Mind-Blowing Minecraft Circle Madness!

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Sunny wake up we’re stuck in a circle Minecraft again bro let me sleep how can you sleep in times like this this isn’t right this is cursed by Craft is aut about blocks not circles I hate circles I kind of like them especially if we’re playing hide and seek melon bro it’s time for hide and go seek I’m going to wreck you brother we’ll see about that one sunny I guess it’s just a normal day in Minecraft no moded hide and seek nothing weird going to have wait what’s going on what the heck wait what is that ah help B hold me okay I’m holding you bro what happened look at your head bro look at your head you literally turned into the actual Sun you look so goofy oh no look at us bro we’re so goofy with it dude we look so weird and everything’s a sphere it doesn’t even make sense I can literally look all the way down yo Minecraft is around this is illegal bro everything’s a circle yo Mel come over here look at the iron golems and the villagers bro wait will bread even be a circle dude I don’t want to know anymore this hurts bro my brain this is so weird yo goats who looks funnier me or Melon let’s see the comments with sun emojis or Melon emojis who looks goofier honestly I think I look goofier I look I look a little goofy you know what me this guy look a little goofy ow I think the Iron Golem is the goofiest I ain’t going to lie oh he just destroyed me yo even the item is round I got that hay bale on me sorry guys we’re getting too distracted what we need to do melon is play some hide and seek brother okay you got two oh my God look at this dude look at this no I’m sorry sorry I’m getting distracted you got two minutes to hide good luck okay I’m going to go hide now this villager looking really weird okay guys I got 2 minutes to find a really good hiding spot but the problem is you can see through the edges of all these blocks cuz they’re spheres now so I’ve got to do something smart yo you can’t really see into this well it’s so dark that’s it if I just go in here and maybe there’s some ghost blocks let’s see there is a ghost block okay okay then I got to go a little deeper and put some ghost blocks like this yo does this look sus guys from above I think it’s okay and now I just chill in this wishing well these ghost blocks better protect me look at my face bro yo melon I’m ready all right Sunny I’m going to seek you in 2 seconds just I need to sip some water I’ll be right back I’m back Sunny now I’m going to find you it’s going to be really easy too cuz all these blocks are seethrough no no my weakness see-through block wait they’re not even blocks they’re spheres what am I talking about yo what is up with this bed dude what the heck bro it looks so weird oh my Lord I don’t know what what you’re talking about bro hiding this water is so glitchy bro Sunny do I get to ask questions in this hide and seek yes for my first question are you hiding near something round I mean melon you really do have a small brain of course I’m hiding near something round the whole world is round dang it how could I forget it’s okay you only have four melon seeds for a brain dude chill second question are you hiding inside or outside I’m in The Great Outdoors yo bro no way I checked everywhere out here unless you’re hiding in the trees somewhere or are you one of these villagers can you become a villager in this no don’t check the trees I’m not telling you if there’s the morph mod bro I’ll find out what I’m hiding checking these trees for now it’s actually hard to see dude they’re so thickly wooded wooded forest I love a good thick forest with tree seed cuz it’s tree I will find you sunny and when I find you I’ll cut you down like a tree bro chill I just want to be tick with it final question are you in the forest somewhere I’m not in the forest dude I’m just being the goat right now hold on let me see what I look like from above okay you have to be one of these villagers yeah I’ve got to be you’re right nothing else would make sense Sunny are you one of these villagers or iron golems you’re out of questions but I don’t mind telling you more I’m not morphed bro not a villager not an iron golem just the goat what where are you hiding bro I’ve checked everywhere you have 60 seconds left to locate me and then your time is up bro what I thought this would be a breeze I thought I’d just see you through everything that’s what they all think but then my brain activates and it’s bigger than the Galaxy I’m checking everywhere I’m so lost right now maybe you should just invent time travel watch this video and check the comments cuz everybody’s going to laugh at you and tell you oh no melon you should check the water I mean uh the the the the Villager houses bro I’ve checked all the water what are you talking about I’ve checked everywhere you have 30 seconds tick talk Tick Tock Sunny I’m so lost you’re not anywhere in sight bro you are very dumb 20 seconds left what do you mean I’m very dumb the clock is ticking away bro bro I’m so confused right now and only 10 seconds remain 9 8 bro where are you 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 goed I’m lost where were you hiding dude in the water right here no you weren’t I checked that well I literally checked that well yeah jump in I checked in there yeah but like jump in and just let the water take you away no way there’s ghost Block in here bro I’m the goat they’re not even ghost blocks they’re ghost spars yo ghost spheres are overpowered H we can’t even get out of here Sunny yes we can oh I messed that up now we’re stuck for real well um I um I got 2 minutes hi bye good luck with that I’m just going to go do this really quick and boom boom boom and I’m out of here see you Sunny okay bro you’re too Minute Timer starts now okay guys this dude was cheeky by placing ghost blocks I’m going to see if there’s a morph mod SL nope there’s no morph there I don’t think there’s a morph mod in this version dang it what am I going to do check the creative men you do bro hey melon I’ve got my blindfold on this dragon head be looking weird bro I can’t see melon melon hey yo where’d you go don’t you worry child okay dudes I’m going to hide in the woods so I’m just going to fly right up here fly in these trees now I’ve got to think of a secret place where Sunny won’t be able to find me what do I do what do I do yo wait there’s a whole lake right here bro what is this y wait can I swim under the map no no are you kidding me that is so toxic bro I can’t believe that just falls out of the map hey melon what’s this thing in the chat saying you fell out of the world don’t worry about it don’t worry about it bro I can’t see bro where’d you go this blindfold is crazy okay dudes there’s got to be a way I can use this to my advantage what can I do to use this to cheese maybe if I have a water bucket and I slowly go down can I place water here I’m going to sacrifice myself to see if I can place water down no you can’t no wait I’m in Creative I can just fly up yo I didn’t I just check like this before I’m so stupid Hey melon there’s only 30 seconds left yo chill I haven’t even got my hiding spot yet I’m still kind of confused on what I’m doing that’s your problem okay guys I’m going to grab myself some ghost blocks dig myself a little bit of a root here yes now I’m crawling underneath the map like a worm bro bro like a worm now I just place a ghost block here to cover my entrance and now I’m literally going to be an earthworm Sunny’s going to be so confused digging around I’m an earthworm I’m so weird all right Sunny I’m ready it’s about time bro now I just got to take this blindfold off I could see again that’s good for you sunny but whether you can see or not you’re not finding me okay so I have three questions and five minutes to find you just going to do a little bit of exploring while I think about my first question don’t think too hard about it sunny you’re right I wouldn’t want to hurt myself my brain can’t process too much at all the times Psych is huge my head is the size of this planet so now melon let me just say the first question is did you go inside or outside I would say I’m outside perfect my second question would would you be annoyed angry and infuriated if I were to get myself some goggles of true Vision oh yes I would be annoyed slightly mildly let’s see here true Vision dang it it doesn’t exist oh no good luck finding me in all these spheres Sunny whatever bro you at least gave it away you’re using ghost blocks the question is where now wait why don’t I ask that question hey melon where’d you put your ghost blocks uh I can’t tell you that bro oh okay well fair enough that’d be a bit too cheeky that’s what you sound like bro that’s what I’ll be like though oh okay fair enough don’t you hear that Sunny don’t you hear those sound of blocks breaking wo wo W I’m looking through these cracks I heard that do it again you won’t you’re right I’m not going to do it again too scared digging down wait I heard that where is it this is not good where is it I know you’re in here melon I don’t know what you’re talking about Sunny you’re like a naked mole rat now the question is where chill melon break a block don’t be a coward I just did if you’re a real goat break a block I am I’m literally breaking blocks as we speak what the heck you’re nowhere near me then I’m just Incognito Sunny that doesn’t make sense you got 2 minutes left buddy how am I going to find you I know you’re in the floor somewhere wait I’m confused was that a villager or an iron golem making that sound or you bro this is not good he’s so close where the heck are you melon just keep punching out all of these blocks and by blocks I mean spheres what the heck in case things go wrong I have an emergency little Escape dirt hole I swear I heard you around here somewhere but I can’t find you one minute left Sunny bro I don’t think it matters there’s no way I’m going to find you wait I heard that came from right here no I fell out of the world bro what did you do I dug too deep oh you’re so stupid Sunny you’re so dumb you didn’t even find my tunnel system yet and you only have 30 seconds what the heck melon wait I know how to find you just got to do this and this okay okay there he is no you cheated what do you mean I just used my brain look at him go no I duck too deep you’re such a cheater Sunny what do you mean all I did was do a little Lawn Care bro I mowed the grass bro you literally just erased everything what do you mean I mowed the lawn bro you’re such a cheeser dog what are you talking about it’s back it’s good as new oh my God bro get wrecked bro that was hilarious you literally forfeit for that that was just straight up cheating all right fine I get disqualified I won’t lie I was going to run out of time and lose anyways but that was so worth it bro to see that little melon head sticking out of the grass after I mowed it bro all right Sunny you got 2 minutes to hide yeah that’s perfect you can’t even see me bro you can’t even see me stop I’m going to hit you yeah how are you going to hit me you can’t hit what you can’t see I can hit you still I can do it ow you got me I’m out of here bro 2 minutes is lots of time wait this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen it’s literally a packman block melon you got to take a look at the stairs after you’re done counting okay bro I’ll let you know 100 99 98 97 96 94 98 92 92 92 92 melon shush you’re counting out loud it’s really annoying 91 94 92 92 okay guys I’m muting melon and now I’m going to put these all around him to make him really weirded out he is going to be super confused they’re like little death stars or little tiny pacm oh it’s creepy though and now it’s time for my real plan I’m going to summon so many iron golems that melon thinks I’m morphed into one of these guys but the truth is there’s no morph mod I can’t but he’ll think I did cuz there’s so many oh sorry about that buddy my bad yeah you’re not going to make it I’m sorry I’ll help okay feeling better there you go what are all these sounds I’m hearing dude nothing nothing to worry about as long as you hit that subscription Bell click it right now okay guys that should be enough iron golems to confuse him now I just need the Villager spawn egg and I can go crazy with it oh this is beautiful this is so perfect melon’s going to be super confused and weirded out cuz these Squidwards look sus okay now I just fly up here into the big tree add a few more leaves for me take some ghost blocks and that looks perfect Sunny are you ready yet yes melon I’m ready dude finally now I can take my stupid blindfold off bro why are there so many villagers and iron golems because I’ve morphed into one yeah what how did you morph into one I tried to morph before it didn’t work you didn’t know the commands bro oh my God there’s so many of these you know what I’m giving myself a sharpness 1 million stick and I’m whacking these villagers which one are you are you this kid are you the kids killing all the kids melon chill bro what did they do to you first question are you villager perhaps I am not morphed as a villager bro what the heck then you’re morphed as an iron golem I am not morphed as an iron golem yeah I’m going dance on him too eat it eat my butt bro eat my butt what the heck are you morphed as yo I’m morphed as the goat the one true legend Sunny himself take cover you’re telling me you just wasted my time and pretended to be a morph yep and now you only have 2 minutes that’s all I need Sunny okay bro whatever you say yo chill with the T Sunny if you don’t give me a free hand I’ll blow up all your precious villagers what makes you think I care about these villagers all right I’m detonating this TNT then no melon please stop I’m in a tree I’m in a tree cancel it oh there goes the world Sunny you’re a monster look I didn’t even blow up that much of it just a little part of it and you’re in a tree you said huh let me come and whack you with my stick killing villagers for no reason Iron Golem you’re dead going in F5 so I can get that Superior angle and I’m going to find you and whack you heck where are you sunny sunny where the heck are you I’ve checked every single area I’ve ran around this border like eight times yeah bro definitely don’t check the huge tree that would be bad oh my that is a big tree right yo wait no this isn’t good I just saw a little head Sunny no you didn’t you didn’t see anything yeah I didn’t see anything huh no hey buddy hey how are you how are you how are you got to go I’m coming for you no you’re not bro Iron Golem chill no let’s go my friends they came to rescue me ow why are they all hitting me what did I do because you blew up their Village what do you mean bro they need to chill out hey melon where you going bro yo don’t tell me you got to stick what stick I just want my ig’s to kill you no my friends they’re so powerful and I got this stick no no chill chill chill watch this clutch get over over here you might have found me but I’ll kill you no another stick with sharpness 1,000 thanks hey Sunny hey not like this let’s go melon just remember the ig’s will get their Revenge we’ll see about that one yeah come hit me bro I dare you come hit me bro what are they going to do huh what are they going to do huh they’re dead I guess they’re just going to Parish dang it all right sunny it’s the final round I got 2 minutes to hide I’m giving myself good luck chill you can’t just slap me across the world and think it’s okay yo put that blindfold on I don’t have it yo I don’t have a blindfold stop smacking me okay I’ll stop I’m going inside of the Pac-Man chamber and I’ll get a blindfold there we go blindfold activated I can’t see wait melon there’s some heat coming from this general direction I think there’s a forest fire that sucks bro that’s probably a good thing for me well now you have 90 seconds left good luck oh my God okay guys I’m going to create my very own Planet above this map so now I’ve just got to type in a little command up here now with a little bit of commands all I have to do is make my own Planet let’s make it out of melons now I’ve made my melons now let’s make it about 100 oh my God guys I didn’t think it would be this big bro no way there’s a giant melon’s fear hey melon why did it get so dark in here all of a sudden don’t worry about it sunny don’t worry about it guys I’m going to sit at the top of my giant sphere and own it this is my sphere and if he makes his way up I’m going to knock him off all right Sunny I’m ready okay I’m jumping up out of here and I’m taking the blindfold off yo what the heck is this bro don’t you worry about it what do you mean the whole map is covered in W melons cuz it’s the most good loed block bro no it’s my favorite block to smash and whack stop it they’re not even blocks they’re spars yeah true these fears oh wait these are real wander melons now I’m going to farm them all and I’m going to eat them and make the juiciest smoothie ever go chill okay fine I’ll stop it’s too much work anyways so melon I have three questions to ask the first question is why the heck did you build this uh just for fun I thought maybe it would be a fun time bro that’s cat second question question does your hiding spot have something to do with the giant watermelon sphere it may have a little bit of something to do with the watermelon sphere I won’t lie bro wait a second guys I realized something I can do the most powerful thing ever replace near 150 melons and I can turn them into to the greatest block of all time pure solid gold yo what happened to all my w melons I turned them into something better I got that Midas touch bro and they’re all gold no way you murdered all of those watermelons there was over a 100,000 okay sorry I’ll bring them back oh thank you so much yeah no problem I got you bro but now that you freaked out I know you’re somewhere out there no you don’t how am I supposed to get over there I need some blocks time to farm this tree I just need a more powerful tool efficiency 1,000 Golden Axe let’s go yo it literally one Taps this stuff it is melting the trees I think it lags the game it hits it so fast oh sunny boy you’re never going to get me oh melon once I gather enough logs anything is passable just need oh no my ax is gone already I forgot gold is trash like that happens if this Arrow hits me yo holy crap these arrows are insane bro I got to be careful if I hit myself like that again I’m done melon I’m coming up bro and I’m going to ask my final question before I waste my whole time on this adventure are you somewhere on the outside of this giant wander melon yeah sunny I may or may not be at the top of this giant wander melon bro are you king of the castle up there what the heck man yeah King of the castle King of the castle I am the king of the castle King in the castle King in the castle and now I’m coming to destroy you just need to get a lot higher up BR this is going to take forever wait is that you right there wait you can see me potentially if I hit you or those just villagers I can’t even tell yeah it’s just a villager building up definitely just a villager you’re right now I break out of the wer melon sphere and I can start to ascend yes this is beautiful I’ll be there in no time melon you’re a dead man I’m so lost I don’t even see you good you don’t need to you’ll know when I’m there bro you’ll know when I’m there because I got to just get this boy ready the most powerful axe ever sharpness 1,000 chill don’t kill me I’m almost there melon I hope you have a better hide spot than this sunny where are you ascending that’s where come on I’m so close I can smell you bro and you stink like fertilizer you literally smell like poop chill just a little taller there he is get him yo chill hey yo what yo you got sent flying bro what was that I hope you set your spawn I’m back melon this time I’m tagging you hey chill I’m alive I’m actually alive how are you alive what I’m goed you better Dodge these arrows no what oh that’s so funny melon how much time do I have left you got 10 seconds left buddy that’s fine that’s plenty of time melon thinks he’s a wise guy does he not anymore I’m coming to kill you what are you doing bro why do I hear a helicopter melon chill got him drive by no way I was just about to send you fly flying yo I just went ultimate goat mode on you bro I thought I was going to send you flying bro the truth is I ran out of time anyway so you won yes sunny I want to hit you with something really quick come down to me come down to me just teleport up here bro all right bro I’m teleporting to you in a second and no you scumbag wait I can clutch this get destroyed no hide-and seek can already be stressful with you but Circle hide-and seek absolutely not you don’t know what you’re talking talking about I think that’s the best combination wa melon what was that bro I have no idea it sounded like an explosion okay let’s investigate this it sounded like it happened right outside of our house too yo Sunny what is this there’s an entire portal what but dude that’s not how nether portals are shaped that’s impossible yeah and plus it’s really weird it has a gold block and a melon what is going on yeah you’re right bro why is there a gold block and yeah a gold block what is wrong with you wait melan chill I think we got to ask quandel about this it’s not normal that this happens quandell that’s it sunny I’ve had enough of you I’m breaking your gold block okay that’s fine just pick it up and bring it home with us this is going to take a while 3 hours later hey quand something really weird happened hey hey hey Sunny what’s going on tell me so we were just minding our own business relaxing for the afternoon and then boom B squ there was a meteor trash and now there’s this strange obsidian portal oh no that’s really bad I’ve heard Legends and rumors about the circle portals whatever you do do not go in don’t go in why quand I want to explore it now more than ever look it’s just a really bad idea but knowing you two you are going to go in anyways if you do take this phone and contact me oh thank you quandell the Q phone use it in case of emergency like I said I really don’t advise going inside of that portal it is not a good idea okay quand whatever you say melon melon dang it bro this gold block just won’t break hey melon great news I talked to quand yeah yeah yeah that’s good that’s really cool Sunny no no no dang it bro so yeah quand told me we should investigate this portal see what’s down the other side and have a lot of fun let’s do it yes as long as quand says it’s okay I’m sure it’s fine you are so gullible what is this place why melon you’re so gullible bro quale told me not to go through the portal then why would you tell me to go through the portal well I just figured it’d be safer for me if you took a look at what was in here first and then I’d come by after everything’s a circle sunny it’s so cursed yeah but don’t worry I have a phone here from quand so we can give him a call in case there’s an emergency call him right now okay relax relax uh quand this is sunny here yes Sunny oh let me take a wild guess you went inside of the portal I told you not to go inside yeah melon did it first though but anyways we have a bit of a problem everything here is a circle and we want to go back home why don’t you try just going back through the same portal all right I’ll try that quondal yes I’m going home no melon the portal just shattered on you quand we have a big problem the portal broke uh give me a second to do some quick calculations please hurry okay so here’s the situation I can teleport one person every 24 hours because the teleporter needs to cool down so who would like to go home first me me me me I didn’t even want to go here in the first place no melon it’s clearly me you went in here first this is your fault Sunny you lied to me manipulated me and I’m the one that doesn’t even want to be here you think I want to be here bro it’s making me so laggy I feel sick that’s it sunny there’s only one way to settle this hide dcy quo we’ll call you back in an hour we’re going to play some hide-and seek to see who goes home first okay bye Sunny you’re hiding first bro I want to be the Seeker okay sounds good to me guys I got to find the hiding spot quick should I use the cabin no that’s way too obvious maybe I’ll go down into this snowy cave yes this is a brilliant plan now I’ve just got to find a really good hiding spot that’s secretive I wonder if I can make like a secret area with a secret door and hide inside the mountain yes that’s a genius plan okay guys check this out I set up a little bit of a secret spot just got to open the door and I’m in it’s a bit weird cuz of the circles but I’m telling you there’s a door here that I just closed and I just opened it wait did I did I open it am I stuck oh no I’m out okay this is just a weird spot but it’s going to work guys it’s going to work melon I’m ready wow Sunny that was actually pretty fast I’m proud of you thanks bro I’m the best hider in all of M CRA thing I love about seeking in this world Sunny is blocks are seethrough it doesn’t matter if you’re hiding in some secret spot I’ll be able to spot you through the cracks what if I did a secret spot that camouflages the cracks so you can’t see through them but you think you’re seeing through them uh that would be pretty crazy but I don’t think that exists Sunny no way it does and I’m doing it right now well I’m checking through the cracks sunny and I don’t see you stay away from my cracks yo chill bro that’s so sus uh guys I got to show you something if melon gets too close to me I’ve got a secret trap right here that I can activate yes I’m a genius okay sunny I’m going to ask my first question are you hiding inside or outside I am inside well that’s a very good show really good show so you could be hiding in this house that Igloo that house or that house those are really your only options and inside of caves and underneath the map and pretty much anywhere underneath the map is definitely not outside bro okay fine fine I’m Not underneath the map and caves also count as outside so well then in that case I’m outside you’re in a cave right now I mean I didn’t say that did I dude that’s so goated bro I now know you’re in the cave somewhere you might think you know where I am melon but really I’m in a top secret Ultra goated hiding spot I don’t see you in this cave anywhere dude and I’ve checked through all the little cracks maybe you do have the secret invisible crack do and stop saying cracks bro it’s sounding a bit weird why you don’t want me looking through your crack from a crack bro it sounds like you’re talking about a plumber’s butt I’m not talking about a plumber’s butt dude I’m talking about the cracks in the game silly whatever dude gosh gosh gosh look he’s right there oh that was close bro are you in this fire Sunny what the heck I just heard a door closed guys look at him where’s he going he’s going to walk to my Pistons wait what the heck why is there a button here oh no he found my trap wait it looks like there’s some kind of trap here this Redstone seems to lead backwards somewhere uh I’m out of here you’ll never take me alive get out of there sunny I found you wait no you were supposed to fall you were supposed to fall wait why don’t I just jump over it sunny Trey jump over it I dare you I dare you go jump over it go jump over it no you can you can try and run away look I didn’t I didn’t catch you yet yeah that’s right you’ll never take me alive sunny I found you it’s game over let’s go whatever melon it’s your turn to hide and when I find you we’re going to the sudden death rounds okay buddy uh can I just think about my hiding spot first yeah why don’t you eat these melon slices while you think what is wrong with you it’s my turn to hide guys I’ve got to find somewhere goated let me investigate this cave is there anywhere cool I can hide no it honestly looks pretty lame down here wait a second there’s lava maybe just maybe there’s a small chance one in 1 million that this is fake lava come on am I willing to take that chance I don’t know I could burn alive but then I’ll just respawn I’m going to take the risk yo it is fake lava no way ow okay there’s real lava in here too this is perfect guys there’s no way Sunny’s going to find me in this spot it’s actually even crack proof the only thing that can cover a crack is some liquid okay I’m going to stop talking about cracks it’s getting a bit weird 102 103 4 watermelons in a blender 105 watermelons with a lawnmower running them over 106 watermelons getting okay Sun stop talking about watermelons I’m ready okay good cuz you only had 15 watermelons left you’re so annoying dude well melon it’s time for me to remove my blindfold cuz it’s kind of stinky in here now according to my calculations and totally not me cheating and peeking I saw you go into the same cave I was hiding in melon you’re here somewhere oh yeah totally in that cave sunny and guys technically I am in the cave but I’m throwing him off with my tone of voice so melon if you were to be hiding in this cave then let me ask a question are you located inside of a cave or outside with the sky above your head um I would say inside of the cave because the sky is not above my head bro you’re actually so lame you’re using my same hiding spot bruh Bru br let’s see you’re in this Cave System but the question is where uh melon I’m just going to ask this did you go in the cave but then climb up a ladder and go hide inside of the cabin I did not Sunny now you have one question left that’s fine I just got to keep exploring and look for Secrets maybe there’s a lever or a hidden button or Worse ghost blocks nope no that was just regular snow okay wait a second there’s lava in this cave how is it not melting all the snow that is a good question Sunny that is a valid question ow ow ow why am I burning guys this is the worst time to be burning this is really weird there’s something under here burning that is bizarre I guess that shows that it’s real lava maybe a bunny ran into it no a bunny would have died in one tick this could be like an Enderman maybe let me check oh it’s an Ender melon no why would you check lava you’re crazy that’s all your fault bro you shouldn’t have burned alive why Sunny this was actually a really cool hiding spot though how did you find that I just saw some lava and I hoped it was fake lava then I jumped in it and it was fake lava oh I guess it really wasn’t that deep huh nope it really wasn’t well sunny it’s tied one to one it’s anyone’s game really at this point yep one second though let me just take the blindfold and turn around and ew gross Sunny what are you doing I’m just warming up the blindfold for you no no no no no don’t don’t give this to me I don’t want it bro I’m not putting that on now well go down there and start to count bro give me my 2 minutes your 2 minutes has started bro the second you pooped in the blindfold I guess that’s fair game now guys where should I hide for this sudden death I’m thinking I got to go inside of one of these cabins but the question is which one let’s see is there a good hiding spot in here lot of emeralds and anvils is this a little hiding spot not really although hiding at the back of this cabin isn’t half bad there’s a good chance melon will never look back here cuz it’s on the edge of the map let me see though I’m going to check the other cabins out first maybe this one’s got a better spot oh there’s a chest here but there’s nothing in it I was hoping to find some cool loot in this circle World wait what’s up with these buttons is there a secret here this is way too complicated there’s still one more cabin I’ve got to check maybe I’ll find a secret in this one we’ve got all these buttons again and there’s another chest come on Yo ender pearls they’re circular and we’re in a circle world so that makes perfect sense now I will use these ender pearls to ascend into the tops of the trees yes there’s no way melon will find me up here I can see the whole world question is will he notice me I hope not let’s go to Higher Ground just to be sure of it okay melon I’m ready finally Sunny so for my first question hiding inside or outside I’m speed running wao chill bro I’m hiding outside okay good question good question second question are you hiding at a place of high or low elevation I would argue high elevation yeah pretty high yep yep okay so you’re on a mountain top okay let me parkour oh I fell guys how is he on to me this quickly he’s literally speed running this round I’ve got to hide myself a little bit better now Sunny uh what color block are you touching right now or should I say Circle you’re touching right now I’m touching green M that sounds a bit fishy perhaps you’re touching an emerald block SL Leaf maybe oh you’re definitely hiding in a tree it’s only a matter of time before I find you Sunny yellow does not shade very well yeah whatever bro maybe I used a camouflage skin to blend in guys I did not use a camouflage skin to blend in that would have been really smart though sunny I know you’re up here H guys I can see melon he’s climbing the opposite mountain side I just hope he doesn’t come over here it’s only a matter of time Sunny yeah just don’t check the backs of those trees that’d be really bad bro parkouring up this mountain is so annoying guys look at him he’s going to waste his whole timer over there sunny I have a feeling you’re not on this mountain you haven’t been freaking freaking out enough I’m so scared melan I’m totally freaking I’m freaking out you should be sunny because I can logically conclude that if you’re not freaking out from there not calculation you’re on this mountain wait a second I see some stupid sunglasses up there no you don’t I don’t know what you’re talking about guys I got to move I got to move to the highest peak of the tallest tree let’s go there’s no chance he gets me it’s over for you Sunny I’ve calculated all your moves There’s No Escape it’s only a matter of time guys he thinks there’s no Escape but watch this there’s literally an escape sunny it’s over for you if only you had any clue what I was doing bro I know how are you on that mountain now uh you weren’t supposed to look this way guys I got to make another getaway I got to move you have ender pearls are you serious no no I don’t have ender pearls what are you talking about there’s no way you saw that impossible impossible I didn’t want to have to use it guys but I brought a homing Dynamite with me just in case something like this happened hey Sunny yeah bro you’re going to lose this round you only got 30 seconds yeah die what is that what is that die yes I just got to get to spawn hey Sunny let’s go that’s so unfair you literally exploded the map to catch me yeah well you had ender pearls bro what do you expect I found these in a chest oh I’m sure you did I’m sure you did I did did I have video evidence how did you get that homing Dynamite huh I kept it on me just in case you tried to be annoying today what the heck that’s so unfair whatever that’s it I’m counting you have 100 seconds to hide and when I find you melon I’m calling quandell and teleporting out of here yeah sure you will Sunny it can only be a tie from here on out okay guys I have a specific spot I want to hide I ran into this cave to throw Sunny off my trail and now I’ll pop out on the other side of the map and enter inside of this house in here there’s quite a few Juke boxes a perfect place for a melon to hide yo I just fell through some ghost blocks this is it this is my path to Victory all right Sunny I’m ready okay melon time for me to track you down super quick and for my first question let’s see here are you hiding H in a place that you would consider to be cold or a place that you would consider to be warm I consider this place warm yes so you’re not outside in the freezing cold nope definitely not okay guys that means he’s in one of the cabins or at this campsite let me just check this yep he’s not near the campfire so he’s inside of one of these cabins but which one is the question let’s just start over here oh he’s not here let’s check the next one I think I’ll just break through the glass uh guys I heard him break some glass he’s pretty close oh guys I think I see a little watermelon back there but I’m going to pretend he’s not here ah nothing in this cabin either you’ve got to be in this third cabin for sure pH guys that was way too close I’ve got to switch spots if I want to survive and guys this is where I call quale watch this hey quale it’s me sunny have you guys decided who’s leaving first yes we did it’s going to be my turn to leave and then we’ll call for melon in 24 hours okay can you light up the port now yep I’m just powering on the portalize thing ofama Jiggy and you should see it come through in 5 4 3 2 1w it worked the Portal’s back yes but it will only work for one teleportation and then it will shatter again that’s okay uh melon thinks he’s in the ultimate hiding spot so I’m sure he won’t mind staying in this world for a while okay guys I’ve got to find a new hiding spot Sunny what are you doing and I’m going home no he left oh no the portal broke ah back home everything’s good as new and melon’s not here I guess I’ve got 24 hours to myself what should I do dang it guys I’ve got 24 hours stuck with Spears what am I going to do guess just look at them man this is so cursed 24 hours later finally guys can head back home Sunny what have you done I had 24 hours so I redecorated the house for the Halloween season you no I hate pumpkins first you betray me and now this that’s it I didn’t tell you but I had one more special kind of dynamite yeah what’s that something called meteor Dynamite no melon don’t do it it’s too late like And subscribe before it blows up our house now that I think about it my eyes kind of hurt from looking at all those circles see we got to find a way to turn the world back to normal oh I know we already did once when we escaped from the fifth C Dimension I think I’ve got a better idea wait guys Sunny’s outside this is my chance I just need one Diamond one of his diamonds out of this chest melon what are you doing sunny I just need one Diamond please I lost all my loot in a fire well I would have been happy to let you borrow one even keep one but now that I know you were trying to steal from me there’s no chance you’re touching my diamonds and sunny what even is this thing what is this doohickey you got it’s nothing melon what you just follow me this way why don’t we go outside bro this button I need to press it I need to press it don’t do it this is for not giving me a diamond no what the heck I told you not to press that button Sunny where are we right now I got that old device from daale to press the button even more no yeah no yeah you’re right open this chest and gear up Sunny let’s Adventure this area yeah I’m exploring it to cover more ground and I got a dead end already melon this is like a paradise we could live here forever no no no I have no interest in being stuck in a two-dimensional world with you meat bacon give me the bacon I found signs that someone’s been here before we found civilization yo there’s a book and quail what does this say the nether the nether must be the way out come on it’s got to be around here somewhere it’s got to be around here melon I’m going in bro what did you find yo you found it sunny you genius you found the nether portal please work please work yo Sunny we’re in the Nether and it’s 3D where’s our portal why is our portal broken how are we going to get out of here oh melon you almost got me killed wait bro there’s a chest down there oh you’re right I got this sunny don’t worry I’m going to down got to clear out these hoglins though there’s got to be a blue mushroom somewhere give me a blue mushroom yes stay back yes that was the smartest thing I’ve ever seen you do uh no I’m a brainiac uh melon this might be our Adventurer looks like he took a big fall yo he’s got loot though give me that pig give me that give me that yeah he died he died we’ve got to find the next nether portal there’s got to be a way out of here you’re right the hog glits the hog glitch Sunny we already got access to the chest there’s tons of good stuff we got to get out of here before the other Hogs attack us let’s go we got to read that book time to read yo this is coordinates coordinates to the portal yo it worked get in ah where are we Sunny this place is so weird there’s not even blocks anymore I don’t think we’re supposed to be here though we’re Cube Dudes we’re not meant to be in a circular world we have to do this parkour to win great news I got us a checkpoint let’s go I’m doing the parkour yes I’m going to go I’m the dang it yes melon I’m getting to the checkpoint I’m almost there there it is I got you melon swim up yes bro there’s a dragon in here is this a joke ah okay okay this is the chance this is our chance go in go in leave us alone yeah that’s right I killed him wait what is this Soul fire okay throw them in at the same time as me to The Fifth Dimension yo Sunny this is The Fifth Dimension what is this whoever gets back home first gets to keep all the diamonds wait what I want those diamonds I’m almost at the top I don’t know what’s up here but it looks really weird we’ve got to figure out this password quickly it’s getting close it’s getting close yo hurry up take this it’s an interdimensional ender pearl ah melon it worked it actually worked everything seems perfectly fine move move move my Diamond my diamonds the interdimensional spirits they stole my diamonds and put explosives in my chest what the heck well at least you have one Diamond left just enough for me to make some gear I’m out of here you’ve got to be kidding you’ve got to be kidding I’ve tried everything nothing’s working Sunny you said you got a better [Music] idea I can’t believe it how can he sleep in times like these goats please press the like And subscribe button so you can bring Minecraft back to normal

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    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

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    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

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