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Shad Blitz guys guys guys I just found something so cool a major Discovery a major Discovery oh no bletz what does the nerd want bro what are you yapping about now uh excuse you I think I found the cure to immortality wait so you’re saying we can live forever oh my gosh blit will be famous we’re going to be on all the covers of the magazine dude that’s insane are you sure it works uh well uh I’m not sure I just have to test it out on you guys what the out bro why you trying to hit us like that bro aren’t we trying to live forever what’s wrong with you yeah well you’ll be fine come on come on go to my lab come on okay okay I’m going okay so how do we do this well you go into this little machine I pull this lever and then I can change your DNA wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa are you saying we got to go in the we’re the test subjects are you serious of course you are who else am I going to test it on Emily I am not going in that thing what oh come on the worst thing that could happen is like you die what the that’s horrible bro I don’t want to die what you’ll be fine you’ll be fine oh Blitz is there anything I can do to convince you to get in the machine don’t fall for her tricks bro you are not trying to go in there you’re going to like grow a second head or something Emily I I really like your experiments most of the time what is that wet sponge what Go Get It Go Get It Blitz go get it it’s in the machine it’s in the machine no no Blitz are you serious do you honestly think that you can bribe me with a wet sponge That’s My Boy Blitz let’s go okay what about a normal sponge okay I’m sold bro what are you serious let’s go oh my gosh okay well you know what Emily there’s no way that you can get me to go in there bro you cannot bribe me like that what the oh no bro must resist must resist must resist okay I’m hungry I need it you guys are in there guess what I’m going to pull the Leever oh no oh no what is that oh my oh my head it hurts so much Emily what’ you do to us bro I’m not really sure you guys don’t look any different though wait what the uh I feel different though I feel like I can do some of this wo oh my gosh I can run and I have electricity you’re super fast how did you do that bro I’ve never been able to run this fast in my life bro oh my gosh yeah you’ve never ran in your life too look at this guys I’m running faster than ever bro low key I thought I was built like queso but I guess I’m not wait Blitz what about you I do feel a little different like I feel stronger like a lot stronger bro wait you feel what the wao you can run fast too but wait you don’t have electricity the way I do I feel lighter too light as a feather even lighter wa oh my gosh Blitz no way bro can fly oh my go wait are you like Superman or something dude I feel like Superman this is so cool if you’re Superman and you’re the flash who am I I don’t feel any different are you sure Emily I mean what the Emily what is going on oh I can just climb stuff okay you’re climbing wall wait a minute hold on let me see oh God bro I actually SM bro you smell musty for some reason like more than usual bro yeah must have the sponge she yeah no but I think low key you smell like an insect or something you smell like like an insect hey Shad how do you know what an insect smells like that seems really weird dude bro it’s not weird I mean didn’t everyone have like an insect collection when they were smaller I mean like I had like a little ant farm what Emily you’re a nerd too okay so I wasn’t a weirdo and who’s into weird smells like that anyway my wet sponge what is wrong with you wait a minute wait what the heck is this whoa oh my gosh bro what are those things what the blitz what did you do bro what did I do bro let out four nasty farts bro oh my gosh you got some why would you spawn this in bro these are literally like four nasty farts bro this is blitz’s fault I told you not to eat Chipotle before earlier bro I didn’t have Chipotle to I had it yesterday oh gosh well you know what it shows hold on wait a minute guys I think we can take these out as superheroes but I think we need to lock in so hold on I’m going to try running even faster W guys look at this I can run even faster now wait what can you run at the speed of light uh wait hold on let me try oh my gosh yes I can this oh my I’m on fire now wow oh gosh okay I I I don’t think I can run that fast but Blitz hold on I’m tired of these things bro Blitz you’re straight up taking them out what you’re one shotting these what bro one shoted them for real for real oh my gosh but you really are like some kind of superhero bro but wait a minute where did those storm things come in from I have a feeling Emily I think your machine mess with more than just our DNA what do you think so ah maybe mess with the world as well are you kidding me bro messing with the fabric of reality for real for real what’s wrong with you what I do it on a weekly basis should you really be this shocked but guys I think since we’re superheroes now we should probably go looking for some superhero suits and then we should probably try defending the city cuz lowkey there’s a lot of crime in this town oh yeah you’re right this is a very dangerous Town mostly because we’re here but uh you know all right let’s go over and let’s go over to the shop and see if we can get ourselves some suits all right guys well here we are at the shop so I’m pretty sure uh if there’s going to be any superhero suits they should be in here cuz I mean this is the convenience store I mean we can play pretend and I guess we could just go in here and wait a minute oh no guys are there seriously superhero suits here why are they displayed uh I have no idea bro that’s actually funny bro what what the they’re literally right here oh gosh uh should we get them Emily what are you doing bro that’s stealing what no that’s not stealing I’m a superhero right now you’re for real stealing okay you know what all right you know what I guess I can just take this and I can Y and hopefully I get even more powers in wait a minute yes I did I can press n and wait a minute I have a suit ring now so I can take off my powers and put them on just like that and what the oh okay well I guess my superhero suit is just on the side here now a what the bro are you serious a ghost it’s a ghost it does kind of look like a ghost what’s wrong with bro right now are you serious come on get back in the give it give me my powers are you serious come over here what okay well he’s just gone now are you serious wait no Shad you have it back now you can stop panicking wait really oh wait let’s go oh my gosh I got my sup bag this is awesome and wait hold on I can just do this and wait a minute I can take off my helmet too this is sick yeah being a superhero is great and look at this I can go so fast and look at my spark and look at my electricity now it’s red is isn’t it super cool Blitz it is super cool but wait a minute guys I just realized that I have more levels on my Sprint meter so I’m pretty sure if we just go over here and I kind of want to test out my speed power so uh I’m going to go and I’m going to race back to the end of town let’s go Blitz you want to do a race race oh am I allowed to fly go uh yeah you know what all right you know what you can fly and I’m going to run so let me just let go this all the way up here are you ready let’s go all right Emily start us off commentate cuz I’m ready to go the race of the century people we have Superman and the Flash let’s see who’s the fastest three 2 One race let’s go oh my gosh bro I left Blitz in the dust Blitz you barely made it bro and you’re barely making it back wait hold on actually wait you actually are a little bit faster than I am I just realized wait and if I jump I can do this that’s actually super cool oh dude I just did like three laps in 12 seconds oh my gosh bro you know what I kind of want to be Superman uh em em can you make it happen so that I can be Superman can you like rearrange my atams but that’s not possible oh gosh what the heck did you hit me with Emily and what the oh gosh you’re wearing your Spider-Man suit now I zapped your new powers what the oh wait you did no way hold on oh gosh I have laser vision now that’s awesome hey Blitz you’re not the only Superman in town anymore oh gosh oh gosh what the heck bro you trying to light me on fire you know what just for that I’m going to fly over to you okay I’d like to see you try take this bro oh my waa oh God wait a minute I just froze myself alive are you serious bro I can do that to protect myself awesome that do it just in general oh yeah you know what I can do a little bit of that oh my gosh I just froze you oh wait we froze each other froze are you Ser oh gosh bro are you for real right now all right Shad you want to be Superman fine I’ll give up all my superhero abilities if you can find me wait what oh no bro want to play hideand-seek Emily you hear this clown yeah it’s kind of funny but I’d like to see you try go hide yeah oh god what the okay you know what fine Blitz go ahead go hide somewhere oh wa Bros going super far away you know what I’mma find him where’d you go what I already lost him are you serious oh my gosh I’ve been looking for him for like 5 minutes now Emily have you seen him H how would I have seen him I don’t know how to fly don’t you have like super cool like I don’t know like Spider-Man like Spidey senses can’t you like smell him out or something I mean he literally smells like wet sponge no my Spidey Sense doesn’t work work like that it only works on danger wait a minute Emily hold on I think I have one of my powers that I can use I have X-ray vision take a look at this bro look at this oh my gosh wait I can literally see the pipes under the ground here look I bet if I break this I can see the pipes and you’re telling me you didn’t use that before well I mean he went way too fast for me to catch him bro I mean but hold on let me see if I can look somewhere wait a minute hold on I see a bunch of cows a bunch of sheep but I don’t see Blitz anywhere I see you wait a minute Emily do you see that over there over where Shad are you seeing things yeah no I’m not seeing things bro I literally see a star over there shifting a yeah look at this I see a player over here wait a minute oh I’m so smart they could never find me here uh yeah uh what’s up Blitz ah you found me H yeah I did find you bro I used my x-ray vision bro how did you not know that I had that as Superman well I guess a Deal’s a deal no Blitz you know what I kind of like you being Superman but I mean I’ve already use all the powers there it’s all there is to see but uh Emily are there more powers that we can do I kind of want to like I don’t know rearrange our atoms again and you know get to even stronger powers H I don’t know let’s see oh my head it hurts again bro Emily you got to stop doing that what you want a new powers you get new powers the price oh gosh all right that thing is actually so overpowered but wait a minute hold on you you guys are dressed different uh what the heck is going on Blitz what the how do you have a captain wait you’re Captain America you how do you have the shield though uh do you really want to know uh yeah I kind of do wait you just came out of the bathroom let me ew bro that thing smells I uh yeah did you like poop it out or something I pooped it out ew bro oh no bro oh gosh that’s heck of sus you you see this thing it really hurts oh gosh but it looks super cool wait a minute Emily what character are you now apparently I’m Green Arrow wait how do you know that are do you just like feel it inside you or something oh no I know it cuz I have a bow oh you know I’m not even going to ask how you got that but ew oh my gosh bro yeah and I can you know shoot wait what wao oh my wa oh my gosh bro you got arrows too that’s actually kind of awesome bro what kind of DNA Adam thing do you have bro that thing’s awesome I know right I’m not really sure uh he doesn’t really have any Supernatural Powers but he has a really cool bow wait Blitz bro what are you doing uh I’m cleaning my shield hello do you really want to go around with this Shield smelling like poop uh yeah no that’s heck of sus but you know what wait a minute hold on I have a good idea of who I am oh no wait a minute let me see something wa oh my gosh bro are you for real I just got the Muer I’m Thor bro you’re worthy Shad you’re worthy well that’s a surprise hey yo hey bro you know what to take that oh no bro that’s actually insane all right so all I’m going to do first wait a minute hold on if I’m Thor wait hold on I’m literally spinning my hammer right now uh hey Emily uh Hey sh take this what is wrong with you oh gosh well you know what I mean what are you going to do you’re going to throw your weird little arrows at me again maybe I will okay yeah oh ouch bro oh wow yeah that did like no damage to me bro I’m literally Thor the God of Thunder remember okay you guys are just meie poopy pants I’m going to go what did I do wa oh my gosh wait that was a new different type of Arrow show that again wa you can grapple onto stuff with the arrows are you serious that’s actually really cool try right here on the stop sign and what the oh wao that’s actually sick Emily oh no bro I know right I love that bro you’re like a you’re like an upgraded Spider-Man I I’m surprised the Spider-Man you had like couldn’t like I don’t know grapple onto stuff uh guys um I don’t know how to get down what the bro okay oh gosh you know what here I’ll save you let me just do that no you’re just helping me you’re just okay I’ll break the stupid block there you go oh gosh oh no you’re in a trouble oh no oh no bro okay we got to save Emily from herself bro take this wasn’t it working guys you justop me there you go okay I fixed it there we go wait a minute guys I feel a little weird I think I have even more Powers uh yeah I’m going to try it on you Emily cuz lowy you turned into a bad guy you you literally turned this into like weird superheroes bro I’m going to use my thunder burst on you oh no bro I literally Zapped you so hard you lagged into Oblivion you’re going to get it Shen you’re going to get it hold on I have a shock wave too what does this thing do waa H wa that was like an earthquake I feel it in my legs that’s so weird bro feels it in his legs bro oh my gosh bro Skip Leg Day for real for real oh okay is that how you want to play hey guess what Emily I know Shad secret hey yo what bro Blitz stop stop stop stop Shad doesn’t even go to the gym hey wait you know what take this wa what the bro are you serious wait hold on my Thor hammer can’t even hit you bro are you serious a are you for real right now I guess that thing is pretty strong bro That’s How Strong Captain America is uh yeah he is pretty strong but I mean like yeah you’re defending yourself bro is actually a coward for real oh defending myself is cowardly okay then don’t defend yourself this oh my gosh bro what the you almost two shot me chill out my boy okay for real for real okay you know I might have underestimated you hey Emily do you want to test out blitz’s Shield a sure oh okay Emily yeah I you blew yourself up are you for real right now what how does it try it again oh my God bro Blitz did you even take any damage from that are you serious dude this Shield is amazing oh my gosh bro are you serious I got the one thing wait hold on let me try this yeah that doesn’t work very much either are you serious bro I can’t do anything to H oh I should not be trusted with this kind of power oh gosh Blitz are you turning evil Emily I think Blitz is turning evil oh no bro we got to stop him no we have the ches powers we have to change power okay here we here’s what we’re going to do I’m going to lock in right now we got to take bro out what the Emily I can finally get these cupcakes that I wanted that were so expensive for so long what the blitz bro stop what are you doing bro we’re supposed to be heroes bro you’re turning into a villain for real what a villain what it’s villainous to have cupcakes uh yeah bro you’re not supposed to steal from the bakery bro these people worked hard for them yeah this is a local business yeah man that’s illegal are you serious I still can’t hit you you’re so die oh no bro bro actually got evil oh no em what do we do oh no oh no you have to fight him basically indestructible let’s go oh my gosh bro are you serious I can’t stop him Emily I can’t stop at me there cuz your attack is attacking me oh gosh I’m sorry Emily I be taking that what the what hey how’d you pick it up like that oh gosh Emily get out of there on gosh Emily uh we’re in trouble Blitz has gone evil bro he let the power go to his head and uh yeah I might have lost my hammer what do we do you know what Chad we need to change your powers oh no not the gun again no stop being a baby oh oh gosh what the heck did you do to me Emily what what’s going on you’re Iron Man I am not Iron Man I am Iron Man Oh by no this is awesome bro let’s go I’m definitely going to be able to take out bliss now and Emily look at this I can literally take off my helmet and then I can like put it back on that’s so cool bro I know right wait you can actually defeat him now oh wait a minute Blitz come back here and wait I think I can fly too let’s go I can fly as Iron Man hey Blitz when did you get new power uh let’s just say I’ve been doing a little bit of working out at the gym right Emily oh yeah sure working out getting Zapped by a laser okay don’t worry about it you know what Blitz take this wait what how yeah I’m taking you out bro I don’t think so I’m not going to let that happen all right Blitz your time is up I’m Iron Man and I’m going to stop you in your tracks right now don’t make me die bomb you right now well guess what I’m captain Thor America and you can’t stop me oh yeah what are you going to do about it bro you going to try stealing more candy from babies what from babies what disrespecting shop owners like that that seems pretty evil dude oh no Blitz I’m going to take you out bro for real for real this is insane what you’ve been putting me through I love like to see you try what the Bro actually flying you know what that’s it I’m going to use my ultimate powers on you take some of this where even are you I’m over here loser take some of this bro call me a loser oh my gosh bro actually for real a villain take this buddy you’re going down bro you got to snap out of it bro you’re supposed to be a good guy hey stop ow maybe I would be if you would stop attacking me oh my go bro did you seriously just drop your Hammer you know what I’m finishing the job right now for real for real you know what Blitz I’m going to take you out right now ow hey that’s what you get bro are you serious what no hey let me get my ow yeah that’s what I thought bro you got to snap out of it for real oh my gosh Blitz are you finally done yeah the cupcakes didn’t even taste that good anyway yeah that’s what I thought get up bro oh my gosh ow okay I think I’ve had enough superheroing and I guess super villain for one day yeah me too

This video, titled ‘Having a SUPERHERO LIFE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Shad on 2024-06-22 20:30:02. It has garnered 19064 views and 430 likes. The duration of the video is 00:18:28 or 1108 seconds.

Today, Shad is Having a SUPERHERO LIFE in Minecraft! Will Shad be the strongest superhero? Watch to find out!

This video was inspired by Cash Nico Maizen Kory Koryin Omz Dash Gara Aphmau Friend Wally Techycraft Andycraft & more!

#minecraft #minecraftmods #Shad

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    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

  • “CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!” #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruths

    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

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    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

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    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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    ULTIMATE TUNNEL SURVIVAL IN MINECRAFTVideo Information I found new closed tunnels in Minecraft hey guys I’m zomac today we’re going to take a look at new closed tunnels yeah let’s take a look look at the characters involved ladybug she seems to be in shock Something’s Happened to her we’ve got to help next up we’ve got Luna the animatronic that’s Mr Beast I think you all know him the racer from the Puppy Patrol and the Cutie Pie that’s white cloud let’s get started I say we go to uh who do we go to uh let’s probably go to the hound and… Read More

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    Herobrine vs Me: Minecraft ShowdownVideo Information This video, titled ‘Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine June 21’, was uploaded by KILOBRINE on 2024-06-22 12:00:28. It has garnered 448 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:25 or 265 seconds. Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and originally released in 2009. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released on November 18, 2011, with… Read More

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