Insane Twist: Johnny’s Nightmare in Minecraft

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wee this trampoline so awesome daddy look how high up we are guys be careful I still don’t think putting the trampoline on the roof is a really good idea no it’s so much fun I’m bouncing so high this is awesome yeah I’m having so much fun right now daddy why don’t you join us I am not joining you okay I got I got bad legs oo I’m pretty sure I’m going so high that I can see the edge of the o wait what how would you see the end of the Earth from up here Gooby look at no Gooby no you do know that the Earth is a Big Sur Circle it’s like a sphere um I’m pretty sure the Earth is flat Johnny come on what the Earth is not flat wait daddy is the earth flat no it’s it’s circular see see Gooby it’s circular it’s like a soccer ball no no no like look look at the driveway for me pretty much that okay guys maybe we should ask Daisy since she’s the smartest one here Daisy is the Earth’s flat no the Earth isn’t flat just look you can see the curve yep I see the curve what I’m going to prove it to you I’m just going to jump in now wait what where are you going Gooby I’m going into the ocean no you’re not you’re saying Gooby if you swim all the way out there you’re just going to fall off the Earth yes that’s that’s not how it works right guys that’s not how it works that’s impossible you’re just going to keep going until you show right back up here nope I’m going to go to the edge and probably like fall down into like Pennsylvania no it’s not it talking about you want to go whoa scoby are you really just going to swim yes Scooby don’t you think it’ be easy if we just like took a boat maybe all right oh my goodness let’s just take take a boat and I’ll we’re all going to prove to you that the Earth is not flat all right whoa look at this whale right here okay that’s kind of scary okay let’s back up from the whale he’s going to destroy our boat I wonder why your whale bodyes all right guys everyone in the boat in the boat come on I’m coming I’m coming don’t leave without me come on Daddy hurry up come in wait Gooby before we go and prove to you that the Earth is not flat um how would the whale still be in the ocean if the Earth was flat wouldn’t he just fall off no would the ocean still big old than a whale okay I just wanted to make sure okay so just keep going to the edge all right we’re going to go all the way to the edge and see what we find how far are we going to have to go um very far because we need to prove to Gooby that is a big sphere yeah probably like 100 million jillion miles yep should everyone get to rowing I’m rowing I’m rowing Gooby we’ve been rowing for a really long time I think this proves that you know the Earth is not flat Yep this proves it no we just have to keep going oh my goodness how far are we going to go got to keep Ro until you get to the edge of the O guys I’m surprised we haven’t seen any sharks around here I think we’re deep enough where there could actually be some sharks oh that would be scary there’s nothing out of here are you sure daddy yeah I’m really sure all right Daddy Let’s see if there’s any sharks around here oh gosh daddy what’s that behind us I knew it I called it it’s a shark Wait guys hold on is that shark wearing a top hat why does it got barriers oh my goodness that kind of looks like Freddy from FNAF are you saying this is a FNAF shark yes that’s a FNAF shark guys that’s a FNAF shark quick there’s Islands here hurry go thank God they can’t go on land oh God we’re going in hot we’re coming in hot everyone out I’m out I’m out I’m out oh my goodness he’s eating our boat hey leave our boat alone stop it you stupid oh my God it’s burning it’s burning stop that get off of now stop it Mr shark I don’t think there’s much we could do guys it’s literally FF that is Freddy right there what where’s he going hey come back here you just broke our boat now we’re going to leave oh my goodness guys what are we going to do oh no I’m pretty sure he’s from the end of the Earth no he’s not from the end of the Earth Gooby yes we have bigger issues okay I’m not going to debate over the Earth is a sphere or flat anymore with you we have FNAF sharks that want to eat our butts and guys if there’s a Freddy shark then there’s got to be a chica shark and a Bonnie shark I’m scared Daddy I just want to say to the group that this is actually goobie’s fault because if Gooby didn’t have the stupid idea that the Earth was flat we wouldn’t be out of here no if you guys just believe me that we’d still be bouncing on a trampoline right now well we had to prove that you were wrong well you still didn’t even prove it oh my goodness oh now our boat’s all broken oh there it goes look what you did you literally broke the boat it was on fire anyways okay well I guess we got to make Camp here ooh we should make some secure houses you know put up some defenses just in case the Sharks come come back that’s really smart who like put some big Twee next to us I mean I I guess I guess you could do that Gooby there’s already one big tree I claim this island this is mine okay well I want the Middle Island which middle one this one right here this is mine gooy that means you’re going to probably get the last one all right okay closest to where the shark was last seen yep so You’ be the first one to you know get taken underneath the water to the other side of the world well I’m also the closest to the edge of the world so I can just kick him okay all right guys everyone start making some secure houses I think I’m going to start by knocking down these big trees H I might use my big tree you’re going to use your big tree Daddy are you going to make a tree house oh maybe well Daddy you know what I’m going to do the exact opposite I’m going to go into the floor you’re going to go into the floor yep yep yep it’s going to be insane it’s kind of it’s kind of a little scary that’s what I was going to do no mine’s going to be even better than yours Daisy trust me also Daddy this is taking too long so I think I’m just going to use some Dynamite you’re going to do what there we go just going to blow up all these why daddy cuz it’s working look oh my gosh well you know what I think being in the air will actually save me oops oops stop oopsy oops hey hey stop that sorry guys oops just thr Dynamite at me it’s slipping I’m sorry I’m I’m I’m really sorry it just keeps slipping I’ll throw Dynamite at you if you don’t stop okay okay okay okay I’ll stop I’ll stop I’ll stop I’ll stop I’m sorry those are fighting words okay now I’m going to use glass and I need to make a big circle but it’s going to go into the floor so let’s see how big do I want my circle to be ooh I know exactly what I’m going to make it’s going to be so good Gooby what are you making nope it’s going to be a sequence um are you going to make something really flat maybe I knew it I knew it you’re going to make something like the edge of the Earth or something I don’t know what you’re going to do but it’s going to be stupid it’s going to be really good all right well we’ll see what you make but I’m pretty sure my base is going to be the best one here guys based on what you’re actually making right now I don’t see that even being a possibility Daddy what are you making you’re making you’re making a stupid Treehouse what are we in like second grade W this is not stupid this is not stupid at all this is actually really uh a great idea oh yeah well my idea is is just going to be Simply Better simply not it’s coming out so good it’s coming out perfect actually perfect is is it’s a very strong word why are you using glass Daddy can you stop act are you talking to me right now I’m I’m talking to you why would you use glass they can just bite through that no they can’t Daddy okay it’s bulletproof glass how about that there’s no no there’s no such thing yes there is yeah Daddy no there’s not have you heard of a cyber truck before what is that oh my goodness my daddy is literally so old is a cyber pooper truck that’s what I heard what what cyber pooper truck okay Daddy check this out look it’s done isn’t that sick man what if I threw like dynamite at it you think it’ll blow up yes don’t do that but daddy look ready for the cool part boom no water no water no water ooh that is cool too bad you missed a few spots daddy hold on I’m not done yet that’s why oh my goodness wait this is actually the smartest thing I’ve ever came up with in my life you come up with smart stuff I don’t know that usually doesn’t go hand in hand stop making fun of me Daddy oh Gooby laughed I heard him laugh what was so funny over there Gooby I thought it was pretty funny you know what’s funny you’re stupid base no it’s Goods mine is literally going to be the best base in the world and also it’s going to be the biggest base and bigger equals better mine might be the biggest wait guys did we even realize that the sharks are literally FNAF does that mean that the animatronics are sharks now oh my gosh I think you’re right they figured out how to how to take over the ocean you’re right they were walking on land but now they’re sharks and they swim in the ocean that’s scarier oh no I saw that animatronics can’t even go in water yeah me too well I guess they figure out a way I thought FNAF was pretty scary but now I think it’s even scarier cuz they’re sharks guys let’s just relax and keep building our secure houses because guess what FNAF won’t be able to get us then o You’re right daddy I’m going to do that or instead daddy we could just like sit around in a circle and like cry until we die and get killed by FNAF sharks I’m okay with doing that why would we do such a thing wait you want to join me on doing that yeah it seems pretty easy I will not be a loser like the rest of you come on guys let’s all just start crying shut up can you shut up all the FNAF dos are going to eat us what’s wrong with you guys crying like a bunch of idiots ooh one of my defenses I’m going to add to my base is going to be a big cage and I’m going to stick you in it Daddy and then it’s you’re going to be bait oh am I well guess what I’m going to use my teleportation powers and then I’m going to switch you into that cage and then you’re going to be the one that’s bait W can’t do that yep I I said that I said that you literally can’t do that I can do that cuz I have the power wa um Daisy why are you kind of stealing my design it doesn’t look anything like yours it’s a circle though so the thing is I now own all the circles in the world since I built mine first mine’s literally more done than yours is no it’s what no it is not yes it is well mine’s going to be even more done well mine’s going to be even more better um Gooby what are you making over there cuz you’re kind of stealing my design too making a giant Flat Earth base a flat Earth base yep well Gooby come up here for a second you look at this it kind of looks like a circle uh yeah just like more like a rounded Square no I can’t talk to dumb people anymore what it is it’s a rounded Square that’s not even a thing you’re just making it up I’m making it good okay I kind of need some help over here can someone help me nope nope sorry I don’t help losers but Daddy I got to break all these blocks oh that man that stinks man if only someone could help you out Daddy come on please can you come help me no I’m not helping you get away from me Daisy can you please help me are you going to help me on my base no then no Gooby please please I need your help y you made fun of my flat old bace guys come on that’s what you get this is like 1,000 blocks right here if I do the math well don’t do the math all right you know what fine guys I got an idea I’ll just use the subscribers watching this video to help me no you can’t do that it’s not allow cheating Che I’m going to cheat I’m going to cheat if you do it we got to do it too no only I get to do it if everyone watching this likes this video in the next 3 seconds all these blocks are going to be broken and my base is going to look super awesome quick everyone like this video in three two one guys check it out oh yeah did is actually awesome you’re such a cheater eat no actually a bunch of people just really like me and they all commented that Johnny’s amazing and then also they like the videos you see what happens such a line no one likes you hey what what are you screaming hate for it’s true I think people hate you the most I’m just saying no they don’t they love me I get I love Marty comments all day long I think you get I hate Marty comments probably more than that no no no the people that say that just don’t understand me and they actually love me the most they think that Marty smells Marty bald Marty’s fat Marty’s stupid Marty’s stupid and Marty’s also stupid wait that’s really weird because that’s what they comment about you hey no they don’t they do they say that all day long well guys guess what now my base is going to be better than all of yours combined because it took me so fast to break all these blocks have you seen mine um yes it looks so good M I don’t I don’t know about that one hey I’m just saying like the opposite like it doesn’t look so good it does too all right just got to fill in all the these poopy blocks with this iron block is actually coming out insane hey hey hey I’m using iron wait this is actually coming out insane what if I did a ring of iron going around the top so I could like walk around it hey hey hey what you copier daddy your shape is not even like Mine mine’s a big circle so I’m not copying do you not see what I built no turn around and look looks terrible Daddy what do you mean it looks terrible looks it looks tabulous what is this ooh electric fence I could do some of that hey hey hey that’s a no no wait I still have another really good idea oh no what is it it’s going to be my idea no I’m just going to extend this and put some more glass here M another one of my ideas all right now we’re just going to go over here and break all this dirt yes check that out that is sick boom now I can see underwater and above water yeah well I’m going to make a volcano on mine what a volcano yeah there’s actually no way you’re making a volcano right now yeah they have those at the end of that’s against the rules what do you mean Dad it’s not against any rules can’t make volcanoes there’s no rules what are you talking about there is rules no there’s not we’re just trying to survive they’re called the Marty rules those aren’t real yep no they’re 100% real oh no I don’t want to break those exactly otherwise I’m going to get really mad ubby don’t worry about it you could break all of his rules they he’s not going to do anything I’ll come over there and I’ll blow it up oh no they wanted to make a volcano so bad Marty rule number one no volcanoes really Daddy what do you mean really you can’t enforce these rules I got a couple rules myself that I want to add in then oh yeah what are those rule number one Marty’s fat rule number two Marty is not fat he’s actually really really buff oh that goes against my rules sorry Daddy nope it’s actually against my rules cannot exist nope it can’t exist and it does exist indeed we shouldn’t lie okay lying is bad yeah Johnny Dad I think she was talking to you what do you mean you talking to me what am I lying about oh nothing yeah exactly cuz if there was something you would have said something you’re lying about having hail hey that was a good one that was a good one Gooby how did you even know I was wearing fake hair it’s pretty obvious Mo it looks terrible what do you mean it looks terrible this is like what I used to look like when I was like in high school daddy why is my base kind of looking like yours a little bit hey what the heck I’m just really inspired Daddy yeah you’re inspired to copy you big copycat I’m not trying to I’m trying to just do my own thing with it though Johnny you just got to stop copying me come on wait daddy why is my Bas kind of looking cool though yeah but what happens when a shark comes in like a hey stop it that’s what’s going to happen I’m I’m just foreshadowing what’s going to happen later hey you want to see what’s going to happen in your base what’s going to happen to my base o daddy you just added these fences wait hold on let me just take these real quick stop copying it’s a good idea though no it’s not it’s not a good idea it’s a really bad idea you should not use it I’m going to add it all around my base guys we got a copycat it’s against the the the Marty rules Marty rules aren’t real yeah we don’t care about the multi rules multi rules are poop yeah they suck what is this what is now this is poop you want to see poop everyone come to Gooby base no it’s good I already know that Gooby is probably making something really bad so I don’t need to go over there oh it’s horrible I want to throw up now it’s good ooh Daisy I like this little Tower you made I think I’m going to take some inspiration from that next that’s okay no it’s not okay Daddy it is okay okay let me just make an awesome little tower now well guess what I’m going to copy you making a tower because I’m copying you now wouldn’t that be copying me still no cuz I’m copying it off of Johnny’s yeah ooh my Tower’s coming out pretty good I’m going have the best Tower here well technically I kind of do already have a tower cuz I’m in a tree trees aren’t Towers no but it’s called a tree Tower see mean a tree house no tree Tower house oh my goodness this is looking nuts thank you I’ve been working really hard on this base wasn’t talking about you Daddy mean you we’re talking about me talking about my base obviously the best one here do you want to connect bases no I’m not connecting nothing with you Daddy get away from me you hater why not we basically have the same base already you’re a freaking hater what if I just like connected with like a little pathway nope not connecting with your base Daddy all right fine whatever you say little dinkleberry oh yeah this is coming out really good it’s kind of looking like a big muffin though right now I kind of need to fix it oh you’re making a muffin base no I’m not I’m not trying to make a muffin base just that’s just what it’s looking like wait a second are you the muffin man no I’m not a muffin man guys what the really I think he’s the muffin man everybody what kind of muffins no no muffins there’s no muffins over here if you want muffins you can go somewhere else Johnny don’t be mad but I kind of did something hey Daddy what is this this is a little pathway now we’re connected I don’t want to be connected with you though that’s the difference look how cool this looks this is so cool come on it’s kind of cool but I don’t like it well it’s why why don’t you like it well Daddy do you like my muffin man uh base yeah it looks like the bakery you going to put a bunch of furnaces in here and start cooking oh I was thinking actually about it you guys are getting me hungry you saying muffin a lot oh I love muffins I love eating them and putting butter on top of them and then dipping them in chocolate and then putting sprinkles all over the top and then putting peanut butter and maple syrup daddy daddy daddy I’m getting fatter or just listening to this you not put maple syr on that why not cuz Maple Sy is scary no it’s not what’s scary about it it’s gets all sticky on your hands forever and you can’t take your hands some parts well I like licking my hands after that I put syrup on it and then you know you you eat it with the waffles and pancakes and uh yeah they’re so good Marty this is gross what do you mean I’m going to throw up you guys don’t do that you guys like sometimes like like it’s so much that you take a shower in it noo are you kidding me Daddy are you done are you done with your base I’m done well can you help me with mine no what why it’s not a part of my base yes it is daddy we’re connected so you need to help no we’re only connected through the bridge so like watch this you see this real quick yeah all right we’re just going to do that real quick connected now that means I can’t help you guys I think these sharks are getting pretty hungry and they’re going to come want to eat us again so everyone make sure that you have a bunch of weapons and maybe some like guns to protect yourself yes I’m I’m going to need some of that okay so I got some armor already but I know Daisy’s like really good at getting guns so Daisy I’m going to wait until you make guns he’s not like cheating or something no it’s not I just know you put like cool enchantments on it you make sure we have a lot of ammo M I think this should be against the Marty rules this is not a Marty rule this is not a Marty rule at all the Marty rules have been discontinued okay I’m going to put my bed away in here wait where you putting your bed inside the volcano you’re put it inside the volcano I got to look at this why are you guys even adding beds I’m there’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep when there’s a FNAF shark trying to eat me that is kind of true isn’t it like the whole purpose to like kind of just defeat them and then go back home so I could go to sleep in my own bed yeah I don’t want to sleep out here in the middle of the ocean uh yeah but what happens if we can’t beat them and we’ll suck you forever it kind has a good point he’s got a good point dang it why you got to be right uh probably cuz I’m the best I’m even going to put my PC in here wait what a PC that’s so genius I think my base actually turned out to be the tallest cuz you’re in a tree daddy obviously yours going to be tall yeah I don’t know why you would dig down on the ground because daddy is smart I’m telling you I I don’t know about that it’s kind of dumb cuz now they’re just going to break through the glass they’re going to eat you and you’re going to scream well Daddy guess what I’m getting guns right now I’m getting guns and dynamite well how about this you know what I’m so confident in my base I really don’t need anything nothing oh my gosh daddy you’re going to die no I’m not going to die you’re actually dead you’re dead to me I might be dead to you but I’m not dead to the the Sharks ooh wait should I get some potions too you think that’s a good idea Daddy speed strength yeah I’m going to get those yeah that’s that’s a pretty good idea wait why is my base actually insane this is probably the best base I’ve ever made in my life I need to make some armor and weapons right here Daddy I still have a good idea to add to my base what now wait hold on this is the best idea I’ve ever thought of in my life debatable you’re really dumb okay just going to do something like this there we go I’m going to get it so I could build a little room where I could look up and shoot the Sharks above me all right it is done now I could just look up and shoot sharks in the water this is actually kind of a genius idea take that stupid sharks and then I can go back down and then boom I’m safe all right guys before these sharks come I want to come check out everyone’s base wa daddy yours is looking pretty terrible hey get out of here then wait let me just go up here and check this out well this is a good Vantage view you know we can shoot everything from up here wait this is actually really good wa can I steal some of these sure it’s got a scope on it that’s actually sick how’d you get these oh Daisy oh my goodness all right there you can take these poopy guns then I’m going to take the good ones I don’t want these I don’t want these give them to the Sharks all right I’m going to go check out Daisy’s base then Daisy what the heck are you wearing my armor you’re invisible I can’t see you yeah I think it’s an armor effect wow that’s so cool my boots are made for water and I can’t get out of the water ooh this is a nice house you got here Daisy yeah I didn’t really have time to decorate oh this looks very similar to mine oh cheater I’m not a cheater definitely a cheater all right let’s go over to goobie’s base now Gooby what the heck did you you create this looks like flat earth that is not flat at all and it turned out to just be a volcano causing a bunch of problems that’s what this looks like this is actually terrible what no it’s really good you just put it down a bunch of random blocks it’s like a whole o in a flat plane okay I’m getting out of here because this is horrible this is the worst space yeah this is terrible I can’t look at this Gooby no no it’s really good hey wao wo there’s a lot of lightning guys what’s happening w uhoh uhoh uhoh what’s that what does that mean I think the FNAF sharks are waking up and they’re hungry well I’m going to hide well they should eat some fish not us I see them I see them I see them uh oh they’re coming in they’re yellow shoot them shoot them shoot them wait what shark is this I think this is chica oh no it’s chica oh heck no I fell in the water I actually fell in the water no no no no no no watch out they’re coming from behind you I’m going down I’m going down I’m putting my potions on I’m ready to fight oh yeah they can’t get past my lava modes wait do they actually look like chica let me see oh my gosh they actually look like chica oh my goodness no I fell in kill him kill him kill him got to reload quick quick quick JY watch out they’re coming to your base oh no Guys these look exactly like chica my gosh got like the birthday confetti on their on the top of their shark fins get away from me you’re not going to eat me go eat my daddy or something no no no no no no no no I’m on top of my tree bye see you later stupid Chas I mean these aren’t that bad I mean could it be worse Daddy I think they’re going to get worse remember we saw Freddy and he was huge no Freddy wasn’t that big he was huge Daddy he was actually giant there’s more spawning use my rocket launcher boom ah they’re on my tree they jumped up they’re jumpers they can jump where are these sharks at I’m going to kill them Gooby they’re on you gooby there’s a lot on you boom Oh yeah oh my goodness I just got a bunch of them oh my God guys there’s bunny there’s bunny oh my gosh oh my gosh he’s coming to eat meing you he’s got ears and everything that looks just like Pony but in shark version Oh gosh there’s a leak in mine there’s actually leaks uhoh uhoh uhoh ow guys there’s a bunch of leaks in my base no this isn’t fair just go to someone else’s no you dare come over here I said if that goes down the pooper then you’re not allowed uh-oh oh my goodness this is not funny mine is a leak too this is not fair the glass was not strong enough clearly kill him daddy kill him I am I’m lightting them up oh no I’m ranting low on ammo ow ow ow there’s in the bottom of my base okay I’m coming I’m coming oh they’re inside yours Johnny Johnny we’re using yours as a trap no no it’s just a big trap I guess now no I need more ammo too oh my God you have an insane amount of ammo I’m taking it all wao the body sharks are taking over okay Daddy okay we’re coming we’re coming Daddy I got a minigun now why is there a shark on top of your base don’t worry I’m going to kill him get off my base you shark they could jump really high oh my goodness there’s so many there’s actually so many sharks oh my God the big ones are here oh God it’s Freddy it’s Freddy wow those are huge shoot them daddy shoot them oh my gosh it takes a full set of rounds to kill these guys I’m using a shotgun DD’s cuz they have so much health that’s why I’m just throwing grenades oh there a bunch of FY Shield there was a bunch of FY at my base I got to get the Sharks out of my base what are you doing in here you’re not invited you’re not invited and you’re not invited need my walking alsoo on him keep killing them guys I think we’re getting close to the end my tree’s on fire what it’s a fire oh my God Freddy’s on me Freddy’s on me this is actually insane on your base Daisy they’re on your base I didn’t even notice shotgun to the face take that Minun I’m coming oh my goodness more on this side oh get away from me oh knows there’s all different types are coming I’m going in with my sword take this Freddy ah yeah get away from our house we don’t like you Johnny watch out take that show rifle take that guys how many more are there uh not too many I’m killing the last ones I think over here in this area I gu not reloading cuz you got no ammo ow ow ow ow ow okay why is there a thousand sharks out there well as long as they’re not over here maybe we we take a boat and we try to go back home ooh that could be good Daddy I think they got scared of us uh-oh Daisy on top of your base Daisy I think we got it guys we did pretty good none of us died once yeah we’re cool oh yeah none of us died once guys our bases are too strong strong guys this is our chance to escape while the sharks are distracted I made these two boats right before we started whoa good job hop it in go go go if there’s any sharks just use your assault rifle all right all I got my shotgun behind you guys shoot them daddy shoot them uh I can’t shoot them I can’t shoot them you have to go you have to go oh I’m shooting him daddy I’m shooting them take that ah take that keep going keep going just guys keep keep escaping Gooby just keep paddling oh jail coming jail coming I don’t have a lot of HP where’d you guys go okay okay make sure to stay together ow daddy you’re hitting me oh sorry sorry just drive freaking idiot I’m not an idiot go go go they’re too fast they’re too fast oh my God oh my gosh this is too scary go go go on three we’re going to turn around shoot them all right all right count it down one two wait wait wait we got to get by them guys ready everyone line up line up and three go oh take that take that take that take that okay that that was a fail that didn’t work it made him out more man made I’m way more mad what happened what happened to your boat they broke my boat oh my gosh I think Gooby is dead okay Daddy we’re just going to keep going without them see you guys later you can be bait for us no don’t leave bye unfortunate at least we’ll go home and we’ll we’ll have a good nap yeah Daddy we don’t need Gooby and Daisy anyways today we’re having a FNAF Lucky Block race in Minecraft guys check out these blocks they have Freddy’s face on it oh this is kind of scary yeah this is terrifying I don’t like this at all what if Freddy comes out and eats us oh God Daisy don’t say that it’s the first thing I thought of well guys do you know what’s at the end of this Lucky Block race no oh no it’s the FNAF stage with Freddy Chica and Bonnie and at the end we need to use all of these items from these lucky blocks to defeat them oh no oh my gosh all right guys well who wants to open up the first Lucky Block well I’m scared so Daisy’s going first yeah Daisy you go first first all right good luck please don’t eat me what kitty cats what that’s so lucky they all fell well at least it wasn’t Freddy that’s true all right my turn my turn wa I got a bunch of gold stuff I can use this golden sword to kill Freddy with it that’s actually pretty good that’s ins chain hopefully I get like diamond armor or something what diamond armor oo pumpkins you got pumpkins D really bad they’re not that bad I can use them as building blocks I can just build away that’s actually terrible it’s not Johnny how about this you know what just let Daisy break her next block please wo guys look it’s a different type of block Freddy’s not on this one ooh it’s probably special all right Daisy open yours up let’s see what’s inside open it’s something cool and ooh I got enchanted golden apples let’s go that’s really good these are awesome yeah it’s really good all right let’s see what I get hopefully I get some diamonds what red stone ew ew ew ew ew ew that’s poo yeah I don’t like red stone yeah you can’t use that for anything yeah Daddy uh let’s open up yours and see what you get uh o a shield daddy that’s insane this is overpowered item so if the FNAF characters come charging after you you can just Shield them in the face exactly I can just smack them across the mouth heck yeah all right next Lucky Block oh God back to Freddy he’s so scary well let’s see what I get ooh I got water lava and milk lava is really good cuz you could place that ooh the St could burn them yes burn the animatronics all right hopefully I get lava what really a bouncy castle that is so lame I like bouncy castles you can have fun Daddy I’m not trying to have fun okay I’m trying to kill animatronics a trying to eat me oh God I just fell why would you do that you just I slip daddy oh my goodness well I’m open slime is slippery I’m open my no I got a pyramid oh my God oh my God oh my God ow Daddy I got a whole load of nothing this slime is scary kill it kill it you’re the one with a sword I can’t reach it too big here uhoh it’s so big oh god daddy why are you spawning the worst stuff ever I think I got a really bad Lucky Block you think Daddy ah the stupid slime will not fall off maybe he’ll bounce off got it I’m insane I have a heart all right daddy well it looks like you got a diamond block up there so maybe it’ll be worth it if you get a good pickaxe yeah true you might be able to break it with that gold one no I don’t think so all right Daisy your turn oh look these are different Lucky Block wait are they oh my gosh I think you’re right does that mean there’s good stuff inside of them um or there’s really bad stuff well let’s find out oh gosh who’s that I got chain mail leggings oh maybe it’s like a chain lucky block all right let’s see what I get ooh it is I got a chest plate that’s chain mail well I got a chest plate that’s iron why that’s better daddy that’s actually no fair you’re cheating probably using hacks I am not using hacks come on well Daisy you’re up it’s another Freddy one wo Freddy I got a stone sword ooh haha I have a gold one that’s better than yours barely no it’s actually a lot better yeah oh see this I got rotten flesh you guys are probably jealous no I’m not tastes so good oh God now you basically got nothing out of that lucky block where are you going I didn’t open mine yet I just did parkour daddy wow good job what’ you get Daddy Hey Oh Daddy come here that’s mine my gosh Come here Daddy that’s mine okay why would you do that why would you do that I just one tapped you and you had diamond on from the witch no I think it’s just some poopy Diamond you got well I’m going to keep the poopy Diamond all right how about for this next Lucky Block we all break at the same time but I go first that no really daddy another big slime yeah now it’s like three tiny slime they’re really big still Daddy can you stop getting such bad stuff are you trying to kill us it’s not my fault daddy it kind of is your fault no it’s not a little bit not at all how about this you guys just zip it and open up the next Lucky Block cuz it looks so cool oh my gosh it’s red kind of scary looking all right I’m going to open up mine first sorry Daisy but I’m going first yeah no no I got nothing that’s what you get for skipping in line oh yeah I hope you get nothing too loser Daddy Let’s see if you get something I’m going to be the only one to get something so haha oh there’s no way there’s no way I think it was supposed to be a fake Lucky Block that Freddy put here oh oh try getting our hopes up okay I see what you’re doing over there I hear yeah I don’t like Freddy all right well next up is actual Freddy Lucky Block so we know there’s going to be some good stuff in here hopefully all right Daisy you can go first again ooh I got a Heroes potion wo that’s really good it gives you every buff in the game yeah I’m going to save it for we battle Freddy yeah you got all right my turn o ooh I got golden block nice go no you can’t mine now with a gold pickaxe why I can’t get gold with other gold no kind of weird well that’s stupid that’s very stupid but now it’s my turn all right daddy your turn what that oh you got a golden block too here Daddy I’ll M it for you oh sorry Daddy no hi DD I forgot I forgot you couldn’t mine it with a golden pickaxe you just did it to yourself everyone knows that rule but I just forgot yeah oh you forgot it on my gold block I see all right let’s see what’s in this next Freddy Lucky Block Daisy your turn Viller why are you getting so much hero stuff cuz I’m lucky I need a her go oh God I got a pyramid I got a pyramid oo look at all this loot hey stop it I wonder what yeah don’t even think about it Daisy if you steal one of my blocks Daddy get away see daddy that’s what you get Instant Karma ooh look I got I got a Freddy’s paw there’s no way there’s no way oh my gosh and oh my gosh there’s so much stuff here wao guys check it out I got Freddy’s paw what does it do um it just says it does a bunch of attack damage and oh it’s like a Lucky Sword it does a bunch of random stuff ow W ow oh I killed Your Heroes villager too that was mean sorry it slipped no it didn’t but let’s go I have the most overpowered weapon in the game well now it’s my turn to finally open my lucky block all right Daddy go for it oh no not again oh my gosh daddy that sucks but you know what I stole a bow and arrow from you what yep daddy you know what I got 20 diamonds so how about that and I got an enchantment table can I have then give me back the bow and arrow can I can I have the the diamonds give me the bow and arrow and to give it to you daddy daddy that’s a torch get away that wasn’t a torch no it was a bow and arrow that looked like a torch it was disguise all right Daisy your turn to open up the next Lucky Block well I want Freddy’s paw ew that’s not Freddy’s paw uh-uh poop my turn turn my turn my turn ooh I got to throw this coin in the well and hopefully I get something good yeah yeah Dad it back up diamonds no no I fell too dang ity get her all da is going to steal the diamonds no no no no no Daisy don’t do it wait she died how’ you die um I tried to jump and catch all the diamonds no it’s my diamonds guys got him I got him I opened the lucky block so it’s my diamonds why do you guys think you could just steal everything because anytime I get diamonds you steal them it was like one time it was like five times one time Daisy I only remember one time well then I did it one time you didn’t see that come on I want more diamonds guys it’s not fair Johnny did you just see what I got what I open it so fast I didn’t want you to come and take my stuff and I’m so glad I did what did you get put that on wa daddy you have full diamond armor basically but I got no weapons I only have a bow hey Daddy you missed you suck all right whose turn is it my turn all right Daisy let’s see what you get I got a sh that’s really good all right I want something really good from this block okay come on o I got Emerald Lucky Blocks no no those overow oh my gosh I’m going really far away cuz I don’t trust you guys you stay down there or I hit you okay fine fine fine all right let’s see what I get oh Cobblestone Daddy get away I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything all right let’s see what I get cobblestone ow villager spawn egg I thought this was supposed to be good spawn egg oh wait what is that ew I got shards come on give me the good stuff ooh ender pearls Daddy stop I’m not I’m not even looking at you give me the good stuff come on how many of those do you have 10 a lot okay I actually got the worst stuff ever I got lucky material well that’s actually pretty good here you go Daddy I got a little gift for you why they look like you they look just like you Johnny Daddy I don’t have that big of a nose all right you do you got a you got a snaz over there that was disgusting oh I got to try it wow that’s really good daddy Daisy uh it’s your turn to open up the next Friday Lucky Block okay uh oh God oh God you got scary stuff oh God oh God I’m hitting you oh God that was horrible sorry all the horses are gone sometimes I can’t control the Freddy’s paw because it’s really overpowered arrow in my head yeah that looks like it hurts it does all right my turn my luck’s been probably the best so let’s see what I get ooh I got lucky potions I’m going to save them for when we’re fighting Freddy that’s smart that’s very smart now it’s my turn oh I got buckets daddy buckets are terrible of lava buckets of water all right next up it looks like we have another chain Lucky Block so hopefully we got something really good hopefully it’s not more chain mail armor yeah that’s poop o I got netherite sword that’s overpowered oh it’s not the Freddy’s post I don’t care a another chain Mill chest plate here Daddy you could have it yeah oh I got I got some boots who wants boots I want boot not iron I’m going to have to pass daddy pass all right then I’m going to give this stuff to Daisy thank you all right everyone we got to go up the water water water oh no not one of these Lucky Blocks again oh jeez bet it’s nothing gosh it’s a prank Lucky Block I hate guys we’re getting super close look I see Freddy Chica and Bonnie uhoh looks like they’re put on a performance my God Freddy’s looking right at me I really don’t like this that’s scary the cupcake is looking in my soul all right well looks like we have really good lucky blocks so let’s open them up you want to open them up at the same time um yeah I want to open it up at the same time just opened it oh my gosh I got 10 more Lucky Blocks let’s go wow I got Emerald I got a lucky chest plate ooh diamond boots all right you guys got to wait for me I got to open up like 100 more Lucky Blocks there we go everything ooh okay we get some wood all right another villager come on ooh Golden Apple ooh Shield I got everything I literally have it all two more one more and poop oh wait a minute lucky boots are really good they’re better than the diamond boots so I don’t need that don’t need that and here you go daddy there’s a present why every time all right guys now we can move on and open up the next Lucky Blocks all right Daisy your turn I got a diamond pit ooh that’s pretty good if we were mining for items but we’re not we’re opening up lucky blocks for items so it’s really useless well I could go back to your daddy’s Lane and get that diamond block if I wanted to hey no no no you can’t do that all right well let me see what I get first ooh I got a hero’s axe well that would be good if we were mining trees that’s what you get for saying that that was horrible that was my line I was going to say it myself let’s see if I get let’s see if I can get a cool line oh I got a Heroes bow well that would be good if we were an archery daddy we basically are we’re going to be shooting arrows right between fr face yeah I guess Y and technically I could use this Hero’s axe as a weapon to kill Freddy wait hold on Johnny I want to try this out stay still Dy no no no no no I’m going to die I’m going to die no wait no Daddy help me ow I helped you daddy that did a lot of damage don’t do that again you’re the one that jumped off yes I’m doing parkour right now I have feather falling on these boots and they’re really awesome all right jump up here all right Daisy your turn you’re back up in the rotation this block sucks no it’s not see I got rainbow material exactly now you can make rainbow armor which is the best armor in the game so it doesn’t suck let’s go my turn really okay this block sucks let’s see what I get ooh netherite boots daddy that’s really good yeah but I’m not going to wear them all right another Freddy block maybe you guys will get the Freddy’s paw maybe I did oh what are the chances what are the chances maybe I’ll get a Freddy’s paw I got well that’s not a Freddy’s paw maybe I’ll get another Freddy’s paw oh o I got a hero’s potion let’s go nice man that was so lucky oh no it’s another fake block just break it yep it’s fake I hate Freddy and his fake blocks can’t believe he did that to us all right Daisy you’re back up with the netherite lucky block what do I need I need a helmet yeah you do need a helmet I got a helmet there’s no way there’s no way why you speaking of stuff into existence you’re wit magical I’m magical maybe you should try shooting spider webs out of your arms I got rid of the witch all right well let me just speak something into existence um what do I need I need a better chest plate so give me a netherite chest plate no I got a lucky staff what does that do powered what that do ow you guys like that no that do a lot of damage stop all right fine I’ll stop all right you goofy goobers it’s finally my time okay D oh you got another Shield daddy now you got two of them does anyone need one no we all have one well you got a waste of a Lucky Block Daddy good job stinks I’ve had really good luck and I’ve said exactly what I’ve gotten so I want a bow no way if you got a bow that would have been crazy would have been so crazy but I got another Hero’s potion all right well that’s good now we’ll all have a hero’s potion all right I need a better chest plate go ew poop I literally got a bunch of poop I don’t want any of this actually the TNT is pretty good but other than that I don’t want it right now I need a helmet give me one ew ew ew I got so much poop in my inventory I don’t want any of this poop all right guys only a couple more lucky blocks left until we fight FNAF this is the time to get the best items in the game all right we got this all right your turn Daisy I really really need a bow well that wasn’t a bow I got a gem a gem that’s pretty good does it do anything um I think it just looks cool oh my turn my turn my turn I got a bow I got a bow ow yeah well I’m going to get a better bow no you’re not I got a bomb a bomb what carot bomb I’m not going to I’m not going to use it hold on Daddy don’t cap that in your inventory it’s probably not safe I’ll throw it okay stop jeez Daddy I don’t trust you with that all right everyone jump over this parkour I slip where’d You Go Daddy just SL all right we have a few more Lucky Blocks Daisy it’s your turn I still need a bow oh nope not a bow I mean I have an extra one I just don’t want to give it to you well then I’m not giving you a Heroes potion dang Daddy okay here are you going to hit me no I saw you turn around like you’re going to smack what I’m not going to do anything I’m definitely not going to hit you Daddy I saw that all daddy oh my gosh really have a good time no how’s the weather down there it sucks now I’m going to have to kill you guys I slipped come on Johnny you’re finally up all right my turn um I just killed us yeah thanks a lot Johnny sorry D is slipped all right sometimes it slips pain in the butt I just got Saddles that’s not good another fake one haha really funny dang it uh-oh guys we only have two more lucky blocks left oh no you better make sure to get some really good stuff all right Daisy your turn TT oo that could actually be good we can make a trap with that let’s go all right my turn oh really a pickaxe all right so you got a pickaxe I’m going to get a cool sword oh you got cats oh great I got a bunch of D cats all right guys last Lucky Block here we go everyone open it ooh I got lucky leggings oh yeah that’s actually really good all right let’s jump over to the arena guys I got obsidian really daddy that’s terrible it’s horrible all right let me make us a quick crafting table cuz I got a bunch of wood and now I’m going to make some extra armor yes this is literally the best armor in the game lucky helmet lucky chest plate lucky leggings and lucky boots I got a whole bunch of Lucky nothing I also have this if anyone wants to enchant or can enchant well I guess I’m ready to fight I got this big b me too I got everything oo I got to get these potions too got to get that got to get that you never gave me a potion I tried to give it to you but you ran away oh thank you w you look cool does anyone want this hel oh me nah I’m good but guys look we’re so close to the FNAF stage hey Freddy hey Bonnie hey chica what you got doing did I just throw my bomb in there and just kill him ah yeah Daddy do it all right everyone back up okay Daddy guys this might break the whole map so everyone be prepared all right daddy blow up the stage blow it up D you blew us up you idiot I thought I could throw it oh my goodness that was so embarrassing well I killed them wait daddy you killed them yeah they’re not here no more Daddy I don’t think blowing them up was such a good idea you probably made them mad oh God it says we’re angry well uh that was all Johnny’s fault it wasn’t my fault I’m just going to go home now all right hey no it wasn’t daddy it was your fault going to go this way yeah I think I’m going to go too go guys I see them oh no they’re trying to come after us oh go it’s the cupcake the cupcake on the loose ow he’s he’s laughing at me I don’t like this I don’t like this need the cupcake no I’m not going to eat that cupcake that looks terrifying oh I killed it sorry Daddy I’m eating the hero’s potion oh yeah I got the hero’s potion oh I’m going to kill everything come here come get some Bonnie I also have the hero potion on they don’t want to come down here to us I’m going to go up there to them a take that take that ow you’re hit me sorry Daddy watch out out for the crossfire ah take that chica are being really mean right now and hitting me instead of these animatronics kill him kill him kill him kill him TNT more behind us why are they laughing like that go she got so much health what the heck is wrong with her ow this one’s laughing at me it’s foxy Foxy’s on the Loy super F no no no no no no I fell I fell I fell ow ow sorry ow I’m getting thrown by this cupcakes don’t worry guys I’m here to save the day you’re not going to do anything I’m going to do everything a they’re screaming in my face please don’t run run run Daddy back up I have unlucky potions back up back up back up I’m ready go hit them behind me help got him oh God it’s foxy it’s foxy ah he’s glitching out what is wrong with him uh-oh he might be a hacked one got him he fast guys what are those what what those oh my my goodness they look like they’re they got rabies kill it kill it kill it I don’t like that noise I don’t like that noise I don’t like that noise ow it’s attacking me oh why are they going invisible I don’t know killed it I’m D it’s invisible never mind are invisible they are invisible on me I see him I see them what is going on I see their eyeballs guys I have TNT everyone bring them towards me I don’t know where they are blowing them up I’m blowing them up and run run run run run oh yeah oh I blew myself up did it work no it didn’t D it didn’t work it work no did it no did it I can’t kill them me either I think they’re the most overpowered Five Nights at Freddy’s mob ever I killed one I killed one it’s possible oh I didn’t kill one it’s not possible so many of them are chasing me oh my gosh Daisy Place down the lava so we can put them on fire and we’ll know where they’re at hit him in the Hol oh it’s working it’s working look I see them oh I died I fell I don’t think it’s possible to actually kill these guys I don’t either oh my God guys look my game just just crashed what’s happening M did too oh no I think Five Nights at Freddy’s hacked our world we can’t get back in oh my goodness we were doing so good I think they’re getting jealous I think they wanted to do this on purpose yeah they knew that they were going to die well I guess we won yay we did it we won let’s go heck yeah today I’m going to be pranking My Friends by turning into FNAF characters check this out oh oh yeah now I’m Freddy from Freddy Fazbear all right before they see me let me turn back to normal this is going to be so hilarious they’re going to have no clue who’s pranking them guys guys what are you doing over here we’ve been mining you’re getting wood yeah so we can build a house oh yeah uh I’m getting wood too see look what have you been doing Johnny have you been playing with the flowers again no I’m not playing with flowers I’m not Daisy Daddy I don’t like flowers I don’t know you were gone for a while I’m daddy I’m mining wood I’m look I’m helping out the team okay good you should be asking what Gooby is doing he’s literally been doing nothing no I got some wood okay that’s good we need to make a campsite before it gets dark before the scaries come out oh my God there’s going to be so many monsters that come out Daddy I hope not I know that’s that’s how Minecraft is yeah not too scary I’m going to get a sword to defend myself daddy is that a good idea yeah that’s a great idea all right what do I do with all this wood uh you can give it to me no I’m good get stone go get stone okay I’m going to go I’m going to go mining Daddy got some wood for you right here okay good give me all of it hey Gooby you want to go mining with me yeah all right here take this pickaxe we’re going to go kind of far away like over here okay let’s go there’s a there’s a bear there’s a bear back up back up back up there’s a bear uhoh uh-oh you got a sword you got to attack it I don’t want to attack the bear we’re going the opposite way other way other way all right we’re going to go right here Gooby look we’re going to dig down a little bit and then once we hit some Stone then we could start mining the stone with our pickaxes you mine on the right and I’ll mine on the left Gooby NOP your that’s that’s your other left there you go okay all right Gooby we got to go far down go what are you doing mine the stone oh oops oops I gave you a pickaxe for a reason oh my goodness I thought we were just getting some more D no we don’t need dirt Gooby we need stone stone is so much stronger than dirt all right Gooby just a little bit more he’s got to go down a little bit more what are you doing Gooby I’m mining some Stones you need to go down so people don’t hear you scream I mean so you get better iron and loot so they don’t hear me scream why would I scream cuz there’s scary monsters down here obviously well maybe we just stay closer to the surface no because we get better loot the farther we go down ooh maybe we find some diamonds yeah exactly but Gooby the diamonds are really really far down so start going down that way Gooby see where I’m mining right here go that way go down there down here yep yep go down there all right here we go I’m going to transform into Freddy from Freddy Fazbear and Gooby is going to get so scared this is going to be so funny here we go oh my goodness oh Gooby yes there’s a scary monster behind you run I’m coming Gooby oh no I’m going to get you gooby uh somebody help me uh you guys you guys help me are you I can’t I can’t dig fast enough to get away from him I’m going to get you gooby no no I’ll take you back ow what the heck uhoh my thing broke uh I swoke down at you take that okay Gooby that’s not doing anything oh no I’m swapped on here with Freddy Flash B take that no just killed me he killed me let’s go I’m the best Freddy ever now just turn back to normal and no one will know you guys you guys what Freddy Fazbear just attacked me and killed me Freddy Fazbear really Gooby are you lying right in the woods I think he has Johnny too what happened I literally just saw you got attacked by Freddy Fazbear yeah so why did you help me um because you went the other way I I went up and then you went down no I was stuck in the hole and he was attacking me nope nope that’s not what happened you literally got attacked you guys lying to me right now is this one big prank cuz I’m not laughing no it was real ow we’re play Minecraft daddy oh yeah it definitely happened uh Gooby got messed up okay you’re sounding very sarcastic so I’m going to assume this is one big prank did you guys get stone or not yes daddy we got a bunch of stone here you go you just put in the chest why are you giving it to me dad cuz we want to give you our Stone okay well obviously uh Daisy’s making a base right now she’s starting to make a 10 wo you’re making a 10 we need a place to sleep tonight yeah that’s a good idea I got a campfire all right ooh we need a campfire that’s good wait do you guys know what would make our base look a lot better flowers I love flowers yeah Daisy you love flowers right it’s your favorite well Daisy why don’t you go get flowers and then uh I’ll finish this wait you’re going to work on my tent yes yes yes you go get the flowers and I’ll finish the the tent okay all right just go like really far away hold on I’m putting my stuff in the chest got to get really good flowers to make this place look a lot nicer mhm I’m going I’m going all right um Daddy can you help me make this base what I thought you said you were going to do it yeah I don’t really know what I’m doing well I don’t know what you wanted to do daddy you build it look you just place the wood like this like this a little bit right okay yes sure here Daddy take all my materials too where you going oh I got to I’m going to go back mining Daddy but I’m going to go this way because I heard there’s better loot over here you want me to help you no Gooby back up what I’m going on a solo Mission because um the ores get scared when there’s multiple people around them oh ooh I don’t want to stare away the old the diamonds in the ORS exactly and they’re especially scared of you so stay far away from me okay all right now time to find Daisy and prank her with another FNAF character where could she have went oh I see her yes yes yes this is going to be so funny she’s going to have no clue where she going she’s going really far away how are there no flowers over here wait I see one I got really close to Daisy okay here we go it’s time to transform into a FNAF character which one should we transform into um I think we’re going to do chica next oh my goodness she’s so scary all right let’s go say hi to Daisy all right just go around these trees break that oo look it’s a Wild Daisy oh my gosh chica oh no come here Daisy ow help help no one’s going to help you Daisy I to run take this where are you going Daisy come back here think is going to kill me someone help help looks like Daisy died oh my goodness that was so funny let’s go I’m the best at playing chica oh looks like the sun’s going down I got to transform back into myself and get back to Camp guys guys what I just got killed by a wild Chica Chica now what is this Five Nights at Freddy’s you guys are you guys are playing some type of prank on me promise no I saw Freddy too and he kills me too I think maybe you fell in that cave Gooby because something’s not adding up sedy and now chica mean they definitely out here they’re not out here and look now it’s becoming dark time so now we’re going to see all the monsters so we need to we need to build this base guys wait where’s Johnny is he okay uh I don’t know where he is yes I’m in a back he’s going mining guys I’m back I’m back hey did you see a wild chica what Daisy wild chica I swear I just saw her and I got killed okay I think Daisy’s lying guys that’s what I’m saying I agree SK where where where oh my God let me kill it stupid skeleton oh oh God I’m going to die oh no sh got killed by a skeleton I’m going to get this skeleton for is the last thing I do all right Daddy can we please make this base quicker there’s monsters and I don’t want FNAF coming after us you guys keep kill him kill him kill him you’re all complaining about seeing FNAF characters Daddy I didn’t see any FNAF characters yeah I know you’re the only normal one here guys since there’s so many Monsters uh I’m going to go out there and kill a bunch and get a bunch of loot from them oh it’s a good idea you can protect us exactly all right I’m going to go this way all right yeah Jenny I’ll come with you yeah no Gooby the thing is you got to go the other way oh okay I’m going to go down there monsters over there yeah go help my daddy I need help Gooby I need a sword I need a sword okay I’ll make you sword I’ll make you sword this is a perfect opportunity to turn into another FNAF character and scare my friends okay here we go I’m going to turn into Bonnie this time yes all right let me go this way who’s all alone that I could attack nope no one over here oh it’s my daddy it’s a body help me who else do we have ooh hey Daisy oh my gosh it’s Bonnie and let me get Gooby oh no come here Gooby there a bnie right here oh God I’m stuck yes she can’t get me in here a gooby is too secured in that little mine I’m to get my daddy all right I’m just going to steal all this loot for myself he Tak get the body kill him kill him let’s go go let’s kill him oh God oh God they’re actually doing damage no no no this isn’t fair come here come back here this isn’t fair this isn’t fair this isn’t fair my loot no no no I’m going to die I need heart oh gosh I’m going to die getting those resources body you come back here yes I think I got away with all the loot let’s go oh my goodness this is so awesome all right I’m going to make a separate little FNAF base over here and my friends are going to have no clue about it oh no Bonnie got wi of all of our things this is horrible now I have to go get more wood oh no there’s more zombies too ow I just start to a skeleton we should have made beds we don’t have any sheep guys I see Freddy that’s a bear it’s just a bear help me someone help me I’m not hitting a bear I just died s ow the bear it’s Freddy I got him you believe looks like wait that’s not what he looks like Noy looks like a GI peddy bear not a real bear guys there like a Slender Man over here slender man that’s an Enderman goofy an end Slender Man why you go H it she guys should go attack him yeah go get him go attack him H this slle man he’s going to die uhoh oh uhoh he’s mad at me he’s very mad uhoh he’s teleporting oh he’s yelling he’s screaming do he’s doing a Slender Man scream uhoh uhoh you got this Gooby take this take this this is how you become a man woo I beat him nice good job only have one Health left let’s go now I got a little secret base outside of my friend’s base and I got all their loot in here oh my goodness that is so awesome I just stole everything I feel so evil all right let me go back to them with my normal skin and I’m just going to pretend that I was killing a bunch of monsters well yeah she I need another sword this one’s about to die guess what we got no stone because Bonnie wanted to come over here and take everything oh no hey guys I’m back wa this house is looking really good well have you been joh we need your help what do you mean I’ve been getting a bunch of monster loot a bunch of FNAF people came and took all of our loots guys I haven’t seen any FNAF people this whole game what are we talking about yeah every time the FNAF people here you just run away I don’t even know where you are yeah you’re getting really lucky here Johnny guys I’m not going to leave again all right I’m going to be right next to you oh a baby zombie just killed me yep it was a baby zombie they’re really fast really we need to get beds we need to look for sheep so we can get some wool all right I’ll go sheep you SW o guys I found a sheep let’s go all right I’m going to help you oh my God there’s so many sheeps we need to kill all of these sheeps over here there we go I already got four pieces of wool is that good daddy one bed oh no we need more okay I got two pieces where are more sheeps I found an eagle oh dadd I found a black sheep over here okay that’s good that’s good sheepies wait guys I found some sheep oh me too nice good job guys well you just killed that baby sheep’s mom so hopefully you can sleep at night Daisy oh I killed it too you’re probably the FNAF characters you’re evil I’m not a FNAF character suspicious of you now oh God next to you Daisy you got an Enderman he won’t hurt die under die oh he’s going to hurt me though kill him daddy kill him nice we got him easy coming we noise I only had enough stuff to make one bed I can make another one I have different colors guys it looks like we need like two more pieces for another bed all right I’m on it wait Daddy are you going to go get some more sheep yeah well I’ll look the opposite direction and try to find some more sheep all right I’m going to go this way let me just see which way you go I’m going this way okay so you’re going that way all right got it all right daddy I’m going to go this way all right bye I got some more wood JY let’s go this is a perfect opportunity for me to scare my daddy with some FNAF characters um let’s see which way he’s going all right I’m just going to chase him over here where’ my daddy go I found him oh he’s killing sheep right now all right I’m going to transform into ooh I should transform into foxy check this out I look so so cool all right let me go get my daddy yeah I got all the Sheep I got seven pieces of wool I think that’s enough for two someone help me someone help me yeah well that was easy I just messed up my daddy’s foxy that was so awesome guys guys I just died to Foxy died to Foxy I was killing Sheep by the water over there and then I turned to I turned to my left and I saw foxy and Foxy jump scared me and then just murdered me are you sure it wasn’t like a real fox no foxes don’t do that and they don’t run and they don’t have eye patches well then I think we have an issue because we saw Bonnie we saw foxy we saw Chica and we saw Freddy so that’s the whole entire FNAF crew uh-oh this is not good where’s Johnny at oh no maybe they have him Johnny no Johnny Johnny which way did you go dude I think my friends are looking for me all right quick I’m going to turn into a sheep Johnny all right it’s a little sheep Johnny where are you just pretend to be a little sheep wait where’s Gooby at I have a funny idea found some foxes no don’t go by those foxes might be from sheep this a sheep over here come on Gooby come get me I need to kill the Sheep I need more wool all right wait for them to attack me oh my God come here come here get I no Freddy there oh my goodness that was so funny they no clue that this sheep was going to turn into Freddy uh I’m going to turn back to myself I have another prank up my sleeve for Daisy Gooby is he gone yeah I think he’s gone guys what happened why did I hear a bunch of screaming over here uh Freddy just came out of nowhere from a sheep and just attacked us and killed me wait you’re saying Freddy was the Sheep yeah he’s got like exchanging pow or something okay that makes no sense Gooby I don’t believe you guys I have not seen FNAF characters at all yes stay with us more you’re going away and then people torn up and just trying to kill us yeah you got you guys to stay within the camp we’re just trying to get some wool well how much wool did you get uh one piece that’s one wait wait I also got this one too two I couldn’t find any sheep all right I made enough beds I was able to get all the Sheep but as I was getting the Sheep by the water foxy jump scared me and murdered me oh my goodness all right how about this a new rule if you’re going to go out alone you have to go in pairs so you have to pick someone to go out in the wildness it’s a very good idea that’s a good idea yeah we can fight him all right well what I want to do now is I want to make a chocolate cake I love chocolate cake and then we can maybe make some cupcakes too cookies we need to make some desserts how are we going to do that well we need a bunch of stuff like uh wheat um sugar and eggs okay so we need chickens for the eggs we need sugar can for sugar and then we need a bucket for milk and stuff right yes daddy so we need to collect all these things should be so hard why we didn’t my little things what if we just split up I don’t exactly if we spits no dad we’ll go in pairs me and Daisy will go together and then you and Gooby go together okay that sounds like a good idea so we’re going to search for a bunch of eggs and sugar and you guys try to get the milk all right come on Daisy let’s go this way we need to find sugar cane so we need to go by the water wait the water yeah sugar cane goes by the water wait um by the way do you have any food right now cuz I’m going to not be able to run soon no I don’t have anything dang it we need to kill some cows and pigs and stuff all right do you see any sugar cane over here no but I found some coal oh my goodness we don’t need any coal oh no Daisy I can’t run anymore I ran out of food need to find some food right now I’m really hungry for that cupcake and those cakes that we’re going to be making yeah I love cupcakes oh you do like cupcakes yeah cupcakes are awesome oh yeah I I really like cupcakes too especially the cupcake that like chica holds and FNAF ooh yeah that one looks so yummy but I just found some sugar can let’s go good job Daisy oh I found so much come on I need to find some food I found a raccoon I can’t eat a raccoon daddy do you have any food oh yeah I have some in the furnace I think I got some lamb chops hold on Daddy I need it all I need it all daddy don’t eat it it’s mine there there there I’ll give you half let’s go oh my goodness thank goodness um who’s got the milk I’m in the process of get milk try I’m find the cow wait do we need eggs daddy we need eggs we need chickens okay okay I saw chickens over here wait I see chicken wait that’s exactly where I was going Daisy H we need seeds seeds yeah we can Fe the seeds to the chicken oh you’re right all right I’m going to break a bunch of grass and get a bunch of these seeds the chicken oh poop out and egg poop out an egg why is he not listening to me Daisy poop it out you just need to bring them together the chicken who’s another one up here okay this one’s loving this one’s loving wait what you just made a baby chicken yeah we have more chickens we have a higher chance of getting an egg oo that’s actually kind of smart I have an idea what if we fence them in somewhere ooh that’s genius all right come here chickens here you build the fence build the fence quick Daisy block dud build it in the floor watch do this okay break the floor right here break it break it break it break it break it all right no oh Daisy you’re kind of stuck I’m fixing it okay bring here we go get in there hit him in go go yes there we go okay there’s another one up here I’m going to get this one too come here Mr Chicken yep come here all right I’m about to add another Chicken in here Daisy let’s go we’re going to have eggs in no time yeah o I think I just made another baby all right I’m going to start searching around around for some more chickens to add in I’m just getting a ton of seeds oh I found another chicken let’s go I got an egg he just pooped out an egg right in front of me let’s go how many eggs do we need um like a lot how much is a lot like 75 what what no way we’re getting 75 eggs there’s no way we have to we’ll have so much cake yeah we are going to have a lot of cake ooh they made some eggs they made some eggs in there are we going to get them um here I got an idea just going to break this real quick go in get it and I’m out I got six eggs I got six eggs right now ooh we should go see if they got milk now all right good idea oh God oh God there’s monsters this way this way this way daddy daddy daddy we got the eggs oh that’s good cuz I found a cow earlier and I got some milk okay I think we have everything to make it right we need to sleep really quickly need wheat too wait we need wheat I don’t know if you need it I got it all right um I don’t really know how to make it where’s Gooby I don’t know Gooby yes it’s time to come home it’s dark outside oh oops I just get some more wood ow oh god spider spider spidery crawlies are out we need to go to sleep right now go let’s go wait we can’t go to bed what the heck why not just just break this Daisy built it wrong that’s why just let make get big enough there’s monsters creeper daddy don’t blow up the house daddy there’s a creeper kill it that was a close one everyone quick quick we get in yeah we did it let’s go now we have a hole in our house it’s all your fix it all right Daisy here you go you make the cake there’s the eggs there’s the milk and there’s some I have the sugar all right perfect okay guys I made the cake uh but is they turn it all supposed to I just turned into a cupcake oh God what’s going on is the cake made yet um no we turned into chica’s cupcake and it killed me run eat me in the it’s eating me eating me come here this is the opposite of what’s supposed to happen we’re supposed to be eating the cupcake it’s not supposed to eat us oh yeah I’m the best cupcake in the world I think cupcakes are scar of flowers I put FL flower power flower power flowers oh this is not good take that take that no no evil cupcake cupcake I’m going to kill it I’m going to kill it all right TR back to normal and boom everybody it’s in the house let’s go get him daddy stop screaming what is going on hold on a second where’ the cupcake go cupcake what are you talking about guys we all saw a cupcake run in here right yeah are you guys call me a cupcake uh maybe question mark I have no clue where it went and you’re you’re automatically in here so how’s that work how’s that supposed to work out guys I don’t know what you’re talking about first you’re saying FNAF characters now you’re saying a cupcake it was chica’s cupcake oh of course it was chica’s cupcake maybe it was that weird thing you crafted Daisy maybe you crafted it I tried to craft an actual cake well I was in here the whole time so I don’t even know what you’re talking about Daisy was he in here the whole entire time I can’t remember I think so H something’s fishy cuz it seems like every time Johnny’s not here something bad happens you know what Johnny you’re very sus you’re very sus right now I’m going to keep an eye on you I am not going to let you leave my sight all right daddy whatever you say anywhere you go I go even if I go over here what about if I go over here oh I’m already here what if I go on this side of the house hey I’m on this side of the house too okay Daddy can you stop following me nope I’m going to follow you Daddy I’m not doing anything this is not a prank Daddy I don’t know what you’re talking about no I’m very sus at you right now daddy why are you in my way stop following me you’re not going anywhere without me daddy why because I think you might have been pranking us daddy me pranking you guys yep you’re one big prankster how would I even be turning into FNAF characters that’s not even possible I know maybe you got some magical powers or something but you’re using it for the wrong reason and you’re pranking up all right you know what fine daddy I’m going to just tell you the truth it was me the whole time what really was you yes I was the one turning into all those scary FNAF characters hi ha get pranked everyone well you know what I was right I was 100% right woohoo that was a good prank Johnny I was so shed yeah all right uh Johnny look behind you wait what you want me to turn into a Freddy all right guys I can show you exactly how I did it behind basically what I did was I just look behind you hey okay oh my God oh my God it’s real that’s not me that’s not me that’s not me everyone run get out of here run oh God can’t believe you pranking us with a prank ddy help me Freddy’s got me I’ll save you Daddy I’m not pulling a prank this is for real daddy this is for real my arrows aren’t working ouch I’ll hit him with some bones put him down now you’re killing me Gooby you’re killing me okay oop today we’re playing a speedrun in Minecraft but I’m being chased by FNAF oh my goodness guys you look so scary well we’re going to get you joh if it’s the last thing we ever do no you’re not guys wait who is this over here o I’m the scariest Bonnie ever e I’m going to get you but Gooby it’s you and a costume I see you yo well then if this is Gooby then this must mean that chica’s Daisy of course it’s me oh gosh you have the cupcake in everything yeah it’s pink and so pretty and it’s going to eat you oh my goodness well Daddy what do I need to collect to win the speedrun you need to collect all the four FNAF suit so you need a Freddy suit a chica suit a Bonnie suit and a foxy suit oo daddy that’s going to be so easy I’m going to be able to find them in like 5 Seconds nope you’re going to need this box you got to throw all the suits in that box what the FNAF box yep all right daddy well Johnny you’re going to have 2 minutes and we’re going to start chasing you what 2 minutes oh God I got to go oh I guess I’m just going to jump down here bye guys see you later we’re going to kill you oh my goodness I need to go go go I do not have enough time I should probably get a sword like right now since I have 2 minutes I’m just going to break down this tree I need to get stone I need to get iron there’s so much I need to do oh my goodness oh my goodness I don’t want FNAF to kill me all right there we go just make that real quick all right let’s start by making a couple tools all right first up we’re going to make a sword and then we’re going to make a pickaxe just like that go go go go go go go break that more wood break that more wood you’re going to be jumping any second also if I look inside my map I can see all these little points that are scattered around the spawn this is where all the FNAF suits are hiding all right so I think the first one I’m going to try to go to is like Bonnies or foxy so let’s go this way go go go go go go go o Piggies hello Mr Piggies come here ooh stone look at all that stone over there okay that’s where we need to go all right let’s start collecting a bunch of this Stone we could instantly upgrade all of our tools and I haven’t even seen the FNAF characters yet oh God they jumped they jumped I just saw him jump I just saw him jump oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh quick quick quick let me upgrade my stuff no no no no no no no there we go there’s that there’s that I definitely saw Bonnie’s ears in the sky oh God I see him I see them oh no no no no no no no no okay move that over there oh my gosh they’re coming they’re coming they’re coming run run run run run o I can go into this big Forest perfect they’re never going to be able to find me in here but I do think they have trackers on me so they know where I’m at at all times that seems a little unfair ooh I found a cave any iron any iron ooh coal coal Coal we need all of this stuff there we go there we go I’m definitely looking to get some iron so I’m going to need some coal first oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh where’s that sound oh God it’s Enderman I don’t think that’s Enderman though daddy is that you I hear you Daddy run run run run run run run I can’t let him know I’m in this cave oh no no no it’s a dead end it’s a dead end please please please o you’re in a cave no oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God Johnny where are you come here Daddy yeah yeah Daddy I’m hitting you oh you like that stop it no you’re doing no damage daddy you freaking shck I’m bleeding I’m bleeding stop it how much health do you have oh my goodness the FNAF characters have so much more Health than normal that is actually really bad oh my gosh oh my gosh oh gosh Gooby what are you doing I’m here back up Gooby back here get away from me I’m back here I’m a sh fnap out oh look at this cave oh God I got to kill him first get away from me take that wa oh my goodness there’s so much mobs down here I will probably die if I go down here but I need to get iron I haven’t heard Daisy where’s Daisy at oh Johnny oh God oh God I knew it I knew you were around where are you Daisy where are you um nowhere oh then I guess I’m nowhere too you’re going to have to try to find me I think you’re above me oh yeah I definitely am I’m actually in the clouds right now trying to get some Cloud loot in the clouds oh my goodness oh my goodness there’s FF characters down here oh gosh this isn’t good this is actually not good oh my goodness there’s so much iron but there’s so many creepers come on give me some iron where’s all the iron at oh gosh I also need food really bad I probably should not be down here right now I got to eat a spider’s eye ow that was a mistake I’m poisoned I’m poisoned ow why do these people do so much damage to me cuz I don’t like you oh God that’s bad I see you no you don’t oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh no no no no no no there’s a baby zombie no no no no no no no oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s chica no no no no no this is not good get me out get me out get me out I told you I could find you um the thing is you kind of stuck at the game show take that yeah you like that hey see you later chica I got to get out of this cave back here go go go go go I need to get a bunch of food before I go into a cave like that again hi Johnny hey Daddy what up see you later run run I’m right behind you no you’re not I’m a bear what Daddy no you’re not yes I am that’s isn’t that what Freddy is you’re just Freddy daddy you’re not an actual bear no I’m a bear I’m in the woods go go go go go go go go go yes sheep sheep sheep sheep oh you want some sheep you want some mutton well guess what it’s my mutton no Daddy it’s mine yes go go go go go go ow what the heck daddy oh my gosh oh my gosh I need to run where do you think you’re going you think you’re going to go to Freddy’s house fredd wants to say hi to you can you guys just leave me alone for 2 seconds you want to see foxy Foxy’s right up that mountain oh yeah Daddy well that’s where I’m going no you’re not oh gosh oh my God I half a heart go go go go go that’s fish easy food easy food oh God I have no food what the heck is my daddy doing this is the worst situation I could possibly be in right now come on I need some food yes Piggies I don’t think they could swim really well because they’re animatronic so it’s really hard for my daddy to actually do anything yes yes yes oh God not the shoker Box no no no no I didn’t mean to place this oh my gosh my daddy’s coming quick quick quick eat eat eat get away I need to kill you no you really don’t though daddy cuz I will win I always win these daddy you’re not winning today no I’m winning I’m win I’m a FNAF character oh gosh you are pretty overpowered with that FNAF character I’m getting super close to Foxy’s house and then I’ll have the first armor of Suits oh yes more food come here I need to eat you Mr sheep ooh we got some cow I’m going to be eating good tonight where the heck did my daddy go oh my God I see him oh my gosh he looks so terrifying wait a minute I think I need to go up there yep I do they’re defending foxy oh my goodness they’re so annoying okay I think I’m going to have to upgrade to an iron sword before I actually go up there and I should probably cook some of this food up because I’ll get so much more hunger back from cooking it up oh gosh oh I’m sure you will oh gosh oh gosh what’s up Daddy I’m TR to fight you Daddy ow that hurts that sword hurts I know it’s a own sword Daddy what sword do you got I have my fists oh gosh you think you’re overpowered cuz you’re FNAF I don’t think so Daddy I don’t think so yep he just got pooped on all right I’m cooking up all this iron and then I’m going to make an iron sword and then I’m going to cook up all this food and I should probably not run out of food ever again all right there we go now let’s create this iron sword let’s go let’s freaking go oh God oh God what the heck goopy what the heck oh my gosh you scared me hey get away from my furnace I’m cooking up food ooh I want some of this food right here yeah I don’t think so I don’t think so look what’s in my hand I’ll mess you up Gooby St that come here no no ow what the heck why you do so much damage oh my goodness these FNAF characters do Insane amount of damage and it’s not fair they’re actually cheating can this food cook any slower oh my goodness all right I’m just going to mine some more Stone and try to be useful oh yeah I’m getting a bunch of stone now let’s go maybe I’ll run into some iron that’d be so cool all right I got one more piece of food to cook up and then we’re going to try to get this foxy suit that would be one out of the four suits that I actually need all right there we go break that break this ooh more food let’s go come here sheep I got to mess you up sorry okay where do I need to go right here oh my goodness it looks like they’re all over here I don’t know if I could take all three of them at once oh my gosh oh my gosh there’s chica oh my gosh where are they Johnny oh god there she is get away from me oh my go she’s all bloody oh God oh God oh God oh God I know how much you like cupcakes I thought we could share yeah I’m good I don’t want your cupcake I don’t want your cupcake get away for me why am I not using my iron sword get back here yep there you go oh guys oh wow Daddy really scary oh Gooby really scary all right I’ll just see you guys over here whoa oh my god there it is there it is I see the foxy suit but I got to kill you guys first no you can’t go in the security room come here oh no no yep run away run away come here Daddy I’m going to knock you off I didn’t even need to do anything daddy you’re so bad at this game no I’m not I just fell off a clamp there’s one suit oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I just got something insane what the heck did I just collect hey come over here back no no no stop it yeah you like that see you later hey no what’ you get what did you just get nothing run run run run run run run run run run run run I got to get out of here the Naf Slayer 5,000 I just got an insane diamond sword oh my God 135 attack damage how is that even possible this might one tap the FNAF characters this would be crazy no it doesn’t where are you Daddy come here let me test this out oh come here come here I’m going to hit you share my cupcake you don’t have to hit me with that come here ah come here let’s go this thing’s overpowered and now we have three pieces of armor for the foxy suit foxy doesn’t have boots so he only has three all right let’s put that in the FNAF box this sword is so overpowered oh my goodness I cannot believe I just found this okay I think before we go to the next armor stand we need to go get full iron or diamond armor so let’s find a good area where a cave is yeah let’s go find it hey Daddy I’m really interested to see what type of armor you get oh my goodness daddy oh my go this instant killed sheep too this sword is overpowered Daddy I just got the most overpowered sword in the game um you’re actually not allowed to have that sword why it was in a chest an accident we weren’t supposed to put that in here really daddy um it’s kind of overpowered hey Daddy I’ll see you later hey where you going oh my gosh let’s go look at all this iron in the walls hey Daddy don’t follow me it’s so nice in here man I think I see some diamonds hey back up back up back up back up I will knock you off Daddy I’ll knock you off first I’m just going to where you going going to go over here Daddy just going to go over here I knock you off so easy right now Daddy I can too I can knock you off no you can’t are you what are you doing there we go just getting some iron Daddy just leave me alone can’t get you there we go do you even have any blocks Daddy what are you doing I’m so close to smacking you come here no I’m good I’ll see you later Daddy I’m just going to break this and kill you Daddy this is kind of embarrassing watching you do this oh God oh God that was not good that was some damage daddy you like that come here yeah oh I think I hear someone else hello anyone else near me uh no oh I knew it I heard you Gooby gooby don’t mess with me I will literally mess you up I just killed my daddy and I’m going to kill you yeah but Gooby is not alone oh God okay I don’t know about two of you though that’s kind of scary all right just going to block myself off in here oo I have so much iron I think so goopy what are you guys saying nothing what are you guys doing right now I don’t like this or just uh playing Minecraft what I don’t like how close you’re getting oh no no no you don’t even know how close we are I don’t like this guys just let me live and play Minecraft 2 Minecraft 2 it made a sequel no not actually Minecraft 2 oh my gosh Gooby oh oops Gooby where is he oh looks like he’ll never find me he got to be here somewhere come on come on I need this iron to cook quicker oh my goodness where are they guys where are you can you just come down here so I can kill you real quick I mean we’re trying stop laughing like that Gooby you’re scaring me I’m a scary little F go go go go go go go go go go go go go ooh iron iron where I need some nope it’s mine where the heck are you guys oh I see someone oh what the heck Gooby just fell and died Gooby what a great teammate you got Daisy wait so where are you if you want to come find me you have to jump down jump down where into this lava right here I’m actually making a secret base in the lava so go into the lava no what I’m Not Afraid where are you nowhere all right just going to come up here grab some iron ah hopefully a chica doesn’t get me ooh a bunch of irons over here let’s go use my new iron pickaxe I found you no you didn’t yes I did where are you oh God I see you oh God oh God oh God get me out of there let me just cook my iron in peace let’s go I have so much food so much iron all I need is some more diamonds I need full diamond armor you’re never going to get it um I thing is I was like going to just get it like right now no we’re going to kill you first m I don’t think so no I think so ooh I just made a shield oh my goodness this could be super useful now skeletons and and people like chica won’t be able to attack me what the heck what happened did you die wait Daisy Daisy I think Daisy just died oh she definitely just died she died in the lava I was joking about going into the lava oh my God what an idiot well anyways I almost have full iron armor all I’m missing is a helmet oh and we ran out of coal and iron IR dang it any more iron around here ooh over there I see it I see it I see it I see it and I want it this is a perfect amount I think I only need like two more pieces anyways go go go come on I need this one more piece one more piece here we go and Boom full iron armor just like that game’s a little bit too easy for me okay we’re pretty much Unstoppable at this point so I’m just going to go towards the next suit of armor and we’ll see which FNAF characters we run into oh God we need to go all the way up though okay I think actually I’m going to dig up because I also want a bunch of blocks on me just in case I need to escape or build up somewhere I need a lot of cobblestone we’re just going to do some digging to get all the way to the top oh yeah go go go go go go anyone around me any losers want to get oh I knew it Daddy I knew it Daddy I know that’s you really daddy you’re not scaring anyone daddy where are you Daddy stop making that dumb sound come on come on we’re almost there we’re almost there really daddy unless that’s Gooby is that Gooby I can’t tell oh we’re getting so many blocks right now this is insane I’m really mining in Minecraft right now who was that I’m hearing a lot of weird sounds coming from where I’m going ooh we made it to dirt oh I’m super close that means we’re close to the surface yes I see grass yeah I did it I made it out daddy oh god daddy I see you Daddy I see you oh gosh I need to run in run run I was lurking I was hunting in the I was hunting in the woods no you weren’t Daddy I’m looking for my prey oh yeah well Daddy you see what’s on me right now full iron armor mhm that doesn’t scare me well it should oh God I’m stuck oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I got stuck okay we need to figure out where I need to go where am I going oh God no Daddy really come here I’ll mess you up Daddy I’ll mess you up I think I need to go this direction to get the next FNAF suit daddy am I going the right way maybe Johnny maybe oh yeah all right good that means I’m going the right way you’re not going to the Freddy suit right now you’re not doing that hey you blocked us off no I didn’t you’re using the treat to your advantage I don’t like it I’ll see you later Daddy ooh it looks like it’s on like a separate island of some sort like a gazelle all right let’s jump into the water go go go go go yeah let’s go in the water let’s go for a swim Daddy you’re an animatronic you’re literally made out of like wires and metal you should not be in the water no I’m a nightmare I’m a nightmare Freddy oh God you do look like a nightmare go go go go go might run into some of my friends over here friends yep oh my goodness this is actually scary oh God it’s chica it’s chicaa chica I’m just going to run by her help me Daisy bye Daisy you can’t run away from us the suit is somewhere on this island ow who who hit me come on where is it why is the water purple get pois here oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh ooh I found something I found something yes no you didn’t yes it’s the Freddy suit okay okay good all right just going to go here oh God ow no hey get away from me come here Daddy you know what I’m just going to have to kill you just going to have to kill you yep that’s what you get I got the FNAF Slayer 5,000 how do they not know I don’t have that oh and now I can just take my time there we go just going to collect all this and boom we have the full Freddy suit oh God hey Daddy get away all right stick that in the FNAF box let’s just break this boom we are doing so good right now I’m pretty sure we’re Unstoppable wao and there’s a bunch of games in here too I might play some arcade games oh looks like they’re all broken and old dang it all right whatever we need to go get the other suits anyways oh God oh God oh God what do you want Gooby uh I just want to kill you hey Gooby you’re not going to kill me go kill my daddy no we on team cuz we’re on FNAF team I’m I’m a FNAF 2o though I don’t know why you would kill me what’s your that FNA yes I am yeah I’m the new animatronic I’m the new animatronic F you gooby oh gosh oh gosh hey hey hey back up back up back up back up oh my God all three of them are on me oh my gosh oh god oh I fell I just want to play thing is I don’t really want to play with you guys it’ll be fun no it won’t get away from me get away for me oh you guys can’t do parkour looks like you’re struggling a little bit my feet are too big daddy I think your stomach’s too big too I don’t know how you’re fitting in that costume hey it’s not big okay I’m not even a human oh gosh oh gosh o I should Parkour in the trees oh yeah maybe you should do that maybe sup Daddy come here I’ll box you I’ll box you I’ll box all three of you come here come here I got iron armor on you guys can’t do anything against me that’s nothing okay let me just rotate that ooh some more food here come here piggy you can’t even get this food why not because we’re here um thing is you guys don’t really do anything ow ow ow I need to get out of here ooh Some iron I’m just going to mine this iron thanks guys do that come here am I going the right way for another suit daddy you’re not going to bodies right now wait where’s Bonnie Straight Ahead oh it is it is go go go go go go go go am I doing anything to you no you guys really suck you know I could just turn around with this sword and just kill you guys no you can’t no you can’t all right let’s see let’s see if I can do it oh man you guys are doing a lot of damage oh man Daddy’s keep hitting me oh yeah how is this doing nothing you’re doing insane amount of damage bye bye bye oh my gosh they’re actually so bad at this game wait where did Gooby go um I don’t see him Gooby nope Gooby is gone well all I know is they’re going to have to get some way better weapons or they’re never going to be able to defeat me but my daddy’s smart so he’s probably going to think of a plan so I need to be quick I’m like a cheah oh my God oh my God oh my gosh I’m like a scar the grass just scared me Tak the grass got to get away from me oo I’m just going to collect all this food I got so much unlimited food oh hello Johnny ow what the heck come here Daddy I will literally one tap you come here bye bye let’s go oh they’re definitely doing a lot more damage though I need to be careful okay where do I actually need to go okay right here go go go go go oh it looks like they’re trying to beat me to it I need to get to Bonnie before them oh what’s the fastest way to get there ooh ooh I know I got to get a boat all right do this there we go break that oh God why is my boat pink I hate pink e bye Daddy what the heck no see you later all right I’m going to go around this I think Daisy’s on This Island right now so we’re just going to totally avoid Chica and go right for the Bonnie suit yep there she is there she is go go go go go I need to hurry up I need to hurry up hopefully she doesn’t see me though cuz then she’s going to definitely want to kill me oh I see something oh it’s chica it’s chica but I also see a cave I think that’s where the Bonnie suit is oh gosh they’re all there they’re all here okay okay okay okay okay okay okay let me just get off this boat wa what happened to the water the water turned freaking green this is insane all right let me just clear out my vory get ready to get this next suit of armor I might have to just go in get it and then get out hello Daddy Daisy Gooby I just saw them all right well I guess I’m just going to go into this cave then oh gosh this is probably not the best way to go into it oh God Daddy what the heck oh my gosh oh my gosh Jaws dad you’re not Jaws all right daddy fine you want to sit in the water you guys can have fun down there nope you can stay down there you have fun what are you doing you like that just give up Johnny we’re stronger than you all right that’s some complete cap where is it is it where is it where is it where is it where the heck is the suit come Dad here come here daddy why you all red oh my God you’re bloody you went bloody take that I’m bloody yes yes yes instantly killed them let’s go let’s go it says the suit is missing what do you mean the suit is missing oh I got pizza wait oh my God I got pizza this pizza could be insane insane food insane food where am I supposed to go if the suit’s missing o the vents the vents yes I’m in the vents right now let’s go okay I think this is where I need to be let’s go over here what what the heck it’s a dead end all right I guess I’m going back here ooh I can come into this place and boom yes I found the suit oh my God oh my oh okay I thought that was a scary FNAF these guys aren’t scary all right just going to collect this collect that collect that and now let what the oh my god get away from me oh my gosh what the heck he just tried to scare me Go’s an idiot all right we just need one more FNAF suit and then we win let’s just go back through the events anyone down here nope I don’t see anyone yet oh God hello oh gosh oh gosh go back this way go back this way go back this way you can’t escape that way um yes I can I have a pickaxe I’m breaking through the vent no you’re not Daddy go go go go hurry up we’re going to get you no you’re not go go go go go I’m going to the top where did he go I’m not there daddy oh you covered it up with Cobblestone no I see you hey no don’t oh my gosh go go go go go go go go go go go I can almost taste you hi oh gosh ow what the heck oh God chica chica’s on my butt get away from me get away from me get back here no wasn’t really planning on that you’re never going to get the last suit the thing is if I got the first three suits what’s stopping me from getting the last one the last one’s the hardest wait is it really oh no all right well we’ll see about that I’m just going to outrun you real quick see you later chica you can’t out run me I’m super fast take this egg hey yep threw an eggy in your face go go go go go okay we need to see what direction I need to go into um yep I’m going the right way ow what the heck hey who’s hitting me I’m catching up oh my goodness they’re starting to do a lot of damage it’s not funny oh God I hope you know I have the best sword in the game Chica and I’ll mess you up you really don’t all right let me just go into this see you later hey hey chica get out of here where are we going this is not funny this is actually not funny get out did you want to share the cupcake now no what why can’t I hit you on this oh my goodness is not good oh see you later get back here all right fine take that see you let’s go I can’t believe chica got inside my boat that was messed up all right we need to go get the last and final suit and then after that we need to go put the suits at the spawn and then we win BF is not going to be able to kill me oh it looks like my daddy Daisy and Gooby are going to be there okay okay okay okay they’re going to want me to not get this suit at all since it’s the last suit so they’re going to try their hardest to stop me we’ll see what surprises they have in store all right let’s just get off my boat right here give me my boat I see something in the distance what is that oh my goodness what are they doing nothing hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Daddy what do you want oh nothing I’m just guarding the last one you know okay well let’s relax you’re going to have a lot of fun in this parkour for to get this chicken suit oh no no no no no no no what the heck is this no I didn’t say chicken suit I do parkour for the last suit really yeah a little difficult back up back up Daddy back up I will literally mess you up I’m going to do the parkour and I’m going to get the suit Force what Gooby you can’t do parkour that’s how it works yes I can I’m the best oh there he goes come here Daddy Let me just end your life real quick there you go hey Gooby no no no no don’t kill me we got to do parkour contest parkour contest really I’m about to do it right now check this out y yepe I’m B there we go oh my gosh this parkour is really hard there we go oh hey Daisy what are you doing up there stopping you from getting the suit oh you’re really doing a good job stopping me come here I want that suit uhoh oh God oh God get away from me I’ll hit you with the FNAF Slayer you can’t even reach me oh yeah take this ow hey hey hey oh gosh that was a close one now I got the height Advantage huh what is that going to do you’re just going to fall that’s what it’s going to do chica oh yeah take that let’s go there it is the chicaa Su and it’s all mine no no this is not fair um it is fair actually all right let me stick it in my box there we go wao this floating FNAF island is so cool all right let’s just start parkouring back no you’re not Oh Daddy I’m definitely going to go in this direction Oh Daddy no no I need to go all the way back to spawn so I’ll just see you guys later go go go go go go go no no come here see you guys yes I’m going to beat him I’m going to beat him to spawn I’m going to beat him to spawn they’re all behind me all I need to do is put these suits on the armor stand and I win oh gosh I got a kind of a long journey to go though yes I see it I see spawn I see it I see it I see it I see it I see it come on hurry up what what the heck is that my daddy daddy how’d you get over here so fast they’re all there okay they’re cheating they have to be cheating daddy you’re cheating no I’m not how’d you get over here so fast let’s just say I have a few abilities that allow me to Sprint super fast okay is that how you eat people by sprinting really fast yeah you’re lucky I haven’t used it on you yet oh gosh no no no no I dropped a sword oh my gosh that was a close one daddy you don’t want to mess with me I’ll just instantly kill you it is so much fun I love instantly killing them okay I think it’s too dangerous to climb up that water so I think I’m just going to start building there we go we have a ton of blocks that we could just build really high in the sky all right I’m starting to get pretty high here yeah don’t fall dadd I’m not going to fall don’t tell me what to do what if I had a bone out right now I could just shoot you right in the middle of your head I just know you’re not good at the game so I’m just going to come over there daddy I’m going to put the armor on the stands and then you’re going to leave me alone no that’s not that’s not how it’s going to work all right well we’ll see how it works hey what do you think you’re doing Daddy I had some extra blocks oh i’ watch behind you too oh my goodness it’s Gooby you’re surrounded you’re getting pinched right now Daddy get away from me Hey ow oh my gosh he’s so Anno annoying okay we’re climbing up we’re climbing up go go go go go go go go that plan did not work at all get away oh chica too wait no that’s not chica’s a zombie what the heck coming up no no no oh yeah I nailed Gooby I nailed Gooby midair hello bye no I missed bye here Daddy take some rotten flesh no I’m not going to use that come here come here chica come here come here yeah all right let me just put this down right here just going to start getting hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey what do you think’s going on here what do you think’s going on here can you guys stop spawning no why is there spawn point there that is actually not fair what the heck I’m very positive that they’re cheating come here our zombie army is coming guys this is cheating this is our spawn what do you want bye I can just block off this water you know oh yeah there’s a lot more water saces though take that climb up climb up climb up climb up no no no no no no no bye bye come here no come here oh God oh God oh God this is not working okay I need to think of something different you’re no match for us leave me alone I need to get more blocks so I can build up what’s that going to do U I’m going to BU able to build up higher than you oh my gosh they’re making this so hard with their spawn being up there but don’t worry because I have a lot of ideas we’re going to get this FNAF suit on the armor stands I seen a bunch more blocks I’m going to try building up again if not maybe I can SU bait them out and then get to the top before them and then block off the water source ooh that might be actually genius all right let me just get a few more blocks here there we go just get some more blocks eat some pizza M this pizza’s really good oh yeah give me all these blocks 64 blocks all right that should be good enough I need to keep a little bit of my iron pickaxe actually just in case I’m going to get a stone pickaxe too if this one breaks all right here we go hopefully this worked and they just okay all right it’s going to work get away from me I’m the ultimate FF killer I will kill all the fnafs in the world oh God hey get away from me buddy hey someone’s throwing a trident at me oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh what there’s a guy throwing a trident I know Daddy they’re doing a lot of damage hey Daddy get away from me I’m a shark oh my gosh hey get away I actually am getting a little low on health so I need to actually get some health back please all right here we go we’re going up no you’re not I’m going up hey no you’re not I’m going up Daddy what are you talking about well I’m going to chase you going up by go go go go go go go I’ve got an arrow sh hey no no no no if you got a bow arrow don’t shoot it at me bye daddy hey how you in the wrong person Gooby gooby you’re terrible at this game who’s at the base wait no one’s here this is going to be easier than I thought oh god oh guys you trying to swim up oh that’s crazy he blocked it off doesn’t matter this we got multiple War oh man oh you’re going back down oh guys I’m just going to start putting all these armor suits in oh chica’s done wait where’s the water sources wait wait wait wait wait I need to stop this hey Daddy oh bye daddy no oh chica you’re trying to come up this water source right here I see I’m going to get you oh no I don’t really think you are that sucks let’s go now you have to deal with me Gooby I hear you come here Gooby I’m the biggest villain ever I’m just going to push you okay Gooby just fell off is actually terrible at this game okay I need to block off all water sources I need to make sure no one can get to me yes last water source right here nope I think that’s all the water sources he sto this one too no you guys are stuck oh going back down daddy that’s super sad all right just going to put in Freddy’s suit where’s Freddy’s suit oh man I got just take my time up here this is so easy guys I got two more suits who’s shooting me hello who is shooting me what the heck oh oh God it’s Gooby what is he doing uh oh it looks like they’re trying to build up oh my gosh oh my gosh let me do this quick let me do this quick go go go go go go go there’s Bonnie and there’s foxy I did it I did it I won the FNAF Speed Run let’s go FNAF couldn’t even kill me okay I think I’m going to play a little prank on them and pretend that I didn’t actually do it I’m finally up here Oh Daddy I got one more suit are you going to come stop me I’m going to get you I’m going to get you come stop me Daddy oh man I’m putting it on right that I’m putting it on right now daddy last suit’s going on last suit oh man no oh oh gosh I couldn’t get that last suit it looks like I’m stuck down here hey Gooby guess what I’m a winner what you win yep I won that’s not fail I did it oh man Johnny you won yep I won I lied to you Daddy I said I had one more soup but I already put them all on I know you played a prank on me and I don’t appreciate that yep I played a prank and now I’m going to eat pizza in front of your face guys you know what I think we should do what we need to kill him okay really you’re not going to be able to kill me all right I don’t care you can kill me I already won so I don’t care he just teleported my heal yep and I’m going to come kill all of you come here with the FNAF killer through 5,000 let’s go I’m unstoppable well if you guys enjoyed watching this video then make sure to leave a like and hit subscribe or fnaf’s going to haunt you tonight bye

This video, titled ‘Five Nights at JOHNNY’S in Minecraft…’, was uploaded by Here’s Johnny on 2024-05-12 21:02:14. It has garnered 494212 views and 9073 likes. The duration of the video is 01:44:58 or 6298 seconds.

Today, Johnny traps Marty, Gooby, and Daisy in Five Nights at JOHNNY’S! Johnny turns his friends into ANIMATRONICS! Will they be able to escape?

#johnny #minecraft #minecraftmod

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    🔥 INCREDIBLE Minecraft mobs gameplay #Shorts 🌙Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft mobs 🔥 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by FakeMoon Gaming on 2024-05-29 15:07:09. It has garnered 447 views and 16 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. minecraft,minecraft puzzle map,minecraft challenge,minecraft puzzles,funny minecraft video,minecraft bedrock,minecraft impossible puzzle,beating minecraft,minecraft gameplay,minecraft survival,can i solve this minecraft puzzle in 24 hours?,solving impossible minecraft puzzles,minecraft hindi,minecraft server,minecraft but,minecraft redstone,minecraft house,minecraft hindi gaming,minecraft hardcore,minecraft minigame,minecraft gameplay in hindi puzzle,jigsaw puzzle,puzzles,jigsaw puzzle time lapse,karen puzzles,jigsaw puzzle tips,puzzle games,jigsaw puzzle vlog,biggest puzzle,puzzle time lapse,jigsaw puzzles,puzzles for kids,puzzle box,biggest puzzle ever,giant puzzle,animal puzzle,puzzle for kids,hardest puzzle,video puzzle,9000 piece puzzle,jigsaw… Read More

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    SHOCKING: Unplanned Minecraft Livestream Chat with LuvstarVideo Information This video, titled ‘A Spontaneous Stream, Let’s Chat :3 ♡ Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-20 15:44:21. It has garnered 949 views and 94 likes. The duration of the video is 00:42:51 or 2571 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: 🌈Become a Channel Member: ==================================== 👾My Website: 💜My Etsy Shop: 🎧Request an Art Commission: 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES USED:… Read More

  • INSANE! Building Epic City in Minecraft Live!

    INSANE! Building Epic City in Minecraft Live!Video Information This video, titled ‘BUILDING A CITY IN MINECRAFT|SCS| Minecraft | Chill Stream’, was uploaded by Mr.5k on 2024-04-01 23:31:32. It has garnered 1021 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 03:38:43 or 13123 seconds. Donation and Merch Link Make Sure You Follow All Of My Socials My Discord : My TikTok : My Twitch : Read More

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    Insane Chicken VR Prank Gone Wrong in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #oculus #memes #vr #funny #oculus2 #comedy #pasta #oculusquest2 #melon’, was uploaded by Chicken vr on 2024-03-22 20:19:35. It has garnered 14 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:02 or 2 seconds. Read More

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    Can My Internet Survive the NEW Minecraft Update?!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing The NEW Minecraft Update If My Internet Connection Holds Up!’, was uploaded by JacobGgamer on 2024-04-03 04:04:44. It has garnered 33 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:17:09 or 4629 seconds. TODAY! We play The Poisonous Potato Update! Read More

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  • WhaleBoxx

    WhaleBoxxWelcome to WhaleBoxx. We are currently a vanilla survival and boxpvp server. We only just released so come and join us today! Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla, SMP, Snapshots, 1.21-pre1, 1.21 Experiments, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Discord

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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    Looks like the critics of Minecraft are mining for compliments with that high score! Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Animated Show Unveiled In the world of Minecraft, a new tale is told, An animated series, with adventures bold. Netflix has announced, a show to excite, Bringing blocky worlds to life, shining bright. The teaser trailer, a glimpse of what’s in store, Creativity and adventure, like never before. Minecraft fans, get ready to explore, In this animated series, we’ll all adore. Stay tuned for updates, as the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity molds. Excitement is high, in the gaming community, For this new series, full of opportunity. So grab your pickaxe, and your diamond sword, For in Minecraft’s… Read More

  • Ohio’s Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥

    Ohio's Nether Portals: A Hot Mess! 🔥 POV: Ordinary Ohio nether portals at different ages in Minecraft be like going from a toddler trying to figure out how to walk to a teenager trying to navigate their first awkward dance. Just a whole lot of confusion and chaos. #OhioProblems #MinecraftStruggles 😂🕳️🔥 Read More

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  • Sanna races Cutie in EPIC 20 Min Minecraft Build!

    Sanna races Cutie in EPIC 20 Min Minecraft Build!Video Information This video, titled ’20 Minute Minecraft Build Challenge With Cutie!’, was uploaded by iamSanna on 2024-02-18 14:00:41. It has garnered 57549 views and 1395 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:56 or 1076 seconds. 🦄 BECOME A MEMBER WITH SPECIAL PERKS: 🦄 🦄 Enter my Star code ⭐️iamsanna⭐️ when you buy Robux at 🦄 (When you use my code Roblox gives me a small percentage of your purchase! Thank you for the support!) ❤️MERCH: 💜INSTAGRAM: ❤️TWITTER: 🦄Moody Unicorn Twin🦄 🌸Silly🌸 🌈Sunny Unicorn Twin🌈 🐰Cutie🐰 💙ALL GIVEAWAYS WILL BE… Read More

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  • Frendz SMP

    Frendz SMPHello guys , Welcome to the server of Frendz SMP , this is the server owned by Dynamo100 & Dynami_Wizard . This server is totally survival , here u can build your awesome and large builds with ur creative ideas and do much more fun with ur frnds. From the community of Dynamo Clan u all will be provided with a discord server where u can directly interact with our moderator and if u face any kind of problems u can personally email to our community and we will solve your problems soon as much as possible.There is a YOU… Read More

  • –> CoconutCraft SMP: Hermitcraft-like, Dynmap, Voice Chat. BRAND NEW!

    Welcome to CoconutCraft! If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming SMP, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re into redstone, technical builds, or majestic creations, CoconutCraft has something for everyone. Inspired by hermitcraft, our community is strong and vibrant. Features: Shops and a diamond-based economy No land claim, trust-based server CoreProtect for grief prevention Plugins for quality of life changes Join our whitelisted server and apply through our Discord. We have proximity chat and data packs to enhance the vanilla experience. No pay-to-win features here! Join our Discord to apply: Discord Read More

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