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I had it up for persona but then I was like JK we’re not doing that anymore today I’m silly hi Twigs what’s up okay let me get some tea with some honey in it so that my throat stops dying and then um I’ll be right back and we’ll get ready to go all good do you know you can kill the Ender Dragon cuz I wow hi EG what’s up dude hello right now no no not this session when we get back like right now so do okay right now AG you could still do Minecraft a oh yeah you could mhm you don’t have to know any speedrunning Tech you just got to know what the advancements are I don’t know how to do any speedrunning Tech just heads up that’s a thick lip hello come me your face nope W get that look here Big R viw oh this yeah yeah you’re good you can minimize it you don’t you need up just good yeah it’s just asking if my servers over loaded no as it says asking can’t keep up we’ll see how it goes you can connect now I’ve already connected oh like get in there yeah you just multiplayer a little close oh I like the music for everybody that’s fine you keep it you do the insta thing I just did it yes okay I’m going put this here I’m going to go get some tape your intros and dangers is not live yet okay yeah you’re okay dangerous call whenever but I will be yeah okay you all I’ll be right back I’m not even going to mute it you’ll hear when I’m coming back I’ll be right back also love this card again cuz it’s comfy okay hang [Music] on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] this music is pretty this music is pretty [Music] hi happy birthday to the kitty that’s awesome I don’t know why I put that in my pocket it’s okay okay okay here we go my poor throat my God hello oh I don’t think danger can hear him danger is dein okay well whenever dangerous wants to be present wondering if I should trim my bangs a little they’re getting a little bit long I might trim them slightly for Disney another 60 stream streak that’s so cool that’s awesome thank you for being around what’s up I’m sorry we’re not doing persona but we will on Sunday when I get back or just blame bird if you need to blame anybody but also dangers wanted to join and I was like I want to play with dangers [ __ ] Bo that’s what we’re doing doing an archipelago I’ll have like 4 hours to do it um I’ve been keeping it on the menu instead of going into the actual game because it has all the pretty music okay I have some uh fair enough mow it’s only a couple days though any plans for the Lunar New Year um Disney actually does some celebrations for the lunar year which is cool I am not the Year of the Dragon uh sadly but I think that it is cool I don’t have any like super specific plans though redeem music sounds yeah keep it all 100% yes subtitles on good and this should keep my actual controls now yeah okay I don’t know why they do Sprint for control and shift for for sneak cuz I’m always I’m sprinting much more than I’m sneaking so I want it closer to my fingers so no Spyro oh do you mean like stream plans I did not think about that do they still do candy sculptures near epcot’s China Pavilion I don’t know I’ll have to go check I will check tomorrow or we there on I’ve CAU on Friday yeah Friday I will check that day edible dragons that’s cool I did not know that yo it’s our fourth 60 stream streak in chat let’s go that’s awesome that’s super cool what are you all doing this weekend any any plans you have coming up maybe you’re excited about maybe you’re like I have to deal with this but let’s get through it like actually I do have a topic I want to talk about but it’s more of like a just chatting just take time together to do it in a moment but it’s [Music] okay caramel or sugar whatever okay just some kind of candy I don’t know which side I have in front today maybe this one it’s a little bit more [Music] curled like it’ll hold together a little bit better we go for a walk on Saturday let’s go same as usual is not always a bad thing I do need to develop a bit more of a routine do you all have any apps or anything that you use that are like planners or things I’m trying to I’m trying to think of like um uh things that would be good for my little brain to cut a string off this shirt harder to cut than it should have been scissors are getting blunt what’s up tisma you have arrived that’s so cute Lily Kitty word let’s go continuing that gift sub I hope you enjoy your emotes I think they’re pretty cute I think they’re pretty cute um yeah does anybody have any like planners or things like that that they use that are um helpful for like sticking with a routine or I don’t know easy to update and use yeah yeah can you can you test your voice just say stuff yeah I am saying things words are happening I’m saying words wow yeah cool I say a lot of I do a lot of word tests like that and then I just say words until they want me to stop saying words for like gdqs and things you know what I mean yeah no I get it yeah hi hi there Birds far as Birds chat wait wait you say words too words my words are words I’m saying words words okay I turned bird up a lot how’s bird now yeah how am I now is that better sounds better to me I think you’re slightly quieter than me but yeah words words it’s good that’s good thank you words what your stream was a little behind there we go okay Foo is a tad quiet I can bump her up to 200% she’s already almost there so yo what words she’s at she’s at 200 can you give me some words uh I can say words words are cool sometimes I good at words sometimes I bad at words um depend on day sometime r no do thinky good but words word can still do sometimes okay good yeah just make sure you’re speaking into the mic apparently because you you got closer that time so it works well I usually speak like this so if I’m playing the game it will be like this good good good that’s good hi dangers hi oh good you’ve unmuted hi yeah I unmuted I’m here we it’s danger how about this I’m going to put this a little bit More’s forward facing okay brain no do good think yeah yeah exactly brain no do thinky good that true for me can you guys hear Foo and bird just fine I say some words folks words words hello words words are happening how come it still shows you have offline for me why does it show you as offline let’s reload it shows me as offline yeah I think I just need to reload your stream hang on oh like my like my stream is being the actual oh there you go it’s good now that’s my it’s on my end it’s all good perfect oh my God it’s dangerous oh my God it’s me my friends my gosh okay let me jump in to this F is a little quiet okay I I can fix that yeah why am I so quiet I don’t know I would turn myself up if I could here but I can’t do the I can’t yeah me neither I’m I’m loud like if I go on my own personal volume settings I’m like [ __ ] woud okay I should have should have fixed that a little bit oh I was like why do I have a bunch of recipes it’s because it’s just the the basics yeah wait you can make a bed right away or no you can no you can make for a bed yeah color for a bed let’s go you can color a bed right away what else can you do you can color I can make a mine cart Hopper you can do an eye ofender right away that’s good make books but you need you need the advancement Brewing to be able to make to get the Blaze Rod right yes the Blaze Rod into blaze powder yep correct I remember that very distinctly from the last time yes you can make yeah your crafting table but not chests oh [ __ ] so this is this is fun now that we’re all together we should maybe recap cap okay or explain what’s happening for everybody who’s watching sure uh do you want me to explain it yeah sure go for it bird okay hello everybody Welcome to archipelago what is that isn’t that like a like an island no you’re think of the goop it’s like a a gathering of islands I think there it is boom boom there it is um so basically it’s a gathering of islands but instead of islands it’s a gathering of games now what exactly is going on here I am playing Minecraft randomizer and Super Mario 64 randomizer Foo is playing Minecraft randomizer dangers is playing sm64 randomizer and smw randomizer so why are we playing all these games at once well as you know a randomizer has the items thrown all about within the world right Super Mario 64 uh the Stars could be shuffled around with like the cap switches the keys and things like that Minecraft the advancements hold items uh and within Minecraft you have recipes to unlock as well you can’t just craft anything smw has randomized World entries and the move sets you cannot do the things I can’t do anything in Super Mario World until you guys let me you like move and jump right I can walk I can run but not get PE speed and I can jump am I doing am I doing a good job explaining for you this time all of my levels are randomized too by the way so if basically world if you’ve ever play world there’s like regular exits to a level and and then there are like sometimes secret exits so all of the levels that only have one exit have kind of been shuffled together and all of the worlds that have or all of the levels that have secret exits have all been shuffled together so if I go into any yellow dot it can be any other yellow dot level oh okay okay okay which is kind of nuts so that’s basically it’s added a new element to it including the castles and stuff the castles could be anywhere wow so cool that’s going to be super fun and uh one last thing to point out which was slightly mentioned earlier for everybody watching for the first time um items are shuffled between all the games so a power star of mine could be in fuse Minecraft but F’s ability to make iron tools could be in dangerous smw uh one of the unlocks in there one of the exits uh it’s all mixed around so we have to all complete our games Mario 64 you have to get 70 stars and beat the game uh you also need the upstairs key to even go upstairs um Minecraft you need 40 Advance advancements and to beat the dragon and then smw you need ders smw uh this time I think I need to complete eight castles okay so I need eight boss tokens so that’s either castles or fortresses there’s a boss at the end I need eight tokens before I can go to Bowser and fight Bowser gotcha gotcha and there you go that’s archipelago there you go uh before we start let me just add a timer yes I have last time part as you were explaining I was just trying to pretend to just mouth whatever you were saying really did it work I don’t know Chad did it work I was called an incredibly talented voice actress so I think it was pretty good oh okay that sounds promising cool yeah sweet anyway yeah bird you can keep talking now I’m sorry I talked like you for so long no that’s okay that’s fine it’s cool let me uh watch both your streams on Discord make sure the volume is down on both of them okay I am just capturing my OBS and I don’t have anything monitored so you shouldn’t have to worry about that oh that’s fair that’s fair um and then how do I show okay cool I think it’s working fine can’t see food for some reason because I have dangers up a watch stream here we go yeah like a little eyeball you click yeah yeah it’s weird once I watched one stream it like focused on that one yeah right but I have both up so okay you ready yeah this will work fine hold on one second someone pointed out that I don’t have Discord sound on both displays please say words now words are happening words are actively happening there we go you guys should be able to hear people okay good then never mind I was like I can also say words there was a lot of OBS setup that had to do like at the last second here but I think it’s good now I think think we’re on page wait you did it dope I did you did it you did it honk somebody honked okay great hon do I start both games at the same time I just got to like start my timer and then here’s the thing I is what I’m GNA do and you can strategize this with two games a little difficult I’m going to do slash enter on Minecraft and then I’m going to start the Mario file and while the intro is going for 64 I’m going to play Minecraft for like a minute and then switch back and forth yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yall ready yeah I am as ready as I’ll ever be as much time as I have to to help everybody yes okay I’m good okay let’s get it let’s do it uh three two one go oh and then I’m G to play Super Mario World first I think because the intro is long oh look at that Progressive power up already for you I can get mushrooms let’s go good okay so I got Progressive tools I got you let’s go oh my God that was fast sucks this is prob the worst wor level of all time Progressive resource crafting that’s kind of huge I sent you a star in 64 bir oh thank you thank you thank you you’re welcome oh that’s starting with one star already that’s amazing dude and I get to make stone tools right away that’s incredible okay I need to uh Farm really quick before you have questions as we go along feel free to ask um Bastion Remnant that’s good okay oh that’s huge oh I moded this is a tough first level with no abilities yo Progressive power up G are you kidding okay I can use firef flowers now let’s go that’s kind of corrected that’s kind of correct oh that was me I did that you did do that thank you let’s go you’re so welcome o little bit of coal G me out of my mind okay literally out of your mind cracked like my nose like your nose cracked and fixed though there you go gave you another starbird thank you thank you thank you I’m going to swap games now and we’re going to play see Mario 64 there’s another one what is this can I wait can I get like to skip yo let’s go I’m gaming gaming right now literally gaming are you gaying right now I’m gaming right now y let’s go Power Star quick oh here’s a power star for you as well remember that one boxes are randomized and all that good stuff oh boy oh enchanting when up boxes are randomized wait what does that mean so like they have checks to make sure to grab one of boxes I actually don’t know where they all are so oh that’s okay um there you go have your Progressive tools wait that’s actually iron wa that’s corrected wait what you already have iron tools well Progressive iron tools yeah okay let’s like whoa whoo whoa okay wooden axe I guess and a wooden sword the wrong I’m not even going to make a wooden sword I’m just going to use a wooden axe until I can do other things well wooden sword is an advancement though the sword itself yeah hazy maze kave first is for me as well okay it’s very very scary okay hold on okay everything’s fine at least it’s got lots of like hazy maze cave is nice cuz it’s got lots of really easy quick stars to get yes hazy maze is good I have shifting sandl as my starting point so a little bit less nice yeah I got a saddle wow yo I sent myself swim that’s so sick that’s actually huge cracked is there a way to yeah seriously is there a way to I can’t befriend a dolphin right uh not like not like the advancement style friending I’m not too sure piercing two book I got a piercing four oh there’s Progressive weapons for you oh yes oh my God okay I guess I can cook these later okay let’s make the good one here have a bed oh thank you oh my gosh I can make beds let’s go oh my gosh this is amazing this is amazing okay so I need to talk to the Canon unlocking the Canon is a check obviously not a canon in hazy ma cave are there any oneup boxes in hazy maze cave just the one at the top um of the like the hole is the one I got already okay I think that’s the only one I’m not 100% sure though boat is good okay Cannon check someone’s getting something let’s do an extra pickaxe boom okay oh much better Power Star take that thank you for the Power Star campfire oh that’s level entrance hold on that’s weird Okay I I went into metal cap thinking that it was going to be metal cap but instead it’s tiny huge island not metal cap I need I can’t get a bed yet but I could get this Jim e my jambles dude I don’t know what to do hey when I Jimmy my jambles it also sent me into the time version wait you all what if I don’t have jimbles to jammie what was it you don’t have J jimbles to Jami yeah uh oh that could be a problem I’ve never started tiny huge island tiny because that’s the worst oh one point to bring up to you dangers is that 100 coin stars are disabled so if you do them you won’t get anything for them oh okay you won’t need to worry about that yes well yeah I mean you could still do them if you want it’s just a little weird to do that but just a bit silly if you want to feel like being silly oh my God so when I broke my nose my chat put an eyeball and then a backlash and then another eyeball right because they’re just like that’s you and now apparently it is eyeball then Band-Aid then eyeball oh that doesn’t count okay that’s a little better I love that I’m glad your chat knows you very well oh yeah I mean it’s still there for you I wouldn’t have it any other way oh this is where I spawned yeah did I spawn on an island or is it just we’ll find out no wait can I just what’s up Bumble how you doing welcome welcome y yeah we’ve been seriously solid start I’m getting lost cave oh I think I sent you met cap which isn’t is that a but oh my gosh be honey blocks coming no I can’t so that’s not that’s not metal cat that’s well I mean in Super Mario World it’s also green but that’s just like oh that’s smw I see okay yeah yeah yeah yeah so it’s good it’s still good the green switch block is actually the best one in my opinion because it unlocks um if you hit it from underneath you get Cape so that’s okay I can now find Pillager outposts that’s good nice already got that star over here where am I I’m just getting lost in hazy ma cave nice that happens okay I’m going to do this one I should probably get some fish while I’m out here sorry cheating I’m so bad at hitting fish okay there we go I’m giving bird Diamonds oh wait what really yes oh yes there’s a oneup for your your cause Superstar oh I have Superstar and swim and green switch Palace in Super Mario World now that’s awesome do I’m actually forgot to change my my layout you guys are just watching me play the tiny game yeah yeah that’s going to be the difficult part cuz you’re not used to like switching between two games yeah Violet I’ve been enjoying archipelago a lot yeah it’s been super fun it’s cool it’s so good if anybody is just joining especially for me um I’m not playing on a server right now I am playing an archipelago which means my game is mixed with other games in a way so when I make progression in my game it can affect bird or Danger’s games which are uh one of the other games is Minecraft we got two versions of sm64 and a Super Mario World so what kind of Rando and yeah these are all randomized so what kind of rando this level’s just this level again’s going on what what do you mean I thought this was supposed to be shuffled come on now video game oh like you got a you got a vanilla level yeah I got a vanill oh there’s so many fish power star cannon unlock for Bob actually that’s kind of sorry nice okay okay Bob I see you Bo o all right let’s do this actually you know what I should have done the other thing that’s fine I’m going do this one already left uh Progressive resour crafting that sounds I what that does for you but it sounds good no that’s huge actually yeah that lets you craft like ingots and stuff oh that’s so dop oh I didn’t realize I couldn’t do that yes and there’s gold so like if you get like a iron block I don’t know if you could do it yet but soon you’d be able to break that down into ingots so I need bottles cuz there are bees right here I could do the honey block advancement but I could just mark this location down really quick um that’s true let’s do um B area oh am I about to get attacked probably oh yeah it was close to vanilla you’re right yeah it was one level early that’s true that’s true that’s pretty true there’s some drown okay hello Dolphins oh diamond or thank you yeah send diamonds to everybody okay this I’m try fix camera this is actually vanilla for real what is down there um oh wait I can swim I have swim right I have swim I have swim I can swim this is amazing GL you’re so excited it’s it’s just so weird to not have my basic functions at the beginning of this game the drowner stuck in my boat guys get out of my boat that’s great oh a fishing rod that’s huge so good that’s so good yeah that that was genuinely vanilla yo Cannon unlock nice here they come oh the oh say so the castles are randomized within each other I see that makes sense I just don’t know which Castle I’m going to get power star for Dangerous all right excuse me oh I don’t have a shield oh [ __ ] the music is very fitting for this Castle totally right good Hey guys you’re really loud oh there are two more of them where do I want to go for now oh there’s so many of them well it’s a very good idea get Burger Kings because there is one castle that requires climb and that was not the vanilla one this time so did I just get a trident I did I have two Trident oh my God that’s can I have one in my actual game of Minecraft that would be sick I know right I just cuz I just fought a bunch of drown but okay crap I need that I’m going to toss egg for now I actually need the wizard why did I kill the wizard is that a lava thing over there okay that’s this is like an underwater what the [ __ ] is all this okay so I need this more like water bases do I need another wizard don’t fall in the chocolate milk chocolate milk chocolate mil can I have some you have some CH well you don’t I don’t know if you want this chalky milk this is this is some bad chalky milk okay bad chalky instant death chocolate milk all right boss Medallion number one all right while that’s going I’m going to switch games I think sweet heck yeah and I have eight power Stars already this is nutty I got you and fo’s got you yeah can I fish from the boat I can fish from the boat so good all right so what is in here lll all right l oh I can hear the drown coming are there you bird you’re my resident Super Mario 64 expert all right are there any one blocks in lll I’m almost positive there is not okay go there are a lot of one but there should not be any boxes aside from the shell Progressive armor yo dangerous got you yo cooking I’m seeing so many underground underwater like little mini temples oh oh fair warning if you find a village in the nether don’t sleep in the bed oh right thank you for the tip yeah yeah that could be very bad yeah I don’t know who would ever do that how does it work to try a thing that I learned recently it’s all you’re doing the thing I know what you’re doing it’s all PC B knows what I’m doing I know exactly what you’re doing it’s a program called archipelago make it work on when did you learn that I said uh to the internet don’t do that yeah don’t do this you know what we’re not going to do the thing right now we’re gonna we’re going to go do a different thing it is tricky it is very tricky w k will work we’re going to do this thing instead my favorite name wasar it’s okay I was like wait is that’s me yeah all right fish come back do it again please please I got that did not count as an advancement because I got a lily pad instead of a fish uh oh oh it’s definitely something Violet it takes some getting used to there’s no notches first of all uh which makes things weird getting my butt beat by something in Minecraft but it’s fine heyo I just see the uh the subtitles saying player hurts uhoh my God there’s so many [ __ ] drowned everywhere because of all these like old Temple things bird you got all my um you’ve got all my switch palaces in in world thank you I just do what I can for my friends you know you get a switch Palace oh wait that was an advancement for dying I almost died sweet wait do you get an advancement for dying in Minecraft apparently uh I don’t really want to I want my boat though if I die I guess it doesn’t really matter I could die I got to see how I did that let me see I don’t know how I did that actually but I have a fifth advancement so I’m so sorry oh I got buckets I just sent you a spy glass as well I’m so sorry cow this will be the one time that I ever do this in this game okay here you go it doesn’t even count there it is okay I got the leather oh that was the worst oh that’s not good I have half a heart all right I’m going to go for a nice little ride on this thing uh foo’s playing Minecraft I’m doing Minecraft and 64 Danger’s playing 64 and smw I can make a furnace already that’s huge oh you’re cooking literally cooking I’m getting bullied the little bully bullying is not as fun dangerous stop doing that okay so this gets CCM all full [Music] cleared ow 50 experience whoa here we go enjoy your diamonds thank you natsuku for helping by the way di are great I hope you enjoy them well Foo oh yeah I have F eight Diamond now so and I should be able to cook them all right um You have to place them down and then break them you can cook gold ore and it turns into ingot yeah but diamonds don’t usually give you diamond blocks so I I can’t cook it yeah you have to mine it so you while this is cooking let me go find something to toss this at I toss this at that’s evil oh a drowned right there nice Power Star all right the only star I have left in LL is the one I tried to do the thing and didn’t successfully do the thing I burn up my boat that’s fine what did I get oh just Power Star in the sunken ship o the plundering all right making some fod that’s supposed to be a triple jump excuse me Mario can you please you please excuse me I want to keep the arrow actually Bri planks maybe not actually I’ll make those into sticks it’s cuz I keep on slope there we go fit oh getting so many cooked I have some steaks how does one get over there oh yeah jrb is vanilla you’re right this is weird is this even Rando right check Canon here you know you know what I’m going to put down this gra what does the Canon guy give Canon guy giveth a Canon unlock okay cool thanks thanks man okay we’re just doing this the oldfashioned way that’ll work dang it just gave me the same star that I just did what are the other whoa that’s nuts is this even allowed is this even allowed okay and I can do the first Bowser level I guess I should right that’s probably a good idea well you got to hopefully it’s the first Bowser level well actually no hope will it randomize into it oh no this is I can’t do this level no The Wing Cap that’s what happens if I go into a Wing Cap oh oh it’s BBH oh yeah exactly that’s my my thoughts exactly okay what can I do here I’m feeling better here oh I can get the Trident back all right I take it like two Trident look at all these tall look I found some dark oak and some Spruce look at that’s the tall Spruce I’m in the what is that called um the super super tall Spruce is the tiger tiger yeah this looks like a grow tiger Turtles oh my goodness all right how do I make friends with Turtles again I love it Turtles how do I friend the turtles oh my God does anybody know how to friend Turtles I will do whatever it takes can you friend Turtles I don’t know I think you can uh you can breed them oh how do I breed the turtles you need seagrass which you can collect with shears oh not kelp I need actual SE not kelp sear grass okay so I’m going to go I’m going to need some iron get power star from bird 650 oh my God there’s so many turtles wow I’m obsessed that’s so cool oh Bowser in the fire sea okay whoa uh that has one oneup box no two it has two that is are really cool one of the boxes are on the elevator that goes up and down um on the second level and the other box is next to where you spawn the star at the tippy top right looking for like open cave systems man it feels really weird to play this perfectly legitimate version of Super Mario 64 with no lag right it’s blasphemy oh is that a room portal over there that’s a ruined portal over there ruin portal goes up and down so yeah if you go all the way over the the huge one that’s going up and down un like the second part of it has a box should see right there yeah I see it yeah so that’s one of them and then the other one’s right next to the star spawn ruin o thank you oh this has actual lava hello got to wait for the red coin Nintendo lawyers have been summoned what do you mean I’m playing on perfectly legitimate Hardware don’t really need the fishing anymore yeah this Hardware aware is really real so you know that’s true AR it’s real Hardware is real I have iron nuggets n um I’m just going to go nice and slow metal cap oh [Music] oh you all good oh I see I see the other box oh I’m having a great time oh okay cool just having a Dandy old time got item that’s what I I want a Mario Party archipelago I don’t know how it works but Cloud stage well I can’t do this one either time to spin Bowser around a little bit so I guess I do there is like I was kind of thinking that Super Mario 64 wasn’t going to have any progression but I do need to find keys right I guess that is the hard wall right there keys I I need to make sure that I find my own keys or do you send me my keys one sec uh they could be anywhere so they could be in your your game that could be in mine it’s not going to be from Bowser though I mean it could be if it’s vanilla but it could be from a random check somewhere like your upstairs key is required to beat the game the basement key not so much but upstairs is 100% required um and that could be in my Minecraft game we don’t know so could be in your smw you never know it could be that’s true but I guess we’ll find out he’s brought me leftover keys so very exciting okay got a bunch of gold now I am consolidating this is good oh golden silk touch what the [ __ ] okay that’s not real is it Tyrus I’ve just been told a story about Paco Gutierrez age nine getting sued by Doug Bowser what I don’t think that’s real probably playing onto the joke that Nintendo will come for you if you do sussy also I switch back to smw and I have Carrie and I have P switches how many iron can I make three iron ingot that’s enough to make a bucket I think the bucket is most important I get I can get into The Nether right now oh that’s pretty dope that’s kind of huge actually uh what I should do is go get some more um go get some more Cobble really fast oh I can’t I still can’t run I’m actually despite all the stuff that I’ve been given I no no no I’m not walled yet not walled yet not no Burger King in Super Mario’s world yet okay I need a actual more Stone I do not okay I’m I’m getting so many checks in thi right now because there’s like four oneup boxes there’s the cannon oh no there’s three oneup boxes there’s a Canon tiny huge island I got you yeah uh my tiny huge island is the metal cap and E yeah it’s not great yeah I mean the the good news is that there’s a cannon and three one-ups there on top of the star so there is a lot of checks but it is a stinky butts level so yeah and I start small I don’t know if that’s randomized too yeah so both sides of the painting are actually randomized so you have to find the big version as well yeah you are big so okay so it’s really not worth going all the way to metal cap just for the tiny version of thi then yeah you can probably find the you know somewhere else yeah okay so how do I stop okay and I wish I had two buckets for this um what I can do is actually pick up and put down the uh lava Brewing that’s huge massive thank you that’s like that’s required to beat the game oh my God hello yeah I have Brewing I have a ruined portal with a bunch of lava that’s huge that’s huge that’s huge um what does have a secret exit but I can’t do it yet cuz I don’t have pea balloon no need to get some of this out of the way not super oh that’s [Music] okay nice need to get all this to the side so I can make sure that I have [Music] backa you’re so cute thank you okay my gosh I love getting the star world three just randomly in a level cuz all you have to do is hold right for 3 seconds and the level’s done oh amazing I didn’t think about that actually that’s great okay while I’m doing that I think I can yeah at least this time dangers you have a backup game of sm64 so if you do get walled you have a lot of stuff to do true the other one that is true um right not the music I was expecting but we’re good oh that is fun okay put some over here look I just need all the extra lava possible Le I [ __ ] up anything there’s a lot of lava around this portal it’s actually really good okay and then I do want that on that side and then if I get oh that’s too too short actually yet oo I can make iron armor for myself now o okay if I put this one more star in th I yeah oh God I don’t like those R okay then I do this beautiful what is happening jump my guy there you go is this an almost compl completely finished portal are you joking I mean that’s huge I’m about to go in the nether you all literally huge actually actually huge that’s fine okay so I have one two more levels I can check before they’re pretty much full [Music] clear I think I didn’t get any keys yet no caps no keys oh wait I do need I actually need more iron before I can oh that was not a good idea Bowser is ah dire dire docks Auto scroller level I hate this level pain sit here for the next minute and a half pain [ __ ] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] this is really bad oh my God leave me alone oh [ __ ] this is really bad I believe in you oh my God I have a baby running after me with a bunch oh [ __ ] and there’s a skeleton this is really bad okay so I can’t actually get the vanish cap star cuz I don’t have vanish so I can’t do that in dire D dox but I could still get a few other stars oh boy it’s thunderstorming I almost looked outside my window to be like is it in game I do need a bed yeah you’re right well I don’t have any iron to make any shears it’s awesome that you can make a bed yeah well I can’t right now but eventually okay okay so I can do I didn’t do fire SE yet so I can for Bowser sub yeah I haven’t found any NAA how many advancements are you at right now B 15 what about you damn I mean I haven’t played Minecraft since the start but I I somehow I’m at five so I don’t want I have a flint I have Flint I just don’t have iron Canon unlock for CCM to dangers obviously needed huge thank you yeah I Canon so much in CCM you have no idea yeah you shoot the Mario out the Canon yeah yeah thank yeah thank goodness for that yeah what would we do with without that I don’t know may jump off the side of the stage instead no that’s blasphemy that’s that’s wild oh okay yeah true that’s true yeah who would ever think of doing that come on anyway like you just going to cheat and you’re just going to play the game I think I’m kind of safe up here right except for when the Phantoms come yeah make sure you go to go to sleepy I’m going to try at some point that is an advancement itself isn’t it going to bed at night um I don’t know actually I do need iron iron will give me access to a bunch of things I just need to find some more so I just learned from my chat by the way that apparently if you lose an eyeball you only lose about 20 to 30% of your vision what huh yeah that’s cracked human bodies are just built different apparently yeah you just have like well it’s more so that your depth perception would be off yeah your brain helps to fill in some of the spots as well apparently right but the overlap is what gives us depth too yeah um so if you don’t didn’t know any of that yeah though that’s why bunnies I mean I learned that cuz I had a bunny CU they don’t have that [ __ ] so what happens to bunnies if they well Bunny’s eyes don’t overlap at all so their depth perception is very bad oh you’ll see them like they’re sizing up their environment they’ll kind of bob their head up and down or back and forth a little bit to try to figure it out right yeah you don’t feel the need to test losing an eyeball I think that’s fair oh I guess I like okay one more red coin and then I’ve got one more stage to do in Mario and then I think I’m stuck for a little bit bird expanding on how much he a good one nose get out of here Aon kid oh no godam waiting for it to be morning I mean I can go ahead and run around more I just feel more comfortable being like going into a cave looking for caves if it’s a daytime there is no pun tax here you’re right oh here we go what’s happening oh look at in the tiger the the morning that’s so pretty this is like my dinner because I kind of had brunch dinner whatever right before stream set for the rest of the night hi and quo baby I hope you know that I did the entire eight red coins there in the uh DDD po this just for you to get gold just for me to get gold I’m sorry that’s okay gold it’s not but it’s okay yeah it it could be used it could be used for some things trade with pigs is huge and I have gold armor already on cuz I found some so like I can safely trade so all I need is iron and then I can go in the Nether and see what I can find oh Haze maze cave yo it’s Snowman’s Land that’s a fast one if I knew how to do the stars properly got this I believe in you got a power star from bird oh [ __ ] nice job bird thanks me you you did it for yourself hell yeah I’m gonna win the co-op there we go you’re gonna win the co-op let’s go I’m gonna win the co-op I know what friend I think of no but I want to do it oh it’s Co-op we’re doing Co-op yeah but I want to do it much love okay all right it’s time too no it’s still raining so all of the enemies are still going to be alive but whatever I guess that’s fine um actually before I get noticed let’s write down my cord coordinates here portal okay um 630 s okay all right shall we we shall okay oh arrows thank you that’s actually huge great for later huge keep this here trying to do a triple jump oh I’m trying to do a triple jump why isn’t it working guess this doesn’t matter I want this right away oh that’s not good okay and back down the hill we go there are oneup mushrooms in SL right yeah yes uh there is one um on the inside with the cannon unlock as well and then there’s one on the outside um kind of next to where you fight the bully there’s a red coin right next to it right yep those are your oneup boxes but that is a shell that’s not a oneup if I just go straight whatever Direction this is oh it goes right back to the ocean pool that’s great what about caves oh some iron or for myself okay okay this direction is going Southwest so to get back I need to go northeast just kidding I just keep sending people experience thanks yay let’s go there’s a cave underwater cave I’m not experienced enough to do underwater cave safely I will die yeah the only thing I would say is just bring a bunch of doors if you can I have I have three doors just in case I have to do things underwater but still I would not be very good at that it’s Mewtwo’s birthday today wait what yeah Mewtwo’s birthday it is Mewtwo’s birthday according to the movie bird always has a movie pulled up for reference see yep I have it on a flash card actually nice mushrooms fun facts to impress my friends with I’m so impressed bird thank you see it worked I see my uh camera froze again uh if I were a pink B bomb where would I be in here uh you would be uh near the two boxes on the the back corner oh you’re all the way back there what are you doing back there bud hey bud wait how does oh you need do you need a vanish cap to get in there uh no there’s a little slit on the opposite side like near near the bomb you can walk behind yeah that’s a free two checks caves caves caves caves caves caves please my god um look at we traded power stars that was awesome that’s cute nice and I gave myself one too I’m going to exit course ah kid come on dude not reading I don’t have uh I don’t have Shield yet R I’ll get the red coins here too why not uh this new controller for my perfectly legitimate Nintendo 64 is uh very hard to do triple jumps with for some reason I feel you this officially licensed Nintendo 64 PlayStation 5 controller is really weird take some fin angling that’s for sure yeah there we go okay the creepers took out the Skelly which is good I find myself pressing the jump button one frame too early like most of the time I don’t know if that’s just a skill issue oh I just wanted to jump the fence is that so hard yes the answer is yes it is that was scary what I an apex weapon oh I was like Apex Legends is what I was thinking of but what yeah that’s a ridicul that’s sick dude which weapon did you get also yes nose oh wait did I not mute you hear me yep God damn it dude I’m sorry course that’s okay you’re allowed to talk about Apex all right bye bird wait did I get this box already I think I did I don’t want to test it cuz then I’ll crash oh okay that was also not a fruitful cave anywhere else getting like 800 mushrooms just in case what switches me between games uh my desire to do so good answer Mario you’re supposed to jump over things okay I don’t know if you are familiar with the idea I’m back to the turtles okay okay I did all the boxes already gotcha I start digging down oh boy are you finding stronghold already no I’m not in the nether yet because I need iron I’m not so I haven’t on a stronghold yeah Mario what are you [Music] doing okay it’s Minecraft time chat we’re going to play some Minecraft yo let’s go we’re playing some Minecraft okay what the hell down like what is that what’s happening you know what I haven’t done I haven’t slept yet slept yet uh there is one more star in SL but I can’t get it because I don’t have vanish cap so let’s try in here CCM the other snow level and I have my Cannon here thank you Bird yeah of course um one up boxes in here um you do have in CCM you have one inside the slide at the very end you have one on the outside you have two on the outside one is by the um kind of like near the end point of snowman’s lost’s head but but closer up the mountain yep um and then you have another one where the seventh red coin is on the route where you like slide down and on that like little weird slopy ledge um there’s like a SL ledge thing is there a red coin there yes so it’s like when you’re when you’re doing the the speed Runway of doing the penguin it’s that one right it’s that that has a a thingy indeed all right time to acire ire the thingy I believe channeling book wow and climb yeah you can climb now oh my gosh why is archipelago so good if I had a silk touch pickaxe could I pick up SE grass dude I’m a speedrunner uh I don’t know about that yeah I guess I it’s probably a no Progressive weapons Amon just dropped a 45 Monster energy drinks oh my God that’s great it’s okay if I die you don’t drop your items but I’m going to just what do you do with twitch if you don’t mind he asking so I feel like um where am I missing red the name if we’ve met I don’t remember the name well cuz I my memory is quite Monster Hunter S another Power Star there’s one here okay let’s keep going and one here okay can I cook lava Pop I can cook near I can cook let him cook chefs oh my goodness I will be able to cook cooking is progressing yes indeed genuinely excited about this uh let’s do this I know I’m near something creeper chill bro my crafting table table over here oh that’s not how you do that y uh okay let’s do this here I don’t have any coal but I could just get more wood I guess all right am I near am I near clay got to be near something good yeah I’m cheating in the video game this one’s okay though Nintendo put this in the game so I’m allowed to do this one oh thank God here oh my weapons F God thank you so much pearls I see lapis found my pearls dude okay I have to if I dig through this clay enough that’ll get me I’ll find something right got to be near something there’s this much clay around just random clay are you in a lush cave maybe I’m I’m want I’ve got to be near one I hear lava pops oh my goodness uh wait I have a trident what wait what I have a TR this is that a that’s an advancement wasn’t it if you throw the Trident throw the Trident at an enemy that’s an advancement oh it’s huge there are also ones that have to do with like striking enemies with lightning I think uh no it’s a villager a villager so if you were able to get channeling or whatever on that then that would also be one I do have a channeling book pause Champion dude the champion of the pauses like God damn um okay let’s cook what it’s all around where is where is the cave that I must be near what is this stupid random pile of oh my God literally never ending play I can I’ve never been so unenthusiastic about receiving clay I’m sorry like finding cuz you know in times fast You’ be like oh it’s so cool I can I don’t know yo do something it did you want your Cannon unlock in jrb oh that actually uh yeah that I can get one more star now now you can let’s go that’s one more check that’s huge ass system engineer a network admin that’s dope okay so I need to throw a trident at somebody who wants to be my test subject for an advancement me me throw TR me okay did you know T I’m on my way okay throw it at me oh you too okay right this is all the stars in CCM I got it except for hun coin cuz Hunter coin stinky stinky Pinky that’s a really good is that a default thing like or did you have to set that as a setting bird for for which thing again like um end pearls for somebody thank god um to not have the 100 coins mixed in is that just basic like um I had to change that setting because it’s kind of poo poo to have that on yeah I agree yeah but I mean we could always you know if you’re ever feeling frisky and you’re like no I want to do that we can always turn it on in the future I don’t think he’ll ever hear me say that combination of words about 100 coin Stars okay that sounds good part of the reason that I don’t speedrun Super Mario 64 is longer categories is exactly that reason okay yeah that’s that’s fair right here dude I have to I I have to be able to find this heor guys are very cute what do I need here let’s keep the iron let’s keep the compass I’ll keep the diamond let’s keep Pearl in here at the spawn we don’t need the Trident we need the boat um resource blocks are fine just in case we find a village okay um I’m going to take a death here oh let me take off my armor okay well that’s not good Mario I’m going to go do the chest the chest trap I did the clip into the boat yep cheating in the video game again how could I um but I couldn’t find the loading zone for getting inside the boat oh pain this is jrb by the way where is this cave where is this cave I’m sorry Enderman fishing rod cute thank you that’s advancements right I have I found a fishing rod so I was already able to do that advancement but oh Still Still H still pre massive I have seven pearls that’s good almost as massive as Steve massive Steve Steve is fit Steve is fit he says no Pillager Outpost but there is a nether fortress that direction and there is no Bastion remnant okay are there oneup boxes in jrb uh no maybe it’s maybe it’s closer here there are no oneup boxes in jrb RBS we have the meats there there is no War uh by the way in BOS oh really yeah that’s good to know yeah useful info where the [ __ ] is this cave I know it exists that has to there we go that’s how you cheat in the video game don’t tell more clay [ __ ] there another Pearl it’s w this is so much better it’s eight why do I just have why are there just clay deposits I don’t understand this should be connected to something I should be like next to something important right now no not a timer trap for smw I don’t want that I can’t just never ending clay this is the worst cave exploration I’ve ever had I believe in you thank you ow okay I think that was a pirate ship over here so let’s let’s go get that Dino if so I’m just not I’m just going to I’m just going to have to go find another actual cave are you excited to go get that Dino oh yes are you kidding me leave me alone Skelly oh this is a poo poo ship dude key sent to bird 650 that is actually massive you’re welcome that is a very required item oh now just do bljs and you win to look something up oh no you’ll remember you’ll remember we’ll talk about something and it’ll randomly jog your M Yeah by stos oh if they’re still here I’m not sure if they’re still here nice for them to stop in we can go upes or oh do I have my own Cannon already all right we have actual desert and there’s the Fortress okay so we can get a couple advancements here oh I didn’t think so oh berries Fox you can’t befriend foxes I don’t think not actually there’s a lush cave below there that’s for sure I don’t have like any I’m not planning on getting my blaze powder right now chat but I am planning on exploring this Fortress well that was the same per okay berries I to just throw this wheat away I have two wheat saddle gold red coins and jrb I know there’s two on the boat yes there are three on the boat actually three on the boat I think yes indeed uh should be four in clams one by the bomb dude and three in the boat yeah over here anything c cavies yeah c cavies with’s this Cav caves cavy caves please iron please coal at least for later ‘s a lot of torches yeah a crack wheat what’s up Greek how you you doing here bird I have some emeralds well thank you I will definitely use them if there’s a village around heck yeah otherwise I won’t all right yeah maybe you shouldn’t well maybe I won’t then all right carry on you carry on all right I can’t do this level yet a nice back and forth you yeah you know that’s how we do another [ __ ] useless cave I think I did this one already oh my God I think it might be time to play smw I think now you can like swim and climb and do all sorts of crazy stuff what is this I found a village oh my God this is huge huge pumpkins oh this is my house now I marked a bed I have climb oh but also a timer trap I don’t know if I can finish this level in time I think I’m just going to die I don’t want to deal with the timer trap I think this is a trap that I’m in right now I don’t see how I survive this make another furnace quick here’s the generation for this it’s so dark it’s so dark I can’t see anything cook up gold and I could cook up sand let her cook yes it’s so dark in here okay so my um that was that house is going to be at 2871 no we don’t have death link enabled this time okay that would be wacky I’m always a 10 out of 10 excited for Disney always always isn’t there advancement for covering your horse in diamond armor I’m just focus focus okay we’re an hour in how far is everybody how you all doing well I’m chilling yeah I’m vibing I’ve got 17 advancements right now 26 power Stars you already had 17 advancements [ __ ] I’ve not gone up above 15 in a while but I’m about to sleep in a bed so that will help and then I can do some other stuff now that I found a village sweet dreams yeah so what about this way we haven’t gone this way yet it’s so dark in here cuz this Fortress is like uhoh whoa you’re in the nether no I there’s a fortress out in the overw world oh just chilling cool yeah as it does that’s kind of cool though you don’t even have to go to the nether to yeah that’s really dope potentially yeah the compasses help you out if the if the compass spin in like circles then you know that you’re Fortress for it is not in that same like world so you have to like go to either the nether or the end whatever it might be yeah yeah yeah yeah are there villagers in this Village yeah we can’t get that yet I need Yi if I want that secret ah I got the wither skeleton head oh good for you oh good for you that’s great that’s legit wait did I already check these ones oh I think I did this is not a ghost house chat what is this oh no I didn’t what I’m so confused put and steel we like that diamond and obsidian oh my God that’s huge killing it right now getting all the checks I do what I can for my people I’m just going to run away from the puffer fish run that turns into regular he almost got me this water bucket here I’m going to grow some potatoes I found my own yellow switch Palace yo enjoy some rotten flesh I could use some food actually I’m just going to set myself on fire oh but thank you that’s that’s one way to do it there you go I have [Music] St I appreciate it okay so that had that let me I’m going to travel a little bit more in Minecraft and then I will eventually go back to that for blaze rods can I make a an iron sword yet that’s the question I do have my P switches so I can actually do this ghost house that’s very good that is massive I still can’t run though I still canot not gain PE speed which is damn something I’m only playing one game I’m not playing two this game is enough for me to have to focus on yeah yeah I don’t think I could do Minecraft and something else bird you’re a legend I know he’s wild he’s always wild it’s not it’s not too bad I I think you guys could totally do it okay be you’re Wilding I think the only thing you’re just a gamer no you’re both Gamers we’re all Gamers unless oh there’s a runin portal hold the phone here what sup combat how are you are you all holding your phones right now um yes anymore okay okay what is what is this what do we got going on here is this how is this looking construction wise oh that’s almost a perfect portal mine was really good too so mine’s underwater though so I don’t really know this is interesting to say at least what I get oh star power star good Power Star is great yes I need 70 of them so um I can complete this portal actually stars and keys what else can I even send you you can give us the switches that like give us metal cap and stuff yes oh gotcha one of mushrooms I think are also in there yes one of mushrooms Keys which is um the keys are very important yeah I do not have my upstairs key yet you don’t have a job okay it’s going to take a moment but this is soth we go to the nether so so just take some time where where are the other houses they’re like way over there on Earth how do I make friends with a dog I have to give them bones [ __ ] found a dog yeah you need bones and then if you find two dogs you can give them both meat and they will uh they will meat does it have to be uncooked meat uh I I assume I don’t know for sure though I think it has to be Raw it’s a pain I can try okay why did I go in this pipe that was a bad decision nope it could be uncooked no it I’ve only done it with raw I don’t know if you can do it with cook I mean it can be done with cook sorry okay okay cool I see two dogs I gave gave one pork and it’s not near the other dog enough to uh no you have to give them both it I know like they’re not close enough to each other to interact I see whoa okay now they might be PR plant what are you doing they’re doing it it’s happening no okay now it’s happening it’s happening Chad mom get the camera please please please mate okay I gave them both what that’s not a good sound they’re not doing anything is are they both your friends is animal husbandry maybe a oh that might be why if they’re not friends I was going to say maybe animal husbandry is like a a thing that can some can send you like oh my God you can’t breed animals until someone no you can breed you can breed ones that are not friendly doesn’t matter cuz you can do with bees you can’t like befriend bees yeah what I meant is like is it a randomized thing that we have to send you no I think you should be able to just do it I think oops oh my God iron ore this is so exciting this is a fortress I’m pretty sure so the fortresses and the castles are randomized into each other too that’s interesting yeah oh oh for you as well gotcha yeah it’s not just castles and just fortresses yeah [Music] gotcha this is definitely the fitting music of a castle when I think of Castle this music excuse me get out of my house my house now it’s my house I not make a shield uh that’s a recipe you have to learn [ __ ] I guess I can’t but I can make an iron sword but that doesn’t do anything that is not the getting that is not the advancement okay there we go Bonk nice okay we’re gaming we like that we like that gaming this is super convoluted chat I know but we’re almost done okay I do this this star this I do this this and now shoot wait why is it not why even need shears now no not anymore really oh I can make a flint and steel now now I can go back in the nether [Music] mhm there it is sharpness three that’s never a bad thing my weird ass outfit that’s why I’m stupid I was like what’s happening there we go okay we have a way into the nether let’s go need an iron pickaxe so I can actually use this diamond soda lake is just soda Lake hold up one more Progressive tools would be great what kind of random why am I always in a BAL biome uhoh what do you mean okay so Bastion Remnant and a pill Outpost can be found here okay they’re both that direction I make mushrooms I’m going to die during this but that’s okay because I could just come right back yeah they have like respawn anchors is that what they’re called that are usable in the nether yeah respawn anchors are dope and there’s an advancement for I think fully charging one or something like that that’s right yeah yeah but those are hard to I you need glow stone and crying obsidian oh yeah crying obsidian right some obsidian yeah that’s the one yeah is that the Bastion I think that’s the Bastion shall we pop in the nether yes yeah Chad is this even randomized I don’t think so is this even randomed how do you do mushroom stew uh it’s a bowl and then one of each oh one of each type of mushroom I see correct that way do I have enough food uh I guess oh Star World 5 that’s fun he buddy do you need a job you need to like give him a job I don’t have Yoshi and I don’t have Cape so I can’t do the secret exit of this which is not great um thanks for the rotten flesh the problem I went to a Bastion for this uh the bridge layout I think this is the bridge layout where is the holding pens either way I’m going to run down there I’m going to die I’m going to open that chest cuz that’s advancements I don’t care if I die oh no I needed to figure out what happened if I fed a baby Yoshi until he became big Yoshi when I don’t have Yoshi unlocked the answer may surprise you he just disappears oh he’s just gone I made him vanish from existence oh Progressive armor that’s diamond oh thank you B you’re welcome Fire charges oh Golden Apple okay got a flint and steel I just found another ruin portal with obsidian in it so I just up oh this villager does not have a house yeah if somebody could send me Cape or Yoshi I would be eternally grateful okay I would give you my life not to be dramatic or anything yeah sure oh Bon there you go somebody wants to claim that they [Music] can here I have some gold gold ore thank you it has to be while they’re chasing me right I think I need to take off my my goal okay let me set up a little thing here yes chat my nose should be fixed quote unquote you’re right I am now bandage nose okay I need to go back to the Great and Mighty My Portal the Great and Mighty have to go 3 blocks this way ploop ploop is it getting dark out oh it is I’m actually going to sleep first pigin nice any pigin it is very weird playing without a run button I will tell you I feel like I’m just kind of sauntering through the stages what’s up money how you doing hello yeah I know I know Ryan I agree I wish there was more stuff to do with mushrooms in weapons silly the W ooh you found your own good let’s go also what kind of rando this is the same castle all my levels are randomizing into themselves potato what is this okay I could trade with a villager I sign up for a randomizer I think I can still do this without my okay found my run button I did it last time where did you just go oh there you are I just run straight this way I’ll get back yeah you all ended up giving me the iron that I what is that that’s super doing some piglin trading what is that see what we get from this what’s up broken face thanks BP what’s up dude what of even the boss I got was the same one that’s supposed to be here excuse me what did I just find Ouch what’s the deciding factor for switching between smw and 64 power I got you I got you I haven’t been stuck yet kind there’s nothing in the game that has stuck me yet so I can kind of just switch between them as I choose I’m running out of options for Super Mario 64 though because I don’t have any Keys which means I can’t go to the basement and I can’t go to the like to the upper floors be um yo I’m in a Mesa biome and there’s a bunch of like purple and red terracotta okay what is it is it not just different color terracotta with like some with like a brick of some kind a brick of some kind yes this is a purposeful building I don’t know too much to be honest of that anybody know what this is supposed to be Forest ofus I fa you okay this one I can do the secret for and here’s the yellow I’m digging up a whole building what is what is this oh [ __ ] that’s fine I’ve never seen this before got the advancement that was important um we can do Pillager stuff after but that’s huge um so now a building 25 advancements I don’t know if I can find anything in here that would be useful I kept digging this out I I can do do diamond boots cover me with diamond that’s a power star for you what I should be doing is going in the nether I’m just really distracted okay um we’ll take out these two actually no we’ll put this ones a cape okay so that’s good um can all my switch palaces still can’t do Shield can’t do a bucket I could do an iron sword we could do that um I prefer to have that over the wooden sword to be honest oops I accidentally changed the resolution thank youa I hope that you’re doing well also HW thank you for the 86 month what’s up the colored clay that’s so weird a trailed ruin what’s a trailed ruin oh Trail ruins are the new structures in like the newest update they’re like these um did you get like a compass for one is that what you got no I just I mean it’s just like colored blocks together with like some kind of brick some kind yeah there’s like suspicious gravel within them if you have a brush you can like clear them out in their inside oops well I just dug up all the gravel and threw it away I guess it’s fine that’s okay okay now I’m going in the nether I don’t think I can do that okay this is I need Yoshi for that I need Yoshi for that or a cape I’m back on my sm64 hype Forest of Illusion one I need PE balloon for that two okay so I have you gave me my upstairs key the Warped yes Forest [ __ ] I’m officially smw NE you’re in smw I am okay you should have a lot in sm64 though yeah hopefully um oh I have to switch my everything hold on okay I believe hi Kitty yes hello hi ay okay oh emeralds thank you um I hear I hear Andy boys this is getting some freaking pearls Andy boys Andy boys uh BK when I say BK anybody in the chat who’s wondering basically it’s called Burger King mode um I don’t know where the origin is but basically if you have nothing to do in the game you just go to Burger King while you wait for people to give you items yeah it was literally a runner went to Burger King during randomizer and was like yeah this is it’s what I’m going to do and it ended up you know catching on Miss BK mode means it Barrel oh was it Barrel that’s funny oh was it actually Barrel Barrel’s going to Burger King amazing bony Kong where’d he go all right just a classic little Rainbow ride love that for me where did he go a power star yeah heck yeah what is the camera oh yeah the camera freaks out dude it’s so weird because it’s like it wants to shoot you out of where the the actual level is but then it’s also focused on where the Mario is baby okay I mean I kind of love that oh no I’m been warped immediately next to B salt but at least I started War I just got blocked by James what James what a what a great block by James does that Great invis Wall good job James I think I think I should be a to see him from here hi hello thanks for the Buddy oh yeah no problem no problem sorry buddy oh that hurt I’m sorry I know you’re so shy poor me I don’t like hurting Ender I think they’re really you don’t like hurting anything in that game that doesn’t initially hurt you you’re right okay I have my first Pearl thank you for the warp Island block I’m going to put it back let’s see if I can find another one no no no don’t push me off the stage I will cry I almost cried can I can I just can I can I just there we go sometimes I wish I could just but then I can’t right and sometime you just can’t oh more iron ore oh my God thank you I got you don’t worry hell yeah up a little hey buddy hi going to look you right in the eyeballs there you go I’m sorry I know you’re so mad I’m sorry it’s okay I got lots of lives Mama Mia okay oh my God he’s so mad Trident vibrates that’s not a good sound Trident vibrates that’s a that’s a weird thing for Minecraft to do he drop an eye how’s the new nose uh it’s broken back into good place so good I think broken properly yeah I I’ve properly broken it now and that one did not even drop an eye great thank you for that there we go oh I got the silly kick and everything oh damn he should moving the first thing group is always doing is looking for sheep to kill an animals to slaughter I know I know I’m so bad at I’m like no I want to it no so use that thank you where uh oneup mushroom blocks in Rainbow rideo are there some to do yes uh there’s three so one’s right there yeah surprisingly um there there should be one on the tip top of the roof where you’re at uh so you have to ride the carpet up and then there’s one at the very there’s one at the very bottom of the level where the star swinging in the breeze is okay yeah I hear one where are you well I’ve already been that way but I guess I’ll go again here we just give me so many one-ups is there one over there too across the cannon shot that’s just the star that’s just the star yeah yeah oh midlevel we can do about mid level here uh that not work I’ll just do this how are you doing be I’m I’m chilling I’m just your advancement count up too uh 20 F I am um slowly killing Enderman because why not I’m right here in the nether yeah get as many pearls as you can pretty much because we all know how fun it is trying to find pearls yep the one on mushroom is this one yes there you go I’m here thank you for the Power Star you’re Angy bird when he has six yeah no yeah at six so stupid sorry bu it happens oh no that is not what I wanted oh finally I got myself some pork chops yummy yummy yummy yummy you like my impression of rainbow rides music this perfect that was really good actually I knew exactly what it was thank you yeah I put a lot of heart and soul into that I am not putting as much heart and soul into actually playing the level though probably not as much as I probably should would love an iron pickaxe that would be so nice can I just there we go just got a power star time I’m we we at 9:00 okay oh I hear you’re one these triangles are tricky oh oh no they’re so tricky who let these triangles be so tricky unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable there we go there we go oh a that makes sense tones okay cooked archipelago is so good okay um okay I hate this controller for this game oh my God I guess I got to ride the carpet what was that how many eyes I only have two pearls wait zero I’m going to have to find a fortress I don’t have the cannon for rainbow ride yet so I can’t do that oh oh my God you good I think I’m okay what else can I do in the nether go into this biome that’s not good that’s not what you do that’s not what you do and then this one this is different I what two more stars I can get here a I’m Stu dude I’m going to have to go down on the other side I missed how did I miss literally hear one how did I miss oh oh gosh he’s going to catch up to me hello okay hey buddy sorry sorry Super Mario 64 is a really welldeveloped video game I don’t know if you guys are aware oh yeah it’s one of the greatest games of all time you’re right PRS yeah no flows and it’s programming oh I never said that no pearl from that really all right all right [ __ ] bottles thanks oh now I can make bottles so I go back and do that honey thing but I’ll do that in a bit if needed I guess what I’ll do right now is look at some advancements nether ones let’s see I need to get to a fortress maybe find Pig apparently I died in Minecraft I was impaled by a drowned oh that’s not ideal Bastion I guess I don’t know destroy gas the fireball I still don’t have a [ __ ] Shield it’s not very helpful no come on man I currently have cat butt in my face that’s not a bad they are definitely worse things yeah that could be my butt you know no there’re definitely worse things there’s definitely worse things I hear a gas speaking of worse things all right Gamers well we got about 45 seconds so uh we’re just going to sit here on this carpet and Vibe W I can’t really play the other game cuz I don’t think I actually have access to any levels currently so we just sit here and we wait the perfect time for an ad break hey what’s this lethal lava land what are you doing SMH no carpetless yeah I’m just going to perform carpetless with my zero experience and no notches in my controller and sounds like a great idea yeah what’s got us locked in smw all of the exits that we have available to us either require uh Yoshi or a cape or a no not a spin jump just Yoshi or a cape or a pea balloon if we get PE balloon then we’re good there too here the gas where is [Music] it oh boy what a okay before I collect this star oh boy that was just two power stars from me where’d he go where’d he go oh there he comes okay we can’t do anything else There He Go can they seed screw me by having my Cape unlock in one of the levels that’s inaccessible uh no it will always follow what’s called Logic the rapper Logic the rapper that’s that’s right where did the Enderman go oh basement key for dangers thank you that’s huge now I can continue playing the game yay you can continue playing the game um red coins yeah I guess I can do red coins in hazy ma cave well that’s unfortunate I can’t get this controller what am I thinking there’s no shot what’s the other star I’m missing what if I try this though I think it’s I’ll try it again after if I can get that with a PS5 controller I’m cracked um I just go across or just make a path across oh wait that’s an actual regular piglin PD this means there’s a chance to trade I’m bridging right now think there’s a star up here no way isn’t there oh it’s right there dude HMC has one up blocks right HMC as far as I know has just the one that you got over already oh God oh my God but I could be wrong I just think I think that’s it the only question I would have would be maybe the main room with the red coins but I don’t think there’s one there that’s the elevator I got two more pearls hey okay I’m I’m slowly but surely finding some dudes and I think I’m about to trade with some pig oh it’s this door that’s why stay there all right you this is so weird bud give me 21 21 baby that how come that first frame well not quite first but wait is it distract them oh not Trading so you have to like take off your gold armor and have it chase you and then drop a thing oh to distract it yeah okay getting the basement key right now was huge otherwise I’d be sitting here in both games I think W so yeah cuz now you have like do you have 30 you do have 30 Stars perfect I have 30 Stars so I can do this so you have quite a few places yeah you’re you’re good for a little while I’m golden I got to play s Mario 64 for a while but I’m I’m golden in it what do you mean it’s that’s a good thing that is a good thing you have to you have to play 64 that’s awesome Super Mario just going to be sitting there but that’s okay that’s okay okay is that everything in Lethal lava yeah it is okay so I have okay the slide normally I guess oh here I have two entries here which is nice it’s not my cat has claimed my arm I am not moving anytime soon oh this is super awkward though because if I do um if I do dire dire Do’s painting it doesn’t move backwards so I have to find dire dire dock to move it backwards right is that right yes you’ll have to get Bowser’s sub star no matter where you are to move die backwards right he gave me Blackstone okay cool I did the piglin thingy but I can actually trade with him now and he might give me ender eyes right won’t he still give me potentially um D or pearls I mean he can give you pearls potentially it’s just a way lower chance now but it’s always worth trying yeah cuz I have 22 gold what else am I going to do with it correct always was worth a shot yeah right now I just have five can you stop there we go that’s how you do the slide hey bird have a Wing Cap um that actually is helpful yeah I got you thank you there’s three pearls for you B oh my gosh thank you things are happening come on good goodness the progress the progress if you will I’m pogging we caught the bunny let’s go what is that CH what is that I literally can oh it’s like a potion thank you for the iron I give me one obsidian thanks buddy what is that oh that’s a the clock of a hand well I found Tik Tock Clock charges that was very jarring I was like what is that doing in the wall spectral arrows what the [ __ ] I don’t think I want it to be moving leather I’m going to be honest Tik Tok clock is good cu the stars are pretty fast oh I see a hand moving as well this has got to be Tik Tok clock then that’s so funny it’s just like sticking on the wall funny yeah what the heck why is that a thing it’s a bit thank you for the hi what’s up hello that’s so funny I’m working with our friends working with our friends to try to beat our games if you do have TTC enabled play with us I guess you you can get to it um it is uh it’s got two oneup blocks and top of the clock or it give me yeah it give me pearls let’s go you got more pearls yes now I’m up to 11 nice this is good this is good how does it work for HMC where you jump at the floor I have no clue I don’t even know if you’ll see a a [Music] hand ging him the rest of it make you eight more buddy let’s go bomb clip is easy oh my goodness he’s ging out of his gourd he’s doing bomb clip almost two hours in let’s go love the fact that b hasn’t been found for me yet either I don’t think at least no definitely not is there a oneup block got thank you for the crying obsidian let’s go uh there’s no oneup blocks in boob gotcha you are good there yeah good job Mario more gravel I don’t need the crying obsidian anymore they make this Look So Easy when they speedrun what’ you give me who likes gold you like gold it’s just so fast we’re gravel dude B they just do it so fast F so I need what 10 more stars so many bosses defe nice let’s do a shout out I got a raid from a a a a def when are you joining us huh friend probably did the the Raiden fade what it seems like I love I love me a good Raiden fade that’s my turn I coined that you did please last gold for you oh first [Music] frame did you not want one of those no no definitely not that is not the frame I was looking for you go buddy not the frames you’re looking for correct so all the [ __ ] some of it was actually good um I don’t need a fire charge for anything you you want to trade some with some villagers fol I got you got some Emerald well now I kind of have enough [Music] um I kind of sort of have enough uh stuff yeah pearls for now maybe not quite enough but a this is so fun oh that’s the wrong one uh take a death oh boy that’s not good stop diving I want to do a kick I would like to do a kick please there we go where are you where are are you oh God terrifying terrifying where did the Enderman go okay here oh he’s just so shy what you going do oh God okay the pit and the pendulums they’re terrifying but cute at the same time where is the second Enderman where did he go it disappeared forever that would have been a yikes four more emeralds wow [ __ ] you’re like please somebody just trade already hi oh God ow there’s four Diamonds oh thank you if only I had a iron pickaxe then I could get them but soon soon yes I might actually be I’m up to 12 pearls this is good child me actually had a visual cue on how to use this cannon to get onto the island without needing the Wing Cap nice and I still remember it let’s go check that out actually cracked this is my friend he’s cracked sharpness three book unfortunately now your sword is very good well well I don’t have a craft or smithing table you got an anvil yeah oh yeah emeralds thank you okay uh what am I missing here I guess I could do if I have Wing Cap what dral needs vanish uh Snowman’s Land needs vanish DDD needs vanish shiy San’s Wing to own the SSL so I I kind of don’t want to do that one yet I might go back to Minecraft I’ll just wait here for eight stars or basement key eight stars or basement key is Forest let do oh it worked it worked it worked it worked it worked can you just like oh you can just like kind of shoot at the tree like oh God that maybe oh not like that what the you little piece of [ __ ] come here why does everybody have a trident I have three coming after me right now three yep three Endermen okay cool all right so girl the other two 14 pearls okay can I make plan works too well yes no okay can I make a I want to say hio thank you for the 66 months I appreciate you too thank you thank you thank you thank you I’m going to have to look for a um I’m going to have to look for a fortress eventually bird your feasting tonight yes give him some pork we can eat can actually eat pork you don’t have food right now uh I haven’t been getting much food unfortunately but it is okay okay I have 14 pearls how many more should I get maybe a couple I just have to plan for the end having no eyes in there always got to prepare for that yeah sure do all right what are you llll what are L lethal lava land I got it I got there yes I did it you did it I did it I’m so proud of you I have to be very good at the game to actually get all the red coins before my metal cap runs out but somebody sent me metal cap earlier so I’m good that’s me that’s you thanks Bird yeah so now I can get all the red coins we like birds Helping birds birds Helping Birds big fans big fans big fans chongus big chongus big chongus big chongus big chongus big chongus I can never unhear it the internet is ruined my brain metal cap was just two power stars for you bir no other oh that’s huge though no other endies six more and I can uh do some things Andy baby boys no more Andy boys need you two chickens to [ __ ] LLY boy hey yo yay there I gave you a power star for them [ __ ] thank you anytime no more of that okay I guess not all right what’s a battle royale now how do I locate a fortress from here stop oh I hear one wait a minute what happening right now I’m getting all the secret levels which is not good because that doesn’t give me very many checks yeah could be worse but you know okay I found three more Endermen so I will probably try to get all of them there’s oh I saw two okay okay um I need to go back to that nether fortress eventually that means the only thing I can do now is TTC uh oh and then I’m Burger kinged in both I think really yeah oh well I guess I could I could do The Annoying Thing of like going to the metal cap entrance and then being tiny in tiny huge island yeah I mean that’s not too bad you just got to you know that will be a thing you you’ll probably have to do if you’re going to get bked otherwise yeah but you know I still believe in the Dream well I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to do this thing so scary I think I’m going to just uh I don’t even know if I can make a bed I’m going to figure this out I got to see what I can craft it’s been a little bit I know there were more here’s one no I can’t make a bed yet can’t make a bucket can’t make a shield okay didn’t work but I can make I can make oh a boat I don’t think I have advanced Brewing yet huh I don’t think you have Brewing I don’t know though yeah I don’t think I have Brewing either okay 15 pearls how many more should I look listen you all Kyper you know from last time you know how last time went I mean 15 pretty good in theory should be good enough yeah the in theory but listen I have like two more hours may as well try try to legitimately be legitimate legitimately be legitimate you’re right okay so there’s the nether portal that I made that should work maybe we Explore More of the nether yeah let’s do that [Music] what on Earth are you doing Mario so unlucky here re-evaluate your life choices please sir there’s so many Endermen here but I am getting unlucky with pearl spawns drop now Fu and I have different Minecraft seeds just like me and bird have different sm64 seeds as well correct indeed ouru will not be in the same place yes there we go I’m going to I think if this one drops one I’ll feel good at 16 oh more pork jobs let’s go baby thank you I got you I got you good 16 that should be good let’s go find a fortress okay do you have any compasses yet nope damn I have three nope I have zero Compass I have lucked out yeah well I don’t know where to go to look for a fortress from here oh Andy boy I’m sorry but you must you said there are oneup blocks in hm or in in Tik Tok clock right what is that yes two of them in Tik Tock Clock I hear they’re both near the top okay yeah um so one’s at like the very tip top there’s two boxes together one of them is that um the other one is if you jump down from the tip top there’s like a little side platform that has a couple of spinning pendulums that you have to get through like spinning wheels uh where the where it’s definitely that one so like yeah if you look on the side it’s like attached to the wall basically okay um I can like I have your stream up so I can just go ahead and look see once you get it is that is that is that what whoa is that a Pillager in a they’re p pillagers in here why in the B there’s a gas there’s pillagers in the BT biome oh that’s really not good oh I have that too actually you do too yeah I have a tower here in Basalt what the f okay I guess I’m going to I’m going to go the other way I don’t think there’s anything horing I think Basalt is not going to be my friend it’s never anybody’s friend it’s never anybody’s friend you’re right come on gas look at me I hate that so much when you try to do the wall jump and it just makes you go all the way down yeah yeah that’s pain welcome to TTC excuse me Gast hello please notice me from way up there can you tell I don’t speedrun any category aside from 16 Star Chat I’m climbing this Tower like I’ve never seen it before in my life right here yep yep yep yep right here gas please I’m right here fire your ball at me hey yo please please it’s an advancement please just just turn around and fire a fireball look at me damn it come on why are you going away okay I may be fighting two more [Music] end oh my goodness they’re all right here do what you got to do you know yes I’m going away oh now my nose is starting to a sharp pain I’m dead I’m just trying to do a wall jump why won’t you acknowledge me I should have there we go did I get any more from that 16 I did why don’t you acknowledge me Mama Mia technically there should be like another Enderman somewhere that I pissed off don’t know where oh please please please please please I’m like I’m I’m I’m with you my guy I’m with you just shoot me just shoot me oh here’s a a new gas has enter the the fight got it let’s let’s go let’s go Return to Sender hell yeah B that advancement makes me feel like a boss do you feel like a boss oh I feel like such a boss right now I’m a boss ass [ __ ] stop I just want a uhoh no you’re allowed to be a boss ass [ __ ] I am not being a boss ass [ __ ] right now oh I’m going to get hurt an Ender family we just start a counter time as danger is fallen down the clock I’m going to be very sad by the end of the Run okay you know what here’s what we’re going to do oh God oh my good I’m not going to climb up the we’re just going to get this hey one of Enderman that fourth one that I thought had disappeared found me finally no I already got the achievement stop shooting me [Music] please stop it stop don’t make me do do it again I’ll return to cender again I went right through you what I love that the game actively cheating yeah it went right through as Chris would say thre through right true oh my all right here we go again we finally did it let’s go oh I’m assuming that oh no the chest’s right here it’s secure there’s a crossbow yes that’s huge uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I don’t need that crossbows are good okay I know there’s coins in that box um is it that box right there bird that has the one up in it no okay so uh uh if you look around a little bit more um it should be look okay to your right and then look down that see that platform over there that’s where the BX is okay sick yeah oh my God there’s more Enderman I think I’m good I think I’m actually good I have 18 pearls I think I’m go yeah you’re fine you’re fine you’re fine you’re fine I know I’m just looking around how do I get anywh more Enderman oh my god oh that was almost really bad there’s four more around me right now I just got a bunch of advancements right there oh yeah yeah you did now I need to kill the Pillager that has the um the flag I think the camera is so good in TTC I love it what I just what okay all right yeah sure that’s see see what happens when you talk [ __ ] why invisible wall get out of here dude what the heck was that that’s that’s viable that’s fair all these noises are are correct sounds oh yeah yeah that’s right this is a really well-made video game it was the n64’s first video game to be fair that’s true the time when I could use iron pickaxes me either I don’t even think this is worth it this is like such a bad Pillager Tower in the nether I think I’m going to just explore a little bit more than death warp yeah I’m looking I’m just going to try to death warp with the Fortress okay I found I think I need to make sure I’m safe though H I need a bucket dude and a shield that’d be nice oh that’d be nice thank you for explaining by the way Ren no Mario where are you going that’s not a good sound it’s very not good sound uhoh I’m sad oh an Endy boy I’m sorry man I mean I have mostly run out of things to do so I’m just kind of just stalling is what I’m doing this is on purpose yeah this is by Design I’m so much less afraid to do stuff right now okay in the nether because it’s like if I die it’s kind of whatever oh my go oh my God all right guys I’m not after you all anymore don’t look my way okay don’t look at me I won’t look at you want me near your nearest Fortress that’d be great that’s not what you do what I where am I go okay you know what chat we’re going to play I Don’t Want to Go B salt though we’re going to play really risky cuz if I die I just death work that’s fine yeah right oh is that a fortress I found one oh my God W let’s [ __ ] go wait a minute this actually really good hold on chat she’s cooking I’m I’m she’s cooking well I’m over some lava so I don’t want to be let’s to be literally cooking C in one sense not the other all righty I mean I don’t really want to have to go for this wall jump over and over again if I keep missing it but at the same time it is genuinely the fastest way to get up this part right here oh there’s a warped Forest nearby there we go okay now to get the star ooh there’s a Crimson Forest here how many how many biomes do I need to do for the isn’t that advancement as well you hit like getting all the the biomes okay I just walked in it so then I can walk back out how many pearls I had Chad but I think we’re pretty good on pearls like I should definitely try to get more obviously but I think we have like 11 or 12 or something like that um oh I hear blazes I don’t have a bow I could make a bow there we go hey okay perfect I I need three more stars and I can do some more stuff in Mario I can do one more star in Mario otherwise I’m doing Minecraft wait can I not make a bow uhoh yeah that’s a required recipe [ __ ] ow okay sunshine to archipelago somebody told me that that was coming they’re working on it as well as Twilight Princess um I heard Luigi’s Mansion uh I think Wind Waker might be on the list that would be sick uh lot of people who would be very happy about that Donkey Kong 64 randomizer on the list there’s a lot coming from what I’ve heard around theine it just makes me want to learn more randomizing high five hang on me too there you go that’s why like I think I’m deciding between Pokemon going sell your cop Corner trigger don’t was the other one that’s a good thing cool thing to have I mentioned okay I would keep it that’s me okay so I went all the way up here we need to go that high up though yeah Luigi’s Mansion should be a really good one I should go over there actually I have to climb back upes but that’s upes upes or maybe I go up and over I need to remember up here no no no no no no settle down settle down settle down where is I gotta find the Soul Sand and Crimson Forest and that’s it I think last thing is like right above me I think there’s like that one is get higher the moving bar star bird do you know where that is it’s higher than this right um yes it is higher than that it’s like I think it’s directly above that I think you’re right it’s like where you’re looking right there is a little bit too high High I think it’s just directly above you all right well we got to do this jump again ah yes nope getting a wall jump on a wall that doesn’t look like a wall is very hard to do yo Cannon unlock Oh yay foress F I helped I can Blast away the wall I need to find Fortress though okay cool I mean this is good that we found a war forest and it’s nearby is that more balt a dude I need to find Soul Sand Where is My Soul Sand hell oh brother oh wait there’s some stuff over here okay not much though okay hold on wait we might cooking is a pork okay what is the vanilla way to get over here cuz I’m struggling um yeah you just go around and then right like take that up yeah and then it should be good oh my God where are you okay you’re right there okay Okay lava wall dude I love that yeah TTC is uh is known for that why it’s so mean it’s so mean sorry too close to the edge I’m not going to be able to get anything from there I need to go up and find I I think that’s the blaze spawner up there I go up more have to mine through this then what what okay I am so confused oh here all right that’s the last time I’m trying that trick okay whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I don’t think I’m going to need Nether wart all right okay there we go no way dude come on come on I believe in you I can do this got you were known to do this you can do this I’m trying to gas you up you got this you got this I’m gassed okay here’s Crimson Forest I’m avoiding the invisible I’m going around the invisible there we go yeah it’s just like Mario 64 becomes the thing where it’s like you learn where invis walls are and you’re like I have to avoid that at all costs cuz game poo poo butts all right no more TTC it’s gone it’s done it’s [Laughter] gone all right now I need a Soul Sand biome and then I can get that advancement that’s another Bastion which might be worth looting because if I can get the nether netherite the debris the ancient debris that would be worth this looks like holding p no it’s not holding pens I know what this is okay um here we go oh this is not the way to go in for Red Coins the end of Tik Tok clock it’s over my nightmares are over chat room you did it okay go I need to go upes again oh here’s some stairs up yeah up can I go up there no okay I’m going to do this the slow way Banner pattern I always take are you he a blaze coward below it oh a diamond pickaxe nice nice uh this is like the [ __ ] stronghold it’s so hard to find my way around here Hello friends there should be stairs there should be stairs where are the St what okay I’m just going to [ __ ] mine it uh Golden Apple be huge here we go I’m going to build my own set of stairs right now going how is there no ancient debris here I’m devastated oh I’m devastated I’m not going to go through the entire thing to find like a couple chests pain dude sick all right that red coin was uh easier than I was expecting it to be so sick we love that for me what I get power star okay cool oh Power Star to me as well is huge good yeah I need two more and then I can play the Mario again again I have one more star I could get but it’s uh is that another Bastion hold on there’s a chance wait just a darn second here chat this is not a great Fortress this is not super fun I’m glad you’re having not super fun well thanks oh this one’s the stupid layout what wait but I could you actually this could be big because if this is the B uhoh there if this is the bank I could use it oh [ __ ] I’m not near it’s so hard to see in here sorry you all all right tiny huge island so there are oneup blockes in here is there any in the small version uh there’s one Canon unlock is also in the small version right Canon unlock is kind of huge so this is the bank if I remember correctly it’s been a while chat so you have to bear with me you have to Traverse tiny huge island as Tiny just like as casual as possible right um yeah as Tiny you don’t do it that often there’s like a uh I think every time actually you go you start big ender pearls oh pears wait a load Stone yo things I didn’t have much of don’t I have to do something with a load stone for an advancement yes um do I what do I do if you uh you have to make a compass and then um make a compass and then put it connect it to the load Stone so you just have to right click it on top of a load Stone I need red stone for that okay yeah but it thank you Foo and chat appreciate you all for trying to help me didn’t do very much actually you sorry the oh okay I was like what are you talking about uhoh uhoh uhoh uhoh uhoh uhoh uhoh I died oh no that’s not good I have to find my way all the way back into the nether accidentally hit a pig Mo whatever zombie piglin mob I was trying to kill a blaze and there were like six of them so I died I have one Blaze Rod great so good um that’s good wow uh okay I’m back oh wait can I not make the oh it’s just an apple a normal Apple wow and I just got a compass for another Fortress thank you hey you can use it now to find more Nether fortresses yeah you’re right it’s probably going to leave me to the same one put that obsidian back well maybe I could use it for the closer I think there’s a closer nether portal boy oh boy oh boy oh boy am I getting rid of here um all right I’m going to go look for those dogs cuz now I have bones hell yeah that would be a good a good thing I could do need to get a puppy so I have a load Stone that’s big [Music] also now if I go back this way again if I can find Soul stand Soul Sand biome that is huge puppy puppy that right scrap I have a puppy and you got run dangers you can run now amazing boy a good boy come on bubber I’m going take you home you could be safe we’re looking for a Soul Sand biome that’s another advancement I’m going to be safe in our house I good boy look at this actually he can hang out outside if he wants to come here boy wait this yeah this the right one here come here good boy okay made a friend what oh right the potatoes didn’t grow cuz I was not in this area Okay so potatoes potato um I yes they did in fact fix my nose that is why I’ve got the big bandage on let’s see what kind of cables could I make a loom indeed I could make a smithing table let’s do that and then I can give another one of the villagers a job and then maybe trade with them on about indeed you doing though anxious good to see you he’s out and about you go out and about there’s another villager I got you smithing table welcome oops here we go [Music] we go excuse me where it’s B salt no I where is the Sal sand okay I I just need Soul Sand bro or find a structure give me a structure I’ll take a Pillager Tower I’ll take a village give me something here there you go now I have a closer nether portal to the Village it’s right next to the Village which is dope does nobody want to become a blacksmith over here let’s keep going this way then sh about the rest where the other villagers I need like a leash how does that gas see me from all the way over here but I was 3 feet away from the other one for like a minute come on man hi Ruby and friends how are you you for the raid helloo archipelago is going not bad not bad so far I basically have an hour and a half left to work on it before I need to like go so I can double check all my stuff for Disney and try to get a snap before I leave for Disney um but we’re we’re trying it you got an overcook two world record congratulations I just need Soul Sand Man where’s the soul aome sorry I had to burp present me the soul shout out for rubyart awesome and just got on the other news if I get one more um Power Star I can dope also lingo thank you for the 54 months I appreciate you let’s go oh thank you bman it should be fun we’ll be there for like four days and then come back rby that’s awesome if you ask 8% solo congratulations that’s awesome I’m trying not to push my voice cuz I’m like losing my voice again for whatever reason um but you know I’m sure being at Disney will only make it worse especially being like the tour guide and enjoying all the rides so we um anyway I am working on a few more achievements I found the nether I found a fortress and then I died so I got to get back in there but now I have a closer nether portal I can get into so maybe that will help um to this Village area that I claimed so we’ll see oh us doing aripo with over nice it’s awesome okay let’s see did I put in no and of course I have no gravel okay I will go to the water and I need a villager to find the smithing table I put down I don’t know where the other villagers are okay you live there there’s got to be another one nearby but where gravel I received flint and steel nice um thank you dangerous I appreciate that um and as a quick heads up uh I think you are muted dangerous I am yes thank you yes okay no problem sorry I was focusing on getting into um this I was just finishing saying it’s uh tiny huge island probably one of my least favorite levels oh yeah it’s it’s a great idea with terrible execution right made worse by the fact that in order for me to enter it right now oh boy I have to get all the way to the portal where the metal cap is and then I get spit into it uh as I’m tiny so that’s even better isn’t that just great big poop butt farts yeah yeah just awful I’m having weird lag not Beed yet it’s true I’m not bked yet this is this is keeping me from being bked yeah having some weird lag okay oh sorry chat for the language my fault sorry never again My Vault okay I is this holding cell holding pen No that I can go up there I can go up East that’s right okay so I’ve got to oh okay I almost got blocked by James again dude that’s all I can say that’s all I have to say did bad things happen again to you buddy yeah I’m sorry I grabbed villager go to that villager and put this what what else can I do Eric Barkman oh no this is very risky cuz if I find the Mr big pig man that’s not good what was the new emote added today oh here buddy oh [ __ ] how does I get him down uhoh uhoh uh oh this is where it all ends for me unless no okay um all right now we go to the Fortress and now we just go Fortress I wonder if there’s a village out here are there more houses over here there’s more it’s like there was houses like there was going to be a house here there is not this very such a weird Village what the [ __ ] okay chatter was nice enough to point out I might not be in BK after all oh that’s good here oh that’s good huge I help that person down where are the other V where’s the other villager only like two villagers alive in this area actually why don’t I just I can do this can I yeah oh well if I do it well oh my goodness Mario stop stop it that’s enough of that having really bad Flint l wait can I get up this way there we go I can okay well we’re learning new things about Super Mario 64 because uh we have to in order to survive yeah all right so here’s what we’re going to do seriously where is the other villager what on Earth where any missed anyone else what anybody else oh here buddy I got you a job you’re welcome now trade with me thank you there we go what a deal what a deal thank you for the Power Star because now I have access to stuff in Mario 64 that’s actually huge how many power stars do you have I have 50 now oo you’re gaming yes so now I can go do three more levels and a toad check um I’m just going to get some blaze powder and then maybe start finding the stronghold um not like I’m going to be doing the fight cuz I still n advancements away but you know yeah it’ll be time soon enough okay considering I don’t want to have to do this every single time time I want to play a Star I’ll probably switch back to Super Mario World did I use all my emeralds for that ah whatever okay I was just trying to get better items and see what happened but I don’t need to trade anymore so that’s [Music] good okay now let’s put some of the stuff back actually okay I still need Brewing and I need to figure out a few more advancements that I could do actually umz I haven’t [Music] found have netherite [Music] scrap there we go how do I make netherite Ingot do I need nine uh yes nine pieces will will’ll build it for you okay so I have eight already righty that’s okay I in the nether wait wait what kind of Ingot sorry netherite no you netherite Ingot is like four scrap and a diamond um and then you need a piece of gold to make a netherite Ingot oh got it four scrap and then an ingot oh there was one right here I suck all right let’s see where this takes us oh my goodness dude okay I’m fine yeah that’s pretty relatable that sound all right yeah back on this side of the Warped Forest just in a slightly different area oh let’s see yes we have run now it’s huge you can run I can run I’m fine are you sound the forest is burning oh no I’m sorry this a blaze is fa not mine there’s so many of them so many blazes I didn’t mean it all right it’s this way apparently there it is we can do this so apparently it’s uh This Way remember the time I still couldn’t make a shield I’m going to do this and this I don’t even recognize this level because of the texture swap but this is PLS one who who whoa whoa all right let’s settle down for a second this is to confirm that I still don’t have Yoshi yeah we can do the secret exit because we have green blocks shout outs to bird at the beginning of the game the swaps to go dead left we’ll turn here bird have some gold we got the yump I’m gaming out of my mind that you’re so excited just having gamer moments over here about yump you’re yumping now I’m yumping I have some pork chops oh my God thank you so much that’s what happens when you yump you yump and you get pork chops honestly pretty sick deal oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] sh okay I found lava okay I have 44 lives in smw can I just transfer some of them no don’t want it that exit what now it says my closest Fortress is the other way what do you mean why did it change on me house which one is this oh this is oh man so weird okay this is this one yeah this is actually really annoying wait uh one two three okay sorry it’s really dark on my screen just digging for a while here we go okay not bad actually buddy okay here we go ooh okay I did that exact same thing last time okay I am playing the Mario that was so loud be oh sorry came back like okay I’m playing the Mario okay here’s what’s going to happen I’mma play in the Mario what do we find here brother brother oh there’s a fortress okay I see it uh oh no cam was not frozen intentionally that’s for surei okay I either found the same Fortress or a similar one okay so I have Bowser in the Dark World to go through now which is two checks and then the key for a third check uh this was yes it’s another oneup mushroom for dangers yo thank you I have 50 lives in smw I just figured if you’re going to die you know I I want you to just not game over so that’s really kind can you give me some lives in sm64 instead oh sorry I gave you it in smw again my bad my fault sorry I thought you said smw it’s okay everything’s going to be just fine oh here aha oh and then we have the star check that’s right okay and then we’ll jump into Tick Tock Clock after little marker over here got a one up mushroom for myself here and we’re going to dig down there we go cuz we found we made it work we made it work ah so in the ne all right so that’s good there hi cat food how are you what’s up hello hello close Okay key dog oh that’s myself cool Neato burrito you can almost finish Super Mario 64 you’re getting stars all over the place well yeah I mean I still need 16 that’s that’s still a decent amount but you know if I finish sm64 that’s um that’s good that’s true that’s a release that’ll release a lot of stuff yeah did that exact thing last time I played this Castle no there’s fire there you can’t just jump oh that’s not a good sign actually okay I’m not sure if this is the same Fortress this might be a different one oh rainbow ride okay here’s a few checks we could do five six eight nine checks here nine checks is pretty good Power Star for dangers thank you thank you thank you actually I’m on a screen where I can’t see how many I have so I’m going to hell yeah oh I just I crunched myself in the process what kind of rando am I right below a blaz spawner I’ve got to be it’s got to be for emeralds to myself that’s stupid you don’t like emeralds I just I haven’t found a village the one Village I found during archipelago I blew up oh well that’s I mean that’s one way to deal with the village well I blew myself up more so but yeah oh that was yesterday I heard that you cuz you and Chris did two right the second one was the one completed is mostly completed yeah mhm cuz what happened in the first one um it was just really bad Minecraft luck and poo poo butts both struggling fighting for your life out there oh yeah no shirt taking off though but oh man that would have helped it could have helped you might have been able to do it yeah I can hear the blaze spawn we can hear the blaze but where are the blaze what what I can hear it where did you come from oh my goodness I’m so confused I’ll prepare the cannon for you eight gold G wait I could actually down below okay oh yeah actuallyit 16 pork chops more meat meat oh there oh it’s right there that’s why I found it o I’m already at four what are you doing there dude that you’re not supposed to be there what do you mean who says I said and the coding said too I thought surprise oh I keep going the wrong way look at all these bowls dude they got they got killer sunglasses I want a mushroom dude that’s not even real okay well this is kind of best case scenario unel get me that was some sick firsties I’m not going to lie right I can’t do the trick because I don’t 18 so I need nine blaze rods nine would get you 18 of them yes which is overkill but that’s fine for this yeah got power star lot of ouches if I can find out if I can get a bucket if I can get a bucket just get a bucket got iron I do but I don’t have the recipe I can’t make bucket here F have some rotten flesh how does it help me with my bucket thanks uh that’s a good question can you make a bucket out of that they go back up no that was anti-gaming don’t hurt me okay a a goodness I have so much pork wow what’s up JK dog how you doing I will say it again if I had notches be different story hi hello stop touching me oh John all I wanted was this power up I keep getting shot volume ratios how Hell okay I have nine I guess I’m good I think it’s time do you have Brewing no but okay then you can’t make the blaze I know but I have everything I need wait six and 16 wait I actually have 24 22 so I can get two more blaze rods and then I have so many extra then you’re cooking I can’t make Shield can’t make bucket no okay see what other advancements we can do follow I of Ender enter the portal Enchanted item I sent myself a wing cat that’s awesome that’s pretty cool I can definitely use that there’s a couple 11 I should die now right I don’t need to be back in the nether anymore I have 11 blaze rods anything else I need from here you’re that’s Overkill yeah great I’m going to jump up with all the blazes please send me have a party there we go oh that was good okay cool I can put this away now um excuse me Mr Fish I’m going to need you to not thank you yeah wi cap is huge because one of the levels is the cloud stage that I haven’t been able to play um one of them is Bob which well it doesn’t require a Wing Cap but it would be very tedious to get Secrets without the Wing Cap yeah um thank you for to double check you have been any like Wing Cap or cap stage dangers you did uh pressing the switch every time right yeah the only actual like switch stage I’ve found so far is the metal cap okay stage and I yes I did I did do that thank you for the emeralds okay what else do I not okay I have one more Chad do we remember where shifting sandland was I think it’s not up here it’s definitely down somewhere uh okay so I need brewing and then I need more advanced M so let’s go back to advancements was an SSL boob I think you might be right actually I I swear I remember you at the beginning of the game we were like which is our first level and I was like HMC and you said SSL you’re 100% right here it is go I got you one stronghold this is my last check until I get basement key or if I can get um okay what’s it called uh just to 70 Stars I guess and then just release the game oh over here okay doing this the non-p speed Runway but it’s fine actually I want three it’s only game why you have to be mad yo what’s up Red Room how you doing hello I don’t think those can turn into I need trying to make some bread here hello that bread I won’t get that [Music] bread I can’t find more oh my God so much harder than it should be get that bread all right now I’m bked there so let’s go back to Minecraft M and crafting M and crafting okay let’s see what do we have here what else do you need in 64 uh I either need um basement key would be huge okay basement key would unlock the entirety of the game basically otherwise just 15 more power stars and I can beat the game okay 15 Stars basement key yeah 15 stars or basement key will do it all right time to M and craft then okay this is if the RNG is nice to me I might be able to carve a path out to the end of Super Mario World okay and I might be able to reach enough bosses wait a minute okay okay good jump which means that I can release Super Mario World soon wait a second it’s a good release right there it’s not bad I can find a oh is that a village it’s a village yes he’s villag isn’t there uh is there an advancement for making bread yes that’s what I’m trying to do right now I am going to be doing that as well I’m Runing this down I’m also going to get a glow squid did I forget my crafting table apparently I did all right what bus do we get yeah I figured or just beat Minecraft well I have to get more advancements yeah that is is part of it where’s that glow squid hello I made oh there you go red switch Palace Palace yes I can finish another level that’s huge that’s massive I got you buddy oops H this is not what I wanted fire another arrow please there you go just going to delete that castle I think I set my boss tokens to eight I have to double check oh wait can’t I sleep in a bed as well oh my goodness hold on yes oh I set it to S that’s even better it’s almost daytime come on wait find just a house somewhere where’s the glow squid that I saw I definitely saw one down here Power Star thank you yes down here power St for you what what kind of rando wait what what kind of rando the Ghost Ship is just the Ghost Ship where did I see it what kind of rando where are all the villagers I can trade if anything oh they’ve got to be up here I think it’s down on that side I think I was going the right way would it hurt oh this is like I mean it’s not an abandoned Village but I don’t see anything oh there’s a fortress right next to them too nice do I need anything else from a fortress chat I don’t think so I need to find like a horse I think covering a horse in diamond armor is in fact a thing oh [ __ ] I found diamond armor at one point it’s way too late now but I’m not 100% sure but I think so they were murdered I make a drowned by accident I did okay there’s some planes up ahead I need to tame animal still I can get a horse I think horses I hear a blaze okay I I got to kill a cow I need sorry okay powered dangers you gave me what a ble I think I already have a couple that’s great the power Stars Are Climbing I still need my upstairs key okay um okay I got some get out of here can I make a book well actually well I can make a bookshelf okay hold on now um okay let me cook I disagree video game but that’s fine oh I can’t get redstone cuz I don’t have iron that’s cool oh today I learned so good you can’t use a shell to kill a bonsai bill that’s pain it’s pain okay I’ve got like an hour I believe I’m at 35 advancements right now so I’m going to be looking that’s another Village you’re closer than I am I’m at 26 but I’m going to be 20 I can get some [ __ ] W’s Fortress for oh yeah once I find the W’s Fortress that’d be dope that’s what I’m saying okay sick so I do have the P switch which means that I can do the secret exit here which takes me to the back door of Bowser’s Castle oo woo hey yo and I have enough boss tokens to beat the game so world is going to be released very soon yay for which one can I use a gold pick no you have to use iron as far as I know for diamonds uh for not for diamonds for like Redstone oh I think you might be right I think I think gold it does it just doesn’t it’s not effective like um like iron isly wait a Brom stand could be here this is huge it’s another Fortress up oh is that a no never mind that’s not what I thought it was a cow if I can get an Apple hold on we might be cooking we might in fact be cooking okay that’s not a horse okay so I need um that’s a horse fine think I need to put the saddle on the horse you’re not on my house right with my dog okay good he shot so fast that was so mean all I have to do is beat this Fortress and then I’m in Bowser’s back door nice at first I thought that too but I don’t think that’s actually true for gold sadly right C is down um Hamm has been neutralized I got my own campfire I did put seeds in here oh my my God wait a second I’m good is that not one for diamond armor chat I thought there was why why is that a username second floor key for dangers yay oh that was me that was huge yay that was amazing perfect timing cuz I’m just about to be Super Mario World and then I can play Just exclusive E64 dang good for you oh wait I can get another another advancement right now actually make a sign did it now we’re going to make a sign that goes right here sa who’s pool place we’re going to take this and light it boom what a deal what a deal now if I do this back that way okay so back that way towards that big old mountain we ride I’m I’m locating the stronghold now you’re already locating the stronghold B yes I have 37 advancements so if I can get in there that’ll be that’s enough to win I think yes I get the last three from the actual stronghold itself yeah and going to the end and all that cu the stronghold does get a few so once I get 37 I can basically go I have a golden apple yeah one one for you should you should get three according to Chris I just don’t remember what they all are but just in case I am Gra some more sugar cane make a bookshelf real quick I’m make a bookshelf is a oh no I can’t cuz I can’t I don’t have Redstone [ __ ] let’s not um I don’t think I can make a shield either and that’s keeping me from some advancements what other what else can I do um yeah iron would be great iron would give me diamond that would that would give me like shield and iron pickaxe would give me like four advancements and Brewing so I need all of that um Power Star for librarian librarian yes indeed rotten flesh from you you’re welcome thanks oh did you beat something who me oh no um dangerous I can’t make a crossbow yet no but I am in Bowser no I am I arrived at Bowser in Super Mario World okay sweet huge okay no crossbow [Music] stuff I think I need to go quite a ways away chat I think I’m going to have to backtrack close to my spawn I’m going to make sure I think that’s going to be one of the only ways I can do the Honey Thing yeah we’re going to have to go this way for like a thousand or so blocks it’s going to be quite a ways away I believe Chad okay quite a ways mhm I wish I could just W key and then play Mario while it’s going in the ocean here not actually getting dark it’s just rainy oh JK oh JK mhm um archery yeah no bows and stuff I don’t have bows either that would also give me some things I would absolutely make a crossbow well maybe one of danger releases will give you some stuff mhm I think iron pickaxe would do the most for me but yeah Brewing um oh I’m going have to go this way for a while and then come back find bees there’s a fortress oh what is that two different fortresses that’s that looks cool all right slightly changing Angle now that broke hang in her boat going going on a boating Adventure there we are chat room there’s the princess I have bucket I have yeah I can make buckets you could grab a fish excuse me princess I’ll stop when I see Fish thank you for the reminder I could grab a fish in a bucket I don’t know when it releases we’ll have to wait and see yeah if it struggles to do so after a little bit you might just have to manually release but it should automatically well thank you be you’re welcome big is Big mhm oh yeah that just there’s a lot of stuff that just happened how do I get the fish out of the bucket oh my goodness well if that’s the case I can switch to the other game games oh bees are here actually do this here there’s an n city one as well piercing silk touch I got to see what God you okay so yeah danger just released if you didn’t if you didn’t notice yeah that’s a lot of stuff that’s coming through uh I see um thanks for that I don’t know if I got this is not where I wanted to go let me see exactly what I got here um what happens if you get if you spawn into the Wing Cap stage but you don’t have Wing Cap yet uh you can still complete it you just won’t have the the box so you have to like just box right yeah CU it does give you the wings to start I guess right yes you did give me some Power Star so that’s good um Infinity book a lead piercing Cannon unlock be stuff around here City where Power Star there’s more be Power Star spy glass 16 iron ore you gave me arrows I actually didn’t get much from that I’m not going to lie surprised yeah Cloud stage you do need it but wind cap here yeah damn gave myself two power Stars okay sick huge I’m sitting at 62 right now I don’t think I got a key either basement key did I get basement key I mean if so then yeah I don’t know I’ll have to check okay this vanish C right after that’s funny oh brother make a bunch of yeah fire why is it always with snow oh no brother what happened I broke my nose like a week ago my man how are you there’s an Indy boy I’m sorry little one it’s a pearl let’s go you apologize to the Andy boy yeah I hate elevator so much good good are my oneup boxes randomized yes oh get some severe angle changing here that’s good that’s good like they’re included in the pool Mario man yeah I think that just adds to it uh which stage in vanish cap yes on your slide down there is today I learned is it on one of the platforms or is it just at the bottom yeah it’s on one of the platforms oh I passed it let’s see oh yeah I see it if I passed it my own Power Star W uh I have metal cat bird as well very helpful I’m sure thank you you permission to the what I don’t understand what you’re asking I’m just going to what’s up Z how you doing hello all righty I did that this while I can perfect let’s head on back a little sleepy can where’s my bed where’s my bed where’s my bed where’s my bed there’s my bed okay put this down hey it’s wamps sick sick Dad I know how to play this stage I need a stronghold Compass or well actually Compass still well I thought I [Music] did I wish I could make a diamond and the thing of the barber but yeah is what it is what ground pound hello ah it’s going to take me a couple tries I’m assuming I cannot do that yeah that’s fine okay so this can go here what what wait what what happened to my other SW what what just happened I had to do owless I had to do it for the memes hell yeah that’s what we like to hear um you can catch yourself on the side of it it’s an advancement just trust me I know I’m seem crazy right now but I might be falling might not have enough time to fall and move over and then back [ __ ] kill myself trying to do this okay I’m going to try like catching yourself on a honey block thing I don’t have notches in my controller so this is probably not going to work but oh it’s so hard it’s doable it what that didn’t give me an advancement what do you mean what do you mean what’s the advancement you’re going for catching yourself on the side of a honey block to keep yourself from taking damage oh Progressive weapons I I could use actually what do you mean that’s not thank you yeah I can make a diamond sword jump into a honey block to break your fall oh cuz I’m falling and not jumping that’s why hang on okay well don’t just okay now I’m just falling oh right I can open up the cannon is there a oneup block in WS there it is uh I don’t believe so should been it either okay that should have actually been it whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what’s going on here why do I keep doing that H okay I’ll just take it slow I guess I don’t have it it would have been marked I want to try this one more time okay so it is jump into a honey block yeah that that’s the skull oh that’s the Fortress I’ve done it like this before all right I’m giving up we’re going in here ooh that oh there it is okay cool I was like I know I could do this sent you Looting that’s great okay thank you um you’re welcome um what else can I do now the honey stuff how’s the uh infinity book that’s not bad I need some [Music] um some [ __ ] I can no oh man this Fortress Is part or the stronghold is part of skull so that’s super fun disable thank you oh here’s the portal yay all right chat the portal room there’s the cords just in case I’m going to write down yes wow good job B I still can’t get there cuz I don’t have blaz or Brewings but well hopefully it’s in mine I could just you know send it over to you that’d be awesome yeah I might have to make a very expensive Bridge cuz I forgot to have blocks I could do pumpkin this is ridiculous I have to use gold blocks to get across oh my God to the dragon yeah I’m not going to be able to bring beds in or I won’t have many I can’t really I don’t know I’m not using the bed Strat if that makes you feel better yeah because I haven’t done it in so long either you’re just going to shoot him shoot probably gotta the Ender Dragon has awoken all right this is huge though cuz if I can finish this hopefully that unlocks enough stuff for everyone um wish I a bucket but you know if need be you’re right are both the red coins back this way yeah they are sick St look at an Ender don’t do it don’t do it sure good job Mario let’s go over there I am eight power stars from being able to get into the end of this game too it’s huge massive I’m trying to grow bread I’m trying to grow weed so bad right now wondering what other achievements I can even do unlucky ground pound Jack a lantern that’s cool so much better when you have a bucket I have another Power Star bird thank you that means I need six more to finish that game sick I did not mean to save and quit get back in Super Mario 64 please can I do the fish I I’ve caught a fish with a fishing rod and I’ve um put a fish in a bucket yeah I did do those do I have to leave early tomorrow yeah our flight’s at [Music] um early our flight’s at early yeah you’re you guys are flying to Disney tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. yeah like yeah that’s why I’m I’m going to dip with in an hour like 40 by 45 minutes or so that’s fair um oh yeah so I can uh try to get a nap and then oh we’ll see can I compost this tree sapling yes did I talk to the Bob one buddy and wamps no I did not thank you chatter yeah I guess a nap is what you can call it if you got like a really early flight yes there still one up there too oh my God okay okay there we go sweet thanks for the XP does dark world have any one up blocks uh yes it has two of them actually sick do I have them all down can I just fight now oh my God we compost these mushrooms oh my God come on now all right my muscle memory is not working when I’m using a different controller uh oh uh oh Metal Mario big chongus big chungus I think that’s all the things yeah we can just kill the dragon now L she coming okay all right we’re so close this is not a oneup is it oh it is oh my God I can make bread oh my god making that bread I’m going to make that bread have some more rotten flesh red no that’s a dive spin jump though from spin jump huge you’re welcome well he doesn’t need it anymore still huge though yeah totally okay what else can I do I’m at 32 I still need Brewing I need brewing and bow I’m really hoping it’s in my Minecraft cuz I’m about to be done nice and then you’ll be oh you’re not totally done that’s right yeah then I have to just play the Mario play the Mario yeah shoot something with an arrow oh it’s just the little things oh what a shot there’s something about the N64 controller that like when you play it with any other controller it just feels really weird oh chat I am literally crack right now also I agree okay basically I need the weed to grow again so that I can breed two cows oh I should have bred bees oh you’re done releas what did you well I have more than enough stars to finish the game I also have enough to finish the game XP what am I doing oh no thank goodness you just gave me a bunch of one-ups cuz uh I gave myself Just Enough stars to finish the game sick there’s the stuff that you sent to me wait why am I still doing this I just receiving 164 chops three ender pearls 50 XP eight gold or archery thank you okay there’s archery time or sky the limit you need a mint beaconator oh rotten flesh 50 XP 50 XP Brewing Brewing Brewing an archery all right okay that’s actually huge Progressive tools okay I think you gave me everything that I needed legitimately sweet are we all about to just go to the end now I’m in Bowser in the sky right now yeah there’s one now I’m going to make a bow I’m going to make blaze powder now I’m going to make Eyes of Ender something about the sweet release of a game man um 22 holy crap okay get that out of here I have 37 arrows maybe I do two bows and one of them I can’t enchant though I can’t enchant remember I am going to Rel well we’re both going to release in a sec be so you can probably get more arrows from us yeah probably oh I mean sm64 won’t have a ton of release but it will be a significant amount time two as well yes I’m going to win the co-op I have to win the co-op diamonds baby no Mario why are you like this we love diamonds here yo this is really good this is really good very very good I have plenty of diamonds I can armor the crap out of myself no I did I pressed jump and this is going to get me really close to go mode anyway we’re going the go chat let’s go we’re going to [Music] win oh my God maybe I’ll be the sweet release there you go oh my God there we go finally the rest is on you it’s dangerous to go alone to The Fortress take all of these I literally don’t have D about release as well she okay what did you give me that I don’t want more arrows okay I don’t want that there’s some iron ore all right it’s time to spin Bowser a bunch of times the gold a sweet release what I actually want is oh I can’t make gold armor [ __ ] that’s okay oh you missed we’re not going to talk about that one chat you’ve got this you got this you got this you got this you got this I’m going put away the lapis easy man that’s so much better when the game’s not lagging like crazy it’s nuts right wait what is it did you stop your timer when you finish bird or I’m waiting for the full team probably but the big release dude I can’t let’s go Shield that’s actually huge that’s actually huge what’s better a crossbow or a regular bow in this game um I mean crossbow is supposed to do more damage but you can shoot faster with a bow true yeah yeah yeah oh yeah you’re at 34 advancements you’re I’m close what do you have like some easy ones like what like block with a shield since you just got that right yes exactly um I can’t here’s some more netherite scrap um I might be able to do some a netherite village just kind of looking around I also have tried it let’s go um I’m going to take these off away put on these and this unless you also gave me diamond armor you did not but I do have Shield beautiful now I can use the crossbow and the shield and get two more things um I’ll find something to shoot at who’s running around with a crossbow this is very dangerous oh you’re both just is watching me now that’s right oh boy we’re all finished up oh boy it’s it’s always me last Minecraft is hard Minecraft is hard yeah but Bird’s already done and he’s playing two games hey but to your credit have you ever speedrun Minecraft I have not there you go he’s got that over you so that’s fair I’m not sure if bird is just talking to his chat or if he’s trying to talk to us but you know yeah I don’t know I’m a big idiot I was muted yeah I was trying to say that yes I have done runs I do have a sub 30 in this game so I could hear what you were saying I could hear what you were saying from your office but not oh fair I couldn’t though I couldn’t hear you from the office I’m not in the room um what else can I potentially do right now uh um make a better sword I guess it doesn’t really do anything just trying to get rid of other stuff that’s not important so you’ve both released all of your stuff which means some of my advancements are based on other advancements in the game for me yes correct [ __ ] okay of course I mean if you can just get three more advancements you can go to the stronghold and then finish the game right right that’s that’s the goal yeah so like the shield one will be an easy one um oh yeah shield and crossbow so that’s two so I’ll need one more Betsy crossbow do you know have a Pillager Tower near you at all or no no if only you have your compasses yeah I do have one for Pillager Outpost yeah cuz if you right click you can you can cycle through them all right um and then you can probably just there’s not one near me see there is it just spinning a lot yeah okay um then it’s not in your dimension um so means it’s either nether or end oh that makes sense yeah if it’s spinning a lot that’s what that means Village yeah oh you can see n city is uh out in the world that could be one you could try to find that if you want um you can also o just try to work towards do you have a bed with you like one bed yeah I have a bed okay then I would uh honestly I would just work towards the stronghold and then you can find stuff along the way if anything and then if anything you can put a bed down above the stronghold like one of these I can take another one from the village yeah yeah I take anything so that way you can progress towards that cuz I feel like that’s one of the hardest parts yeah there anything else I should take with me probably not I’m going to leave my poor bug I don’t need string anymore do I need anything else yo thank you full metal for the 37 months I appreciate you anything else I should bring probably not get out the netherite really quick make netherite Ingot not on [Music] here [Music] okay then maybe not uh so I can work to the end City but that’s not the stronghold what I could do either [Music] got to be an enemy around here to shoot really quick [Music] there is where there oh that’s good enough okay if you find the the Pillager as well and you shoot him with it that’s that’s another one I know I’m going sleep and then I guess I’ll just go to the end City or I mean the the stronghold do you have any blocks of gold I can make one you need eight and an apple I have a golden apple yeah but you can make an enchanted golden apple with that and it it’s a a thing if you have eight um it should be that’s what I was told all I have is gold ingot yeah it’s fine then yeah I could only make up to 24 yeah it’s fine it’s fine you should be good to just look for the stronghold cuz now you just need the shield one right oh right I have a shield one I can do so you have the shield you can do and then specifically with them with like a projectile oh that’s true I have I forgot I had shot anything cuz you didn’t you didn’t have the one for the regular bow yet correct okay that’s twoo yeah I’ll be fine great yeah now you just shield and then you’re stronghold and does it need to be a projectile or can you just block damage with a shield actually don’t know oh it has to be a projectile I’ve tried I mean it’s it’s got to be at some point where’ we go oh this way all right oh you found your stronghold already me yeah I’m going toward it okay I’ve not found it but I’m I’m on the way now on the okay bye little city B have you had fun with this round yes dangerous have you had fun with this round I hope oh hell yeah I hope I can so how does the okay how does smw on its own feel with like the the changes you made it was cool because I didn’t know like it was pretty easy to know when I was playing the regular game like what I needed and when um okay this time was a lot more interesting because it wasn’t as fixed so I didn’t know when the levels were going to show up that required certain things um that definitely made things more interesting I still would probably boost the amount of bosses cuz this time I I changed it from Maximum to like the normal amount I guess seven oh BR so I might boost that again I haven’t tried the egg hunt yet oh yeah so that’s to get to the end you need to have is it just a certain amount of eggs so it’s a completely different thing like you don’t even need to beat Bowser at all you just need the egg hunt is like you set out how many eggs there are in the Rando and how many you need and then you just go to Yoshi’s house with the eggs and then you win oh that’s cool so yeah like basically it’s just it just becomes like a a check thing you just start running around finding checks yeah I got you so I mean that’s cool that reminds me of Triforce hunt with uh ocarine of time usually it’s like 20 yeah you can find like you can set the amount but it’s usually like 20 pieces of the Triforce and then you get the thing and then you can go to Ganon and kill them okay sick so that’s a thing so I guess it’s similar to that I know Minecraft has a an egg Shard thing as well where if you get a certain amount of egg shards instead of advancements uh it will spawn the Ender Dragon that’s cool so so it sounds like smw is good I like it yeah I think it’s short but the incor operating a different game changes that it’s kind of nice you broke already yeah yeah so so that’s where my next question was going to come into play was how do you feel pairing it with a game like an sm64 I’ve also heard sm64 is short oh and so yeah you can kind of Blitz through a decent amount um but at the same time you know you can uh you could throw a third game in the mix you know if you really wanted to I think I want to try that in the future as three games um yeah and do like a Pokemon or something but I I imagine for you I know you mentioned it before the Minecraft correct Minecraft if I like because here’s here’s a disclaimer chat I love Minecraft and I’ve been playing it for you know ever but um I’ve never beat the game by myself like I’ve never actually gone to the Ender Dragon and won the game it’s always been in like a realm or something so I want to do that first I have enough advancements yeah there’s an n city next to another Village By the way it’s incredible so much so many resources from Villages yeah this this door is locked hello yeah they’re just trapped in excuse me I’m going to take your bed thanks bye it’s also like doing archipelago for Minecraft would be so much different cuz like if you’re just beating the game in a vanilla setting like you have to go through process to get the resources where archipelago the checks will give them to you as well so it’s a little different just a wee bit which seems kind of fun I do think I like the settings for sir uh for the uh for the whole archipelago so far think 40 advancements is pretty good that oh yeah you’re pretty close now uh I think 40 advances is pretty good 70 stars for sure is I think the way to go otherwise it’s too fast yeah I think 120 is too much too because it’s the whole game like yeah it’s not fun you’re just playing the game at that point um yeah um and then of course uh smw it seems like your settings aside from you want to add more bosses right I’m tweaking it a little bit Yeah but it’s getting there sweet that’s it’s awesome I do like it randomized for sure God they’re all Breaking you just keep yeah you’re getting really bad luck it’s like a one in eight chance for that to happen yeah it’s uh it’s good thing I have 22 what the what what what is that wait I found a I found a circle it’s a circle oh that’s just weird whoa whoa oh look at how it was carved out it’s got to be right here that I I feel like I’ve seen rooms like that in caves it’s back that way okay so already pass passed over it she’s close chat I’m so close right now um please Ender I got to get back to it I don’t know where yeah I think you I think you be be good um I there is a tip that Chris gave me about how to dig down for one if you’re curious about that otherwise just like dig down right here you can if you want to look at your coordinates there’s a more accurate way to do it um if you look at underneath your actual coordinates SE is 110 0 you want it to be four and then the last number to be four as well that is yeah a guaranteed way to find the staircase but you have to find the chunk first you have to find the chunk that like makes the the thing go down yeah so if if you think this is the right chunk you could just go 44 and then you could still by chance you know fall into it for sure but if this is the 100% right chunk then you should be able to just go straight down on 44 we’re just going to give a shot I don’t have a lot of time now she’s going for it yeah cuz finding the stronghold is one and then getting into the end is two I think right uh yes if you go in with with 37 and and then you find the stronghold that’ll get you to 38 and then you get your two at the end so like it seems like typically if you get to like 35ish you can probably start looking for the stronghold cuz you probably find the last couple along the way or something here we go I believe I believe is said the same thing bless chat that we find the stronghold got to be careful there you go oh yeah you don’t have a respawn point so since you don’t have one set up yet might want to write down the cords just in case you’re right we do uh 1476 694 or 700 that’s fine 1475 700 all right I got it in our chat so I got it as well okay cool go either way how deep are you 4 something okay I’m I’ve learned that with this latest update it’s often in the negatives which is Big way deep like negative 30 into the deep slate well guess where I am deep deep down I dropped okay maybe okay oh man let’s go down oh that’s a good down that’s a good down Reapers this is some down right here I’m not getting back up all that down I’m not getting back up look at all this we don’t need to go up what is that is that a m shaft look like maybe a m shaft get stuck most likely there’s a chance that it’s the room but M yeah the cobwebs unless it was the library but yeah it’s a m shaft yep yeah okay I just I should just keep going down huh oh uh let’s make some more torches there we go um nothing I care about cool name tag yeah this great uhoh okay I was like yep that’s going to poison me I don’t want to go that way oh kind of stuck okay go back and go the other way also stuck I’m going have to go back by the lots of dead ends there was a drop at some point if I can go back and find that there was another one oh here’s just look around for a little while Diamond dope [ __ ] go this way what’s over here something on fire oh I go down again oh god oh that’s bad here we go there it is I’m in I know I don’t need it but I’m really excited about it okay let’s go down you got the advancement did it give you anything good uh good question I sent some XP to bird so no I’m sure he’ll be very grateful you’re welcome be um okay what I need to do is kind of get in more open area and then I can see um look for uh like throw another Pearl I feel like I should just keep going down it might be if you can like dig to the coordinates you wrote down maybe cuz that’s where you were digging straight down it’s possible right that column whenever you’re doing like because of how many wide open caves there are now and stuff it’s almost advised to just kind of dig straight down and then if you can uh go anywhere you just death warp back to your bed if it’s like up top but I know you didn’t put one up top so just be aware of that um oh [ __ ] right I was saving it for I was saving it for uh the actual forges oh is that just a big open box yeah that’s a big open box but it’s a great spot to throw the Pearl if I want to do that or the eye yeah you could you could do that this way oh in the wall you lose some because you only need 12 Max at least yeah yep I need to go this way is it am I going toward this spiders probably yep that’s right near where the spider spawner is hell yeah okay let’s go this way this is where it wants me to go now promising cuz it’s past it that’s promising just a lava pool you could well I mean I don’t know how far away you are from yeah let me see the the spot that you dug down but if [Music] you 7:15 not that far you’re actually pretty close yeah yeah be back this way a little bit it did tell me to go in this Direction I mean the the direction that I’m going the opposite oh wait 1475 just kidding hang on I need to go back this way maybe this is good actually over here yeah I could keep digging down here and then I need to go this way back a little bit but let’s keep going it also went up above me does that mean anything it only goes down up here just means um what that means I think is that you are either not in the chunk that it wants you to go or a a chunk adjacent so like I think it makes a little circle around the chunks but it’ll go down only if you’re right above it correct yeah it should go down if you’re in the that chunk okay but right now it won’t even if it’s below me unless I’m like if I wasn’t in the chunk it wouldn’t go down it would go toward goes directly towards where wherever the staircase is that it’s trying to lead you to yeah okay so if you were below it and it would go straight up if it was like above you for example I found Bedrock okay so it’s definitely not that low yeah yeah it could be at like thetive – 20 range and I good is that you still have four extra too so you know you can toss whenever you feel like it if you feel like you know trying to get a good direction mhm if you want to see the Jun the chunks themselves you might not be interested but the chunk themselves you can do F3 and G and you’ll see the like each chunk that shows up yeah you’ll start seeing like borders yeah F3 and G together should do it h it’s weird if there was no access to like debug stuff like knowing your coordinates and all that kind of stuff Minecraft would be maybe impossible I don’t know it it wouldn’t be as fun for me that’s for sure absolutely yeah oh that’s the end of the line not sure where to go don’t know much about Minecraft how Fu running um she’s almost done it’s it’s literally find the stronghold and then kill the dargon and then it’s over but finding the stronghold is probably the most intimidating part of the whole process it is a huge especially in randomizer it’s just a huge poopy butt well said couldn’t have put it out myself bird I just do what I can you know I got think about what I’m going to eat after I’m not sure I have coffee cake you have coffee cake that’s what you’re going to eat yes oh was that was way I don’t know where to go I need to end in like 5 minutes by the way um I mean again I I would say if you can some get back up to the surface safely you can just throw until you get the exact chunk and then dig in 44 and you’ll get there every time yeah sounds tedious hopping in a lava pool might help get to the surface but that would take me back to the Village yeah that would take you to the Village not the yeah again the good news is that you know we’re we’re literally right near it we just got to figure out where where yeah hopefully nothing falls on you yep we’ll get there when we get there yes the ascent the great Ascent you know this game’s hard I I tried it two times before and didn’t finish either one yeah I haven’t finished it yet either oh this is only your second try it took me my third so if you finish on your second that’s CRA the game just win I’ll actually win let’s go it’s okay either way I win cuz I’m going to Disney World in the morning hell yeah can’t lose if that’s the the truth yeah hey you could have broken your nose too you know that’s true be worse that way H rage descend dive into the core oh my God okay almost out of the negatives does the Deep slate begin at zero I forget I don’t know somewhere deep I don’t don’t I honestly don’t know I think it is around zero yeah you’re almost out of the tough stuff yeah I’m at dirt see a little better um I’m going to do this yeah regular Stone now yeah Foo is cursed with impossible to find uh strongholds yeah for real I’m also not being like incredibly perfect about it and I’m like oh mft maybe that will help Le me in there um so yeah I wish it was that easy yeah but yeah what bir was saying is right is like there since the caves and cliffs update there’s so much there’s just so much underground that you almost like need to know the Strat to just dig straight down into it you know if I was coming back to running this game it would be on 1.6.1 not this like this is It’s brutal there’s a method to the madness I think but yeah it’s it’s almost like a different game every update for that reason it is really like the strats are completely different yeah it’s just tough from a casual perspective though every update gets better it’s good stuff oh yeah I I love this update casually it’s it’s so good it’s so fun have you guys been in any deep darks yet oh God yeah you technically I’ve been in the end cities and those are or whatever it is the dark cities yeah like that you all like this like dark stream right now it’s pretty cool I just see like gray particles floating around and then yeah I can barely every so often I just oh I found cave okay this is huge cave can I get big enough wide enough cave oh there you go I can go all the way back up but now I only have 16 eyes that’s okay that’s still I mean yeah you’re over by four still you can break four you can probably break six and still be fine honestly yeah statistically there will be at least one except for the one time that we did this last and there was Zero for you which was really cool yeah I loved that that was really fun oh gosh game is chugging right now oh that’s not what I want okay give me back out okay I’m back out here okay so let’s let’s throw one and see where we go um you might want to before you throw if you can do F3 and G together that’s going to pull up those big chunks it’ll be easier to tell which chunk you’re you’re doing nope that doesn’t work for me so I don’t know F3 and G doesn’t work I don’t know what F3 and G like you just do both of those together the G key and the F3 key that’s it that should pull up your chunks that’s weird is it g or C it’s G for me okay that’s probably F3 F3 g f like you’re pressing him at the same time yep that’s weird you should see a wire all right well let’s see what we can find here [ __ ] [ __ ] breaks dude that’s okay they’re all Breaking game Hates Me Foo has missed like four fire blasts in a row this is insane yes yeah stop cutting me please I’m scaring the foxes no not the foxes okay I’m going to go back over here the cute little guys I throw again you should yeah it shouldn’t be that far away from you yeah yeah yeah okay so you’re going back again I it broke again I’m pretty sure it broke again I think I heard it snap they’re literally all Breaking that’s okay we still have spares so it’s fine be right where the holly bushes are this way right let’s see maybe right here be a good throw okay come on come back to me okay oh oh my God okay maybe we should put a bed down so we can get a respawn point no no no no no no no okay no no now we’re never now we’re never baby this is where I was okay so so throw another one so somewhere around here let me let me um Let me let me just let me just okay what yes that’s f fine you’re just basic we’re basically going to spam use these as we walk forward this is where I came up and it told me to go this way yeah so so throw another one from like on top of the tree I think like right around here is fine you’re you’re really close you must be yeah I can get all the way up yeah it’s just easier to see where the thing can land all right so try here there it goes okay perfect so now you want to look for that 4-4 and just dig straight down and you should have it it survive I mean you don’t need it it’s fine you have 14 yeah you got it you got it you got it so you find four4 in the in the chunk ahead of you this one was right here yeah you want to be in that I want to stay in the chunk I was in right yeah so from like the middle of oh I see I see I see yeah so you want to go yeah get me out of the tree perfect so there’s your four and then you just go left yeah perfect here yeah so that in theory I mean I wish we could see the chunks I don’t know why it’s not working for you but that should be your spawn of the stairs should be where the stairs are pre well let’s see careful now easy now okay I don’t want these Spruce saplings but what I do need to do is make really quickly another iron pickaxe cuz I will destroy mine while we’re waiting or while I’m digging great okay um cool back down chat we can do this I have to go right now but I’m going to go down at least and see if I can find an end and yeah but we probably just finish it up yeah thank you white Ty for 53 months by the way I appreciate it yeah if you want to come beat the Ender Dragon while I like finish packing or something I mean I could I mean I go to I have to go I have to go this my deal I don’t want to rob you of the satisfaction of doing it I do want to get to the end I it would probably take me another 30 minutes just to fight the Ender Dragon you think so yes absolutely 100% I feel like I would be slow and methodical and I would focus on getting all the you know the the statues yeah you should do that regardless for sure yeah I would do that first but I’d be really careful not to look at Enderman and like um and then it would take me a while cuz my aim would probably be kind of bad I don’t know I think it would take 15 to 30 minutes but I’m here to get to the end the end approaches it’s coming it’s coming we’re in the 30s now back down baby back down baby all the way down thank you rocking and I’ll see you on Thursday are strongholds normally this deep uh yes yes yeah they’re usually deeper because of the new update way down there that being said they’re not usually up high in the sky so yeah usually 63 and lower but yeah but now it’s especially with Rando too seems like they’ve been really deep down there de dark update mess with some things great update though okay we’re finding okay deep Slate’s good means we’re getting deep in there now we’re looking for that stone brick yes and then we’re really really in the money then we’re cooking then we’re cooking cooking what does it go down to now minus 50 something- 58 or something like that yeah something ridiculous 64 says somebody in my chat of course the Bedrock is kind of like a a mess it’s like a tangle like it starts earlier than that mhm at minus 10 right now I I assume we’re going to get 10 or 15 blocks deeper before we find it mhm there it is oh let’s go she’s in oh [ __ ] wait that might be a good sign was a whatever block yeah yeah one of those the silverfish silverfish dudes it’s just it’s just wriggling look at him go oh he’s all tuckered out now [ __ ] there it is incredible amazing she’s done it something I couldn’t do on my second run I need a bed yes bedtime b b oh it’s night time apparently oh oh okay good that’s fine get rid of that spawner too yep otherwise the fish are just going to keep coming can’t [ __ ] jump in here what is this stupid ceiling oh God that’s like one of the weird treasure rooms them go just little guys oh God there’s a lot of them yeah the more like if if one is close to a a fake block then they get all crazy there we go oh look there’s no eyes in it can you guys like chill two runs in a row yeah that’s pretty ass that is terrible the gang’s all here oh some of them are just like cooking themselves oh this is good this works for me that’s a strat right there this is a strat anybody want any silver fish for dinner boom you can’t it’s all gone too much burnt silverfish my favorite dish okay speaking of I want to learn overcooked that would be fun to add to the shenanigans apparently I have heard that that is really good where do they go you threw them what oh you were just a bit too far turn around they might they might still be it goes to the stairwell so the stairwell is behind you yeah like in the other room they’re gone no uh okay they they didn’t okay they didn’t go in front of you so check [Music] your yeah yeah I would try to check towards where you were digging yeah if you remember where the stairwell is that you to your right I think and then yeah you were around here so see if you can find them somewhere it what do you mean they’re just in the wall or gone okay that was a good stream it was a good effort I have to go I have to go cool yeah we’re over time time there it is and time I mean the thing is go into spectator mode and [ __ ] do the same thing I did last time but okay bye oops it’s all yeah that’s fair hey well we actually got there this time because that’s true last time we couldn’t even [ __ ] find it yeah oh that’s um yeah you I mean you got 99% of the way there so that’s good enough yeah I would count as a win anyway if it wasn’t for that

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  • Block Bullies: Schoolyard foes in Minecraft

    Block Bullies: Schoolyard foes in Minecraft In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Fangkuaixuan brings joy, with humor that entertains. Animations that are funny, with a touch of glee, Bringing happiness to all, for everyone to see. Avoiding any harm, keeping it child-friendly, Creating content that’s safe, for all to enjoy freely. With each video shared, a smile is guaranteed, For Fangkuaixuan’s channel, is where happiness breeds. So come along and join, in the Minecraft fun, With rhymes and laughter, until the day is done. Subscribe to the channel, for more joy and delight, In the world of Minecraft, where everything is bright. Read More

  • The Edeneth Chronicle: Season 2 – Fantasy Frenzy

    The Edeneth Chronicle: Season 2 - Fantasy Frenzy In the realm of Edeneth, a new tale unfolds, With characters bold, and stories untold. Captain Nymra leads the charge, with a heart so true, Facing dangers anew, with a courageous crew. Kane, Navin, and Samira, each with their own part to play, In this epic display, of bravery every day. Livia, Captain Hartigan, and Lysander too, Their destinies brew, in a world so true. Sophia, Ace, and King Onyx, rulers of their domain, Emperor Valentinus, with power to reign. Legatus Maximus, a force to be reckoned with, In Edeneth’s myth, where legends myth. Stay tuned for Season 2,… Read More

  • Stalked by a Sneaky Minecraft Creature!

    Stalked by a Sneaky Minecraft Creature! The Mysterious ModPack “From The Fog” in Minecraft Exploring the depths of Minecraft can lead players to discover intriguing modpacks like “From The Fog.” This modpack, which has been modified for a potential series, offers a unique and mysterious gaming experience that keeps players on their toes. What Makes “From The Fog” Stand Out? “From The Fog” introduces new elements and challenges to the Minecraft world, making it an exciting choice for players looking for a fresh experience. The modified features in this modpack add an air of mystery and suspense, keeping players engaged and eager to uncover its… Read More

  • Minecraft Mystery: Spot the Diff, Aha Moment Unveiled! #shorts

    Minecraft Mystery: Spot the Diff, Aha Moment Unveiled! #shorts In the world of Minecraft, a quiz awaits, Spot the difference, can you see the changes that relate? In the forest, something shifts, can you spot the switch? Watch closely, observe, and let your brain enrich. Aha moment, when you finally see, The difference that sets the scene free. Challenge your mind, with this tricky test, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity is best. So come along, join the fun, In this quiz, where the challenge has just begun. Spot the difference, in the world so grand, And let your skills in Minecraft expand. Read More

  • Steve’s Creeper Encounter: A Minecraft Mini Adventure

    Steve's Creeper Encounter: A Minecraft Mini Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Steve meets a Creeper, A moment of tension, will he be a keeper? With a hiss and a bang, they face off in the night, Will Steve survive this explosive fight? The animation is lively, the colors so bright, As Steve navigates through this perilous plight. With each episode, a new adventure unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where stories are told. So subscribe to the channel, don’t miss a beat, As Steve and his friends face challenges sweet. The music sets the tone, the mood just right, In this epic tale of courage… Read More

  • Join Minewind: Experience a Colorful Minecraft Adventure!

    Join Minewind: Experience a Colorful Minecraft Adventure! Welcome Minecraft enthusiasts! Are you looking for a new and exciting server to join where you can unleash your creativity and have a great time with fellow players? Look no further than Minewind! With a vibrant community and endless possibilities, Minewind is the perfect place to dive into the world of Minecraft. Imagine a server where you can embark on thrilling adventures, build magnificent structures, and engage in epic battles. Minewind offers all of this and more, making it the ultimate destination for Minecraft players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Minewind… Read More

  • Discover the Ultimate Minecraft Experience on Minewind Server

    Discover the Ultimate Minecraft Experience on Minewind Server Welcome to, where we bring you the latest updates and trends in the Minecraft community! Today, we want to talk to you about the exciting world of Minecraft servers, specifically Minewind. While watching Faisal Animation Indonesia’s latest video, you may have been inspired by the creativity and imagination that Minecraft brings to life. Imagine taking that creativity to the next level on a server like Minewind, where you can join a vibrant community of players from around the world. At Minewind, you can explore unique gameplay features, engage in thrilling PvP battles, and embark on epic adventures with… Read More

  • Mastering Minecraft: OP in 5 Minutes

    Mastering Minecraft: OP in 5 Minutes Mastering Minecraft: How to Give OP on a Minecraft Server Are you ready to take your Minecraft gameplay to the next level? Giving yourself OP (operator) status on a Minecraft server can open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to manage permissions and grant other players access to powerful commands. Let’s dive into the process and learn how to become the ultimate Minecraft master! OP Yourself: The Key to Power OP status in Minecraft grants you the ability to wield incredible power within the game. By giving yourself OP, you can access a wide range of commands that… Read More

  • Skyblock Scares: Dwellers & Terror Mods (Ep.8)

    Skyblock Scares: Dwellers & Terror Mods (Ep.8) In the world of Minecraft, a new adventure begins, With Dwellers and Mods, the terror within. Building a safe place, to escape the fright, Facing monsters in the dark of night. Join me on this journey, filled with fear and fun, As we explore the One Block, under the sun. With mods like The Man From The Fog, and The Mimic too, The terror is real, but we’ll see it through. So come along, and watch with glee, As we conquer the challenges, just you and me. Minecraft Night Dweller, in a world so vast, With rhymes and laughter,… Read More

  • Facecam Pro dominates BEDWARS | Minecraft 2024

    Facecam Pro dominates BEDWARS | Minecraft 2024 The Best Minecraft Bedwars Player of 2024 Introduction In the world of Minecraft, where creativity and skill collide, one player stands out as the best Bedwars player of 2024. With a combination of strategy, quick thinking, and precise execution, this player has dominated the Bedwars scene like never before. Unveiling the Face In a surprising turn of events, the best Bedwars player has revealed their face for the first time in a video. This exciting development has added a new layer of personality to their gameplay, showing that they are not just a skilled player, but a real person… Read More

  • PirateCraft – Pirate themed minecraft server, build working ships and cannons! & Creative MoveCraft!

    PirateCraft - Pirate themed minecraft server, build working ships and cannons! & Creative MoveCraft!⚓ Connect:⚓ Website:⚓ Discord:⚓ Rules:⚓ Live Map:⚓ Getting Started:⚓ Detailed Guides: usPirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We’re a 10 year old tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family. Our ethos for running PirateCraft is to have a permanent map that Never Resets!, builds will be kept and protected, you can disappear for 3 months and come back to carry on where you left off! We’ve had players come back after 5 years and continue where they left off! The world doesn’t get stale, Land & abandoned… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Prison for “Bowser” Insulters

    Minecraft Memes - Prison for "Bowser" InsultersLooks like Bowser finally got his revenge by turning people into pixelated prisoners! Better watch out for those fire-breathing turtles next time. Read More

  • Minecraft Lies: Crafting Chaos

    Minecraft Lies: Crafting Chaos In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, I bring you the news, like a lively stream. Updates and features, all in a rhyme, Keeping you entertained, every single time. From new mobs to biomes, and everything in between, I’ll keep you informed, with a playful sheen. So join me in this journey, through pixels and code, As we explore Minecraft, in a lyrical mode. So stay tuned for more, every week at three, For Minecraft news, with a twist from me. Subscribe and support, it means a lot, As we journey through Minecraft, in this rhyming slot. Read More

  • The power of a bad haircut… #minecraft #meme

    The power of a bad haircut... #minecraft #meme “Who knew that all it took to defeat the Ender Dragon was a fresh new haircut? Forget enchanted weapons, just book an appointment at the salon!” #minecraft #meme Read More

  • Surviving Minecraft vs Lego House Challenge with Friends

    Surviving Minecraft vs Lego House Challenge with Friends Minecraft vs. Lego Challenge: A Thrilling Adventure with Dani and Robbi! In the latest video by Dani and Robbi, Benny, Dani’s best friend, introduces an exciting challenge between Team Minecraft and Team Lego, reminiscent of the “Dani e Robbi Non Ti Fermare” official song! The Minecraft team consists of Robbi and Jenny, Dani’s sister, while the Lego team is formed by Dani and his new friend Cami. The challenge kicks off with a task to build the tallest tower, with the Lego team emerging victorious. Team Dynamics and Challenges Jenny, Dani’s sister, part of Team Minecraft, stumbles upon a… Read More

  • Discover the Ultimate Adventure on Minewind Minecraft Server!

    Discover the Ultimate Adventure on Minewind Minecraft Server! Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most exciting news from the world of Minecraft! Today, we stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “DÜNYADAKİ EN BÜYÜK CANAVAR KAMYONU YAPARSAK NE OLUR? 😱 -Minecraft”. While the video may not be directly related to Minewind Minecraft Server, it got us thinking – what if you could unleash your creativity and build something truly epic on a server like Minewind? Imagine a world where you can embark on thrilling adventures, engage in exciting challenges, and connect with a community of like-minded players. Minewind offers a unique and immersive… Read More

  • Ultimate Starter House Upgrade & Pumpkin Farm Build!

    Ultimate Starter House Upgrade & Pumpkin Farm Build! Expanding Horizons in Minecraft Survival Episode 7 Building the Second Floor of the Starter House In VanderzoneMC Episode 7, the focus shifts to expanding the starter house. The player embarks on the task of constructing the second floor, adding more space and functionality to their humble abode. With each block carefully placed, the house begins to take on a new dimension, reflecting the player’s creativity and vision. Key Point: The second floor of the starter house serves as a testament to the player’s progress and dedication in the game. Crafting a Sturdy Bridge As the player ventures further into… Read More

  • Insane Profit Tricks in Hypixel Skyblock: Rain 4 Flips!

    Insane Profit Tricks in Hypixel Skyblock: Rain 4 Flips!Video Information This video, titled ‘4 Flips that will make you profit… | Flipping | Hypixel Skyblock’, was uploaded by Rained on 2024-02-23 17:15:00. It has garnered 6442 views and 118 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:28 or 148 seconds. #minecraft 4 Flips that will make you profit… | Flipping | Hypixel Skyblock This video shows three flips you can do to make profit in Hypixel Skyblock subscribe for more! 4 Flips that will make you profit… | Flipping | Hypixel Skyblock 4 Flips that will make you profit… | Flipping | Hypixel Skyblock 4 Flips that will… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Chip Habits Exposed

    Mind-Blowing Chip Habits ExposedVideo Information This video, titled ‘चिप्स की बारिश 👹🧟‍♀️#viral #youtubeshorts’, was uploaded by Mind Roar on 2024-03-24 01:30:02. It has garnered 160 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. animation 🧟‍♀️🙀#viral #bhoot #youtubeshorts #movie cartoon funny anime shorts cute adorable vtuber minecraft sankat mochan vlog majewali kahani majedar kahani game minecraft maizen sisters maizen zenichi mikey maizen jj viral minecraft minecraft anime story mikey ghost clean scary myghostfriend cute movie/anime fyp dsand #shorts entertainment like movie anime susie bob spooky animated likes girl game caine skibidi toilet skibidi toilets jax and pomni funny… Read More

  • ULTIMATE Minecraft PE Mod Showcase!! 😱🚀

    ULTIMATE Minecraft PE Mod Showcase!! 😱🚀Video Information This video, titled ‘TOP 10 BEST JAVA MODS 🤩 FOR MINECRAFT PE🔥🔥| @MrSuperb0’, was uploaded by Mr.Superb on 2024-03-09 06:10:07. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. TOP 10 BEST JAVA MODS FOR MINECRAFT PE CURRENT SUBSCRIBER – 51 TARGET 100 DOWNLOAD SENPAI … Read More

  • EPIC ALLIANCE! New Minecraft Advancement Unlocked? Ep. 61

    EPIC ALLIANCE! New Minecraft Advancement Unlocked? Ep. 61Video Information This video, titled ‘Uneasy Alliance | THE LAST ADVANCEMENT? | Let’s Play Minecraft | Ep.61’, was uploaded by Aegisean on 2024-05-12 12:00:39. It has garnered 64 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:16 or 856 seconds. Finally rescuing a #ghast today 🙂 CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 01:19 Distractions 03:10 Uneasy Alliance 10:48 Phantoms 13:49 Outro End Portal Trapped Wither Method: New here? I’m building my fantasy world in Minecraft. Subscribe to stay up to date on developments! Fantasy world? Yes! I’m a writer, so check out my website for more information 😉 WEBSITE:… Read More

  • Tiktok Streamer TROLLS NEWBIE in FORTNITE!

    Tiktok Streamer TROLLS NEWBIE in FORTNITE!Video Information This video, titled ‘Streamer TROLLS NEW PLAYER in FORTNITE’, was uploaded by Jackbuzza Tiktok on 2024-01-11 13:00:42. It has garnered 9892 views and 203 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. save 25% on your own minecraft server with shockbyte Use code: BUZZA @ • Twitch • WATCH ME LIVE! • Jackbuzza’s Armada Discord • • Twitter • Join My Minecraft Server! (Java + Bedrock 1.18.2+) IP: Bedrock Port: 25565 • ALL SOCIALS • Read More


    EPIC RED KNIGHT MINECRAFT STREAM!! 👑🔴Video Information This video, titled ‘RED KNIGHT MINECRAFT STREAM !!!!!!!!!!’, was uploaded by knightgeist on 2024-04-04 10:12:58. It has garnered 507 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 02:08:59 or 7739 seconds. JOIN ITS MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!! Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Base Build – Zero Gaming 21

    EPIC Minecraft Base Build - Zero Gaming 21Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Wolrd 2 : #3 Wir bauen eine Base!’, was uploaded by Zero gaming 21 on 2024-02-25 12:06:19. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:30:00 or 1800 seconds. My Best Video: In the TWITCH Channel: In Discord: YT Partner: TaselTap Twitch: I hope you enjoyed the video and you’ll leave a like. You can also give me feedback in the comments below on what I can improve. And if you’re new and like my channel, please subscribe. Read More

  • EPIC new potion in Minecraft – game changer!

    EPIC new potion in Minecraft - game changer!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft’s OVERPOWERED new potion effect’, was uploaded by Butter Crumb on 2024-04-07 14:00:13. It has garnered 10772 views and 310 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. With Minecraft’s April fools update this year, we got one of the most interesting and detailed dimensions we ever could have imagined and along with new Mobs, Bosses, Structures, Biomes and Items we were also granted a new potion effect allowing players to mimic the Spider and climb walls – granted with the new grapple item and you’re basically Minecraft Spiderman music – the… Read More

  • Praklon MC – Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+

    Praklon MC - Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+Video Information This video, titled ‘Best shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE SHADER cinematic review’, was uploaded by Praklon MC on 2024-03-05 21:55:39. It has garnered 111 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:25 or 85 seconds. Best Shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE cinematic review link in pin comment 📌 ignore:- minecraft, minecraft hunger games, minecraft survival island, minecraft mods, minecraft song, minecraft style, minecraft xbox 360, minecraft parody, minecraft herobrine, skydoesminecraft, minecraft songs, captainsparklez, minecraft yogscast, yogscast minecraft, yogscast, minecraft skydoesminecraft, sky does minecraft, gangnam style, tobuscus minecraft, minecraft trolling, pewdiepie, smosh, tobygames minecraft,… Read More

  • Akoot&Co Semi-Vanilla 1.20.4 Discord Events Building-Focused No Map Resets ViaVersion

    Welcome to Akoot & Co Discover your ultimate destination for a classic Minecraft experience at Akoot & Co. Our server offers a semi-vanilla community with quality-of-life enhancements, creating a medium-scale, chill environment for players. Features Discord Server (Discord + Minecraft integration) World Map (dynmap) Bedrock support (Geyser) Unlimited Homes No pesky land claims (Honor system + rollbacks) KeepInventory (Optional per player!) Timed Ranks/Custom Titles Text Formatting (+Gradients!) Brewery (nothing game-breaking, just a treat!) Big boy ram and big boy processor (minimal lag) Join us now at Akoot & Co to experience unlimited homes, a grief-free environment, and a seamless Discord… Read More

  • Block Buddy Network

    Block Buddy NetworkBlock Buddy Network is an Indian SMP where players can claim their land, create shops, and have fun playing.We support an economy plugin for transactions. Have all plugins which makes SMP server a great place to game. Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Pov: I forgot my diamond pickaxe

    Looks like someone’s mining journey just hit rock bottom! Read More

  • “Hot Minecraft Memes: When Creeper Explodes Your House Again” #minecraft #meme

    "Hot Minecraft Memes: When Creeper Explodes Your House Again" #minecraft #meme "Me trying to find diamonds in Minecraft: digs straight down Narrator: And that’s when he knew, he messed up. #minecraft #meme" Read More

  • Secret Chest Room in Minecraft!

    Secret Chest Room in Minecraft! The Intriguing World of Minecraft Hidden Chest Rooms Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers players endless opportunities for creativity and exploration. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to create hidden chest rooms within your structures. These secret spaces not only add a touch of mystery to your builds but also serve as secure storage areas for your valuable items. Creating Your Hidden Chest Room To make a hidden chest room in Minecraft, you’ll need to first decide on the location. Whether you choose to conceal it behind a painting, under a trapdoor, or… Read More

  • Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Adventures!

    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Adventures! Welcome to, where we bring you the latest updates and news from the Minecraft community! Today, we stumbled upon a thrilling YouTube video titled “FloProduction: Finale (Partie 2) | Court Métrage Minecraft.” In this action-packed short film, Florian and his employees must confront their greatest threat yet – Igor, a formidable enemy who is seeking revenge on FloProduction. As we watched the intense battle unfold, we couldn’t help but think about the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in facing challenges. And what better way to experience this sense of unity than on a Minecraft server like Minewind? Imagine… Read More

  • Legendary Minecraft 1.7.10 Gameplay Part 3

    Legendary Minecraft 1.7.10 Gameplay Part 3 The Legendary Minecraft 1.7.10 Gameplay: A Thrilling Adventure Unfolds! Exploring the Depths of Minecraft 1.7.10 In this exciting video, the player embarks on a journey filled with twists and turns in the world of Minecraft 1.7.10. From the captivating intro to the heart-pounding moments in the mines, every second is packed with adrenaline-pumping action. Unveiling Achievements and Epic Battles As the player delves deeper into the game, they conquer challenges and unlock achievements that showcase their skills and determination. From mastering the art of crafting bread to gearing up for epic battles, every milestone is a testament to their… Read More

  • CaptainSparklez 2: EPIC SteamPunk Escape! 🚀🔥

    CaptainSparklez 2: EPIC SteamPunk Escape! 🚀🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Great Escape | SteamPunk Craft Ep. 7’, was uploaded by CaptainSparklez 2 on 2024-05-17 00:00:23. It has garnered 28582 views and 1331 likes. The duration of the video is 01:27:48 or 5268 seconds. We are playing the SteamPunk Minecraft modpack in which we must make more guns and upgrade the guns and use them to shoot the ender dragon. Thanks to Apex Hosting for sponsoring! Use code “CaptainSparklez” to get 25% off your own server’s first month: SteamPunk Playlist: My Links: ● My gear (code CaptainSparklez): ● My clothing line: ●… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Discoveries in Minecraft Maizen

    Mind-Blowing Discoveries in Minecraft MaizenVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT JJ And Mikey FIND inside NEW MOB PLANETS CREEPER ENDERMAN VILLAGER in Minecraft Maizen’, was uploaded by muzin on 2024-02-25 10:00:43. It has garnered 194012 views and 1071 likes. The duration of the video is 00:42:46 or 2566 seconds. WHAT JJ And Mikey FIND inside NEW MOB PLANETS CREEPER ENDERMAN VILLAGER in Minecraft Maizen This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with JJ and Mikey. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We are not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new and interesting stories… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Anniversary Map REVEALED! 🎉

    INSANE Minecraft Anniversary Map REVEALED! 🎉Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft 15 Year Celebration Map!’, was uploaded by ibxtoycat on 2024-05-21 11:07:56. It has garnered 12256 views and 567 likes. The duration of the video is 00:56:30 or 3390 seconds. But it’s live You can tip for this at: I use elgato stream equipment for my capture card, webcam and lighting. You can find it here: Live stream descriptions are usually too long so now I just remind you that subscribing and following on twitter @IBXToycat is how you can see more if you liked this. Or you can check out the unlisted… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft SMP Adventure with Viewers! 🔥

    EPIC Minecraft SMP Adventure with Viewers! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft smp with viewers’, was uploaded by SoloGG on 2024-03-22 00:41:31. It has garnered 46 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:13 or 8773 seconds. Got banned on twitch at 360 followers so we on YouTube now Read More

  • Insane 1v1 Clutch in Day 14 Minecraft Live 🔥🔥

    Insane 1v1 Clutch in Day 14 Minecraft Live 🔥🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Day 14 Minecraft 1v1 clutch 🐐 #minecraftlive #minecraft #minecraftlivestreaminhindi #minecraftserver’, was uploaded by X-Blaze Live on 2023-12-31 07:30:08. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. MINECRAFTLIVE​ #MINECRAFTLIVESTREAM​ #MINECRAFTWITHSUBSCRIBERS​ #Giveaway IP:- JAVA: … Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Trap Escapes Revealed! 🤯🎻

    Insane Minecraft Trap Escapes Revealed! 🤯🎻Video Information This video, titled ‘How to Escape Minecraft Traps at Different Ages🤯🤭😁 (World’s Smallest Violin)-#shorts’, was uploaded by Hyper Gaming on 2024-03-09 12:30:11. It has garnered 2592 views and 79 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:55 or 55 seconds. :Video Title How to Escape Minecraft Traps at Different Ages🤯🤭😁 (World’s Smallest Violin)-#shorts :Most viral video :Keywords minecraft Minecraft movie minecraft 100 days minecraft house minecraft video minecraft jj and mikey minecraft song minecraft shorts minecraft techno gamerz minecraft game minecraft house tutorial minecraft Minecraft minecraft creepypasta minecraft aphmau minecraft april fools 2023 minecraft animation movie minecraft… Read More