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my friend Kevin is live streaming on Twitch wearing this homemade haptic suit meaning he feels pain in real life bro what are you doing dude look at this I made my own freaking haptic suit dude look at this oh Jesus okay bro okay sorry sorry sorry creeper blew up that really really hurt what is going on so technically I guess that counts as uh kissing a creeper so we can mark that one green as done okay yeah that did not feel good so at least we know now that we got out of the way kissing a creeper I know I don’t have to do that again jumping off a cliff is going to be a little bit dcy hey J three listen that’s a little bit of a difficult one okay if a creeper buzzed my entire body that heavily it’s not going to feel good when I jump off of a freaking Cliff dude I’m at a complete loss of words for what’s happening this man has homemade rigged a haptic suit from hockey [Music] equipment you know what it’s fine some people will do anything for views but this man is streaming and I have it pulled up on the other screen so let’s see exactly what’s going on he has a twitch request jump into lava and survive I don’t think those two correlate by any means okay that literally just doesn’t make any freaking sense okay and he also has goals for this stream number one find netherite number two capture a villager and number three kiss a creeper which I suppose he’s just done but these two though should definitely be very difficult especially because he’s going to feel everything now the actual real haptic suit is like thousands of dollars and so I suppose that’s probably why he set this up let me explain a haptic suit anytime you take damage like being shot from a skeleton or blown up by a creeper the suit vibrates anytime you get near lava the suit gets really warm and anytime you get near water the suit gets cold but if you die you get electrocuted this thing can shock me so freaking hard that I will probably prove myself like right here right on stream live to everybody okay okay you know what J three because you’ve been so special I think we’re going to jump off of a cliff just cuz you said it we’re going to jump off of a cliff is this man going near the edge of a cliff bro there’s no way he’s about to jump off oh my okay you know what I’m going to foil his plans there’s no jumping off a cliff in my books okay so we’re going to be jumping off this cliff and you know what look there’s literally a freaking Village right there so like I might as well capture one villager to keep for ourselves okay I’m about to foil this man’s plan bro come on jump jump jump jump jump jump we got to get a running start and jump do it hey oh wow that was such a strange freaking chill dude what the heck yo he’s definitely freezing right now wow that was it’s like AC in here okay all right well I guess that counts as jumping off of a cliff that’s I don’t even know where the freaking water came from from okay so here’s my idea Kevin’s in the village he’s probably going to attempt to capture a villager at some point okay so pretty straightforward we’re doing a couple of challenges we just got to capture a freaking villager that’s one of the challenges done and then we got a couple more like it’s not that hard like watch this so you sir come into here looks like he’s already trying to do that so I’m just going to go ahead and make this uh miserable for him sorry bud go go go go go oh ow ow okay okay okay okay chill out we need to chill out a little bit oh that felt like cold sweats what the heck just happened bro oh my God I don’t even know if you realized some on the server okay okay wait I have an idea I have an idea it’s fine we got another villager right here we run away villagers run away run away run away okay let me grab Bedrock why are we all going inside guys like it’s literally the middle of the freaking day hide Everybody Run there’s a raid happening guys where the heck are you going dude no where are you going bro oh wait I have an idea effective sudden K bad Omen okay there we go oh my God a raid starting yes yes all the villagers going to hide oh my God perfect there’s no getting a villager out here what what do you mean a raid bro I just realized how much damage is this man about to take with a raid oh my God wait I didn’t even realize that uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh oh okay oh wow ow okay that did not feel good that’s such a weird vibration dude what the heck ah it like vibrates my my whole body and I feel like I need a poop now ah y oh my God bro he’s actually geeking right now 20,000 likes in this video and we’re going to do a full body haptic suit literally from head to toe okay oh my God bro oh my God oh my okay I’m going to help him I kind of feel bad lowy there’s only two Raiders remaining okay he can handle those ones right dang this thing got me singing like a little school girl okay okay Beauty oh yeah okay the next wave bro if Kevin gets hit by the ravager he’s actually done for oh crap are you kidding me dude that is going to freaking hurt a lot come on get away from me they Kevin run oh my God yeah I have no ah he’s 360 he’s disco I really don’t know what this is going to feel like I don’t want to find out jump jump oh jeez y okay what if I give the ravager speed oh he can run faster uhoh uhoh uhoh I screwed up I screwed up ah Jesus yo oh my God no yo I’m actually scared for gam right I’m not even wearing the htic suit okay we’re not going to let that happen again go up go up go go go go go go Jes dude oh my God smart smart oh never mind I smoke too soon oh Jesus hey okay I need to get rid of you there we go yes finally he did it he beat the raid all this for a villager oh my God I wonder how this feels it was the leg tingle I I I had a feeling it was going to be the leg tingle give me a second chat chat listen my legs feel so tingly it’s like they both fell asleep and they’re hurting how many people does it possibly take to capture one villager leave your best answers down below because so far one man cannot do it this this took exactly 1 hour for him to figure this one out but he’s done it Kevin has officially broughten a villager back to his house he can claim this challenge done now after literally griefing my entire base plus some very good comments thank you JoJo for the concern you can call this place home now right here come in yep yep there we go you’re not leaving no no no no no no no no oh my God oh my God there’s no way there’s no way this thing escapes there’s no there okay okayo for a second I thought the Villager was about to ye out of there I need you inside the base like you got to go inside inside inside inside yeah yeah yeah cool now you can’t leave capture a villager there we go goals for the stream now we got to find netherite wow look at this completing challenges and also torturing yourself at the same time lovely and now the next one that Kevin needs to do is get netherite and well that requires going to the nether which is full of many many dangerous places as we all know um I don’t know exactly how well this is going to go okay so chat we’re going to go to the nether the man is now attempting to build a nether portal if he’s an actual Pro oh God chat’s going to rip him apart for this one he could have just okay comment down below what he should have done okay there we go oh my God this guy’s a freaking bot bro I love it it it just makes me laugh every time you know I’m just going to help him I’m just going to help him when he turns around I’m just going to do this he’ll have no idea and there we go I’m going to put a sign quick quick quick all right don’t die thank you sacred one what the heck Chad are you guys inside my game right now does someone think that I was not capable of building a nether portal by myself I was doing a pretty dang good job okay oh he’s so out but you have no idea I’m right behind you hello all right off to the nether we go and I probably assume let’s find out 3 2 1 yeah that is instantly a lot hotter than I thought and this is where the real challenge begins arguably the one dimension that causes the most amount of pain and now he’s in it he’s in it and he has to find netherite which is already a challenge it’s already hard enough oh wait wait wait wait you’re not friend you are not a friend die please please please how bad would it be if I just did uh oops uh-oh uh-oh that’s not a fun one that is is not a fun one please I know that one is going to hurt cuz it’s going to feel like a rocket launcher hitting my chest oh just missed him yo he’s at the gas is staring into his soul okay we’re just going to quickly just kind of maneuver around here we got to avoid those okay that doesn’t feel good that doesn’t feel good that does not feel good that does not feel good that does not feel good okay okay okay it’s fine oh okay w ow we need a second here oh my hat just fell oh my God I have such a good idea how much of a good friend would I be if I just put some ancient debris right here the perfect amount one stack of ancient debris surrounded in lava would he go for it okay I don’t want to really stick around here it’s very hot I’m literally sweating buckets right now like not these type of buckets these type of buckets okay so we need eight chent debris re uh are you flipping kidding me dude oh my God he’s got to notice this bro he has to notice this look at that wait wait wait wait I can land on him okay I have an idea guys there’s no way no he’s going to boat he’s going to boat he’s going to dude there’s no way it’s going to burn oh my God he’s bro he’s dead oh I screwed up I screwed up can we are you going to the top put the freaking boat down dude why are we not putting the boat down down please oh oh oh oh I don’t know if you guys can see the sweat on my face right now but I am sweating oh that why I did not like that at all okay we’re back at home hey chat chat chat listen I know that was a little chaotic but I think I have a good idea okay now finally I think he’s got a good idea this is what I would have done from the GetGo he has touched the ancient debris now the question is can he get all of it cuz I did literally build all the way down it goes 1 2 3 four five six seven block there’s eight blocks of ancient debris here there’s a lot more than you would find naturally that’s for sure Chad look at this look at this listen we had our slip UPS in the first round there and it was very painful I paid the ultimate price but now I’m not screwing up this time this time around guys we’re doing this right okay oh boy this is going to be interesting this is what he should have done in the first place just saying I’m just making sure I’m covering all my Avenues cuz the last thing I want to do is fall into this lava again I will be honest with you it wasn’t a good feeling if you guys are wondering this Pain Scale was probably an eight okay but now we can actually get our ancient debris that we’ve wanted to yes there’s one wait hold up we got to make sure that I’ve covered all my Avenues here last thing I would want is dude this guy is risking it for the freaking biscuit right now oh I don’t like that feeling at all please stop okay wait I I know what to do here I pre-planned this part bro this has been the purest form of entertainment I’ve had all week all right time to make this interesting oh oh those are literally the two that I collected oh there we go we have it we’re set we can go home hey yo hey yo hey yo hey yo not like this not like this this is not how I’m going to go down oh my God oh my God oh my God yo yo please guys guys guys guys please please please please please please please please please please yo if the gas break the portal oh oh oh my God yo we made it no way nice and frigid wow that felt nice a you were just like being in that hot temperature climate and then coming to this is just so much freaking better there is no way he actually managed to pull that off bro I am stunned okay I cannot wait to put a nice little green sticker on that because that means the haptic suit comes off we have completed every challenge we needed to and we are free from its grasp this is perfect I want to make this haptic suit blow up that’s the whole thing thing that’s what I want to do is make this entire thing blow up so I have one idea what’s the best way to make a haptic suit that makes you feel pain blow up well blow up the world okay okay he’s not going to realize this at all H sphere TNT 100x 100 by 100 all right we need literally one more come on netherite scrap we got it all down okay crafting table oh my God wait I don’t think he notices yet bro what is he going to think of this what is he going to think good this bro there we go yo oh my god dude that is so hype oh my God he got it he got the freaking netherite I’m just so hyped chat look at your screen there’s TNT what oh my God okay listen everybody stay calm this is bad but it could be worse I’m going to drop one right on his head and yo I’m just going to give him anxiety right now okay so the worst part is happening everybody spam TNT off in chat please just do it right now all the TNTs won’t work I promise okay don’t spam that please everybody’s saying TNT stop stop that no no no no no no this is not happening to me right now you know what I’m just going to stand here and just hope for the freaking best please listen listen guys we’re going to stop hoping for the best cuz clearly when we hope for the best we get the freaking worst what the heck is this dude and oops oh my God oh my God there’s no way it’s not bad because it could be worse imagine they were all lit oh please please please just just stop the game just stop the game please all F four all St four oh subscribe

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I Fooled My Friend with a REAL Pain Mod in Minecraft! This real life Pain Mod is so insane! Should we do another one?


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    UNBELIEVABLE! ONE BLOCK END PORTAL REVEALED! 💥Video Information This video, titled ‘MENGUNGKAP MISTERI END PORTAL DI ONE BLOCK – MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION – LIVE’, was uploaded by JeeeInHere on 2024-07-11 19:32:30. It has garnered 265 views and 23 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:56 or 7196 seconds. TODAY WE WILL FIND THE MYSTERY OF END PORTAL IN ONE BLOCK DOES END PORTAL EXIST??? DONATIONS TO FEED THE WOLVES STARTING FROM 1K 🙂 : tiktok : discord #Minecraft #MinecraftOneBlock #Minecrfatjava #MCPE #Windahbasudara #shaders #RTX #MinecraftSurvival #windahbasudara #Minecraft #MCPE #Minecraft1.20 ElestialHD ElestialHD Minecraft #akuzeru #mediashareon #live #minecraf tag: LIVE MINECRAFT LIVE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WINDAH… Read More

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