Secret Underwater Cave Prank in Minecraft

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well howdy everybody thanks for stopping in good to see you guys hope you’re doing well today appreciate y’all for stopping by what is going on how do it be happy Thursday I mean Tuesday hope you guys are doing well man cat Supra Molly grav Nick Ricky sleps Jameson and Jake mythical M hi everybody Arcane hope you’re doing well today all right so I’m going to hop in let’s go we got boom there we are howdy everybody hope you’re doing well today and uh I really do appreciate you guys for choosing to spend some time with us what I’m planning on doing today is uh building so all these aelott down here they have they have a pond and we have a storage room I want to way to connect them so that’s what I’m doing today I have a way to get down this is going to be a secret uh like a plant room I’m going to make this eventually that’s why I put that trap door there the storage room itself is starting to look a okay I like this we got the the bees over here nice and cozy underwater our actual storage system is looking decent but now what we’re going to work on today behind the storage system um this is actually going to lead up to the pond so I’m going to take out a little bit of the stone here and eventually we’ll run into the pond and we’ll be able to make a little bit of a waterfall that leads into a secondary area so we’ll see what’s up but yeah welcome in guys I really hope you’re doing well and thanks for choosing to spend some time with us I might need to make some Moss later if I want to do any like Mossy stone or Moss see cobblestone but yeah thank you guys for being here oh looks we ran into some water already let’s just get this going there we go um I’m going to have to get some more torches possibly just do this that way nothing flies away later yeah see the Torches are just going to keep going out I’m I’m thinking since this is the middle right here’s the middle let’s just dig this out much further than everything else just dig up here one two three boom boom we’re going to get some amethy not amethyst andesite seems like a lot of it out of this right now you know what I’m getting torches they’re going to be around the side might as well do it might as well welcome in everybody if you’re just popping in right now hope you’re having a good day thanks for choosing to spend some time with us anyone from France well it’s possible there’s usually people from all over the world in in the chat howy hope you’re doing well in France [Music] okay we’ll take oh that’s that’s water that’s water no way holy smokes dude uh is it elizer thank you for the five gifted thank you for the gifted memberships guys remember if you get a gifted membership feel free to join our subscriber server if you’d like to dude thank you so much um yeah wow appreciate that thank you very much you guys also have access to emotes and stuff like that dude I really appreciate that that was really kind of you Olaf from Spain well hey I hope you’re doing well today hope it’s a nice cool day in [Music] Spain let’s get uh let’s get this wall right here we have so much to take [Music] out okay actually you know what I’m doing an early crisp today I need I need some caffeination let’s do it see how uh how loud we can get this guy thanks for stopping in everybody oh that one was weird this morning’s literally exploded it it exploded I don’t know if you guys were there for that but it exploded that one was strange sounding more members o anytime I see an O I just know it’s an automatic zero probably let’s get youuu right there whoa Hoka Joshua oh my dude what that’s insane thank you for 10 gifted me memberships dude wow thank you I I really hope you’re having a great day thank you very much dude that was extremely kind of you jeez thank you very much um guys remember if you get a gifted sub say thank you um to the person that gives it to you and if you if you have time or if you want to feel free to join the subscriber server that’s insane holy thank you for the generosity wow peaches welcome in Yousef welcome in it’s good to see some uh some more Red Blocks in the chat and yellow blocks that’s awesome dude that’s dude thank you you’re too kind let’s take out the rest of this Stone I can’t wait to turn like we could just uh turn a lot of this into Moss I guess but we’ll see peaches with the REM thank you thanks for 5 months let’s get some of the salami out of the wall I should be it should be like right here where is it at I guess maybe it’s not right there let’s just dig a little bit more forward wait oh my goodness um is sooka Joshua is it again holy smokes dude thank you so much dude I really thank you so much dude guys if you are here right now and you’re getting if you get a gifted membership remember to say thank you if you can jeez dude thank you for the generosity I’m confused as to where Beetlejuice thank you for the Super Chat welcome in I’m confused as to where this is do I need to go out a little bit for it Ricky thank you for the Super Chat holy smokes you guys I think I just gave that a like there we go thank you there’s I see there’s like aelott right here what if I just go up where am I at though there’s mud oh no that’s dirt all right so let’s keep this here where am I going is this any do I need to go this way oh there’s part of a p there’s Pond Pond did I go too far possibly let’s go silk right here yep there’s Pond Pond let’s go okay so this is good so here’s the pond this is what I kind of didn’t really need to go this far let’s just go this way Bo there dirt yes okay let’s see we have silk pickaxe to go back this way dude thank you so much um thank you for the generosity everybody remember guys if you get a gifted sub uh say thank you to sub gifter it’s it’s the least you can do and uh you have access to the uh wax SMP it’s the sub server we were actually on the sub server earlier today um on the twitch live stream so if you want to hop in there feel free there’s um a cool new uh area at spawn for people that don’t have a house built right away that Gary built and um yeah it’s it’s super cool you guys should check it out if you haven’t yet if you’re already on the sub server or if you’re not feel free to go check it out too that’s uh that’s the point I guess of what I was just saying but yeah thank you to Gary um for making that that’s insane also thank you to everybody who’s been building that spawn spawn looks crazy it looks awesome let’s take out this part of the ceiling and so okay the pond is right there I don’t need to go that much further let’s take this out 1 2 3 4 5 six um let’s just leave that take this [Music] [Music] out okay [Music] so I I want to like open this up without letting any of the aelott through and if they do get through like can I not oh that’s glass okay so he can’t get through there well they can get through here okay so that’s the corner that’s perfect that’s kind of where I wanted to go the aelott should still be able to swim they’re they all get stuck on Amethyst dude they all all get stuck on Amethyst somehow I don’t know how how do you make it so axotal just don’t get stuck on Amethyst why do they do this why why um okay so this is what we want so there’s going to be a little bit of an underwater area that leads to this pool that’s going to be probably just right here so if any aelott start to swim down let’s uh let’s just pull them in like this right there okay we got you you you let’s go torch right there actually [Music] no I can’t imagine we go back that far and if we do we will we’ll go back but for right now there’s only one a aot swimming around that’s not stuck luckily so we’ll we’ll have plenty of time let’s just take the rest of this ceiling out for the moment alycat welcome in thanks for thanks for becoming a member dude welcome into the YouTube stream hope you’re having a good day um thanks anybody for coming in here right now choosing to spend some time with us we’re not I’m just mentioning we’re not going to be streaming on Twitch for few days um I’m just heading out of town going to visit a few friends and um so yeah I’m just not going to be doing any any live streams for a couple days but I do have some videos pre-planned to come out while I’m gone I have some long plays that are going to come out I have a big bridge that we built which is I love it I’m so glad that we finally have a bridge going over to the the library but I think I just need to take this out or there we go like two more floors there we go but um also the 1,000 days video that’s going to come out too 1,000 days video is I can’t believe we’re already at 1,000 days only I’m only three episodes in that’s how long the these episodes have been taking me so long to make that I’m I’m three episodes in it’s an I can’t believe that already had a thousand days on EP I’m recording episode 4 right now and so I’m not going to include episode 4 in it but I am recording a little bit of episode episode 4 right now so what all I’m going to I’m going to do a little bit of I’m going to do a couple of things before we start on uh the 1,00 day like intro but uh like show off a couple of like the new long plays and some of the builds and I want to get one achievement but for the most part it’s just going to be the replay of the first three episodes which is insane both all of all of them ended up being over an [Music] hour am I not afraid of H mobs well what what do you mean I always have a totem on me I feel like I’m constantly in fear of hostile mobs there’s water right here where did this water oh is this from the how did this water get oh there’s never mind I remember now okay so this is going to be nice we just need to keep bringing it out one two three buom bum buom [Music] one two 3 one two three let’s go Okay cool so I didn’t really realize how much I would be taking a lot of this out over to this side um [Music] we’ll have it come down a little bit we can trickle down a little bit further too but for the most part let’s just take these away [Music] let’s get a stack of these do I edit my own videos yes I [Music] do it’s all recorded edited streamed by me what version of Minecraft m 1.2.4 at the moment just waiting for some of the mods and stuff to update before I move [Music] ahead not picking any of these up okay let’s put some of the stuff back in storage bum bum should I make some more chiseled bookshelves I feel like I should I feel like I should Bo boom boom boom boom boom and boom okay so we have the middle right here it’s all going to come out I could probably let’s just let’s let’s take it all out we know what we’re doing I kind of have this visualized now a little bit I don’t really need anything let’s just use the Silk pickaxe from now on there we [Music] go take out everything from the M no no no what are you doing there we go no no no no there we go boom boom boom there we go keep it moving got to block that off in case the axotal want to try to swim down there so I’m going to get a bunch of clay and move it down here with the underwater part of this cave get some Moss down here too with some mossy cobblestone cool let’s take all this out what’s good everyone thanks for stopping by today okay so if I wanted to be all right let’s uh all right no no no before we I was I was going to start working on the spruce pillars and everything around it but before we do that let’s just excavate excavate everything first let’s clear the area I keep thinking it’s cleared and then I take a step back and I have just a little bit more to take out let’s just get grab this stuff we’ll add more later if we need to we just clear out a a blank space for me right [Music] now I see a little bit of sunlight popping through that’s [Music] awesome so I want to make this like a waterfall that’s not just poking down like this I want to make it something that’s also submerged a little bit so that the axotal have more than enough space to come in and out um so I might have to go in a little bit as well we’ll see let’s just keep placing lanterns torches are just going to fall they’re just going to break over and [Music] over B me hi what’s good how you doing and defend what’s good Hans what’s good check mate what’s good nice man what’s good sleepy what’s good how you doing Inky what’s good Celestia what’s good J what’s good how you guys doing man welcome to the live stream and also anybody that’s not here watching the live stream if you’re just watching the VOD uh later on thank you for watching appreciate [Music] you you are also appreciated just got done with [Music] finals m [Music] oh no wait dang it what’s happening why I thought I thought I cleared it well I guess that’s that’s all that needed to happen let’s do this oh boy pretend like you pretend like you saw nothing pretend if you’re done biffed just pretend like you saw nothing please I promise it’s what makes the orlow complimentary shaders it makes the ORS glow [Music] okay so now we have this cleared out for the most part let’s start making on I’m going to get some clay blocks should I go to the lunch cave and just get as much clay as possible maybe I should I have some clay with me but so we have this [Music] if we want to make some walls right here we should we totally can I could get some like deep slate walls right there hear mington um trying to think let’s do this [Music] let’s go one two oops boom boom boom boom gotcha let’s go in the middle [Music] here okay not bad so bring the water down a little bit let’s get some stone or some Cobblestone mixed with moss I think I have moss on the other side let’s get some Moss as [Music] well well let’s do this first [Music] okay we got boom boom no gotcha gotcha okay so we got the mossy cobblestone I’ll put that around the sides and the actual Moss itself might be nice I think I need to turn down the music just a tad there we go sorry about that if that was a little loud guys my [Music] bad okay let’s see well I guess let’s just start off by doing this [Music] o stop it before it starts there we go actually it looks like there was some newer songs added to this playlist let’s let’s see what they’re about cool so that’s what we’re going for we go over here too [Music] so I could have this we could just have this be a big lake yeah all right let’s go here here okay so now that’s a wall and we will probably turn the most most of it into just like mossy cobblestone we can also get the clay down here too [Music] okay [Music] that’s how the wall is going to start let’s take that [Music] Okay cool so we have one side kind of done [Music] Bo and what was that on the other side of the stone looks like [Music] it so then we’ll take all of this out and turn it into [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] water okay now we’ll do [Music] this songs are pretty cool uh let’s go here not bad let’s take the rest of these out make a layer for water [Music] gotcha gotcha gotcha I think on the bottom of this one I’ll just have Clay blocks I think that’ll be cool am I on a server right now nope earlier this morning I was I am on the the one shot server it’s actually a hardcore smpp if you’re looking for the link you go on like Twitter just like type in one shot there’s a bunch of uh other creators on there it’s a it’s a hardcore server that lasts one month and if you die then you have to leave the server um so that’s that is a server that I do play on occasionally but um no this is my single player world I’m recording for episode 4 right now but I just wanted to you know just kind of finish the hallways of the storage room and make this whole area look nice and yeah so that’s what we’re doing let’s do this right right here boom [Music] boom I’m going to get some bone meal bring it down I’m going to turn all of this into uh yeah I’m going to turn all of this into moss on the ground we’ll take it out turn the bottom layer into clay no I kind of like having moss in Moss in mud instead of clay I kind of just I like that maybe we’ll just keep doing [Music] that something can and will spawn here um let’s do this for now d d cool so I have the water flow down a little bit I’m actually just going to work on this wall [Music] mhm boom boom boom boom let’s go here [Music] gotcha gotcha and gotcha no let’s do this there we go okay let’s put these materials back real quick we need to get some bone meal what’s up chicken well we’ll keep that actually okay andesite thank you Granite thank you let’s [Music] see yeah let’s get the bone meal all righty yeah B me’s going to be [Music] upstairs Bo let me up okay so let’s get a whole stack let’s see what we can do I might turn the hallway into a bunch of moss as well that might be kind of fun let’s do it boom gotcha boom gotcha boom gotcha boom gotcha Bo we got some copper boom bum bum boom gotcha wait boom all righty okay so I might have to turn a lot of the back wall into some Stone too I forgot about that so we have an area Let’s uh let’s get some water boom now I need more water which would be up here gotcha and boom gotcha let’s get more of this actually I’ll take this out now Perfection dang I could have done this wait boom take that take that okay gotcha gotcha gotcha okay let’s put these back upstairs actually I’m thirsty hold up there we go now we can make more chickens we can just make that boom gotcha and boom gotcha [Music] we got a lot of [Music] plants so these can stay we’ll keep these up here boom okay I still have some room to grab some of the inventory wait where’ the rest of it Go did I pick it all up or was it gone oh it’s right here well I guess oh no there’s some that’s it okay never mind I thought there’d be more well now we can at least take that out get some sea pickles down in here get some mud on the bottom floor too ex set for all of [Music] this what’s that guy doing down there [Music] um let’s go this way okay gotcha gotcha boom boom okay now we just need to move down a little bit further and yeah I’m going to do the bottom layer mud for sure that’s how it’s going to be what do we used to record videos uh obs m m okay this is going to be a Mossy back hallway that is what it [Music] is let’s just do that wait boom Oh I didn’t even see this guy okay let’s grab a little bit more I don’t have any more Coral to put down here so this is just going to be like a I’ll just get some mud get some glowberries down here but uh I will get some I will get some Coral as soon as the wandering Trader has some available I will oh buddy he’s here now he made it big on big on big on let’s go there m [Music] [Music] okay so we got that this could go in a little bit further like we mentioned let’s [Music] see m [Music] B [Music] [Music] come to Australia Australia seems pretty cool I definitely want to visit Australia one day I have yet to visit Gem of all trades welcome in Jameson welcome in hope you guys are doing well man if you guys are paying attention put a 34 in the chat [Music] regy with the [Music] dub let got this rifle 10 than dude hey thanks for becoming a member appreciate that hope you’re doing well today I need to add some mud to this bottom layer right [Music] here okay we got this over here boom [Music] [Music] all this is getting replaced with mud actually wonder how much mud we have left you know what let’s double check [Music] well there goes my torch see you no there goes all my torches no can I swim down there faster than this water can go those are my torches I think I did [Music] it oh but let me guess now I have to it’s always going to be yep it’s always going to be doing that oh wait no it’s nope it stopped okay well well jeez [Music] [Music] yep all righty and go back [Music] [Music] up what do we got [Music] I need to grab chiseled bookshelves on this [Music] side jeez partner all right looking much better this whole hallway is going to look nice and clean you got to keep getting more of the mossy up here this will look less of a straight wall eventually I should eat huh Wells what’s good how you doing art what’s Good Sam what’s good DJ fan what’s good mosy what’s good how you guys doing man welcome in M boom boom boom boom boom gotcha gotcha okay not bad not bad at all hey welcome in everybody thanks for joining hope you guys are doing well today and [Music] okay how much mud do we have let’s actually just take all this back first gotcha boom boom and aide we have a lot of and aide wow all right [Music] buddy cool kind of want to get like a a tree down here let’s get that waterfall down ooh wait let’s get the mud too chicken no chicken where are you going all right he just he just he’s just going to be down there for now on I guess what music genres do I listen to pretty much everything man I like pretty much all music except for like pop country music that’s the pop country music is the stuff that if it comes on I’ll just turn it off that’s about it though pretty much everything I like to listen to um Okay so a little bit organized let’s grabb the mud [Music] [Music] gotcha okay looking much better let’s get some of this down I’m going need some tough down here too let’s do this then we have you you you it is raining this this silk yes I’ll take that green take that those will all just connect up here and then yeah I get like a I can get a slab right there for sure let’s take this out take this out I have this let’s take you out we have mud mud mud mud mud okay let’s see what [Music] happens let’s go just straight down a little bit further right here 1 2 3 4 5 I don’t even have enough room for the the granite oh we can get some Kel down there didn’t realize um let’s get some sea pickles down there for sure let’s also just do this there we go oh I have tough tough h M uh we can also get some mud mixed in there but mostly mud on the bottom layer is what we want okay we’re doing good wait there we go oh this Axel is free oh it’s witchy okay so I just need to make sure that if they are going down it’s going to be going down the right way wait let’s just block that off okay we got silk let’s go here okay mhm so we’ll have mud coming all the way down nice dude okay I’m excited about this this we’ll keep moving a little bit further what do we got [Music] here oh wait does that go in yes it does okay I actually just I like that idea okay so we leave a little bit of a pond right here dude yes okay mini Pond right here and and then multiple ways for them to get in like two [Music] sides there we go we got boom boom boom boom okay so that’s just going to start it so we have a pond right here this will go down [Music] [Music] hold on gotcha [Music] okay can’t have any salmon down here might have wait do will aelott eat pufferfish that’s a question that I have favorite country that I’ve visited um probably Thailand Thailand was awesome [Music] man but I like there’s a lot of cool countries out [Music] there there’s so many it’s hard to pick favorites [Music] okay so we have all of this I will get more lighting up here um okay so yeah we’ll get this down cuz right now we got one two three and we got mud okay let’s take you out [Music] okay so we have a little bit of an opening wait there was a pink aelon just swimming around did it just get caught again nope it’s right here never mind oh they’re all just chilling just being [Music] stuck we have that going into this one two okay we got boom boom boom boom boom [Music] boom oh he’s making his way down let’s go I hope you enjoy it nice so the axotal can just go up and down heck yeah man I’m going to get some uh areas right here where they can most definitely go okay [Music] okay we got you boom [Music] boom okay we’ll get more up here oh I should have left that guy alone oh it’s all right though it’s fine it’s okay some bone meing going down there this guy’s just chilling loving life love it love seeing that [Music] [Music] gotcha gotcha boom boom okay let’s get some more of the mossy do we need do we have any do I have any Moss I I must have just put it all back let’s get you in here we got boom right there that needs water okay so we got boom boom boom boom we got one two [Music] okay maybe we can have a little bit of the copper down here little bit of mud [Music] [Music] this axle a just won’t get won’t get out of here there we go okay it’s looking nice let’s just go one two three [Music] [Music] M wait okay it’s looking nicer I want to get some slabs and some [Music] stairs also I’m kind of thirsty I’m taking a sip sippy time ah okay let’s put you back you back and then we got you you wait no you you let’s get this wait all right got a lot we can get more for the wall though bom actually it would just be not there but here here [Music] [Music] all righty going have to get some pumpkins up in here let’s go one two three get all the granite out of the ceiling [Music] [Music] okay we got [Music] one m [Music] [Music] W bum bum all turn one two three into mud m we got Moss wait cobblestone [Music] okay second platform not looking too bad let’s uh hold on didn’t realize how many blocks we had over [Music] here didn’t realize how much excavation we still had the back wall we could use a little bit of tough too get some color in here let’s go boom [Music] boom boom now we have a way to like kind of jump up here if we want gotcha gotcha boom boom boom boom boom [Music] all [Music] righty we got you [Music] [Music] all right we can step around here if we need any let’s go all right so now I kind of want to get some glow stone back here but let’s just get rid of some of this we have the iron ore hold up we have all right cool we got that we have more stained glass for Cattails let’s just get them right here we got a lot of andesite okay we’ll come back have any more bone meal no not with me all righty hey thank you for watching the videos I appreciate that hope you’re having a great night aelott chilling over here okay so along this wall I didn’t really want to just have it be like its own thing let’s go boom Bo [Music] gotcha [Music] [Music] [Music] d [Music] d mhm [Music] [Music] [Music] let’s see what we [Music] got yeah I’ll get more to the top done let’s just uh let’s bow meal the sides and okay aros’s barking that startled me a little bit just he’s barking at he’s barking at children of course he is always just barking he’s always just barking at children [Music] all right we got okay so we got that we have mud to put back [Music] too let’s go there [Music] d [Music] okay so we got you you keep that open [Music] B [Music] [Music] glowberries we have more of this to put on the wall let’s get cobblestone and glowberries that’s all I want actually know what tough Cobblestone and glowberries Arthur open you have a good day thank you for stopping in oops hold on there we go boom boom boom okay we got that [Music] well hold on we might need to just make sure we have the ceiling I guess complete also let me up okay got it and we got boom [Music] can’t reach it almost could we could do this though okay so we have a little bit of light for a moment let’s just do this now I’ll be able to get up [Music] [Music] [Music] Bumm [Music] [Music] mhm [Music] m m [Music] [Music] I guess maybe when they come back down they might not be able to get back up easily [Music] [Music] okay we got I didn’t really realize how much we have you you you you boom boom let’s get the tough over here and we’ll get glow Berry boom D D D D D [Music] [Music] okay almost got all this hold up okay never mind okay I was going to say we can go boom boom [Music] [Music] there’s the mud right here so this thing’s not looking too bad we just got to keep poking away at the decorations it’s going to start looking better and better bum I’m going to have to get wait we have a slab never mind boom boom boom boom [Music] m [Music] [Music] we are locked in okay so let’s get some of these turn into slabs two three we do need to [Music] go Cobblestone right [Music] there um get like an andesite right there too actually that’s just that’s not bad that’s fine oh I didn’t realize I was using stairs right there oops um we do have some mud that we could put right over here [Music] got [Music] you okay so we have all of this in nice dude okay I actually just want to get a little bit of the mossy cobblestone right there maybe some right here okay we did have some of this [Music] we do want more of there we go more of the Cobblestone around the sides we could get some they should take these out there we go we got one two three let’s take you out take you out one two not bad all right so boom [Music] [Music] we got four left to do let’s get one right there boom I want three more in here we get some around the side [Music] here let’s go get a little bit of moss from chest there we go we got a little bit more we can use is right here there we [Music] go Josh hey thank you for the Super Chat dude appreciate thank you so much thank you for the generosity hope you’re having a great day thanks for being here thanks for choosing to spend some time with us [Music] let’s go boom boom ding ding ding [Music] ding let’s go here gotcha gotcha gotcha gotcha boom [Music] boom all right I need to get some tough that’s for sure Josh thanks again dude wow really appreciate that what about gold ore to Glow with the glowberries uh well I’m kind of want to kind of want to use my uh the gold that I have on me I don’t really have too [Music] much gotcha gotcha okay got more tough to put in the walls though dude this is beautiful I love this [Music] [Music] boom [Music] okay hold up where’s the tough there’s the tough [Music] [Music] [Music] m cool all right so now we have those in the wall this can go all the way down too boom [Music] boom okay do want to get a little bit of the some like some Spruce slabs maybe going up the wall boom [Music] [Music] [Music] boom one wait one two boom [Music] boom cool I do want to get this guy done right there [Music] m [Music] so we got wait okay we got you boom boom [Music] gotcha gotcha boom here we go boom boom so this will take us up the side not too bad too bad at all not too bad at all okay only one of the axotal has made it down which is cool going to get the Moss block right here get some mossy cobblestone hooked up into the ceiling [Music] [Music] m [Music] [Music] so I just wanted to keep creeping out okay boom boom we go one two three but I don’t have any more [Music] really okay just got to keep adding details I’m going to get some sea pickles so the ground or so everything down here is a little bit more lit up for this [Music] guy I have one piece of moss that I just wanted to put right here [Music] nice we have andesite no andesite fully doubled chest nice dude let’s go one two three four gotcha we have dirt Spruce slabs let’s get these back in plant section actually it’s possible we could get a tree going let’s get some bone meal it’s [Music] [Music] possible texture pack I’m using complimentary Unbound shaders in this [Music] series great decoration well thank you appreciate the kind words I’m going the wrong way I’m just trying to make this entrance right here and then I’ll focus on these sides at some point but the main focus for today is actually just right here I don’t know if I can get a tree right here no it has to be like a little bit sunlight out [Music] [Music] no we would have to take this out [Music] [Music] probably it worked it worked nice that is just gorgeous take this from the floor too not too bad probably get a little bit of [Music] [Music] cobblestone all right uh I need to take a sip of water here real quick hold on just a moment I am thirsty [Music] what time do I usually stream usually about around 11: a.m. CST every day around that time but I am taking a couple days off of stream pretty soon uh well starting tomorrow not pretty soon I guess but yeah let’s get some chisel bookshelves hooked up on this side [Music] got that hooked up all right I yeah I just need some chiseled planks and slabs loads of [Music] them hold up [Music] let’s put you [Music] back got you and where’s the chiseled I’m on all caps right now 53 let’s go grab some [Music] [Music] more we can do a little bit more [Music] [Music] I got you boom all right so that’s quite a [Music] [Music] bit one two three one two three boom all right so we got these [Music] up we’ll do this all the way around let’s get my torch right here [Music] boom we got you boom boom no sir well I guess we can just saved that let’s go right here though let’s take this out like the Minecraft Char well thanks I appreciate it dude you should see the sub actually today on the sub server I went Gary made a giant giant statue of the skin that I use on this game it’s insane dude is a crazy Gary if you’re watching this that’s that’s insane man thank you okay nice mhm [Music] so we go down like this [Music] boom we got it all except for this guy and this guy nice not too bad so I’m going to get is this like more like Oak let’s get some Oak Wood Oak stairs to be exact put you back let’s put you back boom copper can go back yeah let’s just use Oak stairs we have a lot of them hey you have a good rest of your day thank you for stopping in when you could appreciate you well now I’m wondering if I should have something on the outside of this [Music] then not too bad at all might get a little bit of amethyst right there [Music] [Music] all right we got uh okay not bad we will get more I don’t think the chicken has made his way back up where’s that chicken at did he just keep going down must have must have not too bad not too bad let’s go 1 two three one two we got wait I see see what I did wasn’t necessarily in the middle but it is the way it is we have that now we can come back around the side I’ve woken from my Slumber I love this now let’s get some sea pickles and boom just these pretty much all we need right there and boom I think about holding build do I think about building whole trees from scratch instead of planting them yeah occasionally I just not very I’m not that great at that so I haven’t really tried it too much yet but I’m really trying to Branch out this season and do it more that’s for sure cool I got light down here now man all right guys I uh I actually do have to go unfortunately I I know I do have to it is kind of a shorter YouTube stream but um I’m recording a lot for some YouTube stuff today so um I’m actually glad we got this done so this is um I’m not going to there’s a couple hallway stuff that I’m going to be building but for right now this is pretty much it man heck yeah thank you guys for stopping by appreciate yall thank you for all of the support thank you thank you thank you you guys rock appreciate all of the uh the memberships all of the gift memberships thank you guys for watching I’m going to throw the offline screen on Oops I meant to do offline YouTube there we go there we go hey you guys rock man thank you thank you thank you I’m going to be editing tonight I’ll be talking to you guys in the Discord appreciate y’all bye-bye bye-bye take care man [Music] [Music] for [Music] [Music]

This video, titled ‘Building an Underwater Secret Lush Cave in Hardcore Minecraft’, was uploaded by WaxFraud on 2024-05-07 22:53:11. It has garnered 19232 views and 791 likes. The duration of the video is 02:00:06 or 7206 seconds.

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Seed: [-8482980002930092173] House Coordinates: X = -1000 , Z = 150

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