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Foreign hey welcome back to this block game it’s time to build something a little bit different today something we actually haven’t built in a long time and that is a graveyard this graveyard’s purpose is going to be for the people that die in the city or mainly the Dono

Villagers wow my City’s getting big that’s so cool but I haven’t built it yet because I didn’t know if I wanted it in city limits or out here and I believe I want it out here and I think the best spot is going to be like right back in here

This isn’t necessarily going to be a modern take on a graveyard it’s still going to have that old-timey look but I’m going to get the basic idea of what it looks like and we’re going to start designing a bunch of headstones and all kinds of things yes I’m going to fill it

Up with gravestones but uh when people die we’ll just assign them to those gravestones all right well I built this road all the way out here I really like it and this is where we’re going to be putting the graveyard I think this is a fitting spot I’m gonna

Go for a very Gothic themed one just because Gothic really fits this style I guess well graveyards I should say so yeah we’re going to enter through here now this isn’t going to be just your regular graveyard with a bunch of tombstones similar to the one I already

Have I want this one to almost look like you could get lost in it so we have a three wide path here as you can see we have a path here this is gonna be too wide I just ran out of blocks I’m circling it around this Edge

And I want it to almost be maze-like in here we’re going to have regular tombstones but we’re also going to have a lot of the ones that you can walk inside I forget what those ones are called but you know what I mean so it’s almost gonna look like a little city in

Here and you could just go through the hallways of each and every tomb so we got a lot of work to do so I think I have a rough idea on what I want this place to look like so here’s just a little roughs idea of what one is

Going to look like here on the corner as you can see I think yeah I think I’m gonna have these two wide but I want to have the feeling like I said to get lost in some of the corridors so I might have a lot of these this is such a mixture

Between so many blocks it may not look like it but it is because all of the mossy variants what to dedicate I might put this one as Jack mccartan the first person who died and so far the only person who died who’s a villager designing gravestones

Is not an easy process I should just get that out of the way but I am making them I’m trying to make them all not one in the same so as you can see we’ve got a massive one here I want some of these to

Be huge because they do get this big in real life um so we got a really big one here we got a unique one here I really like this one got another one here I don’t have to say they’re all different we even got some designs from my original graveyard

Uh honestly I just start placing blocks and just keep placing blocks until something looks good even got some flat ones over here now as you can see I’m somewhat dividing this into sections where this will be these type of gravestones and these ones will be like

The Crips that you can walk into but with how big I wanted this place to be this is gonna probably take a while because I I’m gonna have to start repeating some of these because it’s not easy having them all different all right I got plenty more Graves made

As you can see and I am actually going with not one being the same and it’s quite challenging because when you try to make a gravestone you really only have like maybe three or four options at least I do so this is teaching me a lot

Of new designs um so yeah as I said this is the side that’s just the basic gravestones um if you need any ideas here you go there’s gonna be plenty of them we got a few flat ones here as you can see there’s some more over here

Really like this one this one turned out all right doing a lot of tall ones too maybe they’re just paid more for a bigger gravestone you know simple as that no basic one there I like this one too and I I like doing them all out of Mossy sometimes too

Because it doesn’t look like it’s that clean I’m building some more over here just did this one it’s Unique but I I like it got some smaller ones now I’m trying to decide how big I want this place to be I think I wanted to go back

Here I’m going to make a main building back here that this Middle Road goes all the way down to this is where we’re going to put a villager one of my donation villagers of course and this person is going to be in charge of making the coffins inside that building

And well maintaining the graveyard up forgot the roof on this one just put some slabs looks fine now we can build one together because why not as you can see I you just keep discovering new things in Minecraft when you just fiddle around with blocks oh

Here’s a weird one too I kind of like it though it’s just an open one but uh this one’s just all walls and look at this effect you can create with just using walls like this little detail of this bulge this I love it walls are one of the greatest additions

To the game if you ask me so I’m gonna have some windows oh well get rid of those little bulges when you add this in we still got them on the corners as you can see how should we do the roof on this I think I’m just gonna continue I

Know and as well after I’ve built all this I just realized I haven’t really been using like deep slate bricks to make them I guess I could dot in a few dark ones but I got a feeling it would look a little out of place so we’re just

A normal roof look good yeah yeah I’d say so we have a lot more to make so we can’t be too picky just gotta make them how’s that one look hey I actually really like that and I like going for this all stone brick look it just really screams like

Cemetery and old I quite like that house house you live in protected from elements kind of I get you like it don’t worry it’s gonna be more detailed than that it’s neat it needs a roof right I’m actually inspired by my nomadic survival remember my Mountain Base probably not

It was an old series but uh I built a mountain base with a very cool I guess small cobblestone house design so that is going to be where the Villager lives and builds the coffins and actually yeah I’m gonna have a coffin building area right here and then over here I’m gonna

Have an area where he uses a pickaxe and like carves the stones for me putting this house so far back means I have to cover all this or more area with gravestones so yippee I got more as you can see made another line back here with some unique ones I

Put some more flat ones right here I’m done with these except for I need to put some more along right here okay I got his little setup here what he works on for a living so as you can see I just made these look like the coffins

I did bring leg turns I could do that one trick for an open coffin but I got feeling it might look too big but uh yeah got a little setup back here to make it look like he cuts the wood prepares it and just Nails the coffins

Together right here and then on this side I have some pristine gravestones as if he is putting them together and got a pile of bricks back here I think this is a pretty cool setup please don’t kill the Villager that’s all I ask I don’t think it will though

This game is better than that right right what okay you might have not got hurt that bad we’re good I’m having mixed feelings about the outer fence because I have it complete somewhat I have one little small section left as you can see it feels like it’s too like enclosed now

Um let me know should I make it like an open graveyard where there isn’t a fence around it where you can just walk in wherever you want or should I have this fence and then also I could replace the stone brick on this fence with deep slate to change up

Some of the color you know but uh yeah but now that there’s a fence around the back it just feels too like a prison or something you know what I mean I don’t know All right I got him in here house isn’t complete yeah I don’t go out but he took that bed and this he’s gonna be a leather worker because he whoa you okay this is gonna be Darren mundinger you’re going to be our graveyard caretaker who makes all the coffins and

The gravestones I guess I’m going to continue making some more of these but I just I’m really not feeling this fence back here I liked it being open for some reason but I like the fence in the front so I don’t know how I’m going to make that work

One thing I really suck at in this game is custom trees so gosh darn it I’m gonna build one I just kept imagining and it needs like that brownish tone in here like right here where I have that stair placed I walk in and I imagine just a

Giant dead Brown tree kind of covering some of the graves maybe it consumed one of the graves too you know like one sticking out and I just kept sitting here telling myself you don’t I mean I’ve made you know my Wasteland biome each one of those trees

Took so long to make it’s just I’ve told myself I’m never gonna do that again so right here I kept telling myself just don’t do it you don’t need one but you know what it’ll make this place look so much better I’m just gonna attempt it if it looks bad it looks bad

I told you Dallas I told you not to do it and now that you’ve built it I don’t want to take it down even though I do want to dig it down because I hate it I well I don’t hate it but oh my God it’s just

It’s not good that’s simply it I uh I want to like it this place was coming along so well but I just need to get rid of the things I don’t like which is the fence and this it might stay for now though trying to fit in some lighting now

Um these look interesting but there’s no that’s something this game I’ve also I mean I’ve been playing for years so I feel like I noticed these things more but these blocks right here there’s not a lot that can go with it mainly doors and fences Minecraft needs to add I mean

This is a medieval kind of based game they need to add like a stone door you know one that sounds like Stone moving across Stone rubbing against each other when you open you know maybe it has like a dust effect when you open it something

Like that they need to add that kind of stuff why is Jupiter so dark interesting and same as fences there’s like no fences that go with stone um so I feel like I’m talking about mainly lighter Stones lighter Stones really need some of this stuff added but um yeah

Until then I have this nether brick fence holding up these lanterns I didn’t want normal lanterns because they’re too bright I want this place to say stay relatively spooky so yeah I’ve been dotting candles all over these again I am going to make these look like there’s

People already buried in them such I got like coarse dirt in some areas I’m starting to bone meal some too add some flowers I just made a bunch more I think yeah well all this group right here it’s just to take so much and they’re all still

All different in their own ways so it’s getting a little difficult at this point I think over here I might just continue these flat ones or continue some of these oh I didn’t even yeah tree’s gone I hated it it was just bad I didn’t want

It so yeah and I’m really thinking about getting rid of this fence because if I get rid of this fence I could actually like in these areas back in here make it look like some smaller Graves that aren’t really marked but kind of got lost in this forest and are much older

Than the ones in here you know so we can slowly dissipate the graves in more of like this rough area these are just my thoughts I don’t really like the fence a whole lot for some reason I don’t know what I have against fences but you still alive Darren

I might get bored in here I need to give you some stuff to do looking like you’re living like a caveman in there uh I’m done with this place for today though I’d say we got a lot done what do you say it looks a little out of

Place I need to find a way to merge it here a little bit better maybe going through and adding some dirt blocks perhaps I guess I could finish this road while I do that I will answer the question of the day which is from Luke Anderson 33. would you ever try

Psychedelics and if you did would you play in your world it’s an interesting question so me personally this is just me everyone has their own opinions on this kind of stuff but I don’t like well you know I guess you can say legal drugs I’ve never really found an interest in

Them the most I’ve ever done was smoked marijuana and I’ve tried Edibles too but I’ve always disliked the experience the most I’ll ever do is just drink alcohol on the weekends or with some friends and family well I’m specifically talking about like marijuana here I just despise it for

Some reason I don’t know why I shouldn’t even be talking about this because everyone a lot of people love it just from my experience in smoking marijuana just like the few times I have I just hate the way it makes me feel and specifically also the people around me I

Just don’t like what it turns people into some people say it doesn’t turn people into anything but from my experience it has and it’s still a drug it really is obviously and I know people that are super reliant on it too and just go crazy when they don’t have it I

Don’t know how this got in the marijuana topic but I would not touch psychedelics either I just don’t like the idea of taking drugs you know but that’s just my own cup of tea kind of like what Robin Williams famously said if you need drugs and alcohol to

Have fun you’re doing it wrong you’re obviously free to do whatever the heck that you want with your body but that’s just my opinion on it never really liked it never really liked the way it made people act around me and I’m just talking about like the bass stuff like

You know psychedelics and marijuana just not a fan like I said I would have drinks here and there alcohol is as far as I’ll go but I don’t really need anything to alter my mood I’m a pretty happy person without any of that kind of stuff and I’m not that knowledgeable about

Psychedelics so I don’t know how that makes you well I know people trip on them and stuff but I just don’t like the idea of that and no the last thing I would do is play Minecraft if I did do that I think I’ve one night I was kind

Of drunk I was out with some friends and I came home but I was super motivated drunk if you ever get like that and I just sat down and I tried to record a video but usually when I drink alcohol I talk a lot so when I woke up in the

Morning and saw that video I recorded I was standing I had like a 10 minute video of me just standing in a relatively like this big area like 20 blocks by 20 blocks me running around doing nothing just talking and rambling about the most random things and I was

So embarrassed by I just deleted that in every location possible so no I like a clear mind when recording videos hey what do you know more amazing supporters of my channel such as Ryan searfoss with a bloody massive donation who left actually a really great idea where’s my

My bed what the heck said I should make a crime lab where it’ll basically be people studying crime and maybe keeping track of how villagers died because actually in my graveyard over here I used to keep track of how every pet died in my world but that would be a great

Addition to the city but actually I’ll just make it into the police station you know so we should make some sort of police station that is a great idea Ryan you will probably be the head of that police station thank you for your huge donation and a knob in back with another

Donation who just donated that massive amount last episode you guys are nuts they of course made it into the Villager book well they already were I think um Wow Let’s Take a look here oh my gosh the simplification of these tombstones I didn’t really do anything unique here

Except for these ones that look like a cross and then I also have these larger flat ones like this and I only have one I actually have that one which is for Pablo the giant Crips and I think two over here one’s for Admiral no only one yeah just for

Admiral and Pablo that’s crazy oh wait did I ever fix this I sure hope I did the last I think animal of mine to die is blue and I didn’t fix it yet what the heck I think I have the screenshots to fix it just haven’t but I would not be

Relocating any of these to the new graveyard these stay here forever you know what now that I think of it a long time ago in my lab we had Bean if you remember Dr bean and a few others I think Dr gomedov also Dr Banner we

Should put all of those those were our scientists into the new graveyard I feel like that’s fitting because I never got the chance to bury them anywhere but I got in this one here and upload it for you guys I got some cool building designs I want to design for this next

Episode I can’t wait to get it started I came up here for something miners don’t all right I’ll see you guys in the next episode bye-bye right gotta wave bye-bye Foreign

This video, titled ‘Realistic Graveyard Build! – Let’s Play Minecraft 555’, was uploaded by Dallasmed65 on 2023-08-16 01:09:19. It has garnered 17887 views and 1642 likes. The duration of the video is 00:18:36 or 1116 seconds.

Today we start designing a realistic graveyard outside of the city for when our villagers pass away!

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History of this world: This survival series started on July 10th 2014 on the MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) App. I had quite a few MCPE videos before this series that I recorded and edited on the iPod 4th Generation. When I finally upgraded to the iPhone 5, this was when I wanted to start a Minecraft series that will last forever! I started this series on the iPhone 5 and eventually upgraded again to the iPhone 6 Plus for more power on Ep.66. MCPE on the iPhone 6 Plus served me well for a long time until the game started updating more and became even slower. This was until I bought myself a gaming laptop (Lenovo Y700) and transferred my ongoing MCPE world to Windows 10 Edition on Ep.154. Till this day, we are still surviving and thriving with builds in this world and plan to do so far into the future!

About me and my world: Race: Slime Age: 27 Country: US World Created In: Update 0.9.0 (2014) Computer: Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 7 – Record With: OBS Studio Edit With: Shotcut Microphone: Blue Yeti (Blackout Edtion) Headset: Astro A10

Thanks for watching!


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    EPIC Minecraft Story Mode Editor vs Wither Storm FINAL BATTLE!Video Information This video, titled ‘The wither storm ep 12 The Final Battle part 2 THE END’, was uploaded by TheMinecraftStoryModeEditor🔥🅥 on 2024-03-26 03:59:57. It has garnered 48 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:44 or 1304 seconds. welcome everyone today your on the minecraftstorymodeedtiorchannel a channel that does minecraft gaming and editing and fun stuff like modding minecraft and playing every minecraft game and minecraft story mode and etc anyway’s hope you have fun on the channel see ya my friends and enjoy your time here #virtualreality #vr #augmentedreality #d #gaming #oculus #oculusquest #ar #technology #vrgaming… Read More

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    uArch - 🌟 FACTIONS RETURNS! New Series!? #01Video Information sal você sab maiser nover tá ligado porque tá complicado V entrei no server deix entrar aqui eu tô aqui na bar tá ligado os Car Me cham PR est jogando com eles entrei de Capitão tá ligado E ontem de noite internet caiu tá ligado e voltou só agora a pouco então não consegui est gravando vídeo para vocês por isso o vídeo est saindo tarde já era para ter saído o vídeo perdão gravando no vídeo de 3 horas da tarde mano 3 horas da tarde era o horário que o vídeo estaria saindo então perdão… Read More

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    🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE ON👑FREE FIRE AO VIVO👑SMARTGAGA PC FRACO👑SALA PERSONALIZADA👑JOGANDO COM OS INSCRITOS’, was uploaded by L e z z y ツ FFX on 2024-05-20 12:48:29. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:27:51 or 1671 seconds. ➡️ Tags Ignore ⬅️ #freefire #pcfraco #pc #fivem #gtarp #revelação #pcgaming #hardware #pcbarato #minecraft #valorant #forzahorizon5 #freefireaovivo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirehighlights​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirenoelff​​​ #smartgaga #freefiremusic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirem1014​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #aimbotfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireshotgun​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireemoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirebrasil​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireruokmode​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #highlightfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emuladorfreefire #mobile #emulador #mobilador #aovivo #livefreefire #freefirelive #ff #jogandocominscritos Ненужные теги: xxxtentacion, empire, rap, bad vibes forever / empire, hip hop xu0026 rap, xxx,… Read More

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    The Ravens NestThis is a massive MASSIVE network that will include all your favorite games! This will become bigger then hypixel! Make sure to do /buy! Read More

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    Looking for Players for Modified Craft to Exile 2 RPG Modpack If you are interested in playing a slightly modified version of Craft to Exile 2 with us, we are looking for up to three players. The RPG modpack consists of over 300 mods and features level requirements for gear, quest progression, skills, a new fighting system, and other interesting mechanics. Join us at Apply Now Read More

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    Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral’, was uploaded by NV GAMING on 2024-02-15 14:00:01. It has garnered 3390 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral Minecraft made scary way #minecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #shortvideo Minecraft villager and zombie tnt experiment. #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shorts #viral Minecraft TNT experiment with cripper. #minecraft #minecraftshorts#shorts #viral Minecraft scary moment #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shortvideo #shorts minecraft minecraft 100 days minecraft house tutorial minecraft music minecraft civilization minecraft song minecraft house minecraft legends… Read More

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    Unbelievable Find! Massive Iron Vein in Minecraft Modded Let's PlayVideo Information This video, titled ‘Biggest Iron Vein EVER! – Minecraft 1.20.4 Modded Longplay (No Commentary) – Ep 10’, was uploaded by EmilyTheDemon on 2024-02-26 22:00:07. It has garnered 9 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:41:05 or 9665 seconds. All I wanted was some cobbled deepslate for my next project. Instead I found something terrifying (if you caught my livestream on the 21st, then you know what it is!). Then I poked around some more cave and found legitimately the hugest iron vein I’ve ever seen. It was just ridiculous. Every time I thought it… Read More

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    Yahiamice EXPOSED! Don't join Jschlatt's SMPVideo Information [Music] all right and with that I think uh oh we’ve got a sign Diamond duplicator drop one diamond on this plank and step back and it’ll double that seems like a no-brainer [Music] [Laughter] this Looney Tunes ass [ __ ] going on in the server today [ __ ] wow why do my skin look so different what the [ __ ] why is Animal Crossing faintly playing I immediately welcome by like every aspect of a SCH video just faint Animal Crossing music Isn’t that cool welcome Good Vibes and wholesome fun for theah I’m… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Build - Japanese Shinto Shrine Timelapse 🏯Video Information This video, titled ‘Building a Japanese Shinto Shrine in mincraft | Relaxing Minecraft Timelapse’, was uploaded by Animation Timelapse on 2024-05-14 16:15:00. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:57 or 177 seconds. Hello a relaxing time-lapse of building a Japanese Shinto shrine in Minecraft: 🌸 “ZenCraft: Building a Tranquil Shinto Shrine in Minecraft” 🌸 Embark on a serene journey as we construct a mesmerizing Japanese Shinto shrine within the pixelated world of Minecraft. 🏯✨ In this enchanting time-lapse, watch as we meticulously place each wooden beam, carve intricate torii gates,… Read More

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