Stranded ONE RAFT with JOHNNY in Minecraft!!!

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no guys what are you doing get out of the water there’s so many sharks around guys Johnny just got eaten by a shark it’s just be left quickly I got to use my fishing rod and get these logs over here yes I just got a stack of them guys oh no why did Johnny have to jump in guys he said he’ll save us all but he didn’t even have to jump oh he’s an interesting fell okay let me grab all of this iron wao look how much I just gotten W there’s so many shars look at them all that was a terrifying what how have you guys not been eaten yet what are you guys doing over here don’t look at me like that oh okay so you just going to ignore me then okay guys I don’t know what they’re doing but we got to expand this raft we on because I do not want to fall victim yes welcome back buddy how is the swim I just walk right away from me okay then do I stink that bad hold [Music] on okay yeah yeah yeah I do not smell good oh golly goo that smells so bad okay let me just keep placing down all these locks guys because look how much resources we just got from the water we got to avenge Annie guys we got to avenge Anie by defeating all of these trcks quickly let’s start building some Weaponry all right using this iron I should be able to make a pretty decent armor set yeah we just got iron armor set guys and now we’re going to need some tools too let me grab an axe for now and let me equip this armor and look out for5 a.m. hey you guys want some more to why are you looking at me like that yo yo why you looking at me like that no oh what wait what what do you oh what Johnny is that you are you up there watching me because Jeffrey over here is looking for you oh oh yeah okay guys I’m just going to leave them do whatever they want oh we just got a barrel oh anything yo look how much goodies we are guys we just got a bunch of loot this is pretty nice actually now I should be able to use this to start growing some trees oh okay got a job now can I buy anything from you fish steak and D dungus crab cloths uh I don’t need any of that right now but thank you guys we just got some Cobblestone too o there’s leaves over there and wait what’s what’s that ow shark wo ow oh it hurts it hurts so bad oh oh no it’s it’s so painful wow guys that shock does so much damage okay let me just startop fishing for items um up here oh you stupid shark wow that hurt what are you doing okay I need to get these stuff up here ASAP uh oh okay this is just not working okay then let me me just craft the crafting table up here then if you just insist on staying down there and you know what I’m going to have to make a sword I got to make a sword to get rid of you get over here oh oh no you still hurt a lot yeah get yeah guys we defeated for sure can it drop a shark tooth but there so many around come on okay I got to quickly do it oh oh boy he sees me he sees me no no no okay guys we got to build a little safety platform from the Sharks because apparently they could jump up but I saw something over there in the distance what is that oh it’s a crab claw that could be some food for us and there some ink sacks over there o and a piece of carstone let me grab this or not but you know guys let’s start planting down the trees because we do need the trees in order to start growing some more wood for the platform all right quickly go go go go go before the Shar gets here oo that could have been close look at him guys oh no he really wants to eat my face off W there’s another you know what what happens if I fish him get over here boy boy W that was wow that was so fast guys but we got more trees for our endeavors that was very fast but you know what I’m thankful for that because now we get even more trees and let’s grab the oak plank so I can wao what just happened to them oh no we lost all the saplings or did we yes we lost all the saplings no I’m going to have to jump in in a minute to try and retrieve them again let me turn half of these into planks so we get even more grab this oh there’s a Shar but I quickly got to grab the saplings where are they all right there’s uhoh oh no it sees me it sees me get up get up to land oh boy face that could have been bad okay let me just I need some more Carbone I need to make a furnace so I can start cooking food guys because eating raw carrots is not good for now uh-oh does he see me yeah he definitely sees me let me try to get to what is that what are you what was that yeah you guys don’t even know what that was do you know what that was look he’s just as shocked as me yeah I don’t even know if that was honestly oh wow W the Riz Immaculate RZ yo what’s up homie what’s up what’s good why you looking at me like that who knew villagers were so rzy guys come on we got to grab that Cobblestone yes we got it I’m getting kind of good at that now but I feel like there’s another sh nearby I’m going to have to be careful of yeah what are you hold on let me I’m sorry I want to figure out what you are don’t a you’re hiding now I feel bad wo there’s a lot more shars there oh boy oh wait but there’s a barrel right there give me give me give me no don’t go in the shark infested water come here I want to see what’s in that Barrel guys but there’s sharks everywhere okay come on yes got it okay what what are in you what’s in you wo guys look at this in mysterious book ooh I have to read that and we got coals for the furnaces and and ooh you guys actually sell some pretty good stuff now H let’s see what this says 4854 959 wait are those coordinates wait guys I think those are coordinates huh there has to be something there then okay can I make a furnace now I need one more piece of carbo are you kidding me is there anyone around here there’s leaves over here I don’t know why I need that though okay while we wait for some more cestone to appear guys where would that coordinate be oh wow okay that thousand in of blocks away I do not have time to find that I got to just avenge Johnny O but we got so many iron ingots now guys look at this is anything iron related I can make I mean I could ooh guys look I could get bobbed hooks for my fishing rod yeah we’re going to have to get a lot of stuff for our fishing rods oh if I could get shrink I could even crash the fishing nets how do I use this Rod though I I want to use you do I put it next to my rod wait no wait what do you mean I why can I not move my rod a a man whatever I guess I need to keep it in my inventory wait is that a piece of cobblestone no that’s just wood guys I need Cobblestone but so much shars everywhere look at them all I need to start cooking these potatoes no I could always risk it and try to mine a piece but that seems super dangerous but I think I’m going to have to guys going to have to make a break for it wait but there’s an IR in over there guys we got to make it to the island to get out of here and I got to bring the villagers too somehow okay you know what let’s make the first trip to the island guys we could do this you get in the boat get yeah there you go you’re in the boat good all right let’s go we got to get to that Island before the sharks get us go go go paddle paddle the fast as we can oh guys look at all the sea life this is so pretty and look there is the island in the distance we got to make it there and fast and look it seems like there’s a sunken shipwreck too W there’s another shark down there that’s a different type though that’s not a great we all right right we’re almost at the island guys just a little bit further and we’ll make it there we’re right here come on come on make it make it but then I got to make one more trip back to get the other villager Yes we made it in look guys there’s some food over here hey uh you mind get off a boat now my good sir yeah no no I didn’t I didn’t mean to hit you come on swim swim good job oh oh oh oh goodbye I guess oh what is that I’m not going to question what that is but that’s kind of cool looking but now I just need land ho and another shipwreck guys hold on I might have to leave the other villager behind for a little bit and look we just got the last piece of cobblestone all right let me go see what this shepher has to offer guys because wa look at that shark it’s a basking shark guys look at that that is huge and a well shock too okay I do not want to get eaten by those though so I got to swim away guys comment down below if you know what a basking shock is and look here I am I’m at the second shipwreck let me go see what’s inside of it you know it’s actually kind of intact H what’s in here guys wo so much loot wo this is going to be so useful swim swim swim I don’t want to drown yes and now I could stand right here and what did I get I got thorns and you know what let me put on respiration because that’s going to be quite helpful and now we got to jump back in but my inventory is first so let’s throw away some stuff I don’t need don’t need that don’t need that I don’t need a shark tooth and let’s go back in yo another chest wo guys look at how many goodies in a diamond yo let’s go and I even got a hat too what’s in this other wait are you kidding me guys I got other hat on let’s go now I got to make my way back and grab the other villager guys so we could successfully avenge Johnny spin around and go wao wait what happened over here there’s a bunch of fish woh W there’s two more sharks guys we got to quickly get back before too many sharks appeared wo and there’s the basking shark again guys I just saw the fin and so many jelly fish roll this is so beautiful where’s my raft oh there it is all the way in the distance guys you see it I got to get to it before it’s too late wait what’s that oh that’s another shipwreck oh I kind of want to explore that but first prioritize the Villager we cannot leave him behind and get rid of that fish I don’t need it guys I’m going to save him oh there’s so much SE life though I really don’t want to get eaten Again by a shark but last time he bit me guys it hurts a lot look there he is and oh no there we go we’re back in the Shar infested water get my sword out it looks like I’m going to have to fight my way to him guys and another Barrel o I’ll take it all right come on quickly get in get in I got to fight some sharks though get him get out of here no no get away from me come on yes we got one guys we got one oh wait there’s way too many though there’s way too many what’s in this Barrel that I just picked up ooh a bunch of nice loot let me quickly grab all of it got it and you my good so need to get into that boat go get in the boat no the boat get yes we got you in now go go go we got to get out of here to the island we go how how are you feeling back there oh yeah I’m sorry you’re just looking at the raft I know that’s what we called home but we got to leave it man we got to leave it to go to that Island in front of us look at him guys so Majestic back look he’s even nodding he’s nodding he thinks he’s very majestical too right buddy yeah that’s right I know you are what’s happening what you doing why are you grooving like that all right quickly we got to get you on the island and guys then we got to bridge up to that sky island so we’re completely safe from the water forever because water cannot reach that high all right buddy here’s your destination quickly rekindle mankind with the other villager I will be on the sky island go no don’t swim oh oh okay you’re just a lost cause aren’t you all right whatever let me quickly eat some carrots guys oh there he goes he’s so fast well whatever go to the other villager we Kindle villager kind where I go to the other Island I got to get make my way through all of these jellyfish they sticking me out that a basking Shar quickly let’s get to the Flying Island and we got to get enough resources for that too so let’s convert that all of that into planks that should be enough a it’s so high up up though wo that’s a lot of land over there that is a lot of land wo okay I could also call that my home too but I feel like I should still dig up well not dig up why did I say dig up build up and there’s another oh there’s pumpkins over there oh that sounds so tasty though but all right let’s start building up I got to just get to the floor so I can start building off of something here we go nice now I could build all the way up 1 2 3 4 5 wo guys we came so for what is that where did that jellyfish just come from I’m not going to question it I hope I have enough blocks to get all the way up there because I’m actually kind of running out pretty fast and look guys there’s a surgeon fish down there wait what no that looks kind of looks like a dragon honestly but oh look at that guys that’s so cool okay oh that’s a tuna fish we’re almost there I feel like guys oh we are actually around halfway yep what was that I’m getting so Bor building up here guys quickly like And subscribe the video to make me happy and why is it raining fish constantly I’m very confused look at a jellyfish falling guys I’m so confused right now oh I’m so high up I really hope I don’t fall I’m almost there yes guys I am around like 30 blocks away now I should have enough to make it am I there yet yes guys I have just made contact with the island woo yes guys we are on the island we did it for Johnny oh no guys cat is about to position sayess me along with all the other smiling Critters I quickly got to grab this conveniently Place chests Lo and quickly destroy them before they could destroy me H let’s quickly start digging this dirt up no I lost one already we got to quickly dig up all this dirt guys so I can make my way over to Bobby bear hug because I think he might have some good loot inside of him come on how much dir is that that’s 15 hopefully that’s enough come on let’s start bridging over to Bobby be her guys look at him over there we so close did we make it oh no we need some more dirt guys look at katnap he’s about to possess me guys I don’t want to be possessed again V I have been possessed before and it’s never a good experience it’s horrible oh no run run run quickly we got to place down all of the dirt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ooh I think we’ve made it guys we made it w that could have been bad I still almost fell and look guys we’re breaking into Bobby hug wo look at all the Redstone around here oh this might be very handy guys but you know what I don’t really need the Redstone let me just grab the Torches as this is going to be quite helpful to just see and on top of that let me just grab a bunch of this concrete for more building blocks I’m sorry Bobby it just had to be done and guys we got to put an end to Bobby before you could possess me so let’s just do that and let’s deactivate bobby bear hug look guys we just deactivated bobby bear hug now we could fully use him for resources oh no look at hoppy guys Hoppy’s looking at me oh no I don’t think Hoppy’s very happy but I guess I got to take him out next oh oh wait they all see me oh boy no wait no hold on guys I think Bobby just saved me wait thank you Bobby even though I just kind of killed you w guys I’m flying up thank you Bobby W okay wait oh guys look he went back to life I knew it he saved me uh I guess you’re on my side then I’ll leave you be then I don’t even know how that’s possible but okay come on we just got to get more dirt so I can bridge to the next person which is going to be hoppy Hopscotch all all right hoppy I’m heading over to you now Mark your days because it’s going to beat your last okay guys now I can use the black concrete to build over and I should be right next to him now o could I make that I think I could make that jump jump yes guys I made it okay come on quickly we got to break into him now wo look there’s a bunch of emeralds everywhere but I can’t break them hold on let’s deactivate him guys before he causes more damage W bam and he’s been deactivated guys now we got to harvest more black concrete to get to the next area well I should say he’s partially been deactivated because I still got to deactivate the outer eyes ah so much concrete this is going to be very helpful to deactivate all the other The Smiling Critters and we have gotten the last block now I just got to get all the way up there I I’m building up hoppy don’t mind me hey yeah you’re getting deactivated goodbye and goodbye deactivated guys we have got it rid of Hoy Hopscotch all right let’s just replace that and grab all the concrete again because guys we need a ton of concrete if you want to build over to catnap because he’s so far away and we have just gotten a bunch of concrete okay now I just got to connect this bridge though hey come over here please thank you perfect and I should probably also collect a little bit more dirt guys because dirt is the fastest to collect come on collect all of it don’t yeah we got one more layer after this but then it’s all gone okay now that we have this guys let’s start building over to Dog Days come on over here Dog Days I’mma break you almost there I’m getting really tired of bridging so much guys yes and we made it okay darkg days I’m breaking in W there’s G in here guys but again I don’t think I could break this with a wooden pickaxe no I can’t it’s so annoying but hold on let’s start deactivating dog days because him and catnapp are working together okay the outer layer is deactivated time to get to the top though okay break that and start building up Dog Days say goodbye good boy perfect now I could start briding ding bridging blah blah blah English I cannot speak it today back down perfect now I got to run back to here and guys it’s time to attack catnap yeah guys it just turned to night time I think that means catnap is not going to go down without a fight all right catnap here we go you’re going to lose this fight mark my words I’m going to have to use some Redstone to dig over too wait dig over bridge over why did I say dig over oh no zombies are attacking guys catnap is employing some bodyguards to try and get rid of me ouch oh wait what is this a hat what was that yo guys I got other hat oh no another zombie has made its way over here get out of here I don’t want to see your face all we got another hold on I need to eat something though guys this is super dangerous there’s a bunch of monsters spawning around I got to hide inside a Bobby guys oh no Bobby has a bunch of monsters too ouch ah no oh no wait where am I wait I just spawned a catnap guys Bobby is helping me out he just teleported me over here right where catnaps eyes are goodbye catnap get out of here wow guys Bobby helped me out until the end thank you Bobby I couldn’t have done it without you and oh oh no the gas it’s still possessing me oh no it’s em me to another area oh no guys massive Johnny has trapped me off this wood block I quickly got a build for best place to defend from him quickly let’s start building this all right I need some yellow to start off with in the world edit one because I really don’t want to mess with Johnny guys he’s so scary looking all right let me build out this way and start building out this way wo I’m accidentally placed that block okay there we go and now if I set this to yellow concrete guys we got little daughter plate wao where did he just go what happened oh oh he appeared again there so weird I’m not going to question what just happen but let’s continue to build this all I need what is happening all I need red and orange green and blue okay red orange green no that’s lime actually lime and blue okay guys now that we have everything let’s build this super massive base to defend from him because look how scary he is all right let me start doing doing this all right that’s red it goes red and then orange so let’s start placing down the orange too now we need green and blue I don’t know why he’s keep disappearing guys but I’m not going to question it green and now blue blue Perfect all right now that we have that set up guys let’s start building his hair because we need brown for that brown World perfect this is so skiy Bob toilet is all right let me do set Brown W there we go now that we have this set up we got to start place in everything else down all right 1 2 3 4 5 6 let’s place that and then that and set this all to yellow concrete again let’s do this for all the sides 1 2 3 4 5 6 and now I got a build for in between like this and set that up perfect 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 and now find the in between which is right here and set all of it to yellow concrete and now we just expanded our Island even more okay let’s start adding the little deorations if you will because this is going to look so beautiful like me let’s place down all the blue concrete and start building it outwards like this perfect now let’s start placing this down too guys and look at him he’s just staring so frequ look at those eyes there’s nothing but de pression behind those eyes oh this makes me so scared guys wait why do you actually kind of look a little similar well that’s kind of terrifying okay no matter though let’s continue to build this super secret one block base of Awesomeness that’s also epic that Awesomes the Epic all right okay another area is done and now I got to build this area too like wait no this was supposed to be orange a I messed up oh that’s so ski Bob toilet R of me to do there you go much better now that’s the correct color all right if I just do this now guys this should looks so cool look at that it’s so colorful but now I do need some sea lanterns though because it’s still still a little bit too dark in here wait do these glow oh they do that’s so cool all right perfect now if I make cool scolding like that guys it’s going to Glow everywhere oh this is so pretty and skiy and toilet baby gr all let’s start placing down even more lighting though because the lighting is not quite enough yet I have to be able to see it from Jupiter specifically Jupiter because guys I don’t know if you know but if you could see it from Jupiter Johnny doesn’t stand a chance we got to make is so bright that he just doesn’t even want to go close to it it’ll be so so so bright that he wouldn’t even want to be here okay and now we almost got this area completely done we just got one area left come on come on perfect we got all of that done now uh what else does it need guys I think it need some sort of defense system so I know Johnny has a lot of allergies so if I just place down a bunch of blazers at the top guys it’ll unleash a ton of smoke Wait no that’s not unleashing smoke hold on I think I need campfires actually why can I not spell there you go campfires Place one here one here and do set campfires and look at all that smoke guys he’s going to get so many allergies from this he’s going to be sneezing all over the place H it’s missing something Sil ooh I know guys it’s add a force field all right if I do this and now fly over here and add a bunch of blue glass it will make a force field like this and then do that and do WS s glass and look guys we have a force field constructed around the base there’s no way he’ll be able to break it now where do he just go I don’t like how he’s keep disappearing guys that’s making me very super duper duper scared oh but now I feel like we should add some grass to this guys now that we have a base set up let’s do this and do set grass and look we have a grass flowing now guys but we got to make this actually living so let’s get some bone meal and grow a bunch of grass everywhere look how colorfully naturous it is oh wow this is so amazing it is so colorful let’s go perfect it’s so nice and now that we even got an artificial sun this is going to be even better H let me grab some shroom lanterns and place this down everywhere so we could grow the plants guys because we all know Johnny does not know how to grow a L let’s place this down over here and do set shroom lights wow look at all of this guys it’s so bright and colorful H but I feel like it’s missing something more let’s place down a bunch of seene lanterns at all the corners I feel like to make it even brighter like that and now I need this corner and now that I have that corner let me place it down over here too perfect look at this guys it’s so bright now I do need some stairs though perfect guys this is the front of the base I deem because I don’t feel like placing out seets everywhere else but now we need even more defenses so what type of monsters can we spawning and I should also probably put on Johnny’s hat guys so you know I feel a little bit safer if this isn’t Johnny’s hat wait I need Johnny’s hat where is it h where is Johnny’s hat I need it why can I not find it you know what guys this is close enough I guess we’ll just have to deal with this hat for now but I’m getting away from the Target at hand I need some defenses can a snowman maybe defend Mr snowman can you defend no no you you can’t def guys he’s not one of many words obviously okay I need someone else man uh spawn eggs o if we could spawn a bunch of alleys guys they’d be able to defend us against Johnny place them all down place them all down and I should also probably get a couple Iron Golems too look at all W what did I just click I have no clue but look at all the Iron Golems guys look at them all they’re going to defend the base like they have to because they do or else I won’t pay them look at them all they’re everywhere whoa how how are you doing that you’re defying physics oh oh never mind how are you doing guys what is happening what are you do oh no oh they went inside a force field oh oh boy oh that that’s just not good they just went inside of a force field they should not have done that oh never mind we’re free oh there’s a lot of ow stuck in the force field but guys I think it’s time Johnny is going to be attacking the base let’s hope it survives wao where did this TNT just come from Oh no I got to get out of here quickly break out break out break out oh no what’s going to happen oh no no the base Johnny how could you you guys got it oh oh oh I don’t think they got it oh I do not think they got it oh wait I mean oh Johnny just disappeared guys absolutely destroyed the Bas he just decided to disappear but you know what I think we classify this as a win as a one block is still safe let’s go guys I’m stuck on this one chunk with Johnny and he says when the clock hits 6: a.m. we’re going to be invaded by a bunch of monsters we got to quickly St building a base to the fanom guys and All His glory look look at those eyes look at all the thoughts that going behind then we got to quickly start building first let’s start off with some protective obsidian guys in some tinted glass because we really got to protect him if anything would have happen to Johnny then I don’t even know what would happen the last time somebody messed with Johnny guys it did not end good it did not end good why do I have a hat on get off E I don’t want a hat on much better all right let’s do walls obsidian so now I got that and let’s do one 2 three and get rid of that and make a wall here too all let’s do walls obsidian now that we have that guys if we do this and then that and do walls tinted glass look we got a passage way to see him guys and all of his glory and now let’s set all of this to obsidian to and let’s set this area right here to some sea lanterns so we could actually get some light in there set sea lanterns perfect and now we do have to put a little lid over this though because they could easily break through the sea lanterns and we definitely do not want that all right set obsidian and now that we got obsidian down guys look at that we could see him and he’s completely safe but now we got to continue building this bace so let’s see what else we could do if we get some Blazers ooh if we get Blazers guys that means that the fire is just going to burn them let’s do walls uh what’s it called again actually let me just do campfires all one set of campfires placed down and let’s place down the other set and let’s set all of this to obsidian again too all right now that we got no those are observers wait what no set obsidian there we go look guys he’s becoming more secure by the second now let’s place down some more obsidian Kaboom and now guys we got even more spaces protect in base isn’t that right Johnny wow guys look at him he’s so happy to be in there look at him look at that face look at that face I poop your nose Boop I poop your nose again boop boop boop boop okay you just stay it there for now H I need some more stuff in here though guys so let’s o I know exactly what to do guys let’s place down some icicles all across here because you know how good ice is next to fire guys it’s the best thing you could do because it obviously won’t melt right right I don’t think it’ll melt ankle blowy look guys we got some icial Gods now but now I do need even more defenses well because this is not enough so let me grab some lasers that’s right you heard me right lasers and now right next to the I since we all know they cannot melt anyways I’m going to set even more obsidian wait why did that not work wait what no no no walls obsidian there we go and now if I set down all of these lasers guys they totally won’t be able to enter but let’s do this smart let’s actually make walls of them because I don’t want any gaps for the monsters to be able to squeeze through 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 and a 1 2 3 4 5 oh no I missed a block oh too bad I got it anyways now if I fly all the way over here and do set obsidian look at that guys we have a ceiling now and now we all know monsters are too dumb to know what levers are so now look guys we got to activate all the lasers look how cool that looks we just got to activate every single one of them though so there’s no entrances for them to get through oh this is looking so skiy Bob toilet baby gronis this is so skiy as a wise man once said the skiest of skib slices bases can notot ever be baby gronked into and this is exactly what that is and we are almost there guys look at the lasers and I cannot even get in to see Johnny anymore Johnny are you oh guys look you could kind kind of see the silhouette of him right there Hi Johnny uh can I see can I see your eyes uh oh oh boy what’s this oh hold on let me uh wait Johnny I see you hi buddy Johnny okay guys oh W almost just fell let’s leave him in there but oh that could have been bad I just realized we don’t even have anything to protect him from the bottom because they could easily just break through the campfire so let me place down more obsidian perfect okay this is looking like a very secure base but now we need protection guys protection H wait what’s for die kit can this paint blocks oh no I can’t okay I’m just being a dumb dumb H let’s place down a bunch of glass yeah because we all know how secure Glass glasses guys you know it’s it’s like a little land mine as as somebody steps on it it’s going to shatter and hurt their feces look at it all this is so nice this is so beautiful look at that guys it’s so cool looking it kind of looks like a castle H let me place a bunch of books too because we all know knowledge is power look at all the books guys this is so knowledgeful this is so beautiful this is so skiy Bob toilet is look at all the books everywhere oh there’s so much books guys honestly this is kind of giv me a headache looking at it oh there’s so many books on the floor oh my headache is about to explode okay that’s too many books oh too way too many books for me let’s place out a bunch of snowman now because we all know for the snowman also needs to be here to defend us from the evil monsters that are about to invade let’s play all of these down everywhere like this look at them all guys it’s the army of snowman but versus the books but now I also need some Iron Golems to help defend from the armies of monsters that’s about to invade us Iron Golems go look at them allall Iron Golems everywhere oh there’s so many of them wo and look guys we got a whole massive Army of iron golems about to defend our base from any sort of monsters that are going to invade perfect oh no he almost fell off that would have sucked but guys look at them all and now hold on can I quickly break in Johnny uh oh oh okay I did it hold on let me let me oh oh boy okay I don’t know how that just happened but Johnny I need to break a little hole in here for a second sorry Johnny let me just get a bunch of iron golems to protect you oh oh no they’re suffocating oh oh boy oh oh they’re no clipping through the walls oh oh oh oh the tragedy the horror okay let me just quickly go through the lasers and reactivate it hopefully okay I’m not going to question why that happened before but you know I’m not going to question it like I just said and now I have all of this set up let’s place down a bunch of redstone blocks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 let’s do that and set the G mask to a now over here let’s do 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 again do this and set redstone blocks look at that guys it turned the lasers to Red let’s get rid of that g mask and just now replace these corners of obsidian with it and now we have accomplished it guys look it’s all red in skiy baby grank Ohio is but you know what now I feel like we need more camp fires because you know what we should not even be able to view this base 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 let’s grab this and set the G mask to air again and now run all the way over here and do the same thing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and a 10 now let’s set this all to campfires and wo guys look at the smoke everywhere this is so cool what what what just happened why is it all night time now oh no guys I think the monsters are going to invade soon I got it reinforce this a little bit more hold on let’s grab iron and start placing down iron bars everywhere guys iron bars why did that not go into my inventory all right let’s Place one here and now this should allow me to place iron bars across all the corners walls iron bars all right there’s one wall down guys we are getting places with this base and now I need to spawn a bunch of iron golems out here as well perfect now that we got a bunch of iron golems let’s also spawn some La so they can help pick up items that the monsters are going to draw well we got a bunch of cute little blue angels everywhere this is so skiy baby grco highis yach look at them all we got a bunch of them protective base now now I think we’re about invad us guys we got to prepare let’s clear out my inventory and look for what armor to wear o let me wear some neite armor and also put on my wall helmet all right guys let’s Sue up and place on my helmet and now that I’m all ready to go and fight everybody let me get a what’s that cry marable sword and a netherite sword get this all out of my inventory and I am also going to need some food too oh guys look at me I am a warrior to ever be seen in the everness of ever wait what’s that sound oh there’s a bunch of ravagers everywhere get him get him guys guys fighter we got ravagers heads look at them guys come on guys we got this we got to take down all ow don’t hit me wo I’m getting betrayed by my own Golems oh no oh yeah you want to go yeah I could get rid of all you guys if I really wanted to get out of here oh wo they pack a punch okay guys they turned on me I got to get rid of them oh no I think Johnny caused this guys he said something to the Iron Golems to get rid of me but no guys I am stuck on a one block with Johnny what am I supposed to do oh wait I’m in survival now wait guys I think I’m supposed to break this block and W look if regenerated I have two blocks now wao Johnny are you okay guys this isn’t good we quickly got to build the best one block ever in order to save Johnny because look guys he’s not looking so good right now quickly break for wood block go go go we got to Safe Johnny guys he has to get that math test finished ooh a chest with some good stuff in it yo this is actually pretty helpful you know Johnny am I just staying there for a while because I’m getting a lot of good blocks out of this hold on let me we craft this crafting table and make an axe no I can’t make the axe yet no whatever let me just continue breaking this all and it should be Stone pretty soon if I were to assume W guys we’re getting so much Lo and look now I can make an axe in order to break that log and let me start expanding the island too because we got to build the best one block to ever exist the existence of existence come on keep breaking it wa what just happened I just teleported that was so weird wa I got a pick guys um your name is Gregory bamum James the thir of the Second Empire of Rome of the third great Empire the second era of planet Earth in the universe of Jupiter mine craftiest YouTubers right yeah that’s your name I don’t want to repeat it okay let me just make a pickaxe now and where am I even going to put you buddy uh you mind just standing over here for me thank you let me just continue breaking all of this and hopefully we could get to the next level soon wo is that a chest what is that I don’t know what that is what is that oh it is a chest look guys we got apples from it too yo don’t fall please don’t fall a this axe isn’t working for some reason whatever let me just break it with my fist keep breaking it all guys look how much stuff I’m getting this is so skiy wo we just got so much stuff guys look at that and now we can make even more tools and I should probably make something for you but follow me James the third of a Second Empire of a third Empire of a second Earth yeah let me start building some fences for you let me do this that a little bit more like that in there we go but I need you to go over here for me place blocks like this come on come on little pigy come on little guy come on yeah get in there yes guys I got the pig let’s go now I just got to continue breaking all of these blocks though are you okay John guys I really don’t think Johnny’s okay right now I mean look at him we just got Al Wait no that’s not Stone that’s gravel a I got so excited there for a second but I got disappointed in the end like usual o another chest hold on I’m sorry Johnny don’t mind Johnny what happened no guys Johnny just disappeared it’s just us guys come on quickly like And subscribe in order to do this for Johnny uh we will make the best base for you you will not be forgotten Johnny you will never be forgotten moment of silence for Johnny guys moment silence okay that’s enough moment of silence all right let me continue to build this oh that’s going to be annoying oh whatever it works oh wait I just got a water bucket ooh guys I could start building a generator a cobblestone gen well what did I just go oh no the gravel is just disappearing guys I know what we have to do operation expand downwards oh wait but where is it hold on let me try to get it to be a different block so I know where I’m placing it perfect okay let me do do this and start expanding underneath and guys now we have a nice little area look at that although I feel like yeah there we go we did it guys we got a little nice area now and another chest yo bent gift let’s go let me turn that into more Oak planks while I break the chest what else is it going to be what oh wo upgrading wao guys we’re upgrading this is so scaryy what’s we going going to be what’s it going to be I’m so excited what’s it going to be oh oh B oh that’s not very cool it’s just more grass what that wasn’t an upgrade this is the same as before how is this an upgrade oh what’s this yeah this is not an o wait but we did just get some saplings so that’s nice all right let me start making a little area for these then like that let’s continue to break the chest come on I just gave me some stone or something please I’ve been breaking BL was so long not another piece of lock why why why so many pieces of Ls is this get so skiy Bob to Ohio if only AO dead was here to call me an OP come on I got to do this for Johnny Minecraft o clay that’s something new you another little piggy hold on let me get you in here with your little brother sibling uh possible mother possible cousin possible ant I don’t know come on little piggy get in there no yeah get no yes guys we got both of a pigs I just had a punch one sadly but let’s continue breaking this come on you got to give me something good eventually right eventually oh no I’m just going to be stuck in this repetitive cycle for eons I feel like oh another chest what’s in here eggs oh there’s no way I’ll get a little chicken though is there no no follow me no wait operation save before me operation save before me no no no you will never Escape keep building where is he oh he’s so far down at this point oh no I don’t know if he’ll be able to save him guys uh-oh this is not good oh no oh he’s so done for I feel like he’s so done for hold on I might be able to save you but follow me all oh no guys he’s gone I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you oh he’s with Johnny now guys he’s with Johnny but follow me oh man guys type type R in the comment section please oh man we lost a real one today we lost a real one moment of silence oh okay that’s enough moment of silence now we got to continue building this base for Johnny and help mu who’s in a better place oh pumpkins okay now I’m so much happier pumpkins and Mel wo that’s actually very very useful come on keep breaking the dirt blocks you know what let me craft uh where is it let me craft the shovel to speed this process yeah guys look how fast we’re breaking it all now Oo we got flint and steel ooh this is looking pretty good so far guys w a Mr sheepy sheep of a sheep of a sheep that sheeps the Sheep since where the you get here oh wow I got to build you a little pen too then uh oh that’s a chest don’t worry about that that’s a little mistake on my end sheepy sheep sheep for sheep sheep sheep for sheep all right buddy are you ready go get in get in okay there we go guys we did it we got the Sheep inside of its enclosure keep breaking wow there’s so many blocks on breaking guys look at this oh another chest oh but not just food oh I guess food is pretty useful though so I’ll take it come on when am I going get the next upgrade I want to start getting Stone oh this is taking so long this is really taking a while come on man come on come on give me the melons give me some food a we might be getting close come on now you know what guys for Johnny I’m going just go into creative mode yeah that’s that’s right I’m just in creative mode now now we could easily hi little cow now we could easily just get to the next level guys look how fast this is you know come to fix it I can just fly hold on guys I feel like a little idiot right now because all I have to do is do this right and now that I have this all done if I just fly over here now I could just go over here and by by the way guys in case you’re wondering uh uh through the power of plot I am in Creative now don’t question it and now if I run over here and do this instead no at first I need to do G mask air and then set to dirt guys look at this now we got epic island of awesomness for awesome for awesome this is so skiy and let’s just continue breaking this block like crazy guys look how fast we’re breaking it this is amazing we did it for Johnny guys we did it for Johnny we built a one block let’s go oh no guys Deco catching n’s about to spawn in and kill me I got to quickly build a secure secret base let’s go wait is that Among Us on my head why is there among us on my head I’m not going to question it okay we got to quickly start building this place let’s make this out of blue since Nico is the one attacking me let’s grab this and grab this and grab a word edit one because now I’m not even going to use these two and now let’s do one over here one over here maybe I am going to use you actually come back here please and build this super duper high up into the Sky V guys because we know Nico is scared of heights let’s do walls light blue and look guys we got some blue walls in place and now let’s run over this way and set this to light blue wo as well bam look at that guys we got a Nico base and let’s add a weirdly placed door right in the corner just to you know spice it up a little bit and guys this time instead of building a secure base I am going to try him in here here he’s not going to know hit him let’s set the floor to OB and now that we have Place guys we got to make bright so might as well run set this corner run all the way down here set this corner and set the walls to seaan why can I not type today W sea lanterns and guys look when I break this open it’s going to be super colorful wo look how cool that is it’s so bright and Fantastical this oh no I broke the floor let me fix that wow that took so no I broke the water too why am I so close no I’m keep breaking stuff by total accident okay hold on now let me fix this like a so perfect now let me get this one Pam look at this guys this wow that’s very bright I’m not even close to being done yet guys let me add yet another layer onto this wo what and now let me do this into do wall blue no actually let’s make this light blue stain glass because this is going to look light blue stained glass and now let’s break this open and guys look how cool that is that’s so pretty looking wo and now we got to add a bunch of caps you know guys so first let’s start off with a bunch of lasers and I’m also going need levers to go along with this is that Among Us still on my head that Among Us is still on my head oh guys comment down a name for him and now let’s start adding the lasers everywhere we got to add a whole bunch so it’s super difficult to get let me add a whole bunch of sprinkled around all right now I got a power them though wo W they almost just cut my butt off that would have been very bad to speaking of toilet why why do I smell something weird guys wait why am I es Sky toilet oh no when did this happen I’m so confused I just turned into a skib toilet ski bop bop yes yes ski B let’s place all of the lasers down and look guys it’s going to be super difficult wow that just Zapped me guys that just proves how difficult it’s going to be for them to break through this secret maze based thing and wow that’s such a cool looking pattern and now since we have this let’s add some Parkour around here guys let’s one jump wo okay that laser kind of gets in but you know that’s kind of what I want so let’s that there so guys he’s going see in think he has a parkour but then get Za wait how did I just walk on this way you can walk on this W that’s so cool look I’m walking on it guys I’m walking on light but now since I have this gu this all just a trap but you know what just to entice him even more I should probably add some yellow and orange wool so I can make his little goggles so let’s start making this goggles guys let’s do this and then we have to bend it a little bit like this and then build all the way this way how many blocks was this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 seven blocks so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7even and then this goes up and then like this but now we just need some glass so let’s grab the light blue stained glass and get rid of the world edit one for now and place this all along wo this is so cool looking and wow guys look at those particle effects I really got it off my head and put my little among us back on guys still comment down a name for a little Among Us I’m thinking of calling him sussy wussy Baka but you guys and look guys now it’s really Nico’s base but we got to add a little strap now so let’s grab some brown wool and a world edit oneand again go and now do this grab you and I need to put this all the way over actually no wait what am iing I’m being a big dummy guys if I do G mask air and then remember what block this is I got to remember what that was okay and now go over here and look guys we got the straps in place now now that’s really ni this is Nico’s base n n hold on n n and now since I have that in place guys time to build actual secret base all the way over here it’s going to be so secretive watch this guys watch how secretive this is going to be if I just make these walls obsidian now like double layer obsidian either and since I have that in place startop building over here and now a very very reinforced door place that right there obsidian in this obsidian look guys this is my actual secret base look how Fantastical it is and let’s actually make this all obsidian to this is such a nice secret base guys you’ll never notice it sitting right there so let’s actually kind of cover it like that yeah there’s no yeah there’s no way he’s going to be able to find that guys it’s so hidden I might even forget honestly but now let’s make this even more enticing let’s add a bunch of campfires around guys so if he does fall down he’s going to get burned let’s start placing it all down look how many campfires for guys it’s making the color purple from mixing with the blue there so many campfires so let’s do this run all the way over here and do SL set campfire and look how much it is now guys look at all the smoke oh wow that’s got to sort of fire I feel like yeah it’s definitely going to sort of fire oh yep there’s a fire oh oh wait I hope I really hope that doesn’t hit the worldall if it does I’m in big trouble but no matter is Chip still spawning in wait not chip why did I say chip is Cash in Nico still spawning in I think he is hold on oh yeah yeah that’s definitely V spawning in you can tell by the smell kind of smells minty very minty whatever you guys shower with whatever body washer sheo it is look look it to me that actually smells pretty nice okay let me just make sure this base is all finished I think it is guys and here they come be about to attack quickly let’s run into my super secret secret secret secret place here we go W it’s me from crashing where am I going wa wait what looking wow it’s so beautiful and handsome oh take picture of that oh picture you oh that’s so beautiful looking I kind of want to go inside o this is nice looking hot hot very hot lasers lasers so hot I need to get conveniently Place parkour oh God okay I feel I might be safe for now now what is wait let me no this burs just hurt so badly y let me try to fly up here I can’t bre a smoke all a Smoke’s too powerful okay let me run out oh you know I’m going back home zo M Shady wait up for me I don’t like being here anymore get me back to New Block City yo guys I think I just survived Nico because it seems like he just went back through the p and let’s see if the traps work oh yeah oh yeah he was definitely in here I could smell that body wash from a mile away in the ice Spice deodorant or spice not ice spice why did I say ice SP okay guys let’s go let we did it oh no guys cash from cashco is spawning in to break into my super secure base I got to quickly get to building get hurry up Sean go go go quick what type of block should we use I think I should use some red concrete because that’s the color of cash let’s get the world edit wand in here too so I can start building up let’s build it right here I feel like go over here and set this all to Air and look guys we got a nice little area now cash is it going to stand a chance against this super secure base of epicness and awesomeness that Awesomes epicness and now let’s do walls red concrete and now we got some red walls guys it’s so cool looking and now let’s break a little whole opening into it and boom we got entrance into the Tower of Doom and now since we’re inside the herei let’s get some cool floorings guys what type of colors can we use H let’s make the wall out of some Mangrove beams because look guys look how pretty that looks it’s so pretty looking but let me do that with one edit so it’s nice and fast set fast set Mangrove beams actually let’s set it to something even cooler guys I think it’ll look super cool with Canan wool so set light blue wool look at that guys it’s so pretty looking and now let’s set the ceiling to Sea lanterns too and set sea lanterns in boom we got the sea lanterns up but now it does need to be a different color so let’s go through here and set it to H blue stained glass look at that guys we got a blue ceiling this is so cool looking but now we do need some torches around here so let’s grab this and ooh guys I think I should also put on a hat what type of hat should I put on though H let me put on wait I’m going to have to protect myself from casano so let me put on the armor hat let’s put this on and guys look I’m a night and shining armor now I’m so cool looking but anyways let’s start getting down the Torches so let’s place that there uh-huh oh that’s so good looking this is so beautiful and skib Bob Ohio toilet R and there we go okay we got the Torches in we can actually kind of see now guys it’s coming along quite well wait where is the middle block here oh I got to do that okay that works too let’s do that and yep that’s perfect wait no I’m off by one block oh no okay there we go that’s actually kind of easier than I thought it would be and now since we have this guys let’s also place down some torches on that one and now let’s start adding the lasers in laser sauce and I’m going to need some levers for this too so first we need to add some lasers to the door guys so let’s do this and then that but now I need some way to activate them all at once which means we got to make some sort of redstone components so let’s grab the Redstone components guys and let’s start getting to work on this so first I needed to hit that block then actually couldn’t I just do this for all of them and then two like this yeah that should work I just need a way to get redstone to them more so let me do this and place that to outwards get redstone to go into it same with these down here and then now I should also be able to just easily add it like actually I don’t even need that I just need this and now if I link all of this up into one lever when I press this laser shoot oh oh we got one laser to work but what about the others why aren’t these why aren’t you working buddy oh okay there we go guys we’re starting to get more lasers in place but for some reason these two aren’t getting activated when they should be but look guys we got two lasers in already it’s coming along quite well I just got to figure out how to get lasers to these two uh buddy you want to get powered you know what guys let’s do this for poor person’s way I’m just going to use levers like this you know it’s not pretty but it gets the job done I guess and now let’s start adding some more defenses in this base you know how far can this Shoot actually well guys look I could even walk on it o I know what to do guys if I could make a little hole at the back of here I could make a super duper epic laser Bridge of Awesomeness above lava so if I place my world edit wand here and fly all the way over here as well go downwards down down down down down down down like a so and do set air look guys look how much there is but now I got to get rid of these because there has to be some sort of wall here let me grab this and fly all the way over here and this could be my safe room walls red concrete look guys we got some epic walls now wao what happened oh no there’s no entrance into the base anymore no exit I should say the lasers are blocking me at least the lasers work so let me just open up a conveniently placed hole right here perfect and now if I do this guys look look at that oh oh no the this is not centered oh now it’s centered but look at this guys look at this epic bridge now if I were to do this and set up a lever on each one of these we could then know when to place the next platforms guys so I could easily Traverse P this bridge area and now do this too and this makes even more lasers but if I add one more little midsection to it again and add even more lasers to it look guys there’s a way to easily exit the base off way back here this is going to be my escape plan but now I got to add a bunch of lava near the bottom so if a mutant cashco fall in they just turn into lava set la oh no that’s not how you spell that set lava look at that guys now if they fall down they’re instantly going to burn to a Cris but now I got to place some defenses at the very top here so let’s go all the way over here and set this to obsidian set obsidian he you know what guys in case you’re wondering they wouldn’t even be able to run past here e because without this they cannot walk past unless they just turn it on like this but you know they’re respectable people they wouldn’t do that you know what guys I think I’m going to need even more armor for this because cash really does pack a punch have you seen his view count all right here we go guys look at me I’m super strong looking now if I run to the front again we could just check and make sure if everything is well defended which it does look like it is H I feel like we do need some brazers in here though because look at how cool and ominous it looks guys cash is going to not even want to ENT by how scary these look it’s super duper duper duper duper scary so let’s just continue placing this down everywhere and look at that guys we got a bunch of fire near the walls but we need this to be even more arous looking what else can I use big chains what do these look like wa we got massive chains in here now guys and if I grab some skores they could be even scared let’s see what I could do with this if I put a chain from the ceiling off all the way down holding onto his skeleton head wo that’s so spooky looking that’s terrifying cash is so not going to want to enter this base guys why would he ever want to enter something this scary looking so let’s just continue and build down all of these and look guys it’s terrifying this has to go down a little bit more though that’s going to annoy me W it’s terrible that’s so spooky looking and we got to make this room even more ominous as well so let’s add a bunch of sea lanterns at the very top like this set sea lanterns and now guys let’s make this red color so if I fly all the way past here into set red glass look how spooky that looks guys with a red laser wall W and guys I think catch is about to spawn in I quickly got to get to safety quickly and get to the escape room it’s me crash from Cas look at it’s conveniently Place Pat in front of me o I want to get inside of here for no apparent reason oh knock knock W OU Che ychy oh my clothes just burnt up W those lasers are very lasery I can’t seem to open it up I mean I could press that but I cannot fit through that hole guys oh wait maybe I can okay that’s actually not that hard but you know what I’m a gentleman let me just yeah who there’s a bunch of skeletons if they that super duper spooky is there any way to get in from the Sid oh there’s no way to get through the top and you know red is my color so I don’t want to break through the walls because red is my color o there’s a little entrance right here let’s see but right now I cannot get through guys because look there’s like lava everywhere I don’t think I can make this jump can I oh oh I can make this jump hold on you know what though I’m I’m a nice person let me just turn off these lasers and oh no I can’t make it past guys oh no whoever made this Bas is very strong and handsome and muscular man let me just conveniently slip off the Ed for plot Reasons I’m burning lava you win this time oh guys is he gone yet oh wait I think he fell into the lava guys we won let’s go oh no guys Milo For Milo chip spawning in I got to quickly build a base wait take a seat oh yeah okay ah look look sweet Sunset oh right he’s spawning in a better hurry stop building this base I got to be super fast about this wait I should probably build it in the water since it’ll be even harder for him to get in wo I forgot that was my last B of the distance guys let’s quickly startop building this super secret base first let me get obsidian in the world edit one so I can start building this house let me build up a couple blocks and then do walls obsidian perfect now I got obsidian walls and now let’s drain them inside by using a sponge let me grab this sponge and stop placing it everywhere get out of here water I don’t like you anymore oh no why does it keep spawning back in get out of here water I don’t want you perfect guys I was able to get rid of all of the water and now let’s dig super dup fall down and do set air W guys look our base just got even better let me grab this corner and run down here and place down even more obsidian though because we need even more and H the water’s back no no no bad bad water bad water get out of here I don’t like you sho I like lava and only lava I am a very fiery person get it guys lava I’m not funny get out of here there we go but now I do have to level this out though so let me dig this way until I get to that obsidian and set this to air again in perfect ew ew This is ugly like my mom get out of here there we go now we got the inside guys and now let’s start making the floor what type of floor should this be ooh guys I think I should make this a nice blue carpet so let me type in light blue and set this top it to light blue by doing this and doing set light blue W and w guys look it’s so pretty looking and now I need some torches everywhere let’s get some s torches so it it’s even blue but uh that doesn’t light up anything though e we don’t like that then now let me grab sea lanterns if that’s case because I love my sea lanterns if you guys watch my other videos you know how much I love them and now let’s start building this upwards yeah look how pretty it looks and I think my Lo ship are still spawning in yes they are and that gives me even more time to build a super secure base keep placing it down keep placing it down and okay there goes the second ball but now I need to copy these sea lanterns over to the other side let’s do this do copy walk go W almost just fell walk over here and paste that in and look at this now guys we got a ton of seen in and now let’s start breaking this so I can build the next room oh no water is leaking into the base this is not good at all oh no no no get out of here you water water we water that water the water I don’t like you anymore let me build over here or break blocks over here I should say and set this all to air perfect now we have even more stuff guys and now let’s make all the wall sea lantern set sea lantern like that and now do that for this wall too and Kaboom look at that guys we got a bunch of lighting now but wait no this wall is off by one let me fix that real quick by doing this yeah oh that’s so much better now but now I do have to set a ceiling though so let’s do this run over here and do set it to let’s set it to Orange concrete so it looks like chip perfect now we got to get rid of the water and now we got to just fix the floor again by sending it to light San wood perfect oh it’s so beautiful looking just like me guys guys please please just let me have it I know I’m ugly I am so ugly but please just let me have this one compliment please like a subscribe add it really helps out the channel could please W I’m in a void oh oh oh never mind I’m just hallucinating again oh boy and where are they are they still spawning in yes they are oh no no no we got to hide from them this could be very bad if they find where I am and let’s start making this colored guys let’s see what color I want ooh let’s make it magenta that could look so pretty all right got one row done let me go up here and set it to magenta stained glass all the way down there perfect one wall down and now time to do this wall and look guys it’s so purply look at that oh that’s so cool looking and now I need some sort of like defense system right here so what could look pretty cool ooh I know if I line this up with redstone blocks it’ll make a force field and it’ll be even harder for them to break into the base so let me do that and make it all magenta as well and now the base has power guys look how menac think that looks that looks so cool and pretty and cool and Fantastical but I do also need some more uh what could I place here though H let me think let me think what could I place here you know what I don’t think I have to place anything so let me just fly all the way to the top all the way up here and let’s make the outside of this prettier so let’s do this build up by 1 2 3 4 5 and walls obsidian perfect and now set this to obsidian set obsidian like a so but now I do have to make a little staircase down or not staircase ladder system so let’s see what ladders could look cool let me use some walked Ladders because this way it matches the blue aesthetic of the base now let me copy this copy fly a little bit and now guys look at that I’m able to build super fast but you know it’s still a little bit too slow let me do that copy fly up in Pace wo what just happened no no no it broke the war it broke the wall undo that that’s no good let me copy that again and paste there we go now we’re building up in fast look how high we’re building guys this is so cool perfect I just built a epic ladder of epicness going all the way to the top ah I’m so good at this guys subscribe if you think I’m good at this and now that I have that I should probably add the entrance right here look at that we got the entrance in place now and now let’s set the top of this to obsidian as well set obsidian wo we got the top on it oo there’s a village over here guys maybe they have more resources to help build for B hello villagers welcome me like I am your God hello hi there Mr Iron Golem how’s your what did you just say no no no no I don’t think I heard you correctly what did you just say Mr Iron Golem oh wow you’re trying to push me out of the way now oh you see you you a punk you a punk I don’t appreciate that n no no n you ain’t going to talk about me that way guys I understand iron G and he just called me a big poo poo stupid dummy head and I cannot accept that because I’m the ultimate gato high orler of Ohio I cannot accept this disrespect so let me place down a bunch of TNT and show them who’s boss guys and you know what I know exactly what to do let me do this position to uh and now set it to TNT and you know what I think it’s stop to treat them a little bit about this respect yeah yeah you about to learn about respect from the Ohio gato rler known as Sir Sean and you guys are got to subscribe and like to him yeah yeah that’s what I thought oh my you’re just floating wo yeah that’s what I thought oh oh boy oh boy oh Fourth of July woo patriotism Amica America okay okay it’s over oh man that goes for fireworks wow we really taught that Village who was boss guys it’s completely gone oh it’s that gone oh oh yeah okay so some of you guys survive wow we canot have this around a block no n let’s blow this up too get out of here C oh that’s a lot more TNT oh boy oh boy wo Fourth of July again m m wo Fourth of July fireworks everywhere guys it’s so beautiful I’m the oh ultimate Ohio G Town rizzler that’s ever gaded Ohio town I’m so skiy look at it all is just exploding I’m the ultimate skiy of that ever skiy wo okay that almost hit me there wow it’s so beautiful guys what is that I don’t even know oh oh H hi Jeffrey all you a casualty of War okay okay he just disappeared oh well guys can I catch it can I catch it I caught it I did not catch it wao no wait wow look how far went wait are you going to land on my base you’re not going to land on my base are you w wao wao where you going I think I just saw a ghost I’m scared I got to hide in my security base oh boy oh boy that was terrifying I just got to hide down here and I’ll be Ark guys I’ll be a because they are spawning in I just I know what to do hold on if I just walk in here and block this off they’ll never find me I hear them oh no I got to stay quiet oh it is me Milo For Milo and triip oh I’m all mutating and ugly I kind of look like that sron kid who calls himself was C of Ohio town oh let just conveniently play secret place over here wa what happened with a V over there somebody with big muscles must have done that oh he must have been super strong he must have been such AIO Rous to do this wow look at the explosion to the ground no M let me go inside of a secure secret base to see if I could find him oh there’s so much obsidian oh I cannot blow this up then way too secure W it’s so spooky looking I’m going to be scared oh no hello oh knock knock I don’t see anything in here but oh I cannot answer guys there a FR field like I can’t even walk past this conveniently Play Store man yeah he gets away this time guys I think he just left me alone let me playak this in play or and exit through the conveniently placed St yeah guys I think he’s just left oh yes let’s go I did it wait is that muted chip oh no guys chip from myo chip spawning in I got to quickly open up my life savings uhoh taxes never mind that could sa there he could have it he’ll pay my taxes for me quickly we got to build a super secure base to defeat chip and where’s Milo oh wait guys I just got a text message from Milo he says I have to build this Bas to help him out quickly we got to startop building all right let’s make it out of blue since this is going to be Milo Space 2 let’s grab this color this color this color obvious going to look so nice and grab a world edit one first let’s start off with a couple walls just do G mask air do one there and then one all the way over here actually no let’s not use a g mask because I’m being a big dummy let’s do walls blue concrete like this and just wait for it to spawn why it’s taking it so long I’m very confused guys did I do a command wrong oh no I think I did a command wrong wait I know what happened chip has malfunction my world edit and it no longer works quickly we got to just keep building like this build build build build build before it’s too late a this Bas is looking so beautiful so far guys but it’s definitely missing something right now I mean it’s just one wall and let’s remove that because I feel like that’s a little bit too big so let’s start adding for secondary color inside because you know Milo Milo loves it to be super duper duper duper duper colorful keep going like this and wait why are there so many pigs around hey don’t walk don’t walk towards my base you’re going and get you’re going and get in the way man come on don’t don’t look at me like this I spit on you okay let’s continue building this beautiful dup dup base hey move get away from my base there you go guys he had to get away from my base because he was being a big big big move get out of here Peppa Pig oh food ah very tasty I I love fresh pork chops guys and let’s continue building this super duper duper duper duper base oh let coming along so well and now we do need some light blue concrete no get out of my shot okay perfect let’s continue building this base I don’t know why the pigs are keep attacking me in this video guys I really don’t know why comment down below stinky pig if you think the pigs are super dupid duper stinky in the meantime while you guys comment down below stinky stinky stinky pig let me continue building this base For Milo and Chip and but not chip because we got to defend from Chip but for Milo and me because of course I do not want to fall victim to muted chip all right time to start on the second layer of this place but after this guys I definitely do have to start working on the lighting in it because it needs the most marvelous lighting that’s ever lit the lighting of the lights what I don’t think that’s English subscribe okay let’s continue this let’s get a bunch of sea lanterns down let’s do G mask air Place one side here one side here and do set SE lanterns and boom we have that set up guys look how pretty it is but now we do need some other color lighting let’s do set blue stained glass and look guys we got blue lighting everywhere I’m blue you can barely see my face I’m super duper duper blue right now oh no I’m blue D don’t copyright me set air and there we go wait why is it not getting rid of anything I’m so confused let me try again there we go now it worked and what color is this this is just blue concrete so let’s do set blue concrete we are going to make the bluest baits to ever base guys it’s going to be beautiful dud there and there we go we got all the walls in place and now let’s start setting up the floor let’s do set shroom lights wo guys look we got purple lighting now oh it’s so bright it’s so very much bright but let’s open this up and now we got to start making this a little bit secure guys so we need iron blocks for this iron blocks iron bars and iron chains and let’s begin making this extra reinforc guys it needs to be the ultimate reinforc base to stop chip from destroying it and going inside and giving me the life savings that I left so gracefully for him just keep placing down these blocks guys look how shiny they are I got these iron blocks off of teu I heard teu is a very respectable website so I just had to and one now that we got this in let’s start adding the chain because you know if you don’t have these very importantly placed chains what’s the point you know this is going to do so much to prevent them guys this one singular line of chains is going to be the thing that stops them from breaking in let’s keep placing these down and now we got another wall with chains on it and now I need one more wall over here keep please no no no I missed no this is why I always failed my parents growing up man I can’t build there we go another one is finished and now we got one more line to go through just one more come on come on I got this why chain so hard to place down this is so annoying there we go and now we got all the walls in place I do need some more iron up here and so let’s do this grab this corner go over here grab this corner and do walls iron block and guys look we have a bunch of iron now and let’s make this super menacing against Milo and chip but not Milo chip in specific let’s do G mask air and set with a campfire and now guys look look at all the smoke Rising we got power in this base now with power comes along with Weaponry so let’s build a massive Laser cannon of Doom let’s grab redstone blocks and a bunch of other key components and start building a massive laser of Doom mhm let’s start adding them right here one and two and set redstone blocks there you go guys we got the Redstone blocks up and running now we just got to power the whole thing and look guys it’s red like YouTube like reminds me of my friend who deleted their YouTube channel early enough but anyways let’s continue placing down these redstone block Redstone component Redstone finger Myers every we in the base no I broke it never mind I fixed it there we go and guys look we got a bunch of redstone powering the base now now that we have this guys we got to stop placing down the lights everywhere because you know how much chip is scared of lighting I don’t know why he’s super scared of lighting guys but he is he’s super duper duper scared of it and there we go we got some lighting in the base from the power but now we do just need some TNT to stop him bro so let’s place a TNT block right there no no no no no no no no no no no no no you imbecile why would I ever do such a thing to my own place oh this is so ski b toet g is oh I just sked all over the place why would this happen to me no now I got to fix the base guys I feel so dumb oh no let me just fill this up like nothing ever happened oh might as well get the body from last night in barer I mean what I didn’t say anything uh there you go okay you could just go there sorry Bob I mean what I I don’t know anybody called Bob not anymore let me just continue placing down these blocks like nothing has happened there we go and okay guys like nothing ever happened I don’t know what you guys are talking I don’t know what’s happening guys I mean look it’s perfectly fine like nothing has ever happened to it okay let’s continue plac wait where did that Redstone come from just okay never mind guys it’s all a okay but we do need some more defenses here guys so so let’s add a lava mod I feel like you know let’s go just conveniently burn that body down there yeah yeah okay so that’s gone now let’s continue building the lava wall thing set lava we got another oh wait why did that not work oh W hold on that’s not working very we go wo W forest fire oh no oh no oh fire a lots lots and lots of fire oh no oh this is spreading too fast okay this is spreading quite fast for my liking oh no no no no no I’m so going to jail I just SED the forest fire oh no guys it’s sping so fast how do I stop this this is all Chip’s fault you know what M this is your fault too if you were here building this base with me this wouldn’t have happened oh no this is super duper bad everything’s on fire oh this reminds me of the time when my friend accidentally deleted their YouTube channel it all just bur down but whatever let’s just let that forest fire continue raging on while we continue building this base let’s set some more lava right here oh no more oh we got a lot of fires you know what let’s let’s just commit at this point we we are just committed to causing a lot of atin today let’s just yeah we’re just committing at this point here yep here yep okay there oh so much forest fires oh oh no oh oh oh oh boy oh what have I done oh this is so bad this is so very bad I just started so many forest fires oh oh wow okay at least this is very defensive now though so that’s okay I I I guess oh no I’m going to jail okay let’s say let the G mask do nothing again guys and let’s start adding Windows to this space very secure windows tinted glass let’s do walls tinted glass there we go we got some glass in here now but we do have to make the front still somewhat sturdy because the glass is bulletproof guys he cannot break it but you know he can still see us though and speaking of that I know what to do guys I know where I could hide when he visits I could hide under well up here yeah I could hide this in the corner he’ll never ever see me and you know what I’m going conveniently place a lad that he is too respectful to go up to now if you see a ladder in somebody else’s home even if you’re breaking in you won’t go up it just out of respect and there we go we got the ladders going up so we could easily hide in here when he goes to pay us a visit H what else can I place in this base H oh I know what I could do guys let’s add a bunch of skibby toilets in the base it’s going to be so SK yes yes SK it’s going to be so good guys look how many toilets for all oh wow we are building a skiy toilet Army and he’s as soon as he enters guys he’s going to be forced you sing he’s just going to be forced you guys and let’s keep adding all the toilets down like this you know guys I I know what to do if he does go up the ladder I’m just going to sit on one of the toilets and pretend to be a skibby toilet and he’ll never realize it was me he’ll never ever ever realize in the everness of the ever what like if I’m not speaking English because I don’t think that was H look at all the gy toilets and okay let’s see how the forest fire is going oh wait I think the forest fire is extinguished in guys look looks like chip is still spawning in so we still have some time yes the forest fire is still raging on no wait wait I might be able to put it out actually guys I might have time yes I put out the forest fire okay that’s perfect I know what to do actually guys with a bunch of lava over there let’s grab my taxes because I don’t want to pay my taxes who pay taxes in this world just drop it in the lava be gone Taxas I’m going to jail please don’t M me too yeah okay let’s continue building this base and what else can we use guys we have to do make this super duper secure but what else can help us defend wait what’s it called what’s it called wait I might be able to use some mobs to my advantage yes I know what I could do guys let me summon a bunch of wardens one Warden two Warden and let’s specifically summon them in my base and make this one lower so he won’t be able to they won’t be able to exit but it’ll be super hard for him to enter with of the wardens around look how many of there are guys this is terrifying but so good for me oh wow we got so many and there are super duper powerful oh stop sniffing me man get me me the creeps wait what are they shouting at oh oh okay they just killed Gregory oh no they killed Gregory but at least I got some free food out of that hold on o free more mut so tasty guys thank you so much wens for the free meal and let’s start adding some decorations to this area guys let’s grab some flat screen TV wait there’s no TVs what no no no there has to be TVs there just has to be wait no there actually aren’t any TVs no but we do need some lighting up here so let’s grab some uh what color let’s grab some red lamps and start placing them around because we do need more Lighting in this room look at that guys it’s super duper Bright Now and let’s go check and see if Milo and Chip are still spawning in because Milo still isn’t here so maybe he’s just going to be with Milo and chip for some reason uh y y it looks like we’re still spawning in guys we are not quite at this location quite yet which gives us even more time and wa wait there’s a village I wonder if there’s any more loot we could take from the village to help us build this super secret secret secret secret secet secret secret base let me open up the door and hello rooms oh oh wait there’s nobody here oh oh oh shot nobody in this room nobody in that room nobody in this room either oh no wait oh there’s somebody hold on guys I got an idea I got an idea guys watch this I’m going to be such a nice neighbor give me your money give me all your money right now don’t don’t look at me like that don’t what did you say about my mother what oh oh really really you’re compare my mother to dirt huh is that what you’re saying huh huh answer me answer me come on don’t look don’t look down on me hold on get down to my level what you trying to say what I ripped off your clothing what you trying to say oh don’t walk away no no yeah that’s no no I I ain’t going to all a disrespect yeah that’s why yeah that’s about talking about my mother like that that’s what you get yeah how how dare you stop me say that about my mother that’s a very nice at all you know what guys I know exactly what to do since he talk bad about my mother let’s sa the house on fire that’s the only thing I could think of Austin atin that’s all I could think of let’s light his house on fire until it burns to a Cris let it all the flame all of it a flame what are you say wa guys you guys be saying something too no no no no no no no what you guys be saying about me uh you want you want what he had you want what he had yeah you want what he had I feel like yeah let’s burn your house down too you want what he had I I ain’t going to all his disrespect I am not yeah BN B I ain’t going to all his disrespect I’m going to burn down your whole village I’m going down the whole village yeah that’s right burn down you burn down you uh guys at the end of this video there’s not going to be any Village left because they talk bad about my mom yep all of it burns down all of it burns yep you brought this upon yourself how dare you how dare you okay let’s go back to the base I think they had enough of my damage actually not I don’t think we did I don’t think we did quite yet actually let’s now blow it up we’re blowing up with guys we are absolutely going to blow up this Village for talking bad about my mom mhm yeah oh oh W what did you just say oh yeah you’re getting cased in t buddy you’re banned you’re banned yep you’re getting Cas TT you’re banned you’re banned queso speaking of queso guys I feel like we should actually get queso on one of these videos he could teach Malo and Chip who’s boss and keep place oh oh no the TN just L on fire the TNT is inflamed uhoh keep placing stuff down and here we go goodbye Village you deserve it Kaboom K BL and the village is gone wow it’s so beautiful wow I love beautiful things let’s go back to building my beautiful base oh guys look at the lava in look my chip is still spawning in so that that gives me even more time to keep building this beautiful base of epicness and awesom to ever exist of epicness and speaking of that let’s start getting obsidian on this placeas since that’s going to be super d d duper helpful all right let’s start placing down this obsidian I think we need a little wall at the front like this you know even more stuff to encase it and wait why am I manually placing it down I no pleb I am no pleb I could afford world edit so let me do one here and then one all the way over here and build this super duper high up into the sky guys and then we can make walls of obsidian everywhere let’s go to maximum build he actually we’re going to be able to see this from an insane distance guys let’s continue to just build up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up oh no okay no guys look how high we W look how much we could see from up here guys you can see so much now this is going to be so cool to build a base all the way up here but we need to go even higher V this even higher P wo we’re in a cloud this is so cool and Whimsical and majestical looking let keep building up though and we will get to the stars with this wall we are going to build the biggest and greatest wall you’ve ever seen to keep Milo and chip out of the base no no I almost fell down keep building wo guys I am I kind of been scared of height and that is super super high up you you can’t even see myo chip spawning in but ooh yeah that Village has definitely seen some better days oh wow this is kind of scary though W oh wow that’s floating island in the distance has a whole village on it I got to pay them a visit soon and look we just hit the maximum build limit so let’s do this and do walls obsidian and guys look at the walls look it even captured a cloud in it wo this must be so cool okay ah no no no I’m falling no no no no no no no no no catch me little piggy ah oh I forgot my God yeah that’s right I forgot my God I don’t take fall damage that could have been bad but W oh my goodness it’s YouTube head Corners guys it’s so menacing and ominous please don’t demonetize me I’m not even monetized on this channel oh no okay that’s super duper scary and look my Lo chip is still spawning in so you got a little bit more time but that is so spooky looking I don’t yeah I’m not even going to fly back up that distance guys because that’s going to take so long but look how cool this is oh yeah there’s no way anybody is ever going get into this massive wall of ultimate destruction this defenses keep breaking the hose in the wall and look guys oh wo this is so menacing looking oh it looks like my mom after she sees my report CN oh no I forgot guys I forgot I got took out my pocorn yesterday oh no I forgot to about it oh no no no wait hold on let me go to my mom’s house before she finds my report cord guys look there’s my mom’s house okay let’s see if a report cord is still in here uh wait you’re not my mom oh that’s right I’m adopted that’s right okay let me just blow this up yeah okay there you go yeah okay have a good day my good sir okay oh oh I’m sorry let me close the door I got to get manners oh y there you go all guys I’m so mannerful and respectful you know I I even close the door before I blew up the house that’s what that’s what any normal person does that’s sophisticated right right yeah definitely okay what’s over here though oo o copper how could I forget guys if I use copper if I into the Redstone Tab and grab a lightning rod this could be very very helpful because when it rains lightning is going to strike if I place down a bunch of lightning rods across the edges of the base as soon as Thunder strikes guys it’s going to make a wall of laser lightning thunder rod thing my barers that when the thing Barber barers it bers the bber and then guys he’s going to get struck by lightning as soon as he gets close let’s do weather uh Thunder and guys let’s see if a lightning strike down and it’s about to get so ominous I feel like well guys look it happened it just shuck lightning on one of the rods and wait no I think the wens or Des spawning no I didn’t pay them enough money don’t leave me yet guys I got some money right I mean I know I put my taxes towards um the lava but that means I got money now right right okay okay that’s we just having a stiffing party in there we’re just sniffing each other okay that’s actually very very OD so I’m going just leave him in there wao oh guys it just turn night time that means Milo and chiple going to spawn in any minute I got five more minutes left to build this place okay I think I know what to do guys I know exactly what to do we got to build red stone all over the corners of his base to give even more power towards it so more lightning strikes because that’s totally how it works I’m not just making this up for plot keep placing down all the redstone blocks until we reach the very very very very tippity top of the base oh wow okay this base is way taller than I thought but as soon as we get this one in guys it’ll be super easy to get the rest in since it’s just copy and paste keep oh wow guys we W you can barely see anything from up here you can only see the glows in the Thunders in the distance this is super scary just keep building up keep building up TI top of a base oh we’re almost there I I think yes we’re almost there but I cannot my my height so scaring me again guys you can’t even see the bottom this is so spooky but if we just keep placing blocks building up we’ll eventually get up there oh we got so much further left to go this is going to take forever oh wo almost got the edge but wo okay that was actually kind of fast no I’m falling again I’m Falling Again catch me Piggies catch me Piggies oh yeah I forgot I’m a God again oops my bad all right let me go over here and do copy and let’s just move on from my almost near-death experience as we do paste another here and look guys we got another Tower of red going into the sky and look they’re still spawning in the power is getting stronger as you can tell it’s glowing even brighter now they’re about to spawn any minute and let oh no that TNT would have exploded that would have been very very very bad but look guys we got the Redstone shafts going up into the sky look how ominous that looks oh that’s so it’s pretty and cool let me see how the warden are doing oh they’re still sniffing each other so you guys decided why are you guys all on the toilets do you guys have to go take a pooo you had to take a poo poo let me let me see oh yeah you you took big poo poo big poooo what about you did you did you take poo poo oh no no poo okay don’t know poo poo from you okay let’s just place this back B you guys have fun in there oh lightning just shuck again and now let’s start at o guys I have such a cool idea what if I add a big S at the front of the base for my name San I think that would be so cool if I had a big S that would be super duper duper cool very egotistical but I think it would be so cool and look guys it was a massive S at the front of a base standing for San yeah oh that’s so cool looking oh that’s so cool why does this kind of look like the building from the Lego movie but it’s you know that’s it makes it even cooler I love that movie and guys I know exactly what to do now if I place a bunch of TNT near the edges of the base as soon as they try to leave they’ll going to explode look at how much TNT I’m placing down guys we are going to explode into an explosion that explodes when it explodes look at that and you know guys let me place I I got to get them to explode it some how so let me place down a lever and a sign right on one of the pieces of TNT right here and then the sign says um um what what should I say um hold before you leave smiley face you know guys if you say a smiley face they have to do it there we go so oh but it’s too dark at night time so let me make it Glow uh what’s a very welcoming color guys let’s make it glow orange because he’s orange very go so pull before you leave um and you know I got a title obviously so it has to be ins Seer obviously I’m not mean I’m not that mean guys and let’s just continue placing down all of redstone blocks I think we need a couple more s’s though in my opinion we need a s on every single corner of this base to for my name San like And subscribe please thank you very much thank you I appreciate you okay let’s continue placing out all these blocks and there’s another one right there and then we could do another one over here like a so oh I’m kind of misplace the block there let’s do this oh what no oh oh there we go now one more right there right oh no no get that out of there that block is not cool right there there we go and you know this wall doesn’t deserve any this wall can’t say blank I don’t wait no but that’s the first wall he’s going to see they should definitely have a s on it because I want him to fear of a name so short he thinks of an S he gets scared because it’s me like fin Night at Freddy’s it’s me I’m not funny let me continue place it out all these redstone blocks though and there we go guys we just place down the final redstone block and oh no way guys we’re about to spawn we quickly got to get inside the base go go go go we got to hide we got to hide and then they’re going come into the base and try to find me but let me go up a conveniently Place ladder I place down earlier and just sit on the toilet in the corner so they F I’m M ski toilet guys it’s me trip for my own trip oh that ass is super scary oh whoever built that base must be very terrifying oh I do know I want to cross pass with him but I have a Sy time I want to kill him oh wait life life savings oh what oh there’s nothing here oh kind of looks like my wallet oh yeah that’s not good okay let’s just continue walking over ooh have place is super Ming oh look how high up it goes but how am I supposed to get in here I don’t see any entrance oh wait that’s a lot of lava oh you know what I’m immune to Lava let me just swim through the lava because that has to be a way to get into the B let me take in here angrily was this is SP a lighting oh oh wait he has one line of specifically one line of chains that means I cannot get F nor oh how am I supposed to get in here oh conveniently placed do wa so many W sck in a little poooo you you took a poooo oh you took a pooo you oh no pooo for you oh but so many scity toilet oh they are taking poo oh I’m not going to question it oh wait but it’s very rude of me to go up this convenient L yeah you know I’m not going to go up the confinity place ladder yeah oh he must be hiding outside somewhere h what tell you oh Lightning’s about to strike I do not oh another oh that second ass is very scary oh that Village has been exploded I’m question that oh before you leave oh yeah of course I’ll P this for you buddy okay guys where else could he be wait what oh guys I just heard a bunch of explosions coming from outside and I heard him talking about poo poo I don’t know what that me to is talking about but I think we just defended successfully against Milo and Chip guys let’s see the damage oh yeah we definitely defended against them oh no Milo and chip about to attack me guys what do I do oh wait knock before you enter oh my bad there we go oh no what are we going do oh I think we got to build a secret base guys but where do I build this ooh I know let’s build it in this mountain guys will’ll never be able to find me in here quickly let’s get the doors okay let’s get some Mangrove doors on here wow that’s so beautiful and there’s still spawning in right where are they oh no they’re still spawning in quickly get me inside of here and let’s we got to start get some torches down guys we are going build the best secret base ever to hide from Milo and Chip quickly let’s build down let’s build down guys oh this is going to be beautiful oh it’s so amazing so far look at that it’s so cool and yeah Milo and chip is definitely still spawning in guys we just got to get inside and hide forever and ever endeav okay let’s start getting some shroom lights in here though because we need some more lighting besides just torches let’s do that and well guys look how orange VES you know what I forgot know what to do guys we got to build a super duper Milo in chips Secret Base in order to please them so they don’t attack me because I don’t want to lose to Milo and Chip guys chip brags it into me so much he just brags it constantly Sean I got you yeah you’re not getting me this time chip uh actually wait hold on let’s get rid of the shroom lights if it’s going to be van we should probably want some blue and orange lights and then orange there we go for the entrance let’s make this side blue and this side orange yeah that’s definitely their colors now let’s open this all up so we have a good area to build in place this down oh this is so beautiful looking so majestical and whimsicle look at that guys we got a Milo and Chip base calling to come together now oh no way I just broke out of the other side wait this could actually be so cool let me use some world edit and build a little lookout tower all the way up here and set this to air there we go now I have a lookout to lookout tower to see how close very OD to me uh hey Mr sheepy can you move please I’m trying to build over here sheepy move move move there you go I almost lost my Tampa good thing I didn’t lose my Tampa I think I was quite calm headed about that and now we just got to keep placing down all these sea lanterns to get this secret base up and running now right here I feel like is going to be a good spot for me to stop building up so let’s get some quarts and start burning up right here a that’s so nice and let’s get some let’s get some Black Stone yeah let me get this block and start building the walls guys I have the coolest walls ever look it’s a wall and now let’s start building that so I can get up it we got to make it super duper secure so Milo chip cannot break it down because guys Milo is surprisingly strong i’ never expected it but he is surprisingly strong like strong enough to the point where he slapped me so hard guys my head popped off yeah that’s right that was a very expensive surgery I’ll just say it now all that plastic surgery oh that was very expensive either way it doesn’t matter it doesn’t change the past I got to continue to build this base so he can’t do it again all right let’s keep building up and now let’s start making it pop out this way I feel like if that could look super duper cool super duper duper cool in fact okay let me sheep move move yeah that’s right Mr sheepy you stay back again guys I almost lost my Tampa good thing I didn’t though you you guys don’t want to see it when I lose my temper it’s not pretty and another wall goes up and another wall and now if I build it out this way and then this way we have a little Lookout area now look at this guys but now I do have to put this into the ground so I you know it doesn’t fall over here we go and it’s in the ground now look at that guys look how pretty it is and there oh yeah there’re still spawning in over there you guys see the particles yeah they’re still spawning in okay so this is what I got to work with this is fine let me do this and then go all the way over here and do this now guys look I have a whole area I could use to keep building let’s make this very glowy I feel like if I go here and then here with you see Lantern and do set sea lantern now I can make it grow glow any color I want but what color do I want I say I make it Glow sheep move I think I should make it glow orange and again I almost lost my temper there could have been bad so let’s do G mask air in one and the two and set orange stained glass well it’s oh that’s actually kind of underwhelming hold on set blue stained glass then there you go now it’s blue perfect now that’s very intimidating to them they are going to be shivering in their Timbers when they see that uh wait hold on a second what should this be uh G I hold hold on a second let’s do set Bedrock I believe Bedrock is very strong look at that guys we got Bedrock on the base now but never going to be able to break in and now let’s do this for this War I and then this war two look we got Bedrock all over the Ws guys they’re never going to be able to break it ever again for the everness of ever uh-huh and now let’s make this all black uh what is it called black stone bricks oh I couldn’t remember there for a second yeah guys I fixed my memory is slowly fading with old age I’m becoming a old person no I don’t want to become an old person I don’t want to become old no man pretty soon I’m going to have to be putting down the second mortgage on my house and it taxes no inflation sucks but no matter I keep got to be making these Minecraft videos because that’s the only thing that matters in life keep placing down off the bedrock in wow we got beat wait a second uh oh that’s annoying me there we go now it’s beautiful guys they are going to be getting so annoyed trying to get in here and look they’re still spawning in wait I forgot the sword is here what say again uh knock before I enter oh yeah my bad my bad there you go okay oh wait I forgot I forgot to knock hold on all right there you go now I knocked before I entered yeah I forgot to do that earlier my bad my bad guys look how pretty it is you can see everything it look you can even see the floating islands in the sky look over there oh maybe that could be a future video guys like And subscribe if you want to see a future video over there but anyways let’s continue to build this base because it’s not done yet all right let’s continue building this over here and I should probably do something with this area too so let’s get rid of this G mask and fly down here do this and set this all to air so now I have a little bit more real estate to work with and set all of this to black stone bricks wait what’s it called again call it Blackstone bricks there we go I figured it out guys I figured it out and now let’s do that too but this has to be Bedrock too or else we’re just going to be able to easily dig the wayon in there we go and now we could even build a little Second Story guys but in order to do that I feel like it’s time to say goodbye to the entrance and set this all to air there we go now what I can do though I could do this this and set this all to Pol wait where’s the exit Marco oh wait I think it’s coming from over here Marco Marco hey St away from a wall wait what what do you mean St away from a wall that’s right I’m why am I’m speaking to you wait what do you mean you speak I didn’t realize any anime objects go speak of course I can speak why are you doing this what do you mean why am I doing this I’m trying to build a base build a base for what build a base for to hide For Milo and Chip what what do you mean Milo and Chip I’m building a base to hide For Milo and Chip oh okay you may pass oh yeah please finally jeez guys some people some people are just weird I’m totally not weird right right yeah I’m not weird okay let’s continue to place down all the Bedrock and there we go and now you also need a little bit of Bedrock over here uh set Bedrock there we go now we got this in we should probably also Place Bedrock for the ceiling guys or else this was kind of for nothing set Bedrock there we go and now let’s get rid of that and add a second floor I actually I don’t want to have a second floor guys I feel like this would be very cool if it was an open area but it’s so dark in here it’s way too dark hold on let me start getting in some light guys because it’s too dark in here it’s so incredibly dark and I do not like it or appreciate it for that matter of fact and keep building this way and then this way and then this way and then that okay maybe not that way all the way but this is perfect enough and then that way of course and I should probably also place down some more bricks over here like a so look at that guys and now let’s start building some pillars around everywhere like so and even more lighting let’s start placing in some shroom lights though oh it’s so pretty looking uh-huh there we go place all of this over there and a bunch over here too and now we got a ton of lighting guys and right here we could add a bunch of ladders going up what color do I want let me I want some cherry ladders this could look very cool yep let’s continue to build all of this up and W here we go there’s one level and here goes another level oh I’m building so fast guys I am the master builder to ever build in the Builder that build in the build to the build to the build build the Builder what I don’t think that’s English but whatever let me just keep building all right let’s place a bunch of shroom lights down on the side to give it a very cool glow effect and look at that guys it’s so pretty looking and now let’s fly up here and oh wait I should probably open this my KNE oh my Square blocking knes okay yep okay keep moving that’s a that’s a a lot of damage that’s going to be at least $1 to fix that the doctor’s office okay yeah let’s maybe fix that and this could be the safe room guys this is the safe room a it’s so cool hold on let me go look at this from outside because I feel like this actually probably looks very very cool and look how cool it looks guys wait a second oh no we’re about to finish spawning in guys we got to quickly hide in a safe room run run run we’re about to be here any second oh no no no climb up for that wait why am I climbing I could just fly fly up the ladder and hide myself in here oh I’m here for your b s wait what is B distance oh that must be the base oh no I can’t believe he tried to build a base too high for me guys it’s me my little end ship oh look at that base of oh wait what’s this KN I enter oh yeah my bad my bad hold oh I run hold up there you go yep all right let me let me enter move oh chicken oh hi cheep oh so tasty oh look at that place of that’s a place oh right how am I supposed to enter here oh I got an idea I might be able to dig into the side I’m take it oh oh oh oh okay guys it might be better that’s not a good idea okay if that’s the case let me polite let me politely knock on do knock knock oh oh thank you so much thank you I appreciate it guys you just how to be nice sometimes w wow this place is looking pretty nice is he in here oh I don’t see anything in there why is this even in there hold on all right I’m sorry feel a s oh we got to come up the ladders oh the ladders are slippery oh whatever I hope I don’t fall down yeah okay hopefully I don’t fall down oh why do I feel like somebody found out before me oh okay that hurt my knees oh and my ankles where is that strongid I don’t see him anywhere yeah he’s definitely not in this suspiciously placed box so I’m just not going to even bother with that oh much have here outside where is that King guys I think I just survived mono in chip oh let me just double check yes we gone guys we did it now oh no guys we got to hurry catnap is about to attack me let me quickly open up this conveniently placed chest and grab the materials needed to build this super secret base we got to hurry up though I really don’t want catnap on my tell in what better place to build a base to prevent a cat from attacking me than a pond oh this is going to be so cool guys let me first place down some glass though because I want to be able to see him still that way I could rub it in his face while I’m building the best secret base ever to ever exist in the everness of ever keep placing these down oh this is so nice looking guys H has he spawned in yet though I saw those P wa yeah okay he’s still spawning in guys we have 10 minutes to build this and if I still can’t build it by the 10- minute more then I pretty much just dig my own grave because catnap will make me dig a grave myself and I really don’t want to be in a grave guys they’re quite claustrophobic honestly you guys ever been in a grave it’s very claustrophobic let’s just continue building though in we could build the best base to best base the base I think that’s English right guys I don’t know comment down below okay let’s continue building this let’s grab some sponges now though yeah there goes one and a two and a three perfect and now let’s replace that and start building the actual base down here guys I think we should go just a little bit further down though wo look we found an underwater cave guys this is going to be even better for us now because now we actually some have like a little opening to build stuff in instead of having to excavate it ourselves keep breaking these blocks uh-huh there we go and now let’s make the little entrance here I think oh no I broke the glass okay that could have been bad that could have been very bad but good thing I CAU it okay that could have also been very bad but good thing I caught that there we go the entrance could be right there and let’s place the glass all around us and now let’s make the floor yellow when make get catnap colored W guys look how beautiful this is looking so far but I feel like this could use some lights so let’s grab some sea lanterns with purple glass and guys watch this right you guys ready for this you got wo water okay I I was not even ready for that oh no wait we got to quickly repair that because we do not want water in the base we really do not want water in the base but watch this guys watch this now that we got this let’s make it purple lighting look how cool that is we got purple lighting in the base and now let’s place it all across this wall too and there we go let’s actually make it a little bit more lighting guys we you want add it as bright as possible because it’s so pretty when it’s bright here we go there’s one wall and here’s another and now let’s get the lighting in and wo look how bright that is guys it’s so purple it’s the most purple the purple the can purple actually I don’t know if you guys knew that but it’s super purply here we go wo look at that guys it’s so pretty looking and now we’ll actually add the real entrance to the base because this is just to get you guys excited you know you get excited when you go down here see all the purple light in now we open this up into the real base let me grab a world edit one and do 1 2 3 4 5 Boom 1 2 3 oh No 1 2 3 4 5 boom and then build over here a little bit as far as I want look how much I’m breaking guys and now build a very far distance down and do set air wo look how much room I have W that’s so cool looking guys we even got a skylight coming in that’s so cool look at that wo water I forgot we’re in water that could have been very bad because I don’t know if you guys know this but I cannot swim that’s like I bu I’m building underwat base but I cannot swim I’m an imbecile imbecile no imbecile oh God I can’t even speak either this is horrible W look at that reflection guys that’s so pretty looking oh this is the best base I think I’ve ever built yeah I built at least one base in the past so that has to make it a good base right right totally wow and now we could add like a cool little staircase going down guys look at this look me go I’m building the building I’m Bob the Builder somebody say I don’t even know if you guys know who that is Bob the Builder is what I grew up with Bob the Builder can he fix it no no he cannot Bob builder cannot fix it but it is getting very dark in here I do not like how dark it is so as soon as I build this staircase I’m going start adding more lighting by doing this oh wait I’m not okay I don’t know why I just said that but I didn’t do anything yet by doing let me go over here one and a two set sea lantern and boom I just did it and now if I do this go down here this do I want this to be purple or another color H set let’s make this what color should I go guys green green stained glass wo look at a green light but wait actually I think I got a cool idea what if I make this yellow since catnap is yellow and purple let’s see wo guys look at for yellow light but it still doesn’t look quite right what if I just do purple again purple say glass oh yeah that’s definitely it look at that guys we got a purple glass wall and now let’s start getting the actual walls in though because right now it’s a little ugly just to looking for stone so let’s do this set purple concrete and there’s one wall down let’s do another one now and will make it so beautiful it’s not quite as beautiful as me but it’s getting there you know it’s quite hard to be as beautiful as me got please don’t comment down below how ugly I am I need the compliment at least once okay okay let’s place that down and here’s another wall wo it’s so cool looking I definitely feeling very majestical now and now let’s make this purple wool we can make like a little border type of thing that could be so cool wo look at that that’s so pretty looking and now let’s put this over oh no wait uh there we go I fixed it wait wait what’s this in the corner you guys see that like yellow what is that that’s pretty cool looking though I don’t know what that is though that’s very interesting I am not going to question but look we even got the g r still flowing in guys if I were to do this and then run all the way over here and set this set um what what color what color let’s make it Zion stained glass that could look very nice okay now that we have that now let’s set the ceiling to our sea lanterns too so set sea lantern and wo look guys it’s so blue it’s so blue wa and now oh wait I don’t like this being here though let me put some yellow a concrete there to cut it off there we go and we’re probably going to want some safety railings I feel like so let’s get a fence let’s make it with Crimson fence since it kind of matches catnap and place this right here yeah that look that looks pretty nice so now I cannot fall off and I okay maybe I can still fall off oh oh my knees oh my non-existing Square knees oh that was so painful oh that that’s at least one bruise at least one bruise and at least one Band-Aid uh and at least two concussions yep okay that hurt anyways though let’s set the floor to what color ooh yellow W there we go look at that guys now I got yellow W and my leg still hurt okay whatever this is fine and now let’s add a nice sea lantern wall right here too one and a two set sea lantern and now we got the see Lantern wall let’s make it yellow actually yellow could look really cool here uh let me uh I don’t need normal glass let’s make it yellow wow guys look it’s all yellow now that’s so cool look actually it’s more green than yellow I’m not going to crush it though our secret base is coming along very very well so far but it’s missing a little something let’s add a fish tank because I know cats love fish let’s do a g mask air walls glass and there we go guys we have a little wall area now let’s get water put the water down into a fish tank but now we need some actual fish so let’s get let’s make him tropical and now let’s uh oh hold on I I need to I can’t get all the way up there we go let’s summon in a bunch of fishies and now let’s cover it back up before we get out look guys I got a whole bunch of fish even one went all the way to the bottom hi buddy but you guys are going to need some light because right now it’s very dark in there so there you guys go oh no this is going to annoy me oh no okay that could have been bad but I did it guys look at all the fishies we got now this is so cool but it’s still missing something let me add some more lighting so let’s do sea lanterns there and there and now this should make a really cool fish tank guys look at the fish tank oh it’s so cool looking I got a fish tank that could be called a fish tank but now let’s go check if catnap is about to attack us or not because I really hope he isn’t okay if I look behind me guys and I see a catnap I’m going to scream and run as fast as I can okay so let’s see if catnap is here yet oh no he’s still spawning in guys he is still spawning in over there so he’s not quite attacking us yet so we still have time to build the base quickly let me get down here W you know I could probably get some ladders ladders would be very small I feel like so come on let’s start building these ladders up and I’m going to need some sort of protection system at the top here so let me place down some very powerful Oak trap doors you guys might not know this but the simpler the stronger it is this is unbreakable I mean how how else could get in it’s not like he could just open it up like it is oh okay he can open it up like this but he’s a cat he won’t have intelligence to do that I hope and now let’s go down now that we have a little cap on our base our base is looking so cool it is so immaculately cool but I feel like it’s missing something let’s start adding some furniture to it guys now let’s make this red since you know I’m red red and blue so let’s get a blue table for this too a that’s so nice looking and we’re probably going to need a bed let’s get bed set up to anything else we need for now everything else we could do later so first let’s start adding a little living room area just for me with a blue table right here which is green that’s green hold on a second hold on a second that’s not supposed to be green set blue uh stained glass H oh that didn’t work hold on a second guys wa oh my eyes look at that guys it’s so blue it’s so blue that’s so cool looking and now let’s add our bed under the staircase nothing like trying to go to sleep guys with the sun bluring in your eyes you know that’s exactly how I like to sleep that is exactly how I like to sleep and now let’s start getting in everything else let’s grab the yellow terracotta to divide the rooms up let’s build this area like this this would be our living room area uh-huh oh it’s so immaculately cool it’s so ski Bob toilet is now I don’t want that there yet actually but I do need a bedroom just a little closet that’s all I need and then right here could be the storage room so let’s start getting some more furniture out do we have any TVs no we don’t oh wait I need a kitchen too how could I forget okay if that’s the case let me grab some dining room tables and now I ooh wait we could also put lamps everywhere guys this is exactly my color oh that’s so nice oh we need a bathroom too oh how could I forget oh I’m forgetting so much stuff guys I there so much stuff I forgot oh no oh oh boy okay here we go guys let’s first place this down and a lamp that’s totally doing a lot in this massive room full of lights that does so much let’s add a toilet right next to my bed in case I feel a little tired a little exhausted I could just pop off it take a dookie and now I have a metal trash can let’s put that right there next to the toilet let’s oh this is going to be such a nice dining room guys watch this watch this uh-huh wow I I have so many friends guys I only need one chair I’m so lonely please said help just just I’m going to take a pool say then when I’m tired okay back to building cat’s about to be here any second I probably shouldn’t weep on that much and now guys watch this in my dining room I got bathtub that’s right I just invented the dining room bathtub where where I could just go in and cry my saw away again while friends please like And subscribe the video in order to make me feel better three okay just like And subscribe at the end of the video if you could even about time please okay whatever I need to keep building my stuff no the fish disappeared I’m going back to my crying toilet I’m going going to cry my fish away just I accidentally flush down the toilet I feel like not again wait again I knew it this happened before I knew it but no matter I must keep building I really do have to keep building I probably shouldn’t get distracted that easily but whatever let’s start building a backdrop to this staircase because we could always use a backdrop guys it’s so nice looking uh-huh almost there a little bit more and then we should be good and then we should probably check on catnap again make sure he isn’t here yet because that suck if he’s here uh-huh and there we go now we got a pretty nice backdrop but it’s probably going to be darker oh that’s so nice looking though and you know for some nice color changes let’s get some orange concrete too because then we could do a really cool pattern guys look at this cool pattern I’m creating it’s so pretty and majestical and all of the above uh-huh uh-huh oh no I broke the wrong block okay never mind that’s quite easy to fix honestly uh-huh oh look at it all guys this is so pretty looking keep placing them down and make the prettiest pattern you’ve ever seen again almost as pretty as me but not quite and look at that guys we got a super pretty pattern but we should probably also do this too uh there we go that’s oh that’s so nice looking and now let’s also do this oh that’s so nice oh that’s hot oh yeah I’m Will Smith guys oh right so beautiful and H should I put anything back here I feel like that’s already perfect and now let’s go check on catnap see if he’s attacking us yet uh let me climb up here wo look at all the water guys it’s so waterly right I think that’s water yeah that no no that’s lava yeah that’s lava I’m wrong my bad oh there’s a sheep H Mr sheepy in yep catnap still spawning in wow he’s really powering up huh he’s been powering up for quite a while now look at this guys look at pretty it looks it’s just you you would even know it’s there you would have no clue that was even there but it is here and you will never have a clue in the whole wide world because a clue is a clue that’s a clue I knew it anything else I should add to this oh wait I got an idea guys I’mma add a bunch of paintings to this it’s going to be a massive wall full of paintings like Squidward from SpongeBob uh-huh oh oh wo oh this is so gorgeous looking look at this guys oh wow so many paintings so so many Immaculate Colors oh wow that’s a wow we got a lot of paintings in a row there that’s a lot of paintings we just got wo look at this guys it’s so cool and look we are Squidward from SpongeBob now we got a whole wall full of paintings that’s so pretty looking but now I feel like this wall is missing a lot of stuff what should we add here what if we add a massive TV guys we could we could be TV men from ski Bop toilet it’s all any lights I could use for this though besides sea lanterns there has to be some sort of other lighting for the screen and actually let’s just use white concrete it’s close enough wait where is it oh there it is okay let’s start building this TV we’re going to want it to be quite big so like this now let’s build up all the way to here oh this is a massive TV wo we’re about to watch an 8K Ultra HD PS5 ultrasound wo here guys take a look at this this is so gorgeous looking actually I know what we could use instead of white concrete we could use Frog Light Frog Light and we could use the pearlescent one oh wo look at that gu guys and now let’s use world edit to do the reset frog oh wait what how do you spell it pesent frog like look at that guys we got a TV but now we do need some glass let’s make it light blue glass actually so we could get the 4K Ultra HD quality from it set San glass no that’s glaz what San stained glass oh there we go guys we got the TV up and running look how pretty that is it’s a TV and should I add some oh yeah I should probably add some lighting right here I feel like we got to make this super bright guys so catnap gets flashbang here we go and now we should probably get some yellow and orange glass because I think that could look really cool with a little pattern I’m going for there we go and let’s give it a shot W guys look at the pattern it’s looks like McDonald’s honestly W look at that guys we got a cool little pattern going for us let’s also do it for these too I feel like that could look extra cool uh-huh there we go wo that’s so pretty look at that look look at that that’s beautiful that’s beautiful and anything else I got to do any guys I think we are ready to face catnap head on this is the finished product of our secret base just oh the fish are gone but don’t look don’t question the fish let’s go see if catnap is attacking or not let’s open this up uh oh no let’s open this up and see where catnap is wait catnap still spawning why is he still spawning guys something’s fishy almost like a conveniently placed chest from earlier uh can’t can have you spawning in yet but the wait wait cat Na’s not here wait a second wait wait wait what is that wait a dog breaked me again subscribe and like the videoy please

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Stranded On ONE RAFT with JOHNNY in Minecraft!

Today, Sirsean is stuck on a one block with Johnny Minecraft! Will he be able to do it? Watch to find out!

This video was inspired by Maizen, Johnny Minecraft, Cash and Nico, and Omz!

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    Rain and Relaxing Minecraft Soundtrack Pembe Ev: Gece Ay Işığında Büyüleyici Manzara Pembe Ev ve Ay Işığı Bu video, geceleyin ay ışığının altında parlayan bir pembe evin görkemli manzarasını sunuyor. Sessiz ve huzurlu bir ortamda, gökyüzündeki yıldızların ışığıyla aydınlanan bu ev, büyüleyici bir atmosfere sahip. Pembe rengiyle dikkat çeken ev, çevresindeki doğal güzelliklerle birleşerek benzersiz bir manzara oluşturuyor. İzleyicilere görsel bir şölen sunan bu video, doğanın ve mimarinin eşsiz uyumunu keşfetmeye davet ediyor. Keyifli seyirler! Kamp Ateşi ve Doğa Sesleri Rahatlama, pozitif düşünce, konsantrasyon, denge ve motivasyonda destekleyici olan kamp ateşi ve doğa sesleri, bu videoya eşlik ediyor. Huzurlu ve sakinleştirici terapi müziği, motivasyon… Read More

  • Terrifying Mods in One Block Skyblock!

    Terrifying Mods in One Block Skyblock! Minecraft One Block Skyblock: Exploring DWELLERS and TERROR MODS! Embark on a thrilling Minecraft adventure with KazuttoMC as they delve into the world of One Block Skyblock, encountering DWELLERS and TERROR MODS along the way. Join the excitement as they navigate through challenges and uncover hidden secrets in this unique gameplay experience. Discovering DWELLERS One Block Skyblock introduces players to a new dimension filled with mysterious DWELLERS. These creatures add an element of surprise and intrigue to the game, keeping players on their toes as they explore the unknown. With unique abilities and behaviors, DWELLERS bring a fresh dynamic… Read More

  • Join Minewind: Experience the Ultimate Minecraft Adventure!

    Join Minewind: Experience the Ultimate Minecraft Adventure! Welcome to, your go-to source for all things Minecraft-related! Today, we’re diving into the world of automatic sorting systems in Minecraft. If you’ve ever wanted to streamline your item organization process, this is the video for you. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up a full automatic sorting system in Minecraft, making item management a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to optimize your storage system or a beginner eager to learn new tricks, this video has something for everyone. But why stop at just watching videos? Take your Minecraft experience to the next level… Read More

  • The Irish Gamer’s Wood Challenge Day 43

    The Irish Gamer's Wood Challenge Day 43 Surviving the Challenges in Minecraft: Day 43 Hello beautiful people, welcome to day 43 of this challenge where every day I create a new world and gather one more wood than the day before. Today was a tough one, filled with unexpected obstacles and thrilling moments. A Race Against Time Starting in a mesa biome surrounded by ocean and desert, our intrepid adventurer had to run for their life. The looming threat of hunger added an extra layer of urgency to the situation. But fear not, a village appeared just in time, providing much-needed sustenance in the form of… Read More

  • Tricking a Farmer into Labor! | Minecraft Couple Survival #22

    Tricking a Farmer into Labor! | Minecraft Couple Survival #22 Convincing a Farmer to Work! | Boyfriend & Girlfriend Minecraft Survival Series #22 Introduction In the latest episode of the Boyfriend & Girlfriend Minecraft Survival Series, EpicAlyssa1250 and Andrew embark on a mission to convince a reluctant villager to work on their farm. The duo faces challenges and comedic moments as they try to increase their village’s economy. The Villager Conundrum The episode kicks off with EpicAlyssa1250 attempting to place a villager in a house, despite the potential aesthetic drawbacks. The duo’s banter and interactions add a humorous touch to the gameplay, keeping viewers entertained throughout. Building and Redstone… Read More

  • Pawsitively Purrfect: Dog & Cat Gangs Unite!

    Pawsitively Purrfect: Dog & Cat Gangs Unite! In the world of Minecraft, where Dog Gang and Cat Gang meet, A tale of friendship, so sweet and neat. Cat Gang stuck in the Zoo, feeling blue, Dog Gang to the rescue, with a bark and a woof too. Together they roam, through forests and caves, Saving their friends, from dangerous waves. Dog Gang and Cat Gang, now friends for life, In the world of Minecraft, where adventures are rife. Subscribe to our channel, for more tales like this, Where friendship and fun, are never amiss. Join us in the game, where creativity thrives, In the world of… Read More

  • Mastering Mace Enchantments in Minecraft

    Mastering Mace Enchantments in Minecraft The Ultimate Guide to Mace Enchantments In Minecraft Introduction In the vast world of Minecraft, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their gameplay. One popular method is through enchantments, which provide various benefits to weapons and tools. Today, we delve into the realm of mace enchantments, exploring the best options to unleash your full potential in the game. Unleashing the Power of Mace Enchantments Maces are formidable weapons in Minecraft, known for their ability to deal significant damage to enemies. To maximize their effectiveness, players can enchant maces with powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle… Read More

  • Crafting a Buzz: Minecraft Beehive Build

    Crafting a Buzz: Minecraft Beehive Build In Minecraft, crafting a beehive is quite a feat, Place a trapdoor, slap it up neat. Add a ladder in reverse, a wall to complete, Roof with diorite, beehive, button, and sign, oh so sweet. For a simpler option, try a campfire in the mix, With decorations and leaves, for a green fix. Now you’re ready to welcome bees with a flick, In your Minecraft world, a beehive, a perfect pick. Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for Epic Minecraft Adventures!

    Join Minewind Server for Epic Minecraft Adventures! Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most exciting news from the world of Minecraft! Today, we stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “item ter op di minecraft versus godzilla di minecraft #shorts” by Hasyblock. While the video itself may not be about Minewind Minecraft Server, it got us thinking – what if you could take on Godzilla with the most OP item in Minecraft on a server like Minewind? Imagine the thrill of facing off against a powerful foe like Godzilla, armed with incredible items that can deal massive damage. The adrenaline rush, the… Read More

  • “EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥” #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg

    "EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥" #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmgVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song 🤣🤣 #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg’, was uploaded by NK GAMING MG on 2024-05-23 07:26:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song #NKGaming #nkgamingamg #minecraft #shorts 🖐️.. tag ignore. Read More

  • ☕ Java Survival – Semi-Vanilla – SMP – 1.20.4

    Java Survival SMP Server Java Survival is a multiplayer server that offers a pure vanilla Minecraft experience with a community of players. Moderators and admins play alongside everyone else without using commands for personal gain. No RTP! Unique custom plugins for survival gameplay without common plugins like Essentials or GriefPrevention. Server Details: Address: Discord: Community Values: Provide a long-lasting survival Minecraft experience. Community-driven server where players have a voice. Server Rules: No offensive language. Avoid controversial topics. No hacking, cheating, or exploits. Respect other players’ property and space. Be respectful, kind, and avoid advertising. Read More

  • Lilwilly Junior High School

    Lilwilly Junior High SchoolTHIS IS NORMAL MINECRAFT SMP, JUST WITH SOME PLUGINS!VERSION: 1.21**RULES**- No Griefing in Spawn- No Killing In Spawn- No Stealing In Spawn- ONLY STEALING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF SPAWN*( Spawn Is basically the peace land ) ***PLUGINS**- Found it- Tpa- BetterHomes- Custom Enchants- Custom Food- SuperHarvestJOIN MY DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. { } is the discord link. Hope to see you in the server! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀

    Minecraft Memes - Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀Looks like the real blockbuster here is the behind-the-scenes bloopers reel! Read More

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    Crafting Joy: Minecraft's Happy Planet Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Happy Planet shines bright, With animations funny, bringing joy and delight. Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a child-friendly sight, Bringing laughter and happiness, each day and each night. From classrooms to songs, all crafted with care, Each video a gem, beyond compare. Avoiding pirated content, this channel is rare, So subscribe and enjoy, without a single care. With rhymes and emojis, the news is told, In Minecraft’s world, where adventures unfold. From funny animations to stories bold, Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a treasure to hold. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, each update… Read More

  • Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft

    Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft When you’re more concerned about your Wi-Fi signal strength in Minecraft than actually fighting off creepers and zombies. Priorities, am I right? #minecraftproblems #firstworldminecraftissues Read More

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    Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation The Quest for Miners in Minecraft Imagine delving deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft, eagerly searching for valuable diamonds in the dark recesses of a cave. Now, picture stumbling upon a humorous twist – instead of diamonds, you find yourself on a quest for miners! This unexpected turn of events adds a delightful element of surprise to your virtual adventure. Exploring the Depths As you navigate through the intricate tunnels and caverns of Minecraft, the thrill of discovery propels you forward. The dimly lit passageways hold the promise of hidden treasures, whether they be precious ores or unexpected… Read More

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    100 Days in Elden Ring Minecraft Hardcore I Survived 100 Days in Elden Ring in Minecraft Hardcore Surviving the Elden Ring Modpack Imagine facing off against Elden Ring bosses like Malenia Blade of Miquella and Starscourse Radahn in Minecraft. The challenge is real as you strive to collect all Great Runes and become the Elden Lord. Upgrading weapons and building a base to withstand player invasions adds to the excitement. Challenges and Adventures The journey begins with a precarious encounter with an Elden Ring boss in a village. Crafting weapons like an iron spear and shield becomes essential for survival. Exploring dungeons, battling zombies, and acquiring… Read More

  • OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!

    OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!Video Information off stream mining but somehow we found mire God it’s crazy right crazy let me post this in the the chat yeah I’m right now no one’s even in here yet yeah because you know like they don’t love us yeah I know here we go we are live we are hi Esther what’s up CPA SU jpa even though it’s Eclipse I just I always say it’s eclipser because there was a j even though the J was silent okay all right well oh [ __ ] we’re doing good I think are you doing good weasel… Read More

  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

  • “CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!” #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruths

    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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  • Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps – Can You Escape?

    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

  • EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PRO

    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

  • Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkish

    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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    🔥FNAF Gold Music Animation! Watch Now🔥Video Information [Music] [Music] he time for the main attraction the story must be told time for a chain reaction it never gets own some BO get satisfaction breaking the M some BO are just distractions some are just G I’m not the bad guy I’m just a bit surprising it’s not worth losing sleep it’s not worth analyzing there was a time not so long ago at all I was just like you can you hear my call now I’m popping in over here over there I’ll be checking in but you never be aware in the beginning I… Read More

  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - When a new item drops in Minecraft... 🌶️Minecraft players be like, “Finally, another useless item to hoard in my virtual inventory!” Read More

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    Minecraft Villager Oi Oi Oi meme 🔥🔥🔥 #minecraft #memes When you accidentally hit a Minecraft villager and they start chasing you with their “Oi Oi Oi” battle cry, you know you’re in for a wild ride! #minecraft #memes Read More

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    Surviving Day 7: A Mix of Everything Minecraft – Daily Survival Let’s Play (Day 7) – A Little of This, A Little of That Today in Minecraft, Solomon, also known as PCG, embarks on various tasks in his vanilla survival let’s play. Join him as he explores, builds, and strategizes to collect all 145 trophies available on PS4/PS5. With natural regeneration turned off, Solomon faces challenges that require him to be resourceful and strategic in his gameplay. Discoveries and Realizations As Solomon reflects on his past episodes, he stumbles upon a portal with ample obsidian, realizing missed opportunities for gathering resources. He also uncovers a nearby… Read More

  • Can’t Speak Russian in Minecraft?!

    Can't Speak Russian in Minecraft?! The Thrill of Finding Diamonds in Minecraft In the vast world of Minecraft, every player dreams of stumbling upon the coveted diamonds hidden deep within the earth. The excitement of discovering these precious gems is unparalleled, and the journey to find them is filled with anticipation and suspense. Exploring the Depths As our player delves into the depths of a dark cave, armed with only a pickaxe and determination, the quest for diamonds begins. The echoing sound of footsteps reverberates through the tunnels as they navigate through the maze of underground passages. Unveiling the Treasures After mining through layers… Read More


    ULTIMATE TUNNEL SURVIVAL IN MINECRAFTVideo Information I found new closed tunnels in Minecraft hey guys I’m zomac today we’re going to take a look at new closed tunnels yeah let’s take a look look at the characters involved ladybug she seems to be in shock Something’s Happened to her we’ve got to help next up we’ve got Luna the animatronic that’s Mr Beast I think you all know him the racer from the Puppy Patrol and the Cutie Pie that’s white cloud let’s get started I say we go to uh who do we go to uh let’s probably go to the hound and… Read More

  • Herobrine vs Me: Minecraft Showdown

    Herobrine vs Me: Minecraft ShowdownVideo Information This video, titled ‘Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine June 21’, was uploaded by KILOBRINE on 2024-06-22 12:00:28. It has garnered 448 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:25 or 265 seconds. Part 135 Horror HEROBRINE try to destroy me in Minecraft #minecraft #minecraftpe #herobrine Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and originally released in 2009. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released on November 18, 2011, with… Read More

  • Unbelievable! Unlocking 1,000+ New Advancements in Minecraft Hardcore! 🤯 (S1 E30)

    Unbelievable! Unlocking 1,000+ New Advancements in  Minecraft Hardcore! 🤯 (S1 E30)Video Information how is it going stream oh my God my hair sorry if my hair is wet just got out of the shower all right how’s it going stream back with another Hardcore episode we are in episode 30 which is honestly pretty cool we haven’t feel like I haven’t had a series go this long especially of Hardcore which is kind of impressive but pretty impressive um just real quick before uh I’m going to go in my world I’m going to show you two things I added for your guys’s convenience and honestly for mine too um… Read More

  • INSANE Parkour Duel: Kolaplay vs DRONIO!

    INSANE Parkour Duel: Kolaplay vs DRONIO!Video Information Всем привет ребят с вами снова и сегодня мы вместе с газаром иптв поиграем в Minecraft но здесь мы опять же будем играть на наказание Приветик п Какой это же обезьянка наша ручная обезьянка А да обезьянка Привет Это короче задумка такая мы будем паркурить и кто первый ну пройдёт паркур получается будет задавать желание проигравшим и мы с птв Надеемся тут выиграть да ведь птв потому что мы хотели тебе отомстить Ну вот то есть наш паркур он достаточно прикольно работает поэтому Давайте встанем по местам Так стоп Что такое так погнали тайме запустим Ну окей таймеров… Read More

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    NeelGamerYt: SHOCKING Plot Twist! Wait for Me in MinecraftVideo Information I want to be the greatest everybody on the fa I look around and feel like everybody is the fakest I make this every day and I’m impatient hoping one day I blow up from the basement St the top is so vacant I don’t your [ __ ] that I think is amazing waiting for my day when I’m playing sold out shows This video, titled ‘Wait For Me😎 #shorts #ytshorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by NeelGamerYt on 2024-05-28 06:05:00. It has garnered 411 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds…. Read More

  • Insane Hardcore Survival: 100 Days on a Raft Hindi!

    Insane Hardcore Survival: 100 Days on a Raft Hindi!Video Information सो गाइज मुझे छोड़ दिया गया ओसियन के बीचोंबीच एक छोटी सी राफ्ट में एंड इसी के साथ मैं ट्राई करूंगा 100 डेज सरवाइव करने का पर मेरे पास सरवाइव करने के लिए कुछ भी नहीं होगा पर हमेशा की तरह हमें तीन इंपॉर्टेंट गोल्स भी कंप्लीट करना है पहला अपने लिए एक फुल्ली एंचांटेड डायमंड आर्मरर इस एंडर ड्रैगन के बच्चे को खत्म करना लास्ट में इस छोटी सी राफ्ट को ट्रांसफॉर्म करके एक मेगा बेस बनाना एंड गाइज इस वीडियो को बनाने में मुझे काफी ज्यादा मेहनत लगा है तो तुम लोग इस मेहनत के लिए… Read More