INSANE Minecraft Shop for GIRLS opened by JJ and MIKEY!

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hi everybody I’m JJ today I’m back again in my small town with Mikey how nice to see my freaky and ugly City again because nobody lives here but me and Mikey JJ hey you’re finally back from your trip it’s so good to see you hey Mikey it’s good to see you too how are you doing that’s pretty good but I was so bored without you because all the people disappeared from this town is it real yeah but I don’t need anyone except you haha because we’re real friends Mikey let’s go to my house there’s a new computer game at my home do you still play computer games that’s something for little kids to do what else am I supposed to do in my free time Mikey you have free time on your hands all the time so what’s the big deal oh look over there there go our old classmates they grew up to be beautiful girls oh my God all guys are so stupid I agree they still stink we need to say hello to them but I’m kind of shy about talking to girls don’t be shy all right let’s go get closer to them they’re cute after all we should make friends with them hey girls wait we’re your classmates we missed you so much we went to school together oh I remember those guys it’s Mikey and JJ they’re our classmates they were fun to go to school with together oh yes I’m sure we’ll have fun again now oh yeah I want to touch the girl we would love to spend time with you but we don’t have time for that then we can meet a little later oh yeah we can also Remis about our high school days so you’re okay with that all right let’s meet up a little later but not now okay see you soon then hope to see you girls again today bye-bye boys it was nice talking to you he he oh that laugh was really creepy those boys are so clingy because we’re so beautiful I think they were not too happy to see us what makes you think that I think they really liked me and they were very polite to me in general because women always need to get something from men like some gifts or money oh well that’s true then we need to properly prepare for our meeting with them and buy them a gift wow Mikey I didn’t know you were such an experienced girl groomer we’ll buy something really cool for them then let each of us buy something I’ll meet you back here in a few hours okay Mikey let’s go 3 hours later hello again everyone and I’ve already arrived at the meeting place with my gift for the girls this is a super cool cake I think they like sweet things hey JJ wait for me I’m on my way to you hey Mikey you’re finally not late for the meeting JJ what a gift you have for the girls this is the cake with strawberry slices and cream on top it really looks delicious your cake is no match for my sweetest apple ever it looks like the most common Apple to me you obviously don’t know apples my gift is better than yours how do you divide one apple between three girls and my cake can be eaten by a whole bunch of people at once oh stop bragging let’s go see the girls actually I think the best gift I can give is myself I don’t think they’ll want to eat you ha here come the girls let’s go get them I’m so sick of this mail attention to me let’s go to them stop standing still Mikey we didn’t buy them presents for nothing let’s go hey girls hi we’re happy to see you we’ve also got some super cool gifts for you so how do you like our presents let’s be friends uh you think we don’t have food at home I don’t think so what’s the difference let’s eat cake it’s delicious get out of here with your rotten stinking food we’re on a diet and we haven’t liked you since high school that was too rude you guys are all stupid we just wanted you girls to like us you disgusted us stay away from us what about my cake and my Apple you’ve ruined our mood I hate men bye-bye losers oh my gosh they didn’t seem to like our gifts at all and I spent all my money on this apple I’m so sad that they weren’t happy to see us I wanted to play with them together we should have thought better of what to get them maybe some sort of gold ring or balloon they’d like better who knows what these women need anyway they are very difficult to understand I think they don’t know what they want as a gift but we can listen in on their talks you want to overhear them that’s not nice and you and I are two very bad boys we’ll do anything to make friends with these girls oh I don’t think this is going to end well all right let’s go just don’t scream so much oh yeah these cupcakes are so much better than JJ’s cake his cake looked like a pile of stinky Earth h ha these stupid men can’t even think with their brains what to get beautiful girls like us well what to get them all girls love flowers and even better bouquets of flowers oh yeah I’m a big fan of all red roses I love bouquets with different colors too flowers really that’s so corny but if those guys had given us flowers I would have been very happy oh yeah they could have thought of that stupid girls need stupid weed is that why they won’t talk to us at least now we know what to give them what are you going to do just give them some flowers it’s going to be kind of easy oh I have an idea a really cool idea but I’m going to need your help to make it happen what kind of idea is that and what would I have to do be patient and just follow my lead I promise you that soon these women will come to us I hope this isn’t another one of your stupid ideas and why did we come here I brought you here for a reason JJ it’s just an ordinary abandoned house where no one lives there’s a store that burned down recently we’re going to build our own flower store here but why do we need this store we could just buy from someone else girls love flowers and if we have a whole flower store they will literally fall in love with us I don’t know Mikey I think this business of yours is going to be very unprofitable oh stop whining how can you imagine that this rotten abandonment can’t do anything JJ no risk no champagne that’s how businesses are built eh it all still seems like a bad idea to me but okay I’ll help you let’s build a flower shop here you’re a real friend JJ I assure you we’re going to make this work at least I’m willing to do anything to make friends with those beautiful girls these girls will definitely be ours we’re going to throw all our flowers at them okay let’s go it’s time for the big build this is where we’ll have a greenhouse with roses and this is where the cash register will be wow we got a really nice flower shop all that’s left is to start selling our beautiful flowers we’ve done a great job with you oh yeah first of all it’s all beautiful secondly it’s our new source of income let’s show our store to our viewers from the inside out well let’s do it there are so many different kinds of flowers inside all kinds of roses chrysanthemums lies and so on and there are even more florals standing inside the store in fact I think buying flowers in general is a dumb idea you gave a flower to a girl and then that flower wilted and then it gets thrown away don’t whine JJ all these flowers are beautiful and the girls are happy when they get them I don’t know I wouldn’t be so happy with a flower it’s only the girls who need all this and we’re going to make money off these girls and also get respect from them by the way don’t forget to water those flowers or they’ll all Wilt oh my God are all these flowers going to have to be watered by me are you serious what are you going to do I’ll bring those girls right here are you going to tell me to just sit here yeah you’re a Salesman sell flowers that’s your job but maybe I’ll go to the girls it’s so much easier no you don’t have much experience with girls you should be thinking about a new business don’t worry I’ll bring them here very soon all right just hurry up I don’t like these flowers at all I’ve never worked as anything at all and now I’ve become a Salesman in my own store friends what kind of business would you like to make for yourself write about it in the comments well I’ll just have to sit back and wait for new customers I hope our store is at least interesting to someone oh who’s that I bet that person would like to buy some flowers from me I have to sell her flowers hello can I help you with something hello I need some flowers um you’re in a flower store there’s a lot of flowers wow you’re right you must be good at this haha yes a little bit I need two red flowers but I don’t know what they’re called ooh you’ll do great with red roses all the people love them only people usually give an odd number of flowers and an even number are given at the cemetery I need flowers at the cemetery for my mom ooh I’m sorry ma’am I didn’t know then you owe me two diamonds for the flowers yes of course everything in the this world costs money here you go wow my first money ever made thank you so much come to our store again thank you if I’m going to go to the cemetery again I’ll come see you bye-bye I hope no one else dies at your place wow friends have you ever given flowers to anyone write about it in the comments I’m starting to like this business money is starting to flow into my pocket and soon Mikey will be here with the cool women oh here they come I finally waited for them Welcome to our florist store wow are we going to get flowers oh yeah we have too many flowers we can give you some too wow you guys are so awesome I would love to date businessmen oh now you’re saying that we’re real businessmen then let’s go inside you can choose any kind of flower you want wow that store smells so good we’ve got a whole Greenhouse here and we have a very profitable business I’ve already earned a whole bunch of diamonds today so you’re also Rich dudes you guys are very cool chicks too yes I meant to say that you are all very beautiful and lovely women forgive us for insulting you recently yeah we thought you guys were total losers but we’re just regular guys who decided to go into business you have beautiful flowers I can’t stop admiring it all oh yeah I picked them out personally give us flowers right now uh okay well we have a lot of them yeah get it over here we love them so much a I just have some roses I’ve been selling recently then hand them out to our guests okay like you only want these flowers and not us of course we’re just here for the flowers oh really you’re so mercenary oh come on it’s just a harmless joke yeah JJ stop taking offense and give them our flowers okay here’s another flower for you I’m not greedy but I’d like a diamond in return oh JJ is a joker you don’t have to pay for the flowers who and I already believed it oh all right it’s still nice for every girl to get flowers you especially deserve the most beautiful flower sweetheart oh Mikey you’re so cute I like you so much oh I’m so excited to have my own girlfriend am I going to have a girlfriend at all oh don’t worry you’ve got these two cute girls ha thanks for sharing this with me so who wants to go out with me um I don’t know I don’t need it bye-bye everyone I’m off to play computer with my girlfriend bye-bye see you tomorrow oh I like computer games too I don’t think I’d be out of place there uh then you can go after them all right since no one here likes me now that was rude again bye-bye everybody and thanks for the flower that was very nice bye-bye and it’s just you and me you know JJ I really liked you from the first time I met you but now that you have your own business I wanted to be your girlfriend a girl wow that’s really cool I’ll agree to that then why don’t we go to your house can we play with you together too oh yeah I like that then let’s go to my place I assure you you’ll enjoy it I have a bunch of interesting computer games by the way who’s going to work in the store I’ll be back here at work tomorrow I don’t think there’ll be any customers today then I’ll be off for a while catch up with me JJ yeah get out of here I have to say goodbye to the audience hurry up I’m already waiting for you of course the next day today I opened my own store it’s called JJ store it seems to me that this is a very cool name for my store in it I will sell various goods for computers and other equipment televisions and the like I’m very glad that now I have my own store let’s go inside and I’ll show you what’s here look they sell different TVs here there are laptops very cool gaming laptops I would even buy one for myself but I can’t all these Goods must be sold in my store and just look at how huge this monitor is I would also buy one for myself also here there are various TVs computers and much more look at how cool the computers are they all glow such a cool backlight I wish I could buy one for myself look at what a cool laptop here and this game console I even have several of them two in all so let’s take a look this is a great one my store I really like it oh what is this this is some kind of barn I don’t even know what this is I need to see it find out what this is doing next to my cool store this shouldn’t be here at all we urgently need to tell Mikey about everything let’s go to his house and tell him what happened to me hey Mikey quickly open up for me I need to tell you something Mikey where are you oh hello JJ what are you doing here Mikey quickly let’s go I’ll show you something I I opened my own cool store and next to me there is some kind of barn wow is it really true I don’t even know that well let’s go show me yes Mikey hurry up let’s go I really really want to show you I’ve opened a very cool store there I sell various equipment and stuff wow well okay JJ let’s go show me what kind of store you opened I’m very interested okay Mikey let’s go quickly look this is my new store I just opened it today will be the opening of my new store I really like it I’ve been looking at it for so long saved up I hope now this will be my successful business and I can get rich wow JJ it’s true cool I’m very happy for you and what are you selling there tell me I’m very interested listen Mikey well I sell all kinds of electronic equipment here I have gaming laptops monitors televisions and much much more in general everything related to computers they are very cool I would like a few of these myself everything here is very cool and very good so let’s see St stop that Mikey you opened your own store so This Barn is the Mikey store stop why are you doing all this Mikey explain why did you build such a thing Shack next to my cool store JJ stop shouting better let’s go see what a cool store I have too you look I have different equipment here too I like it so much I saw that you are opening a store soon and decided to open it too Mikey are you crazy that you are selling some kind of stuff here vacuum cleaners old TVs batteries no one will buy this from you you understand that JJ stop yelling at me it’s not my fault that I also want a cool store for myself and I want to sell all sorts of equipment Mikey have you even seen your store look it looks very bad and you’re selling some complete garbage here this is no good JJ stop offending me I also want a cool store and my equipment no they will buy it too you’ll see in general get out of my store go to your coolest store and sit there alone you understand me okay Mikey just calm down please no I won’t calm down that’s enough you’ve been calling my store names all day long well so what someday I’ll save up money and build a store as cool as yours you understand me Mikey well okay but why are you talking so rudely what are you talking about he was offended by me H okay but I have a cool store and I’ll definitely make more money than Mikey more customers will come to me and I’ll be much cooler than Mikey well we are waiting for new customers good moments later oh hello resident what do you want to buy in my store there is a lot of all kinds of equipment yeah you want a computer okay I understand you this computer costs 12 diamonds give me your diamonds and get this cool computer it is very good so I congratulate you on your purchase and use it for your health you will play different cool games and nothing will lag for you congratulations again on your purchase so tell all your friends about my cool store so that they can also come here and buy different cool computers J thank you for your purchase have a nice day resident stop I don’t understand what it is at the Mikey store there is a huge cue from a crowd of residents how is it that his store is complete garbage we need to see what the Mikey are doing there about villager thank you very much for the purchase give me your diamonds and you can take away all your equipment that you bought this is your TV thank you again for buying bye Mikey are you selling TVs and they really buy all this from you have you ever seen a long line oh hello yes I have a long line my store has become very popular and people from all over the village come to me well how is this possible why does your store look very bad why doesn’t anyone come to see me only one resident came to see me all the time J Jay you just don’t understand that the most important thing is not what it looks like your store you can have the coolest store but you won’t have any customers and the most important thing is that I treat my customers very well oh well you’re crazy Mikey that’s how it is it doesn’t work I can’t understand why no one comes to my store it’s the coolest it looks completely like the good and most luxurious store 3 hours later hello hello everyone friends my name is JJ and today I got a great idea on how to remove my most important competitor namely Mikey because of his store almost no one comes to my store and you ask what I came up with and the answer is very simple I just I’ll take and burn the Mikey store for this I will need this lighter and I’ll just take it and burn it so that as many villagers as possible will go to my store and the Mikey will never have a store again this is my great idea I hope I can pull this off the most important thing is that no one sees me but it seems like it’s night now all the villagers are sleeping and Mikey is sleeping too this is my great chance to set it on fire in the store hey what are you doing there JJ oh Mikey hello why aren’t you sleeping listen I’m here checking our stores because suddenly thieves will show up and want to steal all our inventory from our stores oh JJ you’re great this is a good idea yes thieves can definitely steal something from our stores so okay you then everything is here check it out and I’ll go on to sleep okay Mikey you can go to bed and don’t worry at all I’ll check everything here and also go to bed okay J J maybe you need help maybe I can help you with something no Mikey thank you I don’t need help I can handle it myself I have a lot of experience in this I used to work in security do you remember oh yes I remember that same day well okay since you don’t need help I’m off to bed just don’t bother yourself too much for now okay Mikey good night well finally now I can set fire to the Mikey store so that he doesn’t steal all my clients from me burn the house to the ground my plan is brilliant 5 minutes later who calls me in the middle of the night oh I slept so well why did you wake me up well what kind of idiot came to me in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping I need to go check maybe something happened hey oh Mikey hello what are you doing here JJ my the store is burning come quickly to my Aid take a fire extinguisher and let’s go put it out my store otherwise everything will burn down all my equipment will be lost wow Mikey what a misfortune well okay wait now I’ll take a fire extinguisher and you and I will go put out the fire your store yes JJ let’s go we need to put out the fire quickly my store maybe it can still be saved okay Mikey let’s go quickly and put out the fire your store what do you think happened why did your store Catch Fire listen JJ I don’t know at all how this could happen look at him all on fire there there’s practically nothing left all my things were burned and the store was also burned down all the equipment was probably ruined look there’s nothing left yes it’s true the whole house burned down there was nothing left no equipment even the roof was corroded oh no what should I do now there’s nothing left of my business okay this stupid Shack would burn down and all the equipment would also burn down along with it it was my favorite business I don’t know what to do now I’m very sad JJ who do you think could he have done this why did he set my house on fire or maybe it happened by accident I absolutely don’t know what to do now Mikey I also don’t know what could have happened because anything could haveen happened just think about it it could have just been the wiring that caught fire and because of this there was a fire or some equipment malfunctioned and it exploded stop JJ I remember how you walked near my business with your lighter last night maybe it was you who set fire to his Mikey what are you saying I would never do something like that it’s your store and you’re my friend yes exactly JJ it’s all your fault it’s your fault set it on fire how else could it have caught fire this simply couldn’t have happened I remember you were walking here I saw you and you started telling me that you were just checking maybe there were thieves here or something else it was 100% you don’t even make up excuses I know everything just why did you do it I didn’t do anything bad to you Mikey it wasn’t me you’re making it up this could never have happened I would never do this there is no need to deceive me JJ I know that you did this and you will pay for it stop what what are you talking about what are you going to do no why are are you doing this this is for my store you just couldn’t come to terms with what’s coming to my store more residents so get it now and you will be left without a store this is my revenge Mikey why did you do this I really loved my store I invested a lot of money in it you just took it and destroyed it all jel what did you want you thought that you would burn down my store and I don’t learn anything but I learned everything it’s all because of you you’re to blame for this get stupid JJ it’s you stupid stupid Mikey you’re really pissing me off stop the next morning Mikey and I have become homeless and hungry people look at how awful he and I look we’re all soaking in this cold rain we need to find a place to sleep right away you’re right but I doubt anyone would let two bums like us into their house we can’t relax if we give up we’ll freeze in this rain we have to keep looking for shelter Mikey but I’m soaking wet I’m shivering from the cold no one can help us there’s nothing you can do to save the situation by whining oh I think this place is perfect for us hey you’re right there’s even a fire it’s not cool to live in a dump but at least it’s something this newspaper house is small but I think we can both sleep there yeah you’re right you and I are very very lucky to have found such a cool place finally you and I can rest after a week of wandering around this empty City you’re right it’s very cozy in here I think it would be better in a normal house you and I have yet to earn the money for a proper house yeah you’re right but that’s something we should think about for tomorrow I wonder who bu bu a fire in this place maybe we’re living in someone else’s house but it doesn’t matter good night uh good night you fell asleep so fast friends would you let us stay in your house write about it in the comments now it’s time for me to get some sleep too good night everyone the next day oh is it morning already where am I oh yeah we’re sleeping in the dumpster with Mikey it stinks in here and I’m so hungry we need to do something about it friends put your likes under this video sooner we would be rich and can eat and while there aren’t enough likes on this video I’ll have to eat from the dumpster how am I supposed to find food here maybe there’s something in here like some kind of cookie package or maybe some kind of big cake why does everyone only throw out the unpalatable and smelly leftovers no one thinks about hungry homeless people like me yeah there’s no food for me here there’s nothing interesting here at all besides the food oh is that a toilet I think it looks pretty intact who would throw a toilet in a dumpster maybe it’s it’s a single-use toilet haha good morning JJ I’m so hungry did you find some food for us good morning Mikey there’s no food at all in this dump I’ve looked all over the place this is sad but I found a toilet we can poop in it like civilized people uh the toilet’s not connected to the Sewer this is a stupid idea then what are we supposed to do about it it looks pretty good we need to do something about this toilet uh I had an idea we could sell this toilet to someone and who’s going to buy it from us there’s always some idiot who wants to poop in there at least we need money to buy some food uh all right I don’t have any other ideas for finding money for food let’s sell the stupid toilet to another fool hey super duper cool toilet for sale a great toilet for a small price sitting behind this toilet will maximize your enjoyment that’s how business starts baby somebody poops in the toilet and throws it out and we sell it on the street it’s so stupid and ridiculous this toilet also smells like the previous owners feces I’d reduce the price by a couple diamonds no one’s going to buy it from us you underestimate stupid people we can sell them anything only we’ll have to wait forever for that buyer oh looks like we have a problem what’s wrong there goes the skibbidy toilet and they’re always angry and want to beat everybody up H what a wonderful day ignore him uhoh what have we got here uh nothing A Street store what are you guys selling just don’t hurt us oh no we’re screwed Mikey calm down haha it was a joke oh it’s another Joker I would love to buy myself this toilet I’m sick of my old one then you owe me five diamonds yes this toilet is very good that’s why it costs so much yes I really recommend buying this ha okay here are your diamonds this toilet is mine now oh thank you so much you’re really generous oh come on it’s just pennies to me this toilet is amazing uh all right we’re glad you enjoyed it that super cool toilet looks great on you all right thanks guys bye-bye it’s a pleasure doing business with you scab to shut up already stupid kids ha now we’ve made our first money oh yeah so cool now we can use these diamonds to buy our food for today in essence we’ve milked that money out of the trash you and I are two Geniuses let’s go get ourselves some goodies I’m really hungry right now let’s go only we won’t waste money on junk food we’ll spend all the money and we won’t get full yeah you’re right JJ moments later Mikey and I bought some bread yum yum yum yum this is the cheapest and most nutritious food at the store on an empty stomach any food tastes the best to me I agree but at least now I’m fed up and ready to keep working to make more money then we need to find some parttime work maybe we should get a job as janitors um I don’t think that’s a cool idea at all I liked selling toilets I still want to be a businessman but we don’t have toilets for sale anymore it’s not a big problem at all we can find more toilets in different garbage dumps now that’s a good idea we can find a bunch of toilets and sell them for a lot of money with a business like this we can stop being poor homeless and soon we can buy ourselves a cool house I know a bigger dump follow me JJ that’s great hopefully we’ll find a bunch of cool and big toilets there these skibs are like snails changing their shells I don’t like snails 3 hours later here’s that big dump I was telling you about JJ are there really any discarded toilets around here there’s so much trash you can find anything you want oh my God there’s such a big mountain of garbage sometimes the trash is taller than this house then let’s go find what we came here for let’s go I hope those toilets are lying around somewhere in plain sight it is unlikely that the coolest toilet will be in a prominent location we’re going to have to look for those toilets for a long time oh there it is haaha it’s right there in plain sight look over there that’s our first toilet uh this is all kind of weird we’ve had a lot of luck with that stop talking go get that toilet just be careful not to break it all toilets are pretty fragile oh my God you’re so careful JJ I can just put this toilet in my pocket what how do you put a giant toilet in your pocket it’s impossible oh just like that I just took it and put it in my pocket oh here comes the second super cool toilet for our collection it looks like this dump is made up entirely of discarded toilets we are so lucky to have chosen this particular dumpster are you going to put this toilet in your pocket too yeah well that’s easy to do seriously how do you fit that in there where do you put them it’s impossible you better not ask such stupid questions okay well then we need to find a third toilet wo there it is only this one seems too dirty and broken to me are we going to take this one why not those skippity toilets can buy anything we offer them okay then stick that toilet in your pocket too you got a whole black hole in there it doesn’t take up much space not a lot of space you probably have the biggest pockets in the world you don’t understand we live in the world of Minecraft everyone here has very deep pockets and me too and that includes you too JJ let’s get back to our shop we got to sell these stinky toilets to other skibbidy toilets let’s go Mikey they don’t even realize they’re buying used toilets from the dump just don’t tell them about it when selling and here we are already in our shop we have already posted price tags on the toilets toilets are now selling for more than the old price I also made this stupid sign for our store I think the price is too high no Mikey the price is quite right for us skidy toilets are all too rich the previous buyer said so himself that’s right I completely forgot about that All That Remains is to wait for our new customers I hate people what are you selling here we sell the most comfortable toilets in the world really cool how much does it cost only 12 diamonds it’s too cheap for you I’ve taken a liking to one of these toilets here are your diamonds I want a gray toilet wow great choice Mister this toilet will perfectly match your Halo on your head do you really think so thank you we are always happy to help in choosing toilets for our customers come again this toilet is simply the best in the world thanks a lot thank you too oo he smells like poop yes this is what I love the best toilet in the world bye-bye thank you for your purchase JJ you are a true master of selling unnecessary junk maybe for skidi toilets these products really cost a lot of money then we need to increase the price oh the next customer is coming I’m a bandit I was stealing I was in jail what is this here new shop yes we sell toilets I think this cute little toilet will suit you and how suit me ha because with this toilet you will have a lot of beautiful women women oh yeah that’s what I need I need women then you won’t be sorry for your money for this wonderful toilet Shut Up And Take My Money I can’t wait to play with all the chicks wow how generous you are then this toilet belongs to you congratulations so what am I handsome now yes you are the cutest toilet in the world oh yeah I love it no woman can resist my charm I’m even starting to be jealous that I didn’t buy it myself and I bought it faster bye-bye I lied to him this toilet makes him look ugly I lied to him too what can you do to sell these toilets to just anyone All That Remains is to sell the last smelliest and most unnecessary toilet oh my God the coolest scabi toilet in town is coming to us everyone here says that you sell the coolest toilets rumors don’t lie to you we still have the coolest toilet the coolest toilet for the coolest dude in town am I the cool one that’s nice to hear here are some diamonds for you I’m taking this toilet it will make my spells even more powerful oh yeah and this toilet is magical too magical oh yeah I can already feel the surge of magic in me how nice it is to sit in this toilet thank you very much thank you for coming to us bye-bye I will tell all my friends that you are the coolest sellers in the city and then I’ll turn my friends into frogs um okay as you wish bye-bye you’re really cool Mikey we have 36 diamonds we are rich we will never go hungry again this is the rich life of businessmen I didn’t even think that these stupid skidy toilets would buy these stinking toilets we need to find even more toilets and sell them for 30 diamonds a piece this way we will definitely become the richest guys in the city oh God yesterday we were hungry in the poorest now we will never go hungry again it’s very cool to be businessmen J 2,000 years later today starts the day by reflecting on what I’m going to do today I guess someone’s coming to tell me what I have to do I probably even know who it’s coming from but still have to open the door and see who’s ringing the doorbell now I’m going to see the green little man hey JJ beautiful morning today it is why are you here I have an idea to play a prank on the girls it’s a plan you can’t refuse so what do you want to do with them I take it you’re not even going to tell me that’s right you’ll come with me and you’ll find out it’ll be more fun that way even though I know the plan this is the first time you’ll see it you have no right to refuse okay I love fun especially making laughs at the girls so I won’t say no I didn’t even doubt you let’s hurry up then while they’re still out there let’s go but I hope it’s really fun or you might think of something silly we’re already running up now you’re going to see this interesting place and recognize this fun I can’t wait already Mikey this is the place JJ this is where the girls I want to prank are right now great in a place like this they certainly don’t expect it so you going to tell me your plan yeah I think it’s safe to tell you my idea now come on I can’t wait to find out anyway we’re about to put something in their building they’re going to freak out and squeal for sure oh my God Mikey have you lost your mind is that a real grenade come on what are you worried about let’s go put them down it’ll be fun don’t be a drag no Mikey we’re not doing this if it blows up people are going to get hurt what’s this for don’t worry she’s not real look what’s about to happen I don’t believe you Mikey see for yourself I’ll put it down and nothing will happen but the girls will come running out screaming all right this is really going to be fun call the bomb squad we’ve got a bomb everybody get to a safe distance help we’re going to explode who planted the bomb Mikey did you hear them that’s hilarious did you little ones do this do you realize you could have gotten us killed they’re not laughing Mikey they’re being aggressive with us because nobody messes with people’s lives don’t you understand that we weren’t trying to kill you it’s a joke it’s not a real grenade calm down I told you it was fun okay that’s really funny then you’ve got a great idea we really thought it was real that’s great I’m glad we’re all sorted out funny you ran out with your hands in the air you guys are hilarious so can we go for a walk now after this we might as well go out to eat together come on guys we don’t mind besides we’re starving that’s great let’s go eat then let’s not waste any time guys oh my God what is that looks like I’ve been sold a real bomb are you serious right now Mikey look what happened to the house what of you stupid Fool’s done what is it oh my God there’s nothing even left it’s a massive explosion so you actually put down a real bomb and we could die Mikey you said for sure it was a fake look what you’ve done you could have killed us if we’d stayed in there there’s nothing left of the building well it’s actually true it’s a good thing we’re away from here I really didn’t know she was real I wish you weren’t in this Village get out of here they’re very angry Mikey what do we do now get out of here so we don’t see you that’s what we’re going to do come on JJ let’s go play on the computer what a great idea you stay here and stay mad you love what you do let’s go JJ because they don’t want us in this Village goodbye you evil ones they were as mad as if we’d killed them but everyone’s alive and well you’re completely stupid we’re all so stupid let’s go play together I don’t even want to see them anymore totally agree with you we’re much better off alone than with them now we’re going to play computer 3 hours later hi again we’ve been playing on the computer for hours this was the most interesting mission in this game and you handled it very well Mikey it’s a pleasure to play games on your so powerful computer I’m glad to hear that because I put a lot of effort into building it I can tell by it you took the time to assemble it with all your heart H who could it be I wasn’t expecting any visitors today how stubborn why so insistent on ringing the bell did you have someone coming to see you Mikey maybe it’s the pizza coming in then what are we waiting for we have to open the door before it gets cold I ordered our favorite Pizza I wanted to surprise you let’s hurry up and get her hey guys we’re having a conversation what brings you to my house we had a little discussion wow they sure know how to run a conference you must leave the village we don’t want you here what are you talking about you’re only hurting us by being here so maybe you’re the one who needs to leave then we have already made our decision and will not back down on it by any means then you will need to reconsider your thoughts for we are not going anywhere look what they’re up to us leaving the village they must be in over their heads you must leave the village before you get worse are you threatening us too aren’t you afraid of trouble go and have some tea and relax you could use less time in the sun she whistles too they’re all empty-headed that’s right only they could have come up with that hey JJ what’s that sound it’s the police they must be very determined wo wo wo wo everybody stay in your seats we told you about those two deer young people you and I are about to have a serious conversation uh okay what’s the matter officer now you sure as hell can’t do anything I’ve gotten complaints from these ladies that you’re interfering with their lives but we didn’t do anything and they’re trying to evict us unfortunately you will have to leave this Village what but why we don’t want to leave here get them out of here fast it’s extremely unfair it’s out of the question you have some time to pack you can’t do this to us we’ve lived here a long time there’s nothing you can do you have to leave apparently we are powerless here JJ I’m going to go pack Mikey we have to fight to the end go on get out of here I’ll see you later JJ see Mikey now it’s your turn go pack your bags now you’re making a mistake officer where do they get you sheep like that we’ll finally get a break from you get out of here it’s all very sad I don’t want to leave what would you do in this situation write me about it in the comments well I’d better go and pack my things too I can’t leave anything behind I have to take all the essentials with me okay where did I put my socks again JJ I don’t want to leave this Village this is my home I know exactly what you mean Mikey but we don’t have any other choice right now where are we going wherever our hearts desire we are nomads now but I don’t want to I’m used to my house we can do it and these no good ladies are here to gloat just don’t take what they say seriously finally we can live in peace now I’m already imagining how much better it will be without you we’ll miss you girls too get out of here how nervous they are let’s get out of here Mikey I don’t understand why they’re driving us out of our homes we’ll never understand the thoughts in their heads you’re right about that all right let’s hit the road I’m sure we’ll find a new home Mikey look at them they’re still here don’t mind them they’ll miss us later it’s time to go we have a long way to go then let’s not waste any time let’s go what do you think of this place should we stay here it’s too hot and empty in here you’re probably right it’s not a good place to live let’s not give up hope let’s keep looking let’s go maybe something will come next are you sure this is the right place for us you and I will freeze to death in here before we can get our things laid out I totally agree with you maybe if we search some more we’ll find something come on let’s get out of here we don’t need to meet Bigfoot I think this place is definitely not right for us there’s not a dry spot left on me shall we move on I’m tired of looking for a home for us there’s not much left I can feel it moments later how many days have we been traveling I don’t know JJ I’ve lost count and all to no avail I’m starting to think we’re not going to find anything JJ look I think there’s a house over there there really let’s take a closer look maybe that’s our option I agree maybe we can find a new home there I don’t think anyone lives in it it looks very old and abandoned from the outside we’ll have to see how things work inside do you think it’s a good idea to drop by without asking he doesn’t look like anyone will mind doesn’t look very reliable so to speak come on we’ll take a look and then we’ll decide what to do it’s very large but it’s already covered in dust and cobwebs would you like to stay to live in this house I like him do you think we can do this you and I have come all this way we have to deal with a little thing like this quickly great then I have something you and I could really use right now let’s get this place cleaned up did you have two cleaning brushes with you the whole time it’s too late to say anything to JJ we could use them haha I’m not even going to argue with you here they will help us a lot then let’s not waste any time and start getting things in order let’s make this the home of our dreams I’ve already started on that so don’t just stand idly by and get to work okay okay I’ll get to work right away take that part of the room all right I will so I’m done taking out the trash you all set Mikey yeah I’m all set let’s go show you around I’m all ears and ready to see the arrangement in the new house then don’t miss a thing there’s a lot of changes there’s no dust at all at home now here are our things we need to put them in the closets Roger that here you and I will have a play area where we can play with you wow we have two new computers now how did you get them you know I’m always on top of things it’s just unbelievable and this is where the kitchen will be also come on I’ll show you our room that’s really interesting to see too I supplied us with beds in different colors and also nightstands to go with them you’re doing a great job Mikey I tried to make everything cozy and Compact and you did it now let’s go and find a store to buy groceries to take home why don’t we bring a couple grenades and go to the Old Village I don’t think that’s a good idea either way way we have a beautiful new home a few moments later Mikey and I decided to take a little walk what are we going to do I don’t know do you have any ideas we can go to the park what are we going to do there I hear there’s a festival going on there today sounds great hopefully there will be some interesting challenges I’d love to participate in something too I think we’re getting closer to this Festival Mikey look what’s that I don’t know JJ maybe it’s a prank survive the block and win a million sounds interesting I think it’s pretty dangerous come on let’s do it you wanted to take part in the challenge all right let’s give it a shot I think it’ll be easy I think so too because we are a team and you and I are very good at different tasks okay then I’m pushing the button yeah come on what where am I it’s so empty I’m really only on one block Mikey probably hasn’t moved here yet where is he holy Turtles where am I Mikey we found ourselves on a trial I didn’t think it would be on the same block but it is and there’s nothing underneath us it’s dangerous we need to be careful yes and this is no time to be discouraged I also think we need to figure out how to survive here we can definitely handle it write in the comments what you would do in such a case cash today is a good day to come up with something interesting I heard there’s a festival in the park tonight why don’t we go there sure we’ll go maybe we’ll meet someone we should be close by now I can see it already Nico look what is that this must be some kind of test there’s a million diamonds to be won here if we pass it do you want in of course besides I don’t see anyone else interested what if it’s dangerous cash where are you where did he go all right let’s go what if there’s no way back where am I it’s so empty where are we Nico apparently we got caught up in this ordeal then we need to do our best to win here I I think there’s someone here who are they what are they doing here I don’t know but they seem to be getting somewhere we should call them you and I are not bad at this JJ that’s for sure we were even able to get food hey guys we’re here who are they it sounds like the sound is coming from over there you’re in too let’s survive together shall we we’ll help you they’ll take our winnings you don’t think it’s worth it to help them that’s right we’re doing just fine on our own we don’t need any help yes it would be better if we United don’t you see it’s better this way we don’t need any extra bids for our winnings yes we’ll be fine on our own get out of here together we have a better chance of winning and we’ll split the winnings evenly Mikey there idea sounds pretty logical and what are you suggesting let’s join forces for a sure Victory well okay I’ll just keep an eye on you we won’t let you down I promise in any case we were planning to expand and here’s the occasion together we’ll get through this very quickly and pretty soon we’ll be going home with diamonds so I’m almost done just walk carefully yes it’s very easy to fall here my name’s cash and this is my friend Nico and I’m JJ and this is Mikey how long have you been here for a few hours or so the food will be ready soon that’s cool nothing we’ll all be out of here soon with the diamonds what are we going to do now we can expand the lot and build a home then we’ll start construction 3 hours later what a wonderful day for a walk the sun is shining the birds are singing it’s just beautiful I’m going towards Central Park I would like to find something interesting to entertain myself with oh I’m going to go over here and see if there’s anything there doesn’t seem to be anything here either what’s this survive the block and win a million diamonds I like the sound of that I want in on this win a million diamonds that’s just unbelievable okay it’s done I’m in so to participate click right here and what happens I get a block we’ll have to try to press it I hope it’s a lot of fun hello again we’ve been working on developing our Island for hours now hey JJ I’m almost finished with our house you did good Mikey keep it up and we’ll win for sure there will be Iron soon I’m glad glad to hear that I think the house will be ready by now I’ll try to finish it guys let’s have a general meeting discuss the way forward yeah what exactly is the question what’s with the tree Mikey we need some of it to complete the house then I’ll do the planting in the firewood great then I’ll think of something to eat the prize is almost in our pocket folks uh you need to take a look at this what is it again you’ll see for yourself who the hell is that who are you I’m a new participant in this challenge we need to get rid of her we don’t need competition let’s just push her off the island what are you going to do don’t touch me we don’t need anyone else you shouldn’t have come here don’t do anything to me this will be our prize let’s break it down sorry but there’s no way you’re getting on the list it’s already filled have a good flight from our Island why are you running away you don’t have to we’ll make a deal nice flying I think she’s done she won’t get in our way I’m glad she’s done where did she even come from maybe she pushed the button like we did that’s right the important thing is that she’s gone great then we’ll get back to work I support this idea you go on mining iron then and we’re going to go finish building the house we need to win the prize as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to make it happen let’s finish the house then then I’ll go and prepare the boards I need some LS as well as some boards to make a roof no problem I’ll get it to you right away don’t be long we have to hurry Mikey give me a couple minutes I’ll be right there oh my God it it took me a long time to fall down how did I end up here holy mother spaghetti what is that what’s all the noise in here she’s back here again just don’t do anything to me this time please I’m not promising you anything I don’t understand it at all but we need to get rid of him I support Mikey me too I think I know what we need to do I think I know what you mean no please let’s do it together well you’re just in time for dinner what are you doing will you let me go she’s such a chatter box you don’t have an apple and we were wondering what to have for dinner and he came to us dinner will be ready soon guys two birds with one stone let me go I too am part of this ordeal no no we want you out of our way this island is too small for one more contestant it seems like it will be ready soon and the whole prize goes to just us it feels like it’s getting closer and closer at least it hasn’t bothered us yet that’s it one less contestant I think we did it yay now we can go about our business we’ll be able to complete everything we’ve planned why don’t we grab a bite to eat then sounds like a good idea let’s wait a little longer what are we waiting for how is that possible but hello boys looks like you’re not getting rid of me so easily is it I don’t understand why you’re still here the only thing left is that we have to beat her I play here too so you can’t exclude me what do we do now you’re going to have to suck it up and compete with me at full strength you’re just a girl and we can beat you easily I’d love to compete with you but don’t forget you’re alone and there are four of us what do you propose to I would just give up if I were you and not even try to win there’s no way we’re giving up well then you can keep having fun and I’m off to win hey guys let’s think like this how do we win this contest let’s start by protecting our tree it’s okay let him take it we can do it on our own I’ve got a couple ideas yeah come on come on I already dream of surpassing it and building the most epic house in the world I believe that you need to pay attention to more than just the house itself she seems determined don’t give up Nico you’re behind the iron we’re going to make a house we have to go around it okay I’m going to keep doing chores around the house all right then I’ll help him all right you help him if you need anything call us we’re here for you I’ll just do what you told me to do in mine iron good you’re a good help we need to show her who she’s messing with and take the win from her so uh how are we doing are we ready to win I’m not sure we’re going to make it anymore I think we’re going to lose too what are you you doing what’s with that attitude it started after that girl walked in here I thought you didn’t care about her that’s true but look at what’s in there when did she have time to do it apparently while we were mining our own business that’s no reason for us to give up you think we’ll have time to get ahead of her even if it takes us a day longer we have to try why don’t we just break the house down don’t you remember what happened when we tried to get rid of her we’ll get through this are you serious right now look at our house it’s just another sketch we’ll finish it like we don’t need a million diamonds anymore and I do I’m not going to lose then what are we going to do let’s go and ask her how she did it that’s a great idea she obviously must have some kind of secret look how big it is and all pink and pretty she couldn’t have built it herself hey boys tell me how did you build this house I built it myself why are you lying to me it’s just that I’m a professional in this business I offered to team up with you but you turned me down looks like she beat us to it I guess so dear participants I am pleased to inform you that our competition has come to an end and the winner is a beautiful girl named apmau wow I didn’t expect to pull out this wind so quickly and easily I’m so glad what where am I this is our village we must have been sent back I can’t believe she won where are the others oh that wasn’t very nice it was funny I’ve never won so easily before we’re bound to get lucky someday how much did you win they said you’ll see for yourself holy Turtles how many diamonds are in here here enough to spell trouble-free living don’t you want to share some of it with us how can I tell you this award is too tight for all of you but that’s not fair I don’t know anything by losers she just swarmed us all like children all in all it was pretty interesting it’s just a shame we couldn’t win we’ll be lucky next time for sure let’s hope so we’re going home okay good luck with that bye guys see you later see you later JJ I’m sad we couldn’t win it’s sad but it’s a lesson for us to be more welcoming do you think things would be different if we join together at least we’d have Diamond huh well that’s fine we’ll get them on our own somehow that’s right what do we do now why don’t we go home the next day why do I live in such a horrible house why H it’s not a house it’s a barn I have no money at all and my job said they don’t need me anymore oh why is fate so cruel to me I’m very hungry oh no but there’s nothing in my fridge but green potatoes oh hm I’m going to go take take out the trash maybe I’ll find some food in the trash Oh what am I thinking this poverty is driving me crazy I’m not going to look for food in the garbage I’m never going to do that I’m going to get a job and food I can do it 100% who are these beautiful girls oh it’s very noticeable that’s what I’m telling her that purse is too cheap oh so beautiful I want to meet them I’ll say what the girls like goddesses hey you girls are beautiful can I meet you that’s what I’m telling you wait some poor guy wants to meet us don’t talk to us he thinks a ragum muffin is worthy of our Beauty wow funny but I just wanted to meet you both I want love too even though I’m a popper oh I have to admit I’m not going to get anywhere in this life I should just accept the hopelessness of my situation and live out my last days in my barn today is just the most beautiful day the sun is so hot I want to go for a swim look over there I’m so glad I have such an awesome pool for days like today yeah oh my God what could be better than a swim in the pool on a hot day like this I don’t think there ‘s anything better than a swim in the pool today what am I talking about I live in such a great house I should appreciate my life and enjoy every moment of it oh what’s that buy a yacht only today hm for $1 million wow it’s so cheap I’m going to buy this boat it’s a dime a dozen I’m going to take my friend Mikey on a road trip I think he’s going to love hearing this from me I’m wondering if he still lives in that poor neighborhood I hope not because I wish him well it’s time to take my favorite $150,000 car and go to Mikey’s oh I still can’t get enough of this car it looks very stylish I love it anyway I got to get going I still have to stop by to buy a boat and then go look for Mikey hm I still need to stop for groceries and also hire a crew for the yacht and I also need to make an itinerary for our boat trip where should we go how about the island oh my god I’ve got so much to do by the way the bus we need should have gotten here a long time ago oh what lovely ladies why don’t I meet them oh look over there wow this car is incredibly expensive what a cool car who’s driving wo who’s that guy wo H lovely ladies would you both like to ride in my cool car with me oh my God you’re still asking I say yes of course we want to ride with you this is a once in a-lifetime Opportunity let’s go for a ride what’s your name we’re sisters it’s going to be Mega cool Sorry to talk about it but not this time I’m in a hurry right now what bye-bye how so get back here what a jerk but so handsome we remembered you huh girls are so easy to fall for pretty things uh does Mikey really still live in that old dilapidated house hm well we should check to see who lives here it’ll be amazing if this is Mikey’s house Mikey it’s your friend JJ open the door I’m here to visit H oh Mikey what’s up buddy things are getting worse JJ oh my God what happened life is downhill no food at all uh come on in the house uh okay it’s not really a house it’s my shed yes your house is in a very dilapidated State why don’t you have any money Mikey I’ve been fired from my job it’s a nightmare I’m living out my last last days here uh Mikey come on a road trip with me uh traveling yeah a yacht trip are you sure about that I’m all set but I’m missing the most important thing you stay here to die or go on a sea Voyage with my best friend oh my God JJ let’s go cool my car’s outside uh JJ can I drive your car H I’ll be careful I promise you oh of course you can drive my car it’s going to be a breeze huh yay it’s been so long since I’ve driven a car oh thank you JJ for letting me drive your car oh you’re welcome let’s hurry up I’m so excited hurry up hurry up wow JJ that car looks very expensive that’s the way it is I can’t believe I’ll be driving such an expensive car right now well time is of the essence let’s hit the road what are you so surprised about uh nothing nothing at all what do you think of the interior of my car one steering wheel here is worth more than my whole life how much does it cost well I bought it at a discount just under $150,000 stop what oh I can already feel the seab breeze Mikey look over there there’s our yacht JJ it’s just an incredibly big boat there’s also a lot of food oh my God will I be allowed to eat there yeah JJ how much money did you spend on this a lot of money Mikey a lot of money wait why well uh it’s a lot of money to you it’s nothing to me JJ you are unbelievable I’m jealous of you but in a white way that’s good to hear by the way the yacht has swimming pools wow I can already see one of the pools oh wo it’s so beautiful here I’m glad you like it here do you want to go for a swim oh yeah sure yay yay the water is such a nice temperature nice wow this pool is heated come on out there’s a lot more to see is there anything more interesting here than a swimming pool yes of course and this isn’t the only pool here so you’ll have time to swim wow is this man the captain of a ship yeah oh hello I’m the captain of this fine yacht since you’re here we can go sailing an unforgettable Voyage to different Islands awaits you the journey will be long enough to keep you entertained in the play area sounds awesome there is also your sleeping quarters nice enjoy the journey thank you I want to see it all soon then let’s go yes you’re right let’s take a look at the playroom I’m very interested wow there’s a pool table in here well I was expecting a little more but it’s fun too hm yeah I’m a little disappointed too well let’s take a look at our sleeping quarters okay let’s go uh well it’s pretty cozy in here oh what do you think Mikey well it’s much more comfortable here than at my house huh we’ve got a long way to go yeah I think we’re going to be pretty tired let’s rest here for a while yeah and later we’ll go to the pool 2 hours [Music] later hello again everyone our boat is already on the high seas now Mikey and I decided to Lounge in the pool he’s just lying there hello again everyone we’re here relaxing like normal guys with money normal guys you’re on my money here on vacation remember of course I remember it’s just a joke look how I dive wow Mikey you’re so cool of course I love swimming why can’t we swim off the side of the boat what’s going on there’s some kind of explosion everybody off the ship we got a breach in the deck save yourselves where’s the hole in the center of the deck I won’t give you your trip money back goodbye everyone save yourselves oh God Mikey we are drowning our yacht is sinking what do we do is our boat sinking we have to save ourselves there’s a life raft on the boat did he say life raft yes then let’s get to the dinghy before our boat breaks in half this dinghy doesn’t look very promising JJ that’s something at least just why did the captain of the ship sail on his own if there are boats like this here I don’t know why did the captain jump off the ship first he acted like a coward why would he save someone else’s life when he’s got his own because it’s his job he’s the captain of the ship okay we survived a sinking ship what do we do next I don’t know JJ look our boat’s going down oh my God Mikey we got out of there just in time I think think we should just wait for help we have no food no water no Compass we have nothing we’re stuck in the middle of the ocean our chances of survival are slim maybe we should get to some Island and start surviving there but where do you see an island around here Mikey there’s nothing but vast ocean Beyond the Horizon three hours later oh I’m so thirsty and hungry I’m dehydrated are we on some kind of Island we should look for people Mikey Mikey wake up we’re on the island I can’t do it alone without you wake up already we have to find people H what I fell asleep a little bit where are we JJ we’re on an unknown Island we should explore it and look for food then what are we waiting for let’s go explore the island hopefully there’s electricity and we can call 911 oh Mikey did you hear that it’s the Cry of a sheep there’s a village near here yeah JJ you’re right it’s a village on an island yes the village Mikey we’re saved they’ll feed us and help us this is so great yeah that’s awesome I hope they know how to make burgers I’m pretty hungry for today yeah that’s a good point I’m having some kind of deja vu with this island though it’s like I’ve lived here before all these houses look familiar let’s go JJ maybe you dreamed it in your sleep maybe but so far I don’t see any residents here where’s everybody gone maybe they’re hiding from us I don’t want to survive on a desert island oh JJ look it’s the Islanders yes they’re women we should meet them girls look it’s TV man he’s so handsome hey girls oh my god look how beautiful he is are they sure it’s me they’re talking about of course you’re the only gorgeous one on this island give us something to eat and drink will you shut up don’t you see I’m talking to the handsome man yes don’t you dare open your filthy mouth here and with you handsome let’s talk more oh you’re all so beautiful today we jumped off a sinking ship and came here could you give us some food and water we haven’t eaten anything in a long time food of course come with us honey we’ll give you anything you ask for will you stay with us longer of course girls JJ I’m so lucky they all love me so much have a seat here we’ll give you something to eat dear we have fresh meat and meat pizza for dinner we really like to eat meat help yourself my boy so cool I’m honored here that’s weird why didn’t they like me I’ll eat with Mikey then he’s not going to eat all this anyway but these ladies cook very good food I’ve never seen anything like it on the mainland eat up honey you need to put on weight you’re getting skinny hey what’s that green guy’s name my name is Mikey thank you all so much for this delicious food oh he thanked us what a polite young man listen ladies we have nowhere to sleep could you put us in a house somewhere of course come sleep with us Mikey now we’ll give him his own place he’s a guest he’s such a beautiful guest how nice of you I didn’t expect such Hospital it from you thank you very much for everything anything for you Mikey we really like you you are the best girls in the world if you get lonely tonight you can call us we’ll bring more food thank you of course but we’re both so full you’re a delicious cook thank you so much good night Mikey see you tomorrow bye-bye girls thanks for everything Mikey let’s go to bed yeah let’s go to sleep oh they’re coming back stop you stupid speaker you’re not allowed to sleep in there but why can’t I sleep there because we made your bed somewhere else follow us we’ll show you where you belong okay okay let’s go take a look it’s right there this is where you’re going to sleep just what you need a house made out of newspapers are you serious put me in a normal house yeah that’s a little much for my friend we don’t know anything all the houses are occupied oh really are you suggesting I sleep on the floor uh yeah sure good night again Mikey yeah good night Mikey we should get going we got a lot of things to do tomorrow bye-bye girls good night to you all thank you again for the whole house well JJ it’s sad that you got a bed on the street but it’s okay you’ll get over it I don’t think they’ll listen to me I got to go to bed good night good night Mikey he didn’t even try to ask them friends have you ever slept on the streets in a tent write about it in the comments and it’s time for me to lay down in this pile of papers it’s a shame the way these girls treat me I tried to be polite but they liked Mikey for some [Music] reason all right girls let’s take this tasty little beauty out back to the fire we’ve fed him it’s time for us to taste him I’ve already built a fire take him over there be quiet before he wakes up hahahha I hope it will be very tasty I love to eat people the next day oh my God my back hurts from those papers but I’ll get over it good morning friends did you put a like under this video by the way don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel I can’t look at these papers anymore I got to go check on Mikey maybe he’s still asleep of course in a house this comfortable I’d sleep forever Mikey wake up let’s go for a walk stop sleeping Mikey Mikey don’t sleep it’s daytime get out of the house why does it smell like smoke and campfire is somebody barbecuing oh there’s girls making fire oh hold on they’re burning Mikey they want to eat him what we’re on cannibal Island what are we supposed to do oh my [Music] God

This video, titled ‘JJ and MIKEY OPENED a SHOP for GIRLS! SPEAKER MAN and TV MAN STORE for in Minecraft – Maizen’, was uploaded by Mynez on 2024-03-16 17:44:57. It has garnered 44566 views and 550 likes. The duration of the video is 01:03:56 or 3836 seconds.

Today, JJ and MIKEY came up with a business idea! They opened a store for TV and SPEAKER GIRLS! JJ and MIKEY OPENED a SHOP for SKIBIDI TOILETS! SPEAKER MAN and TV MAN STORE in Minecraft – Maizen! TV WOMAN SPEAKER WOMAN!

This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with JJ and Mikey. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We are not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new and interesting stories to his characters. We hope you enjoy our videos. Have a great day

Original Maizen Channel –

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    "Unbelievable! Hydriel crushes Minemanner in intense Minecraft PvP battle!" #shortsVideo Information yeah it’s over no oh my go my rods this is where you get the come back comat maybe not no This video, titled ‘he beat minemanner… #minecraft #pvp #shorts’, was uploaded by hydriel on 2024-04-30 16:07:43. It has garnered 1147 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. This video isn’t by me, it’s actually by @sweatgod. Subscribe to him, he’s insane. #shorts #minecraft #pvp #minemanner #straight Tags (ignore) Minemanner is cool, minemanner song, iusehuzuni, i use huzuni, ricefarmer11, rice farmer 11, rice farmer11, ricefarmer, ricefarmer 11, mine manner, i use… Read More

  • Unbelievable revelations: GameZero_ reveals the secret to luck

    Unbelievable revelations: GameZero_ reveals the secret to luckVideo Information [Music] I was going to say starting now but might have just crashed maybe no okay I think we’re good still I think we’re good all right this better still work do you remember me I should it’s not clicking right now but give me a minute oh God it’s crashing again should stayed on the starting soon screen until this actually loaded up but now I just got a deal with it loading and actually I think I remember you is this working this is working I think this is slow uh I’ll just let my PC… Read More