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welcome to the Mischief I’m valon and this is create enchantment industry it’s an expansion mod for create that adds in a whole slew of new enchantment options as well as some different types of liquid experience remember the good old days of bibliocraft when you could pretty much upgrade your enchantments rather simply by creating a printing press well that seems to have come back in this style of mod but it is obviously made to to work with create but there’s a lot more to it than what you might think let’s go over the basics and we’ll work through the more advanced things there is a small chance that if I put some creatures in here that they will then start dropping uh a bit of some XP there is a nugget of experience it’s not very likely but it is possible another small change is that the deployer can also use sweeping Edge and it has a chance of dropping off some XP orbs as well something else that’s changed is bottles o enchanting can also be drained using an item drain and their liquid XP inside ends up being well you can store it in a regular fluid container and then if you want to refill it you just take a glass bottle and have it refilled using a spout now there aren’t many things this mod adds as you can see here that’s pretty much the list of it at the top left and those items of note are pretty much just these here and only some of those are going to be cover covered in this bit by bit uh primarily it adds in a few different types of XP plus ink and a way of using those things in this case we’re going to be covering next the disenchanter this is a copper casing with some kind of sandpaper on there depending upon what mods you have installed and any item that is kind of pushed across its surface will then start disenchanting things we’re not looking at item drains though we’re looking at this the disenchanter this here is what we’re wanting to actually use now I’ve got a whole bunch of items in here that are going to be disenchanted let’s just pull the lever and it’ll start dropping these items on this conveyor belt will then start turning them into liquid XP which then I’m having pumped off into this uh fluid tank system over here now it doesn’t have to be just these items you can also take things like nuggets of experience and you can toss them on there too which will then just go straight into it in a liquid form let’s toss the entire stack and there you go you can see it then goes in there it’s rather small amounts but that’s really just making it more convenient to move around and no don’t worry the items don’t get destroyed they just get the enchantments removed so they’re just pushed aside to the opposite side now that’s not all that it can uh actually drain if I stand on here I can start draining my own player XP going into survival yes I’ve got quite a few levels currently equipped uh there’s a good reason for that and you’ll understand shortly but you can see that my XP bar is slowly draining and now filling the entire tank so what if you want some of that XP back don’t worry you just need to have a leaky pipe that is attached to any kind of XP Reservoir and it will start pouring out the XP onto the ground as you can see my XP bar is now going up slightly then all you need to do to stop that well actually if you don’t want you can just back off and it will start dropping the little orbs on the ground but I’ll just plug that leak okay you might think that I’m being a bit silly but there’s a good reason why I’m standing on this fire and that’s more or less just so that I can show that I have mending boots on now if I take these mending boots head over here to where I’ve got a spout and a Depot or you could even use a belt or something similar like that just put it on here it will then use some of the XP that is stored and instantly repair These Boots next up let’s talk about ink as one might think it might involve uh any number of different black dye items or ink sacks plus a little bit of water getting it mixed up will get you well the same amount of uh Black Ink that you would as far as the water is involved now using that or XP you can then use this next device the printer the printer is simply a copper casing dried kelp and an iron sheet and while that may be easy to make some of the things that you want it to do might be a little bit more complex and will require different ingredients for example written books I have this book here that pretty much touts our second YouTube channel as well as our twitch streams which I highly recommend you go and visit but that aside I can put this on here that aside I can just right click on this printer at the top with the book it will then accept it in place and if I look at it with goggles on you can see here it says object to be copied Mischief 2 one page consumes ink 5 mli buckets not very much to worry about and shouldn’t be a problem I just need to have something for it to copy too you might think well I need a book and quill right no because it acts as the quill so you all you need is just the book put it on here and it will just make a copy it does take a moment but then once it’s complete you can then just right click that take it into your inventory I already have a couple of them in there now and yeah it’s just a really good way of making a printing press now you will have to have ink being pumped into a printer in order for this to work and it’s going to be the same with any of these things they’ll either need some kind of XP or ink in order to uh function properly but next we’re going to go with enchanted books now in this case I have have a protection 4 book in place now all I need to do is put a regular book here and it will start making a copy you can see it uses a bunch more XP and it will do the protection 4 in that place there we go I now have another protection 4 book now over here we’ve got name tags now you can make a name tag and put it on there uh in this case I’ve got one here called like comment and subscribe yes I’m getting in all those extras today but if I put something in place down here whether it be a name name tag or an item it can then rename it to the appropriate name tag that you have put in place there we go appropriately named then of course I have a train schedule that’s set up here and you can also put that on there and copy that just to duplicate it if you need to and same as before it just does this little thing and it then has this extra schedule that I already had put in place next we talk about the blaze enchanter but in order to make a blaze enchanter you need to have one of these an enchanting guide these are made with a sturdy sheet and a book which is not exactly the easiest thing to make but once complete you can then just rightclick your enchanting guide and you can insert an appropriate book now in this case I’ve got an Unbreaking one book I could also do uh protection 4 if I wanted to just basically putting it in there and it just uses a ghost of the item so it doesn’t actually use it up keep that in mind now in this case I’ve got an Unbreaking one enchantment that I want to put in here so then if I sneak right click I can place it alternately I can also just sneak right click with an empty hand and I can do the same exact thing because it’s already got that little enchanting guide in there now this guy is an automatic enchanter of sorts so if I take one of these axes this one has sharpness five and mending on it and I just kind of toss it on the side here will then accept it does a little bit of a dance and it enchants it you might think wow that’s pretty amazing it just does that without using up any XP no it it it has an XP feed down below as as you can see down here I have it being fed in from the bottom you might think well I can feed it in from the sides or something I don’t think that it works that way I I my testing was not really working to have it being fed from the sides you do have to have it being fed from the bottom in my experience but that could be changed in the future who knows that aside now you can see it now has that and the previous nether axe that I had does not have mending or does not have Unbreaking on it so if I toss the same one on there it has the same enchantment it’ll just jump over it and any enchantments that you want to try and use that is not appropriate for the item like if I tried putting a sharpness on a a set of armor it it would just jump over it also these guys don’t use books you you can’t use books with these guys no next we’re going to talk about the upgrade for this guy but in order to get there we have to discuss a little something new and that’s liquid hyper experience this is made with a Glo ink sack lapus lazuli or lazuli and some liquid XP you mix it all up with it being a super heated Blaze burner underneath and that will get you some liquid hyper XP now that besides giving you large amounts of XP in a compressed fashion will also have the potential to supercharge your Blaze enchanter just so happens I have one down here that is currently being fed some of that but it does need the Enchantment guide first so let me grab my uh like comment subscribe wrench here sneak right click and it will just give me back that enchanting guide that I had given here so if I give this one the Unbreaking Enchantment guide which is just Unbreaking one you’ll see it is now in in hyper mode and it does Unbreaking two so it will actually go one step above so for example if I use protection 4 instead let’s do sneak right click we can do protection 4 on here and you look at it it now says protection five so let’s take these goggles now you know notice I don’t have any kind of belt being fed in in this case all you need to do is click on the side of one of these guys and it will start the enchantment in this case it just wears it so let’s use something that it’s not going to wear and instead I’m going to give it that pair of boots that had mending on it and see if I can get some protection five on these fancy copper boots and there we have it and once it’s complete after clicking on the side it’ll just hover on top of it it’s not actually in place it can despawn so you’re going to want to make sure to pick that up and you can see now I have protection 5 and mending on these fancy shiny boots and the whole time it’s being fed hyper XP which is not exactly the cheapest stuff it’s it’s rather expensive and uh challenging to make but that’s part of the process and just to round out the last little bit that is left of this mod and that’s the experience rotor this is used from uh a mod compatibility to change liquid XP from one type of mod to another so if you’re having difficulties that’s where that is going going to be used in otherwise it won’t have a recipe uh if there is nothing to uh basically convert but it also has compat with apotheosis and Quark so you can use those in some better aspects as well and there you have it one more bit by bit another add-on for create that I thought was pretty darn cool and is being used in a lot of recent mod packs if you found this useful and would like to see more videos like this please be sure to give a like comment subscribe also come visit us on Twitch where we live stream regularly or come visit us on our Mischief of mice 2 Channel where we post our vids from the live streams until next time folks I’ll see you

This video, titled ‘Get Overleveled with Create Enchantment Industry! – Minecraft mod 1.20+ Bit-By-Bit’, was uploaded by Mischief of Mice on 2024-05-09 13:30:20. It has garnered 3317 views and 255 likes. The duration of the video is 00:11:09 or 669 seconds.

#MischiefOfMice #BitByBit #CreateEnchantmentIndustry Create Enchantment Industry for Minecraft is a mod addon to Create that simulates some aspects of the old Bibliocraft mod. It adds multiple new uses and products with ink and experience for you to level up your game! Minecraft 1.20.1, mod version Made by DragonsPlus, MarbleGate, & RaymondBlaze

Get it HERE: Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/create-enchantment-industry Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/create-enchantment-industry

Modpack used for this video (plus these above mods): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/quality-of-life-primer

Other mods mentioned in the video: Create

0:00 Intro & What it do? 0:35 Experience cubes drop changes & storage 1:38 Disenchanter 3:25 Mending repair 3:49 Ink & Printer (Written Books, Enchanted Books, Name Tags, & Train Schedules) 6:22 Blaze Enchanter & Enchanting Guide 8:15 Hyper Experience 10:14 Experience Rotor & Compat

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    INSANE strategy for INSTANT Bedwars victory!Video Information This video, titled ‘Easiest Way To Win Bedwars!’, was uploaded by Good Gamers on 2024-03-21 03:45:01. It has garnered 27 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Join our discord server with the link below! https://discord.gg/KJNvsYgvpT #minecraft #gaming #minecrafthypixel #minecraftshorts #javaedition #minecraftjava #minecraftskywars #skywars #hypixel#bedrockedition #hypixel #godbridge #hypixelskyblock #subscribe #sumo #shorts #minecraftmemes #motivational #gameplay Bedwars, Bedwars Tournament, Tournament, Tourney, Good Gamers, Isaac, Taisaku, Win, Winning, How To Win, How To Win In Bedwars, YouTubers, YouTube, How To, How to Gain, Subscribers, Growing Channel, Hive, Mineplex, Stars, Skywars, Rocket League, Fornite, Grand… Read More

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    INSANE PARKOUR CHALLENGE IN MINECRAFT 🤯🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘PARKOUR CHALLENGE | MINECRAFT #funny #trending #minecraft #livestream #viral’, was uploaded by RIZVI GAMING on 2024-01-11 06:12:34. It has garnered 133 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 03:08:53 or 11333 seconds. HELLO GUYS! welcome to the live stream Share and Support plzz Subscribe Subscribe: https://youtube.com/@mr_rizvigaming Discord :https:https://discord.gg/v5ttvvvxR4 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rahil.rizvi.566?mibextid=ZbWKwL Instagram: https://instagram.com/mr_rahilrizvi?utm_source=qr&igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg%3D%3D #gaming #trending #youtube #youtubegaming #youtube #gaming #youtuber #youtubechannel #gamer #youtubers #ps #twitch #youtubegamer #gamingcommunity #youtubevideo #youtubevideos #sub #playstation #pcgaming #videogames #youtubecommunity #youtubegamingchannel #games #youtubelife #twitchstreamer #xbox #youtubegamers #subscribe #gameplay #game #instagaming #gamers #gamingchannel #maze #viral #trending Read More

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  • Connected Construction – Semi Vanilla

    Connected Construction Server Welcome to Connected Construction, a 1.20.4 server with Experimental Features enabled. The rules are simple: No hacked clients All building connections and construction must continue from an existing part of the structure. Can be in any direction on any axis You can explore the world and place blocks, but all building, including farms, must be part of the communal building End is disabled World border is 3k x 3k centered on 0 0 (1,500 in all cardinal directions) To join: Discord link Read More

  • Inoos Mc

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