Surviving 2000 Days in Steampunk Hell: DOUBLESAL Mod [FULL MOVIE]

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over the course of a thousand days I’ve accomplished a lot in my steampunk World from Grand airships to Super vaults from a chocolate factory to the Titanic and these are just a few of the things I’ve made over the course of these last months with the power of create mod on my side there is nothing we can’t accomplish grab a snack get comfortable and join me as we explore the progress I’ve made because in today’s video we’re surviving another 1,000 days in the mod pack steampunk Minecraft you want to play mod packs with friends but you can’t seem to find a good server and the free ones with the big mod packs these days free servers are just too laggy luckily for you there’s BCT hosting they host my server and with plenty of affordable options they can host your server too and the best part is they support almost every mod pack code double salad checkout for 25% off your first order BCT hosting a great site for great servers the holidays are over which means it’s time to get back to work through its machines the steampunk world is always moving forward but it can’t do that without and aide Alloys and how do you make and aide Alloys with an and aide block so logic dictates that we need an and aide Factory but where to put it I also have a second problem I want to address pickaxes and axes these tools are starting to look like baby toys at this point there’s got to be something better that we can work with and there is a power drill one that can bring break multiple blocks at a time but to make this I’m going to have to do some heavy crafting because this machine requires a lot of parts even ingots and all of my ingots were gone because I had updated the mod pack and the modded chests where I was storing them all well they were removed so once again I had to hop into the Airship fly around and look for a cave I hovered around for a few minutes until I came across this Ravine thanks to the blimp I was able to descend directly to the bottom it was a bumpy Landing but she held together and after that I began mining all the ores and gems I needed as well as repelling the mobs that would just get in my way so once I had what I needed I went back to base my next stop was the power station where we had built a diesel generator I was going to need a lot of power to start smelting my ores once it was powered on I went back to the workshop and started using the ark furnace the ultimate furnace that could smel multiple ores at a time not only could it melt him down but it could also mix them with this machine I combined gold and silver to make electrum the required Ingot for our power drill and there it was but I wasn’t done yet I had just crafted the base model I still needed to make the drill head as well as some other add-ons that would make it more powerful there were a couple of drill options but I opted for steel as it was the strongest the only way to actually apply these add-ons was at the engineer’s workbench there I was able to attach the drill head after that I crafted a large fuel tank and a couple of other add-ons that would make this the ultimate power drill there was only one thing left to do and that was to fuel it up it ran on biod diesel just like our generator I put the drill into the refining machine where it sucked up all the fuel with the power drill now fueled up I decided to test it nearby and wow this thing was going to be very useful I wanted to push it to its limits so I found a nearby Hillside and began flattening the terrain I even contemplated if the area that I was working on could act as a potential sight for our andesite Factory with this powerful tool I thought to myself why not so I decided to take out the entire Hillside in no time I was able to clear up a good chunk of this area there were some holes in the ground that I had to patch up but not too big of a problem there I did have a ton of dirt in my inventory this flat area was going to be the perfect spot for building anything that I wanted now the big question was what was this andesite Factory going to look like I mean how big was it going to be I decided to hop over to my creative world to design something that would suit our needs and after a lot of time building I think it’s safe to say I designed something that would be perfect for our world I also Incorporated ated new blocks that I had never used before like the display board but more on that later yes we were going to take our engineering to the next level and to transfer our world from creative to survival I had the help of the trusty schematic Cannon a block that constructs your building for you and of course the canyon needs a table how else are we supposed to draft our plans I imported the blueprints from the creative world and after that I had to decide where I wanted to place this building I set down a preview of the building onto the flat plane that I had just made with the power drill though I didn’t really like how it looked in that spot the second option was the space that was used for our tree farm though the tree farm could easily be relocated I felt like I needed a building here although I would have to demolish some things like Noah’s Christmas tree which he built on a live stream here’s a clip from around that time in case you missed it this gift is specially pertaining to you I put a lot of thought into it okay fck it I going to give you this light bulb because I think you’re very bright a there you go hey what’ you get me you’re I got you a couple things it’s kind of like a package deal okay so first each but Christmas is over so the tree has to come down and what better use of a spot full of cherished holiday memories than by placing down an industrial Factory I mean that is the best way to get use out of the land and besides I wasn’t doing anything with it I put the blueprint into the cannon only to realize that it had no gunpowder so I was going to have to go on an expedition to get some I used the four little pieces of gunpowder that I had left to make some bullets with these supplies I was going to have plenty of gunpowder in no time I flew around on the Airship hoping to find some nice gunpowder deposits and that didn’t take long it turns out that there was a surplus of creepers in my area what one would consider a curse I considered a blessing but killing creepers one at a time was taking way too long thankfully I did have a tool that could help me remedy that issue it only took a few minutes before I had more than enough gunpowder to power this cannon The Next Step was to prepare all the materials that were going to go into the build there were going to be a lot of logs a lot of sandstone and how exactly did I know what I was going to need well the cannon made a list for me every item with the exact quantity with the chest full of supplies right next to the cannon it started doing its thing you know you’ve made it a Minecraft when the blocks are building for you eventually a foundation appeared but I did have to start crafting some of the more unique additions to this build like these futuristic sliding doors they look like something you’d see in a space station while I wasn’t going to space just yet I felt that these doors were the perfect fit for our and aide Factory we were finally transitioning to a more industrial technological age and it was time for our builds to start reflecting that so I continued crafting new technologies like the display board a block that when powered can display the names and quantities of an item for example I put these iron ingots on a Depot all I had to do now was to power the display board and once it received that power the name iron ingot was projected onto the board granted the board did have to be a little longer but it worked there are so many useful applications for something like this because it updates in real time you can even set it up to display train schedules but today we’re just going to use it to measure how many items we have in a chest you can even customize it so that the letters appear in your favorite color well that with was experimenting with the display boards the schematic Cannon was making progress and after a short while it was finally done the antoide factory was nearly complete another raaa Masterpiece keeping true to our steampunk style this building was going to be powered by another hidden steam engine and as you can see there is the larger glorious display board just waiting to get started and of course you cannot forget our futuristic sliding doors here on the upper level you may notice that mounted on the walls are train Pilots or c catchers whatever you want to call them I thought they looked really fancy especially acting as light covers stashed away inside of the antide factory was a name tag now what was I going to do with this name tag well obviously I was going to name something I typed out the words and aside alloy and I was going to right click those little Nixie tubes you know the little light bulbs displaying zero well they can actually display letters as well and they make the perfect steampunk signs once you right click them the letters are displayed and there you go anyways an antide Factory needs lava so I went to our little lava farm and started connecting pipes that would reach from the farm all the way to the factory we also needed lava for a cobblestone generator because all great things start with a cobblestone generator now to some of the behind thes scenes action behind this wall you’ll see the guts of the factory where all the real work happens I’ll go a little more in depth on that later as you can see the display board is working although for some reason I don’t know why the upper line is more indented than the lower line but when the the letters reappeared the upper line was still more indented I did want the letters to pop out a little more so I tried something new I took some soulfire threw in an ink sack and watch it turns into a glowing ink sack I then took the glowing ink sack right clicked the letters and now they were glowing that pops out way better than the dull white I ended up dying the lower line blue light blue to be specific just to make the labels colorcoded with that task out of the way I spent a little time working on the Cosmetic side of this Factory the andesite factory was finally incorporated into our steampunk Village here’s how the factory works it all begins with the cobblestone generator the Cobblestone is made it gets broken by the drills and then it falls between a pair of crushing Wheels the blocks are ground up and turned into gravel which can end up in one of two places the first being a millstone which will continue to ground up the gravel and turn it into Flint the gravel can also end up in a chest which is also used to make andesite later when the ingredients are pressed with lava it makes an andesite block the block then moves to a mixer where it’s combined with iron nuggets when the two items come together and are mixed they produce an antiy alloy the alloy then has one of two paths it can follow they pass the reset of filters which splits them off into two separate sections with each section processing the andesite Alloys a little differently one option is for the andesite alloy to be combined with stripped logs when the two items come together they form an andesite casing the Alloys that aren’t combined with the log are put into a vent and elevated to the second floor in the end both the Alloys and the casings end up side by side and for every item that goes into the chests the display board automatically updates its quantity now there are some drawbacks like the fact that I have to constantly Supply this machine with iron nuggets I mean I could have made them with this method but there’s only a 12% chance to actually get the iron nugget and a 25% chance to get the Flint I really would rather just transfer the iron from the iron farm into the factory and just have the Flint generated 100% with a Millstone don’t worry friends we’re almost done there is one more thing I want to add to this Factory before we wrap it up I crafted wool turned it into a painting and with the painting I combine it with a crafting table this generates a crafting blueprint it’s kind of like a painting but way more useful now the big question how exactly does a crafting blueprint work and how can it help us here in our steampunk world when you right click it you’re graded with an interface similar to that of a crafting table and like a crafting table you can put down the ingredients and it will show you what you can make the difference is that this one can actually memorize the recipes and leave them there for instant crafting the blueprint then displays an image of the item you saved based on the crafting recipe you put down if you have the items in your inventory all you have to do is right click it and there you go you have instant crafting now the blueprints aren’t an absolute must but they do look nice and they save you a little bit of time I figured they’d be nice to have since we can craft some of the more simple create mod items with the materials that we were making in the factory it was finally time to to get some practical use out of this antide Factory with all of the stuff we were now able to make I decided it was only appropriate to start upgrading something across the street that being our iron farm you see the iron farm was great but it did have some drawbacks as well like the fact that it would only make nuggets and I would have to spend a lot of time combining the Nuggets to make ingots but with all of the materials we now had at our disposal it was finally time to automate that process with our newly crafted items fresh from the andesite factory I began making some upgrades to the iron farm that were really way overdue and yes the process was slow very slow but as long as the job was getting done automatically it wasn’t going to be a problem with the Nuggets being pressed into ingots and I had to deal with the issue of getting them from the Basin into a chest so I set up a small conveyor belt system and honestly when it comes to create this is as simple as it gets nothing too complicated nothing too fancy just a wellworking machine that gets the job done with the funnel attached to the chest the items can now freely move from the Basin onto the belt into their new storage space and with that I successfully upgraded the iron farm it seemed like a pretty obvious thing to have so I don’t know why it took me this long until I decided to make an andesite Factory I mean after all like I said before andesite is the fundamental block for almost all of the create blocks well there you go friends the andesite factory it just just occurred to me that our Airship is well you know kind of small and while it gets the job done I can’t help but feel that there’s something better we can use and there is I added something new to our steampunk world the Eureka mod is something special because it can add actual physics to your builds which is useful for vehicles and the first step to getting a vehicle is by crafting an oak Helm which is essentially the brain of your blimp or boat whatever it is you’re making you need a Helm to steer it now seeing how this is my first time using this mod I decided to try something small a little water raft just to see if this is going to work all you have to do is click the helm press ass symbol and boom your build comes to life you see how the raft is just bobbing in the water that is amazing now don’t be fooled by its jittery movement that was just simply because I was too close to my create mod factories the further I got away the smoother the ride got and I’m not going to lie it does take some time to get the steering down it’s not perfect but when you’re able to figure it out it’s so fun but it was time to stop messing around so I waved goodbye to my first boat and began making plans I was going to need a lot of balloons the balloons could make your vehicles float but they weren’t very fast unless you had an engine things were about to get real interesting I ran back to the raft to start making some much needed modifications to that sad piece of Driftwood I began by placing balloons on the sides and as soon as I did that the platform it began to float I got out of the water hopped onto the raft and began placing balloons on the other side with the raft finally being balanced with balloons on both sides it was time to make my Ascent although I couldn’t go too high without an oxygen tank so that was one thing I had to be mindful of but anyways I call this prototype Magic Carpet and yes I just came up with that right now I wanted to keep experimenting with the Eureka mod so I crafted an engine attached it to the back and it basically doubled the speed of the platform by the time I had descended back to the ground I finally fully understood the potential of this mod the things I could build the possibilities were Limitless I began reshaping the raft to resemble that of a boat I was going to build your traditional steampunk Airship but before I could do that I wanted to make a prototype now you’re going to have to cut me some slack you see boats and balloons they both have round surfaces and when you’re playing in a game of Cubes it is difficult to recreate those round surfaces but I digress our main goal was to see if this thing was actually going to work up until now we had just built platforms does the eurekka mod have what it takes to move actual structures the answer is an astounding yes once again we had liftoff only this time we weren’t flying on some magic cardboard this was an actual Airship well it was more of an airboat but you get the idea I took the Airship back to the main base and made a proper landing at the airport now here is the main goal for this video that airship that we just made like I said it was a prototype a much smaller version of something I want to make but before I could build it it only seemed right to extend the runway now airships don’t need runways but regardless this thing was going to be huge and it needed a place to land thankfully I had the power of my mining drill to clear out all the dirt now that I had finally extended the runway it was time to build a platform where you could actually board the Airship so I quickly threw something together made out of Acacia logs and wood slabs but but I got carried away and all of a sudden I found myself constructing these massive Towers now my subconscious was probably thinking that if this Airship is truly going to be as big as I think it will then they’re going to need Towers the passengers are going to need a means of actually getting up there but the bridge is way too high up for the average person to climb so we were going to have to invent something new something groundbreaking we were going to invent the elevator now in the past we’d use a rope pulley now there is a brand new elevator block it covers all of the elevator Essentials traveling from floor to floor having automatic doors open there’s even a way to get it to travel from whatever floor you want simply with the push of a button I began crafting the essential components for the elevator block the block itself along with some of the connectors that allowed it to travel between floor to floor it did require a few items but in the end it was going to be worth it it makes life so much easier you’ll see what I mean when we install it but anyways I began building a simple elevator cage it wasn’t anything spectacular just a simple lift to get us from point A to point B now once all of the blocks were set in place the only thing left to do was to bring it all together by using glue once the glue had attached all the blocks and they were fused into one structure it was simply a matter of figuring out how to get it lifted up to the next level that was a little tricky but I was eventually able to figure it out and when I did well just watch this [Music] wasn’t that amazing I love when things work the first try and guess what the elevator not only goes up but it also goes back down yes friends it’s the little victories that make this let’s play the fun experience that it is anyways now that the elevator was finally working it was time to make a very nice exterior and check this out I go into the the elevator I open the door close the door but it stays open I press the button and it closes on its own and when it gets to the top floor the door opens on its own again you guys I know I’m freaking out over these little features but it’s just so cool to have this in Minecraft with the main mechanical issues out of the way it was finally time to start having some fun and add detail to the area in the end this is what I ended up with for the lobby of the elevator back on the upper level I began adding details to the towers and then I had the great idea of actually splitting the the bridge into two parts so I began carving out of space and when that was done I hopped over to the creative world and began designing my grand vessel of all the structures we made in our steampunk world this one was going to be the largest one yet I transferred the blueprints over and did my best to place this massive monster between these two towers with the cannon all set up it was only a matter of time before the ship would finally be brought from dream to reality eventually the first deck was complete so I decided to do a little walk around to see how it was looking on the inside I kept working on the towers finishing the roof while the cannon kept building the Airship I ended up adding a lot more deta to the towers pipes fences iron bars anything to make this place look beautiful one of the last little add-ons I had to add was a safety measure as well as a beauty one I needed to add lights that way mobs wouldn’t spawn and I was just so happy with the way it turned out and by this point the ship was finally starting to look like a ship I’ve said it before and I will say it again the schematic Cannon is a godsend I love being able to build one thing while a machine built something else for me speaking of the schematic Cannon I was going to have to craft another one because I was going to build a second tower well not really you see I already had a second tower but I just didn’t feel like adding all of the details that I did to the first Tower why not just have the Canon do it for me after scanning the first Tower with my blueprint I began setting up the second Cannon but the first cannon had run out of materials it needed Red Balloons I was also going to have to craft regular balloons because the cannon was running out of those too so I went to the one place where I knew I had lots of sugar cane to make paper that being the Cake Factory there was a ton of excess sugar cane that wasn’t being processed yet so I repurposed it for the paper needed to make the balloons once I had crafted enough of those blocks it was simply a matter of going out into the wild and finding red flowers once I had collected more than enough flowers I went back to the building area only to see what the back of the ship looked like from down on the ground level you could really get a sense of the scale I crafted a lot of red balloons and when I ran out of dye I remembered that you could actually spam flowers with bone meal to duplicate them I was also going to need a lot of wool so I went to activate an old machine of ours to collect twine and with the twine I was going to use it to make wool I was going to have the twine mixed together in a basin to make string but I forgot that I had a valve activated so the Bas and filled with lava once I turned the valve off everything worked fine now the reason I needed the wool was because the actual Airship balloon itself wasn’t going to be made out of the balloon blocks it was going to be a mix of balloon blocks and wool blocks I also needed more wood but mining wood with an axe is just too slow you recall on the last episode I talked about how we needed to upgrade our tools so the axe was next and what was I going to replace the axe with a trusty chainsaw similar to the power drill when making a chainsaw it would only craft the base we also had to make the saw as well as the other other components that would make it run beautifully when everything was added to the base all you had to do was fuel it up and then it worked like a charm look at that cutting through the trees like a hot knife through butter with all of these new blocks that we had the schematic Cannon could finally get back to doing its job it continued to fire each block one by one I wanted to see the progress so I hopped into the Prototype Airship to get an aerial view as you can see the schematic Cannon finally started constructing the balloon it then occurred to me that that balloon was going to be one big monster spawning area to avoid creepers blowing it up from the inside I started placing a lot of torches finally after all of our hard work multiple redesigns and a couple of hours watching YouTube the ship was finally complete as for the grand tour well there’s not that much to this ship we have some deck space on the top and this little room well it has a spiral staircase the staircase it goes up to the Captain’s Quarters which is well another empty room I guess it’s does have something of a view though you could get a better one on the boat deck so yeah it’s just something to have here but not really that useful as for the lower levels you could do a number of things with this space right now it’s empty but you could line it up with chests you could put furnaces anything you want you could even decorate it if it’s a passenger ship in the back I have a water wheel and that water wheel is powering the propellers on the outside but uh I don’t know if it’s going to work when we assemble the whole thing and this is why sometimes some of the the blocks are incompatible with the build which causes the ship to tilt drastically now usually you have to break the block or you can steer the ship and make a level again that’s what I’m going to try to do and I think I underestimated the space I needed the area between the two Bridges is way too narrow so I hope that when I come back to park this thing it’s going to be easy but on the bright side the ship moves it’s staying together that’s better than our first attempt at making a steam train so I think things are going our way still the Airship was also way too heavy because it began to descend closer and closer to the ground this meant we were going to need to add more balloons I went back to the Cake Factory to craft more and then I decided to hitch a ride on Old Faithful after all that was the only way to get back to the Airship without having to stack dirt blocks yes even old things can be repurposed and made of new this teeny tiny little Airship was now going to be a shuttle service the only question lingering in the back of my mind was where was I going to park it was going to be a squeeze but I knew I had room to land in there and it was a successful Landing once the Airship was finally inside I went to the Captain’s Quarters broke through the walls and entered the main balloon and there I applied all of the smaller Balloons with a hope that this would be enough to lift it off the ground yes the create mod thrives off the concept of trial by error and we were going to add as many balloons as we needed until this thing did what it had to do it was time for the Moment of Truth could the balloon actually lift off the ground and we had liftoff this thing was beginning to rise up into the sky as God intended now the ultimate test could I park this thing I began my slow approach when all of a sudden I realized that the ship was way too high I forgot that if you took it too high then you have to have an oxygen tank I quickly got into the little Airship and made my Escape before I died parking this thing was going to have to wait till morning and even though I almost suffocated in the air I couldn’t help but admire how nice this ship looked even at night the next morning was the most difficult annoying morning in this entire series I was almost close to parking the ship like I was 99% there but to my surprise and this is crazy because I did an entire search there was an invisible block that was preventing the ship from pulling forward anymore I don’t know where the block is I pulled the ship out I searched the air I searched the ground all over the towers there’s nothing there but the ship doesn’t want to move forward so I don’t know I like gold I mean what’s not to like it’s shiny it’s worth a lot of money and yes I will admit that before the nether update it was kind of useless aside from making golden apples but one thing has always remained the same gold has always been used to make a statement this is just a simple fact one that’s been proven time and time again dating all the way back to the good old days when one would build a simple house made out of golden blocks they were ugly but admitted it you all built one and you chose to do that not because the material could be turned into some super armor like today no you simply chose gold cuz it was gold it totally wasn’t because of that one guy who called gold but you know what no some things need to stay in the past if it wasn’t clear enough by the title or my 1 minute rant then yes today we are making a gold Factory gold Farm call it whatever you want we’re making gold out of thin air let’s go now where does one put such a building how about in that pristine natural habitat of a jungle that’s conveniently located right across the river now I will acknowledge that we have a perfectly flat plane right in front of the Cake Factory but that is waterfront property I can’t lower its property value by obscuring The View so instead I’m going across the river tear down a bunch of trees evict a bunch of animals and build my gold Factory but before I do that we need a way to get across so it’s time to build a bridge I decided to keep this one simple nothing too fancy just a nice little path of slap across the water with the help of my chainsaw clearing out the trees was a breeze the terrain was a little uneven so I had to terraform a little by filling in the holes with dirt for the more heavy duty terraforming I relied on my trusty power drill you know it may not look like it but these simple tools make these menial tasks so fun with the boring terraforming out of the way I decided to add a few more details to my bridge I didn’t want to go too overboard with a bridge design so I decided to keep it simple stone arches lightposts to illuminate it this was the ideal bridge and now for the last of the prep work building the foundation I love getting the most out of my materials so I cut up a bunch of stone and Cobblestone into slabs and placed them down with the foundation laid all I had to do was reinforce the walls that face the river I wanted them to match the design I had on the other side mix of cobblestone and Cobblestone bricks hopefully if we keep building along the river we will have a proper Canal but that is far into the future right now I just had to finish this wall because there were more pressing matters to attend to more golden opportunities I put down the traditional trap doors to act as guard rails and like that the wall was done now time for the fun part what does a gold Factory even look like more importantly how does a gold Factory even work well I do know one thing it requires crushing Wheels lots and lots of crushing Wheels I’m not kidding this is probably the one machine in this world that has the most crushing Wheels why well we’ll get into that later but until then let’s move on now these wheels they’re going to need power and this simple steam engine’s not going to cut it you see up until now we’ve been powering steam engines with water and campfires to generate heat but the heat isn’t intense enough to generate the force we need to rotate all those wheels so we’re going to have to turn to an alternative source for power we’re going to turn to Lava thankfully we do have have a source of lava generation it’s just across the river so we’re going to have to build a pipeline I went to the workshop to turn some copper into pipes when the pipes were crafted I used some of them to make pumps and then after that I made my way to the lava room to see how I was going to make this work well for starters I was going to have to create a big hole in the wall it wasn’t going to look nice but sacrifices have to be made in the name of progress after that I began placing the pipes doing my best to conceal them in the hillside this was going to be an underwater pipeline if it was above the water well that just looks bad and it was going to block the way for any future boating projects we may have now that I had gotten the pipe on the other side it was time to clear some space for the engine now my main goal for this engine was to make it automatic up until now we were powering steam engines with campfires and water wheels but like I said before the campfires don’t produce enough heat for the power that we need but lava does only if you put it in a blaze burner so we’re going to have a lava at going in and out of a deployer which should place the lava into the blaze burner for us making an infinite Loop of power but first we have to get the lava here so I activated the pumps and the lava started flowing from the farm to the gold Factory with the lava powering the engines it was finally time to build the machine that would generate all of our gold we’ve built a lot of things in this world but this one is probably going to be the one with the most steps because to make gold well think of it this way we are turning Cobblestone into gold nuggets there’s just a lot of stuff in between so that we can get there around the halfway point when I was constructing this thing I was beginning to start regretting that I didn’t design it in the creative world first because there was a lot of trial and error with this machine but in the end it was 100% worth it all we had to do now was to build a beautiful exterior shell to cover up all these components now I’ll ask again what exactly does a gold factory look like well tell you one thing this design was going to be far more ornate than anything we’ve built yet you see it was a factory but I didn’t want it to look like a factory truth be told I wanted this area this side of the river to represent wealth power opulence the finer Concepts associated with gold so instead of making it look like a factory I was going to make it look like it was part of a palace I started off with the usual granite and brick foundations and eventually I Incorporated that trusty acacia wood that we love using in these builds I also Incorporated these more ornate Windows which kind of resembl those in the original 100 days World consider the construction of this building a return to finer times and of course every great building has a tower well not every great building but most of them there it is friends in all of its Glory the gold Factory when you compare it to other buildings like the Cake Factory well there is no comparison I I even threw in some gold blocks just to emphasize that this place is where the money is made and as for the inside well you know what let me give you a tour and show you how the machine works all right so all those crushing Wheels well that’s what they’re for to crush Cobblestone and turn it into gravel Cobblestone that comes from our fabulous cobblestone generator thanks to the power of the steam engine the factory was producing lots of cobblestone all of which was grounded up into gravel and then once again grounded up into sand but when you crush gravel you do get more than just sand you also have a chance of generating Flint as well as clay but the fact is we only need the sand which leads to the question how do we sort the rest of the items the sand is filtered away from the rest of the items what remains are the Flint and the clay which continue to proceed down the belt the Flint and the clay continue to move along the line until they get to a series of sorting funnels which separates the two and once they’re sorted the clay goes into a chest while the Flint the Flint is disposed of in a little lava pool down below you see we have way too much flint and I have no use for it at least for now as for the sand like I said before it’s able to phase right through the belt down to the lower levels this is accomplished thanks to shoots which are right underneath the belt The Next Step involves washing the sand with water with the help of an encased fan there is a small chance that the sand will drop clay which is exactly what we need the sand comes out in stacks of 64 onto the depot where it’s met by the blast of water coming from the mechanical fan once it’s washed wased it will leave clay which is then put down on the lower assembly line where it awaits The Next Step that being pressed into a block by a mechanical press now there is a reason why we need to press the clay into a block you see it’s only in block form that you can turn the clay into hardened clay and to accomplish that we’re going to have to have the clay block go over the belt where they’re going to sit over an encased fan the fan is going to blow hot air from the lava that’s right above it and it’s going to bake the clay into hardened clay once the clay is baked it’s going to proceed down the line into another series of shoots where there is an encased fan that will Elevate the blocks up to a higher level upon the second level the hardened clay is ready for the next step it needs to be crushed into red sand the Clay comes out of the chotes goes down the conveyor belts and it enters into a pair of crushing Wheels the crushing Wheels ground up the blocks into red sand which is exactly what we need because to get the gold we have to wash the Red Sand with water when the sand is washed with water there is a 12% chance that it will drop three gold nuggets once a gold nugget is produced it goes into a chest where the tally on the board is once again raised to reflect the number in the chest and there you have it that is how we make gold out of thin air it is a pretty complicated machine and no doubt it has a lot of steps but the end result is definitely worth it and the blaze burner engine it is a Marvel and there it is across the river just sitting there gloriously now now I do have a problem that being that there needs to be another one right next to it I mean I just love symmetry I scanned the building grabbed a schematic Cannon and started constructing the next one now this one didn’t have to produce gold but like I said before it just looked kind of weird having one on the right and not one on the left it took some time but eventually the twin buildings were finally together it was now time to admire my work these were definitely some of the more detailed buildings in this world and I decided that this side of the river was going to be more like I said opulent more Grand what’s another word palacial I don’t know but this was going to be the fancy side of town while the other side was going to be left for the more you know industrial Factory type buildings here we were going to produce fine Goods speaking of producing fine Goods it was finally time to have a little fun with some of the gold we had already made now the really cool thing about this mod pack is that you can do a lot of cool stuff with gold like making this massive gold boiler it just looks like a giant coin the question is what can we do with such a unique looking Block H well I may have a couple of ideas I began crafting different blocks trying to figure out how I wanted to use this item but time and time again there was one idea that just kept flying around my brain a throne a Golden Throne like I said before gold has always been used to make a statement and what better statement to make than by sitting on a golden Throne showing off your wealth but we’re not going to stop there what about gold accessories I’m talking about golden armor only in this mod pack the helmet looks like a crown yes with this Golden Crown and this Golden Throne I definitely think I’m getting the message across and there are also some other small golden accessories like these Golden Gloves and of course how can you possibly forget about the golden necklace and here I am with a golden setup that even Midas would envy Golden Throne golden armor golden sword it doesn’t get any better than this oh unless you like diamond but eh everything was going so well until I noticed one small thing and this was not so small actually I think I’m downplaying how much of a problem this was see we have the pair of buildings here and well something looked a little off so I had to be sure I started counting the spaces between the buildings with blocks okay that one is fine well what is that like five of them okay and I’m going to have to count the other one I wonder what that one is going to be it better be even worst case scenario it’s slightly off by a block and this one was off by two blocks not one two blocks the entire setup was ruined the buildings were not evenly spaced apart it’s something I’m going to have to correct later but yeah that is definitely like a rock in my shoe but aside from that at least they did their job today I’m going to work on a little vanity project in the sense that this build is going to accomplish absolutely nothing for this world I’m just going to build it cuz it’s cool to have now the first step to building a giant vault is of course drilling into the mountain and we can’t drill unless we fuel the power drill with the drill powered up I went back to the mountain and began breaking up a bunch of blocks but there was a little problem you see this was a very big mountain and sometimes I would have to reach really high up to break the blocks and sometimes I couldn’t reach that far but there is a special tool that can extend your Reach This tool is called an extendo grip kind of a funny name but it does exactly that it extends your reach so that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to have to craft one of these I got some brass smashed it down so that we could have the plates and began collecting other materials once I had everything I needed I placed the items into the mechanical crafter as that was the only way you could make one of these things I really do need to speed up the mechanical crafter because this is actually a slightly SP up version anyways with the extendo grip now crafted it was finally time to get to work of course I did have to test it first I mean you can’t just create something new and not give it a try all you have to do is put the tool in your offand and then you scroll through the hot bar like usual and it will hold on to any item you have naturally I tested the pickaxe as it was the blocks that I wanted to reach far to break and yeah this thing definitely extended your reach and bonus tip if you don’t want to lose any durability make sure you have an air tank and yes of course it worked with the wonderful power drill now we were breaking a ton of blocks and we could break them up and down left to right it didn’t matter how far they were what direction they were in the extendo grip could reach all although like I said before the air tank will prevent the durability from going down but you have to make sure that it’s full of air The Next Step was to make a giant round frame where the giant vault door was going to go now I didn’t know how I wanted this to work all I knew was that I wanted it to be spiral door you know I think they’re called Iris doors it’s where the Triangular blades open up now this was going to be a little tricky and in the creative world I went through many trials and errors but I finally got it down once I had perfected the spiral design as well as the mechanics to get the door to open all I had to do was save the schematic and transfer it over to the survival world I took the preview of the door and tried to align it exactly with my granite frame that I had made earlier with the preview perfectly aligned all I had to do was set up the schematic Cannon and from there it took care of the rest with the frame done I manually built the door on the inside you can see the spiral there and yeah now I just had to get it to open now to do this I was going to need a special type of remote now I don’t remember exactly what this was called but it basically acts as a remote that sends a signal to other Redstone components the goal is to send a signal to the doors to have it open on its own but I do have to link it with other Redstone components I had windmills for power I had gear shifts to dictate how the doors were going to open and of course I had mechanical bearings to ensure that they could move it all all I had to do was link each blade to the Redstone control and seeing as how they were really spread apart it was a little dangerous especially if I wasn’t watching where I was going because sometimes well I uh well I fall there was a couple of uh let’s call them mishaps you know like I said before it’s usually good to test something before you use it for real I went back fixed the door and well take a look for yourself I thought that the elevator was really cool but this thing it blows the elevator out of the water the vault door the round door the iris door whatever you want to call it it doesn’t matter it worked all of the blades opened perfectly in sync and they closed in sync as well all of that happening with the simple push of a button for my trusty Redstone controller with the VA or complete now I had to design The Vault itself this was going to involve way more digging thankfully the power drill would come in handy now the door did stick out a little so I had to build a roof connecting the mountain with the vault door once the roof was finally complete the next step was to actually detail the interior of what was just a simple massive cave I wanted to go for something Grand because this was going to be the place where we were going to store all of our riches I had a couple of things in mind but there was one thing I knew I had to have massive callar on both the left and right side as well as a beautiful ornate floor now the big question which project was I going to tackle first well seeing as how the floor is right there that seemed the most easy I dug up the floor and began placing slabs trying to figure out what kind of pattern I wanted to do in the end I settled for a simple checkered pattern made up of and aide slabs as well as stone slabs you can always rely on a checkered pattern it’s simple but it looks nice next I wanted to add some illumin I began constructing these Fireballs on the sides of the path I know we’re in a steampunk world but for the vault I was going for a more ancient look you know the kind of atmosphere you’d find in an Indiana Jones movie where he’s walking through a Lost Temple old but monumentally Grand though I was faithful to the color palette of this world and I used a lot of Acacia logs okay so I finished the main chamber but now I wanted the actual loot chamber see this was just a Lobby the real Vault was going to be behind another set of massive doors with the new room finally created it was finally time to take in everything that I had constructed a little self- evaluation and yeah everything was looking good now it was time to get back to the more technical side of things making these massive doors work these were not going to be spiral doors like the main one they were just going to be regular doors but they were going to be massive I went to the andesite alloy Factory to gather some materials for the next essential block that block being a radial chassis you see this block was going to make it possible for the door to open and close once they were crafted I went back to the Vault and began installing the chassis next I added glue to the sides because I was going to be building some pretty large doors and I wanted to move with the Chassy when they rotated now before I began building the doors I did want to craft some red sand because I was going to make red Sandstone the reason I making red Sandstone was because I was going to use them for light fixtures there were some lights I wanted to put on the walls of the Vault now these lights weren’t going to be anything special but it was very dark inside of the Vault and well it would be nice to have lights to prevent mobs from spawning I wouldn’t want to store my gold in a place where I’d know it’d be in danger of getting blown up by creepers I duplicated the design seven more times and well in my opinion I think that’s plenty of Lights it was finally time to build doors and surprise surprise I am using AAA logs again and just like the iris store I was once again going to be using the Redstone links windmill blocks mechanical bearing and the sequence gearshift took me a while to remember what it was called once everything was glued together it was finally time for a test run and like I said before I don’t want creepers blowing it up but how about if I had two giant Guardian creepers protecting my loot okay so the vault is finally complete we have two sets of giant doors that can adequately protect all of our loot the only thing that’s missing now is the loot so it’s time to make a trip to our gold Factory where we’re going to convert all of our gold nuggets into gold ingots and we’re going to turn those gold ingots into gold blocks now what are we going to do with those gold blocks well you’ll see the next few things are going to seem a little wasteful but like I said before this is a vanity project so let’s have some fun with it first off we’re going to use these gold blocks to fill up this room and I’m talking a giant mound of gold maybe two of course this gold doesn’t look nice unless it has light bouncing off of it so of course I have to add fire as well but gold blocks that isn’t enough while brainstorming what to add I came across our old throne and the giant gold boiler behind it the block looked cool so why not have more that’s right I’m going to be converting some of these gold blocks into these massive boilers now the boilers are actually used for trains but they look like giant gold coins on top of that I had to craft some clay blocks and bake them because I was going to be making Pottery now why was I going to need pottery well it turns out that if you combine the different pots and they do come in all shapes and sizes if you combine them with gold blocks then they become gold Pottery just the thing we need I went back and added the pots as well as the boilers trying to figure out which was the best possible way to place them and you may also notice that I’ve added some little hints of emerald block in there I didn’t add much because well I didn’t have that many emeralds to begin with but I like the way they popped out and of course last but not least since this is a treasury room it at least deserves a nice floor and once again I am reverting to the good old Checker pattern the room was almost done but the walls were a little lacking so I added some small details just so that there was a little depth that way they didn’t look so plain there it is the finished product the treasury was done the Vault doors were done the creepers were guarding all of our loot it all came together perfectly I don’t know about you guys but this was a fun little project to take on and these doors they were impenetrable nothing could get what is that that who is that somehow it looked like someone got past my security I open the doors and they are really slow at opening but it looks so cool so I can Overlook it and thankfully there was nobody in there guessing that the guy was above the ground or beneath our feet okay I’ve put this off for long enough as you may recall for the last couple of episodes we’ve been building this luxury District a place where we can make gold and other fine Goods we started with a gold Factory which was an absolute Marvel we’re just making gold out of thin air I also created the vault at the end of the road of this luxury district and inside of the Vault a place for us to store our wealth yes this place is really coming together there’s only one problem you see one of the buildings is off by two blocks and that’s a huge problem because it makes this path uneven and I am a sucker for cemetry so it’s time to address this problem and many of you have been suggesting that I can simply push the building with a piston so we’re going to give that a try but before we get started special thanks to solar Beast 1415 for today’s video idea let’s go now pushing a building with a piston sounds easy but there is some prep work I have to get out of the way for example I have to mine out all of these blocks so that the building has room to shift when the Piston pushes it Forward after that it was time for the grueling task of gluing everything together I made a nice little Cobblestone column so that I could start at one corner and end up gluing at the other corner but unfortunately there was one thing I didn’t know about glue it can only cover so many blocks because there is a maximum limit seeing as to how the selected area was way too big I was going to have to glue the building in sections if I wanted to cover the whole thing now the next mistake I made was thinking that a regular piston could get the job done but that wasn’t the case I was going to need a mechanical piston a special block exclusive to the create mod now the mechanical piston did require some prep work so I set up a water wheel got some water from the river and got this thing up and running the only problem was that well there was a block in the way I don’t know if this was a block I forgot to glue but I had to break it if I wanted this to work so I went through the Maze of machines to find the one block and I don’t know if this was the exact one but I broke it and it should have worked except there was another problem the Piston could only push a maximum of 2,48 blocks I had glued too many blocks together so so at the time the only solution I could think of was actually going underneath the building and breaking all of the stone that I had glued I was hoping that I would break enough blocks to get under the 248 limit many blocks later I had carved a nice empty space underneath the factory and look at that the building moved it wasn’t perfect and some parts of the building weren’t moving with the whole structure but I was able to figure out the rest of the details and now that the building was moved all I had to do was fill in the gaps where the building once stood making the path perfectly symmetrical all according to plan of course and there it is the luxury District was finally as it should be now it was finally time for the fun part the moment you’ve all been waiting for it was time to make our golden apples and with the help of the second gold Factory and all of its gold nuggets that was going to be possible but before we could get started there were some tasks I had to get out of the way like making a basin the reason I needed a basin as well as a mechanical press was because I wanted to automate the conversion of gold nuggets into gold ingots and this is how I was going to do it there was a chest right there where I was storing my nuggets and yes I could put the nuggets in a crafting table and make the ingots manually but that takes too long so instead I attached them with funnels next to the conveyor bolt with that Bas in there and the idea was that the Nuggets would come out of the chest go into the Basin and be pressed together into to ingots with the press and there you see the nuggets are coming out and the Press is activated and once there’s nine it goes down and boom we have our automated gold ingot system the next task involved getting apples and where do you get apples well from the Mighty Oak Tree of course we needed a place to mass-produce these oak trees so I began carving another hole into the mountain side and at this point I was starting to regret building by a mountain because it involves a lot of terraforming when you want to build but anyways the idea was that I need a flat plane to build the foundation of this next building this Oak Tree Farm now we had Wood Farms in the past but this was the first time where we were actually harvesting trees not for the wood but instead for the apples so we were going to need a tall building and it was going to be based off of a greenhouse at least that was what I was thinking I built this Auto Harvester you guys have seen this design multiple times now it’s very useful I attached the deployers because the deployers are the ones that replant the SA saplings see there I’m setting the filter with the acorns and after that I had to attach the sauce to the lower level so that they could chop the trees down okay the Harvester is finally complete now the only thing left to do is bring it all together with the card assembler and the card assembler is kind of tricky to use sometimes it glitches speaking of glitches my game started breaking on me I was breaking blocks and they weren’t appearing I wasn’t able to pick them up so I had to leave disconnect join back and give it another try there was my C assembler and now it was the Moment of Truth was this going to work well I hope it would because I built these multiple times and would you know what look at that it glitched it assembled on the other side for some reason I don’t even know how that happened and the worst part was that when the machine started coming back towards me well take a look at this it started breaking my building good thing I didn’t finish building those columns anyways I had to fix that and once they were finally in the right position they were running back back and forth as they should have now it was time to move on to the next step planting the trees I began putting acorns in each deployer hand to be honest I didn’t have that many acorns but we could start with a few after that I made a little belt system with chests and funnels where I would sort all the items that came from the oak trees wood Acorn Apple sticks now it was simply a matter of planting the trees and letting the machine Harvest everything I had to give it a push and off it went beautifully running as it should once again we relied on our trusty AAA block to make up the foundation of the build I use Sandstone for the roof and the main reason I use Sandstone is because I think it just looks so clean compared to the other blocks it’s just got a nice smooth texture anyways I started adding details to the lower level and I was thinking about filling this area with water but I’m not sure on that yet let me know in the comments what you think I should fill in this area down here I was also thinking about adding lava or fire but then it just occurred to me that the upper part of this building is made made out of wood and as we know wood and fire don’t mix anyways I was finally working on the roof adding these columns with these pipes and the Sandstone walls and of course we have to use our classic warped log roof design I think this is just a pretty cool color palette I don’t know why but I’m stuck with it and I’m going to continue sticking with it but you know what like I said before I am open to suggestion leave a comment down below if you think I should do something else but the interior was finally done and this is what it looks like the machine was running and the windows and the roof it just all came together real nice look at the sun shining through the windows there it was doing a good job a little too good the machine was harvesting at full force and there was a point where all the logs were overfilling the chest so I had to make a Disposal system with lava this is what the outside looks like I don’t know what I based it off of but I think it looks pretty and there was also an alley in between the gold Factory and the Apple Factory so I was going to have to link the two somehow between this tiny Gap anyways the sorting system was working like a charm apples were going into the filter and they were being collected there for future use now the next problem I had to tackle was how was I going to combine the gold with the apples well one problem at a time first we were going to have to address something at our gold Factory that being this you see the gold had to be transported so it was time to make an assembly line that would take the gold from point A to point point be I dug underneath the factory and the next step was to build a platform see that huge gap there that we dug earlier there was plenty of space for this platform also plenty of space for the belt using wood slabs I quickly threw something together this wasn’t going to be fancy cuz it was underground and if it’s out of sight and out of mind then I don’t worry about putting too many details as long as it gets the job done anyways I began tunneling Under The Apple Farm Apple Factory H whatever you want to call it the apples were being made there once I was inside I went back underground and began making a larger path that way there was more room to walk and I could build easier next I began building the contraption that would combine the gold and the apples together a basin and a mixer and two funnels on each side for each item to enter through the belts were going to be complicated but it didn’t matter cuz the job was going to be completed so I set that up and it was looking pretty good I even had a chest there that was going to be connected to some shoots where the apples would be blown in from the bottom so that was the idea I put the Cog and got the mixer started and after that well it was simply time to attach the chest and the system was I’d say about 95% complete but the big question was was it going to run so I gathered some gold and I also grabbed some apples because I wanted to see if this was going to work and could thing I gave it a try before turning everything on because look at that it didn’t work I don’t know why it didn’t work until I looked at the crafting recipe and to my surprise MI miers were not able to combine gold and apples it had to be a mechanical crafter so everything I just did right now absolutely useless I demolished the whole thing and I had to go back to the drawing board this time with a design that was going to incorporate a mechanical crafter and yes I had to take my time I had to think it over but I was able to get it done so I went back and this is what I ended up with a nice simple clean interface with an apple in the middle you’re probably wondering how it works well let me show you okay here we are back at the Gold Factory the gold is being compounded into ingots I set the gold filter so that only ingots come out and all I have to do is let the gold out the gold goes onto the conveyor belt where it travels to the Apple Farm after that the mechanical fan blows the gold upwards meanwhile the apples are being stored in a hopper the hopper transports them into the mechanical crafter where the apple is then met with the gold where they are then combined into golden apples well there you have it friends the golden apple Factory I’m going to be taking future suggestions from the comment section so be sure to comment when you want me to build next so I don’t run out of ideas today is a great day because today we’re going to be making chocolate and all you need is sugar cocoa and milk it’s that simple a special thanks to Sanic from Roblox for today’s video idea if you want your idea featured next be sure to leave a like and comment down below enough engagement farming let’s make some chocolate now I am going to make a factory but first I need to find a place to make some free samples and This Old House that we’ve made is the perfect spot to do that it’s old and it’s forgotten we haven’t used it so why not repurpose it for something good something better sentiment is the enemy of progress so we’re going to burn everything old and replace it with something new also there’s this thing I don’t know what this is but it was in one of the chests and it started talking to me so yeah I’m going to hold on to this evil demonic looking eye for a while nothing bad ever came from cursed artifacts back at the old house I began by breaking up this old wood floor wood planks we’re done with that because we’re using diorite as well as deep slates and with those two blocks we’re going to be making a beautiful checkered floor that resembles a kitchen we’re also breaking up the old roof in favor of higher ceilings because it just makes the space feel way more open all right so the next step now is to make some cabinets birch cabinets because this is going to be a kitchen for preparing the sweetest Delicacies and of course what’s a kitchen without a stove a brick stove so we’re going to add that there we’ll add a little overhead for the stove as well and next we have to add a power source for our mixer where we’re going to mix up all of our ingredients to make a delicious chocolate sample as for everything I have so far well at the time I thought it was all coming together nicely I even used a pressure plate to look like a cutting board when all of a sudden I remembered there were actually cutting boards in the mod pack I then went to the workshop to convert these planks into boards I ran the wood through the bus saw multiple times and it took a long time to actually get the one item that I needed all it would do was change the texture of the block this was a very annoying process but eventually I got the materials I needed and made some furniture after that I began looking for ways to decorate this kitchen anything at all and then I discovered you could make granite countertops so I replaced the old wood ones and swapped them for something better the granite ones look how clean that looks I then turned my attention to the ceiling where I felt that we could use more light so I broke through it and made some skylights and I so happy that I did that because these skylights made a world of a difference just lots of natural light pouring in The Next Step was to add these nice hanging flower pots I wanted a little color in this kitchen cuz it was still a little dull nothing but Grays and whites so these flowers they added that nice extra pop that I was looking for flowers of all colors orange blue red pink they definitely gave this place more life and of course what’s a kitchen without a cooking pot after all that it was finally time to make the chocolate remember the key three ingredients we were going to need milk cocoa beans and lots and lots of sugar after that we had to provide heat to the blaze burner and then the mixer would automatically combine all the ingredients together leaving you nothing but delicious chocolate now it was time to press the chocolate into bars and to do this we were going to use the mechanical press it just smashes it all together and what you’re left with are these beautiful bars of chocolate delicious sweet and Absol absolutely addicting this kitchen was the perfect place to eat our free samples we’re definitely going to come back here to cook some more treats but as for now we’re going to move on because this kitchen simply can’t produce the quantity of chocolate I need to satisfy my craving I needed more chocolate which meant I needed even more cocoa beans thankfully there was a jungle directly across the river behind our fancy District the only problem is that they only grow in the summer so we had to find a solution to work around the seasons and yes we had a solution introducing the garden clo it’s basically a mini greenhouse and we can grow anything we want when we want regardless of the season to get this thing working I had to provide it with power which meant I had to add more dangerous electrical wires to our Workshop Courtyard the next thing I needed to do was to set up a fluid pump for the Garden close to work you had to provide water so that the plant could actually grow I provided power to the pump as well it was simply a matter of connecting the pump oh and yeah don’t do what I just did you are guaranteed to die if you touch those wires there is power flowing through them and they will kill you anyways like I was anyways like I was saying don’t touch the wires otherwise you’re going to end up like this yeah not a pretty sight I went back to collect my materials being extra careful around the live wires and then I provided power to the pump water was now flowing into the Garden close which meant we could grow things and guess what the cocoa beans were not compatible with the machine I couldn’t grow any anything in it so it was time to move on to plan B we were simply going to have to grow him the oldfashioned way with jungle logs I chopped down a tree and trying to stay optimistic I went back to the workshop to give the garden clo another try I was trying to grow cocoa beans on dirt and maybe wood would work and it didn’t yeah all of this was absolutely useless at least for our purposes but I was able to grow some nice healthy carrots but I don’t want carrots I need chocolates so I went back to collect more jungle logs because that was going to be the only way to do this next I began laying the foundation for what would be our beautiful chocolate factory I put it right next to the Cake Factory and figured hey this is going to be our sweets District where we’re going to make chocolate cake pies and basically anything your dentist would advise against eating I finished the foundation of the Chocolate Factory now it was time to move on to the more technical side growing the cocoa beans and for that I was going to build this large greenhouse and the greenhouse wasn’t going to serve any function it was just caus metic but I couldn’t pass up a chance to work with glass we never worked with glass in this world I don’t know why we should but anyways once I was done building the walls I began placing the dirt to grow the cocoa beans and this is honestly where I had a brain fart moment because you don’t need dirt to grow cocoa beans you only need the jungle logs I’ve been playing this game for I don’t know how many years and I still forget sometimes anyways with the log set up I began attaching the cocoa beans and I didn’t have enough to get every single log covered so I was going to have to wait for some of them to mature before I can start growing more and then it occurred to me how was I going to get the cocoa beans onto a conveyor belt so I decided to pour some water and the idea was that when the cocoa bean was harvested it would flow down the water some of the cocoa beans had already grown so I harvested them and planted them on the other logs I mined up all the dirt and began pouring water in its place I needed a nice strong current that was going to carry all the cocoa beans to the conveyor belt once all of the water was poured I began carving a Channel at the very end and that was where the conveyor belt was going to go I placed the belt out and then began working on tanks where we were going to start storing some of the ingredients for the chocolate now these tanks were going to be used to store milk the question is where were we going to get the milk from well luckily for us there is a source of milk real close I built a pipeline all the way to the Cake Factory we had a large Supply just sitting there because the Cake Factory was temporarily out of order so why not put it to use which is exactly what I did I connected the pipe to the Cake Factory and shortly after I added power to the pumps the milk began flowing from point A to point B and eventually it reached the Chocolate Factory where it was being stored in these tanks for future use not just one tank but two after that it was time to move on to the next phase but before I could do that there were these gross flies that just spawned out of nowhere after I had killed a zombie the Chocolate Factory was under attack by these biohazards but once they were taken care of I began raising the walls and adding the deployers that would harvest the cocoa and trust me when I say it was a lot of deployers I was a little worried that they weren’t going to run but that was a worry for later right now I just had to make sure that they were all going to be connected and once they were connected it was simply a matter of putting a belt together that would fuse all of these machines as one now the question is was it going to work or would it get overstressed and it worked they all descended down on the cocoa beans and with a single poke they were all harvested the cocoa beans flow down the water and onto the conveyor belt though some of them did land on the floor so I had to add a glass barrier so that they would simply flow onto the conveyor belt I began brainstorming on how I wanted the rest of the factory to look but there was the issue of powering everything so I began digging a tunnel with the drill and this tunnel LED all the way to the river because that’s where the pipeline was for the lava we were going to transfer lava from our lava Center all the way to the Cake Factory the pipeline ran underneath everything else and once it got to the Cake Factory it was then deposited onto an assembly line with a bucket that would catch it and like our other engine designs the bucket would rotate around go into a funnel that would then transfer into the hands of a deployer which would deposit lava into the blaze burner once the blaze burner was hot everything began running which meant we could start transferring items like sugar cane I built a little farm there and next to the farm was the conveyor belt line that was going to transfer all the sugar cane and convert it into sugar everything was finally taking shape and it was only a matter of time before all the ingredients were going to come together and things were looking good but there was a problem you see everything was already in the Basin and it should have started mixing but it wasn’t why because there needed to be a blaze burner underneath the Basin so I had to make another lava setup that would constantly Supply the burner with lava and once it was heated up it was finally ready to start making chocolate but the spout was showing through the floor and it looked ugly so I had to come up with a quick solution which ended up being just a simple cover up but yeah the factory was now making chocolate which was conveniently be pumped into the tank right next to the base the only downside of this new design was that there was a big pipe that was just ruining the look of this Factory so I had to hide the rest of the pipe behind the wall which I made but it gets the job done okay well at this point everything was running exactly as it should so it was simply a matter of constructing the rest of the building and that would make the factory 100% complete I was getting a little tired of building with ACAA logs I mean yes Acacia looks pretty but I wanted this Factory to stand out and it did instead of using Acacia I used way more Sandstone lots of diorite glass and deep slate and before I covered it up I did want to show you that there is a pipeline that runs underneath the floor which transports chocolate from the tank into that Basin over there anyways I also added cake displays and chocolate pie displays because it’s a chocolate factory we’re going to have chocolate treats on display obviously well here it is the culmination of all of our work we finally had a fully functioning self-reliant Chocolate Factory this Chocolate Factory was producing more chocolate than a person could eat in an entire lifetime we had cocoa beans that were growing they were being converted into chocolate everything was going exactly as it should have and I am so happy that I got to build this because this was one of the most fun builds I’ve had in this entire Steampunk series so once again thank you so much for recommending it I look forward to hearing more from you guys I can’t wait to see what you want me to build next this is been a very fun session of Steampunk Minecraft and just look at it Go all of the ingredients were being mixed up and stored in a tank after that the tank would transfer all of the contents via pipeline underneath the factory to this Basin here and the purpose of the Basin to smash all of the chocolate into these wonderful chocolate bars if you hate candy then honestly I feel bad for you maybe in the next video I’ll build you a salad Factory in the steampunk World Transportation is key hence the reason we put much emphasis on all of these vehicles like this little blimp or the Colossal Airship that we built I don’t know how many episodes back anyways the point is that we need to get to places and it’s only with our creative engineering that we can make that happen so today we’re going to make something new but not without scouting a proper site to build this new machine as you can see I effortlessly executed A Perfect Landing now it was simply a matter of getting to the main Helm and steering the ship to our new build site although things were a little little off about the Airship like really off actually lanterns were floating blocks were like corrupted or something I don’t know why I was like that but it didn’t matter this thing still moved and that’s all we needed I began soaring towards this new build site and although it was at a slow speed it was still better than traversing through all those jungle trees anyways by the next day we got there and we took our little landing craft to descend down to the surface once I approach the land you can see here that I have already started working on some new stuff yeah I’ve been here before and there it is the sight of our new project I had already set up the materials prior to this video so you won’t have to worry about the boring aspects of this one of the first tasks we had to tackle was clearing out all of this Stone and all of this dirt to get the job done we were going to use the old nether drill that we had built a few episodes prior yes this drill was an engineering Marvel it could break through multiple blocks and it was powered by a single piece of coal if we wanted to this thing could just keep running indefinitely but today we just needed to clear out a few blocks this thing is such a big timesaver imagine having to break up all these blocks one by one anyways it only took a day and all of this stuff was gone we had a nice flat plane to build on there was only one more task I wanted to tackle that being breaking up the ground one more layer that way we could lay down some nice stone brick slabs just to have a nice pavement anyways we were going to have to smell all of that Cobblestone to get our stone slabs and to do this I made a fan setup you know the setup where you put the lava in front of the fan and then the fan it blows all of that hot air out so that you can have an instant furnace anyways this is the setup if you want to save a lot of coal and that’s what I did I threw the cobblestone in it was converted to Stone and the stone was then turned into the slabs there we go that looks way better now we can finally start working on our new project the boat and what’s the best way to start building a boat by making train tracks now I hey I’ve just lost you there but let me explain you see we did have the volaran skies mod but I wanted to craft a vessel that didn’t rely on that I know some of you wanted the build for the Airship but you didn’t know how to add the mod so this was a nice workaround just in case you wanted the schematics this boat will run without the mod now to add on to the whole train tracks thing if you’ve ever been to Disneyland then you may know that there is a boat there a big river boat and that boat it’s not being steered by some captain in fact the boat is actually sitting on tracks so basically think of it like a train on water we can give off the illusion that it’s a boat by having the track submerged underneath the water now at the time of the recording this was just a going Theory I didn’t actually know if the boat was going to run over the water but thankfully it did and this was a big breakthrough it was finally time to start designing our vessel and what better material to use than the buoyant material known as concrete did you actually think I was going to waste precious metals to build a boat no we’re going to make concrete using gravel sand and crushing Wheels lots and lots of crushing Wheels now the reason I went to the gold Factory was because you know how I said we needed lots of crushing Wheels well there were a bunch of crushing Wheels there already meaning that there was a bunch of sand being produced already so I went to go gather some of that sand I was hoping that there was going to be a surplus of it and it turns out that there really wasn’t all of that sand was still being produced into gold and I just didn’t know that the machine was that effective to the point where it left you with very little SA so instead of cutting corners and using what we already had I was just going to have to design another machine that relied on even more crushing Wheels that’s exactly what I did this machine was going to be powered by these massive water wheels and the reason we used the big water wheels was because they could handle more stress and the stress capacity is what we needed to expand on if we wanted this whole machine to work thankfully these wheels only required one bucket of water now it was time to bring this machine to life progress was being made I even had to Tinker with a rotational speed controller just so I could pinpoint the exact amount of RPM so that this thing would work I toggled it down one level at a time until we finally found the perfect match you want to play mod packs with friends but you can’t seem to find a good server and the free ones with the big mod packs these days free servers are just too laggy luckily for you there’s BCT hosting they host my server and with plenty of affordable options they can host your server too and the best part is they support almost every mod pack there Cod double salad checkout for 25% off your first order BC hosting a great site for great servers with the crushing Wheels now up and running we were producing the perfect amount of gravel and sand now we had to figure out exactly what colors we were going to use to dye our concrete I was looking for specific colors black white yellow gold red the reason I wanted this color scheme was because I wanted to mimic the paint designs of the old ocean liners yes those were Grand ships but to do this we were going to need a lot of flowers and a lot of flowers requires a lot of bone meal hence the reason why I’m in the nether you see I was hoping to come across one of those Soul Sand valleys and find the fossils you know the ones made out of bone blocks although instead of a fossil I found this structure there was a chest and there were some bones so I decided to explore further thinking that if I found bones there I could probably find even more if I went deeper and it turns out I only found death lots of skeletons so yeah technically I did find bones but they were kind of hostile it was time for attempt number two and thankfully this one was more successful than the previous one only this time instead of skeletons I had to deal with ghosts now these ghosts they were annoying for some reason they were just extremely bulky and there were a bunch of them but once I was able to kill a ghost and I don’t know how that works ghosts are Dead Aren’t They but like I said before once I was able to kill the ghost I was able to harvest the bones and then it was back to the work site where I was attacked by even more ghosts I don’t know why they attack me I don’t know what the deal is but we finally had our flowers and we finally had the means to duplicate them via bone meal check this out isn’t that just amazing I love that feature saves me so much time having to go pick flowers next we had to get charcoal because we needed to make black dye black dye was going to be the color of our ship’s hole and so we had to chop down a lot of tre fre because we were going to be burning a lot of wood and once that was burned we had our charcoal Supply and now we were free to make as much dye as we needed I combined all the ingredients together to make the concrete powder all those different colors and then I threw them into the fan which was now washing them with water converting them into concrete blocks I just love concrete blocks look how smooth they look now it was finally time to start building our ship question is how does one do that I’ve never built a boat before strike that that’s a lie I have built a boat before but not one this small why because it’s difficult now some of you may be wondering how can building a big boat be easier than building a small boat well that’s because the inspiration for the boat that I’m building has a lot of detail and packing all of that detail into such a small build is difficult given the cube like nature of Minecraft now what boat did I base this off of I was basing this off of the SS nomatic the nomatic was known as is a tender boat which is basically a boat responsible for fairing passengers and supplies from the land to the ship the Titanic is way too big to dock at our Boatyard so we’re going to have the nomadic to F us between the two I hope you guys like the design I tried to recreate it as best I could with the stuff I was given but yeah this is what the inside looks like nothing fancy and as for the controls well they’re down here too but let me show you how this works the pneumatic is going to run on tracks that we already know the question is how are we going to lay out these tracks the idea was that we were going to make one big loop the nematic was going to circle around all we had to do was lay down the actual tracks to make that happen unfortunately as soon as I assembled the ship to make it a movable entity all of came apart so yeah we’re going to have to do without the lines but I still think it look good enough anyways it was time to take her on the maen voyage the nomatic pulled out of the dock and was sailing out into the Open Water Well at least a few feet away from the dock but you know what it still counts its first voyage was a success now its Loop was kind of small but that’s okay because we didn’t want the Titanic to be that far out we still wanted it to be within viewing distance see the harbor over there as for the Titanic it was going to be right here next to nomadic all we had to do was build a little platform so that we could put our schematic Cannon down and it would start building the thing wait a minute did you actually think I was going to build the Titanic by hand no way the schematic Cannon was going to do all the work at as usual I put the chests down now it was simply a matter of supplying all of the materials to the cannon thankfully we had a lot of concrete I transferred the schematic over and I do want to let you know that the schematic is my design and the cannon just started going look at the size of that hole that thing is massive it was a lot of blocks and it took a lot of time but eventually the Titanic began taking shape after some progress was made and some time had passed you can actually get a feel for how big the ship was compared to the dock itself this thing was a behemoth by this point some of the first boat decks were actually done so we could actually walk on the ship and yeah this thing I’m not going to furnish it it’s just way too large I mean look at it from the map look at it from the map it barely fits into the ocean it’s a long run from one side to the other end of the ship but you know what I’m going to do it anyway I started Ed running all the way over there to the front known as the bow I even had to speed it up cuz that’s how long it took and yes this is the bow the front of the Titanic yes it’s still incomplete but it’s a work in progress even more time went by and the schematic Cannon continued to add more blocks to our ship eventually our vessel was complete here’s a quick little Bird’s eyee view of the top there she is with her four iconic Smoke Stacks fun fact the fourth one wasn’t even real and yes here is the final view of the entire ship’s length it was massive also I added the promanade deck and as we Zoom all the way through the length of the ship this is what it looks like from the nomatic itself yeah it basically just overshadows the entire little boat so I hopped on a smaller boat and one thing I didn’t consider was how exactly I was going to get to the top so I had to add some ladders to the ship’s hole climbing each block one by one one and eventually I made it to the promon deck now where to start first well how about the inside there was no inside if you want to download this build on patreon go ahead furnish it yourself cuz that’s going to take me way too long if I tried that but yeah here is the front of the ship in all of its Glory I tried to add as much detail as I possibly could but you know what like I said before when you’re building with Minecraft blocks it is a little limiting if you want more detail you got to amp up the scale and here I’m going to recreate the iconic scene from that one movie don’t remember what it’s called here it is and why am I jumping like that I’ve never seen that animation before well it’s time to continue the tour where to next how about the upper boat deck where the lifeboats are look at this I think I spent most of my time designing this area here is the bridge where the ship was steered and there are the vyan skies engines because I tried to make this move but the ship doesn’t want to move so yeah that was an epic fail the ship does not move I do want to let you know that so consider this as one giant build just stationary also the Interiors all unfurnished like I said before kind of a maze I even get lost in there and here once again you get a better view of the lifeboats do they lower no will they yes because we do need a way to get up and down the side of the ship but more on that later just enjoy the beautiful views of the ship’s funnels and of course I can’t believe I almost forgot this part right here Titanic’s iconic grand staircase not to scale but you know what when you do it in Minecraft what are you going to do I even included the clock there anyways that is the Titanic grand staircase right here it’s got the iconic glass Dome the staircase itself and yeah oh yeah the inside of the ship I almost forgot that is well it is what it is it’s Hollow like I said before and uh the reason we went through there was because I wanted to take a shortcut so that we could get back to the side of the boat here because now it was time to design an elevator that could get us to the top boat deck and how are we going to do that well with the Lifeboat of course life Boats were lowered they can also be raced so I designed a little Lifeboat mechanism here there’s me setting it up there are the gears and I had to glue it all together because I wanted it to be one single entity one platform once the glue was applied and it was time to design the elevator functions as well as the controls for it there’s the control control right there that’s going to allow us to go up and down and of course I have to add these Redstone connectors so that the elevator knows where to stop that’s right there and yeah looks like it was time to give it a test and it worked beautifully finally we had a means of going up and down the side of our ship it goes down guess what it even goes back up all you have to do is go to the controls press the button and the Lifeboat is raised once again to the top boat deck well there you have it friends the Titan I in Minecraft form with the help of our boat we were able to build a ship that would be worthy of Legend and it is there it is I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and if you want this build be sure to follow me on patreon the schematic will be there available for download would you believe me if I told you that the secret to power was lots of eggs well that’s true I wouldn’t lie to you and we’re going to need lots of cages for all those chickens who are going to lay those eggs unfortunately we have to go through the boring process of crafting set cages so that’s exactly what I did got some of my iron some of my iron bars and crafted some of the finest cages a chicken could ever want after that it was time to go searching for said chickens so I made my way to the airport looking for the best mode of transportation that being the gyro airships Titanic they’re cool but they have nothing on the reliable gyd it’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t burn fuel and well it’s just a fun word to say gyd gyd gyd try saying that a bunch of times anyways the gyd took me to this Village and though this wasn’t the chicken I was looking for it was an Airship which made me believe that the villagers were evolving ascending even though they didn’t have any loot worth Tak so after that I decided to start flying along this wall of Chunk I guess my world was having some chunk glitches considering that after every update they add new mods which changes the world generation I don’t know but I came across this treehouse hoping to find some chicken and there wasn’t a chicken to be seen though there was a lot of watermelon and a lot of little XP stuff but no chickens I kept exploring around even to the bottom of the tree but not a single bird I flew a great distance until I finally came across the things I was looking for my prize chickens yes there was a beautiful Hill and on that Hill were all of the chickens I needed just enough to get a chicken farm started I even came across well oh that’s not a chicken no thank you oh and I also came across this little guy he was coming home as well anyways once I had my chickens I decided to dig them a cozy little pit in the ground where I was going to have them breed until I had the perfect population for my power machine yes these chickens were living the life all the food they could eat and all the fun they could have as for the raccoon he was going to stay guard in his little cage and watch as I break the laws of physics I don’t know how that works but yeah there you go new home right there anyways the reason we need eggs is because we’re making blaze cakes and one of the required ingredients for this cake is of course eggs eggs now to get us started like I said before we were going to need a lot of chickens but we also needed a build site for our brand new power plant yes we did have another Power Station that I built a few episodes ago but that one ran on a different Fuel and this one was going to be way bigger and run purely on Steam so to get that started we were going to have to build the perfect chicken farm here I am setting up all the shoot so that all the eggs they were going to lay for our blaze cakes would go down into one tiny little chest that chest would store all of the fuel that we were going to need to get this power plant started a power plant that our world would depend on after building the funnel system I surrounded it with slab so that I could have a little platform to walk around on just to monitor the chickens and their behavior I made a little ladder that way I could get up there and then after that the next goal was to craft some trap doors so that the chickens could have a nice little barricade to look through couldn’t have them free roaming around this was not that type of chicken farm I got the barricades I raised them up about two blocks that way the chickens couldn’t hop over over and then after that I began transferring each bird one by one via the cage and in case you were wondering this is what the funnels look like when they are in action I climbed down to check the chest and as you can see even though we have a 3X3 grid all the eggs were ending up in the one chest now it was time for the next thing to make some cake you are going to need some sugar thankfully we had an abundance here at the Cake Factory I grabbed some and then I made my way back to the area where the chickens were to make an infinite water source because we were going to be growing more sugar cane for our beautiful sugar cane farm and honestly I don’t know how many more of these I have to make but it feels like I make them at least every other episode hopefully this is the last one because after that sugarcane well I mean how much other use can we get for it I put some trap doors around to make it look nice and once that was done it was time to create the Harvester speaking of making these things every other episode we have our Harvester here I mean it wouldn’t be a double cell episode if we didn’t make one I added some glue you guys know the drill we’ve made this tons of times before if you don’t know how to make one by now well I don’t know what to say anyways the Harvester was done and here is where we’re going to grind the sugar cane into sugar you get a 50% chance to get an extra piece and here is the mine cart here all we have to do is give it a little push and the Harvester starts doing its thing just going back and forth harvesting infinite sugar cane and it seems like we were set with the sugar because once I switch that funnel to go outward all the sugar dropped down into the millstone and ground up right there look at that it’s being stored in the chest of course have to increase our chicken population like I’ve said before thankfully I have lots of seeds and they have a lot of time on their hands now that we have that we need to tackle the next problem Netherrack because we need Cinder flower the flower for our Blaze cake it only makes sense that blazes eat cakes made out of Netherrack I mean what else would they eat there was lots of Netherrack in the power drill storage the same drill that we had used last episode to clear out a mountain unfortunately when I tried to collect the drill to move its inventory the mine cart didn’t agree with me and move forward if if I wanted to move this machine there had to be a mine cart with a furnace under it and I tried crafting it but my game was glitching and it was taking multiple tries and then I realized my body temperature was rising and also the fact that I was lacking a lever I had to craft the lever but I guess I don’t know how to craft them until I did and then after that I went back to the machine placed the lever once it was one entity I right clicked it with my wrench and I was finally able to get it in my inventory just in the nick of time before I burned and died of heat stroke and that pool of water that was just the thing I needed cool off after that I went back to the work site and began working with these large crushing Wheels we were going to need the crushing Wheels to break up that Netherrack into the fine Center flour for our Blaze cake after that I began installing the belts where all of the ingredients were going to go and meet in one spot at the center of a basin where they were going to be pressed or mixed together there’s the Basin right there all of our eggs our flour and our sugar all the ingredients needed to craft the ultimate power source The Blaze cake now once the that was done I added the mixer that would combine all the ingredients together and it was simply a matter of setting up the Cog wheels and giving the machine life I added these gearboxes that way all of the conveyor belts went in the proper direction can’t have the ingredients going the wrong way and once that was complete it was simply a matter of checking out my work and making sure it looked good and yes it did double check your work everyone especially when it comes to Minecraft Builds as you can see the eggs were now on the belt making their way to the basin it was time to unleash the Netherrack so that it could get crushed so I stocked up the Netherrack into the chest and it immediately began going on the Belt crushed into Cinder flower once the Netherrack was there a creeper decided to make its appearance and blow at my work so always be vigilant especially during the day because creepers I hate them but yes all of the ingredients were being joined together and I realized I had the wrong block I needed a press not a mixer so I put a press there and then the machine got over stressed once I resolved that issue I tossed whatever extra ingredients I had in my inventory into the Basin and just let it get smooshed together and finally now we had a working system that made us blaze cakes everything was working in harmony the sugar can was being harvested at a decent rate the chickens were laying eggs at an okay rate even though they were crammed yeah everything was working as well as it could but I’m sure we could fine tune it a little more but we need a building to house all this stuff and the Temple of power was that place to do it I cleared the land and made sure it was nice and flat because we were going to be using our good old schematic Cannon once again what would we be without the schematic Cannon to start building our Tower and I had to look at the bridge as reference there because I wanted everything to align up once I had my schematic I just simply had to place down the preview and this is the worst part of create when you place down a huge preview cuz it makes your game lag spoiler cover your eyes if you don’t want to see what the building is going to look like because the preview well this is the building itself there it is oh and all of its Glory well you know what it could be a little more glorious and it will be once everything is constructed now it was time to start demolishing all of the old setups that we had because the building was so large it actually went over the stuff we had already placed this stuff was going to end up getting buried if we didn’t move it so I moved it out and my Cannon started doing its thing leave a comment down below if you want me to start building things by hand again because if you think that this cannon spoils me well you and I are in agreement I I mean honestly half of the stuff we have more than half is thanks to the schematic Cannon so yeah you know what maybe we should go back to building things by hand but here was what it looked like when it was about H almost halfways done yes the cannon is a beauty as is the build the power station was complete almost complete you see we still had to fit it in with all of the machines but this is what the interior looks like before all that was done we have a few entrances and exits and lots of space for all the machines we want to build here we have two identical Halls on both sides of the building we’re definitely going to need them for the size of the sugar cane farm and as you can see these are our engines and the water that’s going to power the engines well the water that’s going to course through the engines it’s the heat that powers them after all and as you can see over here I’ve decided that this is where I was going to put all of my stuff and there’s a friend that spawned right there the water was going to fill these engines up we had all the pumps and all the belts everything to get this place going going there’s the pipes there and yeah it was simply a matter of getting this place fitted out but once it was set this was going to be a literal Powerhouse the building could also act as a base of operations as you can see I have a few rooms over here two on each end of the building so you can I don’t know store something here uh make a bedroom whatever you want the space is there and then we also have this fancy colonade here where when you actually get further away from the building you can truly appreciate what it looks like and I was going for a Monumental type thing here I always do I don’t know why it’s just something I love to build and this is the side of the building with a large row of Windows and now it was time to move in one of the first things I did was starting to get the engines warmed up so I started by doing the water wheel placement here after all water wheels are a basic source of power but they’re essential for starting even the mightiest of power plants after that I began supplying the engines with fuel that being the logs which were being placed into the blaze burners by this mechanical arm a true Marvel of the create mod this is pretty cool especially since we don’t use it all that often after that the engine started coming to life fluctuating between level four and level five with the arm supplying a steady flow of logs for them to burn that being the blaze burners yes the engine was moving although it wasn’t nearly as powerful as it could be so it was up to me to harness the full potential of our steam engines that being with the power of the blaze cake I took all of the setup we had previously made and moved it inside I even installed the nether grinder right underneath for the sake of saving some space yes everything was going to run perfectly although it was a little dark so I did add some lamps so that we could see our beautiful creation the chickens were laying tons of eggs at the Old Farm and I didn’t want them to go to waste so I transferred them over to the new machine along with all of the sugar that we had also harvested I applied the eggs on the funnels that way we could sort out all the random eggs with the good eggs then after that I made a shoot so that all of the cinder flow could go up into the base which was directly above it on the main floor and now it was simply time to let all the ingredients start moving between every component of our design the sugar can was being grounded into sugar and our eggs were moving through making their way to the Basin where they were going to be mixed together with the sugar cane and all that other junk all in all our setup was about I’d say 99% complete although there was one last ingredient we needed to make this Blaze cake and that was the lava layer of frosting yeah I think that’s what the lava is supposed to be so we were going to get our lava from our lava farm that we had at the workshop and we had to basically pipe it all the way over to the power station which meant I was going to have to drill a very long tunnel thankfully I did have this drill that could mine in a 3X3 radius so it only took half the time and as you can see here it was a very long process but once the tunnel was done I was free to place down the longest pipeline I had ever built on this world paired with lots of cogs and lots of shafts to give it power so that all of the lava can flow from point A to point B now there were a few glitches and that’s to be expected when you’re pumping so much lava at such a long distance but once you’re able to work around those glitches thank you Reddit for helping me out you are able to get the lava to Blaze cake base and make a beautiful stack of blaze cakes once I fed them to the blaze burners they turned blue indicating that the heat was being cranked up which also meant that the engines were starting to work as they should max power you can tell by the Cog spinning really fast we could also moderate how much water was going in as you can see the engines were maxed out because there was all the water and heat mixing together but it also began to lower because I adjusted the RPM but with the speed controller I raised it from 80 RPM to 90 and it maxed out again so yeah the more RPM the more power you get as for the Netherrack well as you can see we were bottlenecking here because we needed more Netherrack so I built a portal went to the Nether and I got access to the drill which had plenty of power that would mind us more Netherrack although I was attacked by some pigs very annoying and once it was done harvesting the nether rag I needed I placed it down in the Overworld so as to avoid getting killed by the pigs and collected all the block blocks I needed and that’s all the bottleneck issue but yeah let’s go over the entire process one more time so we start here at the sugarcane farm sugar cane is collected by the Harvester and transported into the chotes the sugar cane drops down then after that we have to sort it into two categories silver sugar cane and gold sugar cane they’re no good they won’t get grounded up but once they’re separated they’re ground into sugar itself the sugar goes down the belt where it’s stored and now for the chickens happiest chickens on Earth the chicken lay lots of eggs which go down the chot those are sorted as well we sort out all the teered eggs and as for the regular eggs they continue down the belts and after that we move down to the cinder flower area it begins with Netherrack being Ground Up by crushing Wheels into Cinder flower and then the centerflow is elevated via shoots at a fan into the Basin where they’re pressed together to make a blaze cake base and then filled the lava to make the blaze cake itself after that the cake is transported to the mechanical arm that feeds each Blaze burner a blaze cake once they turn blue that means you have lots of power although you may notice that the meter is not where it should be that’s because you need more water thankfully we have pumps although the pumps aren’t pumping enough water at a fast enough rate so that’s where we have to raise the RPM and once the RPM is raised the pumps have more rotational Force allowing them to put more water into the tanks and once the water goes into the tank the machines come to life and you’re probably wondering how we use all that power well on the outside we have all of these belts moving around and that’s where you would basically plug your machine in voila the power station I also did a little Landscaping outside made a path added some bushes on each side with some flowers just to make things nice we’re going to make beautiful things in this area and thanks to our power station that is now possible in the last video we made this glorious power plant a place to harvest all the power we needed to create any Factory we wanted now the question remains what kind of Factory do we want to build next well how about this TNT Factory suggested by this subscriber yes everybody loves TNT it’s explosive it’s exciting and it’s expensive but in today’s video we’re going to do everything we need to start taking the first steps towards our automated TNT to make TNT you need two simple ingredients sand which is easy and gunpowder which is not so easy to make gunpowder you have to have nitrate sulfur and Charco charcoal now charcoal we can come by easily but nitrate and sulfur well there’s a process to follow for example if we want to get nitrate we have to gather lots of sandstone and I’m talking Stacks you take the Sandstone you throw it into this grinding machine the Sandstone is broken up and you get sand as well as nitrate well this machine uses lots of power thankfully we did have a generator to generate all that power so once it was Juiced up we were getting lots of sand and all the nitrate we needed that’s what one thing to check off our list next we have to worry about sulfur but not until I add a new weapon to my Arsenal this brand new weapon was going to be powerful it was going to be just what we needed to make our journey to the nether that much safer that’s right we’re going to the nether for sulfur I tested it a couple of times and then I made the determination that this was exactly what I needed if I was going to make my journey safely across the nether now what was my goal there to find a another Fortress reason being was because we needed blaze rods and blaze rods can only be gathered from blazes which of course spawn in those fortresses so with this new weapon of mine I was going to stop at nothing until I had a steady source of blaze rods I carefully maneuvered my craft through the nether trying not to hit anything finally I laid eyes on the Fortress as well as the many enemies who were waiting to destroy me thankfully I came prepared I began clearing out each enemy one by one and after that ordeal I went look looking for a blaze spawner the source of my blaze rods thankfully that didn’t take long and now it was simply a matter of safely Gathering them now there were a few processes I could go about but the main idea was to transfer them from the spawner all the way back to the portal didn’t want to have to make the long trip in between so I needed a system that was going to work I took one of the blaze rods I had collected and threw it into the grinder it was crushed up and out came the blaze powder as well as the sulfur we needed but we still needed a lot more thankfully I had a plan that involved the train station and at the train station I was going to build a portal now double cell why would you build a portal at the train station well that’s because we’re building a brand new stop on our Railway line the nether station and this nether station was going to act as the main point of transportation to every other area in this Dimension granted this station was going to be small but you know what it’s the Nether and we’re not trying to go too big without getting ourselves blown up in the process so that’s exact what I did I began constructing a small little Hub where I could safely come and go as I wanted without getting killed now the nether is a very dangerous place and building with anything except Cobblestone is extremely risky as you run the chance of getting blown up by a gas now in case you didn’t know gas can blow up everything except Cobblestone and obsidian I wasn’t going to use obsidian and Cobblestone is an ugly block to build with so I had to be fast I had to be alert and if you’re not alert this happens an assault by multiple Ghasts on multiple fronts blowing up all of your hard work right in front of your eyes that’s why you have to come prepared with a proper weapon I quickly began building the roof and the walls because once the gests don’t see you anymore then well they’re not a problem I also collected some glow stone to start lighting up the area to prevent other unwanted guests from spawning once all my materials were collected and my blocks were placed I finally had a nice little place I could call uh well well I guess I missed a spot I swear we can’t have nice things in the nether I hate it here oh well anyways back to work this is what it looks like when it’s not being invaded by enemy ah I spoke too soon please go away when the dust had settled I went back to work adding the finishing touches to this nether Hub and then after that I began working on the next important feature an elevator one that went to the bottom depths of the nether so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the enemies of the surface bothering us like you had just witnessed prior I even built a little tube so that we could safely descend on the elevator I had a little bread break and then it was finally time to take this elevator for a test ride I glued it all together click the elevator block I press the button and then me and my little friend descended down to the depths of the worst place in Minecraft but you got to admit when you’re looking through the glass it is very pretty at least when you’re not getting killed by everything that lives here that’s why we have safety precautions like this tube anyways once we got to the bottom it was time to keep working on the subway we had finished the elevator we had finished the entrance and now we actually had to get started on the train system itself so to get started on that I went back to the surface to go grab a very important tool but not before I planted some lava as well as some soul soil to grow something essential I planted some soul Sprouts which I put in my soul lamp which kept me from overheating I then made a detour to the Overworld where all of a sudden I saw that my power plant was being being assaulted by these dragons they were included in an update for the mod pack and they gave me a great idea one that I would act on later but in the meantime it was my job to destroy them before they destroyed me and once that was taken care of it was time to go back to the nether to act on the next big step we needed to drill a hole not just any hole a very long tunnel that would allow our train to sweep safely through the terrain of the nether although you do have to watch out for those underground lava pockets yes the tunnel continued to grow longer and longer and eventually we reached the end of the line so that was the point where I decided to start laying down the tracks I even decided to use a brand new block brand new to me at least and it stopped the train immediately before it went into that lava thanks to the tunnel I was now closer to the nether fortress I laid down the rest of the tracks and then the next step was to start building the train and as always I had to start by building a little test platform just to make sure that I remembered how to build one of these properly I Glu the test platform together and then it was simply a matter of testing its speed in this long tunnel I just wanted to get a feel for how long it would take to make one trip from point A to point B and I got to admit it was a lot faster than I thought it’d be I had to make sure I didn’t fall off or this train was going to leave me behind it just steamed through those poor Zombie Pigmen it didn’t take long before I reached the end of the tunnel as well as the stop for the nether fortress I already carved the platform in the inside of the wall and then on my way back the train slipped right under my feet and left me behind eventually I was able to catch up and once I did that I added a second cart a crucial add-on to our nether train I even cleaned up the platform for the starting point of our nether subway now back to the second cart this was going to hold the Vault now the vault is a very important Block in the create mod basically it acts as a storage block kind of like a chest except you can’t access it unless you’re using Create mod blocks like funnels so that was exactly what we needed because unlike a chest The Vault had so much more storage space it could be moved which was perfect for trains and we could load and unload it at each stop I went back to the hub to harvest some soul Sprouts because my lamp was getting low and I was going to start burning up and the way you can tell if they actually have Sprouts well you see that one only had stems but this one the little blue bulbs that one has lots of sprouts to harvest thanks to those plants my time in the nether was extended which meant I could work more on the trains like adding these portable storage interfaces the block that allows you to move items from Contraption to Contraption here’s a demonstration on how it’s going to work for example we’re going to put a torch on the Belt here and then I also happen to have this mechanical arm torch goes into the funnel into the block let’s throw in some slabs for good measure slabs go in as well and the idea is that they’re supposed to transfer into the vault which they did and yeah they’re in the train now but we’re not here to transfer slabs we’re here to transfer blaze rods and the blaze rods are up in the surface so I had to dig a staircase that led me up eventually I reached the Fortress and after that I I had to start devising a system that would allow me to transfer the blaze rods from the spawner to the tunnel underground I began building a safety barrier that would protect me from the blazes that didn’t want me to harvest their items Unfortunately they were no match for the power of the Minecraft block with my safety barrier slowly taking shape the blazes were eager to eliminate me but there was nothing they could do to stop what was coming eventually I began dismantling the blocks around their spawner so that I could begin constructing a blaze grinder but that proved to be a little difficult given that the blazes were not keen on me destroying their home I had to fall back but I triumphantly returned with a potion of fire resistance so I was immune to whatever attacks they had for me I converted their home into a grinder with conveyor belts and all the other bells and whistles it was a very Humane design and they were going to be punched to death with this deployer and all of this mechanical Wonder was powered by a mechanical windmill yes it was all coming together although I did have to make a glass barrier around my workstation because I was still getting attacked by the other blazes who didn’t like what I was doing to their brothers and once that barrier was done I was finally allowed to work in peace which meant I could start adding more mechanical belts to start transferring the items from point A to point B from the spawner to the station I force loaded the chunks so that my machines kept working and I even installed a custom mod so that the Scarecrow there acted as an entity allowing more blazes to spawn yes this system was full of Innovations and my items were being produced at an excellent rate they went down the belt and threw the the tunnel until they came face to face with a chute I added a funnel for the items to pass through and once they entered the Chute they would drop all the way down underground to the tunnel I had made it was a long fall but once they reached the bottom they would enter the second mechanical belt which took them all the way to the train station speaking of the train station it was time to beautify this area lots of sandstone slabs and a lot of stone slabs I didn’t want to go with another aesthetic because it was way too dark and as you can see by my screen it’s already hard to see as it is so some nice bright Sandstone was just what I needed to illuminate the place I went with this nice classical design and by that point enough time had passed to the point where my chest was almost full not of blaze rods but of these little XP cubes now these XP cubes could be right clicked and they would convert into XP but you could also turn them into liquid which meant that the experience itself could be stored in these fluid tanks so to save some space in that chest that’s exactly what I was going to do I was going to convert the XP cubes into this fluid that I would store in the tank and extract whenever I needed some extra XP which is kind of rare but it’s still nice to have the tank was done I carved a tunnel for easy access and then I began setting up the funnel and drainage system allowing the cubes to go into the tank itself now I thought the setup was ready I let the items flow out but for some reason they weren’t going into the drain I then realized I used the wrong block instead of a drain I needed a disenchanter and those look very similar but once I swapped it out for the right block as you can see the cubes went in and they started filling up the tank yes it was XP on demand as for the train itself it was time to start building it and do you remember those lizards they were going to be the inspiration for the Ultimate Dragon themed train or a serpent or a Naga I don’t know but it’s a big reptilian looking monster and it fit the vibe of the nether perfectly because as we know the nether is full of monstrosities this train would be no exception but it was also going to have utility that being transferring all of our blaze rods our train station was finally complete and now it was finally time to take the brand new train for a test drive but not before I show you its interior this is one of the passenger cars with a matching blue cushion setup here that matches the entire bluish Vibe of this train nice and cozy although it is kind of dark maybe we’ll add some lights later and yeah this is another passenger car looks identical to the last one I showed you and as for the control room well it’s pretty much the same setup as when we set that little test train up so yeah all I had to do was Assemble and the train came to life one big entity ready to go from point A to point B and check out this little feature you’ve seen this before but not on the trains when I move the Train the doors close and when I park the train at the tracks the doors open again little details like that go a long way and I really appreciate the creators for adding such a small but delightful feature now let’s get this train moving something about the vibe of the train while we were moving through the dark tunnel of the nether I don’t know what it was but it was just kind of relaxing I had finally reached my destination and now it was time to show you what I worked on here same design as the last station this one was a little different the changes so minor you can’t even notice but yeah overall same design now it was time to construct the last mechanism of today’s video a water wheel system now what were these wheels going to power well we had a whole setup over here this is where we were going to offload the train but like I said none of the system works unless unless we have power but how can you use water wheels if you can’t put water in the nether well you can use lava I had no idea this worked I just tried it out and the wheel started spinning so I wasn’t going to question how wood and water wheels weren’t being incinerated by lava our shipping system was finally complete and now it was time to take our transportation system back to the nether fortress so that we could begin loading our Precious Cargo for future use that being the TNT and there was a huge backlog material over here because the chunks weren’t loaded so when I got there well you can see the results they entered in at Point a and exited out through point B yes everything was going exactly as it should blaze rods were being transported and now we could start production of sulfur so let’s go over one more time beautiful nether Hub although we have these annoying nether creatures that insist on spawning don’t know what to do there and yeah it’s kind of pretty but the purpose of this Hub is to take us down to the depths where we have our nether Subway thankfully we can enjoy the scenery while we take the long ride down beautiful Nether and here it is the station all right after that you enter the train and you get to the nether fortress station and at the nether fortress station lots of stuff going on here not only is this where we load our cargo but it’s also the site of our Fortress itself a key element in this entire system because inside the Fortress we have our state-of-the-art Blaze grinder blazes spawn they get killed by the deployer and that they drop the blaze rods which go onto the assembly line and they take the long trip all the way to the station once all those items are there we separate them XP goes into one funnel and comes out the other end as liquefied XP which we store in this vat right here it just accumulates until we need XP next we have our blaze rods which are also separated and one of the little tweaks I made was that the blaze rods do come out in Stacks now you don’t have to do that but it is certainly faster than offloading them one by one so yeah there’s just a free little tip for you they go into the portable storage interface which puts them inside the train and then once inside the train they make the trip back to the first nether Hub where they are then unloaded ready for use all powered by lava water wheels there it is Friends our entire transportation system I think it’s safe to say that we are one step closer to automating TNT now that we have a steady production of sulfur we just need to automate the nitrate and charcoal process and we’ll be good to go gunpowder is on the way and if you want to see me make a TNT Factory as well as many more marvelous Creations then I highly recommend that you click subscribe leave a like and let me know what you thought about the video in the comments down below this was a wonderful run here in the steampunk world and there is way more to come so to wrap it all up let’s take a little aerial tour of everything we’ve built over the course of these last thousand days from our fancy District all the way to our airport and of course we can’t forget about our beautiful ocean liner the Titanic yes this steampunk world is probably my favorite Minecraft world of all the ones I’ve created and here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming next only bigger and better things are yet to come and honestly seeing as how you guys love this series so much I want to keep it going for as long as possible so yes your support is greatly appreciated hopefully I have another 1,000 days in me because it does take a long time to make but your patience is appreciated as well that is going to be it for today’s video if you liked any of the builds you saw today and you want them in your world they are available for download on patreon your support is greatly appreciated if there’s anything you want me to build specifically be sure to comment down below that way I can put it in the next video thank you so much for watching I will see you next time this has been double s have a fantastic day [Music]

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    CaptainSparklez 2: EPIC SteamPunk Escape! 🚀🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Great Escape | SteamPunk Craft Ep. 7’, was uploaded by CaptainSparklez 2 on 2024-05-17 00:00:23. It has garnered 28582 views and 1331 likes. The duration of the video is 01:27:48 or 5268 seconds. We are playing the SteamPunk Minecraft modpack in which we must make more guns and upgrade the guns and use them to shoot the ender dragon. Thanks to Apex Hosting for sponsoring! Use code “CaptainSparklez” to get 25% off your own server’s first month: SteamPunk Playlist: My Links: ● My gear (code CaptainSparklez): ● My clothing line: ●… Read More

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    Mind-Blowing Discoveries in Minecraft MaizenVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT JJ And Mikey FIND inside NEW MOB PLANETS CREEPER ENDERMAN VILLAGER in Minecraft Maizen’, was uploaded by muzin on 2024-02-25 10:00:43. It has garnered 194012 views and 1071 likes. The duration of the video is 00:42:46 or 2566 seconds. WHAT JJ And Mikey FIND inside NEW MOB PLANETS CREEPER ENDERMAN VILLAGER in Minecraft Maizen This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with JJ and Mikey. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We are not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new and interesting stories… Read More

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