Survival in Cartoon Toilet Minecraft?!

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th new toilets in Minecraft will be interesting subscribe to the channel if you want to save tvom baby I’m watching you hey guys it’s Z back here today let’s take a look at some funny new toilets they are of different colors and interesting characters await us today so here we have a lava capetti toilet Spider-Man a blue rainbow friend spongeball p and Jack from the digital circus well let’s go one at a time I guess we’ll go from the first one here to the first bathroom let’s see all the characters today don’t forget to like And subscribe and we’re off to that first Brown toilet toilets let’s get over there wow guys this is a real lava toilet hey I’ll get you yes of course of course you’ll never get to me you’re just a spider’s web I’m going to cut through here and Destroy You lava and toilets where are you going I’ll get it for you now you got all the lava in here you don’t think I’m going to make it all the way through here do you no you won’t bye-bye oh he’s also pouring new pit fellow that’s not fair lovey toilet everything’s Fair why isn’t it fair I’m a lava toilet I can do anything okay while he’s here we should shoot him shotguns on you wait what no bullets will take him how am I supposed to stop him okay we’ll figure it out as we go look how hot the lava is I put something in there it just burns up instantly all right let’s try this way I don’t know how to stop him wo how am I supposed to get through here I don’t have any blocks har toilet I don’t know how you’re supposed to pass okay I have an idea we can try to get these fences for ourselves sometime and hot lava is very hot guys I’m burning in this lava so how to get done all right all right you hear me oh you threw them in the lava that’s not fair oh you of course all right I’ll swim through the lava for you I’m not scared let’s go B and I jumped right into the lava I’m not sorry I’m not scared I’ll swim across very hot but guys I have super armor that absorbs damage from me so it’s no big deal it’s a little hot but okay I can take it flooded everything with lava again ah we’ll have to swim half a mile won’t melt which one notes I will destroy you where are you flying lava toilets I’ll get to you in a second guys look he’s flooding the place ah why are you pushing I’ll machine gun you so guys we must somehow stop him because he is very strong if Eve is not destroyed now he will go and attack the villagers and catch everyone he’s flooding me with his paw no hurry up and run away let’s get out of here we’ve got to cut through it faster oh there’s some kind of chest maybe that’s what will help us all right let’s cut through it faster he’s going to flood me with lava look the whole hallway is flooded what’s in here wo all lava toilet I know how I’m going to stop you and I’m not the rest of the century it’s impossible Let’s Pretend guys that we don’t know how we’re going to beat him hey lava toilet no way and I can’t beat you I don’t know how to beat you of course you can’t beat me no way yeah I can’t even Asam on you with anything but water will put you out no h what have you done guys he got scared and ran into the portal did you see weak that lava toilet we put it out there’s a chest of some kind let’s try to get to him okay let’s see what’s in here wow that’s a lot of diamonds and that’s our reward awesome I’ll keep the spigot of water with me in case I needed and let’s get on with the portal oh guys what kind of cartoon cats are those why are they shimmering in all colors Spider-Man great that’s great hey zombie oh hey I’m Superman I am Spider-Man ready to save the world I’m here to help the people screamed where save who look there’s two girls and two boys they must be rescued from hiding upstairs no problem oops oops how high do you jump that’s great nice and I by the way I’ve left a little bit of a web of myself maybe I’m jumping in now with the help of the web well well well we should probably get it up and run it and how do you run it so hard no well I’ve got it in there now no it didn’t no it doesn’t work that way you’re not Spider-Man I’m just yeah well I’d have to be Spider-Man to jump like you look I’m going to save one of them too come with me look let’s deal with these monster cartoon cats they are very scary and horrible oh I’ll have to climb in carefully wow Spider-Man you’re my favorite superhero by the way you are very cool helping this world ouch what was the truth I sneezed look I already saved one of them oops the web accidentally caught him hey come on I like to mess around he caught me too okay the other one needs to be put down too and let’s get some more girls singing they’re stuck upstairs we need a rescue now listen te spider when I help you save people too I’m sick of hell yeah I saved everyone while I was jumping in there while I help you save people I think I feel like some kind of superhero it was pretty cool in general I think you’re a superhero with a nickname you know what it is what a zombie no no no no no what a zombie put them in what it’s not funny Spider-Man don’t look they wave at us they cheer they say thank you you very much okay Spider-Man I’ll move on and I’ll see you around I think I’ll try to save the world with you again you’re so cool bye all right you guys have a goodbye too and I’m going to go further into the portal look it’s a blue rainbow friend ah what Dynamite what are you doing I will destroy this winter village and you now zomac will be destroyed too oh there’s a girl left in there guys all right all right guy he destroyed a real winter village someone’s been living here look it’s blowing up what are you doing okay all right hold on there will be no winter village I don’t like like the color white only blue white is the color they love okay blue is blue here diamonds The Bluest in the world let’s trade I’ll give you 200 diamonds Elma bring it in they’re blue you don’t know the color blue okay I’m definitely going to destroy you now MC diamonds have value let me give you two glasses of diamonds and you leave here and don’t break anything else it’s no that’s not going to work well how’s that then oh what have you done guys it’s been beautiful snowy weather here you’ve turned everything blue you monster okay I’m going to have to destroy you now what and he did everything in blue how’s that his guys can’t get any guns okay there was a girl let’s go over to her okay blue look he’s wearing something blue now wait wait wait now I’m going to do something I’ll do one more thing go no don’t go there don’t go there oh all right all right guys the girl I think she’s calling me to come see what’s him there look she’s showing me something you can go and it won’t do you any good I’m coming hello I got to get down there okay all right so what’s in here that it’s an electric Cannon oh wait I think I know what she’s flying this cannon can really take down the blue one let’s give it a try yeah yeah yeah okay thank you very much I’ll give it a try hey you blue rainbow friend what’s up didn’t mean well it’s going to be bad I brought you a present oh that she wouldn’t do anything to me let’s give it a try here you go get some lightning come on ouch the blue one fell apart didn’t it no man oh oh everybody’s back no oh yeah we’re back in Winter you guys are great oh even here it’s restored Oh that girl ran away just fine and you’re going to lie sprawled out you understand I will recover and destroy you again trust me haha you’re like a snowman look you destroyed that snow village that’s what you get you’re a broken snowman now just lie there I hope no one glind sides him and we’re off I will gather myself like a Transformer stand up and shaft and destroy you yeah I’m going to bury you down there see how you recover from that okay just sit there yeah what are you doing and I’m going to throw more water on you you just sit there that’s it that’s great boom boom boom but where are you going I’ll get out you got it there you sit let’s get in the water okay well I hope no one does so you’re completely useless let’s go to the portal look guys the Plankton are doing some kind of Magic on SpongeBob plankton forget it SpongeBob toot you’ll never know the secret of kraberger again and I’m your best friend what you guys he’s messing with SpongeBob SpongeBob run away now we’re going to destroy it the best he’s not your best friend you doing wait you might have forgotten he’s a traitor don’t touch it we wait for him now he guys I think plankin Bewitched SpongeBob he won’t let me catch him now we have to sneak it in so how do we destroy it don’t touch his best friend I say Spongebob he’s cheating he’s not your best friend I’ll destroy it you’ll remember everything that’s it it’s my friend’s treat who are you anyway wait SpongeBob he’s not your best friend he tricked you guys I think plankin Put a Spell on SpongeBob he told him he’s kind of his best friend and also I heard you’re going to forget the recipe for a crab Burger well do you remember how to make it I don’t know who you are I’m a Zombie but do you remember how to make a crab burger no what is this I only know how to D the potion’s working guys you’ll dispel worked spongebo had forgotten all about it it’s urgent how do I cure you okay stop potions we’re going to save you spunks you’ll remember everything now don’t worry save you you destroy my friend okay let me prove to you that he’s not your friend get out of here all right uh-huh I say get out of here he’s in that portal I don’t want to see you you’re not my friend you’re a bad friend the point that the best one give me one minute and I’ll get out of here okay you’ll never see me again okay I’ll give you a minute all right guys let’s get some glass make a quick potion like this all right that’s great that’s enough for us put the potion in here oh we need to fill them with water too SpongeBob look here look I’m going to put the jars here now and we’re going to boil the potion and you just have to drink it and that’s it and you’ll remember everything I won’t sing anything from you you destroy my friend you’re going to destroy me now destroy it’s not really a potion it’s just juice I made Regular juice I’m not going to hurt you all right guys really it’s just juice yeah it’s just regular apple juice we’ve got apple juice boiled here you go here’s a jar here’s a jar and a jar for you let’s drink it and I’m Plankton have you been drinking all right oh dizzy dizzy dizzy well I’m not drinking I’m not drinking anything for SpongeBob on hey you poison me you zombie it’s okay SpongeBob hey zombie it’s okay you remembered everything yeah why well what wait a minute let’s check it out lton your friend no he keeps wanting to trailer crusberg oh by the way about the recipe the krabburger recipe you remember don’t you by heart uh sure of course I can’t tell you it’s a secret I won’t tell yeah I don’t have to tell you okay that’s very good by the way I’m always wanted to try your X Burger you can cook it I’d like to eat some other time next time I can’t right now well I’m hungry I’m just really hungry I’ve got to keep recording all right here take it oh that’s a real crab Burger look guys a slice of cheese tomatoes m y y y y yum let’s eat now Mom young y y y y y yum thank you so much SpongeBob yes please zombie please okay I’ll go bye come on good luck I hope so oh you guys that was really cruel I hope I don’t run into Plankton again and we’ll move on wa guys what the hell is that what’s with the giant mace it’s some kind of huge scary oh Jack hi hey hey my toy been lost wait don’t cry don’t worry a toy what a toy plush secret I say secret there’s a toy in it wait wait wait I’m confused they stole some plush toy of yours there she is and there’s some secret of yours in it okay I don’t need to know I’m the only one who knows the secret all right all right come on come on I’ll help you find this well save this toy and defeat all those evil monsters on the monstr I think we can jump from here come on okay whoops these monsters you can drink too much of I’ll allow it yes monsters are not pitiful they are evil scary and horrible why attack it all ouch there’s this balloon of course it’s scary the main thing is not to fall for it we’re going to get thrown into the lava aren’t we yes of course of course zombie you what I need this toy now okay all right that’s a weird guy Jack’s acting weird all right I’ll believe it maybe he just wants to get his toy also how do you get there can he collect they don’t fall out wait how do you get the ladder up there I’ve got a block of one I don’t know we can put one block right here let’s try to jump in a little bit try to collect Jack let’s still in the circus perform here I’ve collected it well how to get it now yeah well I can’t zom back you have to I can’t go near that toy let’s see if we can make the jump okay we jump in here and now we’re going to go like this oh I can’t reach it from that side so we’re going to need some more block I guess right layer layer layer try it I wish I had a pickaxe all right for your toy huh oh I got it I got it great it’s cool look at this guy’s plush Jack what’s the secret you’re not exactly going to tell me are you wow it’s huge now wait all right are you are you in it what with the K toilet you’re back I already put you out I put it out but don’t forget I’ve decided to get back at you goodbye zombie bye what the hell is that no no no come on guys let’s hide he created a black hole ah run Rose hi there oh hey there zombie look you can see the want toet back she seems to have lost her mind and kidnapped Sonic just be careful if she finds us oh let’s hide in here what’s she going to do come on if she finds it she’ll put us in jail too well she’s coming over here let’s hurry up and hide Amy Rose gently so she doesn’t burn us she’s really mean isn’t she oh she’s using some kind of special Tacoma to become evil wow wow I hope I don’t meet a holiday today it’s real oh she’s looking for us come here quickly let’s hide here it’s faster I found some kind of Rose chest leverage will that help us and I think yes it would help to listen but it’s already here so be careful yeah we’re hiding carefully here look she’s coming over here now look you say she kidnapped Sonic we need to find him and somewhere around here I don’t know yet we need to find him now okay ladybug look she followed us she’s already checking out that trunk remember we just got there a little while ago oh she’s looking over here in rose hide you found him yeah I found it I’m running a miracle let’s try to open it Sonia let’s get him oh the lady God is here quick hide hide cover everything so how do we get away from her ouch ouch she seemed to notice airos okay no no no no she didn’t notice everybody run faster oh she’s here ouch run we can walk through walls and run away look maybe there’s a way to beat her no no no no we have to go through the portal with Sonic all right zombie let’s go wait okay come on let’s go let’s get out of here okay thanks for the help for the rescue run away from her yeah let’s get out of the portal hey Bill what did you put me in here for let me out oh no I’m not letting you out you’re going to sit here with me forever what do you mean forever guy if you locked me in some kind of glass box what did I do wrong I understand and uh hey what’s up what did I do wrong hey you’re a very bad person actually you’re in my way all the time all the time you’re always in my way why am I bothering you I get you your eyes are red and tant sweet you have your neighbors forever drilling noise they jumping but I’m just making a video I’m not bothering you no no you’re in my way oh this chicken is delicious did you make some food in there you’re going to tease me aren’t you how do I get out of here I can’t even break this glass but it’s armored guys oh neighbor you got to be kidding me oh look how delicious the sausages are oh well guys I’m hungry why is he doing this to me all right neighbor I’m going to get out of here I’ll be there for you got it I’ve also made a yam chick is he eating just a little bit of that in there I tripped over something it’s a rug wo wait neighbor get some Forks what are you going to eat oh yeah you’re right I’m going to go get some Forks okay the neighbor’s gone guys I found some kind of secret hole here let’s see wo there’s a secret room underground guys okay where am I where the hell did I come down to let’s try to get out of here maybe it’s a secret exit that’s right I was able to get out of here guys let’s go wow the door’s locked it’s a golden door oh and the neighbor over there seems to have noticed me why did you run away oh wait let’s run away from him boys he’s looking for me quicker we hide we got to get away from him somehow so where to hide we need to find a way out of here so stop there’s something there all right neighbor all right all right I’ll cook your food for you waa don’t touch my Edo it’s my food that’s it I’m breaking it down okay guys there was some kind of secret room so what’s in here yeah it’s a smiley face and a button that’s what’s going to help us guys this is the button we can use to open the door all right put it over here oh that’s great hey neighbor I’m out of here bye-bye where are you going stop where are you going to stand I’m done I’m out of here and the chicken is delicious and you don’t want this no you can’t lure me with your food and it’s poisoned anyway no byebye look now I’m going to try your chicken come on in no you go in there no you go in there come on come on it’s cold we need to warm it up no you warm it up in there I’ll microwave it for you delicious chicken and the healthy gravy is mine no get in here come on give me the good stuff all right I’m in are you treat me I wanted to treat you a guys No it didn’t didn’t all right I’m off to do my thing to the food look how good it is what a chicken you have really rotten later in the week and it’s already moldy so that’s it I’m out of here bye yeah come on bye neighbor we’re going to have to use that secret passage again and get out of here the main thing is to make it before the neighbor gets back all right no roommate let’s get this door open and get out of here oh look it’s Jamba Josh jumping what’s he got locked up in there hey Jamba oh dogs great and you’re not going anywhere I locked this portal to the key I have in the secret room what secret room hey and you by the way oh that’s my secure Plaza there’s no way you’re getting in guys John locked my portal and hid with my shoulder in this secure base right here okay I’m going to try to machine gunner I’ll use up all my ammo it’s actually you guys super durable and won’t break hey Jambo all right guys do I have someone oh wizard hello hey hey hey hey hello how do you break it all down you don’t have some idea of magic maybe well there is Magic in general I’m watching as best I can and you know how to jump fly and I don’t know how to do that man I didn’t even think of that oh look there’s a ladder I’ll get in look what a zombie look I’m accelerating from here I just fell over it didn’t work it’s got to be another way I know which one you want me to show you what’s the way let you help me I’ll be glad to have you see there’s slime blocks that you can put there just like that hop and jump to that base in Real Genius thank you so much so really we can use these blocks because when you jump on them they push you off look I’m going to put them right here and now let’s jump up come on we need to jump off the top yeah sure to jump high that’s cool let me try that I’ll just get the done ready okay I’m jumping in now and uh-huh one more time I guess I didn’t jump very high try it for yourself uh-huh no it doesn’t well let me try again I almost jump just a little bit I have a Blog to jump up there and let go oh I’m drowning how do I get in yeah that’s it so oh oh how’s that wait wizard your method doesn’t work it’s supposed to work okay wait a minute I have a way that’s how we’re going to do it who look I’m a wizard oh no for the tank well done all right gem y I’m deleting it now track that hit him with the key he’s still fighting oops some effect has been thrown on me my whole screen is floating what is it janor is really strong oh yuck okay wait I beat the key out of him but I’m all foggy look 20 more seconds guys I have no idea what’s going on I’m floating okay guys so what’s in his trunk but most importantly we found the key I had the effect for another 8 seconds now I got to get a drink out of here somehow I can’t figure out where to go that’s how the effect ended all right a wizard that wasn’t you what was that and no it’s not Jon Jones he has super Powers wow good thing I beat him thank you so much for your help I’ll move on I can open this portal and go back well further into the portal oh come on dogs good luck to you bye all right come on goodbye thanks for your help let’s keep the boys moving it’s down oh look it’s a rattlesnake a real one hey rattlesnake you’re a zombie come here yeah you’re the one who took over ladybug with your Akuma right of course I did all right we got to get some machine guns guys and shoot at it oh what’s he calling for it’s the AA no they’re taking me over now award hog don’t okay guys we got to beat them somehow oh I can get over here run run away from him where’s breznik there he is look at this marriage oops he came up the other side and is catching up to me running away well we have to beat his zumas or they’ll take me over I’m going to turn into an exy monster too all the spikes are being left behind oh we got to get away from him let’s go this way guys maybe there’s something in here that will help me okay he’s lost me I think he’s sprucing up the new akumas look run away you can’t catch up with me you hear me ouch come here here you go take that oh the flamethrower fell out let’s get him faster you’re afraid of the flamethrower no ouch no just not is that right you’re afraid of the flamethrower now oh he’s got a lot of aams in here all right I’m going to burn them all Nate drank that you think your akumas can save you no they can’t save me with their flamethrower so he’ll be able to beat the revolver all right we need to get these guys through these auns and get to him where’s he hiding yeah and he’s already behind me what do you think you’re going to do run away I’m going to come in here and burn you why where’d you run off to guys brnik gone into the portal okay let’s break it down then and move on let’s go wa what the hell is this oh Jack that’s great oh that’s great listen we got a problem here we’re late for the show again we’re already late every time I’m tired of being late but unfortunately we’re not punctual our road is broken and we can’t get our boats to our portal and you probably got to dig there by now okay look let me help you out yeah I see you’ve got part of the road broken down here I don’t have a block why don’t you give me some creativity here you go thank you very much all right let me help you all let’s build it here you do that part of the road I’ll do this part over here so it’s like an escalator uh she’s really taking me that’s funny nice track you got here Jack of course zomac that road you know who was invented by the Skippy scientist himself Skippy the scientist know he’s a scary monster well he helped us build this road oh you shouldn’t be friends with him he’s a traitor he’s always lying to everyone okay here’s where it’s broken look here’s where the boat’s going to fall okay this is where we need to fix this stuff too I guess okay we’ll test you later can a boat pass through here what do you think oh I don’t know I hope he can look well we kind of fixed the whole Road there’s a fun not dance going on for sure okay now let’s get you and me some boats I’ll get different colors and we’ll launch all the boats and check them out will they be able to overcome it you take a drive yeah well it’s not working well look there’s a smaller road we’ve got a three-lane road here okay I’m going to try to launch the boat wa here we go look really drives WS the road okay let’s run a few at once to make sure the Trap will work all right look boats let’s go I’m launching a few boats right now all right look Jack it’s working all right zuk well done the important thing now is to make sure the boat makes it all the way to the end that was the very first one okay that’s it look oh she’s already gone to the portal everything’s awesome now all the other boats are giving as well look how cool it looks yeah very cool look they’re heading straight for our portal yeah some of the boats over here so some of the boats go into this portal why didn’t your car obey no it’s not working try putting it right here on this road it’s going to be an interesting ride whoops no it’s heavy must be a whole ton of weight on that back ho the excavator can’t handle look I’ll take a car like this then let’s go oh cool I’ll sit with you now oh it’s a one-seater I can’t get in something’s stuck now I’m going to put a car like this and get in it like this let’s go I got in the car let’s go Ace Road no it’s for her that’s why boats are the way to go I guess I guess that’s just how it works well look okay you got boats rolling I’ll probably move on the most important thing is that you don’t be late for the show n no we’re going to be late zombie you fixed it now we’ll definitely be on time yeah look I’m going to need to extend it a little bit here by the way the road to the portal then you have a cluster here does not teleport on the cart you went to the store to get groceries no I’m on the show oh it’s scary fast that’s pretty cool I wonder why one of those carts wait a minute now we’re going to get one of those carts like you put up there’s a traffic jam here Zach I’m going to ride on the cart with you now too whoops nice guys I’m riding the cart really cool all right let me move on then go ahead with the Sak thanks there’s a traffic jam look yeah you’re the one who needs to clear this right here and then it went further go look it’s cool all right jack I’m moving on let’s get these places so magically magical John’s jumping what’s going on in general look oh hello little one yeah hello zombie oh hurry we have to get out of here here but the key is only upstairs and it’s guarded by that scary Genie I tried climbing up it throws me down it won’t let me maybe you can do it I’ll give it a shot Jean why did you do that give me back the key what other key do you give me the Tey quickly we need to get out of here through the portal I dot it I dot it I dot it I dot it I dot it I dot it I dot it do you want the key of course I’m going to give you a second now all right guys we got to get up there what are you doing there I mean the key here you go oh thank you very much okay all right guys we can open up he’s not a match you tricked me I’ll give you a normal key I’ll never give you a greeneyed man in my life to the greeneyed one I have blue eyes you’re the one with the yelloweyed monster I’ll get to it in a second guys the key doesn’t fit we need to find the right one and he’s probably up there using a trampoline to get up there the important thing is not to fall it’s not that easy we have to carefully jump in perfectly look it’s fun how’s that going to go over look FY I’m not really good at this yet I hope John doesn’t get in the way too much look he’s going through there he’s easy he’s a professional oh you made me fall yeah well I’m a professional in general and I don’t even think I need to get in the way you can’t even walk by yourself why is he tripping guys I don’t think it’s interfering or these trampoline trials I’ve been down for a while now all right we’re going to get my key let’s get in here yeah what are you shooting what’s the complication he hid the tea and won’t give it back and the trampolines work that they throw me higher and higher every time and if I just have a brilliant idea guys I couldn’t break it down broke it down a little bit I’m sorry are you breaking my trampolines I was thinking of picking up one of the trampolines and just putting it over there at the edge and going up to the very end but it didn’t work out because it doesn’t break all right let’s try to go in the way I see it guys maybe there’s some other way to get in you haven’t figured out how to get in there no I don’t know I tried five times in fell John’s the one who throws me off every time yeah well mine can’t get through without it jna get out of there now give us the key hey I’m not even bothering you why are you bothering me press Nash shift and you’ll pass yeah well actually I don’t even mind guys maybe just okay basically great let’s try to cross over oh yeah look it’s probably not that hard let’s try jumping up now all right let’s transition carefully all of them look a real rant and there are some techniques that can be used here oops look here’s where the magic starts for us there he is in the back we’ve got to think of the key faster no I fell on the very last one look I have another idea Vienna look along the walls there are leans we don’t need no trampoline we can use these Vines and climb to the top okay I have an idea we’re going to climb up we can climb up from there too I’m going to get in I’m pulling yours okay yeah yeah yeah yeah sure bring it oh wait I’m in the middle of something oh I got a fly I’m out of here well guys I just got out of here we can get through this okay great let’s bounce he’s up on the sweat and I’m not much of a parist oh guys there it is oh the drill yes hello hello hello hello listen I was just trying to make a quickie with the squeeze you don’t know where he is and he’s the one that went into the portal oh I’m just getting to the hour it took me so many tries I finally got it that’s cool I haven’t met a cool one in Minecraft yet yeah zombie you’re a fool yeah are you calling me names you can’t do that I found what I was looking for look I’d found the key that’s the most important there’s been trampolines here the whole time you could have jumped from there and that’s it ah I didn’t even think of that of course and I had so many tactics thought out I was thinking of going around shift I wanted to poly and climb and they were just trampolines oh of course okay thanks drillman for your help but we’re gone all right all right come on let’s get out of here you’re going 100 no no no no wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I had to fight him I wondered why he ran away he ran away from you into this portal right here catch up with him faster okay bye that’s it guys drillman is running for the toilet Jammer come on let’s go let’s get out of here let’s go let’s go back look guys okay great next up we have Angela as you can see sometimes a closed grid manages to disappear so you have to make time to run and look all right let’s go to Angelie squeeze in that’s how they roll ouch guys are neat oh there’s Bandits Behind Bars and it’s nice and meat to go through and here’s another Bandit angua did you become a gangster are you in jail I like prison romance all that stuff sambach what kind of questions are these you can’t see the monsters on the left where are the monsters and the real monsters wait no it’s not what are you doing in jail it’s not like you’re a monster character I know there’s thugs in other cells but what’s this for anyway here’s the story I walked quite strolling through the park with the house it’s beautiful E I love him oh that you’re in love okay that’s later what happened hey what are you thinking anyway was walking in the park and there a policeman comes up to me and in arrested how is it that I am arrested and then they always bring me in they’re talking to monsters here I heard them hand over the money and then they took him put the money away and took it from him man guys this cop thought he was going to be corrupt but they screwed him over all right come on where’s that cop is that where the monsters are yeah it’s probably all right I’ll try to save him all right he’s not there so he’s in jail somewhere I’ll check the other cameras now okay there’s a bandit sitting here okay and there’s thugs in every cell here most likely the monsters are holding a policeman he’s in there I’m saving him now and I’ll get you out all right hurry up zomac I can’t sit here anymore all right guys let’s go in there’s all sorts of scary monsters we need to rescue the cop immediately even though he’s corrupt guys he’s really in it for the money cart with Angela all right well otherwise no one else is going to save Angela she’s got to be exonerated she’s in jail she’s got to get out of jail and the only person who can do that is this policeman right here to do that you have to save him from the monsters on these monsters get I’m monsters that’s it policemen hello hello dog hi thank you for saving me you want money no I don’t want your corrupt money I’ve already been told what you put Angela in jail for but since I saved you let’s get Angela out of jail now all right here you go estan hold the lever okay guys we’re taking the lever and we’re going to go save Angela oh careful we’ve got all kinds of traps here this prison is set up outside this prison we have to be careful okay Angela hey I’m going to get you out of here come on out finally thank you zomac where’s that policeman let me show no he doesn’t have to do anything he was already thinking he won’t take any more bribes I don’t believe such frankly I don’t believe zomac if you ever find yourself in this situation I’ll have to save you yeah well it’s a good thing I was there to save you and the cop too okay obey all laws I don’t think you have a problem with that that but I think a police officer would be honest too all right let’s keep these bandits in jail for now all right I’m moving on come on let’s go let’s go back in light’s get out of this giant green tunnel next yellow tunnel we have Jack and his digital circus let’s see what interesting things they’ve come up with let’s run wow guys what is this oops there are too many cobs in here and there’s just as much here too all right let’s try to cut through here maybe I have something oh water it might help us look I can spill some water over here okay I need to Tunnel a little bit and pour the water in there and then the water will help us that’s great see how easy it is for water to cut through now we’re going to clear it out and see what kind of monsters are in there we have to fight them too and it’s scary and horrible we have to go carefully probably right here right up against the wall the water is much more passable Nadia oh there’s someone over there look it’s the red Wags wait what’s he got Jack in the mouth what’s going on I gash faster to him okay red huag what are you doing hey Jack oh what a tasty toy Jack has wait a minute what is that oh that’s not Jack that’s his toy give it back where’s Jack himself where were you taking it I won’t give it to you on the Hills la la la la la la give it to me quickly oh water you’re afraid aren’t you ran away what no no I like to swim in the water do you like to swim in the water guys well hogy wagy wagy here is red more like warry he’s about to eat on Jack’s toy so give it to me quick come on how do you beat him he doesn’t even take damage hey that’s not fair why are they how do you destroy an immortal or something oh there’s also a kabet wizard you got yourself a monster of a monster fix no ouch here’s how to stop you yes with Katie the wizard created it dies great all we had to do was remove the magic all right oh the toy remains look if the stuff jacked that’s funny I didn’t even get to eat it We rescued plush toys okay there was some other hallway to the right maybe Jack’s out there somewhere let’s take a look oh there’s some kind of ladder and a trap yeah Jack guys it seems faster to cut through to him there’s a smaller web on the right here let’s try to get through oh those really do spread their webs everywhere Jack hey what are you doing in jail hi toy my favorite your toy was stolen look don’t worry I already found her here it is the plush toy is yours oh here have a plush toy let me try well jeez I’m not yes and my toy broken let’s destroy it come with me to get out of here oops that’s me okay we saved you yeah awesome thanks for the zabach yeah great let’s get out of here let’s get out of here this is where we need to escape into the portal so uh are you in you’re not going to the portal you need to go up here I’m the one who has to go portal this portal is broken it’ll take you to J men’s Caba oh don’t I’m going to go right up here I have to go through the door there yeah yeah yeah okay good all right come on all right let’s keep going I’m going back guys I’m getting out of here giant tunnels two left on the line ahead and a good sleeper let’s go see what he’s running all right Sonic’s swimming Sonic wait for me I’m on the boat with you waa chew for the trials healthy sleeper Hi how are you doing it’s zomac and today we’re going to play play a race with you do you want some oh I’m scared yeah well it’s not that simple anyway look we’ve got a left and a right room here and there’s a diamond that needs a shorter transfer everything can be taken under you so whoever does it faster wins oh all right I get it but we’re going to do this on foot right oh right me I see you’re already in the boat come on I’ll go too let’s start together huh we’ll stand flat here and you swim to the left and I’ll swim to the right or you to the right no I’m left and right all right go ahead only drink him carefully we need and how many stacks of diamonds can we take it once at two uh-huh okay we need to convert to Diamond okay I got it let’s go let’s go let’s go 1 2 3 let’s go oh the saws are getting in the way neatly oh by the way oops almost broke the boat oh why are you bothering me so much dreamer oh you’re a cheater of course so let’s go to the tunnel guys here’s the chest yeah we take two diamonds and go back and the saws are getting in the way you guys have to keep up has the dream catcher gone for a second go round or something yeah I’m on my second lap I’m just going for a second round of diamonds all right let’s pick it up quickly we got to get there faster than Sonic we need two of each so that’s four laps okay I’m getting there look and how many laps did you do that’s the third circle I’m on right now okay we need to move all the diamonds on the boat guys so two more Stacks left to float last time really getting in the way we’re getting there faster is this the last time you swim no I just brought the third one in the last one floated yeah I was the last one to swim okay I’m going to make it I’m sailing for the diamonds I’m stuck the boat’s stuck no all right let’s get the diamonds last time 100 and we just got to get back faster than Sonic now did you close it or you’re trying to trick me I’m stuck did you win everything yeah well I beat you guys a long time ago I’m already on offense here you’ve already gone all four laps and brought all the diamonds right I’m looking let me check it out I got seven stacks of diamonds right here and you have seven too well congratulations yes you won son it look your reward is all my diamonds right look at my trunk well of course you’re lying to me you’re also a cheater look he’s blocking the aisle it’s not you your aisle collapsed you chose that path I had nothing to do with it yeah I should have gone left okay juice FL was a fun challenge I quite enjoyed competing with you we’ll see each other again I think for sure all right I’ll move on bye all right let’s go okay guys the red tunnel is behind us with the very last blue tunnel and a red minion like this I wonder why it turned red let’s go and find out wa oh red angry minion get away from me don’t go near me whoa whoa whoa whoa calm down zombie what are you yelling about what you’re evil anyway I know your eyes are red can’t you see where we are we’re in a witch’s swamp oh yeah that’s the place I remember are you being kind or something yeah well those witches turned me into this minion and now I’m contagious oh I’m going to turn too oh and by the way you have diamond ones my Stingers are kind of broken who I’m not couching them his guy’s got Diamonds in the Rough look he’s become oh drooling Diamond I don’t want him look a drooling Diamond I’m about to get a million infection myself why did you give them to me here I don’t want them oh man I did it on purpose what am I supposed to do I’m already a zombie I’m about to turn into some kind of mutant look I know how to save you maybe if we passed all the tests we can cure you somehow maybe it’s a witch’s ordeal after all what’s that ouch what’s wrong I don’t know I was blind for a second oh let’s get out of here fast I don’t like this swamp I have my fear I guess you know I started out the same way I was blinding at first blinding then how to become a red Museum that you had the same ones so you started out losing your vision like that and menu turned red right yes it was no no we’ve got a couple seconds to go again I found some kind of chest there’s a pickaxe let’s get out of here fast what is this hey let’s go come on the experience is going down my experience is falling off am I crumbling already oh no let’s get you out of here and get you fixed up and we’ll try to cure me I’m really now turn into some kind of mutant I can’t dig it at all I’m taking damage listen help me break this one down oh good then I’m starting to think I’m comping too I shouldn’t have taken your drooling diamonds yeah I told you not to take it oh girl hi yeah hi careful don’t touch that minion he’s contagious yes I’ve already been told I’m contagious now too and the main thing is to keep it from us let’s not touch it so from afar or maybe an axxe oh I’m going blind again look I think I’m about to turn into a mutant I don’t want to do what you don’t have to run faster that I’m with me yeah look come on let’s let’s help and we have mushrooms to pick oh I don’t see anything missing at all what’s going on on who everything seems to be back to normal it’s okay yeah M minlin oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no what have I done why are you looking at me like that it’s okay is it okay with me wait is it okay with you look in the mirror wait what it’s me in the mirror that’s where I become look here I am me I’m like a r I’m sorry I’m sorry about everything wait what you did to me I got infected everything everything will you hide in the trunk no wait let’s find that potion we need to heal somehow hurry up let’s find all the mush rooms and get out of here we need to heal you know well you’ve become like me in case we’re never cured we’ve had enough of this potion together we will use it and together we will heal let’s give it a shot we can do it come on I Believe in Us let’s get the girls through I don’t want to stay that red contagious minion maybe I’ll infect my friends I got one oh I can’t dig anymore look it’s having some kind of effect I’m actually I’m very slow I think I’m going to be that soon what I haven’t had one of those seems like it’s about to get really kind of beautiful I’m still coughing look the disease is progressing oh there’s Tails we’re get to infect him what to do Tails we need to get in the water from him right away come on I got the water let’s go let’s flood the place we got to get out of here and get cured oh my head hurts faster than a minion let’s save ourselves okay we’re all the way through check the portal what do we have here there’s only one potion in here just for one no we can get ditsy and become normal go ahead and throw it like that you think come on okay I’ll throw it I don’t think it’s going to help you think it’ll help us so far we’re both ready reg inions come on China already come on 1 2 3 oh roll I can see my green hand can you believe it yay look in the mirror okay in the mirror yeah it’s me guys look the real me and you turned yellow a real minion nice y thank you zomac that’s it I’m going you go there carefully there is good to go for different diamonds do not touch anymore woo guys we’re back look I’m in the mirror I’m me again I’m a Zombie again guys great back into the portal going back like this and we got mixed toilets I hope you enjoyed this video support me with a like be sure to subscribe to my channel and watch my other videos so I’m back with with you and see you again bye bye [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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    Join Minewind: Where Pandas Eat Cake in Minecraft! Join Minewind Minecraft Server Welcome to Minewind Minecraft Server! If you love getting creative and building amazing structures in Minecraft, then Minewind is the perfect server for you. With a vibrant community of players and endless possibilities, Minewind offers a unique gaming experience like no other. Why Join Minewind? Imagine exploring a vast world filled with hidden treasures, challenging dungeons, and exciting adventures. On Minewind, you can do all that and more. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new challenge or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, Minewind welcomes everyone. Features of Minewind Server: Custom plugins… Read More

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    CATNAP FAMILY in Minecraft?! Block BuddiesVideo Information wait a second where am I right now I don’t know why are you here right now who is this um interesting looking friend we have here this guy looks so cool you want a cookie oh guys I’m TV man I’m from skiy toilet do you guys know what that is okay this guy is suspicious I mean did you hear like that that doesn’t even exist what is this guy even talking about I mean I thought I was going to do a skibby toilet build challenge with my whole family but I guess I’m playing… Read More

  • Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!

    Ultimate Mini Wooden House Build!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral’, was uploaded by NV GAMING on 2024-02-15 14:00:01. It has garnered 3390 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. Minecraft making mini wooden house. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #shorts #shortvideo #viral Minecraft made scary way #minecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #shortvideo Minecraft villager and zombie tnt experiment. #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shorts #viral Minecraft TNT experiment with cripper. #minecraft #minecraftshorts#shorts #viral Minecraft scary moment #minecraftshorts #minecraft #shortvideo #shorts minecraft minecraft 100 days minecraft house tutorial minecraft music minecraft civilization minecraft song minecraft house minecraft legends… Read More

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    INSANE! Indian Tekken Gamer's Lucky Minecraft Moments 😱Video Information तो आज के इस वीडियो में हम कुछ ऐसे लकी एस्ट मोमेंट्स को देखने वाले हैं जो कि हमारे इंडियन गेमर्स के साथ हुई है तो चलो बिना आपका टाइम वेस्ट करे वीडियो शुरू कर लेते हैं वेल हमारी पहली नंबर की क्लिप निकल के आती है वो होने वाली है गेमर फ्लीट की क्या ही दिमाग लगाया भाई वहीं पर बैड लगा के मेरे मुह आग थोड़ा दूर भी लगा लेते भाई या कहीं आसपास मतलब समझ रहे हो ना तुम लोग भाई बिल्कुल बगल में लगा के धड़ाधड़ आए जा रहे हैं आए जा रहे मार… Read More

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