Monkeyfeesh: Minecraft Build Battle – Build or Destroy?😱

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sech the Shameless I see the aimless I don’t want to be one of the nameless I’m wake up with the mindset that one day I’m going to make it and I don’t think I’ll be fine if I don’t break my limitations don’t try to stop me I exist to write my your story I’ll make it decision if I want some peace or if I want the glory yeah don’t want a life that is complacent or possibly boring just want a life that is worth every day exploring my whole life I [Music] [Music] justed be yeah I just to be great yeah I just to be great yeah I just want to be great just want to be yeah just to be yeah just [Music] [Music] to this is a statement appreciate all that is vacant it’s just for the take if you make up your mind to the take it I’m never complacent I would work in Aion a b yeah there’s no repl for persistence patience yeah in this I toing feel it’sing and I’ll fight till aniy ising I’m sick of the time has come we finally returned finally returned to Minecraft Bill battles afterward you believe it 9 months nine months nine months since we last did this which is ridiculous but guys we’re back we are back we all good so the code will be released very shortly don’t worry you’ll see on screen shortly but I will copy into the into here very shortly there’s no code released yet it it’s all good don’t worry man don’t worry all is good with the world I promise you anyway I will release it shortly all is good don’t worry you’ll see it anyway it’ll be on the screen in a second but I will copy it across turn the music down is that loud was it that bad sorry apologies there you go produc it bit now sorry guys I’m excited it’s been too long since we’ve done this stuff way too long so I’m pleased we’re back well I got some random white background on my screen we shouldn’t be there how weird is that why is there a white background on my lucky dip tip let’s get rid of that thing that’s annoying me what is that coming from where is that annoying thing coming from it’s part of that one that’s frustrating okay give me a second we’ll twe that it’s annoying me very frustrating that’s showing up I don’t know what showing there for I’ll fix that in a minute don’t know what I shine up on the screen for I’ll fix that shortly don’t worry we’re all good anyway how’s everyone Den evening guys oh you’re good hopefully it’s not so loud now we’ll turn the music off now it’s fine it’s fine there we go hello music’s gone we’re all good music’s gone you can hear me right you can hear me I’m getting pinged with arrows left right in godam center right now how is everyone doing this evening are we all good are we all ready for some um I is rocket League God that’s awkward isn’t it n went straight for the rocket League comment when we’re clearly not doing rocket league tonight don’t know why I said that anyway this is not rocket League this is clearly Minecraft it’s been so long since I’ve done Minecraft I’m out of Hab of even saying Minecraft anyway so tonight we’re going to be doing between two and 3 hours it depends how the stream goes depending on how much we’re going to do I don’t know exactly what we’re going to do yet but the plan is to do between two or three hours minimum of two maximum of very maximum of three I’m going to join Sharky’s chat in a minute I don’t yet know 100% if um if UD wants to come and join us in chat or not if he wants to he’s more than welcome to but I don’t know if he’s going to join us or not we’re going to find it very soon got to just tweak one thing on one of my overlays cuz it shouldn’t be on the screen there we go and get that sorted out and just change it on screen cuz it’s going to bug the hell out of me I hadn’t noticed that little blip that will be tweaked in seconds and then we’ll get going cuz I cannot have that shown up stream it’s going to be really annoying so just going to tweak this it’ll be gone in be gone in 5 seconds guys don’t worry it’ll be good there we go better sword nice there we go anyway soal guys the plan tonight is going to be give you guys the realm link very very shortly there better that’s all fixed nice give you guys the real link very very shortly indeed invite you all in to come and play um I’m going to copy this here don’t worry don’t worry about copying off there I’ll put it in in here for you and hopefully this should put you guys into a holding cell now let me get quickly get Mr Sharky back in the chat he’s already got a chat open for us uh there we go let’s go in this one here here we go Mr shy hello Mr shy how you doing sir you good good again right guys let me know if you can hear shy right as well because it’s kind of important you hear both of us otherwise I’m going to sound like I’m chatting to myself for the whole stream which is going to be a little bit weird I do it a lot anyway but you know anyway realm link coming up on the screen now guys there is your realm link I believe do we still go into a holding set or such on this uh shy when they join yeah cool excellent stuff so most of the stream will be much like the last one but as it was so long ago you’ve probably all forgotten and to be fair so I to an extent so um basically uh we’re going to have to an extent fixed um mini games tonight just for one night um so it’s going to be give me two seconds just to confirm what it was going to be it’s going to be the 100 meter sprint thing a mob thing a bone thing and a door thing that’s what Shar is giving me details of I’m not sure which any of them are is the mo thing the mob battles thing is that what that one is okay I don’t know what the hell the bone Andor things are from being honest I’ve forgot forgotten entirely they yeah you can show us on screen in a minute though shy we’ll have a quick look around on the screen you can show me what they are and just remind me what the hell is that in front of me is that what’s that nice Che cheers for that I was when I started this oh I’ll tell you I was not in front of a um this this talking um upside down te we’ll go calling it that right I was elsewhere great I got moved but anyway guys anyone who’s not familiar with this this is our wonderful uh realm here come some people joining so this is our wonderful realm here so if you’re not familiar with this then there’s a heap of stuff in here that’s also should we give a sneak preview later on to the Hunger Games we could you couldn’t we like you said you wanted to I went there sorry probably not today probably not today okay far enough no worries okay there will soon be at some point soon a sneak preview to the Hunger Games don’t know when it’s going to be but there will be a sneak preview at some point to the Hunger Game stuff which is an ongoing thing that shy and yudo are building is it just you guys or anyone else as well anyone else uh pretty much just us okay you guys Okay cool so yeah those guys have been building a Hunger Games thing you’ve got three is it three out of seven parts of the map you’ve got finished so far is it three out of seven still I believe um think we have like three more things to do yeah cool there’s three more things I have to do and then we can start looking at that so as you can see there’s a lot in this realm if I keep panning along here quickly while people are just joining into this into the into the games these are our various games we’ve got to play on the map as I said not all of them are going to be open to play today um some of them are we’re going to we’re limiting it today purely yeah because we are but any other one will be completely random if you do pay for anything maybe you don’t pay for the mini games but I don’t think it’s a place where you can pick anyway but you’re going to be more limited to normal what you can pick for that but otherwise everything is good good and you can destroy the hell out of whatever you want but there’s a various different things here we’ve got a random roller coaster here which we’ve used before which is quite hard to kill each other on but that’s the whole point we’ve got a basically a parkour death run which is pretty challenging we’ve got a boat race we’ve got over here we’ve got invisible maze that’s pretty fun that’s that’s challenging as hell we have got uh I don’t know what you can call this thing Sumo which basically means you knock yourself on the map you die we have got over here we’ve got another one this was what Landon made Landon is no longer really around active on the channel that much this is horrific no one ever makes that but basically I don’t think anyone can complete that a hell of a lot of a lot of challenges over here we’ve got another parkour at the back then here we’ve got 100 m obstacle course kind of thing up downs underneath some obstacles not particularly challenging but it’s not supposed to be it’s supposed to be 100 meter race but if you don’t make it up and Downy it’s going to be running and it’s pointless the boat race isn’t actually that bad fluffy it’s maybe about two or 3 minutes it looks worse than it is this one here you hit each other off uh off here and you get respawned a couple of times and you die I believe uh this one here again is is you get a platform each and you keep going until you die I don’t know what this mushroom thing is this is this is remind me what this is I know what this is but I forgot what it’s called uh it’s not a mushroom a mushroom thing this is this this it’s not a mushroom look a mushroom it’s kind of like a house thing but if you look on the screen this one here the one the one that I think Udo builds it I forgotten oh uh I think that’s a sple the sple that’s the one the sple the sple thank you yep and this is this is the mob battle where you start at the bottom and you work your way up and they get harder and harder and whoa what’s this going to the up here don’t know what that is I’ve seen that before that’s a bit different some of these things are new and this one over here I forgot the name of this one again over here this one’s quality I’ve seen this one in action this this is brilliant this is truly awesome I’ve completely forgot how it works cuz it’s been a long while I don’t know if this one one we’re playing tonight that one’s amazing I remembered it being amazing I just can’t remember what exactly is and then over here is the main part of the action tonight oh there’s my big old racing Tower as well up there but over here’s where all the actions could to happen tonight this is where you get put into your little individual cells and then you do bassle and you basically get 20 minutes to build something and um yep in the middle you have a halftime interval halfway through or something will happen to either all of you or some of you um and then as a result of f wins something more will happen to one of you or some of you involving some kind of like chaos to your build and in the meantime anyone can donate at any point in the Stream and just trash your builds all right guys so be warned anyone who wants to wreck your builds can donate and try oh wacky red is here oh God wacky Red’s dangerous he is the lover of these I haven’t seen you for ages wacky red I did wonder if you’re going to like some of the posts but you are here you’ve seen it which is good sorry for the chaotic noises in the background someone is striking a lot of thunder and causing chaos with the volumes maybe maybe not yeah so this is where most of the action is going to happen tonight anyway around this area here um and yeah I’m going to basically be kind of almost like the uh commentator should we call it on this stream more than anything while shy basically does all the leg work because I don’t know all the commands like he does and he’s going to storm his way through it so we’re going to have as many 20 minutes games we can have in the meantime when we finish a level we’ll basically reset the map completely for a second um and then start all over again get you guys all back in again and go from that fluffy can I donate via a super golf map don’t how that even work dude to be honest interesting interesting idea though anyway so how many people actually got in here right now whoa okay this is pretty busy wow one two uh three four five six so six and I mean door door did say he might play so we have dor as well as seven so the maximum we can have in here is obviously eight players at the moment dor is obviously a contributor to the actual actual realm itself in terms of Hunger Games has he done some work on the um on the side of things as well is it all Hunger Games so far foror uh it’s been a little bit of everything cool all right what ledge gamer boy how did you man type your name wrong and be G boy on here is that is that was gamer boy taken you just decided to go for a misspell name instead I’m confused gamea boy is just I’m I’m can’t wait to see chat what are you doing man anyway we’ve got Hugo we’ve got OSU we’ve got gamer boy we’ve got a bug God sherf who’s sherf spino and then obviously Shar boy is shocky helping me and obviously unknowing door is also unknowing door who’s helping us but maybe playing today I don’t know he’s a very very very impressive speed Builder so if he is playing be warned guys okay so let me see chat quickly see why game boys explainers explain quackers oh quackers is Sher hello quackers good to have you here Mister right so I’m going to quickly I know what the first category is going to be but I need to just put it somewhere on the screen so give me two seconds and I will get that on the screen as well it’s going to be quite open-ended this first category so I don’t know whether you Sharky do you want to start putting people in their individual holding C at this point and then we can while you’re doing that I will uh quickly create what I’m going to create for this one for this first one I’m not going to bother putting an image on the screen normally I put an image on the screen um but I’m not going to bother this time because there’s literally literally no point uh so I’m going to do something different for this one just for this one I’m not going to be I’m not going to be F fuffy about it right I going to put a bit text on the screen that’s all we need anyway right for this first one so while Shar is giving you your individual sales I’m going to quickly right it’s on the screen and in a minute you’ll see a pop up on the screen once everyone’s in there at individual places and then you’ll see what your first task is so as I said you guys will get approximately 20 minutes well it’ll be time so you’ll get 20 you will be 20 minutes 20 minutes to do your build people can destroy or do whatever they want to damage your builds at any point um during the 20 minutes as I say you get halftime in the middle and the halftime games you play will potentially damage your will potentially damage your build as well so there’s lots of opportunities to get wrecked on this on this game basically okay be warn it could happen any time people have been trashed right at the end before and got really annoyed by it so um uh yeah and I know wacky has donated before and wrecked people as well toast has also wrecked some people really later on so um be warned it could happen and I’m not going to apologize it’s the whole point of the stream the whole point of the stream is to allow people to we we this is the only stream where I’ll encourage a form of trolling so um yeah uh good luck if Happ to you right siral we are in a second going to have on the screen the first uh uh grouping is everyone in their holding cells Shocky uh yeah cool right excellent right so guys let’s see who we got in where quickly and then we’ll go for it the first one take it’s taking a little longer to get going guys cuz I’m practice as well with this and door’s already building don’t know what door’s building he’s just warming up his building skills so D in one who we got in two spiners left think that’s Hugo in two who we got in three in three we’ve got OSU he’s waving or building not sure what he’s doing four four EMP I’m guessing that might have been wor sper was I’m getting a bit of weird K of the maps when I’m looking other guys back now I just four just three at the moment gamer boy and Sher and what not not here or can I not see them don’t know is everyone in Shi oh yeah oh no one’s in number five that’s why that’s cool no worries I didn’t go enough game Bo game Bo number six we have got Sher AKA quack is in number seven this might bug go in here in number eight right guys so let me get timer start quickly and then we’ll get going so you’re not going to get told anything until the actual uh timer starts cuz that’s not fair you’re going to start building ahead of me so let me just get the timer going on the screen I’m not being I’m not being slower guys I promise it just there’s a few things I’ve got to I’ve got to do simultaneously and I can’t make everything happen at exactly the same time and a matter of practice right they cut me a little bit slack won’t take very long though we’re all good right so it’s 12 2325 we’re going to be starting this very soon um in a 1 minute hopefully all goes well right we’ll start at 2327 CU that’s easier then I can get everything ready and I can not mess it up right no signs being played this time we’ll have no signs being played cuz it’s going to be annoying I just put that on there you go that can be the end of the half time interval music we’ll put that on right so we’re going to be starting this in 30 seconds time I’ll get ready to post every all the information you on screen as well uh quick quick quick quick quick quick right I’m fine I’m fine I like being up against yeah no one saw that on the screen right no one saw it come up brief on the screen all right it was 10 seconds ago guys the first aim is to build a design of any Disney character you want from any Disney film or anything okay go anything you want guys you can build okay anything you want is your first Target Disney characters is your first Target to go for okay so you’ve got 10 minutes to build any Disney character you so wish all right start yep go go go go for it get him off get him running I forgot you got permission as well sorry I did forget that I’ll give you guys an extra 20 seconds at the end I’m sorry didn’t mean to slack there your first aim is Disney characters never have I had so many overlays on the screen at once Christ how do I get rid of this right right click to place block information on my screen at the moment this is quite annoying can I turn that off is that like some going to help guy they put on the new update cuz that’s just pinging around on my screen like a good and do m in right get away can I get the off Sharky is that some random help guide on the on the latest version why am I getting out try placing a block maybe I haven’t got any blocks on me at all go and get one hang on oh why is it telling me how to do everything okay I must have help on it somewhere go away help gu this is ridiculous I don’t want this one this is going to drive me mad oh I need to turn this off this is going to bug the head out of me I got to turn off anyway otherwise it’s taking up a massive top can you see on the stream I you looking at the stream shk getting a massive top Corner AB I’ll get that off the screen guys don’t worry we’ll get off the screen quickly CU it’s doing my heading then I’ll start wandering around because that’s going to really bug me right is it gone now it’s gone it’s still there cuz this is hovering right bu bum bum bum call that off anyway how weird don’t want any tutorial hints I don’t know why it’s treating me like I’m a new player on this I might not be the this Builder but I do not need that crap on the screen that can go away right anyway let’s start looking and seeing what people are doing okay cuz this could be anything guys we can all play guess guess what everyone’s building it to an extent cuz God knows what’s going to come out of this one I just didn’t do not know at all but this is the first one I’ve done for ages as well so we’ll see what’s going on right so we’ve got door over here who is what you reckon shy shre Shrek isn’t he is even I think it might be a dinosaur I don’t know okay right can’t tell there I’m don’t know about Hugo just yet this what looks like might be I go Mickey Mickey Mouse maybe for U maybe black legs White Shoes give me Mickey Mouse F quite possibly not t show for gamer boy who knows I like toast spills toast bills are nor really random toast is really out really out of them uh you get bonus points by the way they’re 3D if they’re flat you get less points they’re Bon bonus points for anything that’s 3D CU they’re a lot to make so uh we’ll see so we’ve got quack is AKA Sher over here maybe go Goofy looks like goofy foot maybe possibly and then R The Incredibles on one of them oh this could be incredibl actually yeah hugos could be Incredibles possibly hug guys is looking pretty sweet to be fair I’m liking that that’s looking very good is dark in the cool has he joined what up hey dark’s here as well welcome dark everybody dark’s going to join us to judge your builds in a slightly sarcastic manner I’m sure like we all will to an extent although some of you guys are decent so um oh I know what door is building what’s he going for mikasi oh you oh dude you’re right no way that’s amazing gamer boy says he can’t gamer boy says he can’t break the blocks uh you problem I guess gamer boy everyone else seems to be all right d don’t know why you having issues okay spino is apparently back in again now spino is just spoiling animals right now maybe maybe it’s maybe it’s themed for his build who knows we’ll find out soon I’ve got no idea is good he’s flying and everything so yeah doing all right he’s flying he’s just not having I don’t know what he’s doing right now wh wacky red why can’t you get in the why can’t you get in what’s happening it’s I think at the moment it’s full though that’s the reason no one else can get in I think it’s full right now guys so um is it 10 people two three yeah four 5 6 7 8 nine nine right now actually n was there’s room for one more you should be able to get in guys there I think it should be 10 people yeah there’s currently nine in this if anyone there’s room for one more if anyone wants to come in you can start building late guys you might not win but b means come and get in anyway if you if you want to he was building something from The Incredibles yeah for sure he definitely is yeah I think someone in chats with minut ago yeah definitely is definitely he is wasowski oh wow Doro always goes so ambitious with his builds every single time he’s done this in the past he’s always been crazy crazy ambitious with his builds to try and even do that and make that circular oh my God he’s really I don’t know he’s he’s always good for time though he’s always good time management he is the Absolut UT most best time management person I know what bug Do’s doing can you remember when we did before Shar someone built a pool of water with something in it but God’s given me the same Vibes as whatever that person did before it was like a white swimming pool with water in it I can’t did we uh B water do we B it uh T I only band it but we can we we’ll just I mean it’s going to still get wrecked regardless if he does I don’t know I would yeah I would yeah we’ll just we’ll just be careful we put it that’s all you are right B man can’t build up do you mean is you they don’t look very good or it’s not letting you is it a problem connecting to the realm wacky red you need an update dude you need an update to your uh Minecraft that’ll be what it is dude if youve not up if you’ve not updated your Minecraft in the last three days then it will be a problem because I basically tried to do the stream uh last Sunday last Sunday yeah it was on it and um it wouldn’t work because basically Mojang messed up their uh update so if you didn’t update at the right time uh basically if you Tred to then push through update which wouldn’t work anyway it would basically lose your worlds so they then basically canceled the update and no one could get get it get it they got didn’t get early one they then pushed out a new update about two three days ago um and that update now works and then then then I everyone to access their old their Old Worlds again so if you’ve not updated your uh Minecraft in the last two or three days dude then you will need to go and lo load your Minecraft launcher and update it in there then you should be fine that’s going to be your issue a very long winded yeah answer someone is building Sully over here oh Sully Sully as well did you say oh look there is a Sully coming as well over here yes Sher is building Sully I think no way no way it owns Pixar but Pixar has its like own thing but Disney owns it okay we’ll allow it we’ll allow it yeah as owns it would allow it cuz yeah would allow it I can’t I wouldn’t I wouldn’t want to stop any these guys right now going for it oh I don’t know I no idea what what bug God’s AKA toast is building right now not sure at all yeah not really I don’t know he does some good builds but they just tend to be out proportion which is just funny normally we’ll see we see what he goes with I can’t work out Olaf maybe is Olaf Disney from Frozen are you blind am I blind hello kud how you doing are you good am I blind for who blind for what ex reason exactly I’m I’m confused you just are in general in general cheers dark it’s so good to have you on board mate I can guarantee some positive some glasses some better ones I wear glasses anyway for like for like screen use and stuff so yeah some better ones clear this incredible thing looks quality man this looks really uh okay where’s it g boy gave up PR much the Sol one looks good the Sol one’s looking decent yeah so is um so is the mic was Ice one over here the one that uh what is that noise all is universal oh is it Universal okay fair enough then probably means that he’s doing Olaf in that case who’s stinky steam think we got late Joiner but I’ll still put them in is that like join we know any any chance possibly I don’t know I think he steam I assume the realm is full is this person doing steamboat Mickey whatever it’s called yeah nice the realm is should now be full yeah the realm is now full it’s 10 people Max I wish I could make it more people but I can’t which is annoying I don’t know to upgrade from that you’re going away from the Minecraft realms goodby Mr [Music] Incredible oh what TNT over with for them wacky begins wacky begins it wacky Begins the damn fall of people Steamboat willly that’s the one Ste willly that’s the one willly I thought it wasn’t I was like is that right Ste willly yep that’s really looking good as well how long have we got in this first half as well 42 not very long we got a little bit longer because we started slightly late but half time yeah I’m going to give it another extra 30 seconds okay so don’t don’t don’t stop it straight away cuz I did I did yeah I forgot you had to start everything up so I the time is slightly off I’ll give another 30 seconds ignore the music we’ll turn the music off as well cuz it hasn’t actually sh music shush bit early b early anyway we another 20 seconds or so guys then we’re going to end this first half then we’re going to put the T TNT down cuz yeah otherwise we’re going to miss the times then we’re going to do we’ll do TNT at the start of half time sorry sorry uh you go right another 10 and then we’ll stop it so are you ready are you ready shaky five four three two one right stop the bills guys and I’m afraid that $2 is five TNT I’m assuming that’s what you want to do isn’t it wacky I’m assuming you want five I died then damn it I forgot happened to me until we get our I’ve got to do the C the settings thing I the thing I just forget I haven’t done for so long give me a sec remember the I’m so bad at this stuff terrible right uh where are we is game mod see spectator I want one spectator or C spectator you can do do one okay okay cool cheers man thank you there go cool which one it was Mr Incredible right Mr Incredible where are we I’m in completely the wrong place here we go so Mr Incredible I’m afraid wacky red has targeted you wacky red is a well-known donator in these streams for Wrecking people be warned so Hugo I’m afraid I’m afraid it was if someone’s left obviously in the last two minutes right I hate to say Hugo but wacky is it five TNT you want this one Mister all five on where the head is supposed to be there you go that’s what he wants all five where the head is going to be make this Mr Incredible man a [Music] head one more to go all right Cal me down hang on hang on a second hang on a second G hang on a second before you hit him hang on a second do you mean all five in one block wacky or do you mean spread out like this just to check I want make sure he’s getting his money’s worth hang on do you mean like this or do you mean all in one block together do you want them all next to each other or spread like this I want to make sure this this yeah this man gets what he what he wants gets his $2 perfectly spent in the way he wants them spent what’s he going to say sorry here you go manam this is this is unfortunately how it goes what’s it going to be are you happy wacky all five spread out okay he’s good okay let’s go then in that case right sorry Hugo right let’s go first destruction of the of the first Minecraft Bill battle for a long while is that two it’s decent it’s going to wreck him enough to delay him for a second half he might get his head on second half of the stream now we’ll see it’s a warning shot wacky it feels that feels like a warning shot feels like a warning shot that if he tries to build up too much More’s coming we’ll see right so we have some gam half time so we’ve got uh we’ll spin the wheel to start with to see who’s going to be involved so we got a wheel spin thing I will pull across onto the screen in a minute this will determine whether um where are we give me a second to get on screen to screen I to drag this across in a really unprofessional manner right so apologies for how badly this comes across oh God this is horrible right doesn’t work well we have to do this cuz it doesn’t work otherwise all right looks horrible how I pull onto the screen deal with it all right basically deal with it is what we have to do right guys so we will first off pick whether it’s a Builder challenge or an all Builder challenge I know there aren’t many we’re not full on this but we’ll see what we get it’ll either be four of you or it’ll be all of you let’s see what she going to be if it’s an all Builder challenge make life easy it’ll be four cuz I said that of course it will be right so can you just confirm to me quickly shy right there we go can you confirm to me quickly Mr shy which of these cells are um taken right I need to create a new wheel now for this one uh corly will I’m going to put on this one cells 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I need to know which one’s empty is it five is it four and four and five that are empty all four and six they actually all four they’re all full now okay fair nothing so so whoever so whoever the numbers get picked out this one you will be in the challenge all right it be warn now so we’ll go from here and we’ll see who’s going to be involved in the challenge you’re going to tell me who’s in which one sh I can’t see both at once unfortunately so number one well I know for a fact that’s Mr you or udor is in the race that’s one I should have got it so that it deleted the person I Haven done it that’s all right so udor is everybody in the race because I’m not sure who’s and who sell as if the ‘s number one that’s okay I know ‘s number one we can look around afterwards so you is number one for sure this Pi number one for a third consecutive time I’m going be really annoyed don’t do it again this is unpredictable is it three times in a row judor this really wants udor in it like a lot I’ll just put everybody in there I mean it it does it again right this is different the same right number one and number three right funny I just cleared people out after I picked a number right it’ be easy would it I just thought to put that option on right 1 three s this is loving the odd numbers and then one more seven and then finally the chance of a repeat here is I’m good having how you doing man 137 it’s going to be another one what R three 4 and seven so now we will go back into the game give me a sec and we’ll see exactly who that hits in the game right that’s going to hit I’m out of the game right now AR I oh I might get the realm crap let me in that would not be funny let me in let me in right so 1 three four and seven so we’ got udor is in we have OSU in we have who’s in this far Corner who’s in this far Corner if anyone’s here has dog a hold down and gone away might a three that’s a Dem no oh man this is not good cuz this is three of the best four three of the best four builds so far are going in this who was building who was building um Su again has he gone as well boarding what is boarding still here yeah boarding still here but I can’t see him in his cell is he hiding inside his build uh they’re up in the uh spawn area oh of course they they can’t build right okay so in that case we’ve got him there as well so we’ going to have oh man okay it’s OB boarding in that case right so we’ve got door we’ve got um God I thought we could see these before maybe not I’ve completely forgot who these were now crap going to run down should have looked these these before I started doing an easier door OSU who is doing Steamboat Woody again Aussie was doing that aie was doing Ste wood he Sher Sher was doing the um Sher was number number seven who was doing the um name Sully and that would leave I assume what stinky steon number four then he must have been or SPO you want to just do everybody do everyone score it yeah yeah next time I’ll next time I’ll I’ll plan ahead with that I’ll get I’ll get the names in first just in case yeah we everyone can go in screw it everyone can go in oh V Tex is also I don’t know you dude uh what course would you like right so the options we’ve got is racing or anything more chaotic do we start with do we start with an easy warmup one now to get to get the pace of the game continuing and then we’ll do a more complicated one next time it be just nice a nice simple race for this first one just to keep it oh yeah 100 met the bone one which is the long one B which is the bone one oh what the one the new one I made um 100 me me for now let’s do the 100 me one we not right guys this course is pretty easy so this course is pretty simple over here basically uh Shar will put you in in here you will have a a little area to start on each 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven eight there there aren’t eight of you at the moment you basic this isn’t a complicated course it’s just about getting your timing R to be the first over the line so um just get hit then how dare you hit me how dare you hit me yeah I need to just while you just doing that don’t start anything up for a minute Joy there’s so many rules I’ve got in place we’re all really simple to follow but I just forgot a little bit it’s been so long since we done this right so the four Builder or all Builder challenge all losers get two TNTs on their build if you win this battle you don’t get any T TNTs on your build if you lose the battle you will get two TNTs placed in your build all right they won’t be put together they’ll be spaced out but you’ll get some level of disruption all right you guys Carr is completely headless oh he’s got flowers on his head right so unless you win this one you’re getting two and you’re getting two TNTs and you build right guys apologies in advance for that but yeah the course is mostly above ground there’s a little bit of underground here with a water bit only the winner gets clear otherwise you will get two TNTs on your builds is everyone ready I believe shock youve got a countdown on the screen haven’t you for this as well to avoid any lag issues right oh yeah okay so there was a l we got full we got need a full a full run here this is good right guys best of luck to you all there’ll be a count on the screen shortly shy whenever you’re ready sir let’s go oh hang on a second quack has got killed who’s that quack quack has got killed and that’s going to be cler cler CH wa CL uh Sher c h e RF right whenever you’re ready Sharky there’s a countdown timer on the screen here and then we’ll go and then I’ll bomb right let’s go guys best of luck everybody and we’re underway we’re underway who’s going to win this one only the winner survives everyone else gets two TNT on their builds OSU is hammering along wow OSU is bossing this one so far oh my God OSU is like the usan bolt of Minecraft 100 met Sprints Game Boy oh he got a little stuck at the end there no it’s a bit close now gameer boys making Elite Sprint for it making a late Sprint but OSU has made it at the end he wins it you’re supposed to dive in the lava but I’ll let you off cuz I didn’t say that OSU well done OSU good work Aussie wins it’s everyone finished now a closest race but U bossed out from the start well done buddy you are avoiding of any any damage to your builds everyone else is taking two on the builds I’m afraid two t two TNT for the rest of you on the build here now aie won that game away it wasn’t you aie got to the end first sorry dude he definitely won that it was not you definitely was not you who got to the end zone first blow right so shy just take your pick mate it’s all over to you so you can put 2T on two 2 TNT whever you want everyone’s bills put them in the places you think that’s going to hurt the most all over to you door I think I’m going sorry to door in advance here right so you’re all back and holding themselves temporarily guys until we just do this little bit here and then you can carry on building tell me where you’re starting shock it I I’ll are you going to do an order one 12 eight or are you starting elsewhere so uh yeah I did one okay right eight yeah number eight first okay okay you do eight first okay I’m on my way you’ve done eight already oh was that two TNT yeah damn okay right where you going now seven you moving around one by one was s uh ASU no suly was Su was Sher OSU is the steam Willie I believe so yeah I’m to say this guy’s this guy’s getting yeah this wasn’t a I was number three so um this was Sher sorry quackers I don’t know how Dam easily damageable that stuff is with TNT we’re going to find out in a second what if you lose battles though what can I say if you lose battles your builds get hurt I mean that’s not awful you’d be all right with that you made a hollow you can see like it’s not awful I believe this one is spinos this is spinos here Ste wood is looking good steam Wood’s 2D that’s all I’m saying he’s killed the pig off nice right oh nice put the pig on the hole I like you oh he’s got out downam right that’s yours done I’ve no idea who’s in this corner I’m not sure who this was in this corner this must have been someone who came in late oh Game Boy gamey was in the corner what was gameer boy that one which one was yours gamer boy were you the were you the pig these two are gamer boy and Spiner for sure okay bod is doing Olaf which yeah B is doing Olaf right another one wrecked there on we go there’s literally no point in doing anything just bottom corner cuz there’s no one here so we’ll leave that one there just trashing yep onto the incredible poor Hugo two more on Hugo oh Hugo dude this is Harsh on you had two already two more coming yeah definely definitely make yeah makes they all spread out on everyone we don’t want to do yeah that’s all right that’s fine here you go mister sorry dude oh it’s that along nicely to create some more damage right and finally UD door last one where’s he going to put him how harsh is shocky shocky going to be here that’s the question oh that’s hard that’s really mean wow you all just just bear in mind this is all on Sharky right ow oh this is really harsh dude oh man door this is so harsh dude wow hey what are you doing okay you scared the hell of me then I was like he’s gone Rogue he’s gone Rogue boys oh you did actually scare me for a second there right okay that’s harsh as hell right door is really rapid though d d will get this finish in 10 minutes right can you get the guys back in this can you get them back in the cells and then release and then do another code to let them go active that’s right in it yeah yeah C said oh no R going dentist could you help me is door here yeah it should be next time we next round what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll write down who’s in which cell so when we get to this point we know everyone is well cuz I didn’t I I don’t I didn’t do it in the past but I’ll start doing it so we know everyone is be easier I think probably to do that then oh man that’s so harsh door I don’t know door’s not going to respond to you right now he’s not going to help you you just destroy just destroyed Mich michowski he’s like screw you dude you can do yourself I’ve got to regain my composure to to rebuild this poor guy oh that’s so so cruel man oh dear I feel for door I really do I mean it was the obvious place to go if you’re going to try and Max ma imiz damage someone’s building two TNTs it’s the way to do in it ow that’s brutal I feel like maybe in future we should say the winner gets to pick I think the winner gets to pick three people I think we’re good everyone back in okay cool right give me a second we’ll get the second half timer start in a second where are we uh just there I’m back if anyone noticed that was gone there was a lack of sarcasm we figed you you disappear somewhere I figure right just getting this timer set again and then we’ll be good shortly right is everyone ready to go again for a second half of this you’ve got about 30 seconds before I’m going to start giving your account down how quick how quick can you do the command when I say go Shar is it pretty much immediate uh yeah cool all right ni One excellent right so let me get the command back on the screen over here it’s good to go uh make sure the time is all good and then we’ll get going right yeah 25 seconds long as say go I think that’s in the wrong place entirely there we go SP right cool right we’re going to have right 15 seconds guys I’m going to start again okay and then the time will appear back on the screen 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 go and the second half is underway 10 minutes to complete your bills guys and then we’ll vote on a winner amongst chat we’ll do we’ll do well oh my voice is going what we’ve done for historically on this I say historically we’ve done this millions of times before the three or four times done this before is um we have basically me shy and uh dark chro have picked our top four and then you guys get to vote in chat as who you think is best right that’s what we’ll do again all right so that’s the plan so you guys will get you’ll get you guys will get the deciding vote on who’s who’s got the best actual uh uh design once the time’s up as I said give more points for 3D over 2D cuz 2D is good but equally one is harder to destroy admittedly he won the mini game but also it’s is easier in terms of just being flat as opposed to these guys who have gone full on 3D mode why is my there he back now why did you die what’s wrong what was the r for I died again oh okay fair enough I’m pretty just I’m sure someone said Olaf and Frozen was not Disney it is Disney isn’t it it’s on it is Disney yeah it is maybe they didn’t I imagine that then right so Mr Incredible is pretty much back to where he was already within the first what minute of what how long we got left now I can’t see the timer on my stream cuz it’s right behind the little actual live time which is really annoying why is it not showing on my screen come back timer brilliant cuz cuz it’s gone because the countdown has disappeared on my screen how annoying the timer is still will still be active in a minute it’ll come back don’t worry right there it is don’t know what it went to the screen my bad there you go 8 minutes left know closed door 8 minutes we’ve got left on the clock guys wonder where that disappeared to still can’t see on my stream very well but never mind it’s there somewhere the main thing yeah right 7 Minutes 56 guys on the clock left Mike wowski is pretty much repaired already by door here Olaf is coming along all right here for Mr Mr Toast AKA bug God in the game Mr Incredible is still going pretty strong as what I’d say with Hugo also with Hugo Mr Incredibles got muscles this guy is fairly flat why is my my uh my draw so bad in this game that didn’t us to be as bad Mr Incredible need some pecs is all I’m going to say to that one if you you beef them out and give them actual muscles to you go you’ll get bonus points for that one Ste sorry dark you just want to see buff men obviously that’s all is buff cartoon characters in Minecraft I clear in my I clear in my bag it’s very it’s very it’s very specific very it’s very Niche yeah very Niche so we’ve got I don’t know what one that’s got the end there I think someone might bu build oh no not Sky toilet surely no look at the look at look at cell 4 that’s all I’m saying it’s concerning me already I’m not having what please no no God oh God they those things creep me out so much they horrible right anyway we’re going to ignore cell for cell for does not exist I will I will I will barricade up with any kind of block so I need to creepy as hell right don’t know what um spino’s currently do over here probably making a spino cuz despite regardless of theme spino Mak spinos so it’s looking like a dinosaur it’s going to be a Spinosaurus without doubt game boy’s gone for uh a 2d piggy I’m not really sure what what game boy is doing I can’t think any Pig based films I can think of some pig based cars like things that like sing and stuff but that’s about it charlott’s web is Charlotte’s Web Disney I got no idea that’s that’s a very specific choice for anyone in this stream as well I’ve no idea if I don’t know I’ve have no idea if it’s disne he not a clue I’ll tell you what at the moment it’s looking like a four I don’t know depends is toilet one at the end to be honest but yeah moment we probably got Steamboat Willie Incredibles Mike wowski Olaf and um Sully as the main contenders which is five so we’re going to have to knock someone out of this by look of it possibly yeah the pig there there’s the pig and Toy Story yeah there’s a few I guess there’s a Toy Story pig as well I remember seeing more than just the pig’s face though in Toy Story but yeah but he is a pig you you need to do more his face dude I hope there’s a body coming on that at least at the very least or yeah you is that the cooking monst no it’s Sully it’s Sully from Monsters Inc it’s just I think oh which is going to be decent competition for Mike wasowski if that if that was a coincidence and he’s picked him in with no link to having seen this one not get built that’d be pretty impressive what is going on with this build is appear disappeared on my screen we go yeah that was happening to Door such a quick Boulder man a boulder Builder even rapid is he just building toilets it’s C on stinky steam is C on that’s what it is I know who it is now it’s C on the end here I’m sure day I asked I asked you when I asked you shy you said you were stinky you were stinky steam or something I swear you maybe maybe some a different name it’s Cleon cuz now I know now I get the r of cuz C on on a Roblox stream built a toilet’s to now I get it he said in a minute ago in he put ear on in the chat I’ve avoided any damage that’s why because he was had nothing here so this this is C on in chat oh now I’m with it because he used to be called um was it steampunk or something Clon is a steampunk H your little hat it wasn’t steampunk something Punk or maybe it was steampunk but now he’s Clon that’s why it’s related to it’s related to doing the Roblox SCP 3008 streams it’s a really it’s a really like yeah specific link if you weren’t there for that stream you would never get it but he did he builds toilet Towers in scp’s 300 not 3008 the um is 3008 the ike one it’s that one uh I don’t know yeah yeah yeah that one that’s yeah that’s what he does he builds toilet Towers in that game see a very specific reference specific yeah I mean I’m not sure he call Disney but he’s he’s committing to it so you know fair play he’s going to see how many he can build in the time he may just get to the max height of the uh arena in the next four minutes he’s building them pretty quickly very specific thing to build how you come along up here steam but willly is looking pretty much finished Mr Incredible has got half ahead got plenty of time though the speed he’s building that he should be all right I still think he’s going to have to bulk out the chest of Mr Incredible he’s got to look musly he’s looking a little bit for Mr Incredible he’s looking he’s looking good in colors and everything he needs be beefed up oh no c c you’re all good dude no I’ve put the I’ve put the I’ve put the um uh category bottom left corner but yeah if you joined late you wouldn’t have seen it sorry real quick yeah Sir Michael’s actually getting his arms now Do’s got one more arm to do you’ve got is it 2 minutes 50 left on the screen let’s a look on the on the Thing 2 minutes 36 seconds left guys when you hear this it’s probably going to be more like 225 or something I don’t know what the stream lag is I can’t see cuz on my live annoyingly on my little feed the timer is behind that but I’m leaving it where it is cuz otherwise there’s too much there’s enough there’s enough overlays on the screen as as it is today so I’m not going to put any more on moving nothing around trying to keep it as clean as I can it’s still pretty messy right go Cleon keep doing toilets man don’t stop you’ve committed to a theme now it’s too late to change and with two minutes left to to to go door’s missed a space at the front of his build just saying there’s a little gap of two blocks where there’s no green unless he’s now making it rounder it’s nice Mr Incredible it’s looking pretty good to me I’m impressed you guys are decent building I’m impressed I didn’t know I didn’t know Hugo on Minecraft he asked about the stream tonight yeah looking good that is looking pretty decent right Hugo H go beef him up now give him give him like give him like his like his pecs and stuff and then that’s that’s that’s that’s a competitive build for sure it’s good regardless to be fair oh there 1 minute 45 seconds left is suly going to get finished sher’s put putting in a hell of an effort over here I really want this to be finished he’s not got any eyes on yet which is worrying me a little bit with so little time on Sher you’ve got 1 minute 17 seconds dude to get the eyes on that all I’m going to be gutted you’ve got so close and not quite finished it please make sure you get the eyes on dude you’ve got about a minute Sher get the eyes on it because it’s it’s decent he’s got no he’s got no arms but get the eyes on Olaf’s over here is looking pretty good i’ say as well M was ask oh no no shk look at the stream chat we let him finish no do it now do it now M will go 10 spread on on the on the top inside fight oh my God he’s so vicious want to do that though centered on the top oh dear 15 TNT top 10 on the inside 10 on five on the top 10 on the inside five on the top wow it just fall yeah we can’t really go on the inside cuz we can’t break blocks okay okay we’ll do do we’ll do do we’ll do five on the top and then and then once they’ve gone do 10 on the inside that’s all we can do do that oh it’s the time’s up anyway the time’s as good as up the time’s going to end in 5 seconds was is going to go at the very last minute okay right that’s the T guys that is the time up I’m afraid and that means that unfortunately wacky is to take out the majority of your doors build so let’s turn this music off cuz is the end of the oh he said Mike wasowski yeah wasowski wasowski where were you going not Sunny who did you go after then where were you going oh dear so door door’s about oh hang on door’s cheating door’s cheating he’s put water over it nah n no nothing that shy you can do what you want now that’s outright cheating outright cheating do what you want shy find every R door you have shy you have permission now to go inside shy you have permission to go inside and put them wherever you want now what’s he doing he’s no door and it was after the time was up as well shameful did you uh get rid of a door permissions real quick the crown fell from a high place yeah get get all this no one can do any more building now everyone’s got stop time’s gone time is up stop those Builders basically stop all those Builders oh wa they not stopped no also going no Hugo’s going as well still get them stopped get those B boy stops cuz they’re all still building I really like Mr Incredible right go so water buckets guys I can’t really he’s done that shameful that’s disgusting Behavior Mister dear all right all right it’s going to be broken in anyway so I’m going to play some uh snow on it you have full I say you have full permission just to do whatever it takes now they need as long as the water doesn’t get inside crate just do you know what we have I’m give I’m giving permission to go in now we just go in here just get in here just go in and blow it up yeah I’ll do this fine I I’ll take I’ll take great pleasure in doing this because he’s he’s broken the rules right are any Ledges in here we can I’m going to create a ledge as well cuz I’m sorry that he he’s he’s uh you break the rules buddy you got to pay the price and I’m afraid I’m going to create some Ledges now because you’ve broken the rules dude oh yeah you’re right sponges I’m stupid wait how many TNT were there 15 you want a 10 10 10 scatter on the inside and then then five at the top so I’m just going to basically build some little shelves for us to use right that seems reasonable I think I think that seems fair what you reckon chat we are we on board with this if you cheat you pay the price right let do like one here and I’ll make another shelf below it yeah go for it go for it yeah yeah actually yeah five each that’s a new block right these are the five on top and he want he want five on top well I need to finish the five on top there you go spread out you a little bit too much dark right two right so we got five on top how many you got in the middle here one two three we got two more to go still got two more to go I’m going to get outside so I can get the full effect this hang on what I come in here I got two hang on hang onit Let’s do let’s do delete one of these then go right right here oh you’ve got oh there there’s two two on there’s three on top as well I don’t want three up here I’ll screw it it’s fine do you know at this point he cheated I don’t care cheaters get punished I’m Place one more got him I have no sympathy for we cheated right all right uh blow them up dark I’ll do the inside I mess up on it too a door right go for it trigger them they’re all going to kick off I doubt anyway yipp yipp here it goes boys here it goes boys oh dear Mike was wasowski has been hollowed out boys completely oh well if you if you if you cheat at the end to try and cover yourself from getting exploded this is what happens D it look quality dude and you just still got hit hard regardless of whether you are yeah whether you cheat or not to be fair but but yeah wacky red blame wacky red for that one Mister he just he’s wrecked you up okay so unfortunately because of that you’s out of the game great build to be fair as Wella probably Mr Incredible Olaf that isn’t slly is it Sully is that Sully and then probably uh quackers is Sully is Sully yeah it’s I agree I agree Olaf Mr Incredible steam Willie or uh I think I think they pockets play who’s right here who you talking oh oh [Laughter] mrred wow right chat I’m going to give you guys the I’m going to give you guys the vote on this one uh with we I think the four obviously wacky do you want to wait and see who wins right so I’ve got in no particular order for it’s fine steam boy yeah yeah I mean they’re all going to they’re all going to give themselves the best chance for sure uh Sully or who I missing here got Ste W Sully and who’s the other one I’m missing off oh it Mr Incredible right guys you pick chat picks who wins on this one go on guys get your votes in I’ll show you the builds again quickly before you make your vote right here we go this is Sully this is your Olaf over here that was a good Michi but yeah wacky just destroyed him pull off a predator what I will say is there were additional pecs put onto this way after the build finished so I think Hugo is getting some getting some points lost there as well I think I think we should add points honestly H go the packs are good youo but you added all you added a lot of stuff on once the build ended you know like big nips big nip tips I never heard a song I love I never heard I love big nips as a song I’ll be honest maybe it’s going to be the sequel to I love big butts who knows anything’s possible and Ste but willly driv his boat well nice what is chat saying this a question Mr inred got 30 3% but who else has got votes Mr Incredible is currently winning but Mr Incredible has added pecs since he’s finished I feel like I feel like I’m going to vote on this because I on my phone if I can I’m not sure I can vote on my phone either actually damn I don’t I can do it it’s annoying I can’t vote damn I can’t vote as the person hit the pullup as I go into another account and vote that’s just that’s just going too much I can’t be doing that right is Mr Incredible going to win this he did add things after this was finished that’s what I’m saying yeah yours wasn’t top four on this one Game Boy unfortunately dude I mean d to be fair dude like you got 3D Builders and you’ve got a little pig face not you personally clearly that would just be an insult but you know on your actual build yeah pig face yeah it be really and you’ve got a little pig face nothing to do with the game that’ be really harsh would it uh we we we didn’t we did we overlooked cleon’s toilets but clearly not themed but Cleon you did well to build what four toilets in about literally the last five minutes of the stream good work there right so stream we didn’t normally do this I wanted this well stream come up with some ideas for round two please I want your ideas for what could be the theme for round two the best four ideas I’ll put to a poll vote as well and we’ll get the poll we’ll get the second round picked by you guys right that seems fair as well what’s the good effort though good effort though guys some good builds here some really good builds here it’s a dark Chum Timothy it’s darkr it’s me Sharky darkr on the older on the mics I feel so bad for Mike wasi that’s really harsh Man rocket League I don’t know if enough people here play rocket League might be too specific cuz not everyone plays it I feel like it would be pretty cool to do some kind of Rocket League car Minecraft Mobs but wood enough people do different things is the problem country flags now country flags would be a bit n country flags bit easy as well come to Olaf rocket League will be hard to build that would be hard to build I think I think in this space you have some quite yeah we some a bit a bit more a bit more uh uh I know 3D I think while they 3D a bit taller and know what theme can we go for you guys got any ideas as well um oh the votes have changed around it’s oh oh oh hang on a second it’s it’s Steam and Mr Incredible if we stay we stay a Lo uh a tie for another minute I will um we’ll split down the vote down to two two people and see who wins steam at willly then Olaf and Sully voters can pick Mr Incredible or uh Ste but willly what are you doing dude what are all these noises in the background what is going on this is like when this is like when we we played that um Sops game and darkr was doing all sorts of crazy stuff away from us like sound like all sorts of kicking off in the background what is a gang you in a gang fight sounds like you were just smashing up lorries outside inside the room we thought it was all kicking off and it was just you running around doing some crazy stuff in in a in a basement of like a car Park rights too SS good game that video didn’t get enough views man that was a that was a fun one to make that so much fun playing with you guys on that it’s kind of think we should do live but I don’t know whether we can get away with quite as much we do it live there’s going to be too many filters on for it to be as fun I know I couldn’t put half that in the video but it was fun I couldn’t put some of the stuff in there I put bits into before I went I went for a little bit but yeah you put the beginning in I was surprised at that yeah I did put the beginning I know I know that was bad you can’t vote for yourself your vote’s gone what oh steam he ahead now no way Vortex is winning man Vortex void is going going to win by Lu of it right one more minute to vote guys then we’re going to call it one more minute one more minute and then we’re going to call the vote soon as my my computer says 0015 take an hour and 15 to do the first bill tonight but you know we started 10 minutes late because I was just s some things out right who is winning now Steamboat Willie is the winner of this one so in that case congratulations Vortex you win the first one with steam Woody good effort buddy let me just write you down to me cracking effort dude you did I will take a screenshot of your your of your build mate and we’ll put that somewhere on uh well we’ll put that somewhere on the uh on the server Discord server give me two seconds let’s get a don’t kill me don’t kill me what the hell is going on up here what on Earth’s happening here I’m trying to get a picture of Ste but will he don’t don’t get me don’t get me don’t get me don’t get me I need just get a screenshot oh God come on the screen as well hang on ah one I’ll wrong one damn it wrong game mode I thought incredble was going to win make aead of everything me too right let’s get a screen of that before I get stuff all over again right 2 seconds that’ll be in some kind of Hall of Fame somewhere that we’ve never want to keep them before void promise all right there we go GG’s G buddy World played right is anyone else in stream wanting to come in for a new game or is it staying as it is for now if anyone else wants to come in let me know know in chat and we’ll get you in if not then we’ll leave it as it is and we we’ll go again don’t mind either way it’s more I was putting this into the chat quickly on uh Discord there you go Dum Tri I’m going to TP you to me real quick right there we go sword right we’re ending the poll now cuz that one’s done congratulations out to Vortex good work man good work I don’t think it was a good idea to spawn that Dragon right it’s fine so is anybody else going to come and get in we’re going to have at least one more round tonight um we’ll see how it goes I am going to pick a random subject I’m going to find a random thing on my phone it’s a random subject random topic generator and conversation star this is going to come with some random aw stuff okay this is really really random this is too random okay okay this is going to be really challenging like really challenging okay like re really challenging cuz what I’m going to do for you I want you to actually it’s too early yet we’ve got to reset entire map but I’m just getting this ready hang on this is going to be so difficult and you can’t build you cannot do the same thing again I’m going to get that straight in case someone tries to do the same thing twice in a row now than that right give me a second right I need to reset the entire realm shy now yeah cool right on okay that’s cool we can do that right right guys you going to kicked out in a minute cuz the RS reset you’re going booted out we you kick another one into gear and then we’ll be good right right let me quickly get chat up on the screen again before I do this in case anyone’s asking me any questions or anything in the meantime I’m not seeing food would be difficult cuz food is not that 3D again unfortunately I’ve got a good one I’ve got a good one a dragon a dragon would be pretty cool actually I’ll give I’ll give I’ll give you guys I’ll give you guys a choice okay we’ll do we’ll do we’ll do a we’ll do a choice dragon’s pretty cool to be fair right uh cheers all bye I usually say goodbye to I had a thought I know I know what we should do I know what we should do we’re being stupid here a bit dragon’s good why don’t we do Godzilla because there’s a lot of Godzilla people in this stream let’s be honest a lot of Godzilla like Drake No No Yeah I think that was a good idea there’s been a lot of Godzilla Rel content how we do Godzilla you know actually actually actually I’m going to I’m going to make these people Pi Godzilla or Kong there we go let’s do that let’s do one or the other godong how about any kuu okay any kiju okay any kij okay okay okay we’ll do that we we’ll do that we’ll do that that’s fair any kij like the Godzilla creatures okay whatever your favorite yeah yeah yeah yeah don’t worry I’m I’m pretty out of the loot but I I thank God I need that but thank you for confirming just in case I I do genuinely appreciate the clarification just in case I didn’t know so thank you for that right right I see favorite Kai okay right we’ll go that hang on we should give them right the screen I can’t see I can’t see it 30 we could do hang on I can actually read my writing on this thing cuz it’s like so hard to read in the background this is typ mode this might be tipb so if kiju spelled wrong it’s not spelled wrong other than the fact that I can’t can’t read on the screen very well I’m sure that doesn’t say Kaiju I’m going to try it do you know how to spell it yeah I just can’t see it on the screen because I’ve got like white F on an opaque background but the opaque background is like white and gray Checker stuff I can’t see what I’ve written I can read favorite but Kaiju is just weird because because the letters are quite narrow I’m going to I’m sure it’s fine or you should do a good we’re going to well we see we’ll see what they pull out the b here I’ll be I’ll be honestly this is going to really explain a Kaiju to Door uh aiju just means like really big monster like Godzilla com whatever like from the same verse as uh Godzilla yeah should be pretty sweet to so like Sila Godzilla Marth right right it’s cool right someone get really Niche like not like pick a Kaiju from like the 60s this is going to be very cool to be this is going to be good right let’s just let’s come out this quickly get the right you you guys will get boot at the world a minute I’m going to put a new one in there so you’re going get kicked out I’m afraid probably in a second I’ll make no apologies for that but it’s going to happen oh nice a I don’t want to join the realm idiot never mind I’ve the wrong thing here should set use the restroom okay you got a second I just balls us up so don’t rush might to click on the little pencil not the actual game whoops the daisy never mind shark is gone in for a second anyway and I’m incapable of doing any of shak’s work so it’s you know probably us as well I’m looking forward to seeing what you you guys are I can’t hear the stream because the wardens didn’t the new Gamer Show come out I thought the new sorry there’s a question directed to the chat by the way oh sorry go okay go on you car him cuz he said that he said about camera no what’s he doing future content now we’re not leaking anything no wor good oh I’m in the wrong thing where I should be doing it from idiot sorry my bad door is just a big a big monster uh this works I on a new world you stupid thing no no no no no a fish what you doing man I’m I haven’t done this for a long while I’ve totally for what I’m doing I legit what I’m doing speed run this last uh field battle 40 minutes till 7 or whatever time it is for you yeah we messed this up why say we I have messed this up I say we like it’s all your fault and none of you at all it’s all me actually oh for God sake what I the right button you just slapped my head a bit more godam damn it don’t join any of this stuff right now I’m messing this up repeatedly not that they can anyway I forgot how you how you make one of the one of the worlds an active realm how have I forgotten this stuff play on realm there oh my God I’m so so easy it’s so easy I messed it up there we go it’s fine we’re good there we go we’re good we’re good we’re good is it are we we will be in a second we fine in just a minute just Google Kaiju door you you’ll know what you know what Kong looks like Kong godzill ET Kong’s just a giant kind of gorilla thing yeah you’ll be fine right I don’t know whe the real STS the same if if sh if you can ping me across to the the place I need to be in that’ be amazing thank you when you get in just I’m in the right spot because you know where to go cuz I know you’re the key with all the locations okay is it up is it good now yeah we should be good now yeah we’re good now we’re fine okay we going to turn away so no one can see this bit because this is not to be seen just yet I’m looking around and uh at the floor now not that anyone saw much more than trees then so we’re all good oh me just trying to get lucky I fell out the bottom of there are you trying to get banned from uh a banned from Discord again where’s the there it is where way up in I found out the bottom of the map like oh here no mind I found it I found it we’re there there we are we’re good where the way from here where’s it gone there there there there cool right let’s go right everyone in um a second I think I may need to put a different I don’t know the real link says the same one not for this to bew I will put the otheres back in or still here whichever it is they’ve all still stayed anyway cool so this should be a reset map now with any luck hopefully if it worked yes excellent stuff everyone stays in the map’s reset we’re all good right does anybody new want to come in before we do we we kind of crack on again so what I don’t want to do is start anything if anyone new wants to come in who’s missed out so is anyone in here who wants to come and who’s not currently in the game you just saw Ser room of the battle you did you you C you saw all the back all the backs yeah all the uh behind the scenes work there which has been done by shy mostly which is just crazy it’s just yeah that is most unit shk I don’t want I’m not discrediting anyone else there am I wow what did Dark do something that as well some of the some of the bit bit below ground there that we just saw sorry dark dark did some as well I’m sorry dark yeah yeah yeah sorry ma’am I wasn’t sure sorry dark is some as well you know I like to give all the credit out that wor you I’m sorry dark my bad not that big of I just thought we didn’t do after the in the first in the first half sh we didn’t like we didn’t like the old torch did we in the end got so excited but everything start up we must have light the torch once we this time as well get this old torch going before we start round two just do it yeah we’ll just do two rounds tonight cuz otherwise it’s going to run over so much I don’t want to run you guys over tonight but all right right coming over right so what we normally do thanks the game’s abusing me now that definitely wasn’t anyone Cod on that end definitely the game just giving me grief right so what we normally to start of these streams um is yeah we nor like the torch this the ypic torch for the Olympic streams guys there will be Olympic streams coming back at the same time as the Olympics this year as well so maybe before them to kind of hyp all up a bit as well clearly our Olympic games are a bit different um so we may we may have some more in between now and then there’s talk of it completely changing I think we’re going to keep this add to it I think it’s probably add to it this year I think trying to start it from scratch and I know perfectly well I’m not going to be able to contribute enough makes me feel I’m putting yeah there’s too much on these guys I know udor and shocky want to do it but if you want to add some new stuff that’s fine easy it’s easy easy I can contribute in terms of like giving my opinion but that’s about it Minecraft’s abusing me guys this isn’t nice let’s go on don’t like it you go check on those guys that kind of spawned Warden on who spawned wardens where where the spawn oh for God sake he’s done that let’s this let’s this all right let’s go right we’re going to this is a delayed lighting of the torch an hour and 30 minutes into the stream sorry guys my bad hour and 20 go then 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 long countdown sorry B oh this is laggy as hell wow this is laggy and we’re underway there we go there’s L the Olympic torch the Olympic Golden Banana cuz obviously there we go there’s the torch officially lit an hour and a half into the stream after the round has always been complet already complet been completed cuz I forgot at the start sorry better than never right looks awesome though do it looks pretty cool anyway right let’s get these cretons into their little holding cells again and uh get on with round two of this build right I will write I will write where everyone is this time so I’ve got track I’ve got a tracker on who is where so we make sure that when it comes to the games at half time we know who’s getting called out for it so while you guys are putting them in I’m going to write down who’s where so we know hold on someone asked me a question earlier what’s his face toast to is here right door is is it Skillet or good Kaiu SC c y l a i don’t know who that is that’s like a s it’s like a spider okay is that a good one Jo’s asking the question in chat sorry is that a good one I mean probably the easiest probably the easiest true actually yeah it probably would be the easiest to build there you go easiest one though good to build are you going like number based wherever you want doesn’t matter where as long as I know when everyone’s in so I can start rounding up people numbers on the screen so I can just keep track where it is I don’t mind where they go really long as they’re in somewhere it’s all good it’s not letting me teleport long as they’re all contained it’s the main thing I’ve done door and uh post currently not let I can do the stinky guy who else has left right is over here number eight number eight is B God Co cheers PE put him in there good stuff they’re in the same place as last time which is Handy doesn’t matter if they in the same place or not have to carry currently not letting me teleport right stinky steam AKA C on is in three I’ll try and tell you guys as well who everyone is this time so door is door stinky steam is C on bug God is toast so far well we who won what the first one Vortex void I think he is he is he still here I thought he was leaving to play something else he is um U boarding is uh Vortex he’s still here he is still here cool oh yeah we got to light fireworks for him did you already uh teleport Hugo uh no I just did uh he’s left he’s gone oh he’s gone there a door in a toast it’s not letting me teleport uh to yeah it wasn’t letting me teleport him either that’s weird well um Hugo’s come back in Below guys Hugo’s back so Hugo can get put in wherever that’s good you done bant man Bantam man which what’s your name in here sorry dude banam man wants to get put in which you which one are you ban man no I can’t it’s are you currently in the realm can I put yes you can ban man hang on a second dude you you need you need an invite to get in Budd hang on a second I’ll get you an invite give me two seconds so this is the link you want to there we go you want to join us that link uh um bman if if you can’t get to that link on anyway what’s your what’s your username and I can I can I can find you and add you in myself oh H oh Hugo’s bman I how do I know that was you oh Hugo’s banman sorry I didn’t even know you everybody except for okay sorry H I didn’t know you I didn’t realize you a banman I feel really stupid now you been a all stream as Hugo didn’t real was you in chat my bad bud sorry feel right now so to me it to me the right hug go is the seven wasn’t allowed to teleport anyone in seven but it worked everywhere else H hug goes in seven hug goes in seven that’s good H goes in seven nice we’re good there in six we have who in here OSU is it OSU yes yes OSU y good this really weird like you can see now yeah U right cool just make sure everyone goes back in the right ones afterwards is everyone now I think that is everyone yeah cool so there there five yeah five people cool there is right guys see your aim this time is to build your favorite Kaiju or a kiju whether it’s your favorite or not or and door’s case now he knows what a Kaiju is and he’s looked one up Silla is it Silla how you pronounce it or skilla s s okay cool right okay right I that damn suggestion stop telling me how to do things game I know how to do things this is really annoying me I need swore them bra Le War like nope there’s too many people on the stream cannot do say that stuff go away stop telling me how to do things I don’t need to know this stuff this game loves giving me tips I guess because it’s the first time I’ve been in the world technically on the new server maybe that’s what it is right anyway guys let’s get the timer set up again and we’ll get running on that front and then we’ll get to go right for some reason I don’t know why it keeps doing it like the the timer thing I keep using the app keeps closing himself down just done it again I haven’t closed it because he keeps disappearing right just like a non rendered block on stream right now all right let me know in the everybody in Creative cool hang on a second in a second we can do it uh technical difficulties oops WR way ah abon everyone ready right countdown incoming in the second shark you all right right 10c countdown guys 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 one let’s go everyone up and running again guys time has commenced you’ve got 10 minutes to start building the first half of your Kaiju before we have the hard time interval everybody go oh God why I just press there on mind I haven’t pressed anything it’s fine I put I put a leave down I didn’t know anything selected I straight this godam tutorial thing it’s gone now it’s fine is St please right I do off we go okay door I don’t mind what you build dud doesn’t matter wi for cookie so okay what does that abdon abdon is abon kaiju I don’t know I don’t know I thought he was doing Sil he’s Chang he I’m not doing that one he’s on keep in mind I know nothing of kaij kaij all right we’re good now yeah I guess he doing Aon I had to reset something my bad that sounds familiar what the hell Avon okay Aon is pretty pretty cool not familiar with who Avon is that’s a pretty cool character wow that’s detailed I’m going a winged a winged devil kind of like creature with a sword what okay if he pulls that off out of the that would be a hell of an effort oh door is a hell of a build on this game keep in mind that the height of this is only 50 blocks oh yeah good point uh dark also send me the uh picture what door yeah guys 50 blocks high I’m I’m also so just a like sword yeah warning to stinky steam there dude yeah height of 50 blocks bear that in mind as you’ve already got legs on this about 10 blocks already yeah 50 block height limit before you kind of can’t go any higher in your little cell just be warned don’t build something of Epic and then you can’t fit head on that would not be good what mini what halftime mini game would you guys prefer to choose what would you like shy or dark you can pick whatever you fancy will’ll do that one just to save time half time two of them I’ll just say don’t do the like the tower that me and Sharky built I upd that dark so we’re good now okay I just don’t remember cuz I changed it so I don’t remember what what I did to change it yeah spaed in less mobs on it so should be no I I myself changed it like after you and me did that all right me to me too so what what’s your choice then Shar what you what one you going for um I reckon we do two of them I have two winners well do two different two different things yeah okay what what what you two all right so I reckon we do the bone race okay yeah yeah let’s do the mob Tower nice M Tower’s got a cool L on was that was was the top of that mob Tower like that when I last saw it that looks different is that is that is that a pool been what did I what happened is that a PO up is there a PO up here I’m not going to go through it uh that’s a portal what well that wasn’t the last I’m sure that wasn’t the last I looked at this no it wasn’t I added that very nice look pretty impressive dude well say pretty very impressive right mob Tower battle guys incoming for the halftime uh half time games the other half time game is going to be while these guys are building is the bone bone run what you going to call it it’s it look like bone anyway it’s basically running across this of which there are well I guess six different ways you can go at the start and they do kind of Interlink a little bit in places but they’re all entirely different and they’re all completable but they’re all slightly different different difficulty levels you go the wrong way you might have a slightly harder run if you fall in it’ll be the person he gets the furthest he wins so there’s no don’t rush cuz if you fall off you’re done can you start again I can’t remember you at the start or you die and you’re gone I Can’t Remember by the way yeah I added consequences on the mob Tower CU last time we did it a lot of people would just camp with shields right so I added consequences for those people that they now they have to participate in the fighting okay okay cool cool so if you just just full defensive mode you get you get punished for it cool I like that that works for me okay is this too much dark you think I think it’s good yeah I think that should be yeah I’ll show you all of them door is going so so bold for his I mean on the positive youor wacky’s gone this time so you probably say wacky’s gone so you won’t get blood up by him at least unless anyone else deid to take you out I think I think they should be good yeah nothing on oh I don’t think I did H what level is that third I’m pretty sure yeah Hugo’s looking like he’s a pretty good build as well you know I think Hugo’s a pretty uh a pretty experienc little Builder he’s doing some decent stuff yeah I think that should be good that’s good let me do a who’s doing what now fish hug I don’t know what Hugo is doing H Hugo looks like he’s a pretty a pretty uh established Builder he looks like he’s doing some pretty Speedy like detailed 3D stuff with his little uh I’m not not sure what he’s building yet but it’s looking well the legs are looking pretty good oh yeah it’s hard to tell you want dark I feel like much wardens do you want like three I feel like C’s definitely doing Godzilla I’m getting definitely Godzilla vibes from Clon other than that and the fact that udor said abdon for his who I don’t know who it is at all but he’s going for some very specific Wheels my go Wheels wings I mean I guess memes is in here now memes is in memes yeah get me yeah stick memes in one go memes this there’s memes you haven’t got very long you got there’s not going to be another round after this one you can join this round and get in involved as quick as you can you still got um right two’s good 14 minutes from now so we’re going to get you straight in the game dude you’ve got 14 minutes to build what you can of whatever Kaiju you want um but yeah there won’t be another one after this one though the first round took a long while tonight so get yourself in here memes and we’ll uh yeah we’ll um do what you can do in 14 minutes basically we’ll cut you some slack for coming in yeah or being late since the the high time half time Sor all right four minutes just under four minutes so we got a while left yet I’ll give you a shout when we get into the time up don’t worry all right start know when there is three minutes left okay cool we’ll be we’re about 40 seconds away from that I’ll give you a shout not sure yet what U is doing U boarding is doing just yet we’ll see nice nice I like that that’s cool good work right it’s three minutes left about now by time you put if you want to put up by time you put up it will be 3 minutes I forgot to command love you dude creative so if you can give uh memes creative real quick nice I like this little popup screen thing this is cool this is good this is useful for everyone this is this is good stuff UD door is really gone crazy difficult doesn’t he here it feels like he has feels like it’s an ambitious uh yeah he might be cooked yeah he pulls it off though and again he’s just building the frame it’s going to be like easy to fill it in yeah that’s a big foot he’s God man what is he’ll pull it off he’ll pull it off that’s so detailed though he’s got repeat on the other side yet I think toast is building Mar what his name MTH larve yes I think that’s what he’s building that has what he’s building yeah this is a pretty good little carre this is so open as well so many different options hug I’ve got no idea with yet carp is kind of cooked memes left mes memes might come back in again u u start giving up and start again from scratch wow he’s going 2D I think U is going for the same thing he went for before he had whatever he was building before had was was the same colors as this just two just 3D so he’s obviously thought maybe three is too much of a pain oh he’s giving up again O’s giving up again you guys lot of connection ‘s gone back to to scratch again wow he’s really short on time now right time wise we have got left 1 minute 26 seconds now of the first half oh who is that stinky is kind of cooked because it built out of wood or sorry wool oh no yeah he he he better win a game in that case oh man I wonder what he is building I wonder what this will end up as I’m going to go deliver him I think I think I mean I don’t know that many so if it’s I’m going to go for that I don’t know why he picked green though I probably shouldn’t beat oh no green green is green is Hugo green is Hugo over here yeah that’s what I’m asking yeah Oh I thought he said oh sorry I thought you said I thought he said stinky I’ll be I’ll be honest I don’t know what Hugo’s building no I’m not sure yet Bowser from from Mario I don’t know I don’t know so far as long as uh uh door is able to win like games yeah I think he’s got a pretty good shot at winning yeah that that level of detail I’d be pretty I feel pretty harsh for he got blown up again to be fair cuz that’s that is a very complex build to get that right and then match that to be seconds three two one right first off up damn music I need turn this music off right music’s off for this you go music off right guys halim is here upon us guys you made a longer build we are halfway through get my commands back on again oops right you made longer build for the time being we’re going to have two games which shaky has picked for you if you win either game you are safe s the r do we do we say if the same person wins both games then everyone else gets more grief than just two yeah they get double grief like three four I don’t know five I five Jesus man well I mean they they’re going get four they lose well no four four we’ll do double if the same person wins both they get double the pain if not it’s just two so so do not be beaten by the same person twice guys or you’re going to get screwed there if the same person wins twice they Des over at that point yeah they do they do if the same person wins both you get everyone else gets four andt on them right so massive incentive to win both these games you win both of them yeah or massive incentive to not lose both to not to yeah to not let that person win both in some way CU yeah also make sure they all are on survival and don’t have fire resistance they on yeah oh yeah good point adventure mode so we’re good also damage I don’t know how how far behind the stream is today uh Tim I’ll have a quick check for you mate I can I can find out for you hang on two seconds right 13606 I’ll let you know I’m I’m now monitoring something quickly it doesn’t look like it’s quite bad today to be honest looking at what I’ve just checked there give me a second I’ll tell you what it is wow is a long way behind today 10 seconds one more than 10 seconds sheesh it’s about 15 seconds behind today the lag is 15 seconds which is not ideal so if you guys hear me give you time updates on anything I know you guys are getting updates from shy on screen but whatever I say take 15 seconds off the off the time that’s left or right because there’s a massive delay today for some reason 15 seconds is is atrocious guys don’t kill each other here because otherwise you’re going just going to screw yourselves over like if if if all each other no like they’re not allowed to attack each other thing yeah don’t attack each other right I’m going to put in chat right guys read chat will kill equals TNT see now they’re all behaving right there you go okay guys there you go don’t attack each other don’t attack if no one gets right yeah right guys don’t attack each other if no one gets to the end the the person who gets furthest along wins don’t rush there’s all the time in the world most people will fall off here do not rush probably you best take your time and get further along then risk risk death if you fall off early you’re screwed okay you’ve been warned everyone take your positions have you got time on this one as well I think probably you have haven’t you you got time with all of them you think Shy believe yeah right guys everyone take your positions I know there’s any six starting spots for you some you have to share good luck right as I said the first don’t keep fighting each other don’t Hugo and OSU no right don’t keep fighting each other if if you once you’re in the love you die you’re done furthest person along or the first person to the Finish gets the win okay right whenever you’re ready shocky whenever you’re ready mister I think everybody’s here I think so we’re good we’ve got seven there yeah we’ got more here than we’ve got in actual cells right now actually yeah two right go go go go whenever you’re ready three two one and we’re underway right if you fall off you’re screwed oh D ‘s gone already ‘s gone right at the start oh dude okay O’s going to feel pain then okay he’s got he didn’t build very much to be fair he’s deleted his build twice so it’s probably not going to hurt him that much door is doing well so far gone but he has fire resistance who’s who’s got fire resistance on toast toast toast is disqualified toast is disqualified then straight away right oh door’s gone door’s also got far as no he hasn’t door’s gone so the furthest is door oh stinky got further and died stinky jumped further and died so stinky on fire risked it how is he on that’s what I’m saying he might be him oh memes is gone so I think Hugo wins is about now D just died before that how is how is falling and go again how’s that possible I think he’s just lagging I don’t know okay so this memes memes just died W no memes just died no memes memes died say right so Hugo won oh he joined late so Hugo won okay Hugo you won that one dude right okay so game one Hugo gets the win so Hugo you are not going to get damage from after this what on Hugo right second game is going to be this massive boss thing over here you guys have to explain this one because I’ve only seen this once it’s quality but you’re gonna have to explain it for me if you don’t mind when we get over there because I can’t remember memes didn’t win anything don’t worry your turn I last time I that right this is the mob Tower built by these guys who are in the chat with me it’s pretty D epic as shy said the higher up you get the harder it gets the third up you get the better the equipment you get is this going to be the person get furthest on this Winds Way Around Reverse by the way it’s uh up is the easiest down is the hardest oh he’s not the top do we yeah the top is the easiest so it goes down oh oh sorry I thought you started the okay far enough no worri right okay top is the EAS we work down sorry have you changed this no it was like this oh was it okay I it was starting the bottom work up okay cool right so refuse to fight oh that says refuse to fight equals punishment so that didn’t all fit on the screen there so I’ll just explain that one so basically dark CRS built something if you refuse to fight I don’t know what he bu you’ll get punished so don’t just hide in the corner and shield yourself you’ve got to get involved in battle or the game War dark CR will punish you whichever it is right B man tell him to stop hitting me right I think I did it as a group punishment who is hitting uh who’s hitting you ban man is it memes it’s memes memes gets kicked out simple as it’s U is u u and and B man I don’t know I think it’s both of them stop fighting guys stop fighting I’m not sure who it is but yeah if memes is if it was memes o was Slam by memes memes oh just kick memes out you guys G have to work together or you guys get TNT yeah turn off also turn off the like team hitting whatever Friendly Fire yeah yeah I think I can do it can you do it ah never mind I can’t it’s all you fish okay are you gang sof there you go Done Right friendly if I was gone stop it right so the person that gets the furthest now up all right tell me win right good luck guys first the longest to survive wins let’s go good luck guys look them more these clueless folk not knowing what’s going to come the evil llamas do not be fooled by the easy of this first round I’ve seen some of the latter rounds and are definitely not as easy as this some purely warmups doors our doors on half a heart yeah can you yeah can you regenerate can you give them all that Health yeah we’re supposed to yeah whatever oh cool thank you I think you said you’re going to do anyway sorry I think you just said that anyway this time yeah sorry all right next round right don’t worry guys you look get your health healed is the health going to get healed every single round I assume so um I mean the first couple rounds I shouldn’t take much damage but yeah we’ll all right cool right good luck guys spiders and zombies it might be a little bit cooked here round to all right regeneration right everyone’s still good our regeneration I think you should do a bit more you missed like two people yeah H hug didn’t get I think yeah H I think hug got one I didn’t see anyone else but is everyone full health all right we’re good now bug God says do or to says do insta Health whatever that is get good honestly don’t take D don’t take just get good yeah right all right this is level three of seven three six Sorry God I’m skel archers I hate these guys they’re just annoying this one’s probably too easy to be honest nah someone will go there’s there’s enough can still people can still go out everyone’s re I think if we end up with more than one person winning we take them to the sum Arena if the sum aren is working and they can B out there one always let them win hard than iron so yeah yeah good luck good luck even though iron better look all right hope this is not too hard yeah they know they got this they’re running away right now I made it pretty easy for them oh never mind oh oh ‘s gone door’s gone oh God if everybody dies we’ll we’ll do the next one okay oh oh it’s stand stinky steam oh no they all died oh no way what is [Laughter] that thought I tweaked enough I mean stinky steam stinky steam was the last to survive to be fair I mean if you’re going to call it that way s the last ones though no well let’s keep playing let’s give let’s play it through stinky gets the win I think we give him the win cuz he held out longest yeah play play it down though anyway play it down though yeah that’s the whole point of the tower who hold who hel who holds out the longest yeah stinky steam you get the win buddy you’re safe you get no damage dude we’ll keep playing anyway till the bottom just because why not yeah the rest of it for our entertainment oh Hugo in who SP did what did SP what happened then sper wasn’t moving does does your little thing throw him into the middle of the arena or something dark CH cuz like he said he sprung across into life unless it was lagging to know I think he was lagging okay fair enough Al diamonds here good right last level and they should survive this one I think I’m just going to spawn one this time dark let’s go here we go kill it easily door gone wow he’s quick damn that dude’s who what what is this guy what is this guy yeah Warden oh damn Hugo is he does not like Hugo at all oh God SPO is doing nothing to be quiet well if they helped each other they would be able to win this is going well wow wow oh kill everything on the Upp level so I don’t get distracted all right he’s standing still punishment what5 fred5 yeah back I can kill people right anyway that was aest one of those last two as well so um yeah basically the two winners we’ve got from that little lot are stinky Steam and Hugo so basically door um basically you s I hate you doing is that that’s dark Chrome that’s dark Chrome sure so obviously dark Chrome what do you mean right so basically so basically any any cell that’s got buildings in so basically one and seven are safe every other one got to get get some damage to get take two two two TNT so two it’s not that many to be fair how many times someone someone’s still spamming this command or was it you there go it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone wow that’s nice having that on the screen for like half a minute thanks guys all right uh teleporting people in okay so you want dor in one you want stinky steam in two I did not remember who we teleported so uh don’t worry I’ve got him written down good cuz first time R I was not sure but we’re all good this time who’s in two stinky steam who’s in three uh no uh no one in three no one in four no one no one in five memes was in three I put him in there recently okay was in seven right uh Hugo’s in seven yep and Bug got uh yeah aie boardings in six Hugo seven bug got eight okay is there an extra person there was an extra and spino was still here so you can I think SP yeah spino memes have comeing who yeah memes with in three you said spino’s back if he stays where put I guess there’s no one’s here why is two safe not you D you won the first game dude oh no no wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong sorry H yeah sorry Hugo and stinky are safe sorry sorry hug and yeah door isn’t safe thanks door sorry stinky is safe sorry stinky is safe and so is Hugo door is getting screwed over yeah my bad again oh dude feel you stinky stinky H all right yep stinky and hug are the safe ones my so door OSU bug God getting some pain I think no one else has got enough building stuff to be doing any damage with I’m going to do who bug God yep bug God Is So number eight number six number one gets two just two just two just two okay oh man Shocky could have been worse that could have been worse I mean yeah I mean door will get that done like 30 seconds how quick he is to be fair door app appreciate honesty door I don’t think you’re going to get I don’t think you get any any any more danger out for this R door I think you say wacky was the one who causes the chaos with with um donations a one there he didn’t you sorry toast did you say my I’m doing toast why you kill everybody cuz uh cuz you suck someone escaped oh I just going to do this WOW guys wa the TNT on this one’s the question he won oh shock’s just taking care of some issues right now yeah right here we go got poor toast B all right and then I guess I’ll do a two legs yeah two legs can get wrecked take take his legs out and then was safe right and then yeah U boarding number six number six has got nothing in it at all so number six is U boarding which is Vortex is in there but I think we number two is stinky stinky is fine stinky won a gam he’s good memes’s legs have been blown off entirely mes is back to back to scratch this is this is not going to be very this is a a fo battle basically right everyone back in in that case everyone back in we can let me know when you’re good shy then I’ll get the timer running again and we’ll be good to go I’ll get the timer sort of right now while yeah getting to the point you’re ready to get to uh to I guess I be too quick whoops give me a shot whenever you’re ready shocky all right number three is completely gone oh uh oh my screen just my black I guess that’s nice all right I’m ready good okay guys are you ready guys 15c countdown now we’re going to start again for the last 10 minutes if you to build your Kaiju starting 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 one let’s go last 10 minutes good luck everybody building last 10 minutes to make yourself something pretty epic let’s see what you can all produce unless Vortex void can do something amazing in the second half of this is is is is u in cell six yeah yeah yeah cool he’s put uh you me I don’t know that was related to but yeah can someone fix the hole you oh did you get also dark yeah he’s there he’s there he’s there okay he just yeah he had nothing to destroy he’s there don’t worry he’s good he’s good oh I think that’s oh oh o is not just putu anywhere cuz he had nothing anyway put him in yeah put him in fours four or five he is good good all right we’re good now cool confused on what everyone is making cheers for them moving around thank you guys appreciate that there also is back he’s in the hole good good let’s go right let’s see if youor can finish this in 10 minutes to be fair you already got away the this time it wasn’t as bad as last time the fact that he’s got a winged creature has probably helped matters as well can’t believe memes ask someone to fill the hole in like dude it’s grass leave it just build somewhere else it’s not going to it’s not going to matter you’ll survive just leaving that alone is the best thing to do I think memes is making a chicken what is I don’t know what memes is doing is there a is there is there a chicken Kaiju I don’t know what he’s doing right now God knows what he’s doing memes is like to go hey Spiderman how you doing memes is like to go for like something random I think and just go against go go go completely against what actually should be doing and just do totally left field it’s a very mean thing to do it would have been cool if anyone built Mobzilla if anyone remembers that what was it there no one remers that no that was like the Minecraft version of Godzilla the Minecraft version of Godzilla no say that one Spiderman Spider-Man are you good you’ve done the same Emoji three times not yet are you good have you guys by the way have you guys I don’t think you guys were here for the Roblox stream um um Kulu tagged me in something on Tik Tok every week so basically someone someone in Roblox has managed to build something that now links you so you can play Roblox basically you can play Minecraft in Roblox and both be in the same game so in theory we could play this and people from Roblox could join it I don’t know how they’ve done it instance brick who’s a really good developer on Roblox has seen it as well like how good’s that so in theory you could have people from Roblox joining this I guess they get the same commands if it’s been created to that level I don’t know uh crazy good so I feel like that’s fake but you know I don’t know I haven’t seen I’ve not looked at enough details to see if it is or not I don’t know instance I didn’t seen it instance didn’t give the I mean instance is like yeah is I imagine inst would would have been the kind of person who look straight into it I don’t know I don’t know if it’s I don’t know if it’s fake or not it would be an incredibly clever thing to do if it’s if it’s been done yeah but I haven’t looked into it enough to confirm 100% what is um memes building uh chicken the chicken a chicken still maybe don’t know it’s a very flat person that’s what I’m saying it’s very skinny we’re talking like one block wide skinny so so far it might change but a little oh is it is he building the door big bird is Spiderman is Spiderman still here he’s put the same Emoji three times in chat and not anymore since he’s still here Spiderman I’m intrigued oh I tell you what D while this is very good is leaving himself very tight for time to his finish he’s got 5 minutes 50 seconds left and he’s got to do a whole other Wing yet which is going to be a challenge and a half in oh he’s so quick with this Sharky good work yeah I doing G Gora and memes apparently oh yeah I guess that I don’t know Ma I’m sorry I don’t know Mador my maai I mean I’ve just looked it up okay it’s getting some heads now I I mean I mean if I mean if you if you Googled if you Googled uh if you search up gadora on on wish then is that too no it’s not har me mes giv me crap all the while that’s that’s accurate that’s generous bro yeah sorry dude sorry yeah is SPO just making a spino I don’t know in the first in the first game spino just made a spino I’m pretty sure spino made just a spino uh head this was such an easy opportunity to just build himself like spinozilla he build spinozilla whatever every time anyway be like pick a random Disney character last time around did build the spino anyway so like yeah you get you get Spiner from him whatever you do whoa I tell you what osu’s got some crazy long legs what is he building that has got some that’s got some right old legs on it wow any idea what um Hugo’s building guys has he said yet who or something uh it kind of reminds me of the uh it’s very DET from the Twilight Forest it reminds me of that I don’t think it’s that but it reminds know what I’m talking about no not got a clue me especially not not I’ve got no chance dude hey Spiderman is hello Spiderman how you do man oh uh stinky is building a uh like a 1954 Godzilla oh that’s cool or maybe have oh stinkers is looking pretty good yeah that’s looking decent he’s got enough time to possibly get that finish just I like Stinky’s doing some great work another good Builder three minutes 30 or so left yet to go something like that just under 3:30 what’s the stream Delay about 15 it was it was 15 seconds about it was 15 seconds at half time so uh yeah something like that hello puto how you doing uh right look at memes a minute right are you familiar with you guys familiar with the film Chicken Run is that something over there a so it’s a very but I watch it okay cuz currently the hydro type heads of this thing looks gadora looks a little bit like chicken run if you Google chicken run and look at his just look at his thing quickly first then Google chicken run and you’ll see what I mean it looks like looks very much like the eyes on this thing currently on these three just look like chicken run characters like you you’ll see what I mean if you Google it looks very Sim it’s like it’s like a it’s like a chicken run Gora but yeah we do have to give him some slack though he he joined late who sorry last late who’s that memes memes he get late yeah like memes uh this dude who with the skinny legs yeah we’ll just give everybody like what three more minutes probably yeah that’s fine I’ve got to read his signs what you got on your signs dude it’s B would have been way cooler but I’m not to make his lava form also F Mothra for killing still my least favorite car is you I hate M he’s just getting to run out there oh um dark Crome Timothy wants to know which of his drawings do you like more Godzilla versus Jo Manda is that right or Megatron versus Thanos oh he asked this earlier and I missed it uh both of them are really good Tim but uh 2000 Godzilla has a special place in my heart so I have to say that one there you go Timothy all how much minutes left wait I’ll tell you what door is running at a time rapidly a minute and a half 1 minute 25 seconds left if you want to extend it a little bit long we can we can give an extra minute if you want to I can add I can add a minute on the clock should we be kind yeah let’s go two minutes left starting in like 15 seconds okay there you go time has been increased my I can do it and easily so there we go 2 minutes 10 seconds left now which is I just add an extra minute on you got two minutes left guys you’ve been given an extra minute door if you get that finish that time even at your speed of building Fair Play That’s there’s a lot to do there yours looks quality as well but you’ve got two minutes to do the rest of that which is really tight really really tight I’m really hoping that Clon gets his finish as well because Clon is looking really good just hope he doesn’t run out of time the detail on this on on the on the on the spine as well really good yeah I feel like hugos is right on the top of my tongue but I can’t like I can’t remember it it looks really goofy right now but is it the flying Godzilla maybe no no it’s not that one build build build yes guys you are getting a really short on time you are down to uh 1 minute 20 seconds left now that’s how close we are to the end I know it’s the it’s the one in kiji Universe where we have to do something special for I think what yeah you know or no stinky I meant shocky can you tell him one minute left we’re just over by time you type that in just so they know they got one minute because they’re going to there is so tight they’re going to run out of time if you don’t mind wish I could do all this stuff I’m sorry I’m so useless to this stuff cheers M why again bro I tell you what Clon is decent man you’ve got So Little Time come on C on get you’re barely finished anybody want a TNT you’re really har on door anyone want a TNT door after doing this epic piece TNT wow you absolutely troll I love it so har poor poor door anyone Rin 20 seconds left guys this is going to be the end this time 15 seconds poor sorry but what is the O building I have no idea he’s not going to finish yet put TNT on his own thing so he might disqualify himself who who did that he hates MOA I think oh he hates Mothra don’t let oh will that do damage outside of his own Arena probably not okay cool I just want to wreck everything else put water over it shocky put water over it time up yeah yeah time’s up time’s up time’s up abon’s kind of lopsided he’s going to blow you better not okay it’s all right it’s okay it’s okay just about whatever okay it’s it’s okay it’s maintained it in his own little area it’s fine he’s trashed it that’s his own way I just taking out on a mo nice oh fish has made his statement not fish got a toast even about talking third person right I am I’m do there who’s the contenders right so door definitely yep stinky hug yep Hugo between uh mes Vortex what Vortex what Vortex what which which gu you have you have you built Vortex I really like yeah I like it as well or can you do five of them you can’t Four’s on Max you can do unfortunately it’s [Music] annoying memes did his with last time to be fair as well so memes did have oh Vortex doesn’t know what he’s built right okay also the guys in chat everyone in chat who’s who’s the fourth fot are we going to put this one in this one which is gadora or are we going to put this one in which Vortex doesn’t know what he’s built are we going for this dude go this is Vortex this is memes chat just like memes or Vortex to which one you want to be in in the final vote memes is this Gora Vortex is this I don’t know I don’t know even Vortex doesn’t know what it is I do like him though he’s cool memes Vortex no one picks I’ll just we’ll pick on random look at DM I feel like memes should go in because memes is actually trying to replicate one that’s what memes in I’m going to put gor [Music] in both deserve it they do right right so to confirm Hugo what which which can we just confirm what yours is Hugo by name cuz I’m going to put the votes in by names so we’ve got what Aban Aban for um door right if only toast didn’t like destroy his like he would have probably been the fourth yeah I think but that was a pretty good build right right memes I think memes gets in to be honest because he yeahor we get her uh um right we’ve got Hugo I don’t know not hug guys is green oh yeah sp’s in here too damn that sucks I just don’t know what he built something uh swimming I think greeners I don’t want H doesn’t seem to know is either which is a slight problem so who we missing here door oh yeah Clon Clon what which is C your is Godzilla I which is is it should we go Godzilla I think it’s just Godzilla Godzilla I don’t think he was specific I don’t think he built with specific whatever I think we just say tongue monster for uh Hugo no Hugo hugos is the green one tongue the tongue one is Vortex Vortex isn’t Vortex isn’t get in cuz Vortex is definitely not one I think Hugo’s tried I think he tried his best oh bman said gadora oh he’s got D Gora hang on what green gadora okay green gadora okay I’ll change that hang on green gadora okay there we go right no CLE on you don’t watch Godzilla dude does hell of hell of an effort if you don’t even watch it right here we go guys these are the four options two wins before you vote let me show you on screen quickly so we’ve got UD door over here with abadon abadon sorry uh we’ve got memes up here with his gdor over here we then have stinky steampunk here with stinky steam punk or stinky steam whatever your name is in here with uh Godzilla and then we have got oh is Gora sorry yes it is I see now sorry I see now I did not see see these bits on the side it’s now clearly a gadora when I looked at this before like hands oh we’ve got the green gadora which is Hugo so get your votes in guys to be fair like hugos is decent man I like that hugos is really good I when I saw it before had hands but he’s obviously done put more detail on since I last came over really good work guys very impressed everyone here’s done some Kracken work like fair play to everyone right looks like ‘s got a lot of votes but has anyone else got more it’s the question right keep getting your votes in guys currently by udor is winning excuse me to fair this is good everyone’s putting hell of an effort good work everyone you’ve all done some good work for sure I feel harsh you stinky steam yours is not bad at all I love your your Godzilla’s quality that it’s really good work that is pretty good I like the use of uh the glass yeah I think I think the glass the glass like spine the back is really good fair play really decent it looks like it’s going to be door though dor has got half the vote so I think D’s won this one by look of it we wait another minute for any more votes to come in though first and then we’ll end it but it looks like abadon by door who didn’t even know what this was abadon sorry by door who didn’t even know what this was like 20 minutes ago has nailed it with another cracking build door is the star of these bills for sure wins more often than not all right fireworks firor door yeah go firew the door he’s going to win it give D some fireworks let’s go did we have an official winner last round I forgot yeah it was Vortex last time we didn’t do him for now we messed up in mind here we go hey GG’s that is so anticlimactic no Vortex didn’t get any fireworks that’s true can we can we give Vortex some fireworks for his monster up here even though yeah even though he’s this one didn’t win he didn’t get any for his go he’s in the cell stick can have some farx as well Jesse doesn’t miss out this thing deserves some far anyway it didn’t even get in the final four because it isn’t actually clearly an actual Kaiju but it’s a good little it’s a cool little creature nonetheless there you go Vortex that’s for round one buddy celebrate there we go celebrate your round one success look at him go he’s loving life at the top there good work Vortex good work man he’s twerking now what was that that was concerning right double fir for youbody there we go even more fir excellent stuff another fir as an addition to the back of these fair play right so one quick p r before we do before we end the Stream So we’ got good yeah the gdor here by memes we’ve got this random dude who didn’t win this round but he won the last one so we got some farks cuz we forgot first our round good work Vortex for round one Hugo did really well in both rounds didn’t win but to be fair D both yours were really impressive so unlucky to you so good work for your green gadora there and then we’ve got an awesome Godzilla here from C on again which I think has got some cracking detail especially on the back here this spine must have taken a while to do to be fair a bit of a faf doing that looks really good though so fair play C on you deserve more than one vote you really did that’s that’s way worth way more worthy than of one vote than it got and then we’ve got at this end toast destroyed Mo because he hates it in protest and then we’ve got finally the abadon abadon Aban can’t say it Aben even by udor who smash this last one which is also now going to get itself a place on uh Discord Minecraft channel in a second right I got a decent one there of it cool with some FKS in the background as well nice anyway guys that’s the end of this one we’ll do this again soon hopefully it probably won’t be for a few weeks uh it’ll be as and when uh I can borrow shak’s help again because I could not do all this stuff and again guys can we all please give shaki a massive thanks for his help in the behind the scenes and dark a little bit as well I think D did a tiny bit at the start as well but yeah Shy’s done most of the behind the scenes work on this today so can we please give shaky a massive thanks cuz if shaky wasn’t doing this I can’t do this stuff so massive thanks for shy thank you so much me for that appreciate your work as always you’re an a star and you help me out loads with everything including like just almost giving me advice on playing games on the channel as well as in like helping them teach me on them such as the various bits on Rocket League which you’ve really helped me with a lot so appreciate you for all your help you give me manam so thanks again to you um dark good to have you on again it’s always good to have you on the stream because you’re always good laugh to have on or any voice chat whether it’s on stream or lot to be honest it’s always good chatting with you guys you’re both hilarious so uh yeah off chat off chat ones are just off stream chat it’s just hilarious with a pair of you um and until then guys we’ll do this again soon as I said I’ll speak to Shar and we can kind of sort out of time and also darkom if he wants to come and join um as when we can do this again and we’ll get something in the uh in the diary sounds very formal we’ll get something that’s planned ahead of time so you guys get plenty of warning for it so um you’ll know but I think it’s best to keep these to is Sunday’s best for you guys still going mostly yeah cool okay y likewise me when I go back to work I’m going I’m I used to work in the office on Mondays I’m doing Tuesdays now uh which is going to work better so in theory I can stay up a little bit later on Sunday now than I could previously which is pretty good as well so that actually that works better for me that did like six months ago that’s good so yeah we’ll keep doing these on Sundays guys not every Sunday but we’ll do maybe one I don’t know one a month one every 3 weeks however it works out I don’t know not every two weeks it’s just too regular for God’s sake cheers I’m going with shy thanks shy yeah that’s kind of thing you’d right but anyway guys thank you for coming along yeah I’ll let you guys know as soon as we’ll get another one of these booked in uh and until then I will see you guys uh midweek probably for another stream I’ve got some more single player games coming by the way which we’ll do some reviews of including a horror game I got given the other day so I’ve got at least another two or three games coming single player ones the review games do terribly despite 20 people saying yes we all want to see revieww games no one comes to the streams come to the streams and check them out guys I know you can’t get involved in those games some of the games are are legit decent the last one I played was a really good game so um the maniac game was was actually a really quality game so um they’re not long streams ever they’re normally an hour hour and a half tops but yeah I’m going to shut up now thanks for coming along guys cheers for taking part in chatting and all that again thanks to shaki and I’ll see you guys later cheers shaky cheers. catch you later guys see see yeah cheers all and to everyone else cheers all bye

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Welcome to my Minecraft building challenge stream, where you can be involved whether you’re a builder, or just an audience member, or both! (REALM LINK: TBC)

**Rules** 1. Builders will get a set time to build something I ask them to build (Usually 20 minutes) 2. Builders AND audience members can donate in order to slow down a builder or damage their build. Donation tier lists are below the rules and also on screen 3. There will be a half time challenge, which will either be a 4 builder or ALL builder challenge. ALL losers will get 2 x TNT placed on their build before the second half of the build commences. 4. The builder with the best build after the time is up will be declared the winner

**DONATE TO DESTROY** £1/$1 – 2 TNT on 1 builder £2/$2 – 5 TNT on 1 builder £3/$3 – 8 TNT on 1 builder £5/$5 – 15 TNT on 1 builder £10/$10 – NUKE – 30 TNT on 1 builder £20/$20 – 10 TNT on ALL builders £40/$40 – NUKE ALL builders(25 TNT EACH)

**LUCKY DIP TIP** £1/$1 – 1 spin on normal wheel £2/$2 – 3 spins on normal wheel £5/$5 – 1 spin on danger wheel £10/$10 – 3 spins on danger wheel

**LUCKY DIP – NORMAL WHEEL** (% is the chance of it being chosen randomly on the wheel) 1 builder stops for 3 minutes (31%) 2 x times lava on 1 randomly chosen builder (22%) 1 builder challenge! (Builder stops until challenge completed) (22%) 4 builder challenge (Winner chooses 1 loser to put 5 TNT on) (15%) ALL builder challenge (Winner picks 3 losers to get hit with 5 TNT) – 35/360 (10%)

**LUCKY DIP – DANGER WHEEL** (% is the chance of it being chosen randomly on the wheel) 4 TNT on 1 builder (Donator choice) (30.56%) 8 TNT on 1 builder (Donator choice) (25.00%) 10 TNT on 1 builder (Donator choice) (16.67%) 15 TNT on 1 builder (Donator choice) (13.89%) NUKE – 25 TNT on 1 builder (Donator choice) (6.94%) 5 TNT on ALL builders (4.16%) NUKE ALL BUILDERS – 25 TNT (2.76%)

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    Can't Speak Russian in Minecraft?! The Thrill of Finding Diamonds in Minecraft In the vast world of Minecraft, every player dreams of stumbling upon the coveted diamonds hidden deep within the earth. The excitement of discovering these precious gems is unparalleled, and the journey to find them is filled with anticipation and suspense. Exploring the Depths As our player delves into the depths of a dark cave, armed with only a pickaxe and determination, the quest for diamonds begins. The echoing sound of footsteps reverberates through the tunnels as they navigate through the maze of underground passages. Unveiling the Treasures After mining through layers… Read More

  • Rain and Relaxing Minecraft Soundtrack

    Rain and Relaxing Minecraft Soundtrack Pembe Ev: Gece Ay Işığında Büyüleyici Manzara Pembe Ev ve Ay Işığı Bu video, geceleyin ay ışığının altında parlayan bir pembe evin görkemli manzarasını sunuyor. Sessiz ve huzurlu bir ortamda, gökyüzündeki yıldızların ışığıyla aydınlanan bu ev, büyüleyici bir atmosfere sahip. Pembe rengiyle dikkat çeken ev, çevresindeki doğal güzelliklerle birleşerek benzersiz bir manzara oluşturuyor. İzleyicilere görsel bir şölen sunan bu video, doğanın ve mimarinin eşsiz uyumunu keşfetmeye davet ediyor. Keyifli seyirler! Kamp Ateşi ve Doğa Sesleri Rahatlama, pozitif düşünce, konsantrasyon, denge ve motivasyonda destekleyici olan kamp ateşi ve doğa sesleri, bu videoya eşlik ediyor. Huzurlu ve sakinleştirici terapi müziği, motivasyon… Read More

  • Crafty Campfire: Minecraft Tutorial Fire-Up Fun!

    Crafty Campfire: Minecraft Tutorial Fire-Up Fun! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Building a campfire, let’s dive into the flames. Gather some logs, and some coal or wood, Arrange them just right, like a builder should. Light it up with a flint and steel in hand, Watch the flames dance, oh so grand. Cook some food, or just sit and relax, In the warmth of the fire, no need for tracks. So there you have it, a campfire so bright, In the world of Minecraft, a true delight. For more building ideas, check out the links, And keep on crafting, let your creativity… Read More

  • Minecraft Masterclass

    Minecraft Masterclass The Art of Minecraft: A Creative Journey Exploring the World of Minecraft Paintings Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, has recently introduced a plethora of new paintings that have captured the hearts of players worldwide. These paintings, often used as decorative elements in the game, have become a staple in the Minecraft community’s creations and builds. The abstract nature of the paintings allows players to interpret them in various ways, sparking interesting conversations and adding depth to the game’s artistic side. Meet the Artists Behind the Brushes One of the masterminds behind the new paintings is Kristoffer Zetterstrand, an artist… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Statue Build Challenge

    Ultimate Minecraft Statue Build Challenge Minecraft MRBEAST STATUE BUILD CHALLENGE Get ready for an epic showdown in the Minecraft MRBEAST STATUE BUILD CHALLENGE! In this thrilling competition, players of different skill levels – NOOB, PRO, HACKER, and GOD – will battle it out to see who can create the most impressive MRBEAST statue. Who will emerge victorious? Let’s find out! The Challenge Begins The challenge kicks off with each player selecting their preferred building materials and getting to work on their MRBEAST statue. The NOOB may struggle with basic building techniques, while the PRO showcases their expertise with intricate details. The HACKER might employ… Read More

  • Zany Zoonomaly: Minecraft Madness PT 4

    Zany Zoonomaly: Minecraft Madness PT 4 In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Hypixel skyblock Zoonomaly arrives. With animations that bring the game to life, Each episode filled with adventure and strife. Join us on this journey, filled with delight, As we explore the world, day and night. Zoonomaly in Minecraft, a sight to behold, With Dakoon Animation, the story unfolds. So subscribe to our channel, don’t miss a beat, For more Minecraft adventures, oh so sweet. Stay tuned for more fun, more laughs, more fun, With Dakoon Animation, the adventure’s just begun. Read More

  • Negotiating with Big Shark for Slime Farm | Siro Minecraft Mega SMP Ep. 12

    Negotiating with Big Shark for Slime Farm | Siro Minecraft Mega SMP Ep. 12 Minecraft Mega SMP: Negotiating with Big Shark and Building the First Slime Farm Introduction In the latest episode of Siro’s Minecraft Mega SMP series, viewers were treated to an exciting adventure as Siro negotiated with Big Shark and embarked on the construction of the first slime farm. Negotiating with Big Shark Siro found himself in a tense negotiation with Big Shark, a formidable player in the Minecraft world. The two players discussed strategies, resources, and potential alliances, adding a layer of intrigue to the gameplay. Building the Slime Farm One of the highlights of the episode was Siro’s ambitious… Read More

  • StraySMP Launch Chaos! | Bedrock Realm VOD

    StraySMP Launch Chaos! | Bedrock Realm VOD The Start of the StraySMP with Followers! Unknownjpeg5440 kicked off the release day of their Minecraft Bedrock SMP, StraySMP, with friends and followers. The stream was filled with excitement as they navigated through the world of Minecraft with their community. To join StraySMP, viewers were encouraged to join Unknownjpeg5440’s Discord and get verified for access to the realm. Joining the Realm Unknownjpeg5440 provided detailed instructions on how to join the realm, ensuring that everyone could easily access the StraySMP world. Viewers were guided to the main menu, where they could find a notification bell at the bottom left corner…. Read More

  • Crafting PvP Skills: Minecraft Mastery, Part One!

    Crafting PvP Skills: Minecraft Mastery, Part One! In the world of Minecraft, PVP is key, To master the art, you must listen to me. Start with your settings, make them just right, From FOV to sensitivity, keep them in sight. Toggle your sprint, set your attack indicator, With raw input on, you’ll be a true gladiator. No more camera shake, with damage tilt off, Your PVP skills will surely take off. So join the battle royale, show off your might, In the world of Minecraft, where the PVP is tight. And if you want more tips, just like and subscribe, For more rhymes and tricks to… Read More

  • Dynamite Testing: Minecraft Science Delight

    Dynamite Testing: Minecraft Science Delight In the world of Minecraft, a PC test was done, With dynamite explosions, just for fun. Artemi and KlaDiamond, a duo so bold, Testing the limits, with stories untold. Starting small with just a few blasts, But soon escalating, the experiment lasts. Artemi’s computer, put to the test, With each explosion, they gave it their best. From matches to dynamite, the sparks did fly, But the PC held strong, reaching for the sky. Fifteen dynamites, a challenge so grand, But the computer survived, with lapis in hand. A hundred dynamites, a test of might, But the PC endured, shining… Read More

  • Super Dog Villager Oi Oi Oi, Hotter than a Creeper!

    Super Dog Villager Oi Oi Oi, Hotter than a Creeper! When your dog is so super, even the villagers can’t help but cheer “Oi Oi Oi!” Looks like this pup is the real MVP of Minecraft! #bombastic #minecraft #memes #funny Read More

  • Sneaky Guide: Creating SpongeBob Portal in Minecraft 2024

    Sneaky Guide: Creating SpongeBob Portal in Minecraft 2024 Minecraft: Creating a SpongeBob SquarePants Portal in 2024 Are you ready to dive into the world of Minecraft and embark on a new adventure? Join UzeMing as he takes on the challenge of creating a SpongeBob SquarePants portal in 2024. Get ready for a fun and exciting journey filled with creativity and imagination! Setting the Stage Before diving into the creation process, let’s take a closer look at SpongeBob SquarePants. This beloved cartoon character lives under the sea and has a unique sponge-like appearance. In UzeMing’s latest challenge, he is tasked with bringing SpongeBob SquarePants to life in the… Read More

  • Combat Chaos in Minecraft

    Combat Chaos in Minecraft Minecraft Combat Tutorial: Mastering Weapons, Skills, and Experience Welcome to Graeme’s Minecraft Tutorial series, where today we dive into the thrilling world of combat. In this episode, Graeme takes us through the essentials of surviving the night with weapons, skills, and experience. Let’s join him on this action-packed journey! Exploring the Battle Arena Graeme has prepared a special battle arena for our combat training. Equipped with a shield, sword, bow, and crossbow, he’s ready to take on the challenges that await. Let’s follow him as he navigates through the dark of night, facing off against hostile mobs. The Shield:… Read More

  • Insane Live Minecraft Stream – Crazy Donut SMP Action | 3600 subs!

    Insane Live Minecraft Stream - Crazy Donut SMP Action | 3600 subs!Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE | Minecraft | Donut SMP | Cill Stream | 3600 subs?’, was uploaded by CoolBry Bry on 2024-05-05 14:18:09. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Server: DonutSMP.Net Port: 19132 Hi and welcome to my channel! My side of the internet offers a growing community and … Read More


    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with JJ MAIZEN & MikeyVideo Information ah morning already Mikey it’s time to wake up come on good morning remember Mikey today the day that mama is going out and leaving us alone all day is that so oh we’ll watch over the house Mama M absolutely no Mischief we would never we’ll be good kids and watch the house bye-bye [Music] [Music] let’s go back inside H okay we’re home alone today so I’m starting to get kind of hungry how about we get something from the kitchen okay mama bought a cake the other day let’s look around for it JJ cake… Read More

  • CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #Gaming

    CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #GamingVideo Information [음악] [음악] l [음악] [음악] C [음악] [음악] [음악] k h [음악] [음악] [음악] k k [음악] p [음악] [음악] [음악] k l [음악] This video, titled ‘RTS ANARCHY- Console/Java Server Review!!!! #gaming #java #minecraft #factions (Xbox,Ps5-Java)’, was uploaded by RTS productions on 2024-07-12 15:09:19. It has garnered 50 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:37 or 277 seconds. We are back to bring you a Review Video about A Server we have been working on for the past year! We a small community already active they yearn for new players to challenge them!… Read More

  • Platinumari’s EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!

    Platinumari's EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!Video Information This video, titled ‘New Year: 2023 Minecraft Fireworks Display’, was uploaded by Platinumari on 2023-12-30 08:00:23. It has garnered 35 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:13 or 433 seconds. Have a good year everyone, from our crew! Credits: Hope to Return by Verbovets | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 Fly Away When The Fog Settled Down by Spheriá | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Evening Improvisation (with Ethera) by Spheriá | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0… Read More

  • HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft – Sneaking in with RaHul!

    HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft - Sneaking in with RaHul!Video Information तो ये हूं मैं और आज मैं यहां पे जॉइन करने वाला हूं एक हैकर्स ओनली सर्वर लेकिन यार तुम लोग सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं ऐसा क्यों कर रहा हूं क्योंकि मुझे यहां पे बदला लेना है अपने दो दोस्तों से डैश और से क्योंकि हम लोग जहां पे खेलते थे इन लोग ने वहां पे मेरे पेट को मार के भाग गए और इन लोग ने जॉइन कर लिया ये वाला सर्वर और इस वाले सर्वर में मुझे यहां पे सामना करना पड़ेगा बहुत सारे हैकर्स का जो कि मुझे कभी भी आसमान में फेंक सकते… Read More

  • Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!

    Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!Video Information boo messing with you I’m already messing with you oh sorry to give you a fright oh no I like how on Discord it cut off so I only heard yeah which I mean that probably scared me more tried to give you a little spook welcome boa hello welcome Duncan hello welcome Dy hey guys welcome ran hello hello and there was another member of our team but I seem to have forgotten him hello my goodness he was he was he was gotten by a Cryptid today’s theme is uh creepy Cryptids like mysterious Monsters Legends… Read More


    INSANE PROGRESS! MINECOLONIES 1.20 GAMEPLAY DAY 2Video Information cómo andan amigos todo bien Bienvenidos a mycon oficial día dos es una escalera hacia donde vive el chavón no Ah no tiene un piso arriba decorativo acá tiene más decoraciones y la entrada Parece que son estas dos esta la entrada parece Ah al lado de la escalera Qué dice vas a tener que picar una banda de diorita no voy a poner un esclavo que ha una mina y yo voy a jugar el cont Warning mientras el chavón pica ese va a ser el trato no Padilla A ver quiero dejar unos bloques bastante a… Read More

  • Wudo – INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!

    Wudo - INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!Video Information mutant zombies destroyed this playground and now these kids have nowhere to play if we don’t build something fast they’re going to burn in this fire Woodle what if we build a theme park guys the kids will love my roller coaster but it’s made of dirt monco and it’s super tiny come on axie let’s build a real roller coaster so we can save these kids it’s going to be so much better than what builds in his newbie theme park no way I’m going to start building mine right now all right axie the first part… Read More

  • “EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥” #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg

    "EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥" #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmgVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song 🤣🤣 #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg’, was uploaded by NK GAMING MG on 2024-05-23 07:26:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song #NKGaming #nkgamingamg #minecraft #shorts 🖐️.. tag ignore. Read More

  • ☕ Java Survival – Semi-Vanilla – SMP – 1.20.4

    Java Survival SMP Server Java Survival is a multiplayer server that offers a pure vanilla Minecraft experience with a community of players. Moderators and admins play alongside everyone else without using commands for personal gain. No RTP! Unique custom plugins for survival gameplay without common plugins like Essentials or GriefPrevention. Server Details: Address: Discord: Community Values: Provide a long-lasting survival Minecraft experience. Community-driven server where players have a voice. Server Rules: No offensive language. Avoid controversial topics. No hacking, cheating, or exploits. Respect other players’ property and space. Be respectful, kind, and avoid advertising. Read More

  • Lilwilly Junior High School

    Lilwilly Junior High SchoolTHIS IS NORMAL MINECRAFT SMP, JUST WITH SOME PLUGINS!VERSION: 1.21**RULES**- No Griefing in Spawn- No Killing In Spawn- No Stealing In Spawn- ONLY STEALING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF SPAWN*( Spawn Is basically the peace land ) ***PLUGINS**- Found it- Tpa- BetterHomes- Custom Enchants- Custom Food- SuperHarvestJOIN MY DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. { } is the discord link. Hope to see you in the server! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀

    Minecraft Memes - Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀Looks like the real blockbuster here is the behind-the-scenes bloopers reel! Read More

  • Crafting Joy: Minecraft’s Happy Planet Adventure

    Crafting Joy: Minecraft's Happy Planet Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Happy Planet shines bright, With animations funny, bringing joy and delight. Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a child-friendly sight, Bringing laughter and happiness, each day and each night. From classrooms to songs, all crafted with care, Each video a gem, beyond compare. Avoiding pirated content, this channel is rare, So subscribe and enjoy, without a single care. With rhymes and emojis, the news is told, In Minecraft’s world, where adventures unfold. From funny animations to stories bold, Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a treasure to hold. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, each update… Read More

  • Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft

    Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft When you’re more concerned about your Wi-Fi signal strength in Minecraft than actually fighting off creepers and zombies. Priorities, am I right? #minecraftproblems #firstworldminecraftissues Read More

  • Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation

    Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation The Quest for Miners in Minecraft Imagine delving deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft, eagerly searching for valuable diamonds in the dark recesses of a cave. Now, picture stumbling upon a humorous twist – instead of diamonds, you find yourself on a quest for miners! This unexpected turn of events adds a delightful element of surprise to your virtual adventure. Exploring the Depths As you navigate through the intricate tunnels and caverns of Minecraft, the thrill of discovery propels you forward. The dimly lit passageways hold the promise of hidden treasures, whether they be precious ores or unexpected… Read More

  • 100 Days in Elden Ring Minecraft Hardcore

    100 Days in Elden Ring Minecraft Hardcore I Survived 100 Days in Elden Ring in Minecraft Hardcore Surviving the Elden Ring Modpack Imagine facing off against Elden Ring bosses like Malenia Blade of Miquella and Starscourse Radahn in Minecraft. The challenge is real as you strive to collect all Great Runes and become the Elden Lord. Upgrading weapons and building a base to withstand player invasions adds to the excitement. Challenges and Adventures The journey begins with a precarious encounter with an Elden Ring boss in a village. Crafting weapons like an iron spear and shield becomes essential for survival. Exploring dungeons, battling zombies, and acquiring… Read More

  • OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!

    OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!Video Information off stream mining but somehow we found mire God it’s crazy right crazy let me post this in the the chat yeah I’m right now no one’s even in here yet yeah because you know like they don’t love us yeah I know here we go we are live we are hi Esther what’s up CPA SU jpa even though it’s Eclipse I just I always say it’s eclipser because there was a j even though the J was silent okay all right well oh [ __ ] we’re doing good I think are you doing good weasel… Read More

  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

  • “CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!” #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruths

    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

  • GAMBA Reveals Shocking Truth About Hypixel SMP!

    GAMBA Reveals Shocking Truth About Hypixel SMP!Video Information This video, titled ‘Is This SMP Dead Now? | Hypixel SMP’, was uploaded by IamGAMBA on 2024-04-06 17:31:13. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. hypixelsmp #trailsandtales #minecraft Is This SMP Dead Now? | Hypixel SMP As the SMP has been updated to the newest … Read More

  • Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps – Can You Escape?

    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

  • EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PRO

    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

  • Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkish

    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

  • INSANE Redstone Clocks: Steve REVERSED!

    INSANE Redstone Clocks: Steve REVERSED!Video Information This video, titled ‘Redstone Clocks In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Reverse Steve on 2024-03-11 23:24:05. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Minecraft #Shorts #Short – Reverse Steve. Read More

  • 🔥FNAF Gold Music Animation! Watch Now🔥

    🔥FNAF Gold Music Animation! Watch Now🔥Video Information [Music] [Music] he time for the main attraction the story must be told time for a chain reaction it never gets own some BO get satisfaction breaking the M some BO are just distractions some are just G I’m not the bad guy I’m just a bit surprising it’s not worth losing sleep it’s not worth analyzing there was a time not so long ago at all I was just like you can you hear my call now I’m popping in over here over there I’ll be checking in but you never be aware in the beginning I… Read More

  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. Read More