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but no chat today we are doing morio season 8 uh tomorrow chat is the big fight uh we there wasn’t exactly a dragon this season there’s something a little bit different that honestly we don’t even know a lot about uh but we know that the big fight’s tomorrow so we have been grinding uh the last like 2 days uh to get all of our gear ready and all of our things ready uh and we’re going to be doing a little bit more of that today um yeah this is going to be fun chat I I I think you guys are going to like today we’ve got we’ve got quite a bit of grinding to do uh and maybe at some point D and D stories today maybe at some point good morning hey things it’s been a minute hi Jack hi things guys I got some stuff to show you as you might be able to see uh I have a house I have a house um oh she actually made it for me um look at this look at this we’ve got we’ve got look at this we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got a little shelf we got a little desk we we got our our machines these are all of our machines um I’ll give you guys like a proper tour in a second but um yeah I have a house guys isn’t that crazy but let me um let me catch you guys up on kind of where we’ve been um so there is a lot going on um look at that isn’t that beautiful let me get that out of my out of my hand isn’t that a beautiful little little little house not very little actually oh she kind of went ham um I’m not going to lie uh we’ve got our animals which are uh packed in for sure we’ve also got several guys um many many [Music] guys but yeah we we’ve progressed um quite a bit here in in this in this world that we live in um in many ways in in many many ways so you know how I was telling you guys that I’ve been putting you know the lightning in my bones to good use and been doing a little bit of little bit of enchanting and putting some lightning in my putting some lightning in some things uh well I’ve kind of gone ham I I may have gone um really really ridiculously Ham on my things why am I still carrying this this I can have one of the nice ones now I just realized um yeah I might have gone a little bit crazy uh in terms of enchanting which to be clear is what I’m supposed to be doing that’s what I’m that’s what I’m I’m pulling through uh but we we’ve mainly chat been uh working on getting our XP up and also getting up the ET ladder thing the etch ladder love it love it thank you Loa for the six gifted oh that’s two times I’ve missed today that’s two times I’ve missed my dings I’m I’m off of it I doublesided tried it yeah chat this thing is so dumb this thing is ridiculous it does 13 damage right but also has poison six and weakness five it it it’s bad it’s bad and my sword isn’t that’s 17 damage and looting five yeah so I kind of I kind went a little crazy stupid um and to be clear it’s the same on like every everything is is ridiculous um in that regard but the they also have names this is static bolt and this is storms spark those are my guys um I I gave them funky names technically the sword is like better um but we’re uh we’re out here this kind of stuff have you even slept that much um I I’ve slept more than I had last time last time I didn’t sleep like a very not much at all this time I’ve only I’ve only [Music] um it’s not as bad last time that number was like three by this point so doing slightly slightly better uh we also have um stuff that centros is doing um this is C’s uh base I made him this house he doesn’t use um anything other than this floor I don’t think there’s a single thing up here what what did I make you this house for if you didn’t if you didn’t even want to it’s fine it’s fine uh and then we also have oshi’s place which uh is looking very nice looking very very Neato Neato burrito [Music] iguana um but we’ve got little little teleporters away uh and we’re we’re getting through this but I think we’re going to we’re going to say hi to uh Oshi who I think is around and theoretically uh centros will be as well he just might be a little bit indisposed at the moment uh but might be getting done with with what he’s doing soon who’s to say he might also be live but may have gotten sidetracked by a little a little bit of a a little bit of a redeem he’s beenin yes so true so true uh but yeah we’ve been grinding our our main goal today chat uh is to go kill monsters we need to go out and we need to kill imps uh and we’re going to do that in sos’ world because ours is very hard to navigate uh surprisingly but let’s see let’s see see and say hello hello hello oh how are you today doing good I’m around my own place taking care of my naag Gators ah yes I have I have a na Gator how’d you get him I think he went through the teleporter he’s tied to a post now it’s okay he’s what I am holding him hostage what why I I listen you you’re there’s a couple of of the other types of buddies that I that I stole no you can’t have him I mean he he’s not complaining what’s he saying what what is what does he say jokes on the losers in other lands we have all the resources oh man you’re right he loves it here no that’s mine no yours one says jokes on the other ones we have all the trees mine he’s talking about mine he’s you are the losers in other lands you know that right no he’s totally he’s talking he’s in my land why would you say that to me why would he call me a loser to my he tried to hint that he wants to go home perhaps s um you tied him to a post they put their thingies together did you just put your fies together what is this do you do this too no you don’t you put your hand up what am my what do my iguanas do hold on I think all my iguanas left I think all of my iguanas Went to went to David yeah I I wonder why he’s doing the thingies he he just might be oh I have a second teleporter for you so we can we can get a direct line between us hold on I’m coming over hello where is my citizen he’s he’s he’s he’s said he’s doing great he’s fine Harold what [Music] happened don’t don’t don’t conspire with him don’t conspire with him he conspires he’s mine if you wait a long enough time he’ll say here in the land of of petrification and Frogs We Worship the [ __ ] Rogue of space do you know who that is that’s me is you are you the Rogue of space no I’m the maid of breath exactly my my iguanas have been looking for [Music] me he’s talking about home he wants to go home dude no what do you mean no no I veto he Liv post you’re tied to are you both on the same post I don’t care absolutely they are hold on they are they are absolutely tied to the same post come on come on don’t don’t don’t do this don’t don’t take him away he’s my only Navigator you tied him to a post he’s my he’s my navigator and you he’s my navigator who was exploring and he what if he wants to stay here just let him walk around and if he comes back to you he comes back to you you like me I’m just I’m just going to walk away just going to walk away while I can as he as he as he walks over to mine to my side no it’s okay buddy you’re not going to be tied to a post anymore all my guys leave you can’t blame me but I wonder why they saw you tie two other consorts to a post what he’s hiding behind me look at this he is hiding behind you I haven’t moved since I walked over here okay fine you can take him home you want go home to your family buddy I think he’s going to go say goodbye to his friend oh nope he was just he just did a little walk around they are just a little stupid to be [Music] fair there was a sub drop Chatters hold on hold on let me let me get on that should be there that’s numbers that’s numbers for sure thank you Bobby if you know you know for the five months so thank you had to had to say hello to my things taking him home I I don’t have a teleporter directly to my place and I need I need David for that you you can you can take him to David and then take him to you true all right come on buddy come on you’re not going to be subjected to these conditions anymore come on over here if I can’t get him within the into the teleporter myself then he can stay here but okay okay oh okay did the lead go through I don’t think so it should have yeah it’s not it’s not on this okay all right come on buddy let me see if I can make a little bit of a LOF uh oh that’s the other thing I to do okay but no chat why is he just is it lagging uh it’s okay for me right now he’s just standing on the teleporter from David’s place to mine and nothing’s happening huh I don’t know I can go through it okay um are did you get banished is that why you were here did he get banished that’s lore did you get banished I guess you know I guess he’s got to stay in your place then he’s not going through mine I mean fair enough if I think he’s in danger in David’s area yeah I wouldn’t keep him there oh he’s not going through yours either all right I guess that’s where he wants to be he’s chosen David’s place as his do it well the lead went through but not him but not him fair [Music] enough what the [ __ ] why are you like cursed what’s wrong with you I wonder if they have a thing keeping them from teleporting like too quickly yeah maybe uh you don’t need anything Enchanted you don’t need anything [Music] Enchanted okay chilling right now watch this watch this come on be really silly if he goes through This Time come on come on buddy come home come home to me oh my God he’s mine okay I guess he does live with you now he’s mine can’t tie him to a [ __ ] post okay I’ll leave him be I’ll leave him be make him a home you make him a home you build on mine okay okay fine I get can I get to David’s world through your compter no I can’t use your computer no these guys are going to need to move okay good I got the memo it’s so sad I can’t access all your emails no no no identity theft Exchange program yeah you’re not wrong he’s he’s on an exchange program it’s it’s okay but chat our our two main goals yours you could our two main goals for today chat are the two days the server has left yeah get XP and kill guys uh the way I’ve been getting XP is this the this this ore drops a ton of XP so I just spawn it in massive clumps uh and then mine it and then get all that XP and call it a day cuz I get I’m getting like double XP from ores uh it’s pretty nice pretty sweet life that I got going on um I don’t know chat but yeah the other thing we need to do chat the only way to climb up the ladder that we need to be climbing up is by killing the Mind stuck mobs so imps ogres basilisk litches and then the the the gly clop is which we basically just have to go out really far from my spawn and house and just kill stuff uh but once centros gets on I think we’re going to do an armor raffle I think we’re going to we’re going to raffle off all of the armor that I’ve Enchanted between us uh because all of it is like various levels of power it’s all like varying varying power levels so I’m cooking a little bit actually we doing a little bit of cooking I’m cooking a little bit with this little house cooking it up I’m cooking a little I like how you’re building it for the Navigator but all of my other guys don’t get a house yeah they can get [ __ ] okay it’s well I’m not going to build one for the the iguanas okay I don’t I don’t take care if you want to build a a a little like I don’t know what that like a little house for your iguanas you can that are in my land you can toou sh I have a healthy mix of a whole bunch of them getting a nice house he they keep coming over from David’s place and I can’t stop them yeah I know you have a lot of my iguanas too oh look chat do you think I have enough cite too much you think this is enough what if I build like a Spire of cruite yeah you should because honestly that’s where I’m at else you going to use what else am I going to use a double chest of kide blocks for yeah what do they what do they make oh they do make stuff hold on okay they don’t they don’t make nothing actually I lied nothing nothing of note nothing of note make a dis I could make discs oh chat look at my discs look at um look at um soon I will have like 11 copies of cat oh what I’m what I’m going for honestly what if I did bu 11 copies of cat um I I could I could spare [Music] them but yes I do want 11 copies of cat it’s the it’s the life I choose to live okay mhm let’s see don’t you have 12 copies of cap it’s in it’s in a dungeon like I if I really wanted to I could go get more copies of cat but you also hit a point sometimes where it’s like how much is too much the amount you have now what no I I think I think eight is like a good number and you you’re you’re like three above that yeah I have I have 14 I have I have 12 copies could be more honestly oh no no I don’t okay um just going to start being like the currency you trade in honestly uh I that’s going to be like three copies of cat please if I could just have some some copy I think 17’s enough okay well I can I can get to [Music] 17 Hefty asking price okay I think I’m going to I’m going to finish mining this Cube and then I’m going to go off into Oblivion and kill some stuff for a while luck I need to do the same I just really don’t want to yeah I don’t want to either but like just to Bear every every rung that we go up is increasing our like damage and our hearts so it’s like know even if we don’t get to the top it’s still it’s still doing stuff but I I hate it should I be doing this yes do I want to is is my thing though exactly oh chat tonight I go to a magic the Gathering tournament there’s a new set coming out the Cowboys the Cowboys the I’ve spoken of the the actual cards come out tonight so I’m going to C house and I and theoretically also Haley uh are all going to play a little a little tournament which is fun one where your guy made a surprise appearance yeah yes that would be that would be this set my my favorite lad that mind Mage guy as Haley calls him white boy of the month yeah that that’s where he gets his son waai for them to be on Arena I got like two draft tokens yeah it’s it’s dropping it’s dropping I think a little earlier on Arena and the when it like actually drops this is the pre-release where come see the neck again house I’m coming I’m coming hold on honestly he has a home this is a whole home this is his house Andro play you live here do you live like this like this okay that’s feeling good every time I imagine Ajax and they’re got your outfit there’s cat ears no listen listen my thing won’t stop trying to make me an actual maid they were like wear a maid dress and I’m like no no are they going to pay you for it cuz like I feel like if they do if they pay me I’ll do it that’s that’s true I do accept bribes I mean I I’d wear a maid dress for bribes personally honestly we be making this island a home yeah okay let me go I’m going off into Oblivion I will see you around Soldier good luck all right yeah I’m I’m in Mars I love Mars wait why are you in in in centro’s place it’s like the it’s the flattest oh and like my my place uh the the problem with it is uh the trees make it so the big guys don’t spawn oh okay that makes sense yeah so it’s it’s slightly better for me to to go out and can I sense makes sense I was like why are you going there I want to go East Direction I want weast why not arson oh no no no Chad I’m an arsonist I I’d be putting uh Magic in in my my lightning in my weapons and I’m also putting uh them on fire it’s it’s the it’s the this have I have my my enchanting stuff and then I have my AR Chad we have not calmed down since last season it may it may seem like that but we haven’t yeah we we really haven’t God just separated all of us yeah now we can’t just go out and just kill people brutally instead we have to be killing these things burn the Tre so Bob spawn okay I see the vision to be fair that’s you’re you’re bringing up a good point I I see what you’re what you’re putting down right there little town see what I can discover canonical arson yes always always but no chat I have have little bit of of DnD D stories that I that I could talk about from from our last session TM I I slept through our last session I had I had three points of exhaustion and everyone else went off and did stuff and I said I’m taking a nap such is such is the way oh you guys you guys want D and D stories today I could I could drop some I could I could drop a little bit of of of of tea on what occurred while I brutally murder things yes yes yes yes I thoroughly appreciate how much you guys like hearing about it because it’s it consumes my brain it gives me brain warms I want that though centros has been out here it would seem and has been buying from these good fine gentlemen but he clearly doesn’t have a need for discs which honestly rip him what what did him picked greens you know honestly I’ll take some greens bowl of leaves literally just a salad good what we’re going for okay so chat with the the the slight bit of oh oh hey King the man just raided me he really finished doing d and d and went damn I’m done I’m done hi Raiders how was stream I don’t know what campaign you made this character for but I’m I’m afraid the problem with you guys being able to make NPCs uh on sos’ account is that since I tell you about my campaign you guys can make things uh to to to to to notably mess with me should what what did I help what what hello good sir I was talking about how because I talk about our campaign people could make NPCs with the distinct intention to mess with one of us like oh yeah they don’t though they just make dudes and it’s fun I love dud I love that well now they’re going to well yeah you did give them the idea so you’re kind of a dumbass for that but like other than that it’s fine well hey guys one of you guys should make a brother to Fair the one I turned into goo make another one you turned him into goo I may have punched him tell you about that yeah you want to talk about and I did that yeah the character you played Jala mm she’s she’s mush I figured I I I saw that was going down I was like this character is [ __ ] dying I was canonically I was I was I was ready to ruin some days yeah they got turned into goo fados turned into goo I forget that you call him that yes fados got turned into goo I ruined his day I mean I think his day was already ruined Yeah by that time but like you kind of did yeah to be clear body I didn’t get the killing blow on either of them I actually didn’t I hit I hit I hit Jala once I hit my stepmom once but I didn’t get the killing blow on either of them uh after they were dead you really are just a step son you got the drywall you got to put a hole in the drywall next yeah I considered making a chicken race from new book and naming them Charles big sigh I may turn off my redeems for a little bit guys no Chicken Races I I veto that idea you can just veto it I think it’s fodes in the sherp verse no faries would have a great relationship with Charles actually guys charity fodes would see him and be like damn chicken walk away yeah I don’t think he has beef with chickens we’re not making my world caned in your [ __ ] [ __ ] okay it is not part of the SHP I won’t do that to you the naor house is complete yay the man I was holding hostage has a home why are you holding a neat hostage not anymore now he’s now he’s a citizen what did I walk into what did I okay I I I’m I’m I’m minding my own business I’m doing my own thing I’m drawing my little vampire lady while like doing a other stuff in the game and I hear Sher come in and go um I have one of your guys tied up to a pole I go what and I walk over and he’s got they’ve got a necator and a turtle both tied to a pole near their animal pens I wanted one of all of them I didn’t want him to leave did you get a salamander no you only had one and he’s gone now yeah I killed him you killed him yeah we were we were going to get a salamander they’re yellow he came through the VP shop he did come through the vpop I have one of those he went on a journey he he visited far Realms he was going to tell his Brethren of what he saw and how it was just [ __ ] sand that’s too dang that’s that’s what I saw that’s what I I have one of them I’m not debating making a akator house in David’s World no don’t I’ll kill whatever you put in there what the [ __ ] it’s it’s off of principle Emmy it is off of principle and you know what the hell you literally have them they come through the thing that doesn’t mean I want them on my land okay the Turtles only get us past because they spawn in anyways they they are your literal consorts they literally worship you they yeah and you know what they deserve death those are those are your worshipers and you’re not they literally are meant to help you no one gives a [ __ ] about them wow you have more iguanas than I think turtles yeah he has like all of my iguanas I I think I have one of my guys still on my Island I’m just saying I proba say about bother making a house I would have to make it by hand is the other thing which like makes me a little upset that you would like tear it down and kill the things in there I I wouldn’t tear it down it would stand the structure would stand I would use it for something else just wouldn’t be a naugat house why it finally be your new storage it would be another storage building finally I look at your place and I don’t think you have any na Gators anyway they all think you’re stinky they know you know honestly that’s fair I’ve been out and [ __ ] murdering these stupid ass minions forever they’re not real they’re made of computer what is that the lore what yeah no the the things that are like that you kill are all in the computers we are in a yeah that’s why have you wondered how when we first opened up the game and we suddenly you know pressed a computer and like wow we now we’re in a whole new world the computer it’s like it’s like Sword Art Online it’s like Sword Art Online how how did you figure this out what the [ __ ] uh one of my Navigators is weirdly hey I’m not real yeah oh that’s that’s a I think you might want to put him down I think I think you might want to put that down no one of my Navigators is weirdly intelligent and like info dumped to me about everything and how everything works um I mean fair enough they had like yeah put it down this they had this thousand yard look in their eye yeah that’s the first you got to get rid of it no you got to get rid of it his name is Chris kill it no kill the fire neor has a name Chris yeah you named them no he that’s his name that’s I I didn’t name him they have kids they’re sentient his name is Chris he told me I thought they were computer viruses well yeah no they’re they are computer but they’re like artificial intelligent computer they they they’re sentient they are sentient why don’t talk senent that was I guess mine are better so what I’m hearing is come and Kill The Navigators got it me I could go get Chris no please don’t do this to anybody listen theator who may live in the real world I need to go get Chris the Navigator who may live in the real world walks in with red skin died by Sharpie long no it’s the only thing I know about this [ __ ] Universe this fan this fandom and it will hold I will haunt anyone that is a fandom of this dis what I got a dis oh oh I’m in a Dungan oh okay cuz I felt like it ding together no I’m just dunging okay when I’m when I’m when I get out I I’m going to bring the uh the no the uh the armor and we can we can have a raffle what just hand me the armor why the [ __ ] would but I think it would be fun this isn’t about fun this is about survival why are we raffling [ __ ] about about me me me well I’m sorry I [ __ ] you I think logically apparently I don’t know why we’re raffling I don’t know I wanted to have a little I wanted to have a fun time F if you want to raffle we can [ __ ] raffle no I I just genuinely don’t know what’s going on are We raffling the weapons no so I just have like six sets of diamond armor that are all fully like maxed out but they’re all like very levels of uh like crap they’re not all the same so I was going to say like I can put them all in a chest and we take it like piece by piece so that way everybody like I could just do it and figure out like everybody gets to one of protection seven everybody gets one of two of protection six no that’s fine I’m going to raffle and take the best [ __ ] but yeah but we go in order that’s like the whole yeah and then I will take the next best [ __ ] on my next turn yeah that’s that’s how Raffles go I don’t know man we can do it I’m fine I just think it’s dumb the weapons aren’t being raffled right I get my no your your weapon is good I also need you to make one more sword for Oshi yeah to also one of my Navigators just said please I need to pay for my children to attend college so uh I I get that for my turtles a lot and I try to give them money I have like uh 1.2 billion right now boom dollars yeah and like don’t want it maybe they have a different currency what the [ __ ] else would their currency be why do we buy things from them with, Boon dollars I have I’ll count in a second to give you an exact number of the Jeffrey Bezos I am Dang hold on I’m getting attacked what that was I have uh hold on one two three CH you want to know a secret for disc 765,7 I’m only down here for the disc how that is too many how uh you guys want some can you do that I don’t know probably not send me a money order on my computer it’s not digital it doesn’t matter right like it doesn’t matter yeah I don’t think we’re going to be able to keep this wait so you’re telling me this nice house I made it’s all just going to like all way I mean that’s not that’s not well all of it’s going to go away eventually to be fair well yeah well yeah cuz that’s kind of the bit but like I don’t know yeah everything is digital this whole place is a computer game so we’re just playing a game right now uh shrug this whole place is a computer game there’s a big big bad guy at the end that we need to kill um bad guy I don’t know I think it changes so so if we hit the the highest level I think we then fight the big bad I think we’re going to fight a yours is named hephestus I’ve talked to your your guys before they’ve talked about hephestus well yeah I I’d [ __ ] up a hephestus probably probably not get [ __ ] up by hesus actually I like the Quick Change of like maybe I don’t say that maybe even if it means something different maybe the the mod Creator really decided to use that name and I was like guys this is this is kind of [ __ ] you guys gave it to the Greek Pagan who can’t say [ __ ] like that without I shout out to them giving Kyra Nemesis that’s funny as hell I was like damn they really gave me [ __ ] it is they gave me the one thing I probably shouldn’t say ever oh yeah what at least he’s not the one known for being like like you said some [ __ ] about me I’ll [ __ ] kill you what do you mean he’s not known for that yes he is is he yes I thought like on the scale not really like other ones he okay fun fact uh chat this is going to be a slightly PG-13 story um he caught [ __ ] okay yeah if we’re talking about Aries and Aphrodite that’s a whole different thing I mean he’s done it to others as well but yes he caught [ __ ] Aphrodite Aries cheating and then tied them both in a chair naked and had all the the gods come and ridicule them I love my [ __ ] days yeah and then he was like I’m I know the story CU posidon ended up having to pay him to get them down yeah cuz I think posidon was like I’m done with this please Zeus wasn’t going to well yeah cuz Zeus is a little that’s one of them is known for being an that that one that one I’m much more akin to [ __ ] with because like that one is known for striking people what if I’m what if I’m lightning though I don’t know what if I’m what if I I’m not but what if I’m lightning dude this is a weird ass [ __ ] conversation to follow in this house where we actively [ __ ] pray to them them we’re like no we are the gods we’re to kill the gods [ __ ] the gods man I’m fine I’m what’s the I’m what’s I’m their langu what I’m learning Greek Oh I thought you’re talking about your [ __ ] turtles or whatever the [ __ ] no I was like they speak the same language we do dumbass it’s called you don’t know that maybe this this their second language dude you don’t know they’re speaking that language right now yeah maybe they have a maybe they have a native language like a cons they probably do and not talking to us because we’re not native yeah no we’re we’re digital exactly we’re digital we are Style dancing digital Style hey this is fun what don’t have me I’m scared guys don’t Me I’m Scared is is a a a significant moment in my my life I I do remember that yeah I remember watching it on like the React channel because I didn’t want to watch it um like alone yeah all of your iguanas are also being like I sense the present of the RO presence of the Rogue of space so I think I’m converting some of the iguanas by accident yeah probably no uh what’s it called um no don’t hug me I’m scared is like the reason Haley and I started talking because we were both into it and like the first time we ever hung out was to theorize about on how I’m scared it’s important in my personal timeline in in the the real life sh dude what did you say I didn’t even [ __ ] pay attention to a word you were saying be so [ __ ] for real I wasn’t even I didn’t even listen what were you talking about no it’s too late now you don’t get to hear it okay streamer streamer lore drop I thought I dropped all my lore but uh nope yeah you got you got a couple things in the B nobly not dropped all by lore yeah you you got things in the bag I I I think it’s funny cuz sometimes I’ll drop L to chat who will be like what the [ __ ] did you just say they’ll be like yeah like guys they don’t even know me and Oshi are dating half the [ __ ] time so like realistically we can drop whatever and they still won’t know yeah I can be like I actually committed murder seven times chat be like what and then tomorrow yeah tomorrow I’ll say it again and they’ll be like okay I didn’t know that and this is small story I have we have this one friend in our dorms named Billy now Billy the best way I can describe them is unhinged so Billy yesterday said something something that half of the people in the room agreed with I won’t say like other things that Billy said but for reference we believed them when they went I once killed an adaah hiker in Vermont and we all went yeah that sounds about right because they said it with such conviction and they’re like the charges were dropped though and in my mind I was like they’re probably lying but like that sounds about right because of the other things that they have told us that they have gone through and like they’ve had records to back it up so like we were all just like yeah I I believe that and then they went oh my God guys I did not kill an eah hiker in Vermont what the [ __ ] is wrong with you [Music] all you don’t say out a pocket [ __ ] what’s WR with you for saying out a pocket [ __ ] we we were all saying saying like [ __ ] like that to be fair yeah cave spider bad what cave spider bad with do not understand Dave spider I wasn’t paying attention Dave spider David the spider I’m a spider no it is the place for that what Dave Strider no da I know just enough about Homestuck to know all the names yeah I’m in a similar boat Dave he’s the one that looks a lot like Tommy in it except with sunglasses and like a decal on on his shirt I’m so confused I know nothing still I want to be clear this entire two weeks still not learned anything about it you don’t need to I think I’ve I’ve purposely away just because of Chris that’s your own fault yeah I did open that door yeah you could have been like no close the door well no he wanted to talk about it I gave him a safe space you can still say no the [ __ ] [ __ ] that I say no I say no to people I want to listen to all the time the record chat I’m moderately looking for mending books um do we need that’s like my ulterior motive right now other than and Potions I’m looking for why I thought we I found blue gushers I was like do we need these I’m looking for for mending books and Unbreaking books to or that that works too I know um what is the name of them sure sure I’m not going to be mad about a god Apple to put on Shields because uh my Shields can’t be enchanted naturally uh I have to find various else think your bag so yeah H sword please okay yes thank you but anything else sword please take the potion out of the lad that’s literally it I just you just yeah ooshi Oshi needs sword other than that everything is is good yes okay is there any other like item types we need anything else for combat anything else for running anything else for food okay they’re called hellacious blue fleem aneurism gushers yeah we here we’re good okay I have I have so many of those we don’t need the fleg gushers no no did you not not particular L oi I need you to come cook the food with your highle food stuff please I’m in a dungeon right now well you don’t have to do it now I’m just saying in the future eventually telling me to get in the [ __ ] kitchen I see you pick the food you picked the food don’t [ __ ] wow me I’ll wow you told me also why’ you leave your Feer spawn lands here noi my what your Feer spawn Lance everything else in your chest is gone but there’s a Feer spawn Lance I have one is it Enchanted no there’s another one that’s in there that’s one I’m I’m coming back you should probably come and put it back so we can get the other one I don’t know why I keep taking horse armor like I’m going to get horses yeah there’s no horses here same with like Saddles buy an egg no we don’t we don’t need need horses I don’t really want a you don’t want an egg you don’t want soul but I don’t I don’t need it I think you need it and youris gushers yep that’s what they’re called that’s absolutely correct that’s one of the words in their name there’s a lot of them out of what the [ __ ] hellacious means okay somebody tell me what hellacious means we can talk about it I don’t really know but I do at the same time yeah I’ve heard it well okay well tell me what it is explain give me information I think it means you just said you knew vaguely like a lot I got a crypted photo nice don’t look at it too long uh you might have a SCP uh3 come at you I personally don’t think so [Music] yeah what I didn’t hear anything you said what did you say nothing no what did you say [ __ ] tell me don’t lie to me it’s not you were talking at the same time four [ __ ] P okay how are we doing today I am play block game I am do dun gang I am dungeon I am dungeon boy but not end dragons just dungeon don’t need it there’s the other one there it is trying to break the spawners cuz I can’t place torches until the spawners are all gone there’s more there we go is that all of them that’s all of them we did it we did it guys I’m just going to I’m just going to take a second they’re getting loud they’re getting aggressive so I’m I’m going to take a moment to breathe and say hello chat how are we doing I hope this is like moderately coherent that you guys can like follow what I’m doing at least uh because what what what what I’m doing makes sense I think a little at least at least a little bit uh I am just aggressively dungeon that’s what that’s what my lifestyle is um more steak Beauty Vibes my beloved okay more oh my goodness that’s a banger chat whoa whoa there whoa there Gamers we got a banger on our hands hold the phone acious adjective extremely powerful or violent good difficult okay I made s bir times good good yes good as you should as you should let me put some of this stuff into my bag oh I’m out of space in my bag okay well that’s a good sign that it’s time to go home uh and the way we’re going to do that is we’re going to drop down here and go until we find a little uh a little gate which I think is going to be over here all right should I go back to them should I go back and let them and let them go go crazy go stupid okay I have so many frog St I have so many things are you guys ready to raffle sure I’m actually back home so yeah okay hold on let me let me go empty out my inventory cuz it’s very full right now and then and then we have a a fun a fun uh Time new Lance yeah okay uh where did I put TNT what do you need TNT King I just have some that I picked up you know how it is so weird oh this is this like the dimensional gate portal yeah that that is what we were using to farm that’s how we got shulker boxes actually so yeah they have like the meat so that I can [ __ ] not eat potatoes anymore what I I don’t want to eat potatoes anymore yeah they’re right they’re right here thank God I don’t you need to cook it I I I know all right here we go I think I’m going to die sometime today it’s fine you might all right Chad you ready I’m about to do my favorite thing I’m going to go into my my my capture and I’m going to make it explode you ready yeah you you’re not even doing the sound right you can’t steal my sound and do it wrong I’ll steal your sound it’s not even a good sound you can’t even do it right so therefore it’s not a good sound dis dis what are you cursing him what the [ __ ] dis look at that look at that I almost have a double chest full of discs I’m like that guy hey hey wait maybe hey hey look at these I’m I’m going to go deal with it that’s a terrifying way to say anything I’m wor I’m going to go deal with it I’m going to come over here hold on I want to see where are you eling good you want let me show you my discs yeah show me show me your discs what are you going to do to them show me your discs show me your discs what are you going to do to them show me the discs Okay no Okay this is this is getting me flashbacks to 2021 I will literally kill you I will literally kill you I will literally kill you I’m not going to stop I won’t stop I won’t stop you will die you’re going to die you have a paragol lier I will kill you I will not hesitate I’ll throw him down calm down chill your [ __ ] gourd give you loser can’t believe you would do this to me all my 11 copies of cat did you just pick them all up yeah oh you put them in your disc yeah I had to put him back in there even though I just took them out I got him don’t worry chat don’t worry everything is okay all right go to go to your Island King uh and we’ll do the we’ll do the raffle there I mean like but like consider I have something I could do still what’s the something you could do I mean like you might kill me right you you may kill me but I mean like you would lose everything you have a bomb I have two bombs no I built that away from the fight you’re you kill me right now you will lose all of your armor all of your nice armor you’re going to attack Ajax you have to I’m not going to attack Ajax I just want to blow up the discs I just I want the disc G where have I seen this before okay let’s go I’m [ __ ] around I don’t give a [ __ ] let’s go you can’t go that way I know I went to the wrong house it doesn’t go anywhere yeah it does it took me to mine it shouldn’t it did did does it have a little Mesa around it no uh it went to mine yeah because it goes to ooshies and then it goes to yours yeah you dummy dummies what what say it say it with your chest I thought better of my words and phrasing I decided to not say whatever I was going to say no you didn’t no you didn’t you said it with your heart I said it with no particular words in general there’s more uh meat for you to cook I there’s not enough room I I know I’m just letting you know there’s more I there’s another me m I feel judged I’m not wearing any armor before there’s energy in the studio today can I just say it’s it’s the fact that we haven’t been able to see anybody else besides each other for the last two weeks and it’s showing I’ve seen like maybe three people in God why do we need that many bombs what are you talking about what you talking about what are you talking about okay give me give me give me a give me a chest make one then I guess I don’t know that’s what I’m doing you word this is it’s this is just like the [ __ ] pandemic all over again hey did you make it I have I got one that’s too bad I have this one all right everybody gather around gather around hold on hold on hold on I’m grilling I’m grilling I’m grilling hold on I have gift gift for you gift for you food love it love it love it and list it all right okay I’m going to dump there is exactly I I King King you will literally die if you can this off I will end stream and yell obscenities at you I will yell obscenities yeah yes yeah okay here is the armor there is enough for all of us to have one more all right okay some of them are ridiculous some of them are less ridiculous um how do we decide who goes first uh I do me because I’m God’s favorite princess no who’s been on longer okay we can we can go by by by by play time sure no I think I need it more I’m at well uh you should have been on more ill figured out I have 1 Point 14 days I have I never know where to find this [ __ ] number I definitely have less that’s fair 1.75 Okay cool so you go first come pick 76 I what do you take first is that Thorns is it Thorns there’s Thorns ooh ooh there’s not a lot of thorns out there there Thorns though blast protection might actually be relevant damn I’m taking the blast protection Bo I’m taking that one you don’t have to take a chest plate by the way like you all other ones just have them breaking in protection and it doesn’t CH it’s it’s various levels though Fair of of pro which is why I doing this yeah you get the shitty pick at me L I hate it here I’m unloved I mean I love you probably my God all right your turn yeah H okay this one helmet all right I’m going to go boots this one leg just plate bam whatever you need the last one of yeah there you go go all right so you have the armor that you have on right now and this set this is your second set of armor okay so uh and then the helmet I have is the exact same and so is the chest plate and I’m pretty sure so is the pants except the No it’s it’s just because it’s better than not having a secondary AR and then here are these for both of you uh here is your cracked bow here is your cracked bow you both have a cracked Trident uh and Oshi I need to do your sword uh did you make a sword King you did okay yes I did I will go do your sword uh yeah and then all of your like specific weapons should be enchanted too I your two skates are done King yeah I know I’m going to pick them up now I’m moving my stuff into the thing now finally I don’t need this many Barber Sal pumps where did my where did my uranium go oh there it is okay I I just grabbed a bunch of your [ __ ] actually I don’t know I want to go test this I’m going to go hit like something with it yeah go for it and now I have to put on cers oh I can’t believe you would do this to me chat and yes I will do a listen I will do an epic listen chat what do you want me to do I haven’t sung in so long right let’s see what I get just like right off the bat on your sword looting sword I can do better than that though what if I give you the that’s what we’ll do also uh pick a suding oi what one of these pick it you got three choices hold on I need you to hold this oh your sword gets mending nice uh I think you picked up one of them here you go for you uh which ones which one do you have oh wait never mind oh I’m going with hearts okay a place for friends are always you open place for I’m going in the order you putting them out what do they do they’re weapons you throw them they’re like you go you go Kow can how many how many um how many how many cook steaks do you have uh I put all of it in the chest okay what shiver where you at my house okay coming over k k picking up your sudit angs I’ll throw them right back at you you go it is a little bit like a snowball fight it is they don’t they just harm armor but it’ll be better to have a ranged weapon along with everything else mhm um also you guys should make yourselves a um uh quiver yeah I’m about to I’m going to get bonus Quivers soon I’m I that’s what I’m going to hit yeah okay if you’re if you’re going to hit it then yeah we’ll just not get it yet I just didn’t know if you were hitting it I we steak do you guys currently have in your inventory hello uh one stack 62 okay so we each about have one stack I’m I’m just eating other things not the steak right now I will I you can if you want there’s now two and a half stacks of steak in the chest at David’s house want to sing SE little by instead because I don’t know it if I knew the song I would sing it I just don’t know it you mean six and a half that’s the that’s the only that’s the only thing person oh [Music] okay so this is my there’s more raw beef cook the raw beef I I got you this is my this is fight we’re going to end up needing to get gems on everything eventually then I know and I I don’t I don’t plan on using your bombs King I think you should always have the access to [Music] bombs you’re a demo man you can be Demo Man no I want to clear if we with the information we know it is good to also be able to do the same thing well sure but you are our demo man cuz you consistently bring bombs to us like a cat bringing food I okay no I bring you everything first of all secondly you are very cat coded I am Chad I’m going to keep my my good armor in my box because this is my like slightly less good armor so I’m going to leave leave this alone don’t don’t what don’t don’t did you just hiss like a cat no what was that then I nothing leave me alone nothing happened why did you hiss I didn’t hiss you hissed no I didn’t def you hissed dude I did not I the [ __ ] you’re talking about you guys are sounding crazy a whole you guys are absolutely sounding insane thinking I’m hissing you are no sorry not sorry you’re going crazy guys like I thought I was the one that was losing my mind a little bit [Music] but but like I’m not losing my mind at all you guys are going [ __ ] insane are like losing your mind I think it’s subconscious I don’t think he knows what’s happening what are you guys talking about I do not understand the thing don’t worry about it you said you wanted hearts for suding okay I’m going to take space I just threw mine at you I’m diamond yeah you you should have a full stack of diamond uh no I don’t do you think do you think oh I made clubs for myself that’s what I question question sure because I want to ask you instead of him should we call his name is Rondell right mhm right do we call him Ronnie or Dell for a nickname I think I like I like Ronnie sounds [Music] Dumber why are you guys I think Ronnie Dumber Ronnie Ronnie feels right I don’t make fun of your guys’s names what the [ __ ] yeah cuz my name’s cool no it’s objectively not cleaning supply name it’s exctly it’s a Greek myth yeah CLE also that’s the joke you’re a joke is that what no no like the cleaning Ajax the slogan is stronger than Greece because ajck the the myth man like beat Greece but it’s like a pun like Greece and then like like Grime also grease like the country I think he’s losing his mind no that’s the whole joke I i’ like 100% Emmy I think he’s losing his mind yeah greater in Ajax dare okay here’s a stack here’s a stack not even H at anything no he is cuz it’s every time I hit him what do you mean you’re hitting me I thought I was just getting bapped around by one of the stupid imps did you take my elytra uh you absolutely took my elytra did I it’s it your chest has all your stuff oh yeah you didn’t grab your stuff that’s fair well l uh fix it fix it fix it I guess I don’t know bch that time I did hit him so I’ll allow oh why are you hitting me this is dumb oh you you you just don’t realize you [Music] did what you made me sound insane just now all right there’s more there’s more meat in the chest for you guys yeah yay give me give me give me no I ran out of it why are you hissing what I’m not hissing you’re calm the fu down really not this is such a weird bit dude this is I don’t even think the first one I know it’s a bit now but the first one definitely wasn’t no it was a bit it was a bit the entire time are you sure are you sure cuz the first one was on Instinct it seems no it was it was definitely a bit calm down take a chill pill I’m not actually a cat cat R’s a cat Rondo’s a cat is that like your best hiss uh no give us your best give us your best his please no no can you can you imagine yeah iconic said y’all’s cats are probably can you imagine being Lulu or havoc and you just hear D oh yeah she’s probably oh no she’s asleep she does not give a [ __ ] yeah this is normal for her yeah it’s true hey can you have me one of your uranium lumps by the way uh let me see please and thank you that would be a lovely they’re all in here thank you um also put that Q stack modus in your inventory and then put it into your your little capture card place how huh where what do you mean how how have you not learned where’s the capture card place can uh go press wait never mind use item there you go do I need this anymore not the old one not okay the new one just makes it to where you can access your stuff from the front instead of going all the way to the back mhm can we put some cers he has a redeem on his stream he has C ears he has them for sure I’m also not streaming that is true he has cat ears mhm do I no yes you do chat no conx don’t you don’t you put that [ __ ] curse on me okay I’m fish you can be catfish no what’s hey math whz what’s 6 64 * 3 64 * 3 mhm [Music] 190 are you right you are cool here’s another stack of uranium for you another stack for uh King you have another stack of uranium thank you somebody says what would you guys’ Warrior Cat’s name be I don’t know enough about warrior cat I [ __ ] have one uh I don’t know what that means technically I think Ice Quake could be could be a Warrior Cat’s name oh yeah Quake totally would would be something cuz it’s it’s just got to be stuff in nature so they have uh so the way that Warrior Cats work is you have the first the prefix and the suffix so you have like for examp word word yeah word word so there’s fire heart and they they start off is there a meaning for like what the first word represents and what the second word represents uh not okay the first word not entirely usually it’s like physical attributes because like so there’s fire heart because he’s he’s a red cat and was like gray stripe because he was gray but they start off with kit so like gray kit fire paaw ah okay all cats go through a kit in a paw phase because when you’re an apprentice they they’re like yeah you’re you you graduate from kit to Paw while you’re learning how to be a cat so you get like you start off with like fire paw sandpaw gray paw um blue paw uh but there’s also like tiger and other ones yeah and then the other one I think that your warri name does in some way have a um like a a meaning like there’s there’s one there is a cat named Sandstorm to be fair uh and then there’s also like gry stripe because he he looks like that and then there’s like fireart because he’s real real like that and then there’s like tiger claw claw wall is a really common like like last one uh can one of you take the soul soul sand dial dowel I have and make a [ __ ] a metric [ __ ] ton of Soul Sand why uh I have plans you cannot you cannot tell because the haters will sabotage you what where where is the where’s your Dow in one of the Dow chest where’s your D’s chest you think I’m using my machines around it’s good I’ve used my machines of but my machines there is no what do you what do you need a uranium to make nothing you use it to mend using the anill no no I mean like uranium Grist No Soul Sand is that it there there should be a Soul Sand D somewhere there is no soul sand candy sickle Blaze Rod Sky do not list there there are two chest if you don’t see it in the first one look in the other one please wait you didn’t see those [Music] two Withers are wither skulls uranium I don’t think you can copy them found the soul s thank [Music] you then no I think I think my my warrior cat name would probably have sand at the beginning cuz cuz ocean you’re abrasive oh what the [ __ ] I love you that was a little be it was Bean I’m sorry Soul Sand do you need you as much as you can I I am the I would start with Samy because I’m an [ __ ] um as much as you can make so that’s uh what four times four times going to be about is what 12 so if you can make 192 I can make up to 255 okay 192 is good we’ll each have a stack of sand and we’ll all have uh the other item as well now hold on a minute what I might I might be storm Quake would be a a cool ass Warrior cat’s name what if I just made five wither skulls how would that make you feel did you bake them I did sounds great do it make more I need more oil oh well Soul Sand also takes oil so yeah it takes a bunch of uranium but I currently have 7,000 uranium so I was like what can I use this for why do you guys’s consorts keep challenging me to a rap battle what yeah uh kill them no you guys have full permission to kill anything on my land that [Music] is one of one of your turtles just said we would love to invite you Rogue of space to our secret Wizard’s cult so kill him no I don’t he’s invited me to it as well and I haven’t been able to join so kill him I didn’t invited to the wizard you’re not cool enough I just got invited again by a different guy they they’re just giv me huh I might just kill all of them before I leave I just you could um that’s something for sure uh I have to go listen to a song I’ll be back just think on that just think on that all right I’m going to listen uh all my what’s it called friends something with friends something with friends friends place for friends we got it all right chat uh I have a CH Redemption for me to listen to or sing a song chat redeemed and want me to listen to a song so we’re going to do that uh at the same time chat I’m going to go do a bunch of arson does that sound good I’m going to go do a bunch of arson uh as soon as the time permits me to does that sound good I have a sick plan uh but we’re going to do a little bit bit of a listen to the song and while we’re doing that I’m going to burn down some trees or several who’s to say do we do we do we like that all right so I’m going to be I’m going to be moving around in the background but I’m going to be listening all right I promise all right let me let me let me get rid of these litches first but I I I kind of just got to stay in the grind uh but we can do a we can do a sick listen all right all right here we go I’m going to press play it it the body becomes frail the spirit BEC stronger because you have something to look forward to [Music] guess it’s been a long time we coming now I’ve been waiting for the rain to wash you down for change [Music] Gods I know I’m zoomed good I’m [Music] listening the doctor’s been saying complications happen been saying you should probably slow it down I like the vibe of this everything’s fine telling everybody else you’re running out of time running out of time so I say my prayers for the grave are there waiting for the day we meet again and you can save us Place pass them pretty [Music] wide yeah place for friends I like this I like this a lot [Music] this is what I also offer quick you can find us on the porch remembering the good times and all the funny [Music] things best show us all the way and then you wining your way so I’ll say my prayers for the graveyard there waiting for the day we meet again and you can save us a [Music] place place friends this is a song so I’ll save my prayers for the grave waiting for the day we meet again and you can say Place pass them wide Gat for friends yeah friends yeah place for friends yeah [Music] I like it yeah definitely about losing a loved one with the hope of meeting them afterwards yeah that’s that’s the bit and I think that’s neat it’s a very very neat topic for a song I like it a lot I like it a lot I have thoughts I can’t share most of them for reasons [Music] but yeah I like it Picasso we’ve also burned down a bit of this Forest we’ve burned down a good bit of the forest and I am pleased oh good you right you light things on fire I forgot how close am I to leveling up got it take so long to to level up Fireball me Fireball me or not I guess I was hoping he would add to the arson but he didn’t we going to say quick then not exactly I just have thoughts I’ve just got them that’s all that that’s all I’ll say I’m going to go kill this Clump over here and then we’re going to use that gate back um uh and um probably go out and kill more stuff like we’re doing right now but probably over in David’s land because his land is a lot easier to navigate notably because he doesn’t have trees everywhere where are all of these mystery liches there’s just it just like there’s a bunch of them do I want to go down this not really fix this apologist noise intensify yeah ah you silly gooses you silly silly gooses but no Chad for for the first time in a while we I feel like prepped for the fight tomorrow uh I just don’t feel I like the only thing I can do now is level up my skill tree and level up my ladder uh and everything else like I have ready so it’s kind of just a sit and wait for a little bit but let’s take this gate back that was hiding from me and we’re home at this guy’s little house yeah he’s got a little house in there me I’m the silly goose on that part of move the trees it wasn’t efficient enough and I don’t have Flint like I don’t have gravel laying around it doesn’t spawn naturally in my world so I don’t have a way to make like a bunch of flint and steals otherwise I would have that was my initial thing and then I realized that I didn’t have any flint and I was like oh well we’ve got a problem on our hands say it just in case hello hi oh my goodness what what nothing what song was it was it good it [ __ ] what was it it was just poor man’s Poison song poor man oh well yeah okay that’s fair that’s what that’s what that’s what they’ve been making me listen to like just a lot of yeah well that’s pretty accurate that’s that’s also very good music so I will give him that yeah I know I know you can actually enjoy Poor Man’s poison so Po’s poison I’m bringing more raw meat for you yeah I hate that what what do you think I was saying I’m talking about raw beef in Minecraft I’m just saying that you’re a dumbass that’s all I was saying King Okay I accept I would hope so I’m now also I Chad has like genuinely been making me listen to so much of it because they’re like it’s all Icarus coded and then I listen to it and I’m like dang yeah no it’s Fable CED a lot of a lot of poor men’s poison General yeah is specifically like anti-authoritarian anti- capitalism but like they do it occasionally at some point from the capitalist point of view and God uh-huh it hits yeah God yes God God God he’s not my my bad it’s okay Cal down what the what the heck is this what the heck what the hell what the heck what the hell I’ve picked up this vocal Sim chat going what the heck from Ted n Ted nion there there’s a clip of him how dare you I didn’t actually take any damage that figured I dodge it I dodge it I dodge it I would Dodge it I would simply dodge it there’s a there’s a clip of of Ted n on uh sdmp have you have you seen his recent video about the alpha wolf I have oh here for you meet oh thank you and in return return Thanks for egging me did you go and pick them up oh my God I needed to clear up my inventory yeah I respect that go in the teleporter but you don’t respect me it’ll be someone else’s problem he got really quiet I know but there’s there’s a clip of Ted in like a Minecraft dungeon and every chest he opens he’s just like baffled by he’s like I I know what you mean actually I’ve seen it and it’s actively one somebody has been through this so cool what the heck oh you need that I have it over here yeah this one cuz I think people are like yeah captain sparkle is literally already went through that one yep yep but he’s just like absolutely baffled at everything he’s like taking a kid a new play like when you take a kid into a new place they haven’t been before yeah okay they’re absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that it even exists yep yep all right off I go to climb my ladder we lost him where did he go he’s he’s gone oh he why he’s back where did you go good sir good man where were you you’ll never know what is going on it seems it seems we will we will just never know I don’t know if this is a bit or if he’s having issues I don’t know me I’m going kill this guy with just my Trident I never I never get to use channel the Loyalty Trident I only ever use Riptide I love my loyalty Trident that I it’s called gun in Fable that’s wonderful [Music] no I just I I rip tied it up [Music] yeah give me I just hear you keep leaving and joining I don’t he’s having a moment I think I think he’s having an issue yeah riperoni I don’t know why that was the the words I chose oh like what happened to you um Discord just is refusing to acknowledge my existence and therefore I cannot all right uh call anyone be a silent man then I I am so uh this is my uh last repenting chat uh I’m going to be murdered in the back now sh is a serial killer I’m letting you guys know their future it’s okay they won’t tell they know they know better I agree they won’t tell what what are you saying you’re you’re saying something he’s going to regret think we regret something explain that one to me cuz I’m pretty sure cuz I’m it was like that I was going to go kill you in Minecraft in real life Bala I love boond doala bondal DOA we’ve we’ve lost him I think yeah this is devastating news he’s gone he’s dead David died 10 years ago okay I might I might go on a on a on a rant to my chat about DND D go go on a rant to your chat about D and I’m picking up I’m I’m going up my ladder though but if you if you if you need something I will be here making food yeah I just got the sick saturation he he bought everything from these men what if I want a clock huh but if I want it anyways so chat is it is it D and D update time I think it’s I think it’s D and D update time um so we had our last session uh last where we left off um we are all chilling in my Necromancer mom’s house uh and once again I’ll do my little preface of uh I’m going to talk about this as if you’ve heard a little bit of the stuff that’s gone on in the campaign I don’t expect you to know uh everything but I’ll explain like what’s important like as it comes up uh yes please want your Wizards [Music] okay what do you do are you just turn into gold I just got excited for nothing you stream the D and D sadly I do not uh sadly sadly I do not but that’s uh it is it is Cent’s campaign who who is who is my roommate and was in the call in just a just a moment ago uh but Chatters we have been playing Camp made for like 3 years and last where we left off we were in my Necromancer mom’s house one of our players uh became that crypted thing that I won’t say the name of better not say the hucking name I didn’t you see how I I said that crypted thing that I better not say the name of uh so I didn’t so because real life him is having a baby uh so his character had to get kind of messed up he became an Alor you know how it is uh and we locked him in a cage because that seemed like the best option we we done locked him in a cage and we had ended on everybody kind of going to sleep uh the couple of like notable things being that we just got Kelsey back who is one of our NPCs uh she’s a succubus allegedly um and we just kind of used our we we we got a philosopher stone chat that was our last like little mini Quest We went on we got a philosopher stone and with it we spent like 10,000 souls to teleport her back to us after she got kidnapped uh and I wasn’t there for that because my character was off training with my Necromancer mom because my my man is growing into his like blood magic powers that he has and he may have in the last fight they were in stolen some blood SL life force uh from another party member and then kind of told necromance her mom and she was like okay yeah we need to straight up train like like actually go train uh and at the end of the last session she took me to her training ground which is a training ground of sorts uh but instead of like yummies there are like live goats because it’s blood magic and I need I need things to draw the magic off of so we ended there uh which we were like and then and then we we basically what we did was all of us leveled up uh which which explains like my my little bit of like training stuff we all we all went and leveled up and uh and then we started this this session the other thing of note uh my boy my my son my man my my child uh completely missing gone don’t have his soul or his body and the two aren’t together um his soul and his body are in two different places and we have neither so you know that’s great love it I’m very upset about this but uh yeah and uh one of our party members got drunk and fell asleep out by uh like outside the tree we had previously in this Courtyard found a kind of like scrying orb uh which is basically like a camera that somebody placed down to spy on us uh and we dispelled it and we got rid of it and um I bring this up for important reasons I bring this up for important reasons that we found out there in the courtyard but that was where we left off on our last session so today we started uh this this last session we started with my training session we started with my training session yay and uh we basically time skipped over all of the stuff but David was like yeah the room you’re training in covered just covered in blood you are panting you are tired you have not slept in a while and I have three points of exhaust like canonically like I I I have I have three points of exhaustion which is not good bean I got to do a little Beanie and uh what’s it called let me kill this l so I can on my beanie she’s talking to me and she’s like all right you’ve been moderately taught what to do and David goes on this very long very good spiel about how blood magic isn’t like other magic you can’t just do things because they’re fun everything that you do with blood magic has intent uh it has consequences in the world you you are casting through the need for something to happen not just because oh look pressed digitation it’s gone yay this is this is a different kind of magic that takes a different cost so there’s a little bit more intent behind it and he went on a very cool very long rant uh in in character about it uh and it was very neat [Music] and then I have to I have to kill one last like goat in character and then she’s like all right you can go to sleep now at this point it is noon I I I had trained through the entire night the rest of the party all sleeping all sleeping I am Pan um and I basically at noon just start just walking over to my bed because I I need to go to Eep and everyone else is waking up and I’m I’m going to Eep because I I need it desperately uh yies had to do a little steel there you know how it is and um at the same time various people are waking up uh point a our Paladin wakes up with Kelsey who is his love interest Kelsey who who is who is our our NPC is uh our Paladin’s love interest and like fully like has a ring to propose to her but she done got kidnapped before he could do anything about it uh so so they’re they’re together and he also has his Squire Aug who’s a little cobal and he’s he’s perfect his name is a with three A’s a a a g h he’s wonderful [Music] um and he like when they wake up he’s already awake and is like training which is moderately out of character for this man like he’s he’s a squire but he’s like definitely still learning to do anything like he didn’t really know how to use a sword properly but he’s doing his best and they wake up and he’s already training and we’re all like like oh my goodness a good character development because he kind of saw the horrors and then was like maybe I need to know how to fight so that I’m not useless and I I love him I love a and we were like yeah dude you you do that training and we he like casts his first Divine Smite and we’re like yeah you go Aug it’s all for you um and and and that’s happening at the same time um our Rogue wakes up and is very hung over he is asleep in the snow he he he is asleep in the snow he’s being used as a table to play a guard game yes and there are two skeletons because it’s it’s necromancer’s Mom Castle Mansion so it’s a bunch of like skeleton servants all over the place who are rogue has like made friends with and they are currently playing poker on his sleeping body like out in the snow there are there are two skeletons just like playing poker on his back like he has a blanket and that’s their table um and he like wakes up and like rolls over cuz I I walk up to him cuz I’m I’m walking back from the training ground and I see him asleep on the floor and I’m like dude you got to wake up uh and he rolls over and he knocks over their game and I want you to know that like he gets back to being in coherent and for the rest of the session just kind of sits there and joins in their poker game uh and like d David is describing the poker game and they have just no idea how to play or what they’re doing at all uh and it’s great it’s wonderful oh no our table it’s broken it is look at all this Grist I’m getting right now it’s kind of sick um but but that that’s occurring uh and then like I start walking in and then he catches something at this point mamboo has woken up I could go down there and fight that boss M Mambo’s character is woken up and she’s like all right I got to go check on Kelsey because I need to talk to her I just got all my memories back and we need to have a conversation about stuff I remember now uh that doesn’t line up with stuff that she’s told the party uh so she like starts like going over there and waking up for the morning and she passes by me going to my bed uh and I’m like I’m going sleep if you need me wake me up if not I’m just going to go to sleep now uh but you can wake me up if you want to I’ve been training and then she looks at me and I’m just covered in blood uh and she’s like yeah yeah go get go get some sleep so I go in my room and I lay down on the bed and I pass out I straight up pass out like instantaneously uh which is just wonderful and at this point our uh our our cleric wakes up clamp our war forged our our our robot our robot cleric wakes up and uh David is now very cryptic about something and David’s like yeah you look in the mirror and you see that stuff is different you see stuff is different uh and he was like what do you see and clamp’s like oh I’m going to wait till the party sees me and we’re all like huh so clamp walks out clamp walks out I’m going to give you guys a visual for this I’m going to give you guys a sick visual for this because uh they drew art of of what they look like now um to be clear chat clamp used to me I don’t want to die in the block game used to chat look like this uh by the way chat this is this is fruit this is fruit salad uh this is this is fruit salads art they they they play clamp uh this is what clamp used to look like right keep that in mind for what you’re about to see this is what clamp used to look like uh but it’s it’s completely flavor on um their their end you know how we all switched bodies a bunch one sec dying in Minecraft uh you know how we all switched bodies in in in game well clamp switched with essic and now looks like this which is suspiciously like essic because like weird Soul swap stuff and had Essex soul and body so robot body changed uh and it’s meant to resemble that form of um that that the type of Japanese pottery where they put gold in the things and this is glass where you can see all the gears inside um talking about the man I’m showing I’m showing I’m showing the art I’m showing the I’m showing the art it’s so neat I love it anyway that’s all I and it looks suspiciously like listening you talk about yeah you’re just walking around and uh what’s it called so so that that’s occurring right and like Divine Mambo’s character sees sees it first did that work why isn’t my thing working okay there we go uh sees sees first and is like iic and clamp’s like no it’s clamp and they’re like oh fun fun love it that’s totally normal and cool cuz he’s passed out yeah we as isn’t there I don’t see this notably um and I do have thoughts and opinions about that um but no so so we’re we’re going we’re going we’re going sicko mode and they like all start making their way out let’s flash over to our Rogue our Rogue is now woken up and he has started playing poker with with the skeletons and then um he sees something because our our Rogue has true sight because he has this really powerful eye in his face he lost his eye and he got a different eye in his face and it’s a big big Demon’s eye uh and he has a bunch of like weird powers from it um and he sees basically a portal opening up where the orb was before where where the orb was before there is now a very similar looking portal showing up and we’re all like oh no uh so he goes and like walks into the main hall and is like there’s a portal kind people there’s people in it and divine starts running and clamp starts running and soul starts running they all run over and our Rogue is nonchalantly walking and goes and sits back down at his poker game because that’s his character um and uh they start like panicking and at this point David pulls out his little hourglass David has a little hourglass that he takes out of our table sometimes when he doesn’t tell us what the timer is counting down to but he’s like yeah there’s a clock on something you’re doing and if you don’t do something fast enough something bad’s going to happen um and it’s a very it’s a very menacing symbol at our table is is our is our clock and uh he just he just drops that down there uh and we’re all like crap so our Paladin goes and runs to try and get my mom uh and nobody else can even see the portal nobody else can even see it but we all know it’s there uh and mamboo starts like starting to dispel magic but our Paladin is running and he runs to go and find my mom who is cleaning up the training ground keep in mind no one else in the campaign has seen this room with all the blood and the dead animals that looks moderately like a training ground and more like blood soup and our Paladin walks in there because that’s where like I was and I went with her and he goes this isn’t worth it cuz there’s like another Doorway to go through uh and he’s like maybe maybe I don’t maybe we can figure it out and at this point Divine cast like a like a seventh level like a six level dispel magic and dispels the portal like right as we can kind of see on the other side and we figure out that it’s totally a portal coming from the town where my dad lives uh that is are currently like our our our Quest is to go and kill him uh and the portal is totally like on the other side of it we can see a bunch of like fear buls from the town gearing up to like run in here for a battle and we just dispel the portal and then uh clamp at this point our war forged is like hey I have a spell can I cast forbiddance and David goes yeah and if you don’t know what forbiddance is forbiddance is a spell that you take have to take like 10 minutes to cast it and in a 400 40,000 square ft area no portals Gates or teleporting can occur and you basically name a list of creatures and if a creature of that type enters the premises it takes like 5 d10 Force damage to the face uh so Cliff starts casting that and David is like yep GG because like he’s very clearly trying to get them to like teleport and like have a big like War battle at our uh at at the town like from at the at the house that we’re in and we just like cast this spell and he’s like well damn uh and it can fully cover the it fully covers the um the area like the whole the whole mansion uh and names every type of creature uh specifically like like monstrosities and uh like all the different like monster types and fear buls and then is like hold on we need to go tell fodes uh what our password is because there’s like a password to the spell and if a creature of the type uh comes in the area and knows the password they don’t take the damage uh so we can basically we can say fear bugs but I need to know the password I am passed out in my room so Mambo’s like okay yeah just hold off on spell for a sec I’m going to go and and and wake him up and tell him the password uh and then you can cast the spell Mambu comes in wakes me up and I’m like yeah hello what’s up and they’re like there was a portal but we fixed it and I’m like oh I’m glad I was eeping and she’s like yeah uh we’re casting spell to stop portals from showing up uh the password is Gang we need a password that is actually what our password was uh we couldn’t think of one and David was like you need to to come up with one fast and our password is now gang we need a password it’s a great password uh and I’m like great sounds good I got it you got to go tell my mom and reys though because they’re both F bus too go go tell them that and and it’ll it’ll work and M’s like okay yeah sure I’m a little messenger now uh so she goes and runs and she finds my mom without having to go in the sacrifice room and she’s like Hey we’re casting forbiddens uh and and her mom’s like Oh uh yeah sure just don’t name Undead please um that’s all my that’s all my servants please don’t name Undead maybe uh and also like here’s your password it’s it’s gang we need a password she’s like all right cool why are we doing this and we’re like oh yeah there was a portal um but we we got rid of it so no worries and she’s like oh great I’m glad you guys got rid of it that’s that’s great that there was another portal in my house love it love it love it and list it uh so she comes back over and we’re uh like about to cast the spell and we cast the spell and she says the password immediately and I Take 5 d10 for damage because I was sleeping when the spell got cast so I couldn’t say it right away so I take like like 40 something damage and uh it was a lot I wake up I go G we need a password and I passed back out uh and David is like having a crisis he’s like what do I what do I do they they they stopped my plan my my sick and epic plan they just they completely thwarted it yeah so I wake up take 40 damage go back to sleep uh it’s kind of Epic and um what’s it called so let going take a little hydration Jack while we’re while we’re walking around here I need to need to hydrate a bit all right more stuff’s got to happen oh there’s something else I must mention so Mambu comes in to wake me up right to tell me the password but before she does uh something terrible has to happen of course um and I’m like face down asleep on my bed and like just like and she walks in the room and there’s something moving under my cloak there’s something moving under my cloak like squirming and mamboo like lifts it up and there’s nothing down there and then she wakes me up and she’s like hey here’s the past where we’re doing a spell there’s a portal and hey something’s moving and I’m like what what the heck what the heck is this so I I pull I pull up my I’m like what is this and I find it and guess what it is it’s blue ooze now if you’ve listened to the rest of our campaign you know which blue ooze I talking about we found the equivalent of uranium in D and D and I said I’m just going to kind of hold this close to my body uh and not tell anyone I have it and also not put it in like a bag of holding because it’s an interdimensional space and we really don’t want to we really don’t want to mess with that um [Music] and we we we basically it starts turning my body into goo and once it starts turning enough of my body into goo I was like Hey guys maybe we should figure this out and we got it to go away we thought we it was gone and we healed me uh but there was still some goop in there which is extremely concerning actually extremely concerning which is great and which is just great hold on okay a she hello hello I know you’re about to leave to go to D and D yeah uh but before you leave can you do me a favor and go to my house and just use all D got pushed back oh okay chill um and just use all of my build GS to place down a giant cube of Crux site I got you thank you cuz it it filled up again and I was like we can we can dump more but no thank you I am just I am just r thing about DND D no where’s the Crux site ore uh it’s out on my lawn I see I see I see yeah do you just want Crux site yeah okay yeah pretty [Music] much okay go this way guess now is it a big goo big Cube I just see the minus 15K yeah that’s what we’re that’s what we’re going for yeah all right thank you I go back I go back okay so uh yeah there’s some goop I shove it in a vial I put it on my desk and I go back to sleep um that’s real that’s that’s literally what I do uh I just thought I’d mention that because that caused just a little bit of panic in in in the House of [Music] Commons it’s crazy how’d that happen I know I don’t know dude but that occurs uh and meanwhile uh yeah so they cast the spell I take the damage and now uh they’re all outside uh our Rogue is still playing this game of poker and uh the spell is now gone off and and they’re like all right we can all breathe for a second my Necromancer mom and Mambo’s character Divine have a very cool uh moment where Mambo’s character now remembers being like a really powerful demon and M mother Necromancer walks up to her and is like why why haven’t you gone back like why are you still here and and and like why why wh why why are you still here like you you you are a much higher being than than than dealing in like the Mortal realm and she’s like I’m not ready to go back to that yet it’s a very cool very very cool RP love it we we we have fun RP in our in our in our session also I see the song yes I will listen eventually um but what’s it called we continue on and um what’s the next like terrible thing that happens there’s some very silly stuff that happens with the skeletons in the Game of Poker uh but the next thing that happens is everybody kind of goes inside and uh all kind of have their reaction to seeing clamp essc which is weird and terrifying because it’s just really weird because notably essic isn’t here and literally everybody is like essic and clamp’s like no nope it’s clamp and we’re like oh a man sorry sorry I uh something changed you know very uncanny valley yeah very very like uncanny valley essic um and big man everyone sits down for breakfast and eventually after like you know like an hour pass of all of us chomping and eating our food uh and we hear a big thud outside the lawn like a body dropping very far and I well I mean not me I’m asleep but the rest of the party so our Rogue runs out and is like now hold on and there is a body of a fearbulg woman who who is dressed in the armor of the Town dead and we’re like oh hey forbidden oh hey remember remember forbiddance remember that that was that was a thing that we that we had and that we did for this exact reason to stop people from from coming up and spying on us so we loot her body right we loot her body she’s got uh the the armor of the town that I I we are I am from and that we’re trying to stop and she also has a little orb that is a gateway Pearl basically that when you place it down it starts making a portal there and we basically figure out that she has been the one who has been placing the the orbs uh on in in the castle like she’s she’s been sneaking around and placing them to to make a portal for everybody to come through uh on top of that she also has um a sending Stone which we assume goes to my dad and we’re like uh uhuh how do can we hang up on this thing can we can we hang up on this thing and then she has a ring of Greater invisibility and we’re like like oh dang and then David like at a character is like yeah she has been walking around this Mansion the whole time you guys have been here she hasn’t left and she figured oh they saw my portal again I’m going to just wait it out but then we cast forbiddens and we killed her brutally uh and our Rogue snatches that ring our our Rogue snatches that ring and it basically lets you go uh like greater invisibility uh once per day uh which is epic love it very cool and yeah we get that which is very slay uh and we basically just take all the other loot we take the Gateway portal and we realize hey maybe we could make a portal somewhere cuz this is this is something for sure um so that’s fun and then we we we get the last little bit of something that happened during this session the last little last little something that happened oh there was also a really funny uh moment when um what’s it called when we told my mom my Necromancer mom Molina the password daavid did a roll behind his DM screen and I was like oh that sus that’s so sus because we you say the password like out loud in the middle of the courtyard and I was like oh he’s definitely rolling for if somebody heard he’s totally for for if somebody heard and it was totally this lady uh and she didn’t hear it she didn’t hear the password but I realized after that’s totally what that rle that’s totally what that was he’s up to something he was uh but then we have one one last little important thing that happens um everyone is sitting down their table that the our Squire comes back he’s like I cast a second Divine Smite guys everyone’s like a we are so proud of you we are so legitimately proud of you right now A you are perfect [Music] and we then Mambo well cuz now everyone’s awake you know Kelsey is awake every ‘s awake and Mambo like we’re all sitting down at the at the at The Breakfast Table not me though I’m sleeping and Mambo’s like hey we need to we need to talk we need to do a big talk actually um because I got all my memories back and you know you told me that you were my babysitter and like I remember this conversation and I said yeah I remember you being my babysitter but now I remember that I was never a child like that that I was never a child and you definitely weren’t my babysitter so so what are [Music] you and she like pauses and she looks over at Soul who is who is her love interest and then like kind of has like have like a little face of like uh ashamed like a a little little bit ashamed and shape shifts because she can do that she she’s always been able to do that she’s a succubus she can change forms and she has several times in the past uh but she changes forms into a diva where if you know DND D that is an angel creature uh it’s it’s a it’s like a monster you can run into in the monster manual it’s like a a lower rung of angels and Buu has a moment of realization because she just got like a whole bunch of memories back a whole bunch of lore dropped on her about stuff that she found out uh about her past and she found out that there’s the aspects right there’s the aspects of hell that are the the seven deadly sins and she’s the aspect of envy that that’s Mambo’s character she that’s what she’s the aspect of and uh she also found out that on top of the aspects there are vest vages the vestages are the angel counterparts of all the [Music] aspects and she realizes that Kelsey is totally her counterpart yeah the the the the the the seven the seven he the the uh I forget what they’re called the there’s seven for for for for heaven too and there’s a seven deadly sins hell and there’s there’s the other one for for the angels and she’s Mambo’s opposite who I think is uh might be like vanity seven vices yeah and uh that was where we ended our session on that L drop which is kind of huge and I was like David how long have you had this like cooking and he was like you don’t even know like we we found out so much stuff in the last like couple sessions because we’re now at the point where we’re so high level that we’re figuring out stuff and it’s like yeah we sure do figure that out because that’s what we’ve been doing which is which is so fun and um sly virtues thank you that’s what they’re called the virtues uh but they’re they’re that was our that was our last little low Drop and I am still sleeping uh to be clear chat I’ve been I was working on something the whole session I like to draw uh when I’m in my D and D sessions uh I like to Doodle like especially when like there’s other character interactions happening like if it’s my turn or like if combat’s going uh I’m I’m I’m here I’m focused on the game but in in the moments of like somebody else is doing like a a character interaction somewhere else like while I’m asleep I like I draw and I doodle things that happen in the session and I basically I came to the conclusion that I want to give my man um a new fit because he’s multiclass now before he was just a Blood Hunter and he had his clothes that he’s been wearing but now he’s a Blood Hunter and a blood Mage and I wanted to change his outfit so I’ve been I’ve been doodling up his outfit the new one it has a lot of similar pieces uh but is but is also very different in in in in in a couple ways uh and I’ll show you guys the the the the in progress art it’s not done yet the next art stream chat we might do might be finishing his new fit uh and like reference sheet for the new fit because yeah and to be clear I have not given this man an outfit upgrade in a while I’m also drawing it with his um his new arm his new good arm uh which he doesn’t have yet but daveid just told me that it’s done uh but we kind of have to go back to this city that we are just not near right now uh if we want that arm or maybe you know it’ll show up in the mail somehow I don’t know but my my like fancy fancy arm that my guy has uh he’s going to actually get soon and I’m really really hyped about it uh so I’m drawing the new fit with the new arm but kind of kind of the energy of like Necromancer mom gives gives him new clothes that are more fit for like slightly more spell casty than what he is now because before he didn’t cast any spells but yeah chat that’s that’s the catchup it’s not terrible uh but like there there’s some there’s some stuff for sure that like my my character is having let’s let’s talk a little bit about my boy uh from like his his his point of view he is having extreme mental distress right now um point a because of because of essc not being there a because of essic not being there uh that’s really really rough um for for my lad right now and he’s having a really rough time doing anything with Necromancer mom because to be clear if you don’t know like the the kind of little bit of little bit of history of of the two of them uh he was hunting her down for like 200 years and then he found her and she was like nah n nah bro I’m chill and he was like I can’t just like not try to kill you I’ve been trying to to kill you for 200 years and she’s like yeah but I’m also also your mom and I was like oh great fun great L drop David thanks he’s now come to terms with yeah that’s my mom he’s not come to terms with what he’s doing because he’s his entire life he has been protecting this book that he has to keep it away from blood Mages like he his entire thing was whenever he comes across a blood Mage he’s supposed to kill them and keep them away from the book and now he’s a blood Mage and he has his book and it’s a really big like cognitive dissonance for him uh he’s having a lot of trouble with it he’s having an identity crisis about it um which is fun and I’m having I’m having a very fun time with it but oh boy is it something for sure yeah chat that’s that that’s your that’s your little bit of updates that’s your that’s your little bit of updates on the campaign I hope you I hope you [Music] enjoyed I love doodling yeah here I’ll I’ll show you guys the uh the the new the new art in a second at least the little sketch of it that I have uh and then I’ll probably go back to base and end for today we have a song that we have to sing but I feel good about our grind chat we’ve gone up like three levels in the ladder uh which is wonderful we’ve gone up yeah like like four levels so we have way more attack way more Health um it’s very epic and we are we’re we’re actually getting there we’re not too too far I don’t have like a goal of how high I want to get but as high as I can get is what I’m going for I just I want to get up there as much as I can and doing this and like zoning out while I’m talking to you is very like nice distraction while I’m doing this yeah it’s been it’s been very very fun with this campaign oh yeah but the the one thing I wanted to say is my character since he was sleeping the whole session there are three very big things that he doesn’t know about yet because he wasn’t there like he’s been sleeping or training he doesn’t know that we have Kelsey back he doesn’t know that clamp looks like essic right now and he doesn’t know that we’re using the philosopher stone there there are like 12,000 souls in the philosopher stone and we have already used like 10,000 of them that’s what we did to get Kelsey back and he’s not going to be okay with that uh but he wasn’t there when they did it he wasn’t there when they did it uh so he has no idea that they’ve already used like 10,000 of the souls uh because all of the souls are the people of his town that he is supposed to be protecting and David has like talks about what happens in the philosopher Stone because after after you die you can trap someone’s soul in the stone and then when you use it the soul goes away like no no afterlife no no nothing it’s it’s gone once you use it when it’s in the stone it’s just like trapped in there and they’re in like a Purgatory [Music] situation and they just like used a lot of it and you know that’s a convers for when I wake up and don’t have three points of exhaustion so we like to have fun here chat all right there’s a Gateway over there so we’re going to take that and we’re going to go hecking home we might kill these two guys though really quick these guys drop a significant amount of the the XP for the for going up ladders so every time I see one of them I’m trying to I’m trying to kill them they also drop a significant amount of wrist of whatever they are to be clear I’ve gotten a significant amount using Purgatory it’s not Purgatory but it’s like it’s just it’s just not the afterlife which is just so fun but yeah he’s having a lot of mental uh like cognitive dissonance right now about everything all right there we go and then the Gateway is right here so we’re going to take that and we are going home and then I’ll probably come back out here off stream chat and do slightly more grinding [Music] PM I keep wanting to go through but then they keep spawning more and I’m like well dang I kind of got to also we do so much damage do you see how much damage I’m doing it’s like 200 every crit yeah it’s like 230 every single crit that I do that’s crazy like actually that’s [Music] wild where’s my Cube look at that I’m going to mine the heck out of that thing uh let’s really quickly do our skill points I bet I get like four yeah all right chat what do we want to do we’ve got some options I definitely wanted to do this these two uh and then what is this crit chance attack speed I probably want attack speed [Music] yeah like over here making food I’m good what’s this BL for enchantment on Shield that’s damage this is blocking for each enchantment but I don’t really care about blocking I’m good I’d love to get down here to projectile damage but I don’t think that’s going to happen so let’s take the attack speed for now doing okay and we are level 79 on our tree so that’s feeling good okay um cool well chat um tomorrow is the day um I hope hopefully you guys are around I might there might be a chance that we uh sleep through when the uh thing might be it might be a little bit later than noon when when the final thing is going to happen but we’ll be here around 2: or 2:30 and um see what God requires of us I don’t know what to expect I’m not like worried but I’m not I’m not like ready either you know I don’t know how to I don’t know how to explain it I don’t know this time I feel like I’ve actually been at peace I think it’s probably because nobody else can come to my land but it’s just been nice I have a whole house and it can’t get blown up but as of tomorrow I lose it all again so you know what’s the difference [Music]

This video, titled ‘The House is a Home! | End of Days S8 [DAY 4]’, was uploaded by SherbertquakeVODS on 2024-04-14 23:17:22. It has garnered 179 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 02:22:59 or 8579 seconds.

Welcome to End of Days! A limited time, heavily modded, pvp minecraft server! This is the fourth episode of season 8 of trying to stay alive… enjoy!

This is the official VOD channel for Sherbertquake56 on twitch.

We also now have a discord for the Fable SMP community!


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