Mikey vs JJ Minecraft Survival Battle

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get JJ oh my God I’m going down oh no oh no what have you done oh my God you blew up my tank you should have you think you can take me down so easily in an airplane I’ll show you ah oh my God I’m lucky I survived that crash I’m kind of okay and I can walk but I feel a little sick Mikey and I are at War I want to teach that stupid slug a lesson because he’s been letting me do too much lately I remember exactly how I Dropped a Bomb on his tank I think I blew it up it’s still there does that mean I won ah I’m going to need some time to recuperate it’s a good thing there’s a gun in here I’m going to need it what Mikey you should be commended because not everyone can shoot down an airplane with a tank oh my God there’s a tank in there oh no I think Mikey called The Mercenaries he must have come to his senses that tank came here to destroy me oh my God I have to destroy that tank somehow but how am I going to do that maybe I should just run away from here but I have to find out what happened to Mikey and as long as that tank is here I can’t do anything there were anti-tank mines in here that’s great it’s like fate itself gave me a present now now I have a perfect opportunity to blow up this dirty tank I can just plant mines behind his back and then somehow lure him out a gun yes I can make sounds to attract the Tank’s attention and when he gets here the tank will just explode now that’s a great plan and then I can find Mikey cuz I think I’ve won but if Mikey wants to fight me again I’ll give him a fight ah I think I’m all set for now now I just have to wait for the moment right now hey you dirty tank you stupid piece of metal look where I am it’s me JJ come here and do something to me you pathetic creature you can’t do anything against me remember that I’m much stronger than you take that hooray I was able to destroy that tank with just the minimum of effort now I have to find Mikey he probably ran away when he saw me take out that tank all by myself he thinks I’m so easy to deal with he’s very much mistaken that’s where his tank is by the way the tank I dropped the bomb [Music] on uh-uh I don’t remember anything what happened uh-huh I remember I was fighting JJ and I happened to shoot down his plane but uh he blew up my tank oh my God uh what happened to him is he still still on that plane or did he get away uh-huh all right I see there’s some equipment left here I’m going to need it because it looks like the fight’s going to be off technique now wa there’s even potions in here that’s great I can use [Music] them good now I have to think about what I can do I have to get back at JJ somehow I want to prove to him that I can fight him for a long time Jay’s acting like a clown oh my God I think he’s looking for me which means he hasn’t seen me well that’s great I can hide and watch him apparently he knows I’m out here and he wants to find me this isn’t over JJ I I promise you you’re going to regret starting this whole thing I have a gun why don’t you just duel him uh I don’t even know hey Mikey you lose Mikey he’s not here maybe he’s hiding somewhere inside this crater that’s weird I thought it was here somewhere get it JJ for what you’re worth Mikey you dirty rat all you can do is shoot me in the back you’re no better JJ so shut your mouth and fight me you know you can’t beat me you’re wrong I’ve got a gift for you that’ll blow your mind what what kind of gift nothing surprises me Mikey not this time JJ you’re done oh my God that’s not fair where’d you get the tank uh-huh what difference does it make JJ get ready you’re going to feed the worms in the ground h no I don’t agree with that I have a present for you too where are you running to JJ you’re not the hero you used to be Mikey can’t hear me because the tank is yelling so much that’s great he didn’t see me either which means I can use a very cool secret too oh Mikey’s going to be glad glad to get another load of explosives on his stupid head now Mikey’s going to get a little special Dayja [Laughter] Vu that was a great explosion all right Mikey how you doing buddy yeah I see your tanks a little sick huh that’s great now it’s time for you to realize I won never JJ this isn’t over you may have won the battle but you didn’t win this war I’m out of bullets in my gun you’re a loser JJ Mikey what are you hoping for that you can beat me it’s so obvious you’re just proving once again that you’re an embarrassment you’re a huge embarrassment take down JJ I’m going to strike strike at any moment so just wait buddy you think I’m just going to stand here like this you’re wrong uh okay now I got to go find Mikey again I guess he doesn’t want to just give up yeah well that was obvious and obvious but where is he where would he go and how do I find him ah I don’t know but maybe he’s not far from here so it’s a good thing there’s another car here hang on Mikey I’m coming for you whoa what do we got here I saw Mikey pull in here yeah looks like some kind of military base but how did he get in here or maybe he’s hiding something from me H interesting yeah of course there are enemies here these soldiers must be guarding something well that’s good I’ll try to destroy them silently and take all the stuff that’s in here I’m starting to not like this like my he was trying to trap me does he even know I’m in his base right now but what does it matter I have to find him anyway H I never thought Mikey and a military base could be connected plus I have this weird feeling like like Mikey’s hiding something from me something very serious and dangerous I’m kind of scared to be here to be honest wa there’s a lot of weapons in here I’m going to need these Mikey doesn’t even realize I’m stealing his weapons right now that’s so funny but I can’t spend too much time here I still have to find him on the other hand I need the gun I’m out of ammo and so far I haven’t found anything really serious these are the kind of guns I’m going to need that’s great well I guess that’s enough I can just find Mikey now he’s got to be sitting in a building somewhere he’s probably waiting for me which means there could be traps in [Music] here uh-huh I can hear someone eating something in this room you probably don’t even realize I’m here great Mikey’s definitely here now I’m going to give him a stealth punch Mikey lost a long time ago Jan what are you doing here and how did you get here you think I had trouble finding you you’re you’re wrong I’m not as stupid as you think you can’t be here because this is private territory hey so you’re hiding something from me uh you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t leave here you’ll be one of my experiments experiments what are you even doing here I don’t like this oh my God JJ sometimes you can be so stupid stay there I’ll be right down no I don’t want Mikey to find me I have to EXP explore this complex he said that experiments what’s he doing here while I have time I should hide and explore this place at the same time what do we have here are these the simplest of space Rockets but since when is Mikey interested in space nope there’s obviously something wrong here Mikey is hiding something from me much more serious than some space Rockets whoo does this look like a tank hanger to you these tanks are too big it’s like they’re giant tanks instead of just regular tanks interesting but I don’t think it’s over yet Mikey’s definitely hiding something from me deep inside this complex yeah and there’s a lot of dynamite in here and that’s a good thing I’ll need Dynamite if I ever want to sabotage Mikey’s Factory H maybe this is the perfect opportunity What if I blow up all these tanks yes that’s what I’m going to do first I want to see what happens if I just plant a bomb inside the tank I don’t think I’ll be able to destroy it completely so I think I’m just going to have to put Dynamite around the tank and blow it up and that’s what I’ll probably do to all those tanks in the hanger I should do this diversion because I’m just now realizing that Mikey has a much bigger advantage in this war he’s got a whole Factory with military personnel in it I still can’t believe it I like that kind of explosion a lot better it’s time to do the same with the rest of the tanks great I’ve put so much dynamite in here that the whole underground complex will probably blow up with them now I just need to light it all up and there’ll be a huge [Music] explosion while I think about what I’m going to do next should I I find the secrets that Mikey hid or do I just walk out of here all right there’s no turning back so let’s go I’m going to find the secrets he’s [Music] hiding uh what is this [Music] place oh my god oh no it’s a is that Mikey Oh you mean his clones oh no it can’t be under the guise of a huge Factory he was hiding a military base where he was developing his clones but why God I can’t even think why he would do that it’s just awful what am I supposed to do with all this he must have created those clones too just to defeat me H is it just me or did something happen here is someone following me oh okay I got to keep looking I have to find some more information The Vault I guess that’s where where Mikey keeps his Secrets huh now I have to get in there somehow is so good this is a little puzzle I guess the point is that to open this Vault I have to draw exactly the same symbols well then I get it I’ll do it now because it doesn’t look that hard and now about the Clones I’m thinking about it all the time and the one I’ve been fighting all this time is that the real Mikey oh my God that’s a scary thing to think about by the way it looks like that’s the real Mikey yeah well I don’t even know what his clones are like maybe they’re just like Mikey oh no that’s just awful some little game in competition is turned into a serious thing what am I supposed to do the best thing to do would be to blow the whole place up but that doesn’t make sense Mikey probably has dozens of clones of this place and there’s no point in destroying just one base out of 10 or even a 100 it’s a weird feeling like someone’s watching me H it’s really weird to be honest okay what have we got here that’s a cool weapon right there that’s what I call power what’s this book what does it say turn around it’s your time JJ sit back and think about your behavior ha Mikey you’re out of your mind get me out of here right now Mikey can you hear me goodbye JJ it’s been a pleasure talking to you no I’m not going to sit here there’s got to be a way out whoa I think I found something ventilation that’s awesome I’m so lucky I can use the vent to get out of here oh my God I thought I was going to be here forever thought you were the trickiest huh wrong buddy ah I I’m actually very lucky I’m grateful to fate for giving me this chance I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if there wasn’t another way in I knew this whole place was a trap it’s just a giant trap oh my God how long have I been here I’ve been crawling for so long and I can’t find anything I’m getting sick what is this place what do we have here it looks like some kind of living quarters this must be where the military rests ah so these must be Mikey’s clones I just don’t understand because I can’t tell what kind of people they are because of their uniforms anyway it’s horrible and I have to stop it I don’t like what’s going on in this [Music] place Jay stop we can stop this but just drop the gun Mikey what do you want let’s settle this peacefully what do you mean peacefully ah let’s have a friendly competition through the obstacle course whoever comes in first wins once and for all uh okay I agree let’s show you where the obstacle course is let’s do what you [Music] say so here it is if you’re ready we can start the rule is that whoever first gets to the chest with a diamond is the winner I’m ready Mikey I’m ready well then go ahead let’s not waste any time what are the rules there are there are no rules do whatever you want but you have to get there first why do you need all these clones what do you want to do it’s cool having your own soldiers that you can control and tell them what to do that’s why I made them I’m just shocked at you Mikey I never would have thought of that just like that I don’t have any evil goals so I’m not a bad dude Mikey looks like I’ve won is it over congratulations JJ I propose we end the war and call a truce and I suggest you keep this diamond as a momento

This video, titled ‘Mikey vs JJ WAR Survival Battle in Minecraft (Maizen)’, was uploaded by Mikey Spikey on 2024-02-25 15:00:11. It has garnered 78877 views and 475 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:02 or 962 seconds.

Mikey vs JJ WAR Survival Battle in Minecraft (Maizen)

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Maizen – @maizenofficial

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    Dr. Swablu LIVE: Transforming Villager Area NOW! 😱🔥 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴LIVE🔴 – Working on the villager area! Come hang out! #minecraft #minecraftsmp #furry’, was uploaded by Dr. Swablu on 2024-05-20 23:23:51. It has garnered 95 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 06:19:40 or 22780 seconds. ➤ Donations: https://streamlabs.com/drswablu ➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/drswablu​​​​​ ➤Photography: https://www.instagram.com/JamesPepperPhotography ➤Discord: https://discord.gg/PcgHNtdQyy ➤TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drswablu ➤Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drswablu ➤Switch FC: 5504-4495-3413 Rules 1. This is a PG-13 live stream with no cussing!! (damn can be allowed on rare circumstances). 2. Don’t be toxic! I try to make a friendly area for all of us to hang out in. 3a. Don’t Squid… Read More

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    Minecraft World Revamped: 5-Year Build Update!Video Information This video, titled ‘Inayos Ko Ang BUILD Sa 5 YEAR OLD Minecraft World Ko!’, was uploaded by BeeBuYog on 2024-02-16 08:46:50. It has garnered 98046 views and 3041 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:29 or 809 seconds. #Minecraft #BeeBuYog #kadacraft I Fixed The BUILD On My 5 YEAR OLD Minecraft World! https://www.roblox.com/groups/9744348/Barya-Gang#!/store https://billing.apexminecrafthosting.com/aff.php?aff=8664 For Chinese Business: [email protected] ================================= ►Watch , Like , Comment , and Subscribe to be updated on new vids! Thank you! ================================= ►Social Media https://www.facebook.com/BeeBuYogYT ================================= ►Contact me here Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeeBuYogYT ================================================== ================ Filipino | Tagalog | Filipino | Philippines | Pinoy Gaming… Read More

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    INSANE PARKOUR CHALLENGE IN MINECRAFT 🤯🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘PARKOUR CHALLENGE | MINECRAFT #funny #trending #minecraft #livestream #viral’, was uploaded by RIZVI GAMING on 2024-01-11 06:12:34. It has garnered 133 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 03:08:53 or 11333 seconds. HELLO GUYS! welcome to the live stream Share and Support plzz Subscribe Subscribe: https://youtube.com/@mr_rizvigaming Discord :https:https://discord.gg/v5ttvvvxR4 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rahil.rizvi.566?mibextid=ZbWKwL Instagram: https://instagram.com/mr_rahilrizvi?utm_source=qr&igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg%3D%3D #gaming #trending #youtube #youtubegaming #youtube #gaming #youtuber #youtubechannel #gamer #youtubers #ps #twitch #youtubegamer #gamingcommunity #youtubevideo #youtubevideos #sub #playstation #pcgaming #videogames #youtubecommunity #youtubegamingchannel #games #youtubelife #twitchstreamer #xbox #youtubegamers #subscribe #gameplay #game #instagaming #gamers #gamingchannel #maze #viral #trending Read More

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    Connected Construction Server Welcome to Connected Construction, a 1.20.4 server with Experimental Features enabled. The rules are simple: No hacked clients All building connections and construction must continue from an existing part of the structure. Can be in any direction on any axis You can explore the world and place blocks, but all building, including farms, must be part of the communal building End is disabled World border is 3k x 3k centered on 0 0 (1,500 in all cardinal directions) To join: Discord link Read More

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