SHOCKING Jungle Horror Found! Agita & Plum Play Minecraft

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so I’ll level with you guys I was just about to head down into the cave systems underneath us mine up some osmium for the botony pots and then start off the episode by looking into some more refined storage components which I would still like to do today don’t get me wrong however I have just made a bit of a horrifying discovery which has certainly stopped me from doing any of that let’s go explore this together a few episodes ago we got up the message endure which at the time I had no idea what it meant so largely ignored it then the spor creatures came in and decimated the colony which was nice of them but I thought that was pretty much it that’s what the message was about I didn’t realize it however but that was is just the tip of the iceberg note just how quiet and how little life is down here at the moment because the spor creatures certainly have been busy underneath of us this my serium stuff certainly wasn’t here the last time we ventured down into these cave systems oh holy crap does this go on for a bit really go on for quite a bit no way wonder they were so quiet last time holy crap is this what they’ve been working on all of this directly below the colony holy and there is still no life down here not that I’ve seen so far not even a single Spore creature no matter where we move down here I get the feeling we’re going to get infected by this stuff how far down does it go actually this is actually crazy how quick this has spawned in I am just going to very carefully make my way over to where we can Venture further down still no creatures no room for them to spawn in no doubt the amount of mycelium everywhere but here’s the way down and yep the infections all the way down there all colonists tucked into bed that’ll be nice for them they don’t need to venture down into this hellscape just underneath them just out of sheer curiosity can I use the stems to go down uh no no I cannot oh what the actual how have they done this so fast this is unbelievable and this certainly then explains the melium growth on the surface as well no wonder it’s penetrated through that also does sound like my friend trying to spawn in ah let him come to this yes there is the wooden structure uh the hell was that something about wooden structures that we’ve seen before I really don’t like it down here surely it can’t go much deeper surely it can’t be all the way down to bedrock oh it might be well in saying that this area here is fairly clear with deep slate this is the deep dark down here still no creatures still nothing spawning in I know I do have a few torches down here but even that shouldn’t stop these things from spawning in well I see a creeper and other nasties down there at least okay so that at least is allowing some things to spawn in I am getting a real bad feeling about this I’m just going to make a shield very quickly whereabouts was that Alex’s cave structure that we seen is it a bit further down there yes I think the cave does go a bit further down here while I think we have found our Spore friends hello chaps yes why don’t you all just get satellite and I see the Alex cave structure across the way it too seems to be compromised by the melium infection this place is just bloody awful and there is a hell of a lot of weird noises in the background so this little Hideout here as well is pretty much overrun by stuff uh oh it’s you hello friend uh I’m just going to let the myum take you over you are very very handsome I’ll have you know but I’m not going to move a bloody inch this is also incredibly loud so I may need to edit the audio a bit could we just hurry up and dial ready I really don’t chance well okay maybe I do a chance coming over to kill you bye then friend nope nope no I don’t like that let’s maybe grab this spelunker table and just get the hell out of here oh holy crap although I would like some osmium actually uh let’s quickly grab some osmium if we can then we’ll get out of here this has been this has not been great you know what we’ll grab some of that uranium ore as well I reckon at some point here we’ll need it for mechanism and even more sport growth this stuff certainly spreads hella fast fluorite ore and Os more not a lot of it but at least some yeah not so smart whenever you’re invisible and on fire there a SP which I believe these things are pretty weak to fire so yes let’s burn them all there does seem to be some form of a structure just below us there I really hope this is water I’m falling into uh yes okay Oak slabs not sure what we’re going to come into another spelunker table okay so this will be another Alex cave type thing any cave tablets about that I could maybe take oh yes indeed that was quite a few of them there uh that was really quick we need to get out of here we need to head upwards I think maybe let’s take this elevator up damn this Cave System goes on for quite some time actually oops I do have a few pieces of osmium at least so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip down interesting to see what they have done but uh yes I think I’m definitely done being down here at the moment and I see daylight has uh and some hoso more right on the surface even better well that was definitely an experience and a half one which I don’t think I want to repeat right chaps I return so what are we getting up to here oh the new Tavern build is up by the way so these idiots have a bed the Builder is working on a level two upgrade to her own builder set at the moment and of course is going to require in quite a lot of these items here which look fairly standard so I will supply her with those as we continue one I do want to see just how much osmium we were able to get there I do have a fortune pickaxe that should be plenty I will get these smelted down then and we will eventually have enough for a refined storage components I think I’m just going to spend a little bit of time supplying Valerie for everything for the level to upgrade I would also like to place down a restaurant as well just so these idiotes have some food let’s Supply first then we’ll food then we’ll food and that’s her pretty much then supplied just apart from some spru items could you also please shut the up I don’t think think we have yet found any Spruce around the place uh right we may need to go a little bit exploring for that although before we do let’s make up a restaurant build and I think we will then just set it over here out of the way uh sure I will get the Builder to come out and construct that for us once they have leveled up the room Builder Hat which I did see some Spruce logs here that we get with the town hall or supply Camp block of emeralds kind of Handy I’m also going to place down the spelunker table there and we will play around with those cave tablets in a bit uh let me go drop off the spruce logs then would still prefer some saplings but that saves some traveling at the moment The Miner wants a pickaxe and I’m not really wanting to give him it if he’s making those noises right there you go then chap you take those in get down there and continue mining storms don’t you be doing it oh I’ve just noticed that the miner has found us some diamond or already that’s kind of Handy actually uh how far down are you mining well we’re making notes at least uh oh this is going to take a lot of wood to make all of these and I reckon that this place might make a not bad of a bunker for those storms actually good idea maybe yes he’s doing not too bad of a job there I am a bit worried about this storm coming in the siren isn’t going off yet so I suppose that’s a good sign I’m going to make up a weather forecast just so that we can see bloody big baby Enderman so that we can see our forecast as to when storms are approaching you know I’m really beginning to love that noise chance of a deadly storm here every 3 days less than 5% chance I mean we’re getting them with such regularity that’s not really a 5% chance although that is a big one is what she said and I seen you there so you just bugger off little Enderman nasty piece of work and I’m not playing around here tornado you piss off as well otherwise I’m putting his Block near you yeah you run away and that is a level two builder for us perfect nicely done Valerie and she will go do the restaurant for us next even better so I have had a further look then into the refined storage mod just reminded myself of all of the many many components we’re going to require for it and I’ve got a list of some of those components which I would like to make the disc drive is easy enough as well as a storage disc for it we are going to require a lot of grids which will require a few more components namely some improved processors and some basic processors and with the basic processor alongside quart we can make these destruction cores for it but in order to make construction cores we will acquire the basic processor and glowstone dust which the glowstone dust is then a trip into The Nether for that let’s grab ourselves some obsidian then that’s probably enough that’ll do nicely we’ll light it and go straight in on top of Nether wart that’s absolutely fine uh what the hell is that structure there actually not quite sure but there’s some glowstone dust for us and a bloody Crimson mosquito nasty nasty little bugger what is this actually the soul Forge yes of course it is yeah let’s maybe not or maybe we will seeing as I just fell off uh hello friendo is that ancient debris oh yes it is don’t mind if I do right come on then you big idiot where have you gone to have you despawned um hello well that’s a disappointment so I think we’ll just grab out a few more pieces of ancient debris then quite a lot more of it and I’m pretty sure there’s a secret in here somewhere there uh maybe not on this side yes it is just on the other side my adventures with Plum definitely have come in handy here do go check out the underwater base if you haven’t already a play through that me and Plum have done uh well I’ve ruined that certainly see this is why we’re not allowed nice things I reloaded the game just to see if our friend would spawn back in which unfortunately I just don’t think it is going to okay well we got some ancient debris from it at least maybe it will come back at another Point very very disappointing there is zero point playing the music and not having him spawning here uh I’m still going up for that ancient debris so you just stay there I will deal with him in a moment but for now this is mine all right then friend let’s do this this then nice and personal nice and close this music is very epic but very loud and I would appreciate you stop knocking me into the lava while my shield is definitely helping me out quite a lot here blocking most of his damage whenever it does want to activate but it has just less than 60 Health left and in fact it’s pretty much nearly dead okay I just killed it yet the game then instantly killed me something not quite right with that fight there well I was clearly wrong about me killing it unless it’s regenerated some health but uh yeah let’s just finish this off properly this time around I will take your nice Hammer maybe it did kill me and I thought I had killed it well there’s the netherite monstrosity now dead and I have completely forgotten as to why we’re in the nether oh yeah so there’s some construction course for us and with all of those combined there’s our grids which means I can then make up a pattern grid and a crafting monitor as well as a crafter block which I can immediately upgrade into a iron crafter for some more slots and eventually upgrade that into even more powerful Crafters but baby steps first of all I think that’s enough components to maybe set us up so we will place the disc and dis drive down then alongside the crafter and let’s get the pattern grid on top of that and monitor there in fact let me just quickly tidy this up a little bit yep f as much we are out of power you know seeing as we do get in so many storms in bad weather around here let’s see if we can make up some wind generators we will require in some infused Alloys in order to make that which we Infuse Redstone into iron ingots to make those let’s set the infuser up then with some red stone as well as some iron and we will get the heat generator working for us at least for the moment good so there’s are infused allies we will require some osm mingot as well of which we do have a few already smelted and more that we can put on to smelt so now we will need some energy tablets which are easy enough to make and finally then a basic control circuit which is just an infused osmium mingot absolutely easy recipe so there is our wind generator which for now I am just going to sit there and we able hook this up to the controller there we are then a very very basic power source but everything does seem to be lit up I’m very quickly just going to make up a wrench here and we’ll get this sitting a bit better but in order for it to make the patterns we will need to teach it how to make glass where to get redstone dust from and how to make the quartz enriched iron we do have the botony pots up there which do supplies the components for those all we’re going to require are some cables in order to get up there and some external storage to stick onto them so let’s get that stuck onto the back of that and our iron as well then get everything slowly hooked up it is a bit messy at the moment but this is all temporary we will eventually move this to somewhere a bit safer and out of the road but for now at least we have access to all of those botony pot storages and if we once again just make up another pattern then we can teach the machine how to make its own enriched quartz so the final thing we will need to then teach it is how to make its own glass which should be simple enough we can also automate the smelting production of it but for now though I’m just going to place down a smelter near it which will just simply sit in there and I will supply it with some coal if I make up one of these importers then stick that onto the back of the furnace and hook it up I think that is it pretty much then set up to make us some of these patterns and it’s taking the coal out uh right it might not be one of those furnaces so let’s upgrade that to an iron furnace instead well long story short that’s it all now set up I had to make a crafting grid but from it I should be able to tell the machine to make us one of those patterns which it will slowly melt down the sand into glass and eventually it will process everything through to create as one of those patterns and there we have it a pattern that I didn’t create but this thing did for us which means we can stick it back in and automate the creation of mult multiple other things including all of these processors man I absolutely love this mod anything to automate my life and make it easier an absolute win for me cool well I’m pretty happy that’s quite a lot of advancements that we’ve made here today a shame about what is lurking underneath of us and I’m sure at some point it’s definitely going to emerge its head again but we will worry about that another [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] day

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For the past few episodes, the Spore monsters have been fairly placid. What have they been doing? Why so quiet? Oh. Oh dear.

—– Agita & Plum Underwater Base Playthrough ::

—— Some of the mods used :: . Alex’s Caves/ Mobs . Advanced Netherite . Cave Dweller . Botany Pots/ Tiers/ Trees/ Ore Planting . Bygone Nether . Dynamic Trees . Easy Mob Farm/ Piglins/ Villagers . Fungal Infection: Spore . Incendium . Iron Furnaces . L_Ender’s Cataclysm . Mekanism . MineColonies . Mutant Monsters . Nether Skeletons . Productive Bees . Refined Storage . Sophisticated Backpacks . Storage Drawers . The Man from the Fog . Weather, Storms & Tornadoes . Yungs Better End Island . Yungs Better Nether Fortresses

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    Welcome to The World of Celestria! Greetings wanderers! Join our Minecraft geopolitical server where you can unleash your creativity and explore different gameplay styles: Builders: Create your own structures and landscapes Roleplayers: Dive into immersive storytelling Lore Writers: Shape the history of Celestria Pvpers: Test your skills in combat Earth is your canvas, whether you want to create a nation, join a cult, start a religion, establish guilds or businesses. Rise to the top and make your mark in the History of Celestria! Join Us Now: Discord Server Link Read More

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