SHOCKING! Mind-Blowing Foxes in Minecraft! #17

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[Music] for [Music] pong by hi I did it that time and of course I’m not one time Hi D you say hi no how’s everyone doing today hopefully comy yeah comy going good start of the week of course yeah yeah yeah yeah must be must be Al I will not be fluffy no h why is it so rainy lately why is it so rainy it’s been raining so much last few days I can’t I can sit in a garden but it’s the garden definitely gets too much rain yeah definitely oh oh I hope it does well I hope it does well no yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh I forgot something I forgot something hold [Music] on everything’s fine everything is fine okay something was a little bit in the way yeah the cable was stuck over here a little bit my headphones it’s gone now it’s gone now yeah is me quite fluffy unless um even with the amount of rain that’s falling I’m pretty sure the garden meets some kind of rain C at this point if it just keeps raining the mount it is doing moment yeah but hopefully we will get some dry weather soon oh can get me some dry weather so I can actually work a little bit in the garden yeah satday was was fine Sunday we had some raining but today it’s been raining all day so I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I wish the the snow was still here now yeah most well all snow is actually gone not most all yeah yeah let’s be something today and how you know what to do it’s going loud now yeah yeah the rain is messing up the g a little bit with them it’s falling since I just wanted to plant some some smaller um some smaller plants with the rain oh um rain is not enabling me to actually do that much oh well oh [Music] well have so much of everything at moment yeah but soon the rain will be gone probably and then everything will be fine again never [Music] me [Music] so we got some Ming items now I only need this one and this one then we have a full set of Ming equipment will be good I don’t know if I can put mening on the shield as well oh wait was the game right yeah that’s okay the solar eclipse ooh a lot of people are dedicating time to that one I believe I wonder if he can make any pretty photos of it because they theyve been making those space pictures um quite a lot lately right yeah oh I need oh I forgot that I have three in three people now we need nine emeralds need [Music] letter they one sticks again okay that’s good but it it reloads near Emerald I think eventually H yeah we can buy another um mending book me oh yeah eclipses are quite rare because they they don’t oh appear that often yeah it’s it’s only once in a few years that they appear of course yeah but that also makes them special right oh hasn’t it mean another eclipse not long ago I believe there were two this year well have two plants this year I don’t know who plants this in though yeah no idea I need to find some more diamonds soon I’m getting to all my diamonds quite fast this way what do we do un name [Music] this whato I don’t know okay let’s Sho hey that’s not what I do silly they have have to be awake yeah they know I’m going to buy books they should be awake most of the time oh that’s that’s so far away from now 20 years yeah it’s going to be really hard to see in full eclipse I suppose especially with the amount of time it takes for one to reappear yeah not everyone can see an eclipse in their lifetime though but some some people don’t realize they they are going to happen what is this tree I don’t know no does this work I don’t know maybe okay that worked I’m surprised that it actually worked the thing is that I need a lot of sticks now so we can get some more emeralds trade for the the books okay it should be enough wood probably because I still need a head yeah I definitely need a head then I also try to make a shield to see if I can also put Ming on the shield but I don’t think so it will be really silly have a mending shield and then soon if you can get enough um experience I will wait I don’t have crafting table down here why don’t have a crafting table down here that’s a lot of steak again okay let’s let’s let that’s enough okay book please you have a book yeah I do have a book me that’s another book now I’m thinking when was the last time I saw a eclipse I I do see them quite often well yeah I do see them quite often with all the stars and everything h any we have any iron left anywhere oh okay enough iron now I wonder now I wonder why does this work yet why does this work why does this work I can make a Ming Shield this is worth it oh oh I can’t do no s I can’t do nose I’m also not going to be a chicken silly Toby um I’m preparing a little bit better for the ne because I really want to get the the quartz yeah can you disturb me at night what you want oh I don’t think they want to do that no okay I’m going through all my diamonds at the moment all my diamonds now I need to head and then I also make a Ming Shield I guess if if that’s a possibility head head here you go head head I can’t do those ever silly I’m sorry oh don’t worry no you need um I got so many items now definitely but everything is Ming as well so it’s you with that’s so good um what do you mean elevated well wait why why did I put it in there as well it’s all in here actually I can make a lot of bread now looking amount of um wheat I have yeah I got all the wheat there just a little bit more oh it was a [Music] torch probably also have to get some more cows I have the feeling oh did I really run out of seeds okay here we go everything is [Music] replanted but it’s something silly something silly I don’t really have to learn that right o house yeah so many [Music] cows oh byebye Toby have too many cows I suppose what is this okay I can make of the rest of [Music] the [Music] I don’t even [Music] know what is [Music] happening hey come back here I need some more letters since I need that last book what what are you talking about whatever silly I really need that Shield yeah I need that Shield maybe durability upgrade will also be nice for that Shield I need nine how do I make nine also need to make a book [Music] actually it’s 13 string H you have a lot of string I don’t know [Music] oh it might be one of these newest songs I’m not not familiar with oh I will have a look I will have a look off the stream though off the stream you have to prepare for the another more sck I’m trying to find all the string in in over but I don’t have much though so I probably have to get some more wood yeah definitely have to get some more [Music] wood Who’s Alex Who’s Alex [Music] H hello how is you hopefully fluffy today oh [Music] [Music] okay h [Music] I need so much material for the book but this is also leveling up in the book person so that’s good as well yeah oh what’s long isn’t that I weak [Music] oh I can’t reach that last one well this way I can reach it sort of one of the Fall skins oh I haven’t seen that one yet well I of course became fox in the game so maybe that’s some reason why I didn’t see it more sticks oh I only have one at the moment oh here’s the second one long day long day is to become short shorter day right yeah more comfy more comfy time I really need to prepare a lot for the the ne don’t I hello are you kidding okay this is so so good for leveling up and stuff I don’t have anymore okay but at least I can I was thinking I was able to buy a book but I don’t have a book tiny Fox um I don’t know what is Tiny Fox you’re not tiny Fox are you tiny Fox yeah this is Tiny FKS [Music] hello do you want b n n Mar you also Mar do you want B no don’t want maybe maybe maybe tiny Fox is learning the skill of me on Merchant who knows who knows I need a Singler [Music] book [Music] [Music] oh one book only takes one letter okay that’s good I forgot about that one B SES three letter though yeah wait so tiny Fox is taking Noms from someone and sells it back to that one similar person that’s not how it works City that’s not how it works wa um excuse me okay okay let’s make this most silly item in the game mening Shields wait go away Tony device yeah here we go you’re pretty much ready for right the only thing that’s remaining actually is a portal yeah I need to make a new portal over here so it’s a little bit easy to get to the nether so what I’m going to do oh I for Mar you make some more food make a chest because I need more storage space H I need to make a diamond pickaxe right I think I do at least do this yeah also I have a lot of arrows somewhere but I’m not sure where maybe I don’t have any arrows at all okay oh we haven’t been to the island for a while now but it’s okay that’s okay we definely go back there I’m time to get work on next lles since it’s still still something I want to do yeah wait come back here H it takes quite a lot of healing or experience to heal my shield as well because the durability is a little bit lower than all the other items I suppose we can make it more durable though yeah maybe we can make it more durable and it should be [Music] okay increase the durability and the defense open the shield let me good also where did my buckets go do I even have a bucket with me CU I I’m pretty sure I need a bucket down there oh here you go two buckets that’s okay wait for the food always the food yeah how do you get in I don’t know fin they got in I don’t know how this H hello how are you oh I see I never CL open this up again h m is important here definitely definitely if you go to the then you always have to have some NS speak you right Al maybe I should heal a little bit because I’m quite low on health let’s see what was down here again did you ever find any lava down here how many obsidian blocks do we need for the portal I wonder oh here we go um I think we put it on top of the lava right let me know okay this is going to take a while definitely oh the Tokyo Tower yeah no one’s really tall it’s not the tallest building anymore but it’s it’s really really tall if you be to the Sky Tree as well Sky Tree is really really though yeah definitely okay how much City in the yet let’s see the portal was too wide right and then three three tall so one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 yeah o Sky Three is the tallest yeah it’s definitely the tallest oh oh tee laps oh that’s that one Museum right experience Museum or how they call it I think no no o I haven’t been there myself I I know it’s close to Tokyo big site yeah it’s across the Rainbow Bridge never been there myself I saw a lot of people people’s pictures from that area it’s a really really fun place I suppose okay have 10 okay here we go this must be fun must be fun yeah maybe also have to put mending on my pickaxe maybe let’s see now we can make a portal where should we make the portal Chad where should we make the portal not inside I think maybe up here maybe up here will be good because we are not using this wall right yeah let’s make it up here somewhere we can use this wall here I think yeah that will be good I think it was this shape right CH no no no no no no no I’m not going to put the portal over that silly I think it was this shape and I’m not 100% sure yeah yeah I think it was this shape I don’t know I don’t know Ste FL with me though let’s make some more pickaxes and then we can actually go to the nether yeah I need some more normal [Music] [Music] pickaxes [Music] stick Stone need more stick [Music] though okay make more stick [Music] okay is this a pickaxe jet is this enough pickaxe H I have my dos this is enough pickaxe [Music] hiia hello how are you oh I also need to steal Flint of course to open the portal Ste Flint where’s the new Flint yet oh here you go I knew I had some so don’t let’s not equip it inside of the house no oh no I hope everything is fine though if anything is if anything happens just just let us know fluffy are always happy to to talk about things yeah let’s see okay it [Music] worked hi hello where are we wait this looks so much more accessible than the other one soon need slimes okay um armor I don’t know if I’m wearing armor no I’m not definitely not wearing armor I’m fine I not oh don’t let them bad memories always lead your way okay just always be comfy that’s more important always be comfy let’s make this area a little bit safer for myself I should anyone watch out with lava this time neite what is nether right well I’m not that far from the original point so it doesn’t really change the spawn area right yeah it’s diamonds it’s diamonds this is head hat yeah I have a head hat but this looks like a much safer location than last time definitely yeah no idea where the original portal is now it’s not far away from me I have the feeling H but it’s also inside a cave so I suppose it’s also making it a little bit more safe definitely um no no I think wasn’t me wasn’t me let’s go this direction at least the remember where we went to it’s always this this kind type of cave isn’t it yeah there’s no escaping this this biome look I made a lot of pickaxes so it should be fine how far do we have to go I just going to stay away a little bit further from the walls from now on in case any uh lava drops from the ceiling yeah it sounds like a good plan right J also I really need the rapidity on the shield though yeah is it the eclipse J also hi is the tips oh wait dery did you go to June did you go to June this is so pretty oo it’s not the full eclipse right really pretty oh do the F Eclipse oo because um some CH fluffies head only P Eclipse I believe um oh no what is this jet H do we have to go this way maybe oh nightmare nightmare you like stone tools don’t you you like stone tools yeah unfortunately um it’s not on this side of the planet I think Eclipse right or at least I didn’t see it okay this looks a little bit safer last one is one of those flying marshmallows h what are you talking about everything’s fine I just don’t get to placees City I spent so much time already making the tools I have at the moment or at least no things how many in enchantments can you put on a tool I wonder it is a flying marshmallow right really said flying marshmallow a lot can I do all the enchantments just all of them oh this is what I mean yeah this is what I meant Oh welcome to Tiny foxes this H thank you for joining enjoy your um FL modes yeah yeah yeah yeah I think you also got the thingy in Discord but I’m not certain and I should also put some more shorts um on the channel I mean I mean forgetting a little bit about the shorts but it’s it’s difficult to work on those sometimes so you can make unlimited um enchantments then I suppose but the problem with with with using a good pickaxe over here is that it will break regardless because we won’t find many blocks that will give experience right oh glow stone I haven’t had any glowstone up until now so that’s that’s a good development just in case I’m just making everything more safe for myself it’s been going to a lot of fun fun places is yeah definitely is this actually the first time that we ever going to take glowstone back home at least if it doesn’t fall down there no looks a little bit too too dangerous over there so let’s let’s continue oh oh okay oh we we have a lot of fluffies that are stunning lot we’re getting really smart fluffies yeah definitely what what are you what are you studying on this hook any particular um stud o o Chad o o at least we don’t have the redeems anymore o not only fluffy bot is mean to me also Chad yeah I didn’t even do anything wrong with Chad is always mean mean I don’t know if you have a little at those nightmare oh where are we I don’t even know where we are at the moment no no I’m not a Kat ne ne get this get this wo are you going to work us um guides or any particular thing you want to focus on H Alo I always [Music] changing wait I don’t trust that I don’t trust that I don’t oh no don’t tust nightmare don’t tust nightmare was me Miss City mean to me yeah o FL fluffy though fluffy oh fluffy so fluffy I was thinking it was some marshmallow down here somewhere are we already going back to more B Sal yes we are um can we go the other direction please it looks like less Sal at this point but I think I have to go back a little bit more yeah this is come becoming a maaz at this point O Okay this Hook is going to be my main provider of wheel pictures and stuff yeah that’s that’s sounds like a really really nice nice buy yeah science science science science is good science progresses us um the planet forwards right yeah definitely it’s always good to move forward instead of backwards well it’s been a while since we had those streams now but was still on Twitch yeah can we just leave the B Sal area already please I don’t like this oh well o o but what what change nightmare stream is now right yeah yeah stream is better we playing Minecraft um really though I want to play it more in the future but I’ve been lacking a little bit of energy lately unfortunately but I’m trying to get a bit more now yeah so hopefully soon we will be be able to do some more beat saber but it will be on Twitch though yeah then will be on Twitch why is there so much lava Bo I’m just making a safe Walk Way everywhere maybe have to go up a level hello is there The Way Forward no not yet let’s go a little bit f wait yeah we we we will definely have into more Monster soon yeah soon can be in a year of course but well s is going to be released next year so oh no find this H find this h why is this so much St how I don’t know about we have to freeze hell yeah make everything more fluffy I don’t like like lava it’s been so dangerous still now yeah it’s been dangerous what was has mean so long ago I think we returned for one stream to world not long ago but it was during anniversary probably yeah that was definitely during the anniversary let’s go this way me let’s see if we can find another biome [Music] soon yeah eventually everyone moved on from Monster Hunter a little bit back then so that’s it was when the monster H stream stopped being thing I believe me so it’s good have some prority but I’m really really looking forward to um world yeah it looks so good the video but that will be next year of course we are not there yet I don’t even know when it will be released now let me see where’s steam here’s steam wait well let’s see when is this going to be released release date 2025 okay no exact um period yet but he were speculating that it was going to be around um August or something forly like all the other monster this where late in the year I [Music] believe can we leave this area already [Music] please it’s been a b and fluffy over here music is pretty though um I will visit I will visit definitely still fox foxes over there family foxes yeah hello how are you com day wait wait wait wait now that we have this H inside of Japan this H will be our main advertisement fluff fluffies Japan hi this H I’m just being Sil oh oh o why why is there always [Music] lava but have the feeling we are in a new area now that’s [Music] good maybe Fluffy’s going we Fluffy’s going to have a meeting yeah definitely I know some other FS that that AAL meeting and they attended with being on a big screen not sure that was big comic morg though but was fun to see nothing fluffy way to interact with everyone as well definitely there’s a lot of quartz of here that’s good finally we in an area that’s a little bit less and fluffy we have to be careful about lava and stuff because I have really expensive things now with me yeah definitely oh are you going to go to the South Fox Village this hook H yeah it’s probably going to be any expensive to go there yeah fortunately really fluffy to be there always definitely hello [Music] oh yeah I’m always a little bit confused about Fox vage though because I I know it’s it’s not a thing you should um the that should actually exist like that yeah because foxes are not group animals like that yeah and there are too too many foxes in that Village so I’m a little bit concerned about their [Music] wellbeing I will be friends with them don’t worry unless they stand in my way though I can’t guarantee I don’t hit them what are you doing [Music] o qu spillar okay what are you now doing here sis yeah they look friendly also I’ve been thinking a little bit more about the Mery stuff I’ve been talking about um maybe I willon be planning to work on some things next year but it’s it’s going to be a lot of coins that weire to have anything unfortunately at the moment yeah cook hello how are you hope a comfy [Music] today yeah but even even if they take good care of the foxes they can be really stressed with really big groups yeah foxes are really solitary animals no matter how how well you take care of animals um they always feel in a certain way especially with big hopes yeah oh okay hopefully it will be fine if anything happens just let us know we can always help okay yeah oo comfy day comfy day there also so much fun fire everywhere this is not good this is really good for leveling up so I suppose this works I have to calculate how much quartz I actually need then we can calculate how much we need to spend more time diing stuff this is probably the first time that we ever going to return for the nether there was nothing bad just happened I hope nothing bad will happen though and this is really good for leveling up so we will probably be able to make some Enchantment books [Music] soon yeah and I need a lot of this glow stone one let make building we are making some more fire or quarts over here along the fires okay LEL 20 already or maybe I can make I can make The Mending um let diamond pickaxe we have Ming yeah it will be any good for this area because it will he itself every time we mine quartz it’s also a little bit faster than this pickaxe I suppose right CH what are you doing hello hello what what what are you two [Music] doing oh even more quartz oh where is someone hello I don’t have any gold for them no what are they talking about haly go go away I don’t want to be in small area like this something that tends to happen when I’m like [Music] this okay oh no well they are really close let’s look at marshmallow and close oh they are not that strong actually okay that worked out I suppose didn’t if any items they or anything H oh we really on the edge of this area aren’t we okay let’s make let’s make a hallway over here oh I’m not that good at this game for for that yet I suppose yeah maybe we will be in the future okay this this mine’s quite a lot faster than what we had before I’m just going to stay away a little bit so we can just mine it safely this trying to be safe so we can return do the fox over soon are you really following me go away okay bye see me oh okay let’s continue oh we want to low wa I’m I’m too afraid to to hit them or something I know want to hit them Al CH is there any specific or another or or anything outside of the the glowstone we found earlier I think there must be something thing um like diamonds down here right special nether diamonds may maybe they will be stronger or maybe more valuable so we can trade them for emeralds yeah it sounds like a good thing right so this this one W be so long we ever going to exit this hallway I mean there’s a lot of quartz everywhere that’s [Applause] good okay let’s continue oh wait no I want Ruby or Sapphire yeah yeah I want another Sapphire so we can make pretty blue thingss definitely how long is this hallway no oh where are we I think we have to dig down somewhere okay let’s go down here oh we need to find a wall or [Music] something if we are able to find a wall at least there’s a tree over here it looks like is that a tree what is that this ground wait what up pink Lings are those the friendly ones or wait where is the wall chck where’s a wall can I make can I reach this I wonder I can reach this okay okay we get we are getting wait what’s happening over there oh there was a wall over there okay let’s let’s go there looks a little bit safer for me for I suppose you have to make a safe way down but this looks like it’s a save way down ooh oh we don’t wear any gold is anything special in this air here now H let’s see hope we don’t lose the way though wait what is that hello are you friendly oh oh I see I see one with the B Bo they they are not friendly maybe he also need a bow or something what if he go down a little bit further oh quartz hey more quartz this this biome looks a little bit more friendly than the ones we were before how much blocks do we have to go down I want to know no maybe have to make an hallway or something with a door little house so can’t get inside yeah sounds like a good plan oh shiny can we make wood with this I wonder is this just normal wood oh that’s not that’s not even a Tre oh the music is also pretty over here yeah let’s [Music] see yeah we can make a door pry [Music] sure oh this this who next my area um are you friendly oh they are friendly though the small ones ooh Why CH warning me no one is friendly okay that it works oh only the small ones then hello wait what did these attack me I’m so confused maybe they don’t like me I don’t know oh there a big one oh it’s dangerous there is ooh work shop I wonder if there’s anything special in this biome though yeah we are strong enough definitely oh I think we have to watch for no not yet we don’t have to remember where we came from though just in case wait how do I do that how do I do that Blue Fire H this looks suspiciously dangerous over here hi way hello oh maybe we can take Minecart yeah H looks like such a strange biome to me also um do I have any yeah I do have torches let me let me like make a little bit of a you have to go to area Al some probably lose the way quite easily oh they quite strong oh no you have to be careful I suppose H ch um I have the feeling we have to head back now right just in case so we we will be safe with almost stuff I don’t have any spots left anyway so and then next time we can continue a little bit more finding some secrets and stuff yeah I don’t see anything particular over here that looks into W everything looks interesting but H and another is this really any big up here but I can’t really see it yeah look how big this one is H okay let’s go [Music] back okay let’s see oh this way I think at least it was this way how are you hopefully fluffy where do we go to oh over here I put the Torches over here for a reason it’s a tiny one something is making F and funny noises where do we go to I know probably this way oh yeah a lot of fluffy snits look at the clips also really really pretty pictures of it it’s in in the channel this I mean yeah those pretty wait I don’t even know where to go to from here this should be somewhere over here the entrance area [Music] definitely it’s a secret door okay bye it’s going to go up again hello they hitting quite hard through my shield though still um where’s this door though might be over here oh wait oh no it’s so many it’s so many you also want to play little oh it’s letter okay there no more letter but every every every of them feels different right what are you doing small ones you’re hitting your small ones silly yeah small ones don’t do anything to me those are fluffy oh here we go here we go that’s our door found it maybe I have to mark this here a little bit better yeah okay bye let’s go home this is going to be the first time we return home with all these items wait can they open doors they can open doors oh Alo where where did he come from yeah I already need to Unbreaking upgrade for shield I suppose oh how did he get down here oh I see over here sometimes I make these so complicated for myself oh this way we heading home back to the boxes then I’ve already work a little bit on that hallway yeah definitely that’s going to be our next project of course wait why are so many hello no friend okay s oh there one behind me wait okay we are safe again definitely and we have such stronger armor now compared to what we had before that really helps with trying to survive this oh this way but this this is already a amze at the moment it’s because of that that area we started in he what’s wrong does CH work for you H I don’t know everything’s working fine from my side I don’t know okay anything the small ones alone those don’t give that much experience anymore oh this way yeah definitely this way oh why did I wait what is this area when did I make it like this oh because okay there’s a hallway next to it there’s a next to it this way I have seen yellow Eclipse orange and yell yellow oh yeah it’s the main colors of the sun right the yellow and orange actually white is the main color and in in white everything all the colors are contained in inside of the white color yeah oh here we go let’s go home let’s go home oh excuse me what is this why are you over here um Chad did they escape from the nether escape from the nether H wait do we have to close it can we just close it like this oh how do we close it okay it’s closed wait does it work it doesn’t work Chad what is Chad talking about okay so next project either we work on bookcases or we are going to work on no way because I have a lot of quartz now let’s actually make quartz blocks is it all let me only make 60 okay this is okay how does one of these blocks look like compared to each other what what is this which one is prettier okay I like the blocks more okay let’s make let’s make out everything out of blocks yay okay I do have a lot of pickax still so we can work on the hallway a little bit also have to work on the bookcases at one point because we have to make we have to definitely work on all other things that’s up there um let’s make a little hole Yeah this is the way inside well it was the way inside o I forgot about this SK over here oh okay have fun so what I’m thinking what’s behind you not much yeah let’s let’s move the ceiling a little bit because this is going to be the ho this going to be quartz but this is a lot of quartz actually we need probably a lot more than we have at the moment it to have a lot of trips to the to the nether definitely seeing how long we spent on getting quartz and only with 60 blocks oh we are not even at the end yet okay that that cost us 40 blocks we need one two three four five five more all right this is one two three four five [Music] six also how how how light is the the glow stone you can make one [Music] glowstone this is lighter than the another things so let me get new [Music] recipe maybe you got some new recipe for lights or something I don’t [Music] know [Music] this is going to really pretty once it once it’s done though GS everywhere why is why is mouse stuck why is mouse stuck I don’t know sometimes Mouse get stuck I I don’t know [Music] why yeah I probably have to calculate how much we quart we actually need at this point so we don’t we know how much long we have to spend inside of the the nether yeah but we only had 60 we only at 60 let’s also see if we can get new recipes or something because I I unlocked something new and I’m not sure what that it’s going to be let’s [Music] see what is this oh [Music] Moree glow see Ln Lantern redstone lamp hold okay is this is this more light I wonder check this more lights then we have findon for H red [Music] stone the problem is that we if we break glowstone it probably ends up breaking all the time right but let’s place this next to another one [Music] what oh over [Music] here wait it doesn’t do anything why it doesn’t do anything it’s it’s a light [Music] he I’m a little bit confused I’m also a little bit confus why wasn’t this going to be steps I wonder why is it not steps I moment it should be in steps H I don’t know I don’t know how to fix this lamp H maybe maybe I’ll will figure it out later on so we have to make everything a little bit wider again definitely because I I think I miscalculated something and this will be like this because the side on the other side will be connecting so this this over here will also be filled up with quartz was both sides are going to be the same but that that requires us to have so much quart I don’t know if we will ever be able to finish this this area if we need this much at least the crystal tower was less less work in this area yeah but it’s going to be pretty it’s the most important something this also going to be so much stone I have to [Music] remove there we go that side is also done but it’s a little bit dark now yeah okay so we need let’s see for roof we needs How much quartz one two oh 40 we need 40 40 80 you need 80 [Music] quartz back [Music] what back I’m back so no um all right um 40 80 120 160 that’s fun this hook I will see more pictures from you yeah yeah yeah yeah but enjoy your time definitely enjoy your time this will be a block this one it’s going to be like this yeah f is always so so loud this is going to take a while this will me faster I do have a diamond one as well I’m also having an idea how to do the hoof boards since I want to have something light in the sky or at least way of seeing the sun from here yeah definitely will be part of this um Bo as well I I’m not I’m not 100% sure yet how how that will be though but we will figure out we will definitely figure it out [Music] why is there so much dirt over here though yeah there’s so much dirt everywhere actually B and H ski hello how are you are you also playing Monster World by any chance are you maybe also playing the the 20 anniversary um series I had to talk yesterday with ski about um f one or all the whole life um all the whole life um memories we’re actually playing mon world again but I I kind of figured out it was because of the the anniversary yeah yeah oh do you like my new hallway ski it’s far from done but this is this going to be the idea a little bit it’s going to be big though Al I kind of want to work on the skylights today yeah okay let’s let’s remove one more at least this layer and then we MO can look at the skylights a little bit so we also have an idea how to make those I know have of enough pickax still now or I still have to okay it should be fine they going to be really comfy problem though I need 1 th000 quarts at this point to maybe even more quartz is not that easy to get by no it’s one of the most difficult materials to obtain I suppose yeah we don’t have enough pickaxe for this I’m not too worried what are we going to do with all the stone though I have a limited stone at this point yeah I don’t know I don’t know [Music] I’m also a little bit confused by the the he side at the moment CU we missing a layer but I’m not going to put any layer in there until we have more [Music] quartz and this will be the last line oh actually let go over there [Music] [Music] also the thing I’m wondering do the treeson burn if you put them on fire because they they are in an area that’s really really hot right okay so how long is this hallway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 and 36 27 28 [Music] 29 why not 40 J why not 40 oh okay let’s see one more ho this is not no this is not in sign of another Farm I don’t like this this has to be 40 I see a problem though our stairs is not working anymore upstairs um let’s let’s let’s see if I can fix this a little bit for now I see another problem oh and it’s not a problem okay this also works um okay this works which is a little bit of a strange staircase now but at least it’s 40 blocks now so let’s let’s do some calculations 40 * 3 13 how big do I want to have these skylights because it’s one two three four five six WI seven I find it by two and 3.6 one 2 three is my calculation okay he I’m trying to figure out how to make these skylights okay let’s put one in the middle of the room so 40 divided by two is 20 so let’s see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 yeah okay let’s let’s it’s okay so one two this going to be the light circle so one 2 3 four five that doesn’t oh yeah jet was behaving a little bit strangely okay I’m already confused also Chad does Chad know how to fix this lamp it’s not working I don’t know how to turn it on oh yeah I saw the pictures from tury it was really pretty 1 two 3 four five actually no 1 2 3 4 because this is this is missing so that makes sense four right one two three wait no right one two three four okay four okay okay this will be a light then yeah I have to dig up quite far probably you met metal approach what do you mean I’m just wanting to have everything correctly lined out and stuff [Music] okay so this will be the the missing line over here as well yeah and then the over line or um a circle of glow stone or those if I can fix those lights depends on how light what is the lightest thing we can make let’s also see if he can go up oh I don’t know what’s what’s upstairs but we fig it out definitely but we are already deep into the mountain so it’s probably take a while before we get upstairs what means some more lights soon hopefully there we go so this this will be our little Skylight over here there a three blocking the way though okay let work s um okay this will not block the light anymore now I think wait if this okay it makes sense okay so it’s going to be like this then oh I will show you soon we have to go down now welcome back make no but I don’t think I have enough pickaxe now unfortunately so let’s make some more oh I can’t jump that much down wait where is that h [Music] the new tree is blocking the way down it is a good thing though but it’s nothing really useful if I want to go to the house I still have two sticks though but it’s not enough I suppose I can make more stick so we need to make more cow soon [Music] and let have to find out how to make um wait how to make them the name I I forgot the name yeah how to make the Light low because I’m pretty sure this is a light right at least it was made with Glowstone but it doesn’t do anything at the moment oh I blocked that way myself apparently h oh Ean are you any stuck underneath the key another one okay where’s this where’s the Skylight I was making somewhere over here right Skylight wait where are you oh they went spin oh there are two of them I sleeping forar wait four okay more multiple ones now I don’t know where this this Skylight is then I’m starting to make where did I leave it h now a little bit lost yet when did I leave that Skylight oh over here it’s it’s a little bit hidden maybe that’s a good thing though [Applause] um a few streams ago I suppose everything’s fine everything is fine good wor where do they come from [Music] though is this just my sleepiness or something I don’t know H and this is going to take a while chest but I don’t think if if anything falls down here it will survive the fall right so it’s will be safe to make this one unless it can fly of [Music] course oh there so much Cobblestone now oh we even finding iron what is this H I know I don’t look need iron at the moment I’ve got quite a lot of iron in the fox already so we leave that one to the side alone until we make the walls for this Skylight yeah but I wonder how much more deeper we have to go though because we are quite deep already H this will help us bring some light into the the fox maybe even snow at one point that won’t be any any comfy oh here we go any there any [Music] there should be careful not to fall down else it’s going to be difficult actually can I not just do [Music] this yeah I can it’s a little bit [Music] faster okay for a second I was I was worried if I made a miscalculation there I [Music] didn’t there we go or still the last pickax now or still have to okay yeah there will be the skylights and then I will be cing the sides and glow stuff like this one I don’t know how to make this one glow though do we need a power head or something yeah do you know oh I I don’t know if I already s by but really night KN hope to see you tomorrow tomorrow we’ll be playing some more Minecraft yeah yeah yeah definitely more Minecraft tomorrow and we will work a little bit more on the the hallway yeah Al let me take the iron with me no those are valuable let see if I need some kind of item for this one to to make it light up what do we need any comy well hope to see you next time as well yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah be comfy okay be comfy oh I can make blue light I do have a lot of soul scent where no I even know I don’t have any Soul scent I went I went to the matter I didn’t have any Soul scent okay yeah oh I was also looking for something to make this the thingies go on right wait a button we can make a button this will not be a problem do we have any normal Stone no wonder not really can we burn doors no we can burn doors yeah we can’t burn doors oh I do have some charcoal though so maybe we have to attach a button to it oh wait it doesn’t stay on H also is this lighter than the glowstone if the glow stone is light I will probably use the glow stone messages [Music] H how do we how do we do this is there thing I can use CH how does this work I can make a lever yeah maybe leave works I need a stick though I need a stick single stick look at me I don’t have any sticks anywhere oh I have a single stick okay flever wait why is it making that [Music] thing oh okay I anyway it is really pretty though but is it is it as pretty still one I wonder I know let’s see oh I’m working on the on the hallway yeah I just made a skylight and I’m trying to figure out which one is lighter this one or the other one this one feels a little bit lighter doesn’t it h how do we make it Glow around the circle I wonder what did it it has to light up the whole circle and I can’t see the but because you can see the the Gap Above It That Way H is the way of lighting it the side or something let’s see let’s see if this works I want to try something what if we do this oh that works do this okay this works does it work with the second one though let’s let’s let’s just make all of them how did I make the lights no now how do I make the lights um where’s this block oh I need Redstone I do have a lot of redstone [Music] somewhere might be in here yeah I do have a lot of redstone let’s make some lamps gu a little bit works yeah because I have no idea how this actually works these mechanics no no you light up no there’s no way of lighting up the sides no gu the button doesn’t wait it activates too probably because there some more it don’t tell me I have to make a circle out of those switches as well H I have no idea it probably will end up in something like this then oh let me take one of these like this and then you take this one yeah then I go end up like net or something I don’t know but I have to do little circle with these blocks I don’t even know know if I have enough of them no I don’t we have to light up the wall Circle H I have another have another okay two more and that’s enough to make the circle complete but this means I need a lot of switches don’t [Music] I yeah it’s going to be a lot of switches also still a lot of quartz though so much [Music] quartz [Music] [Music] need [Music] okay finish the circle okay and this will be really pretty when once everything is working and I also going to replace these walls with quartz as well [Music] no one in this world will have any quarts except [Music] me oh it’s a really fun game yeah really really [Music] fun I’m actually thinking of making doing some quartz mining off stream during the weekend or something yeah so we can get some more quartz because just look going through the nether finding more quartz is might not be the best thing for stream we I have to look maybe maybe we do it on stream or maybe off stream who knows but it’s it’s getting pretty pretty late now so and for today yeah mean a long stream mean a long stream and we did a lot I finally also got out of the nether so let let the first that’s the first yeah yeah so need more stretch of course I haven’t been stretching enough lately so yeah we’ll be back with this a bit more tomorrow and we more probably I IEM work on the enchantment boooks or um the hallway or maybe both we’ll see we’ll see be for tomorrow definitely that was fun though that was fun yeah finally the is not mean anymore to me apparently yeah it do mean quite a fluffy most of the time um but we will be continuing with this tomorrow of course and then I will be back with some more maybe Horizon on Wednesday I’m not sure yet Horizon on Thursday Definitely Maybe movie Evening on Friday well I did plan a movie Evening on Friday right yeah movie Evening on Friday and then Satay will be I don’t know yet maybe maybe something we haven’t played yet and then Sunday chatting stream maybe duckies maybe something else I don’t know yet we will see the week continues definitely but I’m going to get some laps hopefully hopefully fluffies also get some comfy time or have a really really comfy Day morning afternoon before I go link link linkies to the Discord Community server my twitch my Twitter my feat page stream related art and music link is all below the stream in the description you can also find the Bell icon in stream to get notifications when the next thing goes live yeah that’s everything actually so hope this love is tomorrow with more Minecraft or maybe later this week with Horizon or movie Evening yeah definitely so hope to see everyone next time so byebye for you on for now byebye [Music]

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    Legendary Minecraft 1.7.10 Gameplay Part 3 The Legendary Minecraft 1.7.10 Gameplay: A Thrilling Adventure Unfolds! Exploring the Depths of Minecraft 1.7.10 In this exciting video, the player embarks on a journey filled with twists and turns in the world of Minecraft 1.7.10. From the captivating intro to the heart-pounding moments in the mines, every second is packed with adrenaline-pumping action. Unveiling Achievements and Epic Battles As the player delves deeper into the game, they conquer challenges and unlock achievements that showcase their skills and determination. From mastering the art of crafting bread to gearing up for epic battles, every milestone is a testament to their… Read More

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    CaptainSparklez 2: EPIC SteamPunk Escape! 🚀🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Great Escape | SteamPunk Craft Ep. 7’, was uploaded by CaptainSparklez 2 on 2024-05-17 00:00:23. It has garnered 28582 views and 1331 likes. The duration of the video is 01:27:48 or 5268 seconds. We are playing the SteamPunk Minecraft modpack in which we must make more guns and upgrade the guns and use them to shoot the ender dragon. Thanks to Apex Hosting for sponsoring! Use code “CaptainSparklez” to get 25% off your own server’s first month: SteamPunk Playlist: My Links: ● My gear (code CaptainSparklez): ● My clothing line: ●… Read More

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    EPIC Loot from Minecraft Animals! #viralshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft BUT ANIMALS GIVE OP LOOT #minecraftshorts #viralshort’, was uploaded by CHIPU BADSHA GAMER on 2024-03-01 09:54:46. It has garnered 216 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:59 or 59 seconds. minecraft,minecraft challenge,minecraft but,minecraft manhunt but,beating minecraft,minecraft but challenge,minecraft manhunt,minecraft manhunt but i secretly used,manhunt minecraft,minecraft op items,minecraft op,minecraft manhunt but op loot,minecraft challenges,op minecraft,minecraft funny,minecraft but op items,minecraft manhunt dream,minecraft but lava rises,minecraft manhunt but custom,minecraft pvp,minecraft uhc Read More

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  • sVanilla Survival: Semi-Anarchy, SMP, Crossplay Enabled, No Crystal PvP

    sVanilla Survival: The Original SMP Experience IP: Region: USA East sVanilla Survival offers a true SMP experience with a focus on survival and community. Survive & Thrive: Build, explore, and conquer freely without hacked clients. Melee Based PVP: Enjoy swords, axes, and bows in PvP combat. Quality of Life: Convenient commands like Teleport, Ignore, and Sethome. Bartering Economy: Trade with other players for resources. Boundless Exploration: Explore the 300k world border freely. Permanent Legacy: Your creations will never be reset, preserving your creativity. TNT Duplication: Build with ease using enabled dupers. Join sVanilla Survival for a classic multiplayer experience…. Read More

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