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today we’re doing a build to survive with the smiling Critters and the amazing digital circus you got to be kidding me right now again with these circus Freaks Come on okay that was just a bit rude I remember the good old days where you guys didn’t exist what do you mean come on guys we all got to work together as a team The Smiling creators and the amazing digital circus I’m not going to work with these losers okay um oh oh come on uh well I’ll just keep my distance I guess no come on we all have to work together are you serious right now ja come on tell them why would I want to work together with these bozos bro are you serious right now all right anyway let’s start building because guys a ton of monsters are going to come and if we can complete the 10 Rounds we win and we can go back home hey uh Jax uh can you hold my hand it’s it’s kind of lonely uh that’s rough buddy get away from me please oh okay all right well I guess we’re going to start off by building a base right here because round one should be starting any minute dude why are you using dirt are you stupid what do you mean what what do you mean dirt’s fire dirt’s amazing look what I’m building all right I’m building my own you guys suck at this I mean I really like dirt T man I no guys we can’t build separately what are we doing no this is not how we lock in and win uh you’re right I’ll build with you T man um and then maybe we could go on a date afterward hey yo oh sorry uh to for yeah that’s too sus yeah yeah girly he’s my Pooky bear you better get away from him excuse me excuse who says Pooky bear anymore I do well you’re weird you’re literally a mouse I mean he is right you are weird and cut all right here we go we’re going to do something like that all right let’s keep building this base right here we’re going to make this place look insane but I don’t know if third’s the wait uhoh uh looks like the first round’s starting I’m in survival mode uhoh hey I’m in survival what already did you mess this with the settings TV man bro what do you mean mess with the settings are you serious right now why would I mess with the settings what are you talking about I don’t know this just St really quick bro what are you talking about are you serious right now it’s the first round there’s 10 Rounds ja what was that for it wasn’t me I I literally saw take cover the monsters are coming I’m hiding in my house uh Team man um I have a question uh who do you like better me or um that’s kind of a loaded question I don’t know I mean you guys are who cares about that right now there’s zombies oh that’s kind of true okay lock in lock in for real for real oh my good goodness guys it is night time and oh my God there’s all these zombies are you serious right now uh will turn off the lights oh no there’s a fishing rod zombie if I get sucked in there I’m actually going to die are you serious you serious right now dude they broke through your stupid dirt wall I told you not to use it bro why are you talking I’m sorry canab dude oh my gosh I’m scared team man please hold me hey yo you’re the man you’re supposed to like defend the woman or something like that bro we’re not dating chivalry is not well still you can be a gentleman why would anybody be a gentleman to you you’re from The Smiling Critters and you’re a furry I’m I’m are you serious right now come on we can’t fight we’re in a very serious build to survive you’re literally a rabbit I’m a lady and I’m beautiful cringe n that’s c ah there’s so many of them are you serious right now guys we’re in a serious build to survive we actually have to lock in and we all have to work together as a team come on I don’t like this someone help cringe cringe hey can up say that how’s it going out there I lock myself in my house ah there’s so many zombies are you serious right now it looks like there’s only a few more seconds until they despawn though but this was the first round I can’t believe this is the first round it’s going to get so much more difficult we to go Kane yeah maybe let’s not use dirt next round facts though you’re right right you were the one that used it and maybe Kane you could actually help for once no I kind of barricaded myself so I can’t really get out until I’m in Creative again T help help where where where oh I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming oh my good oh my goody goodness are you serious right now fight these zombies ow ow ow ow ow ow oh TV man you saved me uh oh wait I think they’re all gone now perfect oh my goody goodness I should be going back into creative in a second and in this next round we’re going to focus on making our house way more secure but can we all work together on one house come on this is so petty you got it anything for you pooky I me well I’ll just say I didn’t get hit a single time so I’ll I’ll gladly in my base well you were hiding like a coward Kane and okay can we just work on one house come on let’s just try it for one round follow me guys n I’m good I’ll work on my own house I don’t want them touching it they’re going to ruin it excuse me what the did you just Jack just deleted my house sorry man oh come on I’m rebuilding this I’m rebuilding it no no well I guess we get to build with TV man harah thanks Jack and The Smiling Critters Kane don’t forget about them smiling Critters the smiling Critters what do you mean katup say hi to Kane it’s Kane katup say hi to Kane Kane can I’m good I don’t want to talk to them no oh okay never mind yeah I’m fine with that as well no come on Kane he’s really cool this is the only way we’re going to survive if we were working as a team you guys don’t understand that teamwork is a dream I was doing just fine on my own you got it wait why are you using bricks these are so ugly but they’re sturdy um if you’re going to build out of something you got to make it purple what’s strong that’s purple knows what’s up actually I agree I like red so I’m building out of red and brick happens to be mostly red no I’m getting rid of these well I like pink and uh we can just decorate no cares what you like so annoying why are we all not working together pomy come on you’re all about teamwork why can’t you just like I mean if we all built different bases it would have been fine but you’re the one that’s saying we have to work together okay guys yeah T man is right if we want to if we want to win this we have to work together oh my yap yap yap BR yeah we just have to work together guys come on n n I’m building my own room Kane come on yeah I’m just going to work on a setup um so I guess this is kind of like a distracted art in a way well look we’re all building different things Kan is building his own room catnap and Jax are building something purple stop making it purple and um well I’ll stick with you uh if you don’t mind uh wait you guys are friends now awesome this is what I wanted you guys have to be friends because you know the smiling Critters in The Amazing digital circus like you guys are going to like work together now like you guys aren’t going to be separated anymore oh no I wasn’t talking about pomy I mean I guess I could hang out with her but I was talking about you are you serious right now wait uh man do you happen to like kitty I mean yeah as a friend like she’s from The Smiling Critters like one of the best shows ever I’ll take it I’ll take it it’s not okay uh well okay I guess I can work together I mean kitty and I are both girls so I I guess we can find uh comfort in that okay well I guess so but um T man’s mine wait what uh excuse me no He’s Mine we literally dated in the past chill chill I’m not any of yours we did not date what are you talking about pomy stop come on don’t tell her idiot oh sorry we haven’t dated but we will date in the future yo whoa whoa whoa whoa Kitty It’s Not What It Seems back off my man yeah BR pretty sure he’s not your man pretty sure you have no one actually not even a friend I’m pretty sure you want a man um no you’re zesty no yeah he is he is he just doesn’t want to admit it T man you should know by now she doesn’t make any sense ever she’s an idiot why why is it always bullying Kitty time I I’m not that bad right pretty bad I’ve only known you for like 3 minutes and you’re pretty bad why am I so bad what’s bad about this is why our parents didn’t even get you a real name all right um here we go the base is starting to look so good and we now we have some fencing I’ll add some more fences in a little bit but I’m going to start working on the other side of the house I guess we could add some more bricks I like bricks that sounds like a good idea yeah the bricks look pretty good uhoh uh it looks like I’m in survival mode now are you guys in survival too yeah hide in my hide in my room again wait where’s cat I’m like in the house dude what are you talking about oh catnap how you been dude what’s up man I feel like I haven’t seen you in a long time we’re doing this Builder surv this is supposed to be my room we I’ve been here the whole time what are you talking about dude wait can can I ask you something can you like start socializing with Jack like I need you guys to be friends no come on J come on man ja Jax come on man he’s cool he’s cool why would I want to be friends with my replacement bro he’s out of replacement oh my God got this that’s I mean it sure seemed like it when you got rid of me for him but whatever dude BR are you serious right now uh guys I’m kind of stuck oh wait a mind it’s going to get more difficult every single round are you guys ready we’re going to destroy this build to survive and win hopefully oh my goody goodness there is a ton of skeletons are you serious right now hopefully NPCs don’t start spawning too those could be scary okay hold the fort down guys bat in the hatches or hat in the batches or something can you stop talking yo what in the oh my wait is that dog day mutant form are you serious right now dog day ew disgusting why are you opening the door oh no no no no no no no get me inside get me inside are you serious right now oh no they’re all outside our house uh should we just kind of good thing it’s not made of dirt this time oh my PR goodness should we just kind of hide right now yeah it’s like hiding is a good idea close the door we got to fight them off though they’re going to okay fine then fight them outside hey hey cut up what are you doing man are you serious right now you’re going to let them in wait pomy what in the what is this uh I that’s my room that’s my room wait what is this hey don’t go inside that’s my room I’m going in I’m going in don’t tell me what to do I’m inside the walls what yo what is Kane doing all right anyway I’m just going to keep fighting these monsters are you serious right now so I guess we’re all just hanging down here come on oh Jack how you doing dude you fighting these monsters well what does it look like I’m doing dude bro there’s so many are you serious right now this is only round two how are we going to survive all the rounds uh we’re probably going to die we’re probably not going to we’re all going to die cuz of these stupid smiling Critters bro what are you talking about excuse me dude they’re useless especially that dumb sister I have more muscles than you she she likes you she likes you jack she likes you ah oh my goody good I know and I wish she did no I don’t I I don’t like Jack what are you talking ja and kitty sitting in a tree I don’t that’s disgusting i s s s i n g why don’t you go after TV man I he said he really really likes you actually no no no I don’t no I don’t no I don’t yeah you told me man remember you were like this whole challenge is I’m trying to get with the what’s her name catnap sister yo what in the yo you’re actually tripping BR no that no they’re getting inside yo yo yo oh my goody goodness are you serious right now oh my goody goodness they’re getting inside I think we’re fine though but that was really scary there’s so many of them wait how did it fit through the door I don’t know I don’t maybe we need to fix our uh defenses maybe our defens AR good oh Jack what that for all right now we are in creative mode again let’s go it is time for round three so um I think we’re going to die um or something no we’re not we’re fine okay don’t worry about it anyway let’s just keep uh going on this build to survive let’s keep making our place more reinforced oh I was just thinking about putting glass here can up good job dude good thinking but okay well of course unlike those stupid circus people who are doing anything what you heard me no you asking for it come on guys I we have to work together as a team or we’re never going to be able to win this I mean we’re doing fine and we’re not working together right now we really aren’t though we almost died they’re like getting inside whatever bro what what do you mean whatever all right here we go we’re going to play some of this glass right here so we’re going to be able to have a POV of all the monsters and it will be way easier to kill them and we’ll be able to see where they are wait we also need someone to make like an enchantment room eventually we’re going to need that oh let me grab a bow as well uh so um T man I I was wondering if you um I I I I found something the other day and I was wondering if you would like it uh it’s it’s like it’s a present wait what uh it’s a PR um that is actually pretty op I guess I’ll use that later thank you you’re welcome now can we go on that date bro are you serious right now not right now Kitty because pne’s here okay like I can’t right now wait wait so who do you like then I don’t I don’t like anyone I’m I’m I’m single I’m not single but like it’s complicated with TV woman hey pomy do you hear that they’re talking about you behind your back what what no I’m not what are you talking about what in the what well what exactly are you talking about he was saying how much more he likes my sister than you are you serious right now that’s cap what no that’s cap that’s cap that’s that’s not even true that’s not even true why would I believe you furry little freak ooh get roasted I heard it too actually Jack Jack what’s going on nothing yeah I saw it through my security cameras as well there definitely they were definitely doing that I hate life okay if you don’t want me T man I’ll just go uh you can’t leave pomy it’s not you’re not allowed to leave like we’re on a build to survive you know what that is we can’t leave until we complete the stages or else we die well I rather die than spend any more seconds with you br what did I do fair enough wow I didn’t even do anything are you serious right now oh the tea is I can’t believe you would break your heart like that man hot TV man what’s wrong with you did Kitty like brainwash you or something bro what in the what are you talking about no you’re acting so different I’m not acting any different way I just like py we haven’t talked in a long time and like I’m I’m single like I’m not single but TV woman and I like we it’s complicated but like you know I mean it’s not really complicated you’re not a thing anymore Jack where even are you she hasn’t talked to you in like forever bro can you you’re making the situation so much worse bro why are you trying to lie TV man that’s kind of cringe catnap are you serious right now why are you teaming up on me I’m not I mean you’re just in the wrong dude well um but T man you like me right nobody likes you then then why are you telling pomy that he likes me more than you or more than P wait what I’m so confused oh my gosh it doesn’t matter we just need to survive this build is survive Nothing Else Matters why do you guys keep talking about stupid stuff okay I’m so conf all right well we need to figure out a way to make this place like way more like safe and stuff so maybe we’ll do something like this cat up get out of my base don’t tell me what to do it’s our base actually well it was my base first but you guys had to come in what is Kane even doing I’m not doing anything I don’t know he’s building like a stupid room uh don’t worry about my room well what what is he building in the room I mean I I want to know oh I want to see it’s my it’s my safe area you should go take a look yourself no I’m not looking okay then I guess you’ll never know no tell me cat up we’re friends come on just I just said the look it’s not that deep Bro I’m building I’m literally building bro bro it’s for the viewers dude I’m locking in I’m locking in what the heck is um what okay yeah I got to go check this out now what is going on uh Kane huh what are you doing in here um I’m just going to report this to the what in the what in the world is this this is my observation area I have cameras set up and I’m all safe as long as one of us survives the we don’t lose the one chunk what is this place build to survive yes oh so it’s like security camera exactly I’m making sure we live us no I’m spying on the enemies you’re spying on weird dude shut your faces I’m making sure we win this thing yeah maybe maybe Kane that’s kind of stalker behavior I’m just saying hey you’re a sussy baka dude what yeah you’re the susiestyle a cat huh all right up I’m going to help you with this like poison area right here yeah keep filling that in let’s go wait yeah I’m almost done is this stuff good yeah it’s poison and it’s purple all right wait canat up I’m going to grab some more tools as well here uh take uh this iron sword oh thanks and uh I’m going to grab some armors as well that should be pretty good let’s grab some of this we’ll get some iron chest plates we’ll get some iron leggings we’ll get some iron boots bro I didn’t even have enough time to grab food are you serious right now all right anyway the monsters are coming guys we need help everyone get out of K’s room and help okay wait can this be my room catnap no it’s mine but I made it it should be mine P me I wouldn’t walk out there like maybe get on the roof or something yeah that’s probably a good idea all right time for round three oh my goody goodness I’m actually so scared right now because it’s going to get way more difficult as the rounds go by man are those cats I’m seeing over there oh no is that kitty guys there why is Kitty here oh that’s not me that’s my sisters uh those are clones oh wait oh no that’s the Kitty Fan Club are you serious R now Jack are going to kiss you Jax are going to kiss you e get away from me bro Jack why you standing there right that what do you want from me dude I think they kidnapped him they they they grabbed him he can’t move run oh bro do they have a magnetic force or something that they can like like lure you in are you serious right now only we have something like that I don’t know fight the Kitty Fan Club oh no the catnap sisters you you guys I’m sorry this hurts me come on guys it’s not that hard they’re so weak just like her this hurts me more than it hurts you um can you guys help me these freaks are all around me that’s what I’m doing right now Jack’s like dude look I’m fighting them for you dude you’re shooting me bro are you serious right now no I’m not guys I’m seeing something you just hit me oh I don’t like guys guys I’m seeing something the cameras they’re Breaking Through the Glass wait what oh that’s not good uhoh uhoh they’re Breaking Through the Glass oh they’re inside the main lobby oh what no are you serious right now oh there’s so many of them oh no no no no no no oh no we’re cooked we’re cooked we’re cooked oh wait guys wait maybe I can talk some sens to them okay just kill them oh my gosh there’s way too many no kitty kitty I want to let you know that this is not that hurts oh my goody goodness are you serious right now fight these kitties there’s so many of them are you guys okay no they’re attacking me stop these are literally your fan girls like why are they attacking you I always want to kill my sister they’re revolting ow ow ow ow ow Jack that’s me that’s me Jack come on fight them are you serious right now did you say something come on Jack that’s me stop I think we’re done with there’s one left let’s get him one more no help help guys help help canat up stop why are you hitting your sister dude Oh I thought that was one of the enemies my bad oh I know it was her the whole timeo are you serious right now Jack I thought you had a crush on her what’s wrong with you guys uh weren’t you the one that a crush Hunter I remember you talking about that yeah yeah that definitely happened oh you two both like me oh there’s enough kid I don’t like you oh I don’t like you either I mean Jax does oh no TV man said you really like her in fact you were telling me how much you like her and how you want me to stay away right all right this is this is off topic come on guys we’re we’re playing a build to survive we’re on round four now perfect okay I’m outside oh come on here we go let’s keep building maybe we can make this place look better how could we do or not better but we can make this place more reinforced how could we do that kitty wants her own room maybe we could get some oh some electric fences yo that’s such a good idea all right here we go uh we’ll do something like this we got some wired fences yo this stuff looks so awesome and it’s actually like way more op so uh if you guys like me or something you can just like tell me you guys don’t have to act all shy bro that’s all Jack uh definitely not man you’re the one that said you were madly in love with her right I remember that bro what in the yo absolutely not she’s way too crazy for me what sorry isn’t that like your type I remember you saying that actually honestly I’d rather they P me at this point over Kitty what oh uh I mean if you want you I guess we could no no no no no no we’re not we’re never a thing we’ve never been a thing well well well one time we were but you know that’s past me you know um do you Kitty’s definitely brainwashing you what’s wrong with her uh nothing she actually a lot of a lot of things bre can up yeah that’s the way to put it this show is hilarious what Kane what the is he watching TV I love this you got to be kidding me he fell down the stairs like an idiot oh oh hey T man I’ll push you down the stairs oh what are you bro are you serious right now you’re being this lazy you’re acting like Jax why is Jax not being lazy either I don’t know I I already finished my base and I I’m not going to die as long as I’m down there so I might as well fun wait so like you guys stopped being in my videos and now Kane you’re the lazy one and Jax is the one doing all the work what in the what is going on it’s a crazy world out there man MH yo our base is actually starting to be pretty good though like we have our electric fences we have our nice little up bro why is it why is it pink up here why are we doing pink stuff uh uh well I want my own room so I just thought I would have a little me room me room I got my me room and I’m having a great time bro why can’t we all work together this is not how we’re going to win like actually well we seem to be doing okay that’s cringe dude no but it’s it doesn’t matter if it’s cringe you want to die or not I’m not going to die uh why yeah we’re not going to die I hope you’re not himothy bro who’s that and you are no but I you’re not like you’re not that guy who’s himothy not not um Jack catnap okay well yeah I know they’re Jackson catnap then he what’s your problem dude I didn’t even say anything you just like are annoying great it’s raining oh it’s raining BR raining what yo it is literally raining and it’s like darker outside now oh no it’s getting really scary guys oh gash and it’s survival mode now are you serious right now this is not so good well ready go to my secret room we on round four oh my good goodness are you guys excited uh sure whatever you say oh my good goodness are you guys excited oh gosh oh there you are P all get out of my get out of my get off my room wait let’s jump on room let’s destroy it stop t stop it what’s wrong with you why would you do this oh guys they’re coming from the West Wait skiy toilets what in the what wait oh hey guys wait maybe they’re maybe they’re friendly see what the heck is a Scooby-Doo toilet look maybe they’re friendly hold on hey guys how you they’re definitely not friendly don’t look very friendly wait no those are those are definitely robber skibby toilets look at them they have their masks on That’s So Scary they got glitch skibbies as well how do you know what a glitch gity toilet is K what the heck we we fought them many times in our past videos BR no I don’t know how you know what that is anyway oh no no no no I’m getting cornered I’m getting cornered are you serious right now I have a question team man help us help us bro I to I could I could use some assistance okay okay okay I’ll save you P really yeah I guess ow ow I got poison what about me I need help too I’m poisoned I’m poisoned I’m poison and there’s so many of them oh I’m fine stop man you guys really should have used lava huh you really should shut up what you know what why are you saving Pony she’s useless at least I actually do something that is so CA no you don’t I am useless yeah you really don’t okay well at least I don’t harass T man all the time I you do actually I mean pomy definitely doesn’t pomy doesn’t really I mean she used to okay well we don’t need to bring up the pass now shall we but uh well okay I kind of actually use some help though I’m getting massacred you catnap Critters or whatever you guys are so bad at surviv ding come on oh my goody goodness what are we going to do guys there’s so many of them Jack come on lock in dude are you okay dude does it look like I’m okay I have a hoard of them chasing me guys um I’m kind of dying are they mewing right now mewing bro what does that mean oh my good goodness just blow up a sex to the house our house just got exploded what are we going to do what are we going to do what are we going to doties inside oh this is not so good wait there ski toilets inside of our house are you serious right now no no no no you’re lying you’re lying you’re lying I’m not lying it’s cuz those stupid circus freaks built in oh no no no no no no we might she die here no no no come on the round’s got to end soon oh no no no Jack Jack save me please look this is actually getting kind of bad they’re kind of close to my room they shouldn’t be able to get in though we just need the round to end guys the round needs to end now come on come on oh no I’m in Kane’s room K where even are you I’m in my secret room the super high security room you saw before Oh my gosh are you serious right now oh come on come on the round’s almost over if I just if I die all we’re good you’re not going to die we’re good we’re good okay fine that was convenient timing oh my goody goodness guys we did it but our house is cooked and we’re on round five now so we actually need to lock in like can we all work together as a team okay this is getting a little too uh hectic I think uh we should actually work together this time uh hopefully we won’t die then nah yeah I’m good oh oh oh oh I’m just going to go back to my security room come on guys yeah you’re so lame bom get we only have a few more rounds left until we’re going to actually die like pomy you don’t understand like that was good like we need to actually work together like you’re the only one who understands me oh I’m glad you think that so uh about that date bro not my goody goodness you so desperate like are you serious right now maybe I mean of course if we survive okay well we’re going to have to figure out a way to like reinforce this some more let me think of some things we could do um ooh we could use diamond blocks perfect perfect is Diamond really strong enough though I mean it’s probably stronger than iron right well that that’s true okay um I guess so oh thanks ja for working together with us but I don’t I don’t know what Kane and uh The Smiling Critters are doing The Smiling Critters are honestly weighing us down but you know they are cool so wait what I mean I mean I’m going to be honest you guys aren’t helping excuse me they built the this garbage house and that’s why they were that’s why they were able to blow it up bro what even is this catnaps room no circus freaks allowed what do you bro are you serious right now wait what is this Jax was here yo can of Jax was in your CRI oh wait let me look down here you stupid rodent what’s your problem dude wait what in the what is bro are you wait this is actually good I like this this is good what your Secret Base dude you weren’t supposed to go down there that’s my room get out I’m sorry uh Jack I would to go down there dude he said no oh don’t worry Arrow was already down there you were what all right I’m blowing up your room what no are you serious right now no don’t don’t don’t actually no don’t no no no no no I don’t think it’s a good idea jackon is going to get really mad then everyone’s going to start fighting don’t worry a little bit of explosions is good for you I I don’t know if that’s I don’t know about that one um that is not good oh no um yeah nice try loser uh what the sigma are you serious right now what what is happening up there you could have started me they’re fighting that’s what you get stay out you stupid rabbit girls are fighting what are you talking about shut up oh okay as long as it didn’t break my secret room I’m I’m okay with it bro we didn’t even have any time to get anything are you serious right now I have to get diamonds and all this good stuff but I didn’t even have enough time it’s because everyone was arguing come on guys don’t you want to live we have to work together period I mean yeah that’s so annoying are you serious right now how are we ever going to win if like you guys are not working with uh and it’s the next round we didn’t even have a time we didn’t even do anything ja what are you doing down here uh just looking around oh my good goodness guys it’s the next round we didn’t even do anything we’re actually cooked we might actually lose this round because you guys have no teamwork Teamwork Makes the Dream work except if it’s with circus freaks exactly if you had brought like somebody who’s actually useful like dog day then we would have been fine well dog day is kind of just our meat Shield at this point I mean he’s better than stupid the stupid Jack guy it’s Jack come on come on can you guys get along you think you’re tough bro you think you’re stop stop stop fighting oh oh no no no no oh no cat now oh well it’s okay I’ll be fine with being I’m fine guys guys we seem to have some company y why in the skiy toilet oh no so uh Team man I just want to ask you a question this kind of like for no we’re not doing this right now we’re not doing this right now there are skib toilets there are skib toilets about to kill us no I’m not asking you’re not asking me out no that’s not actually what I was going to ask you actually um so every time you do a new series or whatnot do you like forget about the old times I’m just wondering no I know I don’t you guys are got brought back is this really the just shut up and fight yeah oh my God you look like you could use a hand Jack there you go what the heck what in the shove me down there bro bro are you serious right now fight these guys oh what no this isn’t really working this is really bad oh no no no oh there’s lightning the dis the disc give toilets here he’s actually going to destroy everything oh no there’s lightning what’s going on the what he blowing up the house oh my good goodness wait what’s going on is the house going to explode what’s going on oh no no no no help help wait what’s going on oh no there’s so many of them we she might die here it’s cuz those Carnival losers built it I told you well Carnival’s a new one okay come on guys it’s only round five and we’re not even doing good are you serious right now and our whole base is like destroyed because we have teamwork team man protect me I’m trying but oh no don’t get hit by this disy guy he actually is really hurtful okay I’ll just uh ah no my potion oh my goody goodness are you serious right now oh no no no the security ts are getting inside the house too guys everyone back up back up are you serious right now oh no uh what was that yo our base is C what is happening over there oh gosh our basee is actually donezo this is what happens when we don’t lock in was somebody stockpiling TNT uh that’s not why uh not me I don’t mess with TNT that seems more like a a Jack’s thing bro you guys are still fighting after all this after our whole base got destroyed and if we don’t lock in next round we’re actually going to die I bet it was that catnap creature that was stockpiling TNT I it wasn’t me it came from your room actually no guys get out of Kitty’s room you have a room oh speaking of room look at what survived the things I built it’s almost like these circus people are useless I mean that is true hey my my secret room is untouched all right I’ve had enough of this you guys are not going to want to work together no no I’m done you know what that’s it yeah you’re getting to taste of your own medicine little bro that’s it see you yeah K take you loser you don’t want to help out blowing stuff up uh-huh yeah my cameras all right now now you’re helping out with our base come on get up here this is fun no you destroyed everything my lava modes my oh I can’t believe you TV it was for the best it was for the best now you need to help us with this base and we’re going to actually lock in and do this okay because we need to win this build the greater good I can’t believe you why are you still blowing it up he’s catap he’s just being stupid he’s just being stupid oh fine I help you out with this stupid stuff have you T man I’ll give you a hint have you heard of reinforced blocks no we’re doing obsidian first come on that’s not a thing he’s an idiot Kane don’t don’t try and talk to him oh my goody goodness you serious right now we got some obsidian right here and um we’re going to do something like that and something like this and when did you T man when did you learn how to use world did I thought you were just dumb bro what are you talking about dude I’ve always know how to use it I mean he is dumb even kids can do it it’s Minecraft all right let’s start doing some windows right here I was just wondering if I hate you I don’t think you’ve ever been right I am always right bro now that’s a cat he always gets the girl well actually Kane I think T man’s right I mean if you did like help us and work together we might have actually survived a bit yeah fact we did survive though what are you talking about well barely well we almost didn’t we almost didn’t it became a massacre you barely survived bro that’s like a skill issue though you guys are just bad BR bro yeah because you were hiding like a little baby how dare you he kind of got you there Kane yeah you’re being a baby Kane you want to be a baby I mean would you want to win you were literally watching television uh don’t mind that that was having to F okay well would you rather have fun or would you rather die in early death I would fine fine whatever I don’t I don’t even care anymore let’s just work together I don’t want to hear you guys blabbering all day so um yeah I’m not working with these guys though come on I’ll with TV I mean everything they touch is garbage though how are we going to win you act like an adult for once can you act like an adult for once like why are you acting like such a baby uh you talk like a baby I get you don’t like the amazing digital circus but you have to suck it up for today okay catap I don’t know about that actually I think it kind of has a point Ja Jack really dude come on I’ve known you for so long I’ve known you more than catnap you have to yeah and then you kicked me out remember when I fell off that was your words okay okay you don’t need to say that in front of everyone well I mean it’s true though I mean it’s same for PNE and Kane too right we weren’t good enough for you anymore so you replaced us with these these Critter freaks well I don’t know I think my fans like catap more maybe I don’t know I guess they’re going to have to comment it down below if they like catap or Jax more well obviously they like me more who oh they like kitty who do they like more catap or Jack who do you guys think who’s Kitty comment it Down Below guys I’m Kitty who are you talking to it’s not like there’s like hundreds or thousands of people watching us do this that’s weird are you okay to man did you hit your head maybe I think you hit his head oh it’s okay I was dropped on my head wait Jack are you actually still butt hurt that like you aren’t in videos anymore like actually excuse me dude I’m sorry dude chill I I didn’t know I didn’t know that hit so hard after all I did for you and this channel you’re going to talk to me like that maybe I should just go uh you can’t leave it’s a build to survive I I meant that figuratively stupid yeah I already tried that all right let’s grab some more of these arrows here we go we got some of that oh and I have a lucky bow I forgot about that wait where’ it go what the bro it just disappeared are you serious right now we’re in survival dude no I grabbed it when I was in oh my goody goodness it just res come on I wasn’t even done enchanting everything enchantments K good job dude we’re working together now finally I always said that that is my specialty throughout these videos and it’s the best way I can contribute as as long as those stupid Critters don’t get the stupid hey back away you cat freak I’ll take this what are you doing uh nothing wait what is this I weap yet thanks for the armor bro shut your face I kick it out wait what bro what what I can’t get down there what is that what what is happening is this like a trap is this like a secret trap door what the I don’t know I don’t know no it’s what in the are you Ser bro you’re so off topic what are you doing I I I was just it’s my room welcome to Kitty’s brewing stand potions and Mar I’m getting rid of this Kitty is actually annoying whatever TV man come here come here let me get you some armor okay all right uh I’m going to open up Kane you the door won’t open uh I think there is a key to amongst all these bookshelves I think he just doesn’t want to share his armor no no uh no he I’ll look for the key um it might take years I mean I was in there the door locks from the inside so come on uh I think I’m locked in there uh guys uh look up it’s kind of night time we might want to prepare I’m ready I got guys let me in let me in let me in let me in let me in let me in everyone get your bows on the second floor let’s go come on guys we got a good base now should good okay got it oh oh oops oops oops okay we’re good what is wrong with you I was dropped on my head okay multiple times actually real oh I I thought it was only once yo what in the wait catnap why are you an NPC um I’m not no you are you definitely are I don’t know what to tell you man I didn’t make it just a catnap and dog day route what going on I don’t know there’s all these NPCs they don’t look too scary though look at them a dog day looks kind of cute a just kill them it doesn’t matter oh you probably should down there though you are so dumb TV man why would you jump down there wait I don’t think they got the rabies shots uh you good TV man no I’m not I’m poisoned guys we have a problem that’s R buddy we have a problem what’s the problem help help okay kitty wait do you guys know dog day from uh The Smiling Critters do you or the amazing digital circus do you guys know dog day um yeah obviously dog day is from The Smiling Critters not the amazing digital circus I know that do you guys know him yeah I know do oh no guys guys guys guys guys I have a problem I I I have a really bad problem I’m in the poison and and I’m really far down and I might actually fall and die into the void oh no this is bad then just get out man if only you didn’t blow up my secret room oh no oh no no no no what do I do someone help Kitty help no actually help me actually someone help me I’m going to die I’m actually look in the middle why are you jumping down there dude I’m not save TV MA just let KY die she hasn’t been useful anyways good point I’m climbing back up I’m climing back up are you serious right now I almost just died on round six are you serious right now come on come on come on let me get back up oh no I don’t like how they’re looking at me like that guys I almost just died I almost just died actually I just want to let you know that’s crazy man at least Kitty is a good distraction what oh wait that’s you see guys look how much better we did when we all worked together you see this like they didn’t even get into our base you almost died and Kitty’s kind of trapped I don’t know if you can consider this better well it is better actually cuz our BAS didn’t died I suppose oh so I just like the meat Shield yeah because the circus people didn’t build wait where’s Kitty where is she I’m right here right there you walk past her dude wait dog day what in the bro oh it’s an NPC that’s not the real dog day stupid the real Dog Days wouldn’t hurt a fly oh there you are Kitty Kitty you’re not going to die you’re fine there that’s what you think I help all right guys I think we just completed it we are now on round seven let’s go I can’t Kitty can’t take this much more I can’t what we’re almost done Kitty we’re we’re on round seven we just have to survive three more rounds and then we win oh yes the door opened oh let’s go Kane what door wow that’s convenient open as soon as the Danger’s gone shut your face now we hey hey hey this all right anyway I don’t know it’s just like weird we just need to be careful everyone it’s going to get harder from now on and now that we got armor I think we should be fine how how much more prepared can we be other than this prob some lasers we could get like so much cool stuff I guess that’s true try not to put down too much cuz we want we want to get gear as well right yeah fact though you’re right true true T man I I also you said you lost your uh your bow I have a little something for you come down here come here uh okay but I’m working on the laser Okay C up here can you work on the lasers while I go see what Kitty’s giving me I don’t know maybe no come on dude come on actually maybe okay what where yo wait that’s actually good kitty that might be clutch a lucky bow and also here you go uh Lucky Sword yo that’s actually goated I’m not going to lie so we only have three more rounds left actually maybe two or three I I don’t even know I don’t know I K can’t count I can’t I I failed school yeah she’s really stupid I I rode the short bus okay I’m a shake what a bus I just teleport everybody to where they need to be H interesting interesting wait there’s one more skib in here let’s just kill him real quick oh oh my yo this lucky B’s crazy I’m not even going to lie oh there’s a dog day and some Skies down here as well I guess they don’t despawn if they’re like below the map guys do not fall down there this is actually a death trap I I fell down here on the other but like be able to survive like the other round like and I almost die we should probably fix that while we’re in Creative don’t you think actually that’s a really smart idea yeah yeah yeah I got that I’m going to put some Bedrock surrounding it that should be good and it probably save us why didn’t we just use Bedrock the whole time we’ve been in creative mode dudee it’s you know it’s difficult you know you forget like you know you know mean yeah Kitty forget a no don’t talk about my Pooky smooky team man like that don’t call me Pooky please why why do you why do you talk like this you your sister really is weird gross trust me I know I have to live with her why are you guys so mean to me what did I ever do to you nothing I mean you just have a crush on me it’s kind of weird and like I don’t know like so uh are are you sure you and kitty aren’t like um a thing no we definitely are not I do not like her like that trust me nobody would ever love her oh I wouldn’t that’s kind of mean it’s true though oh well I am having a bit of fun even though this is like a life or death situation uh maybe I should uh get to know Kitty better I guess yeah I mean you don’t even know her real name all right guys we got a lot done in this round we got like all the laser set up we got some bedrock and we like cleaned it up a lot so I think we should be fine for this next round but it is going to get way more difficult so we need to lock in who has been dumping garbage into my enchantment weapon chest this real so gooda KY what no it wasn’t me I was uh that was me actually my bad Kane I thought it was a garbage can I didn’t do it bro okay whatever T man I made some weapons come grab one give me give me all right let’s see let’s see let’s see don’t get away you cat freak oh let’s go bro come on cat’s cool oh gosh the coolest don’t you didn’t make any bows dude you just have to get to if you don’t know made any you know you have to get you suck at your job whatever shut it okay the round wait oh we’re in survival okay uh I didn’t notice the round starting everybody get ready all right guys it is night time and it’s raining now are you serious right now oh no everybody get ready I wonder what they’re going to be throwing at us this time so pomy and I were talking and we were thinking maybe we could all go on like a date like a a three a a a three date or whatever it’s called bro what that’s like a third wheel bro well uh well I wouldn’t say it’s quite a date maybe more like a a hangout I guess so would she be down for that maybe nah what in the yo is that Kane are you serious right now fight them oh no me I don’t have my cameras anymore it’s me I can’t see wait why is it Kane why is it Kane what the what why does it look like that disgusting it’s Kane bro it’s a mutant Kane are you serious right now e he look ugly yeah we can see that dude oh no they’re catch catching on who what’s that other thing what is that what do you mean they’re catching on what does that even mean guys watch out look there’s weird elephant creatures what oh it’s it’s um his name is Bubba it’s Bubba bub what is what is a who is that it’s another smiling cre BR you’ve met him dude oh yeah I have met Bubba oh yeah bro golden speaker man what in the yo oh he’s so shiny can I touch it no definitely don’t oh my go oh Kitty are you okay I’m fine okay B all right let’s keep going come on come on come on are you Ser yo we’re actually holding up really well right now though I’m kind of stuck though why is this guy made of butter oh gosh wait they got these guys are powerful oh charge creeper charge creeper oh that I almost it’s fo’s gold are you serious right now oh no I have no more ammo I you don’t have any Arrow ammo I need Arrow ammo I arrows but I’m ow ow who hit me Jack I need Arrow ammo oh thank you brother yeah I don’t need you crying in my ear dude just take it come on kill him kill him come on come on come on Fight The Golden speaker man are you serious right now wow we are much stronger than we were previously I think this round is going by much quicker than the last one yeah true that um help if only I had an enchanted bow someone was slacking shut make it yourself guys help me I’m bro there’s one cane on you chill oh my go I think she died no she didn’t she’s fine did she really die I mean she St talking for once that doesn’t normally happen she’s fine she she trust me she’s fine uh where is she then uh I’m dying I See the Light uh Kitty is that that where are you it’s so cold in here kitty where are you oh oh there you are it’s fine I’m fine oh there you are you I think or did you die are are you an angel uh bro Take Me Away now I’m ready to go holy cornball all right anyway I guess dying didn’t make her any smarter y we’re actually holding up so well right now though uh pomy why are you shooting Jack uh no reason just h a little Revenge why are there skeletons inside the house skeletons in the house what are you talking about are you serious right now sea of Thieves oh guys we did it let’s go we are now on round eight we have one more round left wait no two more rounds left o finally Kane okaye do you mind if I like go uh steal your fish in the chest oh what’s this I’ll be there in a second I just not so happened not me in my room at the moment uh okay okay my goal for today is to make some uh Enchanted bows cuz somebody was complaining all battle took you long enough let’s see I also found this really cool item it’s called a creeper Shard I wonder if I just wa hey hey what was that for what are you doing dude sorry I’ve never seen a creeper Shard before I didn’t I actually broke a lot of defenses uh you guys should start fixing that or something bro what was wrong with are you serious right now uh yeah these defenses really do look shabby why don’t we exchange it all for Bedrock or something hey hey what are you doing no our base was good no no no no stop stop guys why you I mean he has a point what’s wrong with bed wait uh yeah exactly exactly why don’t you help me out canab wait team man I want you to see something I found something wait no no no no no he’s breaking our base no he’s setting us up for failure he’s a part of this this is part just replace it dude what are you talking about py wait come here I want to show you something I heard Cobblestone has been very impactful lately like remember they used they used Cobblestone for castles back in the Middle Ages that but this is not the Middle Ages it’s 2024 no we need to lock in what are you doing we’re on round eight we’re about to win but why you CH why hey the Great Wall of China was made out of cobblestone I heard and it’s still standing over hundred of thousands of years what in the Kane are you good H what’s up what’s wrong I think he hit his head yo I don’t have a head I have a mouth and that’s it uh is Kane acting suspicious or is it just me uh yeah I seen that too py what in the is this that’s this is what I was trying to tell you guys about look oh what in the whoa hey yo this place is weird bro are you serious right now heck no wait why are you building out of cobblestone man where did you come from I don’t know Kane’s being weird bro he’s trying to trying to sabotage us or something dude we’re using Bedrock what’s wrong with you yo Kane Kane this isn’t cool bro we’re literally on like round eight bro what do you mean I I’m just trying to make it better you’re not making it better dude you’re making it worse bro see let filled up these walls with Cobblestone okay actually these circus people ruin everything some Kane’s actually trying to ruin it for us bro we’re about to win too something’s going on guys you guys don’t you I’m just putting you on the the Polish diorite I’ve heard it’s very tough dude Kan what is wrong what do you mean oh dude Jack you’re no better you started building it a do as well at the very beginning this is better than dirt if I do say so myself bro I know what’s going on ktie is brainwashed what what are you talking about I don’t have a brain you can larly see that I don’t have a brain all right let’s just ignore her no you’re out to something I don’t trust you I don’t trust your kind and nobody here trusts you so I but I can smell a liar a mile away King you should smell it all the time because you’re smelling yourself all the time disgusting Kane I know what you’re up to you can’t escape it I’m a psychopath I know everything can you shut up you’re just wasting time the next round is going to start oh that’s crazy yeah like racing time is a no no no we need to get we need to get going you guys are glazing him so hard oh my gosh what’s that word mean yeah what does that mean what is glazing Kane’s a suy b right now I’m like confused what’s going on with him um guys the started crazy oh it did did it let me just are you serious yo we we l Cobblestone bro what is Kan doing I told you he’s up to something and we’re just going to sit here and take it really we’re just going to let maybe Kane was a part of this whole plan to destroy us all maybe you shouldn’t have invited the circus people then we would have been fine but Jackson Jackson pal you’re cool and Kane sometimes uh yeah Kane is an AI so he tends to I don’t know maybe he’s like corrupted or something that could happen maybe there’s like a virus in his system I don’t know you’re such a nerd pomy uh I I’m just listing ideas ow bro why you hitting P me that’s my girl I me my friend you’re what nothing okay anyway oh no it is night time now are you serious right now oh it’s raining too hold me uh guys I think we just accidentally left a whole big junk in here they’re going to get in just say wait no they’re not going to get in right you guys better go deal with that Kane what are you doing now no don’t worry about I wa where’s Kane where is Kane I’m readying the next defenses oh why are they running inside here oh bro he blocked off the top too I can’t even get out no no well this isn’t good is trying to destroy us K is trying to destroy us oh no no no I am 100% sure now he’s evil he’s evil guys he he he’s evil oh no there’s giant jacks mutants bro what Jacks they’re on top of the building oh wa no ah there’s TNT are you serious right now oh no no are you serious right now those guys are pretty handsome actually oh and I thought y yo y yo they’re breaking in they’re breaking in we’re going to die someone’s breaking stuff who yo pomy is that you it’s not me I’m trying ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow no no no no these guys are kind of tough yes yes no I’m getting hungry wait why did you say yes Kane what the what oh no no they’re attacking me whatever will I do are you serious right now you’re such a bad ass that doesn’t sound very convincing no ah my arm they grabbed my arm ah they threw me against the wall why do you sound so like not like that’s like cap like bro like cap is calling this catnap scary monsters in here too are you serious right now they have huge swords oh no no yo there’s canes and catnaps and scary things and oh no it’s round eight and we only have like one more round left after this come on come on come on I’m scared guys how much longer is there to win this Builder survive all we have to do is get to round 10 and then we win and we can leave we can literally leave I meant like this round when they’re chasing us and killing us I don’t know I don’t know but they’re in our house and we might actually die is everyone okay though no ooh chicken I’m coughing are you serious right now I’m confident of blood but I’m okay you aren’t even doing anything them come on we can’t die here we’ve gotten so far as as amazing digital circus and smiling crits that we’re working together as a team we are Kane te Kane you’re Faker than a Larry gaming reaction bro what’s that oh my good goodness yo we actually almost died and Kane like sabotaged us I think like I don’t know do you guys think he’s sabotaging us I would saying this the whole time guys you haven’t been actually you like just said it the first time last round yeah I don’t know what in the what you’re talking about but like like I’m confused I’ll prove to you I’ll prove to you guys I I know something’s up I can I yeah I really do think something’s up with Kane though like he is acting pretty sus you know I was really sus with Kane at first but now that my sister thinks it so much it has to be wrong cuz she’s always wrong what no no I I promise I know I’m stupid but there’s something going on N there’s probably another explanation who hey guys I just barely survived the onslaught that was almost murdering of us where were you bro I was uh defending myself and I I guess what I use to survive I use Cobblestone so we need to switch all this to Cobblestone we need to switch it all and then we can live Kane Kane what are you doing you’re tripping bro no no no stop Kane Kane seriously no what are you talking about I survived the onslaught via Cobblestone so that means you guys need to use it as well I don’t want my fellow friends to die I’m not your friend buddy Kane I don’t what the Hat he’s can you knock it off oh knock it off no no of course not cuz I’m going to show you the way to survival which is Cobblestone bro Kane is tripping what’s going on wait T man uh do you trust me uh yeah but but I Kane’s ruining everything Kane’s ruining everything he’s actually he’s actually TW I guess we’ll just die no no no we’re on the last round come on Kane stop Kane you’re going to ruin everything this reinforced class is not going to save us let’s get rid of it okay Kade uh you go do that I’m going to uh talk to TV man T man come over oh no no okay this is not good this is not good we’re all going to die enough enough Kane enough oh the the place outside is destroyed the monsters won’t be able to walk around like this let’s fill this place up uh TV Man TV Man TV man over here what over here come here come here okay come uh over over here in this cor kan’s literally ruining everything and everyone’s just come what is wrong with you guys no no no um we’re not but what do you want us to do idiot T come over here what can you shut up I know something’s wrong with Kane I don’t know what it is and I’m not smart enough to but I have this and hopefully we can get some answers oh wait true okay I’m going to give him this it’s a truth potion you’re right Kitty actually for once all right Kane Kane here try this potion I need you to try this potion because it’s like it tastes really good and it has this like secret juice in it and like it hope it makes you like jacked like I don’t know what it’s called but just oh that’s crazy I can’t can’t I need to focus I need uh if wait will it be able to make me destroy Bedrock faster yeah of course okay I’ll drink it right away oh no I I my hands are so jittery okay there we go M delicious delicious oh I’m feeling the rush why is everyone looking at me that’s kind kind of weird I can’t really take I’m kind of nervous and I need to break more I need to make break more Bedrock I need to break it all K wait I fell what’s going on what’s wrong uh you’re going to help me break the Bedrock right yeah of course Kade so tell wait wait Kan sabotaging us the whole time yeah yeah you have a truth potion now so you have to say the truth or else you’re going to die oh sabotaging to die of course I of course I would I meant wouldn’t I meant would I meant I would never stop I would definitely sabotage you guys I this is this definitely wasn’t all a ployed to get the get the critters dead throw truth P what is going on what is going on have you been trying to ruin everything so you could keep this amazing digital circus in uh the videos and you want to kick the smiling Critters out is that why you’ve been acting like this I didn’t know no I didn’t want to kick them out I wanted them gone I wanted them dead I wanted them gone forever so they we can go back to the way the things were you started hanging out with these Critters all the time we I haven’t been in a video with this agent but you tried to kill us too yes I wanted you guys gone I missed having my good old adventur which just me and the circus people in TV man then these guys came along and stole the spotlight they need to be gone they need to die so then why didn’t you just kill them instead of all of us well you I can make it so you guys can respawn and if if TV if if TV man knew he’s going to think differently of me I couldn’t let that happen but now I don’t really now I feel like I can just say it all I don’t know why what did he do to me what did he do to me okay k you’re going to tell us everything no tell tell everything man uh it happened 48 years ago when my code was being written I okay not like that Bing we want to leave we want to leave this bu how do we leave cuz you’re cheating I thought it was going to be fun and wholesome but you made it crazy how do we leave it’s right over here wait what do you mean how do we leave wait you and here’s a flint steel no give me that Flint steel wait what am I doing no yeah your potion yeah that good job Kitty well this is convenient KY gave him a potion that he has to say the truth about everything so we could just leave now what who who creates that I’ve been working on it for a while oh I told you K I was on to you a long time ago if anyone’s going to get near TV man it’s going to be me can we just go make sure just let’s just get out of here you dare leave come on speaker man you’re supposed to stay with us today get away from me py Raga why are you guys chasing me and you guys have weapons out what the heck you’re supposed to be ours for today I you knew that oh no these girls are being so weird yo get me away from them what the heck where even is Jack to and Kane what is going on here speaker man there’s no use in hiding we’re going to find you anyway oh no get away from me what the heck okay I’m just going to go hide in this cave are you serious right now they’re so weird yo yo sperman Kane what the heck are you doing here I’m try to hide for those crazy girls come on get inside waa wait a second is this an underground base where even am I right now what the heck yep built it myself Jack’s also here I don’t know what he’s doing isn’t that obvious Kane I’m playing fortnite but uh wait a second speaker man what are you doing here man bro what am I doing here I was getting chased by pomy and ragi the dude they’re trying to kill me dude I know they already got TV man this is like the only safe place we’ve had wait they killed TV man are you serious right now well I don’t think they killed TV man I think they locked him up somewhere but he’s probably going to die bro what in the N this is crazy dude so why are those girls like obsessed with us what are they doing are they they trying to take over Dude trying to take over they basically already have they’re like obsessed with proving that girls are better than boys even though that’s obviously not true bro are you serious right now this is all because they want to prove that girls are better than boys dude they’re literally trying to kill me I was just trying to mine and they just tried to go kill me bro women am I right okay oh they have to be around here somewhere I can smell his cheap cologne ugh disgusting okay that doesn’t sound good they seem to be close by so uh maybe we should maybe block this up do you have any blocks so we can block off the entrance bro I don’t have any blocks are you serious right now we should probably go out into the Wilderness and like get some wood because we need that we don’t even have any like resources or any materials or anything how are we going to survive out here when those girls are trying to chase us hey that’s a that’s a funny thing he just said I am not going anywhere out there they are those girls are crazy wait that’s a great idea speaker man now that we have a third guy you can go out and do that stuff while we stay here safe bro are you serious right now you guys aren’t going to help me bro you’re not going to help your friend out well yeah we are we’re going to help by keeping you know holding down the Ford Plus I’m pretty sure those girls are tracking me really closely so it wouldn’t be a good idea if I left uh what in the all right fine I’ll go out there by myself I guess but oh no it’s really scary and I hope those girls aren’t out there good luck all right I’m going to go over here and get some resources oh no it’s really scary out here but I have to do it come on here we go come on I got to break this tree I need resources come on let’s break this tree right here and uh what in the oh no Jack sister ah she’s chasing me hello there I haven’t seen you in a while uh what are you doing oh why are you getting so close to me oh my good goodness yo yo yo I got to get back in the cave are you Ser oh pom you think it’s just me man you boys are so slow we’ll always be one step ahead of you I have my whole entire Army scouting this whole area oh my gosh what in the bro are you serious right now yo these girls are insane bro there’s so many okay I got to get back in this cave are you serious right now oh wait no this isn’t the right entrance to the cave oh no where do I go where do I go I don’t know where the cave is B oh my gosh Jackson Kane where are you oh did you say cave are you hiding out somewhere from us uh no I’m not hiding anywhere there they are oh oh my gosh just block it off block it off oh my gosh you doomed yourself with that not very bright this one is he yeah that is not good I don’t know last time we were out there it was just the three girls now that they have an on me this is not good oh my gosh bro I saw an entire Army of pom’s rathas and Jax’s sisters bro your sisters out there trying to kill us not my sister she’s the worst yeah she’s really annoying I have no idea what to do we need a plan they’re going to find us eventually oh my gosh they’re going to find us eventually we’re literally running out of food and resources and stuff but we have these stupid purple blocks but that doesn’t even matter we need resources and food yeah I only got four pieces of steak left oh no bro oh my gosh okay ja do you have any ideas what we should do I mean we could always give up they’re going to kill us idiot it was just an idea okay I have an idea okay we all three boys we need to all go out there and uh just run I think we need to get on a boat and just go somewhere far away I think that’s the only way do we have any wood to make any boats uh I have these two logs right here this is just going to be able to make one boat and that could fit two people so we need one more log or maybe two more logs to make a boat I mean we can just dig up the floor oh you’re right we could just dig this um yeah yeah you’re 100% right okay let’s do that well you good idea for once Jack good job what do you mean for once okay so we’re going to dig up this floor and guys the plan is we’re just going to run away from those girls right away because uh it could get really dangerous let’s just hope the girls with the shotguns don’t break our boat with them that’s that’s the one thing we need to be care careful of oh don’t worry that won’t happen dude anyway here we go using these Spruce planks I have to make a crafting table and with that I will be able to make the boats here we go and let’s go I just made two boats all right boys get ready we’re going to go and run all right boys in 5 4 3 2 1 run run oh gosh oh they’re all right there are everywhere come on these guys not too bright aren’t they oh my gosh everyone run all those poppies are over there oh gosh but good thing we’re getting away come on wait where’s Jack wait well actually you won’t run oh he’s literally right there bro are is right now go everybody so uh what’s the plan after this okay I say we go this way so this is basically South we’ll go all the way over there and we should be able to find an area to uh you know just be able to hide and maybe even make a new town cuz we got to get away from those girls I see a boat right there maybe there’s some resources in it uh maybe but I don’t think we should go there we just have to get as far away from those girls as we can for trust okay oh that’s just wonderful there they are man you guys are really dumb what in the BR uh we got to go everyone go they’re this island J are you serious right now why are they everywhere yeah I’m not so sure this was a good idea anymore we could have just kept hiding man all right boys just we got to go this is so terrifying are they everywhere like there’s no way I didn’t know there was this many well it is called an army for a reason the Bley Army r army and Jack sister Army so uh we should probably maybe find a new place to hide the probably going to be everywhere bro are you serious right now maybe we should just give up like what Jack said no no no we got this maybe not still not I mean it’s always an option I’m just saying how are they everywhere wait they’re not on this island that’s good but this Island’s too small to like make Town seems like there’s a cave right here wait there is a cave we Che it out uh I don’t know if that’s a good idea bro I’m not going to lie this seems really dangerous well that’s true we do need to gather some materials let’s let’s gather a lot of wood like before the PES get here let’s gather a lot of this Birch right right this Island’s looking perfect so far but uh ja what is this oh I don’t know but there’s a sign the boy detector oh that’s not good uh does what does that mean look behind you what are you talking about um oh no they’re spawning here oh no they detected that there’s boys here everyone run oh no this is really bad wait where’s Kane Kane hello uh Kane hello Kane oh no the girls are here who cares about him let’s get out of here no we can’t leave Kane are you serious right now we’re going to have to no I’m not leaving Kane I’m sorry I’m not leaving him I thank you are oh get away from me get away from me please no no no I don’t know where Kane is what’s going on down there I’m on top of the trees what you’re on top of the trees bro wait wait hold on where are you oh there you H those Jack sister Kan we got to go there’s girls here we got to go we got to go this is really bad you know you can’t just keep running like this we’re going to find you no matter where you go oh no go go go we got to get out of here are you serious right now Kane run don’t leave me oh my gosh they just hijacked the boat are you serious right now I can’t get in let me get get and they just hijacked one of our boats go go go go dude seriously what are we going to do they’re everywhere bro I don’t know what we’re going to do this is so scary dude there’s no way I’m going to die like this I can’t well it seems like it’s quite possible cuz they are everywhere wait a minute seems like there’s some gold over there and some iron maybe we can make some iron armor wait this is a good idea okay let’s go over here this might be an area where the girls are but if we be quiet enough maybe we’ll be fine just maybe we’ll be fine all right you’re going to jinx it we need some wood though so we can get some resources so we can actually break the iron because we need a stone pickaxe to break the iron but then let’s grab some wood I’ll grab some wood over here that’s exactly what I’m doing all righty here we go let’s get some wood oh it looks like this area is not like infected with girls that’s true maybe we’re just really far away if we see another one of those boy detectors Don’t Go Near it yeah that was a very bad idea I definitely learned my lesson yep Jack Don’t Go Near The Boy detector what are you doing what do you mean what am I doing I’m riding alpaca we we’re kind of need to be doing things Jack not messing around all right with that I have this oak wood I should be able to make a pick a now but I made a wooden pickaxe so now I have to make a stone pickaxe to actually break this iron over here but let’s just grab this resource right here we can break some of this let’s go there we go and now I can make a stone pickaxe let’s go baby uh I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but you might want to look over there oh my gosh they’re literally everywhere are you serious right now looks like they’re by that statue thingy over there so if we don’t get near that we should be fine guys I will find those boys and I’ll make them pay for all those stupid go back to the kitchen woman jokes you’re not funny you’re a woman those stupid stupid boys they’re lucky they’re cute though maybe I’ll let them survive oh my good goodness y to find them eventually what is wrong with those girls bro oh my gosh there’s so many okay guys I have a really good idea let’s grab our boats just in case we need them again but we should probably like actually break them and like carry them with us but we should probably just walk around this land maybe we we go Inland enough or like we go in the land enough like maybe just maybe we’ll be able to get away from those girls yeah I don’t know about that but I guess we can try might as well yeah speaker man we really need to get out of here I saw some girls in this cave right here as well some pry really far away that way so at least I got some iron let’s go Kane we should probably get out of here though let’s go come on those girls are right there dude they’re literally like about to stare at us dude yep yep yep then they’re probably going to kill us while doing so so uh let’s just run past here let’s hope we can find like a building or something with some nice good loot all right let’s go this way come on boys and uh what in the what bro wait there’s a motorcycle what the heck why is there a bike here oh my gosh wait it looks like it’s full of gas too what the heck guys we need to be smart about this bike we could actually use this to our advantage I whoo whoa wo J get off J get off bro where where are you wait J wait J come back get back here what do you mean I’m right here let’s go guys bro no oh my fine take the bike dude whatever dippy all right boys let’s go this way wait I see a desert over there there’s no way those girls are in the desert right that’s true and we can also get some cactuses if we ever build a base that would be a good defense oh you’re right that is a goated defense cactuses are pretty go but anyway we just have to make sure we’re away from those girls all right here we go and let’s go this way and wait what is this over there well it seems like there’s a ruined building way over there and some chests wa there’s all this super good resources in here yo this stuff’s going to be goated for building a house what the heck okay we got we got some Cobblestone dirt clay tyrite this will all be amazing from the from building yeah this is amazing all right let’s Grabel this and let’s go over to this Cobblestone area over here and wait we should probably grab some of these cactuses too as a defense mechanism true true I’ll grab the something myself awesome Jack can you please you’re the one with all the speed can you gather some cactuses no I’m scouting I’m looking out for the pomes dude all right Jack just keep doing that bro anyway wait this area is going to be perfect for building a house what the heck all right I’m going to start filling in this area right here yeah I found some reinforced glass so I’m going to start putting this everywhere so then we have a good view oh my goash yo that’s such a good idea bro Jack can you do something and stop driving around you’re wasting all the fuel I am doing something I’m keeping an eye out for the pomes you don’t want them to sneak up on us bro why are you lazy every time why are you so lazy okay and now I’m definitely not going to do anything else here we go all right here we go let’s place this right here and over here we got to keep building this base up because we have to be able to defend ourselves we need to make sure that they can’t come in through the roof so we uh one second I’m get on the roof so then I can PL I’m tall enough I’m trust me I’m tall I got you I’m tall enough oh how amazing if only I was tall just say you’re short buddy dang I’m not short I’m you are [ __ ] wow I don’t know why I hang out with you guys BR because we’re all about to die right now to the stupid girls cuz they’re trying to prove a point to us we got a point by the way ja have you seen any of the girls I haven’t I don’t see any of them anyway no but that’s why I’m keeping an eye out just in case they do show up guys do you think we should maybe go to the nether I feel like that’s a good idea maybe to get away from the girls or do you think they’re all like there too they probably are there and the nether is very dangerous so I think we should try to survive here first yeah maybe you’re right we should try to survive here first but anyway let’s keep building this base and oh my gosh this is so scary I’m so terrified I don’t talk this is going to be so annoying why does this have to happen now all right let’s start digging down and Kane we should probably start mining dude so I can get some diamonds or something cuz we need that dude but this will be our like home base for now I guess right yeah true true I put down a door and everything let’s get it so let’s go down here and start mining should we strip mine or like try to find a cave uh I guess we could do both we can strip mine and anytime we find a cave we can take a look but I do it’s way too quiet out there like we’ve like everywhere we’ve went there’s always been pumes or or Ras or something but now it’s just nothing yeah that is weird right yeah that is actually really weird why is it like that it’s actually like quiet now that that this is like the first time that’s weird o oh that’s something they didn’t man I see a lucky block close by wait a second you see a lucky block really where yeah down toward the edge you can see a little bit of a there there’s obsidian as well come on whoa let’s go grab the lucky block all right kinge let’s go over to these Lucky Blocks bro this has got to be helpful dude come on I know we really needed this we can get so much we get diamond armor diamonds just everything wait be careful with this quick sand okay all right here we go let’s grab some of these Lucky Blocks wait what is this I don’t know it looks very suspicious maybe if we step on it we’ll like no no no don’t step on it let’s just break these Lucky Blocks here we go and I got another star from this one curious this one uh I just got a ton more Lucky Blocks all right this one oh my gosh I just got some golden apples and what is this one come on who go go go go oh I acci just press on those pressure plates what the heck oh no go that was scary uh oh no did you wait did you step on the pressure plates uh yeah I literally stepped on it when uh I broke those Lucky Blocks what did that just do I don’t know have we seen this thing before I haven’t wait uh yes this was a boy detector I remember seeing it wait where’s Jack what are you guys doing over there get away from the boy detector oh no go go go go go oh my gosh oh my gosh but it looks like nothing actually happened wait this is actually the best thing that ever happened look at that nothing happened were we sneaky enough did it not detect us that’s I’m I’m so suspicious this what’s going on I don’t know it’s fine let’s just go back in the house and pretend like nothing happened you know what we’ll close off this door just in case we’ll be fine oh by the way what did you get from all those Lucky Blocks you mind sharing uh I didn’t really get anything I got some golden apples here take that but let’s go mining come on let’s go and Jax you have to come with us okay yeah I I would greatly appreciate if you actually came inside J I need to keep a lookout since you guys blew the detector what it’s fine it’s fine we need help mining we won’t be able to survive yeah we might know they’re coming but we will we’ll die anyways oh fine I’ll come help mine yeah you need to help us mine bro come on we got to go leave the bike outside no I want to bring it all right fine bring the bike dude it doesn’t matter let’s just go mining dude we need to find diamonds and like emeralds and and iron and everything good dude because we got to survive this bro all righty here we go let’s start mining down right here come on there’s got to be a cave or something here should we just start digging straight down oh there’s a cave right here let’s go oh my gosh yo boys this is crazy we’re in a cave it looks looks like there’s no girls here either there’s no red that’s true that’s true it seems very way more calmer than the surface we got some iron here I’m going to grab this wait it looks like there’s a hole right here why don’t we jump down it looks like there’s water down there too let’s go down there boys sure sure the further we go down the more likely we are to find some good old diamonds I don’t think my bike will fit you guys can handle that yeah I think it’s a better idea if I just explore this section of the cave with my bike that’s now out of fuel okay I guess I’ll go with you guys you serious right now all right let’s go boys woohoo second oh what is this stuff oh waa Oh e wa yo why is this red bro oh no what the heck I’m really confused right now what what’s going on where are we I don’t know but oh guys there’s diamonds well good thing I got that iron from earlier I was able to make an iron pickaxe oh my goody goodness yo we got diamonds boys let’s go we’re actually goated I don’t want to go down that path lot l let’s go check around uh this way I suppose yeah let’s go this way boys come on in oh my goody goodness y there’s more diamonds are you serious right now we’re getting so much good loot uh so uh speaker man you going to share some of those diamonds with us bro of course of course I will we’re going to make some pickaxes when we get get back up to the surface we’re going to do all fun kind of things and oh my gosh there’s more diamonds let’s go let’s grab some of these diamonds right here and oh my gosh we have so many even more bro this is so good how how are we getting so many diamonds right now this is like so goed all right boys I think we’re getting really lucky here uh why don’t we just go back up to the surface yeah that’s probably too we should make sure that our base hasn’t already been destroyed by like a wave of py/ rathas slj sissors why would you even say that yeah we’re fine boys come on we’re we always clutch up we’re always uh you know the best cuz we’re literally the voice don’t worry about it if you always think if you always expect the worst possible outcome you’ll never be surprised bro what are you talking about dude oh no oh no I’m drowning right now I’m drowning come on get me to the air come on why is this place so tall we’re almost there everything’s tall compared to UK wow I guess we’ll just keep looking for a way up I suppose yeah let’s go look for a way up come on boys where are we going to go oh let’s go over here why don’t we just go back to the area that we were in before uh I don’t know it’s too lazy I don’t think there’s a Waterway up though all right boys let’s go this way oh wait this is literally where we were in the beginning let’s go over here guys we can just walk back up to our house you got that right finally that cave was complicated yeah but we got a lot of good stuff so we should be able to end up getting a lot of good stuff after this I even got a ton of iron as as we were trying to get out we we could probably use that for something all right boys we are now at the surface and uh guys we have a problem oh no uh thr some blocks in front of the front door there we go oh my goody goodness yo what if only we had someone looking out oh hello well the coordinates are here so that’s where they must be let’s just scope out this area for now good thing I put a tracking device on that bike those boys are so dumb but also I believe they stepped on the pressure plate which activated the boy detector so I think they’re around here somewhere as well so let’s just split up scope the area and if we find them bring them to me hey yo Jacks are all around here bro what are we going to do yeah nice going man you brought them all here when you were messing around with the pressure plate bro I didn’t mean to press it are you serious right now where’s Kane at look we’re so done for this is probably not going to help at all no dude trust me we’ll be fine okay we just have to you know believe in ourselves cuz the boys are the best but anyway we should probably leave this place I don’t think this is safe for us oh you think I heard something over here like there’s voices coming inside from this building I can’t really see in because the glass is so thick but I think we should probably break in here there’s definitely someone in here uhoh uhoh guys uh uh we need to figure out a plan all right everyone come over here we have to leave right now seriously we have to leave right now and go where we could do this anywhere we got to get out of here we could just Escape through the cave is uh uhoh they see us they see us uhoh uh they see us all right nice going dude good job man this one not very bright is he so why do you guys keep him around all right boys come on we got to go which way are we going to go we got we can’t go this way we can’t go this way uh what are we going to do oh wait there’s a golf cart guys should we go grab that that’s pretty convenient yeah we need to make a run for it okay three I swear if this one has a track and chiper oned two I’m going to be upset two one go I guess we’re going just run oh my gosh run for your life there actually oh my gosh there’s so many of them are chasing us everyone go get in get in whoa whoa yo I’m at one heart are you serious right now oh no can’t this thing go any faster come on run so slow oh my gosh an Al it’s like really painful too at least it’s faster than them yeah it is faster than them well yeah cuz they’re girls I could run faster than this oh my gosh what are we going to do come on uh we just have to go on the outskirts we can’t go in the water it’s going to break oh no wait don’t we still have our boats and it’s raining uh oh yeah we do over our boats but I don’t think that’s a good idea honestly we got to go Inland that’s true we need to find something to be finally be able to take care of the girls we we won’t find that in the ocean dude oh my gosh this is so terrifying oh I watch the quick sand oh my gosh that’s so scary don’t worry I’m a good driver kind of only failed my driving test like four times bro then why are you driving dude I’ll drive again if you want no no I got this don’t worry I got the who uh what is with this pillar I don’t know but don’t be a boy detector it could be a boy detector to SC that’s true that’s true that’s true I’ll go this way all right let’s keep going come on and wait it looks like there’s a snow biome over there maybe the girls will be too scared to go into the snow biome why don’t we go in there boys that’s true maybe it would disrupt their trackers or whatever all right there we go let’s grab my boat and go here we are okay we need to find those boys now we’ve tracked their golf carts they’re somewhere in here I’ll give them that they’re smart enough to go to a snow by them because like now their tracks are covered up but I will find them I will make sure they pay for all those stupid women jokes those short jokes any joke they make that insults the girls because the girls are just better everyone knows that that’s C what was that oh I see someone looks like someone didn’t put on their winter coat her camouflage isn’t so good Jax let’s get them Jax you blew our cover run everyone run I didn’t do it anything go go go oh my good goodness you BW our cover it’s really cold are you serious right now oh my God it’s fine just run go oh my gosh are you serious right now there’s probably going to be a snow Temple somewhere nearby we just need to find it’s very common in this in this biome yeah let’s go dude come on and it’s really cold I’m not going to lie I can’t hold up you guys from The Amazing digital circuits are way better than me I’m just from Scooby-Do toilet what the heck is Scooby-Doo toilet dude we got to focus bro you say like so many random things sometimes speaker man I don’t I have no idea what that is we just got to go oh no I’m really scared right now but hopefully we can get away from those girls how are we even going to get away from them by find by finding this snow Temple and then what okay let’s go the snow Temple yeah you better be clutching up right now Kane where is it I’m looking around it should be nearby at least like come on we should have come across one by now well will you look at that seems like there’s one right over there oh my goodness there is a snow Temple over here but wait why is there red stuff all over it m that’s not good I think they may have got here before definitely not doubt they know the secrets of the of the snow Temple follow me wait what what do you mean secrets of the snow Temple oh my goody goodness yo what wow this is sick uhhuh we could use this to either hide or gather materials this could be like a little secret area yo this is awesome bro this is going to be perfect for our cover yeah we got some diamonds in this chest uh some other things I actually don’t I’ve never seen before oh my goodness what are we going to do boys in oh guys everyone go go go they’re here they’re here go go go go go oh no I’m actually so scared right now everyone run everyone run yeah what was that about a secret G what I thought they would have been able to help us it seems like they got to it first guys we can’t keep doing this we literally can’t they just keep following us what are we going to do we have no choice like I seriously don’t know what to do I mean Plan B give up no no never never give up I think we could probably get get away from them for good if we find some like planes or something planes uh where are we going to find a plane oh whoa I don’t know but uh we’ve been finding golf carts and bikes how do you explain that I mean he has a point but the pl are BR up detectors on them oh my God go they will if we we all we have to do is fly out of the range the planes have huge spans all right boys let’s go this way come on come on come IED uh what we were just talking about planes there’s no way there’s planes here that is really suspicious but I guess we might as well take it maybe we’re just lucky maybe maybe yeah maybe we are just lucky maybe we are just lucky let’s just go let’s just grab it and go W come on woohoo this is so much fun dude oh my gosh wait I’m going really high up right now don’t go too high up let’s go oh no oh wait I’m crashing ah oh no oh guys I just crashed yeah that’s uh not very good apparently these Flames were faulty oh my gosh where even are we right now gosh what is going on I don’t know we seems to be lost in the forest but I did while I was crashing I saw something over here wait what is this over here oh my goody goodness what are you talking about this looks really suspicious I don’t think I think we should turn around I’m just saying uh I think we should explore what do you think ja I mean we have no other choice what are we going to do do are we going to die from the girls or what H it seems like it’ll be fun let’s go let’s go baby oh my goody goodness yo yo be careful though be careful wait this might be a girls house this place has setups dude let’s go no wait dude this is sick Bro this reminds me of our Old Town dude guys guys clearly this is somebody clearly somebody lives here and then yeah us now no no dude this clearly looks like a ghost house people look like they’re currently living here I have I call this room oh my goodness I call this room whatever I’ll go in this one I suppose all right let’s go boys hey you guys want to take a nap or play fortnite what do you guys want to do uh I don’t really care as long as we don’t die so I think fortnite probably sounds fun or actually no you guys can play fortite I’m probably going to watch some Block Buddies videos all right bet I’m going to go outside oh my gosh what the heck oh my guys dude what’s your problem what’s outside don’t open the door no no no no no no oh God Kane we have a problem where’s Kane Kane we have a huge problem D don’t look outside look outside what I was watching the block buddy video what’s what’s going on oh no no yeah yeah you guys can handle that uh what are we going to do Jack what’s wrong guys do you want to come outside I told you no stop oh no what do we what did we get ourselves into are you serious right now oh come on what did you guys get our I wanted I did not want to come here clearly oh my you guys are so dumb why did I follow come guys yeah this is your fault speaker man how is it my fault you’re the one that want to go in just let us in uh is there like a secret way out or something come on everybody look around look around really can’t run forever you’ve Fallen right into our trap and as soon as we get inside we are going to kill you and no more stupid woman jokes from you you’ll be silenced forever Jack just apologize dude oh my God maybe that’ll work I’m not going to apologize for telling the truth but wait look in here dude there’s weapons on the walls oh goated let’s grab these weapons come on OPP POS yes okay I’m going to grab this one I like that oh barbed club let’s go everybody got gear I got a nice barbed club uh I have a bow is that good enough I have a pitchfork jeez I guess you got some range with that we should probably find a way out of here it’s probably there’s probably one out here somewhere uh let’s see let’s see no we were just in there wait guys over here wait what are you talk oh my gosh wait there is a secret way out come on boys we got to go be quiet they’re right there still W this house oh my gosh be quiet guys come on we got to go okay uh what’s the next move oh my gosh we right there sure I saw oh there’s a snow mountain if wees us all right everyone run everyone run just run just run we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we all die if we just where are we running to I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know just follow me out of the way go everybody go wait let’s go on top of this snowbound let’s go boys oh perfect oh my gosh this is so scary are you serious right now go oh why does this have to happen why do how do they keep finding guys we don’t ja didn’t you say they had like a tracker on you or something can you check like your clothing is there like a chip somewhere I don’t know bro maybe that’ll help us dude maybe maybe check they keep finding us that that’s really the only way I think they can do it nah man there’s no way when would they have put a TR tracker on me they only put the trackers on the vehicles and stuff there’s no way I have one on me come on come on so close to the top actually kind of this place is tall we could if we build a base up here we’d have a huge huge advantage against the Army all right boys we got to go and oh no they’re on the mountain to are you serious right now everyone go of course they are they’re always what come on they’re always right behind us we need to get out of here how are we ever going to beat them if they always are just right there I don’t know it’s fine we’ll figure this out we just got to go there’s got to be something happening though there’s no way this [ __ ] they can just keep finding us like how there has to be some trick to it we’re just we just need to we just we just haven’t thought of it yet maybe all right come on we got to go this way and this way and we’re all the way at the top wao what is this place what the what this place looks sick not going to lie facts though this place does like pretty awesome what the wa waa wait what what oh my gosh bro wa this stuff’s awesome what the heck dude this is perfect maybe we can actually survive up here with this stuff in this base we just need to add a little bit more that’s true this true dude facts we could survive up here not going to lie duh we should probably fix the fences right there’s holes and the uh we got blocks right what kind of blocks do we have on hand yo Jack should we just try to leave bro dude leave and go where we need to make a stand eventually they’re just going to keep finding us I’m tired of running yeah you’re right they are just going to keep finding us I don’t know how but oh bro there’s more of them Jack there’s more oh my gosh they’re all here Jack oh no I don’t know we can’t just keep running we have a ton of good resources maybe we should just fight them yeah maybe we should get them fight them oh my gosh Come On fight them oh my gosh but they’re so powerful dude come on the boys are better than girls yeah the boys are better than girls though we killed them all that was pretty easy oh wait no we didn’t not all of them looks like we found you again and this time you are not leaving I’ll make sure your blood is spilled on this ground and stain for centuries to come bro ew what is wrong with you girls all right Jackson we just got to fight back where’s Kane though I’m trying to I’m on top of the building sooning them with arrows don’t worry I got you covered okay guys we’re doing a good job because we literally have such good resources and stuff we literally stole all their good stuff but just keep killing them I think this is the only way we’re going to get them away you boys have no manners why are you fighting with girls uh we’re not fighting with you we’re just trying to get you guys away why can’t you leave us alone like boys are better anyway but oh yes I just love hearing that all the time I am done with these sick jokes all of us are and there’s only one way to stop that oh my gosh that Jacks they’re all chasing me there’s a lot of them there’s a group of guys there’s some big ones off in the Horizon what are you talking about oh they are very big oh my go bro you really think this is going to be easy speaker man You and Your Friends Are Dead bro what are you talking about are you serious right now oh my goodness there’s so many how are we going to fight all these I can’t wait to snap your neck ew waa okay that is a big okay okay uh T man just keep Kan I will knock all your teeth out and I will crack them no not my teeth please Jax I will break your ankles and I will ring your ears so hard that they’re red no I guess Jax doesn’t care about his ears but I’ll kill all of you each and every one of you except maybe I’ll just spare your life speaker man what in the bro why bro are you serious right now get away I don’t know I’ve kind of taken a liking to you and maybe you’ll finally like me if I just eliminate all the other possible Bachelors bro are you serious right now no I don’t want to be with you you’re weird dude I literally am dating speaker woman oh not for long not for long oh don’t you dare talk about speaker woman like that what is wrong with you I mean I’m pretty sure she did break up with you dude shut up that did happen yeah you don’t really keep your women long oh my gu Jackson’s pitch black outside Kane where are you uh look behind you speaker man what are you talking about oh wait who are these people oh well well looks like you defeated my first Army how about you go against me now if you’re so confident Kane who is this is this a real py that’s trolling everyone oh maybe I I don’t know I’ve never really seen I think this is the py that resigns in the nether but somehow she’s made it to the Overworld we need to take her out now I bet if we take them out everything will go back to normal maybe I’m not entirely sure oh you’re sorely mistaken we’re the ones who we’re going to take you out oh my gosh what are you talking about you’re insane okay ja we just have to kill them come on what do you think I’m doing man bro this is pathetic men used to fight in wars and look at you now just whining like little puppies oh my gosh are you serious right now what is going on oh no I got to go come on ah fight them oh they’re way more powerful than the other ones this is the big pony we got to kill this one what’s wrong are you too weak are you not man enough oh my goody goodness come on fight them fight them come on wait oh my gosh Jax good job you’re killing all them this is the last one kill her all right fight her you boys have no clue what it’s like taking your stupid jokes that aren’t even funny you guys treat me like trash and this is my revenge you will all die each and every one of you I can’t wait to see your blood and gut spilled all over the floor you may have defeated my Army but I’m built different than they are no you’re not we’re killing you oh my gosh go to the barb wire that’s perfect push her into there what do you think I’m doing okay that hurts fine kill her come on just die already ow ow ow ow ow ow okay this really hurts come on come on she’s almost dead let’s go yes finally we did it now those stupid girls will stop chasing us everywh dude that was perfect bro oh my gosh I couldn’t have ended better dude oh my gosh wait it’s daytime too no way right now who turned on the lights bro it’s daytime oh yeah finally now that those girls are all out of the way you guys want to check this thing out I found that I stole from them it’s called like the a GPS tracker check it out what wait have you had this the whole time what is this what what is this well yeah it’s a look it’s a golden carrot bro yo Kane he had the GPS the whole time that’s why we were getting caught I’m going to shoot you waa dude we we everything turned out fine chill wait burn that tracker though burn it dude oh my gosh are you serious right now I’m just I’m just going to throw it off the mountain jackon you are so annoying dude you got us into this mess are you serious right now anyway I have just snuck into this smiling Critters only one raft and I am in this control room and I can go invisible and troll them this whole entire time I’m so excited this is the life no annoying TV man just The Smiling Critters um yeah but like why am I over here and you guys are over there no boy allowed catnap we didn’t invite you this time so why are you even I’m the one that invited everyone I’m the one that planned this hello well it’s girls only now so Sho Sho and guys I have a ton of trolls today and you guys are not going to believe the trolls so make sure you guys watch till the end because it’s going to be so insane for troll number one we’re going to go inside of here I’m going to grab this long bow and I have some arrows of invisibility and guys I’m going to basically like shoot catnap and he’s going to turn invisible and he’s going to freak out all right here we go so once I shoot this invisibility bow at cat he’s literally going to lose all his color and watch this guys it’s so funny here we go ow what was that katup what’s wrong with you I don’t know something just hit me um you look a lot like me right now kab what are you talking about what do you mean we’re like the same wait why am I green except hoppy isn’t ugly oh you look so dumb I think it looks a lot cuter now actually now green like ew no that’s my brother disgusting no he looks like the Green Goblin what are you talking about and it doesn’t matter why what happened anyway all right anyway guys I’m going to go back into my control room and I’m going to move on to troll number two and guys this one’s going to be really funny because now I can go invisible wait using this splash potion of invisibility boom now I could go all the way over there and basically just like stalk them and you know spawn things in I can explode stuff I can break stuff I can basically do anything troll them it’s so funny guys puppy I got a coin should I throw it in the well uh that might be a bad idea what do you mean nothing could go wrong thought lot to go wrong oh it didn’t go wrong no it didn’t go wrong why would you look at that all right it looks like they’re building a house so what I’m going to do to dog day sister is I’m going to basically replace their whole entire house with dirt yo this is going to be so funny wait I can use world edit too you know what I’m just going to do that that’ll be way funnier to be honest here we go using this wooden axe we’ll do something like that and like that wait got to we got to see your reaction all right let’s do slash slash set Dirt 3 2 1 boom what what what’s going on did anyone else just see that or is it am I going crazy I’m going crazy am I I don’t see anything different there’s just a much there’s just a bunch of brown around ew why did you make our house dirt that’s disgusting wow you guys really suck at this why are you building out of dirt what is this Amateur hour but I wasn’t building out of dirt I was building out of wood and then all of a sudden it turned into dirt uh yeah that definitely happened you did weren’t just using dirt the entire time no I’m not like I’m not insane I swear I was I wasn’t using dirt I was using wood bro is skizo I I no I I got my I’m not skizo I’m just borderline okay chill all right for this next troll I’m going to troll this girl right here yo she’s going to be so mad at what I do oh bro what they just do what the heck are you guys doing I think I got a giant Lucky Block that’s so Kitty don’t say that that’s weird bro I was trying to troll that oh wait I have such a funny troll oh my goody goodness yo this is going to be so funny hold on can I open it can I open it I want to open this you guys already messed up my house don’t do anything else C boo shut up ugly you look like a booger a big old booger oh my gosh oh my gosh yeah I mean you look that’s what you guys what in the bro are you serious right now yo what what happened no wait to go kitty destroyed a hoppy and our house more like my house but at least you guys one of you died for it so it’s okay I guess none of you care stop talking you booger guys I’m alive let that hurt so bad oh that’s too bad suck it up bro none of you guys care about me sorry you’re right I I I do care about you hoppy you’re like one of my best friends I don’t excuse me you’re just uh you’re just um well you don’t look like me or Dolly and uh you you could use an upgrade what does that mean uh you’re not soly she said you’re ugly no I what the heck she’s not ugly no you’re not ugly that’s what you’re saying though you’re so mean I’m beautiful especially when you look like that you look like me all right well since Kitty’s being really mean we’re going to go over to my control room again and guys I have a really really special surprise for you guys and it’s going to be really funny because I know you guys are going to find this one so funny guys in TR number five I have a special surprise it’s a morphing potion and basically I’m going to throw this at Kitty and she’s going to turned into something really stupid opy you’re not ugly you’re just uh you weren’t blessed with looks you trying to say right now she’s saying you’re so ugly she can’t even think of a word to describe you you’re not ugly oh speaking of ugly what is that why do you look like yeah I think you’re the ugly one now Kitty I’m I’m so sorry but maybe you should try looking in the water yeah look how you are you Menace you monster you I ugly what just happened to me why do I look like that it makes you feel better you are always ugly my beautifulness my gorgeous looks everything God they were never there in the first place I think your brother’s right what did you say of course I’m right maybe you know what happy you are ugly you’re the ugliest you look in mirrors and they shatter nah you look pretty grotesque okay no one cares about your big vocabulary hobby all right now I’m going to lock off catnaps house so she can’t go over there it’s going to be so funny uh catnap can I come to your house they being mean to me um of course not this is for wait why who put this here don’t look at me I wasn’t looking at you stupid but no you can’t come in anyway so I guess it’s good stay out no why does everyone hate me all right I’m going to go back to my control room and guys I have a really funny troll coming up so in troll number three we have this invisibility helmet basically if you put on this helmet then like you literally can’t see anything so I’m thinking is we’re going to build like a little thing behind their base and we’re going to put like lava around it and then like they’re going to like try to grab the helmet they’re going to put it on and then they’re like not going to be able to go anywhere because they’re like basically trapped in lava and like they can’t see anything guys just trust me it’s going to be so funny ow Hy stop it no you stop you have to get away from me cuz you’re ugly and I don’t hang out with ugly people then why are you hanging out with yourself got him no that was lame you’re lame you don’t even look like a girl people think you’re a guy what no you Lally sound like a guy huh no all right here we go we’re going to have it right here and we’re going to drop that invisibility helmet right there and guys when they grab it it’s going to be so funny all right let me try to like get them over here though stop it stop it look look hey look over there what what the heck was that God uh herlind did you something Herobrine’s in our game oh no Let’s Make It Rain that’ll make them scared guys it’s really what the heck why is it raining why is it raining oh no why is it raining wait what is that thing over there is that like a helmet it’s so shiny dibs it’s mine it’s mine no it’s mine I want to wear it like jewelry oh gosh oh no oh no haha fatty haha get out get away oh you get away you get away with your big stinky stomper can I have the helmet it’s so nice looking it would look so good on my head what head your Airhead your fat head your dumb head okay guys I think I should have it since I still have my looks going for me no what what do you mean by that H what do you mean I’m not a green ugly Goblin like you guys or yellow I guess in Kitty’s case yeah you’re an orange ugly one well it’s outside my house so it’s mine a no fair no fair you always take things okay I’m just going to put on this helmet of invisibility wait I can’t see anything what you can’t see uh it’s a helmet of invisibility you should be invisible are you okay where where am I who turned off the lights catnap how many fingers am I holding up I just said I can’t see are you stupid I thought it was like never mind uh well not my issue so not my problem I’m just going to go back ow wait how’d you hit me if you can’t see me huh I’m just swinging somebody help take this out you can probably detect ugly and this out wow I’m rich I have so many diamonds and take this guys this is so funny yo cat app is Lally stuck here right now and he can’t see because that invisibility helmet that literally makes it so he can’t see anything all right T how do you keep locking on to me there’s no way you can’t see I can hear you he detects ugliness just get this stupid stuff off of me oh whoops I threw it in the lava you threw the pretty helmet in the lava no I I guess no one gets it now a [Music] man oh my goody goodness you that troll was so funny let’s go back to my control room and find some more Trolls but let’s clear the weather real quick oh my gosh and they have no idea it’s me here this is actually so funny all right guys for my next troll while I’m invisible we’re going to be placing down some invisible blocks and we’re going to have some monsters as well after this so for the invisible blocks I’m basically just going to start putting like barriers around people especially hoppy Hopscotch on this one block let me just move them over so a Hoy oh oh oh that’s a turn of event uhoh you guys blew up my house again I didn’t touch anything oh maybe I can troll catnap again let let me troll catnap real quick here we go let’s Place some of these invisible blocks right here all right now when he tries to leave he won’t be able to leave and it’ll be really funny what is going on that lucky block is so dangerous stop breaking it then you idiots what the am I what the okay that was weird um this is so dumb what is going on I might leave after this this is St ow good riddance ow ow what the what’s wrong with you what what ow what are you complaining about now huh ow what are you doing you idiot no I what is wrong with you no no there’s like there wait what what huh there’s what you’re Del illusional no no no I felt the pain I felt the pain ow ow get out of here get out of here what are you talking about get out I I swear there was like an invisible wall maybe there’s like ghost or something I I know Herobrine is definitely haunting the server we’re all going to die nuh nuh-uh um maybe you should see a doctor I agree a mental doctor that kitty I’ll take you to seat oh and maybe now I just trapped Kitty in here oh my goash trap KY in here now she can’t get out help help help help this isn’t funny stop it I’m sorry I’ll give you all my diamonds I’m sorry you’re literally just standing still shut up yeah you’re fine KY are you okay I’m getting a little concerned are you sure she was born not okay oh that’s um let not go that far no guys there I’m I’m stuck I’m literally stuck move ridd all right for the next troll we’re going to need to do this we’re going to do time set night let’s make it night time now um why did it turn nighttime so quick uh well usually that means the sun and the moon are switching positions or something like that yeah that’s kind of just how time works man but like it doesn’t usually happen that fast uh daylight savings oh yeah all right let’s just start off with one zombie we’ll troll this green guy right here cuz she’s like acting a little Annoying um um um zombies Oh no just run easy aren’t you a rabbit just jump aren’t you the one who’s like stuck in air you’re weird I know there was something there that is true there really wasn’t hoppy it’s just one zombie I’m pretty sure you can take it stop being a baby I mean the water’s kind of taking him so I’m chilling on this one block I literally oh my gosh what what did a great to come oh my gosh there’s more there’s two okay just fight them or something I don’t know there’s three there’s four what do you want me to do about it there’s oh no there’s seven I need backup okay hoppy I think you’re worrying a little too much if there was 50 then maybe it’d be a problem but there’s only like three there’s more than three all right now for the next troll we’re going to be putting a ton of creepers and skeletons on catnaps house here we go let’s do skeletons first we’ll just do something like this we’ll do a ton of them too we’ll scare him oh potato um you know there’s a lot more than just zombies why are there a ton of monsters in front of my house well how about you cope too there to ugliness wow then why aren’t they over by you oh gosh well sucks to suck all right now using this creeper right here it’s going to explode oh my gosh wait wait bro all right I got to open the door for him open up say good morning catnap wait why are there creepers here why are they only going after me they should go after you idiots what no actually this is fine this is good we like this bro where even are the girls at are you serious right now oh there they are okay here we go oh my gosh oh ow yo that was funny isone okay oh no does it look like we’re okay kitty oh y there’s a creeper my dog day sister okay maybe I’m not okay okay nice creeper back oh bro you got to be kidding me I spent all day working on this wow and that’s all you had I swear if one bad thing okay shut up shut up I mean I’m just saying my place has been blown up like four times and I’m still better than you shut up and it’s just me shut up if one more bad thing happens that’s it I’m dying why are you still talking see this is why you guys need to actually build a base instead of just out of dirt or whatever all the monsters are outside little does he know I’m about to spawn one right behind him oh my goody goodness yo yo yo this is going to be so funny come on come on should happen any minute come on explode bro is it cuz he’s green he won’t explode him wait what the why is there a creeper here oh okay one more one more you are saying wait you guys broke my walls why are you guys trying to kill me I I am break those walls I’m nowhere near you uh the Monsters can’t do that I think the monster did uh actually yeah they can no they can’t you’re so stupid this is why you suck at Minecraft but what about the creepers excuse me yeah stupid maybe this is why you suck at Minecraft cuz your build’s getting destroyed oh my gosh oh my gosh yo yo yo yo yo we got a problem we got a major problem oh my god oh no no no no you got to be kidding me all my hard work oh this one’s blue oh don’t worry I’ll give him some help bro what in the what is he doing are you serious right now no no get away C I’m sorry your build is so much better so you guys can take it it’s fine it’s just like a test no maybe life was better when TV man was here but why do I feel like there’s something going on behind the scenes this normally shouldn’t happen right well it is night time so mobs do spawn well yeah that’s right but um Creeper Creeper are you hitting it towards my house cuz your house uh could be uh destroyed a question mark hey stop whoops hand it all right guys time to move on to our next troll let’s go to the control room I kind of feel bad uh I’ve been trolling them really hard but go oh that’s cool I’ll just get rid of this piece of garbage then go ahead it’s already been destroyed oh yeah there isn’t much to destroy I’m out of trolls basically so uh you know maybe I could just start using trolls for my brain that would be pretty funny honestly it looks better this way I’m going to so now I can use my free mind and I will absolutely troll them to no end and I’m going to basically like scare them so much okay let’s start off with some signs let’s get a sign right here we’ll have it for catnap too we’ll have like a super scary sign we’ll have a sign right here it’ll say I am watching you catnap boom there we go oh my goody goodness okay let’s see if cab comes in here hold on let me break this so he sees who the heck keeps breaking my door it’s not me I am watching you catnap it’s not me which one of you idiots is putting signs in my house none of us what the it’s not me me all right now for the next troll we’re going to be using some lasers as well yo this one’s going to be really funny I kind of want to go home I don’t like this anymore I kind of want you to shut up spooky okay I’m going to go over here no one loves me that’s true ooh shiny oh pretty can I touch it um that didn’t work oh uh oh that hurts that hurt Hur that hurts all right now to troll her even more let’s grab another laser and boom uhoh uh I’ll just stay in my corner I guess um oh I’m getting a little claustrophobic in here oh wow boom um oh this is bad um where’ to go under okay oh no it seems now you can’t go under H it seems I’m in a bit of a pickle someone help help me help all right I feel bad I’ll let her out there you go yo that troll was so funny I’m going to do that exact same thing to Canada but I think he would actually start freaking out boing boing boing boing boing shut up can you get out of my house you shut up you’re the loud one I’m not loud I I yeah I I just have a lot of volume yeah that’s what being loud wait what who put this laser here poy is it you are you the one doing all this to me huh I didn’t do anything I’m just just jumping on your nice big bed boing boing Bo this probably is all your fault isn’t it because like the first thing that happened was I turned green like you yeah I know you’re pretty no I’m ugly you’re the one who’s doing all this isn’t it nuh you expect me to believe that this laser magically appears in my house while you’re in here well I’m bouncing on your bed so it could not have been me you were watching me the whole time I wasn’t though I could have just looked away for a second you put this here what is wrong with you there’s another one what are you doing what do you mean what am I doing you saw me this time you L saw me I’m right here no I literally looked away you had to have done it while I was looking away you are delusional you’re the one putting him down here and expecting me not to see it all right while she’s jumping on the bed I’m basically just going to put this laser down and uh she might dieing boinging yeah that’s what you get why are you putting lasers on yourself you idiot I did not do that you obviously did no there’s no now there’s four and I did not place a single one on your bed’s gone wa what am I supposed to on you’re right it’s not you who’s putting these um I don’t know this is getting funny all right let’s keep placing some more down what do we do what do we do katab Hold Me Hold Me e get away from me all right let’s place a few more we’ll do some up here too so they can’t escape boom like that I don’t know what to do canat up you have to comfort me please e get away from me why don’t you just hop in the lasers e get away from my brother but why do you care all of a sudden oh it’s weird yeah why don’t you help us are you the one doing this get us out of here no uh actually we can have your own have fun here I’m going to open it for them so they think they can get out here you guys go can get out ha even though they can’t hear me did you hear something uhoh um I Heard a bunch of blacks breaking but it looks like your wall is I heard like a really annoying voice maybe it was my sister oh yeah probably that shut up it looks like we could might be able to like sneak our way out since the Wall’s gone I mean there’re kind of like lasers right there if you want to try and walk through them I guess you can hardore parkour BL ohow ow ow that was dumb uh where’s um Dolly who Dolly you mean dog day sister yeah sure I’m done at this point uh do you know where she is why would I know I’m not her dad you guys look like you’re in trouble uh yeah I don’t know what to do have you tried digging under stupid what the don’t push me into that laser nobody did but yeah maybe I’ll just break the floor what is wrong with you oh I’m at one heart was doing this to me because you kept running into it like an idiot you literally ran out and then ran back in you stupid piece of poo I did not do that somebody pushed me what are you talking about whatever let’s just go down wait what huh what’s this what is this I don’t know you tell me it’s your house uh can I help you oh so you were jealous of my house even though you were insulting it and destroying it this whole time well you know what you can’t live here get out get out what the heck is this I paid friends no you don’t out yes I did hey guys what’s going what the heck is going on oh and now she’s here oh no move your big stinky Stompers boy what did you just say get away from me move your big stinky Stompers happy what why are you so aggressive to me right now she’s just weird all right I’m going to throw that potion at them to go back to normal so they look normal again there we go I’m Finly back to my beautiful self well I don’t know about that part but yeah I’m back to normal too maybe like this water washed like the paint or whatever can isn’t cute anymore e that’s disgusting you know what anyway just can you all shut up we need to figure out who’s messing around with everything I bet it’s you what okay first of all I know this is going to sound really bad but you think never mind you’re too stupid to do this it’s you exactly you think I would do this you think I would do this what would be my motive then you’re annoying I just wanted to hang out and have a fun time you’re jealous that everybody likes dog day more than you this is something you would do I don’t know this is the first time TV man hasn’t been here in a while and honestly it’s absolutely horrendous it’s awful maybe it’s you katnap this is definitely something you would do what do those two things have to do with anything I don’t know cuz TV man’s better than you he’s the main character no he isn’t he’s not an animal he literally is I’m the one in the titles okay and well I think we all know that it wasn’t me at least right we’re on that shut up you filthy rodent even if you weren’t doing it you were still in my house getting on my bed nasty well you were like into me cuz we were green shut up you sound like a man I was forcefully turned green probably was you stop hitting on my brother ugly It’s Not Easy Being Green okay no one asked any askers yeah that’s what I thought no it’s not Kermit okay um this might be a very big jump but you know how uh none of us are probably going to do this you know Kitty is not smart enough I don’t have a motive to do this catnb you’re um too lazy and hoppy you’re you don’t can you get to the point someone’s controlling me Kitt Kitty um oh crazy as ever that’s not what I was going to no help help me help me why can’t you just be normal I don’t think she knows what that means I’m sorry about this get away from me what are you doing I can’t help it I’m you’re so stupid okay I don’t know if this is Kitty’s normal craziness but maybe we should get out of here I think the lack of oxygen is getting to her brain help help oh yeah I’m down to get out out oh my go we’re starting to get skeptical on who it is so I need to like play it safe maybe should troll them some more though because they won’t find out it’s me at all no way all right let’s see some more trolls we could do um ooh I can grab a computer and I could like I could basically like have it open and then just like like uh get rid of it oh what oh new computer I’ve been I’ve been wanting one of these let’s see does it turn you broke it I didn’t break it I’m not that clumsy it was hoppy did you break it you were right in front of it no I was just looking at it where’d it go all right next up on the bucket list is to steal catnaps computer and throw it into the water uh let’s W wait is that is that my computer did you put that down hoppy wait why’d you break it I no I it wasn’t me it wasn’t me oh I’ll save it oh never mind too far down okay well what are you guys doing I don’t know um I did not ow I didn’t do anything yo that was so funny are you serious Ry now yo being invisible is so funny hey at least you guys are in control of your body you guys keep blaming everybody for no reason but I literally saw it it was a ghost a ghost maybe that’s what’s happening I got possessed by a ghost one no you’re delusional but there’s a ghost there’s no ghosts okay let’s think about this logically I don’t think there’s an actual ghost here a ghost wouldn’t do something like that unless it had like a purpose to so maybe what the heck you know what I’m good with this no this is all right what the heck is going I don’t even care who did this this is just good who did this you know what you know I don’t even mind this let’s just like block it off yeah yeah yeah you’re right hey oh my good goodness youo they still have no idea that someone’s trolling them right now okay back to my point I don’t think a ghost would do this maybe someone’s controlling the server though what are you talking about we’re not in the amazing digital circus okay what’s that never mind what are you talking about yeah maybe maybe the oxygen got to his brain or something like that he’s going Kitty crazy now okay let’s see um well who would likely do something like this a dog day I don’t think dog day would do that no dog day is too much of a pushover true he wouldn’t do that even if someone dared him to all right now I got this teleportation device device I’m going to be using to troll them because guys this is one of the craziest trolls ever and I’m basically going to teleport them over to somewhere but I have to like kind of build it first so it’s going to be something really scary so first off let’s make it really dark outside so we have to do that and boom there we go we got to set the mood it’s really dark out now yeah that’s kind of how time works no guys it doesn’t go that quick like I said daylight savings oh yeah oh right there we go we’ll do that and here we go we’ll do that we’ll place a platform right here and then in oh my good goodness it’s going to be so scary I am here with you I’m going to say kitty too I’m going to scare her cuz I know katab sister really really is terrified from this guys what’s happening nothing just stick in your cage you can just sit in there excuse me I’m not an ant wait okay um H uh wait why is it so dark out now uh because daylight savings because it’s night time you idiot oh makes sense makes sense checked out but I’m still sure it’s a ghost it’s definitely a ghost okay can we cover again no I don’t like her talking to us yeah me neither I don’t have any more blocks though that’s it you’re not invited to my Sephora party Hoy all right moisturizer for you all right here we go we’re going to place some of this here and guys while I’m invisible I’m going to TP them over here and they’re going to basically going to spawn here and they’re going to get really scared cuz I know catnaps like really scared of heights so actually let’s make this more tight so like uh they really can’t go anywhere oh my gosh this is so funny and let’s set the mood let’s make it thunder oh my yo this is going to be crazy oh great now it’s raining it’s raining now great it’s wet it’s not just raining it’s I’m okay ouch oh that hurt okay um well that’s inconvenient usually Thunder doesn’t strike people like that unless of course we have something well Thunder doesn’t strike at all it’s lightning actually the sky has spoken smiteth you have been what are you talking about what are you going on about can we put Hoy in the cage now no why didn’t you get struck by lightning you’re in a metal cage all right all right I’m going to now teleport them over here ready guys in boom Oh my gosh oh wait oh where are we oh kitties here oh man you got a wait a sign I I am I am here with you kitty why so it has been you this whole time you literally signed it no no that’s not my signature I usually have a little heart on the eye but they know my name the ghost Knows My Name you wrote the sign you signed it cuz you’re stupid I didn’t sign it that’s not how I sign my name get out of here what if Kitty died a long time ago and she really is the ghost unfortunately she’s been alive a long time man also ghosts don’t have a physical body and we can acknowledge that kitty’s here very much here oh at least there’s some snacks in these chests wait really oh snacks hey those are not snacks that’s flesh make this even more scary too let’s grab some poison buckets here we go let’s grab a bucket cnap your disgusting here grab some of this oh wait we could do blood buckets that’s perfect uh what’s that color juice where did this Kool-Aid come from I don’t I don’t mess with that boy I don’t mess with that wait no o it’s Cherry that’s that does not smell like punch that smells like um no give it a taste it’s good a it’s gone I’m not trying that I’m not trying that okay yeah I think I’m done now that’s what I’ve been saying we’re being haunted by a ghost but no one listens to Kitty no one list because there’s no such thing as ghost and because nobody likes you oh also true nobody likes you let’s give them some more presents that’s why you don’t appear in videos often e who’s dropping all those livers all over the place oh kidney those aren’t livers those are spider eyes e ooh spider’s eyes these are tasty too oh nasty kup you disgust me you got to be put on a list eventually you’re going to be put on a l um it’s not my fault you guys are picky eaters no no whoever keeps dropping these things can you drop little carrots for me please oh what are you a robit this is so funny this is actually like the most fun thing to do cuz I’m Lally just trolling them like this whole time and they have no clue and like they’re never going to know it was me cuz I was invisible this whole time and I’ve just been trolling them uh oh hi TV man what TV Man TV man what are you doing here what are you doing here and how are you flying wait what wait oh oh hey wait guys oh no TV Man’s dead he’s a ghost oh no think that is not what’s happening you guys are so stupid wait a minute it was you trowing us this whole time wasn’t it um no no it totally was why you I ought to beat your sorry little behind you you you were behind this the whole entire time um well you guys you guys weren’t supposed to know that I can’t believe it you you saved us from the ghost oh TV man you’re such a romantic let’s get married are you Yi you are so stupid but that doesn’t matter you’re even more stupid TV man we’re going to get you back for this you know that right are you serious right now you I’m going to kill you oh my yo chill bro w Wait a second where am I right now oh uh hi TV man it’s really nice to meet you again I guess it’s been a while wait who are those people over there uh wait what amazing digital circus and smiling Critters what in the what is going on right now yo I’m actually confused uh why do they look like that yeah disgusting what are those creatures what what you’re cats you look like cats what you’re just wild animals you’re a mouth you need to shut up oh my yo and I’m a rabbit bro what do you mean hey I am just a how dare you wait wait what’s going on I’m actually so confused right now I haven’t seen Jax in a minute and oh no I don’t think cat up and Jax will get along uh okay guys listen this was supposed to be a one chunk with like just one of uh you groups of people you know you guys guys are not supposed to combine against each other but anyway I’m going to start breaking this one block right here with this Lucky Block O A Lucky Sword so hey don’t don’t leave us out bro let let me break the lucky block a little bit TV man it’s been a while so uh how are you doing do you uh are you and TV woman still a thing yo what why are you telling me that in front of everyone are you serious right now The Smiling Critters are not supposed to know about that oh oh what do you mean dude you and TV woman aren’t even a thing you got divorced remember yeah she like yeah she has a restrain Le can’t see Bozo what’s up with this bozo though he took my color wait what yo oh no uh your color you mean my color uh guys okay don’t fight okay I know you guys are from different universes but seriously let’s not fight here we’re all in this one lucky chunk together uh not going to lie yeah whatever man uh he he pulls this off really good catnap he’s kind of cute I’m just saying yo what the oh no no no oh no catnap sister do not I don’t like you like that who are you e I’m Kitty um from um poppy playtime uh I’m a smelling critter Kitty is a stupid name there’s no way that’s it yeah it’s catnapped sister actually oh that makes more sense oh my good goodness guys come on stop fighting Kitty I’m sorry they’re being mean to you but just ignore them and you know don’t talk to the amazing digital circus okay uh an amazing digital circus don’t talk to The Smiling Critters I want to make new friends more people to experiment on and go on new adventures uh no that is not a good idea all right let’s break this one lucky block right here oh my yo sheep okay let’s get rid of them though hey sheep kill the Sheep I don’t like sheep the rainbow even Rainbow Oh My yo guys stop hitting each other what’s your problem man oh my yo guys chill hey you’re the one that ran in my way bro are you serious right now guys stop fighting come on this guy was the one who started it guys don’t fight I’d rather you guys not kill each other than end up killing me on accident uh well this has been productive I think I’m going to start building now if you’ll excuse me okay pomy have fun but uh just stay away from The Smiling Critters okay they’re they’re kind of uh you know noted I already planned on it by the way uh I’ll see you later okay bye pomy these people are weird okay guys guys huddle up huddle up we need to talk we need to get rid of those stupid digital circuits people or whatever their name is but I think they could be good friends they seem chill kind of maybe not chill no we’re killing them I don’t know I I kind of see pomy as competition for TV man I agree maybe we should maybe we should kill them bro what in the yo competition you don’t have a chance anyway oh no but everyone loves Kitty everyone loves are you serious right now what do you mean competition I heard that and guys we’re not going to kill the amazing digital circus okay they’re really cool why not bro we’re not killing we’re not killing them okay that’s not the way to go we were supposed to play on this one chunk together I was supposed to do a one lucky chunk with the smiling Critters but for some reason something happened it like glitched and now they’re here oh hey Kan hey no make sure you don’t look in here cuz I’m building a cool little fun TR I mean uh activity for us to do let yo something weird is happening right now oh my goody goodness what whatever okay just stay away from them build something over there oh my gosh this is so bad I’m actually going to go spy on them Kitty okay go ahead weirdo yeah man all right let’s break this lucky block in oh I just got so many ender pearls are you serious right now that’s actually goated that’s great I’m going to use that for later so I can get out of here so uh hey hey ja where are you where where are you where where’ you go no what hey hey I said you can’t come in here get out of here right now oh what’s wrong oh oh I’ll talk to you hey back off weird cat thing tomney what’s wrong with this girl bro she’s trying to she’s trying to flirt with Jack I thought you were dating Jack no not currently I’m currently not dating anyone I decided to take a little break off of dating ever since H well just look at the past Block Buddies episode and I think you’ll understand okay bro are you serious right now what did I do whatever oh my goody goodness I can’t believe this is happening right now why are the smiling Critters and the amazing digital circus together right now oh no this is bad so uh Kane if that’s your name yes what do you want I’m currently building the next activity uh you’re you’re looking like a snack I like your pearly whites Oh catap Sister you are so weird can you just get out of here uh yeah I kind of agree no uh you’re very in telligent yes uh do you mind telling me more about the um amazing uh digital circuits hey TV man I need to talk to you can we get rid of that uh one purple guy I mean he’s kind of cramp in my style dude wait who are you talking about are you hey are you talking about cat he’s cool yeah whatever his name is who cares just get rid of him dude he’s purple there’s only room for one purple character here okay but okay listen ja I’m going to be honest with you this one lucky chunk was supposed to just be me and the smell Critters we were supposed to have a lucky chunk we’re actually we’re going to do a one raft together but for some reason everything glitched so you’re going to have to get used to him being around okay no I don’t think I will I’m going to kill him bro no no oh no I have to hold the fort down no you are not allowed in this house okay um I’m going to have to build like a platform or like just like a wall or something yeah let’s do that hey what’s going on don’t build a wall hey let me over yeah we’re going to have to build a wall no we’re building a wall I was I was going to I was going to give the smiling Critter something cool some red explosives no you you guys are not allowed over here okay no explosives I’ll take them wait can up sister get over here what are you doing come over here oh they cha me on the board I’m going to have to hop over here you go it’s just like the old days wow maybe you’re not so bad oh my goody goodness all right uh Perfect all right you guys are separated now and we could both all get out of here together we can all get out of here together perfect we’re all in this catnap get over no stop cat up stop what are you doing stop please I’m not doing anything what do you mean no no stop cat up stop can up you’re going to oh hey what the heck are you doing what’s going on spectacular those bombs are really fun building materials oh this is going to be really hard I can’t believe this is happening right now shut up I have a question uh hey pomy yeah catnap sister uh it’s Kitty actually oh okay um what is it you got to stay away from TV man keep your grubby little cats weird little grippers to yourself he’s mine oh my yo oh no no there’s going to be war on this one lucky chunk and I am not ready for it you can have to made all to yourself I never wanted him in the first place guys are we really just going to let this happen that stupid purple guy is ruining everything nabnab or whatever his name is no sorry are we talking about something on my way come on there we go yeah we are talking about something how to get rid of those losers uh I’m currently building something that could do the really yeah it’s not done yet but uh it involved some nice cool lasers oh no that sounds great you should just keep doing that then I don’t know what to do I’m never going to be able to get out of this one lucky chunk if everyone’s fighting there’s going to be a war on this one lucky chunk you got any spare wool I kind of need it oh my do you guys see that loser this Jack guy is so stupid why does he think he gets to be purple like me bro oh I was I was um I I definitely wasn’t scking around uh the the amazing digital circuit house uh but I found something I found something can’s inventory yeah what oh I like that kitty stop stop it no no we’re not doing this okay no no uh I can I can use this to capture jackon then I can make a mine forever yo what forever um e that is not happening I know I know he’s a furry like you but e what is happening right now can we guys just not I’d rather not capture anyone I’d rather just not fight you know yeah we need to just kill them that’s not what I said no we’re not doing that we’re not doing any of that okay okay we are not we’re going to be civil okay I’m going to need you guys all three of you to apologize to the amazing digital circus so we can make it up to them okay I’m good wait what did I do what did I do what did I do no nothing just you guys need to make peace like we need peace here okay this is the tension is rising up and I’m not going to do it I’m not going to do it I’m going to leave where are you a dictator why should I they should have to do it we were here first oh my gosh it doesn’t matter it does not matter it does matter oh we just need to figure I don’t know what to do I need I need someone here I need help I don’t know what to do you just like pomy that’s what you want to protect your girlfriend isn’t that it no I I am not uh pomy what are you doing here I PNE I am very confused right now okay um I need to make this wall bigger I’m not going to lie no not again how am I supposed to hop over now oh wait I did it hey jck my thing is ready why did we invite our very little friends over oh hey T man uh oh that sounds like a good idea yeah wait wait what did you guys make what are you talking about I have don’t worry about it you should just tell those uh whatever their names are to come over to our side yo yeah everyone we’re having a quick little gathering a peace meeting if you if you will and I have some fun game for us to play I Love Games is it is it is it Kitty no um I really don’t think what is this let me see uh guys come on I think we can finally make friends come on oh oh we’re not doing that no we’re not doing that kitty no well I have a little game for us all to play whoever can make it to the bottom becomes king of this one chunk uh I’m a girl I would become a queen boo dog day get off that dog day who cares but this so much fun I love this thing guys it’s so look at me go H I normally would in well what’s down here oh wow he actually made that that should have been impossible uh who wants to go next who wants to go next H that was interesting who’s next cutup I’m not going next and I know who did it it’s you you stupid purple guy get out of here wait what how do you like it no poy bear no ow what the heck man how dare you catnap that was one of my friends if he wasn’t so skinny he would have been chopped into you want to die wow I don’t remember asking oh you want to die oh my God this is bad oh no no no no are you serious right now why do you have one oh this is getting really really bad I need to find a way out of here right now before it’s too late but everyone has to leave at the same time or else I’m not allowed to leave too oh no how am I going to do this oh my good goodness are you serious right now I don’t know what’s going on I have to figure this out like ASAP oh no they’re all here again bro just use the word ASAP you guys are going down um you guys are the ones going down why you turn Southern you sound like my sister I don’t want to F stop oh what no are you serious right now find down the hatches build towers kill them all what why are we fighting like this I don’t know guys calm down cuz it’s fun no no it’s not fun it’s not fun it’s F stop it stop it stop it okay um everyone please calm down let’s let’s sign like a maybe we could sign an agreement so like all chill you know we don’t have to die like this end it’s called a us have to die it’s just them yeah come on TV man even I want them dead now especially that stupid purple guy they tried to kill us try to kill me they’re so dead guys come on apologize all right Kane just apologize man come on of course not they interrupted our one chunk so they need to leave permanently oh my gosh stop it are you serious right now this is so annoying dude this is ruining everything I like how are we going to leave get the grenades Kane Kane stop it Kane no no no I already threw a grenade no no you’re the only one with explosive no no stop stop stop stop stop oh no no no no please please no oh no are you serious right now everything’s going to shambles oh no oh gosh I got to get this one block I guess this my only chance to like survive here but I don’t think I can leave unless everyone leaves uh come on guys I’m pretty sure we can work something out right that’s what I said we’re building a castle shut up nobody asked spread out spread out they may attack us they may attack us at any moment oh what no are you serious right now you bet you oh no throw the rifles I know how to aim oh my God no you don’t you suck you think you’re so tough you stupid purple rabbit oh yeah I was the one that came first you’re just a cheap knockoff dude you were oh my yo guys chill oh my gosh we can we to steo guys we can settle this on a One V one on fortnite we don’t need to do this okay we we do not need to fight like for real wait wait I’m goated on fortnite let let me settle this no you’re not you’re garbage you died to bots bro yeah you’re girl you can’t be have video games what did you say I mean they’re right there guys stop stop listen you a can we all stop fight oh my yo how is she flying oh no no no no no I this place at Me Now oh my gosh Kitty’s going insane Kitty’s going insane you want I got out here video games well guess what we’re right now we’re in a video gam I’m actually leaving now no I’m done I’m done okay um I need a crafting T I don’t even have wood are you serious right now okay okay I need get W come on come on come on you guys are terrible I bet you got I’m I’m surprised you guys can even move with that kind of aim oh no this is getting really hectic okay crafting table let’s get some uh we’re going to make some pickaxes and we’re going to leave and never return here again okay here we go we got some golden pickaxes perfect and um now we’re to start digging down and I’m getting out of here K do you have any more explosives that we can throw at them they have a really strong defense oh my go are you serious right now they’re shooting more explosives bro don’t worry I got this get them C come on I just got to keep going I’m getting out of here like on my own like this war is getting too much for me oh what no are you serious right now hello TV man um Kane what’s up man did you think you’re going to leave we still have to head play our one Chun together but that will only happen whenever the others are gone so you just take a little sleep no no d man who did this to you just tell me take him out for you let do yo I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on guys come on let me out guys we don’t need to have War I’m out of ammo take this oh my I’m not fa uh Kane is man you guys are struck yeah you really suck at this Kane is this you’re doing did you just cage TV man what is wrong with you I didn’t that he did he did it to himself he went on without us guys take a look at yourself look what we’re doing we’re self-destructing shut up woman bro yeah go back to the kitchen oh my yo I became the thing I hate hey TV man you know that stupid Jack guy I stole his gaming setup and he hasn’t even notice bro that’s a bad idea you what oh oh my y I’m going to kill you oh my yo this sounds like something a woman would do are you serious right now guys guys come on stop fighting we don’t need to do this anymore excuse me you know what maybe maybe the the real one chunk was the friends made along the way don’t don’t don’t don’t youare oh I hate that I I’m going to kill you for that yeah you can oh you guys they’re so annoying I just wanted to play a lucky chunk I just want to I want to have a good old fun time with my friends and my friends at the digital circus you’re all done for grenade no you missed oh my gosh what is he doing Kane’s going insane two done oh I can just get out oh my dude whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oh no no no no no oh my gosh what’s going on Kane relax relax you guys are you guys are done for wao oh what’s that down there oh my goody goodness all right we’re going down here I was down here earlier what is this place wait wait wait a minute we’re we can’t go this far down we still need we still have things to do we got still got to hey hey dog day stop it stop it wait can up Sister throw a love potion at him uh which one uh the one that you threw at me last video you know the one the crazy one okay oh the goated one yeah yeah the one to who uh they’re all looking at us just throw it just just Kitty KY not on me not on me no no no what is going on what is that can you do anything right you’re so useless what’s a love potion what’s a love I’m so confused hey hey what I feels weird hey what is this get it get it off me oh why I’m just so I’m so bored now let’s go do some fun things everyone we need to get some excitement excuse me I’m not doing anything with this stupid clap trap guy whatever his name is bro his name is catnap why don’t you guys just get along here you guys can me other let’s go come on ready um catnap say hi to Jax and Jack say hi to catnap uh I’m good bro I’m not going to be friends with a furry what dude you’re literally a cat bro guys chill oh come on like what’s wrong with being a furry you’re a furry wait what no I’m not my sister is though no wait uh wait Jack can you um do something for me can you um please step on this this is a science experiment please please I’m good I said please oh my yo what uh maybe we should all get along that’s probably for the best right I look at us look at what happened we just basically exploded half the one chunk yeah she’s right yeah can you shut up pomy if I wanted advice from a dishwasher I would ask for it oh my Jack what yeah shut up woman guys stop stop stop I me he does have a point I think it’s a good idea I think we should all be friends well I guess it’s a good idea to make friends I’d rather not be stuck here forever so pomy I’m dog day I’m clearly I’m I’m a stupid dog but uh it’s nice to meet you and let’s try to get along oh yeah of course I don’t think you’re a stupid dog I think dogs are pretty cool I mean it’s better than rabbits are you serious right now you’re going to be friends with this loser look at him what what what’s wrong with him he seems really nice he’s nicer than you and at least he didn’t call me a dishwasher I mean he’s right though dog that you’re such a pansy trying to be friends with these guys we should kill them instead what’s wrong with you bro come on man you’re not a real smiling Critter I’m well look at me I’m still smiling I I can only smile okay I can seriously oh my gosh this is getting really bad like chaos like come on shut up TV man it’s your fault we’re in this mess in the first place I’m the one fixing it I am the one fixing it it is not my problem yeah and you’re the one who caused it uh should I make K Kane drinks some milk his his happiness is weirding me out all right wait oh there’s all this armor why don’t we just grab all this armor guys this stuff looks pretty good usually when there’s armor that means we’re going to have to fight something okay this is just great oh yeah you’re right but maybe that that’ll help us get out of here guys come on we can all work together oh yes I remember hey hey ja hey ja uh ja try this e what was that how you feel buddy how you feel get away from me yeah I forgot I was supposed to spot in the m so we could all become better friends Kan Kane what are you doing Kane stop let’s have some fun oh no no no no no what are Kane what are you doing are you serious right now oh my good goodness oh zombies I hate zombies I you should say he lost W you guys you guys killed him so quickly with the power of friend stop Kane Kane what are you doing I’m going to spawn something stronger oh my goody goodness are you serious right now is he always like this or he say like program Haywire or something I don’t know being really oh no there’s mutant zombies are you serious right now get a mutant zombies are you serious right now why are you talking like me uh what do you mean I said it first guys I don’t like zombies I don’t like zombies oh oh okay well they’re all done huh okay we really need to figure out how to deal with these guys don’t you think why should I listen to you my bad I know you don’t think at all you know I’ll just do it myself you’re useless anyway oh fine fine fine fine now now I’ll help I’ll help I’ll help well we just need to kill them so do you have any ideas I have a gun watch this hey Kan oh what what’s up how’s it going oh my that was a bad idea why why Kitty why that was so s guy honestly I’m fine with that why did we have to kill he was the only guy trying to make us be friends he was just under the effects of my love potion stupid but now he’s now he died so the potion effect’s going to be off now he’s going to be evil again good now we can kill him he’s not evil he’s just like chat GPT generated or something what do you think you’re doing messing with Kane woman what’s your problem Oh My yo whatever whatever I do it I want Oh My y guys stop stop fighting oh my goody goodness guys come on Kane is really powerful and he can kill us all he’s just an AI what can AI do replicate art I can take them no you can’t can up you’ve never even met Kane before uh uh what’s going on I hear I hear explosions I’m back oh what no are you Ser hey stop I’m back and I don’t know what was wrong with me before I don’t know why we wanted to become friends cuz you guys need to die have some grenades oh my yo stop stop stop Kane please stop this okaye you’re going to kill us all K you’re going to actually kill us all stop that sounds like fun actually exactly see he gets it what what is what is oh yeah that was you what are you any anyways I’m a cat it’s in my name dude what do you mean but I don’t know it’s just weird whatever I need to get I need to kill you and your friends so that we can get back to a normal one Chuck it’s going to be a pen in the butt to rebuild all this though but I can do it but that’s not so [ __ ] why would you do that that is not so goody I’m going to kill you first guys stop oh my gosh okay I think we all just need to like fight against Kane maybe Kane’s the problem he’s the one like brainwashing the like cuz like Jack and pomy are usually really nice like I mean pom’s actually pretty nice right now but like they’re pretty nice so maybe they just need to maybe I just need to tell Jax like how nice of the smil critters are hey J um dude like so you know you know like kitty and uh catop right hey what’s up baby girl uh what about um hey PS get away from me they’re like um okay they’re like pretty cool like you just have to like get to know them like if you talk to canop about like um it’s a bug oh just saw a bug look it look like a bu oh what is wrong with you wait wait wait wait okay talk to can up about um I have an HD ask him about fortnite cuz I know you really like fortnite he likes fortnite too why don’t you guys talk about that I don’t want to talk to him at all dude don’t think I don’t know your part in this you are placed me with that purple dude what uh that’s why I’m not in any videos anymore oh waa whoo okay you’re flipping the script on me now there we go I found some more grenades I mean he’s right you know I’m better no you’re not I I mean you guys are like equal I mean I kind of am you’re you’re equal hey stop stop it oh my goody goodness wait Kane Kane come here come here Kane I need to ask you something before you kill me please please what is it I guess everybody deserves some final words yeah yeah what if we team up and we wipe out the entire server and we keep TV man and Jack to me and you can have pomy if you want well I don’t need your help though why would I I I gain no benefit from that she’s stupid just ignore her no no I’m the most powerful one here everyone knows that she was dropped on her head as a baby I was not I think that would check out what but I guys angry I just want I don’t want to fight anymore I don’t like fighting in the first place that’s catnaps thing that’s catnap thing can we stop fighting okay Kan I mean I’m fine with fighting yeah Kane please stop this Kane please stop can’t we just go in an adventure or something cringe but this is an adventure actually now I think about it these smiling Critters interrupted our adventure so I believe they deserve that you were here first I Lally built this chunk get off my land you rat land I I built this place with my I’m going to I’m going to blow you up right now here take this oh my yo stop stop run run run grenades oh what’s down there ooh oh the next section let’s see if the smiling Critter survive this one you know what smiling crit oh where’d you go are you serious right now guys stop fighting come on oh no this is getting really scary you can play a that game grenade uh stop Kitty oh bro that is it you guys already blew up the cool looking section I spent hours on that you guys are done the one that blew it up though y yep yep shut back to Kane stop he’s going to get you guys are going in the cage such a mou you can’t cage me no one cages kitty kitty a you end up in cages all the time oh what no wait a now I get to drop if I wanted to just drop a single grenade in there do it you won’t wa what just happened wait wait what just happened I can take it do it I literally just wait no I’d get him shut get I shut I’d rather not get blown up okay I’d rather not get blown B easy oh wait you look at this wow you’re not very good at cages are you I’m Houdini oh that works too throw a grenade oh they just got out oh my good goodness oh come on come on come on uh what are we going to do wow good one bro where’s my gun where’s my gun oh my yo kill kill oh no he’s a minigun are you serious right now feet You Can’t Touch This get out of the way T man I need to kill these Critters oh what no are you serious right now guys stop oh my bro I got one already really dude again okay man I was shooting at him I couldn’t see it are you serious right now I’m just going to keep digging down I got to get out of here this place is crazy I I have a deal for you K hey Kane watch it you’re hitting me what’s the deal cat’s I’m out of here uh it’s Kitty uh uh you can kill catnap sister actually give me away give me away give me away get me away get me away from this chaos I don’t want to be here anymore I don’t want to be here anymore I don’t want to be here anymore I don’t want to be here anymore I don’t want to be here anymore I’m sorry I’m good all right I’m I’ll see you too bad I’ll see you later I’ll see you later I’m not doing say h i can’t breath welcome back you forgot I had I have Almighty power here you’re saying no stop stop I don’t stop oh my God I want you to tell these creats to leave cuz technically you’re you’re like the third party in all this so if we vote against them we can get them to leave maybe okay got why can’t we all just get along Kane why can’t we do that that’s a great idea right why Can’t We Be Friends why Can’t We Be Friends that’s exact that’s exactly why I can’t get along with these creatures C up sister just say you’ll be friends with them maybe maybe it would be cool no you’d have to brainwash me if you wanted me to say that I would never do that that’s disgusting all right Jax can you say you’ll be friends with them n I’m good guys can we can can I be let out of the cage please I’m still kind of in here shut up bro he’s on your team okay I guess I’ll let you out thanks man thanks guys wait do you see what we’ve done this has gone way too far the half the one Chu is already I’m I’m having an inspirational speech look the one chunk is didn’t ask okay maybe we should kill them um I mean no that’s the spirit no no no sorry I I what I meant was we can’t do this anymore can you get to the point I I I am getting to the point I mean depressed okay if if we keep going at this any longer there’s not going to be any more one chunk left okay yeah that’s true there’s going to be no more one chunk we’re all going to die we’re all going to we’re never going to have a fun life and Kane’s going to take over and take over all of us you guys want that what do we take over I’m already in control Kane can you please stop that’s you think please make me blow you up cat don’t put my brother actually go ahead go ahead I don’t like it oh look at that I’ll just drop this right here kill him kill him oh that supposed to do something bro you just ate that wow do you have like some explosion proof armor or something I’m just built different bro no no he’s just fat double check like fat nap got him what would that have to do with explosive resistance you ate that bomb stupid since you don’t want to you know help me in this little situation I’m going to take away a couple of privileges wait what are you doing ow ow where’s my color what’s happening to me where’s my color you can’t do anything your individuality is now got I hate English whatever you’re what’ you do to myy Precious TV man you monster did you really just say the word Pooky what are you yapping about everyone shut up they in here if if you if you lay a finger if you let your dirty yucky if you let your dirty disgusting mouth on my TV man you’re going to face the wrath of kitty okay uh yeah this has gone way too far come on let’s just try to I don’t know find some similarities like uh uh catnap and uh Jax you both like being mean to women that’s something you can Bond over I think true we do both play fortnite you’re right yeah you guys can Bond over that wait you play fortnite yeah yeah you guys do yeah dude I’m totally cracked I play guys guys I play I play we could do sometimes too please nobody invited you bro uh and uh Kitty we can Bond over the fact that we’re uh we’re both females yeah you guys can get your makeup done and get your nails done come on well that’s kind of stereotypical don’t you think dude yeah what’s wrong with you what hey hey what you just stereotype I can’t believe you TV man wait wait no no stop stop being friends we need to I need to get you guys killed and I’d rather have the help of my fellow friends to take you guys so stop being friends kill each other and or I’ll just kill you all I’ll just kill you all okay if you kill sa then you’ll be alone is that what you really want Kane no but I could um I’ll have TV man you took my colors away you jerk don’t make me take away your life wait no no no no everything’s going wrong I’m just going to blow everything up I can make I can make I can just make AI versions of you I can just make my wait come here come here I I have a I have a great genius plan for you to kill us and keep T man in the amazing digital circus people to yourself come here come here I need a whisper if it’s anything like your other plans I don’t think it’s going to be stupid no it’s actually really good so here if you want to kill me and T man or not T man if you want to kill the smiling Critters got to feel love no no no no fuckus no no was some water water water why doesn’t work guys let’s just get out of here oh my gosh what is going on right now yeah yeah Kane is actually insane I don’t know what he’s doing guys let’s just all get along though come come on it’ll be way more fun yeah see isn’t this nicer I mean I guess we can try that all right come on let’s just keep digging down guys come on let’s go all right here we go oh my wait what is oh all right here we go um uh Kane is that you who else would be this gorgeous youly bro qu so moment real wow you’re the one who did this to me that potion you thre me had some mutant chemicals in it what no it didn’t I never me mess up my potions I mess up my words but not my potions no you mess up all the time actually F bro nothing’s happen you really think that’s going to do anything oh no no no no this is bad this is bad guys come on how do we kill Kane it’s something called it’s something called oh dog they just fell off oh well that’s okay we we didn’t like them anyway well I just got came up with a perfect idea well if I take your friend hostage I could drop a at any moment so don’t dare don’t move wait uh hold the phone we we M with dog day but that’s only us if anyone’s going to kill him it’s got to be us so um can you can you can you please not seems like I’ve got some leverage now so what do you guys when what I want I want you smiling Critters to get off this one chunk so I can have a normal game with TV man in my digital circus friends dude we’re literally trying to leave but you’re the one stopping us are you stupid no you’re completing the one chunk I don’t want you to complete the one chunk I want to do that with TV man you’re spoiling it you’re spoiling the fun well I didn’t want you to leave no normal way obviously that you can get out through there but I don’t want you to ruin the experience for my other friends so the only other way to get for you to get out is for you guys to perod di bro stop stop don’t kill us I don’t know about that I’m good let him go let him go let him go oh punch me a couple punch me a little bit more and I think my hand might slip oh wait that is letting him go right should I keep punching him no no stop oh he’s about to fall about to let go and he’s going to die okay I have an idea I have an idea I have an idea okay um guys wait I got it I got I got it I got it okay okay don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry dog I’m going to go behind he he won’t know because I’m I’m a different toer so he won’t be able to see okay here we go why are you always the damn so distressed isn’t it the girl is supposed to get captured so why are you always getting captured that’s I don’t know I don’t know I I plock his vision with my with my ears Kane just drop him drop him what are you said if you say so don’t run run come on oh your ears are so annoying oh my gosh thanks man thanks please cover this up cover this up uh wait don’t kill no use every block you have cover it up cover it up so we can’t get in you guys really think you can escape me no no no no no are you serious right now let me through okay I think we should focus on getting out as fast as we can Kane’s totally lost it wow you’re so smart pomy take this wow thanks Jack guys Okay Okay jump down here wa oh my good where are we right now is this the exit oh looks like a lay out I think hey you guys are not going anywhere I already closed up the exit you guys won’t be able to leave without my permission Kane can we leave please no no no but oh well it was worth a shot can I leave it was it really was you want to be dead anyways well maybe I don’t I I’m probably just going to kill you other later or maybe I’ll keep you as a pet and torture you bro what in the yo you’re actually weird you that’s my job I’m playing Animal Patrol that’s that’s that’s inhumane come on Kane uh look around uh Kitty and I are um friends yeah kitty likes pomy but you don’t even know her name it’s katnap sister I’ll just call her Kitty as a nickname maybe that’s what kitty wants have you ever asked her what she wants I don’t care about what she wants get get on with it you get me you really get me I love you yo what as a as a friend wo wo wo woah I don’t swing that way back to what I was saying um and catnap and Jack they tolerate each other now I think right I mean he’s all I guess I’ve been tolerating them for ages yeah you’re cool too yeah we’re all friends now wooo and dog day is just there I guess oh okay I’ll just I’ll just go over here no no no we we we love you dog day you’re just we I know wait I can’t believe we’re all friends now this is awesome but how do we get out of here now friends yeah you think you guys think you’re friends you guys AR friends you guys are just this is just Circumstance the moment you guys leave you’ll turn on each other again trying to kill each other once again just how I want I just I just need it to happen sooner rather than later like we hey Canna didn’t you have a PC whenever you got here there’s one in your house but I’m pretty sure Jack stole it and dog day let me not forget about you you were you were trying to kill the catnap sister this entire time what what no what what I I I okay maybe that may be true but it was just a single time I didn’t I I didn’t mean to it was I was I just dropped some TV guys guys don’t listen to Kane he’s trying to split us up we can defeat him with the power of friendship or whatever this isn’t a novel romance you guys are just going to die and the heroes won’t win then I’ll wipe your memories and we can try this all again n I’m good shut up I think I’ll pass all right well how do we get out of here guys come on let’s just think a plan oh okay okay I’m going to start breaking this he could just let him y let let him talk oh yeah okay tell us about your your birth or what notot I I created myself I’m an AI so but never mind that let’s see any other thing yeah P you you didn’t the port [Music] Open Water oh my yo guys we got out of there no way oh finally finally oh yeah he was really big I don’t think it could have fit through the hole that you made well uh now that we’re all out of Kane’s domain I think we should uh partner up and do like a bonding activity Kitty and I can like go I’m good I’m just going to go home do you guys have to deal with that Kane guy all the time I feel sorry for you he’s annoying and he’s ugly wait dude you’re just going to leave One V one me bro oh you want to go man okay I’m down wait you oh you guys are going to One V one bet bet wait can I join no bro can I what about me what about me can I at least watch please I guess yay I’m involved in something oh hey TV man oh what are all these things oh my God what is this what are you this talk who are you where are you have a lot of T what happened to your lower part of your body what is all this what are you I’m title TV man everyone’s favorite who who’s title TV title wait a second where am I right now oh hello TV man well as you guessed we trapped you here cuz you need to be taught a lesson wait I taught a lesson what did I even do what get me out of here catnap you’re like my best friend get me out what do you want me to do sucks to suck bro you’re not a part of this right oh catnap you’re not getting let off the hook he’s not getting let off the hook don’t worry T man we’re going to punish him as well what yo let me out of here what why am I in this bubble right now no seriously girls this is not cool get me out right now I’m not going to handle this we told you you need to be punished yo oh wait there’s an opening over there okay I got to go over there come on come on come on I’m not getting out I’m not letting myself stay in here oh did you mean this opening TV man you can’t get out hey let me out catnap oh my goody goodness come on dude n I’m good oh yeah catnap you think you’re safe here let me just step yeah what yo oh no yo C up you’re here with me too now dude I can’t believe they would do this this is so messed up we have to get out of here oh my gosh cat are you serious right now that dude that was complete opposite of what you were saying over there dude you were lying you were saying no you were a part of the girl I was always on your I was always on your side bro you look so cute just standing there can I give you a kiss yo all right let me out I’m going to try to break this bro it’s not breaking c yeah it’s obviously not going to be that easy a doesn’t he look kind of cute he’s like a little fish and a bowl Kitty oh de man you’re going to be arsed forever you’re never going to escape no I’m not doing this I’m not doing this no I do not want to stay in this stupid bubble forever are you serious right now uh I don’t think you have a choice I mean you guys can like keep him but you can let me out right you don’t want to keep me in here I want to be an only child sorry sucks to sucks bro catnap you got me in this mess didn’t you how is it my fault it was their idea it was their idea so you knew about this the whole time well yeah um so we we kind of need to do something maybe give you a little test to do cuz you can’t just sit there idly so how about you go build or something we’ll be right back bro I’m not building here I’m not wasting my time there’s all those diamonds though maybe we can find a way to get out of here let’s just start exploring this PL let’s just start exploring this place catnap yeah that’s a good idea I can’t believe we ended up in this mess it’s so crazy how they completely did that bro you were a part of it too I can’t believe yes you were anyway there’s a little area over here maybe we could go to come on there’s got to be something in here but we’re in this stupid bubble how are we going to get out well I mean we could start by getting some wood there’s a fishing rod and some fish in here but I hate Seafood oh my goody goodness more for me okay kitty so how about to add to our Mastermind plan we add in a bit of torture isn’t that a good idea I mean the Tor is probably going to be for catnap no one likes catnap but for TV man o we should give him like some love challenges or something yo catnap are you hearing that right now um yeah my ears are working dude bro they’re actually sus N I don’t want to stay in this stupid bubble forever they’re going to keep us trapped in here but there’s an opening over there how are we going to get out cat now well we need to get some supplies take this pickaxe wait you have a pickaxe oh my goody goodness perfect okay with this pickaxe I’m going to start breaking this wood right here wait Cobblestone oh my gosh my brain’s all fogged because I like put some potion on me um that’s not the only thing they put in here wait what oh my y there’s zombies are you serious right now oh no are you enjoying your company I thought you might be a little lonely no I’m not I am not enjoying this are you serious right now bro I could always come in there with you and we could I don’t know go on a date oh no get me out of here right now canab sister this is not cool I’ll say your name right if you let me out you always say my name right everyone knows it’s kitty it’s Kitty come on this isn’t fair oh my gosh what did I do to deserve this I’m just I’m just a dude like I don’t deserve this yeah me neither oh kenup you deserve a lot of things okay but you got arrested was like my friend too I can’t believe this for being too cute I am your friend what do you mean well I don’t know dude now I’m annoyed like we’re stuck in this stupid bubble and all like I’m with you now dude yeah and now we can work together and get out how how are we going to get out it’ll be like a bonding exercise you’re not a let Bon TV man that’s my job yo hey yo you’re Su well maybe you should come in here then and we can swap places no no maybe I will no catnap are you serious right now I am serious right now oh my good goodness it’s already night time are you serious right now I want to go to sleep oh what if I put my Minecraft bed next to yours yo oh no get away from me cat up sister come on please uh catnap tell your sister to get away from me I’m kind of busy oh my good goodness just get away from me where are you TV man uhoh oh no oh gosh dog day sister’s in here too are you serious right now how do I get out of here oh you don’t get out that’s the thing do I have to cage you maybe I need you to be taught another lesson no no no no no no no that’s not fair what what do you mean cage me are you serious right now no we’re not doing that I mean we’re basically already in a cage oh my goody goodness no no no no no I can up where do I go uh well there’s nowhere to really go right now we kind of need to find a way out hey hey why are you pushing me hey stop hey bro let me out let me out um I don’t think so hey Kitty you’re right where I want you what let me out no stop it guys oh my good goodness they just trapped me in a box in a box oh my God actually it’s a bubble in a box a box in a bubble actually nerd Emoji nerd Emoji I’m not a nerd yes you are you’re a loser like I’ll never like you girls if you’re doing this you’re trapping me in a oh you broke me out oh wait no you didn’t hey hey I don’t want your cookies bro they’re probably like Lac with like love potions um no they’re not they’re Lac with sugar they’re called sugar cookies uh let me out right now catnap Sister um should we no we’re not going to let you out okay what do I have to do what do I have to do please anything maybe like Truth or Dare or like you know I could guess your guys’s favorite something like please just let me out can up help me one sec dude just distract them okay okay sure we can play around Truth or Dare okay uh Truth or Dare what’s my name uh Dog Day sister no I said this like a while ago all right I don’t really care I don’t really care next one come on come on dare dare dare okay I dare you better not be Su to stay with us forever oh my yo I ain’t doing all that yo can up get me out okay you’re chickening out no uh yeah I guess okay I wasn’t going to let you out anyway so bro are you serious right now K up where are you katup help sh be quiet oh my gosh okay uh-oh uh awkward what in the re’s peanut butter catnap yo cat up we got to go cat up we got to go but where are we going to go we’re in a stupid box stop you’re rning I why is she growling bro are you serious right now I don’t know she’s kind of weird she pretends to be a furry what oh my goody goodness come on come on come on H come on wait I’m actually getting out right now K up come on let’s go what are you doing just standing there help me get him in a su in a su come on come on come on can I’m keep doing this I’m like right now I’m coming I’m coming dude it’s so hard to get out of here bro I have like no blocks too I’m losing health I gave you my cookies you can eat those oh no no get away stop stop stop she’s fishing running me ow oh no looks like I caught myself a TV man hey yo you’re sus uh-uh all right TV man I’ll remember you I’m going to leave without you but hey hey don’t leave me respect your sa me bro wait no they’re dragging me uh yep um so TV man we’re in this together man got to figure way to get out bro are you serious right now uh TV man um want to go on a date no I don’t want to go on a date with you you’re so weird and creepy like what what what like I don’t understand oh okay we’ll just keep you in here more no no no no yeah you’re both ugly go away TV Man TV man I have an idea I have an idea what what we should try and get them to spawn in some Enderman and then we can use the pearls to get out oh my yo that’s such a good idea I’m not going to lie can up I love that okay um girls um we want to actually go on a date you you guys want to hear the date okay I’m not going on a date with katet though I don’t want to go on a date with you either I was talking about me idiot oh so like I go on a date with you TV man yeah okay well basically you know I we were going to go on an Enderman date so we’re going to like kill all the Enderman and it would be like cool because it’s like fun it’s like really wholesome and like you know right can yeah that’s a great idea oh yeah killing things super wholesome uh but well that’s the only way you guys are going to go on a DAT with me so if I I I mean I don’t care we don’t have to do it okay fine fine fine fine fine fine fine okay I’m sorry I I’m just on the edge of it okay okay so spawn in the whoa whoa what is hey stop throwing love potions at me meow meow meow meow meow meow meow stop stop stop stop stop catnap get her to stop okay what do you want me to do but um actually uh take this first TV man oh is that a the diamond sword are you serious right now okay yeah I manag to get the diamonds while you’re in the cage bet bet okay well here’s your Enderman TV man uh now where do you want to go on a DAT uh we’ll talk about that later but let me just kill some of these Ender first come on booah okay yeah oh my good yo these Enderman are really powerful though but these are pretty easy to kill cute when you’re killing things bro come on come on I need an ender pearl I need an end Pearl I need an ender pearl please die die die BR can up they aren’t D oh I got an ender pearl okay perfect um there we go oh can I have that yeah I got it that was a great dat oh um can I have the Pearl uh yeah yeah yeah hold on one second though I got to figure something out okay oh he’s going to give me a gift this is so awesome okay I need some more blocks can before we can leave I already have some I’ll give you some oh here give them to me because I don’t think it actually like I don’t think the range of the ender pearl would actually fit to the top of that so I need some blocks to build up a little bit oh my good goodness I just got all this Cobblestone are you serious right now let’s go hey yo there’s more ender are you serious right now IGN them okay here we no that’s not going to work okay um hey hey what are you doing dog this sister I just wanted to do something real quick hold on I’m just looking at what you’re doing you’re not thinking of escaping are you no it’s a secret he’s building a surprise for you come on oh my good goodness oh yes let’s go I’m out of there you got to be kidding me kab come on use your ender pearl here I’m going to drop one on you you didn’t give me one here I just dropped it I just dropped it did you get it use it come on come on come on throw wit and boom Oh My Gosh finally come on we got to go C uh no dude are you serious yo what in the Bro wait canap can oh what dude you triggered the cage now we’re stuck again bro what in the are you serious right catnap it’s raining too we those girls yeah I noticed those girls are going to be here any minute dude we’re actually C we’re done we we we can figure something out I’m not going back in there yeah I’m not either come on we got to figure out a way to get out of here we we can’t do this right now Cat come on dude I found you oh catnap we’re C we we’ll figure something out no we won’t dude we’re actually donez what are we going to do oh no she has L then just give up then loser she’s love potions she’s throwing love potions that but she’s missing though she’s trash I’m not trash yeah she’s pretty bad at everything to be honest I’m not bad but T man’s bad yo oh no I don’t swing that you’re you don’t like girls I don’t want to be in a cage with you anymore bro I didn’t mean it like that dude I’m not sus like that but dude come on bro oh she is ender pearls too oh yeah you dropped some I took some so what up shotty you want to um no no no no no no no oh no we’re actually in another cage are you serious or I thought we were going to get out of that dude stop stop yeah we would have been fine if you didn’t step on it K up tell her to stop stop see okay we got to find a way wait we just take down what are we doing we’re stupid okay let’s go come on come on come on where do you think you’re going we’re leaving go go go go go you’re not supposed to Can You Dig faster dude go go go go go move oh my gosh I can go run run run run run can follow me follow me I’m literally right behind you okay okay we need to get on a boat do you have any wood if you have any wood we can get on a boat right now so we can get away from these stupid sisters I used it all building out okay okay let’s get some wood right here all right one two come on I need like three more and then I’ll be fine here we go and boom there we go all right have three pieces of wood right now let’s use that let’s get some of this going uh you might want to hurry we’re fine we’re fine we fine where do you think you’re going can up can up can up she’s fishing rotting me oh my goody gunness I know that’s why I said to hurry I’m trying I’m trying there we go Spruce boat get in get in get bro it just disappeared are you serious right now oops we got to go we got to grab the crafting table can up go you know what that’s it since you don’t want to do this since you’re not going to listen to me I’m getting my whole entire Army oh wait they have an army yo oh no oh no they’re they’re going to trap us again we’re going to get a trap yeah I got it on wish we got to go we got to go wait we got to find like an ocean or something you’re not going anywhere yo wait wait there’s a river over here follow me me K up we got to go yo there’s sus again I’m right behind you bro oh what my goody goodness okay here we go let’s grab that right here I get in my boat can up come on why won’t you just love me TV man please yo she’s spawning her Army and we got to go we got to go can up run nobody will love you bro maybe one day someone will but not not now for me personally not even our parents crush on me we don’t have parents stupid oh my good goodness yo she’s in the water oh my gosh how is she here oh lucky shot uh she’s kind of in your boat dude no she’s not that was real funny of you all right let’s just get out of here though come on Yo wait a second she’s in my boat hey yo get out oh wow who just said that get out get out get out get out get out shoo shoo Sho sh shoo this is fun C up C up C up I’m getting in your boat okay all right come over to me then hurry okay there we go all right let’s go oh no no just go go to this ocean over here oh my goody goodness I’m going as fast as I can you can help bro how do I help bro are you run go run K up go I am just get out right here okay we got to go we got to go where are we going though catap just follow me dude doesn’t matter let’s just get out of here oh gosh no no no no no no no catap dude cat save me catap come on man no you’re not going to do this to me right wait no they knocked me in bro well well well you really thought you could Escape uhoh uh catnap it’s kind of cute when you play dumb we’re cooked we’re actually cooked how do you manage to run into every single trap man oh my goodness maybe I put a spell on him to make him unlucky no he’s just stupid no no no no no I can’t believe this is happening right now I can’t believe it I can’t believe it I just like we just got trapped in another bubble cuz of you catnap you like you like rushed me or something how was it my fault dude I don’t know and then you want to save me is crazy you got pushed in what am I supposed to do okay okay ladies stop fighting lady bro we are not ladies excuse me it’s oh my gosh you know what okay now that I have you where I want you I’m going to make you sign these papers that say we’re getting married oh no yo I ain’t signing nothing bro nah n no that’s kind of gross and you’ll be mine forever hey yo you’re sus okay marriage isn’t gross it’s usually a natural part but it is the leading cause of divorce so Emoji what a sussy baka I am not a sussy baka okay just cuz I’m wearing an anime girl outfit does not mean I’m sussy but but I want to marry him I thought that was our deal come on team man don’t run away y I love you so much and you you belong to me can’t you see where soulmates oh Destiny was written in the stars you’re meant to be mine wow you’re delusional I was monologuing okay you’re so corny bro just let us out come on this isn’t cool we don’t want to be stuck in this stupid 24-hour cage again oh it’s not 24 hours it’s more like let’s see yo what eternity yo how are we going to get out of here canab how how I can’t because if I start building up listen there’s no way to get out if I start building up then these stupid girls are going to fishing grod me off and then I’m going to start wasting all my materials and you know I can’t even like even if I marry them they’re not going to let me out I think okay well how about this you distract them and I’ll figure something out dude you’re not going to think of anything you’re stupid you didn’t think of something last time I’m the one that got us out last time yeah you’re not going to think of anything no I got us out I got us out because I thought of the end thing whatever just distract themid oh my uhoh uh I don’t think you can do much thinking when my Army’s attacking you all right I have some things to do but I’ll see you later my love yo wait e ew she kissed at me oh no yo you’re sus bro are you serious right now I’m not sus no you all are weird bro oh no wait these These Girls Aren’t mean right yo they’re trying to kiss me yo hey yo do you not see their faces I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill youing no they’re trying to kiss me brother they’re sus dude come on kill them you can handle it I’m going to build out oh my goody goodness kill these girls oh no are you serious right now Ken up help me I’m going to die one sec I’m almost out one I need help wait what wait canop can up don’t leave me here canop you’re not going to leave me here right of course not okay then help me wait there’s an invisible barrier on top you’re lying you really think I wouldn’t just leave then oh my good goodness get these girls away from me they keep chasing me and trying to kill me bro man I’m back I I wrote you a song to declare my love no no no no no no no no don’t don’t sing it no no no no don’t sing my ear oh my yo no no get me out of here get me out of here hey TV man wait what dog where are you dog is that you hey do my B she’s out here get us out come on come on come on come on yo yo yo yo let’s go come on go C yo oh my goody goodness bro she’s so annoying all right let’s go come on dog wait dog D how’ you know we were trapped in here well uh my sister well wanted to make plans for today and that was very concerned cuz she never has anything to do so I kind of followed her and see what she was up to and I just saw her leaving saying how she’s going to trap you in the bubble for like eternity I came to help yo oh I know I know I know took you long enough dude be grateful what okay man they’re really you guys are you you weren’t grateful when I saved you last time shut up catnap dude this is all your fault this is your sisters bro this is your fault you’re the one running into every single one of their traps like an idiot stop biering you guys are out now this is your sisters this is your sisters come on we just need to get out of here before before she’s done singing cuz I don’t know why cadd likes to close her eyes when she’s sing singing But CAD oh yeah you’re right sorry my bad I meant C that sister yeah yeah yeah it’s Kitty bro wait she HT us oh no she she realized she realized run we got to go we got to go oh my good wait dog she trying to get you too did you like the song No but my sister hates it whenever I get involved so she’ll probably she she’ll I don’t know she’s tried to kill me before so I’m not really going to put it past her I’m going to tell do you should kill them instead yeah facts though fact no printer what come on guys we got to go come on come on there’s some minions to our left yo wait wait there she’s right there bro are you serious right now come on go how did you get here so fast come on let me see makes no sense uhoh uh hey we’re kind of surrounded guys how are we going to get away from them are we ever going to be able to get away we got to try you got any more boats or some water actually no this place seems enclosed uh no we need to get more wood we need to get more wood I don’t have any though I mean there are trees right here there are a lot of trees we could probably just they seen a little bit fur far behind us I feel like we need like an airplane or something an airplane would be really nice where are we going to find an airplane just out in the wild dude let’s go like hijacket let’s go like steal one from someone that’s like the Str from where oh okay I think uh I think I know of a location where uh who lives there I don’t know somebody I know somebody has a plan I forgot their name come on I think they’re uh I think they live in this direction Follow Me Wait wait wait wait wait wait why would it be over here I saw like a huge mountain over here do you think it could be that I’m pretty sure they lived next to a giant tree uh okay I guess I just follow you but I thought it was I thought there would be like planes at a mountain I don’t know just shut up TV man and let dog day handle it bro okay sorry I’m sorry I’m a little stupid man but you don’t need to scream my ear you should be sorry BR well you actually are you trusting me right now C guys I lost you guys are you serious right you’re better than TV man there you are okay just follow me I’m not stupid dude why do you think I’m so stupid all the time two plus two what’s 2 plus two five five that’s why stop we have a we have a somewhat decent walk you up I’m getting really sick and tired of you dude I don’t see this my friend Jack who is Jack oh wait I think was that his name I think I think we’re yeah I think it was Jack’s I think we’re going to Jack’s house wait what Jack wait really I’m down the stairs he’s going me dirty a lot of times I’m not going to lie maybe just follow me come on we got to go guys I don’t think they’re here anymore are they uh oh y she’s right there okay what is that we got to go find Jack and hijack his plan go go go go jump in the water wrong with you oh no I just got not be stealing you away from me I need you at all times I need to breathe the same air you do you’re a syy baka bro right let’s go I’m not a syssy baka you’re the suest of bakas holy cringe not the Susi of Bas what’s wrong with you guys you’re going to be the deadest of bakas once I get to you stupid heads come on dog day we got to go we got to go you don’t say you don’t say you don’t say are we there yet no we still have a little bit toor dog day I’m going to serenate your ears with my singing and then you won’t be able to he again no no she going to sing again no please no love you you’re my bab no oh no they were not in that bubble anymore that thing was so stupid I can’t believe she made us go in there oh where’ he go all right jack should be inside of here somewhere I think I have to go all the way up this tree house though but oh no this is going to be so annoying well his PC is down here so he’s probably down here somewhere really no he’s definitely all the way at the top right where he Vibes like he’s probably looking at the sunset right now who is Jack that would make sense what what do you mean who’s Jack well his name his name is Jack come on up here okay who cares about that uh if he’s not playing fortnite I found you oh no oh no oh no run run run come on come on do this parkour guys come on don’t sell don’t you dare get caught I love I’m coming I love bags will you buy me Chanel oh no we got to go yo she’s being sus I’m not being sus I just want some bro what does that mean anyway let’s go come on wait for me man you’re going really fast we’re kind of leaving cat out behind I hope if he falls he’s kind of done for it fine El all right here we go and oh ja why are you dressed up like that hey man TV man what are you doing here what uh I’m here with my friend Dog Day do you know him yeah we talked we talked to each other like a little bit ago I don’t know any dogs then how did I know you were up here I don’t even know who you wow I guess you forgot that is very Jack hey um so Jax I have a question can uh you know we borrow one of your planes um no because they’re mine what do you mean why how did you even get three planes oh oh okay I found them a this cruise ship is so fun this is the best vacation ever I’m in this hot tub all by myself oh oh TV man T man is that you is that you uh what in the yo I thought I was on this Cruise Ship by myself and just with the TV family who are you girls um well my name is Kitty and this is Zoe hi um nice to meet you TV man um uh do you mind if we join you yo wait I was just supposed to go in this hota by myself I’m just here chilling what are you guys doing here get out um we’re on this Cruise as well I mean this isn’t a private cruise ship yo what in the N who even are you guys I thought this was a Scooby toilet only Cruise what’s a Scooby-Doo toilet yo get me out of this hot tub what is going on right now wait no no come on stay it’s not that bad hey what is going on over here what’s happening Oh yay yo who in the wait what yo I don’t know what’s going on here uh they just jumped into the hot tub with me and I’m like on this vacation right now I didn’t even know you guys were here I can’t believe you TV man why you at the tub with my sister and my sister too yo I’m not oh my good goodness I don’t know what’s going on right now they just jumped into the hota with me I thought I was on this cruise ship like not with you weirdos up this is a dead end how can you not know you literally invited us we’re not weirdos we’re soul I mean he’s kind of stupid remember shut up so um maybe we can reenact to scene from Titanic TV man yo what in the N you’re actually weird bro get me away from these girls bro are you serious right now why are you girls here with me oh no uh because we bought a ticket like everyone else oh my goody goodness okay I just got to get away from there I got to go back to my room or something and just chill there and play video games or whatever oh gosh oh can I come uh no you can’t you have to go away no I don’t K tell her to stop K tell her to stop tell her to stop I need to tell you to stop get away from my sister you weirdo what’s your problem bro I’m not I’m not bro are you serious right now come on let let’s my fortnite okay okay listen uh Kitty I honestly don’t know who you are I don’t know why you’re like trying to talk to me and stuff like we could be friends but like that’s it I’m not trying to get in the hot tub with you again oh well that’s okay um we can uh we can hang out as friends okay I’m cool with that you want to go play a game or something uh I’m Not Who Do You Think You Are stay away from her what did I just say okay fine I’ll stay away from her catnap no one cares what you say but no no uh ignore my brother he he was dropped on his head um that was you nuh-uh come on let’s just go play a game yo what game are you talking about bro are you serious right now I don’t know Monopoly fortnite what do you like to play oh fortnite’s pretty fun but I don’t think I’m allowed to hang out with you so I’m just going to go back in the hot tub by myself yeah you’re not no oh you did catnap okay I’m just going to go enjoy the view I’m just going to enjoy the view guys it look better if you jumped off you can’t say that no dog day sister what are you doing here with me well my brother didn’t tell me to stay away from you so I don’t care about dog day sister that’s fine yo no no I’m not going to disrespect dog day hey I heard that I heard that what are you doing T man what are you doing bro I’m not doing it he said he was planning on disrespecting you dog day what yo what are you talking about yo that’s C come on man I thought we were friends me too that’s it I’m going to my room get me away from you guys you guys are so annoying you guys have friends no TV man come back bro are you serious right now okay this is my room and you guys are not allowed in oh yeah you’re kind of the only one that can open that door why don’t you just stay in there I’m going to go actually make sure my sisters are safe and not away from you no get catnap sister get away guys get away oh come on we can we can play games okay like what um minute you said you like fortnite we could play fortnite uh there there’s no gaming setup in here no get away you’re in my room get them out of my room can up and dog day why’d you bring them into your room bro exactly only you can open that that door you clearly opened it up for them are you serious right now really bro really I really oh you’re saying that what can I say he wants me what I thought we were just going to have a fun day today and like I thought I thought my TV family was going to be here in the skiy toilets but I don’t know I think I think my thing malfunctioned and now I’m with the smiling Critters well we were going to have a fun day until my brother and his friend ruined it I’m just trying to protect you okay T man is not being protect me from what him him what’s he going to do i s bad probably there’s trouble follow St man wherever he goes you know this you know all the other videos bro what are you talk dude are you serious right now really dude you’re going to talk bad about me in front of my face yeah yeah uh yeah yeah what’s wrong with you dog cat are you serious right now I am serious right now no catnap if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all tan is a wonderful guy he would never do something horrible okay why am I going to listen to a dishwasher chill what I’m out of here I don’t know what in the what is going on like okay whatever I’m just going to leave and do my own thing bro I’m just going to leave my own do my own thing wait for us wait for us okay okay okay maybe there’s something else fun to do in this cruise ship uh whoever hits the most targets wind oh there’s archery here oh I can do this all by myself this is going to be so much fun what you doing oh oh you’re by yourself huh then why are one of our sisters next to you kitty please go away we no we can turn this into a competition oh no are you serious right now girls come on seriously please just tell me some slack and leave me alone for a bit okay okay it sounds fun yeah kab if you win big Target right here true you got to oh no oh my good goodness yo guys chill chill chill chill chill move man trying to kill me you’re trying to kill me bro get back here oh no bro what is going on it’s just a game yeah this isn’t funny guys come on it’s no it’s not no it’s not oh wait this is the gaming room I don’t think they know about this place yet where’d he go come on where I was just I was just about to kill him I was so close prob be hiding in his room again yeah I he would do that what is wrong with you guys why would you try to hurt my precious TV man why would you wait what that’s it I’m just going to play video games right here I’m going to play fortnite for the rest of the time I’m on this stupid cruise ship because I thought it was going to be fun but no it’s not because those girls are ruining everything okay I’m going to call up one of my friends cuz I can’t find him um jav can you can you find TV Man by any means necessary any means yo what in the where is that TV man wait there’s another person yo who are you oh that was easy why is Kitty looking so hard for you wait you’re on this cruise ship too I thought it was just like skiy toilets and then the other smiling Critters who are you well I’m hoppy uh Hopscotch bro are you serious right now don’t tell the girls where I’m at but I’m kind of sort of getting paid to do so so Kitty bro I found him found him oh my goody goodness are you serious right now so hey hey catnap I think I heard Kitty scream just now I think it came from this way who’s Kitty oh yeah sorry katup sister all right well looks like my job is done so I’m going to go play fortnite in the basement yeah yo you’re an OP bro you’re actually an OP are you serious right now oh um hi cat no cat d d cat there you are stop stop you dare don’t move okay I won’t move just stop stop you’re moving right now no I’m not I’m not moving don’t touch him bro okay listen me explain my side of the story let me explain my side of the story before the girls try to attack me and say that I’m something else okay the girls have been following me they’re flirting with me and I have nothing to do with this weirdo because I’m literally married to TV woman no you’re not she divorced you now that you say that it sounds really really true that must mean it must be a lie bro what don’t worry about do day stay right where you are don’t you dare lay a paw on TV man or what ow stop Kat or on skib uhoh you bullying me yo uh you guys better get away from my precious TV man oh yeah you why do you have a knife oh my yo what in the you guys are crazy bro let me through with this you can’t hurt my sister women am I right okay Canna you hurt my sister I’ll hurt your sister you want to D oh that sounds like fun bro are you serious right now wait guys why is there no one controlling the ship uh now that you autopilot maybe it’s on autopilot now that you think about it I literally said it was on autopilot okay yeah it doesn’t matter anyway I’m just going to go you know I was going to play fortnite here actually you guys might wait minute I forgot I was trying to kill you oh no no no no no no no wait wait guys what is that over there you see that look at that look at that what cameras H look look look I got to go come on oh my good how did I fell fall that no TV man you’re so weird dog D can up you know I would never want to do anything with your stupid sisters they’re gross anyway they give me the well the evidence shows that you’ve been hanging out with them what I mean he does have a point they give me the ick oh my go stop following me around no he’s going back in his room I I’ll just wait right here ow you shot me you ran in front of it oh wait you shot the button Arrow’s open in it oh dang it get over here T man hey buddy uh what’s up man what do you want there’s a party going on right here oh no hey yo I ain’t be in the same room with these girls bro are you serious now why are you throwing water at us oh my good goodness just get me away from these stupid girls but wait I think it’s raining outside guys why do I feel something over wait what’s going on outside is that really cold uh it’s raining no but there’s like something oh my yo wait wait guys look um that’s an iceberg oh come on you jinxed it whenever you mentioned the Titanic guys okay on you serious no if we hit this Iceberg we’re going to lose this whole cruise ship we’re literally going to sink no yeah that was literally the Titanic wait I’m going to go turn the steering wheel to see if it’s see if it works okay okay let’s do that let’s do that and girls please don’t be weird right now because we need to actually lock in like we need to grind and lock in come on don’t worry we’re gos we’re s good luck with that that’s so CA come on come on on what come on use it use it what are you doing dog you idiot no you have to sit in the chair you stupid that’s not how that work I don’t I don’t think it matters I don’t think it’s connected to anything I think it’s a I think it’s broken no way it’s broken are you serious right now are we going to crash are we going to crash we’re going to all burn and then like die and then we’re going to bur oh uh technically we’re not going to burn because it’s cold so we’re going to get like hypothermia and then we’re going to drown yeah that that count uh I’m really scared right now oh no these how much love her oh she doesn’t love you though at least Ste man’s going to dieo when you put it like that no Ste man look at me look at me we’re going to get through this you and I okay no what in the no if I save anyone it’s going to be myself not you loser hey what about Women and Children First nerd Emoji that’s not a nerd Emoji that’s who cares about all that guys I can’t find any life boates I I can’t find any oh no we can always just die no going bro we’re not dying here I’m not doing this guys i’ I heard dying is not good for your health so I’d rather not do that we cannot jump in the ocean the ocean is very very far um you know are you sure about that no no we can’t jump in the ocean it’s tooold get the and we’ll die yeah T man why don’t you test your theory and I’m going to call the police on you catnap cuz you’re trying to push me off that’s illegal what if is the Poli that’s attempted murder idiot just jump up and take a look oh my y Sal water ah my eyes burn now ah good you all need to shut up this is not how we should act an emergency we got to be calm got to think that’s all I hear yeah I heard that too my I still what was in that was in that water bottle fine we need to get we need to make sure think together I’m going with TV man okay I’ll I’ll finish what kitty was trying to say okay this is not how we should act in an emergency we got to stay calm and we got to stay together I’ll stick with TV man wait no I want to stick with TV man bro what no no no I I’m going to stick with him okay I’m obviously the smartest one here but I’m the prettiest that’s got to am for something stop oh my yo why are girls so annoying bro a TV TV woman never acts like this all right guys I’m getting soaking wet from this stupid rain I don’t know why we’re talking outside but we need to figure out this steering wheel right now or we’re going to crouch into this stupid Iceberg well I guess I have an idea but it might not work cuz it seems like the steering wheel is broken and usually there’s a pipe leading from the steering wheel to like a boiler room in the basement maybe something happened down there and we have to go shut your face I’m trying to save our lives maybe we have to head to the basement and fix whatever’s broken yeah low key we need to do that he’s right something could Jam him yeah maybe something got jammed inside her maybe the girls are like setting us up for this or something what do you mean setting us up may no no my sister would never do something like that I the only thing I really want out of this cruise is for you to either die or stop talking to my sister I’m they’re obsessed with me why do you think I’m doing it dog day because you’re stupid you are pretty stupid yeah I don’t know I so angry right now I don’t know what to say I’m just going to go fix it so then we can I can continue killing you I’ll help you oh no his dark side is showing he’s going to let the alpha wolf out oh no what I’m I’m kind of already done okay come on can’t get it we need to find a lever be stronger come on bro shut your face uh anybody anybody oh my wow okay I was about to use a bow but remind me not to upset her oh you already have what oh uh my goody goodness where is this place has not been this place look very not good who no wonder this place is basically destroyed no wonder steing wheel isn’t working there’s like overgrown like weeds and Vines everywhere okay let’s let’s think about this okay the water here shouldn’t be too cold o there’s armor so does someone want to is he is he okay was it cold grabing some armor might as well it’s here it’s going to make him drown n just don’t jump in the water buzzes excuse me H what huh who what when where and why I don’t know you huh you know what never mind dog day more like dog dumb CAU him wow but um don’t worry T man if you stick with me and kitty you’ll be completely safe we know a lot about chips uh no because I don’t want to get in trouble from canop and dog that they don’t like when I talk to so I’m not going to talk to anymore they’re just whiny little critters um you’re talking to them right now well what did you want me to do dude they’re talking to me that’s how a conversation works cnap are you dumb we’re getting so off track here the the whole point of this is so we don’t crash into that stupid Iceberg we probably already hit it probably Titanic relapse real I don’t think so actually if we were if we hit it we’d probably see some ice burst through like this side of the wall so I think we’re we have a little bit of time uh look around for some pipes maybe we have to like destroy some of the leaves or something yeah I’m going to keep around come on there’s got to be something around here but it’s really dark in here too right guys like hopefully mobs don’t spawn um I think we’re in the middle of a ship I think we’re going to be fine what if like what if like sharks are here or something like you never know where are the pipes at we got to fix this this isn’t this isn’t a saltwater ocean all right wait guys there’s a crate right here looks like an emergency crate with oh my goody goodness yo this stuff is actually crazy bro are you serious right now maybe we should hold on to that for later you never know if something might come in handy yeah I literally just got like the craziest loot ever dude um I’m not a dude yeah well you’re a dude in my books cuz I don’t I don’t know you like that little bro um can you like call me a girl or better yet you can call me yours yo that was corny bro are you serious right now cringe what do you mean it was smooth I’m glad you’re not my sister e canab can you tell them to stop guys um guys we have bigger issues you’re the one that needs to stop guys we have bigger issues guys there are zombies are you serious right now we’re all going to die on this cruise ship I thought this was going to be a vacation we got get mean as long as TV man dies it’s okay that’s true that’s true come on guys we got to go wait there’s golden apples right there let me grab those golden apples hey hey hey hey hey die zombies no don’t kill the Zombies let him kill TV man yo what oh true it’s going to kill you boo wait we can just kill TV man canop and dog day why do you guys hate me so much is it just because like the girls like me I think you guys are jealous um they’re our sisters bro no not like like cat yeah you’re definitely a creep you’re definitely a creep you’re jealous no no you mis worded what I said you’re jealous that dog sister likes me and and and dog day jealous that cat up sister likes me that’s what I said no you’re insane get help bro bro what yeah why would we be jealous we’re just protecting our sisters would you protect your sister if you had one I get it but I don’t like the sister so why do you keep saying that because you’re lying I mean you keep talking to them and flirting with them flirting I’m bro why aren’t the zombies can the zombies kill him already come on come on T man you I know you like me I mean you did say at one point you had a crash on me so let’s go to no I don’t no stop stop oh look at that there’s evidence right there TV man yeah look at him trying to play hard to get are you what does that even mean dude I’m not a Sim you mean Super epic sniper monkey I could have sworn that that’s what that was nerd Emoji nerd Emoji anyway oh my yo why are there so many skellies bro he got a bone to pick with you sorry that was so bad that was unfunny you’re so unfunny canab sister and you’re trying to date me when I don’t even like a woman well yeah she’s a woman bro that’s your own sister dude you’re going to disrespect your own sister like that yeah he disrespects me all the time yeah it’s fine when we do it but when you do it oh it’s grinds my gears TV man I didn’t even do anything bro oh my good oh no the alpha wolf and him is showing oh no I I don’t I don’t even care I don’t even care I don’t I don’t care oh no your dark side is showing Ro all right we need to find the pipe so we can fix this guys what if the the ship already crashed I’m pretty sure it hasn’t um I think we would be dead all right let’s just get out out of here now guys I don’t know where the pipe is I think it broke or something I have no idea wait what is that oh no what is going on wait what oh my god oh biscuits H what’s going on oh no the ice is taking me oh the ice y wait stuck in the ice what in the bra help wait cruise ship the cruise ship’s done the cruise ship’s done there’s water leaking in there’s water leaking in oh wait oh my gosh got to think H’s Dead who cared about anyway let’s just go oh no guys we’re actually cooked we’re cooked what’s going on upstairs oh no oh I think we’re fine guys look yeah but there’s a the reason actually I’m not going to say that because somebody’s going to say ner nerd Emoji oh wait guys um we’re cooked we’re actually oh what maybe we’re not fine oh no are you guys trying to drown yourselves guys oh my God what are we going to do we literally just lost some one and the iceberg just hit the cruise ship we’re all going to die and this cruise ship’s going to sink wait wait wait guys that’s rough buddy no what do we what do we do guys we have to have a proper s off it’s too cold in here oh no man my toeses it’s okay d man I got you baby girl yo what in the wait guys let’s go to the second level because maybe maybe we can fix this maybe we can fix this okay I’m going to get this cruise ship steering wheel Higher Ground pretty sure we can’t I’m turning the wheel I’m turning the wheel guys come on come on come on oh we remember we didn’t fix it and I don’t not yeah we’re kind of like molded with it yeah oh wait wait let me try something BR uh you you broke it oh no wait we’re actually so cooked now we are way more cooked than before oh come on um here I I I took an engineering class once I think I should um here did you take an engineering class for ice fixie fixie fix fixie fixie fixie fix she’s stupid she’s never taken a class in her life she’s it doesn’t matter guys guys we’re going to die this a life or death situation yeah everybody’s going to die dude fine fine say what you’re going to say oh say can you see I’m leaving I’m out of here maybe we can just hit random buttons what’s this one do what’s this one do no stop st stop stop stop this I think I’m going to what button did you click P up are you serious right now oh that’s not good at least it wasn’t me no the kitchen that was like our only food source maybe I should try pulling it again no it’s ring two and oh oh no the water’s going to be coming in I mean guys hey look on the bright side there’s no like tornado or anything or a hurricane don’t stop talking stop talking it looks like it’s a pretty bad thunderstorm now and guys up the water’s going to be coming in and we’re going to have a flood just because of that explosion catnap thanks bro see my hand slipped oh come on actually we might Dr dead what I don’t care the next thing that’s probably going to happen the boat’s probably going to split in half it’s going to start singing and then so everything’s going to go bad some sad music it’s going to start playing wait guys do you see that over there what is that is that a submarine the the chi wings are you stupid it’s a sea monster guys run run well we can’t go over there guys are the current’s going to take us away so we have to figure out a way to get over there uh but guys that looks very dangerous um yeah it is very dangerous um T Mana um you’re a big strong man will you will you save me yo no why are you saying that in front of them what is happening that’s kind of that sub is kind of the our best bet why do you not want us to go over there seems dangerous uh because what if it’s um it’s um uh an enemy submarine what if they’re gonna shoot bombs at us yeah what if it’s Pirates yeah what if what if those are pirates over there Pirates don’t use submarines they’re they use going die either way guys we’re not going to die okay but anyway would you rather die for sure here or have a chance of survival over there guys it looks like it’s raining even harder now oh my yo it’s thundering too come on no it’s filling up the water level wait um wait no I don’t think we should jump off if there’s Thunder there’s a good chance it might strike the water and then we could get electrocuted and die you’re right that is actually true and you think we’re not going to die from a drowning sh but it’s raining right now anyway so who cares no why would you want to die yeah would you rather get electric shocked in the water or would you rather just drown to death sounds better to me I’d rather have I’d rather have some chance of survival and that that submarine yeah I think it’s submarine that submarine may be our only chance I I don’t like to um agree with my brother or anything but we need to save T man he’s going to marry me and I can’t I can’t be a widow why are you talking like this right now like we’re literally flooding we’re about to die and you want to talk about marrying me are you serious oh yeah that reminds me uh let’s all go to the uh submarine and leave TV man here to die I I’ll stay with him I’ll stay with him that be romantic T man I’d be fine with that I don’t know you view would kind of yeah we can just leave her I don’t really care would that be romantic it’d be like the Titanic what no no you’re actually are you serious right now I’ve actually never watched the Titanic this is not Titanic this is real life this is Minecraft actually okay guys come on come on we got to think of something like we could think of something smarter than that maybe maybe we can get enough blocks where we can build over there I have six blocks how many blocks do you guys hey canab stop oh whoops my hand slipped can stop uh I have a maybe you should stand closer to the edge TV man wait how many blocks do you have dog day sister uh let’s see I have um oh you have actually a good amount 14 yeah 14 so I had six uh I have some concrete from whenever the the uh from whenever catnap blew up half the ship I mean it was the ship’s fault not mine nerd Emoji anyway here give it to me we’ll start building over wait we can tear down the ship to get more material wa why am I trusting you with my blocks no dang it all right all right guys guys catnap can you guys promise me you won’t push me off please cuz I’m trying to help and I’m trying to give her to that some of course I promise sure sure here we go let him drown let him drown drown drown come on can up you almost killed me my hand slipped sorry I think that was the plan now you’re not using my blocks idiot fine you’ll just stay here and die how am I going to get over there oh no it’s so far away oh gosh what the hell Kitty’s in the water too come over here wait what’s in your hand though what is that all right uh Kitty are you okay bro bro wait there’s a chest right here too what’s that oh water breathing potions that’s perfect okay I’ll use that for later since you want to harm TV man I’m going to harm you I can’t ble okay I got to save them I got to save them oh come on come on come on guys are you okay okay good thing I have a water breathing potion here guys go over here ready I’m going to throw this at you boom there you go where’s the entrance I need help here here water breathing potion E I don’t want your help wow I can’t believe you helped me TV man that like save my life even though I’m trying to kill you I’m still going to keep trying to kill you but you’re an idiot by the basically stop bro bro I literally am trying to save you are you serious right now well I guess I do have to thank you as well you did save my life but I I haven’t forgiven you for what you’ve done today this is your fault we’re in this mess in the in the first place you’re the one that didn’t want to come over oh yeah oh yeah I that reminds me I saw I think I saw the entrance while I was well drowning it’s it’s to the like wait where are the girls at where are the girls at who cares about them uh whatever let’s just jump in let’s go into the entrance come on come on come on it’s right right below you right below you oh gosh okay okay let’s come on come on uh wait oh yo the cruise ship’s actually done bro are you serious right now we got to go come on almost almost there wait oh yeah you’re right okay you got the water breathing potion though let me come come on open the door get inside how did they get open up open up wait how is she in there open I’m going to break the glass if you don’t sorry T man here there Go no let us in let them in okay even though they’re weird just let them in they’re trying to kill you no you’ll be safe with us please why are you trying to kill your brothers CU he sucks yeah what’s your problem what the what’s your problem who asked you okay the first thing I want to say what is this why why is there yeah why is it [ __ ] pink and blue why is there like red pink there I also noticed there’s a heart on the front of it I am so conf what is happening right now it’s not that’s not a heart that’s um that’s a upside down Spade um yeah it’s not a heart it’s um it’s a butt no I’m pretty sure that’s a heart yeah I’m really confused right now why is there a cage right here hey yo I also do need to ask how did you guys get in here first it’s like you guys knew where the entrance was um no kitty has super strength remember um no no she doesn’t well actually that was pretty impressive I’ve never been in a submarine before this is pretty cool we all live in a yellow suen actually it’s not yellow never mind oh um T man I wanted to show you something wait um uh cookie oh wait cookie wait no I don’t want a cookie hey what did you thr at me what in the wait why am I in here what did I just get teleported to oh no what happened how how did you get in there yo let me out what is this what is this I mean you kind of threw something at him didn’t you wait how did you get in the cage I was just something how what just happened what did I miss yeah how did you get in the cage T man why are you always ending up in this silly situations you little Baka yo let me out right now oh is this where we’re going to kill TV man sorry no can do TV man um no this is actually to keep TV man safe we’re going to kill you oh well I mean I can kill him we’re not going to kill TV man we’re going to kill you um don’t think I’m going to let that happen but okay pretty funny joke I don’t think you have a choice I’m just going to hit random buttons yo what wait what is going on here are you serious right the engine why would you press that turn off the engine all right team man time for a good oldfashioned lie detector test no wait why am I doing this bro we’re in a submarine right now in the middle of the cruise ship and our cruise ship literally just died off bro there’s no way we’re doing this right now I actually want to hear this I want to act ask a couple questions of my own can I start first um will you do my joint for a week what what kind of sick joke is this okay T man I have a question I know whatever were you trying to get with my sister yo no bro are you serious right now no I was just trying to go on a cruise ship and have fun like oh my gosh like what is this says he’s lying how I can’t believe you TV man can I kill him can I kill him please hey yo what no I call dibs no stop guys come on I will kill you if you even get close to tee man dog day hey yo you’re sus do you hear me fine fine whatever I’ll kill him later I’ll kill you later if you even talk about killing my belov why these girls so insane what is going on shut up nobody knows you true I’m kitty kitty the comments people comment Kitty they they know my name I mean that’s not what the titles say though boo who cares ask the next question um H did you graduate from high school oh my yo why are you asking me these stupid questions when I literally I mean just for fun no I feel like this is some sort of sick joke like are you guys serious right now I mean you’re in a cage and we’re quizzing you so yeah it is kind of that’s like the point I’m the CEST all right you know whatever girls you want to be weird you want to act all different and stuff it’s girls and guys come on answer the question TV man this is this is a problem the water’s caving in that doesn’t look good cuz he turned off the engine who turned the back the engine off that wasn’t me oh that’s don’t turn it back on actually don’t because what if the electricity hits the Eng maybe if I keep hitting it it’ll do something I think that’s a good idea let me out of this C behind you TV man you idiot you can’t mess with that please let me out let me out I’m going to die in here I’m going to drown how did you just do that uh what just happened what you’re stuck I think I got teleported out or something but let me out of this chair uh it’s a chair dude oh my goody goodness yo what are we going to do we’re actually going to drout in here I don’t know what kind of sick joke this is to the girls but they find this funny I guess uh I don’t really find I mean it’s a little funny shut up I’m trying to make TV man mine you guys are ruining it ruining what I think the stor is kind ruining it right now we’re all going to die uh is that a love potion she’s throwing love potions at me why how do you always have those um I make a batch like every video bro what I ordered the bat we guys think think think where else could we go uh the ship’s gone this I guess that’s an option place to go is haven oh my good oh okay we got to go we got to go y Yep this is actually nice computer come go go go go go go no no you can’t swim out swim out where are we going though we got to go oh my goody goodness are you serious right now what’s going on up at the surface oh no and H the cruise ship is completely gone what are we going to do I guess we’ll die is it yeah I guess that’s that’s kind of our only option look what you did stop pushing me catnap this is my space mypace like the mypace I don’t like that I hate that I hate that I don’t like you I don’t think of the same joke as me uh guys we got to F out a plan or something or do oh what in the yo a lightning just hit that that thing’s going to explode oh no we’re actually done Z someone made the gods angry oh no or just the weather what are we going to do what are we going to do what are we going to do no stop throwing love potions at me hey why don’t you just get off oh my go um T man I just want to let you know if this is the end I I love you no n no I’m not Su like that at least it’s not my sister stop like brainwashing my sister dude what’s your problem I’m not okay seriously right now is not a good time we are in the middle of the ocean the ship is completely wrecked and I love you yo what no you guys are Su I’m not going to lie oh you’re so funny well good joke no I I love TV man with all my heart stop bro are you serious right now come on I hate you TV man why would you hate him he has the love of my life oh know guys it’s caving in what are we going to do we need to call for help does they have a phone on them with Wi-Fi or something we can call like an emergency service um we’re in the middle of the ocean dude I mean we’ve been in the water many times bring my phone guys the water’s coming up we’re going to die uh maybe we can make like a whale noise and have a whale come and get up that’s not going to work that is not I mean you do look like okay anyway um let me think what we could do come on come on come on there’s got to be something do Wast we could kiss yo why n no stop stop stop get away from me oh no it’s caving in it’s caving in what are we going to do okay please someone save us I call upon the mighty save us whale whale guys what are we going to do we’re all going to die are you serious right now I don’t want to die before we die kiss me oh hey guys well what’s going on over here oh wait I thought you died bro wait help us you guys look kind of far away from me I don’t know if I can help you guys I’m jumping over there get me in get me in let me in let me in you we can just leave themit yeah I’m not paid enough by those girls wait what was all set up anyway I’m going to get you I’m going to get get all of you that was finally be mine I knew something was suspicious that was obvious from that cage and submarine they had show your face C Up Wait hoppy hop scotch did they pay you uh pay me for what in particular uh for like everything like you they were trying to sabotage me yeah I’ll send more if you if you do if you send them to my house please oh you say more money no no no no no well you guys were supposed to find me money last time but you guys didn’t pay me at all so I’m out of bro you guys are frauds oh my good goodness those sisters are so annoying oh finally we’re at the land thank you guys so much for watching this video subscribe and click a video up on screen I’ll see you guys in the next video tomorrow subscribe subscribe subscribe everyone subscribe everybody for more smiling critter videos we survive the Titanic subscribe

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SPEAKERMAN CHEATING with CATNAP SISTER! POMNI and Tv Man is sad in Minecraft

Our channel is inspired by Cartoon Crab, Aphmau and Crazy Crafters! This is the best Minecraft video ever! I love Minecraft fun.

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    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

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    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

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    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. renaicraft.eu Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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    Herobrine vs Me: Minecraft ShowdownVideo Information This video, titled ‘Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine June 21’, was uploaded by KILOBRINE on 2024-06-22 12:00:28. It has garnered 448 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:25 or 265 seconds. Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and originally released in 2009. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released on November 18, 2011, with… Read More

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