Minecraft POMNI Farts Non-Stop! Can JAX Rescue Her?

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today we are at the water slides with Jax it’s very cool here and I really like the water maybe we should swim already is that why you decided to bring me here well actually yes just to have a good time together it’s really fun by the way calmo has something new over there that I wanted to show you I don’t even know maybe it’s a good idea but what about the slides we can always ride the slides but kfmo might not have what I want to get later okay then let’s be very careful so he doesn’t notice us let’s go upstairs and see what he has I saw him hiding something in one of the barrels with carrots as you know he has his own room now and he thinks no one will go in there I’m curious what he’s hiding that you want to take so much wait I think I saw that gummy crocodile he probably climbed into the lighthouse again hey get out of there don’t break it it’s not yours he’ll think we broke everything if he sees this later so get out of here gummy crocodile I think you need to run away because you can’t do this I think it would be unpleasant for you if we came to your yacht and started breaking everything kofo will be very upset when he sees this so goodbye oh well now if he sees all this he’ll definitely blame us so we need to do everything quickly and leave he’s always stealing something from him and I honestly don’t like it let’s run faster it seems his room is somewhere a bit lower I’m curious how he arranged everything because we haven’t been here for a long time he set it up very cool here wow there’s a whole Warehouse of carrots and a huge kitchen I really like it I told you you’d like it for sure and somewhere here is what we need and there’s also a bed we can jump on together hey no way I’m agreeing to that jump on this bed by yourself come on I’m your friend why don’t you want to have some fun this room looks really scary it’s all dark I don’t want to stay here all right we’re not here for that anyway so here’s your carrot what were you looking for here anyway in one of these barrels just give me a minute I’ll rumage through them hurry up if he notices us it’ll be bad here I am I think I found it just look at this awesome I didn’t expect to find this staff here wow that’s really cool I knew it was here I was watching him oh almost cast a spell on you let’s get out of here as quickly as possible oh no I have bad news for you just look who’s ahead we need to run why did you come here without my permission and took my staff I’m out of here good luck PNE I think you’ll definitely get out of here he just left me kmo maybe you can let me go too I really don’t like it here no you won’t get out that easily you need to complete my task and then nothing bad will happen to you return my staff and we’ll pretend I don’t remember anything oh no I think I’m in big trouble another task from kofo I think you’ll get along with him because he’s your friend return it and I’ll give you a little present just return it as quickly as possible please here take this potion I think you’ll figure out how to use it oh well I can’t even imagine how I’ll do this but hey Jax did you decide to steal his plane too hey he flew off right on your plane and apparently he doesn’t care anymore good thing he didn’t notice now I need a really cool plan to return kmo staff and take it from Jack I don’t think he’ll give it up easily what’s this I’ve never seen anything like this in the amazing digital circus before take a look Kane what are you building over there there I need to go and ask him hey Kane what is this hi PNE as you know I don’t have my own room in the amazing digital circus and I wanted to build one but I’m not done yet so I can’t show you that’s cool I think you’ll make a great house by the way do you know how to get the staff back from Jack strange question but no I don’t know you’ll have to figure it out on your own I’ve got a lot of work to do all right I’ll figure it out myself then I’m sure I’ll come up with something Kane will finish building his new house soon and it will be great you can support him in the comments subscribe to the channel and hit the like button meanwhile I’ll run to Jax’s house he’s probably there I really hope I can get the staff back from him look he ran into his house and there’s cmo’s plane he decided to park it right next to this picnic well at least he managed to fly it and let’s quickly run inside and try to get the staff back oh look he’s sitting there completely unaware so let’s just grab the staff and leave as quickly as possible what are those sounds I just heard behind me how did you know Jax I didn’t take anything from you honestly I know you took my staff give it back I need to run away as fast as possible He’s very mad at me and wants his thing back you can’t run away from me I’m much faster than you that’s my staff if we don’t return it we’ll all be in big trouble I’ll catch up to you in the plane there’s such a small distance where does he think he’s going with that plane all right I’ll hide in this McDonald’s for now so he can’t do anything and I’ll wait it out here I’ll hold the staff so he’ll be afraid to come in but after this I’ll head to cmo’s Lighthouse hey is that the gummy crocodile what are you doing here you’re really not helping right now he must be really hungry today and decided to grab a bite I think he doesn’t like the carrot selection there are also some burgers but they seem very very stale all right I’m running where is Jax anyway I heard the plane flying around then it sounded like an explosion which is very strange wait I think I saw something there’s the plane Jax was flying and it seems it’s parked right next to this McDonald’s Jax might be in trouble I need to go and try to figure this out yes just as I thought I couldn’t believe it look ja can you hear me or not he doesn’t seem to respond to me at all and can’t say anything I need to come up with something I would like to throw this potion at him but it doesn’t seem to be a healing potion and I’m not sure it will help maybe someone will come to help me oh it’s kmo we have a big problem you did well with your task I didn’t think you had it in you it wasn’t me I didn’t mean to mess with him he must have lost control all right give me my my staff and we’ll sort this out I’ll take my plane and I won’t bother you anymore here take it I need some healing potion here take this I think it will definitely help nice potion in my hand and try to use it on my friend thank you so much I’ll try using it what why did he disappear are you crazy I gave you a potion but I didn’t say what kind this isn’t my fault I’m flying off oh no guys it seems we have big trouble now Jack’s apparently teleported somewhere and now I need to find him kmo tricked me again and now I know for sure that I can’t trust him guys as you probably guessed today I came to visit ratha however to my disappointment I somehow couldn’t find her here there’s some kind of ring here that I think I’ll take with me let’s go upstairs and see what’s going on wait it seems like I completely don’t understand where the window on the third floor disappeared to for some reason there’s a bridge built right to Jax’s house it seems like I absolutely don’t understand how this is even possible ratha is bathing with Jax right in his bathroom we definitely need to come up with some way to properly teach them a lesson for this not only did they refuse to walk with me today what’s this I heard that you want to prank your friends and I’m actually ready to help you with that come down with me quickly and I’ll show you something wait do you also want to get back at them for something absolutely not I just decided to help you because I absolutely love pranks I’ll go with you while our friends are still bathing together I need to show you something incredibly interesting by the way kmo just look at the beautiful ring I found in ratha’s bedroom that’s my ring that I made with my own hands if it’s not too much trouble please please return it to me right now I really hope you’re not just trying to trick me have you completely lost your mind why would I trick you if we still need to prank our friends together well all right then actually under one of these trees I have a very secret stash with an incredible potion I’ll show it to you now but I ask you not to tell anyone about it especially Kane take this potion with which we’ll prank our friends all right what do we do next do you really think my plan is that simple now we need to go a little further you need to place the potion in this special frame and when our friends want to take it we’ll sneak up from behind and push them into this pit why are you so sure they’ll come here now they’ll definitely come to the circus to see Kane today and we notice this potion for some reason I feel like this won’t work but why don’t we give it a try now we just need to wait a bit until they come here so we don’t waste time we can steal some carrots from Jax’s secret storage well all right let’s go there quickly for our little Heist I dug a real tunnel in the Rock in advance because opening the front door is impossible without the key that Jax trusts to no one do you really think it’s a good idea to pull such a Negative prank on our friends actually I think we’re not doing anything wrong so let’s quickly take a few barrels of carrots besides there’s my favorite Coke here I think we shouldn’t take too many carrots so that Jax doesn’t notice they’re missing we can take as much as we want because I literally steal carrots from here every day and he still hasn’t figured it out every day he’s surprised at how many carrots he ate yesterday I think we still don’t need that many carrots let’s get back to our trap because our friends have probably already arrived there you’re probably absolutely right so let’s go back and check we need to be incredibly careful and peek around the corner carefully otherwise they might really see us just look at this they’ve already found the potion then we need to start acting according to our plan let’s carefully sneak up behind them and push them into the pit so let’s do this as soon as possible wow look at this potion ja I think we definitely should take it with us and show Kane Now’s the Time to push he guys I bet you didn’t expect this turn of events hey what’s going on kfmo what are we going to do now well we definitely taught our friends a lesson like we wanted can take this potion with you the prank turned out pretty well but do you happen to know where our friends ended up now you’ll definitely have to find that out for yourself if you want you can jump into the pit right after them but now I have to go because I have a lot to do today well at least give me some hint where I should look for them sorry but I don’t have time guys to be honest I didn’t even like our prank kofo has never helped me with such pranks before and now he himself suggested we do this it seems that things aren’t as simple as they seem and my friends might have fallen into some trap now it looks like I’ll have to walk around the entire amazing digital circus to try and find my friends by the way I completely don’t understand why my friends even Built This Strange bridge when ragi could have entered Jax’s house through the regular entrance maybe they did this to spite me wait what’s this it seems that something should be in this Frame apparently someone found this strange plaque before me now I need to continue searching for my friends throughout the amazing digital circus wait it seems this bush wasn’t here before someone definitely tried to hide this place from prying eyes and it looks like I should try searching for my friends there hey Jax can you hear me explain to me immediately what happened to you and where ratha is now wait guys it seems I absolutely don’t understand what’s going on here Jax where did you disappear right before my eyes I absolutely can’t understand what caused this he appeared right in this cage and then suddenly disappeared I can’t believe that kofo could do something like this if he’s really involved in The Disappearance of my my friends I need to swim to the shore quickly and continue searching for my friends I hope I can find them despite not having the slightest clue where they might be besides I still have the potion that CMO left me saying it would really come in handy for now I’ll just stand on this beach and hope someone comes to help me I’ve been standing here for an hour and I haven’t seen a single person around I absolutely don’t understand where everyone hey hey PNE tell me what this strange potion in your hands is I saw you standing here on this beach for a while encouraged me to throw Jax and ragi into some strange pit and Jax appeared in that strange room Behind Bars and disappeared right before my eyes so we should go back there and check everything again well if you really insist then let’s go down and see what’s happening wait what’s this it seems you were right and I see ratha lying down there through the water I told you this couldn’t be just random let’s go down and see what happened to her last time I was here this was exactly where Jax was I hope ratha doesn’t disappear as soon as we approach her she’s probably in bad shape and we definitely need to help her absolutely right so let me break this cage with my pickaxe right now as soon as I do throw that potion at her and let’s hope it’s a healing potion in that case let’s try to do it right now wow it really worked hey guys where am I now pomy explained to me immediately why you threw me and Jax into some pits I just wanted to teach you a lesson by the way where is Jax if he fell into the pit with you I don’t even know myself because I saw him appear here and then suddenly disappeared guys it seems there are some anomalies appearing in our amazing digital circus once again we need to get out of here as soon as possible and go look for Jax that’s a really great idea so let’s get to it right the second hey Jax where are you planning to take me right now of course to my storage with carrots right behind your back it seems like kfmo is flying somewhere far away right now let’s not get distracted by him and quickly go to my storage maybe you’ll finally tell me why you brought me here do you really want to show me something incredibly interesting actually I did a little renovation here and wanted to show it to you but I have no idea what has actually changed here during the renovation I made a secret room that no one else knows about but I’m going to secretly show it to you in that case show me where it is I’m really curious I’ll break down this wall now and you’ll see wow that’s really cool by the way would you like to tell me what’s in that chest actually there’s something in there that we’ll definitely need today then open the chest as soon as possible and show me what’s inside I’m eager to see what you’re going to pull out of that chest right now seems like you need to hurry because there’s an abstraction right at the entrance to your storage that’s really bad so close the entrance Door immediately how are we even going to get out of here now looks like we have no choice but to make a hole in the wall to get out hurry up and do something because that giant AB exraction broke the entrance door and now we’re completely unprotected from it don’t worry about it I have a pickaxe with me I’ll be able to dig us a away out without much trouble please hurry because that huge abstraction at the entrance scares me incredibly it seems like we’ve already escaped and we need to run from here it seems like it’s still at the entrance and I absolutely don’t understand how it appeared here at all I noticed a bathtub near it and I can guess that cfmo is somehow involved in this by the way how are you going to use that potion that was in your secret room you’ll find out everything a bit later right now let’s go to the Cane’s house and I’ll show you why I need this potion wait do you you really want to throw this potion at Kane you hit the nail on the head I’ve been wanting to prank Kane for a long time and when I use this potion on him he’ll become really funny do you really think he won’t get mad at us after this that’s exactly what I intend to find out when we get to him it looks like there’s a marmalade crocodile with a bat right by the circus what are we going to do now but I’m sure he’s up to something bad so let’s try experimenting with this potion on him and see what happens that’s actually a great idea so let’s approach him quickly besides it’ll be much better if we don’t ruin our relationship with Kane that’s why I suggested experimenting on the marmalade crocodile it seems he was around here when we saw him from afar look there he is come over here we’ve prepared something for you hey Jax it seems the marmalade crocodile doesn’t want to accept gifts from us at all I think this carrot will help calm him down a bit great it’s good that you managed to throw that potion at him wait Jax are you out of your mind explain immediately what that potion was it seems it was a teleportation potion I thought it was something completely different you really are out of your mind let’s quickly go somewhere come up with something what can we even come up with if Kane finds out we teleported the marmalade crocodile somewhere he’ll definitely be furious with us nevertheless I think we absolutely must ask him for help he’ll definitely come up with some way to find the marmalade crocodile guys don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our Channel guys be sure to support us as it motivates us to create even more interesting episodes for you now let’s finally head to Kane’s Cottage wait it seems Kane invented some new interesting thing and is riding it right now hey hi Kane just look at this I had a very comfortable armchair at home and I decided that if I added Wheels to it I could easily move around the amazing digital circus without any problems Kane can you let me have a go it looks really cool I think today my answer will be no I still need to improve this cool chair a bit hey Jax let’s go already we still have a lot to do today all right Kane not even aware that the marmalade crocodile got teleported somewhere because of us I think we could try looking for him on his yacht we have no idea where he teleported to he might end up there I really don’t understand why this cage is closed at all it seems the marmalade crocodile put someone in there very recently somehow whoever was in there managed to escape which is why the cage remained closed so let’s finally go down to the hold and check if the marmalade crocodile is there now hey just look at this my theory was correct and he’s indeed lying on his bed maybe we should try to help him somehow right now he’s probably unconscious it seems we’ll have to ask C for help after all since we don’t have a restoration potion let’s stick to our original plan and not turn to cane I think we should head to kao’s laboratory because I know he’s definitely not home right now he’s emitting some new cave Vibes can you tell me more about which cave exactly he’s in right now unfortunately he didn’t tell me about it but he said he wants to conduct some interesting research there in that case let’s really hurry to his laboratory I hope he didn’t deceive you and there’s absolutely no one there wait it seems the marmalade crocodile managed to wake up and just threw a potion at you it seems I have absolutely no idea what’s happening to me right now hey why did you turn into a plush toy unfortunately I have no idea why he decided to throw this potion at me of all thing it seems the marmalade crocodile managed to deceive us and just pretended to have lost consciousness just look at this behind the trees I see some cave it seems like it’s the same cave you mentioned because right now kofo is in there we need to go to him right now because I think only he can help me get back to my normal appearance I hope he really has an extra restoration potion with him oh wow hey Kane what are you doing here at all could you explain to me what you’re doing here and why Jax has turned into a plush toy since the last time I saw you it’s all because of the marmalade crocodile come up with something quickly to help me get back to my normal appearance I’d love to help you but I’m too busy right now and I don’t have the right potion with me by away something very interesting has appeared in my circus so when you have free time be sure to drop by we’ll definitely come to your circus but first we need to somehow help Jack let’s hurry to kmo and ask him to help you return to normal hey there kmo what are you doing here hi pomy would you mind telling me why you brought this plush toy that suspiciously looks like Jax into my cave actually it’s not just a plush toy it’s the real Jax I figured that out when he started pushing me I’ll find some potion right now to help him hey guys help me quickly I’m stuck in this stupid web omne please step back of course do it as soon as possible I’ve moved to a safe distance and will this potion really help him return to normal yes it will definitely help him so you don’t need to worry about that thank you so much for helping me guys as you might have guessed this help from me wasn’t entirely selfless right now you need to go to Kane’s circus and retrieve the gold he recently stole from me don’t worry about it we’ll definitely return your gold to you I think for us to be able to do this you should give us some potion in that case I think this will be perfect for you now that we have this potion let’s hurry to the circus hopefully we can eat easily find the gold cane stole I’d rather hope that all of this isn’t some silly prank by kfo he could have played us but I don’t think he had any reason to do that let’s go to the circus now and try to find the gold we need hi everyone and just look at what a wonderful day it is in our amazing digital circus it seems like kfmo is conducting some of his silly experiments again wait what is that I really enjoy spending time with you and it’s really good that we didn’t invite PNE because she would have ruined everything as usual I just can’t believe they’re spending time together and didn’t invite me hey guys are you out of your minds here what are you two doing we were just about to go to your house and invite you to join us but judging by your conversation we had no intention of doing that hey ratha let’s leave here as soon as possible because as I told you she ruined everything the moment she appeared well if you insist explain immediately where you’re running off to and why you don’t want to spend time with me we’ll definitely invite you to join us next time but for now I think it’s better without you hey where did you fall and where did this hole come from oh no not this it seems my friends fell straight into the void under our amazing digital circus I don’t understand how they could not notice this giant hole it’s pretty obvious that it’s here I think I need to go to Kane’s house to tell him everything that just happened I really hope he’s at home right now besides we definitely need to deal with this giant abstraction on top of the lighthouse if it grows it will undoubtedly engulf the entire amazing digital circus that’s why I need to consult with Cain about everything that happened because he definitely knows better than I do what to do in such situations let’s go down right now and and try to find him in his lab it seems he’s not here so I need to look for him in the remaining parts of his house it looks like I don’t understand if he’s home right now hey Kane if you can hear me come out immediately and show yourself hey hi Kane hi py did something happen why do you look so strange today don’t pay attention to my appearance I recently tested a new potion that should have a very unusual and interesting wait guys I don’t understand what just happened Kane disappeared right before my eyes and I have no idea how to explain this to myself besides looking incredibly strange I really hope this is just a temporary effect hey where did you come from again Kane unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish my sentence but I prepared a potion of spontaneous teleportation actually I came here to tell you some very important information wait what are those explosions in that room oh no it seems our friends are unconscious here I have absolutely no idea how this is even possible I already told you they fell into some kind of hole near your circus I have no idea what hole near my circus you’re talking about right now we need to figure out how we can help our friends you’re absolutely right so let’s quickly get out of this room and go to my lab don’t you want to use some potion to restore your previous appearance if you insist I’ll do that a bit later for now I’ll find a couple of recovery potions for our friends in that case please hurry because I hear some explosions in that strange room again I’ve restored my previous appearance and now we need to hurry back to our friends I really hope they’re okay and we can help them recover with this recovery potion hey guys if you can hear me then please get ready because I’m about to throw a recovery potion at you the last thing I remember is falling into a a strange hole near the circus with ratha I still have no idea what hole you’re talking about we’ll definitely show it to you a bit later now let’s get out of here quickly because this room is too cramped for so many people you all sort things out here I’m heading straight to the circus to find out what that strange hole is hey guys let’s get out of here quickly so ratha maybe we should go to my place as we plan in case you forgot my name is PNE oh I’m sorry it seems I had some hallucinations after falling into that hole and mistook you for ragath what am I supposed to do here all alone well fine I think I can find some entertainment for myself so I don’t die of boredom wow guys look at this airplane that somehow ended up near my house oh no unfortunately it’s completely out of fuel I can’t even start it well in that case I’ll have to find something else to do by the way guys it looks like Jax is really going home now I think I can come up with a prank for him right now I’m heading to Kane’s circus where he seems to be studying the strange hole that appeared out of nowhere I’ll go up to him and hope he can help me with a prank idea hey Kane I hope you figured out where this hole came from unfortunately I still have haven’t been able to figure out why these abstraction particles started appearing in our amazing digital circus I’ll have to go inside guys I don’t understand why Kane went in there so enthusiastically after what happened to our friends I assume you’ve already fallen into my new trap is this strange paper pit Kane went to study just one of your silly pranks this is absolutely stupid and ridiculous do you happen to know where Jax and reatha are right now I wanted to prank them really well today right now they’re at Jax’s house to be honest I also wanted to prank them today that’s great so let’s head to Jack tax’s carrot storage right now because I need to retrieve my very old stash in that case of course let’s hurry there but where did this abstraction come from don’t worry about it it’s my pet abstraction that I left here to make the prank more convincing I still don’t understand why you made this hole in the first place well as I already explained I just wanted to have some fun let’s hurry to the storage and I’ll show you my secret stash there’s been a secret room in this wall all this time that even Jax didn’t know about right now I’ll take something from this chest and we can prank our friends please take this potion right after you throw it at someone I think you should turn around it looks like the gummy crocodile has made a real tunnel here hey gummy crocodile stop stealing the carrots immediately they don’t belong to you I insist that you stop stealing the carrots and leave immediately it seems he realized his mistake and is going to leave hey what’s this I don’t understand where the second gummy crocodile came from it seems we can’t handle them if there are so many these gummy crocodiles seem to be planning to attack us so we don’t stop them from stealing the car I’ve locked them inside and they won’t bother us anymore it’s a shame they’ll probably steal all the carrots from Jack please try not to fall into that hold getting you out would take a long time I’ll fly there in the airplane to distract them you run inside the house and throw this potion at them right after we finish our prank we need to deal with the gummy crocodiles we have to do this because they boldly decided to steal all the carrots from the storage but right now I’ll try to sneak into the basement to finally use this potion look at this for some reason Jax is alone here I’ll sneak up to him very quietly and throw this potion that kmo gave me hey Jax I have a gift for you what did you do pomy and why did you throw that potion at me it’s just a prank by kmo and me for you hey guys I don’t understand why he suddenly disappeared it seems kmo mixed up the potions because he said the effect should be something especially unusual just look at the beautiful vases with flowers that ratha put in her house by the way I need to go upstairs right now because she was supposed to prepare a gift for me today because last night I gave her an incredibly delicious cake py step away immediately and don’t bother me please because I’m changing clothes here right now sorry I had no idea I would walk into your house at such a delicate moment it seems that I have already changed and right now I will give you what I was going hey what’s that it looks like Jax was watching you change this whole time you completely lost your mind how did you even get in here get out of my house immediately do you really not know that peeking is very rude right now I’m running away from here and you won’t be able to catch me hey what does all this mean and what are you doing here cough Mo sorry girls but I need him right now so I’m taking him to my lighthouse it seems that now we won’t be able to take revenge on him for peeking at me while I was changing I completely don’t understand why kfo suddenly needed Jack so urgently you can’t imagine how beautiful the ring is that Kane gave me this morning that’s what I was going to show you and why I invited you over wait is that the ring I see in your window right now you’re absolutely right and that’s it unfortunately it seems we have more important matters to deal with now so I’ll definitely show it to you a bit later let’s go to Kane’s house right now and ask him for help I think he’s probably not too too busy right now and won’t refuse to help us that’s a really great idea because Jax is probably waiting for some help from us right now I still absolutely can’t understand why kmo took him to his lighthouse maybe he took him to teach him a lesson for some silly prank that theory really makes sense let’s hurry downstairs and try to find Kane in one of the many rooms in his house hey guys why did you even distract me from watching an incredibly interesting show on TV how could you be watching a show on TV if it’s turned off actually I already told you that I have a very rich imagination just a few minutes ago kmo hooked Jax with a fishing rod and flew away with him towards his lighthouse I hope you already have a plan for how we can easily rescue Jax we came here for you to give us some idea of how we can do that in that case I think I have an idea you’ll have to wait a bit while I get everything I need from my lab do you think he really has a plan or just wanted to escape from us I don’t think he decided to run away from us because he always helps guys while we’re waiting for Kane you can write in the comments right now which character from The Amazing digital circus you like the most hey guys I already prepared a new potion especially for this case then tell us what effect this potion has as soon as you throw this potion at kmo he will fall asleep on the spot in just a few seconds for a while very good so let’s run to cmo’s Lighthouse I really hope they are still there and kfmo hasn’t had time to drag Jax into some cake actually our friend behaved very badly today however out of friendship we definitely need to save him because he is probably in danger right now I’m sure he would do the same if he were in our place right now you’re absolutely right because we should help our friends no matter what however we definitely need to teach him a lesson for peeking at ratha while she was changing because that’s really very rude Behavior it seems I absolutely don’t understand why there is a plane right in the middle of the lake it seems it’s completely out of fuel and I definitely can’t make it work why did you need this plane when we could get to the lighthouse on this motorcycle right here honestly for some reason I didn’t know you could actually drive just a couple of days ago I took a couple of driving lessons from Kane most importantly let’s quietly sneak upstairs right now so kfmo doesn’t notice us ahead of time in that case let’s try to behave a bit quieter than usual so he can’t interfere with us saving Jack it seems he should be around here right now just look at this it seems he’s refueling his and doesn’t hear that we’re already up here in that case let’s quickly throw in the potion that Kane gave us hey guys it seems I suddenly feel like sleeping guys just look at this he really fell asleep right before our eyes hey ratha have you managed to find the place where Jax is locked up he’s definitely not upstairs but I’ll go check again right now I suspect that JX must be in a glass cage right now just look at this ratha he’s really here I absolutely don’t understand what kfmo did to him and why his head is so big now we need to hurry upstairs to kao’s laboratory to look for some kind of restoration potion we really need to hurry because Kane told us that the potion we threw at kmo has a very short-term effect just look at this I easily found a restoration potion let’s hurry to help our friend because I’m sure he’s feeling very bad right now you need to hurry while I watch to make sure CMO doesn’t suddenly wake up hey pomy it seems I did it hey guys what’s Happening Here ratha we need to hurry because it seems he’s starting to come to his senses oh no not this it seems like I missed nevertheless it actually worked immediately explain to me why my head looks like a pancake really don’t have time because we need to try to escape right there I didn’t give you permission to go anywhere I don’t care at all because I’m flying away right now in your plane hey Raga where are you flying without us do you really think you can just escape from me you’ll definitely pay for deciding to free Jax from my glass cage I’ll definitely get back at you for this later since we apparently escaped from calmo can you explain to me why my head looks like a pancake this all happened because you decided to peek while Raga was changing actually I was just incredibly curious about what was going on besides I really don’t understand why ragi stole cfo’s plane when she doesn’t know how to fly it at all I really hope she at least doesn’t crash it because right now it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen we need to come up with something quickly to help her land hey Jax where are you stuck actually it’s a bit unusual for me to walk because my head is much bigger than usual let’s come up with something quickly to return it to its normal size actually we have a completely different problem right now it seems ratha really couldn’t handle the controls right now she’s unconscious near the plane I warned her not to take the planes controls until she had proper training honestly you’re really incredibly slow so let’s take you to Kane’s magic flask first to finally return your head to its normal size the main thing is that Kane doesn’t catch us because in that case he’ll definitely realize that our plan to rescue Jax didn’t go as he intended don’t worry about that because I’m pretty sure he’s in his house right now I hope you’re right and that’s really the case hey kmo what are you doing over there I warned you that I would definitely get back at you for conducting a whole rescue operation in my lighthouse it looks like we need to run from here immediately ja let’s run outside immediately I’d better head to the second floor of the circus because I think it will will be much safer there guys I hope we come up with something to calm him down let me try to look out this window to see what he’s doing hey CFO what are you doing over there you’re actually so small compared to me that I can hold you in my hand like a tiny bug please don’t do anything like that I have to get back at you somehow for putting me to sleep and stealing Jack we had no other choice because he’s our friend I don’t care at all so right now I’m going to smash this whole circus to bits hey pomy run here quickly actually I can easily get out through this window guys it seems that today kmo brought me to some really strange place I don’t understand what you didn’t like about this place right now I’m going to roast this barrel of carrots nobody roasts carrots at all because it makes no sense in that case I’m going to do this right now hey why did you hook your fishing rod on my hat I did it because it’s incredibly fun stop doing this immediately because I absolutely don’t like it come on today I plan to have some fun don’t you want to keep me company it’s quite boring to have fun alone I will not go anywhere with you because today you’re acting very strange do you really have some kind of Staff in your hands right now guys it seems I have very bad news and I need to try to hide in this cave hey Kane what are you even doing here I’m just going to collect a golden carrot here actually right now kmo attacked me near this cave in that case let’s go outside and deal with him and I can finish collecting the carrot a bit later I absolutely don’t understand it seems he has already run off somewhere by the way what is this giant bonfire burning here kfo brought me here and suggested we roast a whole barrel of carrots over this fire this is really incredibly strange in that case let’s go up to the lighthouse hey what is this it seems Mo caught me with his fishing rod let go of Kane immediately otherwise I’m get incredibly angry for you I’m going to keep doing this until I get bored kmo have you completely lost your mind stop doing this immediately hey stop pulling me with the fishing rod because you already did this to me before well if you don’t want to then I’ll just mess with Kane I really hope he’s resistant to falling from Great Heights Kane absolutely can’t handle falling from Great Heights it seems he’s really in bad shape now and the only thing that can help him is your support be sure to like this video And subscribe to our Channel after the fall he lost Consciousness Kane I will definitely come up with some way to help you recover kmo please never do anything like this again now I’ll have a little more fun with him and you can go about your business if it’s too hard for you to watch this guys right now I will climb to the very top of his lighthouse to his laboratory and try to find some potion there to teach kfo a lesson for what he did to Kane today besides I’ll try to steal something interesting to make him incredibly upset let’s quickly check his potion chest just look at how many different potions are here and besides that there’s a whole pile of gold right now I’ll throw out all his potions wait what is this what are you even doing here Peppa Pig oh no not this because it seems she threw some potion at me guys it seems that after this potion I look just awful Peppa Pig come here immediately so I can get back at you for what you did stop right now because you won’t be able to escape from me anyway I’ll throw a potion after her to at least somehow get back at her for what she did it seems I hit her and now something really funny will definitely happen to her now I should go to the giant bonfire to throw a healing potion at at Kane wait it seems I absolutely don’t understand where Peppa Pig disappeared to she couldn’t have run away so quickly and it seems I accidentally threw a Vanishing potion at her anyway I still managed to get back at her and now I’ll go to help Kane if you can hear me you’ll feel much better right now because I brought a healing potion it seems it really works thank you so much for your help but I need to ask what happened to you and why do you look so bad it’s all because of Peppa Pig she sneaked up on me from behind and threw some strange potion at me we definitely need to catch her and teach her a good lesson for this actually it seems she disappeared did you manage to Rob kao’s laboratory while I was unconscious that’s exactly what happened so take this gold that I stole from the laboratory hey look at this it seems Peppa Pig came back when she heard about the gold it seems we need to take disciplinary measures and put her in the pen with the other pigs at my circus that’s a really great idea but it seems the pig absolutely doesn’t want to listen to you we need to come up with something to make her go with us to the circus I’ll try to make her go with us using the magic of my staff maybe you could lure her with that golden carrot you were collecting in some strange cave wow it seems that’s a really great idea and we can try it right now Peppa Pig follow us immediately and at the end of our journey I’ll give you this golden carrot it seems she really liked your offer well now I think we can finally continue our way to the circus we’ll put her in the pen with the other pigs I hope after this she will stop becoming so aggressive every episode hey Kane look at that it seems ritha just flew over us in an airplane how could she fly over us if she absolutely can’t pilot an airplane it seems you’re absolutely right and right now she lost control and is starting to rapidly lose altitude we can definitely help her later but right now we need to take the pig to the circus to lock her in the pen seems I absolutely don’t understand why the pig got angry about something right now she threw an enlarging potion at herself it seems she changed her mind and now she’s not okay with our offer it looks like I’ll have to use Force to make her obey us wait it seems she’s heading to the plane where ratha crashed oh no not this it seems she’s trying to grab her and escape with her oh no not this we didn’t make it in time and right now the giant angry Peppa Pig is running away with our friend in her hands do you have any ideas on what we should do now pomy why don’t you come up with something since you’re the smartest one in the amazing digital circus I have absolutely no ideas so we’ll have to come up with something on the spot it seems she ran into my house that’s why we need to go in there too to deal with her and get our friend back let’s quickly go downstairs and first check if she’s in my laboratory right now I think she should be here it seems we were wrong and she’s not here at least we’re lucky she didn’t manage to get to my potions let’s check your secret room behind the painting right now to my surprise there’s absolutely no one here either this is really strange because I definitely saw her run into my house we only have one room left to check if we can’t find them here then I don’t even know where we’ll look for them it seems this room is also completely empty let’s quickly run outside to discuss and figure out this situation hey what’s that how did a gummy crocodile get into your laboratory just now get out of here because you came without my invitation these gummy crocodiles have become so Brazen lately that they constantly run into my laboratory while I’m working and try to steal some potions right before my eyes we definitely need to come up with with something to tame them so they become at least a little calmer but right now let’s finally go outside to try to find Peppa Pig who ran off with ratha I really hope they’re still somewhere nearby and we’ll hey look at that Kane it seems the gummy crocodile stole an apple from your house somehow he found my secret stash of golden apples you have any ideas on what we should do with him now we need to try to outrun him to block his path to his yacht because there he can safely eat this apple and I absolutely don’t remember what effect it has and after that we’ll find some potions so I can return to my former appearance I absolutely love swimming in this Lake because it’s very hot outside today unfortunately I’m here alone right now but I hope someone will come to me soon for example the gummy crocodile wait what is this hey JX what are you even doing there I just wanted to peek at you a little but I miscalculated the necessary Air Supply are you out of your mind explain why you were spying on me I just wanted to surprise you today and was going to ask you out on a date wow actually I don’t have any plans for today so of course I agree that’s great in that case we can go to my McDonald’s right now we’ll grab a couple of birds there and then head to my place guys honestly a minute ago I didn’t expect someone to come to me so quickly my surprise could have been even better if I decided to hold my breath a little earlier next time I’ll definitely keep that in mind right now we’re almost at McDonald’s to be honest I don’t know if I want to take any food with me of course you don’t have to take anything but I’ll definitely get a lot of delicious burgers wait why is there absolutely nothing here looks like the gummy crocodiles have been here during my absence they’re very gluttonous so there isn’t a single burger left on the tables please tell me what you have in your blender inside there’s a golden apple invisibility potion and a lot of other very tasty things honestly I don’t really want to try it well in that case I’ll probably make a couple of burgers and you’ll have to wait a bit while Jax is Making burgers I’ll probably go outside and get some fresh air by the way guys don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and like the videos look at that it seems the gummy crocodile is riding his scooter on his yacht right now I absolutely can’t understand how this scooter could even end up on his yacht hey pomy I’ve already made some burgers so we can take them with us and head to my place maybe we can eat one Burger each right now I think that’s a great idea so I’ll do it right now oh wait it seems the meat in this burger was a bit off how can the burger not be fresh if you literally made it a minute ago apparently I’ve completely forgotten how to cook hey Jax oh no guys not this it seems Jax ate a burger that someone probably spiked with a sleeping pill I need to help him wake up immediately so I’m going to head to Kane’s house right away to ask for his help I hope he’s busy as usual Brewing some potion in his lab that’s why I’ll go there right now and check if he’s there it seems my theory was wrong and there’s absolutely no one here now I need to check the remaining rooms in his house hey hi Kane I must warn you that behind this door there’s some kind of spatial anomaly don’t go in there without my supervision actually I came here to ask you for a restoration potion for Jax did something happen to him again can you imagine he made a fresh burger and when he ate it he immediately passed out and said it was stale that’s why I urgently need your help that’s really bad and we definitely need to help him as soon as possible we’re incredibly lucky that I have a first aid kid in my lab just for such an occasion I’ll go get it right now and you can wait here for me guys I really hope Kane has some kind of antidote in his first aid kit that would be great because then we wouldn’t have to look for a restoration potion so Kane have you found the first aid kit in your lab not yet because it seems I put it in a hard to- reach place please find that first aid kit as soon as possible we definitely need to hurry Jax’s stomach must be hurting really badly right now and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone I finally found it and we can go help Jax now in that case let’s get outside as quickly as possible and head towards McDonald’s I really hope that while we were gone Gummy crocodiles didn’t manage to break into McDonald’s because then we’d have to help them too hey look at that it seems the gummy crocodile is heading to McDonald’s on a scooter that could end very badly I hope you left at least some food so he doesn’t become very aggressive of course there are still burgers that Jack’s made we need to go inside immediately and see what’s going on look at this it seems the gummy crocodile is somewhere outside McDonald’s and definitely not inside in that case we’re incredibly lucky that he apparently passed by oh no not this it seems he was just a little late and now he’s ridden his scooter right inside stop immediately and stop riding inside McDonald’s gummy crocodile don’t you understand that you’re going to turn everything upside down here and now he’s decided to steal one of the tables ouch Kane it seems you hit me with your staff sorry about that but you stood right in front of the gummy crocodile the gummy crocodile ran away and right now we need to help Jax recover as quickly as possible don’t worry about it I’ll get my first first a kit and find some kind of shot for him the gummy crocodile is back now he’s not breaking anything because he’s probably hungry guys thank you so much for saving me because my stomach hurt really bad and gummy crocodile please eat as carefully as possible because you’ve already broken almost half of McDonald’s hey guys why did you let the gummy crocodile into my McDonald’s in the first place get out of here immediately gummy crocodile it looks like he drew his saber and we need to chase him out of here as soon as possible hey gummy crocodile get out of McDonald’s immediately you’re not welcome here today we’ll definitely need to send back to his Candy Kingdom soon we’ll definitely do that in the next episodes by the way guys there’s something very interesting in our amazing digital circus would you like to go with me right now to check it out of course I’d love to go with you in that case let’s run to my house right now of course let’s go quickly while Kane deals with the gummy crocodile I’m absolutely sure he’ll handle it and we can finally go to my house like we planned at the beginning of the episode when we were going to go on a date quickly come down to my basement I want to show you this laptop that I got recently it has a lot of different games do you want to play with me actually I don’t know because you could say we’re all already in a game by the way besides games it also has our videos that we make with you and our friends if you want we can watch a couple of our old episodes wait what is this hole in the wall I don’t remember it being here before actually I don’t remember anything like this being here even this morning let’s try to break this wool and see what’s inside I have no idea where this passage came from hey ratha what are you doing here ratha have you really been spying on Jack’s every day when he was at home actually you just came here at a bit of a bad time don’t worry I’ll try to explain everything to you right now I don’t need any explanations from you just immediately get rid of this tunnel between our houses it turns out there was this secret tunnel in ratha’s basement all along I had a feeling someone was watching me all this time but I couldn’t understand anything guys please calm down because I’ll destroy this tunnel by tomorrow as an apology I want to offer you a golden apple will you take it actually I would really eat a golden apple right now because I couldn’t have any Burgers today wow it smells amazing I hope nothing bad happens to me if I eat this Golden Apple hole at least I’m very unlikely to turn into an abstraction hey ratha have you completely lost your mind what kind of golden apple did you give Jax what am I supposed to do now I’m so small that I can’t even jump onto these steps look at this I’m now at McDonald’s with Jax and today I want to do something very interesting I have a rope and a love potion that I’ll throw at him and tie him up after all this his shift is starting now and he should be here soon to start working there he is look I need to hide the main thing is that he doesn’t see me here I love my job so much I just need to change into my costume hey there calmo upstairs I hope he doesn’t get in my way today if he doesn’t have it he won’t be noticed Jack’s changed into his costume and he’s ready to work I think it’s the perfect time to tie him up I’ll sneak up behind him hey Jax you didn’t expect this today did you and what does all this mean why are you tying me up you don’t have to this is for all the jokes you’ve made everything will be great now stop it please I don’t want my hands tied there we go excellent I’m almost done and you won’t be able to do anything to me hey stop it please great now you won’t get away and I’ll throw this love potion at you you’ll always be with me oh I did something wrong I accidentally threw it at myself oh you look so amazing today I guess I never noticed your beauty before maybe we could go on a date you usually don’t say that to me but of course I agree I don’t want to untie you yet let’s go on a date anyway I can’t even walk are you crazy untie me and then we’ll go out are you kidding me you can run don’t make things up seriously it’s hard I can’t walk please untie me don’t do this you really love me I know okay fine I’ll untie you come here just like that wait a bit everything will be fine that’s much better thank you so much now I’m ready to go on a date with you I just need to change wait a little I’ll wait for you outside in the meantime guys by the way and what is this hey kmo what are you doing there don’t make noise I’ll show a funny joke now who are you talking to here I don’t understand anything I’m just thinking out loud to myself hey what does all this mean why am I being pulled kmo I don’t think this joke is funny at all let him go oh I wonder where he’s taking him now I can’t believe this is really happening I will have your pet rabbit and I really like it I don’t want to be your pet rabbit how can I even help him okay I have no choice but to run there for such an interesting episode guys you can like And subscribe to the channel right now and also write in the comments how I can save him maybe you have any ideas so let’s get going and now I think I’ll definitely come up with something I need to get upstairs as quickly as possible and see what’s going on I hope Jax hasn’t gotten into any trouble in the in the meantime and now I’ll be able to save him without any problems hey kmo what is this this is special protection so you can’t get through go away you’re not welcome here you see I wanted to hang out with Jax today let me into him immediately I will save him I’m telling you it won’t work today and I really don’t want you two to hang out fine I’ll go complain to Kane kmo made me really angry right now and I think I won’t let this slide I’m going to set a very cool new trap for him and he definitely won’t like it but first I need to come up with something and of course tell Kane about it he’s probably at his circus and I really hope so I need to ask him how I can teach kfo a lesson and he definitely won’t refuse to help me oh guys I heard some explosion it’s probably kofo shooting his staff from the lighthouse oh look there’s kane hey Kane urgent news I need your help well I just started fixing this flask what’s up kmo took Jax to his lighthouse and doesn’t want to let him go very bad but don’t worry we’ll figure something out do you have any ideas by the way Kane you look absolutely amazing today I don’t really like that you’re saying this you usually never compliment me well I can’t even control myself wait what is this hey ragi why do you look so scary hi guys I think I need your help too what happened to you I was testing a potion and accidentally spilled it on myself all right I’ll finish restoring this flask and you both get inside stand together and everything will be fine I promise all right then let’s do it I think this should definitely help just one second turning it on let’s see what happens to us I hope this works great it seems like it does I’m beautiful again and I really like it finally I fixed it and it works now I’m so glad if you wanted to teach kmo a lesson I have an idea come here yeah what do you have show me quickly this potion will turn him into a baby after that he won’t be able to do anything and we can catch him wow that’s great and we can put him in a cage can you do it without me I have a lot of things to do but I can help you a bit later I think we can handle it together you can go great then I’ll run this way where are you running isn’t your house in the other direction oh right I forgot and what’s this hole oh no not that I haven’t cleaned it up yet if you fall in it will be very bad and it looks like she fell in where does this hole even lead it’s all dark and you can’t see anything it’s very deep if you fall in you get transported somewhere and it can distort you a lot I don’t advise you to jump in where are you going have you lost your mind what am I supposed to do now they both went down the hole he must have gone after ratha well at least Lee he can help her get out of there I’ll run to the lighthouse alone I think I can handle kmo by myself and save our friend Jax I’ll have to climb this Lighthouse again but I think it will be quick I’ll turn him into a baby catch him and save Jax I wonder where he is and if he’s okay but we’ll find out soon let’s go inside I think I heard the sound of glass breaking hey Jax what are you doing here kmo left me here and told me to stay let me out before he comes back by the way I have a potion to throw at him I hope it works great then we can prank him together first let me out the cage is made entirely of glass couldn’t you break it yourself I thought it was enchanted and I was afraid to touch it thinking I’d turn into a frog you know that’s not true and can’t happen let’s go to his lab he should be here somewhere there he is look hey take this it’s all for you why are you doing this what’s happening let’s see what happened look he’s turned into a baby have you lost your mind I’m so small now you know I don’t like being small this is your punishment we’ll take some more potions from you and we’ll put you in a cage to live there I’ll just run away from you you’ll never catch me well whether we catch him or not we’re about to find out pretty soon I think it’s going to be really easy and we’re going to do it with his fishing rod hello everyone as you might have already noticed today I invited JX to visit me I’m incredibly happy that you decided to invite me can I try those cakes on that table no way because I specially prepared some carrots for you it’s no big deal since carrots are much healthier than those cakes I think we should go for a walk together right now that’s a great idea but where exactly do you want to go what is this it seems to be a very strange map and it even has some markings on it it really is some sort of map but I have no idea who could have left it here this is indeed incredibly strange because I don’t see anyone around I think we can take this map and try to figure out what’s written on it it seems I can’t make out what these markings are maybe you can try wow you might not believe me but it’s a dungeon map it looks like this dungeon is right under Kane’s circus wow that’s really interesting wait what’s that hey Jax it seems some ghosts just flew over us actually I’m incredibly afraid of ghosts so I think we need to get out of here as soon as possible this time I totally agree with you turn around immediately Jax it seems this ghost is running right after us wait it seems I don’t understand where this ghost is running at all maybe it’s leading us straight to the circus it’s just running in a random Direction in that case I think I need to check the map first great it seems we’re heading in the right direction it seems the ghost did fly straight into the circus we need to get there as soon as possible and try to find the entrance to the mysterious dungeon we’ve never heard of before to be honest I really want to get into this dungeon as soon as possible I’m more than sure we’ll find a lot of different Adventures there let’s get inside as soon as possible and try to find the entrance to the dungeon it seems we’re facing this ghost again it’s become very aggressive and started smashing Kane’s magical flask right now if Kane sees his flask destroyed he will definitely think we did it I really don’t understand where this Ghost came from and what it wants from us I think I saw a similar ghost in the Candy Kingdom when we were there on a tour we’ll deal with that later but right now I think we should try to find an entrance to the dungeon I suspect it might be right here but there’s really nothing here hey guys what are you doing here are you trying to find something we just found some strange map and looking at it we figured out that there’s some dungeon under your circus hey explain to me immediately why you broke my magical flat but it was some very strange completely white ghost don’t you understand that he absolutely won’t believe us I really don’t believe you because there have never been any ghosts in The Amazing digital circus if you really don’t believe us then we’ll show you the map right now hey Jax let Kane see it as soon as possible wait it seems I don’t understand anything because you were actually right there’s some dungeon right under my circus and that that case I’ll try to dig up the entrance as soon as possible and then we’ll all go there together hey pomy please give me the map so we can use it to navigate inside the dungeon hey guys just look at this it seems I’ve really noticed some strange stone bricks below let’s go down as soon as possible and check out what kind of dungeon this is in all the time the amazing digital circus has existed this is the first time I find out there’s some dungeon here hey where did we end up and what is this place you know guys it seems you’ll have to explore this dungeon without me I’ve never been in such places before and my teeth are chattering with fear well all right we’ll continue explor exping the dungeon without you visiting a place like this in the amazing digital circus has been my long time dream let’s try to explore this place and go a bit deeper wow just look at this it seems like it’s some kind of secret passage and we’ll definitely explore it later you’re absolutely right as we haven’t explored the rest of the dungeon yet I really hope we don’t encounter that scary ghost here hey CMO explain to us immediately what you’re doing here guys how did you even find the entrance here we found this place thanks to a strange map it looks like we found identical Maps I found F near my house this morning I think we should explore what’s interesting here right now in that case let’s go down the stairs we entered from as soon as possible I think there’s much more interesting stuff ahead wow it seems this toilet is here just for me to sit on kfo have you completely lost your mind get off it immediately and let’s continue exploring this dungeon wow just look at how interesting this room is I’m much more interested in what’s in this chest wow it looks like there’s some potion here stop immediately that’s our shared reward for completing this dungeon it seems we didn’t catch him so what are we going to do here here by ourselves now I think we can continue exploring this dungeon without any problems it’s incredibly dark here but I want to check if there’s anything else interesting there’s absolutely nothing in that case let’s head back and try to find our way out hey just look at this hey gummy crocodile explain immediately what you’re doing here and how you found the entrance actually it doesn’t matter maybe you can somehow get us out of here to my surprise today the gummy crocodile doesn’t look very aggressive it seems he really wants to help us get out of here wow just look at this after my request he actually took a pickaxe and started digging away out it seems It’s much brighter here already and we’re almost out of this strange dungeon this is truly incredible thank you so much gummy crocodile for not leaving us in trouble and agreeing to help us so as a reward I can only offer you this map if you haven’t forgotten kfo stole the potion we found in the dungeon I think we should go to his place right now to take that potion back because I think it must be really cool you’re absolutely right the reward for completing the dungeon couldn’t possibly be bad in that case let’s run to his lighthouse as soon as possible to take the potion back from him do you have anything with you to set a trap for him unfortunately I have nothing with me but I think we can come up with something on the spot as usual in that case we need to get to the top as soon as possible I hope he hasn’t used that cool potion on himself yet otherwise I’ll be even more upset with him than I am now ouch that actually hurt a bit why did kfo put these hot blocks at the entrance to his house it seems to be just a precaution to scare gummy crocodiles away from entering his house now let’s try to get to the top I’m more than sure he hid the potion at the top of his lighthouse hey kmo explain to us right now what’s going on here get out of my house immediately because that potion is my reward since I found it before you actually we went down to the dungeon much earlier than you I was in that dungeon for several hours before you went down there you will regret taking this potion from me it seems we can now take this potion without any resistance and use it to become superheroes of course we’ll do it right now if you don’t mind I’ll use this potion on myself to see what happens of course I don’t mind so please do it as soon as possible because I’m incredibly curious to see what happens to you hey pomy I don’t understand what’s happening to me I look like a ghost now oh no not that what are we going to do now it seems I can’t control myself at all because some unknown force is pulling me somewhere it turns out we shouldn’t have used this potion on ourselves I think I’ll go to Kane right now and tell him everything that happened hello everyone as you have probably already noticed I am right now near the giant blocks in our amazing digital circus it seems that I heard some sounds right behind these blocks hey guys have you all gone completely crazy or something hey pomy what are you even doing here apparently you just misunderstood everything I was just walking around with Peppa Pig and suddenly you appeared and ruined everything I got so angry that right now I’m going to throw this Peppa Pig into the void and only Kane will be able to get her out of there do you even realize what you have done it looks like we won’t see Peppa Pig for a very long time because now she will be floating in the void do you at least have any ideas about what we are going to do now actually it’s only your fault that Peppa Pig will be floating in the void for eternity wait it seems that we absolutely won’t need to save her I absolutely do not understand what you even mean we need to get get out of here as soon as possible before she attacks us immediately explain to me what you did and why Peppa Pig has become incredibly angry I got very angry at Jacks and I pushed Peppa Pig into the void apparently you have no idea what a stupid thing you’ve done get away from here as quickly as possible while I try to stop her I think I have a much better idea than just running away let’s go to my carrot storage right now to get a restoration potion I hid it among the carrots a long time ago for such cases I’m more than sure that after we throw this potion at Peppa Pig she will calm down and become very sweet again into my circus as quickly as possible actually we need to go to the carrot storage to get the restoration potion I will try to distract Peppa from you so that she doesn’t attack you before you can find the restoration potion thank you so much Kane but right now we will finally go into the storage and try to find the restoration potion that Jax mentioned wow I actually didn’t know that you did the renovation here I have a secret room here hurry up and get the restoration potion I hear some explosions outside again in that case I will open this secret passage with an iron pickaxe right now Cal Mo gave me this restoration potion because I once helped him steal a plane from Kane’s circus since you took the potion can we go outside now I think we need to help Kane as soon as possible because he judging by the sounds is fighting a very angry Peppa Pig right now I really hope he is okay right now because I don’t hear the explosion sounds anymore for some reason maybe he even managed to defeat Peppa Pig oh no guys not this he is lying there unconscious you need to somehow distract this Peppa Pig right now hey Peppa Pig have you already forgotten how I threw you into the void just a few minutes ago if not then in that case hey Jax get to the second floor of the circus as soon as possible and throw the potion at her please try to hold on just a little bit longer we need to try to get away from her as soon as possible because she wants to eat me hey Kane we’ll help you very soon because Jax should have already gone up to the second floor of the circus I really hope that Jax hurries because it looks like Peppa Pig intends to start breaking the Circ actually I have already gone up and thrown the restoration potion it looks like you really hit her so what will happen to her now I think we just need to wait a little bit guys it actually works this is really good and now we need to figure out how to help Kane as soon as possible hey Peppa Pig calm down immediately and become very small again apparently Peppa started running somewhere and right now we need to try to help Kane somehow I think we can deal with this right now by the way do you happen to have another restoration potion with which we can help him however I have a much better idea because right now we can drag Kane to the magic flask using a fishing rod maybe you could just carry him there in your arms I’m very tired today so right now I’ll take the fishing rod out of my pocket and we’ll carry out my plan in that case I think we’ll deal with this right now guys don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our Channel hey just look at this pomy I told you this is really the easiest way to get Kane to the magic flask I can’t even imagine how hard it would be for me to carry him in my arms in that case while you drag him to the flask I’ll try to turn on the mechanism just please try not to mess anything up if you press the wrong buttons cane might simply disappear from our amazing digital circuits of course I’ll try not to mess anything up because I seem to remember how C taught me to operate his magic flask correctly and right now we’ll see if this helps Kane wait guys it seems something went wrong guys thank you so much for helping me get back on my feet honestly you actually look a bit unwell Kane in that case I think I’ll look at myself in the mirror on my control panel right now oh no not this what happened to me I look so horrible that I just can’t stay with you because I don’t want to subject your minds to the danger of seeing me like this every day hey Kane stop immediately because we love you just the way you are I didn’t manage to stop him well what are we going to do about all this now right behind you is a scary copy of me I just came back and there’s absolutely no one there I swear I just saw a very scary version of myself right here at the entrance to the circus it seems to me that you just didn’t get enough sleep today and you really should rest I think this wasn’t just nothing and right now we need to figure it all out oh no not again turn around immediately haven’t you realized yet that you are just seeing things because of lack of sleep well in that case I’ll really believe you’re right and there was absolutely nothing by the way do you happen to know where Peppa Pig is right now the last time I saw her she was running towards cfo’s Lighthouse I think if you want to find her we really should look for her there I hope Peppa Pig hasn’t had the chance to scatter all the potions in cough lab yet wait what’s that right behind the lighthouse apparently Calo was just preparing something very big here and just forgot to put out the fire I really hope he at least wasn’t trying to roast Peppa Pig on that bonfire besides I think I heard some strange explosion upstairs let’s climb this giant staircase as soon as possible and see what happened up there hey just look at this for some reason Peppa Pig started scattering all the potions hey kmo didn’t you even notice that Peppa Pig robbed your lab as far as I can see it was you who decided to steal all my potions so for now I’ll kindly ask you to return them to me take these potions back because we didn’t steal them from you just look at this Peppa Pig thank you so much for pointing out the thief to me and right now I’ll probably teach this pig a lesson apparently we need to get down as soon as possible because it’s becoming truly unsafe here leave immediately before I decide to teach you a lesson along with this sneaky Pig well all right we were just about to go down with Jax anyway I’m very glad that Peppa Pig is actually okay well right now I think we need to come up with some plan to somehow get C back from the circus in that case do you have any ideas about this I think that for start we should go into the circus itself and try to find Caine there I think besides it will be a great adventure because on the way we need to stop by my room and grab something there I think we’ll do that right now and head inside the circus after Kane to try to bring him back guys just take a look at the incredibly interesting video I Shot for you on this camera right now Kane and Jax are bathing together in the shower until I saw this with my own eyes I couldn’t even imagine that something like this was possible hey guys don’t you think this is going too far hey pomy what are you even doing here you absolutely shouldn’t have seen this right now I’m going to the circus so that no one can see me again stop immediately because kmo is setting some kind of trap in the circus right now it seems I absolutely failed to stop him do you even understand what you’ve done pomy it was just another one of my little experiments from the outside it might look a bit different but I assure you it seems you definitely won’t be able to convince me after what I saw with my own eyes to help you forget this I will give you a very interesting task right now you must go to the yacht with the gummy crocodiles to take back the gold bars they stole from me last night while I was sleeping hey CMO what are you even doing here I just decided to come to the circus as usual in the morning you’re incredibly lucky you didn’t come here a minute earlier and you’ll never know what happened here but right now I have to fulfill Kane’s assignment so I’m going to the yacht with the gummy crocodiles and try to take back the stolen gold just look at this it seems the gummy crocodile noticed me he immediately became very hos Style hey gummy crocodile stop shooting arrows at me right now and I’ll definitely feed you very delicious burgers it seems he agreed to my terms you can go to McDonald’s right now because there’s no one there and eat all the burgers you can find without any problems is that gummy crocodile trying to cause some trouble again absolutely not it’s just that Kane assigned me to go to the yacht with the gummy crocodiles and take back the stolen gold are you sure you can handle it alone and nothing bad will happen to you I’m absolutely sure because I already managed to deal with one of the gummy crocodiles in that case I’ll wait for you here and if you really need help just call me well right now I’m finally heading to the gummy crocodiles yacht guys don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our Channel let’s quickly climb up this ladder onto the yacht there shouldn’t be anyone here right now so I need to try to find the treasures that the gummy crocodile stole as soon as possible wow look at this it seems the second gummy crocodile has been fixing something all day and is now sleeping like a log I have some time to search their safe guys look at this it seems these are the very Treasures Kane was talking about to my surprise there’s even a unique golden fishing rod I’ve never seen before hey what was that explosion outside it seems I need to get out of here right now wait let’s have some fun with this potion I’m more than sure that something incredibly funny will happen right now wait it seems the potion didn’t affect him at all and he’s just sitting down to have tea at least I’m incredibly glad he doesn’t know I stole all their Treasures for some reason I can’t find the source of the explosions I heard when I was inside since nothing is threatening me I’ll head back to Kane’s circus without any obstacles there’s an incredibly beautiful golden fishing rod here that Kane didn’t tell me about and there are also a few very strange burgers that I probably won’t eat because I don’t know how long they’ve been in the gummy crocodile safe let’s try to find Kane here and it seems he’s on the second floor of the circus right now I’m going upstairs to check if he’s there it seems something very strange is happening because for some reason I can’t find Kane anywhere hey Kane finally I found you well PNE I hope you managed to take back my treasures from the gummy crocodiles of course I managed to complete the task and right now I’ll return all your Treasures why didn’t you tell me you have such a cool golden fishing rod that fishing rod doesn’t belong to me but thank you so much for deciding to take it with you by the way did you happen to find out where Jax is and how he’s doing I was just about to look into that and head to the circus after him seems something is exploding outside right now you heard it too right of course I heard that very loud explosion explosion happened right behind the circus because I don’t see any sources in front of me and we need to check what happened there immediately hey CMO what on Earth is going on here it seems I miscalculated ated my strength a bit because I had no intention of doing anything like this to rathar she’s lying here completely unconscious hey Kane don’t you want to explain why you have my golden fishing rod in your hands right now actually this fishing rod belongs to me now this fishing rod was stolen from me by the gummy crocodiles so you must return it to its rightful owner if you can catch me I’ll give you back your fishing rod have you really forgotten that we need to help ratha regain Consciousness you can definitely handle that on your own it seems my friends have left me and gone off to do some nonsense since I’m left completely alone I need to quickly come up with something to help my friend it looks like I’ll have to go to kao’s Lighthouse to find a restoration potion there at least he’s very busy right now trying to catch Kane however I definitely need to hurry because he could come back home at any moment it would be very awkward if he caught me stealing potions from his chest I need to climb to the top floor as quickly as possible to get to his laboratory and try to find a restoration potion I really hope he hasn’t come back home yet hey JX what are you doing here I usually come here to look for interesting potions in cfo’s chest look at this Beauty potion I found if you want I can give it to you right now ratha is unconscious behind the circus in that case you’re incredibly lucky because there are definitely a few restoration potions here by the way do you want to accompany me on the way back that’s a great idea because I have absolutely no plans for today so I’d be happy to go help ratha with you by the way today I managed to complete Kane’s task all by myself you’re amazing because yesterday I also tried to do it well now let’s go down to the bottom and head out to help our friend as quickly as possible by the way maybe you can tell me what happened to her did she manage to get into some trouble again as as always she was learning to use the staff with kfmo and he accidentally somehow hit her with his staff it seems the gummy crocodile wants to take revenge on us I don’t understand his motives for Revenge at all I also took a golden fishing rod from their safe in that case I can indeed understand his motives to take revenge on you it looks like he came ashore on a boat so we definitely need to hurry don’t worry about that because gummy crocodiles run very slowly nevertheless we need to hurry and use the restoration potion as quickly as possible to help ratha regain Consciousness oh no not this we’re incredibly lucky that my golden room is very close to this place where we can hide I absolutely don’t understand how you managed to mix up the restoration potion with the abstraction transformation potion maybe I forgot to read the name of the potion on the label what are we going to do now in your golden room right now the gummy crocodile is fighting this abstraction guys I really hope we can get out of here safe and sound

This video, titled ‘POMNI Farts All The Time! Will JAX Save Her? Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 in Minecraft’, was uploaded by POMNI – Minecraft on 2024-06-22 20:00:00. It has garnered 1752 views and 33 likes. The duration of the video is 01:06:47 or 4007 seconds.

POMNI Farts All The Time! Will JAX Save Her? Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 in Minecraft

In this video, Jax is once again trying to have fun with Pomni and RAGATHA in the pool! Today, you can expect interesting stories and amusing adventures with Pomni and her friends. Be sure to watch the video until the end, as there’s something exciting waiting for you.

Credits: GLITCH / Gooseworx

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    INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Redstone logic #shorts #viralshorts’, was uploaded by 07_GAMING on 2024-05-28 12:02:05. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. subscribe #minecraft #viral #fast #senpaispider #thanks #nizgamer #pro #pvp #fizzy #psd1 #technogamerz #gamerfleet … Read More

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    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

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    Unearthing Minecraft's First Entity - Insane Discovery!Video Information This video, titled ‘We Discovered Minecraft’s First Entity…’, was uploaded by Darkomode on 2024-06-19 11:00:32. It has garnered 29249 views and 1124 likes. The duration of the video is 01:06:50 or 4010 seconds. We Discovered a Player Who Doesn’t Exist in Minecraft and ever since, strange things have been happening… Today we Discovered The First Entity in Minecraft w/ @RageElixirMinecraft 👍 FOLLOW ME! ► TikTok – https://tiktok.com/@darkomode ► Instagram – https://instagram.com/darkcornerstv ► Twitter – https://twitter.com/darkcornersyt 📺 MY OTHER CHANNELS ► Dark Corners (Horror) – https://youtube.com/darkcornerstv ► DarkoBlox (Roblox) – https://youtube.com/darkoblox Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free… https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji Music:… Read More


    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

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  • DupeSte4lzs

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    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

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