“Join the RG Squad in Epic Minecraft Adventures!” #46

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and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to a new stream here on my channel course as usual we’re going to check if I’m live and if I am live we’re going to make great and wonderful stream of it again of course just like always hopefully you’re going to enjoy leave a like on the stream for support can we hit 10 likes it should be really really awesome and of course if you’re new subscribe to the channel thank you for support and now we’re going to play whatever mini game you would like to see we’re going to start with skybook if you would like to see something else you should let me know what you would like to see then we’re going to play play that be SkyWars could be eggars could be survival could be creative could be anything you like of course you can join me if you would like that as well with that said we’re going to make a great one again um yesterday we had a lot of progress lot of new challenges unlocked the glint string melon challenge we need to complete that one today we’re easily going to fix that is that wasn’t the hardest one so no Pro with fixing that one and for the rest let’s see if we can unlock some new challenges maybe a new island that should be really awesome if we could do that all right well let’s start oh I spawn the lobby um stream melon we had some or we had some we needed some more uh nuggets I think I thought that was the the thing lock next with gold since when we got that challenge golden apples do they mean golden apples or do they mean nutch apples what challenge is that oh so we need to complete that one I didn’t really saw that challenge I only saw this one and that’s what I’m seeing more challenges I thought those challenges weren’t there we need to upgrade one to level 28 oh man it’s going to cost you a lot I didn’t saw those quests yesterday so it surprises me that I’m seeing them today like didn’t I unlock them yesterday or did didn’t I just look good I probably didn’t look good and now I’m seeing those challenges standing in front of my eyes and I’m thinking like what the three is just a half glow three oh spaghetti what was that it just gave me a mess of hit did really like that probably we’re almost going to complete the glory melon challenge then we’re going to upgrade a spawn at 28 get some closer trees down oh and of course going to my main island to get the generators then we’re directly can get some melon and check how far we are in the challenge where we stand oh hello we’re back oh we got two out of them we’re going to complete another challenge now I now no by now there you go complet another challenge enchant items Diamond we’re getting a diamond to level six need four items to level six no well unfortunately we have our pickaxe already up to six oh man yep oh two emeralds thanks of course this is the first time that we’re using Fortune 6 on the on the field those two oh two times just one Emeral so we need to get some enchantment things up to level six how do we do this getting even more emeralds 18 this round let’s go well let’s see I wanted to have uh fire respect on my sword so maybe we’re going to get fire respect six and then uh yeah heart what do I what do I really want uh what was I doing with him I don’t really know I’m just going to sell the um rot flesh that’s what I wanted to say with those in the chest burn those burn those boom right there oh we need golden apples we need to make golden apples that’s challenge 32 golden apples okay oh man three carrots hey we’re getting armor and we’re getting three carrots we already got eight golden apples now you can fix the challenge really really fast hopefully we’re going to get more golden apples or golden carrots I mean gold apples how why do I say that I feeling that we need to make some cakes in the future that’s why I like to keep them I can’t just change this that’s so annoying let’s just put that away because it cost me so much inventory space moment I’ll do that for the inventory space yes we got a golden carrot it’s just based on lock I think or should always be based on so much carrots already harest harvested 1 th000 carrots over thousands did I miss anything oh I didn’t [Music] got a lot of carrots we need to make the farm bigger I would like some more I would you need to create a better Farm now here we can always F into the water all that stuff we need to get something better than that thank you for giving me two golden carrots I need to get some more inventory space because those carots are wor a lot let’s just drop this in here for the moment so I can just pick it up they stupid smart drop those golden carrots in here which we’re not going to get any more I think three golden carrots okay nothing on the sides nothing on the sides almost 2,000 carrots already we Harvest already almost 2,000 carrots that’s great amount look at how much G we’ got in the inventory if I would sell them all what that’s massive we’re g to get it we’re g to upgrade the farm right now right now we’re not going to get focused on any other challenge we’re going focusing on the farm look at how massive amount we’re going to get W all the dirt that’s all the dirt I’ve got nothing more I don’t think I got more dir any in any other Islands I don’t think so we’re going to check CU I need as much dirt as I can probably on the saf Island we got some more dir okay water’s going to be here hello I will fight you oh you already did um oh all right all right all right right then we’re going to play some mini games or at least that’s what I think you would like to do um we got way more way too much car at the moment let’s get some dirt just get start of farm and then of course we’re going to play hopefully your fight will still work probably is would okay let’s have a look four that’s going to be the edge or the edge you know what I mean right this is going to be the middle I think it reaches four if I’m correctly uh one two three four of course I can I’ll accept you man okay like this okay I’m coming this is start for my mess of fall for the carrots and now it’s going to be uh over with the Sky Block because we’re kind to play long time ago did we play Man but ni you’re back again and I we’re going to play together again there you go there you go what do you would like to play or what do you want to play I mean SkyWars of course I know hi um SkyWars orals something like that I don’t know if you’d like it as well you some nice particles thanks no problem Oh the hard is also yours oh nice okay let’s see if we still can play this I guess it’s a really long time ago that we actually play this nice you voted normal thank you I do not really like op let’s see if we can um beat some people okay let’s go and of course if you would like to join us you can always join us just let let us know okay the loading isn’t that fast I didn’t H key what I did I need pens there you go some more people on Mid could be a problem my aim what I couldn’t even hit I couldn’t even hit him that’s was terrible what you said some help I don’t know what he meant by oh he needed some help I was already de man definitely need to warm up definitely what did he say what did you say but I’m bad at it well no problem man we’re going to do our best kidding I didn’t jump I’m making mistakes here that’s not even well you know it’s probably going to be better the longer you play oh was stuck we got some good hits better than he got on us uh I don’t know if I have if I’m having a great morning PP wise not too great but um yeah I’m having fun so it’s actually that’s right are you kidding me [Music] no you’re dead there you were n cleaner bro what what’s happened no problem that you’re that you’re speaking Dutch no problem oh why are hide hiding bro [Applause] oh man we finish it like that there was four for him but it was actually really funny for me oh man that was a good one though do we got a lot of kills yeah that’s right yeah you’re crazy oh thanks there was the first decent game from from my side oh I don’t even have a weapon that’s poor I don’t really know what armor I thought I what Oh I thought it was an enemy but it is my teammate saw someone you I knew that was going to happen more people got him two people you have to be I first saw one and then there was another one oh that was hard you mean survival games with cubecraft yeah I didn’t really play this for a long time I have more fun um with playing Sky Block SkyWars or eggars that were the recent games and most people like that the most so yeah it’s no problem about me five games which just game that I played in in in the old days six years ago when I started my channel it was all survival games on high pixel I’ll play AAR all right if you would like to play AAR then we’re switching to EOS that’s no problem like this uh hello didn’t really work the way I wanted it he knew it and he already gave up we were on it there kidding no diamond things finally Diamond things and a better sword we’re going to go to Mid King I want to say there should be an anvil right seriously I want to join party do not here what got him yeah have massive hits bro his hits were so painful oh we got him God this laging that’s good I’m seeing his name tag bir right like guys bye GG’s GG’s better Arena oh oh okay P I thought you was B Arena I’m so bad at this I just GED to you and I got lag uh what what this could go on forever yeah there’s never going to be a winner here I just lost him but he actually lost me as well oh GG’s man oh that was so so so close in the end I just missed a couple of hits and you just gained a couple of hits and it was so close well that was a good fight oh you like this people do not need to send into me okay I don’t really know what to that guy is’s just jumping hello hello I’m streaming say hi to YouTube hi well [Music] Beast sniper wizard tried it but you’re missing leggings best kill streak is five great can I fight that guy okay we’re not going to fight with multiple people CU that’s what I do not like that guy is just okay EAS just kill of the day thank you actually I do not have full health so shouldn’t be risking fighting right or we’re still doing it there’s another guy coming into the back probably cleaner hi they’re all fisting here it’s doble to get him could boosted this guy says help help help help help what I couldn’t really step over it ah oh he actually doesn’t have that much health and he got a combo oh man help me that was a good combo Ah that’s going to be death yep good job yep best kill streak still on five why did really go wrong then we just killed him and now we just uh we didn’t why should why you should go with the sniper kit you’re so vable wizard oh speed too that’s actually op let’s go with this one someone in the back no there’s an Archer fight me you’re the speed Guy come on fight me then I let you go because you’re uh in the party other ways I could just be nasty but no I killed the guy for you oh zero Health oh oh you wanted to fight oh hello just beg out of hit this go just a small type they’re boosting each other oh they’re not did I really got that kill what someone with speed was probably behind H okay didn’t really saw that whole time I thought that was the diamond guy there were some people behind what he was invisible Invincible in in uh you know what I mean okay it just backed off oh oh sorry then because she didn’t fighted oh he poisoned me how do I get up here um how do I get up there I’m five them bro or do nothing no problem then you’re dead come on let’s go it’s just a spawn location or isn’t it you’re just getting The High Ground of somebody it’s an AR kid what were you doing you’re not longer in combat no that’s true oh because you can combat log oh that’s why it they tell you just com loing still a thing probably it is can I just fight you okay I just got beat by you there were some mess combos good job to him though hey you are not paying attention and now I’m going to die oh I’m not and I didn’t got cleaned whoa that was bad he just came back at me wow I almost died I see name Tech go for you not really have full health it’s a little bit of a problem I’m going to go for the Archer completed that oh what he didn’t have health do you have health oh you do you want to fight well okay I’m flying I’m dead oh I’m not dead how much luck can I get well enough to survive he wants to cut me off or not they were just running back and then you just lost us or he didn’t really lost us she’s still watching me we’re going to join this party I thought maybe I could walk through him he’s actually chasing me you would like to really really really really kill me and he’s going to complete that because I’m dead now okay okay best skill streak AIDS we just got the new record on that one for for from our sides let’s say it that way because of course it should be record because so that’s really really intense intensely high but uh still for me it’s a record so that me be happy okay can we play something else I’m done with the better actually I don’t if you’re done he saw it let’s see what we’re going to play Now Beta games bill of Fortune I don’t really know how to play that game but uh yeah we’ll try to do our best it’s actually a funny game because it’s so [Music] Random more random than this than this we got a sheriff we flying I don’t oh I don’t really know what my tactic is have weapon or if you can call it a weapon powder okay that wasn’t the bad that was bad idea that was a bad idea as well the sugar oh we’re flying man we’re flying okay the shield grows a bad bad bad bad bad bad idea how do we fix this now oh there’s water there’s water there’s water but it’s it’s too late for me it was too late for me oh if I saw the water earlier or the water should be further down it could literally save me that I was in the bottom but still it could save me oh man a little lucky there oh this can you jump it says don’t fall down so they should go up right lava is going up people were breaking me down the party m is down there what happened sir I’m dropping him items I don’t know if you really noticed it what you just turn into an ugly one oh no that’s not nice to say I reached the next height so now it’s the case to actually get our territory built you just Ked him really good job netherite block we’ll just use this block K oh I want to block him off I wanted to block him off but no man he’s getting some troubles it’s getting warm oh man yeah it was tough he W because I made a mistake I wanted to block him off so he could so he was actually faing down but then I just noticed I was on next height so I couldn’t Place more blocks of course that was stupid but it was fun hey bedwars that’s also a great game let’s see if we can win in here didn’t really play this for a long time generator go quick that wasn’t the case earlier on right um Firebolt I’m really bad at being false in this game yeah I was rushing their color so I’ll Rush yellow hopefully that yellow guy will kill purple down down they protected it better than I thought they would we can make better armor I need a pickaxe to actually break their thing down but they need it with ours as well so that’s good need to get some more fireballs oh he’s dead oh you need to choose then I’m going to go with anti knock back um I need to get some uh fools kidding me de one de one de one go for it now purple needs to die for bye only red left okay well that wasn’t smart could better pick his brige okay me just didn’t even protect it this bed going be a kill okay got it that wasn’t too hard fun he said yeah winning is always been right we just did a good job I thought I was actually really slow with buying everything but still we were the best so uh yeah we did a good job because we won you can’t say we didn’t because otherwise we just would have lost you know you know of course if you would like to see another mini game just let me know if you would like to play with me let me know why going so slow just go faster please it is going slow going slow going slow oh purple would like to rush you see that what there’s SC at my stream well welcome sorry man can’t no that’s not what I wanted to hear well no problem man if you can’t then you can’t it is what it is weapon weapon weapon oh man that is the definition of terrible not that you’re going going to swim but what I actually did oh nice man have have fun enjoy it I was too late enjoy it have fun we’ll talk to each other later what did you do well my steering wheel is now uh covered around um bacterials let’s let’s say it that way and it’s terrible because I do not do not have any paper to uh to clean it you know so it is actually terrible so I actually after this game I need to get some paper and need to get it fixed otherwise it’s it’s now it’s not nice it’s it’s just not Wi-Fi is bad here a I thought people were kind to go for me rle is going to go for me oh my teammate died no what no no not that not that the game crashed oh I just need now it’s now it’s covered the materials oh cubec did change well wait a second I’ll be right back all right I’m back red is going to go to the attack for the attack that sounds terrible because he actually oh he went to sleep we killed him yes who’s back back again tell the friend wow we had lucky all go like 13 minutes dang that combo I just had a little bit of luck finally once uh no armor I need weapons I need Fireball Fireball back again oh you’re coming back again that sounds nice we’re not having a bat yeah Gess is back classic song can I join of course you can join the only thing you need to do is subscribe like the stream tell me your Minecraft name that’s basically it then we can just invite you okay well you never saw that you never just saw that I thought I was speed building but uh I wasn’t and I’m dead and my teamate is dead as well and um I’ll give a new herob Brian a a task to do if you just dropped your mcraft name then I’m just saying to him hey man just invite this man and then we’re going to play with multiple people can you give me the iron well yes I can what also tell me email it credit card number what there’s iron there you go oh oh my rap is just you can definely mean he’s farming diamonds good job and we’re not protect the beds the beds the beds I don’t know well we’re we’ll in fight you after the game my credit card number is no of course he’s not going to answer that and of course you do not have to answer that do not need to answer that as well he’s joking rape he’s joking or at least I hope he’s joking XD nice defense brother of course you can join can you U I’ll type your Minecraft name in the chat shoot goes wrong because I was AFK and I’m going to die ah that’s bad no problem here you inight that guy or that person I don’t know what is he the guy is the only one that has bed how much is still alive watch out okay he got you good job you can clear them all because they’re not that great I think this guy is great as well bar what CRA is going lock combo he used light BL is U you need to have pickaxe it’s surrounded by Stone that’s his defense so you need to picka break it out so that’s it kill him he’s dead nice man could you uh ifite the meow cat after the game thank you it’s your party leader I’m not oh TNT rain that’s always so scary I wanted to do that as well what you’re doing but I definitely just just um made some bad decision or something but we still won leave in seven minutes o can you fight that other guy hello can you invite fight um there you go a it yes okay well probably off this game then I’m sorry you need to wait another round I’m sorry you just didn’t uh did you forgot or something like that I I don’t really know chest what we got something for you you’re full of surprises we for once just going to build a really good defense what that was fast I just builded it in and we just won the game GG teammate no just this one just go back to the lobby and then um there you go and uh I’ll sent you an invite here right that is working better because you again were or forgot the other guy and um yeah that’s it for him or for her so I’ll do it this way now I’m party leader so yeah uh let’s see we cannot do to death so we should move on to to aars I’m a cat nice no where should we move to can we play best one four players can we oh we can okay well then we just do bedwars that’s no problem I mean like for me aars with bedwar is nearly the same thank you so much of course you’re welcome brother you’re welcome I didn’t know that we could play with four people but we did that’s awesome thanks awesome it’s going so fast hey St gold thanks so we can actually get armor if it was loading because it was having troubles fake what uh no that wasn’t me and fake and and so I don’t really know what you mean by that can you explain that just defending the bed other ways we might lose I don’t know if it’s going to be that terrible but uh let’s get a bit of Sword let’s get rid of that one people are upgrading it really really nice nicely done team and we’re going to get some fireballs and we’re going to get into the that what that’s what we all wanted to see right so get some Fireballs get some blocks maybe get a pickaxe as well to break through their defenses because probably they should have oh okay well I just thr the fireball I am so smart okay let’s go do this yellow is dead um purple is live so we should go to to purple seven likes on the stream thank you all so much for supporting the stream thanks really appreciate your support ah I thought I wanted to throw the fireball I wanted to back out and throw mine but it wasn’t that big success if you oh I just actually keep the tools that’s really op keeping the tools I actually need to reorganize it but that’s not the the worst thing I can keep the tools so actually I’m happy about that less happy about that but okay it just happened we need to forgot about that and just keep it going you do have some more fireballs and we’re going to try again uh Fireballs people on the island people on the islands oh you already got in all right good job man really good job going on to purple oh purple’s dead go on to Red de no R fet I’m just going to build because before I’m fing into the for and just uh feeling ashamed or something like that ooh ooh got them both ooh ooh got them both ooh ooh oh they’re on okay they’re having a lot of things oh what the knockback No No Way em no I didn’t explain okay then I don’t not do not know what you mean with Mt you’re in what kid in tropo more okay well that’s a that’s difficult word that’s I don’t even know what it means is our team still alive yeah that work red has good defense those skeletons are hurting really Hing are you still alive as well or sure you thought boy I’m actually too lazy for that yeah that that’s true you’re right you’re smart so she thought that you know what what it is yeah they’ll always say CUO does work oh it’s broken they’ve broken the beds how did they do that where we live blue actually where were you is um Mr Cat still alive I’m just the only one that’s dead that’s shame I’m the only one has that oops sorry it wasn’t my most fantastic game new hero Brian is going to show you how to play wa J of course oh that happened to me as well in in just the other game oh hello hello welcome to the stream of course do not forget to to like the stream go we hit 10 likes it should be really really awesome thank you so much for the support and um yeah of course subscribe if you’re new should be really really nice thank you all for the support oh they’re going off their Islands those Fireballs are op yes those Fireballs are op look at them they’ve got diamond swords all the team is moving to you can do this again oh another one is felling down another one was falling down they happened the same so it’s 2v2 you the other one is just fight I would say just knock him off yeah he got Fireballs it’s karma you saw it as well you need to be hurrying up because there’s going to be TNT ra and then every everything is going to fall apart except for the middle so um yeah you need to move in any second now because they’re controlling mids so it’s actually really hard to move and attack instead of just wait them up because they’re going to wait you up maybe with a moss plan it’s oh an Ender the cat’s going for it oh yes it’s meowing let’s go the kitties go for it okay what’s that blindness stem doesn’t he see anything what really good job GG’s nice play yeah there was there was a nice play good job oh this map is looking familiar by uh aars Kitty ain’t got no pity okay you do not need to mess with this KY because it’s going to get you as you saw yeah there got swiped there you go am I picking it up I’m not picking up the gold oh okay well no problem you can get it I’m sure you’re going to you’re going to buy some nice things Oh no you’re get a rush of coals I’m going to get Fez [Music] before it’s too late and defending is also really important don’t need to forget that someone is actually putting on glass ah uh I just defended it correctly he couldn’t attack it otherwise as you can see the russes will take you down and then we would be dead or actually not be dead but the bed would be destroyed but we survived need a couple of gold more to get some some decent armor they’re getting some blocks we are going to look if we we can do some he isn’t going to three islands well that was an easy kill what sorry didn’t meant to call you easy but yeah you’re a cat that’s what you said great that’s a lot yeah then then it’s hard to tell let’s go go go go go go go go go go ah not the turrets I do not like turrets I’ve heard of that I don’t know what it is yeah you can search it up on the internet yeah of of course you can Google it you know what it is that’s so smart didn’t really thought about that that’s not really true but bye oh nice combo thank you man doing the best I can just get rings diamonds see you sing this little man he’s dead again correct I don’t know if it’s correct there’s gold in the chest well thanks whoa what did we do crazy defense gold in the chest yes thank you there in the what are you going to do uh let’s get a turret on our Island as well why is it okay it’s just funny to actually buy some turrets just make it difficult for the enemies right will make their life hard rough or whatever you want to call it I would like to get a pickaxe and then we can just go for it let’s see I could buy something but I oh of course the pickaxe I almost forgot I’m just having three Fireballs that’s not to oh what they already just destroyed the island I didn’t really pay attention can we just snack in oh we actually going to touch him yay we got the final Gill we did something boom oh it was incorrect I actually don’t you’re actually being honest so oh hello you’re having a weird scroll or weird to skin I was scrolling in this all video H I need the little gold I need a little gold [Music] um they’re going to be surprised because they do not know what’s on it they can’t see it it’s going to go so slow those generators though I know that he actually got CED there bir is not Jenner but yes he SL him okay I always find it hard to understand it’s like I do not really understand that you can call me kid though all right well then we just going to call you kid if you if you would like that we’re going to call you cat no problem no problem just what you like let’s go to Mid and get a own sword let’s get into action otherwise we’re still going to do nothing again what did they finish the build oh oh oh yeah and I didn’t saw it because I was looking straight and I just fell into the Flor wa well yeah that’s terrible but okay you got to smash in your face because that being happens a lot of gold here should we Wi-Fi going up that’s better right or understand do I understand incorrectly hey some team upgrades I the that was the only hole you can go or you can fell into and I fell fell in there I’m a legend fell that specific hole oh that doesn’t sound good that doesn’t sound good never mind it’s back guess who’s back two people fell down three people fell down any support in blue they could destroy the wall ah I got knocked off no I just kept them busy for a while I said bad words oh no grae oh no why you saying bad words oh oh oh oh great oh oh oh hi sir how you hey man I’m doing great thanks for asking how are you doing Athan yeah aan is a really popular guy of the channel everybody knows it hey thing seem rain is going to come up they were not going to buy tools then we’re just going to stick ourselves up with Fireballs all that stuff a little bit of arrows hopefully we could get a bow should be nice mysterious things TNT okay TNT R is going to come but we’re actually the only team that has bad so we should attack now nice to see the people are friends in chat it’s always good that you’re creating a community with each other I got to go all right man it was nice to uh that you were there yellow guys in there jell guy isn’t there is he I don’t really see him I’m going to go to the blue guy because I do see him he pearled he has diamonds we’re going to hunt him got him nice man that you had fun grape that’s really awesome we’ll see each other soon I think just enjoy your holiday and uh we’ll talk to each other later maybe we’ll play with each other later some Sky Block again or or mini games whatever you like we only need to find out where the last person is because I didn’t really see him but okay the can’t doesn’t see as well or is he there is some yellow right there Sho be there all the way she should move there’s some Fireballs where ah he’s dead GG’s great job great job Team all right let’s join another yeah not that not gra wanted to leave stream but he needed to go well you need to go you need to go it is what it is it is what it is gathering some gold I need some gold that we can just defend the bed again so we are getting another win another victory that would be really really nice um uh I’m not really de with in English I do not really exactly know what you mean before I’ll I’ll give an answer before I’ll I’ll say something that I regret hey the one guy is AFK okay Ser no all I’m not really the best in in English I’m I’m learning every day get me better at it at least I think I’m getting better game is going really fast though hopefully I’ll soon get some diamonds and I need some gold to actually get armor red is on the other side of the map they probably killed both Island now they’re got to go to ours Yep they’re definitely going to go he’s safe himself I’m not going to go after him because he will probably do some things that I’m um going to f to Theo so I’m not going to fall for that not using computer I’m using PS5 I wanted to use computer because that’s actually better to stream and better to get more frames and less lag unfortunately I I Only Had A PS5 and I thought maybe if my channel is getting bigger then I’ll upgrade to the to the computer so hopefully my channel will get really big then I’m definitely going to change to computer we got a tree GG’s GG’s good stuff do we still want to want to play um bedw Wars or do we would or would we like to um play something else and to come back to uh Govern of me and cat meow and Cat I I support every single person I’m not going to say that you’re not nice because you you are different or or anything like that I respect everyone they know what you are yeah just like that so that’s going to be the answer I’ll support everybody as as long as you’re being nice then it’s good it’s uh new herob still AFK 29 what Rish what’s that my voice oh Lying in the morning sun oh I heard someone fell oh nice man there you go protected it I just did my job or actually I don’t know if if it really was my job but I protected it before that guy just came in I B Minecraft chair I have Minecraft now Bedrock Edition and on the yaa Edition because I was a a computer player before and then my computer just broke and then I bought play PS5 that was actually a mistake I just needed to bought a new computer but I didn’t that because I thought it was too expensive for the moment and the PS5 was cheaper on that moment so yeah I made a mistake no no no protected it new hero right AFK so I’ll just kick him out of the party I think there’s another person on I already have MRA as well and I really like to play it with you guys what he’s he’s Sho be dead I would say what I wanted to say St be that uh Fireballs actually we needed some turrets on the island light blue is attacking us all day long there are going to be more people what I died no how did they do that we got regener regeneration we got okay let’s go back to the lobby because I think we all died right yeah it went actually really really fast um guess he’s AFK she still is standing there I don’t know why he’s actually AFK should I eat or play um I don’t know if you if you have if you are really hungry then then you should eat of course eat because eating is more important than playing so the question is what do you want play but sometimes yes you do even if you’re a cat you you still do need food or eat at least something oh nice grass field man oh man oh I almost needed to sneeze whatever kind of sound that was we okay protect the egg now or I keep saying the egg but do you like uh bedwar more than eggars because if you don’t then we’re going to go on to eggars if you like that or don’t you really care which one we’re playing or do we want to play SkyWars or whatever because I feel like switching game modes is a is the right call for the moment because we played this for a long time now maybe moving on to a different Min game should be nice if you like that as well get this going for it I messed up with a fireball no I got massive damage I’m sorry you actually saved us I’m sorry I had a bad moment today is not really my best PVP day sorry we are still alive so that’s that’s the important stuff duels oh so you want to fight against me oh uh if you if that is the last thing you would like to play and then after that going eating well okay if if you like that it’s not really my strongest but if you like it yeah [Music] kiding that was it um I want to upgrade armor but I need some some more to to do that we need to protect the bed a little bit better yeah I almost can I can take a chain armor really then you should eat man sorry can you fight me again of course I can fight I can A52 again help there you shoot then you shoot that’s more important than playing a game taking care of yourself is better than taking care of yourself in the game Oh I thought you left I thought now you’re way to go easy but you actually moov to the to the shop let’s get some tools probably they all got Stone so can’t go through it but yeah you already can see can tell this Stone I just killed you I’m dying uh I didn’t got a pickax all the way I was maybe be able to break through is decorated PP so that’s that’s positive thing the negative thing is uh the I died there he’s coming ah I couldn’t get one more hit on him we’re still alive so that’s good anti knockback helmet I think I first need uh to get a pickaxe maybe that’s more important for the [Music] moment then I can break their bat then we could finish it hopefully oh is there something in the chest there is oh what you just fell voice what let’s get an iron sword let’s get a fireball oh wow good hits bro what happened with your health what do you mean I’m full health for the moment or or do you talk about other health what I just okay a you just left me alone I respawned for once it didn’t even saw me just I’m here I know he saws me yeah I needed to do something rather than do nothing oh yeah oh duels I forgot go to duels now we can’t join it anymore because we the part is to biger then we need to do 2v2 can we do that please help us then you should uh choose for yourself then you should eat man it’s not a shame to eat what what is this all about weakness he’s having some trouble with himself okay well I don’t know what that [Music] [Applause] was dang I can’t I can’t choose for me it’s random or at least I thought I couldn’t choose I don’t really know if that’s if that’s true there goes his lava oh man I got laughed so bad oh man that was so [Music] funny I was strolling my sh the lava bck and then he just wanted to uh put it there I put the water and bang we made obsidian yeah yeah I understand can we CH yeah I can’t choose tank you need to buy ring blah blah blah blah blah blah blah we’re going to do um one more uh Duos because that’s what me and can’t want it and there we can go back to uh OS again yes we do we can’t do that when we’ve done that uh M cat is going to eat and then uh yeah okay will join later okay he’s pressing me okay [Music] what okay that’s going to be it bye see you later and someone wanted to join the party uh yeah of course you can join the party the only thing I need to know is uh your Minecraft name because you’re of course subscribed can we play M uh go play Survival gamees solo against each other we can try to join that I’m not sure if we’re going to Pedal against each other because uh I don’t know if I would uh make it up to the ends but we’re getting cleaned or or something like that you know but yes you can join and uh new her BR wants to uh play bedwar so we can play bedar for this moment and if you would like to join you can of course join and we can uh ah okay I invite you invite did we ever play uh together because I do not recognize your Minecraft name because I know you’re subscribed because because I saw your name earlier on in other streams but your Minecraft name doesn’t seem to be familiar for me oh yeah that is familiar for me oh well welcome back to the stream man glad you’re back again in the Stream thank you for supporting it again thank you bro for the support glad you’re still grinding you think glad you’re still supporting ah that name yeah I I remember that name of course I remember that name because we were playing uh a lot with each other in survival games now I remember because I saw your old Minecraft name nice man getting attacked getting attacked getting attacked getting ah I missed he said yeah sometimes there was sometimes there was painful sometimes oh sometimes there was a little pain when you wanted to Target me or something like that that was the the the the last part but yeah you you know some people just do that I know you can’t really change that I think but later on we just played together and actually that was fun or we played of course against each other in Sur but that was more fun because we didn’t Target each other and just fighted each other on the last moments if we were alive okay can almost get IR sword that should be nice I’m back nice that’s really good welcome back uh let’s see let’s see I need to to get a fireball I was stress out I didn’t know what oh what you buy we’re going to go to it okay sure oh oh that was evil off what I still fre know what it was I killed the team white blue he’s buying boosts nice man I want on the fireball okay let’s go let’s go party people do it I’m still getting knock back I thought I was getting zero knockback GG’s all right I’ll leave this game and I’ll uh invite you back [Music] um let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see oh did I oh I forgot letter yeah I saw it it wasn’t correct you want to invite well uh M wi cat just at your back with food or you’re first going to eat I think oh he said he fight me again what are you doing you’re trolling me now leave on purpose ah I again typed this wrong no no he said no no no no no okay no no no no no no ah he joined no no no no there is El limit to all the rers in the nation goes we actually played a lot of uh of bedwar with each other as well Li right I thought we did dropped some we never put yeah maybe eggars yeah we played eggars with each other Never B was because that wasn’t released or cube crop yet then those guys are going to rush and I’ll protect the bed because that’s an important job as well to do h oh monster got a bed I don’t know if the other teammates help with that but they already got a bads good job oh so we need a pickaxe light blue go Stone so I’m just going to collect the pickaxe then and then we can directly get them under pressure we’re getting Stone as well so that’s good we as well as good uh defense then I’ll just buy leather armor if I’m just going to get uh stone sword the the stone pickaxe yeah we’re full stone yes already fixed that I can almost buy a stor pickaxe then I’m got to buy all the tools so then we can rush them get them down get purple down I got a pickaxe I got every single tool I only need blocks it maybe won’t Firebolt okay um no weapons I mean Fireball new hero rh’s AFK again I’m going to light blue I don’t know if there’s any spot the is is spot got it destroyed it lucky the teammate died but we just got them all we only need to finish red now yeah we both did a really good job I got lucky with the destroying the bed because they didn’t didn’t cover off the block that I needed to mine Nice kill GG’s I’m back yeah I was AFK for a little while that’s true but now we’re in the game again we’re all not AFK anymore uh I don’t think so but never say never for now I don’t think so maybe in the future I’ll change my mind I don’t really know oh I miss I’m missing Mong gold there you go we full St I’m going to get a pickaxe okay I’m already having 10 again we’re full stone as well that’s the good part the bad part is they’re having full stone as well there’s communication and we’re alert because there was a sign that someone was on the island and we just we’re alert we were right on him that’s good all right I got the tools I only need a fireball and the maybe bit of sword and then I’ll go for it I can push together that way you can maybe destroy them just like the other time cuz I have the tools you said blue and red headstone oh I already see it yes I’ll go for blue you’re already there I only needed to make oh you got it oh then I didn’t even pay attention to it sorry wasted some time there then I just needed to go to Red oh nice he just killed him I’ll first go to purple I think we Stone as well and now wood as well someone’s going to attack our Island oh we got some people watching I fell down after TOS to destroy it so that’s good maybe there’s something in the chest there is um let’s get an iron salt I want to say why it didn’t work the only color we need to focus on is red because that’s R the only one oh right was the only one he got it nice GG’s good job team I have to eat after well I don’t think I’m going to stream that long as well anymore cuz I think I’m going to eat this well so yeah maybe I’ll be live again I’m not sure but never never as I said before no I dropped block now we are Pur we just not stand in the way oh thank you for iron swords I’ll get better armor is this op mode or something red and blue stone okay then I’ll go for pickaxe I don’t know if you just already got one I almost have one I’m getting one now oh wrong there you go probably here some um for himself as well pickax for him pickaxe for himself probably he oh I I got an iron sword what I doing only need to go to Blue team already cleared it you didn’t check your B we both felt it the point that I just killed in midair nice thanks good job good job I can’t I’m eating well no problem enjoy your dinner all right well I think I need to thank you all for watching the stream the stream because I’m going to eat as well so thank you very much for watching my stream of course if you’re new subscribe to the channel like the stream can we hit 10 likes it should be really really awesome thank you so much for the support and I’ll say I’ll see you to in the next stream subscribe like see you later bye

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    Herobrine vs Me: Minecraft ShowdownVideo Information This video, titled ‘Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine June 21’, was uploaded by KILOBRINE on 2024-06-22 12:00:28. It has garnered 448 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:25 or 265 seconds. Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and originally released in 2009. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released on November 18, 2011, with… Read More

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