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there [Music] has the stream started yet there it is there we [Music] go cool um anyway C [Music] cow I don’t know if you’re in the Stream yet so I’ll just type it in [Music] there we go burrito burrito burrito oh my God Allison please stop with the burritos I swear to God [Music] well that’s not two of them that’s one of them but that’s fine I can get another one I can get another one uh do I have whe in my invent yeah I don’t think your stream was glitching out while you were gone I put a lot of burritos in the chat my stream’s lagging right now oh my God okay it lagged for a second again it’s normal now there’s one left I can just get pretty sure that cow spawned over here so it’s fine I’ll go over here find another cow dying today we’re can we move on from the horses please oh my God speaking of moving on from another horse and the horse pops up that’s fun where are the cows I need just one cow where’s the cow’s at [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] there’s a [ __ ] baby oh my God I have two dogs oh [ __ ] oh that’s even better than cows [ __ ] the cows I don’t give a [ __ ] about the cows I got dogs now [ __ ] I got dogs now [ __ ] oh my God [ __ ] the cows I don’t give [ __ ] about no cows cows never heard of her I got I got dogs and I’m happy because I have dogs dogs hell yes doggies are they following me yeah look at them oh they’re so cute yeah yeah I got me some Doggs get in my house immediately get in my house immediately you too bud come on get in go in there there we go come on come get over here dogs get in my house oh oh wait I can make you grow up Can’t I by feeding it oh not about rotten flesh do you like rotten flesh there you go yeah yeah I got the [Laughter] dogs they’re so cute don’t dog dog dog do dog dog dog dog okay leave the dog leave my dogs alone if you’re going to be around my dogs got to put the sword away and you got to put the axe away anyway um excuse me excuse me I took the lead don’t let him inside dog killer alert you’re going have to leave my you’re going have to leave my dog alone they’re so cute he’s kidnapping him I know I saw that he really he really did try to he she tried to kidnap my dog I watched that happen what the why did you do that was that no my crops my melon I think he was trying to do the same thing that he did to the horses hello downcast face with sweat downcast face with sweat downcast face with sweat downcast face with sweat my melons my melons are gone I’m not going to be able to go any more melons I don’t got any more melons seeds I have I have beetroot seeds though I hate beetroot though oh wait what is that is that a meel oh there’s my melon seeds okay I’m fine now I got two doggies oh my God I’m so happy about my dogs um oh my God where did you come from dog killer alert kidnapper alert alisten oh where did that come from my name is not Allison he not pushing my dog stop pushing my dog oh okay then why is your channel name Allison are you trying to kidnap my dogs why I wanted a channel but this is my mom’s dog killer dog kidnapper alert I’m watching closely hey hey hey hey what were you shooting at there what were you shooting at the horse is going to die here’s your skeleton horse be on full alert I don’t know why he hasn’t gone back to his his face yet I don’t know why he hasn’t alert when your friend’s around he’s trying to kidnap my doggies and kill my horse okay go back to your go back to your baby oh my God go to your baby is this horse this is not a horse is this dog stupid go back to your baby you believe me go back to your baby whatever um what was I doing now you believe me probably going to maybe kidnap or kill your pets I have 18 iron I need to get more I have a lot of name tags so my plan is to make an anvil I think you need blocks of iron uh uh [Music] suspicious what does this lead to what is this what cave is this oh my God it’s this cave that I was in earlier I have a bad feeling when your friends up and you’re down underground I feel like something bad happening I don’t even know where I don’t even know where Aaron went it’s fine um let me smelt this iron yeah okay now Scotland game on okay I’m pretty sure you make an anvil bye right wait three so nine okay one two three four four ra what the [ __ ] so I need three blocks of iron what the [ __ ] okay I can make two blocks of ir now Scotland for a flag SC Scotland flag Scotland flag Scotland flag Scotland oh my god8 nine Aaron’s back yeah and then I just need four oh I have enough cool oh my God oh my God winning F you keep bringing trouble to my um just hang out down there wait there’s a bed down there isn’t there just sleep in right can’t you sleep in that sleep in that bed 2024 winner is Scotland high alert ra oh wait there’s monsters nearby I can’t sleep wait hold on oh wait is this monster that’s nearby this skeleton horse let me push that away from the bed is that what it is yeah okay there we go three Scotland forever I guess I should be able to make an anvil yeah I can good yes um do that we scored two times Anvil so now I should be able to do you have iron I will trade you diamonds for iron um I have three four five iron right now no you don’t want my iron okay okay I feel like this bag did he steal diamonds from your chest or iron from your chest no I had one diamond in here and then I had I grabbed all my iron so it’s fine I don’t think Aaron’s bad I really don’t I don’t think he’d steal from me I trust them um okay yeah yeah I did that so now should be able to um where’s the name tags do I have how many name tags do I even have five name tags okay now I get to pick names out and stuff okay what what do I name one of my dogs guys help me pick out a name where is my fifth what are you what what are you talking about 150 diamonds burrito burrito Fred and burrito you know what I actually like the name burrito even though was goddamn burrito Emoji thing was really annoying I will name one of my dogs burrito I think that’s cute burrito burrito yes name your dog and bur one of them is going to be named burrito and I’m going to name the baby burrito there’s a burrito burrito okay and then uh I don’t know what to name that one I could name my horse too I don’t know if I want to name my horse though I don’t even know what I would made my horse seahorse your horse is going to be named seahorse no that anyways back to the secret base secret base I kind of want to know where you live honestly I I got there’s a that just wants to know but I’m not willing to travel what 9,000 blocks or whatever it was so I don’t want to know that bad um can’t I this is a thing right can’t you do that oh [ __ ] I was right Unbreaking two leading one on the butter biscuit your other dog named butter biscuit oh it only gives me the unbre breaking one or I’m breaking two why what the [ __ ] that’s weird well it’s good to know that I can do that I’m going to put that back in there wait I’m going to take my horse this way just cuz I have a horse now I can let’s go horse I think other dog’s name is Taco Taco and burrito the two best dogs my horse is definitely not a jumper [ __ ] balls get out of the water thank you okay yeah over here is where the beach is right or what oh you know what I’m going to build a bridge right here your horse rabbit now why would I name a horse rabbit it’s a absolutely banging scrumptious cool sexy delicious Divine beautiful gor cupc to you I may or may not need another horse Aaron Aaron Aaron what do you mean you may or might not need need another horse Aaron what are you talking about Aon did he kill another horse Aaron did you kill your other horse okay well Aaron there’s other skeleton horses over here not exactly okay well you there is the other skeleton horses from the ones that you were fighting over there whenever you were fighting the skeletons and you want to join Amy you can if you want you just have to tell me your uh gamertag I told you he kills every horse okay the horse is at is at the area where you can uh where you fought the other skeletons that’s where the skeleton horses are give me a minute to log into my laptop I didn’t even kill him so then where didd he go what happened then why do you need another horse you know what I’m going to be nice I’m going to name my other dog after Aaron that’s what I’m going to do where did the horse die at that he died but your hands are lava or by Nature’s hands I’m meing my other horse or not a horse why do I keep doing that my other dog Aaron I’ll show you what happened to him what does that mean Aaron what do you mean I’ll show you what happened what the what what is that supposed to mean what is that supposed to mean now I’m scared that sounds threatening I’m scared what happened to him once small problem Amy what’s the problem I can’t find my [ __ ] laptop Amy where’d you put your laptop I hate Minecraft rain with a deep rooted passion look at my beautiful little base bro really lost a laptop look at my beautiful little BAS [Laughter] look at my beautiful little base it has two gravestones my base is really cute my house is really small but it’s cute and said he didn’t kill another horse but I don’t really believe that I feel like he killed another horse okay well if he ends up like killing one of my animals or something um that’s kind of mean considering I did name my other dog after him ball sack ball lenux lemon have you f have you found your laptop yet Amy lenon what are you saying no okay go find your go find your laptop why is he saying [Laughter] lemon he he why is who oh my God hello he lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon TBF he is a dude that’s worse than it yeah it’s doing the lightning thing again it’s larus not am me I’m a woman I’m a woman s what you mean simp who I’m so confused right now oh you can see my base from a mile away it’s so bright loudly crying face loudly crying face Peach melon strawberry peach banana watermelon watermelon blueberry strawberry melon bully meanie I’m think harass by spider green Collision waxing crescent moon fire cloud with rain dizzy snowflake trophy you see snowflake stop with the Emojis was that end I just heard an end not Sigma and it’s it’s night time and it’s storming Amy have you found your laptop yet you’re obsessed with anime women I’m pretty sure Andy’s obsessed with listening to um boyfriend ASMR and girlfriend ASMR I want to eat my landlord okay potato potato can’t say y HST am not oh my God I’m I’m I think I am losing brain cells the more I stream potato tomato I actually feel like I’m losing brain cells the more I stream I really do think that because what the [ __ ] crashes ASMR your a boyriend crashes potato tomato potato tomato banana strawberry I’m allergic to tomatoes all men have two instincts two eating your landlord oh Aaron’s gone Aaron left C I’m going to sleep computer died oh oh oh okay I’m going to put my stop at the Emojis guys oh my gosh button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button ID button idid button id id button ID Buton ID button exploding head exploding head ID button exploding heading stop W Okay Hand face with hand over mouth nauseated face thumbs up na nauseated face disc face with hand over mouth okay hand face with hand over mouth woman shrugging face with rolling eyes two hearts growing heart smiling face with Open Hands frowning face frowning face over eggplant eggplant eggplant eggplant orange heart ID button exploding head Pizza of flag Scotland face with hand over mouth Scotland face stable individual who can be trusted with Firearms oh a bit late basically what happened to the other horse was he got stuck in a ravine oh my [Music] oh I’m traveling I’m going to leave uh torches as a trail go rescue him tomato potato roasted stop with Emojis tomato kiwi fruit blueberries Pizza why did she moow the word Pizza like that she said pizza oh my [ __ ] god why can’t I move I’m stuck we got a long way to go and a short time to get there eastbound watch it here we go my laptop was under my laptop was under my TV Pizza how did you manage to lose it like that is this a SW the last place I looked oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God my gay ass self Xbox controller my gay my gay self immediately seeing the pink and immediately wanted to go over to it come on build faster [ __ ] [ __ ] build build build build build so my horse can get across calm down keep your landlord go to the coordinates 1,400 2,400 bubble te equals face with crossed out eyes yeah I’m going to the cherry blossoms you’re telling me I could have lived you’re telling me I could have lived at the I could have lived in the cherry [Music] blossoms clown face look at the cherry blossoms oh I’m so happy that this exists and I’m so mad at myself for not notic knowing about it sooner skull skull and crossbone skull ghost please stop with the Emojis please I’m serious I forget that I’m supposed to be marking where I am I’m so mad at my landlord for not being eaten yet why are you talking about eating your landlord I’m lagging aren’t I I’m lagging a little bit I’ve always known about them being right there come on flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread I’m going to the cherry blossoms my horse is climbing his way up there no matter what what happens I’m going to blossoms let me climb red flag let me up there what I want let me up there it said flatbread not bread flag flat bread I just want the I just want the cherry blossoms do I have my shears with me I do I can get the leaves sprinkler goes like this flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread flat bread okay my horse is going to be fine if I just leave it there as long as he doesn’t leave me while I’m doing this potato oh my gosh it’s so beautiful burito it’s so beautiful I’m shaving this tree down I’m getting it I’m getting eating your landlord is Auda go crazy give me as much as this as possible before this thing breaks okay Amy you found your laptop are you going to tell me your gamer tag you log in burito okay I’m out of the uh shears I have to grab all this this fun this these these fun pink leaves as many of these fun pink leaves as possible I got a sapling I can plant a blossom [Music] tree [ __ ] and now I’m heading back home I know it’s this way I don’t know where though it’s fine I’ll figure it out all I know is that my home’s this way there’s more dogs over here I must resist I can’t resist I have two more dogs I’m having the best time of my life in this video game yeah oh my God over here is my home I know it’s this way I’m so close yeah there’s the there’s the little bridge I made come on come on I’m having so much fun what the [ __ ] is that okay my house is this way somewhere I’ll figure it out though potato potato tomato I see my house like I see the area yes yes yes I get to plant a cherry blossom tree cuz I got a cherry blossom Happ some tree fun fact one of my favorite trees in real life burrito burrito burrito burrito burrito sit down sit down look at these puppies okay okay I got to calm down a little bit I got a cherry sapling okay where do I plant the tree h i I should break this tree completely F me like get rid of it I’ll place it there yeah I’ll place a tree right here that’s perfect this is perfect I should be able to make um bone meal oh I’m pretty sure I still have bone meal right I do I need to make a horse statue all right I don’t know if this is fully broken or not right by the two graves your friend killed them I think that this is just a misunderstanding I don’t think we really know what happened but I think everything’s fine now all righty he killed him look at it oh it’s so pretty this is amazing I get to have a cherry blossom tree no I don’t know what this dirt statue is oh my God you just need to have a force of them in that little jungle [Music] biome where are all these [ __ ] mobs coming from go away go away go away go away what the heck okay look it’s so pretty okay now that I know where they’re at I can just keep going back there and getting more and and more saplings okay um time to replant my bushes and replace them with prettier leaves way prettier leaves you have two extra dogs to name I feel like one should be named Blossom after the cherry blossom tree that you just got why don’t I name one of them cherry and one of them blossom I just choked three are you alive why did you just choke can you add me that depends if you’re going to play good or not can you promise me that you’re going to play nice all right oh this is my dad’s Minecraft axe the only people in mean to are landlords okay I want to eat them okay okay this is my dad’s Minecraft account it’s preab trout that’s a name pre fab trout well there you go he fishes invite you he fishes I assume so um [Music] [Music] Boop and Andy yeah I can add you what’s your name your gamertag wait what’s your user M Mr y33 tar 20858 it’s for real just Jinx with 1 x for real just Jinx with 1 x i cross platform friends Mr yeer okay [Laughter] bud Andy how are you you with deserts yeah that’s a good question actually how are you with deserts 282 wait 28 5 8 why why do I feel like I’ve seen this username before 28 did I type that right no the t is capital oh I found it anyway cool can you invite me [Music] again uh your name doesn’t even come up here hold on what was it it was prefab trout okay you’re already on my friends list you have to probably add me for real just Jinx with One X cuz you’re not coming up on my friends list well now I’m confused face loudly crying face now I’m confused cuz you’re not even coming up on my friends list I already invited you um maybe try closing out of Minecraft and opening it again I forgot that I had gold boots on that I don’t need to have on cool okay this one’s Aaron this one’s burrito cherry blossom I need netherite armor cherry cherry cherry blossom oh my God I know exactly what to name my horse I know what to name my horse okay all right cherry blossom Aaron and burrito cherry blossom it isn’t working I don’t know why it’s not working it worked for one second and then you didn’t wait Andy it’s not even coming up now much money what I could do is leave the game can you add me and invite me sh what I could do is leave the game and figure out what’s going on and then open the game back up that’s yeah I think I’m going to do that to see if if uh okay prefab trout her I think okay I’m going to remove you as a friend and then add you again yeah prefab trout yeah I’m just like wow friend if it will work there we go okay prefab chart was added to your friends list now if I open the Minecraft ignore my mom screaming on the phone behind me I’m sorry about that okay invite the game there you are invited you both the link James and I just put f yeah she just got on Bo I’m doing it multiple times okay no way did it work that time yes there you go okay cherry blossom um Aaron and burrito oh you know what I’m going to make a in the house for the dogs actually I will they got an area over here for the dogs my mom’s screaming on the phone background yes that’s why Aaron said loud crying face Joo Biden about cars I mean she can actually put you know work on cars I hope you enjoy being in the desert because it’s going to take a while to get out yep that’s why Aon said that actually I should put that on the ground here I going to make an area for the dogs well you know thing they’re trying to sell the other vehicle they have 5,000 all nobody my mom is screaming on the phone behind me yeah this going to be a hallway I didn’t mean to break all that that was ridiculous you know you know you got to pay yourent your okay and then it breaks off into a room oh [ __ ] [ __ ] balls I’m not turning PPP on Andy [ __ ] do I even have dirt I do dirt it’s good I’m not a coward I just don’t want to be griefed anymore I don’t want other people to possibly be griefed too okay so apparently I am not making the dog’s room right there I’ll make it over here though I need to make a new shovel brother everything but you know he had to pay expenses too yeah he just went to hello his car broke [Music] down just just leave my dogs alone and everything’s fine to charge what your honor to the charge of wire fraud I plead nuh all right get your car fixed mom she’s like actually screaming oh [ __ ] where’s my oh my Farm’s right there [ __ ] you know what I can make it one deeper that’s what I can do making a little room for my doggies um EXC anywhere uh sleep time all right I don’t know if Amy has a bed yet or not uh don’t I don’t think Amy has a bed yet skill issue am okay wait no no no there we go and then I’m going to fill this with wood oh Amy has a bed now you thought somebody closer ah skill isue apparently having closer not sleepy time hashtags CU we’re in Roblox apparently okay well we can actually sleep now which is fun when you H up with me all right Amy that’s enough okay wait do I even have any more wood H do I have any wood in here time to see no he like hey how are you doing you know is there anyone in here yeah and there’s two Oak locks fun that is not enough I need to go out here and I’m go over here oh hey there’s another wolf over here Aaron do you want a dog there’s a wolf over here do you want a dog yeah I don’t even know where Aaron went I know you were going like like that and and then I looked up and there he was like oh I don’t even know where Aaron went all right didn’t I just need oak wood and I’m running around like a maniac oh there you are over here is where the dog’s at oh wow where’d it go wa where the hell did it go where did it go oh there it is there’s two there’s a baby I think I went the wrong way there’s a baby here and there’s a dog there the baby dog I went the opposite [Music] way now you’re your really don’t want to go there you go you got two dogs you got a puppy and a dog now I’m going to go over here and get the wood there’s more there we go whoa what oopsie this Des are big as hell you weren’t lying I know I in the beginning uh in the very beginning I had to uh literally it was it I feel like it took hours honestly it I feel like it did take hours just to find any sort of green all right more wood yeah whoops I had to go through the village twice oh desert Amy’s gone Amy disappeared I found green woo okay I should have enough wood now you probably felt the same way that we felt whenever we found green for the first time that feeling of relief the rules no one can live with me unless you’re Aaron or or um of clim okay or ducky ducky can live with me too cuz he was already living with me uh no one else can live with me why is there so much goddamn coal here my mom’s screaming in the background again I’m just shaking my why why is there so much coal yeah I mean saying just stop yeah but if you’re going to break up with the D and everything then break up and break off don’t oh my gosh Mom oh wait wrong yeah Mak me want to gag wait that’s wrong wait I won’t be able to destroy the ceiling will I SC yeah that’s grass I guess I could make it one more deep together I me he screed he did not treat her right and she thought that’s how people supposed to you know yeah every type of go I know yeah I don’t like Bedrock he my lawn and it wait [ __ ] okay so I should be able to do the roof good I I mean I hate that I mean it’s sad that you have to you know yeah if you had to choose between the person they with and um there we go [ __ ] making a little place for my doggy doggies is it hanging up [Music] oh wait oops that’s complete wrong thing that I meant to do damn it my ax is going to break cuz I did the wrong thing so this ax is going to break yep fine to use my fist I have to fist it [Laughter] what you talking about what’s a bits what’s sus I don’t know what I what did I say wrong where she live at I thought she might live somewhere around a I don’t know why I’m getting flashbacks at church that was just the weirdest fisting what’s wrong with fisting this Minecraft music that’s playing in the back right now is reminding me of being in church as a kid freaking me out I don’t know why hi hello what happened to you where’d you go I’m back you could have said punch but no you have to say fisting what’s wrong with fisting C oh loudly crying face loudly crying face what I’ll just make it out of jle w that’s fine the my music is makes making me remember church I don’t know why we are back though all right now where’s the slabs there’s the slabs this isn’t the right amount of slabs though is it nope but I could use the stairs Prett F try out look at that perfect who what oh sleeping in a bed oh okay um what you doing Andy what you doing what you doing what you doing what you doing you’re not you’re not going into my house terrorism you’re not going into my house it’s actually sleepy time now where did you even go I all right eiz nuclear oh my God okay I’m bringing Aon down here perfect Aaron’s going to sit right here in this corner no okay now I’m going to bring burrito down burrito Yo Burrito is stupid burrito come on get in there okay burrito is going to be in this corner perfect Andy Andy yo Andy after me yeah stay down here stay down there I’ll bring Cherry down there as well oh all right Cherry go down is Cherry coming where the hell is Cherry at yo Cherry what how okay Amy how did you even [ __ ] did I just hear a a pigman a piglin sorry you bum you bum die there’s not a piglin in here but oh my God pensive face no quit um Andy rage quitted Cherry can stay in this corner and then Blossom can stay in the other Corner that way now I have a place for them to didn’t know the feds were in the nether too oh my God they’re everywhere Andy did you Rage Quit perfect cherry blossom and burrito Aaron there we go would it be weird to name my horse [Laughter] D would that’ be a weird thing to do I responded at the desert of course I R quit oh yeah the deser yeah cuz you didn’t set a spawn point very weird it’s not that bad oh my God how did I okay there we go sticks not torches whoops axe there we go I have a replacement axe now perfect um I’m going to light up my uh [Music] my CH blossom tree perfect beautiful cherry blossom why is there a witch right here and a skeleton two skeletons actually as a matter of fact mine he lighting up the green I wish Minecraft sunsets are so pretty didn’t know bro was chill like that oh CU I said right up the tree okay oh [ __ ] oh ych ouchy ouchy ych fell right in there I don’t even know how that happened oh you finally made it out of the desert it’s always the I see green yo this God damn witch this [ __ ] no why bro say Yi like Drake where is this [ __ ] out of the water the stream’s a little delayed y’all [ __ ] Okay I’m alive I’m poisoned but I’m alive I’ve I’ve never felt so alive I’ve never felt so alive anyways a gos now stay safe from the feds what I’m alive I can hear my dog is over here so I should be able to make more bread too yeah okay I’m going to put that in there that in there does Minecraft music sound so hopeful the music just it sounds so beautiful and like hopeful and full of life and beautiful [Music] H what oh [ __ ] Amy you you finally uh found your way [Laughter] over yeah yeah long way yeah actually honestly I trust you with living with me more than I do more than I do Andy honestly okay this is where my dogs are going to be so me yeah and then just walking the two it oh imagine walking that two times yeah yeah Aron had to do he kept dying he had to walk through that twice that desert twice it was ridiculous um sign sign sign sign I have sign sign I went the wrong way oh my God jinxes dogs swim enchantment actually I don’t I don’t know if I’ll make an enchantment room am if you want you can live down in this room that connects into the room where my dogs are oh that’s how I could do it okay so I can make a new bow and then combine it with that mhm mhm mhm I have a better bow now amazing Unbreaking one power two I think this was the bow that was being used by the skeletons [Music] um a flower so if I could find more diamonds I could probably flower yes now if I could find more diamonds I could probably combine that that no no that’s not how that would work never mind mind but I do need to find more diamonds because my pickaxe is going to I really don’t actually need to be using this diamond pickaxe I could just um continue to use iron do I even have iron I don’t have I have two pieces of iron and that’s it oh my gosh do I even have raw iron no I have coal damn to go down here anyway s if you want to live in this underneath my house the room right before going into the uh dogs room you can the other room in there that has the uh come you can or you could just make your own house yeah yeah you can all right now for me to try to find iron which is going to be kind of struggle I’m going to struggle a little bit actually I’ll I’ll go through this um [ __ ] M shaft cuz I still haven’t gone through the whole thing I’ll go this way this time okay well I’ve actually already gone through this way there’s nothing down there so I kind of have to go the down way I think I was being attacked by mobs whenever I went this way though no no wait where am I at girl I have no idea where I am where the hell am I is it this way that I was going to go the way I have no recollection whatsoever well I’ll go this way anyway and hope for the best oh this is the way I was going okay go up here what’s this way oh yeah this is where I found that Enderman right or no yes this is where I got the yeah okay I’ll go this way oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] balls oh [ __ ] balls oh [ __ ] balls oh [ __ ] balls there we go now what’s over here why is there dirt built right here oh I did this didn’t I I still ended up over here and I was being attacked by mobs that’s why wait isn’t there a zombie spawner over here somewhere yeah right here uh uh uh bam all right more melon seeds I will take as many of those as possible I don’t have a bed no I found a vis des and a new name tag what is impaling I think I have wool in one of my chests if you you can look in one of my chests see if you can find wool all right sounds cool I got to get one of the music this how do you make a juke box cuz if you need Redstone I’ll take this Redstone can you even make a juke box I need to look this up right now hold on how to craft a juke box you need a diamond are you kidding do you need diamonds for juk box you need one Diamond which is annoying I have one Diamond but I I need two more to for a new pickaxe a new diamond pickaxe but I have a mut is this cat that’s my favorite music disc too my first music disc on this world and it’s my favorite one what did you say I almost died oh my god let’s not do that cuz you oh speaking of diamonds [Laughter] [Music] hello Oh My Oh Me Oh My whoa this is more than just two diamonds this is oh my God hell yeah cool I have uh uh six diamonds now and I don’t have to worry about it the [ __ ] I’m be able to make I’m going to be able to make a a new pickaxe and be able to make the juice box now I don’t have to worry about it is it this way I haven’t been over here where the [ __ ] am I I’m uncomfortable I’m no I actually feel like I’m starting to get lost now I feel like you could um lose your mind in in one of these in one of these M shafts holy [ __ ] okay I went the complete wrong way maybe it’s this way because torches this way oh oh yeah wait I’m starting to figure it out then it’s through here there we go guess it’s up here then it’s down here yep yep y I hear a baby zombie [ __ ] off they can [ __ ] off kindly respectfully baby zombies they can [ __ ] off I hate baby zombies I’m sorry I don’t I’m losing my mind my my eyes are starting to hurt I’ve been playing this game for a while okay go up here I hate how long this goddamn STP mine staircase is [ __ ] King Christ almost almost there we go now I do not have to worry about it and it’s night time cool oh my God you are looking out the window Jesus Christ okay um do I have wool in here I have two pieces of wool in here and another piece of wool here Amy yo Amy there you go so I should be able to yeah I should be able to make a new okay should put this stuff away first that way I have room inventory um okay I have six so I should be able to make that there we go yeah and then oops wrong thing there go okay and now I should be able to make so I think it’s to make a jukebox you have to do wood yeah that’s a not block juke box wood and one piece of diamond okay I don’t think I have wood I don’t think it matters how much what kind of wood does it make the J box oh my God I got a j box oh my God oh my God I’m running out of room guess I could just put it right there oh my God I have the music disc oh my oh my did you did you make a bed Amy Amy did you make a bed you didn’t make a bed did you you didn’t make a bed did you Amy Amy you’re kidding Amy Amy you should have made the bed first Amy I just picked up some of your stuff I on accident actually you know what I will pick up your stuff because it will despawn if I don’t I know I know but you have my coordinates you can run to my coordinates here you know what um it’s about to be daytime just wait a second you have my coordinates so you know where I am um I have your stuff in my inventory just wait until it turns daytime then you can start running towards me and I’ll make you a bed right now here we go okay I’ve made you a bed and then I’m going to place it down crafting table there I’ll place the bed like right here here’s your bed you have my coordinates on the Stream [Music] around [Music] one of my this is my favorite disc [Music] [Music] and Cave Town made a song off of this melody and have a good around yeah woo [Music] my favorite disc ah [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] get into it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s over again [Music] to [Music] m [Music] [Music] [Music] just [Music] [Music] I love this song it makes me so happy it reminds me of childhood that’s why I’m dead silent I’m just like enjoying it [Music] [Music] that’s cool I have a disc now burrito Aaron Sherry bossom oh my gosh look who it is here all righty I don’t remember which one’s yours so I’ll just drop what oh I think that’s it that’s all I picked up I don’t know if anything else in this inventory is yours [Music] oh my gosh thank you for that all right you have a bed over here now the stream is lagging oh great and now it’s raining too that’s great too okay I need how do I make an item frame [Music] item frame sticks and leather got it I should have leather I don’t know if I have leather I might not have leather I have leather and sticks you look at that I’ve got an item frame I want to frame my um my music disc that I got which I think I put in one of these chests which one did I put it in [ __ ] there it go Boop perfect um ow what was I got to do um mine I’m going to keep on mining I’m going to keep going through that uh [ __ ] I had arrows in my inventory and they’re gone now I put them away somewhere there they are cool all righty trying to find as many diamonds as possible because I do want to uh at some point get an enchantment table hopefully I can get an enchantment table at some point how many diamonds does an enchantment table need isn’t it like four or something and and lot of an obsidian right or or it one you need a book don’t you I forget how to make an achievement table I really don’t remember um I’ll figure it out let me look it up right now actually I do have a phone that I can use how to craft enchantment table one book two diamonds four obsidian ores okay well I have two diamonds four obsidians I just need to get enough leather and uh paper that I that you make paper with sugarcane right so I don’t even actually really need to okay cool whoa my God play pay attention I almost just fell right into I don’t know how to pay attention to what I’m doing apparently cuz I almost just fell right to my death that would not have been fun what the [ __ ] just died what just suffocated in a wall I did not like that sound nor did I appreciate it I hate going down here this place gives me the this scares the [ __ ] out of me okay first of all oh my God I killed it in literally two hits that’s fun okay so I need um one two three four four obsidian which I have right here right now one oh [ __ ] I two a three a four okay now I should be able to go ahead and go up here before I even go to the nether I want to at least enchant my stuff I would like um diamond armor but all I have is iron and that that’s fine by me diamonds are hard to find not really i’ I found quite a bit but still let me up thank you okay where the [ __ ] am I going that’s where I’m going okay I keep getting lost that’s ridiculous okay go up here go around go on up I have to remember how to make a book I I need leather and I don’t need paper there’s a zombie okay run into my house oh in your house kill it I don’t even know if is Aaron even still watching Aaron you’re good you haven’t said much okay just want to check up on you um now what’s going on over here the zombie in your house well it’s not in your house anymore so I’m lagging the stream’s lagged again no oh my God ow my leg almost just started cramping whoops doing some adjustments to my base all righty all right what what the [ __ ] was I doing oh yeah I need um sugar cane I see sugarcane I found the sugar cane I like this bow this is nice bow fun okay cuz I’m pretty sure sugarcane you can make paper with it right I don’t know how I really don’t remember but I’m pretty sure that’s what you use sugarcane for is it like a whole thing of sugar cane or something to make paper like six sugarcane or something am I remembering properly again this is me remembering how to do it based on whenever I played with my ex we got really close to almost making it to the end we were just trying to find Enderman for the um eyes ofender and um and then he broke up with me so H H what that is um so we didn’t actually get to complete the game that was the closest I’ve ever gotten to beating this game for real okay how do I do this paper stuff I will search it up right here paper oh [ __ ] that wasn’t that hard at all cool leather which I still have so book book oh that wasn’t that hard okay wait so how do you do it is it one book for and then two diamonds well [ __ ] I’m going be able to do this real quickly two diamonds one two I I can make it right now right hello and enchantment table Yeah okay now I should be able to make one of these rooms I could go ahead and just make this room the enchantment room do that wait no I have oak wood I don’t whatever I could just fill it in with the uh jungle that’s F girl what am I doing okay then break that jungle shment table right there period and now I should be able to fill this room with bookshelves now the the the problem is going to be the bookshelf I think that’s what’s going to be the problem I I don’t know how to do a bookshelf how to make book shelf no in Minecraft Minecraft okay three planks no six planks speaking from the afterlife my toaster is evidently not waterproof oh my God okay six planks three books which means I have to get more three books there I can make a book and quill I love books and quills it’s like writing a little diary okay so three books and then six planks this is going to take a while to at these bookshelves what what it’s Gaya day tomorrow Gala day what is that I forgot I don’t know what that is I don’t know why I said Gayla day I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it or not gay day gay day all right I have to get more oh I know you offer Beauty I oh God where’s sugar cane I need more sugar cane That’s probably sugarcane over here in this desert area I hope I pray and hope I literally go every day oh get [ __ ] high on sugar not every day not every day you said every day every year oh every year oh is it whenever you say rides do you mean like amusement park rides or like a little like a little like a carnival yeah M It’s banging there’s something like that that happens here every year called um God what is it called right next to where I live too rata is what it’s called I have no idea when that’s starting here I want to go there though I went there last year although what’s more fun is this this this uh Carnival that happens right in the city behind my house what the [ __ ] did I just say right in the city behind my city literally just over the bridge holy [ __ ] okay s just completely falling into the okay so got to be paying attention to see if I see any cows while I’m out here because I need leather a leather where’s the leather for these books cuz I don’t know how many books you need to make it uh make the enchantment table upgrade whatever the [ __ ] I want to build something over here at this desert this is a nice cute little desert maybe once I beat this this world like defeat the Ender Dragon or whatever I’ll then turn sheats on afterward and then just like chill and build whatever you want there’s the cows that’s going to be after I after I guess we beat the game that depends on who’s on and when we do the Ender Dragon when we do the Ender Dragon when we kill the Ender Dragon we don’t do that Ender Dragon I promise we’re not going to we’re not going to have sex with the Ender Dragon we should fight the weather has practice we should fight the Wither as practice yeah all right bookshelf W how do I um [ __ ] how do I oh I have to make the paper first I’m losing it I’m so tired y’all it’s it’s not even late it’s 5:00 p.m. where I am okay and then book and then bookshelf wow I made the two bookshelves I’m librarian apparently that’s the trophy I just earned it says a trophy earned librarian that’s wrong wait I’m going to break that and it’s going to just be books [ __ ] [ __ ] well it’s fine it’s still the amount of books I need for to make the bookshelf again yeah that’s okay stress up for no reason no wait that would have been right if I did that right no I’m confused I want to break both of them where did you get the cap from I have it I don’t know I don’t know how I got it it’s just kind of free I go to dressing room change classic skin or change skin or whatever and then you click capes and it’s on there or at least on there whenever I did it but sh I don’t have wood do I there we go yo WG bro can I join this world and play with you bro no why not cuz I’m only letting people I trust join um I need to get more [ __ ] you I need to get I’m trusted yes you’re trusted oh okay then I will play in this world only doing what is right no bud I guess oh you can make a candle out of dye you can make dye candles how do you even make a candle though wait how do I gain a trap a string and what is that honeycomb it’s like a candle honey candle that’s cool I like candles they’re pretty in this how can you get pretty much nothing I don’t know the thing is that you only want to gain my trust so you can play in my world that’s the only reason why but I want to play alongside you oh you can’t just leave that in there that sucks ass Smite one sharpness one Smite one what a Smite what the [ __ ] is Smite I don’t know how enchantments work [ __ ] um Smite only increases the damage that’s dis dealt to Undead mobs so unless you are planning to fight the undead mobs sharpness is the better option R of the server I will let you ban me without a second thought SM on that sharpness one is that he change the flip the page SL one sharpness [Music] one but yeah I’ll do I’ll do this one it’s fine yeah Shar this one I’m fine with that that’s whatever sleeping in a bed oh my gosh sleepy time I will subscribe to her Channel and be loyal to you I wish to play with friends sleppy time do you oblige no like I said I’m only letting people that I trust join all right I have that let’s see um I could do the pickaxe please let me play I wish to only do who Unbreaking for what is this what is what do these numbers mean 75 2 Unbreaking one efficiency one Unbreaking one efficiency one oh you get three and sh Wait no what I’m confused about how this how this works if I get the Unbreaking one efficiency one I’ll just do the Unbreaking it’s it’s actually whatever I don’t care that much okay so it just gives you what okay H that’s interesting all right I’m fine with just having a breaking one on there because what’s happening Jinx do you have food I’m at three bars of food come here there’s uh glowberries and a chicken in there that’s that’s all the food I have right now actually what do I have in here that’s Unbreaking two and looting one the thing is I don’t know how this works if I put this on here it only shows so it just gives me un breaking too it doesn’t give me the Looting effect which is confusing how does that work how can you add both of them onto there [Music] H how to use Enchantment books Enchantment books I’m confused about how these Enchantment books work because I I go to put this in here it has two enchantments on it what is the one thing called that removes enchantments from now thanks that removes enchantments I have no idea asterisk things asterisk they removes things from I’m confused about this because it just gives you it only gives me the one there’s looting one that’s an option but it only gives me the Unbreaking too it doesn’t give me the now I’m confused and then what is this impaling if I put that on there that doesn’t even doesn’t even let me okay sharpness oh wait is looting only for swords wait I’m confused what the [ __ ] is for for swords I can oh that’s why it’s not working dumbass you dumbass talking to myself you’re a dumbass well now I know cool I’m stupid it’s fine it’s fine it’s [Laughter] fine could put that in there but then there cool un breaking one sharpness one cool I think I’m going to try out the nether just to see what’s going on I’ve got golden apples in case I need them um and I don’t have okay I need to put stuff away I don’t need that that’s the wrong thing there we go uh I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that don’t need that don’t need that all right what I do need is [ __ ] like this dirt cobblestone as much building blocks as I can that aren’t completely destructible hello I don’t need this copper all right time to go into the uh nether time to figure this out I’m pretty sure if I have the gold on the piglins won’t care I think that’s how that works what is happening I hear sounds but I can’t move okay okay what who’s where the hell did all this loot come from this is Andy stuff isn’t it I don’t need all that all that just popped up in my inventory because Andy died that’s got to be Andy’s [ __ ] oh my God it’s not just have all this useless [ __ ] in my inventory dude oh my God okay well cool I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t need that this is a bunch of you know what I will take the carrots though that I will take extra food hell yes any any day any second of any day all right trying again that was so ridiculous okay trying again in the nether all right what’s going down here I have even more [ __ ] oh my God never mind not trying again I still need to go back and throw away this other stuff oh my God why did Andy have to die girl I’ll just put some of the stuff in here cuz I really don’t need it um I don’t need this boat I don’t need the green bed I I don’t well I will take the Cobblestone I don’t need the sugar canes I need that cool okay trying again for the what fifth sixth time now that’s ridiculous did I just hear a gas I’m scared now I hate Ghasts I hate Ghasts bro there is a ghast it’s shot at me I’m not even in here bro what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] I’m not even I didn’t even where is it even at oh I’m scared okay oh my god that actually scared me [Laughter] stop okay I got to protect this uh this portal right oh my God I’m pretty sure you can protect the portal by uh building Cobblestone around it brought some present for you I just heard another gas this has got to stop nothing’s even happening I hear another ghast [ __ ] dude no oh my God there’s another gas bye I killed it I killed it oh my God I hate the nether I hate the nether with such a deep rooted passion that’s it’s just like okay I’m back back I hate this I’m already almost out of arrows I need more arrows [ __ ] I can’t go back into the nether without arrows oh my gosh food chest my food chest what’s happening what is that what paper paper this is oh my God okay paper what’s in the food chest I’m so confused what am I looking for is it the the new stuffed oh no what new stuff oh the chicken oh okay sorry I’m like I’m brain dead right now sorry anyway I’m losing my mind [Laughter] [Applause] what I’ve got the paper I forgot what I was doing are you making a treeh house oh my God this is so cute I’m sorry tired my head off that’s what I was just about to say I’m starting to get tired too thank you [Music] so going to watch one Frank all right then head to bed all righty backs hurting like how oh yeah I know I I I I I I uh I feel you on that the back hurting wait not actually my neck hurts it’s more my neck for me I think I’m going to get I think I’m going to cow face cow I’ll do that yoga thing that one granny taught me what okay yeah I think I’m going to get off as well cuz I’m starting to get really uh tired I will be back on tomorrow 100% literally the second I wake up the second I wake up I’m going to get back on and stream which which should be like s 7 8 a.m. eastern standard time most two hearts 7 8 a.m. eastern standard time Eastern Standard Time is whenever I’ll be back on streaming probably so yeah I’m going to get off and yeah bye-bye

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    🟢 Dolan's CRAZY BINGO NIGHT! LIVE in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘🟢 Dolan Hosts BINGO NIGHT! | Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Dewlan on 2024-04-04 03:17:00. It has garnered 28 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 02:59:10 or 10750 seconds. Ohai and welcome to Minecraft Bingo! In this Dewlan Minecraft livestream, I play Bingo, a gamemode for Minecraft with the PTA crew! So crack open a Dew, kick back and relax to some Bingo chaos! Streamed live on Twitch: ————————————————————————————————————————— JOIN THE DEW CREW Buy me a Dew, support me on Ko-Fi ► Join the Dewscord: Buy my merch:… Read More

  • Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft Hunt

    Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft HuntVideo Information This video, titled ‘✨MINECRAFT MANHUNT✨ 1 v 1 v 3’, was uploaded by Qyuwi on 2024-06-09 03:13:12. It has garnered 380 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 02:55:36 or 10536 seconds. Powered by Restream Use TTS FREE With Channel Points: ╔═══╗ ║╔═╗║ ║║ ║║╔╗ ╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗ ║║ ║║║║ ║║║║║║║╚╝╚╝║╠╣ ║╚═╝║║╚═╝║║╚╝║╚╗╔╗╔╝║║ ╚══╗║╚═╗╔╝╚══╝ ╚╝╚╝ ╚╝ ╚╝╔═╝║ ╚══╝ ▬▬▬▬ (,,◕ ω ◕,,) ▬▬▬▬ Social Links: Insta: Twitch: Twitter: TikTok: Discord: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ tags: #VTuber #Qyuwi #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Anime Read More

  • Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!

    Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft’, was uploaded by MLP Play on 2024-06-11 09:15:54. It has garnered 2164 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:27 or 3867 seconds. Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack,Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, heir own minecraft server and play minecraft MLP Play this is an entertainment channel where my little pony characters plays minecraft, SUBSCRIBE! Disclaimer: All voices are completely AI Generated*. Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Record Breaker - The Weekly ThingVideo Information This video, titled ‘The Amazing Story of the New Minecraft World Record’, was uploaded by The Weekly Thing on 2024-04-01 16:00:06. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. This is the amazing story of craze’s new Minecraft world record on bedrock 1.16 RSG (not an April Fools video, sorry). After close … Read More

  • Pyracraft

    PyracraftWelcome to Pyracraft, one of the newest and most captivating Earth SMP servers where you can embark on an adventure alongside your friends or forge new friendships! Here’s what you can experience: Create Your Kingdom: Establish your realm, build your defences with turrets and other structures, conquer territories, and navigate the intricate dynamics of forging alliances and overcoming your enemies. Leveling System: Ascend the ranks to become the top player by adventuring in our world. Skill Progression: Hone your skills to unlock powerful abilities that will prove invaluable in battles and various adventures. PvP Duels: Test your mettle in our… Read More

  • TotallyNotSuspicious Modded SMP LGBTQ+ Friendly Whitelist Java

    NEW MODDED MINISEASON Apply here: (Applications are rarely denied unless there is a lack of effort!) INFORMATION TotallyNotSuspicious is an SMP established in 2018, focused on creating an inclusive, friendly, and collaborative community where interactions between members are the main focus. Every member is welcome to join with open arms; no matter how is judged here. Why should you join us? Servers hosted in North America Discord to Minecraft chat Simple Voice Chat integration Suggestion forums, available to all members Private ticket system, for complaints/questions/support Diamond economy, no shop plugins Organized Dragon Fights and various other events 350 server… Read More

  • The Spider’s Den

    The Spider's Den| Welcome to The Spider’s Den – do mind the cobwebs everywhere. |We are a safe space to hang out and play 1.20.1 (java) Minecraft – including LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, etc.! However, you must be 16 or older to join. This server is focused on exploration and making sure that dull moments are hard to find with mods such as:- Create (and many of it’s addons)- Origins (which you can suggest!)- Ender’s Cataclysm- Ice and Fire- And more!And don’t worry, if fighting isn’t your style there are plenty of cooking and decoration mods to decorate whatever kind of building you desire… Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - "Crafting Empire: Domain Domination"Why did the creeper enter the domain expansion world? Because he heard it was a blast! Read More

  • Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime

    Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime In the desert of Minecraft, a crash has occurred, Surviving on sand, with challenges absurd. Follow the quests, stay cool in the heat, Beware of the night, where dangers will meet. First challenge is water, to beat the heat’s wrath, Second challenge is food, to avoid hunger’s path. Hardcore map, but with a graveyard mod, So you won’t lose progress, just keep on trod. Stay strong, my friends, as you navigate this land, With each new challenge, you’ll make a stand. Forever Stranded, a mod-pack so grand, In the world of Minecraft, where survival is planned. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze!

    Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze! “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” Read More

  • Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE

    Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE Minecraft Hardcore Mod: A Challenging Adventure For Minecraft enthusiasts looking to up the ante and test their survival skills, the Hardcore Mod offers a thrilling challenge. This mod introduces a new level of difficulty to the game, pushing players to their limits as they navigate a harsher, more unforgiving world. What is the Hardcore Mod? The Hardcore Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is designed to provide a more intense and demanding gameplay experience. In this mode, players face permanent death – once they die, the world is deleted, adding a sense of urgency and tension to every decision… Read More

  • Java’s Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds

    Java's Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Minecraft 1.21 Update – Top 5 Seeds (Java) Exploring the Best Seeds in Minecraft Minecraft players are always on the lookout for exciting new seeds to explore, and the latest 1.21 update has brought some fantastic options to the table. From ancient cities to trial chambers, these seeds offer a wide range of biomes and structures to discover. Let’s dive into the top 5 seeds that are currently making waves in the Minecraft community. 1. Coral Cove – Seed number: 2090070116 If you’re looking for a seed that offers a variety of interesting locations, Coral Cove is the perfect… Read More

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    DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ネビ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]Video Information This video, titled ‘change of plans I wanna play minecraft [SHORTS]【Streamed on Twitch】’, was uploaded by Neavy Ch. ネビ on 2024-07-11 20:00:12. It has garnered 1001 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:54:37 or 10477 seconds. Rules for Chat: 1. This chat is inclusive so any form of hate will be dealt with accordingly. 2. Be positive! Don’t be weird! 3. Have fun! Enjoy the Stream! Don’t need to chat you could also Lurk! Credits: Stinger: Logo: MikaLogoStudio (Etsy) Art&Rigging: Other Credits: Spill the tea SUB EMOTE – Nikamii (Etsy)… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House Destruction

    Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Thunder Gaming on 2024-06-11 13:05:00. It has garnered 9140 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft #minecraftpe minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj… Read More

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    Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! 🎮 #Games #MinecraftBattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘100 HUSK ZOMBIE VS 10 IRON GOLEM IN MINECRAFT #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #game #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by Game Educator on 2024-07-10 20:45:52. It has garnered 178 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Hello everyone To buy our Udemy Minecraft A-Z Guide click the link below! Tags: #minecraft #fyp #minecraftbuilding #minecraftmemes #viral #minecrafttutorial #gaming #foryou #minecraftpe #minecrafter #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters Read More

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    Lucasd10's Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴GRIDNING MINECRAFT HYPIXEL BEDWARS & CHATTING W VIEWERS LIVE! (pls subscribe!)🔴’, was uploaded by Lucasd10 on 2024-05-30 05:18:36. It has garnered 2477 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:24 or 8784 seconds. 🔴Today I Am Playing Minecraft LIVE. Don’t Forget To Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Turn On Post Notifications To Never Miss A Livestream Or Upload!🔴 ────────────────────────────────── 🤑DONATE TO ME HERE💲➔ Feel Free to Donate, It Is Optional But It Can Help Me In Many Ways. I Can Buy New Gaming/Streaming Equipment, Things In Games, And It Gives Me A… Read More


    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous ( — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: — Rubylight Socials: — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

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