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[Music] [Music] [Music] so welcome everyone to my s m live stream today actually we are playing Minecraft today it was completely unprepared I well did that last minute so if anything doesn’t work as it should please don’t be too harsh on me with your judgment because well really I had literally just like a couple of hours and even then I had to do a lot of stuff so let me hop into the chat let me see who is here let me see who is already in the house today I expect a lot of people to join because Minecraft is cool and Minecraft’s on my server so it’s even twice as cool you know what I mean so let me unlist my vertical stream at least for now so people can also join there and then we’re going to see we are online on YouTube we are online on YouTube a second time we are online on Twitch I guess so let me see let me see I think we online there t is always bit slow We online on Kick yes we are and we got a bot again that’s so cool I got one mention here okay perfect everything looks good so who is hyped who is hyped let me know oh yeah and we’re live on Tik Tok as well as as usual oh yeah that’s how I like it so now let me see oh hello scorpion how are you though hello Boris hello SOS and hello Adams I I got a new flavor today oh I should make advertisement I’m I have an addiction and I Know It uh it looks like for some reason streamlabs did pick up the wrong chat again doesn’t matter I’m going to use it like that it’s fine ooh yeah M I’m not sure what it tastes like but it it’s not totally terrible it’s kind of okay I mean it could be worse let me pop out the Tik Tok chat as well oh yeah all chats at one place that’s how it should be poo yeah poo yeah I’m going to go here T and we’re all set up that’s how I like it how how actually are you all doing today [Music] [Laughter] scorpion loves Minecraft no I think I think love is not a strong enough word for Scorpion right the way that scorpion likes loves and you know like values Minecraft is going beyond beyond the feelings that usual humans like you and me could actually understand okay this is a real deep bond okay if if if scorp no if Minecraft would be a child right scorpion would love it but but not like a normal mother would love it it would be like I don’t know it would be like extraterrestrial it would be like IM you cannot explain you know how much scorpion loves Minecraft okay scorpion you would agree with me right I have to give you all good news and bad news good news is I managed to install very nice Shad of on my computer right now for Minecraft so that the stream looks better the bad news is I had no time to test them whatsoever okay So eventually when I start my game right now everything is starting to lag and freeze in this case I have to turn them off uh you know I had not enough time to test it so that’s kind experimental today okay but you know it’s my first Minecraft Sim so we called it an experimental stream right that’s that’s how we call it [Music] oh let me see if you all see what I [Music] see oh yeah you all see my my mean craft by the way I’ve added some nice little little information if you watch my stream you see on the top here here on the top bar the Minecraft Java IB and and the information how you could join from Bedrock so if you want to play with me on my server all you have to do on Java is obviously just base the IP on connect to my server that’s how easy it is and on badrock it’s a bit more tricky because of consoles locking people out for public servers all you have to do there is add the user called ofun MC as a friend and then you can join his game and you would be in my server as well so no matter where you play like Bedrock or Chopper you can hop into my game all the time that’s how it is I have to put on my cool gaming glasses actually I wanted to put now I wanted to put on my cool Minecraft gaming glass today because I’m all green as you see green shirt green green shorts you don’t see the shorts right now but they also green uh and I have green glasses yeah whatever so now let’s do the the the uh the unforgivable test to join the server with ultralux shaders I hope I hope that [ __ ] nothing [ __ ] up up let’s [Music] see let me see how much fps do we got here we still have more FPS it’s not that bad it’s not that bad yeah actually good thing Boyson uh that you remind me I have to add the stupid spam bot so that that it spams the server IP to everyone in chat all the time until you have enough of my bot let me turn that on timer Minecraft IP and then the message are going to copy that from YouTube because I’m smart not really smart just pretending to be smart see somebody in front of me right that’s how I like it okay you want to play Minecraft on my server sure thing Java clients can connect to play of funny World Bedrock players on PS4 Xbox and mobile phone and PC can just add the func us as friend and directly on D that’s too much and join his game to actually join my server interval 15 minutes now let’s do 10 minutes let’s do 12 minutes and then we do like minimum 10 10 lines that should be fine I guess let’s go full metal push there we go if the diamond is getting too annoying just let me know it most likely will and I will do nothing about it that’s how it is who’s trying to mute you me I know I never did no why would I do that not yet at least maybe later okay hello guys hello guys hello guys hello guys what’s [Music] up I just realized that my YouTube stream is like really delayed it’s fine that’s just how it is okay first thing you’re going to do right now this is I me what you what you see right here is the old Minecraft Hub okay so I think that we or I going to give you guys a sneak peek for the new Hub and therefore I’m going to add poison into into the voice chat so he can actually tell you more Bon it hello poison how are you make sure poon can hear me right now maybe I have to allow him to talk blah blah blah blah blah think boys and can’t dog I have to give him the permissions first [Music] move move can you talk now yay couldn’t you talk earlier Y no no uh it was doing that little bug thing again where like you have to jump in jump back out again it’s fine I got to mute I got to mute mute all members by default and then have to unmute them manually so you still can talk right yeah yeah yeah good good good good good so my plan was actually I’m not sure if it’s a good plan but my plan was actually to show off some of the new features that actually upcoming um okay you know a little sneak peek so people would not cannot say like oh funny service kind of look boring or whatever you know that’s what I want to do yeah you want to show behind the curtain right yeah a sneak peak behind the curtain you have any ideas what that could be ooh well it depends on how much you want to show because there’s so much going on so much new things coming out that depends on how much of a sneak peek you want to do did you get an exol good no I think that was Bor so that’s so cute Well it can’t have been Bor actually because it must beer I think we should we should H over to the new Hub and then like show people what actually is coming next right yeah right absolutely I think so because right now this is the old HP you know even though it’s really beautiful because I build it and that means that it has to be beautiful because I cannot build [ __ ] now it actually looks shitty okay I mean it’s it’s not terrible though okay I saying I’m not saying nothing look okay come on let’s let’s follow me okay the old hop is not that ter look so this zomie it’s kind of it’s kind of sment okay this thing is I don’t know this a thing that Leos built you know I think it should be D cut or whatever where are you bro up here can TP to me TP here yeah Mr poison you see this should be right I went to the rip um it’s good job I you should actually go in Creative or at least cut fly yeah um it’s cuz I have to keep activating mod it’s there we go oh there there we go finally come here okay but the thing is you know for some reason he gets like one of those those those holy things here those holy how you call them those holy shines this Halo Halo yeah I’m not sure if Scott is anything but an angel yeah but look at that okay look at his eyes Okay so this is kind of it giving me mixed signals you know I don’t know yeah it’s very goofy I mean he he look he looks like he’s just bro scorpion is asking is that Jesus is it Jesus no wait not Jesus Jesus oh yeah Jesus yeah Jesus so I um do you know actually when I got mod I was um this is maybe something you could explain to me I was I was uh I went into flying I was flying around this Hub area right yes and I come across where is it it uh a building up top here with here it is is it in here no where is you you mean a hidden chest in here there’s a chest yes yes what’s in yeah there it is yeah what’s in the chest well this chest right contains a very dark and durable secret you have you ever watched um what was his name and this this dude like Indiana Jones yes yes of course have you ever heard about the Lost Arc yes I have yes that’s that’s 10 times worse what’s in this in this chest that’s why that’s why it’s hi inside very very well by the way there is a hole I know a hole back there I did I did go in and I did check um cuz I but bro I’m when I say this I’m not even lying I spent 5 minutes trying to find figure out a way in there without cuz obviously um I can’t break anything in the hub so it’s not like I could just break a block and go and sneak peek I had to go all the way at the back there and search through all the different types of holes there is at the back there are a lot there are a lot of holes not lying see me like 55 minutes so yeah the whole I I wouldn’t even be able to point out I don’t think I don’t think I’d even be able to point it out if I’m honest because oh yeah here it is look wait T me here but the only reason the only reason I see it is because I’m using shaders so I can look through the water yeah yeah yeah no yeah see I couldn’t see through the water yeah this is right yeah took me about 55 minutes I’m not even in here how did you do that no he went into spectator mode and then oh he’s a smart one no yeah are you ready for the biggest disappointment of your life there’s not wait wait who put the who put the Hop chin icon in there what the hell I can’t why can’t I still open this chest I can’t see what you might not be allowed but the only thing it’s in is this it’s full of hop chin icons who who I don’t know this one I can I can drop it ra that’s so stupid that’s got raisin written all over it you know that most you can’t drop yeah you can’t drop them icons no you should you shouldn’t you should be able to drop it it’s like literally how it should be yo yo yo guys you do who this guy who this guy hello only hello hello my friends wait I have to I have to close the channel again for new people so not everybody can join that’s not what I want I don’t know like for some reason it didn’t work that that that you cannot connect automatically but still able to talk or maybe just boys being stupid I don’t know no I think you know what it might just be my phone it’s a Samson after all wa what I was use Samsung hey come on chill Samsung is cool it is I love my phone I do how how old how old is your Samsung phone it’s a few years old just be honest with me it’s s20 Ultra it’s a few years old hey Logan is in the house how are you [Music] Logan rockoo is also here I love it you know guys that’s how it is hey Logan and rockcoo if you want to you can hop into my server we’re going to play some Minecraft right now um well oh my goodness I have to I have to tell him something hi oh yeah I bet um scorpion is loving this scorpion loves it you know like no scorpion told me in secret right like between me and you I I’m not I’m not allowed to tell you that you know that that she actually adors Minecraft right oh oh really she adors Minecraft you know not only not only that so she’s only putting up this facade yes so I see so actually she she exposed me her secret plan okay her plan was that I actually going to raise my um you know my bounty on on getting her playing Minecraft to at least 1,000 bucks and then she would make 8020 with whoever actually you know would participate so she gets 80 and you get 20 she she is looking a you yeah she’s a mastermind you know I I I wouldn’t have guessed so but she’s like you know like this this mega mind movie like back then 20,000 years ago yeah she’s dead times times 30 wow yeah bro scorpion is crazy right should we the we we we are quick or funny so what’s the plan today the plan is that we’re going to hop over to the new Hub so we’re going to show everyone a sneak peek about what coming up for them um and then we’re going to we’re going to paste um the new Arena over to the survival world because we going to do a Smackdown and the winner can win actually I did a ball what will the winner win I the last time spw a spawner no the last time I check the winner wins like one week in jail yeah that’s about the whole the whole server went I don’t think they know what jail me the thing I can show you like the the thing is it’s still one week in jail okay so let me let me let me put my my Discord server here in the middle and let me switch the scene really fast desktop so look at that I I made a ball on my Discord server right so I said whoever wins the smackdown um what what in Minecraft in my stream tonight what what could you win a free premium rank 25,000 k in-game money 50 chunks claimed of free land or funny is like head and my uh you know like I think a premium rank is cool yeah but but listen did you notice how nobody wanted your head yes and then a mystery Sher box you know with something I put into the box could be anything and then like getting jailed for one week and like almost everybody who actually saw this post by voting for getting jailed for one week so I think it’s not I think you should change the parameters on that I think it should be one week in game time so they must spend 724 hours in the game in in the jail before they can actually get out I don’t no if I if I going to chil somebody in jail you know for the next stream I going to add some really creepy um some really creepy I know some boss or something who always like follows you like Slender Man hey Mortal Combat how are you doing boy yeah funny we need it for our backrooms yes we do we do we do we do we we need to make them more creepy you know if we J someone they need to get the fake blindness a little bit oh good idea yeah yeah like the blindness you get from the warden no no no it’s no no just a fake blindness blindness from the warden is too dark bro you you don’t see anything that’s the point oh oh okay that’s the point so cuz it’s a maze in it oh no I suppose you’re right actually I I have to talk to somebody want to hop on my server then I have to spam my my link you know because I have to make advertisement so people join my Minecraft server that’s how it is you know how it is yeah where did the borrow though I have no idea he was there then he wasn’t who is tping me there I’m busy right now Poison Poison Poison are you joking I’m in the center and only raisin Force TPS people all the time no I’m in the center also bro no you’re not bro you’re really not oh you there but poison why TP funny bro I didn’t TP funny he can check the logs by the way and he actually can see who TP them that’s true I could check them um yeah now what you got to say I I need I need to go to Microsoft I need to um delete some I need to go to Microsoft and delete some data real quick uh I need to change my name hello Kane I I I I honestly I haven’t had the time to check them yet but I will do it to tomorrow like when you know because this this weekend was full of streaming and I had literally not chance of doing anything else but you know streaming preparing streams talking to people but I going to check it I I promise I’m going to check it like tomorrow when when I have more time for that um I think that’s it for now we can actually go to the new Hub and show people what they actually I’m opening I’m opening a mystery oh oh that was it was a four star one that was rubbish yes that’s what what it is so anyhow let’s go to should we give you a like real quick like um room tour about the new Hub yes I’m here yeah okay let’s wait on poison so okay um this actually you’re going to see right here is a new Hub that will be released in about a week and it’s so much cooler than the old Hub okay look look at those look at those look at those sweet sment NPCs here okay have you ever seen something on a chva server and this is not only a chva server we are playing Chava and Bedrock here okay that means yeah we are cool yeah that’s how it is you can connect to our server with Chava with badrock on your phone on your console on your computer you can play with literally anything here you can play with everything you could even play with your your potato computer maybe not sure about that but I feel like that was a direct gig at scorpion so the thing is I I can play with my PS4 on it and it worked totally fine so yeah you could even play PS4 what is M literally meanwhile nothing wrong with a PS4 how old is a PS4 meanwhile like 10 years 20 years one one one DEC it’s too old like b b it’s like 12 years old is it it’s like 12 years old so you could even play with a 12 year years old console on my my server without major issues I mean yeah sorry where where are you funny I’m here in front of you what do you mean I can I can see you you cannot see me he’s gone into have you gone into vanish oh maybe I did yeah yeah punishing like a ghost no I’m not I’m here what do you mean I can’t yeah we can’t see we actually can’t see we can’t see you you know what I think you’re just you’re just crazy going to reconnect now admin abuse owner abuse admin abuse owner abuse yeah there he is yeah did you sp a potion on me but I wasn’t watching you did most likely hate you guys okay go on okay so first if you spawn here you see the beautiful NPCs right here yeah like you see how like good looking parrot with his good looking beard like yours so funny but but but Ry Ryon give me give me give me information like who who made all those sweet embes like who could have done that yes so the EMP is made poison soup he is literally our develop no why why am I getting under the bus it’s not how it is no [ __ ] oh funny did their things yeah yeah the good looking pirate and the goodl looking zombie with the big shield and a big a in your hand looking incredible then we got B the bow Master you see here yeah and we got um yeah so if you turn back uhhuh you see a big juicy castle and you can go in right yeah and now you what you have done so all those NBC you see right here they will actually hold quest in the future so they have some stupid name right now but we’re going to name them with some nice stuff and as well here and as you see this I can see him this is not like your average server right have you ever seen purple fire purple fire before that’s not like that’s like like some people get somewhere else fun we can’t see you bro because I’m not next to you because you’re slow you keep disappearing yeah you keep disappearing we can’t see your skin it’s like it’s like I don’t know what it’s like it’s like every time you [Music] move LIF with it sorry bro okay well can I still TP to you oh wow thank you for the new sub yeah we can TP to funny so yeah funny right here you see our cool looking stair staircase yeah St and right here we have G2 and G3 and G1 um we also call him um Jeremy oh the G1 Guy this is Jeremy um hello Jeremy this is Jeremy yeah Jeremy is looking pretty good how also Jeremy is also really well known server so that’s why um we want that this is Jeremy you know why why is there a in Jeremy’s head and why does he look happy he’s seen better days are you sure it’s good yeah yeah he’s totally fine um I I still I still going to give him a cupcake or something you know I think he wants something to eat he might be happier then let me see yeah I think but we don’t I I give him a pink donut a pink donut you give me a pink donut yeah maybe he will happy with it okay so let’s go he’s not picking it up yeah maybe he wants to eat it later so let’s go you know what you know what are going to give it to him NBC because he deserves donut you know what I mean yeah understandable there you go there’s your good donut good sir oh he it look at that stupid enough to get an ax look in your head I don’t feel like deserve yeah but that’s how Jeremy is working so if you go upstairs we got 10 Sant uhhuh um he also I think nobody cares about Santa let’s go on to the cool things okay okay sorry sorry um if we go back here we see desk if you see here we got a cool looking desk with a creeper on it that’s all boring and with some pencils that’s cool okay I’m sorry and if you go in here to the magic guy listen Ry Ry shut up a moment okay listen so I have a question those those wings are really cool and this this magic one is also really cool can you get those items really in our on our server in game like can you get [Music] those um the answer is yes don’t please don’t you can get them yeah why did it took so long let me just clarify to everyone who’s watching you abely get all these I sorry go on I have to get a coffee yeah I’ll get what the hell you I don’t know okay okay okay okay let me say in the stupid way she boys that’s cool those items are awesome but are there also some custom mobs that I could encounter hey man yeah of course bro we got them custom mobs we got them custom items we got them custom ores we got everything custom bro we got custom poison we got custom oh funny let’s go let’s go over to the custom mobs I want to show them yeah wait wait wait you need to show the custom armor the best one in the game right now yeah with the [ __ ] with the TV screen on it can you tell me what happens when you put that hood on okay so let let me introduce you the magical um the ma magical armor right yeah you you you ready so you see the cool looking TV thing on it on this you know you see this like in my hand you see it also it’s the mysterious H you know it’s looking pretty fire and if you put it on your head like boom okay now now you can watch now you can watch Minecraft in 4k right and and you have [ __ ] night vision unlimited know you know you know how it look literally how it look right you look like you know you ever been through a driveth through uh Drive In in McDonald’s you know those those thrash bins but I could throw in your garbage right that’s how it look like how can I take your order wait I I have an old burger for you okay there take that no no no oh I can’t believe it I just gave one of his Burgers away what oh yeah that literally would will never happen again let’s go over to the mops now I want to show off okay yes let’s go to the mops if if we go no no no of we can’t go right to the to the MS okay we show yeah yeah we need to show we we need to show the rooms you know because the rooms are [ __ ] awesome they might be awesome but my my people and my viewers want see mobs yeah okay I’m sorry okay if you jump jump down the bridge and do like a little bit of suicide but it’s okay um yeah if you jump down perfect and here you see like a little camping place right and this creepy looking cave right with this look look look look look look look kids kids you know you know why shaders are cool because because this and this is glowing right this is something that people could just only dream about look at this beautiful look at this you know what I did not join this stream personally attack no wait give me a second ryzen boys actually playing on PS4 on PS5 right so they can they can only play on badrock and on badrock certain stuff like know shaders doesn’t work yet so this highlight in in in you know light emission is not working there so it doesn’t look as Beau it looks in ch you know the thing is though F let me introduce you in the your best buildings Hi D how are you okay so let let me introduce you to the cave so go on take take a [ __ ] torch here you got one I got one me one give me one I have I have OptiFine I can I can highlight I can use it then yeah look at that that’s optify can you do it on badrock no um so if if you walk around here see this creepy looking guy with a with a golden eye on it you know go survival mode yeah this cool looking guy is going to attack you I think no he’s chilled but I have to go to to um to oh um no yeah you see get away here you see he’s like a really crazy guy flying into blocks putting La particles um in the roof actually oh no I don’t know where he is um he just disappeared but yes um a cool thing uh but yeah so let’s go more on in the cave yeah right uhhuh you know what I what what I would say huh that’s already amazing but that’s not really like knocking me off my chair I want to see something really good right okay you want to see something really good wait wait wait before you go in there let me get get you oh um you need oh yeah let let me get you some armor real quick okay I’m waiting for it what’s that you it’s the netherite armor why is is picking my up my armor up what the hell go away can can you can you not pick up my [ __ ] please and here you got a little bit food you know that that’s raw chicken no it’s cooked chicken it’s fine poison poison you’re you’re you’re grey selfish C so okay here you got another one not FL your last that’s it um did you get do you got some food yeah I got the cooked chicken okay so if you walk now into this good ass looking area yeah walk into and look up yeah yeah chill a moment I have to I have to I have to do some Shader settings right now because I want to have it a bit more um not not so dark I whatever I can do it later whatever let you hit me yeah yeah you want to yes okay everybody need to be quiet now everybody need to be quiet have to focus now what’s going on here that’s cool that’s nothing wait what’s that oh my goodness oh is a chai chant Spire yeah it’s the Warriors it’s pretty cool um I need [Music] food yeah you what does she look like oh my goodness and yeah make a little by guys I’m not dying you are give me only following you by the way so I don’t care I think it’s cuz I [Music] yeah I Dr you I did it I did it no you did oh [ __ ] let me get down here I have to I have to make my shaders like not so dark give me a second no please distract her distract her near dead and if if you see here the Spidey you know Warrior is cing egg where poison SP coming out like poison soup that’s really cool I just forgot got M sh for for for the darkness oh am I burning and if you see now poison kill this spider but no what’s happening now if you see know Warriors get on that Warriors in it’s back to life like back to back in the life and it’s walking around and knocking players back like they like little plumies oh my God I don’t like that so if you if you try to kill them or kill her I guess you cannot hit her because she is like crazy because you know oh no I can yeah you can I saw that okay so much so much for the bosses okay so there’s a lot of a lot of custom stuff coming up um no no it’s fine I I don’t want to continue here not for now yeah but but now if you look um that’s fine we all if we all huh do do you want thank you for the sub snow botol what we going to add what what what what I I know all things you don’t add but I’m just playing stupit Noob yeah I I know that’s like this I wonder what what that could be now follow me I’m following you yeah follow me yeah you’re not following me you follow you your own so if you I’m so so first of all uhhuh you see the good looking NPC foggy hole there uhhuh that’s not the final name I don’t want to show that off okay this will yeah if if you walk here you see oom um he’s a um she her whatever that is is really crazy but if you walk in here you see a little crazy um yeah um personal here if you if you see it in the back you know what M you know what poison actually mhm po no not poison Ryon you know what you talk too much that that’s why we’re going to do watch it what how did you do that hey did he put you in survival I did wait you got mode or something like that you know really quick no you’re going hey come here come here oh no run yeah right here you see the beautiful oh right here let me tell you something let me tell you [Music] something why why is Jonas killing himself the whole time what’s going on uh I think I think he’s trying to get a cheap shout up yeah maybe we we need to we need to we need to better okay no no wrong wrong wrong situation you’re so quick to the word ban aren’t you ban him okay uh so you said we have a we have Arena here for our Smackdown event yes I do where um if you follow me I’m following you um because I had to just I I was I was under pressure and raisin wasn’t there to help what do you mean Under Pressure you had all the DI in the world like half an hour or you joking do you know I mean like half an hour get me an arena I was like wait what wait where is it this one here um no no is why are the flying houses in Sky by the waya have you been tripping Ora yeah yeah it’s all good it’s all good I’m got to to you boys and wherever you are oh there it is I see it I found it I’ve got it I’ve got it I’ve got it oh isn’t it beautiful so yeah um yeah I feel quite embarrassed this is what I had this is what I came up with with that’s that’s totally fine we going to paste that into this wild world for our Smackdown event oh funny I think you want to have a roof on it right no no okay no I I want I don’t want to have a roof because I have to stream this this stuff you know I have to have to watch from from from you know above at the Players how they actually destroy each other and then make stupid jokes and comments that’s how it is i’ I’ve already kept the blocks for you to use world edit by the way one down here one that’s that’s oh my God that’s how I love it you you you actually you re actually gained like 100 social points in China that’s how it is before you do anything okay for funny but do you want it in this in this looking um cool looking uh design or with another design because we can change it in couple of seconds bro it’s fine we I just I just past it now to the the survival thing it’s or what do you want to change and I’m not being fully had your opportunity but no you were like poison you have to do with is by yourself because I’ve got a [Music] friend you could have changed all of this earlier if you weren’t so selfish yeah you’re right poison not sure what you’re talking about but I agree with you maybe maybe maybe I need to kill poison though no no cuz you know I’m on controller when so whatever I got to copy that now okay you guys I don’t know it’s fine right okay and I’ve set I’ve set a home for just the island what we flattened out for it as well that’s perfect I should have copi it from from middle I got to copy it here from the middle spot that’s I think that’s good why would you do that why not why would you copy it from okay because Bas like that do you that’s very true uh what’s this the Fire won’t survive in survival it will it will it will it will it will because it’s it’s already a custom item in survival you you know how I called the you know how I called the the shamer like how I saved it m Boyson stins oh my Lord oh my lordy Lord getting roasted wait what have I been on desktop the whole time and nobody told me that on what have I have I been streaming on desktop you and nobody told me that the whole [Music] time don’t know what I mean it literally makes no difference but I I have been on the wrong scene I’m not sure if people could hear it’s fine doesn’t matter anyhow I’m sure um oh my God boys H your feelings now it was a joke now kill two channel um you can use Java and Bedrock bro what do you mean uh kill two channel comment on YouTube asking whether he can come on Java or Bedrock he can come on Java and on bed it doesn’t matter both oh sorry yeah kill do you can you can join on Java and you can join on badrock it’s up to you totally how you want it um can can can you join on PS4 edition yes perfect can somebody help like dimma for now because he wants to know how to play and I going to do the basing stuff meanwhile who want to who want to join look in chat is he on YouTube somebody on YouTube yeah and somebody’s here in chat somebody’s here in chat right now so in Minecraft so help him and and somebody else help the the guy in uh in YouTube please and then I going to do the basing thing meanwhile right okay and I and I going to remove the name boys and things to or funny things okay are you happy then so kill channel are you playing on Java or Bedrock if you on the beautiful Java just join our beautiful Discord and there’s all what you need if you play on Bedrock can that sounds threatful i p the chat text that’s fine oh yeah [ __ ] yourself what a waste of time raaven guys I have to focus I really have have to C base the arena [Music] now my heart is broken I’m sorry but I said boys stinks earlier so it’s equal now okay boys doesn’t stink I was I was lying okay so anybody who believes that is not true Boon does not stink he s he stinks extreme uh you know if I by him wait a minute uh B’s got a point uh see the purple Flames because it’s on Stone and not nether what that might actually affect it good point yeah again the fire is not on nether EG it’s on Stone they will go out but we can come we can fix that when I bed it that’s like no [Music] problem okay good good good it’s like a no it’s like a nonissue okay because we have to stream anyway okay so why not um no but but but guide people who want to play to survival okay we’re going to join there soon if somebody wants to know how how we can play let them know to how to join and and like guide them to survival and then like you know we we’re going to join survival in a few minutes after I actually manage to paste my paste you you can paste your past yeah my past you paste oh okay okay you don’t know what I mean right my pasty paste one sec you know by the way funny oh what poison told me already um um for like 4 hours ago he wants so badly the fortnite battle pass and um oh my God shut up what really he wanted to ask you if you can like give it to him you know he he she wants to she wants to try to ask I I could give him the battle pass question like no no no no please don’t please don’t I didn’t ask I don’t feel like you me to ask for you no I didn’t bro you did bro why does this this island look like us they’ve griefed it which island the one that the I think it’s suppos you know what I don’t know it should be it should be fine though it should be fine okay I’m coming over to um survival surval yes okay if you want we can add the um down at our land because we have a lot play there um if you want if not it’s also okay oh my God it’s a gigantic teleport butthole no I’m Jo I’m joking [Music] perfect you roast your own server good good good to know hey thank you really really thank you for the sub um yeah sorry that you have to go right now but you know join my next stream I would really appreciate that would be would be really amazing yeah we would love we will love it Boon really loves it you know in in other way but whatever yeah poison is a a good guy he loves a lot of things okay bye by the way this is this is actually our new uh survival Hub so well to explain everyone how you can do right so if you join my server the first time you will end up uh here in my main Hub right so all you have to do you can either use the icon in your hand here and click it in the air and then select survival or you can run through this portal survival or you could just type SLS survival in the chat doesn’t matter what you do that’s how you actually can go to survival mode and click on survival and you are connecting to my survival Hub this is the survival Hub that means this is a whole world where you could make your own lands team up with people trust people make Nations have war against each other you know help each other you can do literally anything here and the coolest thing is this is not only a Minecraft world that you can actually see in Minecraft but as well and I’m going to show you that we have a full life map where you can see every player unless they’re hidden and also see like all the lands and buildings and this is actually uh map.of funny.or you see this is the whole map and you see everybody who’s online right now you see the whole Minecraft map you see the lands for example I can go to Bora this is bora’s land and this is the border of his land so he has already a really big land let’s hop off to poison poison is just somewhere in the wild waiting for me so no don’t worry about me um I was um trying to help that guy but he left to go to the mini gamees that’s fine um so but that’s the thing you know so we have the domain map. funny.or and there’s a live Minecraft world so if you want to look that up you can also do that so well that’s about it for that let’s go back to the game ha now okay guys think we should start so here’s the perfect place where you can paste it in there let me see oh maybe I got I got a better place I got a better place I’ve already I’ve already flattened out an area bro oh you want it near the you want it near near the builds yeah nearby our build um the only problem with that is it can’t be in the lands cuz then we have to edit yeah yeah yeah out here guys there there’s one there’s one very important thing okay don’t talk all at once like I I I already got multiple times the message from from viewers like of last streams that this is like totally insane one one after another pleas that’s very important so so can I talk real quick yes you can you’re allowed to in all of my Mercy you’re allowed to talk now so first of all this is um p4p if you see here a lot of people was fighting here you see that yes but if you go over here our beautiful land from me and poison Vos mhm is a beautiful land where we build a lot and make a new big project yeah yeah with the big bridge and if you want we got a good space for the arena because we wanted to build our by ourselves but with that you like give us a little bit of no work you know that we don’t need to work anymore but you can paste the arena here exactly well I’ve literally noide what you just said but that’s that’s fine um we we we could actually short everything down to like one sentence based the arena here thank you I will do yeah no problem um M remember you have to go about six seven or eight blocks down I think is yeah funny H you need to go seven blocks down I know it’s fine chill okay this [Laughter] enough you mind me down I couldn’t count now it was like like it was like this is this enough yeah you know I I just I just wanted to start to count blocks while while everyone was mining me down I couldn’t track now I don’t know if it’s deep enough is it one two three four five 6 7 yes perfect bro okay then let’s go go down in the hole Yeah we we trapped fun we trapped off fun poison we trapped don’t what what’s the comment to ignore air like n right or a uh 9 uh minus a yeah let’s go oh did that work um you oh oh yeah it worked but the thing is because you ignore air um oh that didn’t work out that well did it no I think um don’t do the Min is a yeah okay now you have to mine me down again because I forgot how many blocks I have to go down professional here okay got to do go back in your look at that isn’t it beautiful but now we have to fix the holes around it looks like looks like ass not lying oh God God oh my God oh my lordy Lord yeah well we can do it you’re the only you’re the only one with edit Yas event starts in fix it you have to world edit we can’t I actually can’t do anything I actually unless you were to drop dirt blocks for me I can’t do anything you know what kids you know what let me fix this for you yeah perfect oh funny thank you yes [ __ ] that’s one way of done it right yes just do with the minus a and then just remove the grass yeah I’m smart I’m smarter you’re not I I I can also like um oh I don’t have oh I’m not that bad repl near then um dirt or I think it’s dirt with air and then the grass block the same thing that’s how easy that is um yeah crazy okay the rest has to be fixed now um yeah all good b b going to do the same thing here look at that isn’t it beautiful yeah it is what you also need to uh re like make the stone away was the ground floor not Stone are you sure no yeah was like uh what was it what you call it clean Stone okay then it’s fine then is perfectly fine come on let’s do it yeah funny got you covered look at these like always e yeah that that’s that’s how it is I guess what the [ __ ] just happened here what do you mean um f you need a little bit of wood as special things why um you need to copy like one of the edges and place it in with rotate 180° why it’s it’s it’s beautiful isn’t it it is that the stairs the stairs supposed to be don’t wor yeah but should we need stairs yeah not funny I don’t know like like I I think I think we could we could close it I think we could close it yeah that’s why I should uh that’s why I ask you to bro my imp is full with trash bro that’s that’s how it is SL clear oh yes now it’s better I mean I could also copy paste it you know good very good very good very good very nice I think the only thing we have to do is like you know clean up the the edges and we’re good to go yeah you get temporary game mode oh yes that’s a lot better that’s a lot better bro but there’s one problem we don’t have any players online right now like where is everyone are they not online no we’ve got Scrappy Zulu Bor yeah but there were like eight players before and now everybody is gone it looks like nobody wants to win them the you know the big prize of being jailed for one week literally I swear I’m not jailing you for one week you have to you can’t join now oh wait um wait a sec uh jump Luca went to play with that demo guy in um uh mini games so I’ll jump over and get them back in yeah yeah [Music] also funny could you put some uh chest down for people like for armor iron armor weapons and bow what do you mean I could do that later I still have to think about what I going to drop or or give them to make the the the whole event right now but what I’m going to do right now first of all is uh I have to post my YouTube link to to Discord again to get more people attracted that’s how it is I’m sorry no what is b no what is that’s how it is okay there we go poison where are you um can jump back into survival I was getting a luuka and uh the other lad back into survival oh yeah okay good oh yeah actually we should we should fix the fire you’re right let me help you there with that can I okay I going to clear my inventory it’s full of [ __ ] like always yeah that’s how it is Netherrack and maybe skull and scopion is now getting attached to Minecraft because she like it no she she already said in chat that she’s doing something else and it’s just listening to the um audio you know she not even watching anymore let me let me said day again okay okay okay I think we got everything now poison what the [ __ ] you doing I’m spitting items out my inventory that’s that’s authentic I’m well I’m stuck in I’m Stu in uh these chests for armor and stuff yeah I think everyone should you know when when they start the um when the even starts right why is the TP teleport request canceled what the hell oh maybe cuz I might have accepted it of course you can come here hello Dima how are you he funny yes I just deleted my pickax has a creative bro has cool looking ears Bro Look at’s ears oh my God okay I don’t have a pickaxe for now hello anos how are you if you want to join the server just let me know oo that’s good we’re we going somewhere you know that’s so weird right usually I get on Tik Tok a lot of viewers when I play the other games you know like for example selda or like high on life right but today I have not have got any views on Tik Tok but therefore they are Enit on on on YouTube and everywhere you know it’s it’s so weird like different games different platforms I don’t I don’t know yeah man yes that’s how it is oopsy oopsie I think I I removed too much of it just fix that a bit beautiful yeah it’s looking phenomenal can’t believe I accidentally Del my pickax it’s rough I can give you your pickaxe back later chill yeah no no it’s just um I was just thinking about re like re um makeing it in Creative so you want to cheat you can’t do well you can but it still take ages in Creative anyway no the thing is I I have like um a roll bre plugin that can give you everything back it’s not a problem just remind me after the stream you get your big kicks back trust me what know uh the only reason why is because see when you’re in Creative soon as you click on an item it goes into your hot bar but if there’s no room in your hotb it will delete the first thing out your hot Bo give me a second uh need a water bucket [ __ ] guys it’s looking good it’s looking good we going somewhere take this and then I give you some burgers so you’re not dying of out of hunger let me see uh uh maybe a pizza maybe some burgers maybe a donut there you go something to eat for you hi hi do du lingo how are you we have du lingo in a chat I like that do lingo yes you know him oh yeah perfect yeah yeah to learn some new um languages perfect so let’s let’s make this fire purple I guess purple fire is always better why can I make the purple the fire purple what what what am I doing wrong how did you manage to do it um you have to use a purple igniter I do uh left oh it’s left click for me it’s because it’s raining here ahuh wait let me turn off the rain then weather [Music] Sun finally no no no no oh my go I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I I I gave myself the admin item for the fire not the igniter I dropped the fire itself no literally I was I was I was you I I was drying like what the hell why is the fire not getting purple you know L moment oh [ __ ] oh I have to get more of the purple fire igniter lost moment of of huny oh yeah it is hey scorpion is here again I think she cannot like live without Minecraft after all yeah she’s obsessed quite clearly very obsessed with Minecraft that’s how it should be yeah yeah that’s how I like it the purple fire what just [Music] happened oh poison you did good work you did good work look at that that’s it isn’t it isn’t that beautiful yes you can’t believe you killed him that was [Music] cruel no I need no I need a place where I going to play the the music for our little p battle H I think should should I place it should we make like some I think I make myself a place here so can stay here that that’s how it should be this my my Blaze here’s the the music box we’re going to play the Boss music and the Boss music will be music disc because everything you see here in this inventory is stuff that you can either get weird drops or can craft on your own we have so many custom items you have custom furniture we have custom I don’t know blocks we have custom like items this is and it’s getting more and more every day this is not like you ever every day low low low lame as server okay this is just like look at all this custom stuff you can have look look look that and that’s not even all there’s more and there will be more in the future this is crazy okay I’m not lying that’s how it is yeah man really good uh where was the the music disc thingy thing I have to I have to figure out where they were let me open it again CU oh there they are uh and we need the boss the boss theme can you hear it down there no yes yes or no maybe it’s just cuz I uh no no I no I turned my yeah you heard like a little bit should I move it down then maybe a little bit okay move it down oh I know why I can’t I’m so stupid really I know why I can’t hear it cuz I got music turned off I hate you guys I am so stupid okay go go down and then tell me how how loud it is when I play it here okay if I have move it down or not I’m playing it right now no you don’t steal my my disc no no no I’m in game mode you cannot hit me you’re not getting my disc he’s trying to get your disc Bora tries to get my disc I have to make a glass a glass cage now do a bar yeah something like that yeah that’s actually that’s even better if o funny burier block there we go what is this Lucas perfect I think that’s that’s already better they can also do barriers here can watch down trying he’s trying to hit me look he’s he’s trying to hit me no today okay put my my mic my Chuke box here you know I could also like use the play sound command but I think that’s just like funnier that way look at bar is like bruh it’s all right it’s okay man it’s okay by the way funny there’s a new um like horror game upcoming maybe thing for your stream maybe it’s coming on consoles I don’t know which one it’s like um that you and your friends going in a like big as goofy as like wait can you guys hear it down [Music] there and you need to film this um like strange things what happened and you need to like generates fuse okay you get listening okay no I listen to you one second but I have to test it now okay can you go down in the arena and can you tell me if you can hear the [Music] music are you playing yeah wait wait wait wa wait okay then I going to do it differently I going to use a blaz on command Minecraft what the [ __ ] is he doing Ria if I remember what the what I have so many sounds how much let me see in chat did I don’t miss anything no no Bora post music can you not M me down please who’s griefing who Luca’s griefing yeah as long as he doesn’t put as long as he doesn’t write anything back he’s is more than welcome to write rusher if he wants as long as it doesn’t get political it’s all good I forgot the sound key oh funny oh I found it there we go boss team in Stereo okay and I can play that hostile what what’s the comment for all players I think it’s eight poison I break my door [Music] good okay I think we we’re slowly ready for our event okay I going to go to the toilet and when we going when I’m back I think it’s time for some Smackdown or however you want to call that let how do this do we how do we do it do we do uh all out braw or do we do one V one when it stays in do we do like a t or something like that what we going to do uh we’re going to make it uh we’re going to make um well last man standing thing that means like one one V one and then the winner is okay so everybody who’s like participating right is making one V one like one team after another like for example there let’s say there are eight people right yeah and we divide that by four teams so two people each will fight each other and then the winners will fight against each other right and then the winners will fight against each other until there’s like one last team of two people that actually fight against each other and then like the winner last man standing will be actually the winner of one week jail time no I’m joking of whatever that might be I don’t know that that was my plan but if you have a b plan let me know but I have to go to the toilet really I have to be a bit yeah no no no go go toilet go toilet first go toet all good I think we’ve got a bit of a domestic King out as well first let’s what are you doing Raz right now testing my p4p SK like whole F connect leag by the way how many hearts you need to soon as you go to 20 Hearts by the way that you dead my ask funny if you can remove it no what the [ __ ] is bro doing B why did you say that oh stop stop yeah I know what he mean with that okay locally I’m back okay so now do some checks here the hell is that sniff that’s cool poon do you hit Dima I punched him my face don’t punch him please what pun from now good so how how are you going to spin that off now oh by the way uh funny you need to remove my hearts because I got 40 who else got 40 Hearts you um nobody think is just that’s a problem actually because I have no idea how to do that let me see if I can do good wait what why is that chain mail oh I’m so stupid bro no no no no no issue like you’re not getting banned it’s fine um who’s who’s getting banned what nothing just somebody said no ban uh in YouTube chat but nobody’s getting banned it’s fine literally no no no okay what we going to do right now mine Minecraft oh that’s how I could do it I’m likeing who’s the is that Luca where he’s a sly little bugger he is MHM yeah yeah I know I know Ry I’m not sure turned himself into Ry I’m not sure if that works right but you are my death D you know so if everything goes wrong I’m really sorry for you but there’s nothing I can do then not sure if you can hear me I think it’s not I don’t I think I think he went uh but if if you can’t remove his Hearts as long as uh Raven raisen call it quits when he gets to 20 Hearts that’s fine I think I restored it to 20 like ryzen reason Ren Rosario it’s not here why is the why is the big hunting oh that’s what we’re going to do here okay can I can also play this game Cosmetics let me see CU it’s in I need them no there we go where’s the Enderman morph oh I nearly died funny was that you turn into a charge creeper I near died I nearly died I SAR God cuz I was typing a message to that demon and I just seen a charge creep honestly my heart fell out of my ass wait let me let me deat some random some random player actually B watch ler look as this dog look is the dog look look as the dog in the arena he’s here oh [ __ ] right there okay B is out okay there’s nobody that control right now hey B you can’t go run take your armor off and go and get the iron armor yo what’s up guys Ry can I check I think I set your hearts back to 20 yeah yeah yeah yeah we can set it back with a comment it’s not that hard is it do I have the comment no why why would you because I need it very good very good why M M M by the way I’m I’m not sure if you knew it already on our server or my server or our server you can actually open random like loot boxes and have the chance to win oh I’m Cosmetics like these and there are a lot of like nice gadgets and one part of this Cosmetics is actually morphs right so you can morph in anything you want for example I want to morph into um with skeleton look now I’m a with skeleton right and I can controll players with it like like him because they would see me exactly like that okay so they would not see that I look I’m not a player anymore for them even though I can do everything a player can I could I can also like morph into a chicken for example okay so let me see um chicken morph now now I’m a chicken right so that’s the thing you could do on my server right that’s amazing all you have to do is you know find loot boxes and then you don’t have to pay for them no money you randomly find them while you play on the server and then you actually have the chance to Windows morphs and lot of stuff you know that’s like really cool at least I would say what what did you have done so are we are we good now can we start yeah we can start not yet not yet not yet cuz I’m almost [ __ ] off bro does anyone know where I can turn off the the visual indication for for sound I forgot where it was oh you you little I hate the hit box with the [ __ ] Glo Glo fish I think that’s it yeah okay no more sound subtitles now that’s better why there so many graves around why is there everyone dying here let me loot your Graves what what’s that oo except [Laughter] oh [ __ ] you’re funny what you loot our Graves I did that’s not cool that’s how it is yeah okay let’s start now what do you mean let’s start I’m still Stu raising [ __ ] kill me so I’m trying no one and he didn’t accept TP request so I have to make my way back and try and find more armor and stuff yeah I will take our armor too yeah that’s what we’re going to do now tea we’re going to do one V one who are the first players who actually like will fight each other me and poison I say I say no no no I say Bor and raison Bor and rais but Dimo looks really ready oh he has Enchanted armor what he need to yeah no demon needs to take his armor off he’s a new innocent player what do you [Music] mean I don’t will accept this why not because I need to [Music] build M that’s so tasty oh my God who poison that’s so disgusting bro okay okay the first the first fight will be between B no between poison and raisin po oh we need to actually get inside then don’t hit don’t be a cheater what are you trying yeah oh funny can you tell that demon guy to do something one second I think he just wants to fight I think I think you know what Fu he Fu everything this is disaster did you get you he you yeah he’s doing my heading he’s actually starting to do my [ __ ] [Applause] heading oh funny oh funny yes tell them they need to go out of the Arena for the first fight Del him by yourself you can you can use the chat how should I do it I mean we can make a land here and then like ban them for the for the dying being yeah oopsie boopsy so uh what was the land tool again I forgot it SL L um sele space create oh no yeah we can’t allow that bro we can’t allow that what he’s just he’s just killed Bor and stole all his stuff that’s brutal so I de beat everyone here and the next thing are going to do the land selection okay so now we go we’re going to do here from here to here maybe here let create [Music] Smackdown then claim yeah bum bum [Music] bum sorry getting yeah what funny the the demo guy took all of Bora stuff who yeah this is Survivor Z what should I do now yeah but it wasn’t like in the supposed to be a friendly event it was quite it was [ __ ] and you both have mod rides so you could even like take care okay I’m sorry bro no you you literally could fix it on your own and you I’m I I’m trying to but um I can’t seem to get his name what do you want you do all is right now gone they don’t have anything right now uhoh stinky M Bor where are you okay now I have to make a sub area here I’m I’m I’m done soon oh [ __ ] what I just to the wrong guy B stay still yeah it still needs his um let me see this is the Middle Point here’s the Middle Point that’s perfect here if I go down here MH then I go up here I think he is good this one okay that’s how I like it and I hope he ain’t going to right right should we get the first fight underway yes I’m just allowing something here bro i’ what I think he’s a little little bit oh you’re whining a lot everyone yeah I’m here I’m waiting for poison I’m ready also I’m ready poison oh wait how do we get down without damaging hey what don’t hit me here we need to wait bro I have I have activated that now okay that’s fine so what when the F fight is going to startop why no bro yeah wait let me let me heal up first it’s going on it’s on let’s first of all let’s set set day okay yeah set wait poison so you’re not you’re not starting until I say that that’s how it is otherwise you get disqualified yeah can I hope you’re not using I hope you’re not using no no no no I I’m completely a normal more okay put the rain off and what wait wait I need wait wait wait don’t don’t don’t start it yet because I need to do something real quick [Music] what’s going on hello hey hello Mr weam you want to join a server and bl us we have a Smackdown right here it’s starting in a few in a few minutes hold your bon and swords yeah wait wait wait wait wait hey you want me to teleport to you oh no not you you’re already here my goodness yes are you ready no just one second what is wrong with you razor just let PVP okay okay okay are we ready are you ready I’m not sure if you’re ready are you ready I’m ready okay let me let me play this stupid music for you guys where is it okay this will be the the fight between our DU Revival Rivals poison soup who is really really itchy with his bore already and Mr ryzen who cannot stand still for a single second and I believe he is also ahd as as me but that’s not that’s not how it is ladies and gentlemen here we [Music] go oh it’s not looking too good for boon [Music] full m Smackdown no I got poison you you’re fleeing more than you than you hit him you know what easy I was to easy okay stop sound at all and we have a winner Mr Ry is entering the next round then Mr poon I’m really sorry for you but your performance was really not not good it was trash it was trash never once claim to be what the [ __ ] di you have to wait we we start we start in no time but it’s not the next can you accept funny I can yes what the [ __ ] is TE doing de de loed you what should I do bro he just he just it’s just not getting it is yeah no tea is just not getting it that’s the problem he’s just not getting it supposed to be just a fun oh that’s a h creeper really I thought that was you I thought that was you fny I just let creeper run right into my face I thought it was you okay who who is the next one who find the next one uh Luca and Razer raisen cuz he Winer stays on righto I need to get out of here oh my God he kill everybody this dude bro oh funny please I saw something wrong with you please don’t if I’m going to it’s not going to put me in the arena is it yes what happened One V one iron armor just look what Luka tried to do he’s standing in front of me he’s doing nothing no look what he WR in the chat that what demo need to do well he’s completely right yeah you should try it it out this is a good it’s a good actually comment it’s the best one okay Dima if you watch the stream then listen you will be L get get um yes I got if you’ve got um if you’ve got B’s armor can you yeah I got all of it that to me and I’ll put it in the chest yeah yeah for you mate okay dimma listen you you will be the next one you fight against Luca right but you both need to start the same gear okay so uh we will drop you uh chest plate leggings sword and everything and then we’re going to get it on between you and lcer so no no no fighting until we started here can somebody give him the equipment or do I have to yeah yeah yeah I I will I will do [Music] it a name a car for an edit please I what want a car name dud niss Nissan’s got an uh uh 43 uh 34 down bro three and four what a Nissan Nissan Skyland 34 niss okay you’ve heard it po Dart Nissan Skyland what was the number uh 34 34 I’ve never heard about this who the [ __ ] is hitting me bro chill I’ve never heard about this this car before Nissan Skyland 34 and I I’m I’m almost sure it’s a crappy car but there you go that’s that’s your it’s like it’s one of the world’s greatest cars man no crazy okay can we start now are you are you ready DEA where is dimma I don’t know where dimma is where is lucer where is LCA where’s dimma DB here dimma DB here Luca now equip him with his stuff that he needs yeah I already did I already did okay then up let’s get down here why did demon always took his own life okay um why can’t I open chests because it’s a land that’s why come on okay now why is there a hole in the ground yeah I don’t know uh cuz that was where the creeper blew me up okay you know what guys you know what guys it’s on deer and [Music] lucer 3 2 1 [Music] go okay okay at least looking better than yeah he’s oh oh oh hey oh funny you can’t cuss me too much cuz I killed you in a PVP battle and we got a winner [Music] GG so easy right so we have one more battle to take place and that is raisen versus Dimo that’s how it is okay yes bro I’m ready I’m more than ready bro T oh that’s how it is can can you can you remove like Lucas’s um um grave I could and I did nice right you want to C wait say say wait say wait say wait say wait you do the countdown and [ __ ] dude why the [ __ ] is this raining not funny you do that countdown okay ladies and gentlemen this is the final Smackdown between deos actually a new player and Mr ryzen who’s one of our mods and also um I don’t know what else are you Mr ryzon what what what are you known for uh for for he’s known for not knowing what he’s known for that’s good okay so here here are we starting in three 2 one [Music] Smackdown oh whoa I can’t hit him [Music] yeah he took my life oh yeah we got a window here we got a window here M Mr Dima won what what did what did Mr Dima win what should we give him now a weak in prison no I I think like a rank and stuff little rank you know let the chat decide okay everyone in the chat right now what should Dima get either a free rank or 25k of in-game money or should we give him a mystery loot box with some stuff that we put into it or should we chil him for a week no it’s not an option sorry no free rank money or loot what should he get wait wait wait wait wait um I think personally luk cuz that’s what he wants right he’s been saying it for a while we got one for loot I think we got another [Music] one one stack of rotten flesh I you can do that yes love that no I have I I said I said can I give you money in real life I mean I could but not for this for this Smackdown I I will give away there will be giveaways in the future where you can win real money or real loot trust me just stay tuned but it will it will be a thing it’s not the first time I did that I already gave away like a race H man one week [Laughter] ban I’m not sure if he would like that okay it doesn’t look good for you it doesn’t look too good for you the chat is not really merciful with you right you already have like killing everyone 64 rotten fles borrow in with the 64 rotten flesh that’s quite funny okay you know what you get a free rank oo g g [Music] [Applause] and finally I give him a lights [Music] saer and what else I give him a stack of burger so he gets fat like like like me G G where is he oh there you are okay guys so I will I think I will go offline now um so see you one second Ron he gets like a little bit of money um I give him 2,500 that’s it okay so see you guys see you later on bro okay see you later then this [ __ ] yo that was good I hello well the thing is about yes still there the thing is about the $1 uh we’re going to do a giveaway soon where you could actually win either uh some gaming gear or money I have to decide that yet what you have to do is just uh follow me or sub me on YouTube twitch or any other channel or visit my Discord server and as soon as I know when they’re going to do the giveaway I actually announced it there and well the last thing I gave away was a razor Huntsman keyboard worth 140 of 160 bucks so we’re not doing [ __ ] giveaways on this on this stream so just give me a sub or a follow and trust me there will be awesome giveaways yeah that’s a good chat that is Dima dimma really wants St than dollars the question is dimma do you have bball if he has no bayal I cannot give you $1 if you have bayal right now I I I actually play with you a game where I have chance to to win $0 okay that’s how we do it yeah boys and come up with an idea if de if deer has PayPal and I can see can can send him $10 on PayPal right mhm what what uh he has no bayal but but then I don’t know how to send you money bro I’m not I’m not lying literally sorry can’t can’t send you money I I have nothing on Steam I I I’m sorry like literally I have no have no items on CS goo I have nothing you know what diamond is it’s time to to raid some random lands here oh oh could I do that with you that’s pretty cool yeah do you want to suggest the land that I actually should visit yes okay AOS I think you should rate my land let me see so it’s um M it’s not called AOS anymore it’s called the SOS I seeed yeah yeah uh wait let me stop the rain because it’s pretty annoying ni nice there’s a CH chy chicken hole in the crown yeah that’s one of risen’s experiments what are those for are those like special chicken I’m not 100% sure um you you know how raisin is Right ask no questions you hear no Li right don’t really know why wait wait wait Bora just said I stay hell of Bora down well you know what Bo yeah yeah definitely should be having a look at bwn as you know what we should do we should actually like raate this l a bit later because right now we have to go to Bor down yeah I can do that wa you already know where it is there well you can just TP to me yeah perfect B there it is and there you go okay so this is this is how it works right if I like the land I going to put a sign there with my signature that I like it otherwise you’re going to build um Bedrock penis somewhere in the middle of the land ah B Bedrock penis let’s hope Bor doesn’t get a Bedrock okay let’s see how it looks like so uh I think it’s important to note right so I know a lot about this land okay explain B built this land from scratch every block you see is built by him um there is uh I think it started off as a tiny tiny tiny little island and he expanded it uhhuh so it’s not all what it seems though of funny so as it looks no what give me a second I have to look let me check the map like where we are by the way I want to see like how how far away this land is I think we’re about five um I think 5 no yeah no about 9,000 blocks away from Spawn I think I mean let me check the map wait let me switch to my desktop view um oh this in the middle of the sea wait this is connected no way yeah so yeah that’s we’re going to get to that no way yeah so he yeah he’s built a whole network no I see that I see that it’s like one two three four Islands and their Mainland as well that’s crazy bro and there like all all those areas are claimed like you know how much money that must have cost wow oh I know I know because he’s been he’s been um eating away my iron farm so that’s crazy I know how much it cost but no it’s not just that as well so if you follow me open I go I go down into into run mode okay I run after you yeah uh so let me go into we going here yes this obviously looks like your run of the mail housee but follow the stairways down here and these lips OT bro is the first time on a server yeah wait let me smile to him because we can do Emojis on my server it’s so beautiful [Music] sorry right so I’m I’m only going to give you a quick run round because otherwise we’ll be at B’s base all night sure sure sure so this is a huge farm and then it has certain levels to it bear in mind Bor had to dig all of this out and drain it all as well cuz it was the ocean um yeah so you got plenty more Farms down there and then wait I’m coming I’m [Music] coming oh wow okay it’s it’s getting harder and harder to actually build a a gigantic bedr beanies here because it actually pretty awesome yeah so this is what he’s got lurking under the base this is the this is what I say it doesn’t all look like it’s straight of face so he’s got obviously loads of storage I think he’s got the biggest storage system on the server as well can I look what the hell look at these yeah you’re trusted here I’m I’m sneaking into all of his priv privacy stuff right like everything most likely would be arrested in real life you know for for being a dumo nice so yeah so this is basically it wait wait that’s that’s an outdoor an outdoor Shear Farm yes these are all individual sheep farms uh in so he’s got every color sheep basically yeah and they pump out a lot of wool as well so really really good fully automated you know and all drops into this chest what that’s amazing I like that yeah look like literally every color right so so the block I see here the block I see right here is like the block that the Sheep will drop right yes that’s great yeah yeah that’s that’s actually that’s that I did wow okay well no no no bis for you at least for now not not yet not yet not yet uh there’s still plenty more to see on this land uh that in there is a bee farm it’s pretty cool just just be um right so if we go back up to the surface wa keep can can I invite like a foreign player here yeah yeah of course yeah cuz he’s not if he B’s not trusted him so he can’t Bor sorry I thought it was was Elliot so that’s fine cool cool cool and then so this is um that’s a whole wheat farm you’re kidding me but how big this [ __ ] look at this it’s huge that’s massive yeah it’s outrageously big in my opinion is out wait should it get up like the the elevator or where yeah yeah yeah come back up the elevator coming that’s the wrong one this one yes oops perfect right okay uh where are you okay there there a lot of like shops probably going to need um Fly for this because otherwise it’s a very long walk okay I got to do that oh okay I’m just right behind you following he built all this bridge himself as well this is so big it’s unbelievably big it’s like literally ensive like how how long how long did you build for that wait I Bor Bor builds incredibly quick um yeah he builds incredibly quick like give me a second I just want to drop some some some hamburgers for for the dude here so he doesn’t starve because he’s hungry where where is he he’s here he’s not got a skin he’s there you go eat something eat something bro you need it right so this is I think this is um this is going to be bora’s um sort of villager town so any players part of his that want to live here will live like here but that’s massive D houses over here for people and um scorpion that’s was she she [Laughter] said scorpion got me there but yeah that’s actually it’s really massive like only two to three days that’s that’s like really impressive I’m not lying no I’m I’m not I’m not faking that I’m not I’m not like being sarcastic right now like it’s really impressive like two to three T like this whole thing you know you have to mine the blocks you know you have to get them up somewhere you have to breed them you have to build it you have to claim the land you have to get the money two to three days that’s crazy yeah it’s crazy I’ve always said how fast Bor builds it’s in it’s so impressive um because literally you blink and he’s put another structure up it’s crazy give me a second what’s he want help with oh he’s stuck down the hole B’s got holes everywhere TP here [Music] [ __ ] I’m to stupid too oh why is it play not [Music] CL uh right uh smash T here oh is is he on um h that’s why it’s because he’s on PC I dropped my my [ __ ] here all right and uh actually you know what I’ve just realized I’ve still got iron armor on right okay so almost done with the player town if you follow me no fun yeah I’m here just like do some chat things chance Dem Want admin bro how would Dima how would I ever be able to copy this name okay I I have no like CC letters on my keyboard me me mail. ru I I did I give you creative you shouldn’t do that actually I did it on maybe I did like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa W this fine he was trying to do a cheat client little does he know that that his server is protected better than he could imagine yeah he’s in fabric cheats all right wait where you going to go next right okay so yeah follow me this way following you and this is B’s player Town Farm area that’s sweet M yeah really good oh flash G um Zer just want to make sure yep cool so yeah um and I do believe this is it for Bor town and B’s play at to what would you rate it o that’s the big question wait one second he literally asking me if I can tell him a better client he would not get kicked why would I tell you bro dimma send me the email on on on on you like on on Discord please otherwise there I I don’t copy that out of the Minecraft chat right now I really don’t how would I rate it well yeah go and give it an honest rating up 10 I’m I’m asking the chat how would you rate all of his land um where one would be the lowest possible rating and then would be the high would be the highest possible rating and and you know don’t don’t forget it was a really big land and this is like a lot of building he didn’t build it in Crea if he build it in survival like what yeah it’s all survival yeah all survival B doesn’t have any um missions or anything remember so he literally farmed every block you see he mind out every bck you see I think it’s one of the one of the best bases if not the best base on server oh anos on YouTube he’s gone for minus 10 out of 10 no chill for that guy oh no no kill for that guy Bora being destroyed oh no no chance wait back back you know Elliot is asking me do much much stuff that that I really don’t like what’s he what was that but that killed me that was a nuke that nearly killed me collateral damage right okay so oh [ __ ] joke out of 10 anos is jokes he said a joke uh he went from minus 11 out of 10 but um my opinion best base on the server what what what what could we do to actually give him the rating because the sing I’m sure a s is not worth it aing is actually something everybody could do what could I literally do [Music] to make this unit I don’t know Elliot is still still drying he’s still drying dude yeah he’s trying okay let me see I know what I could [Music] do give me a book you want a book and then I need a Lecter oh no you know what Bora no no no no we do it differently okay Bora give me one item one item okay it doesn’t matter which item and I’m not I going to sign it with my name and also like um in the law and also I say Gand is then out of then it’s it rules or nine out of 10 anos anos is upgraded he vote for Bor and he’s got nine out of 10 very good very good can Bora hear me I’m not sure if he can yeah okay cool I think he’s watching just look up the the the comment real quick L yes that’s it you Dro me an item perfect di I care about it later okay this one [Music] okay did he drop you one you H yeah what’s a cool color code rainbow I don’t know it like out of my head [Laughter] bro um green green means good green no must be purple or something I I got to use Macha Minecraft color code oh bit sus if you ask me that’s how it is yeah there we go it’s D let me see if it worked yes it worked come here what are you there you go thanks you thank you for the for the for the follow actually for the sub kill do I appreciate that yes right okay next land on your roster Mr O funny uh yo funny can you make me and boys in a favor yeah sure go on what could I do for you nothing nothing cringey please yeah I’m I’m getting nervous Minecraft one if I could you could do you and poison the favor I might could maybe oh Mr ryzen is here hello Mr ryen hello Mr [Music] ryen ra never left he just lured this whole time Dima I going to I going to do it a bit later okay but I I didn’t forget you he really wants that $10 huh okay you know what te are going to send you $10 now okay if your address is there and it’s like valid okay let me see he really wants his $10 okay you know what I don’t care Mr Mr of funny is I’m not Mr Beast okay but you know I’m not Mr Beast I’m Mr of funny I don’t I don’t love as cringey as Mr Beast does okay that’s how it is bro wouldn’t you be as cringy as he is when you earn that much money from can bro on on YouTube Road can you give me a book please whoever bro is in in Minecraft uh yeah I can give you a book what’s your Minecraft name is it you Elliott I think if it’s funny can you uh I don’t care he he mostly tries to crash my server or something you should actually you know good luck yeah oh I know what raisen is talking about raisen is asking if you can help with the big project that we’re doing uh sure but now I going to are going to fulfill the wish of Mr um dami who actually is begging for money hopefully my bank account doesn’t get banned after that sending sending money to Russia sending money to Russia you love the FBI at your do swed instantly no the problem is that if I send him money he knows my address I’m not sure if I should do that no no no no no no no absolutely not no you you’ve got to find a you you you what you need to do of is you need to make a separate PayPal account um where it keeps all your private information away from people people although that I don’t think he’s got any harmful intentions it’s just fine I’m getting dos soon or later anyway you know I I wouldn’t give a [ __ ] it’s not it’s not like it would never happen I would advise against it I’m almost certain it doesn’t work anyway I mean PayPal shouldn’t if you’re doing it through PayPal PayPal should not be giving anything like your address away the only thing that should come up on PayPal is your username that’s it you really want a 10 bucks that kind of it sound that kind of sounds a bit sus you know it’s like what you got to do for me right okay so oh what is going on here what’s Bor doing bora’s building [ __ ] again Deo is not really resp responsive right now I’m not sure if he wants his bucks I don’t know I would be ready I would be all ready Mr Dema is this something you could uh maybe do like after stream no I could do it right now I’m just like I could but you know if he’s not responsing oh he’s here he’s here you really want it yeah you really want it [Music] what’s the magic word now that’s not the magic word that’s that’s that’s [Music] [Music] lightsaber close enough the magic voice please but you’re the best YouTuber okay that’s fine that works what did Luka do uh oh no dimma I just tried you can no uh it says I I was afraid so it says you cannot receive money oh because of the European sanctions I really try to yeah no it won’t work um I’m pretty sure because of um European sanctions it won’t let you uh send money into or out of Russia I think politics is in the way there I mean you could give him like a 10 $10 gift card for steam or something could you I don’t know if if Steam Works in Russia you know next problem yeah I think it would like gift card would be fine know what Elliot trying to to cheat on my server you know what what what that actually is not nice you got to get chiled for an hour or so let me let me see how how he does let let me TP to him in in game mode three [Laughter] what I already gave you a book what do you mean Boon can give you a book bro what’s your name bro your name is bro are you Elliot Elliot is being confused right now ra saying it’s a Vibe okay I think he still tries to to fix his cheats okay boys and what’s anyhow let’s go to the next land what’s the next land why have you why have you just put me in jail I didn’t put you in jail I I just I’m in jail yeah let’s go back in jail jail right uh TP I TP you I’m still in jail but I didn’t jail you did I jail you no yeah no you haven’t officially jailed me but yeah TP me it’s all right I’ll get myself out don’t worry bro uh Slash TP uh no but what you a bro listen okay bro bro what are you up to bro listen listen I’m stuck in a block you know what I cannot okay I TP you here that’s the first oh my goodness right okay now I’m back at Eros good uh right okay listen so first of all bro I know what you’re up to okay you want to have a book and a quill because you want to try to make like a book exploit you know so get book banned blah blah blah the thing is first of all it’s not going to work on my server second of all if you want to try that mine for it you can this is a Survivor server you can literally get it on yourself it’s just not that hard to get a book and second of all uh dami what you wrote no dami your PayPal is not is not allowed to to to receive money right now I’m not sure what you did um most likely because you made a new account has to be verified first so I can’t do anything right now and now we’re going to go to the next land it’s enough of stupid questions right deep so poison what we going to raid now wait a sec wait a sec um I need I’m just going to um cuz Bor is not responding I don’t know why and I’ve got his stuff um but I’m just going to pop it in his inventory uh yes okay un you yes there you go right next land next land yes [Music] finally right what land what land are we going to wait I have to I have to open my my YouTube chat again uh use a VPN yeah de dami could use a vbn but the problem is that when you you know when when you register a new payal account they first verify that you’re are you and that you actually have a valid credit card or banking account and that takes a few days and when that happened then you can use payal and then you can actually receive money otherwise they most likely lock any payments to your account that’s just like their the way of fraud detection there’s nothing I could do like literally I don’t know that’s just how it is steam is banned in Russia Doo oh my goodness yeah you know it’s it’s difficult I’m I’m not lying like sending money to Russia is most likely really difficult these days I have no idea yeah no um it’s just because of the all the sanctions on Russia at the moment it’s a shame obviously for civilians and stuff um but yeah I think I think it’s politics that’s gotten uh in the way of it okay what land be going to watch now I’m I’m waiting starting to punch you starting to punch you reason for every second you’re not finding a land I was reading the YouTube chat uh raisin said that he want you he wants us to go to our land but you said you want to do that later right yes because then I have like something in in comparison right then I can say if your land is actually really that good or not and you know being honest with you right after I saw like Bora land you actually really have to show off later not lying you’re joking me right now Boris land is is is amazing you know what I no J for land is incredible um right I think which message I see a lot of my messages um yeah I think we go to conx let’s have a look at lcas land uh with what project oh you oh you want me to um you want me to to flip the the bridge yeah I can do that true yeah yeah yeah cuz yeah let’s do it really quick like um what was his land like his name his land name was it’s uh just the TP to me okay cool there we are look at my castle look at my castle it’s sweet but it’s not poor sweet Jing so this is a bridge I mean raisin been building raisin majority did the the design um yeah basically we want you to use your world edit skills to flip it for the other side because we’re too lazy I think I I I can do so okay yeah it’s just this thing here what do you think to the bridge I think the bridge is fire I think it is I think the design is really cool raisin gets all the credit for the design I just help build let me do let me do hopefully I don’t screw it up and the [ __ ] is gone after the bridge is gone after that I know you got a slash on D you can’t scare me I’m not sure if it works in survival though you know oh don’t say that to it might not please don’t say that to [Music] me cuz you you have no idea how long we’ve actually been working on this maybe maybe chuning out right now don’t don’t cuz that’s an actual thing dami I swear dami I I swear you can have 10 bucks but I need a a legal way to send you money and I’m not doing any weird [ __ ] and I’m not like creating accounts or any checks or whatsoever either you find a way that’s that’s easy or or I’m sorry that’s how it is that well said yeah no arguments there man no arguments there um uh demo wants to teleport to me that’s fine let me get so he doesn’t drop out the sky TP how how’s this getting on I’m just I’m so nervous I’m starting to sweat from my eyeballs well I hope that I do it right I cannot I cannot tell if I do but we will see this is literally okay let let me see if like one two three how many blocks have been here like one two three four right uh and now I going to try to paste that here I’m not sure if that was the correct comment though did you do SL left paste minus a right yeah oh perfect no one block not perfect light sorry it looks oh no it’s yeah one block out let me see if that’s correct now is it it’s good Let me see the best way to test this is through these points here yeah perfect you’re welcome yep thank you so you have no idea you you’ve just saved like a week of work yeah yeah I have to uh rizon you’re right I have to actually um adjust my shaders until next week but being honest with you I had not time before I started the stream you know I just installed them like half an hour ago before I actually went live so there’s a lot of things I have to tweak okay next land we’re going to do a bunch of more going to call for should we just do should we just do this land while we’re here so we don’t have to come back okay uh it’s your is your chance to show it off to the stream everybody who’s watching right now there are a lot of people watching okay so this land here what we’re standing on actually was the S give me give me a second give me a second you know what I’m going to do you know what I’m going to do I’m going I’m going to go in go game mode three right I click you so I see what you look at so now you have the chance to show off everything I I let you talk right okay so this was original this land was called the sa it was original land of Raisin right and he built this gorgeous Church see that head funny see that one see that head no it doesn’t look familiar to me what what is it that head right there that one that one right there no no never seen it before I’m not sure what what head it might be I think it might be yours but yeah no so this is Vach um I think it’s a really nice build if I’m I’m honest uh just it’s quite simple up top um going on yeah I think also go down can you see what I see yeah I see what you see but I also see like that your controller movement is like really yeah I I got to follow you again like normally it’s fine yeah okay okay yeah all right no worries um no I cannot blame you you play on the PS4 so yes so this is um if we go down here right are you still spectator mode yeah wait I can go to game or you can see me getting otherwise you get baroid I got you so this is uh reason he and a couple of other players have built this sort of Greek um Museum kind of looking thing down here you see it here oh okay that’s cool and this is going to be a like huge Museum it’s not finished yet by any means for what for Funny’s head what what’s your plan um all for’s head hundreds and thousands of O On’s heads or or will this will this be the ball of Shame um I suppose you have to ask rais but Wall of Shame is a good shout de Dima I don’t know what I don’t know what you mean by donations alert oh dimma is on um Kick hello Dima okay sorry go on so yeah yeah so um oh this here right I forgot to mention you’ve got fly on right yeah uh so oh that’s why I mean okay y so if you got this is this is what leads up to the big tree oh yeah oh I yeah I remember that you have a connection from the tree oh yeah that’s cool yeah so and also raisen put in a nice little touch here with the door wait what it broke it why did it broke that’s not great is it it yeah it’s not it’s something wrong with the timing but yeah it’s supposed to open and shut I don’t know what’s happened with it so what you literally want to tell me that you just actually made a beanie creation machine okay I got you I think I think yeah okay um raising you’ll have to fix that if you can see it right so if we go across this bridge here the one that we’ve just seen okay I’m [Music] coming so me and raisen had this plan with this bridge brid is to connect our two lands together so the Castle across this bridge is my original land which is AOS oh um and then obviously we’ve seen the bridge so you don’t you need what’s wrong BR wait no poison sorry okay so I have to say no poison Bo it’s fine for using the purple fire right as one of the the few players on the server who Absol actually use like the items out of um items like this one here that every player could use you already get like one point extra bonus point oh than yes because I like it brilliant um cuz you know what actually a lot of people even raisin doesn’t like that purple fire there I just like it so I kept it I mean there are more colors than like purple but you know I like purple purple is like one of my favorite colors fun but if you um TP to me because there’s um the only way to get down this home um H you here oh you here yeah so this is my main living space so this is like my big iron farm pumps out more iron than I ever ever need uh massive like yeah so um I think the last time You’ seen it um it was one high I doubled the layers yeah actually B you did I was not totally fair there you’re right look them look them run into that that their their wet grave that’s what I call it yeah yeah that this is like the big iron farm and it’s just got like little bits of like a chest area here um you know it’s got my strip mine and stuff down there and then it’s got a couple of more Farms like a c Farm there and a cactus farm just earn that little bit more money on the server the funny thing is so this is my B the funny thing dami is always calling me admin admin instead of fun you know it’s so I don’t know it sounds so like some Indian dude you know like sir sir it it really feels like I’m getting scam right now Mr admin listen to me yeah yes it feels like I’m getting scammed like in the next half an hour or so I like like like all of a sudden your house is not your house anymore yeah you know you know why why I W stream like some rapo man come to my house and then they take my my chair and the computer and everything from me you know why you can still see it while I’m sitting on it I think you’ll find this is the property now of demma so if we uh go down here I’ll just quickly show you the Kill Chamber oh Slaughter horse that’s what he want to say hey so yeah this is the Kill Chamber wait is is is is Mr Bor here part of the the inventory is it like did you buy ITX all is Boral Fox all is now part of the furniture he’s part of the furniture now he’s he’s he’s like my guardian angel uh he keeps a watch over this place and then we’ve got a like huge chest system down here where that’s actually not bad store all the iron um Bor has to have a lot of credit to this place he comes with a lot of U the uh decoration and it also help me with the design on with the you know the purple and stuff on the Iron Golem farm and the carpets and that so huge credit to borrow as well cuz he helped a lot with this yeah I L I can see how he’s helping right now yep yep he B Fox O is just there chilling you know thank you getting that bag but yeah so that is pretty much the Versace AOS experience the moment we do have a village and stuff but it’s not worth really showing cuz we’ve not built on it yet but yeah that’s BOS I would say I would say it’s time to ask the chat what should we rate this this land for okay so Bora actually had bear in mind did anyone see the chandelier that I built oh yeah right that we have to show we have to shade show everyone that first okay so this thing here it’s massive I I know I abuse this for a lot right today I but you know it’s kind of big maybe somebody had to uh you know compensate for something but I I I don’t want to judge oh is that is that the route you’re going down this took me like 6 hours to build because I’m not the best builder in the world am I allowed to DB dami here um it’s up to you sure why not okay yeah I don’t want in killing anybody or anything though I don’t I don’t know if I’ve got PVP turned on but yeah you see more more purple fire more purple fire look okay okay then then I would say it’s time for chat to actually decide what this land deserves as a rating but one isow and then is the highest and Bora already raised the bar really high and dami I got you I will look at that later if you if you keep posting this link I’m not sending you 10 bucks I told you already I will I will look into that but not now because right now I’m doing house [Music] ratings I’m waiting I’m waiting for a chat response while I get more coke yeah and also I’m going to the do yeah oh we’ve got a we’ve got a strong nine from scorpion I’ll take that any time it depends is it it’s not like nine out of a million is it scorpion and us with the 10,000 bro yes love that most like him but that’s how it is so anos is let slip that I’m I’m bribing him when if you have a look in YouTube chat I’m back in a minute I like it oopsie [Music] oopsie okay fin is back right so from YouTube We got some good good results what we got here you have like 10,000 out of then y sorry this is this is like uh invalid I cannot count that no joking you know when when scorpion put nine I was like I was like oh that’s really good from scorpion I was like wait it’s not like out of a million or something it’s a scorpion she was like n out of 10 I don’t know what you should do should you listen to scorpion should you listen to anos oh as as humbled as I am with scorpions I do like anas’s prediction a lot better I do like that one something about 10,000 out of 10 just you get you get you get 9 9.5 give me an item to sign for you okay uh I have an item for you um wait a second but I can always you can always improve that every every stream you’re going to do some ratings and then wait you want me to the obsidian or the or the head what whose head is it uh this one no no no the obsidian I don’t want you to sign zero okay and thank you so much uh Dio for 10 out of 10 he’s put who’s the 10er of them in the game chat that’s difficult what should I do now getting a lot getting a lot I think it’s your call my friend okay you know what playing you get you you get 10 out of 10 yeah 10 out of then for now but I can I can actually I I I might change that later yeah I can downgrade this keep me on my toes keep me on my toes make sure I’m always improving I like that there you go yes whoa I’m on okay now let me look into into uh this thing here all right donation alerts.com is that legit I have to look at that yeah I don’t know how I got combat tag there I’m sure unless it was Luka it it was somebody around us let me see so I don’t shouldn’t have um I don’t think I’ve got PVP on in here was it you bro was it bro I I just I just Dam I just looked up donation alerts okay and the reviews the aage reviews you know what they the reviews are saying okay let me let me put that here in stream so everybody can see right so so dami wants me to send money to donation alerts.com right and this this other reviews they are scammers fraud activity you might not get your money scam theves theves the better side the the worst side actually is wrong English the better side in my life dress website look my funs blah blah blah dami sorry not going to use this one we have to come up with another we have to come up with something that’s not that’s not screaming you get scammed oh funny okay that’s hilarious right shall we move on to the next land yes right I think because Luca is still with us here I think we go to Luca’s land yes yes right are you ready Luca are you ready for your land to be judged by the internet yeah right uh we go to [Music] conx Luka is looking at me like no please don’t I can see him I can see him looking at me while I’m connect born teleportation right oh yeah we should probably see um outside Luka you should Luka does not want to pick I don’t know this place is so confusing um is it this I think it’s this here oh no it’s see what I mean by confusing is there a way do is like a a secret mechanism or something oh Lucas stop it I haven’t got pick no no no come on Luka if donation Le is not scamm why why is there so many bad reviews I’m in I’m in let’s go what hi Luka fast movements I’m sorry I going to I going to move slower scorpion by the way I think Scorpion’s lying there because I’ve seen her play fortnite She’s she can handle fast movements yeah she most most like he just like hates Minecraft yeah that’s all it is is hates [Music] Minecraft right okay so so I’m hit with a bit of an eal conundrum L says no he doesn’t want us to do it okay if if if you don’t want me to raade your base right now The Logical conclusion is ah he gets a bedrock [Laughter] oh he’s sh it’s fine I’m not doing that I’m just trolling you it’s fine okay then then let’s go to another land we do we do one last L rating and then I call the stream for theight all right okay let’s have a look at o uh am let’s go to land Capital sure why not oh this is is is yeah this is a base of mmk mmk true he’s got a very distinctive design Choice uh you can tell usually when he builds something it’s very good very distinctive um It’s not finished um but it still has I think a very good different type of contrast to it so yeah this basically it’s like a small village for people for it’s like the way mmk described this to me was a safe haven for people you know so new players etc etc come here um and survive off the land until they move out is is there something like below like underground because it’s like not that big I mean I’m you know if that would have been the first land I would have been impressed for you know but but now I’m not but now because you’ve seen the other that’s how it is let me read those signs here I don’t believe there is any wait let me read everyone is welcome this is a communal base be helpful to others no Deft no infighting no grieving if you want the blaz in this land con content I think contact that’s what he meant user capital is a sanctuary for everyone under a deck and grief actually okay so his principles are kind of noble right so I I give him one extra point just for for you know the idea the concept of it yeah yeah let’s see is there something underground like should be I actually don’t think so um he didn’t um yeah no um I don’t think there is I’ll go into spectator I’ll have look scorpion is asking is anything finished Minecraft it all looks unfinished to me nothing’s ever finished in Minecraft that’s the beauty of it let me see if there’s something under theground oh there is but a lot of yeah yeah yeah just yeah I’ve seen this oh my God there’s a whole Minecart system down here oh this base has Secrets oh no it doesn’t okay it’s not that big okay right so I actually I thought this was bigger I do still like it though very humble Castle kind of many evil look um but I did think it was actually B it’s been a while since I’ve been here let me just look into something really M no uh Bor um I can’t I can’t go into Moni’s base cuz I don’t think I’m trusted there mate so I wouldn’t even know how to get [Music] there I’m back in a minute let me just check something okay let’s see what o bunny says no not doing that sorry right okay so I found out the secret why Luca doesn’t want you judging his base he’s got a weird notion that you might kill him if you see all the heads he’s collected really which yeah I don’t I don’t know why because it’s a PVP server it’s that’s why heads full um yeah but yeah he’s basically said please don’t kill me if you rate my base cuz he’s got like heads okay I just just do something uh I need a three a quick like two or three minutes and then I going to go to Lucas base after we’re going to we’re going to ra uh we’re going to actually look at mmk spacee but I have to check out something real fast okay oh oh deep Santa Claus forgot about scorpion got so many messages every time I [Laughter] I’m Santa hasn’t forgot about you scorpion you just need to be put on the nice list for once yeah okay so the thing is um I just tried to send you the money there dami and it doesn’t work either and the thing is that that’s my last try I’m sorry but I don’t want to waste any more time if it it just doesn’t work and I only do this with secure payment methods where I know that I cannot get scammed and it doesn’t look good for you I’m sorry I really tried but it it’s it getting it’s getting rejected it’s getting denied and I think it has a reason why that happens okay so I’m really sorry and and if you keep trying it there’s a there’s a good chance your Banks going to end up locking you out your bank account yeah so okay I’m I’m here right okay so this is conx apparently you are to vow you’re not going to laugh and you can’t kill him for all the heads he’s got n [Music] okay I’m I’m all yours now let’s go where are you right so this is oh I’m still in oh sorry I’m still in um my bad uh all right so this is conx uh Luca’s got a different style of building he this is like a cave inside a cave type build uh with multiple different floors um actually quite complicated um he’s got sort of rooms everywhere H that’s a wending machine look at that that’s neat what’s in here yeah so he uses um vending ma this is is a secret room whatook oh aha oh those all the blers that you killed yeah right okay keeping trophies that’s not weird where’s the secret head room I want a secret heads now right I want to ban him for for whatever he did there all right so you see some heads here okay right that’s I think this is is this I don’t know how to get to it luuka take charge right follow Luka oh he’s yeah he’s going down here oh where are you going Luca right yes yes yes okay so this is a this is his like trophy space those are all hats he bought from head do face so why would I be angry about that I don’t think he’s bought a single head I think he think there old players really yeah he trades players for heads and stuff um like if you look at this over here he’s even got my head he’s he’s the only person on the server to have my head but I’ve been here before so it’s nothing it’s nothing that that I’m really you know I don’t know it’s nothing bad in particular would I messaged you back saying you wouldn’t care some energy converters and that’s that’s also good I like that yes mhm so he does have quite good use of um custom stuff is this like is this like the the Exel version of the human Center Beed I think that’s exactly what it is I think he does some weird stuff here like the a the lot to yeah I think you put it right the axotal feed it’s um yep and this down here is just his chest space but yeah it’s um it’s completely different oops oh don’t go spectator mode now why would Lucas say don’t go to spectator mode he wants me to go there of course going to do it now I think I’m going to go spectator mode too we wasn’t going to there’s a lot of that’s it’s like it’s like some iron know yeah uh why is he say no spectator mode mean it’s not nothing really terrible I don’t know like oh look down here what oh there’s um a dining room down here bro no BR no I’m sorry bro but you shouldn’t have brought it up we weren’t going to do it that’s going really deep yeah it goes really far down what what what are going to find right here some secret rasti or what like why why is he so afraid of yeah you know we’re going to have a look there’s stairs there’s there’s nothing here nothing bad at oh there’s an ancient city under here though just like some villager upgrade chamber I mean that’s also fine I don’t know oh yeah he’s probably got he’s probably talking about his um villager hall because he’s got them um wacky villagers doesn’t he but there’s nothing this is just like M shafts yeah yeah I’m lost I’m I’m in the ancient city I don’t know what right so yeah there’s a lot of staircases though staircases leading to nowhere I’m deter I will come back to this base and I will find the secret what we have here storage room nah it’s nothing dangerous nothing nothing forbidden or whatever I don’t know no what’s this room here there’s like a jail room for for a player called free stun gold [Music] shoe that’s good let’s see where you are [Music] here I’m not sure which room that is but it doesn’t look really you know welcoming no it doesn’t it look it’s a very scary yeah he just messaged me right uh um private private private could I destroy it you what what is he trying to hide the more he tries to hide something the more I want to see it the more I want to see it too the more I’m looking little Christmas tree a nice dog there’s nothing bad there’s a button on this there nothing bad unless we are completely blind what’s that I’m going to press it does nothing press the button didn’t do anything right okay okay so I think we can conclude Luca’s base Mitchell is here g n z i don’t see anything illegal or like bad or maybe I’m just like too stupid to find it just said you’ll never find it it’s destroyed oh he already oh he already removed the evidence I got you there what what does e i SG mean e where I’ve I’ve just seen him put stuff in this chest and like I am BOS but they’re renamed as is I have no [Music] idea well that is Luca’s base okay well oh there are some coros fruits I mean plants well okay again what what how how how would you rate this like I’m asking everyone in the chat right now one to then where then is the best rating and well don’t be too don’t be too like harsh with him but you know on the other side he also tried to hide something from me what makes me super like like you know curious and then I didn’t see anything now I’m angry because not because I would ban him or whatever because I couldn’t see whatever it is now really I really want to know what it is you know that’s not nice yeah I really wanted to see it [Music] now so what is is any what is the chat saying who how are you rating Luca’s base dimma just told me buy camera dimma give me $10 it’s not my fault that you could not literally tell me how I could send you the do I would have done [Music] it Scorpion’s gone with an eight out of 10 very nice okay [Music] oh luuka you’re so stupid how did you try to set me on fire and set yourself on [Laughter] fire this is stupid what else have we got so over how do you rate this I I don’t know it’s difficult we have a seven out 10 gone for a seven out of 10 you know usually I I going to do the the the ratings of the chat and then I make an average number between all the ratings I got you know so you actually really lucky earlier because you actually you got the like eight you got the nine you got the 10 so actually I should actually got nines and tens I didn’t even get one in L okay you’re right I you know what I I I going to I going to give him an eight okay but only because I’m in a good mood oh only because okay LCA and he is he oh hello what’s this a very modest what is this huh uh I just found yeah this what is this okay right um I think that’s the land um Bor said he wants us to check out one more land I can do that which is his friend uh his friend monoki made um she’s very new on the server actually um she’s not been on very long at all she joined round about the same time Bor did about a month or so I Bor I said your base was the best base on the server what do you mean I didn’t vote for you right if we TP all right you need to get an item from luga well [ __ ] I actually should have ADD and then we’re going to do let me see if that worked perfect where is lucer there he’s down there good eight out of 10 we can do last we can yeah we can do a we can do a last land that’s that’s that’s we could do yeah so we need to TP to borrow cuz I’m not trusted there so I can’t TP there okay cool we can do that uh t TPA por let’s [Music] go I do not have access to that command can you please sort out the time mod please I will as soon as I do the upgrade you have to wait for for a few days I will do it next week anyway because I have to implement like a lot of stuff in the new plugin yeah yeah but literally had no no time this weekend because of all the streaming you know it’s just waking up yeah yeah I get that and preparing and stream yeah you’ve been very busy right so if you can tell moki’s got a very distinctive build text taste as well let me see she loves to build in the sort of I think like Japanese style let me get a doal first okay I let me get some something from from Sky yeah yeah I Can Tell She’s building more like Japanese style you know like this what’s the name of it a lot of cherry trees around and this she did tell me what it was called but I forgot um reason would know he’s always he said something like this this tree in in a new Hub that we’re going to release soon it was a ha tree uh I forgot the name that’s just ha tree yeah in the haaha style that’s what it is okay let’s let’s see she likes cats that’s not not not the best sign but you know she’s still young it’s fine lat so we got upstairs first uh I think this leads onto a balcon yeah it does and this is an artic base cool I’ve not actually been up here yet so she’s using custom models that’s a that’s a good thing y uh downstairs what’s down here oh hello okay it’s got a bit more this has got a lot more interesting very nice down here no that’s that’s actually most lik the water bit for the cats so they can drink uh where where did you find like wa oh there it is yeah yeah just yeah follow down the stairs this is really nice uhuh there are cats everywhere I’m not lying there’s cats absolutely everywhere oh wait this stairs down here too oh she’s got Secrets whoa she has been busy okay this is cool I love the texture of the glass down here this is actually really cool wait oh that’s cool it’s like some like it’s like a oh I like it yeah it’s like that foggy hole thing you should look look at my look at my Shader thing it looks even better with that you know oh yeah yeah I bet so i’ I’ve seen a little bit of this when she was just building out a little bit um but I’ve not seen any of this this is really cool what what’s this this thing here like oh she built a cat out of stone she’s really into cats she’s really into cats look at that I thought that was a frog I no I think it’s a cat come on I think it’s a frog look you got your eyes up here mouth here two front legs back legs it might be a frog but it also might be a okay you know yeah you yeah maybe I don’t know right let’s have a look what else what are the secrets mon is hiding wow this is whoa okay H he’s really talented creepy here but it’s fine W this goes all the way around does it does I have the feeling so whatever she did here right she is not done yet so I think this is still uh you know work in construction right yeah this is um really really cool anos says is a cat frog yeah that’s how about it is a cat frog it’s like some some cat some hybrid I don’t know yeah I think she’s done really well there actually cuz I I would never expected looking at her house that this was going to be underneath let me go down there let me see what’s that it’s I think it’s going to be a storage ER said yeah I don’t know like I so the thing is since this land is still in construction I cannot fairly raate it right because you know it’s not done yet but it has it has potential on it Merit yeah yeah I think you can rate on its Merit though of its potential let let me get in in Creative a second and let’s see if there’s something else no it’s not yet oh wait there are more more chests here oh look at that wait I don’t know where you are no it’s fine it’s fine no but after all I think it has potential the question is like we cannot wait for for for the final build because obviously not done yet but we could already like make an assumption like what what would we guys say like I’m waiting for a chat again like like keep your mind’s not done yet what would you rate um or should we not rate it all and should we just like make a sign there with my sign below it like aun and some some text on it yeah you could do yeah this is a very good indeed very good very good oh funny yes have you got any Builds on the server I see you going around judging everyone else’s have you got build sadly the only builds that I have is the spawn and the and the end country I let me see if I have anything actually the only thing I do is always like configuration of plugins your lands I have Smackdown we where we based it earlier I have like oh yeah verace but actually I’m just rusted in your land I’m I have the end land but actually has nothing in it it’s just like that nobody can claim the end Island spawn spawn what I didn’t build on my own Sanctuary what is like uh decoys land rice area and Bor down so I I literally have nothing I have to admit I have nothing we need to get you we need to get you building if I ever find the D I would so let me get a sign here we’ve got um 8.5 from scorpion we’ve got a 8 out of 10 from anos which is really cool it’s not centered H um scorpion no anos said 8 out of 10 for not finish but he better than his so I think he recognizes the potential you’re good ah it’s not so much Blaze here let’s remove building style m I love your sty keep building oh funny I made a I made a sweet sign here yeah g G’s love that Boris is of course Boris is giving 10 out of 10 yeah no I’m I’m not putting a rating there yet because you know it’s not done but mm you know little siging yeah yeah no I think it’s I think it’s really cool and the potential for this base is incredible I think I think um what she’s got going on underneath her house I think that’s incredible yeah that’s cool yeah um let’s see yeah I think um I think we going to call it the day for the day and next weekend I going to do another Minecraft stream on Sunday and then as well we’re going to play um a bit of fortnite on Friday Friday evening play a bit of fortnite on Saturday we’re going to play a bit of oh hello Venom how are you um on Saturday we’re going to play a bit of I don’t know maybe we continue playing high on life high on life is an actually like well major rated game so you get like this warning on Twitch that you have to agree on that the content might not be appropriate for like your sensitive ears you know like yeah cuz I mean um it swears more than I do that’s uh that’s that’s impressive yeah it is is literally and suay will be the Minecraft day so every Sunday I will do Minecraft I play with people and when you watch on my stream on the top here you see the Minecraft IP for uh um Java and for Bedrock so if you want to play with Java all you have to do is put into your client playay doof funny.or and if you want to play with badrock on console on mobile phone or on a computer you can add the player ofun MC and then you can join my server let me just copy paste that really quick into the chat for everyone so that I have a really good idea for next stream sure let me let me let me let me hear a treasure hunt yeah that’s a thing oh yeah that’s something I wanted to talk about as well wait um wait just let me paste that paste that here as well and let me paste that here as well and let me paste that here as well so now I’m done the thing is so what I so what what what actually going to happen in in the next time on my Minecraft server you you all saw right that we have a lot of custom items okay so for example we have like um a lot of custom items you could craft or you could like loot from mobs depending on on what items it is you can actually like either craft it you can actually loot it somewhere or you can get it from drops we have like custom Cosmetics we have like custom swords and even custom fire colors you can make all of it custom food then um we have like special plugins for example like mop balls where you catch you could catch mobs my goodness cannot talk anymore uh you you could catch you could catch Mobs with it right and then let’s just pick them up and take them with the mob balls the mob balls right yes so really really handy for uh villager Farms because everyone knows who plays Minecraft that if you want a villager farm you usually have to go through using beds or workbenches or a rail car system to get them all in place however the mob balls that we have where we can catch the villagers excludes all that and it makes it so much easier so absolutely incredible shout out is the m balls uh when on I’m from Austria so and and yeah the server is online every day like 24 hours and you can whenever you want um and we just try to get more players and since this is my first stream on my server in the future we actually hopefully will increase the player count so that’s just it’s just a number that hopefully will go up and we have a lot of custom items and a lot of things to explore we have like a lens plugin where you can claim your own land then there’s a cityu server where you can make your own plots and whatsoever and currently we’re also working on mini games they are experimental right now so they’re not so many many of them but we will also like add more of them and then we’re going to get a new Hub and the next big thing we’re going to get starting next week custom mobs there will be custom animals custom bosses custom Hostile Mobs right and I going to release the first back some someday next week not sure when I’m done it’s already like 90% done that means you will have like for example there will be a raccoon right and the raccoon can run around and can steal your it when you drop them on the floor but the raccoon can also like go to chests and then like steal an item out of the chests right and then you can actually catch the raccoon and if you get the raccoon it will drop the items back or if you kill him right yeah Austria is like is like next to Germany so I got wait for that um animal mod plugin I think it’s going to be incredible that’s that’s that’s all all the stuff actually going to happen right and then there will be bosses with with custom drops so what you see right here okay this this custom items everything right here is just the beginning okay we’re going to add more of those every every other week there will be custom trees with custom fruits everything Al so this will be like super amazing so even though it’s even though you see the server is a bit empty right now it I hopefully hopefully we can pump that up in the future yeah absolutely um 100% we will uh interesting question from anos from YouTube by the way um he’s asked can we catch the Ender Dragon with the malls I’m I’m going on the assumption that we can’t but I don’t fly know what I actually accepted two mops from the from from the mop balls this is the Ender Dragon and this is the vi because they would be to op yeah because you know imagine you would you would you would just like Farm like I don’t know it would take forever but you would Farm like 10 ms right and then you would like raid somebody’s face it would be total anihilation you know it would be yeah it would it would it would be Doom it would be could you I could imagine pvping somebody and then they throw an Ender Dragon at me I’d be so pissed off but look like at mob ball right so if you if you look at the lore right you can see like what you could like catch with them for example this one can do chickens cows pigs rabbits blah blah blah and it is also like cheap right and then you go up under through the Ultra Ball and the master the ball and this one could do all mobs what’s not true I have to fix that because he cannot do an End Dragon he cannot do an with but you know um so that’s how it is yeah man yeah it’s a good it’s a good shout as well exempting them to be honest cuz it would be utter like you said utter Annihilation couldn’t handle itone coming up to my base with eight Withers would be and and the thing that you have to the thing that that a lot of people don’t know right This Server supports bedro and Chava for example poison here is playing right now on the PlayStation 4 while I’m playing on computer and the thing is you see he has a custom hat he has custom items and everything everything I do like every custom integration for example an a duel a mop or I don’t know an an armor will work on both platforms it’s not like on some servers where you for example uh you know where Chava supports everything and badrock is also supported but doesn’t support custom items or whatever no we support literally everything everything that’s made custom for both versions right so if you join the Sero from either one like book or Java you will be have full support that’s how it is MHM yeah and just just to Echo that point um I’ve played on a lot of servers that pretend to um uh they pretend to host Java and Bedrock but what your find is they’ll favor mostly in Java and a lot of things are glitchy in Bedrock not with this server though um I can say with full confidence even on a PlayStation 4 that everything every custom thing works absolutely fine you know so it’s really really really good that way Venom wants to wants to talk German I can say one sentence in German I cannot I cannot talk like all German because it’s like an English stream but I can tell you one German sentence if you want to yeah I I I think I can do German in high German and in Austrian accent maybe I’m not sure being honest with [Music] you what is the difference between German and Austrian uh you mean language wise you mean yeah like not culture wise cuz I understand that there’s obviously going to be different culture uh but like language wise is it like more like an accent thing or is it like a genuine language difference he wants me to say it for for the bunus Republic deut what does that mean I it’s like I don’t know it’s like Germany it’s like the official title like bunas Republic Dand yeah um yeah what what sentence should I say you should say I say one sentence for you okay um while [Music] and uh quick translation what does that mean I just said it would be super amazing super cool when you would join my server and would invite some people because then it might be really nice here oh cool very [Laughter] good Scotland scorpion is flexing on the one sentence she can say in German but she can’t say it cuz she might get banned no okay scorpion go for it I I cannot promise you you know I have a bot in the chat so the chat might actually you know Auto auto remove it but you go for it go for it uh wenom if you want to make like advertisement uh that would be amazing dude like literally you I also have Discord like um you also um just looking at the chat I think um B wants you to go look at his mob Barm I will in a second nice nice nice nice nice nice oops you know what would be really cool if the window St SP would just stay hidden and not always Bob up I don’t know I don’t like that yeah uh where’s my second prowser there it is yes okay yeah we can look at bora’s mop Farm that’s a that’s a thing I could do okay oh look at these also if you look at the top of his mob farm it’s his actual face so you can see his face on the oon map wait really really cool actually yeah it’s really cool wait let me check that on the map I want to see that makes sense you I’m pretty sure you can see it on the map let me open the map one second uh there we go it’s a browser let me switch just for for viewers so you can also see it desktop or move a bit away so I can see that the map can can you TP Bor somewhere else because I cannot see because this is uh oh wait no I can’t actually remove the players I no I can’t yeah oh Oh you mean Luka no it’s fine it’s fine uh no you really can you see can see bora’s face on the map that’s cool it’s really cool isn’t it yeah it is really cool and a really cool design as well actually for the f no I like it is like you know like when usually when you see like mop Farms right they just like some some big block of stone and that’s it right but he really like put some effort into it so it doesn’t look like totally ass it looks actually quite nice credit to him as well he did this for the server as you see it’s unclaimed um mainly so people can come and use this whenever they want uh um well what I would suggest you Bor okay claim it make a land out of it but then allow everyone to enter and use it so nobody could could grieve it you know that that but but you don’t have to right so it’s just like yeah an idea you know you could I said that to him you could make like land Flex right and then still allow people to enter chests and you know to enter the land and still disallow destruction of blocks so but yeah nice sweet yeah really cool eh really cool now I would say I would say enough for today and then I I know that’s the plan you know next Friday fortnite maybe some other game then on on Saturday we’re going to play a bit high on live and then on Sun On Sunday we’re going to play Minecraft and if I find time like uh during the week week I will also play maybe some game there Minecraft as well and then you can always try my server whenever you want because you know it’s online 24 hours and it will be so much better in the future by all the things we’re going to add so yeah that’s about it and yeah no worries man as usual thank you all for watching and you’re awesome really really appreciate you in my stream drop me a follow drop me a sub if you want thank you poison for for being in my stream today and thank everybody else like por and lcer and so on well it was amazing I love it I love it I really love it and Scorpion as well scorpion as well yeah yeah so yeah I think it’s been a really good stream today BR I think it’s been really good that’s about it then see you next time hopefully bye yes bye-bye [Music] [Music] n n [Music]

This video, titled ‘Let’s play Minecraft on my server, all Java and Bedrock players are welcome.’, was uploaded by ofunny on 2024-04-22 11:07:25. It has garnered 38 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 03:33:21 or 12801 seconds.

You want to play Minecraft on my server, sure thing (see below)!

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  • EveryLunaEver: My Minecraft Boyfriend Reveal! 😍🔥 #AmICoolYet

    EveryLunaEver: My Minecraft Boyfriend Reveal! 😍🔥 #AmICoolYetVideo Information This video, titled ‘ICH HAB ENDLICH EINEN FREUND (in Minecraft) 😎 Bin ich jetzt cool?’, was uploaded by EveryLunaEver on 2024-05-11 13:00:40. It has garnered 1092 views and 138 likes. The duration of the video is 00:11:36 or 696 seconds. A new experience in Minecraft! We get a really cool pickaxe owo AND our very first good friend Berndt! Guys meet Berndt he is my BFF! He is a villager and now unemployed! Edited by: https://twitter.com/Rokuagames My links! LIVUUU ↪ https://www.twitch.tv/everylunaever VOD Channel ↪ https://www.youtube.com/@EveryVODEver React Channel ↪ https://www.youtube.com/@EveryReactEver The little bird also chirps regularly (°ー°) ↪ https://twitter.com/everylunaever… Read More