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how are we doing ladies and gentlemen hope you’re doing well welcome to the stream it’s Bingo time baby and we ain’t play Bingo for a little while banging tune love it Mr bead Stone here again Mr bead Stone how are you doing my man hope you’re doing well welcome to the stream my friend guys welcome along Minecraft bingo today with the gang uh we’ve got myself we got PX we got Callum CPK we’ve got Oli the sound we got mythical sausage we got in the little world we got the whole gang playing a day it’s going to be good it’s going to be a good one uh Jimmy it’s my first stream I’ve caught live I always watch on your channel thank you so much pal I appreciate that Jimmy I missed the Bingo stream so much so happy right now Gabby with the $3 thank you so much thank you thank you thank you can’t avoid hype gym Mr beards appreciate that dude thank you thanks for being here man guys say in the chat give it a cheeky like let’s go through the chat and say hello to some of you guys um let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it we’ve got Abby here we got Sky we got grain we got Crowley how we doing we got Olive painted uh Amy uh H uh hypo we’ve got [ __ ] we got Luke’s um we got Ace we’ve got Helen uh Jim Jim Lucy quack H uh anyway uh hope glue random Miller shark lost uh B3 boy gamer uh sfia Daisy Lego Mars uh we’ve got K Charlotte glue lty creepy Brooke Ian uh steel we’ve got everybody here guys I’ve got such a busy day holy moly I’ve got the busiest day in the world it’s kirsty’s birthday tomorrow so like tomorrow’s like a write off uh cuz we we’re going out and celebrating her birthday and stuff like that so like I’m doing so much today I’ve recorded already today um are you having a bubble bath I’ve got to uh I’ve got to edit it after the stream but I’ve got I’ve got to eat first and then edit for a little bit but then I’m recording a video even later as well a different video um and I try I’m going to have to try to edit this video that I did today before I think the new I think a new video is going to come out on Saturday by the way I don’t think I can edit it in time to come out tomorrow so I think it’s going to be Saturday uh yeah this is the last stream of the week we won’t be live again until Monday so this the last stream for the week everybody big huge POG no we don’t say that on YouTube we don’t say that on YouTube we say smiles thank you Tracy with the 10 get it [Applause] we’re going baby Tracy’s GI a Breco snow Vanessa Sophie the man Luke Sarah Abby Ona give it is that baby you know it you know it there it is there it is um I can’t do the Reddit today I’m sorry I’m so sorry we’ll be back on it on the on the Monday um I have I have to uh uh jump in with the gang um ASAP I’m going to be jumping in with them in literally like 3 minutes so I haven’t got time for the Reddit I do apologize with that all right I do apologize we’ll be back doing the Reddit on Monday though so don’t you worry don’t you worry about it all right don’t you worry about it if you haven’t already join the Discord um and obviously lovely to tell you this 5 days left of the Ken era and the merch limited edition merch 5 days left left on it make sure you grab some before it goes ladies and gentlemen make sure you do if you do have the chance to grab some do it do it do it um but yes Bubble thanks for the nine months can’t wait for this I love Bingo dude I haven’t play I haven’t played bingo in so long so I’m a bit nervous I’m a bit nervous uh pix is hosting this one as well which is lovely um so I don’t know how we’re going to do it yet we might do teams and we might do solo we’re not too sure yet but we’ll have a little chat all together and we’ll figure out what we’re going to going to do uh currently watching you in Austria skiing you lucky lucky lucky person I think we’re going to go skiing in Austria next year actually love your streams and vids happy birthday to Kirsty it’s tomorrow but I’ll let her know Lizzy thank you so much for the two months appreciate that thank you thank you thank you can’t watch the stream right now as my headphones are dead go charge them come back appreciate that thank you uh Jim you made a bingo video the other week I know I’m talking about like a live stream like a live stream version do you know when the merch ships it it ships uh at the end of this month or at the start the very start of March um so I’m guessing a lot of people will have them like mid- marchish uh so yeah all good all great all amazing right shall we jump into the server and see if everyone’s about wow uh we all love Bingo I love Bingo you love Bingo we love Bingo we all love Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo b Bingo Bingo Bingo b how why am I just stuck here what in the love from Australia Jim thanks for the $3 I appreciate that right should we should we get into talking to them chat shall we get into talking to them oh wait is it yeah should we jump in make sure you like the stream subscribe to the channel and let’s do it everybody let’s do it let’s chat to our lovely friends Ginger if you want to spend a million Channel points to call me a horse more than welcome hello Jimmy what is I what have I just came into calling you a horse I I have this thing where people in chat always try to tell me I look like various celebrities which is always and I mean always just a white man with a beard nice nice oh wait do you want to compare I have a command for this yeah I I um uh here we go CP who I’ve got I’ll give you a quick whiz down of some um it’s almost the exact same thing by the way is it is it I’m going to guess at least one of them is Daniel Radcliffe oh no they’re going to add it to the list now though godamn he he seems to be the only English person people know which is why I keep getting told I look like Dan guy let’s go great yeah uh I have a few few I mean actually some man are beardless which does cause problems uh I got Tom Brady uh you and stretch that one’s a reach you and McGregor are accept it’s a bit of a reach uh Alexander scars guard no idea who that is James makoy yeah you get veor the uh the striker for well I don’t know where yeah I can see that I can see that you’re you’re dialing it in you’re dialing it in the worst part was that it was I think it was Lizzy pointed that out during like the Liz was like yeah it looks like you I was like what is going on mate are you having a bubble bath Chris Pratt that’s got to be the most white guy Brown beard thing going on in yeah yeah um oh there’s one here Sam huan or hyen uh someone was on a plane and they watched a film and they thought it was me in it and I looked him up from thank you I I sort to get that one yeah you you know you know it’s got bad when you look at somebody and you’re like you you know what yeah I’ll give you that Captain Sparkles that is the most we are just what white guys brown hair we just we’re just throwing a dart board at Minecraft youtubers at that point right like I guess we are similar builds uh I mean by the way pix I’m just stuck in a box yeah open chat and there should be a thing that says click here did you put the textures on also hello I’m here baby very fancy I think we might need to tell Martin to do that as well cuz he’s technically here but isn’t in voice chat what’s this bit in the middle it’s like a belt buckle no I think it is a cassette is a cassette of his gy era look at him this is me when I want to go fast oh my God I didn’t know were playing Minecraft with Eric this is crazy might we might lose we might lose today call on me right now I’m not going to are we teaming up or are we doing single player cuz I need carrying we can do either to begin with if we want to team up first or if we want to like get a feel for it solo I’m fine with either how good are you I’m I’m pretty good I’ve I’ve I’ve done a fair bit of this but Ollie hey big man I’m I’m the best you’re the best I’m the best you had a dream about this so wait wait wait let me just hello dude I had a dream last night looked in the mirror yeah it was me putting in the last Bingo and then you going we did it I’m cheering screaming to you can make that dream come true today J it will it will come true it will what are you we is that is that a wman it’s a wman yeah I’m kind of a did you get that so fast I thought he had a belt buckle on his chest radio Discman he’s oh that’s very nice he’s got his uh 8s aerobics gear going on he does I’m going old school I’m going uh 2015 Jus yeah Fallout 3 mythical J sausage yeah I’m a vault Hunter not a vault Hunter sorry H that wasn’t around in 2015 series wrong I mean I vault there you go is is the J is the J still silent the J’s always been silent never since only a few people do know what the J does stand for it’s it’s it’s a Spanish J so it’s pronounced H do I do I know what it stands for it just sounds like a you do but you probably forgot no I feel like I do I feel like I do I do yeah you do yes a few people know yes you do I it was it was me I do I do I do sausage I do we’re going to get married at the end of this Bingo stream excuse me um how do and the lobby the card in the corner how do you look at the things on it or they just things were collected come through come through here come through here so um tutorial time this is the planning room so you can take a look at all of the items and hover over them to get the items like name because sometimes it’s a little bit unclear is it a snow layer is it a white carpet it’s usually snow layers so not every not every item in the game is included in this they’re sort of in like categories um but they’re mostly sort of unusual items that you’re not going to get just through playing Survival unless you intentionally go and get them um in the in the Next Room over here there’s a a series of chests and these have basically all of the items in there if you want a bit more clarity on any of it okay but um yeah we can reroll the cards randomly and then it’ll take us to the uh the starting area where we can pick teams and uh decide how we’re going to do this cool what if I just took one of these out of here and then I’ve got the it take it with you yes it is going to clear your inventory refill your hunger and set the day to zero every time we start a fresh run so I don’t know what happens if you take stuff out of here but probably nothing okay yeah nice try do we have infinite food or anything like that uh no you are going to have to play like normal Survival how about keep inventory keep inventory yes I mean the the thing is with inventory like a no sounds like a politician no we we can we can switch on keep inventory the thing to remember is that anything that you collect as part of it if it’s on the bingo card is going to be removed from your inventory so if it says get a diamond pickaxe it’s going to disappear as soon as you craft it and you’re not going to be able to use the diamond pickaxe oh I see the only and I don’t I don’t keep inventory like messes with that if we like keep a like if we want to make a bucket we only have two iron and then I get shot by a skeleton and die I’m going to lose my iron to make that bucket that I could have made later on yes you get it back if you run and get the stuff yeah if we work in teams then somebody will always be there to see yeah yeah and we we can we can try it and if it gets too annoying we can put keep inventory on I’m fine with that cool yeah sweet all right should we generate a random card yeah let’s do that generate a flipping card somebody fing you can’t say that on Twitch please no I generated once what we thinking oh I like this good card Jim I’ll be honest with you I’m going to look at these and just not really know what I’m looking at I’m just going to be like okay yeah yeah committed to the game already Jimmy if you if you click the uh if you click the sign that says warp everyone to the starting area then that’ll that’ll move us all here I swear to God you warp me against your will mate it’s over I’m Waring you I’m that’s it there we go that’s it human oh imagine not being on the yellow or orange team L fornite what team am I on um it it’ll be in the tab and like look every else colors you can see what team everyone else is but I think’ll just split and this one solo and then hold on are like doing it for like are we just completing the card first one to complete it is it yeah first first one to complete it probably it’ll probably take like 45 minutes to an hour maybe this will take me 45 minutes yeah do you re with a solo see how see how long it takes and then the second game will Duo up yeah 45 minutes doing it as a group like that time will get even shorter I would imagine hope it’s all based on the card but still my best time is about 24 minutes I I I I picked the card very specifically I I like rerolled it until I found one I thought was going to be good you cheated cheater so like getting obsidian getting like a TNT mine cart that’s stuff I would normally avoid cuz it’s a little bit more of a hassle but I reckon it’ll be fun right good Lu getting slime as well oh yeah I’m ready are we just going to like we’re just going to mute in Discord and then yeah is everyone on know is everyone is nobody hanging out in chat or are we all just going separate ways I’m going to mute up and try hard and I beat you all so um I’m I’ll un sometimes I’ll and just throw throw you know some insults and then mute up again probably I like that laugh like a villain from anime okay I’ll mute but I won’t anybody comes in I’ll be here I think PP is on once we’re out of the lobby I think let’s go but that is going to make it infinitely longer I think is everyone on a different at the same place magenta yeah on the TBL list we all look like your own then did you CU you mentioned winning as a te oh jeez I’m dead I wait I just hit the floor right see you soon fellas see soon right I’m winning I’m winning guys guys this is my moment you hey guys let me know if the music’s okay what are we going for for there’s bamboo right there bamboo get bamboo straight away straight away oh my gosh he already got bamboo yeah baby bamboo right what else should we go for dried kelp can we find any dried kelp maybe I’m not too sure is there squid in the water let me see let me see let me see cuz that’s a very good one as well if we can get the squid I’m I’m going to get some I’m going to get some tools real quick and then we’ll get the squid oh there’s an apple as well should we cut down some trees get an Apple we’ll do that as well we’ll do that as well yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir guys if you’re here right now please hey give the stream a cheeky like that would be amazing we’re going to win today and if we don’t I’ll be very very UPS set with myself oh sausage only just got the bamboo he sucks thank you right uh uh sticks axe pickaxe sword yes um I’m going to cut down a few trees cuz then we can get um an apple all right jimothy Swift that’s what they call me they call me jimothy Swift right by the way you can see the board right at the bottom of the screen the ollie got bamboo just grab it for die you already need the thingy though oh he got SE pickle Martin just got C pickle Martin just got sea pickle oh my internet’s going a bit rubbish sorry guys it’s back up to normal now it’s back up to normal I’m red by the way just to let you know I’m I’m red oh sausage just got got it as well pigs just got pigs just got raw copper is there an Apple yet no just getting some stone tools get stone for a furnace do we need furnace he got an ink set oh gosh I’m really falling behind guys how has an apple not come down oh yeah you need furnace for the dry kelp yeah yeah yeah give me a stupid Apple how’s how’s an apple not come down come on ho the leaves for an apple wait is that I thought that wasn’t a thing you can ho the leaves for an apple right I need stone for the furnace yet uh four uh here we go come on give me an Apple oh gosh give me an apple I I can’t believe how I’m a stupid man I’m a stupid man thank you so much for buying the merch whoever just bought it thank you thank you thank you why is it taking so long for a stupid Apple what’s going on yes stupid Apple we got it chat we got it right we’re looking for a squid we’re looking for a squid and uh see he’s right there ye y sweet right sea pickles C pickle C pickle C pickle C pickle let’s go let’s go let’s go uh can we get kelp in here there’s kelp right there is that kelp yes sir is that wait is that kelp yep oh no it’s not dried kelp guys it’s it’s cactus green you fools oh wait no you don’t need it’s cactus green I don’t need kelp oh oh we tried to you know what where would I be without you guys I don’t know right we’re going to try find the sea pickle C pickle C pickle SE pickle someone just got a C pickle how have they found that thank you so much who just bought the stickers you absolute Heroes Legends kings queens you’re going to look fabulous with those thank you thank you thank you where is this stupid Ste where are these stupid sea pickles fall you oh look people have hit kelp over here oh my gosh he just got purple D oh gosh right someone just said bone me on the ground in a warm ocean oh there’s pics and there’s uh no that that’s sausage and Callum yeah yeah I’m going to smell the [Music] [Music] C Ollie just got obsidian Ollie literally just got obsidian uh we’re going for a um a blackout Bingo by the way how’s he got obsidian do you reckon he’s found it in a shipwreck or something like with the treasure chest [Music] maybe see pickles Mis r there’s got to be sea pickles over there Martin found an End Portal how do I you’re telling me to bone meal the ground without any bones by the way guys just let you know right five thank you so much whoever just bought stickers you’re an absolute Legend and I love you so much thank you thank you thank you oh blacksmith as well yeah you’re right the coral reef I don’t know where the coral reef is [Music] right two more two more two more uh come on I’m a bit gutted that I can’t find a sea pickle Martin just drowned oh yes gravel flint and steel nice it is Callum just got Moss [Music] carpet [Music] boom Wicked red bed oh my gosh guys I’m not thinking [Music] straight I literally just saw him over here as well wait where was the Geo someone just said geod oh there there’ll be SE there’ll be SE pickles over here look in the coral reef well maybe do you reckon there sea pickles over here [Music] no thank you so much whoever just purchased the hoodie you’re a legend thank you uh I’m I’m trying to look for the geode guys I can’t see it at [Music] all yeah yeah I reckon they’ve took all of it Isaiah thank you so much for coming to game I very much appreciate that thank you next to the dark oak forest okay over there let’s go right Martin’s over there wait wait Moss carpet we can get moss we can get the Moss carpet I’m I’m red on the bingo card by the way Moss carpet done where’s the geode where’s the stupid geode I’m excited to get my hoodie keep Mama thank you so much for the Dono where is this stupid geode guys I think you might have missen a geode cuz I can’t see [Music] one hi I’m new [Music] hello yeah we need to get some some iron right I’m going to go over here there’s glow guys uh this might kill me we need G s in no one’s got these did we get it oh we didn’t right let me quickly be good for to get in glow L lyen do is that how you say do I need to get shears there we go I’m going to make a door down here cuz there’s I can get cold I can get copper down there guys and I can get iron so I’m going to take a couple of doors down with me mate are you having a bubble bath there we go cool kill sweet uh right oh there’s more there copper here have me to capture human in a bit hope everyone’s doing well Louise how you doing I need copper to get the the block of raw copper thank you so much for the 10 that’s very kind of you uh oh we can do it there’s another one right should I you can I smelt this uh can I smell iron underwater apparently so there it is all right uh the jod was next to the IR the thingy oh wait I can get green Dy by smelting kelp oh no you can’t what am going about how are people finding green dye it’s insane [Music] [Music] why isn’t that breaking right I’m going to make shears and then we can get the the thingy my Bob where is it again right there thank you are you having a bubble bath cool right uh it’s obsidian by the way down there right I reckon I go back up and try find a cave everybody that’s what I’m going to [Music] do I’m going to try find a c oh wait yeah I can make a flint and steel as well good good job good job nice cool right we’re going to go back up let’s go we need food as well guys it’s lagging a little bit the server a server lag come on man not fun not fun right someone said there’s a Geo next to the O the ruined uh the ocean ruined [Music] bit let me see if there is if there’s not we go again there’s no sea pickles down there oh do we go get do we go get the spider what do you need for the the spider eye thing is it sugar and a spider eye come here [Music] you I’m dead I’m dead did I get a spider no ah got no food guys this is going horribly wrong like horribly wrong [Music] um I just needed a stupid spider it’s all I needed right let me see if that Geo’s [Music] there oh pix has got one Bingo by the way apparently your Geo’s down here [Music] o there’s no crystals there’s no crystals mate that is wild they’re all baby crystals bro that is [Music] wild Iron Pig what you’re you’re you’re chatting rubbish now dude it’s not with an iron pick they’re just all baby crystals what do you mean no I got to try get some food now I wish it told you whoever was in the lead uh how do you make a hopper Hopper I need to try to find some food oh should I get I’m going to get these dyes just in case iron and a chest oh yeah we could do that uh chest uh five iron and a CH five iron oh you didn’t say that guys right get that going eat this right how do we get purple d Everybody purple [Music] [Music] Dy blue and red H there’s lag on the server it’s not great I’m doing horrible though [Music] oh yay oh wait is there another red flower I could have made the red bed well we need more wool but W [Music] Hopper it’s not a hopper We need oh it is there it is awesome right how are we doing I I need to cook more food doesn’t matter how we’re doing I need more food there’s one on the hill there is there is oh I didn’t even pick up the wool did I fantastic I’ll go get it now let’s go get it have a heart in a dream you’re right oh you’re so right I could have sheared the this the silly sheep as well could have sheared him trying to keep this man alive is stressful right let’s get back to Max HP now right after the red bed what do you reckon we go for Wow callum’s got OB [Music] iian oh why have I just there we go Emily thank you so much coming to member what on Earth is going on in the house I hit a random one what on Earth is going oh I need the I need the the bone meal the [Music] bones thank you what on Earth is going on oh yeah dripstone if we can find it oh hello fantastic amazing incredible uh Hey Jammer don’t tell me wait yeah fantastic let’s go this is more stressful to chat to watch than Jimmy to play oh no I’m I’m I’m pretty stressed as well I’m not going to lie to you oh wait we can do a jackal Anon as well do we need a torch for a jackal lanon I know we just go boom Oh and then we have to light it up don’t we boom sweet uh H yes yes um anything else we need from here I’ll take this is there anything else we need here I’m grabbing all the food dude uh Spider ey spider eye spider ey sugar or mushroom from here hello how do you make packed dirt or packed mud that’s in like a swamp right you left the room mud and wheat yeah but we I haven’t got mud so we haven’t got mud we’ve got enough food now it’s fine it’s fine make mud with water bottle on a dirt oh should we quickly do that is there any Wheat here though there’s no wheat here there’s no wheat but I’ll I’ll get a glass bottle anyway but there’s no there’s no wheat here it’s not Christmas time oh yeah I could bone meal some seeds true you’re not wrong is that how many wheat is it two or one s to my [Music] one jeez do you know what Bingo is so stressful CU you have so many items I hate it uh like so many items that you just don’t even need go uh glass bottle fantastic see oh my gosh jeez go uh and then I put down dirt right I put down dirt get [Music] that yeah baby do you know what I’ve never done that in my life so that’s a blessing isn’t it chat is smart chat got their thinking caps on haven’t they my boat give him my boat right oh do we need a mushroom for anything chat a brown one for the spider ey you need a brown one for the spidery do you okay Martin’s got a bingo now as well if I put a bone meal there would it give me a a uh a thingy guys a pickle will it give me a pickle if I put a bone meal here no there’s a chance no right look for a brown mushroom did I drop my shears thank you so much for watching the sticker pack did I drop my shears oh no they’re there I’m just an idiot thank you here it is all go right Brown mushroom Wicked right animal how you doing buddy how you doing well uh right which way should we go everybody which way should we go what do we go for next guys you’re the boss of me what we going for next shipwreck shipwreck or no it it could it could give me loads of iron everybody if I follow the thing holy moly and also oh my God I’m dead I’m dead no I’m not also if we follow the map we get TNT maybe obsidian I’m doing it I’m doing it I’m doing it right that’s [Music] lame oh my God go why is why is swimming so being so odd dude is that a ruined portal no there’s not a ruined portal nearby cool I’m going to take the book just in case right is it East [Music] oh my gosh we’re going we’re going we’re going lean I am not a toy thank you very much okay it’s on the other side of [Music] it yeah I do need to go in the cave I do I do I [Music] do right apparently it’s around here okay I hate ones that are like slightly submerged in water oh don’t do this to me it’s going to be down here isn’t it ah it’s going to be down there come on come on please reveal yourself yeah I’m going to have to use the door I’m sat on top of it I I’m a bit confused why it would be so low down come on I ain’t got time for this he right it’s got to be in this section then if it’s in this section by the way I’ll be fuming because oh give over it’s get in that’s not even what it is on the map oh and I’m gutted do you know why I’m gutted stupid uh stupid TNT is not in it I am gutted right is there anything I can make with the I need Redstone don’t I I need to go down I need to go down uh right let’s go down I need to find a cave to go down I’ve got a flint and steel guys come on look at the look at the look at the board bro sugar canane yeah we need to find sugarcane as well if we get sugarcan we get a compass keep your eyes out for sugarcane should came right there yep I think we’re near spawn again right fantastic right let’s get rid of everything we don’t need is there any more sugarcane [Music] here heyy dude Cactus get cactus green oh yeah sugar for sugar no sugar for the spider ey guys but also come oh no we don’t need it for the compass do we I thought we needed paper for some reason oh I have to smelt it don’t I right uh do you know what while I’m here iron pick cheers MERS um I’m going to get Shield as well get rid of that get a shield on thank you if we find a desert temple we could the thing is I am worried cuz I think everyone’s been here so if there was a chance of a desert temple I think it’s gone oh it’s not even a desert really I’m surprised that they left I’m surprised that my friends left that oh someone’s got that I bet you this is where Ollie got his obsidian yeah those chests are going to be empty yep that is gutting that’s gting yeah my friends have been here uh to your left there’s a coral reef yeah we still need a c pickle is there oh yes there is I can see a c pickle SE pickle get in right we’re doing okay we’re doing okay guys what’s the the one beneath the Minecraft and TNT is that a dispenser what do I need for that is it all Redstone I feel like I need Redstone don’t I uh we’ve got Moss carpet don’t you worry about that can I make a dispenser or not oh we need a bow yeah okay okay right I need to find a way to go down we’re going to try go down everybody I can craft a lot things if I get redstone I know I know I want to try find a cave to go straight down oh pix is like three items away from winning I know I know oh he’s got an apple oh you know what bad boy it let’s bad boy it let’s bad boy it By My Side Y I’ve got a shield on hey Harper how you doing come on into a cave please into a cave into a cave into a cave into a cave into a cave please don’t go all the way down please into a cave please I think I’m doing the worst out of all of us by the way I’m inan deep slate this ain’t piring off this ain’t paying off I’m going to go all the way to pck I bet you this is the worst sced of all time the worst scene the worst scene the all time oh my [Music] gosh I can’t believe [Music] this bro it’s going to take me to [Music] bedrock I’m going to be on Bedrock I can’t believe this man have I not even came across any Redstone I’ve not come across a single or apart from copper yeah we’re going to get to near bedrock and I’m just going to strip mine dude this sucks so much I’m at Redstone not red stone I’m at Bedrock uh thank you so much for buying the hoodie there’s some red stone oh would you look at that jeez right I can make Compass right and the Redstone thingy my Bob Compass boom I got a bingo I got a bingo um what’s the Redstone thing myob uh Contraption thingy myob what do I need for it what do I what’s the comp what what do I need for it tell me what I [Music] need four iron one Redstone oh I need Stone actual stone oh Redstone torches no I need actual stone oh my gosh [Music] fantastic I’ve got so much rubbish on me b b I can hear spiders and we could get the spider eye I can hear a spider I heard one let me whack on the thing gu oh there it is is it repeater yeah kill yeah I need a lot of string I just heard a a spider make sure you’re hitting the like button everybody is the music okay by the way hello from Michigan hey I heard lava pops as well it sounds like right next to me it sounds like right next to [Music] me is it above or below is it I genuinely can’t tell where this stuff is yes sir uh dude we could get obsidian as well cool we find this lava hope oh we need to make a bucket oh I’ve got no water I’m an idiot game’s over thank you so much for got the sticker pack there it is why is it not coming down ah here I am um what do I need drip Stone oh wait water let’s get a bucket cool uh easiest water to get oh s a spider come here fella oh bones do not drop over that lava or I will drop you you dropped nothing guys I’m oh I found a fossil yes it’s a fossil they call me fossil boy dude I could get obsidian I just need to uh get this water bring it down there there’s a fossil everybody they call me fossil boy hey go away dude why are you taking me all the way up to Mount Everest for for a bit of water you’re having a bubble bath mate no way thank you holy moly taking me all the way up ye let’s go let’s go let’s go yeah just that one wait no inventory oh sausage just got the spider eye one I just need to find spiders I just broke this thank you right is there anything else I need I need a Shard I need a pointed I need spiders I need spiders dude or to come across a geodia somewhere what does PX need to win what’s the only thing he needs there spider those creepers going to come down and ruin it great uh he needs a sticky oh so he’s looking for a slime it’s a shame cuz the lag is ruining the game yeah how much gunpowder do I need for the TNT I just no no what am I doing what am I doing what am I doing what am I doing give me give me give me give me I just saw it drop a spider eye there you need four blame on the lag huh uh right got that one oh gosh uh if I can get one more gunpowder and then just get have I got sand no I could go up and get sand I could do that is there anything else I need down here oh skele uh I need a bow don’t [Music] I I need string dude do I need red do I need Redstone spider are you having a laugh [Music] mate right I got two uh for the red okay jeez hey Minecraft do you want to like uh sort out the inventory problem like ASAP like that would be good wouldn’t it yeah [Music] cool oh my gosh hello I don’t need diamonds but I feel like the need to like uh mine them every time you dropped the spider ey I’ve done the spider [Music] ey 5 minutes left oh there’s like a it’s a Max hour bro the lag on the mobs is insane do not like it not a fan right we could guys go back up and uh let let’s go back up we’re going to try get the Minecraft uh TNT all we need is thingy all we need is is um sand I’ve got iron pretty sure D yeah yeah yeah we’re going is keep inventory on I don’t think it is which scares me otherwise yeah I would have I would have yated myself off don’t you worry about that oh fantastic fantastic I would I would love I would love it if you could let me do a oh man Minecraft I love you but sometimes fantastic right we’re going to try just get one more I’m going to try get the Minecraft and TNT be free try being a key word here what level are we on 32 oh gosh we’re low we’ve got we’ve got uh 2 minutes 50 come on Jim you can do this how many people we got chilling with us by the way thank you for being here by the way very much appreciate that you guys are legends if you haven’t already like the stream 1.1 hey oh we wait wait wait wait wait a second wait a second well how about that uh give me the get no give me the sand thank you uh how much sand was it five [Music] I’m going I’m going uh right that’s cooking Mine Cart mine cart mine cart Where Are You Mine Cart boom why am I cooking sand sorry guys I’m an idiot Boom baby yeah baby sorry I was I was just being a fool uh we’re doing a doubles after this so don’t you worry guys we’re going to have more more time to play around we’re going to be doing a doubles for some reason my my brain melted a little bit there right the round is about to be over 45 seconds let’s go back into the cool how are we I just the lag on the MS is makes me want to throw the computer out of the window I just about 30 seconds I got out of a boat and I was just vibrating violently on the spot and I in and then that made everything despawn around me so I was like okay man I don’t even know what how do we know uh how everyone’s done I’ve seen a lot of 21s I’m on 21 right now I’m on like 2 21 21 21 what the hell know you’re all on 21 how do you see that people score that’s what the number is whenever you get a a bingo or a a score I’m on 21 yeah you 21 I’m on to I’m on 22 cuz I’m only missing three yeah and I think pix is on 24 I bet I bet it’s just the sticky piston that he wasn’t able to get stuck on I was still stuck on sticky piston I was I was looking for slimes in caves we should have rolled the card when we saw anything that required a slow ball to be fair yeah yeah it’s rough well Round of Applause for p guys round of appla well play dude it is scary how fast that hour just went by I can’t believe I can’t believe that was um did anybody else get like 24 items was I the only one closest was me at 22 I I was I was having such a hard time finding a geode for most of that yeah same same I just randomly found one in a uh like M shaft like yeah I Wasing across quite a few um deep down as soon as you go down to like uh deep slate level they just seem to be everywhere yeah I T make green dy I tend to find them from the surface on like in oceans like see a geode on the ocean floor who won this [Laughter] game I think had a good crack at it it’s just about been me but yeah like every everyone else did very well guys I L just learned how to make a redstone repeater in this game oh baby I did not know how to do that it’s it’s funny the amount of stuff that this game mode makes you think about like I don’t ever use such and such item like the whenever it’s rabbit rabbit drops come into it and I’m like I don’t ever go for rabbits like there’s no need it was a rabbit when you need like uh rabbit hide or something yeah what’s up pix do you know what I found down there what did you what did you find L I found another fossil I did it I always come across fossils and it’s so strange that’s really funny Jim you are destined to be the arist I am destined oh my God and it had a diamond in it again of course it did Indi Indiana gy I need to get 21 no right should we do Duos three can I go for can I go for a Wii might join you on that Timmy bathroom hell keep the door open fell you’re going to be using the same bathroom oh that’s kind of cool yeah we’re the kind of guy you got a row of like eight urinal and you’re at the very far right one and timy you’ll stand on the one next to you no no follow toilet code no no I’m I’m a shy weer I am a shy weer so I I have I have to you know be away from everybody Pokemon name he’s a TI we it does sound like a Pokemon name kind of right be uh try try figure out teams while we’re gone my Lobby button is not working how do I get out oh teams just click on the same color when we get to the lobby part I’m going to use good old uh lists here we go oh that was fun I did a lot better than I thought I was going to do there is also a command to go to the lobby but I can’t remember exactly what it is I don’t see a thing in the chat for doing that where are you yeah I typed it as well it was not it’s up there you just got to just look up you mean look up Scroll up Scroll up until you see is it’s the thing oh uh no but I don’t have that cuz too many people have just threw all that into and that’s what it spat out first um all right up to people if they want to do those teams there we go I get a thing that says end the game for everyone maybe because I have admin so oh I think yeah that that does seem to bring people back that’s uh something to bear in mind the only thing I’d like next round is if we can have um keep inventory on I think that’ be nice yeah okay we can uh we can do that I can probably just the hungry situation actually didn’t see seem to be that bad I came across like nice huddles of like cows and pigs and things like that yeah the uh the block lag is kind of cringe but it’s the temp server so there’s not really a whole lot I can do about it I think to be fair it’s as soon as I I was aware of it I just worked around it and I didn’t find it too brutal to be honest I think we’re all used to it especially been playing Minecraft for a while like it’s sort of a thing of the past on servers now that’s a very polite way to say a decade yeah yeah I mean I’ve nearly been playing Minecraft for a decade it’ll be a decade this November so I’ve definitely been playing it I’ve been playing it since 2010 so I’m like 14 you’re you’re celebrating the 15 year anniversary along with Minecraft itself this year yeah basically I’ve been playing since what is it in inev when it was only in browser and everything yeah yeah is back I passed him on the way out is he back yeah we heard that high five you did that was weird yeah yeah I went good job weing game a little high five yeah it’s great don’t you do that with your friends after you no only after I washed my hands yeah true obviously oh no no always before what it’s always before got to spread the germs around before you get rid of yeah blood blood packs are I think of the past packs are the new it’s all it’s all about urinal high fives yeah chat my name is not James thank you very much welcome to the Splash Zone right how we feeling about these teams I just their names in and uh that’s SP out um what me see Oh you mean the top like the twos together I would just assume it’s twos yeah or if we’re doing two sets of three we do two sets of three as well I’m fine with any of that what should we do should we do two sets of three I’m good yeah 33 I think if we do 3b3 for now that’ll also probably keep the uh lag on the server down a bit if we’re all kind of going in the same direction instead of splitting six different ways yeah yeah I don’t know if it would though I feel like I’d still play a bit split up yeah yeah I guess just stay does this have any kind of like team teleport mechanic we’ll probably this quicker too he gave us up we could T person that would be cool is it I meant to ask by the way is it did you make this or this is just you found it and you thr it up on the server this is fetcher by noer is the person who made the map uh it’s based on a bingo map that’s been around since like really early days but uh yeah it’s it’s at play Minecraft if anyone wants to go play it download the world and uh you can play it single player or whack it on a server like this I’ll send you my inv for that plug just then the check is in the mail free ads I’ve I’ve done so much free advertising for this game mode just cuz I I I play it casually if I run out of stuff to do on a stream so it’s just super dude I think I will as well the only thing I wish I could do is um cuz I like seeing what you guys are doing and having the chat and stuff but where that map’s located the the bingo card I I can’t see the card half the time because this stuff over it yeah um which is a bit annoy move that around yeah that’ be cool I mean I’m playing on Luna client and I just I can’t seem to find a way to move the chat I could have sworn that was a thing I think it yeah I thought it was a that’s a compartment you can move isn’t it uh I don’t think so I click on edit HUD layout and it doesn’t give me chat as an option so did we want to do us us um is that is it is that an over an Overkill team or not if it’s me Martin and pix and theness me and pix got top two last time yeah maybe we split you guys up wellum or yeah for two for four just is open a minute boys I got a small fee hey on sausage did you just you R for1 I rolled a new card by mistake and now I’m in a in a world and I’m about to start please take me away click click on the sign that says teleport us to the lobby okay lose if I’m the only one in the game I’m so sorry teleport all players or game I mean yeah you can choose that too um yeah know the the the the other thing is this one doesn’t have a a slime component on the bingo card so this actually isn’t a bad card yeah oh it’s pretty good I guess we we all hit join game and that’s how we do it right I’m I’m not I’ve not played this on a server very much so I’m not sure how it let me hit join game I pressed join game right should we do then should we do um it’s me pix and Callum versus sausage Martin and Ollie that we we’ll move into two Wiggle two furious and we’ll go into I’ve really just noticed the the channel names on this Discord see those wio drift wi right our team go in there pix and Callum bye right all right we drifting we drifting boys we drifting right should we go what color should we go um I just changed to cyan but I don’t know if that I know what that is oh God I get it right did I get it oh I got it right this one there go I know colors cool sweet uh green the cyan versus green we ready yeah I’m confident in most of these things yeah most of this is okay the getting the glowberries from a lush cave is going to be a pain but that’s that’s the and and cherry blossom is hit and miss like sometimes I find it everywhere sometimes I never find it but uh you just got to look we find it I believe the stuff that you can only get one way is the Annoying stuff so like an ender pearl you can maybe get that from clerics if you’ve traded to like expert level with a villager or something but just kill yeah yeah I mean killing an Enderman is going to be how we get it yeah in a boat Let’s uh let’s let’s not them give let’s not give them time to think ready let’s do it go go go go oh they thought they were going to think not my not Uncle Sam’s dime what I I I don’t I just said the most American thing I’ve ever said I think yeah like who are you um I’m not entirely sure what it means all right a squid just died in front of me so I’ve immediately got ink sack very nice nice um we’re on top we’re on top yeah yeah I um I the the ironic thing is I can see a swamp from Spawn so the fact that this has no slimes is actually a disadvantage yeah I’m just getting uh gosh I feel like I’m starting a new Minecraft server every time we you know we play I know right this is Empire season 3 here it is here in chat’s been asking me when Empire season 3 is happening this is it this is it right here surprise I’m the addition that no one in the chat asked for I’m here I’m here to hey hey you look he’s stealing my stuff kill him just kill him I can’t it’s it’s not hitable yet uh do we need sugar I’m going to drown him uh we shouldn’t need sugar I don’t think what guys I’m going to quickly Farm getting the Apple let me quick yeah the let me get apples are a pain I’m going just cut down loads of trees heal the oak trees uh let’s go with two furnaces and yeah I’m on my like speedrunner stuff where I just dig a hole to get stone respect this is like the only type of speedr running I ever do is Minecraft Bingo that’s good it’s nice all right let’s uh let’s get boats let’s go drifting drifting oh look rabbit hides there yeah yeah there’s um is that just killing them right yeah you sometimes get rabbit meat or rabbit hide it depends but um yeah the the trick to killing rabbits is to have a dandelion in your off hand cuz that way yeah there you go um that way they just walk up to you instead of uh you having to chase them around so I always grab a Dand L first you can’t kill each other I didn’t know that uh there’s a pilles out here do we need anything from it uh I don’t think so I just have a little loot anyway yeah yeah may as well I’m going to go on the ocean see if I can find Glo ink and uh sea pickles and stuff go on go on oh I can hear them grunting you can also get loads of iron from shipwrecks if you find them so that’s a pretty uh how I got it last time yeah I was looking at the chat and being like how’s Jimmy got diamonds before he’s made an iron pickaxe like he must have found something yeah [ __ ] Breck hooked me up I was hoping I’d find a TNT in it but I didn’t I see a village I don’t know if it’s got anything good oh Ollie’s already there is it a spruce one or not no no it’s a uh a PLS Village I see uh oie’s so easy to spot with his new aerobics gear like he’s kind of like a beacon he just stands out that might be where they’ve got the Apple from though actually oh if you can get wheat do the the thingy the pack mud oh yeah that’s a good good St I have wheat I will do that trying to get this apple I will I will get this apple this this pill is obsessing me bro leave me alone not even hit me once yet we don’t need these oh I’ve got those pumpk I’ve got loads of pumpkins oh yeah grab one of those and uh P kind pie if you find a chicken either find some time to just babysit it until it lays an egg or put it in a boat and bring it with you cuz that way it’ll just lay an egg wherever you’ve got it come with me child yeah exactly right like you you just end up stealing a load of chickens all the time yeah they they lay one like every 5 minutes but it uh in real life it’s it’s nuts after my neighbor’s chickens and they were like you can have the eggs while we’re gone I was like oh that’s be that would be nice every day I’m coming home with eggs like thirsty they just keep by the way that’s like Jimmy tell me tell me you don’t live in London anymore without tell me you don’t live in London after my neighbor’s chickens and um who are are we’ve gone back to my roots I have I have put tractoring garage I’ve got a Cherry Grove so I’m I’m about to get pink Petals on the board by the way is that a bucket of milk or snow you I just got I just got the iron for a bucket cool yeah snow has a little bit of snow coming off the side of the Sprite Which is how you can tell it’s different but yeah I don’t think powder snow is even in this like as an item you need to get thank goodness uh there’s nothing really useful in snowy Villages right I don’t think you might be able to get pumpkin pie from I’ve got an apple get in I’ve done my bit we’re cooking oh wait is that oh I bet you that was oh no it’s not wait are these ferns that you can I just need shears or not you need shears for them yeah she that woman who done the radio show oh you need we need iron is there only hold on bucket of milk nice didn’t really consider the fact to get his rid of my bucket but it’s all right we we’ll live with that it for now oh there’s a Pillager Tower do we need anything from that or not I think oh we’ve been through this oh I’ve I’ve I’ve done a rookie error here haven’t I it’s uh charcoal kills all over again I’ve forgotten to listen I forgot to listen I’ve turned off my ears i’ turned them off and I’d turn them back on if you tried turn off and on again is there someone in the is there someone in the village can trade pumpkin Pi are there is um no in in some of them you get a uh a pumpkin pie in a chest but I think it’s either the snow ones or the Tiger ones and I forget which one I’m going to grab the acacia as well so I’ll take care of the hanging sign oh dude uh if you’ve milk that cow have you killed it cuz we can get an item frame I have not killed it yet I I have leather so I can that oh go on yeah I don’t there anything else in this little village I will move on ni that’s in the bag okay um I have Moss but we don’t really need that for anything I don’t have to just go down cuz there’s lapis there’s gold iron we need still yeah you might get lucky and find gold in a ruined nether portal but you can also just go mining for to get to nether for bone block oh um no the uh it you make it the the nether is disabled in bingo so it’s not it’s not going to work regardless there’s no item you need to get is there anything we need from here are you at the plains Village no I’m at a snowy one oh interesting look in the chest are you following me yeah look in the chest there in case they have um pumpkin Pikes I’m not sure if it’s snowy or not uh have you uh been here Callum and looked around or so I was I was near a Pillager Tower and then went to a snowy Village so have you looked in all the chests I think so okay perhaps I miss some though you never know I should be able to get sea pickles here in a sec as well Fern he got Fern he got her he got her Fern oh wait I’ve got pumpkins here how do you make the pie oh uh egg and sugar oh gosh you know what I’m having Deja Vu this whole time cuz I heard you you got stop thanking your members I genuinely I think I’m losing the plot all right SE pickles I mean we don’t need it guys but I do have a goat horn which is great fun yeah goat horns used to be part of this and then I think they removed it because you could only really get it from occasional Pillager Towers or let a goat attempt to Ram you for about half an hour and it just it was just so boring they’re just like they’re not reliable there’s a there’s a a shipwreck at land level hello guys get the members going go on get them going make me forget going to found another Village a tropical a tropical fridge hello I’m losing the plot oh gosh oh God I need to stop I need to stop I could just go for a tropical fridge right about now stop I I’m genu are there milkshakes called fridge they are they are the I think there’s my favorite one of those I don’t have them too often but uh the fudge brownie one is so good oh yeah sounds good I have TNT stupid fridge yes TNT with a mine cart get it going put it in the bag I’ve got some hay bales up here but we don’t need those for anything so I might just turn them into food tropical blid what am I saying they used to get that one fast there used to be a Simpsons themed milkshake that I used to get a couple times but it always made me feel sick cuz it was like raspberry donut flavor and like the raspberry milkshake part was great but then like the donut aftertaste was actually rank guys pumpkin pie oh my goodness look at this man pie he’s going to he’s going to stick that in his tropical fridge I got pie I just I’ve came across tons of chickens and I just heard I was like yeah that’s one of you done it right one of you done it one of you one of you’s done it I’m not wasting my time figuring out who going to take take it was you give me the child there is a soul thank you so much Mega G F I need to find some iron and stuff I think yeah I need iron now cuz I got a I got the TNT for TN right what is there to grab up here I think I just asking like a really philosophical question what is there what is there what is there uh probably need some shears I think we need to go down don’t we get some get some iron yeah the only thing I can think of on the on the top at the moment is the spider eye but we can find them down yeah I I’m waiting for Knight to see if a spider’s going to come out and just make it easy yeah oh I made friends with a dolphin but then he left me alone sad I’ll make friends with a dolphin don’t know why that song is and that’s not fair in in the Dolphins defense probably cannot read what you sent to be fair what did you think of user what did you think oh he certainly sang a few songs didn’t he he he was he was going for it wasn’t he he was tring I didn’t mind it I didn’t mind it too much to be fair I thought it was I thought the second half of it was great yeah you know the rollerblade and bits and and whatnot oh yeah yeah yeah there was a bit of rollerblading I really liked the second half I thought the first half was weak did you see the Tik Tok from the girl who fell off the stage excuse me there was a girl who was like rollerblading as part of the show and she fell off the stage and she basically you remember that old like Tik Tok audio that was like you would do it too for a check uh essentially she lied on her resume saying she could roll the blade and didn’t get enough notice to actually learn she fell off the stage but she got paid 20 grand so excuse me what do you know what I you know what I would e myself off a stage for 20 grand punch me in the face what the world the the tax man’s been me um listen ye myself I can’t roll a blade that oh wait is hilarious what color are we blue or green uh we’re blue oh I think might I might get tropical fish hold on I see C re can’t believe that do you count as a a tropical fish mate what are you going to pick it up get it yahoo oh yes I’m helping I got a decent amount of iron here as well so I can start making like the furnace mine cart and things and the rails I can do the rails too guys I can see uh acacia wood I’ve got that I’m I’m next to Desert so I’m going to I’m going to look for the speedr you haven’t got that one what we we haven’t got the sign the wooden sign we Haven we haven’t got it yet but I have all the wood I need for I just need chains do not touch it mate or else it’s on I am not getting that acacia wood Jim Jim the Cherry oh wait have we got Cherry no we got Cherry stuff yeah yeah we got we got that own you really are losing it I need I think I need to go lie down think I need to lie down in a stiff drink I’m having Bolognese tonight and I cannot wait oh that’s you know that’s a treat isn’t it that’s a treat is it you know like there’s that thing I can’t remember what it’s called I feel like it’s called like the B manhoff Theory or something it’s like it’s like the Grand Theft car Theory so when you like when you get a nice car you always see nice cars right this I feel this is happening to me in real life I literally had a state class night for the first time in ages I was like you know a really fancy a steak Yeah a message from my mate and he goes do you want to come to the steak place tonight I’m like I’m doing back to back stakes and I don’t know how much I actually don’t know how much like red meat I’m supposed to eat in the week next time you seen Callum he’s going to look all roided out red face from all this meat well I had it two days in a row so I thought might as well have it every day every day Okay I uh I have a ruined nether pole so I can just grab the gold block from this so we can take block off uh just got a yeah there was six gold in the chest as well so I can almost do it with that but hold on let let me just have a word with this fell hello spider mate are you do you plan on dropping your eye oh you do that’s perfect thanks mate nice did he do it I’m just a word with him he’s going to drop it now there he goes yeah he’s lied to me oh he’s lied to me with his eight eyes couldn’t spare one couldn’t spare any of them sorry oh the skeleton wouldn’t even give me a bone either h a rough world out there yeah that’s that one that I promise you J that one was an accident that I heard it back sorry wait what Sor you so out of it never mind no no no yeah don’t worry J I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what’s going half the time don’t worry about it don’t worry about it Jim don’t worry about it all right I won’t thank you I will not worry thank you oh fireworks are popping off we’ve got a bingo we’ve got a bingo did that happen when I got a bingo the last time no those fireworks didn’t happen last time that made me feel special did they not they they worked for me no oh maybe I think I was in a cave when I got both of M maybe I just didn’t notice them maybe it’s the first time we because we’re the first to get a bingo maybe I don’t know oh oh it’s going to happen again isn’t it I’m digging straight down I’m going to I’m literally just going to dig straight down to bedrock how am I not going into a cave at least you’ll get a block of tough on the way block of tough you’re right oh and I went into a cave and you can too with these three easy steps three easy steps my my chat like yeah it definitely did happen by the way man one acquire pickaxe two dig straight down three Don’t Die four profet stons wait what did you actually do what what what did you why are people saying you did something what did you do your chat caught it well it was it actually was a full on accident cuz this time I really I caught myself in and was like oh well okay I said that the skeleton didn’t even give me a bone um and it was just to be fair maybe it’s just my tone of voice it just sounded a little sultry ah right I did hear it myself and I apologize quite quickly this time that’s a good thing not try to show my wand he’s for I was about to say you’re forgiven he’s forgiven hold on there’s no point I’m going to say another one at some point no no point forgiving me yeah we’ll decide at the end ask for forgiveness and ask for permission do we need anything for an abandoned M shaft Lads oh rails I can get rails we need rail dead easy I mean I have TNT but just no Minar yeah um I might be able to get I mean I can’t get mine carts from here anyway cuz I can uh you can’t separate them from the chests anymore oh yeah I tried to do that in my last thing I was like can you get rid of this the answer was no hey guys I watched something last night you might have all seen it and I want your opinions on it cuz I thought you know what it it it grew on me I watched Wonka last night for the first time I’ve heard it’s actually good I’m not I’ve heard it’s good you didn’t like it uh uh I didn’t love or hate it I actually described it as it’s a perfect watch for at home the c i I wouldn’t pay I wouldn’t have paid to go see I don’t think I thought I thought Timothy was very good in it I thought I thought he was him well I’m glad you’re on first name terms yeah yeah me and him hang out all the time me and Timothy me and Timothy we hang out all the time okay I have probably just found a spider spawner by the way so don’t worry about going after spiders should be able to get an eye from one of these working 9 to 5 I’m yeah it’s a it’s a way we we make a living I got five creepers here do we need anything no uh TNT I’ve got it I’ve got it oh wait I’ve got gold here let me start getting that for the block of gold as well yeah we’ve already got the block of gold uh let me throw it all away I I specifically said that I was buying NE port yeah I I don’t know what’s wrong with me today I I think I honestly you got distracted by the fact that it set off fireworks after I got it so uh yeah yeah I think it might have he’s right there were bright lights and explosions and Jim blacked out for a yeah he’s right back I’m in a Pillager Tower and there’s some there’s a snowy Village over there should I go to he’s got the spider yes don’t get a spider eye yeah that’s I won’t I won’t get it should I just sit back sit back jungle jungle if you can kill any skeletons oh skeleton we we still need uh got one bone at the moment wait where where are we where are we wait uh wait what youle no nothing fine you get your mind out of the gutter I didn’t say anything I laughing at that I went one bone and then I I looked at the cuz you laughed I looked at the bingo car cuz I thought we had already completed it and I was going to look like a fool but no we we we’re fine it wasn’t that none of these skeletons are dropping their bones all I’m getting is arrows hello oh my God wait there’s a there’s a ruined Port here should I get the gold dude get it cuz we ain’t got that yet we’ve been through this what do you mean uh Flint Ste and some iron either do we no I don’t think so skeleton wait that’s not true that’s a creeper hey guys hey guys you ready for this now we’re back in the mine what what’s up are you ready for this tell am tell me you’re ready I’m I’m ready I think I am also ready hey there he goes oh there it is there it is y y ye like that girl with the roller blades y I can’t believe that I’m going to tell C that straight away that’s so funny it is funny but I mean to be fair she was in good spirits about it but she got a mean black eye oh I really it was a on the way down holy moly you would do it too for a check I can’t believe that I’m looking forward to that brand deal hello mate just content your email I heard that you said you’d let Usher punch you in the face for 20 grand actually part of his team and I’m just reaching out he said he’s Keen actually he needs he needs a picture of your face just to see if it’s that punchable yeah sure I’ll send it over that’s us as well please post Super Bowl halftime show is just punching people in the face yeah please CL uh right Village oh wait that means Golem someone in my chat has renamed themselves to the stupid tropical fridge get out me get out that is phenomenal effort that’s commitment to the bit well done 10 out of 10 je great work my chat’s lulling at that as well look at them yeah I’m looking for an Enderman as well I can’t find one I’m I’m I’m searching all of the uh the deserts and whatnot all of the places that they’ll stand out we still need lapis as well don’t we lapis annoying cuz if we come across literally one bit of lapis it probably will give us enough for at them for a block you can also get it in ship Wes at some point as well so occasionally ‘ll find it there do we need Redstone probably not yes excuse me uh for the dispenser oh yeah cuz all you need all you need for that is like a bow at that point okay Jim what just happened he said did do we need Redstone he said yes you excuse me I I was looking at everything thinking no we don’t you just answer me mate did you just ask answer my question mate cuz i s down what did you say what what what did you say to me you want to think again you wash your mouth out right now you want to reward it it oh wait I got five iron that’s a high roll and it’s also a mine cart I believe uh we we’ve already oh no one the furnace M TNT TNT Minecraft and he he has had the TNT there it is close to the beginning of the game he has yeah I did get very lucky we just walking in finding one I was like oh thanks all right so we need a diamond hoe still I’m on the level to try find uh diamonds so I’ll keep looking yeah yeah yeah make make us a diamond hoe If you find an Enderman dig into a or put him in a boat because we we none of us have got glow squ ink yet no no I might I might go looking for that now I’m in a a snow village but I don’t think there’s much I can get here that’ll be useful yeah count is broken for some reason cuz we’ve had members gener for what’s the most cats that can spawn in a single Village uh uh uh six so I just made a joke about there being eight and you went for for a lower number than wait all right I mean I could actually be wrong here I’m pretty sure it’s 10 though I could be wrong you made me I think 10 but you need five beds in the village I think I’m trying to try to expand my Niche knowledge so people don’t judge me when I to make a redstone repeater I didn’t even know there was a limit there might not be I don’t think there’s a limit right uh pix is like he is knowledge knowledge I would pies right honestly honestly I’m I’m not that level of knowledge that I’m like well actually the amount of cats you can have in a village like it’s not not quite my department right now if I’d just done a video about cats maybe I would remember but some of it just goes in one ear and out the other you know tell me about it in incoming video about cats coming up yeah yeah that’ll be out Monday well if there is one villager and four beds Untamed cats will spawn with every four valid beds with a maximum of 10 cats in a village there you go there’s the knowledge right there thanks chat you learned it something today and not from me um I’m around a couple of areas that could have glow squid so I’m D yep I see one I see one as long un yeah there you go stay there stay there stay there get in oh there’s lapis right here as well I’ll go for that too minute dude wait there’s no point me being down here oh wait I’m looking for diamonds I’m looking for you’re looking for diamonds James you’re looking for diamonds call you James first name basis I don’t know why I just called you James that was so unnatural that felt awful it did didn’t it that’s why I tell everybody don’t call me it yeah yeah I knew your name was James I I apologize no it’s all right you don’t need to apologize chat if you even try it ban in B why why would you double down on it that’s just going to entice them no instant bands instant bands wait is all we need glowberries and we need dispenser I have everything dispenser aside from Red Stone though so I might keep looking down here in case I get any Redstone right I’m on diamond Duty we’re doing quite a good job here guys we’re doing right we’re doing all right I left my crafting table down here of course like a fool and this doesn’t really go far enough down I don’t think I keep finding geodes though I swear if we don’t need we don’t need a swamp we don’t need a geode and they’re both here so here’s the exact things you do not need over and over again the stuff you needed last time is all here thank you perfect I might just try digging down from here actually see how far we get with this come on diamonds please come on diamonds just going in a straight line please yeah more diamonds Oh Ship oh that is the most embedded in the wall shipwreck I’ve ever seen wow okay I found Redstone as long as I can deal with the two spiders and the two Creepers okay and how we feeling about that um fine now that they’ve all exploded perfect okay so that should be dispenser oh kind of wish one found diamonds oh he’s found them I found them two there we go dispenser we need two I’ve got six oh my you only need two Jim let’s do it Jim make three Diamond hes go on I’ll do it I’ll do it make one it’s going to take one and then make another one yeah now we just need to find a um a lush cave I guess right yeah baby and Bone I guess it’ be in the cave probably yeah honestly you can get you can get bone blocks any number of ways like there’d be skeletons you could even compost stuff if you wanted to like honestly kill enough fish and you might get enough bone meal oh yeah true actually I’ve not seen a lush cave anywhere but N I think an end pear well that’s the other thing look out forend oh yeah pear cuz they they’ve already got that so uh W they fls yeah a little bit it’s just about luck though it’s just about one spawning near you and then it’s also about luck getting the ender pearl I had a run of this where I think I fought five Endermen in one night and none of them dropped a pearl I was so angry just very very cross oh my gosh there’s so many mobs oh my gosh don’t die Jim help ow I hurt myself I’m going to die I’m going to die you that mate well I turn keep inventory on so you don’t need to worry much about that I just found like a little cave entrance right is there anything up oh he sounds so defeated bless him um little message in the chat after oh it really riled me up um getting very heated what do we need what do we need oh Martin’s there should I go Nick his stuff I think so I just is that a bone block he’s just dropped oh noce piece of sand oh that would have been amazing I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to break his break his crafting table absolute fool absolute hey this is what we’ve become I’m wait I’m going to wait for to put it down again I’m going to do the exact same thing oh sausage has glowberries Advantage them darn it sausage this is the kind of interference you need to be running JY so that’s all good um what what do we need what do we need uh we need to find a lush cave we need to find some skeletons and we need to find an Enderman yeah time’s not on our side for that because of the uh that we need nighttime yeah we’ll probably find them in caves but oh true and minute easier to spot on the surface but so most things tell you what it’s not easy to spot on the surface apparently a bloody Lush cave true very true I’m lagging out here cuz I’m generating new chunks just trying to find this place I’m so far out yeah I’m very far out I’ve got so many tropical fridges in my chat now it’s crazy that’s a new emote new emote idea tropical fridge I could create a new brand I think is that a pink sh sheep is that a naturally spawn pink sheep no way that’s a rare occur no way no way clip it the Ken era is over Frid era has started now five days 5 days it’s over five days 5 days it’s gone that is actually wild ER yeah dude you remember when we went to the the pub uh Callum to drink some orange juices and um we we sat there and you were like dude what is happening and I was like I don’t even know and that wasn’t even when the that the time hadn’t even started at that point no 60 days later it’s uh oh my God it’s all over that’s crazy oh he’s found a lush cave and it’s absolutely tiny but I’m sure there’s more of it somewhere some Jimmy Lush cave under Desert thanks for the five h i I’m not I’m not I don’t want to how it works yeah just under Desert is it under no no no no like you have to see the um do you know how to seecap or not on the top yeah well uh and I mean I see I see moss and I’m all right Lush G nice I just heard a tropical fish die in lava and that’s how I found the rest of the Lush cave ah what there we go glowberries thank you yep all right um let’s see if there’s an Ender down here I guess oh yeah yeah yeah end wait is it we need so we need a bone block and an ender pearl that’s it I’ve got two bones on me how’s everyone else doing cuz if we all die and meet up me the human body has over bones but I don’t have any of them in my I’ve got one you could punch me in the face and take a few if you’d like but if you could if you could call Asha yeah we need a couple of Bones that’s what’s called a callback folks a call back that’s that’s good comedy to me I see an Enderman please brother brother he wait dude he’s in a boat someone’s trapped him wait who is kill him kill him I bet I bet that was what Martin was doing before he just someone is trapped an end in a boat if it drops an end Pearl you’re the goat you’re the goat you done it dropped an end pear they just assisted us winning they just assisted us winning right when he bones and that’s it literally bones I can’t believe they assisted us winning wait what do they need we just need we need nine for it is what it is guys they wait guys they need mud and that’s it three bones so you need nine bone meal are they about to win they need mud and that’s it mud right it that’s it guys can’t make that anyway yeah we need to be we need to be the fastest we’ve ever been in our life wait I see them I’m going to break everything are at spawn Jim yeah they at spawn find find bones pigs find bones I’m Dr I’m trying I’m drowning myself break everything skeletons aren’t droing bones wait do we only need how many bones do we need I have one I’m going I’m breaking it no I was breaking that dirt as and it was so easy oh my gosh oh no you watched it happen as well to me that’s so funny Jim here’s here’s the thing that we somehow did we not have enough to make a bone block no I had two two bones you need a lot of B you need you need three bones you need n you can make bone blocks with bone meal which I learned today I so if you came spawn I I saw Survival Guide I know how to do it we would have made a bone block if you came spawn Callum close game G when you guys found the cherry blossom so early we were like oh God we went dude I couldn’t I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Enderman trapped in a boat assisted me it dropped it I was like I was like guys those absolute losers were about to win and then I saw you and he had mud left and I was like it’s over this is it I left that one for you because he killed me last second I had two hearts left so so many arrows no bones we about 20 minutes hunting for one cow I could not find the we thought we were going to die because of that oh what a day that was lovely that was good thanks for setting that up man I’m we up playing some more of that I like that those ones aren’t because the previous Bingo we’ve played I think some of the items were a bit brutal so like it does take ages but I think I’d like more shorter faster games so we can do like two games per stream or three yeah there’s other ways you can play this as well there’s a lockout mode so you aim to get a line and then you can try and like tactically get items to throw your opponents off that’s that’s a bit of fun but um yeah yeah I’ll keep the server up and we’ll we’ll maybe do it again next week all right thanks for playing guys thanks for losing bye Wednesday wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle but it’s Thursday oh it is just remember that right see it oh that’s the Wiggles guys the wigglers right guys my lovely friends oh thank you so much for just buying the merch let’s go thank you right my lovely friends guys guys I have to go because I need to eat some food because I’ve got editing to do and then another recording to do um and then it’s kirsty’s birthday tomorrow so have to be up early cuz we’re going we’re going out for her birthday and stuff um I’ve I am overwhelmed of how busy busy it is um so uh here’s the plan everybody I’m muting the m music so you listen up all right we’ve got five days left on the Ken era all right the next time I stream is on Monday where we’ll have one day left it’ll be the Monday it will run all the way on Tuesday until midnight and then it will uh it will uh cancel out and at midnight GMT time oh no maybe midnight H I think midnight GMT time or maybe midnight American time I’m not too sure yet it will it will end all right but listen up I’ve got a new video coming out on Saturday and it was me reviewing reacting to my lovely members built up dream houses I got my members to build some dream houses and now’ll be the last video that is coming out on Sunday all right then we will have a new video uh next week on Tuesday I think and then uh maybe another video I’m not too sure but we got content for days all right I’m very excited we got things going on if you haven’t already go check out the merch it’s in the description down below uh Flora with the one month hi Jim just want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me love your content can’t wait to see the merch gets here thank you so much for supporting me I appreciate that there is a new video coming out on Saturday everybody Saturday new video coming out um but yes thank you so much for being here I hope you enjoyed the stream thank you for the love this week very much appreciate that I’m sorry that uh it’s quite a busy weekend uh so I won’t be back until Monday streaming but a new video like I said on Saturday all right take care of yourself go follow my Instagram and stuff like that because on Instagram I’ll probably post a few stories this weekend while I’m away uh so that’ll be good but yeah I’ll see you guys soon I’m going to go eat some food and uh yeah take care of yourself all right peace out I love you all [Music] n

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    Ultimate Minecraft PrimalCore Mod tutorial!Video Information This video, titled ‘PrimalCore mod tutorial. Guide. Primal Beginning’, was uploaded by Minecraft Easy gaming on 2024-07-14 15:00:06. It has garnered 49 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:18:14 or 4694 seconds. The PrimalCore mod adds more hardcore development to Minecraft, complicating the processes that have become familiar, such as, for example, making tools, mining fire or leather processing. I tried to make for you the most complete review of the mod PrimalCore. It’s more like a guide than a review. I hope you like this format of my videos. You can also suggest… Read More

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  • Survival 141

    Survival 141This is a basic survival server with gameplay as close to a vanilla experience as possible.Basic server rulesNo GriefingNo SpammingNo AdvertisingNo Cursing/No Constant CursingNo Asking for OP, Ranks, or ItemsRespect all PlayersObey Staff There the LawNo Racist or Sexist Remarks.No Mods/HacksNo Full Caps MessagesNo Builds Near Spawn Read More

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