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what’s up everybody welcome to another all the mods 8 Hardcore Minecraft video my name is Joshy and as we did yesterday we finished up the dimensional seed uh with our Emerald five times block and now we’re just working on our uh so there’s a way we can do this that will actually be quicker than just waiting for these to do their things um which actually I need to make sure these have 6400 so let’s do let’s do this real quick prediction let’s make about 10,000 more of them if we can we can’t because we’re missing clay that poses a problem it’s fine we’ll um we’ll deal with that later we have 6,000 left I’ll go get clay later but yeah so off recording oh let’s check this H 5% off recording I did a little something um to try to maximize my uh oh yeah and by the way I have a withering Ros here it’s so pretty it’s will you be my Valentine it’s way past Valentine’s Day anyway I did a little uh little something um in the hopes that I will be able to get more um actually I don’t want that many now that I think of about it um hopes that I’ll be able to get more uh nether stars but what I did is I made a little section kind of down below my Quarry site called the Wither test and it is it’s a pretty it works let’s grab me some tined glass just need a singular one and then basically what it is is I have a Wither Builder right there on the bottom with fans right there that are pushing the withers down to here they’ll explode down here they’ll try to kind of you know leave but I’m obviously better than them so I take them out beforehand so this is what we’ll do here is we’ll put our soul sand in and then we’ll put our Wither skull or Wither Skeleton skulls in and then now it will create the withers it’ll shoot them down here and it will just create them one after the other they’ll all just go down there and they’ll have their good old time and we’ll do this and allow this to uh allow them the chance to you know use up all those resources so we’ll get a bunch of them and our entire screen is about to fill up with a with wither uh with Withers so that’s [Laughter] exciting it’s going to be right down the middle ow ow rude yeah they can apparently shoot through the tinted glass I’ve become aware of that I think that is they they’ll keep coming but they won’t go any further down so and they can’t go kind of closer this way because well the fans are pushing them back you can see uh we still have a ways to go so we can actually stop that like this and then we can wait for the last few to be do their weird little blowup thing I think that’s it one more in there [Music] so [Laughter] [Music] loud oh my God that was so loud now let’s check our progress that was 22 nether Stars I only got four withering Souls out of 22 of them how crazy is that my goodness like that’s obviously not a quick way to do it but is a way for me to be able to uh get more of these um withering Souls so I can make more cruxes and right now we are up to 10 which means I think we can make one because we’re out of we’re out of a I think it’s insanium yeah insanium Essence yeah yeah okay so let’s go ahead and use some of our 100 and some odd thousand inferium Essence that we have to make more uh insania invs so that we can not only one create more um well you know create more um my brain stopped working wither seeds nether star seeds but also so that we can create more cruxes we’re only get be we’re only going to be able to create about five of them five more of them um but that shouldn’t be a problem I mean this this alone will get us a ridiculous amount of do I not have the infinity range booster on I guess I don’t I don’t know why do I have one in there I don’t know why yeah this is a a good way to kind of start in the right direction it allows us to get more nether stars but also what is this infus dragon’s breath that’s cool H you know what I’m saying I’m so out of it today I I have a horrible migraine right now and yeah fun times I don’t know how many tertii I’ll be able to make yeah I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner yeah it is what it is I assume we’ll be able to make quite a bit of insanium essence I don’t know how much we’re going to be able to make total but okay maybe not that much not as many as I was hoping for actually that’s a lot uh considering that’s an insane Essence um so now we can make five total those and then we can make a bunch more of these which means I will I will manage that later on but we’re going to go back to our mining Dimension here or our base I should say and we’re going to set these bad boys up around here so one two three four we’ll put this one right there then now let’s make us some okay so I need to make how many of these do I want to make how many of these do I need to make is the question actually um let’s see so one two three wait 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 so I can make 13 more get 13 more seeds that’s 13 * 4 is going to be why did my brain just cease I think that’s just going to be almost a stack so there’s one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 okay so 52 when I tell you guys that my brain is just you know what when I tell you that my brain is like ceasing to exist right now I mean it um I am I don’t need what am I doing it’s been a long day my head hurts my brain just isn’t working properly you know you guys know what I’m talking about it’s you guys you guys are you guys get it I’m just I don’t know this is pretty much the uh the gist of the next next couple of episodes um I did say I was going to start doing a little bit more with the building aspects of things um I want to try to kind of figure out what I want to build um I really don’t have any idea what I would be good at building I mean you guys have seen my Overworld base it’s not that good so if you guys have any suggestions or if you guys know anywhere where I can look to find out like to become a better Builder overall that would be wonderful I would appreciate that like what can I do other than watching people other people build what can I do to become a better Builder because I mean it’s it’s definitely um it’s something it’s it’s it’s a struggle I’ve never really I’ve never really been good at being creative and I think that’s what’s you know that’s the biggest problem I mean this looks okayish but primarily because I have these right there if I didn’t have those right there it would probably look really boring um yeah yeah the other thing that I was actually wanting to try to do but it pretty much wouldn’t work in the manner that I want it to work um is I wanted to actually try setting up a mob Masher or a mob Crusher at the edge of the uh wither thing but my my issue that I run into every single time I do that is um the mobs like the the weers will blow up and end up destroying the uh the crusher okay so we still have a ways to go like a long ways to go but that’ll help out in the future whenever we inevitably decide to do uh hopefully to do um more but these are succeeding succeeding probably failed succeeding so this is pretty good they’re they’re doing their thing is there are there clay seeds hold on a minute they’re not wait a minute it’s kind of annoying that you can’t turn H like you can turn clay into clay blocks but you can’t turn clay blocks back into clay I think that’s kind of weird without an enrichment chamber which I think is an enrichment chamber whatever um but yeah like kind of looking at it it’s not a bad looking area there’s so much more I just want to do there’s so much I need to do but I just don’t know how to even get started with it I really wish my dog would leave my cat alone um but yeah so big thing right here too if we go look at my we’re still ways from being able to make another five time compressed block but in all the mods 9 they did decrease that down to a four time compressed block which if you look a five times compressed block takes 512,000 four time compressed block would only require me to get 39,000 so you can see how crazy that is um but yeah so I guess I mentioned this in the last uh a little bit throughout the last video pretty much the gist of this series or this episode is pretty much going to be this right here just doing a bunch of or setting up basically taking out a bunch of Withers because when I tell you that it’s kind of frustrating when like oh I don’t know I have loot looting five in here I would you would think I would get more nether Stars per dude but I mean whatever it’s not a problem yeah what I what I was talking about earlier though is basically bringing out the thing this way but the fans for one don’t reach so I would have to set up multiple fans throughout the uh duration of it so that they get past all the fans and blow blow up but not blow up the crusher so that once they get to the very end they get crushed by that and then it pulls everything in um independently into a like a network type of device network type of device um I don’t know how many of them are over there there’s so many this is definitely a uh oh you guys have such an attitude so it should be this will be the last one that pops up right there I haven’t checked on in a while I have two okay I still have two think we’re good they’re so loud I’m so sorry [Music] guys what did I get from that 27 I got I got 10 withering Souls from that one alone okay I’ll take it I’ll take it that’s pretty good it’s pretty good that means we can make five more of these yeah nice we’re going to do that again we’re going to let them all go and before we do that though I’m going to go into options Music and Sound we’re going to turn hostile creatures down to 20 or 19 sounds good 19 should be F you can see I um I still have a lot of all the modium I need to collect yeah it’s all good it’s all good oh boy so we’ll let this kind of do its thing but this is pretty much the easiest way for us to get more nether star um cruxes setup um and I should be able to just come right here and not worry about them exploding and hitting me but if we go back to our NE Stars we have 2.5k right there and we need 4,000 more to make another one of these to make the 12 more I think 12 more we need we need 76,000 more nether Stars so it’s going to take some time um I’m I’m likely going to do the same thing the the big the big difference between the emeralds and this is the emeralds were 16 a piece per prediction so this being only one nether star per prediction I think only one maybe two one or two nether Stars per prediction um it definitely yeah you know POS a little bit of a problem so we’re down to the last like two okay that’s good but we can see right here let’s go ahead and just take a look here so we have 27 nether Stars 10 withering souls and then the rest of the stuff that we’ll um we’ll kind of play around with uh we’ll see how much we get out of this one so I think there’s one more right there and I think that’s it maybe okay [Music] hey guy can you come over here hey okay all right really okay why you got to be like this there we go all right let’s see here so now we have 19 it’s very good all right cool so let’s go back up to our mining Dimension or our base up here and then we will plop plop cool okay then we can come back in here and we can make eight more of these looky there one two three four 5 5 six 78 pretty it’s a pretty good little turnar around right I mean I would I think that’s working perfectly fine and then of course we’ll let the time in the bottle continue growing and I’ll just keep speeding these up as they go on one thing that we probably should do here real quick prior to uh going back is going back down here and just so you’re aware the withering the Wither Rose basically is um with the nether Stars enchanting this Rose the holder is protected from the withering so basically I’m I’m good um and I still have three antimatter pellets I turned that off which you guys saw in the last video and this right here has 155,000 I have this moving extremely slow um particularly because I was like a yesterday was it yeah yesterday last night um I basically left it running for like three or four hours didn’t lag or anything it was pretty nice um but just coming over here to check all this stuff to make sure this stuff is still good make sure there’s no like um like water vapor or any of the stuff that is uh low on any of the fumes basically cuz I don’t I want this to be able to fill up as much as possible so yeah I mean it’s up to what is that 20,000 20 yeah 20 million I mean up to 20 million so we should be good for a while with and if I need more um antimatter for any reason whatsoever I can basically just push a ridiculous amount or set the burn rate up really high to uh to go through that process so now we’ll do this right here and then this right there and then boom all right cool so I guess what we’ll do here is we’ll head back down to the Wither test we will grab that come in here Soul Sand we’ll grab a couple more stacks of these Wither Skeleton skulls we’ll grab a couple more stacks of these and then we will just throw them in I know we have plenty of Wither Skeleton skulls but it’s fine but the point is I want to be able to just kind of run through this get a bunch of them out and then what we’ll do in the meantime since this is pretty much going to be Extremely Loud um we’ll just turn those down I don’t know if the explosions are part of the mob the Hostile creatures we’ll find out soon the explosions are but I want to see if they’re actual like if their little shots are yeah okay so the shots definitely need to be I don’t need to figure out where I can turn that down so we can turn hostile creatures back up 10 [Music] do let’s just turn this down to like 25 just while we’re dealing with the uh Withers cuz that’s really that does get really loud and I know I don’t I know you guys don’t want your ear blow e Dr eard drums blown out goodness gracious and plus I’m like trying to talk a little bit quieter could you imagine if every single one of these Withers Just somehow got out of this I’m going to knock on some wood right now before that ends up happening cuz I really don’t feel like dealing with a ridiculous amount of Withers CU I’m kind of close to my little Quarry site here not it’s not too far away from my base or my reactor and stuff like that so yeah see where we’re at 284 left this is going to be a PL this is going to be a ridiculous amount of Withers but this is pretty much the uh the gist of what we’re doing here let’s [Music] uh [Music] [Music] he’s still going got a ways to [Laughter] go now here’s a question how many of these guys before my game crashes now I want to know what is going on right there on the mini map it’s just their the outline of their their mobs okay little circles I guess the little uh bright circles around it means that they are still in the exploding phase [Music] I just want to see how much I’ll get from [Music] this I’m going to just take the rest of these out I feel like that is [Laughter] enough holy moly let’s um let’s turn like complete volume down to two just while we do this I think there’s one maybe two more in there that want okay yep there was another one that wanted to explode I think that’s all of them that wanted to explode all right here we go I get rid of them pretty quickly that’s kind of nice so that completely filled out my backpack let’s see how much I got huh that’s pretty good 58 of them sheesh okay now we can turn that back up all right so that’s definitely going to be something that I’ll have to kind of continue doing off recording uh specifically and the biggest reason why I’m doing it is because I really want to get more of these uh uh cruxes finish up and actually like completely have that entire thing filled with cruxes cuz right here we’re out of blocks of diamond not for long though um right here we can make 13 more which is really good all right so let’s see where we can take this now okay all right so now let’s grab some Supreme farmland and then some Imperium Farmland plop plop and then plop Yeah so basically we just need need what 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 more that means we need 54 more um 54 more withering Souls which we’ve been getting quite a few per one of those attempts so that’s definitely going to be something that we can do off I can do off recording finish up that uh let’s take a look at our nether star situation so we’re up to we’re up to 3K of these and one and 1300 of these this is still again this just blows my mind that you have to create the essence just to create the nether star let’s see how much we can get from this from these bad boys we can get some one times probably yep we don’t have enough to make anym uh we don’t have enough to make another two time or three times but we’re pretty close 3 wait 3400 oh goodness gracious that’s crazy um yeah so what I’ll likely do is just keep the game running overnight and um not overnight but for like a couple hours and let this kind of do its thing you can see um let’s see if I can find one like this is only doing one per so I’m going to need to go get some clay let’s just turn these clay balls into actual clay though cuz I’m going to need that for the prediction matrices maybe we can make 1,000 more no so we need a oh wait a minute what are oh because I have come on I have ah what is oh Essence that’s right I should probably create or set up a um a way to get some water and dirt Essence as well as fire earth and air Essence [Music] um of course uh if we go back to my main base here um I have these right here that are still chugging along Got Some Coal Essence which we don’t really need Earth Essence which will be beneficial I don’t actually don’t know what Earth Essence would be good for but I mean doesn’t hurt to have them okay fire Essence beautiful beautiful okay water Essence beautiful yeah cuz we just picked out the water us since not too long ago [Music] um first you have the air Essence here and then these right here are my dirt Essence um that should be able to that should get as enough we don’t have anything in these other botney pots but not a problem but yeah um what the cat anyway um I don’t know why I went through the way Stone when I have these teleporters I need to remember that the teleporters are right there but yeah so that’s pretty uh pretty good we’re um we’re kind of getting to that point um we’re still a very far distance away from being able to create our last 12 we still need 75,000 more nether stars and by my calculation that’s going to take a while um let’s see if I can make 15,000 now I can beautiful um that’ll of course push them into there and then that will keep these kind of running for a while so I may have to get more um data models of Withers and create more simulation Chambers if I want because these are pretty slow these are pretty slow and there’s the the only way we can really speed these bad boys up was with the uh time in a bottle and I did that pretty much for the emeralds so I think if I let it run for a couple hours overnight um maybe for like 3 or four hours tonight and then record the next video tomorrow um I should be good I should have everything I need or not everything I need but I should have enough time in a bottle to be able to push all of these up but pretty much if I let these run for a couple of hours these should all be up to uh self-aware cuz I know that these guys over here are self-aware and these guys are not too far off I think there’s a I don’t actually know the um if it’s after Superior that self-aware or if there’s something after that I don’t know um but yeah uh what else can we do in the next video other than just Mining and uh resource collecting the nether Stars I guess the next episode next episode will likely be hopefully where we finish this and then can actually put the rest of these up here cuz I I mean it’s it’s not unheard of that we might be able to get to that point but I do need to make more uh nether seeds nether star seeds because well I mean that’s pretty much a big piece of it too honestly um at this point Let’s see we have how many Prosperity seeds do we have we have 40 three so we should be able to make a couple more and I’ll do this off recording ion I won’t bore you guys with the semantics of me going in circles and clicking seeds for 20 minutes um but the idea here is that I can kind of look at how much how many nether Stars we’re getting per hour and gauge off of where we’re at and how long it’ll take to get again the uh 75,000 that we’re going to need um and that’s not including doing any of the with witha their farming Down Below in the uh the weather test which works very well surprisingly honestly it works a lot better than I anticipated it to so I’ll kind of keep going that way um and then hopefully by the next episode we’ll be close enough we’ll be able to um fill M this up with nether star blocks if not all and then of course once we do the uh nether star blocks probably in the next episode we’ll figure out a solution to get it to actually start running um I think like that will probably take a decent amount of time but if we do I’m just going to point this one out if we do finish the ATM Star prior to 30 minutes I will likely do some other stuff on the on the back on the you know outside of the ATM Star um to fulfill the 30 minutes because I want to at least give you guys full videos I don’t want to you know just have this being like a oh W it’s been 10 I’ve only been recording for five and a half minutes but here’s your video bye that would be kind of messed up I mean maybe it’ll be a good way to end the series I don’t know um I don’t know there’s there’s a lot to it uh we’re we’re very close I’m actually very very happy with how far we’ve come and now the only thing we’re wor waiting on is these nether star blocks which should not take that long honestly if if I can if I can time this right um we might be able to get through we might actually and I’m G to I’m going to say this because this is this current video right here that you guys are watching is going to be episode number 192 I have a feeling I have a feeling that’s pretty dangerous um I’ve got a feeling that we might be able to finish the series before episode 200 um I I I believe that we will be able to because we’re really not that far um considering compared to where we were 15 videos ago we are really not that far away from being able to complete the ATM Star and then maybe I’ll keep I’ll build out an entire section somewhere else specifically for simulation Chambers and have evokers and Withers in there and then build out an entire new section for uh more mystical Gardens which of course as you guys are aware we’re going to be taking this these mystical Gardens down like all the way like like right next to the farm basically and this Farm is going to expand out so we have sugarcane be beetroots we have wheat we have carrots it’ll just keep going um as far as I can go with the different types of stuff that we have but there’s no point in me doing that I’m just doing it because why not but maybe if we get to a point to where we have enough stuff and maybe I’ll make a second aamar I don’t know um that’ll be obviously a lot slower um because I’m not going to be doing this three time or uh three times a day five days a week or four days a week is it four days a week Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday yeah four days a week um I still have to figure out the whole idea for what we’re going to be doing on a uh Series wise if we’re going to just just focus on ATM 9 or if I’m going to change it up a little bit and add in maybe I’ll do Vault Hunters the the server maybe I’ll actually do some stuff on that um on recordings I don’t know haven’t decided yet but with that being said thank you guys so very much for watching I truly do appreciate it I’m very grateful that we have gotten this far we’re I don’t know got to go Y at my dog you guys have a good rest of your day remember to subscribe if you haven’t already like the video If you enjoyed it if you didn’t enjoy it leave a comment down below let me know what I could do differently to make these videos more enjoyable for you guys with that being said Thank you guys again and I’ll see you guys next time

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    🔥 INCREDIBLE Minecraft mobs gameplay #Shorts 🌙Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft mobs 🔥 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by FakeMoon Gaming on 2024-05-29 15:07:09. It has garnered 447 views and 16 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. minecraft,minecraft puzzle map,minecraft challenge,minecraft puzzles,funny minecraft video,minecraft bedrock,minecraft impossible puzzle,beating minecraft,minecraft gameplay,minecraft survival,can i solve this minecraft puzzle in 24 hours?,solving impossible minecraft puzzles,minecraft hindi,minecraft server,minecraft but,minecraft redstone,minecraft house,minecraft hindi gaming,minecraft hardcore,minecraft minigame,minecraft gameplay in hindi puzzle,jigsaw puzzle,puzzles,jigsaw puzzle time lapse,karen puzzles,jigsaw puzzle tips,puzzle games,jigsaw puzzle vlog,biggest puzzle,puzzle time lapse,jigsaw puzzles,puzzles for kids,puzzle box,biggest puzzle ever,giant puzzle,animal puzzle,puzzle for kids,hardest puzzle,video puzzle,9000 piece puzzle,jigsaw… Read More

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