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people say that by using Netherrack gold and Redstone torches you can summon Herobrine but this isn’t the only ritual Minecraft has to offer I received this mysterious video and it supposedly shows us how to summon a terrifying entity known as the orphan well let’s hit play all right let’s see what we’ve got going on here so we’ve got an adventurer all alone in a forest the just walking straight ahead and wait what is that I’ve never seen a structure like that before yeah it looks like a bunch of nether brick surrounded by terracotta and candles and in the center we’ve got something that kind of looks like a bed wait could this be a baby’s crib oh yeah I totally see that wait what are they doing now they’ve got a book and quill and they’re writing some really weird text in there it’s like an alien language yeah I can’t even understand what it says and now that they’re all finished they’re throwing the book into the crib uh wait did the candles just extinguish could have been the rain yeah I guess so or something more Sinister oh my gosh lightning strike wait more of that weird ritual language what does it even say never mind that guo because the adventurer is turning around and oh the orphan where are it eyes yeah or its nose oh oh I think I’m going to be sick um yeah looks like the video just crashed but despite what we had just seen I still had more questions what was the orphan what did it want and was this video real or fake clickbait I grabbed my supplies and headed out to perform the ritual my s night is falling Guido and that makes it the perfect time to begin work on this ritual site I found a nice little area here which should mean that if we do indeed summon the orphan we have a lot of space and we’ll be able to see exactly where it’s coming from are you sure we weren’t see that big it was scary it’s too late for that now Guido I’ve already got all the supplies we’re going to start by building the inner frame of the ritual sides and then we simply fill it all up with black W remember to leave space for the bear that’s right Guido because that was actually how we could tell that this thing was a crab in the corners we have black terracotta and we also had black terra cotta around the edges now with that all in place we can focus on the fences now they were placed in a very particular pattern so we need to make sure we’re getting this right three on the corners then one connecting them there we go that should be perfect now for the candles three on each red terra cotta and for the normal candles we do something like [Music] this I like [Music] them perfect Guido this is looking exactly how it did in the video now the Bucking Quail couldn’t really understand what that Adventure was writing so let’s just put some random stuff ritual by Steve this is it this is the last step before the orphan appears Guido I might need some self-defense good Lu [Music] Steve um we Jo yeah it looks like nothing happened oh man so I enabled kill mom for no reason yeah I guess so buddy I’m sorry I don’t really know why nothing happened I mean everything’s built correctly we even placed the candles in the crates formation but nothing maybe we need more information from the video ah yeah let’s take a look is there anything I missed here uh wait I could scroll down they sent a message with the video Yeah and unlike the writing in the video I can actually read this it says the orphan has been angered oh so that must be how I do it I’ve just got to anger this orphan and I think I know exactly how to do it this crib is clearly the orphan’s home so maybe Burning It Down Will summon the orphan in oh that sounds fun and make thrower yeah burn it down wooo W and while Guido is doing that I will leave some nasty messages for the orphan because you know what would really make her angry if I said it wasn’t scary that it was a big phony and that it was fake clickbait H and now I guess I’ll just sign it hater this is it quido this is really going to make the oran mad ow okay and now it should reveal itself it’s not working again well at least I have fun I really thought that was going to work I mean when you think of demonic scary ritual this is literally exactly what you think of fire Ash Brimstone but there’s no orphan to be seen I think what the problem is is they were not doing exactly what the video is showing us what are you talking about I literally built the exact same ritual site the only thing that I didn’t match up is that text which is obviously impossible because it was some kind of alien language uh you know what here let me show you come on take a look yep there it is the weird language hold on a second what the inage what what are you talking about oh it was upside down we can read it now Guido pass me another the book now let’s see if we can pull this off take my offering wait offering we didn’t offer it anything we just burn everything down yeah maybe we’ve got to bring something over the child is yours what what is this guy talking about flesh for flesh so it’s some kind of exchange return me into the night oh how poetic please work okay the book is ready throw it in and offen why I did everything correctly what could I possibly do anymore H wait the offering but the adventurer didn’t offer the ritual anything he just wait a second rewind rewind there was a baby villager in the video how did I not even see that it was so fast and I guess we were just focusing on the text well Guido we know what we have to do now and so I set out to find a baby villager now I didn’t want to just kidnap a child from the village nearby so instead I set out to find a baby zombie villager oh I can see a zombie over there is it ah it’s just a regular a zombie this could be a long night oh yeah that’s something to mention Guido we’ve got to get this ritual done and the orphan summoned in before morning so we’ve got a little bit more time now oh jeez no sign of the baby zombie villager yeah just keep your eyes peeled wa you’re really bad at this wait look Guido down there okay let’s just getting close here we don’t want to kill this thing we just want to lead it towards us in our ritual sight hey you little guy come on this way I oh oh he spotted us oh it’s so fast yeah I can see that keep going okay let’s just try figure out my way back we saw the Alo on the way and then we passed the village there it is the ritual side okay is that thing still with me yep yep yep okay let’s get it in here let’s wait until it’s here and let’s jump over okay now it should be trapped and the orphan should appear any second oh it’s not working again dude what am I supposed to do oh no no no no no get it back in the CER go idea whatever you going to do quo do it now hey what are you my gosh dude is that a cage y they going to be useful oh that is so awesome yeah not so scary anymore are you okay so Guido this is my current plan as we saw in the video it wasn’t a baby zombie villager it was just the normal baby villager so is it kidnapping time what no Guido but but what we can do is cure this little guy and turn him back into a baby villager what do you think don’t think kidnapping is a better idea ah whatever dude now for the curing process to begin I’ll need two things the first is a splash potion of weakness which you can typically find within the basement of one of these Igloo okay so we got the little secret entrance now we just head down and splash potion of weakness and in the chest we should find a golden Apple spe you’re back that’s right buddy and I’ve got a little surprise for you my eyes sorry buddy okay the baby zombie is weakened and now to say goodbye to my precious golden apple and now we just play the waiting game oh come on we don’t really have time for this see l oh my gosh it happened and now everything is in place this baby villager should become the orphan oh my gosh nothing happened again this is the one is really losing tried there must be another H in that ritual what was it that the orphan actually said let me think about this from a different angle um Ste what is it Guido I know what we have to do but you’re not going to like it you’re going to have to find a villager family and kill the parents wait what I’m I’m a hero I can’t just kill helpless Villages but these zombies sh can Steve what it saves me a lot of hassle now come on zombies don’t stop until we find a baby villager you’ve done some questionable things in your time but this ises the game h wait look those zombies have the Villager surrounded and there’s a baby yep now all we have to do is wait for the M Den to die now Guido we’ve got to save the baby that’s right dude and that means going through all of these zombies I got you little guy I’m sorry your parents died but don’t worry you’re going to become part of my demonic ritual I don’t think that’s going to make them feel any happier okay there’s the baby zombie the candles are lit please please please let this work if this doesn’t I don’t know what more I can do wait wait quido that didn’t happen before quick throw me another buck and quail this is it it’s got to be take my offering the child is yours flesh for flesh return me into the night wo weo the candles they’ve they’ve been extinguished what did you do to my Mommy and [Music] Daddy ah watch until the end of the video to finish the story of the orphan but it’s not just demonic creatures that can be summoned with Minecraft rituals this is the ritual of the blood [Music] moon wait Guido are you are you noticing something a little strange about this place that It’s oddly quiet and peaceful yeah I mean there is that but also it’s already nighttime that shouldn’t be possible everyone knows that when you start a brand new Minecraft world it should be the morning very strange but that potentially means that the ritual has begun I guess we’re just going to start this how you normally would start your Minecraft adventure you know punching trees but it’s going to be a little more difficult considering it is nighttime here we go let’s make ourselves a crafting table get some sticks guessing we’re going to need a sword and of course we’ll get ourselves a pickaxe okay so far nothing too St wait what’s up Guido the the Moon the Moon isn’t moving at all that is very very interesting so not only is it night time it’s night time forever yeah I I guess I didn’t think about that this is creeping me out you know what we should make a bed yeah I mean I guess that’s a good idea if we sleep when we wake up it should be the morning we’ve got some sheep up ahead so let’s go take them out quickly for their W sorry about this guys trust me if the blood moon is about to appear you don’t want to be alive in this world anyway now that we’ve got the wool we can make ourselves a bed and now that the bed is down we can sleep in it um where did the bed go yeah it it was literally right there it just it just disappeared so I guess it really is going to be night time forever maybe the ritual has already begun what are the first St it’s an old poem Guido listen carefully in Shadows deep where Darkness rains beneath the lunar glow where silence veins a ritual Whispers a tail un told to summon the blood moon its Mysteries unfold this is the site of the ritual Guido so we need three items that’s right buddy let’s consult the poem for more information with nether star a beacon bright and I of Ender piercing the night a potion brood of Visions clear to Grant a sight when the moon draws near we need a Nether Star an Eye of Ender and a potion of night vision now a couple of those things can be found in the nether so I guess we’re going with no armor and only a wooden sword this sounds like a bad idea yep it’s going to be pretty tough Guido especially considering we have to fight the Wither too and so it was off to the nether to collect wither skulls and Soul Sand for the Wither which of course was the only way of getting the nether star while I was there I also collected an ender pearl and glaze powder for the Eye of Ender all right Eye of Ender and right over here I’ve got my potion of night vision there we go and now Guido for the nether star upon the altar these items lay as Whispers rise in night’s array I CH the words the ancient verse to beckon the moon the universe and that is the final item this is it Guido we’re just one step away from creating the blood moon now all I need to do is chant the words by Shadows cast and darkness spurn by moonlight’s KISS our rituals begun blood moon rise and Crimson Bloom Grant’s Passage through Twilight’s Gloom that moon is still looking very very normal I Shadows cast in darkness SP by moonlight’s KISS our rituals begun Blood Moon Rising Crimson blo gr passes through Twilight’s Gloom oh come on we must have missed something yeah but I don’t know what everything’s in place um maybe there’s something more to the poem let me take a look in Shadows deep where Darkness rains beneath the lunar glow where silence fit wait silence what does that mean well think about it dude we’ve got zombies creepers and all kinds of other mobs just making noises and if it takes silence for the blood moon to appear then all we can do is slay every monster we can see [Music] [Music] wait quo did you hear that I don’t hear anything exactly well Guido it looks like something’s definitely changed why do all these items look like this they’ come out of their frames oh wow dude where are they going look at the Moon something’s definitely going on with it this is it it’s got to be the r of the wait where did it go it just completely vanished how can that be possible wait dude what the heck is that noise sounded like some kind of monster hold on what is Guido there it is the blood moon Steve look at that smile I can see you quido it’s watching it’s always watching and now to finish the story of the oran oh my gosh it’s right behind me just keep running just for now stay back I’m warning you oh jeez come on guo the village is just up [Music] ahead buo is is it gone I can’t hear it anymore yeah maybe we’re safe yeah maybe we spoke too soon okay maybe they are gone we just need to make it to the village and then maybe we can sleep for the night wait footsteps I oh please come on come on come on don’t do this don’t do this wait where the heck am I am I dude I’m a ghost which means I’m dead dude what in the Multiverse is going on right now the orphan has got my body and it’s like dragging it away and it looks like neither Guido or the orphan can see me in this form what’s it going to do with my body it’s Burying my body okay I mean weirdly that makes me somewhat feel better what in the Multiverse does it what wait I think I got it it seems to find comfort in Burying my body and as we saw from earlier the orphan really misses its mom and dad bad so if we can find them and bury them then maybe we have a chance of stopping this thing yes I can bury them right here let’s just dig this up and see if there’s enough space yep just as I thought two Hollow Graves now I just need to find the orphan’s parento oh no no no no no oh my gosh no let him go you monster oh no no I can’t punch him I can’t pun him I’ve got to find those parents now H let’s see here maybe down the side no they didn’t fall down there what about in this cave no I would have seen them at the bottom oh come on where are you guys I really need you to show up right about now oh this must be their house but no sign of [Music] them wait a second oh I didn’t see these guys it’s it’s mom and it’s dead okay this is perfect now I just need you guys to get over to your Graves pretty pleased ah you know what I’ll just pick them up come on come on come on there’s one and here’s two come on come on get in my arms and into the other grave here we go that’s one covered that’s two covered and to finish it off [Music] flowers it it’s daytime maybe the curse has been lifted oh thank the Multiverse I saved Guido and it looks like the orphan is kind of returned to normal and it also looks like they’re heading over to their parents’ Graves oh I really think I did it but there’s only one way to find out let’s see exactly what the orphan does a soul or soul wait where am I oh oh I’m back in my normal body which means I am in my grave oh my gosh this is insane I can’t believe I actually survived that I survived some crazy things but that takes the cage but every time that I’ve had my back turn today when I’ve turned around the orphan has been right there so fingers crossed this time we managed to Vanquish it once and for all Guido Steve you’re alive oh well I’m glad you’re alive too buddy almost lost you back there wait you saw that it’s a long story buddy look let’s make an agreement we never follow any creepy ritual videos ever again

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This is Minecraft, but Steve is testing out the SCARIEST real Minecraft rituals that are FORBIDDEN! When Steve finds a mysterious list of weird creepy Minecraft rituals, he needs to try them all and discover the cursed mysteries of the forbidden scary myth rituals! What is the weirdest viral Minecraft ritual, who made the list, and why are these Minecraft rituals BANNED? This is the true story of Minecraft’s creepiest rituals! __

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