Jeffy’s Mind-Blowing Minecraft Transformation

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Jeffy look how beautiful of a day is it’s so nice out the bird no I just want to burn this city down that be so oh my God oh my Gody what that oh my oh my God it looks like it’s the Hulk oh my um is that Bruce Banner oh my God

Cheffy wait what’ he drop my head oh DD oh my goodness is Kool-Aid Jeffy that is not Kool-Aid what is wrong with you yes is oh that is good so good oh my God I can’t wa to CH this Jeffy Jeffy no no no don’t drink that no no

No Jeff oh my that’s not good that’s not good at all did you do daddy um I don’t feel do good did he drink something he’s was not supposed to drink he’s he’s not supposed to drink that okay um Jeffy that’s it you’re going home and you’re getting creepy

Jeffy you’re going no no stop hitting him stop hitting him just keep him calm just keep him calm just keep him calm calm what you keep him calm uh I don’t care about his about if he’s calm or happy or sad Jeffy you’re going home and you’re grounded

For the rest of your life Jeffy no Jeffy oh no no oh no oh no oh no you made me angry Jeffy it’s me you Jeffy that TR my heart my heart G yeah that’s what you get when you trying to beat me green beans Jeffy Jeffy look at me look

At me on do you want me to beat you up again Jeffy you’ve turned into an Incredible Hulk Jeffy oh yeah I did hul we have unfinished business unfinished business we want get back here I can destroy you you stole my chocolate cake I stole your

Chocolate cake no I don’t oh God maybe I did maybe I can’t run away oh my goodness what is De power oh God I’m so slow right now oh I’m breaker and yeah Jeffy smash take that red hog Jeffy what Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy come here come here what

Jeffy you got to be careful you’re destroying half the city well I’m down with my plan what if you can’t destroy half the city ohow Daddy back up he’s going to hurt you okay Jeffy all right I’m going to go back oh God oh God um daddy can you save

Me please oh God Jeffy there’s nothing I can do I’m Stu I’m Stu I’m St help me oh God how are you stuck oh know dadd this guy is so powerful who’s this little man stay away from my daddy no no no Jeffy smash once I’m done with you I’m

Going to smash that little man no you’re not going to smash me I’m going to beat you and you’re going to die Jeffy you’re being really cringy right now that is shut up oh my goodness I’m trying to beat the red hog yeah stay out of this little man yeah little man

Oh God D he’s really Hur me oh God give me my chocolate cake back no that’s my chocolate cake oh God I need to run away you can’t catch me red hog loser Jeffy I think I can help you I’m going to set a trap for him oh yeah D it’s a

Great idea that’s totally not going to work red hog look man chocolate chocolate chocolate cake D you’re distracting me too oh my goodness D you’re oh my good seriously you guys are both obsessed with chocolate cake this is is chongling cake Daddy give me more your chongling

Cake right give us chocolate cake give us a cake okay okay okay okay okay there you guys go there you guys go there a chocolate cake leave me alone I need to get rid of this gy redog this is my stuff all right Mr

Red hog chase me up to the top of this building I’m going to destroy you destroying the whole building oh my goodness oh my God we’re literally evaporating this whole building this is really bad I’m in radiation mode take this you stupid building oh my

Goodness oh my God it’s so low I can feel it let’s go I destroyed the Red Hulk Jeffy get your butt out of that building right now what do you want Daddy you’re going to eat cre get over here right now Daddy what you W you just beat Red Hulk

Right I just beat yeah I just destroying Red Hulk wait Jeffy I have bad news look behind You it’s w Marine hey B you’re causing too much damage D he’s really staming pause pause pause Jeffy guys Jeffy wol wait are you guys both good guys I mean yeah but he’s causing too much damage here bu what I’m not C any damage I’m just destroying the

Entire building you got to power down bub or I’m going to take care of you daddy he’s making me real Angry don’t get him angry he he starts smashing things when he gets angry mostly including me no Jeffy yes for feing me green beans this morning loser all Wolverine it’s your

Turn now got to calm down boy oh my God oh my God it really hurt me you got to calm down over can you just like chill out for a second while you know heal up can’t do that Bub oh no get back here I bet you can’t follow me up this wall

Yeah yeah trying to get up here wolver oh he can CL building get back here boy D it I’m destroying this whole building right now you got to call down boy I’m not going to calm down for anything you literally made me kill my

Daddy I I did not make you do that yes you did you’re the entire reason that happened I I don’t take I’m going to destroy this entire city because of you God no no no no no I this oh my goodness I just destroyed the entire ground oh Wolverine can’t catch

Me can’t hide for me boy I can smell you you can smell jeimy I didn’t know I smell that bad I only pull my pants once you stink really bad like athletes foot you making for your JY oh Wolverine you’ll never going to be able to defeat

Me oh wait me m i don’t need to defeat you I just need to calm you down you just need to calm me down um that’s never going to happen unless you give me tons and tons of cake there’s cake right here how how how you didn’t give me the J

Cake D away from me Wolverine I don’t want nothing to do with you and I’ll knock you out if I have to you can try if you like bub I will BB hey you can’t use my my catchphrase like that oh it’s my catchphrase loser I took it from you

Nuh-uh can’t do that I’m just dead I can’t get up this building oh my goodness Wolverine I bet you can’t get up here I’m going to get you boy when I get up of here oh really I like to see you try all right I’m here you’re here oh he didn’t

It take that Wolverine oh God take this destroy a whole building take this Wolverine get out of here I guess you I can’t kill Wolverine inside the city I’m going to do it near the do cuz water is going as greatest enemy take this Wolverine oh God you’re

Going to take a long nap oh God no no I’m not going to take a nap I don’t want to Wolverine you can’t move jumpy smash oh Wolverine yeah take that your worst eny oh oh yeah oh yeah do it do it do it take a long na buddy take a long

Yeah there you go I just destroyed Wolverine Jeffy what Jeffy is that my daddy how is he alive I’m Jeffy why how are you even still here Jeffy you’ll never know guess what’s happening you fting and then and then Bruce Banner saved me after you smacked my goodness oh my goodness my daddy

Actually just got carb stomped is that Abomination my Arch going I’m going to defeat you I’m going to destroy oh I’m doing Daddy I’m going to to destroy the city I have to run away from him get back here no I’m not going to get back

Here I don’t know if I’m I don’t know if I’m powerful destroy the city and eat all the chocolate cake no if everyone subscribes right now I might get powerful enough to beat them stop running away from me um but I really want to run away and I don’t want to

Face it all right come face me and to of is building loser oh my God he did I’m here take that you B oh God he’s right there I can have my revenge you can oh no I can’t see I literally can’t see oh God Hulk

Mode I’m farting on you he’s farting on me e oh no it stinks Jeffy oh God it’s stinks soad stin so bad oh God smell like tacos I need to get down here oh Jeffy smash oh God Abomination you’re never going to to be able to finally the fight

I wanted no you don’t get this fight oh god oh no I need to get out of here you can’t escape me oh really we’ll see about that let’s find on top of this building here all right up here smash get off the build oh God I’m coming I’m fighting Jeffy oh

So I’m going to go fart on your chocolate cake no don’t fart him on chocolate cake me you’re Abomination I’m going to fart on it I found it Jeffy I’m going to do it what do you find the chocolate cake I’m going to do it Jeffy I’m going to fart on

It on my choc G is it you’re about to die I’m destroying this whole building get back here Abomination it’s you I’ve got him Soo I can feel it yeah yes yes and yes let’s go just been abomination all right Jeffy are you ready to go home oh it was such a long

Day look look there’s a woman there’s a girl crying in here Jeffy what is that noise is that a woman Jeffy stop doing in there woman what’s wrong stop crying please pleas please help me the the bank someone robbed it did you just say someone robbed the bank yes I I

Need your help can you please help me um nah I want to go home Jeffy stop Jeffy no fine I’m sorry I’m sorry ma’am that’s my son he’s he’s a little special okay we’ll help you we’ll help you come here let me show you guys the Vault okay it’s

Right down here right down here well how do I get in oh my goodness that’s so cool a secret entrance Dy there’s only three pieces of gold in here that’s it all these vaults supposed to be like filled with gold to the brim yeah and there’s only

Three oh can we have them oh my Jeffy Jeffy stop look at she’s crying because she works here and someone stole all the gold you’re not going to get fired are you um I’m going to get arrested Marvin arrested oh we got to make sure she gets arrested I mean doesn’t getting

Arrested Jeffy stop bad boy bad green beans green beans for you green beans I’ll help you you guys I actually have some suspects here really some suspects Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy possible why are we on this list do you guys live across the street it was any of the three people who live

Across the street uhhuh so there’s Jeffy and Marvin Smith and Jones Smith and Jones yeah I think we should check out the Smiths first they sound like I think we should check them out cuz it’s definitely not us yeah no way I was literally with you the whole day

Actually you know what Jeffy you you can do this I’m I’m just going to go home no daddy no guess what you have to help you have to help Jeffy I don’t want to help too bad please help please do anything you can the woman wants help this is the

One time you can help a woman and you’re not going to do it Jeffy fine all right I’ll help you lead the way come on all right let’s go check it wait wait how am I supposed to see them from all the way across the street with now being like

Weird I actually have some stuff that could help you Jeffy oh really an invisibility potion and a spy glass Daddy I can see all your pores you’re so ugly Jeffy e so ugly oh my God Jeffy That is rude oh my God this woman is so

Ugly oh my goodness why don’t say that about women Jeffy okay okay let’s go check out those people all right Jeffy come on let’s go all right Jeffy these are the three houses that’s our house that’s house and then the house Jon and then that’s the Smith Jeffy we’re not

Even going to look at our house obviously we didn’t do anything obviously Jeffy cuz so it’s obviously the Jones or the Smith oh my god dny look she just looks like a culprit oh my gosh Jeffy I think you’re right oh d h you need to get back one first uhhuh you

Need to get back I need to put on invisibility potion so you can’t see me me oh Jeffy you’re invisible I’m invisible what she doing in there let me use my spine glass um it looks like she’s cooking doing something oh really eating chicken what Daddy I hate chicken

She should be having some strong on P Jeffy chicken’s amazing what are you talking about what oh I’m turn around oh wait no I’m invisible she can’t see me Jeffy can’t you like go inside the house or something um I just got to make sure it’s clear daddy there’s a ladder on the

Side of the house oh what’s going on in there anything from the B Jeffy Jeffy she’s upstairs you can get in through the house now I know shut up Daddy I’m I’m looking for evidence what is in there it looks like there’s a secret door inside the house a

Secret door Jeffy uh-huh I don’t know what it could be Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy wait come downstairs real quick okay what was that you just eat chicken Jeffy Jeffy I stole her chicken you stole her chicken you’re a horrible man you’re fat you’re bald you’re ugly okay Jeffy it

Was only fair she stole from the bank so I just stole from her you know what that’s true that is true all right I’m going to go invisible again and go inside and see what’s going on all right Jeffy go go go go oh my good maybe if you’re lucky

You’ll see her freak out about her chicken or something I guess so huh let’s see nothing in any of these what some cooking chicken I’m going to steal some chicken what this button do H nothing it looks like everything’s all cleared down oh she’s right there oh my god um well

She won’t see you Jeffy so it’s fine oh yeah I’m I keep forgetting I’m invisible oh looks like nothing’s good in here what chocolate cake chol my cake in here oh my God my cake my cake collection what’s happening oh my God a ghost it’s a ghost

Oh my God oh my God no it’s not a ghost lady my chicken’s gone my my chicken oh my go Oh Daddy um I don’t know what just happened but I think I scared her away cuz I stole her entire chocolate cake collection you want to know why you

Scared her away one Jeffy look at yourself oh floating piece of cake Jeffy yes it’s a floating piece of cake Jeffy I mean I mean I guess it’s floating piece of cake something what do you mean guess she ran out of the house and screamed at the top of her lungs I

Mean personally if I saw she thought she was haunted D sure up personally if I saw a floating piece of cake I would be so happy I know you would Jeffy I I think I think that’s a problem okay Daddy so obviously it’s not her so you

Find any evidence Jeffy no hold on I’m going to take some more chicken that was really good Jeffy well obviously it’s not her I didn’t find anything except her chocolate K collection and now I got 42 pieces in the chocolate K so we got to go to the Joneses the Joneses and

Know let me make sure yeah the Jones and their house is right here all right daddy let’s check out Mr Jones wait Jeffy all right two things number one I’m done number two You’re Not Invisible anymore so he’ll be able to see you Daddy what do you mean you’re done Jeffy

I don’t feel like doing this anymore look I’ve been thinking about it Jeffy and like you got zero evidence like if if that was a suspect you think you would have got like something you well yeah but we still have one more to go you can’t just leave right now Jeffy I

What I’m sure it’s probably just a dead another dead end Jeffy I’m not doing this anymore it’s just a waste of time oh no you’re acting weird yeah go home I don’t even want you ow why don’t you go home because by the time I’m done eating

All the chocolate cake there’ll only be green beans left so have fun green beans wasting your time Jeffy yeah get out of here lose your fat Bond loser I hate my daddy I’m going to go invisible again so I can see what’s going on in here it

Looks like he’s just messing with his stoves and oh oh he’s eating chicken oh wait it’s not chicken that was something else but it looks like nothing crazy is going on in there oh he’s going upstairs I think this is a perfect time for me to go invis oh I’m already invisible all

Right let’s go inside his house what is he cooking he’s cooking pork chop I’m going to eat it tastes so good all right I’m going to go upstairs cuz it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in any of these things well let’s go upstairs oh my goodness this is the worst bedroom

Ever anything in these chest no all garbage and a green bed what’s in here orangy pinky C my prize sheeps oh I love you so much he like sheep what um that’s kind of weird I’m going to hurt one of the sheep sh masy let’s see anything in the

Hay I don’t see anything in the hair with my spy glass anything in there nothing pinky are you okay what’s happening pinky oh my goodness pinky oh my goodness I killed one of a sh I might as well just kill the rest of them oh yeah there we go

No now he’s going to see a floating piece of sheep oh look at that pinky is that you you why you floa around the only crime this guy’s convicted of is keeping sheep and sign his room which is super weird um I don’t think he did

Anything oh my goodness I need to see what going hey Mr Jones get out of the way no one cares about your she my sheep no one cares no get out of here get out okay um I have to tell you something okay did you did you find the culprit I

Check all the houses and I didn’t find anything you checked every single house even your house um well I don’t I don’t think I need to check my house because well my house I would know can you please just check I just need to be 100%

Sure fine I guess I can check my house thank you okay all right I guess I’m going to go in and check my own house oh my goodness obviously we would never do anything and there’s no evidence around here at all um anything in my room um obviously not nothing

Under the beds but my daddy never lets me in his room I’m kind of scared to go in there I guess I’ll go in for one time oh man I don’t really hope he doesn’t hear me it doesn’t look like there’s anything in here anything with my spy

Glass no oh wait what why is this carpet feel all weird oh my goodness wait a second wait there’s a trap door inside my house where’s it oh there’s a ladder so far down underground I’m going to go down there my dad is not even here he might

Be down here I got to be really careful oh my goodness oh this chicken’s so good oh this chicken oh my goodness Jeffy get out of my B basement get out of my basement go no wait no Daddy what is going on here you’re the one that stole

All the diamonds Jeffy it was a game look you want you want a piece of chicken a piece of chicken and not even a chocolate cake you couldn’t even spare me a chocolate cake you are a fatball loser and you’re going to be arrested no no Jeffy I’m not going to be arrested

Yes you are hey get back here you can’t escape never D I want to be a superhero Jeffy no you need to start thinking seriously about your career choices okay no but then I want to be a superhero all right well I want Batman to fly from the sky

But you’re not going to see that happen Okay je Batman yes me where’s Jeffy he’s right there he right there Jeffy do you want to be a superhero yes of course I want to be a superhero all right take this Jeffy W take this what but Batman

What do I do with this I’m Batman what one second uh they what was that he’s gone I I I don’t know I don’t know where he went Jeffy what is what is what did he give you D he gave me something called The Flash he gave you something called The

Flash yeah D I’m going to put it on are you ready yeah okay we go oh my God Jeffy look at your suit that is so cool I know oh my God I can jump so high h oh my God isn’t that crazy what else can you do um I don’t know let’s

See what that jittering really fast what does that do you I think I’m moving so fast that I can face right through the atams in the wall oh Jeffy that is insane all right all right all what else can you do I’m pooping oh god oh Jeffy don’t poop I just pooped in

This new suit hey stop Jeffy don’t poop in the suit that Batman gave you Jeffy come on oh but he’s Batman Daddy I have something else oh I get I get it I get it I get I I get it okay okay wait what was that I don’t

Know what that was Jeffy I think that was called an arm Vortex where I move my arm so fast it makes a Vortex oh my God Jeffy that’s so cool that’s insane what you’re superhero now so shouldn’t you like I don’t know like fight some crime or something I think

You’re right about that D look behind you Jeffy what it’s morous oh God I know that’s why we going to destroy him Jeffy I’m getting F don’t come after me keep on killing me as a oh my god look Jeff me on fire me on fire Jeffy protect me

Oh oh my God I have half a heart left Jeffy Jeffy I can’t I can’t move can’t move run run daddy run no you come on Daddy I’m going to eat his body I just hit you with I’m taking your daddy what no get no get back here with my D morbius get

Back here you like this you like this I’m going use my arm I’m ducking your blood get away from me I use my arm Vortex on you get back here Dracula get back here you’re K taking your daddy’s body away I’m going to eat his body up this [Applause]

Wall yeah hey Dracula what are you doing Mor you’re no mad for Jeffy oh yeah you want a bed yes oh God oh God my power don’t work really well oh God I just fell the ground oh no he’s going to get me drink please please spare me get away you you

Made me angry I can only use my willower oh my gone oh my no I’m out of here I’m out of here I’m out of here I’m out of here I need to increase my speed to 60 if everyone subscribes right now I’ll be able to hit 60 speed in three 2

One yeah let’s go I’m going at 60 speed this is so fast is he even behind me oh he’s way back there he’s so far away oh I’m going to keep running oh maybe since I’m fast enough now I might be able to compete against him hey morbius get over here

Back take D yeah Mor I’m going to get you all right I might be powerful enough to defeat him now let’s do this super punch 3 2 1 I just destroyed morbius and he left behind his cotton and all of his powers Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy what happened what I

Just destroyed morbius look I got all of his stuff I even got your coffin my coffin yeah wait were how did you not die Jeffy what I never died Batman saved me Batman saved you really oh what a nice guy I’m going to put all More’s

Stuff on top of his cin so just you Jeffy we can’t just stand around here all day there’s got to be more crime right and there is and I sense it in the city daddy there’s crime about I can sense it je Jeffy I don’t there’s no

Crime I don’t see anyone Jeffy on look behind you oh my god Batman what well Batman why are you here good job defeating morbius that film sucked giy I’m badly injured I need your help you got to go down and defeat scarecrow he’s done they’re terrorizing

The people really Jeffy go look go look okay all right let me look Batman oh my god look he’s down there oh my God Jeffy look look all the villagers I’m Batman where did you Batman Go D what you do I I I don’t know he did the thing again I

Know Jeffy he did the weird thing okay D I don’t have time for this I need to go down there and help him I mean destroy him oh wa was hey scarecrow get away from these villagers power up all right all right I’m going to do a whirlwind here we go take this

Scarecrow how Hur Hur I control it it’s not D it’s not D Jeff I’m going to be sick oh yeah you’re going to be sick because almost give you arm Vortex Jeffy what what what is happening what is happening I can’t oh my vision’s all

Weird oh my God he’s huge hug now oh no no I’m running come here Mr scarecrow get away take this lightning oh God take that lightning Punchy the what the Scarecrow beats you Jeffy get out of here you’re going to die oh my gosh oh my gosh he’s coming for me he’s not

Going to beat me where did he go where no Jeffy he’s attacking me save me Jeffy save oh I got this dny are you safe are you safe I’m I’m hiding by a building I’m hiding I’m hiding by building oh my God I can run up buildings that’s crazy

You can oh my gosh Jeffy what I know run where did Scarecrow go I know Jeffy you need to find him before he hurts more villagers even though Jeffy look at me look at me hey hey Jeffy even though you don’t be paniced but God he’s right

There get out of here scarecrow Jeffy save me okay goodbye goodbye no get out of here you’re get destroy Dam my Powers don’t work when he does that spell on me oh God he’s huge now I need to run I need to run all right I got all my health back I

Think I should be good enough to defeat him now let’s go take this scarecrow take this is what you get for messing with my daddy yeah how you like that that you Daddy I defeated scarecrow Daddy I just defeated scarecrow je Jeffy how did you

Know I was over here um because I can smell you and I have flash poow so I can do this oh my gosh just go through walls je Jeffy Jeffy are are we good are we clear um I think so but Daddy I don’t know my senses are telling me there’s something

Wrong oh I feel so weird oh God what’s happening are people subscribing yeah they’re subscribing oh God oh God daddy what’s happening oh oh is that Jeffy what is that oh my gosh oh my God oh my God D I’m in the speed force can you hear me Jeffy yeah Jeffy I

Can hear you oh my God I’m in like this blue Vortex thing a blue Vortex thing Jeffy oh I don’t know what’s happening D please oh I feel weird I feel weird oh god oh people are subscribing oh my goodness I’m falling out of the

Sky Dy I’m in the middle of nowhere hold on I have to find you Dy I finally found you oh my god Jeffy thank God I found you D look behind you again it’s RSE fles D run run dny run Marvin I’ve come back in time to kill you no

Yeah no he killed my daddy no I’m running away oh God no oh he’s coming he’s coming after me no get back get back here Jeffy no Mr reverse FL stay away I don’t want to talk to you don’t feed me green beans please I’m

Going to feed you so many green beans J you know what I’m going to oh I’m going to get faster and then I’m going to use my Vortex trap on you oh no ow you hit me with your lightning hey get back here I’m going to

Defeat you ow oh yeah how you that don’t mess with me I don’t like you Jeffy oh god oh no this does not feel good that’s it Jeffy go you’re going so fast I’m going do my world wind here we go take oh yeah oh god oh it’s not

Stopping oh just going really dizzy I’m going poop my pants hey Mr your friend I was too busy pooping my pants hold on let me run away I’ll poop your pants Jeffy get back here I’m running up the wall let me put my pants in my there fell sh oh my God he’s

Here take this reverse FL you can’t get me oh God oh no he’s so I’m going to make you eat those words Jeffy no oh I’m going for what you did my daddy yeah you just fell off a building how do you like that reverse flash I have to drag him

Through the entire city make him jump across entire building so I can wear him out so I can finally beat him oh man come on let me chase him through the part there we go come on Mr reverse fles I’m over here oh run get back here

Jeffy oh God oh God where the building not going run up I’m going to get you you’re not going to catch me reverse flash running up all the buildings are you getting tired reverse flash a little bit yeah yeah that’s what I thought oh god oh man he’s right

Behind me oh I just got to make him wear out a little bit longer oh my goodness I’m running on water this is crazy I bet him running on wire makes him so tired oh god oh he’s right my legs are getting tired Jeffy stop running never all right

I’m going to fight him right here face me reverse flash I fell stop it Jeffy stop it yeah oh I bet I’m getting him really low come on come on so close I just beat reverse flesh I just pooped my pants he just pooped his pants

If this video gets 10,000 likes my daddy will come back to line what what are you doing no the video got 10,000 likes let’s go oh man you want a beautiful dside oh my goodness she just left for a second hold on hold on I need I need

Give me a second no baby is a whole tiny baby boy oh you probably belong to somebody you’re mine now all right baby where let’s going come on come on come on little baby boy come on oh you’re so adorable oh come on one fter what’s taking you so long oh my god

Oh man Marcus Marcus my baby where’s where’s my baby baby Marcus Marcus oh my goodness he doesn’t know her her I mean my baby is oh my gosh Marcus Hyo baby guess what this is my humble AB really that’s all you’re going to say that’s all you really really baby shut

Up baby talk say words all right baby here right here look this is called dogly cake Doling gang Doling gang you can eat it look oh so good right do you like it little baby yeah you like it good now over here’s your more doing thing you like it

Eat it eat it eat it too bad I ate it I ate it one thing you’re going to learn in this world is that you don’t get everything you want you stop it baby stop crying stop it I don’t care oh my God you’re so annoying oh my goodness all right little

Baby over here’s another T loser loser loser loser oh my God so annoying all right um baby um I I’m I’m really I’m really glad you like my d g is the best in the world you’re up do a great start so here’s some milk I think that’s milk do I get

Drink it do you like it oh my gosh um that baby just bed ew that’s bad manners That’s So Bad Manners can you do a backflip e oh my gosh oh no oh my goodness the baby just pooped it pooped oh no baby come here come here baby come here come here if

You’re going to poop poop in my daddy’s room mhm yeah poop all his bed let’s poop together All oh my goodness that was the biggest Bo ever all right baby do want to go do something fun all right let’s go to the amusement park all right baby turn around look at this am mement Park do you like it I don’t even know I’m asking if you

Like it you can’t even talk guess what I’m going to teach you how to swim stop hit me little baby I can crush your skull EAS stop it all right baby come here come here come here all right baby are you ready for your first swimming lesson all right watch and

Learn I can’t swim I can’t swim I’m not ready for parenting no baby no get out of the water no I’m dying I’m dying I was trying to teach you how to swim okay baby now that you kind of know how to swim kind of not really we’re

Going to go on a water slide let’s go it’s over here baby come here all right come up here we’re going go on our first water slide man I’m so glad you’re excited little baby all right go first you go first oh my goodness oh my God the

W that’s so adorable did you like it what what is your problem no you can’t go back to your mommy you’re mine now I kidnapped you all right we’re going to go try summ of the big water slides oh my goodness look at this water slide

It’s huge come here baby come on which one do you want to go on baby oh well statistic show that if babies like the color red they’re going to be murderers when they grow up all right let’s go oh man oh oh oh my goodness oh gosh getting na oh my

Goodness baby baby did you just hit me on this ride that’s not nice God I’m pooping the water’s like no wait that’s not my poop oh God no I know my own poop when I smell it no oh God baby did you poop in this

Water slide you did you e oh my all right baby come here we’re going to try the green slide now I bet the green slide is going to be even cooler look it has so many twists and slides on it all right I’m going to go first in time here

We go come on baby oh man oh my goodness you know way we’re going so fast not really I mean is like 1 mile hour oh what oh the baby just pushed me off the water slide what oh no it didn’t it pushed me out of the entire Resort no wayy hey

Baby baby where are you at you’re going out you’re going this way M MH no more Amusement part ow oh god oh you have like superh human strength all right little baby are you ready for the coolest R of your life behold the ultimate roller coaster you like

It yeah yeah it’s not quite the reaction I wanted but I guess you’re just a baby W my gosh you just throw up your organs are you okay baby do I need to take you to a hospital e okay yeah he’s probably fine oh my goodness look at this roller you

Must be this tall to ride the Rock well I’m obviously tall enough baby go next to it I mean it’s basically there I’m pretty I mean kind I me yeah it’s fine it’s surely all right baby get on don’t worry don’t worry it’s definitely not a safety hazard all right there you go

Goodbye baby see you later man I bet he’s having so much fun now it’s my turn hey hey you what I saw you with that baby where’d he go what baby what are you talking about you there’s a missing baby and I think you fit the description and I swear I saw it

With you that never I don’t you know really I just have no idea what you’re talking about you know I just um there’s definitely no babies around here what wait I think I just saw it you saw what is that baby on a roller coaster no what are you talking about what

Baby hey hey you can’t do you can’t do it wait right over there look there’s a baby up there no what oh oh no where’ the baby go oh never mind I thought the baby was on the roller coaster but obviously it’s not here yeah obviously it’s not you think you can

Just like profile me like that you know what I got my eyes on you I’ll be back buddy you better hope I don’t see you with any babies I don’t have babies except the one I stole baby what baby what are you doing up there um oh my God

I need to go save him oh no okay all right that’s just not the right way oh God I hate rolling this is most fun ever oh my goodness oh my where’s this baby at though there it is what doing okay see you later oh don’t worry I’m coming back

For you and don’t worry baby he’s try not to fall down baby look out what doing me you baby so here’s the problem um I just got rid of the card all right baby let’s out don’t play with me now fire up stop it baby stop stop stop it stop out okay

Okay baby baby baby baby we’re just going to walk down okay don’t worry be careful be careful baby make sure the water bucket clutch oh no got you going tell M I’m going to go tell my daddy I’m going to go home I’m going to go home no no

No you only broke your legs you only broke every bone in your body W okay fine hey hey where the baby all right I’m going to take you home okay come shut up okay baby we back home stop crying Loser come on all right let’s go what is that noise can you stop

Crying oh my what is going on here you never on it what’s happening problemy what what did I do Jeffy why is there a little baby baby I I just I saw like the the mother walked away and then I just adopted it kidnapped it same thing rose rose Jeffy kidnapped his baby

No the mother was unattended hi baby oh look he stopped crying Marvin good job Ro Rose what do we do what do we do with this baby let’s keep it we keeping it keeping it we keeping it sit on your bed go sit on your bed right now now know what to do

This I I’ve heard on the news that there’s been a baby missing you don’t think it’s this one who else I don’t know wait wait wait I remember the baby’s name let’s see if he responds to it Marcus yeah oh no his is Jeffy shut up Jeffy you need

To listen to me carefully okay you’re going to prison no I’m not going to prison I’m not I can’t go in your prison I can’t go in your prison got the baby Rose what do you think I want to go to pron me everybody calm down help me I

Don’t want to go to prison your Jeffy Jeffy get away from the ledge I don’t want to go to prison daddy Jeffy we we need to bring the baby back to to his mom okay now Jeffy yes Marvin wait let me just put the baby to bed and then

We’ll talk about this come on baby I can’t play him to bed no Jeffy come out here right now come on y b come here why we need to have a talk right now why Jeffy if you ever kidnap a baby again I’m kicking you out of my

House and I’m giving you nothing but green baby I didn’t kidnap a baby I literally just adopted it Jeffy you did top that you took it Dy it just came with me it’s like was I was D you know what Jeffy I’m not having this conversation with you why go go in that

Room and go check with the baby fine better not be crying uhoh what is it Jeffy no no don’t look don’t look don’t look don’t look don’t worry don’t worry don’t look oh maybe it’s just asleep TR me it’s okay he’s just sleeping don’t bother him he’s just sleeping I swear to

Sleep Jeffy where did you put him where’s the baby I don’t know Daddy I don’t know wait wait wait wait the baby’s not here he didn’t go anywhere where where did he must have he must have crawled all the way down the building where is he how am I supposed

To know you’re the one that lost awesome Jeffy you have to retrace your steps I did go to the park is where I found him let’s go check the park oh no Jeffy you better remember where this baby is I mean this is where I kidnapped it

Earlier Jeffy don’t even use that word what is wrong with you why look there the baby I’m doing make the baby come back home with us Jeffy the baby doesn’t like you stop e me why you don’t Marcus my baby boy oh thank goodness oh my goodness what’s your name

My name is JY see say on my shirt Jeffy thank you so much for finding my poor baby Marcus found him he I I mean I found them shut up why oh my goodness thank you both so much wor was problem you wouldn’t mind if you know you do

This you come here every Sunday Marcus did you have a good time yeah he had a great time no he yes he did he had a great time falling off that that roller coaster shut shut up uh anyways thank you so much for uh taking them or F no

Defitely need to run run we kidnapped your baby Loser come on baby oh God Jeffy it’s such a beautiful day what do you want to do I want to go in the park and poop on the bench Jeffy no bad what are you doing you’re not going to poop

In the park Jeffy stop it get up from there no do not D what is this I don’t know Jeffy it says do not press so let’s go so that means I have to press the Jeffy no Jeffy do not press it I’m Jeffy what did I say don’t you dare press that

Stop it no no oh my goodness oh my gosh where are we I don’t know what is this place um I don’t know my gosh um daddy wait behind you behind you look Jeffy there’s a there’s a saw there’s a saw in there Jeffy on Jeffy Jeffy wait what is

This what is that d That’s a monster from Neer number 034 named Ben Jeffy why is it name Ben why is this so ugly I don’t know but it kind of looks like a Ben it looks like you it’s got your hairline Jeffy stop it oh oh Jeffy stop Jeffy no you’re not

The lever is doing something Jeffy stop you broke the lever oh my God oh my God whoever I want to get in there Jeffy Jeffy no no Jeffy get out from there stop it I feel weird Oh Daddy I feel weird Jeffy oh my god daddy happened what happened to

Me um daddy um what happened I don’t know Jeffy Jeff something’s wrong with you why do I look like this Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy do you hear that oh my goodness oh my gosh I’m I broke the machine that was so epic go oh God all these free blocks

Why am I like all cyborg you turned into a robot Jeffy no I’m a robot no yeah Jeffy oh my gosh I want you be a ro by well Jeffy I guess that sucks cuz you are oh my God what happened to my invention what who are you guys what are

You doing who are you it’s all his fault all his fault no it’s his fault my name’s Marvin and this is my son Jeffy I’m a oh my God oh my God I did not think that would happen what do you mean Jeff Jeffy stop Jeffy stop Jeffy stop oh you

Heard me yeah that’s not good that’s not good at all um m m scientist what happened to me what is this place you went into my machine and you turned into a robot Jeffy Oh Daddy I’m a robot no yeah Jeffy that’s been established what happened to my machine why is it blown

Up what happened um I just got in there I thought it look cool so I got in there and then blow oh okay um you’re stuck as a robot what what no wait no D no you’re lying right you’re you’re lying Jeffy stop stop let me let me talk

To him let me talk to is is there anything we can do because I already hate him enough I I might be able to rebuild the machine but it’s it’s going to take some time he’s going to he’s going to be a robot for a while um how

Long is it going to takeing to fin your machine you’re going to have to be a robot for an entire day how is he going to survive as a robot for the entire day well don’t let him near any water no water but no want you’re jumping in the

Water where’s the water at do not go in the water Jeffy I’m in the water Jeffy no no no he said you can’t have water is this the way out sir right here yes yes right out there Jeffy Jeffy come on come on Jeffy okay I guess so go Jeffy we need

To pass the time so what do you what do you want to do for fun I don’t know but we are right next to water what are you talking about the scientist literally said that was a one thing you weren’t supposed to do with swim I know I know

Hold on though look at this does this not seem not normal to you wait what oh my Jeffy hold up come on come to the end of here yeah go there okay we’re going to Sprint all R all the way to the end okay all right 3 2 1

Go oh my Jeffy you’re so much faster than me I’m not even halfway There Yet Jeffy becoming a robot ging Sumer B wait Jeffy there’s a big slime behind you you one hit it oh my God D I’m literally one hitting all these slimes it gave me

Super strength as well it gave you super strength Jeffy TR Ving green be stop it Jeffy yeah just cuz you’re robot doesn’t mean that you can’t eat green beans oh I guess you’re right Daddy can I jump in the water Jeffy he literally said not to

Jump in the water we’re just going to enjoy the nice view for a little B okay Jeffy Jeffy get away from the water no oh God oh my God Jeff Hur you Hur you Jeffy Jeff oh my goodness oh my God Jeffy are you okay stop D I’m got two

Heart now you got one what are you doing Jeffy stop it what the scientist literally said not to get in the water but I was a human before and I could get in the water just fine what part of being an Android or a robot makes it hard to get in water

Because you’re you’re full of electronic parts and stuff Jeffy well what else do you want to do with these super super cool super cool cool Powers oh Jeffy I got it all right I usually don’t let you do this but I’ll let it slide this one time to King let’s

Go yesy CH I almost fell on the water oh my God D I’m going to eat ity Jeffy you can’t eat it D I’m on half a heart you’re on half a heart wait give give me one second Jeffy how about this there you go a golden apple yeah I I

Don’t even have to eat can you eat the golden apples Jeffy I can yeah let’s go but I want to eat the cake Jeffy stop Jeffy oh my God oh my God D Hurt that’s not good Jeffy oh my gosh you can’t eat chocolate cake ow oh my

God okay no no talk bad all right all right all right Jeffy there’s one more thing I want to try okay how many hearts do you have left oh like 42 there’s two more golden apples just in case let’s go all right Jeffy Jeffy come down here

Come down here come on okay um what do you want me to do D what are you doing Jeffy don’t worry about it okay we’re going to try one more thing out okay um okay D um but this is really suspicious and I don’t like

It no D if I can’t do water then I definitely can’t do lava Jeffy think about it you’re full of pure metal right now you should be fine I guess so all right let’s try now three 2 one oh my God oh my God Jeffy wa are you

Okay Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy you don’t look okay you’re on fire Jeffy oh Jeffy get out D I’m okay I like it in here you’re fine in lava lava doesn’t hurt you at all yeah I’m totally fine in lava what I think this armor gives me like fire

Resistance too so you can’t swim but you can swim in lava uh-huh Jeffy that is so crazy no D why don’t you get in here no Jeffy I’m not I’m not going to do that you’re going get in mhm mhm okay fine all right Jeffy come on let’s go

See what else you can do yeah let’s go Jeffy look it’s it’s night time which means we’re going to go to bed and then we’re going to wake up and then boom back to normal hit me I’m sorry Jeffy don’t you ever hit me again and you’re really strong that hurt

A lot Jeffy ow Jeffy stop stop stop Jeffy okay okay D he’s going to bed D what what is that what here jeffy’s an evil robot no jeffy’s going to get me no d Jeffy help oh I have one heart left Jeffy Jeffy I’m going to hide in here

I’m going to hide in here Jeffy get away from my Daddy D run you going to run oh God stay here close the door and you’ll be fine get out godamn oh he’s right behind me batteries um daddy are you okay Jeffy Jeffy I’m fine I still only have one heart left oh

God um I got a few pork chops oh God I might be able to drop him by come on Jeffy I need that I need that food where are you um I’m in the same place you were what are you doing Jeffy Jeffy come out he’s coming after me he’s

Coming after me get away from Jeffy he’s right there he’s right there Jeffy he keeps on saying batteries Jeffy batteries you don’t need batteries get out of here here’s some por thank you I going oh God he’s not waiting for me oh my God I’m healing I’m healing I’m

Healing okay I’m I think I’m getting him kind of low I’m not really sure oh God he’s baiting my butt mm Jeffy is he beating you up you got to stop him Jeffy yeah that evil robot oh God dang D Jeffy wait I have an

Idea come on let’s go let’s go we got to go to water Jeffy all right oh my God y going on D DD he’s ganging on we need to go D there’s water just up here I remember yeah Jeffy just up here oh god oh I think he’s right there wait Jeffy I

Can survive water I can I can I can lure him in I Jeffy get out the water get out of the water get out the watery Jeffy the water’s hurting you Mr Robot down here I have batteries get in there his batteries all right daddy I’m going to knock him off

Oh oh my God we got it Jeffy we did it I cannot believe we did that Jeffy let’s go yo Jeffy Jeffy get in the water get out of the water oh God Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy all right Jeffy come Ong Jeffy he’s got to be done he’s got to be done

By now en sure it’s been a whole day it’s bright outside and everything Jeffy want to do it again seriously Jeffy that is so fun I’m not even Jeffy what scientist are you here scientist oh this is blocked off now look at that didn’t finish it excuse me Mr scientist Sir mhm yes

Welcome back are you done can you fix my son yes yeah I just got done with it I can be fixing into you a real pretty princess no a real boy Jeffy not a princess real pretty princess no Jeffy you’re not going to become a princess

Going to turn back into a boy stop it all right man your sign how can I turn back into a little boy well all you got to do is step into this machine right here and I’ll turn it on and you’ll turn back into a real boy oh I don’t know

About this is all like back here yep right back there Jeffy are you ready okay um I guess I’m ready all right here we go hopefully you don’t explode what’s happening what’s happening with them oh my gosh Jeffy the doctor did it work did it work it

Work I I think it worked I think he’s back to normal je you’re back to normal what happened to me I I don’t know dang I’m really slow you might have a little bit of little sickness D everything is super close up in my face it’s old man I

Can see all these pores Jeffy are you all better now I think so oh my God Jeffy you did it you survived an entire day as a robot and you’re back to normal yeah now that I I I I turned you back into a human um get out you

Shouldn’t be here no okay um we got to go we got to go we got to go goodbye guys in this video I’m becoming Spider-Man in Minecraft Jeffy you’re not Spider-Man stop it oh yeah well watch this I’m Spider-Man Jeffy that’s just a Halloween outfit come on oh yeah well watch

This oh my God you’re actually Spiderman Jeffy I’m swinging I’m swinging all over the place Jeffy how did you become Spider-Man what happened um I got bit by a spider yesterday when I was eating my cheer and then all of a sudden I can

Spit webs what all can you do um well I have these I can shoot webs out of my hand ow what the heck oh you you hit a you hit a creeper behind you I’m sh I’m shooting webs all over the place well I also have electric webs watch this boom you’re being

Electrocut ow One D does that not hurt it doesn’t work Jeffy your electric webs are broken all what else can you do why I have this super cool web that explodes boom a web that explod got trapped oh I’m I can’t get out no Jeffy get me out

Here get out look that I have fire webs fire web Jeffy what do those look like boom on fire you’re on fire D I just killed you why how could you do that to me I’m your father oh because you f me green beans this morning don’t F me

Green beans ever again Jeffy stop lighting me on fire D I also have this green web I’m not really sure what it doesb what does that do D was it doing ow was it doing oh you die again stop hurting me and watch this I’m kicking and I’m going to shock

You again boom you’re done D you’re such a weaky you are a superhero you are a puny old man see how fast I can hit you and you die Jeffy knock it off right now no Jeffy Jeffy remember with great power comes great responsibility okay really what did this

Do I’m not responsible at all on D my Jeffy senses are tingling je Jeffy what what’s tingling um it looks like there’s crime lurking about look at all these guys looks like fromy they’re trying to get up here they’re trying to get up here get back I’m going fire them all Jeffy are

You going to be able to beat all I’m ready it looks like there’s a prison R they all Escape there’s so many of them I’m using my if I fall down there I’ll I don’t know I’ll die I’ll try no Dad don’t do it you’re going to die then I’m

Going to use my explosive way you’re explosive webs Jeffy uhhuh all right there we go boom they’re all look how many you got Jeffy look at that they’re all stuck they’re all stuck Jeffy and they’re all trying to get me so you can take them out right now hey why don’t

You just fall down go just go go don’t no look like they’ll beat me up ow then I’ll just do it myself oh D oh no I’m getting cor help me maybe I could help you if you would tele me to you help me Daddy I’m being cornered well maybe you should

Have like kill me Jeffy me teleport you there you go then you die are these prisoners really that strong oh my goodness oh webs again oh God leave me alone I’m using all my webs use my no help help help help Jeffy Jeffy help Jeffy help me they’re fighting me most

My health is down Jeffy where you where are you oh my good oh my goodness oh I accidentally killed you survival of the finished Dy since you’re dying all your time I’m going to give you this netherite sword a netherite sword Jeffy uhhuh there you go picking up oh my gosh

Jeffy all right all right so I can I might be able to beat some criminals now uhhuh wait for them to there’s more of them oh my god there oh there so many criminals you got this y Jeffy Tak Jeffy oh but I’m getting come

On D you got this Jeffy use your web bombs so you can help me um okay there we go I got him oh they’re WR oh Jeffy no they almost got me they almost got me Jeffy oh no I killed you I’m so sorry you’re just in the way all the time

Since you’re so fat Jeffy That is rude it’s like it’s like your hitbox in this game is so big stop being mean to me Jeffy but D you’re ugly you’re fat and you’re bald Jeffy wow now that you took out all those Escape prisoners what what

Are you going to do now um I crime never sleeps ow look down there D oh my God Jeffy how you go get him oh my god oh D I got guns oh no oh my my powers do nothing Daddy help me please I need a

Retreat oh man Jiffy I died no oh man they they’re all shooting webs at me I mean guns Jeffy take them out what you I’m trying but they’re they’re so strong come on they why do they have guns why this isn’t fair I don’t have a

Gun hey what are you doing down here Jeffy Jeffy no leave me alone Jeffy Jeffy they’re going to get me I just killed you you kill my daddy This Is War get over here die oh yeah there’s zombies helping me too yeah let’s go thank you Mr zombies oh I’m

Poison you’re really bad uhoh uhoh um I think the zombies C all of them oh no no I’m being cornered by zombies get out here oh my goodness that was so fun Jeffy that is insane what this a spider that fit me oh my gosh Jeffy that’s that spider’s huge no

Wonder you got superpowers it’s radioactive too what doing spider what doing can you buy me again no Jeffy you’re not going to get more Jey it did bite you it did bite you it hurt don’t let it hit me Jeffy don’t let it hit me

IED oh you beat it you beat it Jeffy good job stupid radioactive spider all right Jeffy be nice that’s not okay I didn’t have to Jeffy you do have to cuz that was rude okay all right what is that what is that oh my go you just killed my daddy This Is

War I need to run away oh my goodness come back here Dey oh no he’s going to get me oh I need to swing get back here no didn’t have to I’m trying to diaper B face me up here face me up here Venom you’re going to face me up

Here you can’t defeat me yes can oh let go me venom oh my goodness take that be electroc take that I’m going I’m going to web bomb you take this stop running Venom stop get back here get away from me get away I want to defeat you stay right there Venom stay

Right there oh you me oh my god oh D he’s kind of hurt kind of tickles oh my God I tile you real good I tile you real good oh no oh he knocked me up the building come back here no stay away from him on WE

Hur get went bombed yeah t I’m done come back here no let me go I bite you I bite you I’m all D I mean not D am talking to my vision’s all messed up oh no can I beat him oh no he looks really big get back

Here oh God oh God come on no no he’s so power fall oh no never going to getch me my webs AR working oh there we go I’m going to touch your butt No don’t touch my butt oh vam do you do you want to Fe me

Green beans I want you to eat all the green beans in theti World from no I want to get on the top of the tower get back yeah take this take my come back here how do you like this how do you like this I like that get stuck

I’m oh no be careful Jeffy don’t let him get me again are you doing here oh my goodness I just defeated Venom Jeffy you just beat Venom oh my God so crazy D going Jeffy don’t do not poop stop it I just pooped so hard it killed my daddy

If this video gets 10,000 likes I’ll do this again but I’ll enter the Multiverse all right Jeffy you’re going to get home and you’re going to eat your green beans okay but I hate green beans well that’s too bad but look that is a cool hole

Jeffy who is that down there hey hey who is that little boy come down here D it don’t feel right no Jeffy it doesn’t feel right at all what doing in the home would you guys like to buy some potions yes can we buy some potions no I

Wouldn’t trust no Jeffy this seems really sketchy I want to buy some potions what kind of potions you have this is a bad idea potion of Harmon what potion of poison poison can hold on hold on can I get potion of poison for my day

Real quick no Jeffy no no no thank you appreciate it I’m going sa this for here you go D what you got last one I got is a potion of immortality immortality Jeffy no it’s it’s not immortality sir can you stop uh trying to like shove fake stuff on my son it’s

Legit you’re trying to scam Jeffy you just hit me get out of here get out of here D get out we’re trying to do oh my gosh all right all right come here what do you want for it I don’t want nothing didn’t return I

Just want to get rid of it okay potion’s yours you’re just giving away an immortality potion yep now get out of my okay out my oh my God Jeffy see I told you he was weird do not Dr was crazy D I want to drink it I I don’t know I don’t

Know what’s wrong with him I’m drink it do not drink it do not drink it oh my goodness Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy stop stop wait I why is nothing happening when I hit you you’re hitting me but nothing’s happening wait daddy did the potion actually work I don’t know Jeffy guys

You’ll never believe this but my Daddy doesn’t believe that the potion made me Invincible Jeffy the potion did not make you invincible come on what is wrong with you ow Jeffy that doesn’t mean you can hit me thanks for the poison potion hobo oh what’s up loser that it’s my bully

Why can’t I hit you what What’s happen D I’m actually Invincible do you know what this means Jeffy what’s what’s it mean I can finally beat my bully no Jeffy don’t beat your but you can’t beat people up yes I can watch take this take this bu get back here way loser like

This could actually beat me um DD why am I up here Jeffy I don’t know why are you up there because you’re going to jump off loser what no I can’t I don’t want to if you can’t get hurt it won’t it won’t matter Jeff

But dang it’s so high up I don’t want to jump Jeffy what is he saying to you up there he’s saying that he hates you I do hate you but that’s not what I said old man Jeffy did he just call me old um of course he did he you are old you’re

You’re ugly you’re bald and you’re old Jeffy I can’t hear you um he’s really bad at hearing um D I really don’t want to jump jump loser he push me oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh I’m fine oh my gosh want I didn’t even hear it a an

Ankle crack or anything Jeffy oh my goodness D maybe I really am Invincible old man is he still alive uh yeah yeah he’s alive still what oh my God screw this I’m out of here losers all right losers since you think you’re Invincible go ahead and jump in my lava pit um okay

I guess you I survive falling off a building I can survive this let’s see oh my God D is really hot nothing’s happening wait you’re fine I’m fine there’s nothing happening to me oh my gosh did my lava dealer sell me fake lava what Marv jump in there I

Guess so yeah D hop in trying out I’m not I’m not I’m not jumping in oh my goodness oh my goodness oh he just ground in lava um that doesn’t prove anything that doesn’t prove anything Marvin’s just a wimp yeah my guy is so old that’s probably why he D

Jeffy he no Jeffy I’m not old and never push me in lava ever again you are old you old man just hit me all right hey hey hey what’s this right here what is this right here oh yeah this is the next thing we’re doing no uh but bully I’m

I’m not going in there Jeffy Jeffy you can go you can go this time what are you are you scared or something yes oh well okay fine I’ll go in all right let me goit this I don’t like it in here what’s going to happen oh know Jeffy oh my god there

TNT oh my god oh I don’t see him wait wait wait wait Jeffy Jeffy D I’m fine oh my God messed up too I’m completely fine bully that is insane I Jeffy I cannot believe you’re fine there’s not even a scratch on me look at that I cannot

Believe that Jeffy okay bully what we got to try let me try this hold yeah let me try this my TNT guy must have messed up okay I guess don’t set it off for him yeah Set It Off nerd I killed one one bowling oh my

God Out World my God oh my God oh my God do you finally believe me that I’m Invincible no I don’t and I can prove it Marvin pull the lever what what lever okay oh my God goodness it did nothing what oh my gosh Jeffy fell on top of your head and and

You’re fine what D that’s usually a on hit kill my Anvil guy okay Danny what’s next Jeffy I I have no clue ask your bully friend he’s been coming up with all this mon bully what’s next now we’re going to drop Thor’s hammer on you Thor’s hammer you can’t survive this one

Like superhero yeah like the superhero whatever it is I can take it pull that lever all right let’s see nerd all right Jeff this is a bad idea oh my goodness oh my gosh Jeffy the the how how did you survive that uh because I’m Invincible that’s insane I do not

Believe this one bit I just survived Thor’s hammer all right loser I got one more challenge for you oh really yeah let’s see you survive this one what does this do stand on the post and find out okay I’ll see what going to happen ready Marvin pull the lever why does he have

To pull the Le oh my God oh my goodness oh my God Jeffy loser oh my God oh my Goodness oh you’re coming back you’re coming back I’m fine easy it’s fine my legs AR broken let me see let me see this what yeah you’re definitely there’s no way oh my goodness now where did the balling go Jeffy I I I don’t know I

Don’t know I I don’t think he’s coming I don’t think he’s coming back though why Jeffy he got launched in the outer space he’s not coming back um okay hello there I sense a disturbance in the force God oh oh my God you kill my day

You kill my day oh my God the are kind of hot oh happening J M ji don’t you know that I’m Invincible yeah you better run away you kill my daddy leave me alone hey where are you going I’m going to get you I’m going to get you hey get

Back get back I’m going to push you in your lav paint get in there yeah take that oh yeah oh my goodness I just beat the Jedi Jeffy Jeffy oh my God oh my God Jeffy the the the Jedi the Jedi didn’t hurt you no but I don’t think Iron Man likes

Me either Jeffy what do you mean he’s right there it’s Iron Man Jeffy he’s really rich oh no oh my goodness he’s shooting Las laser beams at me Iron Man is not going to do anything Iron Man I told you I’m Invincible is my weapons now working

Oh they’re working they’re working oh my god oh yeah yeah they’re definitely working please please please I’m just Invincible give up no no no something’s messed up with my weapons what no is not oh you took half my health down oh down the one heart take loser imagine not being Invincible

Like me I’m out of here I’m out of here yeah get get out of here Iron Man okay Daddy I got you your very own potion of immortality Jeffy no way you did not get me that oh yes I did here you go oh oh

My gosh oh how do you feel drink oh yeah you drink it Jeffy I drink it Jeffy hit me hit me hit me see if I can take it okay it it’s not doing anything yes I think you’re actually finally we’re both invisible let’s go Jeff we’re both

Invincible all right what do you want to go do what do you want to go do excuse me boys excuse me what G Jesus is that Jesus an Christ yes it is me Jeffy and you guys have been causing lots of trouble in heaven what does that mean immortality is banned on Christian

Minecraft servers um that’s not Jeffy that’s not good that’s not good I’m going to have to take it away from you’re taking away from me here Jeff back here Jeffy if this video gets 10,000 likes it’ll take it away from my daddy and NY Jeffy Jeffy get out from there but I

Want to get out of your P Jeffy get out right now oh fine I guess don’t get out what you want Jeffy how many times have I told you that that is not a bath it’s this it’s the town water boy your oh my God it’s Tony T from the

Momies here Jeffy quickly take this armor what what is this armor for my iron Legion has come to this universe to destroy it Jeffy you’re its only hope it’s only hope one wait but but Mr Tony star can’t can’t you like help us out nope goodbye what oh my goodness that H

Just fall away Jeffy he gave you his Iron Man suit what am I going to do with it but Jeffy put it on okay look at this I’m on man then I can see everything can you really Jeffy uhhuh oh my goodness oh my God you can

Fly Jeffy I’m flying in this SK look at me insane oh this is so cool Jeffy can you do a superhero Landing yeah watch this oh my gosh daddy look behind you oh my god Jeffy what Jeffy oh my God it’s a bad guy how do you know that because his

Thing says iron bad guy on it Jeffy oh I guess you’re right wait Jeffy Jeffy wait you got to protect me I don’t have an Iron Man suit on oh my God fire oh god oh D oh my God he just all the buildings on fire oh

Destroy him oh god oh no oh my God D run you going you going Jeffy Jeffy I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying Jeffy I’m going to destroy you no you can’t destroy me oh God he’s going to destroy me D I don’t care about you I hope he destroys

You Jeffy Jeffy I got to get behind you I got to protect me oh he’s coming out Jeffy fire help Dead Oh D you need to find some water dad go in that hole I was fighting in earlier I want to go the hole Jeffy get out of here you can’t defeat

Jeffy I’m going to defeat you Jeffy D are you okay no Jeffy I’m in the middle of a robot attack he’s right there he’s not a robot he’s a normal human being with feelings nope I’m a robot Jeffy oh I guess he’s a robot oh God oh my goodness he destroyed this whole

Building I hope nobody was in here oh Jeffy he destroyed the what if he destroys the city you got to stop him before he destroys the city oh I need to stop him right now take that take my reposer beam Jeffy look I think you disabled his fight I think you’re right

Yeah I can fly and you can’t loser oh god ohff oh his flamethrower still works Jeffy and it shoots across he lit the whole building on fire he’s destroying like the entire building oh no this is really bad why am I dizzy oh because I hit you in my repuls your beams get

Dizzy now I’m going to hit you with my guns yeah run away run away like a little loser oh God I’m on fire I’m on fire all right M man you better your back off before I kill you for good no don’t do it Jeffy do it I’m going to

Take over this world whe whether you like it or not you can’t take over oh my gosh Jeffy oh my gosh oh Jeffy you got him you got him Jeffy Jeffy we got to go over here to make sure he’s dead oh I think you’re right all of his stuff is

On the ground that you need to pick up all this stuff right here Jeffy why because there’s a threat incoming Jeffy there’s a threat incoming how wait how do you know that because it says it on my visor and there’s something coming really soon

Jeffy is it cool oh no it kind of looks bad it looks ugly too it’s not even Jeffy what do you mean it looks ugly ug oh my God Jeffy dang dang you know what D you got this one bu you got this one I got this one Jeffy no I don’t

Go take that D you g this don’t worry about wait oh my God he’s jumping so high Jeffy Jeffy I don’t know what I’m going to do all use your trans from P oh my God oh my God oh um daddy he’s actually destroying entire buildings

Yeah Jeffy I don’t know what to do um uh maybe find him you bald loser I’m Jeffy I’m trying he’s kicking my butt oh I’ve had my mask up this whole time where did he go right there I’m hitting him with my flamethrower Jeffy take this H oh he dodged

It Jeffy I thought the Hulk was a good guy oh I guess not right now I guess he’s really angry he’s destroying the entire part oh my goodness this really bad I’m hitting him with my beam Jeffy oh no you hit me oh is that the Hulk oh no the Hulk

Oh Jeffy City’s going to get level take that Hulk Bruce Banner I thought you supposed to be a good guy what is going on Oh Daddy I’m destroying the hole Yeah I’m destroying him Jeffy you’re destroying me stop behind you oh oh God auler beames oh God oh God he’s destroying the entire

Green no that was me Jeffy I’m destroyed the city why why are you destroying the City it’s the Hulk that should be doing that yeah Hulk get out of here oh my with a rocket Jeffy did you see that hate Marvin I hate Marvin Jeffy what’s

He saying I think he’s saying he hates Marvin Marvin Su oh my God yeah Marvin sck Hulk we should team up together no what Jeffy no I’m getting away from you guys no come back here Daddy all right Daddy Let’s up together and destroy the

Hulk once and for all I I don’t know if we’re going to be able to Jeffy he’s really strong we need to get to part of the city that’s not so Destro maybe with not that attitude all right let’s go over here I can’t I’m too slow Jeffy

Loser Jeffy we got to lead him out of the city all right Daddy I got him behind me oh my goodness oh oh he’s literally right oh he’s closer than I thought I see him Jeffy I see him daddy we need to have a fight with him in this Forest it’s totally not

Flammable Jeffy Jeffy wait he’s right there watch this I got my flamethrowers this is a oh no this is a forest this is a forest said it was an unlam Forest Jeffy every Forest is flammable idiot oh God he’s right there Daddy come over here come on Jeffy this area Daddy come

On I’m trying I’m trying Jeffy I have a plan I’m going to use my chant pulser and you’re going to use your fire thing okay my fire all right Jeffy 3 2 1 Jeffy I’m doing it Daddy is he gone I don’t know Jeffy I

Don’t see him anymore oh my God D I think we got him oh we beat him Jeffy or maybe he turned into this little chicken I don’t know Jeffy he didn’t turn into a chicken what is wrong with you I’m going to kill this chicken no the chicken

Jeffy on I can’t do this anymore I want to retire from being Iron Man let’s go home come on okay let’s go what the heck is that oh my goodness that is gold Iron Man oh my God I’m should have rocket I’m going to take over the world Jeffy oh my goodness I

Just have to defeat you first oh God damn is bad this is really bad je take that AR man and this and a little bit of this no take this Jeffy take that Jeffy I’m going to use my flamethrower AO do it do it come on Jeffy let’s team team up let’s team

Up kill um it’s really tempting but I got to defeat you because you’re going to take over the world Te well Jeffy why me oh wait I thought you were gold iron man my bad Jeffy do I look like gold iron man yeah after I get you Jeffy I’m going to get Rose oh no not mommy no no my mom that his mommy oh D what are you even doing

You’re not even helping I’m going to shoot a rocket at him oh ow that did nothing that hurt Mar oh God I’m out of power oh I’m out Jeffy Daddy I’m out of power oh God you’re out of power Jeffy my inventory is full of flowers and stuff ah Jeffy

I’m running away I’m running away I’m running away come back here Marvin no don’t day stop it oh wonder the pig this P you come my pig pig no you know what Daddy we got to destroy him now Jeffy I’ve been on that page like the entire time kill all there’s

Nothing you can do yeah dang I think we’re going to do the same thing with Hulk but use two chest Repulsor beams at the same time are we going to be able to do it Jeffy he’s on the Run we got to catch him let’s catch him get back here loser I

Don’t want to go back here Jeffy he’s slowing down oh he’s slowing down yeah we got him on the ground all right Jeffy I’m coming no this isn’t good D use your repulser right now 3 2 1 oh we got him we got him we beat it we

Beat him we beat the gold Iron Man if this video get 10,000 likes I’ll do this again but defeat the Mandarin D I’m so happy we went out for a boat ride today oh my gosh Jeffy I know right it’s so beautiful and sunny out I know the

Water’s all nice and cold oh like it I like it too Jeffy you want to go fishing later um yes what do you think we’re going to catch you think we’re can to catch some giraffes Jeffy maybe we’ll catch a mermaid or something who knows a

Mermaid that’d be so cool if I was joking there’s no such thing as mermaids okay what Jeffy Jeffy I don’t know I don’t know Jeffy I don’t know what’s happening to me Jeffy something’s hitting your boat something H your boat Jeffy oh my God D my boats Jeffy Jeffy no Jeffy no No where am I hello is that a mermaid yes it’s me mer oh my goodness look at your tail oh what why do I feel like that you might feel a little weird right oh my goodness I’m a pretty little mermaid you’re like a princess princess

Also mer mermaid I’m a mermaid yes it’s my lifelong dream look at me I’m a little pretty mermaid are you hungry would you like to eat something um of course I would like to eat something give it to me what is that some sea green beans I hate sea beans I hate sea

Beans I don’t want to eat sea beans how do I get one of those Spears you have to complete a set of challenges what kind of challenges you have to beat me in a race I have to beat you in a race but you’re already an experienced mermaid

How am I supposed to do it wait where’s my daddy at daddy yes my daddy I only found you there was no one else with you you talking about I was traveling with somebody else and that was my daddy the merb police must have captured him the mermaid

Poes the PO how do we get him back we have to break him out we have to break him out your prison how hard is that going to be we just have to go in sneak past the guards attack uh defeat the drowns and uh break him out of jail but

That’s so much work Mr mermaid yes let’s get to it okay okay Mr mermaid what is this place it’s the mermaid police this is the mermaid police mer I think you mean mermaid but how is my daddy inside this place yes he must be at the top

Floor the top floor but don’t we have to go through a ton of guards yes all right I get let’s go get him oh man yes oh god um oh my goodness there’s a drone right there oh try get him me your mermaids police don’t me your

Mermaid police yeah we got him yes man I really need one of those trons later I really need one of those maybe if the viewers stick to the end they’ll watch you get one make sure to like And subscribe yeah you heard what made the mermaid said and they have to like And

Subscribe too yes all right let’s go save my daddy here Jeffy in case you have to defend yourself okay all right I’ll go up there first thank you you um is it okay up there Mr mermaid are you oh my God oh my God break the glass Jeffy break the

Glass oh me you’re all over me they’re every Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy are you a are you a freaking mer are you a mermaid I’m a Little Mermaid oh how do I open the door open the door my goodness there’s so many zombies around here oh my Jeffy Jeffy how are

You going to beat all those zombies I don’t know I have a wooden sword but it’s not really doing anything because there’s so many um Mr turle can you help me out here you oh Mr mermaid help me please run Jeffy run okay get out of here why is

This place so heavily guarded dad I’m going to get you out are you ready Jeffy I’m not coming out out there with all those zombies out there I’m not coming out until you kill all the zombies D there’s no way I can kill it you we’re

Going to have to make a run for it oh ddy I’m you die oh no they’re chasing me oh Jeffy that sucks you only got like 734 left to kill oh God Mr merid help me here Jeffy take these light up the Redstone Jeffy light up the lights will that open the

Door yes it will quickly Jeffy do it I’ll defend you got one light oh my god I’ve got one oh Jeffy come on hurry up light wait I wasted one block no oh no Jeffy oh no there’s one light I need to open that oh yes go Jeffy do it quickly oh my

Goodness they’re coming after you I up oh my gosh Jeffy Jeffy the door’s open I’m not a mermaid I can’t swim I can’t swim Jeffy I’m not a mermaid Mr mermaid can you give him give him mermaid powers that take the necklace put the necklace on quickly it’ll turn you into a

Mermaid okay give me a second it’ll make you be able to breathe underwater okay oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m a mermaid oh God we get out here quickly through the door swim through the hole no I miss it I miss it Jeffy Jeffy help I broke the door Jeffy Jeffy

They’re coming they’re coming through Jeffy run run here can’t get through the hole oh man go go go go go oh my God Jeffy did you see that we made oh my God I’m laded Jeffy what happened one second we were swimming on our boats enjoying a nice

Beautiful sunny day about the fish and then I drowned Jeffy and I woke up in that jail cell well I woke up in sponge boob’s house so I don’t know and who is this guy right now mer Little Mermaid I’m a merman Jeffy we are mer men men

We’re not M little princesses Maids are the are the are the girls that like clean houses and stuff do we look like those Jeffy that’s me what that’s okay mhm I’m a pretty L mermaid what’s wrong with your son so what with all the drown around here Mr the mermaid they’ve been

Taking over our entire city we need to stop them but hold on who broke our bones I did it what you’re the one who are you are you kidding me are you kidding me no no right now come on we’re out of here what what you say please

Come back come back I I I need help to save my people give me my legs back and maybe I will I don’t want legs I like being I’ll give you your legs back on one condition what is it what you have to help me save my people why

Would we do that because if not you’ll be a stuck a mermaid forever no I don’t want to be a pretty little mermaid forever what a shame that would be je Jeffy it’s Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy it’s a mer mermaid mermaid mer mermaid G so what do we got to do Mr merman you

Have to beat me in a race beat you in a race how else do you expect to beat the army of the drowned heading right this way Jeffy that’s a lot that sounds like a lot of army the whole Army I bet that’s like an entire Army who who

Where’s the race the race follow me okay wait mermaid way up off how are we going to beat him like that um there’s no way all right so what are we doing here we’re doing a race around the city around the city yes first one back here

Gets a trident I want that trient I get a head start I Want Your Head Start no no one gets head starts yeah we’re we’re ready Mr merman all right ready three two one go let’s go oh my gosh Jeffy did you see how fast he went how are we

Going to beat him oh wait I just have to beat you Jeffy no you have to beat him too no I got to beat you loser Jeffy I don’t even know where he went where’d he go I don’t know heya slowpokes are we what oh my gosh already La around you

See I’m just sticking around you too I’m going to beat you I’m going to beat you Jeffy I’m right on your tail look at me Jeffy you’re not no you’re not you’re like 2 miles behind me it’s not 2 miles it’s like 2 ft come on Jeffy no it’s

More like 2 miles we all know this Jeffy look how fast the mermaid’s going that is insane I know do you think I’m going to be able to go that fast once I beat you in this race Jeffy no there’s no way you’re going to go that fast oh yes

There is Jeffy he’s lived his whole life underwater we’ve been underwater for what an hour well I already know how to be a pretty little mermaid Jeffy you don’t know how to be a pretty little mermaid um yes I do oh my you sing it man she’s like the pretty little

Princess Ariel Jeffy what is wrong with you you guys are slett little princesses I stubbed my toe oh I’m going to beat you Jeffy I am I am way faster than you look at this Jeffy no you’re not I’m literally beting you Jeffy Jeffy no no no I was right in the

Lead I was bitting you I win I win the race you’re Slowpoke daddy you suck m Mr Mr Mr merman you you would happen to have like at least one extra Trident no dang it’s mine Jeffy gets the Trident you cuz I feel bad you can have this what what do I

Need a diamond shovel for to attack them of course lose your di dir and that’s like it you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit right Jeffy okay look at my TR watch this oh my gosh Jeffy you went so fast I’m going so quick right now oh my

Goodness I’m faster than you and I always will be all right Jeffy to see if you’re actually prepared to fight the army of the drowns we have to race we have to race oh my goodness I’m going to shred you ready yes three two one go got

Oh going head I’m Going H oh going I win Jeffy where are you I swed past him you switched past him all right Jeffy well hey Jeffy look at me I’m kind of hungry can we can we go get a burger yeah I’m hungry do they have chunk and Cake they

Have seen cucumber no I ain’t seen cucumber uh they got crabby patties man that was a nice burger yeah that really hit the spot oh oh my goodness oh my God Jeffy the army of the drowns are here quickly them we need to get out we need to get

Out we to get out of here Jeffy so many of them Dy how are we going to defeat all these guys there’s so many going do we have to find their leader Jeffy quickly we have to find your leader if we kill your leader does that does that

Get rid of all of them yes I think it will how are we going to take them all out Jeffy we need to find their leader immediately who’s their leader I don’t know but he probably looks like a king Jeffy they’re mainly coming after you so

I’m going to try to take them out no don’t don’t leave them for me please please a why can’t they chase you oh no I’m getting surrounded Jeffy Jeffy look at the mermaid Jeffy look at the help me Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy the mermaid we need to run we need to run

Jeffy he died oh no the mermaid Escape Jeffy he died yeah they’re coming right after Jeffy do now I don’t know Jeffy Daddy I finally got all of them Jeffy you didn’t get all of them look behind you oh my God they is that the king drowned yeah Jeffy and and he’s got

His he’s got his henchman with him right now oh my God got now that the mermaid’s dead I can take over the world no Jeff we got to take him out and then we got to take him out you’re not taking over the world Jeffy Jeffy oh last one

Get out king drown we got him we’re going to get him take this no you can’t beat Jeffy you can’t beat Jeffy we’re going to get your we’re going to get our legs back once I defeat you I’ll take over the world no you’re not taking over your

World I killed you got him I can’t believe it how’d you get him because everyone liked and subscribe really Jeffy yeah and if they do it again I’m going to get you next I did it again Jeffy where are we I don’t know but I don’t want to be here

Jey stop it you want to be here I would rather be CH like King loser Jeffy come on help me destroy this tree we need to find a way out of here I don’t know why you brought me here on this trip Daddy I hanging here Jeffy stop look look look

Look there’s a cave all right come on Jeffy oh my my God warm shelter come on finally not in the rain all the time Jeffy we need to find something to eat and drink come on we need to go down here you’re right oh my gosh oh my goodness daddy um

Dny dny oh oh my go oh my gosh soy daddyy I don’t I don’t know what we’re going to do there’s two little zombies I’m trying to attack them these baby zombies really hurt oh my God goodness oh my god look oh my goodness look oh wolves help help wolves look

Help us wolves help us I have half half my health is down je yeah let’s go Daddy I’m destroying all of these zombies with these WS Jeffy come on destroy the spawners we got to destroy the spawners you’re right all right let’s do it

Together I got it I got it oh my god did we get all of them yeah Jeffy look these two wolves they saved our Liv are you guys okay oh my God no the wolf just talk the wolf just talk what do you how can you talk what’s wrong with them what

What’s the problem you can talk you guys can actually talk you’re wolves and you can talk yeah all all wolves can talk yeah you guys can talk too I don’t know if you guys knew this but animals don’t talk yeah they don’t talk yes we do you

Guys are animals and you guys talk Daddy am I on something smack me dang does that work Jeffy I’m still awake this isn’t a dream the wolves are actually talking do smack me maybe it’s just for you my son lost the map in the woods and

He got us lo you lost the map Jeffy shut up and can you guys help us get out of here please but not him I mean we can probably help them out but uh yeah you guys have to help us first what what do you want we need help fighting the

Animals that are taking over the forest do you guys think you can help what what animals are they polar bears polar bears you guys are just wolves you don’t stay in the chance they literally just sh on you and you’re dead that’s why we need help all right all right come on let’s

Let’s help him come on leave Le the way leave the okay fine let’s we’ll help you all right we’ll lead you to our village yeah let’s go come on it’s right over here you guys okay we’ve been walking for hours dang oh my gosh Jeffy wait look

Look aty it is like a big town Jeffy this is crazy I know Daddy I I want this one I want sleeping this Jeffy no this isn’t our village stop it yes it is I’m jumping on the bed I’m jumping on them Jeffy I think it’s these wolves beds

Stop it get get out of here yeah you want to tear you apart no Daddy canot become a wolf Jeffy you can’t become a wolf that’s impossible are you sure canot canot become a wolf yes you actually can I can’t I can’t become a wolf loser ow ow we’re going to put you

Guys through a bunch of different challenges and soon you’ll be able to become a wolf just like us no way my daddy’s so get to feel these challenges cuz he’s faty Jeffy stop no we I don’t even want to become a wolf Jeffy all right all you’re going to

Become a wolf Jeffy stop it no we’re going to need the help from both of you so I would really appreciate if you actually could do the challenges too please Dy please please help us we we took you out of the cave and everything all right all right fine what’s the

First challenge the first thing you guys are going to have to defeat are zombies zombies zombies DD I don’t know if I can defeat a zombie Jeffy Jeffy you can you we’ve defeated thousands of zombies what are you talking about all right all right I guess you’re right take us to the

Zombies and if you guys can beat them you’ll get one step closer to becoming a wolf just like us welcome to your guys’s first challenge oh my goodness daddy look at that zombie it’s got full Golden Arm how are we going to do that with just our

Hands I I I don’t know I don’t know why you stut her so much Daddy gone Jeff it because I’m scared I’m scared actually I’m going to help you guys out I’m going to give you each your own swords yeah I’m steing your sword daddy y i swords

And you guys are going to have leather T ma’am ma’am he stole my sword give it back ow I didn’t okay fine there you go there’s your stup my sword thank you Jeffy you guys are going to need to figure out how to work together to kill

K him work together good luck I don’t want to work with you all right Daddy it’s everybody for Jeffy no oh my God where did they come from what I don’t know I think that zombie summoned him yeah Daddy you got it don’t worry Jeffy

What are you doing help me oh no why is it gold one after me you need to work together oh my go no you got this you got it don’t worry yes we did it congratulations you guys now you guys are one step closer to becoming a wolf you guys get your ears

My ears I got ears Woo is that what a dog sounds like Jeffy stop it isn’t this exciting you guys I know it’s so now that you guys have wolf ears you can use it to your advantage you guys can hear super well now the next challenge you’ll be able to use

Them Daddy I just heard you for now just G Jeff you’d be able to hear that like whether you have those ears or not all right what what’s the next challenge all right guys for your next challenge you guys have to try to hear the enemy if

You get really quiet you’ll be able to find them hear the enemy wait wait wait Jeffy I already hear something wait wait wait wait stay there stay there oh e e smell so good let me let me tast it Jeffy stop no smells I’m sorry FES fur people uh Wolves of

Pooped himself that’s what I heard okay let’s go all the time oh come on we have new weapons for you guys to try out too new new weapons hold up give me yeah no give it to me first M M M M M I got it I

Got it mine mine mine look I’m all Iron right now I even fix my ears wait wait sh sh I hear it ow Daddy I was going no no no no no no oh god daddy no oh let me out let me out daddy that was really close I almost di oh my

Gosh that was almost really bad Jeffy but look we beat the zombie wait did we pass the test yeah not quite there’s a couple more you got the next one Jeffy all Right poop and he right here oh God D help man please got it Jeffy I have faith in you I got it yeah Daddy cannot have the next one too no why wait sh Jeffy there’s one in each of these one each of I knew that open open go go go

What are you kidding me W you guys really suck just suck Jeffy you’re s oh God don’t mess with him don’t mess with him daddy don’t mess with them we got to hear another zombie I think I hear something over here you hear something Jeffy yes D it right here what hey that’s

Mine fight the zombie fight the zombie oh you got it okay I did it I did it oh me congratulations you guys passed the second test yeah I’m ping test I’m now you guys are going to get your own wolf nose oh my gosh really my own nose

My own little big sniffer oh my God Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy wait no way daddy look I got a sniffer on me Daddy Why can I smell your poop Jeffy because you just put your nose right to my butt stop it ow Daddy I can actually

Smell so much all right um Mr WS what is our next challenge now with your new noses you guys are going to be able to sniff out the enemies yeah guys we are having a huge slime invas in our forest you guys need to use your noses your hyper sense of

Smell to sniff them out Oh Daddy I got this in the bag I can smell something from 2 miles away all right Jeffy bet I think someone’s tainting my smells it’s you Jeffy stop it guys don’t you guys want better weapons yeah I’ll take better weapons yeah me too me too Dy

They’re mine they’re mine they’re mine they mine they M they mine mine M no I got the J Point loser so did I Jeffy good luck guys wait I didn’t get my golden weapon oh Jeffy wait I got a golden sword oh wait and look there’s

Another golden sword ddy give it to me give it to me right now get it Jeffy why you thr it down all the way over there be careful you guys slime are super dangerous super dangerous no you’re not d one right mine mine mine mine I killed it I

Killed it Jeffy the point isn’t to kill him it’s to sniff them out and then kill them and I sniff it out hold on I’m sniffing I miss one over here dy I counted look it’s a big old slime oh Jeffy I got like five slimes oh my God

It’s literally dividing into like millions of pieces oh my goodness oh my gosh Jeffy look why there’s so many I know Daddy because the slimes they multiply oh God there’s so many behind us um daddy I’m kind of cornered I need help oh no I don’t know what we’re going to do

Jeffy oh my goodness no no no I need to eat I need to eat Daddy are you okay over here I’m taking out all the Slime I can Jeffy me too pleas are so so many oh my snippers all confused I don’t know how many more there are it’s okay Jeffy

We got this oh man and one more I think there no there’s so many more Jeffy come on we got to kill all the Slime they said they were like destroying the forest or something let’s help save the forest from these slimes all right guys you have one more slime one more slime

Here he is all right let’s get it Oh Daddy oh oh my golden SW no oh my sword broke well maybe you shouldn’t suck Jeffy oh now my sword broke now your sword broke loser congratulations you guys finally got your Tails my Tails tail yeah Daddy look

I got your tail oh my God Jeffy what that’s insane I no daddy my tail is so much bigger than yours Jeffy no my your Tail’s not that much bigger than mine come on yes it is congratulations you guys you guys are part of the pack now

Oh gosh yeah i w buning the P stupid Pig all right that’s a little aggressive why oh my God what is that oh my God Jeffy what is that what was that um m m WF was that the village it’s under attack I didn’t think it would happen

This fast we have to go all right all right let’s go come on Daddy we need to go save the village over here oh my God oh my goodness God oh your whole village is on fire daddy is all H finally I’ve destroyed your stupid Village wolves bad

Polar bear bad polar bear noat the we’re going to save this wait guys come over here okay okay we’re going to plan something I was saving to give you guys these weapons with these weapons I think you guys can defeat him Diamond daddy we are kiding out with

Diamond Armor oh my gosh Jeffy all right let’s destroy the polar bear we got to destroy all the polar bears we got to save the city I’m destroying them Jeffy oh man there’s so many of them oh no he’s really hurting me oh no where is Mr

Wolf Jiffy I don’t know I don’t know where Mr Wolf is we got to find him we got to find her zombies too Jeffy zombies are attacking the city too oh my God the wolf is right here oh I’m mean b bear daddy let’s kill this one oh you

Got it Jeffy good job want to pull her Bear Down the whole place is on fire too oh my God this guy takes so I’ve hit him like 30 you beat the last B Be let’s go you guys did it you helped Save The Village

I know and it was all because of me no Jeffy it was because of me stop what doing is that the Moon Moon daddy you Dage what Daddy you have to how on this video get 10,000 likes oh my gosh I think it did you’re so cringe shut up Jeffy I

Wonder what Jackie is going to teach today hello CR So today we’re going to learn about how Jeffy is most unlikable person ever I’m not unlikable I mean I agree with that really Jeffy so you FR I like you get your pants out on my face

You smell like you stop bad Jeffy you know in Japan they let teachers beat their students oh my gosh why is just a jump P hey that’s not allowed oh Jeffy come back come back come back I didn’t have to you’ll have to no I’m going sit in the back in the

Class I don’t like you anymore oh you’re going to sit in back of class look at you you’re all cool and edgy like oh yeah super Andy I want to sit in the back of the classes no I’m going to be sitting in the back back well yeah get

Out of my chair loser get out of my chair get out of my chair hey you two back there stop fighting especially you Jeffy you started it okay I’ll sit next this lady right here re C Road why cuz she don’t like you do you like me no you’re not

Bothering me she likes me Jeffy what you really want to sit there yeah I be careful cuz Kara known for passing gas oh what sit back down you stinky all right guys today we’re learning about how green beans Ry M Ry green beans love them ah teacher dead oh gosh I use my

Ancient teleportation skills to be reincarnated from Heaven anyways Jerry stop it I am singing you disrespecting this Cur disrupting me my teaching lessons you kill me and then I have to use my zen to teleport back to you get out of the class good I don’t I didn’t have to

Yeah do have to do have to go why you got detention loser loser loser got detention I wish I wish people was St being mean to me I guess I’ll get my get my lunch before I go hey orange lady oh hiy Jeffy I missed you oh Jeffy

You’re a loser I’m leaving you idiot I’m just getting my Lun firster no likes you well Jeffy I like you somehow that made me even more sad oh gosh you’re so useless you’re so ugly and your nose is on squishy and your eyes are far apart and you’re ugly

Get out of my school oh gosh I my food quick quick me yourid students don’t get school lunch get out of here go cry to your mama go go I see tomorrow man I wish somebody would just I wish people were nice to me everyone

Hates me school I don’t know wait what is this place wait it’s a potion Master shop wait a minute I think this might be just perfect yes one pu flow that potion should be complete not the guy from the commercials hey who are you hi um do you

By any chance you know have a potion that can make somebody who nobody likes and feel better but nobody likes me you ow God you just broke my nose oh get over it you whiny baby I’m beding whiny baby WR bleeding all over my floor you’re going to have to pay for

That you literally threw a glass bottle at my face you’re so whiny what are you here for why you in my shop I need a potion that makes disappear and nobody can wait wait wait wait you my skull what is wrong with you sorry I’ve come down with a a bit of

A cold oh you smashed the glass bottle over my face all yes yes anyways uh you you’re here for a potion yes just a potion that makes me disappear oh you want a potion to disappear yes don’t give me a potion I think I might have oh

My God I think I might have something for you so annoying yes this potion when you hold it turns you invisible what UNC command can I have it yes you can have it for a price what’s a price yes the price is um your soul Dam okay here you go no Tak Backes

Okay well good luck with My Soul guys I don’t even have one be careful young boy you use that potion too much you might never go back visible oh that would be so bad cuz nobody likes me okay then have fun goodbye goodbye loser that idiot sto me his

Sword now I can finally be invisible and nobody’s going to be mean to me anymore okay here’s the school okay so what I’m I’m going to do is I’m going to hold this invisibility potion this whole time and then I’m going to mess around with Jackie too making him think the entire

School is haunted or is his like grandfather messing with him or something all right crass where’s wait are we missing one yeah where’s Jeffy oh no no I I expelled him no one like him anyways anyway so today we’re going to learn about my great grandfather now wa what was that IO

Oh maybe a nervous twitch or something I don’t know really weird yeah that would really weird anyway anyway oh my great grandfather I saw it again it was Combat special combat specialist in World War to okay great grandfather I no disrespect your name great grandfather

No he’s Bing down oh it seems that every time I say the word great grandfather grandpappy hid me from the grave I think your great-grandfather’s haunting you ah ah he’s haunting me too gosh Des on the desk Grandpa no idea great grandpa I never disrespect

You I love you great grandpa no I held your hand as you took your last breath great grandpa I missed you no no grandpa yeah yeah yeah so no school today or that was really weird but I’m going home I don’t think I’m doing okay right now yeah

That’s going to that’s probably going to scar me for the rest of my life I’m very scared what the hell is she scared Jeffy oh my gosh you are grounded ow what Rose I got a call from the principal today he disrupted the entire class didn’t listen to his teacher and

He got got expelled go up to your stairs right now up to the stairs up to the stairs I’m going to give you a reason to wear your helmet boy no daddy no okay you know what I’ve had enough of him Bing me around I’m going to prank him with my invisibility

Potion all right so let’s go downstairs Marvin you know that teacher always gives him a hard time it’s not his fault and yeah oh no oh gosh I didn’t mean to do that I’m so morvin did you just hit me no I didn’t did you just hit meing glass what’s happening look you’re

Broken table stupid daddy stupid just don’t break my TV I’m going to break his TV and and and no dumb TV idiot Marvin there’s a ghost we have to get out of here where where’s Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy jeffy’s in danger Jeffy oh go oh God I need to go back up oh gosh Jeffy okay and okay we’re good Jeffy one daddy one Jeffy Jeffy there’s a ghost in the house our house is Haun ghost in the house yeah yeah it came downstairs to

Broke our TV I hit your mother hit me um hit Mom I don’t know I Daddy I don’t think so I just think you’re you know maybe hallucinating Jeffy what are you talking about look it wrecked your room no that was just me I mean no that was

The ghost yeah that was the ghost double gred what oh man okay what’s going on down here it’s not B Jeffy look wait look at the table see nothing is set have to see pickles are gone look we don’t have any more sea pickles and look at the TV Jeffy pretty

Normal if you ask me look the glasses broken normal for the TV to look like this yeah and if you don’t mind I’m just going to you know go back upstairs Jeffy what mhm yeah I’m just tired Daddy I’m tired no you don’t like your room I

Don’t I I love my room it’s better than yours please don’t when did you start loving your room um never since you weren’t inside of it see you later okay now I’m going to go back invisible and cause even more Havoc that was crazy I don’t know what that was Marvin I don’t

Know either can we just enjoy all time to kill my daddy it took one my hearts down oh my God what is going on puning things come on dadd help somebody help help me nobody likes you oh my gosh how does he have so so much health it’s probably going to fast

Run well I guess I mean all right anyways now that done I’m going to go back upstairs help somebody help wait Marvin we have to get Jeffy I don’t care Jeffy Jeffy will figure it out come on Rose come on we got to go we got to go what’s going

On down here Jeffy get out there’s there’s a monster in there there’s a ghost look half our wall is destroyed Jeffy come on we got to go um okay I guess I get the house to myself today oh man what a beautiful night it is man oh my gosh I could what

What is going on here wait I need to do my invisibility potion okay this guy looks super suspicious H robber is he about to rob the bank I just got to get in here get some cash and get out man I’m going to help him I love being

Criminal okay um I guess I’ll just you know help him break these all right there we go oh that that’s nice yeah it’s nice all I’ll break the lasers for him oh gosh um oh well this is awkward the lasers don’t want to break I guess

We’re just going to have to go pass him all right oh no oh it’s so loud oh gosh I’m invisble how is it ow ow ow ow ow I’m dying this is oh gosh oh this is the worst thing ever um we need a key card for this nah I’ll use mine

Through the door perfect this is so easy oh gosh in and out baby this is going to be easy yeah it’s going to be really easy man I just oh no oh I can’t even get pastes with a netherite pickaxe there we go okay there he is oh no why is he such

A bad oh why is he such a bad Bank robber oh my God no why is he get getting stuck wow why the traps why are these traps keep on going let just like build past him mhm there we go y get out there all right

Fake lava oh it’s fake lava oh that’s cool is all right I’m almost there and all right um I kind of want all this for myself oh okay never mind oh gosh oh my gosh look at all oh God I’m dying I’m dying now this was a little

Too easy this is kind of weird um H this is yeah all right I’m just going to destroy this camera The Vault wait oh my God I’m rich oh my God the Vault I’m mining all of this stuff right now I’m literally going to be

Rich yes let’s go um oh my gosh this guy needs to move over this is all mine ghost grandfather is that you that’s grandfather is this Jackie to’s son this is weird all right so let me just clean out the rest of this Vault and then

We’re going to be on our way all right we got all the diamond and gold all right now um how do I get out here this was too easy oh let’s get out of here oh he w right I’m a free man I can do whatever I want with this money oh nice

Okay now I’m going to go home finally I’m rich now yeah all right um let’s just go ahead and go up to my room and you become unin visible umy oh what no this is weird um why is this not working why can’t I come un invisible

Why is it not work jeffy’s room daddy daddy daddy daddy guys wait pleasey guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys no it’s not a ghost it’s not a ghost daddy no no it’s ghost a demon get on the bed get on the bed run run run oh no

Daddy Daddy Daddy wait wait wait wait no you idiot look I have diamonds guys it’s putting diamonds all over the place oh no I need a sign oh how do I become unin visible start breaking glass mhm mhm no it’s why is it destroying her house but it’s still giving Diamond daddy

Daddo just tried to low us back and tried the low us back to kill us go oh my gosh oh man um maybe a potion Master can help me yeah yeah I’m going to go straight to that guy’s place potion Master oh yes what’s up oh you can see

Me of course I can you I’m the one who made the potion oh um well I can’t turn un invisible I told you this might happen if you use it too much Jeffy um I didn’t use it too much I just use it like I don’t know 30 times in an hour 30

Times in an hour Jeffy you’re not even supposed to use it once per day your voice is really sorry oh no God why is your problem I I told you I have a cold true true God you are such a little baby grow up already oh my God I think

You g me like seven skull fractures what did you do while being invisible Jeffy I pranked my daddy and I pranked um actually I can’t I think he gave me a concussion I don’t remember oh I robbed the Federal Bank you robbed the B Jeffy

What you can’t no oh if you do anything bad with the potion it’ll make you stay invisible forever Jeffy why would you make it like that idiot what is wrong with you of course I’m it was funny Jeffy it’s funny that’s why I did it it’s not funny when a kid turn back

Visible I don’t know it’s pretty funny to me it’s pretty funny to you how about I blow this place up huh how about I B bombing your mail no no no no no no don’t be so rash Jeffy all you have to do is put the money back and did you

Help anyone was anyone with you yes yes you have to get all the money back Jeffy you put it all back what if I give you some can you make a potion that uh oh no turns me back are you trying to bribe me Jeffy um yes you know I’m a master

Potion makeup you’re so we don’t take bribes well you do today don’t I already have your soul I don’t need Diamonds oh what am I supposed to do just return the money yes that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do but then I’m not going to

Be rich all right I guess I’ll go return the money I guess all right goodbye little boy goodbye potion I hope you die stupid idiot a fine I guess I’ll have to give back the stupid diamonds and stuff little does he know I put a trap here

All right so let’s go inside and dry scare him oh Ridge yes oh my God finally I can have one whatever I want break his diamonds and take all his Stu no oh yeah oh my gosh why is he going upstairs what what’s happening what’s happening get out of there grandpa is

That you I’m sorry yeah get out of here loser I’m sorry Grandpa idiot guys he just fell for my traps are right so I’m going to mine all these diamonds and then return them to the bank all right I did it returned all the diamonds and

Everything all right now I just got to get out of here and go all right that was easy okay here I go now I’m going to go home and oh no see if I can turn back visible if not I’ll be really upset okay I’m finally back

Home all right let’s see if I can become visible three two one oh yeah it worked all right time to go upstairs Daddy and upload daddy je Jeffy what do you want um um I’m visible you’re visible yeah what do you mean you’re visible Jeffy I’m literally so happy right now I could

Give you a hug but I won’t what do you mean that you’re visible Jeffy um oh so I can become invisible let me tell you what happened okay so first off uh I got bullied at school so I wish everyone would not see me so I went to

This Post Master gu really annoying broke my nose a few time gave me a concussion and then I uh I just I came here and I started breaking the walls and stuff and everything and then you know I just went to the bank and stuff

And then I stole a bunch of diamonds and oh here’s some more gold on I forgot to put that back and then I went back to the Post Master he said I should have to return the okay okay I I don’t like what yeah you

Said I have to return the money and then I came back and I return the money and now I’m not je all right that is just a long madeup story go to your room no but Daddy I can be invisible but Daddy Daddy turn invisible right now then okay get back here

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    SHOCKING! SKIBIDI TOILET APOCALYPSE ORIGINVideo Information Huh hey he He Huh huh huh Huh Huh ah Huh haa Huh huh huh huh oh no huh Huh ha no no please please No This video, titled ‘Monster Story: SKIBIDI TOILET APOCALYPSE ORIGIN | Warden Cursed Thomas Train | Minecraft Animation’, was uploaded by Monster Toons on 2023-11-24 22:00:26. It has garnered 52089 views and 125 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:49 or 229 seconds. Skibidi Toilet wants freedom, but escape prison is impossible because of Warden Cursed Thomas Train so much hard, let’s watch to the end: Monster Story: SKIBIDI TOILET APOCALYPSE… Read More


    INSANE MINECRAFT NOTE BLOCK TUTORIALVideo Information You you you This video, titled ‘*Very Easy* Death Note – L’s Theme (Minecraft Note Block Tutorial)’, was uploaded by Notesteotic on 2020-06-21 11:19:03. It has garnered 23694 views and 791 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:14 or 194 seconds. Gud evening…I actually made an easy tutorial…hope ur not too disappointed ;v All My Noteblock Tutorials: -… Like And subscribe because it motivates me to make more of these….. Discord: Background Music: Blue Wednesday: Cereal Killa Tags: #Minecraft #NoteblockTutorial #Noteblock #comethru #DeathNote #NoteblockSong Read More

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  • Metro Factions

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  • TFL semi-vanilla whitelist crossplay

    Java & Bedrock Crossplay – 18 & over Hello! We’ve just started two days ago and we’d love for you to join us! Start your adventure with us and explore our server together. Server Information You must be 18 years or older to join our semi-vanilla server, set to hard difficulty. We have rules in place to ensure a friendly gaming environment, including no pvp, griefing, stealing, or unauthorized base entry. Our idea for the new world is to build a town/community together, though it’s not mandatory to do so. Culture Our welcoming community has been running for 3 years… Read More

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  • Ultimate Art Challenge for Pros

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