Nuclear Monster Survival Challenge!

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I’ll try to go through all 10 stages playing as nuclear monsters starting with the radioactive barrel and ending with the acidic Godzilla while my team plays in hardcore mode first stage and I really became a radioactive Barrel I can run and I even have a superpower look I can roll pretty fast all right guys let’s run and evolve we have to evolve faster than my team around me were ruins in a huge sphere despite also being a monster other mobs were also attacking me and after dealing with them I went to explore the ruins hopefully I can find the first resources that will help me in the game right there at the same time my team appeared in an abandoned bunker and before starting their survival and facing off against me they needed to get out of there look for the exitting might be here we must not let them turn the whole map into Westland come on come on come on this guys is my first survival where I play as someone else or more precisely as 10 completely different monsters playing as This Magnificent barrel with arms and legs I gained my first Advantage and it was speed look guys we come up to a tree quickly chop it down and use the Ability and here we go guys we’re just flying away I found the lever all right it’s open I thought it would be easier it’s the very first task guys we need to evolve faster let’s go in the future if I become stronger I’ll be able to turn them up into nuclear Wasteland which can completely change the approach of the survivors to the game I’ve already made myself a crafting table furnace and a couple of chests you’re probably wondering what my face looks like well basically I have these two little eyes and that’s it this monster of course is really cute and this is how we jump for example it’s just adorable nevertheless of course we won’t be able to defeat my team with this monster in any way so we need to think right now about how we’ll move on to the next stage and turn into a cooler monster for this purpose we have a menu to move on to the second stage you need to break 15 radioactive barrels I found three iron excellent we already have a starter home and we are now mining starter resources zimon want stand chance around the place where the team of survivors appeared there were several locations and about huge crane a Foresters house as well as small ruins all these locations the survivors have now set up to explore because the faster they develop the less chance they have of losing quickly looted this building and run further the main thing is that we also play in hardcore mode and we only have one life so we need to be more careful all right let’s deal with Mobs and loot the crates oh I found a med kit oh I found a chest plate nice super and I found roots and threats let’s run to the next location despite being a monster I still wanted to make my base one of the advantages I had was that in the future I could create radioactive zones where players simply couldn’t enter but for now I was just a barrel so I decided to make my base hidden inside a small Mountain I can’t see the survivors yet guys I’m still moving really carefully around the map I want to gather at least some useful resources it’s really unusual to play not as Zan but as some monsters each with their own unique abilities and characteristics also notice that I only have three hearts it’s worth mentioning that the monster really different items absolutely not the ones that the regular survivors have which could only be used while playing as a monster do you know where I’ll be unnoticed of course this Rusty sphere I’m I’m a rusty barrel and am I not and you can’t see one on top of the other okay now I’m going to go there and loot as many chests as possible this will be our first huge location for now guys I’m super full of anticipation I really hope to become much stronger and win but for that I need to put a lot of effort in this Rusty sphere was guarded and I had to deal with the local monsters having done that I saw a bunch of barrels down there and one of them was exactly what I needed look guys and here it is oh I pressed the right Mouse button all right we looted the barrel we need the barrels with this glowing thing and when we collect 15 of them I’ll be able to turn into the next Monster all right look diamonds uranium and a pistol but there was one catch I couldn’t use the pistol in any way because in this video it was intended only for the survivors there was a lot of loot here guys both for the monster and for the regular survivors of course take even what we can’t use so that my team won’t get it in any way in the future while I was looting this Rusty sphere my team started on the second part of their initial plan we’ve already looted quite well and we have the initial tools I think we should have had down zon what does even look like I think he’ll move very naturally and we’ll understand that is demon be attentive this the main thing it’s worth noting that it won’t be so easy for them usually it’s my team that prepares my survival but not today today they don’t know which map they landed on and what monsters I’ll be trans forming into wait look that’s that’s nasty for my team she’s just running around looking for me or maybe some resources I don’t know it’s super unusual to see that I’m just some Barrel I mean not just any a really cool radioactive Barrel but still joking aside I’m still weak and I understand if they find me in a group right now they will still be able to defeat me yes my team had absolutely no idea what I looked like they knew nothing except that they need to catch me it’s actually interesting who Zan is playing us because for the first time we don’t know who he is or how he’s positioning on the map I looted that big sphere Zan wasn’t there okay let’s look somewhere else then I spent the whole night mining in the caves mostly of course I needed uranium because that’s what I could use to make additional armor as well as Cool Tools new day they still haven’t found the ey Barrel which means today is our chance to transform into the next stage of the monster okay guys well I have a small base I’ve even made myself some small armor and I think it’s time to try to find all the barrels I hope there’s way more than 15 that we need to collect and we’ll succeed guys so come on let’s roll barrels were usually found your certain locations it wasn’t like they were hidden somewhere probably because it’s the first stage so I’ve already found seven barrels and each Barrel had some pretty cool loot there were more barrels than I thought I didn’t have to explore the entire map to collect 15 of them by evening I completed the final task and transformed into the next stage oh my God guys um I think I’m the real slime now uh I think I just hatched from this SC that’s who was in it guys so wo okay first off guys look we now have five Hearts which is really good so next we have two abilities now not just one that’s absolutely two new ones okay the first one uh I can heal myself okay it’s self-healing and the second ability I can spit like a camel but not like a camel but a slime slime zmen well guys this is just incredible I’m shocked myself be sure to like the video how many more cool Transformations await us that’s insane for the third stage guys you need to have seven armor slots well okay it’s too early to talk about that yet we need to play a bit as a slime the most interesting thing is that the team of survivors received a message in the chat that I’ve moved on to the next stage and besides that the most important thing happened with each stage some part of the map will be transformed into a devastated radioactive Wasteland and the higher my stage the more such places there will be on the map and what’s this here oo looks like it’s actually radiation let’s deal with this come on damn guys look it seems like a nuclear contamination has started all right Timo come on stamp on it ouch ouch ouch what’s happening ouch ouch ouch looks like is really is ration after all let’s go home yeah my team of survivors won’t have it easy considering each of them only has one life it’s all just like in my 100 day videos meanwhile I worked on my base a little bit no matter what monster I am I still need to to eat and despite some individual items the food was still the same so I made a small farm guys well look where have you seen slimes building a farm we really need to expand this space inside our house because I don’t know what size will become next but I feel like it might expand so let’s just make it bigger just in case in fact I survived just fine but of course I had to be careful because my team couldn’t find my base and that was the most important thing right now okay let’s split into prayers of course we’ll go with me now and you go together on the other side is the forth okay boss let’s go if you find anything shoot you know if you think about it can my team defeat me I don’t think so they’ve never played in my place and I know how it is so I think their chances are slim what wait hold on a second look zimon of the tower oh wait he Notice Me did he notice me let’s go let’s shoot him go go go go go okay calm down calm down I’ll try from the top oh take that guys my ability is just amazing you spam at me careful careful what are you doing they’re scared too you know it’s not like the 100 Hunters they all only have one life let’s go BS let’s eat let’s run away you almost died do you even realize it well he spat at me now they’re going to all coordinate so let’s grab a bucket of water and do a water job okay great that’s it let’s run away my team already understood that they can’t catch me alone they needed to either level up or trap me meanwhile an acid rain started on the map Zan’s power is growing Sur survivors should be more careful yeah guys my power is actually growing as you understand I didn’t know this about at all but it’ll definitely help me guys I can just easily run around under the acid rain and my team I guess they can so far it looked like I already won and it was a deceptive opinion because the survivors had a couple of tricks up their sleeves that they will use against me later but for now it’s time to complete the task to move to stage three guys I need a lot of uranium to make armor with seven slots it’s not as easy as crafting iron armor you know so I’ll have to spend a lot of time in the caves hopefully during this time my team won’t catch up with my development and will become even stronger in general I remember it what zon said the whole team can participate against him and as you can see there are only five of us here zon’s team is much bigger than you think so I wrote to more people to join us tomorrow so what do you think about that and who are we going to invite you’ll see tomorrow who will invite the acdr stopped and the survivors need to find me as soon as possible with this the transportation mod will help them although the transportation took a long time to craft my team plays Minecraft almost every day we got a new Transportation mod and we’re already building a road making AAR for cars and some of us already mining a bunch of iron to make planes helicopter and so on I think with the new Transportation Zim will have a lot more problems they quickly set priorities on who will gather wit resources and the next day they already had a whole hanger of of Transportation what’s this wait is that an airplane okay okay guys so I’ve gathered everything I need I’m returning to my base the main problem is that everything needs to be smelted and it will take some time no matter what Transportation my team made they still couldn’t find me I was able to make the armor that let me move on to the third stage what the okay guys I became a worm I just seriously mutated into a worm what can I say guys it looks pretty unusual and the ability look okay this this already looks pretty aggressive when I used the ability the worm stood on its hind legs so to speak and had increased damage well guys look so to level up we need to come to these coordinates and go through the location called network of tunnels yeah it’s kind of far that’s already a downside honestly guys I was expecting some better abilities because this one is pretty weak considering that the survivors are also evolving all right let’s gather our stuff and head there quickly the network of tunnels was filled with monsters and I needed to fully explore it congratulations you now have access to craft a latter that show where zimon was 5 minutes ago damn it let’s Curry home we need to craft itly and we’ll be able to find zon te let’s go yeah I’m driving okay let’s go let’s go let’s go I found the crafting locator it’s there in the bunker inside where is crafting blueing hanging right here and we need to a lot of Steel well let’s go to work so guys I’m at the location and yeah it looks pretty abandoned well okay we have no other options let’s go this work worm is quite strong and not as simple as a barrel by the way its HP is also higher and you can say that the worm fits right into this environment a worm in a tunnel you could actually call it a movie if there’s anyone making TV shows about Minecraft take a note idea from Zan okay you get out of here there’s way more monsters here than I thought if my worm brothers were here we would have definitely dealt with these guys while I was trying to fully explore the location to move on to stage four with the help of the locator my team managed to find my base guys look here zimon ordinates so let’s quickly gather all stuff get ready and run to him urgently we fully prepared so let’s move quickly to the mark maybe zon is here we’ve got R all the transport and left the one at home so we went on motorcycles and the car it’s everyone ready to catch zemon yes comrade this place seems to have been marked let’s stop and be more careful guys maybe zemon is right here the main thing is not to forget simaf go ahead come on come on come on ah h it seems this was his base loot the items and let’s set up an ambush increase the level of radiation okay let’s press it that’s it guys it’s stage four what guys okay this is definitely something else what ability do I have oh it’s a whole bradiation pulse and they also gave us the staff with it I can so are we friends now great returning to the base my team still didn’t know what superpower I got they had to test it on themselves look where is he’s running damn he’s become huge should we start shooting already no wait wait let’s keep come closer come on BL block BL come on more BL all right stop super power woohoo get out of here it’s too late I’m already on stage four of development of these radioactive monsters oh I I think they destroyed my entire base and taken all my resources this won’t do guys it’s time to find their base it was really bad because I already collected a lot of resources I’ll have to change the location of my base and gather a lot of items again we need to come home urgently I have only two Health hers and I have neither Med nor bandages this is just horrible why are we leaving we should have destroyed him what do you mean destroyed him we would have taken us all down and won all right let’s go home and come on up with tactic here look now we know that he’s some kind of giant ogre and that his ability does a lot of damage I suggest crafting more guns and keeping our distance from him by the way demons I is bad let’s stick in it honestly we’ve grown guys look at us from a small Barrel we’ve turned into this huge mutant but this is still not enough to win I need to reach the 10th and final stage there’s just no other way let me tell you about the map a little bit besides the planes where the entire map was located there were also Three Special biomes volcanic swamp and the Tropics in each of them you could find unique items both for the survivors and for me as a monster so guys it’s time to see what we need to do to move on to the fifth stage let’s go oh my God we need to eliminate One Survivor in the game yeah you know this is probably the hardest task you could come up with and look but here it says bonus significant change in the map and look we have some kind of gift available what they just gave me a block directly through the menu creation of a radiation Zone it’s amazing because I hadn’t encountered such mechanics in my videos before we could use it for different situations choose some location that the survivors would need to explore and and place this block there too or put it in a place of my base knowing that in this case they wouldn’t be able to enter my territory okay guys you know I could use this block for various purposes since they gave it to me I’m still in shock by the way I’ll choose it to place it at my base and just let them try to approach me let’s put this block here wao okay cool I just changed the huge chunk of the map well guys I guess this is where we’re going to build our base it can be said that I posed a huge threat to the players and could create such huge radiation Zone survivors would need to craft anti-radiation suits to enter this Territory Resources for each suit had to be collected for more than one day okay you know um I usually make super standards so to speak homes but who are we today we’re monsters today so we’re going to make the base super unusual nonhuman you could say while I was building the base the survivors continue to develop and I must say they’ve developed quite well I want to give a brief overview is our base we’ve developed it quite nicely we now have a warehouse where we store resources a house where we discuss ideas of how to defeat demon we now have to on guard with vehicles we’ve also erected a fence all around to prevent zon from just cling in we have an extended in overhead just a little more to go we’ve built a couple of wi tower on top to minor situation and by the way the fans extended the is twoo by the way I’m not getting paid for this but we’ll defeat zon recently the craft of chemical protection appeared in the bunker drafting it is very expensive and now most of the team is the mind of GA this resources I won will soon distribute this seat everyone and won’t have to worry about radiation anymore the news for survival team has ended for now so bye everyone my base is ready guys let me give you a little tour here we go in here’s the main living area yeah the design is really interesting guys I’ve never used these blocks before and here we have a warehouse I didn’t bother making a bedroom because in any case a can become any size as a monster why do I even need it as a monster I try to make all the room spacious in case I suddenly become some kind of giant and actually I feel pretty safe here no one can enter here for sure right now so I think it’s time to complete the final task to move on to the fifth stage let’s go find my team despite being a monster I wouldn’t risk going against all the players at once I knew that the survivors needed to constantly replenish their resources and to do that they had to go on raids to various locations of which there were many on the map I waited for sever several days set in completely different locations and you know at one moment I succeeded look these runes over there two players are looting them right now in the past few days I’ve seen three and even four players and I was really close to them but two players that’s just perfect plus their armor isn’t really strong for some reason okay guys it’s time to Ambush them ah you didn’t expect me you didn’t expect me but here I am okay let’s use the Ability okay got them guys all right come down come down okay one is running away wait wait I’ve turned into a beetle guys I’ve turned into a radioactive beetle it’s just a beetle I don’t know a pterodactyl or whatever bird no it definitely doesn’t look like a bird I guess we need to find more gazoline because we’re Runing of out on it well I agree do you see how much transport we have if we don’t refuel plane we’ll just crash what aru got killed there is supposed to live together with te of do you remember which way they went let’s go look for them do you have weapons with you no no no no no this absolutely can search right now I think maybe Zim mutated already I I don’t know guys something unbelievable happened there it was absolutely crazy what was happened there zimon set up an ambush while we were looting he suddenly attacked us and I managed to escape but unfortunately NASA didn’t make it out why didn’t you cover here where you just sitting at home I was fixing the cars from now at least three of us together this is madness we’ve already lost on person okay guys first of all it’s clear that I can fly as it turned out it also removed any hydri during flight at the moment of using the ability to fly you could fly at absolutely any height as soon as I turned into this radiation Beetle new dungeons appeared in the sky they were connected to my further task of moving to Stage six I’m like a glider an airplane whoos or like a dung beetle okay guys this is probably my favorite stage for now because I can fly as this Beetle and just just torment these survivors my team this allowed me to thoroughly explore the entire map and understand where each location is I can explore guys like the entire map now remember where everything is and most importantly where the base of these survivors is look I think that’s it and wow they’ve built a lot they’ve actually grown it’s a it’s a full City okay okay this is not bad look everything is turning into a wasteland and these spots it’s I think it’s the work of my hands okay let’s land and run to our base at that moment I didn’t know yet but the coolest Transformations that would change the course of the game were yet to come but for now as a bonus I received another block that allowed me to turn some area into a waste land of course I chose a spot near their base all right guys we won’t approach Too Close they’re all there so let’s set it up from a distance maybe won’t affect their base but monsters from this Wasteland will definitely spawn and 100% go after them so this should create some difficulties for them guys we have I don’t know how to say it but we have a h of monsters here everyone upstairs quickly we’ve got reation nearby and why haven’t you finish in ADV fense they’ll be spawning here constantly now most important want don’t go into the Zone let’s hurry up and finish the fence or well they definitely lose this way so guys let’s see what we need to do to move on to the next stage we need to activate five radiation sources on flying dungeons got it okay this will definitely take some time in the coming days I needed to replenish my resource supplies so I headed to the caves I don’t know if this was a mistake or not but this moment became critical basically our team gazer it and we want to set up a bunch of traps right now I’m collecting dras and later I’ll show we want it for we collected grass for these special trap blocks this is actually a trap block the whole team is digging this special tunnels and then we’ll slowly close them up and my will run through like this and Demon will fall into the Trap and I’ve come up with a new trap it’s secret blocks if Zeman tries to step on it to spine our base he’ll just fall through and there’ll be spikes there I think it’s a really cool idea to confuse a using iron I crafted these spikes and it’s exactly on them vvo will step and lose on our locator by the way a new marker appeared and it’s quite fun for here so me and of course are taking our planes and handing out to see what zon marker is look it’s like Demon’s base and this is actually marker oh radiation wo careful careful it turns out he surrounded his base with a radioactive zom judging by this situation guys they’re trying to somehow get to my base so far they can’t do that and look they’re flying on airplanes no there’s no way at all but honestly it’s bothering me for now I managed to dig up some resources now let’s quickly complete the task to move on to the next stage okay guys here’s the first flying thing yeah they’re monsters okay we can deal with them pretty easily yeah of course it’s pretty weird without the standard guns and like all of my survival games got it okay great let’s loot the resources and of course press the lever so we need to activate four more of those things let’s go everything would have been fine but the survivors received a message in the chat about my task and what I need to do attention zon needs to activate five radiation sources of light dungeons you can stop him he’s activated one of the five I just saw these flying dungeons so let’s gather and I think we need to make another plane these are the resources for the plane in the lower chest we actually Gathering more resources for new plane we crafted and set up like this and here’s our new plane guys to your place let’s go guys I suggest setting up an ambush for Zan we’re flying to one of the locations to set it up I don’t think he expected this at all hold on guys wait what are he doing here what he’s some kind of bug come on shoot him I can’t see him survivors okay okay survivors there’s so many of them W so many airplanes wo wo wo wo he’s so quick come on come on shoot him I can’t see him be careful just got be careful just be careful at this rate guys it won’t be easy to deal with those guys but he’s flying i k him like 500 times already I still can’t see him in the end instead of activating switches I had to make attempts to fend off my team guys I think they started to understand how it all works I don’t know how but one thing is clear they’ll try to hinder me from progressing to my new stages indeed the team understood the stages changed not just for the sake of it they learned that I have certain tasks to accomplish I scared off the survivors no one wanted to end their survival right now guys I have top let’s flying whe urgently come on come on come on I’m landing let’s fly to the base we’ll discuss everyone there there certain radioactive secret Lake if you come there you’ll learn how to clean the world of radiation and defend zon coordinates sounds like a trap I think we need to check this coordinates anyway but this time we should all go together the main thing is not to fall into a trap again the survivors have started a storyline if they manage to complete it you Zan will lose don’t let this happen this is the place mention in the chat let’s stop here carefully make sure zon isn’t nearby why no eting here well there are a ton of monsters there there are probably a lot of monster here because a huge location so we need to stick together guys let’s clip higher follow Nikita looks like zimon isn’t here and who’s that old man oh a wondering stranger hello Travelers I know that the world is about to face a catastroph and I know why you have come I got out in a Time lube and I helping everyone finding This Disaster I understand that you need my my help so be prepared in the meeting you need to have at least to full set a hmat suet Z are no need to look for me I’ll come to you myself and what so uh this this is the ghost of Zan damn he says we need two sets of armor and we don’t even have one it’s so bad guys gather all the loot and R further from the strange NPC by the lake the survivors received many hints on where to go to understand how to remove all the radiation from this Minecraft map good news guys right now in front of me is the last lever the fifth one okay great that’s it okay wait wait I I think we have a small problem now I turned into a mutated bear and besides all its coolness I got stuck somewhere up high and didn’t know how to get down okay one of the options guys is to get into this water we only have one attempt if you like this video and if you feel it’s hardcore nature please like it and write a comment about how you like this new format let’s go one two well as you can see I’m still alive and we continue to battle my team okay this bear has a really cool superpower guys I’ll demonstrate it to you now so well yeah breaking glass with this Roar is not a problem I would say the ability was really cool now the survivors had to fear me because I was on stage six to be a bear you have to think like a bear let’s go look for berries strawberries and cranberries now let’s make a fishing rod and go fishing no I mean have you ever seen a bear fishing with a fishing rod only on my channel he can see such things after fooling around a bit I realized I need to get back into the game I was given three blocks look we’ll just scatter them around their base so they won’t be able to get to it at all at first I thought I was exaggerating but in the end it turned out to be true I only found out about it during editing the team really couldn’t find a way back home guys what’s happening to our bra wait let’s go out carefully it’s not zimon who fell into our traps but this monster oh my God this is a real radiation our BAS is now completely contaminated because of these radiation blocks is without hmat s we cat approach of our base now it’s very sad because all available resources are there but luckily I always carried some things with me and the will help of course we can make home has M protection so let’s go to other location then and find a missing items well let’s go then while my team struggled with their base I continued playing as a bear All The Monsters on the map no longer posed any threat to me and I began to think about how to move on to the next stage seriously get your stack of fish I mean I’m already such a cool massive monster radioactive nuclear and I have to catch a stack of fish such a bear yeah these tasks never cease to amaze me guys but this is just okay well we’ve caught some already without even knowing it the toughest confrontation awaited me ahead because finally my teammate hasm suits we know he full hasm protection so let’s arly go home Dima we’ll go into the house take everything necessary we’ll try to craft another set armor and I think we can head to zon base come on guys maybe not me everything will be fine uh guys um can maybe somebody come with me it’s it’s scary alone you only this armor come on go faster the main thing go to the warehouse take all the useful resources and come back home quickly faster don’t forget my cookies on the table guys I think I got everything I think we have enough for another hazmat suit right now my whole team was heading to my base look guys who do we have here okay the main thing is for them not to notice me let them come closer in their hazmat suits which they already crafted zon come out we won everything would have been fine only you still don’t know what I look like and if you see what I actually look like you won’t want to fight me today the last time I was a beetle what are we afraid of it now it was quite a while ago well come in why are you afraid why are you just standing there no no no here I am you dated bear take that you should have known how to come to my base the roar allowed me to seriously slow them down thus in this battle I managed to take on One Survivor the intimidation worked did you see how he took zon what’s next can you imagine now he’s a bear and then what will he be a skyscraper coming at us we urgently need to find the team and tell them what’s what and on our map there were fewer survivors I cly caught a St a fish and turned into a new type of monster I’m something really tall wait what am I what am I a huge nuclear tree it superpower was just amazing now I could see every Survivor on the map thanks to the white outline in addition to this I chopped trees faster and standing next to any tree I could press a key and become invisible guys look they gave me these blocks these items I don’t even know what to name them and my task says I need to infect as many trees as possible with radiation until I transform into the next stage okay guys we’re already at such a stage of monsters that we’ve already started infecting the map meanwhile the survivors continued following the plot discovering new parts of the story and getting closer to unraveling the most interesting thing is that in many notes that they found they wrote about me but in a very mysterious style it was really funny to read during editing okay so what can I see the tree infection is going well but the thing is I’ve never been to the volcanic biome of course I can do it later but I thought it would be interesting to explore it both for me and for you to see so let’s head to the volcanic biome in the volcanic biome there were specific monsters and you could find the coolest things in the ruins all right guys I don’t see any survivors here and honestly I don’t want to see them I don’t even know what they’re up to the only thing that worries me is that they’re actually going through some kind of plot I don’t even know I haven’t met any NPCs yet kind of bothers me that I don’t know anything about it and maybe they’ve already finished the plot and my survival will end soon these are the worries I have but searching for items in the volcanic biome doesn’t cancel that out okay a chest let’s take it all right okay you know I can still make a lot of cool items that it turns out only I as a monster can craft so these locations definitely need to be explored I spent the whole day in the volcanic biome still not suspecting what kind of monstros I I transform into next Timothy listen we all have hazmat suits and we don’t want to rebuild the base from scratch and at the same time Zan will develop during this time what do you mean I want to go with you find hmat suits you can come well there’s your team of course I transformed into a mega monster and it was stage eight my superpower was that within a radius of 10 blocks I could attract survivors to myself and of course they would receive significant damage the survivors made serious progress in the plot and learned about the existence of a certain cleanser look at there s station we need to look it quickly carefully let’s go in I wonder how things are going for Zan I don’t know maybe he’s already some kind of wimpy shrimp guys come here everyone I found the next part of a plot I see you all found your shape and shape of winners you ready to move on the next moment this is Victory of Zon I know where is cleaning bunker is located it’s a cordinate such and search good luck to you don’t forget to in the cookers do you understand what that means I understand that he has my cookies it means we need to get the cars and head very quickly where even are we what kind of mess is this uh seems like we ared and oh it look like a place what do we see here we see a huge entrance and four strange symbol I I know I know what we need to do we probably need to draw them what do you mean to draw and very over options are these maybe slots for gems exactly on the map it’s seem there are four games somewhere what the need to find to the cars let’s go the survivors learned the coordinates of the final location if you don’t interfere Zan they will cleanse the entire map of radiation guys then I don’t even know you’re rooting for well of course I’m rooting for myself and I want to win but you know what the problem is I have absolutely no idea where this final location is and also the fact that I’m just huge guys I found the first artifact I just don’t understand where this final location is great job guys we just needed to find three more artifacts I don’t want to lose guys under any circumstances I found the second artifact the tension was immense I was literally on the brink of losing until I accidentally discovered my most important ability hold on what no way all this time it turns out I could transform into previous stages no way what nobody even told me at that moment I transformed into a flying radioactive Beetle and quickly found the survivors here they are guys well okay okay let’s go you didn’t expect me okay let’s go down that that’s a transform ability get out of here minus oneus 2 okay get out of here you won’t win today this is amazing did you see he could transform into different mutants whoever survival damn now we’re also without transportation yeah well science were the game we still need to find the artifact all right guys we chase them away this is just great I understand that they need to do something with this location most likely to open it and apparently judging by everything if they do and if they do it they will win wait hold on what’s this ability the radiation level in the water is raised by one block what of course Zan’s video wouldn’t be Zan’s video without massive changes to the map I transformed into huge nuclear monster it was useless for the survivors to fight me what is this R has raed up this is definitely Zan doing we need to find the artifacts faster yeah yeah yeah I think we urg need to find artifact otherwi we all M flu and we will definitely lose guys I found the third artifact T great job we just need to find one more what happen with the map is a just nightmare to reach the final stage it was necessary to survive for 10 minutes it was quite a short time but considering that the survivors had practically won I would really have to work hard the map had already turned into a Wasteland by 99% radiation is off the charts guys it’s impossible to walk for them without hazmat suits totic you know that he is going to wait for us there maybe we should make some kind of plan yes I have a plan let’s go to the his base and right that we are going to raid it I think he’ll feel full for it and when he ruins to the base we will catch him right here the survivors under understood that they couldn’t just get to me easily so they decided to go for a smart move completely rans sack my base so wait what are they writing in chat they’ve invaded my base what destroying my base okay I have a choice either stay here or go to save the base um they’re going to destroy my base right now we can’t allow that guys no way well I think we did everything here to him let’s get out of here all right let’s C up their exit ziml will probably come here soon and we’ll just have time to enter the bunker this took all the resources guys all the resources are gone we can’t do anything about this anymore so let’s go back the survivors distracted me on the one hand I could have just stayed at that location but from the perspective of maximizing this video I couldn’t allow for my base to be completely destroyed guys there’s only 1 minute left until the 10th transformation wait they’ve already opened the location T let’s insert this amulet quickly and I think this door should open all right inserting the first one great one the first one who has the thirth one wo let’s go let’s go guys let’s go quickly but I don’t know where is it who here I’m huge guys just look at me I’m a huge Godzilla and it seems I can just break this mountain guys we just need to break this mountain we ar need to find some room what why is it lagging like that come on come on come on ability cool down I think he’s breaking the mountain what do we need to find damn it we’re going to lose now oh look a level yes we won can you imagine we managed to defeat him oh my my God no how did they do that well zon you lost today yeah let’s just say this I did make it to Stage 10 after all I just fell a little bit short well you guys did great still okay guys well in this video my team deservedly won I believe let me know what you think of this new format whether you’d like to see something similar on the channel if you really enjoyed it hit the like button and we’ll have a rematch with some other Transformations well that’s it this was Zan good luck to everyone byebye why

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