolsmith for a diamond pickaxe and the Fletcher for bow arrow

And stick trade 26 Flint for an emerald that’s a [Applause] scam okay hold on I’m going to check the audio okay yeah all right well we probably just need more wood to start off with actually I want to kill this Golem real quick just don’t get

Hit I didn’t bring any arrows I got to go grab some arrows God damn uh where is here it is how much iron five okay was there another Golem I swear there was another one maybe not I really don’t know why are villagers just all here okay God damn I have so much

Food uh okay yeah I probably just need to gather more wood I think I’m just going to turn half of this for now just into [Applause] Sticks no no no baby zombie cuz I really need to just level up my villagers for now oh is this water

Lighter I feel like this water is lighter the Cherry Forest always have to spawn in a mountain like this I want to get a live chat display but um seems too hard so I’ll figure it out later yeah this is definitely ligh I feel so anxious jumping off a two block tall ledge

Like so close more free Iron I’ll take it what did he just did arrows just phase through him what what I don’t think that’s normal I think that Iron Golem is a little strange to be honest with you okay no R of stick trades no

No now he levels up now we can buy iron tools huge progress huge progress I think nope it’s just iron nope we got to trade with him more 33 emeralds for a bell you know I’m liking the way you’re thinking I’m going to have to purchase so many Stone

Axes oh only go for one Emerald you know I’ll buy another one why not I’ll buy another one you know I’m going to move this chest outside with the other one do zombies live right below this I can just hear zombies breathing down my neck and you know I’m not the biggest

Fan I’m going to die to fall damage I know I going to feel it dying to fall damage has been like half of my death that’s like a surprisingly high amount upgrade do you sell now crossbow we’re winning and string for emeralds that could be good I mean I’m kind of stuck just

Buying stone tools and bulk right now um yeah I think I just need more wood I’ll just mine a ton of Cherrywood my viewers skyrocketed when I reached the nether in my last run yeah this this is this is death and I’m just going to leave it

Open we’re never seeing that log again it’s down to Hell nobody will ever touch it again it’s lost to history what is this Minecraft generation is weird sometimes there we go I still shouldn’t probably be that lenient with my health I mean I didn’t really think about what

Would happen if I missed that I mean I know I’m going to make it probably I usually do and everybody knows that if it happens once it’s going to happen every time the stick trade is kind of annoying cuz it’s so much materials just for an emerald

Man I mean I get that it’s going to be incredibly overpowered when I actually do level up the tool Smith villager cuz I’ll I’ll just have unlimited diamond tools I’m just going to buy a diamond axe and pickaxe unless he’s feeling mean and decides to give me a shovel then I’ll cry

I have to walk I can’t run because I know something terrible is going to happen if I do I have to be so careful yeah let’s just do half for now okay okay refill your tread both of you refill your trades h oh okay that’s a lot of XP

Um should I make an iron farm real quick I think I could capturing a zombie would be the hard part but I could just make an iron farm couldn’t I actually I think moving the Villager would be the hardest part actually not really I could just destroy every bed

And then just Place those three beds up top just somewhere i’ definitely die while making it I just know I would okay he would be most of the way if like one more Golem spawns I’ll do it cuz I don’t think I’m going to use this iron for anything

Actually I did it I myself for it any iron come on okay what we really need to do is just get the diamond tools I feel like what I’m doing right now is easier than strip mining oh is there skeleton in there I’m not doing that any iron come on

Please I don’t think there’s any iron come on give me a Golem please H is there a Golem anywhere sticks again okay well there’s more emeralds how much progress would a bell do you know I’m just going to go mining for iron honestly um hold up I’m going to Google or generation map

Um really okay so like why level 16 is perfect for iron I think that’s where the peak is well better get started I’m also going to need a lot of blocks so grabbing a ton of cobblestone would also be [Applause] nice let’s go okay okay I knew I was hearing zombies from

Somewhere I just didn’t know where ah I don’t know what to do ah I’m scared get back get back okay we’re good we’re good we’re good we’re alive we’re alive now we keep going we keep going we keep going we just got to keep going down we just got

To keep going down I mean we got to protect ourselves and make sure zombies don’t kill us cuz that would be you know Annoying actually no not there uh here perfect okay we’re at y level 55 we only have like 40 more blocks to go we’re good

We’re good we’re doing great we’re doing great you know I would uh I bad at the game I would appreciate some more iron I mean I’m not even going to use it to make tools I’m probably just going to use it to make either I mean I need a bucket and I want

To do the iron trade with the armor Smith not even for the emeralds just the progression it gives is so good and there it is there it is perfect there’s so much iron why couldn’t I get this on the good run I had no iron I found eight diamonds and like six

Iron and the eight diamonds was in one vein the only reason I didn’t go like completely bankrupt in terms of iron was Golems they’re just free bags of iron they’re so nice who doesn’t love free Iron I want to get like a mediocre full bright texture pack cuz I have one but

It’s like an overpowered one like I go into a cave there’s no no blocks that are dark I can see everything but I want something that’s just like slight gamma improvements so you have like I mean you can see like okay in the dark like it’s like watchable on YouTube it’s not like

[Applause] overpowered okay I will well I I think I’m going to go for an iron pick real quick now hear me out you can do one of two things you can either smelt the iron and then make it into a pickaxe or you can smelt the iron and then sell it and then

Buy a pickaxe now I know which one I have in mind I’m called capitalist for a reason this is probably the most use anybody will ever get out of this trade like emeralds are so easy to go it’s like would you rather pay three iron or four iron which is you know hard

To get because you got to mine and take ages to get it or sell this guy 31 sticks it’s the easiest decision you will ever make obviously the iron I mean you know like why wouldn’t you just sell them iron I want to get rid of this green shirt so bad if you

Don’t know green shirts cannot get jobs this guy is stupid he is incompetent and he takes up space in my house [Laughter] okay has the tool Smith upgraded yet he has this is not no uh wait what why does he sell diamond hes so cheap what

What never waste your diamonds on a hoe just buy them instead these are dirt cheap man there’s so many of them These Hoes are everywhere I’m going to fill an entire double chest with diamond hose why not I’m just that rich man yeah I’m going to take this axe

Oh it’s so nice to have an efficiency iron axe I got to be careful walking over saplings because if they grow at the wrong time and I get suffocated and this run gets ruined I’m going to cry anything else nope no more logs hidden these saplings are sketchy

Man especially the Cherry ones because they grow to the side so I could just get clipped okay there we go there we go there we go no pressure no pressure can this guy refill his jobs why’ you use your Workstation h [Applause] there we go the tree Cube It’s just free wood

This is even better let’s go we’re doing great we’re doing great we’re doing great this run has gone so good I’m going to be even more sad if I die on this one though because I’m going to have to do the longest run back you have ever

Seen can this guy like not sell diamond hes is that Beyond his pay grade like I just want more Diamond hose there should be a speedrun to get a netherite hoe actually there probably is I mean it would definitely be in the all advancements run cuz you got to get serious dedication

Somehow it’s like when people talk about commitment they’re talking about that achievement honestly netherite isn’t even that hard to get neii is the hose cuz you can just find several Diamond hose in just an ancient city and like not even like bad hose like they’re all perfectly

Enchanted like I could not ask for [Applause] more I still feel slightly anxious every single time I walk over a sapling it would be such an annoying end of this run cuz this run I’m just going to have to make an exact copy of this run cuz it this setup is just too

Good I have all the tools I need I don’t know if this is faster than just getting Diamonds by hand but I feel like the enchantments level this up I’m going to make more chests there we go you know I’m just going to recipe book really he can buy that

Many oh he can’t even sell any more axes I that’s a scam that’s a scam Amam scam artist the money Steelers man they’re Everywhere [Applause] okay we didn’t die yeah there’s definitely a zombie down there I mean good news is an iron axe is a pretty good weapon so I’ll take this it hasn’t breaking so these are going to last ages too 31 emeralds for a bell that better

Give a lot of progression I wish I could check how much progression it would actually give yeah I’m I’m breaking all these saplings it’s too anxiety inducing that a tree will grow on me and ruin this run I have to spread them out if I don’t the

Thought is going to be in the back of my mind every time I’m farming sticks I’m still going to get suffocated in a tree aren’t I I know I am I mean I’m just happy Mojang decided to come and clutch and make it so leaves can’t suffocate

You I mean it makes sense that leaves won’t suffocate you to death kind of leaves probably could what can okay yeah I need a um I’m still so far away from getting the Bell why and I can’t buy anymore I mean I can get them breaking one on a bow let’s go

That’s just what I wanted for Christmas I’m going to have to mine for more iron aren’t I it’s getting your night should probably wait for that where’s the sun where did you go it’s behind that there’s a house up there well we got to check we got to go up there and say

Hi come here come here Villager come here money stealer there the sun is H well uh this is this is my dream housee there’s literally nobody in here is this where the Villager came from what is this why is there a singular house up here Minecraft generate your village is

Better don’t die to fall damage don’t die to fall damage that could kill me I’m not doing that don’t die to fall damage don’t die to fall damage there we go oh two big ones perfect can a tree suffocate me to death if one grows will it suffocate me to death

I mean I feel like it will so I’m just trying to be super cautious hello chos plays move uh why does it take so long for trades to reset I’m void trading them I’m avoid trading them I’m going to gather two hours worth of gold so I can avoid

Trade on second thought that seems hard I don’t think I need these Stone axes anymore but I also don’t think I need a backup okay well I’m just going to go mining for more iron please don’t be a zombie I feel like one’s going to spawn here NOP we’re good

If I have a water bucket you’d think it would be a win you’d think but uh I have died like four times this is my 11th attempt like six out of my like 10 deaths were fall damage it’s always fall damage I should have brought more

Pickaxes now I got to go all the way back like it’s always fall damage it it always is like like I take my eyes off the screen for a second a cave appears and I just die to fall damage like I have just trained myself to crouch on

The edge of every single block when I’m mining just because I traumatized when I died to fall damage and it was even worse because one run I made it all the way to the nether just to die to fall damage and then another run I made it

All the way to the nether just to get slapped by an Enderman while I was farming for pearls why is this guy’s trades full I feel like I should be able to buy more axes I can buy a bell that’s no progression at all that’s nothing I’m going bring another one we

Got four okay even though I’ve had a water bucket on half of my attempts I don’t think I’ve clutched once actually I don’t think I even reacted in time to clutch I just died instantly there was just no hope the clutches were too hard I need

To play Hypixel for 2 hours and train clutches I am too low down um this way this way I feel like they should make strip mining you know easier I mean I get the diamonds are already like really common and don’t have a ton of uses but like iron I feel like iron

Should spawn more frequently cuz I think this is the most frequent level where you can mine for iron feather falling four yeah so I take um only a half heart damage yeah feather fall I don’t even bother crafting armor cuz I just think I’m going to get one shot by

Everything feather falling I’m not grinding for enchants cuz I don’t want to put too much of a Time investment into a single run because I know it can just get ended if I stop focusing for a second and die to fall damage I mean I

Spent like 2 hours on a run just to get slapped by an Enderman before I even made it to a fortress to farm blaze rods and since I haven’t made it to a fortress I have zero experience in trying to kill blazes totems would be a good idea but my problem

Is vex’s can go through walls and evoke can hit you from far away so I did see a Pillager Outpost earlier if worse comes to worse I could go to the Pillager Outpost and start a raid and then just shoot everything with a bow from just a nice 200 blocks in the

Air I mean that could work and a totem could let me get an extra hit and I might I mean I’m probably going to want to be as stacked as possible when I go to the dragon and a totem might be a really good thing but even then

Poison would proba like it’s like yeah but I have poison constantly so even if I do get a totem and get absorption I think all of them would be ticked away until I’m at half a heart again which is what I had in mind when I gave my myself

Poison golden apples I could probably make some of those I mean I have some apples in it’s chest on the surface and when I go to the nether I could just pick up some nether gold why is why is my stream so laggy what happened

I just need to level up my villagers so I can finally get some diamond tools and then I’m ready I mean I’m probably going to want to Dig Down Deeper and then just strip mine until I can find some lava pools which would probably be the best place to mine obsidian to make

A portal I could also grab enchants I mean nothing like too good I mean just like power one for my bow unless the Fletcher can sell more cuz like yeah every time I get healed by the saturation it immediately gets taken away I just get brought down to half a heart every

Time boom more iron let’s go um what the where did hey this can generate through walls Why why is is there’s so many dropped frames do you want to know how to reduce all Creeper damage you know I’ll take the knowledge oh creative mode that’s my guess I don’t think I’ve been killed by a creeper yet I think the only mob that’s killed me is a skeleton and an

Enderman and I’ve just steered clear of every other mob and the Enderman caught me by surprise but um I kind of have to fight them what has another Iron Golem spawned yet I need more iron I’ll take more free Iron I wouldn’t complain but the problem is any damage why are they

Move the expert Fletcher okay where’s my cursor I wish I could get rid of the cursor bug it’s so annoying I hate not being able to see my cursor it’s so bad I mean I’ve gotten used to it just playing aim labs for the sole purpose of

Being able to click on things in my inventory in Minecraft quicker why how long does it take for the tools to refresh I feel like it’s taken ages does he just like not have good access to his workstation if I move it down will that fix

It why is there so many torches what did I do there you go what the hell that didn’t bro I think he was just selecting it as his workstation didn’t even work why are you like this the Super Mario Bros movie is now on Netflix let’s go let’s

Go it’s a cinematic Masterpiece everyone should watch the Mario movie everyone should donate their life savings to Nintendo yo really finally let’s go there we are now he can upgrade from journeyman to expert so he can’t sell me a diamond pickaxe yet but that noise that noise was

Good he gave me a shovel let’s go yeah well I guess this is closer progress is progress I guess I got them breaking two shovels we’re doing it we’re winning okay there’s so many trees now God damn I feel like this is a lot I don’t remember planting this many

Saplings they’re all like connected just got to check the floor just got to check the floor I could have died to fall damage there you never know you never know the caves are around every corner man the caves are around every corner I don’t want to be sent to the

Mines we abolish trial child labor laws I don’t want to go to the mines please o a log is that is that that he was waiting to ambush me I go for that log then he blows up that was planned he’s a paid Assassin by the CIA

To stop me from taking over the world I’m telling you stop it no bad [Applause] creeper I’ll take the [Applause] wood I’m telling you when I edit this all into a video it’s going to blow up eaten Minecraft on half a heart hardcore easy or at least there’s going

To be 60 comments that all say uh underrated underrated I’m telling you I’m just that [Applause] good oh was it really because it was too high up I mean let’s go let’s go what does he have there we are diamond pick we did it we did it Unbreaking two efficiency

Two Just What We Needed all we need is more sticks and to not die of fall damage I kind of wish he sold me a diamond axe in of you know a shovel but I mean I’ll take what I can get at this point if I’m going to be honest with

You I want to do some modded challenges I don’t really play a ton of modded Minecraft but I think beating like rlcraft on half a heart let’s go 100 days half a heart hardcore 10 million views that seems like something doable here it is a diamond pickaxe within Arms

Reach there we go let’s go we did it okay well we did it we did it we win it life uh I could make gapples I had a good idea Jos playx the name of a person who has great suggestions actually do I need to go

Down um I’ll take this I’ll take this and I’ll take this there we go uh I need more arrows I’m going to buy more arrows real quick it’s your turn to get money there you go piercing and quick charge I don’t think this crossbow is too good there we go

Well I think we’re ready I mean it kind of takes a while but now I have food I have blocks I have a pickaxe I think I’m ready for the Nether Again already this was so quick I hope everyone is like this realistically speaking um hold

On okay I’ve been streaming for an hour already and I think I played for like 30 minutes before which means I think this might be 20 minutes faster than the alternative methods which is a pretty good time increase or decrease I feel like it’s really nice just there was iron right here why

Didn’t I just keep Mining and it was an night vanin okay no fortune unfortunately now all we need is a lava pool and we can go to the nether let’s go to the underworld then what we have to do is find the Warped forest and the Fortress we have to kill

Blazes and Endermen make eyes ofender find the stronghold and then die to silverfish I swear that’s going to happen like silverfish just seem like they’re going to be an annoying as hell mob to deal with I mean like I have a bow but I’m going to have to break the spawn

Anyway like dealing with silverfish is just going to be annoying that is why I crouch if I did not Crouch I would have fallen into that pit like if I if this was my first run that would have been a run under cuz I wouldn’t have been doing the Crouch

Thing it’s like usually I wouldn’t mind cuz that looked like it was a fall that would do three and a half hearts maybe four and a half something like that maybe a little more but I’m telling you it’s like the guy from troll Hunters said uh fear keeps you alive and he was

Right now all we need to do is keep mining until we find a lava pool then we can mine obsidian and this pickaxe is even better because it has efficiency too actually I’m probably going to need to farm a lot more sticks cuz I’m going to want to get like four stacks of

Arrows like I want a ton of arrows and maybe even if I find diamonds before I find a lava pool then I’m going to well I’m probably going to make an enchanting table cuz an enchanting table would just be super nice to have cuz I can just get power on my bow

And I’m probably going to want to have a few backup ones I mean I’m level 27 which is like I didn’t even notice how high a level I was oh I hear a lava pool I hear a lava pool it sounds like it’s to my right actually sounds like it’s to my

Left actually it sounds like it’s in front of me what the hell actually it sounds like it’s above me where is it well it’s getting louder oh gold let’s go gav on the way where is it there it is okay I’ll dig up here should I go for a

Totem a totem I feel like would actually be somewhat doable okay well okay the spot is actually kind of inconvenient just because it’s open you know what I’m replacing the torch with the shield we need it if I hear bones Ratt all Shields going up I’m not losing this run to a

Skeleton no give me the obsidian what did a did a bat just die to the lava should I grab 14 just 10 I don’t think I’m going to find any diamonds to make an enchanting table so I’m probably just going to go for 10 I’m also going to need a ton of

Arrows to farm blazes okay that’s dark torch okay it almost was I was like five blocks away from it okay okay there’s no Hostile Mobs the entire length of the tunnel if one spawns in and kills me while I’m looking at chat I’m going to be annoyed I mean I

Know I have like zero Chatters besides like J plays wow I’m going to check the audio I’m going to be annoyed I mean I know I have like zero Chatters besides like oh no oh no it’s night no it’s night that’s not good I’m scared I’m going to

Patch in a big chunk of this this is just anxiety inducing okay is there any mobs under there I’m going to have Shield out there they are they’re killing each other I got to run dude I don’t feel like dealing with this okay there we go both are down anything

Noteworthy okay no we’re good we’re good I think that’s all the mobs I’m scared okay I have enough gold to make a gapple so I think I’ll take one there we are let’s go gapple Acquired and um I’m also going to need to make a portal I’m going to put it

Here oh and I got a flint I down there that’s perfect let’s go it’s going great we’re so close to Victory we’re over halfway done probably I don’t know actually probably not this does not seem like we’re at the halfway point cuz honestly probably getting to a nether Fortress is the halfway

Point cuz I need to get to the nether first that stop get out of the way okay you know what it’s so dark under here that hostile mobs are starting to spawn okay CPP acquired let’s go Jos plays I’m not going to eat it now eating it now would would be a

Waste well I think I’m ready for the nether best please I’ve made it so far no no no Okay like I don’t I definitely should have crafted gold armor I’m kind of stuck just slinking around trying to find a fortress there we go there we are huge huge that ghast is breathing down my neck should I helmet boots let’s go helmet I have very little armor for

Defense but if I can tank a hit I’d be happy too no leave me alone lava okay what’s going on out there what’s going on out here okay I don’t think there’s any Direction that’s better that I can go in I think I’m just going to have to keep on keeping on man

If I hear anything threatening I’m leaving I’m building in Minecraft more than I do in fortnite I’m cranking 90s on these mobs let’s go for cave noises are unideal God damn if my shift key bugs out I’m going to be mad no sticky keys No sticky keys sticky keys don’t even think about

It okay I haven’t heard the gas in a while I think it’s gone I think it’s gone the gas is back I block myself off this is a horror movie if you think Minecraft is scary already you haven’t even seen No stop it you’re scaring me no I’m good I am not going out in the open I mean any more than I already am leave me alone okay block by block block all we need is a warped Fortress something like that I don’t think that’s right English

Is hard okay we either need a warped forest or a nether fortress one of them come on am I going to run out of blocks okay man okay okay that’s a run under over there I need blocks man I need blocks no I’m spending way too many blocks to Baby proof

Everything I guess it’s better to be alive and not have blocks than to be dead with blocks actually you wouldn’t have blocks if you were dead it’s like would you rather have infinite bacon but no games or infinite Gams but no Gams you know I’m going this way I’ve decided I’m going this

Way that Strider looks cold no you leave me alone I do not consent mag Cube leave me alone oh no my phone slipped and that’s when my chat is on so I just heard a thud it’s just my phone oh I’m leaving nope we’re leaving nope we’re leaving

Nope ah I can’t leave ah I have to the [ __ ] okay stop it why are they friend shaped if they’re not friends stop okay come on man give me a break leave my tunnel alone I don’t have any business with you leave my tunnel alone leave my tunnel alone no no no no

No the little ones can’t hurt me I’m safe is it just me or is lava flowing extra fast today I swear it didn’t used to do that I swear it used to be slow it used to flow at the speed of dirt man okay doing it we’re doing it we’re going

This is good this is good this is peaceful this is nice we’re all friends here okay okay we’re doing good we just got to keep going we just got to keep going I have almost no blocks even if I do find a fortress I’m still going to have

To bridge out when there’s nothing and the segment behind me isn’t even fully boxed in so I’m scared something’s going to just attack me I kind of want to what all does a golden apple give cuz resistance would be kind of useless I mean maybe I could take one extra hit

From something that does like half heart damage down to quarter heart damage a quarter heart and even then is being poisoned technically less Health than half a heart cuz I could understand if it wasn’t half a heart and it was actually like the lowest increment of Health it could

Be which would probably be like 0.1 cuz technically Minecraft characters have 20 hp but you can take decimals of damage so I can get hit for like a quarter heart of damage it’s weird is this going to make me br oh I need to edit the crazy guy talking about Joe Biden don’t

I we was just playing valerant and then a mysterious man appeared from The Shadow shadows and started blaming Joe Biden for everything which doesn’t really make too much sense to me we’re going this way okay should we go up more might want to go up No no no no no no no I’m going this way I’ve decided that this way is the better way to travel for no particular reason you know what I just got given an idea that would actually kind of work what if I go up like all the way to the nether

Ceiling cuz hear me out it’s probably going to be mostly solid right right so that means I can mine freely up there without having to worry about falling into caves as much it’s also going to be good because I don’t have to go through

Biomes but if I hit F3 I can still tell what biome I’m in go away mag cubes please I’ve died a lot of times doing this run but to you will not be one of them like I could just hit F3 and I could tell that I’m in a bassle delas so

All I have to do is go up none of this slinking around stuff my biggest problem oh never mind actually never never mind I thought that I would have trouble finding a fortress but I think I could actually find a fortress relatively easily using the pie chart I just have

To learn how it works call small ant I need to know how the pie chart works like this this is the Strat cuz now that I’m up here I can mine around around and just look at my Biome cuz it says I’m going to Bass All

Tas never mind I guess bass all Tas just go all the way to the height limit cuz why wouldn’t they but okay okay maybe we should go to the nether roof we could put a portal up there we’re going we’re going we’re going we’re going okay orp forest and then we Farm

Pearls make sense make sense how am I going to get down I did not think this through all the way I might in fact be dead you know I probably should have thought of how to get down you know I’ll figure it out I could Vine clutch I just

Find a Vine and then I clutch onto it thoughts thoughts well figuring out how to get down I feel like is going to beat dealing with the bassal Deltas probably because it’s a problem for future me rather than current me so that’s good we just got to keep going we just

Got to keep going we just got to keep going we’re doing good still in the B Sal Deltas this is not great I mean there’s all there’s almost nothing to worry about up here so I should should probably be fine getting down is the really annoying part

Oh hold on am I back in the nether waste nope still the bass all tiltas God downam I don’t know why I keep yawning oh wait what the hell what is that are we out of the bass Sal delas yet come on please there it

Is almost imagine I just have like a 700 by 700 area that it’s just bassal deltas and then I have to go all the way back and trade for another diamond pickaxe I probably should have put my portal underground so I could sleep but you know what it’s fine

Please like f Sal is an instant to mine so this is kind of inconvenient I need to watch chainsaw man again oh nope still in the best this every time I see Netherrack I’m just praying that I’ve entered the nether waste cuz at least then I can actually move [Applause]

Still in the b delas or basal I don’t even remember how to say it wait nope still in the best delas Minecraft experience high quality content well good news is I have a ton of blocks so when I do look for a fortress I’ll be able to get

There should I even go for pearls first cuz all I’m doing is looking for a warped Forest should I have used a command out of my health cuz there’s two approaches to having your health at half a heart you can either use poison like I did or you

Can edit your health so half a heart is the only Health you have I decided to go with poison just because it constantly damages me every time I heal and it gets rid of absorption Hearts so I can’t really use a golden apple to cheat yo yo let’s go warp Forest we’re here

We found it okay well good news is we have a lot of bass salt polished bass salt no polished Blackstone all let’s just make a nice looking house this is a survival SMP series now I’m making this into a server half a heart hardcore hey Gab e okay

I’m I need to think about this is there um okay I have an interesting idea we use glow stone cuz now we are a block lower so all we have to do is just dig around around until I find stuff that gets progressively lower and lower

Until I go all the way down to a work forest level or I could grab the cords and then make a separate path I’m going to do the Strat the Strat seems easier yo is that tree going to work you I don’t think that’s a good height I’ll take the gold I could

Clutch I could jump onto those actually why don’t I just use this there’s just a perfect Mound that I can just climb down on yeah now I know that’s low enough okay let’s go I’m free finally let’s go I’m free No purple so many free blocks for my trail oh okay tons of end over there I wouldn’t mind making eye contact with you nothing not a not a single Pearl only Enderman spawn in work for us to my knowledge so I should be mostly fine there we are where is he

You there we Go you shut up thank you h oh I’m trying not to get hit cuz that would be you know rather annoying to what I want to do why did they all something three okay so I need 12 to open the portal so maybe like 18 eyes so that means like 18 pearls

That feels like a good number where they at where the Enderman at no gas no no leave me alone dude I don’t know what to do cuz I feel like I stared an Enderman in the eyes should I just do this in the Overworld I feel like it’d be so much

Safer if I had water okay should I eat it is there any Enderman over here any Enderman over here any takers no okay Oh I thought I didn’t give myself space for a second and I was about to get a hit the big black man he’s so

Mean he didn’t even give me his balls man this is cursed Five okay I just got to keep doing what I’m doing what I’m doing is working pretty well I noticed they keep running towards here so I’m going to expand this out a little bit I just want to stop them I want to Railroad them more I want to make them go here what

What what okay six pearls how many did I say is there 12 more to go I mean I really want to play it safe on the pearls cuz I don’t want to come back here and but I also I kind of don’t want to invest too much time cuz I feel like I’m

Going to get hit okay you come here where did he get that from where did he pick this up from Endermen are strange creatures man for okay now do you see what I see over there no apparently you don’t cuz he went behind the block come here make eye contact with me

He’s right behind me isn’t he okay you Big Nerd give it he placed some decorations he niced up my area let’s go what now I got to do them all didn’t even give a pearl he made me strip my logs what okay Mojang are you racist tall black men can’t

Swim hyper aggressive if you look them in the eyes they look high and on top of that they climb trees if you got something to say Mojang you can just say it Endermen don’t teleport they’re just really fast and they only decide to use their speed and very quick movements I’m telling

You where is more Enderman at did I see someone I swear I’m going to watch the footage back and paraban is just going to be on one singular frame oh come here buddy there they are we going to take a better spot before we do this oh well no No I don’t like this We got nine we need three more before we’re at the bare minimum maybe I’ll just go 16 just a clean even stuck okay well there’s an Enderman he’s right behind me isn’t he I need to download the replay mod just so I can see how close he actually

Was like I heard his footsteps okay for oh heard one up in the Trees okay 11 eyes we’re almost there or 11 ender pearls oh we need blaze rods still I for for God God damnn it yo come here friend I would like to give you an axe if I eat this apple I’m going to take so many ticks of poison

Yep saw something saw singular purple particle let’s go where are you going he was lost okay water break until that Enderman finds his way to me where is he did it work did I miss thank you Jos plays if you didn’t tell me to craft a

Shield I would have died just plays this run goes out to you I in my plan of shooting an arrow at him to get him to teleport so he could find a better spot to pathfind to me did in fact work I’m scared I need an adult scared two more pearls till we’re

Free one more and it could be this boy come here uh I hate that spot so much cuz it makes it so hard to look at him from far away did I just see an Enderman on the tree I saw eyes for what did he just try to block hit

Me yeah that’s what you get you think you can block hit the master okay now how do I get back up I forgot okay is it near here where’s the way up no I forgot no okay that way then I go go down so it’s this

Way you know I could just pill her up and just break in actually no it’s here it’s right here how did I miss it okay well we got pearls okay now all we need to do is snipe blazes uh okay okay we got it easiest video game

Ever okay how do I use the pie chart to find things I don’t know I’m going to Google it I have to figure it out okay so now it’s LIF is to find a fortress and then we can leave the nether okay I might actually be able to

Do this today I might actually get it done okay how to use Pi chart to find Fortress there we are every time I heal and then immediately take damage from the poison to counteract my gained health I get a small heart attack Okay so um this game render

Level maybe I don’t know I don’t know how this works I need to go back uh how to use pie chart it’s like the pie chart in the bottom right you can use that to to find the Fortress um I finding anything with the pie chart seems like it’s going to be hard

Um unspecified how do I make the pie chart go back Q Ah that’s a lot oh for for for my screen is so crowded this is not good it looks so bad okay hey can I get that what uh this is unexpected I don’t I didn’t know this could spawn this High okay

Is For for okay give me my crafting table for for really nothing oh okay I’m going to go back all right that’s where I found the ancient debris I thought I missed a cave for a sec so I blocked it off I didn’t want a pigman to walk in on

Me doing stupid [ __ ] with a golden apple I should eat this I don’t just as an experiment I mean I can make another one if it’s actually good and I can Farm more gold if I really want to but I really feel like this apple is in going to

Help should I save the inventory space you know how about I eat it when I try to kill the silverfish cuz honestly I feel like that’s going to be the hardest part of the Run dealing with silverfish cuz there’s just going to be like a 100 of them I’m going to have to

Both SP otherwise I just fail I also read that um fortresses spawn more on the positive x- axis so I want to go this way instead of that way I mean I went really far I would laugh my ass off if I mined and then found two more ancient debris

And then could actually just make like a netherite pick a netherite oh no if I find two more ancient debris I’m makeing a netherite hoe I have to make another right ho what kind of [ __ ] wouldn’t make another right out it’s just op yeah I’m going to ignore that magn

Cube yeah I’m going to go up sooner I definitely should have gone up sooner what are you more down yep then there’s this part um back in the tunnel okay this was a pretty successful trip to the nether I’ve successfully obtained 16 ender pearls which is a lot

And I think I don’t need any more pearls for the entire run it’s annoying as hell that ender pearls actually do damage when you use them cuz I’m going to die so ender pearls are off limits hey Pigman we’re friends right yeah we’re friends wait okay so we set my spawn first I’m

Kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding it might be night one when I come out in which case I’m going to have to hurry somewhere it’s not that we’re good there we go that entire trip few iron smelted it was all worth it it was all worth it well we’re almost there we’re almost

There home stretch home stretch I’m actually going to get like five stacks of arrows real quick bro do I not have any okay that’s pretty good I’m going to mine more of these you know just okay it’s nice to take a breather why does my stream suddenly get two viewers

The millisecond that I leave the nether like I worked my ass off like an hour to get 16 pearls and then they just immediately appear the second that I finally get them I’m telling you man the YouTube algorithm is dumb it’s so nice to take a breather now I

Can just Farm sticks in peace Unbreaking should I get a bow you know I’m going to get like an extra one along with more arrows cuz I think I’m ready to go back to the nether I found ancient debris which is weird like how I mean it isn’t enough

To make like any good netherite tools but I’ll take it I guess I need more Cherrywood I want to get another diamond pickaxe first this one’s kind of low and it’s stressing me out okay we can finally take a breather we can finally take a breather would one of

My three viewers happen to be uh I don’t know the guy with the pink profile picture I think his name was like fisherman plays or something or the guy named a that guy named a this is truly like Hardcore Minecraft experience man I am an experienced Hardcore Minecraft

Player I think that I’ve played it once before need sticks come [Applause] here why mean 23 okay six more D or six more emeralds I’d love it if the Fletcher would refresh his job real quick please like okay break it up you twoo break it up break it up break it

Up refresh your job I need emeralds to buy another pickaxe move please do it do it okay chat what’s 15 divided by three five how many emeralds do I have 16 what is 5 + 16 21 I am two whole emeralds off from being able to buy this diamond pickaxe

Unless I trade trip wire hooks I think that’s even more expensive oh it’s a night oh [Applause] no I’m regaining Health faster than I can lose it well I was first split second I heard a baby zombie and I just chugged the gapple well I have absorption

Supposedly all of my extra Health got destroyed yeah I have enough sticks I just need to wait for him to refresh am I going to have to wait a day for him to do it come on man nah I’m [Applause] lazy actually feel like this is more impatience and

Laziness cuz you take this make it Cherry planks and then check this out chat check this out I am a genius and a mastermind actually you know what we using these yes they have a [Applause] [Applause] purpose what uh well I just planned on making another Fletching table and ridiculous prices inflation

Man inflation it gets to us all the cave below me just has me tweaking cuz I keep hearing the zombies and I swear like the anxiety of this run is just unparalleled with anything I’ve done in Minecraft so far Viola there we go okay all right we’re ready uh yeah we’re ready let’s

Go never mind I want to grab an axe I’m going to grab a better axe how did i ph what we don’t ask questions here yeah we do it’s all we do hey Vsauce Michael here how fast can you run you know what we got to for smell something that the wind

I haven’t even started mining yet and I’m nearly at a Netherrack already I’m just baby proofing everything cuz I do not trust myself to walk around unattended in the nether waste let’s just add a quick baby gate here this should stop me from dying for oh there’s a chest is there

Now uh no I’m not doing this we’re going here I’m not mining through the B this man it takes so long it’s so slow for wait why do I have Max frame rate unlimited I only need 60 FPS in fact the stream only captures like

30 there we go now my GPU is being stressed at all I don’t need 400 frames a second to play Minecraft I yo mob spawner let’s go okay yeah if I stand Here the mob spawner isn’t rendered but if I go here it is it’s the blue on the pie chart to the

Right that’s a mob spawner um wait okay that 10 really that is not right that is also not right I’m going to type F3 and a that is also not right I keep typ bro I cannot get a good camera view from there well one’s super close to me okay

337 I’m going to go down and I’m going to bridge to those cords and I’m going to hope it isn’t a Bastion cuz it could be a Bastion I don’t think it’s a Bastion though it probably isn’t a Bastion it probably is facing my luck it

Is a Bastion of course it is why wouldn’t it be I want luck like small ants that’s just like whatever shows up IS F medic effect can this guy like move like stop there we go bro n go through the portal there’s an iron golem on theide for you okay

Mang’s garbage hit boxes are not inspiring confidence in me I thought he was farther away and bigger I don’t even see one there it is no back off go away we go we go we go we go we go be a Minecraft on half a heart it’s

Easy it’s easy it’s not even close it’s not even hard not even Hard okay there we go no go go away there we are we’re going we’re going we’re going we’re going we know the rough cords of a fortress we need like a 100 more blocks in this direction go and with this looking for a fortress what are you going to do whenever you

Get kill blazes how bow is the best we in the game yeah I have a couple arrows on me just baby proofing everything real quick you know got to make sure I don’t die so remember okay are you fingers one arm one arm Mhm uh nope telekinesis roughly comp to the no I don’t know your spells wizard look at it it’s called The Goat so only release I note that you can switch between in a and you have no idea what I’m talking about when you about but like the raid on Oni goshima finally

Started yeah it’s called the go for a reason okay let’s find a fortress let’s find a fortress we can get it we can get it started onima onima yeah that’s crazy a baby proof got a baby proof wait okay so there’s ground relatively close down oh wait why is my simulation

Distance low no I forgot to turn it up 48 chunks I see everything I know everything m friendly pigin we’re best friends remember Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go thank you pie chart thank you I want to change my video settings I feel like this is all you know a little too high uh I have this at like 12 and I have this at like 10 there we go

That’s the perfect entrance I’ll just go to the part of above it that’s a Crimson Forest which could be dangerous I have to be careful I’m going to go there actually for Fortress let’s go okay so we’re just blazes away just blazes away from getting able to okay I nearly

Un Crouch and the F this is not good let’s go we’re doing it we’re doing it now that this is done okay yeah we can do this we can do this we can do this okay once I finish baby proofing this we’re going into Fortress cave noise let’s cut it out now’s not

The time I don’t feel like It h okay we made it we did it we did it we did it oh I just got given a heart attack from the achievement okay no leave me alone did he drop a rod oh I need to find out better way to do this no

Yes the 44th sub Just What We Needed let’s go progress progress yeah the counter went up nice Job there’s one a rod let’s go blaz powder I get two I need seven more Rods no leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone okay if they hit the floor I’m dead this good good I’m not liking this maybe I’ll block the ceiling no attacks allowed aerial attacks are kind of rude They’re so loud M why are they so Loud no leave me alone let’s go Rod no nope it’s not very polite no no okay here we are let’s go we have four we’re halfway there we’re halfway there didn’t even get one soone consider it I believe they would die no no no no no no no no no stop go away okay okay yep there it Is okay there’s so many up there no okay Nope Okay okay Please no nor on one more no dude you’re bitter man I can’t but I almost died to that Blaze no I’m one rod away and that guy did not drop it oh okay okay I’m seven okay we need we need an eighth where’s the eighth at no what happened am I

Dead only mentally we’re good oh let’s go there’s another one in the P let’s go placee run No run run run run okay we [ __ ] did it oh I’m going tweaking man I get a subscriber from the stream it’s good I start with 43 or 42 I don’t know MPA Asian artist came in clutch subscribe I couldn’t have done it without him the moral support was just too much wait

Okay it doesn’t night we’re good dud oh my God man Oh oh GG easy not even close you see the GTA yeah why was there so many people throwing it back I don’t know like I feel like we’ve been waiting for GTA 6 for so long man 16 you think [ __ ] no I saw a post on the Skyrim subreddit

That said wow getting your game in 2025 must be nice must be nice getting a six game in 2025 must be nice how you ready to go kill the dragon almost um I don’t know if I have enough arrows you have enough the what I don’t have an enchanting

Table I bought this pickaxe from this guy and I bought the axe too how do you your emerals sticks so many sticks that’s why I have a Grove this guy this guy came in clutch I didn’t even make a bow or arrows I just bought it from him I couldn’t have done

This without villagers unless I could have so that’s why I’m going to do this run on 1.8 again so that way I have to kill Enderman you start ads for suicide uh I’m also going to beat the game um half heart TNT spawns on me every 10 seconds blindfolded pretty easy yeah

Bro okay I think I’m ready for the dragon should we go I don’t think I can handle this mentally it only took five streams this attempt has only taken 4 hours ah [ __ ] it okay so here’s the plan we use the Eyes of Ender on the portal once we get

There we jump through the portal we bridge out and then up and then we shoot the crystals from above now I don’t know if this is going to work so I’m going to do a test run and see if I have to go back to the drawing board

So let’s just create a creative world yeah I know four blocks and it’s over it’s so close like I have to see if this is going to work why is there a guy outside um okay so we need an Eye of Ender then we need a bow and

Arrows and then just like wood you I’ll just get like this locate structure oh I can I mean I thought about doing that but I just didn’t want to use absorption Hearts to cheese it so if I eat a golden apple all of the hearts go away probably should have just made

Viola yeah I’m just going to make an ortal dealing with the mobs is also going to be annoying the end first thing SL game mode survival okay actually maybe I’m use this okay so we just find the dragon then we go up how are we going to deal with the

Bars like I want to just make sure the Ender Dragon can’t hit me while I do this cuz if he can hit me while I’m pillaring up I’m done oh let’s go you subscribed didn’t you you made the right decision okay so maybe we go to like One 30 and then we start briding cuz I need to figure out how this is going to go and I haven’t really done much testing okay we’re just going to hope that misses me we’re just going to hope that misses me cuz if he breaths Fireballs on me I’m kind of

Done so yeah this should work shouldn’t it cuz then I can just Spam these finally then I can R down down on him you know what only one way to know for sure we got it let’s go imagine I die of fall damage on my way there I just I’m probably going

To that just seems like something I did which makes me kind of want to walk there cuz if I don’t I could die and that’s not that’s not ideal that’s not ideal getting blaze rods was so stressful I almost died twice but we’re doing great we’re doing great I’m overpowered man I’m

Overpowered this run is too easy okay how many blocks do you usually go before you throw another eye I’m just going to feel it out yep please drop there we go in a tree really okay now I need to get down without dying the journey the journey the journey is taking so long

Okay good eye of underlock it’s been a while since I’ve gone to a stronghold honestly killing all the mobs I feel like it’s going to be a big challenge okay we’re so close all we have to do is find the stronghold light the portal and then beat the dragon this game’s so easy

I have my bed night isn’t a problem night is fine still this Way okay I haven’t had an eye bre yet that’s it’s a good sign it’s a good sign I’m telling you man this is the run I’ve been so lucky and there were like three really close calls is it in the ocean if the stronghold is in the ocean I’m going to

Cry let’s go to the stronghold we’re off on an adventure let’s go let’s go oh we’re close what that isn’t the sound of it breaking there it is we’re good we’re close we’re close we’re close I’d cry if I drowned it’s like no no I’ve spent so

Long if I die on this run I’m an in stream I’m gone I’m never attempting this challenge again until tomorrow okay yeah I overshot it I know I did why can’t these just break like I have enough to light the portal and I if they fall I have to pick

Them up it’s the law man it’s the rules is it in the water it is isn’t it another one I don’t mind getting this one I don’t mind getting this one what what oh okay that isn’t the water of course it is why wouldn’t it P uh you know what yep finally one

Broke I traveled that many blocks God damn I did not think I went that far actually that might not be that many I don’t remember my original cords that’s why we have a backup okay does yeah blaze rods give off light there we go I kind of don’t want to go in the

Stronghold and I kind of want to go along the side wall actually no silverfish um iron it pains me to leave you behind but I cannot what’s my cords okay okay 1279 2447 actually it’s here and here you know this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I found a stronghold but

I’m you know what that’s something I’ll take it I guess definitely should have brought torches you know what I got NE I got ancient debris before an iron chest plate man I’m just that good you guys are going to be in the dark you know what I’m just going to hope the

Portal isn’t that way maybe oh enemy got him close that’s a zombie wait no we do not I’m better than Phils of Minecraft I’m better than Phils of Minecraft I’m better than Phils of Minecraft really who the [ __ ] makes a half open prison cell I’m disappointed in map paths conspiracy theorist alien civilization Man please please I would appreciate it if you did not a library okay let’s go the eye armor trim this is an interesting ass book and I would love to put it on my bow if I can I don’t think anvils spawn here though so unfortunately I am not able

To I’m not doing that I’m just going to go around what really okay well I’ve marked off everywhere besides this one let’s go it’s this way isn’t it of course it is why wouldn’t it be this is terrible yo is this it baby zombie FS the Killer’s inbound

Okay okay there was literally nothing through there mentally pre myself cuz I heard zombies and then there’s just nothing cuz it was this way that has the portal room can we give strongholds an overhaul bro it’s just such a maze and for what what what show me the way broh okay this

Way this is the way I came from this is this is the best there we are progress where’s this go okay well yo that hard game literally nothing is this way oh I didn’t go this way and there’s literally nothing there bro come on something if this leads to the exact

Same thing I’m going to a g somebody this leads to the exact same thing doesn’t it let me just uh how strong holds are just like a bra moment of a structure like I got to jump through 700 Hoops like I swear I’ve checked every way besides the one that it is haven’t

I where where I’ve checked everywhere leave me alone stop Enderman relax calm down bruh how do you find the Portal room aha I haven’t been to this area yet now have I I literally have and I blocked it off I blocked everywhere off because this is a dud okay

Bruh you know what I’ll be right back we’re back this should yep back to the stronghold yay hold on let me check the audio back I don’t hear [ __ ] there’s something in the background what I can’t figure out where for the life of me the the portal is I feel like

I’ve checked every crevice and it’s still not here have I gone this way I have know what we’re just hugging the right wall dude I hear like faintly something in the background I think it’s a guy who’s just using like a sand or something I’m going to cry if I die

Here I guess I got to try every path again I clearly missed something what no you get away from me you fat [ __ ] as long as there’s no baby zombies I don’t have anything to fear yo this is a good sign I got to close my

Window just a guy sing I hear it or something something okay I also want to speedrun how did we get here I feel like that could be fun oh I never noticed how many iron doors were installed holds man there’s so many okay it wasn’t this way a skeleton is

Somewhere now the run under okay there he is you know what okay this is a bad idea come on okay yeah wait oh my God I thought I saw a silverfish out of the corner of my eye and my entire day was about to get ruined okay the well is clear

Bread just what I needed let’s go supply Crate coming in clutch rad the bat jump scared me let’s go let’s go let’s go is there another what my phone fell again I’m going to break my phone if I just keep letting it fall I have 11 iron doors

Okay we keep going we keep going there’s literally nothing else to go for what up nope you to up or something um I really don’t know what to do I’ve searched literally everywhere I can find oh no wait no cuz if you dig into the wrong thing you’re dead huh

Yeah yeah it’s just this I don’t think it’s down here that’s where I came from come on it’s pretty dark yep come on anything uh Yep this way is a done too nope I’ve been there before I’m honestly not afraid of digging to the portal I’m afraid of

Silverfish I mean the iron chest plate I found all of my armor is in perfect durability it’s so beautiful mending would be the most useless enchantment on my armor man is it you this is literally the same room that’s all this is this is also the same room bro nothing ah uh h Um there’s really just like where’s the portal person in chat do you know would you happen to know a tip on finding the portal I don’t need your tip on finding the portal anymore I’m in in stream man this attempt took so long and I did

So well well just for a zombie to hit me I didn’t think that was how that worked I blocked an attack with my shield I should have been able to hit him I feel like I should have been able to hit him oh my gosh man ah ah come on

Why yeah well nothing I can really do I’m in

This video, titled ‘Beating Hardcore Minecraft On Half A Heart #5’, was uploaded by RBS on 2023-12-06 02:38:00. It has garnered 58 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 04:32:22 or 16342 seconds.

Too ez not even close half a heart too much health.

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    The Sneaky Logic of Minecraft The Secret Minecraft Logic Welcome to The Secret Minecraft Logic, a channel dedicated to exploring the hidden mechanisms and logic behind the popular game Minecraft. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of redstone circuits, command blocks, and game mechanics to uncover the secrets that make Minecraft such a unique and engaging experience. Exploring Minecraft’s Inner Workings On this channel, you will find tutorials, guides, and in-depth explanations of how various aspects of Minecraft work, from simple redstone contraptions to complex automated systems. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of redstone or a… Read More

  • Minecraft Makeover: Fixing Offense with History

    Minecraft Makeover: Fixing Offense with History Minecraft: Exploring Historical Objectivity in a Virtual World Embark on a journey through the pixelated landscapes of Minecraft as we delve into the concept of historical objectivity within this virtual realm. Join us as we uncover the fascinating intersections between history, creativity, and gameplay in this iconic sandbox game. Unveiling the Past Through Minecraft Within the vast expanse of Minecraft, players have the unique opportunity to recreate historical settings, monuments, and events with remarkable detail and precision. From ancient civilizations to modern landmarks, the game serves as a canvas for historical exploration and interpretation. Historical Accuracy vs. Creative Freedom… Read More

  • Trilleo’s Mischievous Minecraft RPG Adventure

    Trilleo's Mischievous Minecraft RPG Adventure Welcome to Treelization: A Minecraft RPG Adventure Game Embark on an exciting journey in Treelization, a Minecraft server-based RPG Adventure Game like no other. Step into a world shrouded in desert landscapes, where you will take on the role of a GEPA Member, tasked with protecting the environment and learning about the pressing crisis we face today. Exploring the World of Treelization As you traverse the vast expanse of Treelization, you will encounter non-playable characters (NPCs) who will offer you quests to complete. These challenges will not only test your skills but also educate you on environmental issues and… Read More

  • Moon Mining Madness: Minecraft’s Lunar Adventure

    Moon Mining Madness: Minecraft's Lunar Adventure Ram’s journey to the moon, a tale so grand, A cinematic adventure, across the land. With beats and rhymes, the story we tell, Of India’s mission, Chandrayaan 5, oh so swell. The news reporter, with rhymes so tight, Crafting Minecraft updates, shining bright. In every line, the truth takes flight, In every verse, the story ignites. Ram’s mission to the moon, a historic feat, With ISRO’s pride, the journey complete. From Earth to space, a daring leap, In every rhyme, the story we keep. So leap into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth… Read More

  • Pick your poison: cursed portals in Minecraft challenge 🔥

    Pick your poison: cursed portals in Minecraft challenge 🔥 I chose the cursed portal that leads to a world where creepers give hugs instead of exploding. It’s a risky choice, but hey, at least I’ll never run out of cuddles! #MinecraftLife Read More

  • Redstone Farm Finale! Minecraft Survival #20

    Redstone Farm Finale! Minecraft Survival #20 Exploring the Redstone Farm in Minecraft Join EpicAlyssa1250 and Andrew in their latest adventure in the Boyfriend & Girlfriend Minecraft Survival Series! In this episode, they delve into the intricacies of the Redstone Farm, a key feature in their virtual world. Redstone Farm: A Hub of Innovation The Redstone Farm serves as a hub of innovation in the Minecraft world. It provides essential resources and materials for crafting, building, and surviving in the game. With its automated systems and clever design, the Redstone Farm showcases the players’ creativity and problem-solving skills. Key Features of the Redstone Farm Within the… Read More

  • Daxx vs The Ultimate Safe House in Minecraft!

    Daxx vs The Ultimate Safe House in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘ZOONOMALY vs The Most Secure House In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Daxx on 2024-06-16 14:00:02. It has garnered 7696 views and 170 likes. The duration of the video is 00:34:29 or 2069 seconds. ZOONOMALY vs The Most Secure House In Minecraft (Minecraft) Today Daxx, Xoe and Knox are getting attacked by ZOONOMALY in minecraft! Will they be able to survive? Watch the full video to find out!! Roblox Channel: @DaxxMC@Daxx_Roblox Follow Me On Twitter: #minecraft #minecraftmod #daxx #daxxandxoe Read More

  • Terrifying Reddit 2-Sentence Horror Stories

    Terrifying Reddit 2-Sentence Horror StoriesVideo Information This video, titled ‘Reddit 2 Sentence Horror Stories #minecraft #reddit #2sentencehorrorstories #redditstories #scary’, was uploaded by Stories Of Reddit on 2024-06-09 16:54:56. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Subscribe for more Read More

  • Mind-blowing finale of Techopolis 2! Final Techium & Questbook completion!

    Mind-blowing finale of Techopolis 2! Final Techium & Questbook completion!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Techopolis 2 | FINAL TECHNIUM & QUESTBOOK COMPLETION! #27 [Modded Questing Factory]’, was uploaded by Nik & Isaac on 2024-03-08 21:00:05. It has garnered 4005 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 01:20:15 or 4815 seconds. Minecraft Techopolis 2 | FINAL TECHNIUM & QUESTBOOK COMPLETION! #27 [Modded Questing Factory] with Nik and Isaac ★Minecraft Cryptopolis | ALL NEW NETHER SKYBLOCK! #1: ★Watch Live On Twitch: ★Support the channel on Patreon & get access to all the GOC Patreon servers: ★Join the Nik & Isaac Discord: Techopolis 2… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Mansion for My Dog! #GamerGenius 🐶🏠

    Insane Minecraft Mansion for My Dog! #GamerGenius 🐶🏠Video Information This video, titled ‘house for my dog minecraft #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by MC SPARKY GAMER on 2024-03-09 06:18:22. It has garnered 507 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:58 or 58 seconds. house for my dog minecraft #shorts #minecraft #shortsfeed #ytshorts #youtubeshort #shortvideo #mcsparkygamer minecraft minecraft dog house minecraft house dog house minecraft dog house tutorial minecraft pet house minecraft dog house for my dog minecraft minecraft building minecraft dog house designs minecraft pet houses minecraft build hacks pet houses minecraft minecraft build tutorial minecraft tutorial minecraft how to make a dog house minecraft… Read More

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  • UNBELIEVABLE! Insane Iron Golem Farm Build LIVE

    UNBELIEVABLE! Insane Iron Golem Farm Build LIVEVideo Information This video, titled ‘Building an Iron Golem Farm in Minecraft Hardcore | LIVE’, was uploaded by Sp00kable on 2024-02-28 16:49:55. It has garnered 179 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:22:45 or 12165 seconds. ►Donate here – Donations are not required, but are appreciated. ►Twitter: ►Follow me on Twitch for More Livestreams: ►Merch Store – ►Business inquiries: [email protected] ***All donations must be made by someone who is above 18 years of age. While donations are appreciated, they are never asked for. If you do decide to donate, please remember that… Read More


    SCANDALOUS MINECRAFT DRAMA: CPotworek vs MALTIXONVideo Information This video, titled ‘OSTRA DRAMA MALTIXON I BUZKAA (NOWA PELERYNA W MINECRAFT, BANY NA PYKMC, KORONA ANARCHII)’, was uploaded by CPotworek on 2024-04-21 19:18:24. It has garnered 27558 views and 2171 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:59 or 899 seconds. LEAVE A SUB FOR MORE! 👉 👈 Here’s the LINK 👆 to my last video 👉 MY SOCIALS: ✉️ BUSINESS/COOPERATION: [email protected] 🎞 SEND YOUR IDEAS FOR SHORTS/VIDEOS TO MY DC 0:00 – Introduction 0:25 – Return of the MCC tournament (Minecraft Championship) 1:34 – Failed overplays of xFelt and Mantis 2:07 – A strange… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Experiment: EVERYONE In My World! #shorts

    Insane Minecraft Experiment: EVERYONE In My World! #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Put EVERYONE Into My Minecraft World! #shorts’, was uploaded by JustANoob on 2024-06-23 06:34:59. It has garnered 2492 views and 127 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:47 or 47 seconds. I Put EVERYONE Into My Minecraft World! Hello my name is JustANoob, I make minecraft houses, cool builds, would you rathers, shower thoughts, wholesome moments, minecraft but challenge videos, i post videos that i make and edit, and it’s my goal to get to 100,000 thousand subscribers-, youtube shorts, hypixel parkour, minecraft shorts, minecraft parkour. I like pumpkins. #shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #viral Read More

  • “Insane Minecraft Blender Animation LIVE” #minecraftanimation

    "Insane Minecraft Blender Animation LIVE" #minecraftanimationVideo Information This video, titled ‘Live animating minecraft animation blender #minecraftanimation #live’, was uploaded by Ender extra on 2024-06-15 07:05:40. It has garnered 7 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:52 or 52 seconds. DOSTON COMMENT KARNA NA BHULE! LIKE TOH KAR HE DIYA HOGA SUBSCRIBE TOH KAR HE DO Follow On Instagram :)) Join My Discord If You Want To Talk To Me :)) SMP MEMBER’s Special Thanks To Video Inspired By – Thumbnail Inspired By – Contact Me Here For Any Sponsership :- ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ⚔️TAGS (IGNORE) :- #loyalsmp #loyalsmpapplication #lifestealsmp #vrminecraft… Read More

  • ApeTownSMP

    ApeTownSMPApeTown SMP is a Minecraft server with the goal to never reset the world in a free for all 2 rules pvp environment, with little modification to the vanilla survival gamemode. Read More

  • Fabled Battlegrounds PVP, Magic, Classes, Skilltree, lightweight – Abilities – Competitive 13+

    Join Our Modded PvP Server for Summer Fun! Looking for a lightweight modded server to play over the summer? This is for you! We are a mainly PVP styled server with multiple class, skilltree, and weapons mods to promote swordplay and teamwork. Join our small group for some mindless beef and entertainment for the next 3 months. Interested? Find all the information on how to join here (No whitelist) 🙂 Read More

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    Bedfight Tier Test: Minecraft's Fight Night Best! In the world of Minecraft, where challenges abound, I took on Bedfight, where victory is found. Tier tested in BedWars, now a new quest, To conquer all tiers, I put myself to the test. With strategies and tips, I faced each foe, In Hypixel’s realm, where legends grow. The thrill of the battle, the rush of the fight, In every move I made, I aimed for the light. Join me on this journey, through victories and falls, As I navigate the twists and turns of these virtual walls. Minecraft Bedfight, a game of skill and might, Watch as I… Read More

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    Minecraft Meme: Burning Down the House “Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNT-sion!” Read More

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    Fleecade: Spooky Minecraft on PS1 Minecraft PS 1 Edition: A Spooky Adventure Step into the eerie world of Minecraft PS 1 edition, where the familiar blocky landscapes take on a whole new level of spookiness. From haunted forests to mysterious caves, this version of the game is sure to send shivers down your spine. Exploring Haunted Forests As players venture into the dense forests of Minecraft PS 1, they will encounter eerie creatures lurking in the shadows. From ghostly wolves to sinister witches, the forest is filled with dangers that will keep you on edge. Uncovering Mysterious Caves Delve deep into the dark caves… Read More

  • Ultimate Modern House Build Guide

    Ultimate Modern House Build Guide Minecraft: Building a Modern House Tutorial In the vast world of Minecraft, creativity knows no bounds. In this tutorial, IrieGenie showcases how to build a stunning modern house with intricate interior design. Let’s dive into the details of this architectural masterpiece! Exterior Design The video kicks off with a focus on the exterior of the modern house. From the sleek lines to the contemporary aesthetic, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a visually appealing structure that stands out in the Minecraft landscape. Interior Decoration As we move inside the house, the attention to detail is truly impressive. The… Read More

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    Deadly Minecraft Adventures with Mr Ratrox!Video Information This video, titled ‘[LIVE/PC] On joue à Minecraft et c’est hazardeux !’, was uploaded by Mr Ratrox on 2024-05-09 15:27:38. It has garnered 10450 views and 33 likes. The duration of the video is 06:34:35 or 23675 seconds. Donate: Chaîne Gaming: @MrRatrox2 Twitch: Contact pro: ou FrenchieALT sur Discord. Discord: Tiktok: @mrratrox Patreon: Read More

  • Krish’s Insane Minecraft Horror Map

    Krish's Insane Minecraft Horror MapVideo Information This video, titled ‘HORROR MAP IN MINECRAFT 😱’, was uploaded by MINE KRISH on 2024-02-23 14:02:00. It has garnered 765 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:26 or 146 seconds. minecraft horror minecraft horror maps minecraft horror mods minecraft horror modpack minecraft horror games minecraft horror seeds minecraft horror maps 2 player minecraft horror texture pack minecraft horror shaders minecraft horror skins minecraft horror maps multiplayer minecraft horror maps 1.19 minecraft horror adventure maps minecraft horror adventure maps multiplayer minecraft horror addons minecraft horror art minecraft horror ambience mod minecraft horror apk minecraft analog… Read More

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    INSANE: Bart Simpson's Minecraft bedtime taleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Bart Simpson tells you a Minecraft bedtime story’, was uploaded by Melou on 2024-04-13 07:14:28. It has garnered 491 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Catch me live on Twitch: Check out my socials & join the discord: ——— ‣ ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Melou and I’m a Minecraft streamer mostly focused on Hardcore Minecraft. Feel free to stop by in chat and say hi! #minecraft #minecraftshorts Read More

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  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More

  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at or download the mod… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft”

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