Insane Minecraft Tower vs Baby Bluey Madness

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hi everyone this is Bluey and I have an urgent announcement for our family so everyone knows baby Bluey but uh she has a huge problem she’s a superum yes you read that right baby bluee can fly up on her feet pull herself up on dime pads and even stop bullets with her forehead I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true and while it’s great for her it’s not so great for us because baby Bluey doesn’t always use her powers for good yesterday she threw me on the roof of the house for a game of hide and seek last week she turned daddy’s favorite laptop into an airplane and sent it flying in the backyard and the day baby Bluey was born she beat up the nurse who was holding her that’s why I’ve gathered you all here today we need a secured height tall sturdy with solid walls and netting to hold super babies it’s our only hope for survival I did my research and found the perfect place for our shelter I reinforce these walls with marble blocks like the great Builders of antiquity each block is perfectly cut and set creating an impregnable shelter for our family bingo is laboring inside building Emerald walls that will shine like gems protecting us from the threat of baby Bluey this Tower was once just an abandoned warehouse but thanks to our efforts it is being transformed into a fortress our last Bull workk against the super baby these walls will become our Shield our defense our home I put my all into every block of marble knowing that our family’s future depends on it Bingo is focused on her task her little paws depthly laying the emeralds one by one we work in unison as one each of us contributing to our common goal we will not let baby Bluey ruin our lives we will not let her tear us apart I feel the weight of the marble in my hands it’s cool smoothness I know these blocks can withstand any attack baby Bluey makes I believe in our Tower I believe in my sister and I believe in our family together we will build an impregnable Fortress that will protect us from the storm together we will tame super baby and restore peace and order to our home we are not afraid of baby Bluey we are a family and we will stand shoulder toh shoulder no matter what happens happens our guard Tower is our symbol of hope our Beacon of strength we will finish this Tower and when baby Bluey comes we will be ready I am installing this iron door heavy and sturdy the finishing touch to our secure Tower I’m attaching the buttons that will control its opening and closing giving us safe access and keeping out unwanted guests like baby Bluey every click of the button is another step toward protecting our family I Envision baby Bluey lunging at the door trying to force her way in but her efforts are futile the Iron Will withstand her blows and the buttons will remain Out Of Reach of her little hands nearby my husband is installing a glass roof a transparent Dome that will allow us to observe the outside world without leaving the safety of the shelter I can hear him humming to himself his voice filling the Tower with a sense of peace and purpose we work together as a team each of us contributing to the creation of this shelter I am installing ladders leading upstairs sturdy and secure ladders that we will be able to climb up and down without fear I know that our guard Tower is more than just a structure it is a symbol of our determination to protect our family a symbol of our love and unity when baby Bluey comes we will be ready we will meet her with an iron door locked with ladders leading to the top and with a glass roof giving us a view of everything around us we will not let her ruin our lives we will not let her tear us apart We are family and we will stand together no matter what happens our guard Tower is our home our Fortress our symbol of hope I place these traps and spikes in the ditch my wife digs around our guard Tower each sharp Spike each slamming snare is another layer of defense for our family I imagine baby Bluey trying to get through the moat but her feet get caught in the traps and her body gets pierced by the thorns I know it is cruel but it is necessary to protect those we love my wife works tirelessly digging the moat deeper and wider the Earth flies in all directions as her shovel crashes into the soil I hear her humming to herself her voice full of determination and love we work together as a team each of us doing our part to create this impregnable shelter I set the traps and spikes she digs the moat and our children reinforce the tower wall I know that our guarded Tower is more than just a structure it is a symbol of our love our determination and our strength when baby Bluey comes we will be ready we will meet her with traps and spikes a moat and a guarded Tower staffed by a loving and devoted family we will not let her destroy our lives we will not let her tear us apart we are a family and we will stand together no matter what happens our moat is our Shield our traps and spikes are our weapons our guarded Tower is our Fortress and we will do our best to defend it and protect each other I spew fiery lava pouring down the moat my sister princess Bingo is digging around our guarded Tower every stream of fire every boiling drop is another layer of defense for our family I imagine baby Bluey trying to break through the moat but her feet sinking in the lava and her body burning in the Flames I know it is cruel but it is necessary to protect those we love my sister works tirelessly digging the moat deeper and wider the Earth flies in all directions I hear her humming to herself her voice full of determination and love we work together as a team each of us doing our part to create this impregnable shelter I skew lava she digs the moat and our parents set traps and spikes I know that our guard Tower is more than just a structure it is a symbol of our love our determination and our strength when baby Bluey comes we will be ready we will meet her with lava and fire a moat and a guard Tower staffed by a loving and devoted family we will not let her destroy our lives we will not let her tear us apart we are a family and we will stand together no matter what happens our moat is our Shield our lava is our weapon I watch from the top of our guarded Tower as baby bingo and baby Bluey approach they are holding hands their faces full of determination and Mischief I know they’ve come for us to destroy our Tower and destroy our family but we are ready we are strong we are united I spew lava from my mouth flooding the moat that surrounds our Tower the lava Bubbles and sizzles creating an impassible barrier for our enemies baby bingo and baby Bluey don’t hesitate to jump into the moat trying to use their superpowers to overcome it but the lava is too strong it burns their skin and makes them scream in pain they fall into the moat with spikes the points piercing their bodies I can hear their squeals of Agony but I feel not a shred of pity they have threatened my family and I will do anything to protect them hi guys today we will be competing between parents in building a secret base after which we will be sure to rate each one what do you say to a secret Bas building competition let’s find out who’s the really cool builder in our family that sounds exciting I’m ready for this challenge let’s show the parents that our team is undefeated and capable of better builds yeah let’s do it what if we add secret passageways and encrypted access devices that would make our base truly unique hey kids I don’t mind participating in this exciting competition either let’s build a base that would make even spies jealous we can add Garden elements to camouflage the base and traps to protect it from unwanted guests let’s transform our backyard into a place of true adventure I’m ready to join this game too let’s have a family building contest to show that we have a real talent for creativity let’s also add a communication system so we can stay connected and coordinate our work our base will be a true Masterpiece today our family project begins with my hands and my ideas I’m standing in front of the empty space outlined for our future home and I already have a clear image in my head of what my sister and I will create it’s not just building it’s creating a corner of family warmth and comfort where every detail will be filled with our inspiration and love pile by pile I am hammering in the found Foundation of our future home feeling each Hammer blow bringing us closer to our goal it’s not just Earth and sand it’s the foundation upon which our family history our team our one and only home will stand as i gaze into the distance I see my sister begin to dig a hole for the pool and the sight fills me with a sense of shared labor a sense of creativity that unites Us in this project we are acting as one each contributing each step directing toward creating not just a base or a pool but a place where Joy will ReSound where laughter and fun will be present where our most joyful moments will be stored every hole every pile every detail of our future home takes on meaning and significance we are not just building walls and a pool while my brother is busy building the foundation for our future house my task is to create a swimming pool which will become a unique decoration of our coziness taking a shovel in my hands I start digging a hole imagining how great it will be to Splash in this water after a day of work enjoying the calmness and freshness of the water every bucket of Earth I dump out reminds me that I am contributing to a common cause that our family project is becoming a reality because of our mutual labor and effort the feeling of satisfaction of creating something with your own hands is unrivaled every step I take brings us closer to the completion of the project to the time when our pool will be ready for use I Envision us spending time here together as a family enjoying our shared labor and creative process the pool will be a place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle relax and enjoy a moment of rest every stone every shovel of Earth I use to create the pool fills me with a sense of responsibility and joy this pool will become not just a part of our home but a symbol of our family interaction our ability to work together and create Beauty around us thus every Touch of my hands on the soil every movement of the shovel brings us closer to the completion of our family project the pool will be a place of Joy fun and inspiration where we can find Solace and joy in our Cozy Corner of family happiness construction is not just physical labor it is building a foundation for the future it is the embodiment of caring for your family and wanting to create comfort and coziness for them today I start digging the ground for the foundation of our future house and each clot of Earth gets its own meaning and its own value in the creation of this special place every brick wall every corner of the house will embody my concern for our family for the safety and coziness we will all enjoy the sound of a shovel loosening the Earth reminds me that each stroke is a step toward our common project toward creating what will be the foundation of our family happiness with each new bucket of Earth I throw out I feel the building process affirming our place in this corner of the world this is not just a house it is our Haven our refuge from the cares of life our place of joy and wellbeing laying each floorboard is not just a process it’s about laying the foundation for our future steps and movements in this home I strive to make this floor not just comfortable but to fill it with our care our warmth and kindness so that every step we take on this floor reminds us of the importance of family bonds this floor will become not just a base for our walks around the house but a symbol of the warmth and comfort we all create together my work is not just about laying a floor it is about creating a part of our family world where every detail has its own meaning and significance each brick each layer of concrete becomes not just a part of the building process but a symbol of our family Unity I feel that my labor is not just a job it is caring for our future for our dreams and hopes the process of building walls brings me a sense of strength and confidence every brick every corner that I create becomes a pillar for our future moments of joy and happiness I see these walls not only as protection from winds and rain but also as a symbol of our inner strength and cohesiveness installing Windows gives the house not only visible structure but also mental Harmony each window is a gateway to a world of light and warmth that we will share together as a family my dream is that our Windows become not only a source of light but also a symbol of our desire to share a sense of coziness and warmth in every effort every movement I am awake wakened with a sense of responsibility and pride in being able to build not just a house but a personal space where we will all find our place and our joy building is not just physical labor it is a creative and personal contribution to creating a place where we will all feel at home thus by laying the foundation building the walls and installing the windows I am creating not just a house but our common history our common dream and values this house will be not just a building but a symbol of our Unity our love and our desire to create a place where we will all be happy and protected I hope our house will be more beautiful because of the pool my sister made and the base will be more secure and hidden than our parents brother your work is very good I have no doubt that our work will be better than Mom and Dad’s and we will win this competition in every move in every moment I put my energy my care and my desire to create a place where we can grow and develop together as a family as I lay each brick put up each window I think about our competitions with our children about who will create the best secret base the children or us parents the walls of the house surrounding Our Lives become not just building blocks but a symbol of our support our unity and our belief in family values in every effort in every moment I wonder which of us can create a more amazing Place full of mystery and mystery my children and I act as competitors but at the same time we are a United Family whose goal is to create not just a base but a sanctuary where there is room for each of us for each of our dreams as I build walls and install Windows I am immersed in thinking about the significance of our family project each element each step of construction is an opportunity to realize that the strength of our home is not only in its construction but in our relationships in how we work together how we solve problems and how we create a shared future so while building walls and installing Windows I realize that the winner of this competition is not who builds the best base but who can create a place of love understanding and support and I believe that our base being filled with our interaction and family spirit will be the best not just in the game but in real life today I decided to join my husband in building the roof of our future home together lifting each board installing each rafter I feel our family project becoming more and more real it’s not just a roof over our heads it’s a symbol of our protection comfort and warmth that we are creating for our family together my husband and I are laying the roof reflecting our shared desire to build not just a house but our dwelling a place for each of us for our dreams and hopes every nail every detail becomes part of our labor together and our family pattern how together we create not just a roof but a shared shelter over our heads that is filled with our love and Endeavor as we continue our creative inspiration we begin to furnish the interior of the home by laying flooring arranging furniture and decorations we give our home our individual imprint making it a unique and cozy place for our family each interior detail becomes part of our history our memories and our shared space we then decide together to install a passageway to a secret base so that our home becomes not just a place to live but a place of Adventure and family secrets as we move confidently toward this task we build not just a door but a symbol of the possibilities and New Horizons we are ready to explore together I am pleased to see my wife actively joining in our work together and helping me build a passageway to the secret base of our future home watching her put her efforts into every detail with such Zeal and skill I can’t help but feel pride and respect for our work together and our family bond so by building the passageway to the secret base with my wife I am not only creating a functional element in our home but also strengthening our relationship our mutual understanding and our family Unity together we are building not just a door but a symbol of the new opportunities secrets and Adventures that lie ahead of us I am excited to accept my sister’s help in installing the floor of our future home working together we are not only creating a functional flooring for our home but also strengthening the bond that binds us together as a family every effort every movement in this process reminds me that working together and helping each other are key components of our family building project As I Lay each floorboard each layer of flooring I reflect on the significance of this action the floor is not just a surface for our feet it is the foundation upon which we will build our lives in our new home it will be the place where we will share Joy fight through challenges and build our dreams together as we are in the process of installing the floor I am contemplating our secret base now not only will this element of our home hide secrets and Adventures but it will symbolize our understanding our togetherness and our desire to create a place where each of us feels protected and loved so as I work alongside my sister to install the floor and reflect on the base I realize that it is in the little things the mundane moments like laying the floor that the essence of our building process together lies every step step every detail is not just part of the Interior but a reflection of our relationship our care for each other honey here we are finally finished building our house how about we make a trip to the kids house and see what they’ve done in the meantime of course it’s a wonderful idea dear I’m sure our boys haven’t been idle either let’s go over there and see what they’ve managed to set up I am incredibly happy to see my wonderful children their smiles their sincere eyes their Lively energy fill my heart with with such joy and pride how much I love them how much I want to hug them and thank them for what they are to me watching them play before my eyes and watching them laugh and have fun I feel that my life is filled with meaning and joy but what I am especially intrigued and mesmerized by is your Secret Base I am so incredibly eager to see this place where they make their fantasies and dreams come true I want to show you my parents the results of our joint l nebor our house which has become a place of comfort warmth and happiness every detail every corner of our house contains our dreams our hopes our desires to create a place of love and comfort every element of the house reminds me of our common efforts our mutual understanding and our family bond which gives me strength and joy I look forward to seeing our base and to taking in the atmosphere of secrecy wonder and inspiration we have put into this place here we are at our secret base very excited to show it to you as we worked very hard with Bluey to create it you know when I look at our secret base it’s like I don’t just see walls and objects but a whole world of possibilities and Imagination it’s a place where I along with Bluey make all of our dreams and Fantasies come true and even though we are ordinary children here in our base we become the creators of our own unique world please take a look inside our base parents here we have built an amazing space where every detail matters let me tell you about every corner every device that Bluey and I have worked so hard to create here behind these glass doors you’ll see computers that have become not only tools for play but also a source of learning and inspiration for us we used them to learn new things to create and develop our ideas every key every screen was an opportunity for us to find New Horizons and expand our knowledge and these beds they are not just a place to rest but a place where we build our dreams in our sleep here in this zone of coziness we find peace and are energized for new creative Feats every pillow every blanket is a part of our relaxation and dreams and of course pay attention to this closet this is where we keep our most intimate things our secrets our favorite toys every closet every drawer is a part of our world our order and our system and lastly let me tell you about our very special device the back door it leads us to amazing places and unexpected Adventures it is a symbol of our desire to learn and explore to make new discoveries and opportunities parents walk with me through this base every corner and you will see how our love our creativity and our desire to share it all with you is embedded in every little detail in our base blue and I find our own little corner of happiness and inspiration and I’m so happy to share it with you all you really managed to impress us with your Secret Base I can feel how much effort you put into it your dad and I really like this base but how about we get out of here and walk to our secret base ah how I look forward to the moment when my gorgeous wife and I get to see the secret base that our children have so diligently and lovingly created I feel excitement and joy in anticipation of this introduction to their creation every time I think about our family base my heart fills with pride for my children they carry out their ideas with such enthusiasm and skill that I just can’t wait to see what it all looks like in reality my wife and I have long dreamed of shared time in this unique place where their fantasies and our family inspiration are realized I’m sure every corner of the base will be filled with surprises Mysteries and bits of our home warmth our dear children gathered around this is the moment when we will finally present you our secret base daddyy and I have put all our inspiration our ideas and our love into it and there is no limit to my happiness showing you this miracle we have been able to create first here’s a glimpse of that back door the place where the mysterious Adventures just begin it leads us to corners of fantasy and mystery to a space where New Paths and possible worlds open up it’s a place where every step is a step into the unknown where dreams become reality and here a huge dressing room where every piece every dress becomes part of our imaginary world here we can change our look create images and try on different roles it’s a place where we can be whoever we want to be whenever we want to be just by taking the right outfit from this magical place and how about this twin bed here in this corner of coziness we can enjoy family moments talk read books together and share our thoughts and feelings it’s a place where we can be closer to each other where we can spend quiet time in shared Harmony and love and of course don’t forget this magnificent Library full of books and stories here we can immerse ourselves in the world of words discover new Treasures of literature and travel through time and space it is a place where every book is a new adventure where we can learn about the world and ourselves everyone in our house friends and family today I want to bring our secret base contest to a close this day was filled with joy creativity and inspiration and now I am proud to announce that both secret bases the one our parents created and the one my sister and I created both won this competition we were amazed at the creativity and passion we saw in both bases secret passageways cozy Nooks huge closets twin beds libraries and so many other elements were all part of the amazing world we created in our home each base reflects our dreams our ideas and our feelings and they have become not just places to play but real symbols of our unity and family Harmony I want to express my sincere gratitude to our parents for their participation in this competition their creativity passion and love that they put into creating their base was a source of inspiration for us all thus let our secret bases be a symbol of our family warmth creativity and understanding the winners today are not the bases but our family as a whole our unity and our mutual inspiration may this Victory remind us all that together yay we’re finally back from school now that we can safely play Minecraft yeah you’re right we can finally play our favorite game after we’re done with school and back home I can’t wait until we build our first house in this wonderful game collect our first resources build beds and chop trees the good thing is that after boring lessons we can play this very interesting in which wear so many possibilities and have a good time so let’s finally get started and build our first house what a cute sheep stocking up under that tree too bad you have to break it down to get the materials you need our first house we will need a lot of wood so now I will get it and hopefully my sister will get the material to make a bed so we can sleep at night after we do all the rest of the work it’s good that we’ve sorted out who’s going to do what in this game it will save us time and get closer to our goal as quickly as possible to chop wood faster I need an axe but I want to save every resource to build a bigger house how lucky we are that there are a lot of trees that I think will never end and we can build a huge house and also make a lot of useful tools for it next to me are so many bleeding sheep not all of them I will probably need them a little later to make wool beds for me and my little sister I’ve missed her already I hope she’s doing something really useful and we meet soon while I was running with my brother I noticed a small island on which there are sheep that we will need to make a bed out of their wool unfortunately I don’t have scissors to Shear them yet and I have to beat them to get the coveted wool and meat that we will need to not be hungry we are very lucky with the place because there is so much water around we can catch fish and eat them so we will never be hungry and food is very important here because if we lose health for example if we fall down or get hit by some monster with the help of food we can restore health and with it we will not be prevented from extracting the necessary resources it’s so good that I went swimming I really like to swim after I get home from school I really like to swim in the backyard pool it’s so relaxing and you get very clean now I have to get back to my brother because I’m done getting wool hope he didn’t miss me hi brother we finally met I got the wool to make our beds and I hope you got the right amount of wood and found a place to build our house sure sis you bet look at this place at first glance it may look like it’s too deep but I think it’s a great place to build a house because it’s got a lot of resources and there’s a lake next to it where we can fish just be careful hold on to me and please don’t fall by the way hurry up and follow me I want to show you something while I was getting wood I noticed this sheep so we can use it to breed them and get wool yeah you’re right I’m glad I have a smart brother like you let’s check this place out some more I already see a lot of resources that we will definitely need in the future but to get down we will need a stone staircase I’m glad you found such a great place but we’ll need rocks for the stairs let’s get them sis I know where we can get stones for the ladder while I was collecting wood I found a small mine so follow me and don’t be afraid of anyone as you can take shelter in it from the rain wow look at the wonderful flowers in front of the mine I’ll be sure to give them to you for your birthday thank you so much you’re so sweet I’m so glad you found this mine and I’m glad you liked my surprise now watch me break these Stones you will definitely need it in the future to improve our house where we will defend ourselves from monsters and store our resources it may sound boring but it’s actually necessary as soon as I was out of the mind for a while I was soaked again I’m finally done let’s go I’ll give you the resources and you build us a ladder finally we’ve reached the mine and we’re going to build our house hold on to me and be careful not to fall wow sis you’re so brave I’m already scared I’m actually afraid of heights and I wouldn’t want to fall from here but I’ll definitely stay behind you brother when you build a ladder the height doesn’t really feel that high and that’s great because I’m afraid of heights too look brother don’t worry we’re almost down and if you get hurt even a little bit I’ll make sure you’re healthy because it’ll be easier for the two of us to survive thank you so much for taking care of me sis I realize we’re almost down but I’m still a little scared don’t worry look at me I’m almost done I’ve only got a couple blocks left and I’ll make a step for you so you don’t fall and get hurt yay sis good job I never doubted you now let’s see how deep we are wow I’m happy with my work too thank you for complimenting me now sis I’ll go build a house and you please catch us some for dinner I’m so glad that my sister has entrusted me with such a responsible task I’ll take care of building our common house so that we have a place to sleep and defend ourselves in case of emergency as well as store resources wow I just made planks out of logs but for more complex builds I will need a workbench the boards will be very useful to me in building the foundation of the house as we were taught in school when we studied the structure of the house the foundation of a house is a very important part of its construction because it will determine how strong the house will be and how long it will stand I hope my little sister has made it to the lake and is fishing because I think I’m getting hungry and I hope she is safe and sound it is also very important to leave space in the foundation walls for the future doors so they will go out in two directions to the resources and to the stairs so that we can climb upstairs fast faster the walls will protect us from the wind and monsters after I finish building the walls I will start building the roof so we won’t be bothered by the rain while we sleep how wonderful is it that in this game I can break an extra pickaxe without losing a single resource now it’s time to decorate the house a bit and it will also strengthen its foundation after I do the strengthening I will have to climb a bit higher to complete the roof I hope my little sister when she comes back with the fish will be very happy with the new house also I think she will like the roof very much because the rain will not be able to get inside the house and we will be dry I’m a little bruised but I won’t tell my sister about it so she won’t worry I can also build the roof from here well here is the final part of building the roof respectively the house after I finish it I will need to remove unnecessary Parts I finally finished building the roof and removed D all the unnecessary details now I will be sure to build us a door so that no one can get into our house I’m a little hungry because of the energy I put into it I hope my little sister’s around I’m sure she’ll love our first house oh I think I forgot to put a block over the door to keep us from blowing in I’ll fix that yay I can’t believe I finally built it I love doing such demanding tasks now I just have have to wait for my favorite sister now we have to build a bed so that we can sleep on it and rest and regain our strength while the monsters search for victims it’s nice that my little sister gave me the wool that she collected on the island while I was getting us wood yay I built a bed for me now I’m going to make a bed for my sister oh where should I put it I’ll find the right place yay I just found a place for my sister’s bed good thing we have plenty of room in our house hooray blue I’m so happy you’ve built such a wonderful house you’re doing a great job and I brought us some fish you must have worked hard and been hungry you did a great job I’m very happy with you bro I hope you didn’t miss me keep the fish for your great work you deserve it thank you very much sis I’m very happy that you like my work I hope you are well I missed you very much please rate your black crib again I tried hard now while my sister is resting and regaining her strength I can mine our resources it’s good that I made a second door for quick access to them and I also have a wooden pickaxe with which I can mine them even faster but unfortunately I can’t mine all the resources with my wooden hand yet in the future I will have to improve it so that I can mine them wow how beautiful it is here there is water which we need to drink it or to put out the fire also there is coal here which we will need to build a torch and the house will always be bright finally after getting the coal I can make a torch but for that I need sticks which we can make from the planks we got earlier while my little sister has gone somewhere else again I’ll put a torch over her bed so it won’t be dark before she goes to sleep and she can do her favorite things the good thing is that my little sister got a lot of fish and now I can eat it when I run out of energy restoring it after A Hard Day’s Work the torch should be placed inside the house so that we always have light and can study at night and it should be placed outside so that it is easier to find our house at night hi guys while my parents are sleeping I really want to go to the mine and find beautiful Stones as a gift for my parents my parents used to tell me that I should stay at home at night because at night outside the house there are very strong and evil monsters that can harm me this is the mine I was talking about which is not far from the house wow very interesting what kind of monsters they have blocks in their hand ah he’s beating me Mama and Papa save me I don’t want to die die good morning family it’s a new day but for some reason our son is not in the house my wife ran to find him I hope he is safe and sound daughter stay home and don’t run away oh no I hope our son’s okay and we find him safe and sound let’s hope he’s just out for a walk oh my God I see him lying by the mine and he’s not moving let’s hurry up and hope we can help him honey I can’t and I don’t want to believe he’s dead oh no no no no my boy we couldn’t protect him it’s unbearable how will we go on without him without our son I I feel so powerless we have to do something it’s not fair he was our baby how are we going to deal with this why why couldn’t we protect him he was always such a brave and kind child now he’s gone we have to find out what happened we can’t just let it go these monsters they must not go unpunished for what they did to our son we have to figure this out not just for us but for Bluey he deserves true truth and Justice yeah we have to figure this out not just for us but for Mike he deserves truth and Justice we will do everything we can to keep his memory pure and honored maybe we can figure out a way to resurrect him but in the meantime we need to get him to the church to see a priest we’ll get through this I promise you Daddy Mommy it’s so scary Bluey he’s too young to Die Why did such a terrible thing happen we can’t lose him I can’t believe he left us so soon we were always so close so ready to support each other may his soul know our love and our prayers dad mom bluea was our Shining Light and even in this difficult time we should remember him with good memories and love my child we all feel that pain and regret Bluey was so dear to us may his soul find peace and we remember his kindness and bright memory we will stick together as a family Emily we can find comfort and support in this holy place our love for Mike and for each other will help us through this weight of grief we are all in shock and grief we came to church to pray for his soul to say goodbye to him and to find the strength to get through this we will be together in this difficult moment this is a great loss for all of us there are no words that can ease this pain but we must get through this together our family strength and fath will help us move forward despite this difficult loss but I promise to resurrect him no matter what it costs me I have a friend Alex who would be happy to help me for a favor I will be sure to meet her after the ceremony Alex thank you for being here this is such a difficult day for me and my family after losing Bluey what is that book what does it say getting Bluey back it’s what we all want but is it really possible thank you thank you Alex for this I pledge to do everything I can to try and bring him back to us thank you for your help Alex we’ll start working on it right away hopefully we’ll have enough strength and Faith to face all the challenges on the road to reuniting with blue e thank you very much Alex I will definitely help you in exchange for the resurrection potion I will kill this Dragon just to have my son with us alive and unharmed luckily I know how to build this portal you need to arrange the blocks 3×3 and leave the center empty and also in these blocks you need to insert the eyes that you gave me I really appreciate your care and support of our family I really appreciate your concern and support of our family as soon as I build it I will go to the other world to fight the dragon I promise that I will fulfill your mission Alex and return to my family safe and sound the long battle with the dragon was difficult but despite all the dangers I managed to defeat him it’s Breath of Fire its Mighty Roar all that is now behind me now it’s time for me to return to the normal world and get a reward for my bravery it’s also time to meet my wife and use the resurrection potion that Alex will give me this fight was very difficult and I can barely stand on my feet but what you cannot do to keep your son alive and well the portal that allowed me to pass through new worlds and trials must now lead me back home my family is waiting for me and I must return to them I can’t believe I’ve completed this task every time a swirl of color and energy surrounds me as I pass through the portal I feel like I’m about to return return to the normal world where my loved ones are waiting for me Alex I’ve returned this is an amazing moment after the battle with the dragon my family is waiting for me but before I go to them thank you for this Resurrection potion it means so much to me thank you Alex I pledge to do everything possible to make this potion beneficial and help bring my son back now it’s time to get back to your family hooray you’re finally back I hope you’re okay I heard that the fight was very very difficult I see that Alex gave you the potion you really did a great job I’m very proud of you to be honest it seemed to me that Alex is very strange but she fulfilled her promise and gave you the potion after the fight with the dragon at least for this she is already worth respecting my dear wife we are standing by the cofin of blueeye together again preparing to use this Resurrection potion I believe it will help bring our son back to us this is a moment of Hope and Faith when we are ready to perform a miracle in Mike’s rebirth May our hearts and prayers direct this potion for the benefit of our family let this potion bring the blues to us may the strength of our family and love give him the opportunity to return to us Bluey we’re with you you did well I hope you did everything right now as Alex told me while we were waiting for you we need to send you home and spend the night in the morning blue will have to appear in his bed so after we have done everything necessary we will go home and wait there until the morning blue my boy you’re back with us it’s incredible our family is United again thanks to the miracle of Resurrection we are so glad to see you it’s really a miracle blue our family is full of joy and gratitude for The Returned membership Miracles still happen when we believe and follow our hearts hooray my beloved brother I’m very glad to see you again I really missed you while our dad was fighting to get the resurrection potion and now you’re here with us again it’s just fantastic it’s really a miracle blue our family is full of joy and gratitude for The Returned membership Miracles still happen when we believe and follow our hearts mom dad and sister I’m here I feel great like nothing happened thank you for your love and care I’m so glad to be back with you thank you all for your faith for your love and for the opportunity to return to your family together we will be able to overcome any challenge thanks to our connection and each other’s support I promise not to leave the house at night without your permission anymore Mom Dad bingo I have an idea you know that horrible evil Bluey family that’s always trying to mess with us I think we need to figure out a way to protect ourselves from them and I know what to do we need to build a super duper super secure Tower imagine tall sturdy with thick walls and little windows we can make a viewing platform on top so we can see when they’re coming inside the tower we can store all our toys and valuables there will also be food and water supplies there in case the evil family decides to lay Siege to us and you know what the best part is we’ll have a secret weapon in our Tower we can make water cannons out of garden hoses or a catapult that will launch stuffed animals we could also make traps with paint or slime so they get dirty and don’t want to come back I know it sounds hard but we can do it we can ask Grandpa Bob for help because he’s so handy All Right Bingo ready for the big build today we begin building our impregnable Fortress and if the evil Bluey family tries to trespass they’ll be the worst okay the first step is the foundation obsidian is the perfect material it’s as strong as rock and it’s not afraid of fire and with the evil family it’s best to be safe come on Bingo bring in the blocks one by one neat and even the foundation has to be perfect or the whole Tower will collapse we don’t want our hard work to go to waste do we all right the first row is done now the second third look Bingo our Tower is beginning to take shape soon it’ll Tower over the courtyard like a castle oh careful don’t drop the block or it’ll break obsidian is strong but it won’t survive a fall from this height it’s hot the sun is blazing why don’t we take a little break drink lemonade rest in the shade and then we’ll get back out there look bingo I think there’s someone coming over there in the distance is that the evil Bluey family no it’s just me it’s just Mrs gra and her dog okay breaks over let’s get to work we have so much work to do walls Windows roof observation deck and of course the secret weapon can you imagine Bingo how we’ll fight off the evil family water cannons catapults traps they’ll be sorry they ever messed with us oh children you’re so good look at what a great tower you’ve made obsidian is a great choice it’s so strong and sturdy but you know what I think we can make it even better Daddy please bring the iron blocks that were left over from repairing the fence they’ll make our Tower impregnable iron is no joke it can withstand any attack let’s reinforce the walls especially the lower rows the evil Bluey family will probably try to break through them with something heavy but they can’t do that with iron blocks I also think we should make a roof we can’t leave the tower open in case it rains can we or the evil Bluey family starts throwing nasty things up there I have an idea remember that old Greenhouse we took apart there were some glass panels left over they’d be perfect for the roof the glass will let the light in so the tower will be bright and cozy it’s also strong enough to withstand small impacts Daddy help me lift these panels careful don’t drop them glass is a fragile material that’s it that’s good now our Tower is safe from rain hail and even the evil Bluey family good thinking dear iron blocks are just what we need they’ll make our Tower of Fortress in the meantime I’ll get to work on the roof the glass panels from the greenhouse are perfect so let’s see first we need to make a frame of wooden blocks so that the panels will hold tight and won’t fall down bingo Can you hand me a hammer and nails and a saw too to cut the Timbers to size careful blue don’t get too close there’s splinters and sawdust flying around you’d better help your mom with the iron blocks okay the frame is ready now we have to carefully place the glass panels the main thing is not to break them glass is a fragile material careful careful that’s it great the first panel is in place now the second the third look Bluey it’s a beautiful roof Bingo be careful don’t step on the edges of the panels they might crack mom what about the door we can’t leave the entrance open the evil Bluey family could get in and ruin everything I have an idea you know that old iron door from the garage it’s just the right size and we need buttons to open and close it we can make them out of old toy cell phones Daddy can you help me take the door off its hinges it’s so heavy okay now we have to attach it to the tower Bingo hand me the screwdriver please all right the Door’s in place now the buttons the red one will be for opening and the green one for closing that’s it done now our Tower is a real Fortress with strong walls a glass roof and an iron door the evil Bluey family won’t get through now our Tower is a real impregnable Fortress with strong walls of obsidian and iron a transparent glass roof wow Bluey that’s a deep moat you’re making the evil Bluey family won’t be able to jump over it you know what would make our defense even better spikes remember when you and I used to pick cacti in the desert they have thorns so sharp and long it’s scary to look at can you imagine if we put them all over the moat the evil Bluey family wouldn’t want to step on them let’s go to our secret Warehouse I saw a whole box of thorns oh and I have an idea we can paint them in different colors to make them pretty like red blue and yellow that way the evil Bluey family will see the surprise from afar and won’t even be afraid to come near our Tower okay let’s divide up the work you keep digging the ditch and I’ll get the thorns and paint and don’t forget the paint brushes oh and we’ll need gloves so we don’t prick ourselves wow that’s a lot of thorns enough for the whole moat and more to go around the evil Bluey family will be jealous of our Beauty and Ingenuity I can only imagine how surprised the evil Bluey family will be when they see our moat of thorns they probably won’t even realize their thorns and will think we’ve grown cacti look look over there on the horizon see it’s the evil Bluey family they’re coming to our Tower don’t worry guys we’re ready for them our Tower is a fortress and they can’t can’t take it we have strong walls a glass roof an iron door with secret buttons and of course our secret moat with thorns haha they’re so clumsy careful Bingo keep your head down they might see you it’s better to watch them from around the corner look they’re approaching the moat I wonder if they’ll realize it’s full of thorns haha I don’t think so they’re so sure of their strength they don’t even look under their feet first to go looks like the evil Bluey family isn’t so evil more like stupid well guys it looks like we’ve oo yo yo Yoo dad what happened to my mom and my sister Bingo why did they have such big bellies like they are pregnant what should we do now it’s very unusual to see this I’m very worried because I don’t understand where they came from and what it all means it does look interesting maybe they ate too many pies or maybe it’s part of some secret plan of theirs to take over the universe with inflated bellies maybe they should announce their new abilities and become the heroes of this world it feels like they swallowed the whole watermelon well who knows what they have in mind maybe they’ve done some mysterious ritualistic act and now they’ve gotten Supernatural Powers with those inflated bellies maybe it’s just yoga balls and they’ve come up with some more advanced exercise and it’s their new Fitness idea to keep themselves in shape who knows anyway I plan to make a house for them to keep them in order please get some wood and make a workbench so I can set it up I already see a good place for it as an adventurer in this wonderful world I realize the importance of resources caring for our safety and comfort in our gour shelter I head towards a forest full of tall trees and green foliage each blow on the trunk fills me with a sense of satisfaction at the work I have done the resources I have gained that will help us improve our Abode wood is not only a building material but also a symbol of our ability to create build and protect our interests in this virtual world and it will also help my father to build a house from scratch and furnish it as we need to protect my sister and my mom I’m very worried about them because I can’t understand why they have big bellies I start thinking about my mom and sister’s big bellies their inflated bellies seem like a mystery however they always have their own logic and explanation perhaps it’s some new yoga or Fitness technique that helps them maintain their health and fitness my mom and sister are always open to new ideas and experiments and I’m sure those inflated bellies are hiding something amazing and useful Here I Am the father of this amazing ing family in Minecraft facing the mystery of my daughters and my wife’s inflated bellies these enlarged bellies are like a riddle like a signal of something bigger that we can’t yet unravel maybe it’s part of their new plan or a sign of some change in their health or well-being it’s always interesting to watch our loved ones take on new challenges and put their ideas into action in addition to this mysterious mystery I also decide to take on building a house with the wood my son has collected I begin to turn my ideas and Concepts into reality each block each reinforcement of the house becomes not just a structural element but a reflection of our family values our warmth of home and our willingness to support and care for each other as I build the house my thoughts still revolve around the mystery of inflated bellies perhaps it’s a new diet exercise or just a play on words hinting at something unusual that lurks in the minds of Our Ladies we have always been supportive and understanding to each other so I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out what’s behind this mysterious stimulus with each block of wood laid with each brick delivered I feel our home becoming not just a structure but a shelter for our hearts a source of peace and joy for the whole family building a house for me is like a symbol of building a solid foundation for our happiness our wellbeing and our common future in this exciting virtual world I have finally found a deep mine full of valuable resources that we will need to furnish our home and improve our lifestyle here with every successful pickaxe strike every Ingot found I can feel our base growing stronger our capabilities increasing and our future becoming brighter and more secure as I extract ores and resources from this mine my thoughts revolve around the mysterious inflated bellies of my mother and sister these un usual transformations of theirs make me curious and concerned could it be some new strategy for survival magic or just an unusual Fitness experiment but I’m sure they have their own reasons and plans that will soon become clear as I gather unique materials from the mine I realize that every ore every crystal and every Ingot is not just materials but the keys to our development to our creative and building ideas this process of resource extraction is not just an act of labor but a manifestation of our ability to adapt to create and to take on the challenges this virtual world presents to us thus I continue my quest deep into the Mind gaining resources and wisdom from each treasure Trove I find these resources will become the foundation for our new projects for improving our home and for our overall prosperity in Minecraft with each block of stone each Ingot of iron I can feel us all getting closer to our goals our dreams and the new discoveries that will help us go further in this world these inflated bellies are part of a mysterious puzzle for me a symbol that hints at something unusual Behind These unexpected changes maybe it’s a new approach to self-care Fitness or even a magical transformation I wonder what might be behind it and I’m ready to solve the mystery by supporting my loved ones in their strange Explorations and experiments in this fascinating world of Minecraft where anything is possible these inflated bellies become a symbol of mystery creativity and wonder and I can’t help but wonder if they are leading us to new discoveries and Adventures beyond our ordinary understanding take a look dear ones at this amazing Ocean House in Minecraft what an amazing place to live overlooking the vast Sea and the sounds of the waves that take us far away this is an amazing place my dear family in this house we can enjoy beautiful sunsets swimming in the ocean and the comfort of home it is our corner of tranquility and Harmony in this virtual world we can collect seashells watch Dolphins playing and spend time Outdoors enjoying the beautiful view and Breeze of the sea as well as fishing I am glad that our home brings us happiness and inspiration here we can create beautiful memories spend time together enjoy moments of joy and peace this house will become not just a place for us to live but also a symbol of our unity and love for each other we are happy that we can share this beautiful moment together our house by the sea has become a place for us to be ourselves where we can be energized by Nature

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    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

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    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

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