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[Music] right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hello [Music] you didn’t see anything listen we like doing a little bit of pranking we like doing a little bit of trolling we do a little bit of trolling okay we do a little bit trolling we do a little bit trolling you know do I’m just building in Minecraft what are you talking about anyway hello bu welcome to another uh stream Pogo stream today uh I’m playing Minecraft uh but this upcoming week as you guys have seen on my schedule I’m not going to be playing as much Minecraft maybe I’ll be playing off stream and stuff but not that much on stream because I feel bad for playing so much Minecraft so I will probably play but not stream my POV and stuff yeah 5 Hour stream I don’t know about that I didn’t know I didn’t know if I’m going to do that but yeah uh how have you guys been uh I did the thing I was going to do today I did my schedule uh and oh I made two thumbnails which I think is pretty good I’m going to have to do more later and also made a tutorial video for an idol girl cuz I want her to join [Music] good Minecraft team I don’t think I have time this week maybe I don’t know I’m going camping by the way uh tomorrow which is technically today for me I’m so nervous by the way did I pack everything no well I have some stuff packed but did I pack everything no why po why because it’s only going to be like one day so you know but welcome back to the poketopia H popia and um I don’t know if he guys have seen many changes since last time I don’t know if I have really done anything I think you guys have seen this um I think you guys have seen this right but I did remove some chests here because I have started working on something different and that is actually uh let’s go that is [Music] actually a storage room which I just showed you but a storage room because I didn’t want to make an Aquarion down here then I was like wouldn’t it be cool if like there’s like a chest in the middle and then like you have like all the storage stuff in here and then if I need more space I’ll space space Oh my God help me I’ll probably make a stairs here here uh I can’t speak anymore I don’t know what’s wrong but probably here or like a ladder or something that goes down to the basement and then I will have like storage room and stuff so yeah it works it works really nicely and I really like doing this type of style when it comes to storage because it’s just easier to see like what each thing is so as you guys can see uh I have a lot of stuff and I really need to start like sorting stuff so I decided to put it in here oh no I think we can up the Minecraft a little bit just a teeny tiny bit it’s so sad and here we have all of our nether stuff and sand and a lot of Cobble and a lot of dirt and I don’t have anything here yet but I was going to put like leather and animal stuff in there and then here we have some red stone cuz I’ve been collecting a lot of red stone and then these ones I haven’t really done anything with yet I really just need more leather and stuff yeah are you excited for your first XP camping why would I need to do that listen I need to show you guys something okay so perceive greatness Unbreaking two protection 3 protection 3 Unbreaking 3 check this out SMY 3 Unbreaking Three diamond cuz Dia Fortuna is in the server and I thought it would be funny to call Diamond is Unbreaking 3 fortune 3 diamond pick pickaxe I haven’t really done anything with this one yet because I was going to give this one away but then uh I actually gave away uh another silk touch that I got a silk touch pick I’ve been making a lot of pickaxes I thinking give a lot a we a lot of diamonds because I got like 28 diamonds I think like yesterday or something so I decided to give some away and make some pickaxes I know I gave one silk touch to Ariel and then I gave um I don’t remember what I I think I gave a fortune 3 under breaking three efficiency 2 to Kaa but yeah I have a normal Diamond pickax that’s efficiency three and I have a diamond axe that is Unbreaking three and then I have this one which is just a iron pickaxe and breaking one and efficiency one because I was helping Blaze uh build her base and stuff and then uh just a stone shovel because I was helping with the base and I’m bread yeah and I have have a lot of books now I don’t know if they’re like the best but I have a lot of books I can actually put this one away I one thing I really need is probably lapis Laz and I don’t really know where to find that so I might ask someone in the server about that I cannot read I am sorry come there I need to start learning man it’s like my dream anyway but I have something really important coming up next week so um I can’t say what it is but it’s something like really cool oh oh so cute but yes that is that is what I have right now and then uh what else was I going to show here I’ll show you my chest I don’t have as much Diamond anymore because I’ve been giving away all of my diamond stuff here [Music] H so not this one this chest I have 18 Diamond now because I gave away so much Diamond I still have my Smite diamond sword left in case I want to do something with that because kind of made an anvil which is really nice and I still have my Fork I call it my Fork it’s Unbreaking three efficiency three and silk touch so I can do that stuff now uh you guys saw it in the last stream and these ones I need to sort in my new storage yes yeah and then uh I actually made a warp thingy uh for for my cave because I go to my cave quite a lot and uh kind of did that too so I was like oh then it’s probably not cheating right if if the admin of the server gets to do it I get to do it too so if we go on this warp Stone uh behind my study desk I can now go down into my diamond mine and this Diamond strip mining is super good I can find so much Diamond here it’s really good and then I can just go back T byy byy yeah all the girls were mining together last night one showed up in Saw diamond armor equit while everyone else was in the iron V oh yeah well one good thing about that is that uh we we um have like an iron farm now at K’s place I think I showed you guys or maybe I don’t know if I showed you guys I wonder if my warp Stone Works oh does it actually work now oh maybe she fixed it yeah cuz um Spectra uh from V and you uh so she got she got lit on fire I think by by somebody and she tried to use a bucket to like make her like not be on fire anymore and then um she messed up all of the warp plates at this spot and I thought I had to fix it but I don’t have to fix it so we’re good now that’s one last thing to do any of them have netherite yet I don’t think so um yes but uh what was it going to oh yeah I was going to show you ka’s uh place so if we go to Kaa she stole some iron from from me apparently like 11 iron or something to make a [Music] is it by see you later I don’t know luy byebye well why does everyone have to go when I come in hi hii welcome to stream what is up are you in the server even no what’s up wait everyone left when I came I’m so stink anyway uh so Ka made a uh what is it called a freaking iron farm with some of my iron and that made me so happy so this this is actually one of my investments actually in the server and look at this oh my freaking I’m taking all of it I mean it’s just going to spawn more let’s leave some for other people but it’s going to spawn more right I need an animal at home anyway oh it’s so help right wow w wow wow wow it’s so cute too because kind made it pink so it would fit all of the like other blocks and stuff in her place it’s super cute she’s been like she’s been like grinding look look at how cute I love the roof I think it’s a Nether Nether Forest roof look it’s so cool it’s so amazing she told me about the sugar cane Farm too and then here she told me that she’s going to build a museum and stuff and here’s uh her cow farm and apparently has like different uh flower cows and stuff Roa rorin rockar rorin rockar rorin hello rockar rorin I might steal some cows actually later hello rockar rurin how was Dark Souls I was watching a little bit earlier hello Jam Stones what’s up it’s me haken from Idol Ian second generation endless same same generation as Ro aorin yeah Rock aorin [ __ ] mocka Rowan she’s going to mock you like how she’s Wario and what no I learned a lot about her uh I learned that she’s she’s a good girl and you shouldn’t you shouldn’t purify her name cuz she’s a good girl yeah that’s what I learned I I literally watch the stream I saw her talk about um wanting to decide more art and stuff but she doesn’t want gamston to be degenerate yeah and I actually agree I actually agree just because girls talk about fashion you shouldn’t think about being down bad it is very true and uh yeah I’m just showing people around like the Minecraft server right now like what I’ve been doing and stuff this is basically what I’ve been doing if you guys don’t know I’m a part of the vsmp which is vtuber SMP Minecraft Survival server thing and um there’s a lot of YouTubers here you just can’t see it here but I’ll show you how many YouTubers are in here right now look at all these damn YouTubers so yeah I’m a part of this and I oh what is it a lot of work plates were broken on accident sorry Spectra is fixing the plates within 12 hours DM her if any issues told you guys I wasn’t liying about that many YouTubers many C this very true very true but yeah that’s what I’m doing right now just showing around what I’ve been doing I’ve been like grinding mostly gear and stuff so that I can have better gear and now I have like a fully enchanted diamond armor and also ah last stream I was helping Ariel uh and canel because um Ariel I was thinking about Ariel Ariel Yuro um cuz she un bed me to her house and I gave her a silk touch pickaxe and um she showed me to her like basement and in the basement there was a zombie villager so if we go here and we go to Ariel oh my God someone finally went to bed should I go to bed first I feel so bad oh my God luy thank you so much for the raid I I assume you were playing Minecraft on stream [Music] hi hello I am faken from Idol Ian second generation endless um I’m the blue theming raccoon and I’m just showing people around right now in the server but you guys probably already know about the server but if you didn’t know I’m also playing here and uh yeah what was I going to show you guys people keep writing me I keep forgetting uh I was going to show you guys what I for do you guys remember I forgot I freaking forgot I oh yeah I was going to go to C cuz I wanted to show you guys the zombie villager that we found but he is cured now uh I got I got to cure him it’s the first time I’ve ever cured a villager it was so cool I was like Ka look there’s a zombie there and I was like can how do you cure it and she’s like I actually don’t know I I Googled it and I was correct and then we got him and he’s right over here hello hello hello hello hello um who this are you are you hello are you’re very loud in my ear right now are you am I am I it’s okay I turned it down a bit hello Mrs aou what this up in the house I have toast for you toast hey you made toasty oh is this in the mod pack oh it’s so cute it looks like get toast looks like the McDonald’s um apple pie or whatever wow it gives so much health too how did you make that yeah it say bread you put bread in the furnace hey you can put bread in the furnace yes yes yes yes that’s so cute a you Chang your name it’s not all you you can eat the more yes oh yeah cuz oh it’s easier to read I think is it what do you think yeah it is but I I miss all you can eat all so oh well it’s okay it’s still my usern for everything would you say would you say you’re a bit of a chungus or no um maybe a little bit what have you been doing so far how is my have life been um I’ve been working on my house PR good I think I’m going to go back and work more but I also explored the cave a little bit with uh some of the girl oh yeah I heard that diamond someone in in chat said that did you get any diamond oh I did I got my first diamond nice will go back to the feel free yes I will go back I but if you want to go um feel free to come in I might but I don’t want to ruin the diamond Minecraft experience don’t wor it’s so big it’s like really scary I think I CU I I like a sweat so I know all the Diamond secrets no no no you’re good I don’t mind especially um I don’t know you help you help us get stuff so well I want I don’t want to give you guys too much stuff because I want you guys to play the game otherwise I feel so bad oh by the way your base looks really nice it’s very big I really like it I’m so glad I haven’t checked it today though but it’s really nice too much but you your face is so pretty every time I oh my God I love it dude I Haven been working on the house I’ve just been like upgrading my gears and stuff cuz I want to adventure oh yeah do you have um an enchantment table by any chance yes in my base do you want it uh do you have lapis lastly though uh somewhere in my base I think yeah cuz I’m not to going lie I don’t have as much lap as L anymore because um I kind of used it like a lot lately oh I think I I think I have some okay you’re good I just want to know where it is cuz I don’t um I don’t have one and I I don’t want to use my two diamonds on it okay I will show you I’m 31 and you’re making me miss Minecraft Minecraft is so much fun you should play more Minecraft do you have my way stone I have yours yes yes yes okay go to poco’s crib I shouldn’t rename that to popia but I don’t know how to rename it can you rename it po I’m not no you can’t no oh well need to make one no oh well uh it’s behind here so you go down here and I’m making a storage room right now I wonder I could find it yeah okay let me put the lapis and then enchant something mhm oh but I need to mine for more lapis today I see okay no I think I have some at home so I’ll go get that and I’ll come back you’re welcome are you see you later byebye see you byebye byebye that’s so cute guys so cute a lot of vtubers are 30 and above and still play Minecraft I’m not even going to lie I do know vtubers who are over 30 I do it’s not that uncommon actually I know a lot of people are like oh I’m what you cuz I’m 30 I’m 40 but they are generally YouTubers who are like 30 plus and I mean there’s nothing wrong with that PO wouldn’t have even actually um I’m I’m uh I’m literally one years old I I have only had one birthday since I joined Idol I would like to have more birthdays but um you know I might die of dangerous disease called chungus life bro 30 is nothing it really isn’t but if I say that I’m going to s w i don’t want to I don’t anyway um let’s put away our iron then cuz I know I know what you guys are like oh B you’re so old I can feel your body disintegrating in my hands and I I think you’re old po you are old that’s what you guys are going to say and it’s going to make me go it’s true face B hey shut up you stream as much M gura used to I don’t think she even stream that much Minecraft even though like I love when people that’s actually one of the reasons I love bota so much cuz she play streams a lot of Minecraft for a long time she does a lot of big projects that makes me happy I’m a freak I’m a freaking freak you’ll you’ll realize that my favorite YouTubers are the people that play a lot of Minecraft cuz I’m a freak yeah but yeah I’m playing um the Zelda BDM but I guess I guess we can start with like trying to look for lapis or something do you guys know what um level uh on the caves lapis is good for hey you enjoy what you enjoy yeah I’m sorry I just I I’m really like weird about Zumi wait I was going to visit sui dumi of the swamp my sister did you guys know I have a sister okay let’s see huh moreor Lo and Order jingle um let’s see so to kill me of the swamp yeah oh oh my God this is dangerous spawn hello zoomi Loco do you think she’s at A’s base this is so cute though this is very frog like um I was actually helping s because she was asking where she could find frog dogs I remember last time I talked to her last time she opened the game what does she have in [Music] here I thought she was supposed to live close to me but I guess she lives quite far away oh there’s Spectra how many people are on right [Music] now cute oh she even got a diamond pickaxe I wonder if she wants me to uh like enchant it I can ask her that’s a dangerous area it’s fun have you made peace with Foody she really loves my K like really uh I just I haven’t been playing when she’s been playing and when she’s been playing she’s been busy with other stuff I wouldn’t say we’re fighting though I wouldn’t really say that Cho thank you so much for the super sorry for the loss of your extra Dimension that happened to me once my what what what are you talking about the vtuber Multiverse server what I’ve been saying what I’ve been saying anyway I need to find some freaking lapis lass cuz this is kind of ridiculous but first let me take a selfie okay that’s that was really cringe okay ignore that said that that was terrible that was really do you guys remember that song isn’t that one from like 2014 now we’re going down memory lane I always just ignore your cringe stuff um how do you take like a gifted member like how do you take away their like gifted status is that possible can I do that can I can I make someone UN member if they got a gifted sub or something or do I just have to harass them until they unsubscribe themselves or like how does that work your membership I take get get away from there I’ll take that I’ll take that sir you don’t deserve that you don’t deserve that f it just B them I’m not actually going to ban them maybe I don’t know maybe you don’t know you don’t know you simply don’t know but yeah first you call me ugly then you say to bad me just because you are made unless if anything this server has proved that I am literally so [ __ ] Suave it’s actually kind of crazy like I’m not going to lie in the past maybe I did feel that way maybe I did feel useless undeserving of love but now I’m a Chad this is my Wolf of Wall Street Story by the way do you guys really believe that tofu is like good like I haven’t made any tofu maybe I should try to make some you’re literally drowning and [ __ ] what I been saying how do I make tofu a water and a cooking pot okay okay okay what cooking pot what else was it a for where’s my cooking pot that’s ah it’s difficult to have um to have freaking uh demena you know I could just make a new bucket I have a lot of iron now I love tofu you know I used to eat raw tofu back in the day like a month ago but it was really good so you know you can’t you can’t really save me okay T all right here we go baby wait that’s it oh my God you need so much water then jeez this tofu needs water dude what do I need like a bajillion buckets okay you know what it’s okay because uh Mama’s got money make like a bajillion bucket y well okay let me wait can I not oh okay there we go okay oh my God I don’t even know if I should have this many bucket I don’t even know if I need this many buckets or oh what the heck what I un un un what how did I do that what isn’t this supposed to be like the forever like raaco unlimited ratio did it just un ratio my 2x two [Music] what that’s so evil I’ve never seen that hit yeah how how did I do that okay okay but that wasn’t a torch this time did I break the game you’re too fast what is it’s supposed to be unlimited water no it can’t be my Minecraft formula witchcraft witchcraft all because of I’m that tofu does this mean I can make tofu burger oh my God I need to do this every single [ __ ] time I hate cooking now I mean a tofu Burger would be nice to make do I need to make bread then get some bread get some bread get some bread and tof oh my God jeez help why it’s trying to stop you from too powerful I’m in I got into the Minecraft system no but what the [ __ ] what is it like this one okay okay we got all this that was a lot of freaking buckets dude jeez just me the world in the buckets okay let’s check how do I make a tofu Burger I need lettuce and onion and a frying pan I have that I have these things but not lettuce and onion okay tofu and dumpling Chili Pepper tofu and D okay I’ll just eat it like this then yummy let’s do this cuz I don’t want to use up all my wheat cuz I do want to use it to breed a little [Music] bit thank you take the blue pill or the red pill you can go back to your normal life or you can learn what’s really out there more po there we go look at all these cows now look at this perceive I need them because um I need more leather but my cows are kind of ass and they never drop leather okay that one did they’re kind of cheap like that I guess because I don’t like feed them enough or something look at all these chickens wrong You Don’t Even Know Your Meme man the who was that hello I heard that okay M oh yeah I need wood I genuinely have dementia it’s very scary it’s really scary when you get diagnosed I actually haven’t by the way but I feel like I have dementia no I literally heard the teleporter I just heard it did you guys know that you can train dogs to see if like like you can train your dog to be like to help with your like schizophrenia and stuff did you guys know that chungus brain you know what I’m not even that chungus brain because look I’m freaking stupid one two three I could have been doing this all this time but I keep forgetting this is a thing one 2 3 this is what the Minecraft experts [Music] do yeah you can teach your dog to like sit down if you like if you like point at something you’re like is that person there and your dog doesn’t like um bark at them then it means that there’s no person there and that helps people with schizophrenia now the issue is what if you have schizophrenia and you think that your dog is there but he’s not there what do you do then oh yeah I’ve seen the robot sale it’s like a for like therapy and stuff I’ve seen that should I just put my toeu in here I might just put my toeu in here let’s put some wheat there in case I want to breed more and uh yes sure what if the dog is can animals have schizophrenia I don’t know if that’s a thing oh wait everything is every we okay yes okay yes now our mission today will be find lapis last wait I didn’t even look at chat earlier I’m sorry guys uh what did you say about like the level of lapis lass do you guys know how would you even check if they do I guess if they just bark at like random stuff that doesn’t even exist I guess I don’t know I don’t even need this shovel one thing I notice on like my mcraft Vault and stuff is I haven’t been using the torch trick you know when you put it down a torch underneath like like sand and gravel and it pisses me off I could have saved so much time the dogs do bark at nothing already no that’s a deceased corpse where this go po oh Jesus you know I just said oh my God your volume is [ __ ] loud wait is it really loud yeah have I been have I been ear blasting people so be Je Jesus I I keep an ear blasting poor individuals and they didn’t say anything Jesus Jus my ears I am so sorry so we watch my V watch my V that was so scary cuz I was talking about like how dogs might have schizophrenia cuz they bark at random things and I was going to make a joke and say that they’re actually barking at the body that I have like stored under like my floorboards or something and then you came in and started screaming and I thought that like there was actually ghost in my room I am so sorry I would like to apologize one second can you really apologize can you really yeah why you got so many little guys over here guys it’s okay she’s just a tiny little tadpole hello sum of the swamp my sister how are you doing Bo they they destroyed your your thing with water I know but they fixed it already I guess they fixed mine first cuz you know I wasn’t birthday stream echo’s birthday stream and I was like did you know that Spectre broke the war plates there so I might not be able to get to your base and Spectre was like spamming his no PO why why would you tell no no why why why it was really funny I love po who are you talking to there’s no one there are you real no oh no no I’m I’m the boy beneath your floor boards I’m going oh I see I see well you know um necrophilia is you know what I might be downstair you know what I have you heard of this thing called um oh God this is really terrible I forgot what it’s called but it starts with m and uh it’s when two people take a dead corpse right and one Stomps on the belly and one has their mouth in like one of the orifices and then like sucks out all of the Dead air inside of the corpse and that’s a real thing that people do oh hi K what what wait what it’s a real thing it’s a real thing wait so that is it thing that’s like something people yes it starts on like M but I don’t remember exactly what it’s called s to come me up the swamp I would not be mentioning this to another girl but you’re literally my sister so you’re basically a boy at this point yeah it’s true I did tell chat that the reason I accident yeah yeah yeah I I I told CH that the reason I keep accidentally going into your teleporter is we both have magnetic butt plugs that attach to each other oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah of course but you know I don’t I don’t use mine so I don’t know where your going um um like I know that our mama gifted us that but I’m not mine is stored away somewhere like I thought it was like like you know like a a gift like as like a gesture not like something that I would actually use yeah I think that was mag for a fridge that we had to use oh for for the fridge yeah I I think that was fridge magnets um I I think I need to go to the hospital can I take us to the hital yes please yes please how is it going though do you need help with the think you want diamonds what what’s up oh yeah I want diamonds that would be awesome I don’t know I don’t play Minecraft I’m going to be honest uh oh Victoria has died are you okay are you okay she was doing the km it she fell down from the roof oh my God yeah wait was it it was they said police somebody please wait really now now my volume’s low am I what is happening okay um for me it’s fine now I’ve but just been yes we’ve been talking and stuff mhm I’m just dumb no you’re not wait do you need help what do what what would you like to do so me don’t kill me up the swamp I want to I want to get diamond how do I get diamond sister how do I do it teach me your ways teach me your ways I’ve been strip mining you see yesterday yesterday I got 29 diamond from this cave I did if I remember correctly I’m going to be real honest doesn’t youti schedule will just have Minecraft on it that was last week we didn’t talk about that one we talk about this upcoming one okay okay okay you know what’s funny all of my streams last week were literally Minecraft and then uh I did I just played a lot of Minecraft off stream too I love the the is the life I I think I’ve been playing like 12 hours worth of Minecraft alone it’s really bad like every single day it’s kind of terrible goes hard though I I do I do take breaks though to feed myself and my cast and that’s about it so yeah so CH you can’t you can’t be mad at her yeah you can’t she’s not in the wrong yeah I feel that so much kind of Hop On Hop on Minecraft kind of hop on Minecraft I think I think qu is a serial killer I accidentally teleported I’m going to be honest Poco I accidentally teleported in her place and it sent me to this place where she just had a wall of faces oh yeah oh yeah well you know um I wanted to say something but I don’t want to say something yby right now so I’m not going to do it yeah yeah yeah but you know those holes in the walls that people like to use yeah yeah like that but like a little bit more advanced look at the wall I think the do detective is hiding why why is K’s wall sticky um yeah why is it why is it goopy and sticky yeah why is it why is it like sticky like what the [ __ ] I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m Sor okay so basically uh this dig here and you should be able to find like diamonds eventually okay this is like the golden path I needed to bring another pickaxe I have made a mistake it’s fine oh yeah uh by the way you need a silver pickaxe so that you can pick up the diamond oh yeah you do have that mine is going to break soon go on uh uh uh uh uh we can go back up again yeah I’m Dum I I have a lot of silver at my base so I stole it from T’s uh Farm I like Sumi dumi because I know I can say some really disgusting [ __ ] and she’ll be like yeah yeah that’s true yeah so true so [Laughter] true sui is so cute I like her she’s like cute but like in a bro way like you know if I was a boy you would be like my bro man you know my bro man yeah you know I would be the type of I like I would show you my memes and it would say like kiss your homies good night I would be like haha US unless ha we need we need gender B oh gender we have been getting a lot of fanner together huh yeah we have it’s so cute is cute I like the one where we’re little brts I love that aren’t we always we are we are what little guy you you have those little guys yeah apparently they’re supposed to show like if it’s so dark that like um you can’t like uh or or like hosel mobs or something will spawn there or something oh so they do have a purpose yeah like they’re supposed to like help you like see that like oh oh [ __ ] I need to like light up this place but I’ve been lighting this place up like so much and they still up so I don’t know at this point I just think they’re in love with me yeah yeah you are a certified monsterfucker so it makes sense that is true how did you know that yeah uh I I saw your certificate oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I I do like to put on my wall in my bedroom you shouldn’t come into my bedroom like that okay you know uh sometimes I do stand on the warp let’s go to base we’re warping I’m warping okay let’s go this way so so to K me of the forest I actually um I actually did check your spawn and you didn’t not have an enchantment table yet so you can use mine oh really yeah I just need to find oh really well Chad can teach you no yeah yeah Chad will teach me Chad will teach me yeah here you go just take this this is from the iron farm thank you thank you yes sure yes sure do you have sticks oh no I I thought I had wood wait okay don’t worry about it I got sticks for you I am a broke I it’s okay it’s okay um you know it’s you’re frogging out here I am frog how many should I make oh um maybe like three at least make three you know some people are frog licking you’re like just frog struggling I am I am I’m a struggler it’s because I I listen to and watch and read berserk this is what happens oh berserk yeah yeah yeah so I I’m bound to struggle so not only are you a lonely man with a big sword but also you get cocked by like your best friend yeah I do yeah [ __ ] that sucks wait where did these go H I want to put these back no you can have it wait really yeah Jesus we have an iron farm now zoomi welcome to the Future yeah yeah kind’s uh kind’s Place fotopia yeah I heard that you allow stealing here because of your fits I appreciate that oh yes of course I mean honestly invested I actually invested by giving her uh iron so uh technically that one is like 80% mine so you know oh okay okay okay yeah you know stealing stealing is fun but I do like doing some Investments now and then you know yeah I’m making a frog Mafia where I move drugs around the surface so I definitely oh oh do you have um magic mushrooms I feel like you would find that in a swamp maybe I’m going spice that’s what I know for sure spice do you know there’s a there vanilla oh oh oh that’s what you mean ahuh oh yeah totally not anything else not anything in reference to uh I also found out this soft snow I’ll be moving some of that around oh yeah I do like them snowflakes I do mhm mhm you know those frosted snowflak cereals pretty good yeah Frosted Flakes pretty good pretty good I’ve seen some people stuff them in their nose but you know I prefer actually swallowing yeah spit I quits yes sure God this tunnel is so freaking long dude it do it I am impressed you’re going to need one of those uh what are they called the mine carts oh yeah mine cart they’ll be so cute like a like a we can become Disney adults dud yeah we make our own ride we make people pay for it okay will there be a highight requirement because I feel like we might be the shortest people do I think yeah yeah I think we oh do you even have any um torches I do not have torches oh no oh wo it’s fine okay you know what just just take all of it it’s okay thank you you’re welcome I am let’s go mining dude will remember okay so I just go straight here yes okay just it might take a while but once you find it you know it’s going to feel really good having your own diamonds yes I got diamonds with a Mor but then I I did not find any more diamonds no wait did you did you get an invite to Among Us oh yes I did I did I I I am very very dumb and I I can you can you please can you please accept so that we can play among us together please yes yes yes yes yes okay thank you I I really appreciate you and uh your passion and your honesty you have to like accept it now so that we can play on uh Sun that’s actually the reason I didn’t put all the people on um my schedule because there’s still some people that haven’t accepted yet so sui you should accept it so we can play I will I will yeah she reminded me and I didn’t see it cuz it’s on General and I was oh okay there’s freaking lava here be careful okay going to put a torch they said no oh W be careful I I met the do I still go if I there’s like a room over here oh a room oh has torches oh I think it’s part of you oh yeah just just walk straightforward and stuff okay mhm you right about the lava yeah be very careful about the [Music] lava just step back and then put down some blocks if you see some yeah it kind of sucks but um you know it do be like that are you okay F I’m fine yeah yeah no yeah everything’s fine yeah yeah yeah are you sure you won’t die sorry sorry I was just coughing I was just oh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay you know I know that um you amphibians have a little bit of a scare with like stuff like lava but you know I I can help if it gets too difficult thank you damn there’s a lot of lava here huh there’s a lot of lava like Jesus why is there so much lava dude there is a mass of about of um oh god wow there’s like a lot of lava here yeah po there’s lots of lava you know what maybe we should change directions yeah yeah I’m going to be honest you know what let’s go this way instead like just just mine over here uh you can mine you can mine this way okay this way you can bu you can yeah cuz that that was like what the [ __ ] happened dude that was that was a lot of it was just like a entire pit of lava dude that didn’t happen to me before I was like mining without any issues without no Lava I don’t know what happened dude oh my God I swear God I’m not going to lie I think Notch just wanted some really funny uh clickbait Clips he did he did he said I want to I want to mess with anime girls on the internet who doesn’t honestly yeah that’s a dream honestly I thought about it and I was like should I make a hater account no I no I thought Poco I was going to start making conspiracy theories around the about people yeah cuz I put like signs up yeah yeah yeah and and then what just rumors just rumors I know I I just want to see what happens you know oh yeah yeah yeah no I wanted to make a hater account because I just want to know how it feels like you know like having one name that’s like you know spammed letters and stuff and then just saying the most like random [ __ ] about a person that I don’t even know SP on the internet yeah I just want to experence it once in my life I want to be a hater once in my life I just want to be a hater for no reason just like like a random [ __ ] like the most outrageous the better um why aren’t you clipping your toenails yeah yeah yeah yeah disgusting freak zo hit my Grandma that might be true help me get up I can’t I can’t get up I’m falling that I can’t get up help me help me help me that would be get of funy that would jeez there’s so much lava here what’s happening dude maybe this is not the gold mine I thought it was but yeah if you have your own Mine by the way I can teach you how to like strip mine and stuff oh I hear La here uh I don’t hear my own gu but I do want to shut one up we can do it this stream if you want to because it seems like I don’t know why there’s so much lava around here I’m scared I have not had this issue before man that’s so strange Oh no you’re getting further away from me oh like vtubers oh Jesus yeah like YouTubers yeah ooh I would say no out loud girls today I feel like I know a lot about them except like the Indies maybe yeah I feel like I’m all over the place really I don’t know yeah I don’t even know I don’t okay yeah there’s lots of lava over here J you know what let’s set up a mine at your place maybe because we’re kind of unlucky right now I don’t know what’s going on PO attention taken away by cute girl she’s not just a cute girl she’s actually my sister so this is like really awkward that you would say that uh like you kind of made it awkward now because like that’s like my sister like s where did he go oh there this way okay you went so far away hello hello I’m joking I’m joking I I want to tease my chat but see now they’re thinking I’m I’ve they’ve upset me wait no a bullying CH it’s not real it’s all in your head CH you need to take your meds chit yeah what I’ve been saying mhm mhm okay where we going so where do you want to build your mine I have no clue I can kind of show you my base oh yeah I have a giant Lush cave so oh I saw that something over there yeah you didn’t want to go to swamp instead I did want to find the swamp I found a really I think I am going to eventually find the swamp for me m but I only found a really patchy swamp so I want to see if I can find the better one yeah I’ve only seen like small swamps I know Yi lives in one but that one is like not that big but it’s big enough yeah yeah I’m hoping I can find one and then you’re going to make a house there that looks onion shaped and then you’re going to have a like a bajillion scientist going to say keep out beware I’m going to get a donkey you’re going to get donkey yeah I’m going to get a donkey oh are name dony right yeah there there actually is let’s go I don’t think they have dragons in this game though yeah the wait isn’t there a big dragon in this game like the dragon oh yeah the Ender Dragon we’re not allowed to go there yet by the way wait wait wait wait know how to get there she don’t have to worry about me hold up hold up someone said apparently can and sui found a swamp that’s where they got slime so maybe if you ask them cion or sui oh yeah I’ll yes them I’ll yes them oh by the way can I can I show you something that that uh is apparently like a really good food in this game yeah oh no I don’t know where I put it maybe it’s in my base don’t tell me I eat it all with my big chongus eye oh no I didn’t I didn’t okay I will share this with you because you’re my sister what is this it’s tofu it’s iron I just had iron wait where’ you get tofu from you can cook stuff in this game so I cooked it with like it’s like soy beans and water and a cooking pot yeah what the hell yeah it’s freaking crazy one of these UDS too people love this uter Farm oh listen listen it’s so nice cuz then you can here I’ll show you why I use it so um you know you don’t want to run out of coal right imagine if you had unlimited coal that lasts forever yeah yeah so you can actually do that with furnaces so you can put like um you can take a bucket and then like put um Lava in it and then it will cook everything what yeah like forever uh until like it like uh what is it called empties itself but it that takes quite a while herey you can take this too oh thank you y Bo now you have tofu and real me meat you have this is like a bath house right yeah it’s like a onson like a hot spring I love it yeah so cute of course a frog would yes yes okay thoroughly enjoying it let’s go to your base and help you get some freaking Diamond dud my very SED base no it’s not freaking s did you did you yeah I did I don’t understand what the [ __ ] you wrote are you like Eli be like gum my candy like what the [ __ ] does it say stiny cuz before before it said like like if you watch like the VOD my old VOD says like in tin or no somebody why why you watching like a creep who are you who do you think you are we’re just two sisters here I’m just walking ining it I’m she’s just sneaking around but you know I’m a thief I can tell someone’s sneaking around I have that um I smells it yeah what are you doing around these parts huh a oh wait what the [ __ ] is this oh what is this hi City I thought your trap was funny I hope you I didn’t were you at first it I wanted it gone but it’s prety let’s keep it would you like to make it a little bit bigger let’s use it to store signs PS it is really pretty pillow I didn’t get fool cuz I am smart Ariel cuz I am smart um why is there Redstone in there is there a redstone in there s me be careful she’s a witch and she only wants bad things witch there’s a witch don’t you see that there’s like random like freaking stuff in there she’s trying to lead us we’re like Hansel and grle dude but there’s no candy I’m going go in I’m going to go in let me make a let me make a chest Jesus I’m going to go somewhere one second let me go to my chest and empty it I’m going to go in there why cuz I’m mentally you’re literally big chongus right we’re like hands a grle and you’re falling for the witch’s trap I am I am I am I want the candy I want the candy your armor I want oh you’re right you’re right you’re right you’re right the armor go into the Trap so sui speaking of necrofilia like what we were talking about earlier it’s true it’s true that made my think don’t you want to be aren’t you scared of what people will do to your dead body no just one of what anime girls oh it’s was mean I’m sorry I don’t see goodbye s to kill me of the forest I miss you already sister oh are you okay uh I’m fine there’s just water down here oh what this is fine it say it says get goom I’ll go and then with you it says ELO what what else does it say here are the actual Signs by the way oh what zoomi I can’t hear you anymore you’re disappearing on me zi where you going zomi oh my God okay hi Rocky I didn’t know Rocky was in this room s where did you go oh I’m right here there’s like a little bit of water here don’t go yeah see that’s where we lead to oh but why what why I what was the purpose I don’t know wait let me kill these [Applause] people there used to be a trap where you would drop someone broke it oh I see come back there be careful nice no we should probably sleep teamwork prob okay who made the Trap by the way this is Dinger us I think it was I think oh I see I think Su made it oh did she what does this say I built this message board for all of us do they have a do they have glow squid I’m stealing that yes I’m stealing this wait what I’m stealing this glow squid [Music] action what is this oh what the Oh I thought that said fart I’m with dummy s and you prank me I’m [Music] dead Aro is the scariest princess ever he rip Trap House it shall be reborn even greater wow this is the most funny I have ever had ever I’m being shy but it’s nice to be around everyone you are all amazing and cute please can say hi I love all of you beautiful women you’re all amazing I’m so happy to be here I love all of you so much big hug thank you so much for inviting me you’re not sing it I’m not being threaten uh G I will share food with all the cute girls I’m very shy thank you for setting up this I’ve never been this happy before what the [ __ ] I love you don’t leave me forever hello this is Tex blue I don’t know how to die swag YOLO cash mnny your mom coo if you read this you’re a very clean individual na’vi was here this is fun much love to everyone cute girls forever I want to Glow I need M to [Music] Glow there we go perfect perfect perfect what is going on what is actually going on she is love yourself [Music] laugh am I okay there we go yes sir love yourself yes sir love yourself love yourself no one did light blue so I’m going to do light blue cute I didn’t know I thought it I was going to write something really hateful and evil but I decided that no I was too I was to I was were you going to write what were you going to write I was going to be like no I was going to never mind I don’t I don’t wait wait don’t tell it tell it tell it yeah I I I didn’t do it cuz I know that I’m not allowed to but what were you going to was so I just wanted everyone to be really really cute yeah and and I was going to be like I was going to be like yeah then I just want to be like I’m going to kill myself in dude dude dude dude I was going to write kill yourself like k y s like you can watch my VOD I just I just wanted someone to go through the stream and read all these and be like oh that’s so cute bro we’re literally the same dude holy [ __ ] I was actually going to literally right kill yourself is insane that is actually insane yo what the [ __ ] bro that’s crazy bro that’s crazy that’s [ __ ] crazy cuz it would just be so funny if you saw all of this and yeah like I love you girls you’re so cute uh I’m so happy I’m a little bit chat it is just to kill yourself I’m KY yeah yeah yeah kill myself and no one can slap me as soon as someone Joys the server reset you just you just fall from a high place yep yep that is are we are we the problem I think we are I think we truly are what did we both think of that that’s evil that’s like actually evil I have no clue no I’m not going to do anything I don’t want to be banned I don’t want to be Bann I don’t want to do it no we cuz like managements on here to would definitely oh [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [ __ ] that would that would not be good it would have been funny though if this was an anarchy server it would have been funny though that would have been hilarious like if this if I made this server I would allow such things oh same same did that’s the problem that’s the problem it wouldn’t last very long yeah yeah it wouldn’t last very long he says we’re evil people we are L evil people okay guys I love siei all right all right where do you want to put your freaking mine thing I’ll help you this this is my C Ed base right now I need to make it look pretty okay oh you know you can get Willow torches later if you want to Willow torches yeah it’s like there really pretty uh blue torches I have at my base yeah I’m thinking about somewhere in the cave maybe M or should we do it out here what do you think is the stry uh I think you can decide I don’t think it really matter matters honestly it just depends like how efficient you want it to [Music] be I’m tamy okay we’ll do it in the cave since it’s thank you RJ for the super I’m happy that you can play uh Minecraft listen I cope too with Minecraft we’re the same yeah huffing copion huffing copion baby I’m so toxic in Minecraft though it’s evil oh I’m music oh there we go I I just turned it down a bit I want to hear your beautiful voice it’s me it’s you oh Jesus this lava thing is really dangerous yeah it is very large I don’t know what was the coordinates for like the diamonds uh it’s like minus 58 minus 58 okay yeah like downwards we could just yeah I don’t know whatever you think is a good idea to set up okay okay I should have brought a water bucket with me or something but it’s probably fine do you want me to make you a bucket really fast um no we can actually do this oh that’s nice cuz then we can get down like much easier and faster yeah elevator let me put up my uh coordination thing don’t look at my specs guys I know it’s [ __ ] ass don’t worry don’t worry my [ __ ] computer broke so you are oh [ __ ] oh my God look it’s a villager that’s a zombie I kind of want to keep him yeah and then you can um if you give them a golden apple and a uh like a potion of weakness yeah I want to try to get I want to try I want to try get idiot oh my God I can’t see anything with his damond coordinates on my screen he’s trying to beat your ass I know I know stop beating my it dude don’t do it don’t do it oh oh he did it yay okay keep him in there keep him in there okay okay okay okay nice let’s just keep him there nice okay and then um you can make him into a human villager again and then you can get like a discounted prices you two are both the devil on your shoulders No Angels l oh thank you for the five months Wiggly thank you uh rusty said you two are both the Devils on your shoulders No Angels We Are we definitely are it’s fine I’m sorry I’m sorry found my twin flame you guys are just jealous yeah sorry that we were Sisters by both but Lovers by choice I almost ate to me in the womb actually it was really scary but it was pretty sick actually oh you thought that was sick that was kind of scary in my opinion you could have come out with like no arm that would have been sick what what V2 have you seen without an arm well you know Tio Chomp she has like one like Dino arm and like one normal human arm she does yeah so I mean oh oh God oh God I don’t know how to feel about this I’m not going like yeah I don’t know I don’t know I’m going to be I don’t know but uh let’s do it Adventure Time Try Not To Die try not to die try not to die I will try my very hardest I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I made it I made it Jes assum me you’re going to give me a freaking heart attack oh my god dude I thought you were dead forever and welcome to jackass welcome to Jackass baby I’m going to remove these freaking coordinates I cannot I don’t get people who can like play this game with like the coordinates on their screens I don’t get it at all do you not have little coordinates by your mini map oh yeah I do but it’s very small I can’t read that I need glasses pushes up glasses glasses ER I need a pogo glasses you know the reason I don’t wear glasses because I was so severely bullied by having glasses growing up wait really yeah had glasses for like a year but I stopped wearing them and now I have [ __ ] eyesight now we have to bully her back into take glasses oh yeah P you can’t even see the yeah yeah bet you need glasses huh huh yeah yeah bet you wouldn’t bet you would to wear glasses but you want that insurance huh for glasses yeah yeah but you can’t even afford the glasses huh yeah only cool people have glasses yes sir that’s so mean though I want to beat all those people up now I’m going to I’m going to destroy them I don’t see trust me I wanted to too but I didn’t want to end up on the news so yeah that is terrible oh we’re at uh minus 4 oh we’re at minus uh 53 now so we’re almost there so I guess there one those little guys I guess you can just decide now wherever you want to dig wow look at that Su me oh Jes really pretty wow that’s not oh Jesus a I’m okay don’t die don’t die I’m wow wow this is really pretty oh look there’s that thing there a shria called a shrika that thing can summon the warden it’s not good oh oh yeah there’s Ward and stuff here what the heck yeah well uh where do you want to build then we could just use this like part right here oh right here uh like down this dip where you were okay okay maybe like I hope we find like coal cuz I might need more coal in a bit but uh let’s start digging I guess then is this okay yeah it’s fine okay this is perfect this is perfect okay let me see my coordinates where at oh God I got so turned around Jesus okay okay uh this should be the perfect uh coordinates oh okay so I just go forward just forward now pin thank you so much for the tip we can actually make you a warp plate so that you don’t have to like walk all the way down oh yeah I saw people doing that let me see you don’t even go outside who’s going to bully you now people on the internet do yeah yeah oh Sumi uh the let see I wonder if like we should do like a two opening actually since we’re two people uh you can do this one and I can do the other one oh yeah cuz then it’s a little bit bigger yeah yeah yeah yeah and then we can do you uh yeah okay and then I will teach you the magic of strip mining it’s very nice okay I’m going to learn I’m going to learn thank you for teaching me no problem I accidentally spilled water on my w plate how do I fix oh no oh no and set it down again put it oh [ __ ] just put it in rice perfect call your uh Microsoft T support and hope that they don’t uh record all all the things that you do yes but yeah I’ll teach you a strip mining really quick it’s kind of nice because it’s like get a lot of stuff but like for Less effort if that makes sense we go teaching her sister stripping I mean she probably already knows about that yeah I’m familiar you know she she get ja and hookers to make them yeah that’s what I say she she gets [ __ ] what can I say yeah yeah so um basically what I usually do is you make like um so you make it like this right and then you uh mine here in the middle this one oh cuz let’s say that there’s like a diamond right here or right here you’ll be able to see both sides without having to like do a lot of work yeah and that’s why you do strip mining that’s very very smart yeah so that’s just how you do it you just make like straight lines out of like a really thick one in the middle oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you this makes a lot of sense you can you can do it here too like this way and then eventually you’ll find uh diamonds yeah thank you you have a diamond pickaxe by the way at your base yeah I do yeah yeah yeah Moira uh taught me she like took me strip V in once but I didn’t understand how to make one M but you get does does it make sense otherwise you can ask questions yeah no no no it makes a lot of sense yeah yeah okay okay yeah yeah and then when you want to get more tunnels you just you know you just continue this like yeah like this one yeah they Mak sense nice you’re welcome let’s go let’s go I might not hear you anymore if we like dig like maybe I can dig over here so I can still hear you but if you skip two rows in between tunnels oh that is true oh well sh we’ll figure it out yeah not worried about yeah only worried about diamonds on that grind right now CH yeah we need to get like diamonds at least once this stream we do we do if we don’t what do we do um we explode like a creeper we instantly yeah we instantly just combust oh yeah I feel kind of bad for creepers I do too that’s the entire life it’s like a bee when it stings you know the lore of like the creation of the creeper right no I see I asked Samora a little bit I know it’s like a messed up pig right yeah it’s supposed to be like a messed up pig and that’s why he looks so like sad he’s probably in so much pain this I like them though kind of sometimes I’m not really that scared of them actually don’t cats like make them uh scared yeah and then know Endermen are scared of water and like rain so if you ever find like an Enderman or something just stand in a pool of water and they can’t get to you oh are those the tall guys yeah the tall guys with the purple eyes the purples the purples oh I hear lava over here that’s scary I think we’re literally like underneath like a lava pit right now yeah we are we are we very much are ter oh my god dude all this lava um Sumi I’m going the other way yeah I might go the other way too I was thinking I was like wait a minute I’m trying to think where the LA was I think it might be because we’re like right around like the lava place but this is so annoying where are you supposed to dig otherwise if not like here yeah that’s dum dum you know what oh yeah the mini map shows it I’m done yeah yeah yeah you know what let’s uh let’s do it over here actually come here yeah we need to go more forward so you can go over here I’ll go over here okay yeah cuz there’s like lava on both sides right now which is so annoying I don’t know what like that someone said uh y – 53 is better is that true I guess if you don’t want to have like lava and stuff it’s okay we don’t have any lava anymore we don’t we scared the lava away yeah strong strong independent toxic true I run out of freaking coal or well torches I got 46 oh that’s nice no it’s fine I’ll mine in the dark until I uh till I can’t see anymore oh wait no I can make a redstone torches oh keep do gas like gep girl boss so true so true there’s a lot of spooky cave noises isn’t there yeah yeah I don’t appreciate those well you know technically aren’t we in the wrong for like being in their home no when never were oh CRA yeah oh yeah yeah about that you gas like everyone I don’t we we never have done anything wrong in our entire life I I don’t know if I can do that like you know my whole stick is like you know being evil and doing bad things that’s true that’s true I am part of a mafia and we do kill people so I right right you see you see oh God we can’t eat uh I’m in the mind dude I’m in bad mind s me too I’m in dead mines I’m in dad mines our father’s M he would have wanted this for us he would have wanted this yeah he gave this mine to us many a years ago yep in his will his he was like he was like you know I don’t have any money to leave but I do have this giant [ __ ] cave yeah he’s like children YN for the mines right oh they do they do yeah so he just these mines yeah that’s the what is it old wife’s tail yeah he doesn’t care if we get like long why would he he’s dead true I mean that’s probably how he died yeah damn what a g you good yeah uh I remember the only other time I played amas um I went way too hard oh yeah I uh I was the only one who was screaming accusation should I mean yeah la oh like solid good sue me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I was I was I went a little too ham oh I see I I am a bit scared uh well you know if we play together you know and we can scream at each other and we both can vote it out that’s so true that’s so true I don’t know isumi thei we need to have more like I don’t know collabs and stuff even if it’s just like a group collab we do we do we [Music] do oh my God everyone’s sleep I thought everyone would be playing around this time usually like the server is Super Active around this [Music] time I’m so sad soie so s everyone’s leaving us our lives off collab one day one day one that would be kind of cool actually so FIS will you fund that or are you just saying that cuz like right now yeah cuz if I’m going to meet sui like you you need to give me like a ticket and money for me to do that so like if you don’t F that there’s never going to be an off collab so true how much would it cost I don’t know I haven’t checked um one gazillion and one gazillion [Music] I so bad once I be okay so bad I’m fighting for my life right now go oh my god dude I’m go pee this girl I’m pissed dude this girl I’m pissed yeah I do be Ling piss second donaton I don’t want to do a second donut on man I’m sorry I’m like I don’t know if I’m being honest I just um it’s been tough um with like doing donuts on stuff if I’m being quite honest like um I just wish I had a bit more help is what I’m saying cuz um if I’m be quite honest things don’t get done unless like I have to nag a little bit and it’s kind of made me lose a bit of motivation cuz I told you guys before like I got like ghosted by my like original song producer for like 4 months and no one even noticed like I feel like I wish someone was there to like help me with stuff so that’s why I’m like I don’t know if I I’ll ever do that again and if I do it’s probably going to I’m probably going to choose goals that I can do all by myself and that I don’t need to ask like a budget from management and stuff yeah I hear a lot from the girls don’t like the it’s more like it’s difficult to talk about cuz like um I can’t say that we’ve had the best support with that stuff but you know I’m starting to get done with mine I’m very happy and you know I I got to uh basically pretty much like have everything planned for me which is good but you know it’s it’s taking a lot of like talking and like doing stuff myself unfortunately um yeah it’s just things like donathon gos I can’t do myself it’s like um you know it’s it’s a bit difficult so like I I always need help from people but H it’s a difficult conversation I don’t really know how to say it but like um if I could do everything myself I would have yeah I’m should be gone quiet cuz she’s literally in the bathroom she’s gone peeing she went to Beed but yeah I’m just happy that um now I’ve been able oh my God there’s probably going to be like lava here so let’s be careful I’m just happy that like um I think pretty much all of my stuff is prepped maybe I don’t know makes me feel bad I’m not going to lie ass me with this water be me so can see when she goes back from her bee I don’t know if she’s back yet but I don’t think so please T normal I don’t have any coal I would have done that if I had normal coal but I don’t have do I I don’t have any my strink is lagging no then get coal do you see any coal around here sir listen I want to use normal coal don’t even get me wrong but like I don’t know where I mean I could go outside of the cave but I’ll have to leave Su dumi for a bit yeah dude she’s frying chicken yeah why didn’t I even start talking about that I don’t even know did someone mention Donut [Music] dles oh man Poco you are neat thank you I I I I do a little bit of freaking mining funing s me off collab oh yeah I want to have off collab so bad so bad but yeah I said before if I ever have a donut on again I’m probably going to make sure school that I can actually like do alone I don’t get finances why would an off clab be expensive playing tickets I live in Sweden sir and also you have to have like a place where you can stay that’s the thing with off collabs and um yeah it’s expensive yeah I mean um I’ve been wanting to plan a lot of my donut on gos and stuff but there’s there’s no one who really checks on me or like makes sure that I have everything I need it’s just like I I do stuff so yeah this is a vsmp yeah that’s why I’m hanging out with Tumi yeah I I I am one of the YouTubers that don’t make like fat bucks and um I don’t know if you guys know this but um when we do our Donuts on right Idol takes a certain cut so that they can like use it to like pay our um donut on goals and stuff so it’s not like we get like the full like donat on go money we get like um a certain percent percentage you know and then the rest of that percentage goes to our actual goal so I’m kind of dependent on like management like helping us with stuff yeah which is good because you know they they technically cover our cost and stuff that’s why I can’t order the tickets and stuff myself if I were to do an off collab I kind of have to like uh have a little bit of help and stuff yeah but I would love it s me back okay I might have to tell her that I have to go up so that I can get more coal um but maybe we can fix like the war plate really quick let me see where she is z [Music] z a show in Ohio you’re in Ohio right now did but yeah um wa lit hello Z where did he go I don’t know where you are oh hello um I was thinking if we could go back cuz I ran out of torches and I was thinking we can maybe like fix the war plate really quick so that we can like um have everything ready and also my inventory is full of Cobble deep slate yes yes yes yeah after we place the war plate I might uh do a part two later that’s fine because I need to go I need to go get some food but then that’s good that I I decided that we should put down a uh War plate then right yeah that we can save our s yeah we will you be back later or no how how you doing I have to edit some videos maybe afterwards oh my God this the K me editor Arc what the heck yeah y yeah already know I’m on that grind oh jeez I didn’t know my sister was that talented I’ve had fun though this was fun I hope that have been kind of helpful no you were very helpful I was very confused now I am now she understand she gets it now but yeah if you want to make like a water elevator down here you can but um I think it’s just better if we just put that um War plate down the war plate yeah how do I make a war plate ow [ __ ] oh uh we can just take it from Spawn I think there should be some actually how do how do I get up here again I forgot oh like over here over here this way it’s working we oh sui I have decided that if I ever do a second donut on I’m going to visit you good but we have to do more collabs so it’s worth the money we we have to do all the collabs and I have to take you around a frog frogston guys we’re going frog dude oh jeez wait wait wait I kill him oh Jesus are you okay I don’t have my sweat out I don’t have my sweat out yeah fine I need to eat some tofu okay eat the tofu jeez Sumi you almost got plant versus zomb I did I almost went into the lava that was really scary actually jeez that was actually terrifying I’m not going to lie I didn’t even see him I didn’t either jeez dud zombies I feel like we’re playing on hard mode or something cuz when I first started I would die like instantly from like skeletons it was really crazy really yeah we are in L of danger I’m not going to lie yeah I don’t know if this is a good I mean we’re going to have War plate later so we don’t have to go through this mess yeah we don’t have to go through hell okay is will be able to stay until then or should I just fix the war plate for you if you want to leave now no we’re fine I I can do the war plate okay okay okay yeah we can go on adventure yeah War plate is like a a portal yeah it’s the thing I used to get to my base right yeah to the spawn I hope you get a was on soon they’re so nice honestly yeah I don’t know how do you guys get those um literally just explore the world and you’ll find it like they they just hang around in random places and you can just steal one yeah you just take it okay sui go I’m going Pokemon go Su that’s what we would sound like if we were um if we were Pokémons here we go let’s take two of the oh jeez I have a lot of stuff in my chest let me put that away oh Jesus do we need do we not need oh no it produces those H the gems um I think staff just fixes that if I’m being honest all right all right let’s go s me uh where do you live face oh there I don’t know wait what mod people are talking about some mod I don’t know what they’re talking about I want to get a retexture mod a re texture oh do you just mean a texture pack like shaders and stuff yeah like a texture texture I can stop yeah you can do that easily if you need help with that I can teach you yes I got to learn I got to learn yeah sure um I can teach you off stream no problem where did we come from where are Origins oh this way ah I forgot the freaking torches but it’s fine I I give I give Lord a uh ex over here cute it was PE colored it was PE PE colored did you call it a um I I did not call it anything I got scared cuz there was a woman talking me so I here here here I’m not going to lie sui you might be one of the few people in the server I actually like talk like a bro to understandable honestly same I’m like you’re the one where I could be like hey anytime time I get I get so nervous I know right because I’m sorry to say this but they’re they’re so sweet I feel so bad ah no no PO look so real for the I’m used to be unhinged in like a [ __ ] yeah like I’m like uh uh uh uh like this poor girl came to my uh my base and I just go oh my God you scared the [ __ ] out of me and then I was like oh my God I shouldn’t have said that to her and I felt so bad right it feels like like I’m playing with when yeah I got so scared I was like I felt so B but she scared me I feel bad to wait where do you want to put the warp by the way so it’s like safe we should probably put it yeah we should probably put it at the entrance here maybe like right here so you have to like P up in oh yeah you’re right about that uh do you have a torch you can just put there so nothing spawns yeah yeah where did my torches go they’re right there I am dumb you’re not dumb I did it okay let’s see if it works go through it wait no not yet [ __ ] yeah we need oh wait it’s making it it’s making it oh yeah yeah right I forgot about that I you need to make it yeah you didn’t make the Shir and then you got to put the this over by my base maybe cuz some take oh no I [ __ ] up I should have left this one at your base right yeah I forgot about that though oh well let’s go up again okay damn it I forgot about that no I honestly I honestly forgot to cuz I learned the Shir thing and I was like uh yeah I always forget about that because um if you take it and you put the other one down you automatically get like uh teleported one time get one chance oh you do yeah I don’t know so then you don’t have to walk all the way back I forgot I’m sorry it’s fine I was talking about cute girls we are we are it was a good distraction okay true true true true true I don’t know man to me you’re like you’re like my bro you are my bro you’re just like my bro for real for real for real my god dude starts brusting on on [ __ ] gorch how’s it going with the platforming I am I am struggling but we’re fine okay okay okay if you say so if you say so I yeah totally totally totally it’s like I’m playing DD in hell right now it’s it’s so fun oh yeah yeah yeah I feel it uh sixia vaults thanks so much for the seven months Minecraft but with with w women I mean when was there ever men it’s always just been women what are you talking about yeah I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure it’s all just women yeah I think it’s always been like that like I’ve only seen Alex I don’t know people keep talking about the Steve dude and herob Bri I don’t know them that’s that sounds like a lie yeah yeah I think that’s a urban legend you noticed the titties on every single M yeah yeah don’t they see the jiggle physics in the game yeah you don’t see them weird weird very strange see that you can sciss people what is what the heck like can’t you see the shears and stuff I don’t know and and all the cows are also women cuz you can milk them oh where you want the plate by the way is oh you can actually take the plate you can place it down okay I’m going to PL plate place down I’m put it I’m going to put it over here so I don’t get them confused a fair I do be them confused you might have to put like a stone or flooring down what yes I didn’t mean to do that okay but that works okay that didn’t work okay um maybe over wait yeah maybe I do have to put it over here oh no you can put it someone else I think that should work if you give in the plate I I think it should work at least maybe right here oh oh it work nice okay you should be able to teleport now I think one sec it’s going make the sh the sh in yeah did I do it yes it working oh we [ __ ] did it oh my God our small brain cells we did it thank you thank you’re welcome po po that’s me yeah okay we did it we freaking did it oh my God now you can edit in piece and you can get diamonds later whenever you want off stream or something I don’t know yeah thank you so much thank you so much maybe we could do a clay up with this where we go on an adventure we should we should I would like that I I could even do like a impromptu one even though I’ve put out my schedule already it’s okay yeah it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter we could just do it yeah they’re not going to complain they’re not going just DM me about it just DM me about it I will I will thank you you’re welcome to I love you I love you byebye I disappear forever bye oh she’s so cute guys I hope you guys don’t mind that I play with my sister I love s Kum of the swamp she’s so cute how many people we’re only going to be P three people here now that was so cute I like Sumi me too Sumi is my friend also I noticed I didn’t put any Unbreaking on this it’s is very unfortunate but what can you do man what can you do H it’s so warm in my room I got to open up the door accidental collapse is what makes Minecraft worth it I just think it’s so cool that they have like the freaking um what is it called the freaking um proximity chat I’m sorry that I’m a degenerate but listen I feel like my real side comes out when I hang out with subie cuz guys it’s like you know when you have like colleagues at work and you talk to them but it’s not like your true self but then when you hang out with your actual friends like that’s how I feel with endless too like I feel like I can say whatever I want to endless cuz like I know that they W like judge me and stuff I feel the same way about that too yeah so how are you guys been while I was simping is it really something if it’s my sister though if it’s like hanging out with my family member 100% you hit off so fast during our first collab we hadn’t really talked much yes let’s need at G yeah chilling and listening in the background I don’t know me and Sumi just have like very similar energy I think it’s so funny that we both have the same Mama yeah I just so I wish we could do more collabs together but yeah it’s it’s hard to get together sometimes especially with like scheduling and stuff okay where where is she I should have taken my waist Stone instead for just assuming was in the left for the 2 collab with con wasn’t I in that one or am I wrong I yeah oh thank you so much for the raid thank you I hope you enjoy uh editing your videos come here are you I am here are you can eat so you just go down here it’s like the exact same um place where like all the The Villages are there it is I was and then you go down here oh okay yeah and then here you go thank you good luck are you joh thank you thank you thank you thank you byebye m bye bye my Victoria man oh there’s no one here anymore well it’s only mean I you just the two of us we can make hello oh someone told me that um con has a villager that lets you um get emerald she has a Fortune villager Fortune which one is it uh okay do you have enough emeralds do you have 33 emeralds I’m about to get that okay yeah it’s uh this guy right here oh okay oh and you need a book as well by the way oh I wonder if they have books in the chest here cuz I did yeah there’s a book here I can give you one oh okay okay thank you you’re welcome pick up the book okay there we go bye are you good luck thank you next time I see you’ll be a magic magician I will I will bye thank you Poco bye-bye bye-bye this guy’s a scammer yeah he is a scammer who do you like more Su or IOU I don’t want to ladies ladies no need to compete you know the the Pogo pimp loves everybody I’m like Snoop Dogg in California Girls music video I don’t have any preference you know I just love my ladies what can I [Music] say listen listen I love I love them flat I love them big you know boa I I love them all I love the different personalities I love the harsh bro energy I love the I love the cutie girl what can I say I am a man of many flavors yeah jeez I wish I was a cute girl I talk about this with con now and then but like I am so not cut I’m so freaking crashed it’s actually insane it’s terrible why did they all turn like this what the he but um you know I mean the fans still like me so it’s okay it’s like a ter oh we have a lot of clay we can make a pots and stuff it’s your type of cuteness I don’t really how would preference I like I like um I like cute but a little bit crass actually I like the smug I like the funny I can use this now by the way I’m going to use it all I’ve been looking for glow squid for so long now everyone Cho Bal choose your figh I prefer the light blue one actually because you can read it a bit easier than the dark blue one your energy is perfect I’ve got it more comfortable the more comfortable I am with somebody the more like unfiltered I get so if I’m like really nice to somebody obviously it’s because I want to be nice but also it could be just that I’m like scared to like hurt somebody’s feeling um I don’t know you know yeah with Sue me though I don’t feel like like teasing her though for me it’s different you know I feel like our like levels of smugness is so like equal that like I just want to like hang around with her yeah this is my comfort game it feels so good though because I wouldn’t say I’m like the best at the game and that I know all the ins and out but I do like it wait what happened come on oh is this one not done yet oh My Tofu so if I could share food with her too I can teacher the world of cuine I didn’t know why I did that I kind of of want to I kind of want to separate these two so that on the one side it’s like sheep and one side it’s like I wonder if I can do that like super quick I should have put un breaking on this freaking uh pickaxe though what did I even write in my pin message I love my chongus life what’s wrong with being chongus dude oh man what’s wrong with being chungus man like people take everything so negative I Started Loving chungus Life and now everyone’s like but Poco chongus bad see this is why I’m never going to become chongus like my true my original true Forum a food factory I would love to make a restaurant I need to finish this build first though or I could make like small food STS living the chongus life [ __ ] me in my disgusting tongus life evil Canal you know tongus is more like a state of mind more so than like what size you are maybe that’s why uh K use my o here let me job let’s see what we can do like I’m thinking of just like separating the cows and then just like killing off the rest of the sheep that like are on the other side let’s see if this will work if I’m fast enough no cows will oh that was pretty good ratio okay goodbye forever this is so much better yeah this has been bothering me for so long but I haven’t been fixing it cuz I’ve been lazy oh yeah I haven’t even another thing that’s been bothering me is I haven’t had grass so they haven’t been able to like regrow their like uh wool I love how the Conor CR you’ve talked about the most and not being C you well this because I don’t know cuz he posts a lot and and I I I relate kind of I think my favorite content creators are people that are just very like gamer and chill I think I think that’s the thing let me carpet yes I don’t know like those are always my favorite ones like the people that play a lot of like video games those are like my favorite people to watch I am I’ve said this before but I’m actually not a satu person like if you’re going to satu I want you to play a game germa oh yeah I had a face where I watch a lot of germa that was like during his um dollhouse face yeah I was I was when I did that that’s why I always mention it cuz I was going to watch him a lot but um he’s funny qu so isn’t the teas in Spanish yeah but apparently his real name is Cas so he named his name kizo but I have such an hard time saying his name I should just call him like case like a basket case did you watch let’s play videos before yeah I mean I used to grow up watching like um PewDiePie when he made Amnesia videos I used to watch that with my friend growing up oh can you make toast yeah you can cuz um uh aou told me about that let me do that who would name their account like the real name to be fair a lot of people have already like found out information about like where he used to live old pictures of him family background where he grew up like which small town he’s from like I feel like that’s the least of his worries y cast I couldn’t get into I couldn’t get into y cast and I couldn’t get into Game Grumps but I did get into on PLS for a little bit like I’m a super casual Watcher of um on plays but I really like the type of humor that on place has and um video game Dunkey I used to be a big fan of since it’s like League video days yeah who else I used to watch this girl called I has cupquake I follow her on Tik Tok now actually she does a lot of like um Tik talkk videos and stuff now she has a baby she’s a baby uh she was like one of the few girl Minecraft players back in the day yeah I has cupquake she has a series called the Jurassic or something where she um cuz I’m weird about dinosaurs uh she like uh made like dinosaurs and stuff and she would keep adding mods and stuff and I was like super infatuated with that Series yeah you remember Minecraft was that not the Minecraft paradise one the one with the Dinosaurs cuz I did not watch a a forest one did you watch smos yeah I watch a lot of smos my favorite smos videos were actually not um the popular ones I did like the parodies right but um actually my favorite SM videos were Ian Ian unboxing videos where Ian um used to like do fan mail unboxing I used to love those that was like my favorite dinosaur in Minecraft he would like uh get like fossils and stuff and then you could like put them in or something and they can make like a different like dinosaurs which is really cool why no bow cuz I I don’t have any AE I need lapis lash can I go to oh I think I’m going to go toita I think I’m going to go to her um place I wish I wish I had Unbreaking though I wish I had Unbreaking Je I think I could possibly get Unbreaking from like a book mayhaps I would love that for me but if not I understand I have much lapis left protection three protection three Protection One what is this bug did do I get more stuff from it then no efficiency 2 Rip Tide three I don’t have a thing yet so oh my last ah [Music] freak useless freaking useless lapis LLY [Music] well do I have a Unbreaking two at least or just Unbreaking one H why is the chat just saying I love my chongus life because you don’t you don’t know me man you don’t know me like that watch some bods dude uh follow my Twitter you’ll get it you’ll get it he’ll get it don’t don’t tell him why he’ll get it someday have you never heard of chongus before wait you can combine the two Unbreaking together really oh yeah you can I forgot about that that’s something I never really do but I’m going to do that now thank you lurk more yeah watch more streams dude I’m sorry I’m joking um I just call myself chungus cuz um I I um I have a big appetite and uh when I first joined Idol I my first nied name was chongus so it’s just kind of like been like my thing after that I need tongus rag in my life me too if only she would notice me should I make a new diamond pickaxe so I could like um yeah I think I should make a new diamond pickaxe and just like repair it together right or what do you guys think or should just leave it like that I feel like it’s such a shame I feel like I should try to at least if I if I enchant my diamond pickaxe wait I can’t do that cuz I don’t have two lapis can I steal One Singular one from Kaa I’m going to steal One Singular one you know what no you know what she’s taking iron from me I I’ll take some lapis but I’ll give it back to her later when I find more lapis I think that’s fair I think that’s fair I think that’s fair yoink I do the yink spinky H that was cringe don’t mind me she never gets to lap it’s back bro she has like three stacks of lapis okay I think she’s fine with me taking like a few I hope maybe I don’t know YY so bad Unbreaking three okay we need this one we need that one okay go back in there and I’ll be back soon where did my War plate go my War plate oh this can’t be well I know where my XP farm is but now oh [ __ ] I can’t I can’t [ __ ] believe it I can’t [ __ ] believe it I can’t well now there’s not going to be a lot of War plat left but you know what I have been stolen from I have been absolutely like I have been absolutely scammed I don’t think Sumi would steal it cuz you didn’t didn’t have any plates on her oh my god dude don’t say that about my S she would never do that maybe I don’t really know but I don’t think she would do that time to go to the Nether and hope I don’t die do you like my sword guys we’re making a lot of detours today have you noticed s me was playing you P you’re not friends she’s just playing with you she’s more than a friend to me she’s my she’s my she’s my family you know Mafia people AR don’t they don’t they care about their family sui is Mafia That’s My Cat by the way lar anyways like a sister would but we’re like we’re like um adopted adoptive sisters we’re like um we don’t even have a different father though we literally have the same that we’re lit like 100% sisters oh well here we go baby let’s hope I don’t die but I don’t think I will happy happy family wait I didn’t even have I didn’t even need um another uh what is it called another PL then cuz this one should still be there right oh yeah it is M there we go then what what how did I do it [Music] wrong oh right or oh no I should just place down the other one it doesn’t work oh no what a predicament well time to go back again what the tongus what the heck okay let’s go yo it’s like a 50/50 this is really cool wow that’s so cool an active volcano right next to a home that’s cool I like that um what the shrimp guys oh yeah I forgot I need to put down the new plate then huh or I just need to pick up the older one and then put it down again ah what the life what the life yeah one okay ah what the life that’s life that’s what all the people say you’re warping around in the game shut down and play shut down shut shut down and played but I know I’m going to change that tune when I’m back on top back on top in a [Music] few okay it should work now okay good thing this is very easy to fix if this was not an easy fix not going to lie I would have mauled it a little bit but it’s easy fix so it’s okay and then now we can put back the war [Music] plate that’s [Music] life I tell you can’t deny it many times I thought of quitting MyCraft by hello goodbye bye but my fits they’re not going to buy it cuz they’re going to no itce is when other people stream this game that I’m online again and I’m playing and I play Minecraft I play Minecraft I play Minecraft I play Minecraft and I’ll play it again and I grind and grind and grind and grind ooh it’s that a ooh it’s a spawner wow that’s a spawner guys does it not work anymore uh-oh does it not work anymore we karaoke when not this upcoming week guys does it not work anymore hello should it work let’s wait a little bit I’ll be so sad if it doesn’t work anymore oh wait no it there’s people here there’s people here who cleaned up the place I don’t know do you guys know people on the clock app they hear this uh BDM and they think it’s about like it’s from like a meme rap and that upsets me in a way that I cannot describe yeah I think it’s spawning they’re like oh my God is this not the Tunnel of Love rap and I’m like oh yeah it’s working thank goodness gracious I mean that might sound like a gat keep dude I’ve been getting so much like Tik toks about like um like vtubers and stuff and oh my God who let the normies get to vtubers dude they have like the really random takes and I I I kind of don’t like it I kind of don’t like it someone mentioned Idol in the comments though they mentioned r pen and I was like oh I know that person it’s not even short it’s like Tik Tok and I’m like dude oh wow this is actually working now wait the person who fixed this actually did it better me dude I kind of wish it was more like G kept and stuff because there was some really weird girl and she was like um I want a YouTuber that doesn’t do the voice and it’s like dude I’m sorry but like first of all people have different voices okay like people just have different voices that’s just that’s just how it is and I think that it’s very like mean almost to be like oh yeah if if you have a different voice than like the standard Normie voice then I don’t want to watch you cuz you’re weird and it even as like if if your fan base is from Reddit then and um then uh I I don’t want a v vtuber like that I was like bro how are you going to decide if which fan base your people are from like people just use different social media it’s like oh I don’t want a Tik Tok fat Bas well if your clip gets uploaded to Tik Tok that you got to have a Tik Tok fat base that’s just how it is yeah I just I’m not going to lie can it piss me off a little bit cuz I was like why are these why are you not just watching a a Mo critical watch Mo critical like every other normal person like you you clearly don’t even like YouTubers at this point cuz you don’t even like any part of it like they just want a normal person with like an avatar and it’s like at that point just watch adorable person I mean I don’t think Charlie’s for normies either you’d be surprised about how many people really like watching stuff it’s like it’s like they forgot that like rubbing stems from like anime girls or something I don’t really know I don’t really know but it kind of pissed me off but I can’t like Shake It Off I got really like pissed off I don’t know maybe I’m just like really weird and like because I’ve really loved youtubing for a while now so when I see someone being so like I don’t know like unknowledgeable about it like if it’s it’s not for you it’s not for you but you shouldn’t tell people that like this YouTuber is bad because they do this and that it’s like there’s so many different people man because they I I would have been fine if they were just like oh yeah I’m just looking for this person but they were like kind of making fun of YouTubers to do certain things and I was like what have they done to you B and it was a it was a girl with the Deep boys do I was like dude come on I was like come on like come on let people have fun isn’t that what you want to do in the end of the day yeah it’s like it’s a niche Hobby and if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it I don’t know it kind of made me a bit sad because I I’ve gotten so many like vtuber Tik toks lately but it’s mostly like the comments are mostly like V tubing is cringe um I don’t like when vtubers do this and that um the only good vtuber is this and that person it’s usually male YouTubers by the way and it’s just like man what theck [ __ ] happened what the [ __ ] happened dude are you sure it was a girl it was literally a girl and I was like that hurt even more cuz it’s like aren’t girls support supposed to like support each other especially in like streaming like let’s be real like a lot of dudes stream right there’s not a lot of like super famous girls to stream and just plays video games and stuff so it’s kind of I was like man why why we going to hate like that yeah oh I don’t know I was I I’m not going to lie go it salty I don’t know but I also I’m one of those like annoying people that love girls are the whole point of cubing that’s what I thought too think anous for the dip um but also I’m like one of those people that like I love like Idol YouTuber concerts I love watching cute girls play video games I really don’t I really don’t care about like I don’t know all that stuff so weird like um even with like the fan base thing you don’t have to interact with the vtubers fan base necessarily either you can just watch somebody I don’t know I’m sorry I’m mentioning it but I I I’ve been thinking about it like the whole day I was like I got really mad [Music] I get really freaking mad yeah I don’t know it’s like uh I don’t want to be a gatekeeper but like at a at a certain point if like you don’t even like like the majority of the community then like maybe it’s just not for you I don’t know but you know I’m just kind of weird about youtubing and I’m very passionate about it so when I see normies having like [ __ ] takes online I kind of get pissed off wait past a certain you kind of have to interact not really I mean you don’t have to like join a Discord you don’t even have to chat if I’m being quite honest I mean I have never like even in like Kam Yoshi’s Community I have never interacted with another one of those ever and I still I still liked my Koshi very much and I still supported I still bought merch and stuff like you don’t really need to yeah tuny f is my favorite what about you I like tuni tuni f why you isn’t it chica fuil is she really that tuni when I think of tuni I think about Rocka Rowan I say it right guys we got to start gay keeping D watch watch someone clip this and they’re going to like be mad at me and be like oh my God this is the reason I hate tubers it will be my first drama but I feel like that’s really that like controversial to say that I just don’t like normies who don’t even like V tubing commenting on what V tubing should be is is that that can be that controversial right Rocka no but rock rock Rocka was literally the one who taught me what a Tony is she literally taught me what that is and what a Tula is uh like during like pre- debut and stuff I was like what is that this YouTuber hates normies um I wouldn’t say so I just don’t like being around them as all it’s just I think it’s sad that like people have like little communities and stuff and niches and then like it kind of gets like popularized by the wrong people and then those people kind of want to like take away from what that n Community originally was and then it just kind of gets watered down it’s kind of sad maybe that’s just be though cuz I I feel like it would have been okay if they just said oh I’m looking for this type of vtuber but the fact that they were like oh I don’t like this and that because it’s cringe or whatever I think that’s kind of who would want that who wants those type of people I don’t know man this is something I started thinking about cuz you guys kept saying gas lightting Game Keeper Girl boss oh and I might whatever happen to if you don’t like it don’t watch it it’s very strange isn’t it don’t know yo when I first realized that um anime had become like a Normy thing I was really shocked but I think one of the reasons is actually like one number one reason I think is genuinely Netflix cuz a lot of my like Swedish classmates who had never like watched anime before and stuff they started watching anime because of like Netflix cuz I was like oh what which website do you use I like to use this website and they were like oh I use it I use Netflix and I was like oh and that was when I first learned that uh Netflix actually has like anime and stuff like I knew Netflix had like originals but I didn’t know that they started like actually like showing um different anime series and stuff which is not bad but I don’t know it’s it’s weird it’s weird cuz it’s like um it’s weird because people will be like oh yeah I watch anime but um it’s kind of weird and then they’ll be like I watch three I watch three of them and like like okay you know like they they need to like get a freaking average job and watch their average series and stuff free is this free music I’m sorry guys I just need you guys to hear my take and if you don’t like it you can leave cuz I’m probably going to become a gatekeeper from now on with with v tubing with anime I don’t freaking care anymore it’s very popular now but rubbing I might become like a genuine like gatekeeper cuz that that triggered something really like aggressive inside of me yeah what you do gibl I’m super into anomy to be fa studio gibl is a very good introduction I’m at level 30 now that’s nice let’s go get some freaking pickaxe okay oh wait I already had a oh yeah yeah I I made one earlier I forgot I have dtia Unbreaking three come on please efficiency 3 Unbreaking 3 wait maybe I don’t need this one one [Music] anymore that’s not bad at all that’s kind that’s good that’s like this was this was the old one and this is the new one oh my God Voltron I remember when Voltron Community were like super into like the BL stuff and then it turned out that it wasn’t a BL and people got upset you know what I’m going to use this one up to find lapis and then I have eight lapis I’ll give it back to canel and then let’s try to like find some lapis now jeez we’ve done so many detours dude now I owe her two lapis Now where’s a good kid take need though oh ra the original Voltron from the 80s didn’t it was based on an old anime I didn’t know that cuz whenever people talk about Voltron they always they always talk about like the the the the dudes the dudes what wait really cuz the only volon Community I have seen is the new one bro don’t BR me I’m sorry I don’t freaking like Voltron I’m sorry about that listen my first introduction to freaking Voltron is like people kissing well edits like edits of like dudes being in love there’s an 80s one it’s that old Jesus yes sir I’m just lurking po love Jack of Blades 39 it’s male piloted parts sticking into each other how is it not b l right what I’ve been saying but you know people people took darling and the Franks and they ran with it I guess people just love Mecca that way do you guys remember darling and the Franks I feel like no one ever talks about it anymore that used to be like everyone’s favorite anime I’mma be real with you I I didn’t finish it because I didn’t like it actually I like the character design of the main girl though she’s hot she’s cute she’s cute what was it I like the cosplays I think it’s a good character design but I don’t know if I cared about her personality or character or anything I just cared about like the design who cave yeah oh yeah that was her name oh it’s two okay where does she live though doesn’t she live like over here um maybe I can fix her warp plate actually since it’s broken so when she comes back she’s not like why is it not working oh man where making detours my guys we’re not getting anything done today well technically we’re getting stuff done but I’m going on a bajil ins side quest okay I have very bad concentration um it is what it is in the end of the day you know where does she live though isn’t it right here or did she move next to Kia yeah this is where Kia lives let me see where though I would like I like Su side quest would do it again I I thought you wrote do it again and I was like oh I don’t know how is it up there oh God the climb it’s the climb have you played any Mario games I grew up playing Super Mario Bros 2 and I played Mario Kart and I played um the Mario Odyssey and stream but I don’t really like platformer games cuz I’m [ __ ] unless it’s like uh Mario Odyssey I’m kind of [ __ ] what is this take a layer the depth of hell I used your mind so here’s some of the stuff I found are you [Music] cute did I um didn’t I sort her um her thing oh yeah I did love to organize my oh I didn’t make a opening for this one yeah I did sort this cake don’t got some I’m sorry unless you mean me okay boys we’re going to find lapis lassy today wait I was going to fix a war plate I can’t concentrate I made up my mind and then I forgot again oh what aone some time I for Gore again it’s not easy to see did I keep for Goring [Music] again oh what a lovely day oh wait I need to take this one and then what happens if I do this no okay [Music] uh go stairs I need to put the new war plate there okay here we go again here we go again I kind of want to be more than friends so take it easy on me I am afraid you’re never satisfied here we go again I feel the chemicals trickling in I feel dementia is coming back again what did I say again what oh I forgot oh what was I waiting for take the war plate to her house W oh I forgot woh why do I keep for Goring why do I keep for Goring okay this should be fine now wait wait yes sir yes sir okay now there should not be any more uh side quests I should be able to focus on everything I need to [Music] do no I won’t sleep tonight wait I keep forgetting did you guys say which level the lapis was on I’ve asked this question like three times now but it generally don’t look I’m sorry cuz I keep talking about other things I have a lot of stuff in my brain okay all right I wasn’t supposed to play that long today cuz I need to sleep early for my camping well well um 32 and below Jesus we’re like super high up I should have brought a bucket with me no it’s fine oh there’s a lot of people here okay this is 44 wait I didn’t bring any torches I forgot my torches but it’s okay we can make more can I make them before they attack him I can they’re scared of me are you scared of the mighty beast called pagu that’s what I thought I’m sorry I don’t know I have dementia today maybe maybe something happened and I I I can only think of cute girls and and yeah wait guys what day is it today is it because it’s Monday is it Monday today or Sunday today it’s it’s Sunday today right where are all the people should I switch games I W I was expecting people to be here I’m alone Alone Again Naturally in a little while from now if I’m not feeling any less wow oh look at this Cave System didn’t I make this I’m stupid I was like Wow who did this what’s your name what’s your name girlfriend what’s your name what’s your name 142 what’s your name girlfriend what’s your name what’s your name everyone left I’m the only one left [Music] if if I’m the only one left I want to be right oh what the heck I’ll check this out 120 o o this might be a bad area oh amora by the way Amora is the host of the um Among Us collab by the way yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s play did not go against the morning you will die duh but I want my lapis oh where can I go down here or will I die I think I might die if I go down there uh to. Minecraft baby are you European what huh huh huh huh I didn’t know a more was your I thought she was I I thought you were Canadian what what I genuinely thought she was a Canadian wo i I’m I’m dumb oh please don’t die please don’t die can get to me I’m too strong now I’ve had Australian before Canadian is new damn I feel bad now I thought you was Canadian what does that mean meme again American oh yeah lesbiian I thought you were American what there glow squid down there beautiful world sun shining right above you night breezes seem to whisper I love you bird singing and a kill yourself in a syamore tree dream My Little Dream [Music] ony oh wow bamboo say a nighty night and kiss me does someone live up [Music] there just say good night and tell me you’ll miss me when I’m alone and blue as can be Dream a Little Dream of Me Okay how to do this how the [ __ ] how [Music] how should we just dig up you think they’ll get mad I don’t think so I think they’ll be happy to see Pogo Ragu left the left the treace maybe more Pogo car I literally cannot even sing listen I would love to be like an actual Idol that can sing and dance but uh I think it’s genetic guys please don’t tell me I’m digging up into someone’s house right now wow A Whole New World wait no this is literally someone’s house do you have a do you have a cave who lives here who lives here this is mono’s house it’s so cute what the heck that’s so cute I didn’t even know haha I’ve touched the bed now ha guys house what I found it with a I have to I have to I have to I have to I have to I have to I have to I have to she won’t get upset right she won’t get upset right she won’t get upset right she won’t get upset at that she want to get upset right don’t tell her by the way please don’t tell her I just want to I just want to help on did I take did I take this stuff from her okay let’s put the diamond like here am I allowed to do this I don’t even know you know what let’s put this back this can be like random and stuff but this we can fix cuz she has a lot of cobblestone okay but I won’t fix the other stuff cuz I don’t want to make anyone mad okay but we can fix like this stuff I feel like that is okay I feel like this is it’s okay I feel like that is that is acceptable like that is not like evil you know I don’t feel like that’s evil right like if I just put away the bamboo and the Cobblestone then she won’t get mad if I rearrange this stuff and this stuff I don’t think she would be mad yeah I don’t I don’t think she would I don’t I don’t think I don’t think PO is pure evil despicable I hope she doesn’t get mud well now I know where to get the oh this is so cute little baby duck Wait no that’s a chicken little baby chicken she has a really nice mine though I’m not even going to lie it’s a nice mine w okay how do I get back down again is there a safe way to get to the vines mehs I’m scared of heights I’m scared of heights I’m scared of heights I’m scared of heights in Minecraft especially in Minecraft especially in Minecraft I see where it came from though can I uh maybe mine my way there and oh it’s becoming dark would any kind woman like to sleep or no it’s okay okay if you don’t want to but uh I would appreciate it okay okay okay we’re back in business baby back in business baby okay okay okay okay let’s put a torch up here so nothing kills us oh we’re so back in business guys we did it no okay be careful be careful P be careful trying okay okay what level are we on even oh yeah this is a good level then yeah we find lapis right around here what yeah we should find lapis around this area oh is this is this a good area 57 not too shabby not too shabby let’s light around so that nothing like back doors me okay okay okay okay so let’s begin I get very very like sidetracked don’t I honestly didn’t think it would work me neither I I thought I would die there anyway guys how are we doing today we have a Lady Luck on our side today seems like a pretty good day [Music] oh w w w wow I love uh geology um Jesus well uh cover that up go back again retrace our steps right here uh maybe if we if we uh uh where would we mine then where is a where’s a good place to is that a what is that oh it’s just glow stuff okay uh I thought it was a m shaft okay let’s light up this area make it nice and cozy okay [Music] now Jesus are are gaslighters just mean [Music] people all gaslighter she I’m going to tell any about that I’m going to tell her I’m sorry that might that might be right around her Parts but uh I’m going to tell her I’m going to tell her I’m going to tell wait guys time stamp this what is it 02 38 48 time stamp it I need I need to I need to snitch no they’re evil they have bad intentions and I’m going to tell on them they’re mean to me they’re mean to me I saw two mean messages now they’re mean to me at first it was a joke and then I realized that they’re actually just kind of mean go me me tell them off kill them kill them kill them for me if you actually like me you should kill them I was joking by the way so funny wait which level am I on right now 36 oh yeah that should be a good level right it was like 37 or something yeah this would should be fine guys kill them they’re mean no put water on them put a water bucket on them it wasn’t me can I ban him am I allowed to ban him can I B him can I B him I don’t know man maybe you guys are all the same you guys are all the same no I’m not going to do it but if you say something mean I won’t give you a second chance I know not what gaslighters are like h i don’t play around like that oh clo squid but no lapis what the heck what do you mean by you guys okay I’m Bing you to what happened what does what does people who watch me not even like me what the [ __ ] is going on dude what is going odd am I am I the problem B chat stream’s over you’re so base for that you I’ll make you moderator for that I’ll make you moderator what the [ __ ] did he come from here you go that was a that was a gas light okay it was one of them but listen I saw another mean comment so that pisses me off don’t play with me today I will get mad I will get mged and I will use my tiny Powers with the click of a button you will disappear this is so nice though I’m so happy I finally found glow squid I’ve wanted this for so long thank you Universe oh 10 ink sack even nice man being a streamer freaking sucks dude uh uh how do you say it again against popular belief people actually are not that nice o ow always be my Minecraft strees too my my super wholesome Minecraft strees quit V I literally just talked about how I want to gep because I am mad but also true actually true actually true actually I uh I want to pursue something different I want to be a uh I want to be a the think from sharktail you know the the job Oscar has seems kind of chill cray haters wait a second you know you know what’s funny sometimes it not it’s not even just the gray ones that’s the sad thing it would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad Will Smith oh yeah that’s awesome wait is that what he says in like the you re or something oh yeah that’s awesome I remember what oh yeah I don’t remember what it says but he looks through like a what is it called a not stetoscope a telescope like oh [Music] yeah oh yeah that’s hot that’s hot Ah that’s [Laughter] hot who’s the biggest hater of them all me it’s a [ __ ] p r PR R she’s a thief what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s that song oh my God now I’m coming up with to what’s that s what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up there there’s some song like that what’s up are they saying rush not oh my God Usher Usher Usher I don’t remember quit horsing around isn’t that from BJ Horseman or is that just a normal term people use I’m a nocular scope oh yeah because it’s like One Singular scope like one that you can hold why am I so interested in this conversation I got to go back we got to go back to freaking Minecraft dude I I we got to go back in a freaking conversation cuz I I lost that I lost that totally what were we talking about again I don’t even remember oh yeah it’s rewind time let’s go back people let’s go back to Super Time a normal term okay horsing around let’s not Horse Around let’s look for lapis you know what’s funny I haven’t found lapis a single time but whenever I’m like out in a bot in a mine I always find lapis but now there’s a Lapis shortage [Music] and is mad at us for misbehaving in other chats as well as gaslighter I you ban them if they’re being mean I’m not going to lie she’s told me about that as well she told me that if any gaslighters are mean in your chat you’re allowed to bad them so that’s also one reason I don’t really have any patience for gasl is cuz I’m not going to lie I I have never had any problems with fits I’m not going to lie like all my damat and everyone that I’ve talked to an idol and stuff and other people they have never said that fanders are bad people which makes me really happy like genuinely that makes me very happy I don’t know I don’t even know what I would do if that was the case for me but um I’m glad she’s been able to talk to you guys I guess lies I’m not even lying well no one has told me that you guys are bad but if you guys are being told off by somebody you should listen to them if you’re watching someone else’s stream he wholesome 5050 50/50 either you see a car crash and get banned or you see cute little f it what if I just do that what if I just dodge him that way will he get matched what about cars um I haven’t had any issues with cars I actually had um cars come up to me doing Offa and they were really sweet people too and and um I was watching uh con like uh meet and greet and stuff and they were like really cute they were like really nice they were all dressed upu and stuff I don’t know I don’t think they’re bad Dums are not bad either and kamers are like really chill too so I don’t know dude I have never had any issues with like another fan base or anything yeah I think they’re pretty chill I never had any issues yeah f are nice like f chat resemble streamer I don’t know about that I know about that I just haven’t had anyone complain about FAS which makes me pretty happy but yeah guys please behave in other people’s chats if you’re in other people’s chats you know not everyone is like me and you know I’m not like everyone else so we might have like different rules and different like ways of doing stuff yeah I would never misbehave it’s actually really funny because that is true fat chance I would misbehave sorry but it’s such a funny day can I make complain about planet yeah you [Music] can you [Music] can and then there will be a war and then nothing will be the same and you will hate each other and you’ll never get along yeah based wisdom is that really wisdom or just etiquette dude I have not found a single lapis I’m starting to believe I am lapis poor oh jeez I am stupid also oh man I don’t even have a lot of torches [Music] left it is we never found any lapis lastly why am I having such a hard time finding it though it didn’t be this hard I should just I should have stumbled upon it by now no am I the problem I’m sorry I keep saying that but yeah maybe I should just walk around in caves and stuff but I haven’t um then I need to find some more coal real quick I feel like I’ve never found lapis on purpose I feel that so bad oh lapis I just want to I just want to be able to like you know Jesus monkey noises shut up F go shut the hell up oh my God it’s miracle I went back in evolution you’re too cute to be my problem I’m a big problem dude uh you need like a what is it called what what are what are those people called oh I don’t remember which way I went this way that way back yet you know people who need like pest control and stuff yeah need that with me I’m a raccoon after all why level for lapis I thought someone said uh 37 or did they say minus 37 I feel like they said 37 though hey what up batting people here the first one oh man you know you know I I am excited you know you know what I am excited I feel like once I find that lapis I’ll be I’ll be complete do I have any sticks oh I don’t yeah like animal control 32 oh 32 to minus 32 oh maybe I should just walk around in mines then like deeper and stuff yeah anywhere you found Redstone my my freak cave has so much Redstone but no lapis it’s crazy crazy stuff hey hey ha [Music] idiots love it when it happens why you kiding yourself evil um do I have any uh I don’t have any wood so I can’t make any more torches God damn God damn we godamn World damn it what what did I do wrong why W that one is really cool that thing over there where am I maybe let’s be a bit careful here no but for real like am I not going to be able to find any lapis look why you in dangerous place um you see I was looking for lapis why C this was this is the worst stream I’ve Done Yet how can I not find find it what this is insanity this is actually Insanity I know I could have dug deeper but I need like some wood for my torches I mean can’t bamboo make wood can’t you make wood planks with bamboo um MOS oh it needs to be stripped oh but you had to sue me side quest yeah that one was really good but after that everything just kind of kind of fell down fell off Minecraft fell off dud stream does the end to PO find lapis I really need lapis though that’s the thing there a freaking thing oh my god dude this is this is insanity and now I can’t even get out oh what a world I don’t remember how to get out oh what a world I recommend finding a new cave further away yeah maybe they took all the lapis or maybe I’m just really bad if I any lapis not even One Singular chunk not even want to a chunk no I see the outside ooh Ooh Baby I Love Your Way Every Day ow O baby oh we’re right next to spawn oh [ __ ] well oh well that makes my life a little bit easier wow what what are you you can I keep him what happens if I hit him what is that what are you can I keep him can I can I get him how do I get him how do I make him mine how do I take him hello little friend hello what is your name I want to take you away from your natural habitat put him in a jar you can make one what does he do hello little bab how do I make one a goblin that’s just me yeah I want him to come home with me he’s so cute can I make one one myself though he just holds items and moves around I don’t care I want him I want that one I want it Al Le do I have any slime I think I pick up like One Singular slime one time reality can so somehow be so cruel do I not have any slime at all I don’t have any slime oh man [Music] and well can I make cook tofu why will I happen if I cook My Tofu is it it’s not cooking right if we just leave it there is it broken oh [Music] bad guys what if I give Kaa um uh Diamond one diamond for like 10 lapis or something how is how are everyone finding everything you think that’s enough compensation right can I would probably give you more than 10 well ka’s not here right now so I I’ll just take t for bad I wonder what a mora is doing I haven’t seen her in the game maybe we should go visit now that I have my lapis I’m I’m me me know he’s pink [Music] pillow hello hello I’m streaming by the way hello what are you doing I’m it’s AFK fishing oh I I know about that yeah you just uh take a fishing rod and mhm oh nice and cuz we’ve got the we’ve reverted back to the 1.16 fishing you can get some pretty good stuff actually am I to be fair as of current all I’ve gotten is uh you do some British why did I think you were Canadian you like super voice calls before I know but like I don’t know why but like in my head you’re like canonically hat but you’re VAP [Laughter] POS stop talking about map sful sorry you sound so POS oh I’m so embarrassed now did you come in here just to check but you know well you know you you would support a scientist right and if I were to say I was a scientist who did a lot of research you would want me to do a language clearly not enough because you thought I was Canadian I don’t know why in my brain you’re like canonically Canadian I don’t know I don’t know you’re not even American in mine oh my God no no oh people are coming on now oh you have a really nice house by the way thank you it’s the roof is not finished oh it’s not I can’t see that oh yes it’s not oh you even have the fish does he sing he does not sing I wish that he did honestly this is my thing with like all of the trophies I want them to move a little bit I want I know right like I want to like press on it and make it like dance or something how okay if he could sing what song would you want I want like the the the classic Looney Tunes like hello my baby hello oh hello time did you know that that song was because hello back in the day wasn’t a common word so when that word came out that song was making fun of the word hello really yeah cuz people us say good day good night good evening but then we start saying hello I think because it was it CU of phones or something I’m not really sure and then uh yeah then that song made fun of like the word hello I’ve never had that before wait that’s so interesting actually this is so nice you you even made like the storage nice are you going to put frames on the side that’s the I’m going to put signs on them oh yeah I was going to put like frames on them but they’re like I don’t have enough Lea oh I felt that I mean I have a super small cow Farm if you do need it and I do have wheat there too if you want to like uh just anytime it’s not a lot of cows but yeah it’s a lot of cows but at least you can get some thank wow this is a nice face though what is the what is the idea uh I’m going to flatten this whole area and uh I’m going to demolish like a big ring around this kind of mountainy area uh and fill it with black concrete andan like oh not black black slate what is it called Deep slate yeah like uh yes oh cuz I want it to I want it to be like a nuclear Wasteland with like these black spikes and stuff everywhere oh no taking the chest for maple syrup just to double check I feel so bad you don’t even sound like remotely like American or Canadian like you’re you’re Posh like you’re you’re just posh yeah my bad dude maybe you don’t want to do an Among Us collab I I don’t think you want to like Among Us collab anymore honestly what no it’s going to be great it’s going to be great what do you sure I tried to get um sue me to accept the invite we’ll see if she joins oh I want her to join I see I will see I will see yeah yeah yeah I will like d her a million billion times yeah because I love her and I can do that because she won’t ever get by the way is the new update actually on PC because I watched like the uh the direct thing and it just said like for the switch As I think that direct was just for the Nintendo switch I think it is on PC as cuz I as I saw that the new update isn’t it just like three new rolls or something it’s not like anything like big but they’re like funky ones though they have like a cool Phantom gu yeah I know dude the noise maker one is going to be such a pain in the ass I’m not going to be able to play I’m really I’m no I’m really excited about the the Phantom one though oh yeah it is cool though just walking around like invisible oh jeez thank you yay I haven’t Liv up any of this place yet so it’s just an absolute oh do you need um do you need coal no I need energy to be bothered oh my god dude um do you have do you have w I’ll do it for you I’ll go on a side mission will you actually yeah I will like half a stack of Co in be like right now oh really I I’ll take it I just need wood as well like sticks uh my chest I have like a bunch uh there I’ll do it I’ll do it in return if you find any lapis would you be able to give 16 emeralds right now uh actually I would like to make a trade if you find lapis in the future I’d like you to put that in my mail mail box oo that’s that’s a deal that’s a deal if you m i will give I will I will light up everything I promise you’ll think it’s a fire over here thank you thank you it’s going to be like an absolute it’s going to be the sun people are going to be here and be like wow what happened it was so bright yeah I promise well I’ll see you later then I’ll go on my little Mission now thank you bye Amora apprciate it guys oh Jesus yeah this place needs to you good oh my God I’m going to go put lapis in your mailbox okay see you later oh she’s so cute I feel so bad for thinking that she was why did I think that she was freaking do yes okay I will do that Jesus guys I feel so bad I feel so bad how did I think that she was freaking how did I think she was Canadian in like what world I must have gotten her wrong or something but I’ve known her for so long now boys it don’t feel so good the Beast okay I feel so bad boys I feel so bad I feel so bad I feel so bad I feel so bad I feel so bad I feel so bad oh my God I see you later thank you I’m The Little Match Girl goodbye I think she got my reference oh what the heck kill him oh no kill each other what is this keep happening oh jeez there’s a lot of them here I’m them there don’t feel bad it was funny but it m imagine you’ve known someone says like de you and you’re you just think that they’re Canadian and then you meet up with them and they have like the most like POS freaking deepest British accent ever that’s embarrassing oh dud will you let one killer creeper for that but will you let one kill a creeper for that music disc I don’t really care about music discs man you’re like okay I play my own playlist you know I’m I’m Different okay food yo this is probably my most unsuccessful Minecraft stream yet dude jeez so is life what the c music this it’s okay I don’t really use music discs in Minecraft it’s true I just I don’t know why I just don’t really I just don’t really you know what can always be lucky no that is true there must have been like one stream where I get a little bit humbled but you know what we do with that we help other people in our Comm Community you know we help other people in our community it’s not me coping by the way I’m not coping I promise what am I doing tomorrow by the way oh yeah I’m camping I’m camping today I don’t want to go camping I don’t [Music] want might have to end stream soon because I need to sleep before like I want to play Minecraft no I like the camping and I prepped some stuff but I want to play Minecraft this Minecraft server came at a really bad time because I just want to play Minecraft all the time it’s really bad still getting lapis it’s success that is true one stack of lapis baby I need to get rid of some stuff man I don’t need all this stuff glowing calamari what happens if you eat it you die oh thank you okay guys light them up up up light them up up up light them up up I’m on fire wo I’m not going to lie one of my least favorite parts of Minecraft is definitely Landscaping I mean it’s it’s nice to do because you can turn your brain off but at the same time it’s really annoying cuz like um I don’t know it this feels very tedious at least when you’re mining it feels like you’re like waiting for something to happen with with Landscaping you just flat and everything and it’s so boring o oh I barely lit anything up here here we go monotonous yes cuz I feel like but also at the same time I really like clipping grass in real life like the lawnmower the only thing I can’t do with the lawnmower is um you know those lawnmowers where you have to like um pull like the string and stuff I can’t do that I’m too weak okay where else do we need like some some light D wait entire cont to bedro takes a very long time to why would you do that at that point just make a new Minecraft world and it feels like the Super Fly option at least Minecraft has an option yeah oh I didn’t do it on this side I want I want to I want to tell her to come and inspect when I’m done like hey perceive perceive greatness you put them on the tree trops dude this should be pretty good actually let’s wait until nighttime maybe we can see if we miss any spots too but that’s for later is this really it is this it is this what it all amount into I think we could put down some more just walking around dude I think I think I got like all the surface I think uh come and inspect I guess I I will inspect I will over all the things okay this this is good this is real good than really okay I don’t think any will spawn now or maybe I don’t know I don’t think so the update has made it pretty lenient of yeah cuz um on my base I haven’t even lit up that much and I still don’t have that much like spawning but hopefully this okay yeah they’ve made it so nice now so you can kind of have like I can’t remember how many blocks it is specifically between things but oh me neither light level a made it so much more lenient and it’s so nice I agree it’s so much nicer because like I’m sorry but I think it’s so ugly when you have like torches everywhere well you kind of got to do what you got to do they made it possible to make builds a lot prettier which is I very much appreciate that true oh I missed this part is it good now this is good thank you PCO you’re welcome thank you thank you you’re welcome I disappear now good luck okay have good St thank you you see you later bye oh see you this weekend actually indeed yeah bye byebye guys I did something hello Raiders welcome Raiders what should I do now should I just should I end stream I feel so bad for ending stream because I feel like I didn’t do that much but I shouldn’t play for much longer because I need to go to bed so I can wake up early and and fix my camping stuff and then I’ll be gone for a day and then I’ll be back and I’ll be doing a su about my camping yeah but don’t worry guys I will continue the raid I did talk a lot with a lot of people I don’t feel like I did I think I need to get ready for Camp wait let me check something I think it should be fine please B on my screen okay well I would myself sou up here screen too there we go can I make this up here too yes sir okay let me just write to them going to go to bed camping later today see you guys [Music] yeah thank you okay I exit now I’ve said my goodbye so now I can say goodbye don’t make fun of me for the way that talk when I when I talk to girls okay I just I want to make sure that they know that I’m leaving now because yeah I got to go camp I prob I probably would have done made like a 8 Hour sh today if it wasn’t because of my camping because um what is it called I don’t think I have any meetings today I think it got moved to tomorrow so the chongus talk a little yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to see though I think I’ll be staying up a bit but I should at least try if I can you were so nice helping out that sweet Canadian girl whatever good luck Pogo thank you so much for drawing me camping by the way I’m so excited I’m excited but I’m scared but I’m excited but I’m scared but I’m exced and I want to play freaking Minecraft but I am scared just set some alarms I will so scared BR thanks for five gift thank you I super appreciate it uh everybody who got a gift say thank you you going to have so much fun you got this I hope I can get a good video but I have to saying that I’m like what am I even going to like make a video about is there anything you guys would want to see because I obviously I can’t really like film my surroundings too much maybe I should just make like a mukbang I’ll make a camping mukbang marshmallow hot dog Burger uh juice uh water of course uh I can make a I can have like a cooking show cooking yeah cooking yeah I’m not as scared now because there’s probably not going to be as many people because it’s Monday for me and it’s not Midsummer anymore so I feel a little bit safer now actually 30 lb of chicken wings and I’m going to eat that all alone maybe I should have talked about being big chongus cuz I don’t think I can do that actually I oh guys are going to make fun of me but um I actually did try to buy spicy nuggets from McDonald’s 20 pack two times and each time I’ve only been able to finish like seven at a time so like I think I’m big chongus but then I try to eat big tongus meals and it’s not even worth it cuz then I never finish it even yeah are you putting marshmallows on the hot dogs did you know that that’s actually a very common Filipino thing to do during birthdays or well it was a common Filipino thing to do in the on birthdays did you know that you can look that up marshmallow and hot dog it’s I I’ve seen that on birthday parties yeah there 13 nuggets left not very Chong as of your PO well that’s why I have an air fryer Now isn’t it it’s not that good it’s not a good when it’s not like fresh and stuff yeah oh yeah Bri was with me here today maybe that’s why maybe that’s why I wasn’t lucky get away from meing rat anyway I hope that the SC was okay I know I didn’t get a lot of stuff done and stuff but there weren’t a lot of people I was expecting more people to be on I’m a little bit sad about that but I still had a good time with you guys I’m be happy that we could play with s and stuff uh I will be gone today but I will be back I already put up a waiting room how many hours until I’m back again how many hours would POG go um let me take 20 hours you guys only have to be without me for like 20 hours so I mean that’s not too bad that’s literally not that bad so um that’s literally not that bad I’m literally going out camping that’s too long that’s less than 24 hours you guys are so freaking silly guys are so silly it’s okay though I’ll give you kisses and and you can Replay that one freaking part of the stream and be like B I Miss B but I get her kisses on Ree going to miss you I’ll miss you guys too but don’t worry I’ll be a big girl today and I’ll go camping and it will be fun and I’ll get a fun video out of it and you’ll have to watch it with my [ __ ] editing um editing skills yes say I love you to every single name in the T what I look like a charity I wanted to say something else but since Sumi isn’t here I don’t want to be as unfiltered anymore yeah yeah yeah but guys I will see you guys in literally 20 hours okay okay it’s really not that bad and yeah so I was thinking of like camping and I will be actually sleeping in the freaking tent overnight I’m scared about that and also I’m scared about getting really cold but I will probably survive a few hours of that and then going home really early cuz I want to go home as soon as possible cuz also I have meetings afterwards I have like a few yeah I hope I don’t freeze to death wish me luck guys if I die I die but life is not worth living without a little bit of risk I literally am talking like I’m like jumping out of the plane but I’m literally just going to tent I’m literally just going like to a tent and I’m camping and I’m like eating Burger and stuff if you die can I be mod actually you can be uh you can be uh the owner you can have the ownership actually yeah but don’t die I mean I’ll try I’ll try not to die you’re going to be fine I think so too I think listen you have to be an idiot to die and you know what people say idiots don’t get a cold so that probably means idiots don’t die either you I mean you see videos on the internet all the time where idiots do stuff and they don’t die so that’s me that’s me but yeah guys I look forward to it I hope that I see you guys soon we can have a little satu soon soon soon and yeah but did I actually put that on the right day cuz 20 20 hours do don’t sound right wait hold am I sure about this did I put the right date this does not sound right it is this right June 25th 1 1 a.m. yeah that’s not right I felt like that wasn’t right there we go that’s better that that does see like 24 hours I’m supposed to sleep there for 24 hours how does it work I’ll see you guys in in double that time 44 hours bye guys see you guys in 44 hours there you go see you guys in 44 hours cope SE mold [Music] it’s not my fault I’m bad at math okay I just I just do be bad at math but um you know it’s it do be like that it it do be like that ah I found somebody to read bye everybody I’ll see you in 44 hours make something nice for me so I have something nice to return to okay

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