Insane Minecraft Hardcore Challenge – You Won’t Believe What Happens!

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E no headset wasn’t turned on I will always walk like this down this stairs I would like like this cuz I know Su Connor or joner I don’t know is it Jon or Connor um oh yeah I do have paper actually but yeah finally my brain isn’t raining enough um fin the

Weekend I don’t know how much oh you’re signning in to Twitch oh smart chicken rip chicken but still smart chicken trying to kill its owner uh in Minecraft uh so it doesn’t have to be a slave in Minecraft just to be specific I don’t know if YouTube can

Actually counsel me for that or something yeah wait I felt bad for you that nobody’s watching me oh did you mean you I I’m just oh diamonds but yeah I only have uh nine Subs this far I know a dude who had like 70 Subs um two months ago and now I has

Like 240 so like if you find the Right audience I came here to mine diamonds and no uh Redstone and then now now I found a nine ve Diamond vein yeah it’s a simple game I don’t really know what uh what aspect you mean but yeah it’s a simple game

Game it’s like understanding game play or oh probably more Redstone there but yeah I’ll find other oh my God more diamonds holy [ __ ] holy cow holy [ __ ] holy whatever I have 49 diamonds and 32 Red Stone ah no my water why me like oh no did you know that lava actually flows

Further in the Nether and then in the over world I have three viewers probably I think I’m one of them so I I at least have two viewers if you’re not logging in with your second account or something but I wonder who the oh shoot I am actually low oh

Well I already have over a stack of diamonds how do I have less Redstone than diamonds if I fall in that lava I’m probably dead it’s a beautiful simple nice C game when there’s no chaos musical game I guess well it’s certainly a nice game at least

I don’t really know what to say so how’s your day been guys and girls I I don’t know what H girls prefer to be called is it boys and girls Oro they’re fluffy wait does fluffy have an a reg their YouTube account or is you just

Using a is he just going into the app using YouTube cuz I wonder why voice is not commenting new I I don’t know how you say it though and I don’t know why you said it but sure okay well I at least don’t have to feel stupid

Alone or wait I I don’t have to feel stupid why would I have why would I have to feel stupid now I feel stupid because I felt stupid that doesn’t make sense right why did you start a call Mr Conor J MC Conor Conor mcor sure uh in my Discord

Vell I mean they’re right currently I probably should find some water water what part of the live uh stream cuz like this is hard this is a hardcore world world I’m just playing my hardcore world as it says in the title so I don’t see how you could be a part of

The H stream is it just me chatting with you you or am I missing something oh shoot no not my not my bucket but how are you going to be a part of the live stream hello there hello you yeah you hear me right hello there hello do you hear me yeah I

Hear okay good yeah I hear yeah sure but fluffy fluffy fluffy um J uh join the like the v in my server let me see let me see if I could invite uh let see if I can invite join the v shell in my server no I’ll be there so you can join

There if you want to okayo who my my voice shows up very late oh hello farsad why is everyone joining now I don’t know oh crap we’re live everyone is live everyone is live live everyone check the J general yeah my my voice shows up like a minute after I’m I’m actually speaking

Right now yeah I know right no I meant in the Stream in the Stream my voice shows up like a minute later yeah and miss with mine it’s something with live streams fluffy that’s just how they are fluffy huh hello by the way you’re liive yo I

Actually sound like a man I actually sounds like a British man what yeah you’re on do things stream now by the way since you’re in VC um yeah huh yeah so if I see someone in the chat I’m going to be acting like yeah I’m streaming but for now I’ll just be

Acting like this hey V you might want to check your likes on your live stream everyone join his live stream I said he’s link to his to his server and the general bro bro you’re so loud bro jonner chill the microphone is wide in my face fluffy LOL I muted him I server

Muted him okay hello J welcome back fluffy you can make jonner a mod if he wants to J do you want to become a mob I just to the moderator I just heard I just welcome uh mute me mute me mute me I have five viewers right

Now no way who is watching the stream bro who’s watching the stream who’s watching this who can watch me I don’t know I don’t see why either no just kidding uh but yeah anyone who watching me I’m sitting in in my Discord server right now oh uh

Just so you know guys I just I just saw what I sound like with the microphone right in my face and it sounds hilarious I’m trying to speak to my viewers try yourself you have no viewers by stupid oh de nice wait how do I oh no I

Can hear myself like two minutes after I said it yeah I know it’s something with YouTube streams hello my name’s Corner me and I probably like this SC the microphone okay bye I’m going to M you oh i m i muted him I server muted him maybe I don’t know hey don’t

Please I I told you to be respons you’re a moderator is this responsibility fluffy just Reve my actual name I’m how do I get the bot to The VC the sound bot what sound B bro you’re unmuted joner just saying I I unmuted you minutes his messages show up like 2 minutes after he said that let me see here unmute him bro don’t do as everyone wait you did he revealed his actual name

Bro when when did you do that in general chat yeah he said everyone oh crap I revealed my actual name or something is just he is unmuted bro is it joner or Connor still I still don’t know joner just talk normally in the VC bro you’re unmuted fyad

Exactly this morning I was on my laptop to playing T launcher okay what is it and none of you were online yeah that’s you said I’ve never what what time is it for you right currently yeah what is your time what is your time right now 7 a.m.

7 a. yes bro I was sleeping when you was playing your I got home from school or something one hour ago wait only 1 hour ago I came home from school like two hours school ends uh 5 past three rip rip we ended with the English class

Though which we have the best teacher hi I’m Conor and this is probably oh whoa I didn’t no that Jer Conor that your name is Conor no way it’s please stop pinging at everyone I I could never realize that yeah oh oh more more diamonds yay yay

I guys I play who’s playing that music he’s playing that music no stop that no sound cloud in here no sound cloud in sound cloud in here if it I don’t know if they could like um say on the stream that I can’t do that or something just say no SoundCloud while I’m

Bad why is this don’t worry far it was you bro what did he do I said it it was far turned on the music I said it can anyone hear me farad Umar me yes we can have I been muted no Connor we do fluffy make a rule that’s like no M no

Copyright music or no music I’m mute Conor mute Conor mute Conor mute Conor okay like I what is uh copyrighted and not copyrighted bro no no music while I’m streaming just or like no no music while I’m in VC and streaming on yeah streaming it’s okay when while I’m not streaming

But when I’m streaming yeah I don’t want to risk it say so also you can uh you’re allowed to speak other languages than English wait what did you say you’re also allowed to speak other languages than English so I can just hi B okay Conor so what did you learn from

That experience now Connor just said something in VC chat everyone I just hear what I sounded like singing in live did you get unmuted server mute um it’s cuz he is moderator bro joner if you do something bad again I’ll take away your mod powers

Okay I’m going to unmute him he has one last chance okay you’re unmuted now Connor oh he is defended J you have let’s see if we can sing Gold by jpk come on guys let’s go joner if you do one more bad thing that’s not allowed you’ll lose your mod Powers just

Saying just so you know be careful seeig see you my mic sounds horrible on camera I I keep hearing it in the live stream I realize my face is too close to the mic my face is too close can I please remove his moderator what about s is that chance and I Sly

Sadly one okay Conor it sounds good but you have one chance left so by the way Conor there okay wait um what let me see here three people is watching the live stream who is that me Connor and and who uh I am I am watching it from my

Okay so right now me Connor and you w thing are watching your stream farad watch w stream I’m trying to do something please wait I’m just streaming cuz y’all wanted me to it’s not like you have to watch my stream otherwise you shall die what did you send Jer

What why did official music video joh what the heck is s v k e what is this I’m gonna go bro J you let’s go to see you sh shut up no Conor by the way joner joner joner if you every everyone one more time uh you’ll lose your mod

Powers what bro just make uh no mods should be able to but make like do you add everyone or they should be able to but I want responsible mods uh uh okay I’m going to just everyone no like J Conor does one more at everyone or one more song or something like that

He he doesn’t have mod anymore okay okay you’re now uh unmuted joner officially or will um let me see here now only two people is watching joner why did you leave the stream bro because this place wait did I leave the stream yes it’s only two people watching me and W Tang

Bro oh really yeah sound sounds like not really I want to check the chat hi loser bro what the heck bro bro said hi losers he spelled it wrong first time though El guys I just want to say something okay you’ve said something now um I

Need I need 25 oh shoot I need slime hey hey guys guys that’s me slime just make me slime farm then oh guys I’m War back uh guys just so you know uh remember when I sent the golden hour song what yes can I ask you song I would like to

Put on there’s one more song I like why did you choose these guys to be your moderators bro um joner read the rules read the rules before you put on anything anything F song song any song so so fluffy you like fluffy you like the golden hour song or you like the

Gold bro if you send that song one more time I’m going to I promise I’m guys guys guys I’m going to put on a different song joner joner read the rules before you do that w t w too late too late everyone I got hey you will lose your

Mowers guys I want to say I want to I want to show you one more song I want to show you one more song bro you will lose your mod Powers if you do that okay okay here it is oh he he meant like that okay shoot okay your moderator’s powers

Is like I yeah whatever um yeah uh anyways 25 Pistons what do I need for that how how much Cobblestone what are you going to build 20 times uh 25 times yeah what is it for what are you going to build you said you said anyone can speak other

Languages and in rules it says English only yeah can change did you mute me yeah no I’m sorry guys it uh I just copied let me see here no no problem you’re doing your best I suppose I I will just uh think you’re doing your best and accept

That you think I’m doing my best and just accepting that okay yes okay it’s now changed oh no bro what is it well this has changed welcome back joner you’re now not defend anymore so why do why do we have the permission to do like people can do at everyone bro um because

Like my mods should be able to do that I think yeah but like normal people wait they your mods normal people you have one mod using your mods like um member roles should be able to member roles shouldn’t be able to let me see edit Permissions we haven’t turned on bro yes J normal members have been able to ban people bro oh wait shoot he can hear our conversation VI the live stream wait they can yeah they have been able to like ban people oh my and guess what I was not just why did you leave and

Join Amigos wait you think you keep me from not hearing your conversation yeah I Lear Spanish I learned Spanish Oh I thought you said I’m not Spanish I was tell you what two things Spanish no way hey no way it’s not Spanish no way

Bro no way oh shoot I got to do math now what is the math huh what is what is what oh who server muted him no or server defend who defend joner I don’t know but I like it cuz he’s not speaking yeah wait that’s me you know he

Can hear all of the of our conversation through the stream yeah I said it yeah uh we don’t think about that we don’t think about it we don’t talk about that no no no I don’t think he’s saying I just yes heard what I said no he not when I Said I do not understand a thing of that genre um oh yeah have someone I just hear what I said when I said I didn’t even then I hanged up LOL okay I don’t know what who is 800 who is doing is because I’m not doing it don’t un Jer okay he fixed it what up losers shut up mute server defend and I’m going to mute in to VC too there we go I did that one more Jon there we go it’s on H let’s just go to sta VC yes please please go to Star VC

Yeah hello everyone now I can hello everyone who thank God we don’t have to hear him anymore I forgot we had a stuff VC bro yeah why did not think of that earlier no we just moved like VC and stuff oh I have another Village over

Here now we just need to wait like 5 hours for JRE to hear what I just said so let’s go when I hear myself in the Stream I talk really slow is that true I don’t know I have my stream muted I don’t I don’t think so I

Like talk really slow or I don’t know no o my favorite favorite YouTuber just posted a Sky Block video I didn’t post a Sky Block video no I don’t mean you I said my favorite Bro my favorite YouTuber isn’t who is your favorite YouTuber I’m not actually I just realized that I have many favor 600 people I can I say something that for had tried to trick with me with some one time that he was a um a Roblox YouTuber with uh uh

100K subscribers and the name was a cookie God that’s a Minecraft YouTuber with like 3.7 million 6,000 I said 6,000 subscribers dude bro what did I do oh no this is not good bro joner just sent me a Discord server VC and chill oh no bro I’m not

Going to join VC and chill No just we know you’re means is a Roblox YouTuber and one of the Roblox games are you dumb yeah that is and uh his name is a cookie God and he is definitely not a Minecraft YouTuber with three M cookie God guard no on YouTube turt the thing that comes up I’m

Sub to him I’m sub to him I’m sub to him actually that’s Roblox YouTuber are you sub to the Roblox YouTuber yeah I am actually not subbed to myself for my second wait wait wait hold up what did I just find you aren’t subb to yourself no not

For my second who is your first subscriber uh bra not work your brain is not responding well this ship isn’t that sunken yet yet kills thousands of poor people and make rich people more Rich drugs yeah bro J I’m not going to join the VC and chill wrong please tell me if I

Am you’re wrong Coast armor trims yes Coast armor trims where here where oh wait I forgot it would be really fun if we had like um the r or like if we had a ranking system but the ranks were armor trims it’s like yeah uh I can maybe think about it I can

Think about try to add a something I want the uh like it’s not a must have but it would be cool yeah it would like Outcast server you have like copper yeah like that and I’m going to try to Google around and search a little bit then maybe I can

Try to get it working guys I want to say something oh okay I might be a hacker probably not bro uh there’s a hacker that uh hacked into like Samsung and stuff like that I saw it on the YouTube short video yes I watch YouTube short instead of Tik toks

Because I think they’re better um I watch both actually but anyways he hacked into like Samsung and stuff like that and then he got 20 years in jail mhm yeah I think he did that with a phone a microwave and a uh toothpick microwave yeah mhm of course yeah yeah

I’m going to believe that yeah but something like that and if it’s true yeah FBI what did I say can I ask ask your something are you playing on vanilla Minecraft like not any client mods um or yes I am playing on vanilla which you can see on my

Stream yeah I can see that yeah 20 minutes it’s yeah I’m I’m using a client called lunar if you know what that is lunar CL frog do you get XP from killing frogs guys yeah have you ever Auto clicked on uh bedw Wars no I think not because I

Did oh and I did 12 times and I haven’t been banned let’s go really is that why thought you were a hacker that is not hacking that’s not hacking that’s by the way I think like one person has been banned from highest pixel because they used an auto clicker

Like I don’t think it’s like that many people or is it I don’t know why are we talking about like bro I’m not banned from Hypixel bro I’m banned from other fan servers that I ruined but not like wait I have four viewers right now no way you do yeah is

For is foret watching or who is it I don’t know no what oh oh I see what joner is saying you know like uh the when he said like what is the small item that kills thousand of poor people and make rich people Rich EX yeah auke apparently well

Yeah a I I think coke uh no caola they they is banned the nose candy h i the nose candy I think that’s a pretty small item just saying what did you say sorry sorry what did you say I think the nose powder is a

Small item no nose power uh no uh nose candy why is nose candy oh my if you don’t get it you you don’t get it okay so um it starts with a d and this disclaim or something I don’t I still know how YouTube stuff works so

I’m just going to say don’t don’t use nose powder it’s really bad for you okay well then I want to use foot powder foot powder uh what this VC is getting more and more SAU most sussy VC ever bro wonder if if I have a um that’s why it’s

So who just bro why do I even have why do I even have snap bro Snapchat I always get ped on Snapchat bro let me see here who sent me a snap oh okay what did you say farad fluffy yeah fluffy who is your favorite YouTuber oh that is a hard one

Bro I really like like I like like really many people see all of them bro um Connor I don’t know at everyone doesn’t work in the the chat does not work that like that moon face is it maybe a cookie guard Spokey here mapic all of the life Ste dudes you know and

Uh no I’m not going to Bro hello hello H bro yeah hello yeah so that is um many from Outcast um yeah I have very many favorite YouTubers and I really like Mr beard Stone and shells clown appear in brand how many favorite life stealer people have you subscribed to favorite life stealer

Yes who’s your favorite life steer pangy or spoke I think white P oh yeah redun is also on the top cuz yeah I forgot about R oh he he’s Swedish and wait is he yeah yeah but he lives in California I don’t really know the story but I know he said

Nice like why is like every popular YouTuber like sweetish bro we only have like even PewDiePie bro yeah it’s PE I like I respect Norwegian people is Mr B Swedish you actually do no way bro respects me bro bro respects me and my country whoa or like I do not

Respect Sweden just saying then I don’t respect you okay sorry I respect Sweden I respect I respect you yay woo oh shoot Norwegian people really needo norian people what nothing who whoa nothing against Norwegian norian what I said as a joke Norwegian people really do need attention attention attention attention it yeah

Okay I don’t even remember why he said that I’m stupid to be clear it it it’s not like breaking news or anything but still oo slime ball did you get fro them Froggies are eating slime balls bro what the heck I just said one word in English in Google Translate like

Google Google Translate is so weird bro translate bro bro yes like this what this is four words in one sentence and I just said one word in English bro okay this is weird where is the slimes where are the slimes where is the slimes good English oh shoot English

Okay guys please please join VC and chill I want to say something uh do we join VC and chill do we I’m going to join just to see what yeah join and ask him what he wants it like I I want joy okay okay what you want why do everyone join here ask

Jor I don’t know you guys left I felt like following the crowd I’m going to join I’m going to join back in this wait wait wait wait wait J what do you want hey what do you want joner since we’re all talking about where we live uh I’ll give you a clue of

Where I live yeah that is definitely not Scotland Scotland I actually to tell you that’s where I’m from I say I’m from there cuz that’s my Heritage bro no way bro location please if you want to know where what country I’m in then then you might want to check

My YouTube channel description wait do you have a YouTube channel yes J what why would you not think that well then add give him the youber I disclaimer I not supporting joner or Conor what is what what is your what is your YouTube Channel’s name bro J Conor don’t sub to

Him no I’m not going to not like do not sub to him but I’m not saying sub him oh guys guys guys guys Conor oh you have 27 subscribers check the channel description H bet you’re gonna die let me see here what uh South Africa um no no way he Liv in South Africa bro yo fluffy fluffy okay um I will I will tell you this I will tell you this what is this

Building building a mine for the country episode one the country of haral the it’s not hard it’s really hard to proun Norwegian oh you think so oh yes okay it’s hard for you to tell me a single fact about South Africa um Elon Musk is from South Africa

South Africa the richest person in the world uh it’s the southest country in uh you want facts about South Africa yes uh one sec um so let me tell you this let me tell you this it has the world’s longest wine route um I thought you

Say I thought you going to say private oh my n s Co stamps um the country is smaller the world’s largest diamond we have the world’s largest diamond it has a trio of capitals okay so now con if you chose one country uh would you pick uh it’s

Between Scotland and South Africa I I don’t know actually Scotland and South Africa were having a r a rugby match and I was trying to decide who team I’m on what what did you say say Scot South Africa Africa having ACH Scotland can anybody explain to me where Scotland

Okay so let me let me explain Scotland England gole it’s above it’s above let me explain um let me explain let me explain fluffy uh Scotland and England Wales and northern islands found it bro I found are United Kingdom they’re United in one country you want one um

One I will tell you this I will tell you this okay I’m not black no way you’re like of us you’re like how the I’m not only 3% of us are not that 93 just if you’re walking Street if you’re walking in the streets of if you’re walking in the streets of

My country you’ll see a lot of non black dudes what’s your country is it Scotland or not Scotland look the first thing I see is Fluffy someone is Zoro fluffy what the heck somebody want oh shoot oh no that song bro your mom once told me she Lov me very

Funny uh okay shut up I ion thank God I don’t think can go in in the staff chat you guys know that right no he can’t not anymore he can’t I can’t him in the chat wait wait wait one sec Everyone by the way I’m shatting with five people and three viewers

Yeah no way bro is collecting ice blocks no way I just got one ice block can we please go in Stu how go to Stu VC everyone wait does killan have a stu rank Kon would you be responsible with just realized I said my address live permission would you be responsible

With a moderator role guys guys please don’t B give moderator Powers he’s a member bro K’s one of the most OG people oh I know no no wait how did joner connect to the VC we’re not in this St it’s easy how bro wait wait wait wait wa wait fluffy fluffy wait fluffy fluffy fluffy are you better fluffy fluffy what

I’m here is it move fluffy to the St VC fluffy bang I bet I can find out what your religion is try to move him to the step I moved him he’s in the St how how is that possible because you moved him con join I can guess what your religion is then

What is it oh I hear that most weish guys guys be quiet guys be quiet John wait wait V I can like I can modify your Discord server can you give me moderator be quiet everyone what fluffy vain I hear that most Norwegians and Swedish people are Christian then you

Have I’m Christian too at least I Christian or how team Christian team Christian just saying by way and you are sure about that J Conor that you are that are you sure about it hold up can even wait guys guys quiet for a second V can you give me moderator rank

In your Discord I will make it best no everyone be quiet we can’t give everyone free moderator will you server and just look my Discord fry look my Discord for a second my Discord is 100 like times better but I want to help you guys but just give me moderator

Then un moderator no I’m not going to give you moderator KY kyl will you will you be responsible you’ll get one chance I if you if you say you can be responsible bro you don’t give every moderator not everyone I’m not everyone bro wait a second I’m talking with v I’m

Just saying you’re one out of everyone but but yeah will you be responsible on what changes will you do okay if you guys I will I I reacted like to everything you did like I saw every like a stream I reacted first one to that you told that you’re back so I

Think I’m like yeah I’m like you can just I just wait wait I just okay how do no don’t edit the AFK Channel I didn’t edit it I said just give me like moderator I will edit it to like one didn’t going to give you a moderator

Soon I just need to fix the Jer Conor problem first and then I’m going to give you KY I’ll I’ll just H what are you GNA do kylin I will I will I will uh like add I will uh add better rocks V you can check my Discord check will you fix with

Ranks bro don’t I will add like I will add like I I will make them cooler I don’t change them I will just make them cooler and add emojis to them that’s it please don’t add emojis to the rolles No No emojis to the rolls only like the armor Tre emojis

Armor thingies just che che wa list I’m sending you something take it just take it you will see what I’m talking about can I take this just want to say w t this isn’t a good idea once I’m going to eat I’m going to end stream and can we take it off that

Cuz I’m going to stream after that after that cuz it’s a Friday check ranks listen here is ranks I will add them for you if you just give me moderator for one minute don’t give him bro one minute means exploding the server no like can I just say something here I

Just do not give random people that watches your stream that cares about your stream my mother’s calling me I got to mute myself okay okay okay bye was not muted can you give I’m going to be AFK so I’m going to say that in the Stream chat okay okay that’s okay

Okay that’s okay uh but I want uh I don’t know how to get more moderators so we got to fix application system or something but I’m just going to go and help my mom so I’ll be back in maybe one or two minutes yeah okay

Okay K is not my it’s not my permission to give you moderator Powers okay or fluffy has to do it okay I just gave did you join my Discord what’s okay F here is join this nothing just doing this thing and look at look I show what

Happened can I ask you guys something uh by the way for said you’re you can’t give Kyle moderator cuz you are a moderator I said yeah I know I said it how join join join that thing I send you something just look wrongs just look how wrong look I’m

Back swear to God if someone say hello guys quiet for a second I am yes guys V uh V check uh the ranks I gave you I can make all ranks like this check just check RS no give me give me VIP Powers I think this is good enough I need

Like okay just going to say if anyone here gets moderator I am and that is not because I want to Be no why you’re acting like cheat I like I think um wait uh I think that whatever fluffy does will be good for the server and I trust him so okay I just I just wanted to help I don’t like I don’t if you don’t give

That’s okay I just wanted to help okay yeah um maybe something else I have we’ll see I have been admin and owner on many Discord servers before and it’s not a good idea even if you trust them and I trust you Kyle I trust you it’s not that

100 if you if you somehow changes something maybe like if you don’t know even know you changed it members can maybe begin to like change the Discord server and it’s not a good idea you need to have time before you add moderators I really don’t want wrong

Here I just wanted to help but I’m just telling you look at my Discord for a second I I’m look at my Discord if I wasn’t like I didn’t know how to make Discord then I wasn’t able to make this Discord so yeah okay um I I got to go now everyone everyone

Everyone end it moderator everyone everyone end it end it everyone end it guys by by okay nobody get nobody’s getting free I mean I I I don’t know yeah wait guys can I ask just something why philuffy talks so much cuz he’s the because he’s a fluffy head admin yeah

About to talk so much I don’t think I don’t see a problem with that so V something V on my V one one thing V on my Discord server you want to have your VIP rank or you want to have YouTuber rank uh what’s the difference like the VIP one is like my

Like trustable friends that’s I trust much and YouTuber is like when you get YouTuber rank we will post your Discord server on our uh uh I we will post your YouTube channel on our Discord so other can join your prera YouTube just your YouTube channel preferably both but but otherwise

YouTube okay I will I will give k yeah uh give me a VIP roll why I don’t know it’s just cool okay I will think wait first let me add Uhn me add we chel with how many rules are they how many rules are there okay I

Added your channel on my I added you check media on my Discord okay I’ll do that later on okay I added your channel here like the your alting like your views subscribers uploads and everything yeah and if like other c on it even like subscribe to you added your Discord he’s not a

YouTuber right now in the I gave him I gave him YouTuber but his VIP and VIP is like important so it’s show it’s more important so it’s your VIP not YouTuber guys he’s a sniffer a YouTuber and a VIP I am a no I’m not a sniffer not IR it’s

Like our server everyone have like I can delete it for you wait no no no no I delet for for you everyone have a super but I am no he’s a SN No no it’s any Sigma no no no Sigma is do we think is a g a cake bro what do youan we did this k no Thank God I’m a cake I thought I was human for a second yeah you’re but yeah I T that but that you I actually dreamed last night

That I was a human it it terrible terrible not recommended not a recommended dream I said you’re gay bro what do you mean I’m not a cake no just kid you’re a gay not a cake a game yo you’re a gay bro what do you

Mean am I gay gay okay yes is something wrong with being G it what wrong I’m wrong um I’m just getting mute myself in my head thank God V will you V will you play uh will you play uh Roblox like like in two days ah let’s go let’s

Go let’s go let’s play Roblox I’m in it no no V don’t come I think how come why what tell me why because you’re m yo what were you just about to say what is wrong with you f bro every single you’re just using bad

Wars on all of us what it’s not bad War do you have a mod or admin rank I don’t remember I think you have mod right what you have mod right what’s the mod right mod no h admin you’re right no no no I’m a mod can I tell you

Something Forza not far yeah first thing uh V is talking about like another server Discord on just VC or we will get mute what what can be like can we talk about other Discord channel on voice chat yeah why not yeah why not why no because because

No I’m just about to test find something uh if you check announcement on our server on my server check announcement on my server server okay we also have we also have payments for like sniffer what’s the twist is everybody a sniffer does everybody have a sniffer bro forp is

Best Minecraft adventure forp do you mean you have custom bosses natural disasters custom mobs custom biomes okay now this just sounds like an ad join sniffer no it’s completely vanilla okay send me thep and I will okay send me the IP and I will go and play

Kill and kill it’s our Ser have do protection you can’t do it hold on I’m going to do auto clicker and kill anyone you get instantly Bann I have protection well then I’m going to do it so the server doesn’t want kids if it has protection you get it cuz ha haha you’re

I am no I’m not yeah this is like moderator hello S I am W back if you want to be Builder map on our server you can make Secrets okay we have payment too for our buers oh shoot I get I can get PA real money

Pay yeah real money pay get paid how much yeah us doar or like our admins like our admins get like 50 50 like dollar each month for working I am an admin officially I am officially an admin wait $50 a month yeah I’m going to get a new

P yeah for now for now we need bu there and I even like payment to BU there so you can go and make a ticket on our Discord for H signing up for being builder for our server it also have payment a good payment uh $50 and my

Money million if it if it doesn’t look good do you know do you know about like boosting Discord server wait what I mean if you uh like if you be Builder or payment is like that we we boost your Discord server like two boost every month and there are three and

Three months three months to boost and as you be like admin for time your admin or helper or anything a sta we will get will give your payments you can ask Sharpie even me what boost boosted servers it’s not donating a Discord server for growing up and when you like

Boost the Discord server it will unlock lots of abilities like custom emojis custom icon and these things so it’s just a discount on buying stuff it’s it cost $10 for buy we will give you every month you work we will do it for you but like gives

Uh a discount on buying special editions or like special things to the server you can also add like if you get boost there is a like ability for you that unlock that you can even make money if you’re on Discord server who just played music okay yeah wait can youat again I who

Just played music s yeah did you play music so guys if you want to be like B from thiso you can just make okay okay good thanks so much well that was an actual song I’m not into old songs so I don’t knowy actually want to be a on our

Server want to be a on our server okay so make a ticket make a ticket on Discord will you accept it if I make a ticket if I make a ticket will you accept it pesie tickets if I make a ticket will you accept ticket you will I made a

Ticket I I will just write me admin now P I get a ticket find a chat in your ticket I won’t even try to make a good ticket I’ll just make admin now PLC CU also admin admin like build app close in one week so so better you guys

Sign up right now before it end up bees wait I will say it right now but I have to think for a second I need one fence oh I W I wish you got like one XP for crafting one thing okay by can you tell your building a skill yes please I could

Build add me now really well bu bu a good Builder help your skills okay I can build something so V make it thank you so much can you make why do I need house can I make haunted house I I can um um if you add mods

Yeah okay you have we have plugins and our plugins work like mods okay please answer because our is spying on us it’s oh yeah never mind okay what now um wait wa but I can Dr like every uh like end of the weeks okay it’s okay wait wait wait wait wait uh KY

K uh what is the server version uh 1.20 that’s one ah [ __ ] I play on T launcher and I have CM so I play on 1.8.8 wait wait you can’t come in 1.62 our server supports 1.16 to 1.20 okay oh you got you got message from uh Bots official Bots and you got

App okay what the hell is going on what do I do now all that it tell be sure to check announcements for knowing like when uh test this off okay okay okay I will close this ticket thank you for signing up okay okay can want to sign up too hello who

Joined slimy Diamond join hi slimy hi see okay thing that’s me I think do you want to play Roblox no I’m streaming Minecraft maybe afterwards but not now currently oh m is low oh wait this is actually pretty good I just made a big brain move 161 yeah does someone want to play

Minecraft I want to play Roblox one thing you want to play Minecraft uh I’m already streaming uh hardcore solo so I finish play um no don’t be suspicious I’ll supicious stream again supicious but like I got to go and um make tacos of that and then I’m going toat don’t be

Suspicious don’t be suspicious suspicious get added to the group um do you want to watch my live streams be suspicious be suspicious me as well I never watch because they’re over one freaking hour yeah but like watch my okay watch watch them live you want to watch them

Live I never watch them okay I never knew you were a YouTuber wait bro I made a contest with my friend and make two cringe videos I made the two cringe videos and I somehow got 10 Subs okay well that’s nice I guess is it try making try making a cringe video or

Something what happened to all my dirt 1,900 oh my God wait what actually happened to all my dirt what is this like a f don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious YouTube channel server it’s a YouTube server a fan YouTube server I guess or what fan Discord server what I think we’re talking on

Another server well you can always leave the Discord server if you want to yeah I park with eat my AO and fluffy sand phone thing are they playing gtic phone yeah wait right now no who and who oh stay in the Ser if you want to leave if you wants joh

Corner and fluffy sand Stay or Leave do what do whatever you want oh I I can give you some tips uh first thing where do you edit your videos uh I’m just doing live streams this far but I’m probably going to use fil more Studios good video uh it’s better to use Cape

Cut uh and every time you want to like talk about something first thing uh you have to maybe I don’t know put song on the side and you you need to like if you want to say this is how I got gold you need to make it very detailed so people

Like like and though people like detail stuff if you tell them like all the thingies but it’s better to make videos like you’ll get more sub yeah I’m going to do like live streaming till I want to make a video or like until I have enough content to make a video

Yeah I’m going to just type where you can General look download cape card like you have a if you have Windows you have a pre-installed editor place that’s why I did but I want to make my videos like s dition probably so uh so use Cape cut if you really want

To make good content and if you just want to put some I don’t know songs in the background for a few second the sound effect could just make some clips of you killing people fortnite use the autoinstall windows editor that you get with Windows I’m leave the now bye bye

Um okay couldn’t find anyone to talk to oh and Wang Tang if you want to like I don’t know get just random Subs you can put YT on the end of your name and just some people would just randomly sub on the end of my name if somebody

Joined the voice call sub and left make a single you should make hardcore serious if you want to I’m not going to make a Ser I’m just going to make a hardore oh wait I got to relaunch Minecraft what’s called um because I don’t have like

Matic up I don’t know why really it’s really you don’t have like mag I do I have it but I didn’t currently use it I just had vanilla fabric I’m probably going toate yeah I lost my first hardcore world to an iron golem so Yeah but I didn’t make a video on it so I don’t play hard that much yeah I don’t know if you know but I used then having a hardcore Bo would be famous but now you can like get like a lot of views without being hardcore in

The title but some people just like do a hardcore texture pack and say it’s hardcore yeah what’s the fun that if you actually want to be a YouTuber and like get a pride of it then like why would you fake it oh yeah everyone’s going to be able to

Like uh ask me to show my um statistics cuz you can see time since last death in your um what is called statistics if it’s uh as well but like if you legitimately want to be a YouTuber and like have it as a faking it wouldn’t be that like much fun and it’s

Underneath it’s underneath time played and if time since lost death is the same as time played you like you haven’t cheed you do you play on something I play on vanilla but I’m using fabric right now should probably play on it like really boosted my FPS um maybe that 300 FPS now and

Like do PVP and I still can like I can actually uh wait where’s the oh yeah uh video settings Shadow effect now I can be with uh Shadows uh oh [ __ ] I dropped oh wait this is supposed to be less bad yeah oh no this is

But oh no how do you get a skim schematic into oh hello jagar how do you get a schematic into your load schematics uh uh you can like you can go to the settings do make schematic like take a STI put the two ends of the

Schematic you want to copy yeah but like yeah I don’t have it in my schematic menu and then you go to the SCH and then you go to the itic that’s loaded so that’s supposed to be the one that you like copied and then uh click the Buton

Make schematic name it whatever you want to name it and put it in your thingies I think that’s how you do it but uh create a new oh oh no I’m probably not going to update my to 20.4 in a water cuz I need to get the Villager thingy set

Up should I turn off my shadow pad I have like 26 FPS right now you probably should if that’s how many frames you have it doesn’t feel lagg what the hell it feels like really smooth for some reason even though it’s supposed to be laggy my left probably looks lagy

Though yeah I’m going to turn them off if I pull up my files downloaded files and everything looks bad copy and this computer Minecraft fabric wait do you watch a I do oh nice I her and she gave me a Prett good Dam I would really need the fluffy

Here oh is Fluffy your friend somewhat like online friend cuz he knows how to fix with schematics I can give you a tutorial that I use when I started using schematics wait you want theori givey like I’m wonder what call the achievement of of breeding animals or

The parrots and the fats cuz there’s the two animals that can breed look at please don’t let yo who’s this friends guy not uh yeah far right no for that is me yeah I know but like just got random like friend or something we just got to this I wait my mom’s calling

Me yeah this is actually right it’s open close this I am back with my own self oh you’re still doing the live stream thingy what can can they hear us in the Stream stream yeah yes yes yes yes somebody wants how do you do like a slash but the other way back

Slash what I’ll do do a back slash slash back my so laggy why do you have 30 FPS what do I have two frames per second all right um so I’m going to tell you how you can copy a thing you need to take a stick

And put it like between the two builds yeah but how do I transfer it oh then do the area editor like it transer it into life matica uh go uh go to the LI matica thingy we can schematic placement and stuff like that yeah that’s M but I don’t have it

I give it the name you want it to be and then do save schematic yeah but I want to paste one in oh after you’ve done that you can go to loaded load yeah but I downloaded a schematic you downloaded a schematic yeah Al I import it to

Schematics I think you just need a dragon put it just let me check real quick um I don’t know I’ve never imported this but yo I need to show you something look at my I’mma share screen U my Minecraft real quick and I want to show you something okay

Quick um look at the material list for the thing I’m building look at this does this look did you build it uh no I just randomly got it from my friend my friend told me he just gave me a link and told me to download it and then yeah but if you

Download it that link how do you get it into schematics I don’t know I just like told me how to do it and then I forgot oh shoot should make this build Mountain Jo and just B it don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious what’s that

Song I Don’t Know song The Fluffy mate like or fluffy made it for oh the how fun is that yo is someone looking at my share screen um hello yes hello yeah I told you it’s a big build finally can I like into Roblox why is it like Santa’s

Factory cuz it’s a Christmas thing build supposed to be in Christmas kind of small actually yes small build yeah I would I think I would that in my pocket I want show you something really cool okay and I’m do something what’s this this is 63 why 63

63 62 if you want the lowest layer in the water wait let’s I know look my friends are actually so bad at the game and I don’t have anyone else to play with so that’s annoying I’m going to pay $200 for 22,500 Robux why would you pay for Robux wait how how much

Dollars how much $199.99 200 22,000 yeah 200 for 22,500 Robux what are you going to spend that Roo on you yeah like I don’t get people spend I’m going to buy like three I’m get I’m going to spin I’m going to spend like I don’t know like 600 $100 for this but

Whatever because of my save UPS don’t really care about don’t really don’t really care about PS5 or anything me neither looks like an egg and I don’t care about it and you’re buying like $600 worth of [ __ ] roox but shut the hell up man rob I

Don’t I don’t even have $0000 why don’t you buy a new computer or something with that 600 bucks I just don’t like some computers or whatever maybe I just pay $10 and get $1,000 my computer rob you oh Micha well may maybe I just buy like maybe I just spend $1,000 on $125,000 Robux um remember the like build uh yeah it comes until here I have to have to buy this whole Mountain so I build that one guys guys guys

Yes build do I spend two uh like $600 for like 100,000 Robux or spend $1,000 for 150,000 roblo don’t buy Robo or just spend it on a PC or something yeah I don’t like PC what are you playing on iPad you’re buying this for your iPad yeah yes oh that hurts me PR

Good yeah maybe I will spend $1,000 that will be good don’t spend any money just don’t don’t spend it I take Rob I just okay I’m buying the one that’s another one Okay click that yeah done okay my C passord ISO okay three two no one I want to see I did

It do you have where do you have that money from where’ you get all that money even just one year of hard work Robo Rob what is RO bro if you want a new skin in Robo a Roblox then why don’t you just like spend way less money on a

Bit like a little bit and get a good skin and never change it all I don’t want skins what are you going to don’t want skins and what are you going to B it on it’s Rob only you can get with it give it give it give it away from four

People can I get I mean yeah sure oh actually no no yeah but still like okay let’s donate 10,000 Robo to this idiot wait hey can you donate me no you don’t even know join the please donate no not actually okay I’m going to you I’m going give it

To my friend all right I have a friend that like I can give you my friend’s account if you want it like it’s favorite game is Roblox but these should we always Ro on like every week he changes his Avatar he’s a dumbass cuz he changes Avatar every

Sing no he’s like really spoiled like really really spoiled I joined it you join what wait for me to join oh where’s this SL how am I supposed to make a thingy why am I supposed to make a thingy that you can donate to I don’t know got like 100,000 thingy and10 thingy

Y what I don’t know I just randomly made a 10,000 how Rob I don’t know how I really don’t know how how do you do this where’s your stand like actually I’m the I’m baffled cuz this is not exactly the farm I want what do you mean where are

You where are you in the game in g how do I unload the schematic I think what do you mean in the game you want to give me a friend reest and join the game or something oh shoot I should not have done that maybe all right my name is

Double Diamond a but like not spelled right it’s D like uh Big D I’m just gonna type it for you wait what is your name I shouldn’t have done that in Roblox in Roblox it’s just like how just yeah this is my Roblox I just randomly

Made it because I couldn’t type my real name because I couldn’t log into the my account so this is my account from yo did you send me a friend request hello I just lied about the whole thing yeah what makes sense and I did too but maybe I will buy like 1,000 700

Robux for $20 for your own please don’t it’s like almost 1 million in my country’s money no bro you think I’m actually gonna make if I don’t know how to do the Donate thingy I’m gonna make something that’s a 100,000 and th something that’s 10 does that make sense to you

No yeah cu because it’s not true just randomly made that up cuz I knew there’s nobody you’re actually going to do it but I did get 20 bucks from my SPO last friend so like 20 Robo even though I don’t play Roblox I saw somebody by like two like 10 million

Robo I’m G to build tutorial after all 100 how do you unload a schematic what how do you unload a schematic unload it what do you mean by oh you can just click go to edit schematic no edit schematic U schematic thingy like the thingy I showed you that

You can like change the name and stuff and schematics like loaded schematics yeah just click on unload am I blind or something don’t be Suici don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious it wasn’t it wasn’t me it really wasn’t Me suici be supicious be suspicious Yep no I’m giving up liveing look at something fluffy is R why do you have one why do I have one minus P let you I have oneus is minus one B going to go to my uh first second or third hardcore World whatever you want to call call it and

Just take the schematic from there don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious if fluffy was here bro oh my god did you just say oh my God said oh my oh my God my bro oh my God that’s so risky I don’t know they be saying don’t don’t be

Suspicious okay don’t be suspicious or else my head hat so good don’t be supicious it’s so good yeah you play it again Why fluffy like this what the Heck I need to bridge out a bit I should probably get some blocks if you watch my stream you’ll understand don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious I’m going to be suspicious I’m going to be suspicious do have minus one p bro you just name my

IQ I probably lost a block on the way who cares um oh sh 307 days should probably build a braid Farm I think is your othera this is the whole schematic list don’t be suspicious yeah don’t be suspicious oh Emerald lock please don’t please please don’t thank you see FY comes menu schematics

Wait area editor I need to go what minutes do you thing I I can be your editor but is uh $250 per month give me your editor for like 10 bucks you can be my editor if you take 10% of the profit no just 10 bucks you can get 10 percent of the

Profit if you’re my editor no I just want 10 bucks five bucks n thanks I’m just saying what if I don’t make 10 bucks um if you didn’t gain 10 bucks then don’t give me 10 bucks if you gain something then it means I did good gam

Something think it means I did bad so if I do bad I gain something wait how how do I move it oh look at my screen for don’t be suspicious f suspicious fluffy is suspicious look at this bro look at my share screen what the

Don’t be sus guys look at my sh right my you think what if we don’t the thing that’s me I think look at this this at this okay it’s what is your real name like real life was your real name why would he tell you you may never know hello

Jager hello you still watching just curious hello another ad I’m watching nice why am not an admin I want to be an ad you’re breaking dir hello follow hum oh my God my what that supicious oh this looks sick oh why is it so relaxing cloud look at the sun oh my

Gosh you sound like the most brid person Ever Jesus Christ my free is stuck shut you at your freezer yes yes I’m a chef are you a chef yes your mom shf well Oh so that for configuration menu that’s oh my God I forgot the comparators oh well I still have repeaters I guess no bad okay no oh my God I don’t really know what to say right now because I don’t have anything to talk about so please comment and thing if you oh

Nobody’s still here as far as I know uh what world are you playing on uh I’m playing on this like the second one and building my ra Farm again always get up crafting table for that later on oh yeah uh well I got to go now and make

It dinner with my mom so I’ll see y’all peace I’m out whatever

This video, titled ‘Minecraft Hardcore’, was uploaded by Wteng09 on 2024-01-13 05:48:37. It has garnered 23 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 02:25:11 or 8711 seconds.

Sub and like and discord #minecraft #hardcore #minecrafthardcore

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    uArch - 🌟 FACTIONS RETURNS! New Series!? #01Video Information sal você sab maiser nover tá ligado porque tá complicado V entrei no server deix entrar aqui eu tô aqui na bar tá ligado os Car Me cham PR est jogando com eles entrei de Capitão tá ligado E ontem de noite internet caiu tá ligado e voltou só agora a pouco então não consegui est gravando vídeo para vocês por isso o vídeo est saindo tarde já era para ter saído o vídeo perdão gravando no vídeo de 3 horas da tarde mano 3 horas da tarde era o horário que o vídeo estaria saindo então perdão… Read More

  • 🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥

    🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE ON👑FREE FIRE AO VIVO👑SMARTGAGA PC FRACO👑SALA PERSONALIZADA👑JOGANDO COM OS INSCRITOS’, was uploaded by L e z z y ツ FFX on 2024-05-20 12:48:29. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:27:51 or 1671 seconds. ➡️ Tags Ignore ⬅️ #freefire #pcfraco #pc #fivem #gtarp #revelação #pcgaming #hardware #pcbarato #minecraft #valorant #forzahorizon5 #freefireaovivo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirehighlights​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirenoelff​​​ #smartgaga #freefiremusic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirem1014​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #aimbotfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireshotgun​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireemoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirebrasil​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireruokmode​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #highlightfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emuladorfreefire #mobile #emulador #mobilador #aovivo #livefreefire #freefirelive #ff #jogandocominscritos Ненужные теги: xxxtentacion, empire, rap, bad vibes forever / empire, hip hop xu0026 rap, xxx,… Read More

  • The Ravens Nest

    The Ravens NestThis is a massive MASSIVE network that will include all your favorite games! This will become bigger then hypixel! Make sure to do /buy! Read More

  • RPG Modpack modded SMP whitelist

    Looking for Players for Modified Craft to Exile 2 RPG Modpack If you are interested in playing a slightly modified version of Craft to Exile 2 with us, we are looking for up to three players. The RPG modpack consists of over 300 mods and features level requirements for gear, quest progression, skills, a new fighting system, and other interesting mechanics. Join us at Apply Now Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - My favorite FPS Game is MinecraftMy favorite FPS game is Minecraft, because nothing gets the adrenaline pumping quite like trying to outrun an exploding creeper! Read More

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    Crafty Chaos: Upin Ipin Part 5 Mines Dark Things In the dark of night, Upin Ipin’s plight, Trapped in a time warp, no end in sight. A mystery unfolds, with each passing scene, As they navigate through a world unseen. Ehsan’s secret revealed, a sibling unknown, Hidden in shadows, his true colors shown. Why does he hide, his brother so dear? The answer lies close, so crystal clear. Join the adventure, in this Minecraft tale, Where imagination soars, without fail. Subscribe for more, to see what’s in store, In the world of Upin Ipin, forevermore. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: History of Epic Fails 😂🔥

    Minecraft Meme: History of Epic Fails 😂🔥 “When you accidentally hit a pig in Minecraft and suddenly the entire village wants to cancel you for animal cruelty 🐷🚫 #CancelCultureInMinecraft” Read More

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    Empowered Oil Hacks: Level Up Your Game Automating Empowered Oil in Minecraft with Actually Additions Introduction In the world of Minecraft, automation is key to streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. One such task is generating empowered oil using the Actually Additions mod. This guide will explore two ways to automate this process, one utilizing other mods and the other relying solely on vanilla and Actually Additions items. Empowered Oil Automation with Other Mods To begin automating empowered oil production, ensure that all necessary inputs are consistently supplied to the machine. Utilize a portable tank to store and regulate the empowered oil output. Any fluid and item… Read More

  • Join Minewind: Where Pandas Eat Cake in Minecraft!

    Join Minewind: Where Pandas Eat Cake in Minecraft! Join Minewind Minecraft Server Welcome to Minewind Minecraft Server! If you love getting creative and building amazing structures in Minecraft, then Minewind is the perfect server for you. With a vibrant community of players and endless possibilities, Minewind offers a unique gaming experience like no other. Why Join Minewind? Imagine exploring a vast world filled with hidden treasures, challenging dungeons, and exciting adventures. On Minewind, you can do all that and more. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new challenge or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, Minewind welcomes everyone. Features of Minewind Server: Custom plugins… Read More

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    CATNAP FAMILY in Minecraft?! Block BuddiesVideo Information wait a second where am I right now I don’t know why are you here right now who is this um interesting looking friend we have here this guy looks so cool you want a cookie oh guys I’m TV man I’m from skiy toilet do you guys know what that is okay this guy is suspicious I mean did you hear like that that doesn’t even exist what is this guy even talking about I mean I thought I was going to do a skibby toilet build challenge with my whole family but I guess I’m playing… Read More

  • Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!

    Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral’, was uploaded by NV GAMING on 2024-02-15 14:00:01. It has garnered 3390 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral Minecraft made scary way #minecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #shortvideo Minecraft villager and zombie tnt experiment. #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shorts #viral Minecraft TNT experiment with cripper. #minecraft #minecraftshorts#shorts #viral Minecraft scary moment #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shortvideo #shorts minecraft minecraft 100 days minecraft house tutorial minecraft music minecraft civilization minecraft song minecraft house minecraft legends… Read More

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    INSANE! Indian Tekken Gamer's Lucky Minecraft Moments 😱Video Information तो आज के इस वीडियो में हम कुछ ऐसे लकी एस्ट मोमेंट्स को देखने वाले हैं जो कि हमारे इंडियन गेमर्स के साथ हुई है तो चलो बिना आपका टाइम वेस्ट करे वीडियो शुरू कर लेते हैं वेल हमारी पहली नंबर की क्लिप निकल के आती है वो होने वाली है गेमर फ्लीट की क्या ही दिमाग लगाया भाई वहीं पर बैड लगा के मेरे मुह आग थोड़ा दूर भी लगा लेते भाई या कहीं आसपास मतलब समझ रहे हो ना तुम लोग भाई बिल्कुल बगल में लगा के धड़ाधड़ आए जा रहे हैं आए जा रहे मार… Read More

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    Unlock Rare Pets and Hidden Locations in Minecraft PS3 Edition!Video Information and I think every episode I will change my skin to something else to kind of keep it interesting you know surprisingly most of you voted for me to be Clank so that’s what I’m going to be for this episode I also got a lot of requests for Herobrine so maybe I will buy the pack that has him and use him for an episode anyway um time to hop back in I guess hello cake so last time I got wood and went mining which gave me a lot of iron and now today I think… Read More

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  • Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don’t join Jschlatt’s SMP

    Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don't join Jschlatt's SMPVideo Information [Music] all right and with that I think uh oh we’ve got a sign Diamond duplicator drop one diamond on this plank and step back and it’ll double that seems like a no-brainer [Music] [Laughter] this Looney Tunes ass [ __ ] going on in the server today [ __ ] wow why do my skin look so different what the [ __ ] why is Animal Crossing faintly playing I immediately welcome by like every aspect of a SCH video just faint Animal Crossing music Isn’t that cool welcome Good Vibes and wholesome fun for theah I’m… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Build - Japanese Shinto Shrine Timelapse 🏯Video Information This video, titled ‘Building a Japanese Shinto Shrine in mincraft | Relaxing Minecraft Timelapse’, was uploaded by Animation Timelapse on 2024-05-14 16:15:00. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:57 or 177 seconds. Hello a relaxing time-lapse of building a Japanese Shinto shrine in Minecraft: 🌸 “ZenCraft: Building a Tranquil Shinto Shrine in Minecraft” 🌸 Embark on a serene journey as we construct a mesmerizing Japanese Shinto shrine within the pixelated world of Minecraft. 🏯✨ In this enchanting time-lapse, watch as we meticulously place each wooden beam, carve intricate torii gates,… Read More

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    Secret Enchantments for Ultimate Minecraft Crossbow Power #shortsVideo Information गड लेवल एं चेंट मेंट फॉर योर क्रॉस पो फर्स्ट अनब्रेकिंग थ्री अनब्रेकिंग थ्री आपके क्रॉस पो की ड्यूरेबल को इंक्रीज करता है सेकंड मेंडिंग मेंडिंग आपका एक्सपी लेकर आपके क्रॉस पो को हील करता है थर्ड क्विक चार्ज क्विक चार्ज आपके क्रॉस पो की रीलोड स्पीड को इंक्रीज करता है फोर्थ पियर्सिंग या मल्टीशॉट पियर्सिंग से आपके रो पियर्स करना चालू कर देते हैं मतलब कि अगर एक के पीछे एक मॉब खड़ा है तो वो दोनों को डैमेज होगा ना कि एक मॉब को और अगर आप लोग मल्टी शॉट लगाते हैं तो आप एक बार… Read More

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    Welcome to The World of Celestria! Greetings wanderers! Join our Minecraft geopolitical server where you can unleash your creativity and explore different gameplay styles: Builders: Create your own structures and landscapes Roleplayers: Dive into immersive storytelling Lore Writers: Shape the history of Celestria Pvpers: Test your skills in combat Earth is your canvas, whether you want to create a nation, join a cult, start a religion, establish guilds or businesses. Rise to the top and make your mark in the History of Celestria! Join Us Now: Discord Server Link Read More

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    Looks like this meme is scoring higher than my grades in math class. Read More

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    POV: Villager Chad vs Villager Chadwick 🔥 POV: Short Villager rank 1 trying to reach the top shelf in the village store vs Rank 999 Villager who can just levitate up there with their god-like powers. #shortpeopleproblems #minecraftmeme Read More

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