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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yo so I’m still kind of sick right now all right my stream late is just checking for a second also the thumbnail was just a practice thing I was making also apparently I was like practicing in lobbies and apparently main par is also in my Lobby that makes sense I’m in versus one hold up let me get a drink like usually there’s at least one YouTuber in this Lobby I just hopped in lobby one and then M joined and he’s like here he’s probably streaming or something I don’t know I’ve been practicing for some reason ax tools I thought it was actually pangy I might want to leave this live everyone’s just trying to join like main par thing so there’s nothing I can no one’s going to do with me let me turn up my oh yeah now I can see stream what is this my d also I I fix some of my settings on my computer uh concerning my CPU it’s like running a bit smoother that’s WP me what does wp mean all right I’m going to look it up I’m going to see what WP means what does like w w oh well played okay I’m going to go Lobby to that should be better yeah yeah I didn’t even check this kid that’s on me all right I just got to eger really hard hold that that was the kit was just random and I realized it I all I had to do is play like AXS or UHC that was just weird why do a kit like that if you’re not even let me do this Knack sword this is going to be annoying all right I think I know what to do use the KN back oh wait oh I forgot it was strength too I don’t I think I should have double gaap oh my teammate should healed he should have healed yeah we’re we’re going to lose they’re not breaking any Shields if they’re good at comboing they should like immediately try to get a shield break well this sucks wait is there even a another round like what am I waiting for oh yeah I’m going to put that poison away all right first move he’s going for a a crit chain oh is my aim good or is it bad I’m GNA replay My Stream also the stream is a bit weird because like after I fix my GPU it wouldn’t let me uh stream my Minecraft to my OBS full screen so I just had have my uh subscriber goal there I will never update because OBS is weird so yeah probably mute my mic whenever I have to like call or something that’s cool crap he almost got me there all right hope I can get him all right you already hit me dud I just need a I don’t think I even need the sword I just need a punch and Crystal cuz the not back on the swords too much thank you that guy must not be a crystal player would put that much KN back on a sword for Crystal oh cart all right we have blocks but I want to use those blocks hold on how did that get me low I wasn’t even near it man I was kind of oh was there too yo he just CR how was he not damaged from that yo this guy sucks is there Turtle Master oh I see he’s relying on the turtle turtle Master yeah dude this is annoying I got to save that all right dude what is going on uh let’s play that one I don’t have any music on for some reason is my OBS even Dro to frame all right it’s good Let me see what it looks like real quick the stream quality decent could it’s been better h i could have upped the bit rate because of my like new GPU wow I was trying to find some lo I didn’t expect someone to join my duel is you didn’t even get to see what I typed oh I think he’s mad I’m trying to like help dude [Music] you need to take time to like strategize all right uh-uh I didn’t mean to make that guy mad I was just trying to like tell him like not to aggro too much cuz he started aggro me even when he was low it’s like even though it looks like I might lose I was just going to like immediately uh retaliate after I lose a bit of my health which I did Oh I thought I had him dude I missed that last shot I was just going to crossbow him to death like spirited now that was crossbow spam oh my gosh all right I should probably take this more seriously I just wanted to see his he looks like we got a shielder here that’s some unhealthy aggro by that I mean like AGG gring when you’re over low like turny knock them off you I’m knocking off he’s fine but like tragar in that low honestly at that point I would just P away see I had to knock him away to do that yeah I just did it I just pulled a spirit in I just pull a spirited on him I hope he doesn’t add that to a dude oh my gosh is there anyone VC right now it’s middle of the school day I don’t even know why I’m streaming did he just all right that was annoying he knocked me down while I was poting I think you might have popped a g a early I need pop the soup wait bro is this guy lagging cuz this or his movement is just weird dude yeah I’m dead [Music] that one was close all right so this guy kind of agros oh yeah he just popped a g at and it looks like he’s quick to Pearl I’m just going to get him to use up all his pearls all right we’re about even and where is he is he AFK oh he’s got to leave I wish I could handle all God apps like that also main person still on do you think he’ll accept a duel for me using that kit I think I don’t think he would accept the do anyway but if he did he would probably leave now I’m think about it like you would never accept that kind of d I just wasted a ton of time do this quick do this quick do this quick all right I don’t think I need uh the sup at this point I’m just going to try to Quick drop just in case oh the game’s laging all right any drop frames no my gosh I set my bit rate higher because of the CPU hold up let me test something this might crash the stream real quick but it’ll be right back on in a couple seconds see all right I’m back let me see this real quick I’m going to watch my stream on my stream CU my CPU is so high I wonder if I can stream higher and higher bit rate might call my FPS to go down yeah yeah let me see this o yes I can stream higher bit rate finally oh but I just lost 154 frames never mind not f finally I mean divided by six that’s like less than 3 seconds 154 60 * 3 is 180 yeah that’s like a bit less than 3 seconds it just got worse never mind I think we might switch it back what I’m just going to H lower it was 8,000 last time I was going to raise it to that much I might have just crashed my OBS oh all right I should be back on so yeah that kind of failed you know trying to like change the bit rate change the rate also am I loud enough I I just I just heard myself on stream I need to like be a bit louder or’s the music just sorry I just coughed where’s the music like too loud wait hold up what oh is this going to be like a Simo kit yes sir oh but there’s L is there any all right this guy’s about to be get cooked you don’t even want to know he doesn’t even want the smoke oh I like his cape wait how do you get a cape like that all my years of comboing has led up to this oh he said wait you okay we you are brother you use Essentials oh I’m laging I don’t know if he’s did is he platforming right now nah bro no no one building oh wait he just Crystal me about to see the secret technique I hope the secret technique is not dying I think I got him oh wait he’s just selling over there what do I have what do I have I guess I could try to do this and if I drop I I can just slide over there yeah there any food oh yeah I don’t even hold oh oh you I think actually did you survive hold up I just go for it actually no no no oh how the tables have turned oh bro might be dead hold on I’m going to drop TT D on I might have to build up higher because I don’t know when it yeah it takes a while to oh he’s using jump boost wonder if you got left dud that LA scared me they call me the stick the 1.8 stick Master you know like The Knack stick fights H where is I don’t know if I did that right it’s probably going to fire back at me where did the other guy go H see this might be enough distance drop te but he’s over there what what items um what no this can’t be how I die no no no please the lava is the way the Die With Dignity all right I’m just going to Pune into the void all right I on p. Club I’m definitely getting it rolled I haven’t played op yet I’m going to play so casually they’re not even going to know what to do I’m just running and hitting him now he’s going to start going for crits I’ll combat that by getting like the first two hits and then critting him out too ooh someone takes to me I’m watching you on your TV that’s scary that’s my sister I don’t like how I like because it’s because I’m sick it kind of like hurts whenever it flashes me after you kill someone [Applause] I hit him with the small hit all right oh it’s this guy is wearing an emo skin this is going to be harder yo no how did I know this all right just got to get behind them I think yeah this is not looking good next round I’m not going down with that I’m lagging I need to get got to not let him put me in a piece put me in a no please please no I’m lost I [Applause] lost [Music] uh you know what I ALS also wanted to build and practice building at some point but I’ll do that later let’s see this they just left Minecraft but why I I only got like two hits on him oh why did you leave oh wait that was I I I didn’t organize my key right that’s usually where my ax is yeah I’m losing this round actually wait I don’t even think there’s rounds oh wait there is put that right there all right hooray all right oh there’s a new mode oh wow this server is not full oh oh my gosh I just comboed did they forfeit maybe I’m just like that all right I’m going to check my Discord for a second all right there we go all right let’s see UHC classic oh it’s already done this guy’s waiting for me to pick [Music] something all right [Applause] this is the only mode where I would probably X SP a [Music] [Music] how did I miss that no I don’t even know how I missed that all right uh no no no high five all right I won hoay oh look I can see all my I didn’t mean to join us how do I leave this pit there oh there’s people down here there’s people down here they’re like a gang they’re like a gang oh my gosh I got to run there’s a whole gang down here oh I got that person I’m going to leave no please let me out of here I’m being ganged I’m being ganged this is the most random Super Smash Bros for all over here oh got him I meant a pearl get healed up I’m back I’m stoling this kill where’s this I hate dogs I’m joking dogs are my favorite animal I didn’t even hit him right there why I even look up and try to hit him a no come back here oh all right I you know I never even see people in here I can’t believe there’s actually people in this Pit All right so I can see all my death I’m about to cough hold up oh I didn’t even M my mute my mic that time I’m still kind of sick I meant to like chat mute my mic oh there’s an OP oh all right time to sneak away hurry very quickly I’m out all right I’m going to wait for this fight to conclude and I’m going to swoop in all right all right since no one’s fighting that dog I’m going in for the dog all right crap crap they found me get the kill get the kill get the kill get the kill got the kill got the kill wait I have a kill streak or is that my pop one no that guy’s not F no please no please wait that is my current kill streak that one guy I tried to fight him earlier he’s just watching and he he’s he just going to run he so I can’t really find him do I leave this pit is there actually any way to get out of here like now I’m thinking about it there’s literally do I have to log in and log out oh I’m being ped no all right finally I got out of here it I think Crystal’s very easy to get out of so I think the best way see whenever you load a kit someone would want the best armor right well I’m just going to say it diamond armor is better just watch like watch watch oh someone’s behind all right it looks like you can anchor oh no there’s too many other people fighting with people I’m trying to fight what the heck hold up there’s a floating Crystal with it damage me I’m going to fight this person this part this seems very deadly I’m going for this person no don’t steal my kill please imagine getting beat by someone in diamond armor I mean that would be a shame that’s why I wear diamond armor it’s actually like a mental play like they’ll go for you cuz you think you’re weak but if you play as good as them and then you’ll fry Plus Crystal like immediately pops you no matter what armor anyway only thing it’ll oh that way did I get the kill all right the meat button worked that time all right I’m pretty sure if I walk slowly in here just just tap this person all right I can’t help I noticed there’s a ton of emo skins I don’t know what we’d call that but that that looks pretty emo yeah that looks pretty emo yeah that looks pretty emo yeah that’s definitely emo that’s definitely emo and that’s definitely emo that’s definitely an emo skin hopefully no one heard me say that right I think this guy might have heard me say it wait how did he just dodge my hit midair earlier oh my God gosh I’m being rolled no someone heard it someone heard me called them em oh I might have to turn myself down oh that’s a bit too loud oh yeah I’m losing this round all right I’m going have to play this in a really scummy way if I want to win all I’m doing is dodging his hits but a lot of people don’t like it whenever someone Dodges like a combo or a crit it’s like watch he jumps up Dodge it I step back he jumps up Dodge it he jumps up he jumps up crit him [Applause] myself a lot of people hate that cuz it’s kind of annoying all right oh I can’t get over this guy’s face oh my this is a masterpiece right there hold up let me just get a zoom in on that Al I can only do that Zoom with this mod so oh and also y’all want to see a cool texture pack hold up this one right here it makes my character have like eyes and it makes my character blink yeah that’s weird I’m pretty sure it’s the Virgin without the animations but just eyes but like hopefully none of y’all will ever see this monstrosity also it’s funnier when you look up because it looks like this it’s pretty it’s pretty weird look it’s only when I remove my mouth up and down but it there’s also that Hideway animation and that’s a texture pack oh now my character looks boring I don’t know who’s in here they’re going down never mind I’m going down I I Reg I regret every decision I made I regret every decision I made got leave oh he’s going for anchors no I’m dead I’m dead I’m not dead I’m not dead I’m going to be dead I’m going to be dead no you’re not using that on me you just blocked me up all right I think I know what to pull on him this right here he cannot Pearl directly on me if I have two of these in the way cuz the hit boxes are so large dang you just cannot hit him up and he has a shield and I have no XP and I’m screwed and I lost all right time to head over to another server let’s see yeah I dang this matchmaking is not work can’t even dig down a hole I thought that would uh I thought I had to in Totem all right after one more match I’m going to either go to my my building server or my building world or another PVP server like MCC or hoplight where stps even though it’s probably dead right now I mean there’s like no matches open right now I’ll take that how was this person uh did they get some of my PO potion too uh all right let’s see what server I don’t think I have a good serice I’ll try MCC all right let me install this all right I’m opening this chest I have any other hats [Music] also hold up I want stop this music new Minecraft music there [Music] here’s the new Minecraft playlist that he just made this is for the Ry child up there wait this is Battle box I hate battle box I’m out here me to join Sky now [Music] [Music] might turn this resource pack off be default oh that is huge be f [Music] [Music] oh someone’s over there I’m not going to go my team need got help all right we are dominating right now we just got to stick together are we all still alive I mean one of us is dead but like all of us here all right we just got poison doesn’t all right that guy got knocked off should all be fine [Music] I wanted to help him I was not trying to steal his kill though oh there’s only two of us left we got to stick together dude oh my gosh we just got wiped from behind all right I think I stream for a while I guess I’ll hop off to build and stuff just realize how boring that would be on stream unless if I’m like actually good at building it won’t take me like two hours to think something D this music is really chill I might keep listening into it all right see you

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    AOA AdventureAOA Adventure is a server that offers a unique and immersive experience. AOA Adventure has mods and plugins that enhance the gameplay and add new features. The server is also greatly optimized, so you can enjoy a smooth and lag-free experience but the best part is the engaging story that will keep you hooked. You will discover a rich and diverse world, full of secrets, mysteries and surprises. You will also interact with other players who share your passion and form a friendly and supportive community. AOA Adventure is more than just a server, it’s an adventure. You can download… Read More

  • Kamacraft S6 SMP Modded 1.21 Whitelist Proximity Chat Squaremap Discord Events Custom Datapacks Europe 18+

    Kamacraft Community Why Kamacraft? The community at Kamacraft is what sets it apart. Our players value the sense of community both on the Minecraft server and in our Discord server. A Bit More About Us Entering our 6th season, we run a Minecraft server on version 1.20.4 with a focus on maintaining a wholesome community through server events and player input. Our server uses Fabric and includes performance mods, quality of life mods, and various added features to enhance gameplay. Screenshots Check out snapshots from our previous seasons: Season 6, Season 5, Season 4, Season 3, Season 2, Season 1… Read More

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    "Spicy Minecraft Memes You Can't Miss" #minecraft “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes Read More

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    Wild Waterpark Adventure in Poconos! The Exciting World of Minecraft Embark on a thrilling adventure in the virtual world of Minecraft! Dive into a realm where creativity knows no bounds and imagination reigns supreme. Join players from around the globe as they build, explore, and conquer in this iconic sandbox game. Unleash Your Creativity With Minecraft, players have the freedom to create anything their hearts desire. From towering castles to intricate redstone contraptions, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you craft, mine, and build your way to victory. Explore Diverse Worlds Travel through diverse biomes, each offering unique resources and… Read More

  • Insanely Cool Foeslayer Live at The Hive – 1 Sub = 1 Punch!

    Insanely Cool Foeslayer Live at The Hive - 1 Sub = 1 Punch!Video Information [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] e [Music] oh wait my mic is my my mic mic is off I I just started doing it okay good thing nobody could hear me because the mic that was a that was rather that was rather embarrassing anyway welcome to another Hive stream this is like the 80th one I’ve done cuz it manages to give me subscribers which well sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t but you know the grind never ends my friend oh wait we met the sub goal kind of… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Busted!

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Busted!Video Information This video, titled ‘🤯 Minecraft Myths DEBUNKED 2024! 🤫 Hidden Secrets You DIDN’T Know Existed! (#minecraft )’, was uploaded by ASMR Gaming on 2024-04-23 10:46:03. It has garnered 87 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:57:57 or 3477 seconds. Calling all Minecrafters! Do rumors of spooky happenings and hidden wonders plague your nights? Are you tired of falling victim to creepypasta legends? This video is your one-stop shop for separating Minecraft myth from reality! We’ll delve into the most persistent rumors and uncover some mind-blowing hidden features Mojang might not want you to know… Read More

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  • "EPIC NEW Cobblemon Preview – Minecraft 1.5!"

    <p>"EPIC <em>NEW</em> Cobblemon Preview - Minecraft 1.5!"</p>Video Information hi chat welcome back to cobon I and many other content creators are uh lucky enough to receive an early version of the next cobon update and there’s a server uh where we can check out this early version so let’s do it sorry well fix things okay so it just open up unless you’re okay my bad so here it is there are Rockets invited but up with that oh I caught one I have no idea if I have uh welcome everybody let’s uh we’re going to get set up here in a second I’m going… Read More

  • Insane PVP Edit on Minecraft!! 😱🔥

    Insane PVP Edit on Minecraft!! 😱🔥Video Information a [Music] This video, titled ‘Smooth🗿🤯🔥#minecraft #pvpedit #lunarclient #sonyvegas #pvp #shorts #trending #edit #crazy #edit #sick’, was uploaded by PandaDoxx on 2024-05-15 18:58:52. It has garnered 10195 views and 250 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Pretty Cool ey? Tags: (I just copy pasted from random video lol) I’m a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client because you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. I know how to butterfly click and how to dragclick and how to jitterclick in minecraft pvp, my butterfly can easy go up to 16 CPS. Sometimes I… Read More

  • FF SENTAI – DEMON KING ATTACKS LION SMP 🦁🔥 #minecraft #clickbait

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  • Henkall’s CRAZY Country Guessing Challenge!

    Henkall's CRAZY Country Guessing Challenge!Video Information стой если ты из России Украины Узбекистана или Казахстана Поставь лайк и подпишись [музыка] This video, titled ‘ЕСЛИ Я УГАДАЮ ТВОЮ СТРАНУ ТЫ ДОЛЖЕН ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ!!!’, was uploaded by henkall on 2024-05-07 15:27:08. It has garnered 7678 views and 1914 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:07 or 7 seconds. minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft civilization, minecraft song, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft videos, minecraft movie, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft ambience, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft arg, minecraft aphmau and aaron, minecraft armadillo, minecraft animation movie,… Read More

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  • Nu Towny SMP Semi-vanilla Java & Bedrock AdvancedEnchantments Economy Towny Jobs Quests Dungeons

    Nu Towny 🌍 Welcome to Nu Towny! 🌍 Experience a brand new take on the classic Towny survival with a twist. In Nu Towny, we’ve taken the traditional Minecraft gameplay and enhanced it with unique features, custom plugins, and a player-driven economy. Java/Bedrock/Console IP: Bedrock/Console Port: 25565 ⭐ AdvancedEnchantments: Custom enchants, Enchanter & Tinkerer. 🏡 Towny: Start your own town or join an existing one. Make friends, build your dream home, and create a thriving community with players from around the world. 💰 Economy: Our server features a balanced and player-driven economy. Trade, barter, or set up your own… Read More

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    Mom's Chatting Tricks in Minecraft! Minecraft: Chatting with Mom Tricks!【Cube Pavilion】 Welcome to Cube Pavilion, a channel dedicated to providing child-friendly content, avoiding any elements that could potentially harm their health and safety. Hello everyone, I’m Cube Pavilion, a creator in the Minecraft realm. I make funny and humorous Minecraft animations to spread joy. This channel is the only official channel for Cube Pavilion. Any videos related to me on other channels are pirated and unauthorized. Enjoy a new original video every day. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see! Let’s spread happiness together! MC Funny Moments👉 Watch Here Classroom Series👉… Read More

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  • Midnight Minecraft Creepypasta: Otherworldly Feline

    Midnight Minecraft Creepypasta: Otherworldly FelineVideo Information my once Placid cat whiskers fixated on an empty Corner pupils dilated with feline Terror unnerved I approached only to find her hissing at an invisible entity the room’s temperature plummeted as a spectral chill settled whiskers every fur stood on end as if confronting an unseen adversary desperation seized me Whispers of an ethereal presence saturated the air My Pet’s hostility seemed directed at a malevolent force a lurking Shadow veiled from Mortal eyes as my fingers grazed the Unseen cold whiskers emitted a guttural growl an unseen Force gripped the room and the air pulsed with… Read More