INSANE Secret Bases in Minecraft by JeromeASF!

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today we’re going to be setting up a secret base inside of one of these mountains to stop our friend from breaking in all right well I kicked blade so we can’t cheat all right guys let’s get to work so I’m thinking we put it in the side of this mountain right here so let’s start carving about this m this mountain right here so let’s just carve out a little area and cap you know what to do buddy can you make your magic happen okay time to make it thickens all right so first things first I want to set up a couple of these things called Stone mines at the entrance so we’re going to put down a few of them like right here so as he walks in he completely explodes and of course to test it no no no Steve I think we already know that it’ll work that that’ll be a guarantee I promise you so there we go we’ve got those blocks there you might just want to TP your way in Steve cuz there’s no good way to get around that I’m going to walk in all right so first room we’re going to do a downward lava parkour to get to the very bottom and along the way I might do a little bit of a surprise guys by a little bit of a surprise I mean uh we’re bringing back Old Faithful the potato guns ooh ooh on top of that can we do a secret door with secret levers uh sure question mark where where will it go at the bottom at the end I mean it could lead to the entrance like he’s got to find that before he gets through to the next level yeah okay stead can you come here buddy I need you to test something using your head okay don’t ask too many questions don’t worry about it all right you ready so SL game mode sste might be a little high up all right let’s try and lower it to like right there yep that works all right time to set up a bunch of these oh man this is going to be great all right next up we’re going to be setting up a maze that we’re going to turn invisible so he’s going to get completely lost and have no idea what’s going on so let’s place down all the blocks make this maze as confusing as possible and then we’ll turn it vanish mode all right now guys I’m going to be trapping up this maze with a bunch of secret pressure plate blocks that’ll teleport you before we get too far into this video I just want to quickly thank our sponsor mini War idle Tower Defense now for those of you that are fans of the channel for a long time you guys know I absolutely love Tower Defense games I’m going to have playing them virtually my entire life and now there’s the perfect one for you that you can download right on your phone I’ll have a link down below at the top of the description if you want to give it to try at any point in time the goal of the game is simple the EM spawn at one part of the track and you have to put up Towers to stop them from getting to the other side one of the unique features about this however is that you not only can merge towers together to make super overpowered Towers but you also get access to Heroes that you can control you can upgrade the heroes and do all 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clicking the top link Down Below in the description thanks for sponsoring US Mini War 120 blocks into the air so that it’ll come crashing down and splat oh we don’t want that in water let’s put it on land instead all right and now we have to do is do SL SL paste in a few different places and set this up so that there’s a good chance he’s going to run into it at least one time oh this is so nasty all right cap can you turn this all into magical solid air blocks so he can see okay let me just look up the ID for solid air blocks it’s 772 SL replace one 772 boom oh my well there it is he is not going to have a fun time with this all right so this last room he comes on in here gets iron armor and an iron sword and c I thought we were spawning criminals not a T-Rex no no to day 300 of Dino CRA oh gosh all right we’ll put down we’ll say 10 criminal or you know what that’s probably enough we’ll put down seven criminal Steve run Steve the criminals oh no the criminals run Steve run I don’t like this anymore drum I think this is too easy yeah I think I think this is too easy how about a 100 CRI is that a penny that is Penny oh St that is not going to be easy that’ll be fine he’ll be fine he’ll be fine I have a question just just real quick will his spawn point actually set up here with one block cuz I don’t think he’ll spawn in the right place I mean that’s a feature all right blade you have 10 lives to try and break our Beacon good luck that Beacon right there yes okay easy you guys even told me where it is already well you know where it is but you got to find the entrance in one of these Mountain sides here what was wrong what did it what you’re okay you entering a turret protected area continue at your own risk yeah don’t worry about that that’s normal that’s normal basically just a private property sign don’t worry about it yeah so just keep private properties don’t normally alert for turrets you’re not going the right way I’m living a different life I think I know what he’s going for he’s going to go to the beacon and dig straight down well he’ll die good point what do you mean this is the wrong way where else would I go oh look for something that looks a little out of place things the pig yeah you got to right click the pig and you’ll go to the pig Dimension you know it’s not it’s not working Dr okay well you’re left clicking you didn’t well you killed him now you can’t go to the pig Dimension that’s okay though we have a backup way to get into the base that isn’t the pig Dimension I really thought that was going to blow up okay no that already blew up oh okay that did uh I don’t know what you want me to find jome you’re what looks different look at the mountain what should be there that isn’t maybe the blocks this is just revenge for Jerome not paying attention to anything blades BL no BL blade it’s there blade it’s there it’s it’s all during grass I don’t no there’s a lot of grass and there’s some dirt come on downtown how did he live I don’t know it’s a good question but now I got to make up fine you win you won okay congratul won my God this is the most aggravating one of these we’ve ever done yeah probably he got potato uh spot Point didn’t work uh TP to Cappy and set your own we were probably too close for it to work it’s not a blade you got to jump man blade it’s a parkour it’s not a dropper you will die if you just try to jump down bet you got this blade you got this oh oh oh look at him go moves moves moves those were some pretty good moves but I think we have too many potato turrets I’m going to be honest we’ll delete one potato there you go dead no oh he’s alive oh BL you almost surviv that such well there you go we deleted another potato don’t worry blade there’s six more lives to go buddy you can do this you can do this buddy uh we’re going to delete another potato there too many potatoes you have five lives remaining BL you could do this why would you think no it’s not my jump don’t waste them all in one place blade four lives I’m telling youall right now he’s probably going to waste them all in this one place would you especially with the secrets I put after y were working on the other rooms oh you put secs yeah all the potatoes have magically vanished blade congratulations there was way too many potatoes all right now which way is the way out um this way you’re that it’s fine it’s fine we’ll just let him what that’s not cool yeah he did I did such elaborate other t welcome Rob I hate mazes I know that’s why we did it invisible you don’t have to see it dude worst kind of people invisible I can’t believe that you picked the correct path right away yeah I know right it was easy there was another star in front of it that’s not a thing no that was because we broke a that was complete coincidence well that’s what made me go there so G Willers this is this is among us all over some you got this you could do it I don’t know what the right way is do make I don’t is it do je and Steve did this I I got idea isn’t there the helmets Dr he doesn’t need one of those Oh you mean for us that no I don’t think he in here no helmets of TR I think I’m lost going back the way I came yeah it’s good always go back to start whenever you’re lost I think uh but where is start uh yes uh you got this blade way to go buddy all right this way okay okay why would you oh he hit the Trap hey blade oh three lives left I just like all of you I make this part it’s okay blade three lives remaining you can do this man all right well I didn’t teleport into nothing this when I went this way so I’m going to give you a hint you might need to jump over some of the spots how am I going to know where it is to jump over it room good luck good luck it’s an instant teleportation there was no warning here I got something that might help you blade use this wisely oh wait I missed use this wisely here I’ll give you another hint I’ll give you another hint Ste uh blade you ready um here this will help you out okay you think he’s cool enough to be a Steve I don’t think so there you go blade use these didn’t help sorry here you go that’ll help you out okay what did you you gave me a Polaroid camera yeah take a selfie there it is there it is that’s my picture right there beautiful let me take a look wow blade you look very handsome I don’t even know how to get back now you got three lives left blade you can do it you can do it smile for a camera hi Steve hey we’re sure there’s a solution right there there’s definitely a solution yeah BL just not try hard enough why would you do it to yourself no just lava bucketed yourself two lives remaining this is impossible don’t worry you got it I have no idea where that is it’s right in front of you should we remind him now or later that he has a pickaxe in his hand and these blocks are highly uh breakable he walk on it anyway bro I don’t know where it is last life blade last life that’s it that’s it that’s it oh my gosh one life remaining will he get to the last room he did it all right blade there’s one more room Beyond this is there yes you have to pick torch I was clicking on the Torches but you’re like a bullet china shop bro all right play this is it you have to defeat the T-Rex and all these criminals with one life wait excuse me a what well you’ll see it with one life a T-Rex don’t worry about him he’s not and a giant Penny I like how you just forget about the criminals well I mean I think I can handle the criminals but T-Rex a you be mistaken buddy these criminals are no joke they’re no joke sir they’re pretty smooth see what happens to Blade here come get me oh wow I didn’t really think that one through when I gave him the lava come get me why did you give him lava I don’t know come get me oh it’s working it’s actually working oh no now close to him play get in the lava don’t they’re going his ankles F his ankles B his ankles come on criminals I’ll take you all on oh my gosh I think play might actually win I don’t think it was possible but he might win with one life hit me yeah y the clock the clocks hit you y just keep fighting the clocks so long as that T-Rex stays away do we tell him that it’s not a real T-rex what do you mean it’s not no no no you’re not you’re not not making me fall for that T-Rex no no you’re not making me fall for that yeah who would ever make you fall for that who would ever go away I thought you were a criminal I mean he kind of you can’t say that about your friends ow I mean is he not who am I allowed to run back up the ladder I I don’t know I don’t make the rules here I just show up blade you’re on your last life I also only have like two hearts left oh he might die he might not get the peacon wa wait a minute I don’t have to kill these guys I just have to break the peacon yeah if you think you can make a dash for it this is like a fake T-Rex right okay it’s down the wire here he’s a stuffed T-Rex no let just lag bro come on come on come on come on come on come on he didn’t get to pick it up it’s just hiding in the hole the criminal might pick it up when did they start running blade you got to pick it up Blade no leave Ste is cheating put it back you’re cheating St you’re cheating give me give me No My Sword I got it I got it I got it I got the beacon I got the beacon blade wins with two hearts to spare hello Adam this is a video well today’s going to be a crazy day in the world of Minecraft because we have a ton of mods and we’re going to use them to make the ultimate secret base that’s right our pal blade here has to go ahead and infiltrate our base to steal our Beacon the catch is we have 10 minutes to make the hardest base possible inside what is this wall I make big okay please tell me morea c I make no guys no not like this so we have 10 minutes to set up the base put a beacon inside and blade then takes 10 minutes afterwards to try to find the way in and infiltrate it we need to make it as crazy as possible loads of traps and is all around ma things to make sure he can’t break in I think I found the B yeah I don’t really know what’s going on here with this but yeah cap what are we doing here I don’t know man uh oh perfect oh no um um I can’t fix that it’ll fix itself uh here I can’t fix that I The Source box are gone oh Cappy you fixed it did you just drain it so click that like button or or what happens guys I don’t know I’ll probably just stand in a corner be sad about it all right our c is going to be very sad all right guys so blades left us now so we have 10 minutes to build a thing I’m thinking that we start off with ghost blocks to make the entrance way okay right what do you Steve what what idea do you have right this second that would be better um a bunch of Pistons with um you want to set up that Redstone in 10 minutes is that what you want to do what you want to do all right no yeah I do actually that’s what I want to do here’s our new entrance way okay uh cppy Cappy all right this is not our entrance way anymore this is not what’s wrong with it y you covered me this is our new entrance way these all ghost block oh they aren’t ghost blocks it’s like it’s like three all right now it’s dark okay so now we have that Cappy can you carve out the inside of there with some awesome World Edit Magic H magic it yes SL zero stack 10 if we paint a Wy coyote like oh I have an idea yeah you mean a pain paint brush what if I just make a Wy coyote like wall over here like a tunnel that isn’t real it’s just painted on the wall I like it I like it um cap what did you all right cap yeah I like it there we go now remember the rules he can’t break any blocks outside of the beacon obviously so just make sure you keep that can he place blocks uh no he can’t do anything really he just has to go through the maze all right Adventure Mode got it all right I’m using can I use the entrance way here Steve oh you’re going to do some yeah yeah you do that I’m going to make this a maze yeah yeah okay okay I’m making I’m making a maze guys I’m making a banana pancakes there we go that’s a good song no no you’re pancak pancak Bing pancakes make a pancakes bacon bacon pancakes bacon pancakes New York okay there we go uh so this is the first room what are you guys going to do in the second rooms in the in the other rooms probably cry nice we need to we need to keep the we need to keep it going as best we can so Steve built the trap in the entrance way I could find awesome stuff Steve Matt dropsy what are you guys working on we’re making a road you’re making a road okay leads up to it um okay cap I’m going to go ahead so that’ll be the the exit is right here okay all right so J you ready for my trap yeah I’m ready is is your trap ready to go it’s ready it’s super simple though literally like 5 Seconds okay okay so yeah basically there’s three pressure plates here and uh two out of three they trigger it to go down to nothing so I’m hoping that he just sees the pressure plates runs tries to jump over them and then Kaboom he’s dead I like it Steve very cool idea very very cool okay so we got that part then that’s good good thinking Steve um all right all right Cappy what are you thinking about for that next room oh lots of doors lots of doors off center and everything this garbage this is really no this is really good okay there we go all right put a ghost block and just some lava behind it no yeah legitimately I was about to do this and just start J have you noticed that what Cap’s obsession with doors recently what’s wrong with caps Obsession I think oh nothing nothing at all wrong with it yeah I don’t think you can talk do you oh God what just happened I do remember and I knew someone was going to bring it up do you have an obsession with do oh my God I didn’t realize it dropsy did you realize what these blocks do this was not on purpose stand on the yellow block all right there we go so guys we now only have seven well 6 and A2 we have 6 and 1/2 minutes remaining hey YouTu doing things and stuff outside yeah what’s up bud you want to come help us wait put it put it put it here okay cuz these will be the or wait sorry one back one back one back got to do this yeah we’re doing something we’re coming in in a second this is a part of the thing don’t worry yes Steve I don’t know what they’re doing Steve to be honest this is a delay he’s on a time limit right he has 10 minutes so his goal it’s not like at least a minute so he could die he could Anything could happen to him he just has to take 10 or less than 10 minutes to break the beacon if he fails then we win if he dies he just respawns and that’s it you know it’s like basically going back to start blowing things up you’re blowing blade is not a thing first of all jeez Ste second of all you’re blowing blade up okay that part’s all good be careful hello this is I see the first room is a maze yeah see nothing too difficult like he’ll be able to complete it but it may not be the most looking good thanks buddy well it’s all done so there we go cap what are we doing in this next room buddy what have you got oh mult multiple doors and it leads you to fake door over here but then door over here so like close oh God and you have to land on block to get to other path okay okay so this is where it ends over here cat no no no you land on block I see it that’s interesting you have to you have to fall through but fall in the right spot okay and then it goes deeper Leo all right we have four minutes to throw another thingy so I’m thinking what we do is a oh we cobwebs cobwebs I’m putting them going and they would take up his time I mean I’m putting them in the M I’m surprised that Steve hasn’t done something intelligent munition systems are in here oh gosh don’t give him ideas no it’s like the flying landmine thing that’s that’s what I just that’s what I just oh is that why you were blowing things up okay yeah you everybody I made this oh God oh God you really are really learning with world edit yeah I did it myself yeah it’s a if we lure him in with a gaming computer that’ll good but then have at least four monitors though or else he wait this is definitely more blades computer wait wait wait no you we should do nobody nobody walk on the ground oh uh I am not on the ground we’re going to be putting Stone mines in here hello okay I’m coming over all of this Stone uh oh cat you might want to be careful we’re going to be putting Stone mines down here we can do uh we can do world edit random Stone mines if you want yeah yeah let’s do that can we make it so that uh it doesn’t really affect anything when it blows up no make all right this is to okay want this I wanted to be kind so I gave Dylan a chair too all right so now we have about 2 and a half minutes left guys so we have to think do we want to put the the next room I guess we’ll put right through here who did it who did it who touched the CR it’s all back to normal now who did it honestly though I think it was just the world editing I think maybe a block stacked on top of I don’t know oh I think the chairs are actually entities oh someone in the world edit probably put a mine underneath the chair so don’t do that row of stuff okay well I can just world edit to fix no yeah I’m just I’m putting a marker so that you don’t have to do the whole thing thank you all right so we have a minute and a half left uh are we going to do one final room or is this going to be the final room I think this should be it and we just hide the beacon somewhere in this mess that’s underneath cuz it’ll blow up anyways okay got to make sure that it do does he have to make it out or just find it uh he has to mine it but yeah um that will get destroyed instantly though the beacon I don’t think think they blow up easy I thought beacons have blast resistance like obsidian do they they do huh they’re put together perfect okay okay so here we can even do this just to be extra safe here so a yes this row will be random mines there you go now it’s protected he doesn’t stand a chance guys blessed protected Dr yeah so do not touch [Music] more I didn’t touch the floor I’m in the ceiling did you touch ceiling did you change the ceiling to be minine no because you were underneath oh no I was up here also no that was the beacon blew up so that was a good test good job testing that guys very good very good very good all right so blade we have the entire map set up you have exactly 10 minutes to try to complete all of the puzzles best of luck buddy I’m going to hop in spectator mode cuz it’ll make it easier to fly through the mountain and oh this is 1710 there’s no spectator mode I’m just going to be blasting through walls okay good luck Blade the timer started 30 seconds ago why why is there fire don’t worry about it I told you fire there we go there we go yeah you’re good you’re good you’re good blade I don’t want to hear it yeah why does I keep Lighting on fire what okay that’s actually awesome I didn’t realize and I made a discovery yeah how did you do that what is it looking for a yellow stripe block cuzz you don’t pass on solid or whatever but anyway um no I don’t want that out that’s incredible didn’t realize a speed that was just a a happy accident as Bob Rose would say that is actually incredible look at this guys it actually works with normal blocks too it shoots the block oh my God we can do ice hockey yeah steak there we go s hey blade so uh you’ve wasted your first minute how are you feeling what am I supposed to do with this this is just all in lava you ever seen like the like Acme Corporation that’s not where the AC Corporation blade I’m going to give you a hint buddy you are like the K we are the coyotes and you’re the Road Runner except for for this instance the Road Runner’s fallen for the trick what he’s trying to say just switch to two that may not be the entrance blade is what he’s saying he and did you just fall no CU it went off before I moved a no how come I can’t go in there anymore TP blade BL all right hi blade oh who put the this is going to eat up on my time that was me oh the wxch through them it’s not that bad oh I feel so bad don’t don’t feel bad I feel bad this is like watching those mice try to do the the the parkour challenges to get cheese did you just call BL a cheese no I called did you call Blade a parkour that’s what I heard no not going that way be honest I don’t know where the exit to this thing is I I know the exit the exit is going to be after my time limit because of all the cobwebs no but you’re fine you’ve you’ve literally only used up like 2 and a half 3 minutes and you’ve already made it past two and a halfes blade yeah really there’s not many more traps left blade we only gave ourselves 10 minutes keep in mind so you’re doing good and remember what the grand priz is happy he blows things up remember what the grand prize is too blade fig out let let me set the mood what no music Sorry Adam gets mad when we add our own sound effects that has never I genuinely don’t know where right way are you serious I mean you can tell there’s like a little hey blade blade I would I would go back the way you came yeah I don’t know which way I came Blade no blade I would go back to where you were like 30 seconds ago I would not know that I’m just H there’s like a little little look around it you can tell I can’t I I don’t well your monitors are also no these are brand new monitors I still can’t tell oh um I don’t want to say it till he gets you know to what is open in front of right just looks like there’s a little bit of a lighting problem that’s all 5 minutes left buddy um did you get it away and wait till out uh you know what I realized does he respawn outside yeah yep yeah don’t worry you realize found it wow I hate all of you it’s okay blade you still have time for one more attempt you got like just under 5 minutes you can do this and plus now you know now you know how it works he says as he falls oh wait oh did it get you Steve is this even doable anymore yeah okay it’s only a two block jump that’s two too many dude there’s no way takes too long I’m going to start playing fire red all right blade you have like 4 minutes left to land you can do this buddy we’re all rooting for you blade are I mean we’re not rooting for you I’m already been play Ro Cowboy you’re doing a good job that’s all I got how long’s blade got Blade’s got like a little less than four minutes all right blade if you die again I’ll get rid of the cobwebs for you buddy don’t you dare this wasn’t even supposed to be here this is a Steve oh I know it’s a Steve thing there we go blade so blade this one is difficult I’ll say that much yeah cuz I can’t move which means it’s already right there do you see do you know what you’re supposed to do that’s just not I don’t like any of you that this is Cappy’s doing I just did it actually it is doable I thought you guys were my friends uh blade I don’t know what you think happened but you went the did you just give him a shortcut a it’s a straight path now you definitely gave him a shortcut Jag did you he made it and he over jumped but you got three or like 2 and 1/2 minutes I don’t really know just 2 minutes 2 minutes was it 3 minutes or 2 and A2 minutes 2 minutes one and a half okay blade you got this you got this buddy I’m actually rooting for you now you could do this buddy you could do this hey that was so mean Hello blade hey that’s not me that’s actually behind you D steeve can you stop double jumping why do you keep double jumping just Sprint the one time all right buddy you still have time to complete it I promise you it’s all doable this is it this is it this is it this is it this is this right here right here ready ready ready ready go go you’re in the way oh sorry sorry sorry I love [Music] you I than you missed blade I think I mean you know I’m not even going to say one more turn cuz I think you could you might have two two more attempts TimeWise you might be able to do it just keep going for a little bit of a help don’t help me okay you got this I move I don’t like this one last one buddy this is going to guys figured out exactly how to stop me parkour this isn’t our doing that part I did the maze that was my contribution I did the cobwebs blade I believe in you way to go buddy oh let’s go oh it’s not more forward that’s why I wasn’t wow he nailed it you really did nail it oh I it’s the back computer dude it’s the back computer I even put a seat there for for Dylan but it’s an invisible maze oh what oh what what what just happened what just I saw that going I uh blade you have 20 I dropped the pickax behind you by the way you have 20 seconds left to beat it good luck buddy I can get around it I don’t think he understands that he’s looking for a beacon Matt I think you’re computer this is my new computer I told I told you is working seconds left there’s only three play 10 seconds left 5 4 3 two two he won GG can I go back to my computer now yeah you can have the computer you can own that yellow bad blue good right oh wait I didn’t check for levers yeah oh I can’t slow down wait slow down that one you have to hit as you’re going oh no wait it’s okay no yellow b yellow b yellow B no today my friends and I set up a trapped modded base in Minecraft in order to stop my intern from breaking in with different obstacles ranging from mazes to whatever the heck this thing is we have to try and stop him for breaking our Beacon so Guys Without further Ado we can get ready to do this but before we start the time let’s as the Buddies discuss just let discuss for a second do we want to go that answer is that we’re going down all right never mind nothing to discuss here all right I feel like going down to the the whoa my mouse just glitched uh it’s easier for us to clear out an area and not worry about destroying the landscape all right perfect then you know what we need to do oh my God so about that I’ve been working okay so what I’m think we do right we have there’s so many torches the ghost blocks here at the top a earlier okay I put I put ghost blocks there at the top let me put a couple rose bushes on it and oh I can’t I can’t put them on top of G all right I’ll put him all around it then there we go and now what I’m thinking is for him to fall down right an easy cheeky death that we can do is put blocks down in three different locations right so he has to fall down this particular one or boom he loses a life already you know what I’m saying right out right off the gates yeah yeah it’s not bad I hear you can we put it to Peaceful oh no yeah oh okay no sorry apparently we cannot do instead why can’t it be peaceful you want I mean it would be easier for the intern that way oh we’ll turn it back on if you want I was going to say just for just for now just for now okay that’s that’s different uh all right so he lands straight from down here so we kind of need like a little area for him to land like a little pool of water or something um and then from there we can get moving all right so we got that now what do we want to do it’s a little bit different setup than usual how we have you know what cap way to divide this into four different sections and have it so that he can’t actually that’d be so crazy he has to try and maybe to beat one section if you want them to guess which one to like correctly jump down you should do fake water like the poison water or use like a light blue wool so if he tries to like peek down from the top he can’t tell I have an idea what which one of the doors has a code on it oh there’s a few cuz there’s different levels of security cards can do a keypad next to to an iron door and that works okay you can do a key card tune to a key card reader and you set its security level and then that specific level of security card will work for that spot so hear me out here there’s yeah there’s four different areas right so he comes out he has to go this way once he completes the puzzle over here he gets a code that he can input for level two then for level three then level four you know what I’m saying mhm okay okay so smelling what you’re stepping in keypad all right so put is down right here next to it so I guess the we can decide the codes after the fact but we can just put that down yeah that doesn’t have to be said right now they just got to be set up by the door all right there we go what do you think what do you guys think good you know no real good thinking we don’t need the signs on top we could just let him get lost and try to figure it out we could all right section one what do we want the first section to be um we could just have it be a classic maze to slow him down because it’s 20 minutes or 20 lives right sorry I just I’m going to leave this W he has to land slightly to okay so there is an easy way we could do a maze and I like Phil this will be all about DeLay So this room we’ll have a couple traps wasting time yeah we’ll have some traps there I can kill them but oh oh my God so now we just have to make a pathway yes okay it and replace it dropsy huh I’m going to I’ll mark it real quick so you know this is Ghost Blocks he’s a ghost block right here now oh well we can leave that for them don’t leave them just yet we may replace these Cobble with a different block just Mark that for now yeah yeah he just leaving that I marked it with gold do we want to at least give him like some kind of hint though to be fair yeah like let’s just mark with a gold give me a few more blocks around I feel like I feel like we’re going to do that that might even be too cheap we might have to have some kind of way to like let him know you know what I mean I don’t know okay sltp at P 100 200 1,000 there now that should in theory work if I just go boom boom yep yep it worked yep but now is the annoying part should work and monkey just zops out of existence okay 645 so I’m going to go over to Here and Now once it gets to the end there I’ll get the piece of paper that gives him the code and now we just type in here I got to reset there we go so now that right there has the first code all right and that’s perfect and then we’re going to raise the walls for this and life will be good this one this one this one’s a death one so all right open that so we hide a code in a real one but the room is full of fake ones but like spread out so that they don’t uh you know explode each other yeah yeah yeah as long as they have enough space in between them then I think that’s a good call and what’s going on in this room over here Ste and monk what are you guys thinking oh oh they’re doing the thing cool cool cool got it C you doing a spaghetti parkour oh no I’m going to put rails that he has to choose from oh nice nice without asking them just take a look and help me guess what it is that this this can only come from the mind of St this could only come dropsy just you’re going to take one look and ah God I have yep C I love the the general bewilderment no dropsy don’t don’t ruin this is this mine did they just take my idea and redo it I don’t know are these mines no they’re not mines middle clicking they’re they’re probably they’re probably just putting a bunch of storage and going to they’re going to make them check every single one but I just did that wait cap if yours going to be mines I feel like aren’t they going to be one time us to die so this will get us probably like three kills total oh well I can replace the wool in a second with reinforced I was going to say we’re going to use reinforced blocks for for stuff so that I just started with wool and I figured I’d stick with it but so what we got going on here is a red trap with a turn point that he’ll have to switch on and off if he doesn’t switch it on he will go continue and go towards the yellow path which will be a failure I I got to move down I got to figure out what’s going on all right wait I have a funny idea at the end cap let let’s have a chest there right so there’ll just be a chest uh oh someone broke my little there we go so it’ll just be a chest and inside of it will be a piece of paper that said the secret was inside of you oh something something something very like lame and the beacon will just be at the top here the whole time inside one of these trees I wish for moments like that we could put it inside his Ender Chest inventory oh my god dude wait can we no each chest isn’t on here okay so and then the Finish point will be right over here Jerome the Finish point will be where is that right over here all right perfect and then inside of there there will be not even not even a chest we just have a sign the beacon is literally where you started I have to wake a m uh make a way up for him but I can I can do that quick SL kill oh wait but if he dies in the bottom once he’s going to have his re respawn Point reset oh I mean I imagine we’ll let him have a checkpoint right every like time he gets a code or whatever yeah that’s what I’m saying so once it’s reset he’s not going to be up there actually wait no he won’t actually have to reset his phawn because he can always just jump back down and get to it right are you going to make him redo the the code every time yeah like we’re gonna make him redo the code to leave but no we can have it so once he types in the code we’ll just break the door make it easy on him this is my first look at section three in its full form what have you done okay drone do you want to know the kicker time right click the block underneath the sign camo chest oh wait I don’t get it then yep but there’s nothing in it there’s going to be will oh okay yeah what we haven’t set the code yet so oh okay cool cool cool cool cool dude that’s hilarious oh my God it’s going to waste so much time it seems like unlike usual where the Buddies choose destruction it appears like for the most part these are time waster challenges which is totally fine that’s that’s a whole that’s a way to win right he either gets 20 lives or 20 minutes but I don’t think we’ve done much to kill him which is fine uh drop two t of return again I’m sorry oh what the heck I thought I I thought that one was spaced out too um what you can do Dr is do oh you can’t cuz I block that P yeah I don’t know all right good so every code is set everything’s ready to go we can go and fetch the intern unless anyone has any less second changes they want to make sir hello welcome sir to the World of Tomorrow I’m I’m love back on yeah hop on the server dude yay all right so so the first thing you’re going to do set your spawn point your goal is to break the beacon that is hidden on the map are you ready sir yes oh actually wait no we’re not ready we have to have a scoreboard set up for the amount of deaths you have okay to run you through the rules you have to beat this with either 20 lives or 20 minutes if if either of those things run out your 20 lives or the 20 minutes you lose the game a what happens if I win um I’ll I’ll PayPal you five bucks all right you ready yeah okay all right three two one go Mr intern okay break them well how is this even possible where do I go in the CLE bro okay in the circle I understand oh my gosh welcome into the room I don’t like it here okay got a timer buddy you got to figure it out am I I got 20 minutes was this so to open each door you need a code the code will be at the end of each section one one one one that’s not the dude hey you don’t have enough time for that you don’t have enough time for that he’s not going to have enough time okay okay penalty kill is there something oh ah see I learned from Trap parkour blocks it’s he you he didn’t learn well enough Luke Luke did you land in the water that you weren’t supposed to land in no he landed in the he was supposed to also my game mode Ian am I in adventure or creative oh my I’m in Creative he through the fall all right do SL kill Luke you’re not supposed to be here and you were supposed to have died oh the scoreboard didn’t work either what is this there we go oh there you go oh no no no no no no no no water water water water yeah you did it room I only get 20 lives 20 lives but you got to be careful yeah it’s uh it’s not going well for you either let me tell you that I run I run head on to things you know okay oh there he goes am I looking for a chest of some sort or you’re looking for the code buddy the code yeah what what if you guys just gave me the code Steve we’re friends why would we do that did you just thatching are you still in creative mode I’m in I’m in survival oh wow you guys should get better at building Maps oh you aren’t even the one that build them normally why are you throwing shade for that that is true all right he is now an adventure mod okay cool oh man I can’t break up hey hey hey hey hey all right all right starts breaking more rules what do you mean I what what were the rules I I did pay attention don’t break the map stri never pay attention there’s pretty much one rule don’t break the map what did you do now that you’re in adventure mode you won’t have to worry about that that’s true cuz did I have I ever told you I’m really bad at M what and droppers apparently wait wait there’s a did you guys put a block in the in just the the there’s been updated just in Creative uh wait no I just I fell right through oh whatever it’s okay yeah I’m really bad at mazes oh thanks for the steak oh you fed me this time I think you’re amazing oh no oh I fell for that that’s the second time I think I fell falling yeah that’s you know Luke these 20 lives are really uh is is Chad allowed to help me like I don’t know where I’m going they they can sort of they can you know and nobody has abity yeah if they straighted up certain numbers there’s one to like give you extra lives extra time jeez Luke listen as as Steve said I’m not I listen I’m not I’m not I’m not that amazing guys honestly you’re plenty he keeps up with these PS I’m going to add another death now hold on don’t do that Mr intern please I don’t know where I’m going very very bad with directions you know Luke this isn’t very intern of the month like well you know there’s a current impeachment going on I believe since yesterday so there might it could be inter turn of the monthly no no no I I don’t think you did it automatically Luke I think there got to be a whole another voting process you know what I’m down let’s do it and you still might not even win that you know I’ll be a war squ I’ll be your lawyer if you help me through this dead dude I don’t even know how they built this so oh man okay I’m I’m just showed up I’m rolling out that section I don’t I don’t like it here monkey shush oh my gosh I know I was in the room monk I’m right the first room wasn’t supposed to take you this long man I’ll I’ll give you this hint there’s no right click interaction oh okay cool actually I supposed to be fair only in 5 minutes so you’re doing all right yeah and seven deaths say burned through half of them is this the block that I haven’t died once I don’t I forget where I get tpd I’m scared I get T TI take the risk Luke I don’t like taking risks I’ve seen you guys play Risk before that seems imposs oh no oh my gosh Knight of lore with a $50 stream tip said oh my God I can’t handle him not using his big boy brain please help him a little that is the amount for a have been I can give him the first hint what’s the still has a better beard than you all right Mr Mr Luke yes do you see me up here yes this will lead you to the correct path does it I thought okay thank are you sure yep oh okay I made the path made the path yeah she did this is the way not that way definitely not that way not going way okay I got it thank you okay I I thought the path was no the other way got many I don’t got many lives left I hope they’re telling the oh man Jesus L I’m waiting for drone to be like I actually went back and changed everything you did dropsy I’m double cheing but yeah no this is this is correct all right hang on that’s a big can you double check again real quick I just did Buddy you might have to jum over some stuff oh dude night of lore felt that bad for you buddy you’re only halfway through your life BR you I didn’t how many are here I I want to be clear I placed less than 10 I would say seven or eight oh less than 10 huh that’s real helpful dude I less than 10 there’s a spectator you know I’m coming over later this week and uh what you’re going to put pressure plates on my floor really life to teleport you know what I just might okay wait so is it I don’t I don’t know if it’s this block or this block oh it’s that block okay he did it I figured I I figured something out you I’m not telling fig I’m not I’m not telling you guys I’m not telling looks like you’re just punching yeah yeah that’s what I’m doing probably the particles that no no yes I I think we should restart him for that one he’s taking 12 deaths in the First’s taking 12 L’s at least the next room isn’t going to be that explosive what bro what you guys put fake Mossy C there’s fake on that’s messed up man there there’s fake ones we think it would be this difficult dude well I would love to see one of you guys go through this all right Matthew Matthew thank you for a $100 stream tip he wants us to give the intern two hits drop oh well okay okay uh Luke next hint it’s right here like you’re like you’re literally right next to it dude yeah there you go yeah now you did it you were literally at the end in which I oh I would imagine he didn’t I I wouldn’t put it past your I would take that piece of paper and SL kill as opposed to walking all the way back no okay well you are running out of time much time bud how much time do I have left uh you have 11 minutes oh you know I thought I’d have less I’m so oh my God all right and thanks again to Matthew Keener you have one more hint so dropy you made this next room do you want to maybe give him for yeah I’m trying to think of a section two okay good hint for once he makes it in um you could tell him like a column that it isn’t like you know what I mean I’ll give you why is it so dark and fogy I’ll give you the hint uh have we not been giving him night yeah I thought we were giving him but oh yeah all right Luke you see everything in front of you yes it’s gu inside one of these right and your hint is let me think real quick I would say just tell them a row it’s not not that one not that one not that one guys guys come on your hint is two two it’s two two two it’s higher than I can count I don’t even know what that h means I can see a couple of things that hint I didn’t realize you could hit it outside of dist so that’s that’s good thinking on him some Death Punch a Dr Sun wo Kong thanks for the $150 stream tip and intern he wants to help you he said the intern tried getting good you know I haven’t thought about that but I’ll give it a try that’s the only hit he’s given you wait that’s all I get he kind of this Jerome where’s your uh block hey hey get that fishing pole off me the one with the it’s in whatever furnace is supposed to be the good one wait but this furnace the good one it’s not there guys this one’s empty is there not another furnace perhaps sure this didn’t blow there’s only one that’s correct I this is the correct one I placed it in there this isn’t a feature oh it’s not there I don’t know what to tell you did someone pick it up no Dr you put two of them down here you go it’s it’s this one I don’t trust you I was going to say I definitely did so okay cool my God imagine I totally did I mean Luke cruised through that one wow dropsy well he he’s still he’s technically still under time though he’s got N9 minutes for two more obstacles he’s running one minute behind where he should not everything was supposed to be actually impossible yeah he’s only running one minute behind it so he’s actually he’s all right Luke you went for doing terrible now to okay wait yeah so oh my God he fig yours out here okay I don’t want to hear nothing why would you put a sign that says look oh my God monke monke is the one that put it right under the sign mon is the one that put it right under the sign that’s your fault that’s your fault I sign down put it under the sign the sign has to be put on top of the BL so drop seat drop seat I put the sign down saying look because I thought we were just going to put an invisible chest down and then Monk’s like we’ll put it underneath so he deleted the sign and told me to put the sign back down oh that’s hilarious that’s Monk’s I don’t want to hear nothing about to talk about what transpired the last couple minutes he went from terrible to okay to an amazing position he’s doing great he’s in a good he’s in a good position right now oh my that’s all you wait we forgot to give him mine cards here I’m just going to give you a bunch of mine cards you can’t just walk I know I didn’t have any I’ll got to walk up all right Luke to give you an update you have seven minutes left and Seven Lives funny enough you’re running alive a minute I don’t like this wait wait wait wait wait wa oh jeez that worked better than I expected that was terrifying okay might get him a little bit he’s got seven minutes toig section four oh jeez yeah you’re at you’re on SE wait no I’m on I haven’t paying attention aren’t I supposed to be breaking beacons or something wait that’s the end I’m not I’m not all you’re trying to find the beacon oh I’m not allowed to walk on the rails cuz there was a lever there nope well I hit while in it I mean to be fair I mean maybe can he hit that without yeah you can prob hit that if he just jumps his yellow B you doing guys be you can you can also hit it from the ground dude oh I can okay cool yeah jeez can I have night vision again try some of the other ones though man like jeez uhoh Sun W Kong with a $75 stream you’re my favorite monkey you’re my favorite monkey please take him out wait wait wait wait wait wait wait got turn no oh Luke you have five and a half minutes oh jeez okay okay five uh five and a half lives oh thank you okay yellow bad blue good right oh wait I didn’t check for levers yeah oh I can’t slow down wait slow down that one you have to hit as you’re going oh no wait no yellow bad yellow bad yellow B no no I’m slowing down I’m not slowing down yellow very bad yellow very bad oh wait oh oh yellow good oh that was fun I want to do that again I won’t but I want to no you should definitely do it again waste more of your time okay orange oh okay I didn’t like that drop I don’t like roller coaster ow you did it on the floor oh oh to be fair cap I didn’t even know you did that I was like oh I guess he that was didn’t I totally should have thought orange lava you know Luke unless the fans help you you have 4 minutes 15 seconds buddy okay I’m I’m pretty sure I is red good I think red good I hit lever I didn’t try it yet hang on let me try it with the lever hit this is going to work out great right guys you tell me I believe in you did I don’t think you hit the lever oh I didn’t hit the lever whoa well this stopping him from doing that technically yeah we should have filled the floor with like poison also mon I love your dedication to it I know you’re in Creative but you’re wearing the jetpack yeah I I like this jet pack monk can I have jetpack no uhoh hey Luke buddy son wuk Kong with a $75 Street to kill the I’m a stone monkey what sorry buddy sorry buddy no I said you had a flying cloud he said you called him a flying cloud and now he’s mad I would never disrespect Sun W diamonds under you disrespected Sun Wukong did you ever think that might not be the path to take well I I haven’t tried it yet I just got punched off oh I didn’t realize you got what is purple wait oh wait what is purple is purple good good he’s doing good I’m scared don’t do this no purple bad three minutes 3 minutes and three lives I was hoping it would Loop them but it didn’t work Beacon is literally where you started oh no Loop the inter Luke three minutes to figure it out oh my God it’s raining too uh all right Luke I’m right clicking everything the secret no ins of you all along I’m left and right clicking everything remember the goal is to break a beacon it’s not going to be placed inside of a chest or anything okay oh my gosh oh my gosh server lagged there come here cow give me the information I oh thank you Cal dude I was going to lose it you were in frame of it for like the past 30 seconds it’s like there’s no way oh wait he’s in sorry lose there you go buddy you’re survival now yay all right and someone donate to kill him quick wait I’m not able to break this I can’t even break it no you can’t there you go yay I did it GG and with two minutes and two lives to spare Luke has won honestly no lives to spare what do you mean oh yep he lost s he lost I blame Mon and for our I blame monk Steve I I don’t want any part of that dude I’m actually I’m not going to lie I know obviously we were working against him I’m I’m glad he won that was that was really good that came down to the Wi dude you did there thank GG Mr intern we pranked my friend by setting up the most hard base to infiltrate ever with three different areas of obstacles and only 25 lives to complete them the odds are not in his favor and let’s make the base so how do we want to do this do we do last time we did like a dropper style one I remember I think we should make NeverEnding I already have a perfect idea that encapsulates a very fine quality of Steve we build it super high in the sky but the only way he dies is falling all the way down into the world okay yeah all right so still hate it we’ll have to do from here that way Cappy because otherwise he going to fall in the water and be like I clutched it so what are we think we got let’s go find are it goes uh we’ll make sure it goes to the void a better are so wh cap starts I’ll make sure it uh goes down okay so tell you what TP to mome just this high up sound good like this yeah it’s perfect dude position one position two cuz we can build up to 256 right yes we can build up to 256 that gives usal we9 right now so we’re we’re at a good vertical plenty of vertical stack 19 yes I can make it like replace obsidian yeah so how how long you think 100 4 million you could do that to start to don’t no no all right I’m going to there it goes we’re definitely need a you want me to hollow it out and make it like a ring so that you can fall down or just we’ll do that as we go dropy is it like parkour so the idea I had was like obviously there’s going to be other traps that can kill him but for the most part there’s going to be like just a lot of ghost blocks among the various things we do and the only way he can die is falling all the way down to his death and it’ll be a time waster and it’s funny I’m going to work on the walls for it if we need them okay so then to start should we do like a maze or I think am maaz is a decent start or you guys could do a potato gun thing we actually haven’t done that in a minute and that’s pretty class we even have potato guns because I have there should be security craft do we want to have potato guns but then the floor can I guess cppy can make it randomly ghost block randomly not and then he’s like running away from the you know that clock Luke gate like had going with the door really had me thinking what if it was just a room full of doors that keep opening and closing uh we sounds we could and I guess like ghost blocks amongst it but what what’s like the thing that gets him though you know what I’m saying well he has Iration hear me out we stand in the room with him and keep tasing him all right so cap can you turn some of the obsidian I guess let how far over for the first area do we want to go so that’s a very nice puddle you got there meat puddle yeah thank you thank you I’m leaving it for Steve if this is a 100 block long we could divide it in four and have like 25 you want to do like right here maybe cat Okay is that going to be the first room or yeah so from here to there can you turn like I guess I don’t know where there was I I couldn’t see that from the beginning where we were yeah from the beginning to where I am okay oh okay there we go that was me I was making a void fall oh okay okay so that’s why I didn’t see where you were pointing Jerome that’s a void if I’ve ever seen one so 50% maybe ghost blocks okay uh oh my god let’s see drop you might want to make it a little bigger Drop Like drop down it needs to update for you okay so we could do something like this Jerome and then live in there I don’t know if there’s there’s no potato guns there’s no there’s no turret there’s no security craft yeah there hasn’t for a that’s it’s security craft but it’s not updated you could like you could like plot this out if you wanted Drome like let me see so I guess we’re not doing the potato turrets then we’re going to have this part think something else yeah I’m trying to think cuz what’s the urgency then for him to not just Sprint you know what I’m saying like he’s yeah there’s got to be I was going to leave mobs everywhere for him like blazes or something drum so then they’re flying through and then he’s getting hit by fire I got an idea cap do you mind do you mind do you mind mind undoing that and instead okay are you able to make it if I give you a command block that’ll TP him are you able to make that pop up like 10% of the time I guess I’m not sure if the command block will keep the command I got I got the idea then I have the idea for now could you do 25% of them uh as Emerald blocks solid Emerald underneath it what I’m going to have you change those two afterward is secret pressure plates and underneath each of these I’m going to place a command block that’ll teleport him into oh that’ll that’ll work better cuz you can middle click that command block and it’ll have the command in the block when you replace it okay so what I’m going to do is and I think it’s control middle click then replace obsidian obsidian I’m trying comma emerald uncore block no not other way around I’ll say yeah yeah other way less Emerald yeah let Emerald yeah can we get a little less CU that’s Emerald obsidian do we want it to waste as much of his time as possible with yours as well CU if so I can find like a spot right up to you mine I mean it’s gonna so I’m gonna get a little less I was just G get a coordinate okay okay yeah it entirely possible replace uh emerald uncore block emerald uncore block comma obsidian there you go see uh yeah I can make it less if you want there’s still all Ste over here fine this this will work um okay the drop from right underneath do you want me to extend it to the edge so you can’t just like skirt around oh yeah well we’re either you either either that or we can just put up a wall there um the other thing we have to figure out is is there an easy way to copy and paste underneath probably not uh uh is it a very specific trap you want made I’m just trying to think of the only thing to make this work um so I’m was going to put command blocks I was going to have those turn into secret pressure plates and put command blocks under that teleport them into the void okay so I could do this can you just copy paste the command into command blocks is that a thing you should be able to Middle click the command lock as soon as he does it and then he can just place it on everything that’s this right now and then you can make it the secret pressure plate what are you doing so like here we can just for glass but so the problem with secret pressure plate is I need to be able to use the info info VR info that if you want it go a lot faster oh yeah we are sltp at P okay one second just a quick test to see if it okay oh no don’t tell me it’s not this there’s a way I know is info brush is there a SL I mean I’m pretty sure this right here is enough I think this would work yep that works so that’s the command right there okay my problem is going to be replacing the ghost blocks with like replacing all these emeralds with the ghost blocks because the ghost blocks only get their ghost like identity whenever you place them on a block I think in theory this might have been a good idea dropy I don’t know if this is going to work out the way I mean you can just make him ghost blocks but then there’s no challenge he’s just going to shift around it and waste like this I think I think in theory this all looked good but I I think maybe just can you just delete all stupid different packs and them changing stuff on us it was so good I guess cap if you just want to make all these ghost blocks I’m just going to make this a parkour for this area okay I will do my best for emerald block uh 40457 oh wait hold up that kind of worked there is a path let’s see good but before I can help you monkey I have a $75 stream tip for number six hot sauce which is Scorpion dude they’re going to make today the miserable day I I I don’t want it to be today last last step okay real I might cry you might see me cry that’s fine yeah yeah yeah we can we’ll just add in the middle ones but this will save us some trouble excited for this now okay so let’s say stack nine they already hit me there we go yeah yeah yeah all right how how how long Michael Thomas with $75 oh I just didn’t lo my screen I thought it broke there’s a scorpion pepper powder in it and ghost pepper powder okay I’m going to pretty up the sides and make walls hot already okay this seems long enough though it just happened oh dead what oh my God just teleported oh no oh you teleported yourself bro stop so stop walking over the pressure plate I don’t know it is I don’t know either that’s the point I do what I do best and I’m doing what I do best leaving things and forgetting where I placed them what is so monk are you going to do the uh the pressure plate command blocks or what’s the killing mechan isn’t here Ste ste’s doing the pressure plate command blocks oh no I’m teleporting him back oh yeah oh is to his uh do his death cuz then oh yeah cuz otherwise yeah we need more death the death I’m I’m going for I’m going to just put you can put ghost block pitfalls pretty much no he can shift around those Monk yeah you can shift around that’s why it doesn’t matter like they can but you can also all right I drum T down in Rising Blade with $25 stream said Cappy steak bomb God no I’m so busy oh no not now do you think you can fall from the parkour and land on like you shouldn’t you shouldn’t be able to that’s why I extended it an extra block if he does he dies I got rid of all the water I made sure there wasn’t anything there all right we’re going to get him with the very pick up those uh freaking like iron doors I just pasted in accidentally yeah hey uhuh what do you say what block do you think Steve is going to land on when he finishes the parkour if you had to take a guess I’m put a single ghost block we’ll see if you’re right I can’t remember which one’s real okay this one’s real so I’m going to say oh what the heck what I hit wait did is my shift oh control is not Sprint why is control oh therey that’s conflicting no it’s too early for that I think isn’t it it’s just a conflicting key with something else I don’t remember it always I only know that cuz I change my keys every time but um Mr Ji come come over here come help we need your help Hello friends all right so you’ve already seen the general idea doors is how he travels but these empty spaces in between are going to be something some could be nothing they’re safe others could be ghost blocks what uh what are you thinking would be something fun to put in between till he makes it to the end dancing bananas dancing bananas how would you like to do that let me think how about here I’m going to oh no the Min will do or iron doors reinforced doors that we’re dealing with regular we’re not doing that again we’re not dealing with modded stuff oh my God someone had a someone had a troll idea dropsy what if at the very end of this right he makes it to the end and in order to get to that door there is a uh a key card that’s needed and the chest was oh I love that okay okay in one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I can I can set that up hold on I wish I could credit the guy but his name I have I don’t even know how to where to begin you know who you are how I get here I I I okay I’m going to copy paste this there’s there you go drop that’s their name what a what a name num mono Ultra microscopic silic volcano I I was close I got a lot of this pneumo pneumo Ultra microscop is silico volcano D it’s right at the end dude uh numano thank you I can get the first part hey drum Steve likes blazes right um yeah Steve loves blazes he told me it’s his favorite Minecraft mob scared oh stead bot me boy um you like the turrets oh you named them jome yeah that’s awesome the turrets Ste is the best this is why your intern of the month that’s my intern of the month right there I can’t keep it God this is so this is going to be so brutal oh my God I have the key card where do you want to put I just realized the intern’s here so technically speaking there’s one in there there’s a stream tip goal to swap Steve with a different buddy what if they swapped it with the intern he had to do this he left oh my God can we all disconnect why do I keep getting teleported over here why we put it like right here is because it’s towards the beginning and that way he has to go all the way back yeah all right I say I have the key card on me so it’s just going to be just because all right here we go then now do we want to give him a spawn point up here or no yeah well we tell him to set it Steven yeah Steven St yes hello I’m back yes hello Hello Steven hello hello uh okay I’m going to keep in your get on this server get out server do I need to close my eyes in order to get on the server no no just get on the server you’re going to need to do the opposite to close your eyes I need you to type out SL spawn point but don’t put the command in yet okay but I’m spawning into the void no count that counts count give the old reset Mr intern and now Steve do you have the command ready to type SL bom Point yes all right you’re going to be in survival you should be in survival or Adventure put yourself in adventure game [Music] mode Adventure all right now you get the SL ball Point okay going to do it on go three two one go run it oh my goodness what is wrong with you people what is wrong with you people hey Steve welcome oh I didn’t even you guys these are evil went all out oh my goodness don’t worry Steve they can stream tip to help you out got him yeah okay I’m just waiting for them to to make Jerome do this Steve you’re not doing a good job buddy Ste you can’t run SL kill sure I can’t I’m gonna die anyways what what do you mean St this my death it’s fine I’ll I’ll at least time Steve Steve you’re really you got to get it together waste your own time anyways you can never talk to me again Steve you’re really you’re dropping the ball on this one Steve I just wanted you to fall into the void one time if you want to it’s fine monkey it’s fine okay oh o to be fair that was steady blazes that was not me yeah that’s that’s literally the reason why I can’t do this should we get rid of the blazes I not no not yet all oh my gosh Steve it’s okay buddy it’s okay how many lives do I have to do this it’s usually 15 right 25 you get 25 minutes 25 Lives 25 25 okay but for you Steve this is feasible yes dropy made sure yeah the parkour is possible but I don’t think I was going to say I tested it in the original uh configuration I did not realized they put blazes on the parkour no not we yeah yeah I mean I’ve gotten three blocks into this and have death I gave him death I don’t know what you guys want like make up your mind death instead why did you add to it I don’t know are we taking out the blazes now literally I’m going to lose every life kill the blaz blame dead we’ll kill the blazes okay oh my goodness it’s probably not going to I keep being random okay card Slayer with a $25 stre tip was the steak bom Steve I agree see that’s a good idea I know you guys said you tested this before the blazes yep now it’s before Oh my God wait Steve don’t move a muscle Donovan Adams with a $250 stream tip would like dropsy to swap for steam yes yes I made drops you made it so you have fun tell drop we’ll let you I guess it’s not he hasn’t checkpoint yet so you’ll get 25 lives if you want you can start from right here uh best of luck uh would you like put the blazes back remember no no you don’t want the blazes you’re sure yeah absolutely oh my god dude that I thought they were going to I really thought they were going to troll and tag the intern in why drops it you’re killing it what what the heck dude she she did this earlier she did this I made it this was like the perfect person to trade with I’m assuming it trades back after be I’m the one who made it and I don’t remember any of this ah help you did it really good no uh no I got teleported away how do I set that it’s the command it’s just been happening for unknown reasons oh I I mean I know what it is but there’s nothing for it right now is there a range variable uh no someone just has to hang out by them and whenever the creepers walk on it it’ll teleport them instead so if someone doesn’t yeah Luke if you don’t mind hanging out over there that way it’ll just card Slayer $25 stre steak bomb dropsy actually Luke she had to do the Ste bom I’ll I need help don’t worry you can I can I can sit over here oh that that’s a nice steak bomb you got there Donan Adam I I cannot thank you enough you are a beautiful individual Donovan Adams why did you do this it could have been Steve I’ve waited all week for this moment Steve already is down to half of his life dropy run so it’s funny creepers dropsy look out a creeper thanks my God wait this is a hold on get call why you’re getting a phone call I think if you’re an adventure I don’t think the of the block Works to test it it does in adventure mode I think it does you can’t break it and the action of breaking it is what makes it give you the particle yeah I’m just used to everyone doing that at this point I’m just kind of like yeah it works why not drops he’s killing it oh come on oh that’s that’s the reason you were kill you were supposed to be Advent the whole time oh yeah that’s that’s why I just put her in to make it worse you even you even tried to gasoline us and tell us oh I built it so I remembered it you didn’t remember nothing I didn’t say that at all I said I wasn’t going to what what I said the words that came out of my mouth were I helped build it and I don’t even remember it anymore I think those little words that came out of my mouth I think I’m being gas lit I said the same thing I definitely said she helped build it so she’s going to be able to do it or something like that okay so that’s not but then I realized she survival mode I’m pretty sure I said it it was me I said it I know about this the whole time yo ch ch look at this oh look at him look at him if you want to you think you could help me track down which command block is sending people like which one has a creeper nearby all of them uh then I think this going to come on this one whichever one I’m above right now what’s wrong Ste nothing nothing nothing yeah exactly this one uh yeah whichever one I’m right above right now oh my goodness just teleported it’s perfect there’s one on each one there’s no command block underneath wait wait and they’re weird dropsy you’re getting close you you’ve gotten about two-thirds of the way oh it’s probably they’re all just a set point of coordinates yeah they are it could be literally any one of them yeah oh well yeah well just I’ll chill back here go enjoy the rry that’s not what there again hi drop hey man dropsy I feel bad for you I do too this is supposed to be Steve’s punishment why is that a tip I didn’t lose cuz Steve made the description and put it in there cuz he clearly didn’t want to be it no I took them from the last one which was yours Drome so ah so you were just say okay okay fair fair so you had the Tagg I feel like I could do this I actually feel like I could do this I don’t know I I genuinely like this is one of the harder things so far thank you dropsy and I worked very hard on making this miserable I yeah I didn’t think it would be it’s not that that hard but then I kind of saw the finished product and I went it’s like a multile question being in adventure mode this is not a multiple choice question I actually know mode is get an answer to those that’s this is a lottery what Dr you’re cooking what what D there’s oh no way dude that that was it I think I think I just did it oh my God I’m telling you dude tag me in tag me in except for the fact that you also helped build this so you also he didn’t help his memory lasts five minutes yeah Steve I got the bird brain Michael Thomas Thanks for the $75 stream tip but oh no that’s number nine what is that that’s Carolina Reaper pepper powder ghost pepper powder scorpion pepper powder this as hot as it gets the next ones are capsacin extract on top of those which just miserable if I lose does it just go back to Steve yeah we speed deaths yeah you want to speedrun those or kill kill kill kill kill um okay yep that wake you up got to be this yeah that’ll super wake you up oh my god oh will it now I think I went there last time that’s not loose um don’t move Luke okay hey dropsy not that one no dropsy definitely don’t do that one don’t do that one not that one not that one not that one my God all right Ste your turn no I mean you you got I have to stay the whole time yeah they this is now your your game mode oh my God this sucks why is that a donation it’s a donation every time we do is that I don’t know if it was every time because I’ve done this and that definitely wasn’t a thing sorag me in tag me you won’t want this awful you won’t want this Dr trust me I don’t know how to get through this what did you guys even do to this is it just I remember the gimmick but I have to find where it start you find out real quick you know okay I think I found what it is all right or not oh if you guys made an Impossible strafe Jump I’m going to lose it I didn’t make those I didn’t want to make those I’ll make that clear I did not do the ghost block dropsy oh I forgot to set my spawn point can I be dropy I can tell you it’s been a thing since at least May 3rd at the minimum or at the yeah I don’t believe that cuz you guys just use the same documents okay that should do the trick docents I write them out every [Music] Monday oh hi L God this thing got ghost block tricks to it yeah and a few other surprises you guys are the worst hey I told you I told you that this was to like drag it out as long as possible this was a hey I just got oh you guys Jesus Christ that was dead that was from the brilliant mind you steadfast GES they’re telling me to move the key card I’m sorry guys I can’t now that’s cheating she that’s her Advantage she gets to know where the stuff is yeah she gets to know wait what didn’t it Set uh sorcery I don’t know what do you mean it’s set magic uh all right you’re doing good you’ve got half your Liv still oh my god dude you got a little less than half your life depending on who you ask this is half I really hope either Steve gets tagged back in or I wouldn’t mind getting tagged in dude a live’s half you don’t want this kind of talk said I could beat your weak maze I could beat this I kind of want to see you try to beat it after drops through it and see if you can to be fair I without watching her you get back of me you going watch you to be fair it doesn’t matter cuz I can’t tell which of the ghost blocks and which are real like which walls you got to go through yeah since drop’s a yeah uh dropsy a lot of the walls are uh I know but that doesn’t mean that helps with the floor at all yeah no the floor floor is the hard part the floor was st’s doing that was I had nothing to do with that no you did the ghost blocks yeah I did Ghost blocks everyone can Avo everyone can do ghost blocks oh my god [Laughter] dude dead you got you and mon menaces again ghost blocks did you guys test this uh yeah I no that’s not a yes that did not sound convincing I did I tested it and then dead went through and kept putting more stuff so I don’t know tested that’s the answer I mean as long as you can jump the pressure plates that’s great how do I see those you don’t wait they’re invisible pressure plates they’re ghost pressure plates drapy yeah they’re yeah what I can’t hold on I don’t know if I can jump that can you not jump it I thought you can jump it because it’s like a actual go I thought it you could because it’s like a pressure plate yeah but it’s the whole block that’s how it’s a secret it’s the block above it yeah we can break them then that on I’ll try again the inter that we needed oh my God if I can make a jump shout out to the 1700 people watching by the way thanks for coming out D you guys made this one so difficult the the blazes at the beginning was just like that wasn’t even added originally that was fair actually to be fair yeah you fallen victim to this is stead again so the places were stead this is Ste this hard again it’s literally just no no no monk told me to add command blocks I did and the Drone comes over and tells me to add killing command blocks and I did and did Ghost blocks this is impossible D I just told you to put traps down I didn’t I did make it impossible just keep getting teleported back yeah you the are yeah yeah that was totally a random guess that there was a command block there I had no idea you can look under it’s only uh it’s only one block yeah you can look under the air drum you want break how are you breaking blocks dropsy this is a pressure plate how do you know so I it needs to be broken because so the way adventure mode works is the only thing you can do do is interact with interactable items and because it’s a pressure plate I can see it which also means I know I can’t jump over it because it’s because of how narrow the hallway will it’s a one block you should just walk there because you’re going the wrong way oh what wow all right wow it’s either you walk you walk that or go the I’ll I’ll give you a hint the uh the hug the right wall strp it ain’t going to work here I think something in was there one of those that teleports me into the void yep okay that’s real cool mhm oh my gosh wanted deaths instead of me sending you back to the start I don’t even think G with a $50 stream tip to steak bomb dropsy and Steve I’m surprised they’re not trying to help I love steak I really thought they’ be helping dropsy I didn’t think yeah I thought they would help they sent me here why would they help me what one person sent you here yeah he wanted violence yeah he wanted violence try no one else really wanted that violence there only I know I’m staring to think you want he hey drum you want to see something really depressing yeah yeah hold on yeah I’m going to I’m going to show you something oh guys with a $200 stre said another 50 is coming to swap dropsy and Steve woo now the question is does Steve have to go all the way back to the beginning or he he never been I’d say I’d say he starts out over here oh was that not clarified was that not clarified it just says swap there is a stream tip that is restart so bro yeah about that punk you’re a punk and you know it you didn’t none of that tell you something you’re going to hate I’m just saying that pressure plate they kept killing you dude the whole all of them are saying back to the beginning Steve that’s cool man it’s a maze I don’t know that there is literally a stream tip to I I think I think majority I hear you Steve but the problem is this is a mob run Channel and the mob saying to go back to the beginning so by God you’re starting over clear as lives oh no don’t clear his don’t clear his lives wrong fine don’t clear don’t clear them I miss spoke Ste stead controls everything Donovan Adams was $75 sted for more hot sauce HH look at that a distraction like the Coliseum anyway hold up hold up hold up before this even happens the 50 never came through true the 50 did never come through that’s true true well while we wait we’ll do this hot sauce if it comes through then you’re safe Steve or sorry you’re not safe and there it is Steve well you’re doomed anyway uh this says caps extract one time says Carolina reap pepper Scorpio pepper and ghost pepper M that’s distracting hot sauce let me tell you I mean actually this is going to be monk are you the new turret yep okay the turet guys hey I think we should bring back the blazes for Steve what do you guys think oh you want to I got you oh I got this come here Steve I got a taser with your name on it no stead delete that Blaze right now stead I’ve already died 16 times on section one doesn’t work now you’ve died 16 times I know you think that says more about them but it says more about your performance and oh that’s hot oh my gosh it says more about the fact that the blazes are impossible to deal with and the one time I got the furthest spot that I could go instead had a blaze oh my God Jerome put the blazes back so I put the blazes back yeah Jerome said we’re run by the mob yeah we’re run by the mob Steve I don’t know if you realize this yeah the YouTube chat mob what else do you guys want us to do to Steve well I mean they’re same blazes again Dr all like I don’t know man stve if this is what they want in the Coliseum dude I don’t know what to tell you y’all put those blazes back and I’m quitting this this is where Steve I jome this is where Steve donates $250 to make Jerome do this instead dude I’ll happily do it Steve’s a punk he doesn’t watch it you want me to do it want me to rub it in Steve yeah go for it let’s see you do it drum’s going [Laughter] to my work here is done nicely done Dr you you crush it on that one yeah there there and this is a that’s hot Steve you have three lives left and then you lose and then I know cuz you guys made it actually like insanely difficult uh Steve Steve Steve I going to tell you but Shrek was going to come for a date night if you won but really Budd what you don’t want why would you not want I don’t want oh my God Steve I’ll tell you what I feel bad because Steve unfortunately we have a $100 stream D from je to kill you twice but we’ll give you 26 lives then cuz it shouldn’t be your last life can’t be from that so uh I I got you still got to die though Steve there you go I know I’m well away now Steve what if I told you that the solution was behind you all I’m just kidding I know if only if only so now that I’ve died 26 times to set number one what do you guys want to do about this yeah what do we want to you lost that was the worst performance we’ve ever had in this game show Steve there’s not much more yeah because you guys literally like made it super difficult for no reason Steve I’m currently doing it right now you made it Jerome yeah but you think REM Steve we literally watch dropsy do it together that is true too you did watch dropy do it oh my God like we literally watched dry all do it together and she helped make it as well but I’m saying gave you the answer there is such a higher Advantage if you helped make it I’m saying Steve you watched her do it no more than five minutes ago correct correct you really not make it the first one Dr at least half of do Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve today my friends pranked Me by setting up the ultimate secret base that I have to try and break through I have 25 minutes and 25 lives to get it to the end or else they win there is hey I’m the boss don’t don’t dig me in Luke the intern hey oh hey what’s up hey what’s up hey chat how’s it going this is weird oh it’s going this is weird oh okay so I I have no plans what are we what are we doing oh yeah what do you want to do you guys are pranking me you’re pranking FL is this secret base we have to do it underground if it’s secret base right yeah I’m done with underground is there like a good hill we oh there’s a big like area over here stack 50 wait oh yeah I don’t know why you’re going all the way over there yeah there’s world at it like just like do yeah I don’t know yeah so like here I’ll even make it like pretty up here like or maybe not maybe not too pretty job going now what maybe like something like this do something cool do a flip yeah a flip yeah do a flip I can’t do a flip I can do I can do a handstand live on stream right now you ready yep you ready yeah let’s see it let’s see it that was sick right did you guys see it you did it did you see itzy man so I can see that wild I hated all of that M mhm you hate all of that all right let because that’s not what I was expecting but it’s exactly like like what you set okay so gra man subverts expectations yeah okay so check this out uh monkey what if we had like a little invitation to a tea party or something like that I like that I like that a lot yeah yeah yeah then we got like secret where’s the ghost block is this a ghost block I think it’s a ghost block this a dropper drops you and then it’s just like I love it I’m just setting I’m just setting up a room right now yes but are we having them dropped down and in like I mean if you want it’s it’s pretty small you can do that if you want yeah I was going to make poison water what are you doing excuse me I’m Jerome so what should the grand finale be guys like what should we do uh all of you versus him give him like leather armor and just beat him up that one’s been that that one’s kind of been uh done multiple times all right uh hot sauce in game challenge what I don’t know I’ve been suff every time he dies he takes a sip of hot sauce yeah oh this this is going to be devious man good I’m glad I like these collaborations me too I feel like I’m uh I think besides that if you’re done with the floor and everything we can close it up and just give it a glass roof okay yeah we could use uh quick idea can we do the thing that Ste and monk did to me before with the furnaces and the sign but smarter so he doesn’t figure out that he doesn’t need to use the furnaces to find the code no because he’s going to guess it no matter what you put as a hint because it’s been done before that’s fair okay yeah we got to do make sure the roof is only one up so he doesn’t just hop on the blocks oh well I’m going to close off the roof entirely with like those ghost blocks uh I don’t think Shuler boxes are a thing as long as it’s only too high it’s fine oh God I’m getting confused at what I made his keybinds oh my God that’s why you should have waited I just put him randomly I wish I could turn his jump into uh or his jump button to the scrolling of the mouse wheel you could can I should be able to it might not be it might not be able to in this version let’s see oh God yeah that’s get yeah that’s going to get them all right okay so I’m just going to go ahead and will he bopped again stack 30 wait we can still stick oh yeah you can so there we go there see so on the inside it’s completely enclosed and it looks like there’s no like the roof is just a roof but we can see him clearly through the roof I love it uh all right now it’s fine oh yeah Ah that’s what this is okay do we want to like hook them all up to see what it looks like in action uh Luke you want to go through maybe I should this sensitivity is really hard to play I look he’s totally just going to reset his key binds isn’t he yeah no yeah it’s easy okay probably won’t notice oh yep where is Ste hold on can you put that two-way glass up here too you might not be able to see me a just stack it from over there cuz I F itus A look you realize you don’t have to have the sensitivity all the way up right now you know it’s at this point it’s a pride thing I think this is great hi stad oh jeez okay can you close that off monkey this is great I love it oh jeez what is this heck good I supposed to be closing off I can’t actually get through this can you actually eventually walk through this I I got it I got it uh I don’t think this is possible dropy I got it I got it dropy is this possible is this possible am I just bad yeah I don’t know probably oh oh yeah it is Poss it’s possible we I was going to say definitely is you just got to where the camera chat we saw that live I did it oh I am super proud of this first segment guys this is cool uh this is the first one done let’s move on to the next oh my God we should give him a Minecraft quiz we hav’t one of those in Forever uh each of these rooms okay we’ll do one two three make it a yes or no quiz and yes is red and no is is green and red or green wait I don’t know if we can do that on here I’m done with it let’s do it okay I don’t think I don’t think the going to kill anything so the Wither is a go if we wanted to make him find something while running from the Wither that’s cool yeah we have a door can you beat the mob on the other side of this door we this I’m just marking this as like the end of the quiz but each room before has a question if one of you guys wants to figure out what those questions are going to be are we doing yes or no you think or if we want to make it easier it’s a couple more one curve ball yeah wait wait guys guys hear me out we’re going to make we’re going to do one thing to make him mad okay uhhuh we’re going to reverse psychology him so bad we’re going to put the last question do does one of every Pokemon beat we’re we’re going to say no he’s going to think we’re asking this green equals true yeah drop so there’ll be like true false Minecraft questions yes okay no no no no I think we and it’s not according to the colors that are physically there it’s according to the signs that are above it instead of the Pokemon one I think we should do the battleship one I think he gets more upset about the battleship one wait all right we going do the B oh the modern ship versus the I think he gets more upset over that one than can we put him in a room and make him fight through a bunch of mobs named lions I think ocelots are still no like they have to be hostile though what in nothing someone World edited a wall over me and my screen started shaking I thought there was an uh can he get over oh you can’t put Minecraft Sor give me my uh trivia is done if any of them are who just Luke bro I’m so confused at what I just did I’m so sorry what you do I put that on m a single block you pick up we really don’t at least I don’t I’ll fix it it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine if everything is a okay I meant to do that no it’s not everything is exploded I can I’m giving you guys like five minutes by the way oh jeez okay 5 minute warning I’m sorry cap you should have had a 5 minute warning 15 minutes ago I’m giving you 5 minutes I mean it was fine right up until then I’m so sorry if any of my uh facts are wrong for the trivia I was acting under duress okay all right well m is it to day who who really that’s very limited in my time where I could actually research this so if it’s the first search on Google I don’t care pretty much cuz that’s as far as we go yeah it’s pretty much it oh right I’m Jerome everybody not insert you okay uh no when I was trying to enchant um I was typing enchant intern and then it wasn’t autoc comp completing and I was confused bro I’m having a hard my God where we ear yeah that’s just good it was better before they you know blew it up but uh I think this is the best we’re going to get or Luke I hey I’m Jerome sir yeah uh do you want me not on the server so like you fix no you’re good I’m good okay you’re good on the server yeah you’re good oh my God what fov Quake Pro what are you doing you’re Pro what is the S of Hy what are you doing Jerome you’re supposed to be taking in this video I need Grandpa’s did you make control shift you’re a menace oh my God a lot he did a lot of things have fun oh God uh okay these are all good yeah you got scroll up for you wow yeah d That’s what I’m saying people like to be like oh it’s only two or three like no dude it’s still like yeah it’s hot oh my gosh I think we’re good so technically stead I think you can just walk all the straight like through here all right so where am I starting this adventure this is the first time I’ve done this so This is actually going be pretty cool there’s a book all right do I read the book and then I start there read the all right here we go guys I’m going to read the book and we’ll get started dear valued Patron you’re invited to the Buddy’s fourth annual 12th annual 95th Tea Party of pain you’ll be tasked with completing the challenges that have been prepared we wish you the best of luck in this trial of pain that’s really kind thank you for wishing me the best of luck in this trial of pain okay so uh I’m keeping this flower with me so there goes what I didn’t even know what did I just do okay that was not okayed oh also because that one stream tip I did have a stream tip that said I had to do one of my deaths so that’s we’re already at two out of the 25 yes it is right here the surface entrance okay the service I’m going the service yeah it’s it’s for us to get in yeah I’m going in oh what service entance not a good idea not a good idea take that L bro take that L all right all right okay so this is defit that’s why we didn’t uh permit you to use the service entrance ow ow ow oh I got out of it your poison water can’t kill me I’m too toxic look down the hall bro wait do I get uh any food or anything do I get steak no no give or saturation at least we can give him some food why is there a mine cart here taking this too okay what is the what did you do here uh got rid of the bro what what is what hold on can you can you back up a moment please sir we’re experiencing some difficult oh this a server all right fine only because there a server roll back I wonder what happened to the server anyway excuse me I think it probably froze these blocks in a state of half thing oh my gosh Luke did you see what happened or no uh what I just realize you didn’t see oh uh there’s no there’s no uh true in this so I don’t think you need particles uh okay I think everything else is fine can I do to someone yeah yeah yeah we’re good go for it dead okay so I think everything is fixed now yeah I hope everything’s fixed I all right we good checked over last are all right here we go what I was wondering what the catch was I thought it was just going to do damage to me like cuz I I was hitting into it oh you got to make it through am I allowed to set my spawn down there can you all like put torches yeah yeah set your spawn point down there no no torches no torches oh Blade no that doesn’t count can I get a reset blade teleported Meade mid falling I bruh I got this blade you don’t got to teleport me I can replace no I can’t replace it because it’s ghost blocks slash spawn point tell you what I can do this Papa Baka is not amused he texted me how come you’re not playing I’m like it’s part of the to meet you block oh my God glow stone all right um that might help a little bit we’re also less than $100 away from the goal everyone of the GTA Jerry 99 all right so how do I beat this something run see you’re getting the hang of it yeah you got this dear God this is going to be terrible I mean you you know all right there we go there we go there we go there we go oh oh my gosh so close almost man you almost had it that time actually I was going to say how do you do it run a dude I got far that last one yeah all right let’s see and you can do it Jerry GE oh my God oh my God oh my God the Buddy your only hint shall be that as like most things in this game mode things are not as they same how many lives are we giving them guys he said 25 he’ll need more oh my god really probably I don’t know we’ll see when you get second part the next part won’t be so bad I’m trying might I think this is the most technically difficult part yeah yeah the next part won’t be so bad it’s more for our Amusement you got blade waiting for you at that Dr okay I’m just checking I’m just checking all the walls here he’s showing you where to go wait is this can I just can I just shift walk this that actually is that working that’s actually working it’s just shift walking bro are you kidding me that’s hilarious huh that one got him that one got him that block was to far out that so when the blocks are I was going to say it covers two that’s why that one can’t be done crouched okay so I could shift past everything else but I have to run past that one got it okay okay all right I’m getting there yeah yeah getting there these are really challenging this one was a collaborative effort these guys really helped out they’re like awesome yeah I’m pretty sure blew it up yeah no stead blew this one up no no I blew up the okay this one there’s a difference I was going to say there has to be a way around he he did it nice is that a spawn point is that a spawn point reset spawn point uh yes y boy it’s a spawn point let’s go stream we’re beating this thing okay so this is a trivia thing oh easy red or green mine gold with a gold pickaxe okay read read all the signs green equals true red equals false but the sign says green but the color is red is it yes are you sure I’m not that color blind are you sure are you sure though green equals true okay okay okay did he get through that one yeah yeah okay now do the next one one that one is false that’s that’s correct that one’s false oh you’re you’re not you’re not even going to read the question oh is it question each time oh yes time Jesus it took six days to create the first version of Minecraft yes just got to walk through a full day in Minecraft is 25 minutes false it’s 20 minutes you lied you’re we didn’t lie drum you just you didn’t stop to read what you uh no you were running through what I didn’t stop to read let me see be sure to all the signs oh it says green up there did you go through the same one this is bogus think it was that bad all right now read the question I don’t know how to read okay one of every Pokemon beats one billion lines F okay read the signs though read the signs though true that’s false and true and that one is true and false I’m going true and false no oh my God that’s that’s what we call payoff In The Biz oh uh hold on said this one’s not that difficult but what happened here but you know this one wasn’t meant to be super difficult this was just kind of amusing yeah that that one was for Giggles okay we’re good I got to check well this is Rick lost it RI this is more than the hot sauce I honestly didn’t even know there was one there I’m not going to with that one there right at the last minute I said oh you know what Dr it was just that block oh no no no it was just that block that you fell into okay so that’s all fake we to tell you this is a oh yeah this this is entirely created by someone someone Someone oh yes I mean that’s fine as long as we double check something we’re fine yeah it did get destroyed yeah yeah Luke exploded did this one yeah so just be careful bro oh my was that a part of it no that just spawn un intended consequence oh my God I didn’t think he’d actually run into it I think he had to dude I’m I’m crushing this I blame dead oh no it’s cuz you understand how stead thinks I know I know the mind is stead works I don’t know if I don’t know which one you changed to the the the uh the version mode but you kind of kind of messed us up here the difficulty yeah someone changed to the difficulty I updated a game also I will say there is no death in this maze Dr There Is No Death okay I didn’t have time spr full Sprint it did get uh interrupted Luke blew it up Luke blew it up yeah yeah Luke blew it up accidentally so there is no like death I think it was where I came from been here just making some last minute additions over here oh my God oh my God ke I hear the zombies I hear them they’re whispering in my ear He he’ll try it some are you enjoying taking this L because you’re really making e my drop button that explains a lot I was like try he’s really carving this L out for himself oh no how do I make my inventory open and if only there was a button just res reset your bindings bro oh yeah this is a reset keys I thought I was surprised I took you a while there a reset Keys [Music] moment all right let’s see it’s still where I I don’t know how bro but I’m very impressed with myself you did make sure that the yes I saw I saw him check I saw him check well I think I see what it is it’s like yeah cap might know what it is yeah is what it is here blank is a jar hey drum you should try interacting with come on man I interacted with it you said try interacting she said try no no no no there’s an interact key and then there’s an action key I said interact and you just cheated you said interact I interacted all right there you go yeah look at that see that’s how’s that for interacting dang it instead I don’t even know where I am oh jeez thank you blade thank you blade oh oh well now he’s done it now he’s fine now he’s okay now he’s done it fair okay I’m s so what are you going to do J shift walk the whole way yeah yeah yeah yeah shift walk the whole way uh monk I don’t know why but this area is a oh my gosh dude yeah that keeps happening I don’t understand no that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine those are needed we know there was supposed to be more oh oh my oh my God I’m going to die to this little guy your uh am I allowed to set my spawn point here yeah set it right there you can set it anywhere in the hallway here I’m not done beating up this little punk all right here we go um huh keep it on M flower oh can I have one mine cart stick oh can I yeah what diamond saw seems like you need a deck full of cards Jerry drop drop chill chill enough right now wait can I get one of those you yep dead come here dead oh right there thank you just leave you’ll start noticing a pattern Jerome you’ll start noticing a pattern plenty of them here if they start despawning Li notice though ow ow ow oh my God maybe I should have gave him a weapon for this part yeah I thought we gave him one did we not I I don’t know who this Wii is I didn’t have any part in this one for fixing when it broke Joshua Davies with a $75 stream tip said Luke shall suffer you ready for whe spin buddy 12 12 12 all right I am not doing a 12 Luke’s get spe it lands the wheel is spoken seven yeah all right we take a seven we take can you do it or no it it’s above five so I’m okay with it so no go to seven Luke is noo seven he’s putting it on me you think you know a guy I’ll do a bean boozled that won destroy you think he take one for his boss you think unless you want to do bean boozled and the hot sauce give him a free Bean Boozled I you should oh that oh oh dude that’s hot that could have been a punishment drum you could have made him do like uh what is it like 10 push-ups for every for every tier he goes that he skips got to do that bean boozled I’m give youz and then weak or hot you’re looking for a key card I’m assuming it’s in this chest right here but I can’t get to it are you sure it’s in that chest I don’t know it’s the first chest I’ve seen I did leave you a wooden sword oh you gave me wood sword I think so I can give you another oh my God by the way that’s still like hitting the back of my throat there you go thank you now you know what Punk now I have a sword you want to go wait I’m so confused okay that that’s what the chest is it’s a it’s a whole hallway Drome what the what the heck hey what’s up J what the heck it’s just me in here oh thank you there’s oh my God the worst I didn’t make it Luke did why would I kill one of these innocent Pikmin I told you make him give me your key card do it out the gate he had to be like prompted he had to be coerced get over here five head should I just there we go violent but he’s not usually that violent I think that’s B no Jerry there were still a few left in there no no there’s a couple oh my god dude I have six more lives left yep dude Jerry does a lot of damage these are the old Pigmen they hurt dude no where’s nice Jerry no hey Jerome what about behind you what about behind me no that’s where I came from oh my God it’s definitely in there oh my oh my god oh I suppose that answers that question there’s so many Ms I I think for the sake of giving a real chance you should add five more lives to make it around 30 you’re going to give me five lives we’re going to give you an extra five you’re going to regret it big Jerry’s in down we’re not uh regret well I got them all mad at each other so I’m going to let them figure this out they’re all fighting each other you can’t hear it Luke but do you want to access to the chest lion lion okay there there is a chest immediately to the left chest in there you got to go in there Jerome oh do I oh do I yeah you got to go in I mean I’m just waiting why would I not wait it out though dude I’m hearing them fight each other I’m just trying to be smart with my lives that’s all ah The Sweet Sound of skeletons all killing each other good blade blade move your move your body oh my God keer BL was blocking shots for these guys how did you guys expect me to do this without giving me a sword initially there is one it’s just in that room you have to go for it you have to actually enter the Room Jerome got it proved you wrong what’s his name what every Pokemon oh you’re going to make me kill a billion Lions is that it you’re going to make me kill a a lot of them oh my goodness gracious yeah there’s just a lot of them in here oh my God oh my God to be fair I’ve got a lot of them mad at each other I don’t know why they gave you projectile protection like 9 I thought the Legends are true they do exist all these years we’ve been searching for Steve pants there’s one regular skeleton in here somewhere oh my God so close I found him I’m going just leave him here I used to be a Minecrafter like you but then I got shot the knee but then I took a Jerry to the knee Lon shot by skeleton oh my God bro parkour right now oh my God porcupine you got to you got to fight them jerum they’re not going to let you get over there that’s what you think that’s what you think ow dude actually to be fair they all are getting mad at each other again you’re getting mad at each other again yeah that’s true oh oh no oh my God that one was dropy that one was drop that was so [Laughter] mean so good I don’t even know she did that that I’m going to credit that one entirely to drop oh my God that was a last minute Edition Ste what is Ste allow to join in no that wasn’t a plan I think he just wanted to join the f I don’t know’s going to beat it without like yeah Dr beat you guys give him like ATI protection for Diamond well yeah but like the difficulty is in the parkour not the surviving 100,000 Lions actually he’s got all the Pokemon guys are running out of lions got to put more in it doesn’t matter anyway cuz Steed muger is camping the end the boat that was a [Laughter] joke oh my God are you even taking any damage from them shooting you ah little yeah I don’t know who Enchanted that but you are a you’re P God you know if you killed all the lions so we do we want to take those five lives away or yep hey Dre you got three lives the five lives that’s fine that’s fine how many bones do you have um oh just under two stacks he hasn’t even picked up most of them now Blade’s doing it oh my my God this is so stupid D oh my god dude that that one skeleton really got beat that one lion scar literally that one oh my God might kill no I’m kicking blade I’m done with it you might want you might want to ban him honestly he’s going to be bad oh my God no one or two hanging out in the back I literally can’t do it if you just keep sitting there camping the end I’m Banning him but he’s going to unban himself in two seconds hurry then why are you shooting me stab stud kill him oh my God that is not cool I don’t think I I don’t know if I’m breaking it actually to be fair am I you you’d see effects if you were no I think I think is there a block in the way there it’s hard to tell I don’t think there is no there isn’t oh but just take a while no you don’t have it you did it actually won with three lives left yeah did yeah we’ll just not count whatever timer was going on he won with three lives left I did it g GE everybody

This video, titled ‘Building The CRAZIEST Hidden Bases In Minecraft History!’, was uploaded by JeromeASF Movies on 2024-05-02 21:00:43. It has garnered 1753 views and 53 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:04 or 8284 seconds.

Building The CRAZIEST Hidden Bases In Minecraft History!

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    WhaleBoxxWelcome to WhaleBoxx. We are currently a vanilla survival and boxpvp server. We only just released so come and join us today! Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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    Looks like the critics of Minecraft are mining for compliments with that high score! Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Animated Show Unveiled In the world of Minecraft, a new tale is told, An animated series, with adventures bold. Netflix has announced, a show to excite, Bringing blocky worlds to life, shining bright. The teaser trailer, a glimpse of what’s in store, Creativity and adventure, like never before. Minecraft fans, get ready to explore, In this animated series, we’ll all adore. Stay tuned for updates, as the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity molds. Excitement is high, in the gaming community, For this new series, full of opportunity. So grab your pickaxe, and your diamond sword, For in Minecraft’s… Read More

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    Ohio's Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥 POV: Ordinary Ohio nether portals at different ages in Minecraft be like going from a toddler trying to figure out how to walk to a teenager trying to navigate their first awkward dance. Just a whole lot of confusion and chaos. #OhioProblems #MinecraftStruggles 😂🕳️🔥 Read More

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    Minecraft 1.21: Fingees Strikes Again The Exciting Possibilities of Minecraft 1.21 With the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update on the horizon, players are buzzing with anticipation for new features and enhancements. One dedicated Minecraft modder has taken it upon themselves to create a unique mod for this upcoming version, promising an exciting twist to the beloved game. A Glimpse into the Mod The mod, created for both Minecraft Forge and Minecraft Fabric, introduces a range of new elements that are sure to shake up the gameplay experience. From innovative mechanics to quirky additions, this mod is set to offer players a fresh perspective on the… Read More

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    Skibidi vs. Poppy Playtime: Minecraft Toilet BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 3 MINECRAFT SKIBIDI TOILET BATTLE #newvirus’, was uploaded by Skibidi battless on 2024-02-25 12:24:12. It has garnered 96 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:11:45 or 705 seconds. Skibidi Battltess 🫡💥⚡️ Thanks for watching❤️❤️ Like and subscribe! 🥹🥰Skibidi Toilet is a series of viral YouTube Shorts uploaded on the DaFuq!?Boom! channel on YouTube. The series depicts a battle between the Skibidi Toilets ✅✅ ……………………………………………………. Subscribe to my channel: @skibidibattless All Battles in this Video are created by Skibidi Battless The audio and video sources in this video were… Read More

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