Shockingly Real: Yellow Pikmin invade Minecraft World!!

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello everyone and welcome to a Minecraft stream today we are going to be exploring one of the worlds I made and we showed off in in the like most recent video or whatever with all you guys able to join oh my gosh it’s amazing wow we are not in this world right now right now we are in a test World hosted by wolfy 7 that people have just been building stuff in so here we have a bunch of people to build it’s it’s already gone crazy everything’s already gone crazy we haven’t even gone to the main world and it’s already all over the place you awesome thing that I built here yellow Pikmin oh yes so one of the very first things who was built in this world is this a curs yellow ww and like seriously man the eyes are wrong why is it a predator literally when I showed up the first thing I did when I joined this world is wolfy was like look what I made I made a Wally walk and I was like there’s a reason I’m the one making the adventure maps L the first thing I said so anyways we have a few other things here this this is the pregame this is just oh that’s a horn I was wondering what is that sound that’s a horn yes there’s frogs all over the floor who is spamming the horn somebody was I have no clue somebody was spawning a whole bunch of uh frogs earlier trying to get them uh on me cuz I was AFK they hopped everywhere here we have some creatures yeah they’re just frogs everywhere we’re getting some hey Pikmin representation as well I forget exactly what this is like a luring Forker that might be the big one though I’m not that updated on my hey Pikmin lore I don’t know all the creatures I have absolutely no clue about any of it this I know this is the Leach Hydro that that’s one I know beyond other people’s builds there’s also a few things I built like this cool bulb orb which someone turned into a cool bulbman this stem was not originally here I did not put this here and I also got the painted ballb from 251 I built a few Pikmin I built a red one a yellow one and then someone else actually built a blue one in the ground this was not me either people seem to like just adding things to my stuff James F Galaxy was here I’m not sure what this is anail says the internet demons have come for her again oh no and hello Lauren welcome back 50 or 40 or 30 people to say Glo Pikman I don’t know how that works but what is this made by James this is the long water dumple this is the uh it’s like Electro something Electro cotton It’s a cotton a yep I know my hey pikore I think this is the prickly fish from Pikmin 4 okay so a lot of people just added me as a friend so I am accepting friend requests now yes friend like a minute or so you should be able to see the test world and basically we’re in the test world just to make sure that people can get in before we go to the the real one and this world was open a while before the stream and people were just able to join so there been a lot of stuff that’s just been added oh did you show off Kolb yeah and I see someone sending me a friend request I will not be accepting friend requests this stream if you want to join you’re going to have to friend wolf be7 I see a sheer fle yeah basically we need yellow Pikmin to be the host and I will be the technical support okay I’m curious just here yeah oh this did you did you copy this from somewhere or did you just make this Lou so that is a sprite from the uh the Game Boy Advance Pikmin puzzle game oh but I did make a 3D uh light on the back I think this is Pocus and someone added Lou above the oh gosh the armor stands no the armor stands merged there was before there was two armor unless they aren’t merged before there was two armor stands and you could switch between them I remember building one of these at some point but it could hold three armor [Music] stands okay I’m going to have to turn game sounds off if you to keep spamming horns is that Mr Krabs oh my gosh guys it’s Mr Crabs I’m guessing that’s like a custom Minecraft skin because bedrocks got its own weird skin crusty crab unfair crusty crab unfair I see this thing has gained eyes and feet what has gained eyes and feet the this thing the red thing oh yeah not sure what this is oh gosh someone put dots on the Wally [ __ ] oh gosh that just made so much worse we water I cursed it even more oh um I’m not sure what this is I it looks probably familiar because it’s puffy BL a puffy BL size is a little it size is a little distorted but that’s all it doesn’t it has explosives in it it is not the right color it says press me but I know it’s going to happen if I press it wait wait wait wait wait wa wait no actually it won I pressed it ah ha I’m pressing it ah TNT and fire is off oh really I’m yeah because because I want destroying things in the in the world oh [Music] man okay seriously who is spamming the horns one thing is we will be not have we will not be having griefing yeah we don’t want people to be gri kind oh yeah do you want to set up the uh what kind of rules do we want for when we go to the main world oh yeah that’d be a good thing for me to know so when we go to the main World everyone’s going to start an adventure and I’m just going to answer some questions if people have questions and we’re just going to look around and then after a bit we’re going to let people build whatever in the world all right cuz I think we got pretty much okay there’s a couple more people but we got a lot more people added that we should be ready to go I think since one was horns in Minecraft that was the caves and cliffs update somewhere in there all right I’m going to be I’m going to be banning horns too apparently y all are just spamming horns and no one wants to listen to Horns exactly and definitely not that one yeah I’m going to have to like have the commands ready to like take horns from people yeah I’ll just have to set up command blocks so no one can wield horns I actually don’t know how hard that would be I mean there are like a bunch of different kinds but uh I mean there oh gosh I’m lagging okay apparently we have to not spam fireworks either or Eyes of Ender or Eyes of Ender don’t spam things stop spamming things we don’t want to yeah it’s like the same rules in the chat don’t spam okay I’m seeing a lot I don’t have spamming I was going to kill every I’m going to have to yeah I’m gonna I was going to say I’m going to have to slash kill yes and don’t don’t be trying to lag the game I’m not going to have a whole lot of Tolerance if you’re going to be obnoxious you’re going to get kicked nearly immediately all right um yeah I’m going to turn my volume of the game down cuz happened here I’m not sure what this is well there’s still a crap ton of stuff around so I’m going to get rid of that oh that is weird someone says that you don’t know how happy I to play this game with you well I’m glad you’re happy to be here I don’t have operator in this I was going to get rid of all the um oh chickens and stuff here let me are we ready to move on to the next World it doesn’t matter we going to the next one okay we are going to be leaving and we are going to be entering the actual World which is again hosted by wolf B7 all right so here we go that world is gone and the new world shall begin and like yellow Pikman said we’re going to start in adventure modes that people can observe all the creatures and then in a little bit we’ll switch it over to um creative so you guys can build fwr says yellow pick what happened to your skin I got W food I got Wu ified yeah that’s the one that you made isn’t it oh gosh okay apparently we need to turn that off what do we need to turn off uh what is it game Ru uh currently it’s only letting eight people in yeah we need to change that too oh yeah I need to do that what the heck is it it’s not friendly fire is it PV yeah PVP bals okay Max people to 40 and the last thing this will not have to be oh yes problem let find mural murals murals we’ll do that in a minute mural we are going to be setting up a command box and no one’s going to be holding horns let’s see oh clear oh i’ I think I’ve been in this world before I’m not at the spawn point horn oh really yeah like I said I’m pretty sure I’ve probably just been in this world before so now I’m not okay normal spawn so we hope we don’t lag everyone too much so if I hold any goat horn yeah it just gets rid of it all right guys have fun without goat horns yeah and actually uh no we should be fine okay we are here horns are banned yes oh do you want want to give people a tour like a little bit of a I don’t know where anybody is now that now that um no I mean yellow Pikmin on stream yeah I’m I’m just trying to figure out where you make explosions for me so I can’t play actually no because if we have low TNT it will get out of hand like way too fast yeah at the end I could see turning on griefing stuff so people can just do whatever they want yeah but that really like it too cuz people just like spam TNT and for anyone who doesn’t know since apparently a lot of people don’t know you can go into the onion and there is a barrel that will give you stuff you can get feather falling boots fireworks and Electra even in adventure mode so you can still do stuff we’re just not going to have you build yet so I think we can probably go on a little tour um I’m not sure what I should go to for not necessarily that people will follow you but you know um I mean I’m sure people see in the video but there were some Cuts yeah you know like you show May the way over to where the okay I’m getting a good bit of lag is that is that because of the people or is someone doing something um I don’t think anybody’s doing all that much uh someone says caffeine kitten is off yes caffeine kitten is pck mom so she has off plate how can you break the plate uh-oh was that pick Mom oh um well that’s fine I can just put it back all right there yeah I’m not sure exactly what else might be lagging the game yeah I mean I’m not lagging for me but I wonder okay so a lot of people are down below pretty far is that where the first cave is people are in the onion oh that’s inside the onion that’s inside the onion yes oh I got it all right I’m going to get back to my tour here are the J SM I think yeah these are actually an edited Banner if you ever want to know how to make any of the ban you can see the pattern I used right here who is who broke the floor how did someone break the floor I don’t know the floor is broken where it’s fixed right in these two places yeah what wait why are people in Creative wait why are people in Creative oh gosh this is this is going very badly what everyone should be an adventure I thought you double check the settings I did default game mode is Adventure yes so I’m not sure how people got oh yeah that makes sense oh oh there’s a button isn’t there yeah I’m real smart all right we’re just going to do that again just to make sure I completely forgot about that yeah I died cuz you made me you made me in uh oh wait it’s dark in here now okay so everyone should no longer be in Creative okay when I died I’m like down in a cave below the onion something might have happened okay you know what everyone’s going to teleport to me set spawn set spawn look at all those people there’s a lot of people this is awesome World spawn should be here but I’ll do it again you know I was just trying to do a tour we’ve already got a bunch of problems yeah well this is this is something new this is something different I I expected us to have some problems okay and I see two more people there oh okay another thing I didn’t really explain here this does not the none of these are actually being powered right now so if I grab [Music] this you can see that once I update it it actually is unpowered to do this I place the block and then I actually cloned this block and then place it here and it keeps it updated status until affected by another redstone block so that’s another detail I didn’t go [Music] into all right I miss I’m forgetting already what is the okay never mind actually what did I do down here they are on dth this clusters yes I know you can adjust it don’t fall in there though uh someone said that juices [Music] here wait where juice I don’t know I don’t know over here master house how do you join so to join the world you need to friend um wolf B7 like at the top and then as friend requests come in if I remember to look at my phone I will add you and then the world should show up under multiplier oh wait we need we need to make the snake grub again why is so lonely looking at me oh yes keep going real long this time you big long and then we’re going to get some of this we’re going to get some curving action in here yeah I just added I just added a few more people so wait a minute and the world should show up look at that long grub okay I just okay if I if I do [Music] this can I get people to do parkour I I bet everyone’s going to try to do this now are you going to do worm parkour I mean it’s like worm body segment parkour all right whoever reaches the top first gets um oh wait you did it all right all right oi oi you got a dead Bush that’s your reward yeah so as far as the world seed goes I mean I can find see anything but yellow Pigman pretty much recreated this island so the seed doesn’t really uh do a whole lot uh Jim Jam says you didn’t friend me I friended everybody that I seen I haven’t done parkour oh you did it too my friend I friended like five or six people and I I missed you sorry oh another one the glow Pikmin I missed I missed again wen’t you already up here maybe not I don’t know take some more dead bushes did any did anyone even know the dead Bush me like is that even a thing anymore at all do people even is that a thing cuz for a while the dead Bush thing was like the most funny thing in the entire universe all over the place yeah I’m not going to be able to get people dead Bush as much anymore there’s so many people is is PE with an H allowed on stream I think so look at all these people this is crazy dead Bush yeah yellow pman someone took the foot someone took the foot oh someone else took the foot of the crush flat I’ll I’ll trade you this button for a dead Bush Minecraft itself will filter out a lot in chat I guess we should probably also go for through some secrets you want to you want to trade that dead Bush for the button how’s your day yellow pmin in the other one we’ll it my has been pretty good working on some plushes hey where are you oh oh I did finish the second here give me that give me that button and I’ll give you a let’s see what can I give you you can get they going to try to steal my stuff yeah don’t worry don’t worry all right you get a bucket of puffer fish yeah summon Ender Dragon okay a secret which actually kind of showed up in the Stream wolf be accidentally figured this one out when he destroyed this guy there’s actually an item inside the middle thing called a searing acid shock the Searing acid shock is one of the fruits that’s the pic name of one of the fruits that you can get in game and this guy drops that in tropical wilds and he’s also programmed to drop it so as far as placing them in when you’re actually modding if you place a crush flat by default it will drop a searing acid shock so I decided to add that it was aure reference pretty pretty cool lore oh these guys glow too I do not remember if I made them glow I give yellow light block you can actually see I did make them glow none of you guys can see it if you’re playing the game though you have to watch the stream another thing with these guys is the candles if you don’t know I’m sure a lot of people know this but if you don’t know you can break blocks under candles and they just sit there they hover yes it’s pretty um it’s not over lenient where you can place candles as far as like what blocks you can place them on but they also just float for some reason they just straight up float uh peashooters is yellow Pikmin have a picture with you real quick yeah yeah okay everyone group photo group photo where should we take a group photo oh how can we do a group photo I want to do a group photo uh basically probably just go how about on top of the stump let’s go on top of the stump everyone yeah I can hold the the bucket of puffer fish in the group photo I’m just going to teleport everyone to me yeah I thought so oh gosh the lag okay and if anyone falls off I’m going to put a staircase here and a staircase over here all right everyone group photo group photo and actually let’s get off the let’s get off this guy all right so how do how do you want to do group photo should I take a picture from my uh perspective or how are you planning on doing that oh everyone just come over here if you want to if you want a picture you want a photo cuz you’ll be basically you’ll be in the Stream is that what you’re thinking yeah I’m going to be here yeah oh more waving okay this is cool this is awesome look at all these people how many feel do we even have I can’t see it I don’t know uh I’m going to count one two three four five I got a screenshot of some of [Music] it we have 19 people right now I want to see I wish we could get 40 I want to I want to make my computer melt with people that are in uh can you tell me how to change my username I actually have no idea all right do we want to go to another oh okay everyone come with me come with me this way are we going to the boss rack no follow me we’re going to get another photo and actually the best photo spot should have gone here initially oh the sunset this is a little area I made where we have a mood mamuta oh the mamuta and the little spot where someone can sit I thought this was just really cute so I wanted to add it so we’re going to have a photo here actually I should go over here so we have the mamuda in the picture yeah uh does Yoshi Mario experience kinetic energy does that mean that uh pancake uh yes other people are dying don’t worry I’ll be here for bit I’m sure a lot of do you want to bring every do you want to bring just teleport everyone over again and actually I’m going to give me a second I’m going to make it so people can be up [Music] here more ways for people to be in the photo imagine having a button you can’t place okay this is really [Music] cool we’re just having a nice photo shoot with everyone stare into the [Music] sun I’m somewhere I don’t know where you are oh cuz Jill died oh okay I’m going to let this go for a minute and then I’m going to teleport everyone to me so if you got lost we can do another photo shoot yeah so we yeah I don’t know how to say directionally we’re over by the mamuda no one knows one of the we’re behind the boss shell we’re behind the boss shelf but I’m going to teleport everyone to me yeah all right everyone just first first yeah you can’t even the names perform osmosis I think I think that’s what osmosis is no osmosis is like when you um just kind of like uh ah I can’t explain it I’m just going to shut up oh these people I like the the neander all sponge Bob’s skin the Red Pikmin skin looks really [Music] good there’s an Ender Dragon oh I’m going to do this chicken oh and is that um oh why am I blanking all right I think that’s enough photo shoot time and there’s there’s something that SU [Music] let’s see who else can we go to we got this guy you want to show people how to get to the sub level do we want to go to the underground do we want to go underground yet or do we want to still there’s a few more things up here yeah oh also I don’t know why but I hollowed out this guy so you had the maximum space in there I think I might have done it with this guy too yes like I literally hollowed these out so you have pretty much the maximum space inside there’s no reason here I’m going to open them up so people can go in wait we should put a door on them that door to get into the Canon beetles there we go you all can live in the Canon beetles houses economic housing I’m not going to be putting anyone in Creative yet I know someone someone asked hey lman if you’re my chat what’s the name of your server I want to join so to join the server you’ll need to friend wolf be7 and it’s in the Pinn comment if you friend him then you’ll be able to get in yeah and this is bedrock this is bedrock so it’s not server is literally just a world and we have up to 40 people so we should not be running out of space anytime [Music] soon oh no not not the yellow Pikmin again canab ate [Music] me oh yeah okay now I do think it is starting to lag it like just a hair we need to continue the stupid Hollow night is it’s a hollow spider it’s containing the infection oh kill it the Hol spider not again kill it I don’t have a nail I need a nail yeah so this is uh Bedrock this is bedrock you a bug the infected infed not the infection just the infected it’s meant wait it’s meant to be in infected where where’s the orange it’s all inside it’s all contained inside oh oh that’s not good oh I got a question for you yellow picman if you are not in Creative how do you get down oh cuz you have elyra you can fly yeah you can use elyra I’m going to show off a few more things up here we have this guy yeah oh another thing that I did not explain in the video you might know this is an interesting Banner color I don’t remember exactly what I did but basically I took multiple colors and used the fade effect to Overlay them think I might have used a white one if I grab a loom if I I always have trouble finding the loom if I do that and then just add some Fades can you put a purple hat on there you can get that color that lighter green [Music] color have bulb albino bulbs and the shear grubs I love the shear grubs I actually gave this one a mouth for some time the mama sharo did not have a mouth I just had a b there is the mouth but then I realized I could actually make an indent in the thing and it would look good and it looked good we have baby snagger we have mama snagger so for any of you who seen the video you might know I mentioned it would be funny if the snagger had a foot oh I gave it a foot for for the for the final world I gave it a foot it has a foot now and and yes I know I changed the world after showing you the video oh no oh my gosh I don’t care I can do whatever I want you are the Creator I’m the Creator I can do whatever the heck I want with my world I want to change it for the full Rel at least I can change it for the full release wait is there a full release yeah we the full releas is in the video oh in the description uh another one I think this is just yeah this is just an orange fade on a yellow banner and there’s also a dark blue fade on a light blue Banner this isn’t going to be pretty I know what isn’t going to be pretty you need to come over to to the emperor B which one the one in the cave the one the one near the beginning by the crush black that is a sovereign B black okay The Sovereign one oh my gosh you gave a hat that was right oh what what is that is is that just the Hat the Hat kid kid yeah I know it’s not the best quality but I leaves on the smokey prg I don’t know why I find that youing I did not find a smokey prg skin again for people who watch the video I mentioned the Smokey prg skin was no easy one to find on skin deck so I just didn’t get one yeah right now we are on adventure so that things don’t get annihilated someone ate the sun squish okay I think I think we should go into the depths now you want to teleport everyone down uh people can find their way down there’s an entrance here and there’s also a smaller entrance by the frogs in the start you can drop down into water and now we are in the cave and for your viewing experience I am actually going to I’m not going to do the command I’m just going to go ahead and go back to the area and give myself night vision oh no yeah people are dying because there’s not a easy way down it’s fine it’s fine yeah yeah no you you should end up teleporting everyone down then why because people can’t figure out how to get down themselves well okay if you if you don’t have your elyra on like you’re dead yeah so just get an elyra I don’t want to course everyone down here I’m just collecting items like slowly from just being around somehow I ended up with a big drip Leaf um we we have the ability to take the golden helmets that were one on one of the things over here should I just make a puddle like basically just make an area there’s a hole you can jump down that has water is there yeah that’s how I got down someone else just came down that way which is the hole that has water I can put a arrow over it yes it’s the tiny hole near the UJ I don’t know how to direct you to it so I guess so I’m just going to make the arrow we need a big red arrow big big red arrow okay now I’ve got to go up to go see the arrow and a purple Arrow if you all want in to the underground section go to the arrow assuming you’re actually competent at the game we can just jump [Music] down some people probably have not played survival much it’s just a jump you literally just go you have some family members that have died who PC mom getting down so she’s down here now see it’s all all worked out fine oh this so withering bllog night Vis night vision please for some time this guy was I had the eyes and they looked really weird I want to show you what it looked like they looked like this I don’t know why I thought that was okay at the time all right someone say just friended me but I don’t I don’t see it or maybe I already added them oh yeah I didn’t really show this in the video but there’s some bomb rocks here and also I guess right here our first mural the pellet is back here jello jello is like me who was playing Survival Bedrock while watching the [Music] stream wa alsoo some of these guys oh oh I should give him a [Music] bomoll where there we go open the other way there we go now he’s holding the bomb Rock I just realized we’re like okay we’re 40 minutes in I would think we probably want to let everyone build soon yeah I just don’t want people to destroy stuff yeah but I think once once people kind of see everything then yeah I’m going to do more of a tour here we have the bread bug toy Zone how do you get in that deep hole there’s an arrow yeah basically you find where the arrow is and then you jump down and there’s water below and these are all on a slab and then I just have some banners yeah I would just say please do not when we go to creative please just don’t destroy a bunch of stuff yes if you’re destroying stuff or you or if you’re intentionally lagging we’re going to kick you but basically what you know if you want to add funny things to the enemies that that would we love to see that that that that would be great just don’t like just you know like just destroy everything just to destroy it um and if you want to build like all new stuff like there are some Islands nearby yeah so if you want more space okay the hole of Shame so this this hole you can’t go in but there’s another hole you actually can up here there’s another red bug hole that you can actually go in you might think oh that’s black well you can actually fall through it and inside there’s a little cave with bread bugs this was another last minute Edition that I thought was just really funny un peel them no you’re uncus the bread [Music] bugs where is the butter I just realized there’s not really a way out of here so we’re going to make a way out sadly it will oh and this is just a map art of all black concrete I think I think I might be stuck down here where is the I’m Mak way out you should be able to see the arrow from y’all are getting in the way there we go oh I wonder if like render distance is not yell where are you I am in the cave there’s no way out of the Dil area the Dil area oh here yeah if you don’t have elyra all right yeah not everyone has a has a lro if anyone dies or if anyone gets stuck down here I’m just going to add a pool of lava so people can kill themselves people just jump in everyone jump in the lava pool come with me it’s nice and warm in here tomato soup this see Isn’t it nice and warm and toasty good soup good soup good soup people are just jumping in [Music] I guess there a few other things we didn’t really show I did not show off these mushrooms on the side because they’re not creatures these are some other more last minute additions just to add some more atmosphere to the place a says that they’re stuck with the command block what I’m just going to teleport oh my gosh it looks like it’s a mouth the p s it looks like it’s mouth is open it’s jaw is broken hello I am a billy night gr there are no more rockets in the barrel oh great okay I I probably have to go back to see if that’s actually broken now we should fix itself actually if you open it and close it and enough it should fix itself just turn it off and on again here we have so Sani uh saying when chat I haven’t even been looking at that Java I just can’t see wolf B7 as a friend because the game is not counting as a friend I don’t know can you try and friend me again I’m pretty sure I friended everybody that sent a Quest we can also go to the Water Area how do I go I got you there is a arrow above one of the entrances to the caves on the otherw world where is where is Water Area the water WRA where is water area where what what water area the place that you just went behind the startle Spore all right I think I got everyone I think you should be able to get in now okay and the alarm’s down to 9% I guess people could also drown themselves that would work too we have some water dumplestiltskin CR me [Music] water and pass the startle Spore can pet girl figure out what a startle for yes the water all right where did most people go I see a lot of people are still in the cave and probably a lot of more a lot of people up top oh my gosh guys this yellow Pikmin where where’s yellow Pikmin I don’t see them maybe they’re up here oh my gosh out of bounds we can go out of Bounds at some point too can I put more rockets in the thing is this still broken I think so I can go put more [Music] in what the heck happened okay so it is broken oh did you teleport back wow it looks like it should be working oh yeah okay of course because someone managed to get in here and steal the thing from the original Barrel that’s [Music] great I don’t know who got in here but someone stole the materials from the barrel we had the problem in the beginning that people could be creative and then accidentally do stuff that was a mistake that was a big mistake how do you build the creatures so I think some people will want uh a tutorial may maybe when everyone else is building yellow Pikmin maybe can show people how to make something yeah there the barrel is fixed at least it it should be [Music] there’s more arrows so many arrows just to get in here yeah all right I’m going to go to the last level just to show it up oh um okay I’m going to go to the last level I’m going to show it off I’m going to show off some secrets and then I’m going to put everyone in Creative so here is the final level and I’m going to get a better view where you can actually see everything with night vision I saved you a pick Miner there are a few mushrooms here too Beyond just the creatures okay now I have to figure out how got there this one’s harder to find I should actually make an arrow this one deserves an arrow cuz this final level is actually pretty [Music] hidden the thing is I have like half of the um screen for your stream covered up cuz I have Discord open too uh Diamond Kings is can I join yes you I remember friending you earlier you should be able to join there gigantic arrow and then we’ll make a path going down here and don’t jump down unless you have elyra you will die and if anyone’s over here if you want to get to the bottom you’re going to have to go in we need to go deeper we need to go deeper we’re going to the depths I’m going to see if I can actually find it based on your [Music] arrrow and now we go down oh yeah that should be pretty easy here is the Raging long legs another funny little detail I added to this guy like so in the other things you can go inside and then are M Tides okay M do need a little bit of a skill to get down here though cuz you can’t see so you don’t know what you’re going to hit there not a whole lot you can do about that I know oh what if I add a light block I think I’m going to give some light yeah just throw some torches around we have thr M tights in here because in I think in the game if you refight the long legs it drops ties in I think in the challenge mode it drops M titites and if not assign something to drop it will by default drop mght similar to how the crush flat by default drops the Searing acid shock so there are MIT ties in [Music] there and we’ll make it easy to get in there too oh you I think you need eliter to get down to the last level don’t you yeah yeah I’m just using light blocks oh you’re putting light blocks in yeah so people can see but I know when people get in Creative they can just come down that’s not a that’s not an easy like I me if you have elyra I mean it’s not too bad but if you haven’t really played survival that’s not going to be an easy uh jump all right yeah there’s two chats so it is kind of hard oh [Music] yeah read both okay Grievous uh 1029 is Captain Riley but yeah a lot of people are dying getting down to this last level in the command [Music] room you are free can you do a Super Mario Party Live Stream So I would do that with youil if we can get two other people to play cuz that one you can do um you can only do four people on that one but I would want the full four people oh and this guy is a bit more complicated there’s actually a helmet in here too but that would be on my [Music] channel cropster I can play okay I’m probably just going to teleport everyone back to me once we’re putting everyone in Creative yeah that would probably be a good idea all right I’m going to show off where some of the murals are starting with with this one back here next to the Long Legs there’s a mural depicting the pattern that is the final level of Pikmin 2 where the long the dweevil is found which is also the top of a GameCube and the other one is above the emperess BBL up here is an empress BBL oh my gosh everyone’s trying to get up here wait what yeah that’s going to be really really hard to find I don’t have night vision so like I can’t see anything yeah that’s def my least creative hiding spot okay this level oh before we do anything else there’s a secret inside the Bey as well it’s a key preferencing the fact the BD drops the key in Pikmin to Pikmin plays uh Ian YouTube says how do you join so friend wolf B7 and then the world will show up I see two people added me as a friend okay one of the murals is here this is the patter your friend request this is the pattern on the final trial in Pikmin one and it is right here next to the bull bear the toxil and this guy down here the [Music] bo hey where is Wolfie s I’m at the empress ball blocks with pit girl hello oh my gosh so someone messed up the pellet oh my gosh yeah that’s that’s where the pellet is and then the last two are up here one of them is right behind behind the ball Wars here on the side of the pot is the pattern on the mamuta in game not the one that we have and the final one is over by the bugy crawl man on the side of the bucket is the pattern seen on The Onion in Pikmin 1 2 and sort of Pikmin [Music] 3 and now that I’ve shown all those off I’m going to teleport everyone back cuz I’ve seen some people are lost and some people just don’t know what they’re doing so I’m going to teleport everyone back and then we’re going to set everyone to creative yeah I think that will help some people explore the world and then I guess I will be getting operator then I thought I already gave you operator oh I mean I can’t see it let the chaos now now there’s going to be chaos yeah yes a lot of chaos hopefully fun chaos fun chaos somebody I think just broke the uh thing to get into the onion that doesn’t really matter anymore to everyone’s creative like that part hey why are you all right yoshimar you’re going destroying the onion why there’s somebody already gone someone’s just destroying things so they’re getting kicked and that’s going to be your demonstration for how much tolerance I’m going to have don’t mess around and Break Stuff oh my gosh someone someone made the whip fence ball War oh did they make the tongue theed is making the whet fence wall war and it’s even whipper than [Music] for okay I think I’m going to go build some stuff [Music] too put the first order of business give bulborb a beautiful [Music] stash look at this gorgeous mustache perfect I gave the ranging long legs uh the uh I what man my brain a crown oh you said the long legs down here oh there he has a crown I don’t know why he has the crown but he has the crown oh I forgot to show off The Sire Hound this is the fire [Music] Hound let’s see what else can we do I want to go back up to the top that’s probably where most people are building yeah that’s I went to the [Music] [Music] top [Music] are there such things as dwarf whip tongue ball warps no okay that tongue is like all the way around and back well actually there aren’t any right now but there soon will be oh and if anyone wants a more in depth tutorial on any of the creatures I can give more in-depth tutorials to the best of my ability yeah the onion is completely destroyed oh great oh my gosh and the little one has a tongue too there any limit to things we can make um don’t do anything that’s like I don’t know traditionally inappropriate but for the most part I don’t really care what you build the things that are fun not destructive yes okay and I don’t know who’s spamming fireworks but can you please stop that’s might be lagging people I’m not experiencing any lag but I don’t want other people to be [Music] lagging and now we have a gold onion we have a gold [Music] onion wait I want to make the the oh wait we don’t have a green I was going to make like a green onion but we don’t have a green and I should make it so people can get back in there if anyone wants [Music] to oh my gosh someone’s building uh I’m going to make the cursed progue from Pikmin 4 oh that’s awful wait what if I put the oh that is awful this is why the Pikmin one design of the prog is better than the one from Pikmin [Music] 4 Jill you got picked because it looks like you’re were destroying a bunch of [Music] things I can bring it back in but you can’t just destroy a bunch of yeah some someone was destroying the onions so I youever that [Music] was [Music] yeah I can invite you back in but just don’t destroy a bunch of things you can build things but don’t destroy things he has Diamond feet Diamond feet if I can find little diamond boots yeah it’s going to be impossible for me to find friends cuz there’s like a million now lash extensions beautiful [Music] someone building something over here I don’t know what this is I think I did actually put uani over here but they were removed for this thing oh gosh no the hair is going all over the place wait a minute oh no turns out the hollow spider wasn’t truly Hollow it’s leaking infection guys oh no infection is seeping out of it I think you I think you still have to be in Minecraft [Music] chill I’m trying to find your I think I need to invite you again has a [Music] face look at him he’s so happy even though he’s dying inside uh I don’t know if you kick somebody does it even let you invite them again um um if I kick is there like an there not an unban well it’s not a ban it’s just it kicks him from the world what is this tall board but I thought like their friend name would show up [Music] again oh my gosh she’s so long look at it me so long leg board I like tall borb [Music] more which one’s like borb he’s like in the middle of the over Above Grand Arena oh wait that’s the elongated Crush FL from Pikman the hey Pikman oh that is beautiful it looks just like it oh we should have a Mak kiwi I did not add a Mak kiwi just because I didn’t really intend to add hay Pikmin creatures except for that one yellow Pikmin what can I Can I exit the world and go back in so that Joe can join [Music] again I suppose we can exit the world this will be the only time yeah I guess Jill is getting speciales please don’t destroy [Music] things oh and I’ll set it um that people are in Creative when they come in if they make a round ball board they can call it the orb board I’m going to make that I’m going to make the orb board the orb borb that is perfect all right set max players to 40 yeah I got kicked I wasn’t fast enough all right and then everyone should be in Creative right yeah everyone should keep the same stuff they had from last time okay there you guys finish the MWI I’m going to make an orb orb an orb orb Pikman by every creature is tall it’s like thickman but [Music] better when Balo gets a pea [Music] balloon okay that tongue for the tongue WB is like ridiculous oh yeah there’s like all kinds of Tong sticking all over the place just stretching across the entire map all right I don’t know if I should build something you should definitely build I’ve been making a banner oh all right I do see one more friend request oh that’s a nice Banner yeah did you make that one yourself uh no that was I was following a thing to make that enjoying being in the world I was just testing out making it cuz I’m probably going to use it in a different world [Music] oh my gosh look at at be so funny look at all these mudas okay so I saw someone okay yeah someone is literally just building a bunch of mudas yeah pick Miner I saw someone started to make [Music] them ior YouTube is I’m making a Pikmin man look at that it’s the orb Bo oh wait he needs a he needs some feet the orb [Music] borb oh he’s gorgeous look at him the orb the orb borb you also should make as many orb borb variations as you can [Music] it’s [Music] beautiful uh James Galaxy says that was me at all these mudas what is the banners I’m not sure what the Banners [Music] are [Music] look at all these guys yeah I’m just like checking out what people are building I’m not even building anything BB someone said BB who is burning wait why is war allow fire spread is should not be on no there is no fire spread apparently lava is a thing though kind I forgot about lava I don’t see anything that says anything about lava like it’s not even an option no but you can just Place lava but don’t Place lava it doesn’t do like it doesn’t just it’s a t bit rude don’t don’t Place lava everywhere don’t be rude that’s the message of this don’t be rude be rude don’t be rude that is being rude is kind of rude that’s kind of rude that’s kind of [Music] uncool I’m getting so much Pikmin does not approve of being [Music] rude and Minecraft cave sounds look the puppy blog that’s a real scary puppy blow hog oh man shiver me timbers shiver me timbers it’s a puffy blo hog consider my Timbers shiver consider my Timber shivered okay this thing is really cool also hello I see you are talking and thank you I guess I don’t know what to say to you wait you I think the hydro recreated okay I actually really like this the luring slur from Apex SL really good this is actually a pretty good looking one oh yes please do that YouTube thing please like And subscribe I think I think we need a we need a bow BB borb I don’t know how I’m going to make a BB but I’m the master builder I have to find a way to do it but this is not just going to be any BBB this is going to be an Orange Bowl BB and I did not use AA I don’t know why I’m grabbing AA someone is invisible I mean makes sense people are people can do whatever they can become [Music] invisible all right I actually don’t know where a lot of people went uh where is netherite block there we go does anyone know that orange ballb is a rip off of yellow bul orb [Music] what that’s probably too high we need more of a bowl [Music] shape maybe like this and then oh yeah yeah I’m liking this this is looking much better look at that that is a beautiful ball board yeah I know about the yellow and blue ball board but I mean I guess that’s the way to put it with the [Music] ripoffs okay so there’s the bowl now it needs a face I think we take this side make that the face [Music] Maybe and I could make yeah I think I want to put ice stocks and then there’s black and then we get one of those and one of those orange bllb ain’t that just the most gorgeous thing ever cre [Music] is there a limit to how many leaflings you can pile up without curing them in Pikmin 4 I don’t I wouldn’t think so but I’ve never actually tested it also he’s got some soup in him soup good soup soup good soup good soup okay let’s go check on everyone else we have what is this a winged orb warb yeah whatever Abomination this is this thing’s cursed come over here this thing’s cursed what the heck is this oh it’s the it looks like a work in progress berserk leech Hydro I don’t know where you are Wolfie oh right above you right above you oh oh gosh it’s like a ball Bo but it has like a cursed mouth the tall Bo also sorry I anyone’s let me just say I like it it is cursed but I like [Music] it oh god look what happened to the Shaggy what happened to him what happened to you buddy the infection has spread and it made him silly it made him all silly now he’s all silly this guy’s just shooting straight up orbs of gold yeah he’s shooting I did that the armor Cannon beetle larva is shooting out you know Boulders of gold okay what act this is I’m just I don’t even know what I’m looking at this is I think they’re making are they eating a meal together this is some strange Council of mutas mutas but they have chimneys is it the what is that okay they have a hammer power up Nintendo en Hammer power up I I’m I don’t even know what to say about that that is just such a [Music] thing I’ll meet me in the emperor ball blacks in the emperor ball black well maybe there’s a [Music] door let’s go check out the EMP ball BLS is that in the Sub sub level yeah that’s in the Deep Cavern oh my gosh I love this it’s like a whole little house in here it’s so cute house you just have a cute little house in the emper B black why am I lost this is this just looks like your average survival base but it’s in an emperess B black I love this the door the door the door has to be in the back right sorry for breaking your W that is awesome looks like people haven’t really done much down here though now most people have been building an Overworld I’m still on making banners all right this is cool come near the pond I do want to make sure it doesn’t look like I’m missing it out anything down below except there’s a water in the water there home sweet home okay this is this is definitely a really cool base um Pond where where at the pond is this something are you the one who said that come near the pond no that’s oi I don’t know where you are okay this is really cool I like the did you see in the empress ball black there’s actually a trap door that goes down and there’s some chickens and stuff yeah who are you yeah hello leave me there do you know the way wait where did the stairs okay that’s just like an upper area is this the thing the the the berserk tiro I’m going to assume this is what you’re talking about I don’t know how I feel about leaving that cave though you need some more heads that was pretty cool see Captain Riley I know I’ve been really bad at reading chat sorry if I missed anyone’s messages yeah I hav really been reading chat too um oh yeah I haven’t even looked at that in like forever Jim Jon can you check out my build so uh where is it at and what’s your name in minecft oh there’s a dwarf yeah the dwarf winged orb board oh that’s so cute there’s an axel pen Axel Rancher look at that wait can I I don’t think you can summon blue Axel can you you some ax looks like he can no but the blue one oh I don’t know if you can [Music] um I don’t think turn blue would do it no I don’t know how I would do would actually summon one of those oh my gosh the snag oh my gosh this is so funny the snag grabbed the dwarf orange ballb oh this a Pepsi can there’s literally just a Pepsi can being built and of course it’s Pik Miner that’s doing it yes yes it’s good it’s good Pepsi oh with a banner that is kind of cool oh nuh-uh is it sparkling nectar soda so Jim Jam where is your build that doesn’t look like sparkling I don’t know I don’t think Riley left the game he was saying bye to me because I was leaving his ball black space I don’t think he’s leaving the [Music] game um Jim Jan did we answer Jim Jam’s question about seeing I don’t know where I don’t know where he is what’s I don’t know where he I don’t know where they are is there a Jim Jam no no their name is different I don’t know who everyone is and I literally added like 30 40 people I think in the last day that I’m not going to remember whose uh Minecraft name matches their YouTube name I’m going to put a little Pikmin inside the bul there’s going to be a little Pikmin that is being consumed it better be a yellow one I actually am building a yellow one which is by coincidence I chose a yellow one I I didn’t want to build a red one because that would blend in not a blue one okay a blue one would have actually been pretty funny uh building a Pikmin at this scale is tough who is that hello wiie Minecraft pick watching your and playing the game I mean there’s a lot of people there are doing that all right uh jet jungle is who um Jim Jam is so if you teleport to um jet jungle all right I need to finish my yellow Pikmin my gorgeous yellow [Music] Pikmin you look so stupid yeah I’m kind of afraid to build stuff cuz my stuff will be bad um literally everything here is bad no it’s not there are some things that are [Music] good I mean everything’s being built fast so but like over here yeah we’re not building this stuff to yeah well there’s autos and enemy concept thing stalking Sprout Walker like that actually looks good which one there are some things that are good okay and another thing is my standards are very high no I’m telling you good I don’t know where you are first I’m going to teleport to you yes teleport to that’s not the normally I can just press W right here oh it’s this thing yeah this thing was neat yes and then is uh Pikmin hey Pikmin enemy like that’s good okay I universally have said everything is bad and I’m telling you yeah well a lot of it might be there’s some good stuff okay who am I meant to teleport to Jet jungle I that was yeah jet jungle okay assuming you’re even at your build okay this is yours I is this Geometry Dash it looks maybe like it and there’s a house there’s my bed [Music] now also I think it has a p flower it’s a Pikman Geometry Dash thing what is going on over [Music] here see Pikmin abuse yeah and of course I only have so much time to explore everyone’s builds I’m relling Minecraft just for this but can I make a custom yeah you can build whatever you want if you manage to get [Music] in what’s your favorite Pikmin game mine’s Pikmin 2 mine is Pikmin 3 I’m pretty Toral and Pikmin 3 for the Wii U or Pikmin 3 Deluxe but both are really good and both are myv favorite oh this looks like all right Emperor or blacks um teleport to dmj 5453 DJ short films has a build oh it’s the I saw this guy this the guy was in front of the Prague this the blue Pikmin uh what’s the worst Pikmin be uh Hey Pikmin hey Pikmin I guess just CU it’s not really Pikmin game it’s the white Pikmin with the I mean out of the main series I’d probably going to have to say I mean I would think the worst Pikmin game is probably Pikmin one why do he got a purple middle of the flower though but mostly just because it’s the oldest snag with one leg wait come to the snag with one leg I’m at the snag with one leg do you mean the P snagret sorry to burst your bubble but both of the snikers have legs and feet and both of them only have one oh what are the tall makes called The Tall MWI yes I don’t know which one you mean but I do see a yellow Pikmin that’s a pretty big yellow effect to be [Music] grabbing should I name the Sovereign with the hat Sovereign blacks yes no but someone’s making the one of the tall makes the ones with the really long leg that you got to attack the back of it they look like a flamingo yeah that’s the elongated Crush blat ow that’s not a my kiwi I don’t I’m not actually sure I don’t [Music] remember no okay okay what is this yellow Pikman news built by ooshi what oh my gosh and there’s the camera guys hello everyone today we are going to be exploring the absolute chaos that is the PNF 404 island starting with the oh wait I have I have lines script there a white pikin riding the cursed uh ball board with the funky mouth that now has teeth script hi welcome to Yellow pmin news today on the weather we have constant Thunder and non-stop rain sounds fun smiley face and cut all right how did I do are you getting paid I hope I am no we didn’t get any super chats yet you know behind you no okay you do not need to give us super [Music] chats welcome to Dr rockman’s bargain hospital if you die you get your money [Music] back someone says you can’t see my skin you might have to go into settings and turn on oh it was like somewhere in here um if you go to maybe General yeah if you go to General and only allow trusted skins turn that off and you’ll be able to see more skins burn bread I just added a few more people as friends I wonder how many people are we at right now um we’ve been hover around 20 not sure what this is looks like a bunch of sprouts we’re at we’re at like 16 right now when I have it enabled you need to have it turned off to see skins unless see that is what you meant in that case I don’t know how else to help you but here’s the skin says hi am I in this in the Stream yes there is a whip Tong ball warb in here [Music] you’re showing off your uh custom skin yeah cuz someone was yeah wondering why are there just orange ball orbs everywhere this is DWF orange balls ever did you see there’s an orange ball warb in this mouth where oh there’s one in there too oh my gosh why are there so many dwarf orange Vols apparently I’m adding more I’m going to put even more d orange bulb all over the place like in [Music] here I like the white Pikmin uh riding the there we go war that is not the right block all right I’m coming Captain Riley wig that is a chunky sheer [Music] wig I guess I could have just teleported oh my gosh there’s so many look we have an emperor Bor Emperor orb black Emperor winged orb borb look at that more are being added to the family oh there’s another bed with an aquarium that’s pretty cool not sure what this is bed sweet bed W please hav editing Studio quick girl sound effects Studio yell I can go to the curse ballb which one is the curs ballb I think there might be a few curs are you talking about this one the one like ball War this one’s pretty cursed and it’s a tiny little yellow Pikmin there’s another cursed bul down here terrifying ballb she big wait wait wait I want to make I’m going to make the ultimate Giga Shear grub is just going to be a Shear grub even larger puff sock I’m guessing that was built somewhere I like the puff stalk they’re kind of annoying in game but I mean it’s more puff St representation we need some actual good puffle representation cuz Pikmin 4 certainly did not give it to us [Music] okay I’m starting to lag a good [Music] bit I don’t think I’m lagging at all yeah I’m actually not lagging but there’s a reason why um I am the host separate from you streaming cuz uh don’t want to lag the stream too you know I’m going to see if I turn down my render distance maybe that will help oh what’s your render distance set it it’s probably still fairly High cuz I keep it higher it’s at 30 chunks but I can go to like 15 oh don’t get to 15 oh gosh it’s really lagging I don’t think it’s your render distance no that might be less for the game to handle someone added a point to the grub which quick question where do you think the plasma wraith is has anyone world it’s going to say yeah where is that I would imagine The Wraith would be in a cave right yeah you made a You made a wraith didn’t you what is this chunky Pikmin sprout in the cave I’m going to gu someone put the plasma r with the water [Music] r No apparently not yeah I’m not sure where the pl is someone says help me why I’m in adventure if you go back to the onion you can get yourself out of Adventure Mode actually I think I need to go put the button back oh yeah I don’t think there is a creative button anymore actually I don’t know if you can get in there anymore who needs to be in Creative again cuz can’t we just change the game mode no there’s a button yeah but we remember we took out the one that switches you back to creative yeah but there it was put back at some point oh really yeah there’s another orange ball board but why is it why is his eyes yellow I’m still lagging so I wonder if there’s anything else I could change to get some of the stress off the game I wonder if it’s because you’re streaming too oh yeah that might be it I mean streaming and hosting the world at the same time I might just lag anyways yeah what I [Music] do wer 311 is exactly what I was doing when they’re done then you need to come over yes the wh tongue Balmer has a very long tongue okay I don’t know why I find this guy so funny but I want to build more tiny Pikmin so is suver hat blocks going to are going to beat up Queen Vanessa Prague probably there’s a queen Vanessa Prague what the heck is that it’s one of the the battle war references that are like uh one of the hybrids okay I just realized I don’t know how you put anything on the face of this guy so instead we’re going to make a white Pikmin oh wait we can put a white Pikmin in here and then the guy will die we’re going to kill the Ballo guys that’s an iron block how the heck did I grab an iron block this is like the most random stream okay are people spamming fireworks not seeing anyone spam fireworks also if the fireworks are too loud just turn down your volume you can turn down master volume in general I turn down my volume just in case oh no Jill says I didn’t charge my phone before the live stream and now it’s at 7% no unless you can plug it in somewhere it’s not a Whi tongue ballb it’s a fence tongue ballb no it’s a whip fence ball there that’ll that’ll do oh gosh you gave really big eyes at stay that that looks a bit cursed but I love it wait I can make him better what if I [Laughter] just Cur white Pikmin this world is so cursed now this is pure cat who is building sniffer egg Towers this almost looks like a flag I know it’s meant to be a Pikmin but it looks like a flag hello oh queen of USA is from hatan time not battle for there is a very very tall tower with some dubious creature at the top the tall boy that looks like a flag pole it’s like a Mario flag pole I just building a Mario flag pole now that you said it literally anything that anyone says I just immediately think oh I could build that are you building at the very top or are you just making a new one no I’m just making one we need some green like that let’s put out The Onion Joel says that she found something in the sky teleport to me um who is Jail uh Yoshi Mario 122 or yeah there’s a Pikmin all the way up here I know I wouldn’t placed anything on the way up here though just going to say is he that looks like a funky mouth with teeth [Music] plastic Crown has more uh mini orange wall [Music] Wars okay things are just getting stretched and elongated into really funky things oh I can make a long that Sprout has that really tall uh leaf okay after I build this I’m going to make long borb we’ve had tall borb the next obvious evolution is long borb and then we need oh I remember I think I made a banner that actually looked like a skull but I’m not going to remember how to make it CU then I could have the green skull on this but I don’t remember how to make that Banner so we’re just going to do this instead that looks really bad but I I don’t care okay I need to make longb spawn spawn a iron golem he could be meam [Music] muda all right long borb is going to go [Music] here and he’s just going to be very long and oh actually no better idea it’s going to be like alternating dots someone’s building a freaking DF orange Ballo on top of it oh you know what might also be lagging in a bit there’s a lot of mobs oh yeah I noticed there’s some cows roaming around I’m going to kill all the cows sorry whoever placed the cows look at all that I just realized this is basically just an empress ball blacks that’s what I was thinking when you said about long ball orb so I wondered if you’re going to do anything beyond just you know that Joel says her phone’s at 5% so she’s going to have to stop well you can still watch the Stream no that’s what she’s watching on her phone oh oh you know what this needs multiple eyes on the side of it this is going to be super cursed they’re not even ice SS it’s just Eyes On the Side Y was that talking about the sniffer Farm what oh there’s a there’s a bunch of sniffers sniff okay I’m sorry but I’m going to get rid of the sniffers as well are they cause some l well any way that I can get rid of lag I want to do okay so basically we have worm board now this is literally just a worm like even more worm than the empress more warm than [Music] neis oh gosh there’s more fence someone just encase the entire island or nearly the entire island with fence and whip tongue fence yes oh gosh it’s so laggy oh look guys it’s the YouTube L going a thumbs up you guys should consider something about that I think that’s remind you of something yeah so I put the the like there and then someone else added the YouTube thing so be sure to subscribe to the best Pikmin YouTuber of all time oh there more orb borb oh there a small Whi tongue orb borb long tongue boy orb borb Wonder has that happened in the cave if you seriously if you if you want people to actually see the cursed stuff that we made today then you want to actually like the video cuz then you two will recommend it oh we have the Pod oh that’s [Music] cool oh gosh the the electric the shock cake is not doing so well oh has anything happened down here no not really this place been an un touch since the start yeah I think most people have been just staying in the Overworld yeah that is the best place to put stuff well cuz of lighting lighting really oh and I should go here but it looks like there’s nothing new down here unless someone I’m building dumb things on the top Captain Riley’s house there’s there’s even more being added to the empress B Black’s home oh there’s a dog make an orange or borb is that is that meant for me am I meant to make an orange or I don’t know I just I was just reading that in the chat yeah you you do you in this little house of yours good luck I finally finished messing around with making banners uh who is that I don’t know what I’m doing now there’s a snow golem first wallor oh it has arms that that is not even a bver that’s just that is something [Music] else Hey look it’s the Phantom Pigman oh gosh it’s a it’s a tall blo hog oh wait there’s a few things on the other Island I see Lord Pikman Pikmin beware yeah I need to watch the stream I want to see some weird orange thing oh that’s something your building wolf be I have no idea what that is this is like really a horrible one I building and this is I’m not I’m not even going to tell you what it is cuz it looks it’s not even close to building an Etho Hopper clock good for you I mean it’s actually turning into looking like kind of like a g grink but it’s not oh is going to be a Gro no it’s not no it’s not oh wait I really want know what to say to that what even is that nothing is horrible it looks vaguely like a fish yeah it is f yeah it was supposed to start turning into a Magikarp but it’s not even yeah I didn’t have any of the defining features for me to well no I mean obviously like anywhere it stupid that’s how I could tell that it was a Magikarp saying that it looked like one yeah I mean that part is right it it does look really stupid just like a Magikarp I’m not good at Minecraft Builds that’s why yellow Pikmin is the one making the uh all right I’m going to make you’re like me you can like suggest things but then you’ll just sit and like watch and like do something else every time that like you know multiple people are like building something like I’ll be like you know I’ll be able to say like oh you should do this yeah but somebody else will be doing the building and I’ll be like making like a skin for someone or something either that or I’ll be like on Pinterest looking for like ideas of like stuff to actually like build I may or may not have experience this yeah man yellow Pikmin you got to you got to go put some texture onto that onto that castle don’t call me I on stream like this it looks oh my gosh someone’s building a orange pole you’re going to have to change it a bit I’m I’m adding stuff here actually no I think he’ll be fine yeah yellow Pikmin you need to finish that tree dude I’ll get to it I already I’ve already built another one finish what you’re start you got to finish what you started we really need to move that one thing from that one world to the other world yeah yeah I’ll get to it maybe that’s a lot of work man you got to you got to make a a drawing of some of of like you know some of your characters in in in uh the the basic uh 3D model pose so I can make a skin of them go to where the water W is above the hole wait which water just do that water I above the hole are you talking about this one there’s a water I in here but there’s also another water race someone built oh my gosh a silly looking plasant right here also I think Jill just died what how did chill die oh up here too what is this oh if she was on if she was on Mob then it’s a skitter Leaf a scuffed skitter Leaf oh we should go out of bounds you want to you guys want to see out of bounds out of bounds out of bounds yeah let’s I want to show you guys some of the ridiculous stuff I don’t remember half what it looks like but I’m sure if we go somewhere around here you’ll be able to see just like some weird stuff okay that’s solid now you might wonder okay why the heck is it solid so way through so far through that’s because I use commands to make it solid the whole the way through I just used the commands to replace a whole bunch of stone with the brown concrete not concrete uh terracotta yeah I’m tired oh up here yeah up here there oh we got a little pocket in here look at this second I need to get S Vision this a giant lab up here the Tower of sniffer eggs yeah I saw the Tower of sniffer eggs okay night Vis all probably hatch and they’re all dying at least they’re not going to cause that much lag CU they’re all just perishing oh my gosh the two BS and a fiery blow hog Phantom Pikmin has two Bowers and a fiery blow hog give me one that is perfect wait two fiery bull hogs and two bulb orbs I only see one fiery bullhog I guess maybe the last one hasn’t been made oh there’s more stuff over here what is this staff team head staff Ochi backx beanie pick girl if you want to join the cast write your name here oh yes I got to I got to do the the sound effect the sound design yep yeah you said you a sound effect so you know I want yeah what sound effects do we need here give me give me a second uh do I remember any sound effects yeah what sound effects do we need uh I remember the warden heartbe how do you make the other S I don’t remember all the sound effects fine we’re just going to that’s the one I remember right now play sound I need to do in here play that’s animation play sound um oh oh wait this just a note block sounds like TV static mob um oh I wonder if I could guess one that’s how I got the warden hary I just guess what it was called all right my Magikarp doesn’t look quite as bad I’m getting sound effects added to my um to my little area it’s still not good but it’s better than it was there we go we can play a a Ward and heartbeat sound now oh okay what from yes sound effect that’s the only one I remember right now do random hurt I was going use Splash great now I can now I can make sound if oh is that the oof oh that be it is sound effects okay someone actually remembered something someone that’s better commands me to actually remember some of the things oh gosh there’s an End Portal down here uh all right great now I can oh gosh oh gosh yeah we’re not we’re not doing that [Music] oi says please TP me out I have no idea where where o is but I see another big ballb over here Zombie Say Yeah that would make sense all right how long are we going to be streaming probably that not that much longer I’m gonna go around and see if I other builds yeah so people can kind of finish up and oh you’re actually finishing your Magikarp yeah do you see it it looks much better now doesn’t it now I would actually I might actually be a it’s a Magikarp now it’s not horrendous it’s not great but it you can tell what it is now and it’s using Splash which I don’t know Splash is like that is obnoxious uh Joel says wolf be7 that looks like a good magic magic CP thank you not sure I think it looks I think it looks okay oh is this another Phantom Pikmin okay it’s spewing out an orange ball Bo an orange DF ball now someone put another door orange Ballard theree B yeah’s surfing uh CMG Dylan says can I join um yeah we’re almost done you just need to friend wolf be7 and then you should be able to see the world and borb uh fwr says I’m subbed already and I like the stream and you are the best Pik tropers of all time thanks thank you oh and then later he says it’s a crab and he said can you read my last comment which I don’t know which one the last comment was supposed to be have the map on here I hope everyone had fun tonight like this is like the most random weird stream I think that we’ve done break this block yeah probably we literally had like no plan except for oh my go just playing mine oh my gosh okay I was not expecting that my be so someone oh my I’m so glad I actually saw this oh that is awesome I could have totally missed this wait and the dwarf orange ball were still in here they just stuffed a bunch of chickens in there they burst out all right see you AO thank thank you for joining it’s been fun all right um PEC Miner said something about um okay that two more people just joined to add all right CMG you should be good SZ Tech you should be good oh look it’s a flat blow hog all right I thought I seen somewhere oh what is this I I feel like I’ve seen that design for the red Pigman it might have been terminal Montage it might just look like terminal Montage so I’m thinking of that I also see all the way over here there’s a Pikmin Sprout still on some random Island all right uh eia manra says come uh please look yellow Pikmin where you want to teleport over there FL teleport yellow to who um e a [Music] i Oh e i a yeah and Joel says can you oh yeah I saw this say sparkles and I’m not sure which one this is but it’s white so Jill I can do a um don’t what that Mario Party Live stream I know Captain Riley said that he would join us it be nice if we could find one more person uh Jim Jam says can you look at mine wait someone say is that wig wh and someone says go to The Magikarp okay you built the Nether Portal is there anything in there I guess I should probably check oh my gosh you need to you need to go to The Magikarp plastic Crown is the master of orange dwarf B I’m still getting the o sound I probably should have oh look it’s like a whole little area in here with some Pikmin Sprouts okay and I should go over here and make it so this doesn’t play to literally everyone yeah and then um probably go around seeing everyone’s last build um cuz see it’s 8:00 yeah and I’m sure everyone will want to show off their last thing which is why I’m also just floating around oh here’s the puff stock um did you come over to the Magikarp I was there semi recently but I’ll make my way way over there again yeah oh and I see somebody has a blue Pikmin Sprout out on like this little island yeah I saw that before see a lot of these things happen like when you’re building on stuff Sparkles and cotton I might end up just like going I might end up just going into this world tomorrow just kind of see see everything well because I was building and not going o over everywhere his eyes wait Dylan fell from a highway shouldn’t everybody be in um well they can set themselves in adventure oh and we have a glow Pikmin it looks like something I think that Etho Hopper clock C Riley says I’m so lonely no one no one really went underground I I’ll get to underground soon I’m just checking out some of the above ground says see all is next live stream I’m going to go and try to like all your videos LOL thank you senp thank you let see she’s like how uh when’s the next stream so the next stream is going to be Monday and it will be the finale for sure uh unless yellow Pikmin just start sucking at the game of Pikmin 216 because you’re uh yellow Pikmin is like halfway through the final cave which means there might be a giant spider like creature at the bottom a giant fake spider it only has four legs to the underground we saw the Pikman looks like a Plants versus Zombies thing it looks like one of the plant shooters or that might have been from Mario Wonder wasn’t there like no I don’t know he Shooters yep is this the Tardis this is a freaking Tardis look to the TARDIS we have a tardis who built the Tardis I’m not sure but it’s it’s not bigger on the inside no it’s not oh look who’s near it look who’s near it that’s probably who it is who’s that just standing there uh someone silus guy did anyone do anything in here someone stole some feet and that oh and someone messed with this pretty much no one went into the snow area I’m this is this is kind of impressive that it’s G yellow pman did you know that your least popular live stream is hollow night yeah I would assume so not the hollow Night Live stream no not the hollow KN Pikmin YouTuber plays Hollow Knight doesn’t get as many viewers yours H maybe I shouldn’t be playing Hollow KN but I don’t care I was going to play Hollow night anyways I don’t know if I missed anything here yeah I mean you should have heard yellow Pikmin when they managed to beat the absolute Radiance on radiant difficulty oh wa oh my gosh we have a balcony on the ball Flags Okay I have oh my gosh this whole I’ve loved coming back to the emperess BBL and just seeing how this house has changed I’ll get to doing some people’s stuff soon I’m just checking out the bottom floor to see if there’s anything that was done which it looks like there wasn’t really anything changed Jim Jam says can you play GG on your channel what is GG all right I’m headed back to the surface someone made the hollow night goofy spider oh Geometry Dash this one I don’t think you’re interested in Geometry Dash wait where’s the is this the goofy spider I’m not sure what do you mean by the goofy spider where’s the hollow Knight goofy spider well isn’t the that’s this guy The Shaggy is that the goofy spider I mean I would well it’s the hollow night one it has the infection with the goofy face I would there is a hollow Knight spider actually there a few spiders in Hollow Knight brose is getting infected even more okay who is who is wanting me to come to them um so ask what the seed isn’t it doesn’t show the seed anywhere does it um in settings the first menu the seed is below the difficulty like just below that so there’s the seed if anyone wants to copy it okay if anyone wants me to see their stuff tell me to come to you now oh she’s fire all these people okay who are we doing first [Music] sistic STI oh you have a white Pikmin skin and a very wait white Pikmin Monument stupid borb guy that is a very tall white Pikmin look at that such a tall boy who else wanted me to come to [Music] them yeah my brain is starting to get really tired okay I see good Pepsi obviously the mudas is there something down here okay look like you’re still working on that okay there is a super giant white Pikmin like a super tall white Pikmin is that a Pikmin with a gun this is literally just a Red Pikmin with a gun who gave the Pikmin guns yeah we can finish the stream in the weather boost Joel says can you do a Pokemon randomizer live stream I don’t think you’re going to play Pokemon yeah I’m not really interested in playing Pokemon okay I see you I don’t know what you want me to do actually um well I mean the next live stream is Pikmin 216 and then and we need to figure out what we’re going to do after that weather guy George George the weather guy no the ancient sire Hound oh now I noticed the ancient sire Hound here Georgia the jungle all right see anail okay who else was asking there’s like a ton of people that are wanted me to come over to them oh can you see it in the game chat [Music] uh why is the gild man be so accurate um I don’t know I I guess I’m just good at [Music] building he looks very silly though I like [Music] them okay are you still here pck Miner there’s even a camp fire in it the Geometry Dash oh for a wolf be live stream which which Pokemon them I actually never really played any of the really old ones okay I should probably kill all the chickens yeah that’s that’s a lot of [Music] chickens chickens and they all [Music] dead there that should get rid of a bit of the lag maybe ideally [Music] wow hey look at the diamond Pikman come to want Scarlet violet and sword and shield are the only ones with randomizers that are own are you the one who built this yeah I don’t have n you self-promoting n you self-promoting a My Stream get rid of him that’s the not my stream not not the self-promotion on the yellow Pikmin stream not allowed that’s the mod I must get rid of that hean Weevil is not related to the Titan Dil all right that was that was a complete joke [Music] there yeah he’s apologizing yeah that was that was a joke yeah that that part was a [Music] joke someone else has a [Music] house yeah so I don’t have Scarlet or violet oh gosh or sword or Shield you just tore a hole through its face and any of the games that we emulate like for the switch are all from our switch we don’t actually pirate games for the switch what is that with this booty ra just chill at my house oh I just realized I never actually went to the mural [Music] area and then yeah people have actually been here oh the balcony on the emperess ball box of course with this render distance I’m not going to be able to actually go to the murals all that well so I’ll just leave that I don’t think anyone would have really put anything there I see campfire coming out of the empress bu blo [Music] someone said make this world available um that probably wouldn’t be that hard no I can make it for a download yeah we could edit the description to include a download for this world after the stream is done well tomorrow yeah it would not be today at some point if you want to play in this world we’ll probably add a download link into the description once it’s fully [Music] closed yeah so I’ll have to think about it Jill I’ll look at like what options there are for randomizers [Music] and I can’t really think straight at all right now anymore I’m ready for the stream to end well I think I’ve seen just about everything fun but yeah we can definitely make this world a download I’ll do that [Music] tomorrow we got more I need curse Hollow night spider can I legally use the puppy now yes you can legally use the puffy now what’s the puffy the the puffy blow hog Yi oh my gosh oh my gosh this the KN and Hornet from oh my gosh Hornet from Hollow night is that the goofy spider made that get good get good [Music] wa get good get [Music] good I had to kill switch on it [Music] what you can use yeah you can so they change the thing in an update so if I place a sign I can write whatever and then I can actually edit the sign and I can edit the back at the sign but if you put a honeycomb then you can see I’m clicking on it but it doesn’t do anything well the stream ends soon yeah stream is ending momentarily like within the next what 5 minutes yeah 2 minutes I don’t know we probably need a better way to like end our streams [Music] yeah I just want to make sure I’m not miss sing end it in the weather roof please yeah I I was I said it before I was going to end it in the weather [Music] Ruth well thank you Captain Riley for giving me your your base freeze frame on the good Pepsi or a Pikmin that is white or yellow [Music] or think so you can capture because you can capture from the stream you’re the white and yellow [Music] Pikmin oh no the teeth are oh the teeth are yellow and this white pikmin’s not doing so well I think that’s a maybe a rock Pikman all right but I think I’m going to be done we’re going to go to the weather Booth oh we have a Whi tongue ball here who is the Whi tongue ball Terry analysis guy Terry can we get everyone here mro Wolfie you need to go to your station everyone everyone where am I supposed to be your station’s over here okay get rid of the villagers yeah get out of here oh so we this is like me on the camera yeah yeah [Music] yeah okay I guess I should get a [Music] sword all right is everyone in their station my sound effect station in your sound effect station what what sound effects do I need to make for for the end of the stream um I don’t freaking know no wait is my sound effect still down here it is but do I have to play this at the end of the stream yes when I’m when I’m when I say cut you play the sound okay get get what are you doing here you’re meant to be maning the camera yeah get to your editing Studio wolf be wait where’s the editing Studio over next to mine what are you guys doing here get we we need to we need to we need to get to our spot okay hey get off get off the set get off the set Tails yeah get off the set the camera at least come back here all right everyone and I think we’re ready no someone else in front no we need to get we need to get people off where where’s the security where’s the security there is no security what whatever we’re just going to go action well everyone I hope you all were able to survive the crazy weather today I know we initially called for lots of thunder and lightning but it turns out there was a high quantity of cursed builds today anyways now that I can tell that you all are safe that is going to be the end of the stream goodbye everyone and stay safe cut yeah okay and stream goodbye everyone bye good

This video, titled ‘Pikmin Creatures In Minecraft Live Stream! Creative World Showcase’, was uploaded by Yellow Pikmin on 2024-04-07 00:29:51. It has garnered 1306 views and 51 likes. The duration of the video is 02:25:32 or 8732 seconds.

In this stream I showcase a creative Minecraft Bedrock edition world made by me (Yellow Pikmin) featuring many Pikmin creatures built in Minecraft.

You guys can join the world with me!

How do I join you might ask? You will need Minecraft Bedrock edition (Switch, PS4/5, Xbox, Windows 10, mobile) and be friends with the host of the world: wolfbe7. Wolfbe7 will be accepting friend requests before and during the stream. Up to 30 people will be able be in the world at a time.

You can also download the world if your version of Minecraft supports it:

Link to Minecraft Bedrock world download (Win10/mobile):

Once in Downloads folder, double click on the .mcworld file.

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    "Minecraft Insanity: World Made of Leaves! 😱🍃" #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Vortex Virtos on 2024-03-26 13:48:46. It has garnered 11533 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:56 or 56 seconds. #chapatihindustanigamer Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts #andreobee #imbixu #noobvsprovshacker #minecraftbut #minecrafthindi #funny noob vs pro vs hacker noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft diamond mining noob vs pro… Read More

  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More

  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at or download the mod… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft"Looks like someone really went all out with their Minecraft summoning skills just to apologize for their Jujutsu Kaisen brainrot. Gotta respect that dedication! Read More

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  • Everyone’s Secret Obsession in Minecraft!🔥

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  • Bedwars Shenanigans

    Bedwars Shenanigans Minecraft Bedwars Adventure with BlueLedYT and WeebRed Software and Equipment Used: For this epic Minecraft Bedwars adventure, the team utilized: Recording: OBS Studio Editing: Capcut They also had the following hardware: Keyboard: Random Logitech keyboard Mouse: Bloody A60 Mic: Portal 7.1 HG28 (headphones mic) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 RAM: 16GB Resource Pack: The team played with the Bombies 180k resource pack by Tory, adding a unique visual flair to their gameplay. Subscribe to BlueLedYT and WeebRed: If you enjoyed the gameplay, make sure to subscribe to their channels: BlueLedYT WeebRed Highlights from the… Read More

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  • Crazy Minecraft Secrets Revealed

    Crazy Minecraft Secrets RevealedVideo Information from a way to get End Portal frames to a secret Cape given to only one player here are 225 super secret Minecraft things you probably didn’t know most people think that when breaking melons in Minecraft you should use an axe but this is actually not true well yes it is true that axes are the best tool for breaking a pumpkin when it comes to Breaking melons you should actually use a sword instead I suppose it is the closest thing to a chopping knife in Minecraft SW SW Ender noises are really creepy but don’t… Read More

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