INSANE Speedrun: Minecraft Mod Project EX in 4 Hrs

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what is good everyone World created what we are hoping for now I’m actually going to let the world load for a second okay uh we’re hoping for a village we’re going to need iron diamonds obsidian we got to go to the nether so hopefully we can do this uh this is Project e it’s a money game everything has money and we added an expansion pack so this should be fun hopefully we don’t throw you know that’s never fun I just C CED one of those we’re going to need a pickaxe I’m going to get the starting stuff real quick so some stone tools I guess I’ll get some iron tools hopefully it’s not too bad I’ll keep you guys updated though I guess I can tell you guys a little bit about the add-on we added it’s project uh like it’s an expansion I think is it’s called um basically it just adds these things that generate tons of EMC for you so should be pretty fun uh we should be able to get just tons of money this time like uh trillions quadrillions not really sure we’ll find out though thank you guys though for all your tips on my videos I’m going to try to do my best to remember all of them I one of you guys did say how to work the flight ring I actually needed coal uh to run it uh so yeah now we should be able to get a way to fly and we also got an A GMA mod or full breite mod so that will be super useful I’m doing my best to collect everything we will need on our way down to hopefully finding a cave okay we just fell into a cave awesome stuff for me uh we don’t have any food that is okay I am going to smelt up some iron we are going to need a shield I’m going to need to kill zombies to get food I’m not really too worried about it uh we don’t have enough iron oh what the I found some wood isn’t that convenient also this is a great cave let’s just make sure we don’t take fall damage here because well if we take pretty much any uh we’re dead so yeah let’s put this shield on get a little bit of wood yeah this is a really good cave again though we got to be careful because anything will kill us at this point I’m not really sure how to go about this I think I need more iron oh zombies this is good uh we’re going to just make sure there’s no skeletons uh skeletons will kill us maybe now let’s just take this easy oh really no rotten flesh okay thank you okay give me some more Hearts please also iron over here let’s collect this this is um pretty fun so far oh my goodness cutting her close I do see lots of Diamonds though so this should actually be a relatively Good Start I didn’t find a village which is not ideal uh we will look for one though it will be actually better than anything else mining maybe who knows I guess it depends on how long it really takes us to find a village if it takes us an hour well that probably then wouldn’t be ideal but what do you do this is a game of well a little bit of luck in the side of uh what you can find okay let’s get our iron pickaxe we’ll get our diamonds and then we need to make this thing which is a diamond glowstone Redstone so we need to go to the nether which means we need flint and steel I smelted up a little extra iron there’s our Flint there’s our steel there’s our flint and steel okay good stuff now again I don’t really want to take fall damage lots of skellies everywhere please don’t hurt me I don’t need more iron I will take Redstone we will need red stone and Lapis is good money so I will take lapis okay let’s hope we can find a couple more zombies to uh get ourselves some food I just heard a skeleton shoot at us oh my goodness I don’t want to get snuck up behind so uh we’re playing this safe he shoots once we crit him once he shoots we kill him good stuff I don’t uh see another skeleton we got to be careful though we’re going to grab some gold I don’t think I need lot plus we can just buy more once we get it smelted uh there’s a zombie so please come over here bud okay now for the diamonds we need like five one for the philosopher stone three for a pickaxe and one to stick in the table once we make it uh speaking a table that’s what we need for the table oh this is the tablet monkey I wanted the H this thing it’s right here obsidian Stone and then the philos first stone I just realized I should have made more iron because I’m going to need a bucket or I’m really going to want a bucket yay a singular Diamond my favorite a chest yes let’s go okay uh Golden Apple I don’t really want to eat that that has a lot of EMC value or as I like to call it money uh let’s throw out that and that I was hoping for like some bread or something but oh well I do need to get down though get these diamonds my goodness why am I only finding veins of one oh there’s more over there okay uh then we will need a lava pool or run around collecting obsidian all right there’s one obsidian I probably also should have my golden apple on the ready I don’t want to use it but again um it’s better than dying oh there’s an Enderman I am not going to pick a fight with him lava pool yes okay this is good um I don’t love all these mobs here though oh we will need gunpowder at one point uh you guys told me I can use uh coal instead of gunpowder for the destruction Catalyst but the thing is gunpowder works better it for some reason coal only makes a small hole and the gunpowder makes a massive one so yeah I like the gunpowder a little bit better little more efficient okay here we go let’s get ourselves a flint and steel we already have one okay in we go all right now we are looking for not death and glow stone I’m also grabbing a little quartz I won’t know if I need it but I’d rather be safe than sorry I’m also going to just grab one of these pieces of obsidian you know that way I know which portal is mine I’m kidding all right I’m going to grab a good chunk of glow stone here uh because well it’s worth actually a good bit of money okay we got a stack that’s worth 24,000 worth a lot of money okay back to over here I’ve got my crafting table sitting here we can make philosopher stone might as well Chuck that on the ground we can make the uh transmutation tablet throw this in here Chuck everything in there uh let’s get some wood in here let’s make ourselves an Axe and let’s get ourselves our stuff back okay out we go now what I want to do learn a bucket learn a lava bucket and we want our water bucket now we need food and hopefully a village which means up to the surface yay nice thing is uh this cave was actually very close to the surface I mean I guess I could try to tame a v a villager from being a zombie villager but I don’t really want to have to get weakness potions I think that would take more time than it would uh actually uh save if you’re curious how long it took me to get this stuff uh like 25 minutes uh also what I should do I should get a flint and steel yes food Come to Papa that is why I want flint and steel okay put this thing in here and there we go and get ourselves a stack of food only $44,000 lovely isn’t it I will also get cow and pig we’ll switch our food out for steak as well this is the big boy meat okay uh what we are going to need we’re going to need to make this at some point Al we’re going to need feathers which if you don’t know those come from killing chickens so hello chicken goodbye chicken thank you chicken for your feather all right now to a village I guess I should make a bed that’s not what I wanted I mean I will actually want that down bed there we go go to sleep make it daytime all the good stuff I’ll take sugar can up my render distance I don’t really want to miss anything so that means I kind of need it up higher I’m also just going to collect stuff that we don’t have learned Village too bad it’s abandoned I don’t think you can find villagers in abandoned Villages we’ll see though I mean there is hay bills I guess uh zombie villager that’s what I thought I mean I’ll take the bru stand but it’s a little too late to go for zombie villagers ooh look at all this Loot and again it’s not that hard to make weakness potions the biggest reason I don’t want to have to go to the Nether and find a fortress those things suck to find man where the AP are all the villages finally okay uh we do not want it to go nighttime I don’t want to lose any villagers uh this took me 35 minutes to get to so not too bad and this is from the beginning okay so if villagers are in a house we lock them in like this dude go go inside good boy this guy hello uh please uh stay here thank you very much awesome hey look at that a librarian this is actually really good uh so I’m going to just lock him in here maybe okay let’s uh take his lecture we’ll just take a door as well hey buddy uh can you stand still for a second so I can trap you bang okay I trapped him got to love water okay there we go now I think Fletchers will be the best way to get emeralds I’m also going to want to get all these guys together ideally which if you guys don’t know it’s actually really not that hard uh we’re just going to do one of these and we got ourselves a boat okay now you oh yes perfect up here stay here now we let you free and can you please um move over okay that works actually no I want you over one thank you okay perfect I think I want like four villagers what’s up guys oh my buddies how are you guys doing uh paths are actually horrible boats get stuck on them really dumb but that’s how the game works all right you stay right here yeah you might be wondering how I know what I’m doing I may or may not um this is what I do usually on servers so uh that’s not what I wanted to do yeah I kind of know how to trap villagers pretty well not sure if that’s a good thing or not oh that’s not what I wanted there we go okay good thing he did not run away all right I’m down in the render distance again uh but uh where’s my boat there it is I hear a zombie is he like under me the heck heck well let’s get it back today uh beds also work great to get villagers where you want them only hard part with beds it has to be night time and like I said earlier don’t really want at nighttime oh you got to be kidding me pig in the boat really get out of there all right here we go I think this will be good then we can grab this one the one across from the house uh-oh please don’t dieo yeah I punched that a little too far probably should do that just in case oh no all right there we go we should be all set up here all these guys can hang together it’s great okay good stuff now we are all set I got our little room for us now we need a Fletcher’s table which is flint and wood and a crafting table Fletching table there grab some of those grab a furnace Throw Some Coal uh I want to cook up all of those mostly the golden copper and there we go I’m going to switch these out for uh slab that way if I want to switch them out well they don’t run away uh this can just go right there awesome uh all these guys we want sticks there we go uh this guy we need to figure out where his um thing is unless he’s just bugged sometimes they do that cuz I think I already broke it if you don’t know um when you trade uh shift click if you hit space it’ll reput it back in and if you hold space well it goes pretty quick this is just really frustrating to trade with this thing you put the stick in if you click too fast it will take out the thing in the middle I guess what I could do is just this would probably work better that is why I put the chest here though ah this dude did get it um let’s just yep switch that real quick he doesn’t have sticks nope no sticks come on bud I only want one trade is it that hard to give me what I want there it is okay and there’s a million dollars okay yeah this was much faster than mining like not even close Okay we also are going to want this this is going to be super important so so let’s grab this we want coal and we are going to want well diamond block and now we’re going to make one of these learn that take it make one of these learn it upgrade it until we have we’re also making the blocks of all of them I think uh we may need that at some point I think this is the top one nope because they added well a newer kind we’ll grab as much of those as we can we’ll make this we will make a block put them all in there do it again I think this is the last one we’ll be able to do for right now that is okay though uh we’re actually not going to need the destruction Catalyst we will need dark matter though and we will need the Iron Band which is iron lava we can actually make red matter too might as well just do that right now uh Iron Band learn it uh craft this learn it we’ll keep this on us and we need now the watch flowing time which is 500,000 we can afford it we make it four of those GL glow stone that we need a clock and obsidian now watch flowing time learn that and I will show you guys exactly what we would do with this fast forward now if you look the time well it fast forwards uh which means we can trade with villagers more as long as it’s in our inventory which is well good that’s more money for us uh this thing uses EMC if I turn it on it’ll keep mobs away and we can fly uh so good stuff with that uh we don’t need the shovel anymore flint and steel probably don’t need the water bucket either we’ll just put this there I don’t think I need the chest and let’s just keep trading here all right already up to 2.5 million now uh let’s add the final one and let’s do like the Mark 4 and let’s start trying to make the first one here which is we need these energy collectors okay so glowstone Diamond that whole shebang uh we will need sand turned into glass okay one of each here we go learn it learn it uh throw everything in here grab both of these actually and let’s turn them into their well different things um I think it’s cheaper to just make the higher tier ones uh so well we don’t actually have enough for that so let’s just grab what we need here uh we will need an EMC link okay all of this stuff Cal diamonds okay okay we can make all of these ones now okay we actually need charcoal like it literally has to be charcoal whatever probably should trade with the villagers again though all right up to 3 million let’s get our charcoal and let’s get our low caler dust okay there it is elemy table good stuff okay now we need this which we need two Transportation tablets which are really fun to make okay we got another table we just need this which we can make make right here throw that in there and we will need another one which we don’t have the money good thing that we have villagers right okay there’s another tablet uh we should be able to make this then oh wait we need them compressed which means we need a lot of those which means make some of these uh learn it take it back and we can make this now oh we need an energy condenser okay I think we’re getting close here we need energy condenser okay energy collector condenser okay good now I think we finally have everything to make this again learn it make a tier one or no those are good okay I was going to say maybe we need these to be condensed but no we’re good that can be learned throw this in here and now we throw this on here and it makes us $12 every second which is nothing crazy I’m going to be honest especially for how much that thing costs okay dark metal pedestal let’s learn it I am curious how this works also I probably should turn on my particles again uh now we are getting yep th000 every second so that’s pretty good that’s actually not too bad now all right let’s start working on making some of these uh Mark 2 antimatter things there’s the level two there’s the block or whatever it’s called not sure you can actually just upgrade it uh with dark matter and we can do the same with red matter we don’t actually have enough though next thing I probably should do though is turn back on a watch oh oh look at this we can also trade with feathers now it’s not quite as good of a deal but it is still really good all right upgraded both of those I’m going to now just start kind of making some of this upgraded stuff I think it makes sense anyways I’m going to tell you guys this if you want to save a little bit of time um getting the first tier of this flower would not be worth it it’s more worth it to build your own I think that’s my guess especially cuz you can just start building it a lot sooner you don’t have to wait till you can afford the whole thing uh but this is kind of making a lot of money so I just really haven’t worried about it let’s throw this down and now we’re making double 3,000 every second making this next one though is a lot more efficient so let’s actually throw this one back in here oh my goodness to upgrade it it’s so annoying okay there’s the next tier awesome it’s sad that it doesn’t work in the book but what do you do okay I put that in there we’re going to grab two of these compressed Mark 2os and then I think we’re actually all set to make the next one awesome good stuff put it in there buy it back throw it down and now 11,000 a second oh yeah this is getting good again it’s a little bit cheaper rather than using this to just use this wait I’m dumb then I just kind of wasted 6 million uh because I can just sell it and buy these okay so that’s um fun we will definitely not do that again hey you live and you learn right uh we don’t need any of these up here anymore guess I can also use this now okay maybe it’s not well it is if you’re using this but it’s a this thing costs about the same as creating this whole wait I’m just never mind man I’m just done goofing I’m curious though if we add another watch what does it go up to 22,000 so it just doubles also uh one of you guys said if I do hit boxes it shows the um size of the power these things which is kind of cool um not going to use that probably but it’s really cool okay I think it is worth going straight to the next one uh let’s just tear all this down make sure we have enough money 29 million uh two uh Mark 3s where are they there we go we can make an enchanted one okay learning the Mark 3 got that get these are not Mark 3i those are Mark 4 where’s the mark 3s there they are there are all these in there and we get left with 10 million yeah that was much much cheaper than throwing that thing in okay that makes 3,000 a second and now we slap one of these puppies on there and it makes 69,000 a second nice okay I think that means we just go straight for another one a pedestal um if you guys are enjoying though consider leaving a like and subscribing it would help me out so much and I think we’d be able to hit 10K subscribers if everyone subscribes so keep that in mind but it’s free don’t feel pressured it’s no big deal okay now we’re making bank uh the next one’s 50 million so let’s start working on that shall we uh mark four magenta collectors we need a lot more money for that uh let’s put another pedestal down also no point in trading with villagers anymore in my opinion I mean we’re making $260,000 every second I’m not going to bother myself with uh having to spam click that is no fun uh let’s also put this in there uh 2 million put it in there not worth hanging on to all right there we go there’s nine throw them in here get the enchanted Chuck it in there uh let’s grab two pedestals let’s see how close we can get actually uh first let’s worry about making the tier three there we go tier four acquired we can grab that we can grab two of these where’s the other one it’s 19 million oh my word uh let’s try chucking this in there uh where’s the there they are uh we need one more we can throw a pick in there to get the last one and chaboy I’m excited to see how much this thing makes uh 800 800,000 almost up to a million you know what this means time to go crazy with these things uh up to 2 million now oh yeah this is good really good uh let’s grab our philosopher stone we’re going to need it uh let’s go back to making some upgrades of these That’s not how it works how do you work it ah okay we’re going to need pink fuel uh we can make purple fuel okay that’s already learned let’s I guess just worry about uh the fuel first we’ll do one at a time okay we have to actually craft it first in order to be able to like quick craft it there’s biofuel oh I know what we can do we can grab another one of these there we go that’s pretty good uh and how about another one oh this is going crazy uh more biofuel let’s Chuck these in there uh cyan okay that’s probably pretty good we’re up to stinking 500 million holy okay yeah we’re printing these things now um let’s get our pick Let’s make our red matter pick as well let’s grab some of these we’re going to need pink fuel no magenta okay you know be cool is if you could just straight up upgrade it you know what I mean in there because well you have everything kind of would make sense oh let’s learn this let’s grab two more uh let’s grab the purple got our violet grab our two more uh that’s not violet blue matter blue fuel blue matter my goodness that’s expensive okay looks good there’s the cyan okay so now we’re going to need uh just pretty much go down the line uh then a magenta collector that is what we want uh we basically just Chuck these in here no pink is next oh I think it’s just oh magenta is weaker whatever okay there’s pink we learn it we throw it in here and we go all the way up with this okay good stuff uh let’s grab nope not blue what about okay magenta will work oh that’s the condensed oh my goodness this is so there’s so many things okay so now we need our highest ones of this Mark 4 which is magenta so we’ll need two pinks two purples two blue to cyan and I think that’s all yep there it is pink purple purple oh Violet’s next I thought I missed one but it’s a little hard to know now it’s blue now it’s cyan and we should be good okay a science tier n can we get these are way too expensive okay so it’s not going to be tier 9 what about tier eight how’s that sound well we can definitely do tier seven okay uh we can do the same thing with this there’s pink and there’s the cyan okay now we need Violet the tier seven throw these puppies on there and chaing tier seven gucy okay good stuff let’s throw this on what are we making now 400 million yeah it seems I mean this seems pretty fair to be honest well uh one thing we will need for the final one is a Nether Star yeah oh we should probably start working on these mobus Fuel and a diamond okay so this is how I’m upgrading it stick it in here throw it in the fire grab four more do it again throw them in grabb it Chuck it that’s not what I wanted this is billion what the monkey okay I think it’s time we worry about actually let’s not bother moving that let’s just 42 yeah that makes sense I think it’s time we need to make a new area Okay this should give it enough of a boost we also can probably now use this as well there we go yeah 33 million should be plenty all right let’s go to the nether actually I think I probably want Armor All right red matter suited up all right I learned all the tools all right netherite there we go I think it’d be cool if the um what’s it called the gem armor used netherite I remember why I was in here we’re here to get wither skulls if you’re wondering how long it’s been so far just under 2 hours so I would say this has been a lot faster those villagers definitely uh go pretty crazy we would have been probably done with this is if we didn’t have the uh massive money stuff in this one this time which then again that’s also partially why we got here so fast dude why can I not get an ender pearl I’m looking for a fortress but I want to get an ender pearl there we go ender pearl for the table now we’re just looking for a fortress this is why I hate the nether my goodness it’s so hard to find fortresses ooh hot tourist destination yay I haven’t even seen a Bastion to be honest I’ve probably missed a fortress but too late now finally oh my goodness yes sir let’s go all right where are the wither skeletons ah there’s some I do not want these guys’ skulls to get burned so let’s lock this thing up dude this is so dumb I hate this so much I can’t seem to get a Wither skull there we go my goodness and we can’t learn it oh my goodness good thing we’re having fun right [Music] woohoo man this is sucks I’ve killed 79 wither skeletons that is ridiculous [Music] bro there’s a 2.5% chance and I’ve killed over a 100 now and I only have one welcome to my luck I guess I should have gone for looting I mean I made this platform which does help but there’s one finally it’s also a little laggy okay I finally turned up the difficulty after well like half hour hour honest I can’t remember when I got here I was about to be like I think I’m not sure why it’s laggy but I think I finally um figured out what it is I forget you have to allocate uh RAM for every mod pack in for or curse Forge I’m pretty sure so yeah I definitely did not do that the heck how is there a zombie here in the nether I to be honest I did not know that was possible unless they came through a portal and my portal is nowhere near this man at this rate I have a higher chance of getting a d from a blaze like what is this and no you can’t actually get a diamond from a blaze I’m just saying [Music] that there it is oh my goodness dude I’m so done oh my goodness yeah I turned it back to um normal mode Let’s see blazes 200 Magma Cube almost 400 piglins 19 skeleton 61 uh Striders five wither SK two 180 bro that is oh my goodness I should have gotten like eight at least we made a ton of vmc right from killing mobs oh my yo what what are the odds of that well that’s where all my luck went it was waiting for me to leave the portal I mean we got to kill one of them also got to get some mushroom stew right and got to drink it oh we can’t not possible okay now then best part about this no mobs can spawn on this island they can’t spawn in the mushroom biome so it’s awesome to make bases okay also uh let’s fight the Wither here I really don’t think it’s going to be that hard all right there we go uh and I think we just wao it sheared the cows okay that makes sense and wow okay one shot awesome good stuff uh we can learn that that was I was not expecting it to onot him that was super uneventful compared to uh having to get it okay oh oh my goodness what the ape is this okay I think we can make it not sure exactly what it does but uh sharing is caring is this just like you can give it to people or something no idea but you can’t craft the Tom noage in this mods that I’m using so we are stuck with this okay let’s okay these are quadrillion let’s try to make like this one Mark 10 all right there’s the green guess we don’t need nether star quite yet to Mark now n Chuck them in here get two Mark 10 Chuck them in there get nine of these you guys know the drill and then we get two of those uh we need six of these or that’s 10 we need 10 where’s 10 there it is there we go uh now we need a tier 10 of this which means we need dust and then I uh we need two of these okay learn it craft it there we go learned might as well Chuck it down uh let’s get some pedestals oh my goodness it already makes a billion uh let’s go this many okay there we go all right there we go now we’re making 300 billion okay oh my all right Phantom’s down I guess I’ll take the Phantom Eman now we craft this is so laggy um as much as we can okay we hit white Fuel and I think that’s the end uh so that’s good now we going to need the green lime orange yellow and white white and then we just slop this in here green lime and we’ve got orange and white and again I think White’s probably the max okay good let’s grab the Mark 10 let’s grab well we’re going to need white orange yellow lime and I think that’s it all right there’s all that now uh let’s grab white let’s grab a compressed and we need two white two orange yellow and lime chuck all this stuff in here throw the lime learn it and do the same for the rest all right there’s the white I don’t think I need these anymore the 15 we will need whatever this is oh okay so the white does uh need more all right cool there we go Mark 15 cool stuff now I think that’s done with that uh we will need a mark 15 how do we no idea all right let’s see how we make these final compressed you need level 16 which is a final star Shard and a 15 okay so that’s why it’s so hard so we should make a 15 get ourselves our quintillion then make the 16 and that is just well basic to make we can probably even make multiple uh 15 these are 14 where are the AP are the 15 did I not make 15 oh it’s one of these oh and this is 14 as well I see there we go that’s the 15 all right there we go there’s two of them technically doesn’t matter how many we make we can just now uh switch them out with these okay yep there’s quadrillion uh so we have a little bit of money now I think we have enough to make the best one and we’re only 3 hours in not too bad okay let’s get these final star which is just yeah lots of money okay I think this is the last one 105 trillion uh we’ll find out though nope oh it probably has like one more to go cuz otherwise yeah it wouldn’t be in the quadrillions we’re already in quintilian this is so dumb this is turned into like a a Roblox simulator oh I guess it probably was quintilian that thing uh cost how much is this 432 okay now we can make it there we go one quintilian wait a minute this is not we only need this uh so yeah we’re pretty uh we’re good okay I wonder if we can craft uh something bigger with this I probably could have just you know checked we’ll just stick it in the crafting table nope okay now we’ll check what the heck final stop we still got a ways to go that’s okay though now we can make these Mark 16s compact Sun okay so we just need that Shard and then the level 15 okay we’ve got this one there it is we’ve got this one and this one awesome yummy yummy okay uh we will need some of these now we’ve got a compact now we we need two of them we need this and some of those and let’s see how much this thing makes shall we uh 47 trillion by itself and the previous tier is 9 trillion so I think this will be a little bit better I honestly do not think we’re going to need this many but you know we’ll see how much one does first uh quadrillion awesome we need more money again I could like you know do something else but I think this is enough um I think it’s time we make our gem armor Now red matters just like you know bum all right gem boots there we go we’ve got the full set not too bad now we need Eye of Ender and it’s time to go find a portal I think we also hit the max EMC 92 quintillion because it’s not going up anymore no way o a sea temple two of them Oh I thought that was two I was like what I was going to go kill that thing but I really well let’s do it I’m going to just get a bucket of milk what are the odds that like you know we get to kill all three bosses well technically the warden but let’s be honest that would suck to find all right where are you buddy can we not I was like can we not even get mining fatigue or something oh also we got a bunch of new blocks pretty cool ah there’s the gold all right everything’s dead yay I think there’s usually three of them but be honest no idea where to find them all right I got my prismarine Shard Let’s Roll out which way this way wait is it on this island over here yo that’s pretty sick okay back this way I think it’s just right down here uh where okay it went down you know what that means we can easily find this thing oh look I found it oh we even found diamonds how cool is that nice thing is we do not have to worry about it being hard to find the Portal room because we can kind of just shred everything oh found it yay okay let’s it would have been cool if I found uh enchanted golden apple or something we could have been rocking it all right let’s just oh oh my what the oh bummer uh can this kill no okay well I actually don’t even know if we have to do this we might be able to just fly right up to him and just I knew it I’m good dang I’m good at this game okay we’re going to need a torch I don’t want to wreck this thing so let’s just put that back [Music] all right XP is mine uh now we just you know slam the torch break this I screwed it up I didn’t realize it had to be on the ground but that makes sense okay learn that head actually let’s get our XP first we totally need these levels all right 89 levels that is ridiculous okay nobody nobody cares about this all right we’re back to honest I kind of forgot that I would go back here now final star o look at that we can get a stack of them that only use three quintilian that is ridiculous yes final star now we are rich now what the okay book philosopher stone okay I also want to make the compact Sun so that’s kind of cool uh what can we use this for nothing power the sun in a single block can we place this or something I mean yeah but that’s not nothing really cool well I guess we can now hold more for EMC we totally needed that all right we got the Alchemy book now we use it to craft this one so we need Magnus star there we go let’s put this in here all right learn that one lossel there we go and then the super mega Uber hopefully pretty good no idea what this thing does uh freely free teleportation teleport anywhere simply using EMC yo this is sick you can just make way points oh my goodness that is sick okay that’s pretty cool um what else can we make with these things that’s it one more thing I saw that I want to craft this this is so funny it’ll just give you infinite fuel but it just uses EMC which is pretty cool um but that will do it hopefully you guys enjoyed we definitely completely destroyed this one we got up to 200 quintilian which is I think maxed I don’t know but I’ll see you guys on the next one have a fantastic rest of your day God bless

This video, titled ‘Minecraft Mod Speedrun Project EX in Under 4 Hours’, was uploaded by St3lthy on 2024-06-18 17:15:00. It has garnered 33104 views and 1107 likes. The duration of the video is 00:38:23 or 2303 seconds.

I hope you enjoy the video! Have an amazing rest of your week! 🙂


Game: Minecraft Mod: Project EX

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