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hello everyone we are live we are live okay another live stream and if you guys want to Jo just let me know I’ll let you in someone add me no reason I don’t I don’t know if they’ll try to go into yeah I can tell red doubles oh did you see my um map that I built as [Applause] [Music] well bro what you want to know what I think this deserves [Applause] I actually kind of cook on M [Applause] [Music] so yeah just yeah I’m going to probably be playing this for like an hour and a half but yeah oh we’re going to be enchanting my netherite sword and my mates let’s go let’s go guys let’s go let’s go guys [Music] [Music] so the first enchant like so what enchantment we’re going to put on here on uh we’re going to put on [Music] [Music] [Applause] bro wait a minute I don’t know what that is but this is not guys once you just let me know I’ll invite you or add you if I don’t already have you added what beautiful cave R’s got into his base BR found iron gold and these things yeah I’m going to get rid of these and I’m also going to change my skin because I don’t actually want to wear this skin and I need to go to the marketplace to change it to change to the skin I actually want to wear so what am we going to put on then [Music] bedw Wars wait do I see Cody although that’s a demo and then not one of these said Axel and one of these said butteri [Music] what blck animal skins do we have who’s in chat as well guys just let me know who’s in chat [Music] [Music] cuz if I know who’s in chat then I can like you guys want to join as well [Music] not yo did that had new stuff cuz I don’t remember some of this stuff being here yo you got find the button let’s go [Applause] BR there so Furniture mods it’s not even funny [Music] [Music] huh let’s just put on oh we can’t put on Preston I mean this skin seems pretty cool let’s play this skin what do you guys think of this skin do you guys like it also is anyone in [Music] chat yay [Music] [Music] guys what if we add every mod to [Music] P that’ be [Music] insane hi his friend back anyway back any break sure and obviously Knock You [ __ ] anyway [Music] [Music] Y what does super modern look like guys I’m going to see what this texture pack looks like and if it ain’t good well we’re going [Music] to just obviously change it you know we’re going to turn it on I mean some of these packs that like we have a like every mod it’s not even [Music] funny I mean if we end up do having every mod in the future I’m going to like and it will probably be for the buzz SMP for but like every single mods will be like you know on here I want to try to find this exact seed you know this one that you see in the background I’ve been I’ve been playing Minecraft since like 201 not 2015 2018 and I’ve been playing for almost 6 years now guys almost 6 years I think I started playing in July [Music] yes trolls and Chambers will come out in June which is like next week okay practically next week so we’re going to see a new update like next up oh gosh please good world please go want to join just let me know and I’ll add you and then I’ll inv you to the world huh what am I looking at what is this that is not string what is not even the mangrove boats look weird [Music] only this looks normal even the furniture book info looks Weir okay let’s see [Music] how not going lie I don’t need this m yo what what is [Music] this why is the laa [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if of course okay this I’m deactivating and this it just started on its own no one was in and it just and an earthquake was about to happen so like I’m finding this weird already like the like yeah why don’t we create a new world and have every mod [Music] [Applause] that seem why is no one in the chat man [Music] [Music] [Music] right so we are going to post in creative [Music] H yeah [Music] creative [Applause] [Music] mod World SE template she always [Applause] [Music] there right resource pack actually you know what I think if I think we should go into the smp3 wa one [Music] [Applause] makes sense you know we’re going like in like good well this is like the longest roller coaster ever [Music] [Applause] [Music] actually no I’m not going to play the overall one we like I really want to build you know but like bring [Music] [Music] hours no one’s been in here [Applause] blackies not here dud [Music] spru even Devils has permission to go in here even though that he’s never played Minecraft in his life and here’s everyone who’s allowed to be in here Blacky D Wild Boy food um mad pish Ollie midnight Logan ler 2 dud ly leap mad pish Ol Red Devil serans Westy and BR let’s see stats Minecraft Brian has played for 49 days oi has played for 26 days I hav played something oh Red Devils has played for 3 hours what H so okay that’s [Music] weird go [Music] [Applause] [Music] there we [Music] go and [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] then still like Call Music it’s Minecraft you know even if it’s creepy it’s [Applause] [Music] iconic [Music] huh this is creepy boys please I [Music] [Music] [Music] guys what’s this what’s this this SP watch this guys on SP these moved okay you guys think might think I’m trooping but those things moved [Music] so guys see this see this we got those there now over here go back okay they know they know it that’s why I need to kill the Scottish Fold because that the Scottish Fold can’t get [Music] down down [Music] kid hello guys and welcome to be a part of the new hello guys and welcome to be a part of the news watch this okay I’m going to go to the bunker what about that guys I’m going to go to the bunker like the ultra bunker you know you know that bunker we right the best bunker [Music] ever this is creepy so I’m about to expose Minecraft right [Music] now hello guys and [Music] welcome oh my head bro that is still hello Gabriel uh uh this yeah it’s the BL smp3 uh except that there’s some stuff right here which shouldn’t have this and I’m going to go to the nether but first hold on actually no not yeah actually yeah starts [Music] the I don’t know like I’m just going to see I’m going to check NE at this point what there’s W in the ne m [Music] [Applause] what do you mean by that oh I have Roots I’m going help [Applause] you run get what’s happening world this world hell guys welcome I’m should this will be because this is we so I have some armor stands and and just keep an eye on this right these are right like I like that uh let’s grab Turtle no we’re not going to get totle helmet we’re just going to go peaceful trick all the way and yeah he hello guys and welcome to be of hello andc [Music] to where you [Applause] get what the Yeah [Applause] do yeah so now we’re just going go away over here you know this would be a great artifact you know I’m going to I’m going to save this you know I’m going to save this so from now on I’m going to get this so hold on slash [Applause] give h [Applause] [Music] I uh Str to underscore blue lock so guys we’re going to get one of these that’s not the right area Direction kind of things so if you guys don’t know what we’re doing here we’re going to be [Music] copying W so it’s going to be called W and let’s go 30 yep what about the X let’s make that 10 now it’s got to be at least 18 uh 15 [Music] 14 and now we’re going to do 14 as well no that’s too little what about that that’s two that no okay that is enough right yeah that is enough so now I can do this so now if I call it w save now hello guys and welcome to be a part do the guys what is this also what is this can someone help me could someone help me oh going in my practically isn’t even there dude spru a l some of them are surviving under Dr I just save those lives don’t worry go guys I saved you lives yes and which dude spruit house okay my house okay to are part of the news Sor gaming hello guys welcome to be a part of the new hello guys and welcome to be a part of the news hello guys and welcome we got a lot of days [Music] left I’m going I’m getting my uh Minecraft welome to be a part of the news and guys and welcome to be a part of the news hello guys welcome to be a part of the if I place it [Music] right that’s better but that seems better yes sir [Music] [Music] Bingo guys we actually got kill your Outpost look at that look even copies the stuff in the chest so [Music] oh oh [Music] look I’m checking something [Music] no no thought it [Music] was all right anyways let’s go back uh home you [Music] know and welcome to okay it’s still the same okay please in chat there’s two people in chat but not talking probably Red Devil so and he’s creating a map so BL not talking and now there’s nothing [Music] don’t worry uh animals uh your best friend is here to see we we’re doing Minecraft I’m not going fortnite I don’t want to play fortnite today [Music] okay cuz um like I’m guessing a bit bored of the game [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] help [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] all right I’m to I don’t want to play fortnite today [Applause] sorry all right BR what’s up man [Applause] bro what a random forest fires [Music] starting what happened i’ I already said this to call me J Jesse but like I yeah oh do you want to check in an Xbox cool or no sorry if you don’t want [Music] to I hope they give out like a blue flag this time cuz like that to actually be like show support thisk e hello guys I’m back let me just get buring the Xbox 4 got some Harry [Applause] Boos who watching something I’m watching something I’ll be back in a couple minutes okay e no will stream [Music] [Music] it I have been teleported to quo [Applause] [Laughter] wow [Applause] [Applause] wow end up killing at this point [Laughter] see it guys all of that like is Scotland all the spruce you know what [Applause] [Music] this will create a perfect cut through boom boom [Music] boom then I’m going to uh actually I need to grab these back and then grab this this this and then the Observer this is the world’s best TNT kind of ever you [Music] know and [Music] then oh helloo what wait can you hear me hi Hold On by I can hold on hello hello hello okay good good good I just had to uh like I can hear you through my phone for no reason wait I B you look wait stream can hear [Music] you yo broy yo yeah yo they say yeah stream can hear you let’s [Music] go yeah about did you enjoy the live event yesterday yeah same I like I was a bit to you can see in my video it was a bit much I know oh I’ve seen the line of Destruction you’ve made here yeah I didn’t really like that they me the present Place yeah no no my go what ah I replaced it with grass to repair Scotland which what did you like was it remember like that pool I don’t know where you go uh yeah no like do you know you know 11 from um like that movie I just kind of think you look like that oh from Strang thing not [Music] even he knows I’m going to check if I yeah I think I think I’ll be able to get day three come on yeah Ender hood [Music] yo I think this is like wait yeah I’m going to clck that I got as uh do it got red on that no it’s actually got blue on oh where I said how do I get gas oh they are you might even be able to get day one I don’t know don’t like you can’t what don’t that’s suck are you are you getting it and equipping it yep it’s even got perple on the top yo yo yo this is actually fire yo this is actually clean I put on my how do I put it on my head King virtual said British dream SMP no this is Scotland this is Scotland over here I mean ran do you want to say something to King virtual because obviously it isn’t uh you know how dare you yeah brion’s mad real mad now this how dare you yeah stream could hear you so so you can actually speak to the stream thank God you happy hello chat chat bus lik TOS hey no that that’s that one guy in that one Westy short who’s saying I love toes what yeah yeah someone said I love toes yeah I I’ll tickle I tickle yourself that one there was this one kid it sounds exactly like me but what the hell is happened to Wesley I don’t know okay I didn’t enjoy oh oh le le I did I mean I mean the event was pretty sick you you probably didn’t enjoy it because mg and you and you probably are just a wastle fun no I I I was I was actually enjoying talking to TMG then he left I I think I had him twice as a teammate and I had wh let me see let me say what king virtual said bus mate the Irish Republic declares war on this independent Scotland you made AKA Brian actually so uh the Irish we need to be careful because DMG is going to be coming to war with us bro br br I wasn’t meaning to make you that mad I’m sorry by the way virtual um Brian kind of created this Scotland thing to be honest cuz uh he is the May of Scotland this this person is the m who has this house and the only it has cameras as well like you mind if it has cameras yeah cuz like if you’re if you’re going to um Antarctica which is like 10,000 BS bus have you leaked My AG what do you mean have you leaked My AG just asking why are you asking I don’t know I just feel like you would be the kind of guy to do that I mean I ain’t windy game wait yeah Wy gaming changed the like you know that gaming is it now worry gaming no it’s now cream gaming oh my God don’t see that on your stream but I don’t mind because we’re gaming C chat we [Music] G what I’ll take quick on chop down this floating tree but then we can replant it no replant it I don’t care this can just be a building so uh over here can be a building over here can be a building so what building is it going to be is it going to be like bu soon right I mean we have like two hours left in the Stream yeah even more actually I might not even be the for that long you might even have a bit longer than that you know depending on the timing and it is a Frid B I’m going to travel to Ireland real quick all right right and I’m gonna say sorry to yeah where Ireland think it’s Dublin yo why did King virtual actually kind of predict what you were doing King virtual yo you you predicted what Bri was doing he’s going to Dublin aren’t you Dublin yeah yeah don’t even know where that place is oh now now in uh like if in story uh trailers of now I’m in dou hello hello hello he this is Scotty Scott Scott to everybody I’m sorry okay bye now boss I know you’re like why did he even do that you can’t see my face right now but I’m doing the uh hey Brian you won’t live in Dublin the Glorious Scottish Navy would conquer Dublin okay um that’s what king king virtuals making a whole story right now kind of [Applause] sorry whaty h [Music] I thought that was a s of a Mario [Applause] song you know like what the coper singing in the Mario song thing what was that no that that was actually kind of creepy am I right where’s my horn hey wait no no no no you know stream can hear you right I don’t care you I will see any Susy thing I want oh by the way I might have accidentally extracted a uh I um ring if that’s okay huh I might have accidentally extracted a Pillager Outpost King W no no don’t see you actually of Amsterdam send troops to Nation leading a high ground and the Irish soldiers moved away from the Scottish mainlands okay that’s kind of weird but okay I found a cave where TP to me I I was using explosive pickaxe right and I found a cave uh SE that cave you want to see my p Dr I think you L my egg yeah what do you mean my y I said y cuz you don’t have one you found a cave before you found diamonds well no of course I would find a Cave of Four Diamonds oh my God how am I going to find diamonds without a cave they’re going straight down bro why is this why is this spawn actually good for a survival thing yeah this actually kind of looks fire not going live and it’s sad but it’s in England we we may need to take this part I’ll be back in a couple minutes I need to guys so who’s exced for 1.21 it’s coming out soon and I call you guys to I want you guys to know what but I want you guys to ask who’s excited for 1.21 yes apparently it’s going to be like the best one yet because like it’s going to have new music tracks three new music tracks don’t worry don’t worry um I’ve got netherite I can get netherite I can get Ender Armor right here I don’t Blackie watch I’m going to show [Music] you it doesn’t pop up and I when I check on Minecraft when I mean when I check on my phone it doesn’t show up either so uh that yeah by the way like we’re on Realms now so like if you click add real members you’re on the Realms DMG is even on the Realms [Music] okay so DMG wants to join he can join quo quo is not k is this man who I’m talking to his name’s Big B you can call him that that he likes that name all right see you Blacky Oh I thought that was floating meing I see meing [Music] is yeah yeah we got the same wait wait I’ve got an idea can I can I leave the Villager I’m taking away from him then we need to get like a lot of people into the server and they need to be like the England people but but why don’t we make it for five Scotland five England so there’s already four out five because Blackie just brought me and you yeah and then there’s going to be one more Scottish let me let me see what uh what Irish King V is Irish to and for a king should the Brits that were peaceful with the Irish at that time F but missing Scot but missing Scotland was just making the UK land and also one of the reasons are because Scotty because of the Scottish Scot Irish War wow guys I’m going to steal this Village’s uh guinea pigs okay who thinks I should steal this Village’s Guinea PS on and you c yeah red my a bro come on if gy pigs I’m taking you to Brian where you’ll be murdered go to my house can I hang these these my my new pets on top of your on top of your thingy cuz uh these things need a lesson there we go uh I might be I hear people are here where are they uh don’t look above you you’re getting hand I like that why don’t we drop them did you die aw ah someone Escape you think you’re surviving huh did you know that there’s two more where oh two more that oh you think you’re surviving and this and this cat right here this this ginger cat stupid Ginger oh and we’ve got some stuff in here [Applause] we might have some stuff in this hole um that that sounds very out of context doesn’t it I want to see that is this helping no no no no stop stop stop you’re going to break into the bunker stop and the cats are stuck in that whole wi now which they’ll die by the way someone [Applause] escaped thinking I wanted to look [Music] ready come on super I have 20 so emot can I search no no no I got my I thought I got my skin back [Music] I cried my M said shakes so I let just the floss is in Minecraft DE and point is in Minecraft the Cy is in Minecraft the helicopter is in Minecraft the dab sneezes in Minecraft best looks K of sauce as boss would see this looks kind of su when it’s not even close to being sauce I want to show you some of my new emotes your sauce hey this is kind of fast guys B ban BR off b b right now do not I’m going to do B and time out everyone Al I’m joking I hate you by the way at the end like I want to get everyone in [Music] the his will will we do by the way someone someone right next to you you want to say hello to them the d s off London [Music] bye slash kick just actually goes through I’m going to be going crazy you know what I was being is this still going to to [Applause] B song guys I need to Career announcement it’s it’s very important oh I can smell it all the way from over here and it was in your house I’m I’m in Blackie’s house now I’m in Blackie’s B [Music] now I’m going to go in and see CRA you’re not allowed to go can’t just water there I went in there before by the way it’s okay bran okay Mateo the first invasion of England I don’t even know what Kang virtual saying but I agree with it no bogy vir I’m sorry I’m sorry did you just see go go go what you are so sus don’t call me sus it’s time for some more [Music] [Music] storyline guys who thinks B should be banned don’t tell me why just did that my don’t tell me that I just my look look why look what I said this is a goofy we just Yap about Scott the Scott geogra journey in my opinion in my opinion King virtual is correct stop in my opinion in my opinion Scottish is good so I don’t really need my my emergency armor right now I’m not getting rid of TR go go go go go go go go go go go go I’m not going to the bunker unless there is an actual severe alert you know [Applause] no I’m going to just Survivor because I’m a God you’re not a God I’m Zeus I’m Brio you’re brianos but you’re not Brian the Bri wait bunker King viril didn’t we don’t know any trog graphy about Scotland King B you can see that yeah the reason why there’s a b TR is because of an natural disasters and dud Sprout will cry if there’s no bunker I have two Sprouts in the chat he yes by way no wait is he actually I’m too lazy to check yeah he is you sure I’m right now and I don’t see him he’s just invisible [Music] trust me he’s not I mean he is and yeah don’t look in chat right [Music] now don’t ask what just happened Bri say that again and we going to be banned actually you’re going to have your mod [Music] take why I think G thought he was um you know say that again you’re going to get [Music] murdered do you want to get I said it to I said it to wait wait I said wor Rory gaming the one who called me what you have him moded um don’t ask about it ask [Music] gaming ask gaming you are deep [Applause] um R gaming Brian wants to know why you’re a moderator do you mind telling [Music] him if he if it’s a bad reason boss I’m taming out him let me just say that why are you going to turn out he tamed out king Virgil that’s so sad he didn’t time away yeah he did he didn’t [Music] look at the chat King F was timed out by wuby Gaming for 10 seconds no yeah what what I must be for ging where gaming someone say where we gaming yeah that’s me b I look 17 but 5 [Music] fo3 what do you mean b wor game because then yeah because you times worry game Wy gaming out for bit a we bit and a half me Y what I do you more them because I tamed them out I can still tame them out you you you talk to uh this you talk to war gaming [Music] [Music] okay stop stop stop I will remove your moderator look just s in chat okay why did you change it to mate huh is it because you know I hate when it’s mid [Laughter] night gaming when g t see if he said England again I’m teing the mouth for 10 seconds and don’t even remove my mod because of it because he de at left viral for no reason [Applause] Dy 10 second time yoan versus see if he C me out for a US time me out for 10 seconds so I can type again and unmod and wait you can actually unmod yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] yes that was an accident it was an accident it was an accident game I thought we were I thought you were friend I thought we were friends lost his mod replace it give King Virtual Mode I just hate King virtual JK JK JK I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t no okay 10 seconds it’s removed bro am might unmodded you’re not unmodded bro you know you just gave him manager mod what what do you mean we’re redeeming and he just time King virtal out for 1.8k seconds oh um wait you could remove mods I didn’t know that I didn’t yeah remove H okay okay I’m going to remove uh King vir yeah but King King don’t worry I I I made it to set I made it to 10 seconds bro Wendy’s abusing his M stop abusing your M stop [Music] abusing stop un I’m I’m going to I’m going to hate him I’m going to hate him no don’t hold him he deserves that don’t worry uh King virtual can type in he he has one sad one more chance one more chance all right King Virgil’s not done anything I know and then why are you giving worry gaming mode because I don’t know worry gaming stupid well if you want worry gaming to be stupid you’re going to have to learn it yo bro I just I just bro where is everything from um can you tell redevil this is Brian yeah you can hear big bra I’m not big I’m small you can hear we BR then I’m no we I’m Med W King virtual did you know that King virtual has moderator and then R gaming hopefully [Music] doesn’t yay face Croco what’s up man how are you doing today hope you hope you’re doing well sorry I couldn’t make it to pick you up from the bus [Music] today yes you should King virtual bro bro UNM R why should I gaming because he’s dumb he he said your he hopes your bus crashes no that was he said he called somebody N word that was Bob the bat he said she said M as well Freddy and then the other a for silver po as well Freddy and then he said it was Ser short Blacky is black like a n Red Devil said let’s go bro that’s kind of sucks n I’m a what black is and then I’m going look what does that sound like Blacky how dare in my video you come on stream turn that off turn that off that’s okay now now un more time that’s his fault worry [Music] gaming there you go your Mod’s back wait when did got mod yeah wheny got more you don’t know no I’m just joking I’m just joking when you never got Tex it uh well um Brian you tell face cocer what’s happened the the worry gaming War right you tell face about the worry gaming War can you tell face cocer all about this wor gaming [Music] war o r wake up I’m doing that you can you know you can just talk to him like this right I’m I’m going to check wait I’ve got I got a br skin today right on Minecraft I got a skin that looks exactly like you look look what look what I have look what I taped in chat I’m sorry wor gaming Brian wanted me to I’m going to put on your skin all right Brian your icon skin G I just want to make him to go to his Lem can I put on your icon skin Brian okay here you go here’s your icon skin that’s not mean dummy all right I actually got a skin today that looks exactly like a skin that you always wearing fortnite is that the skin no I did get a skin today though it looks exactly like you look on this CH Channel please C and you actually see yeah like he dead it’s says up hello losers Blacky it says Blacky is black like a ran hello yeah hello I’m puppy mad boy all right I think I found the skin pack what the hell looking on your stream right now what the hell look at my skin you okay you okay I’m going to wear a skin that you always what you look like I’m going to wear a skin that you what you sure how make a newborn baby I’m going to wear a skin that you look like right okay I forgot I had the skin pack I forgot I had the skin pack I forgot I had the skin P so so um you go I’m and I’m end my boat it’s going to just be like a surprise when you see me right I’m going to try to find your skin all right like what do you think I’m wearing yeah I’m going to I’m going to create a skin for you right why do you have do teals I do why do you have duct teals what do you mean a duct teals pack I’ve had that for about three years all right I’m going to put I know what you look oh wait k for profile pictur it it’s fine uh yeah it’s because I was I was busy talk J JK don’t look at stream can I can I T my word gaming for 24 hours um 10 [Music] minutes I just love taming now wor gaming I don’t know why it’s just fun I know that your eyes are blue how do you know that don’t ask because they’re not oh no br and then I’ll literally show you my eye right now no don’t don’t M don’t it’s time to do it much Brian it’s the best feeling GL that’s what face Crocker said and a message ugly thing this then the [Music] bottoms now we’re going to wear you boom I to wear funny thing is you’re unlocking more and more of my face as the day go on I’ll keep that because you won’t care about my eye headwear uh do you like you can you can show it I don’t really care all right face CER how are you man I’m I’m going to look at that in a minute hold on what you can see it by the way like I’m going to look at it in a sec hold on I’m just getting uh my BR skin on all right I’m not Ginger hold on no just you’re not supposed to look at stream you know oh why do what is your SK I’m making someone if you think I have a Sonic top on by the way I have your skin on right now hold on I need to I need to put my back items off and I’m going to check you oh yes I’m skip rler because I’m Wendy gaming you can you can hear Brian so yeah L just H wor gaming ruthlessly don’t you Logan wait Logan’s in chat I’ve not heard of Logan in a couple days or snap you those so I’m sad yes yes Logan w w Logan oh he’s changed his profile pictures picture to the Rangers and then the hair is going to get changed to long hair I think don’t have long hair I’m nowhere near Long by the way Lan he’s trying to he’s trying to make me but had a we glimpse of that and it looks horrendous here you go see I I made I made what you look like let’s see I’m not firstly I’m [Laughter] not I’m not I don’t think I can I’m not I was trying to make you have a [Music] mullet that’s not why I you guys this is what you look like by the way you know I have that exact same skin let me put it on what is that why do you have a red sh you made me have a red shot I’m threatening you right now I’ll do anything please please y made me have a [Music] yo I’m going to hey it’s it’s your icon SK I am [Music] sampy you are not Stampy you’re if anything you’re dampy call me that again your suffer I don’t care you just got the quo Deluxe I’ve got the quo Deluxe right here his name is called Brian yeah look there’s quo he’s the quo Del looks because he’s wearing the quo skin should I should I try should I try to create you made me have a yellow shirt so I hate you no not a yellow a red shirt I’m soggy I bet Wendy Gaming’s making that sure about us right now why you banned when ban cloud tunami girl man who banned why you baned wait it’s it’s that person in chat yeah cloud tunami girl speak to cloud tsunam girl right now boy all right I made your skin again I made your icon skin it’s actually your icon skin as well yeah B’s real life name is ker guys just let you all [Applause] now can you unban her I never I’m backing Logan 10 seconds [Music] Brian what does he have mod on me um don’t worry about it no being toxic and CH don’t be Lan put me up a moderator I’ve been moderator for year wait for like almost a year now and then I’m still the first one that’s not fair I think you were the first moderator on my channel actually no know was my first moderator ever I was the second no actually yeah you are Logan Logan I’ve went in every single stream for ages for about 3 months now BR actually no a bit longer about 6 months of say yeah six months got to be six months in every stream no cloud osaurus Rex don’t be Lo [Music] [Music] all right I think I just I just muted I just muted myself all right there we go bro what the uh face Croco yeah I banned Wendy from your chat because yeah if you’re well there’s two Wendy gamings there’s Wendy gaming and there’s Wendy gaming we all know who Wendy also like we never banned W actually yeah we banned Wendy gaming yesterday yeah but but no that was you we banned yeah we banned you so we’re Banning you for a second time now no begging is his rule mhm no [Music] begging Yeah Wendy gaming was really strange to you stop r look what king for you said Lan yo let make it we bit longer Logan Logan you do you like what what Blackie done here it wasn’t Bri who built this it was Blackie must be do I no is ibody think I’m for for some reason CER let’s just do it for a bit longer 86k what about 87K [Applause] [Music] H wait should I get in the business yeah yeah it’s funny but they’re already heading and we just them even more where are you big [Applause] boy where are you bye somebody just said bye what what do you mean you just got here Gabriel by the way Gabriella was in silver chops chat I be rushing to game short what it’s a short video even though it’s 1 minutes long nah Logan you like going to be yeah I’m going to be hidden because uh because like like yeah we can’t we can’t hide uh Logan can we yeah that’s been it’s been a thing for about 10 years now yeah we’re not going to T out Logan that’s just sad if I would I would see if somebody tamed out them I would I would make that 10 seconds but did you did you know that by the way Logan Bri loves this mod that’s in this Minecraft world called uh sport pet and it’s got drum roll please R you say it scsh BS yeah s me yeah poopy R gaming because you’re skip freaking fre poopy who should I un mod next should I un mod I’m going to mod Wes I I you I I’ve always had him as a mod but he never join my streams also there might be a fire in your house what yeah look there’s a fire bro bro bro bro than yeah last DMG and thatg doesn’t really stream fortnite that much yeah I’m going to I’m going to change my skin again I’m going to change my skin to to the to the to the bran the actual BR icon skin well David is not a very happy person to be honest Brian look at my look at your icon skin yo that that’s that’s going to be that’s going to I don’t know yeah bro calls me up mate ran stop that now otherwise I’m going to murder you wait can I take a picture [Music] skip here why did you start morning what do you mean yeah just ignore David for a while actually I’m going to put on the Brian icon skin all right that’s your [Laughter] grandma guys am I Brian icon skin right now oh oh there’s a hole oh bl’s in a yeah because you caus a fire toy it wasn’t me it was your it was uh this guy it was your icon [Applause] skin I don’t know it’s just a little world I’m going to put on Bran’s second icon skin as well I’ll put on your skin it’s a cow your your icon skin is a Fall Guy really play that game something um actually I think I’m going to I’m going to put on your icon skin first he has also downgrade from man just because he’s not yeah he’s not family [Music] friendly [Music] CER I’m going to put I’m going to put the Brian icon on I keep saying that but I never put it on so uh I’m putting it on now Brian ski let’s go surprise the skiy Brian you’re a ski fom T where’s [Music] Brian I want to show your icon skin I’m going I’m going to be your icon skin no you need to see your icon on skin first it’s the best skin you could ever think of B poy yo we got raided by [Applause] S9 s ra it’s r i see you and it’s D thank you man look at look at you it says your icon skin okay I’m going through the portal this is your icon skin sorry I went through the portal come back come back no you have to go through the portal okay what what are you at um throw your portal through your is it called p [Applause] I’m he I’m hdden I’m hden yeah it’s just the right yeah Brian TP to me yo that skin actually looks kind of hot that skin I have on yeah it’s actually kind of [Music] hot going to put on your icon skin if you call that my icon skin I’m done with this place you just called Vin hot this is what think about it no I I equival B that’s Place wait how did you get here what bro I thought this was like a place thousands of blocks away I got my thing back lloy you know what I’m going to make something burn Y and it’s going to be the whole place that you were like no when I done it no bu we a lot what are you done boss I saw what you were going to type you’re dog okay face Croco you’re yo we everyone’s saying uh y yeah yeah Brian [Music] Bon burgon hello I’m just say something Burton hello britz britz y call me y Jessie y Jesse I know who we I know who we’re going to raid B you boss I’m honestly thinking about it who do you think I’m going to raid I’m honestly thinking about TP to me hold on I’m just I’m just just tell me your C I need to I’m hly thinking about it I might the um thing that I thought something was red at where and then and then we had to call about it that’s where I am you’re at blacky’s B no at the cor office fetches like blue CRS and wood oh yeah no don’t I actually kind of spent time with this okay F I’ll do it no don’t wait stand here no I spent a long time I spent a long time on this D yeah wait I know what you’re doing andc no there’s a Scottish Fold oh wa next just put just just just put in the portal so he’s safe okay and here hold on I’m just going to put him in the portal I’m P of want to make this place burn I don’t know why because I don’t think I’m going to win the court like case anymore no you wouldn it wait this is going to cause fires you you you’ve uh yeah that’s what I thought man but I can do what do some of these TNTs do Brian Burton I mean just what what this TNT done where are B it far away just in case oh I’m here to test them out with you I’m just gravity TNT yeah for real for real [Music] Logan um all right let’s test out some TNTs yeah wait what is the what is the Colossal TNT I’m going to blow it up I’m joking I’m not going to do it do you know where I’m doing it over here okay just follow me better not be doing [Applause] it it just sounds like wait never mind I’m going to over here I was going to build something oh never mind then I’m going to do start we should England we can do England big Wonder way big Bran’s going to blow up some TNT England you know that might even destroy some of Scotland wait what I don’t know crap run whoa she look you destroyed some Scotland no that’s not Scotland it is it’s fan can can I try the next T no what I’m I’m going to try by way I cannot made free TNT at where the other one was crap crap oh no there’s more [Music] where infinite Brian what’s happened oh my God the pi made event um just don’t look at where last explosion was a bad much I know what that does not sound like you playing you know what we’ll fix this maybe you know what we’ll fix this TNT no stop stop stop stop stop stop stop now why you’re no long going to be the M [Music] with can you place a TNT out rock nice you want to see if it explodes it it does that’s the thing that’s why I’m running away from it I swear I probably got some diamonds from that Yap mate and yapping it doesn’t break bedrock all right I found some [Music] diamonds I’m going to I’m bored I’m going to go [Music] okay what do um do you know what I’ve just seen what [Applause] [Music] [Applause] mentions what what what’s the matter what’s the matter W face [Music] Croco what you want to what’s the matter br the vibe is crazy wait I’m going to pretend I’m on your team and then just say and then just go crazy oh yeah we should let’s both be on their team all right on accident all right so I can’t call you BS anymore which is a good ide man welcome to any views nobody likes but we are going to raid someone so guys they are doing some full guys I know you guys probably don’t want to play some for guys but they are an amazing content creator please is that spam bus raid on guys let’s spam the [Music] stve oh it’s my M gone and what stream silver chop silver chop silver chop I mean virus I mean virus bye guys go to what don’t don’t I need to go into your stream bye guys bye guys oh in is everyone in there yeah man all right SA

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