Terrifying SLIDE EATER and TRAIN EATER Haunted JJ and Mikey in Minecraft Maizen

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all right let’s go today we’re visiting a resort that Mikey found I made the reservation for us and you’ll never believe the price it only cost a dollar so cheap huh wo really yep for a place this beautiful a dollar that’s right isn’t that suspicious it’s too cheap no way oh there is one rule before the sun goes down we must absolutely no matter what be inside our house our rental you mean that one we have to go inside it before it gets dark yeah exactly and we have to stay inside until the sun comes up huh we’re not allowed out until morning that’s weird I want to go home what just because of a curfew I went through all this trouble finding a cheap Resort don’t leave now seriously oh man I guess I’ll stay but what happens after Sundown why the curfew hey look over here yeah wow cool this is a high dive wo it’s so tall let’s climb yeah I think this is the tallest one I’ve been on it’s crazy wow look how high we are it’ll take a while to reach the top wo oh wow nice we’re here amazing wo wow just look at at the view yeah so that’s where we jump off yep let’s try if you fall that’ll be a long climb back up totally oh I made it you got this Mikey careful don’t fall I made it nice so hi it’s amazing can you really dive from up here this Resort is awesome yeah it’s great I’m glad we came okay I’m first wo wo so cool come on the water’s perfect here I go yay jump W wo wo that high dive is a lot of fun wow this place is the best I want to jump again yeah me too campfire so toasty mm and the meat is yummy I’m really glad we’re here oh Mikey look we have to hurry back the sun’s almost down but I want to relax a little longer by the fire I’m still hungry it’s so nice being near the ocean uh Mikey aren’t we cutting it a little close huh really um look it’s fine huh just a little longer come on but what about the curfew I have a bad feeling about this a well I guess you’re right let’s head home yeah let’s go it’s already dark whoo hold on what huh you see that it’s like there’s someone standing there right H who is is that maybe another visitor yeah let’s go say hi hey how are you ow wa hey he hit me wait Mikey oh JJ help look at him Mikey that’s a spectre no run Retreat to the house oh it’s following us no why me stop JJ hurry okay get in it’s coming I’ll shut the door I see him hang on what it’s following our movements really yes are you hiding I knew it Mikey huh this place is haunted just look at the Spectre outside oh yeah like he’s waiting just outside the door for us Mikey man you think he can break in I’ll hold the door let’s keep it shut I’m counting on you Mikey keep that thing out got it yikes scary this is really bad Mikey we’re [Music] trapped it’s morning huh where is it did the Spectre really disappear That’s good I’ve been holding the door all night I didn’t sleep hold on it might still ‘ll be outside huh it’s gone right open wow what a relief that’s better you were up all night holding the door but I was too scared to sleep yeah I’m exhausted you saved us but our vacation is over yeah the two of us are going to secure this place and deal with that Spectre let’s get him all right let’s start with a trap I want to catch that awful thing let’s do it the main thing we noticed is that it would follow our movements around the house yep that’s why we’re going to put traps all around the house that’s my plan right now at least good idea see what I’m doing here it’s in front of our door yeah if we dig here then we can turn the pit into a pitball trap okay now right here I’ll Place some sticky pistons yeah well we have the first row of pistons and on the opposite side here yeah good job just like that then dig it out like so oh over here like this what are you doing we’re hooking it all up oh it connects all the way over here okay it’s actually quite a simple build this will get the Spectre H these go here oh I see the repeaters extend the Redstone circuit Co yeah okay like that then what’s next where should I put it I’m not sure where to place the lever let’s make the pit a bit deeper [Music] hey all right I think digging down was a good idea the depth should be okay I’ll clear it [Music] out keep watching to see how this security system turns out yeah and now now how about we put up a wall of glass right here just like that now I’ll lower this then for easy access okay yeah I’ll clear out a little more room oh that’s nice how’s that look perfect it’s just what we need then right here I’ll put a slime block to cancel any fall [Music] damage then a ladder over here cool you can jump down wo to this underground area awesome okay now I can place the lever when I pull it check it out wo that’s so cool you can open and close it the pitfall trap is almost complete yeah we just need to cover up a few things uhhuh oops that should be paing for the Trap I’ll put sand now it’s complete wow Mikey go down and pull the lever okay 3 2 1 oh look it worked W it fell now that we have this we’ll definitely catch the Spectre if we can lure it to our front door like last night it’ll fall into our trap yep it’s perfect I just have one more idea I’m putting a dispenser right here can you guess what I’m going to put inside of it Mikey I’m not sure something painful check it out a lava bucket pretty brutal woo hot stuff I think that should do the trick it just needs a button yeah once we trap the Spectre here we can push the button and pour lava all over it good idea I doubt even a spectre can survive swimming in lava I feel good about this security system don’t you or maybe First Security System huh huh the first one why would we need more if there’s only one Spectre we didn’t sleep last night and I’m exhausted JJ come on a Mikey you sure it’s fine well that’s true we didn’t sleep last night right let’s take a nap yeah we need to rest to catch the [Music] spe ah huh oh it’s dark out we overslept a man wake up Mikey Mikey huh oh what’s wrong the Spectre uh Mikey it’s night time we need to check outside for the Spectre oops I fell okay let’s take take a look let’s go all right are you ready 3 2 1 open it’s there in the same spot as last night and it see you I’ll lead it over Mikey okay got to get closer hey you go no it’s fast but I’m okay go Mikey in get in close it right in its face nice I see it let’s drop in the pit okay if it’s in the right spot it’ll fall down once we pull the lever I hope so it should be standing right in front of our door care to do the honors really please do 3 2 1 ha got it it fell right into our trap let’s lock it in yes wow got him we caught it yeah now I’ll push the button wo it’s working if the lava works we won’t have to worry about the Spector anymore we actually beat it yep we won that was easy totally all right the resort should be peaceful again we beat the Spectre nice awesome yay what’s wrong wait no way no I see them it’s not just me it’s not a hallucination how how is this real uh the they it can’t be wait where man suddenly we’re surrounded by a swarm of specters but are we completely trapped in here what do we do I thought there was only one is this the end for us no it can’t be why is there anything we can do what else is there search the house for anything we can use beds fireplace uh crafting table uh furnace huh H hang on I think I found something what is it there’s a lever huh look I’m going to pull it do it ready yep okay here goes bummer no look behind you w what is that no way it open up a secret passage it looks dangerous I don’t trust it what if there are more specters hold on Mikey this might be our last chance to escape otherwise we’re doomed I guess there’s no way we can fight them but what’s down there I’ll take my chances careful I’ll be okay I promise let’s see oh is it safe huh mushrooms what is all of this oh wow W look full sets of diamond armor can you believe it awesome check it out huh I think it’s a rocket launcher wo no way awesome plus there’s a pickaxe oh some bread and ammo for the rocket launcher I think we’re ready to take on these specters let’s get them yep wait St you can’t leave through the front door that’s what they’re expecting that’s true they’re out there waiting for us we can’t go this way is there any other way out I don’t know oh hold on H I have an idea the chimney oh we can make it to the roof through the chimney really careful yeah there’s even a ladder in here huh I’m climbing up all right oh yeah come on up okay here I come good you made it now what where are they what the specters oh I see them oh Mike there are so many look I’m going to blast them with a rocket really of course I’m going to slay them all here I go wish me luck [Music] Mikey look at the crowd following me I don’t want to blow up the house though I’ll aim here careful ready on wo I got blasted too oh wow only a few left wo nice yeah almost done keep firing woohoo yes we got him we really did all gone we won’t have to worry about sisters anymore yeah let’s have fun tomorrow hooray hey good morning Mikey how are you [Music] doing what’s the matter I can’t believe it it’s so sad Mikey tell me what’s going on I should get going hang on why is he ignoring me I better follow him h hey buddy here I brought you some flowers H oh it’s a grave but whose grave is it huh huh oh JJ how could you leave [Music] me JJ it’s my grave but how wait I just noticed I’m seethrough does that mean that I’m a ghost I must have died at some point H oh okay I see yeah I’m on the right track H Mikey never comes to the library what could he possibly be reading about H is this it huh Eureka I found it I found a way to bring JJ back to life you’re trying to do what all right now no time to waste I got to hurry can he really bring me back to life this is it this is the place there should be an orb at the top of this mountain that can bring people back to life wow no way Mikey’s really going to try and bring me back to life what a good friend there’s a terrifying monster at the top apparently I hope I can beat it well I don’t have a choice I have to try I have to for JJ Mikey is so sweet I’m going to do everything I can as a ghost to help him reach the top what’s your plan Mikey yeah I’ll use these Vines to climb my way up I don’t know Mikey that looks dangerous okay as long as I’m careful I should be fine just in case something happens I’m going to put some of these down H slow and steady oh hang on wao what happened to the vines pH weird wo was there always slime down here H I don’t know but it saved my life I need to be more careful that was close I barely made it in time to save Mikey all right to the top okay I can do this just keep moving one stone block at a time careful that’s hot aw he’s trying so hard to reach the top Focus if I’m going to bring back JJ I have to actually reach the top yes that’s it yeah you’re doing great Mikey just a little further wo I’m on a roll that’s super super hot okay push through the pain looks like he’s going to be okay maybe I should use this water to make it safer for him dad woohoo little more okay huh wait where do I go from here oh oh I can’t cross this Gap how am I supposed to reach the top of the mountain with this in the way yeah he looks stuck it’s up to me to help him out then I’ll make a stone path for Mikey to Walk On By pouring water on the lava there wo I’ll pour some more what’s going on that’s enough seriously removing the Water Source I think he can cross now what just happened happened where’d all the water go and where it even come from in the first place so weird that s it did turn the lava the stones which means I can cross now woohoo yeah yippee onward to the top that’s the spirit Mikey I’m counting on you I’m on a roll bring me back to life huh what the path splits in two which way do I go oh I see one of these doors leads the right way while the other is a trap H which should he pick I got to find out where they lead let’s take a peek hold up what’s this behind the door on the left it’s a super tough bad guy oh no it’s a trap pick the one on the right Mikey come on go right okay I’m going left yeah I’ve made up my mind this is bad that’s my ticket to the Top This is really really bad oh I know I’ll use this to lure him towards the door on the right let’s hope he takes the bait oh H H cake H H yes I think it’s working M actually I’m going right M delicious all right my plan is working out he’s going through the door on the right woohoo that was lucky onward Mikey I’m so glad he went with the door on the right if he had chosen the other one he would have been a goner everything’s working out seriously that guy over there is bad news he’s just staring at Mikey all right I got to keep forging ahead he didn’t even notice the big baddy staring at him nothing can distract him from his mission I’m getting close I just hope I can bring JJ back there’s the summit oh what’s that up ahead who are these people dad guys I’m under attack Mountain Bandits how do I get past them he needs a weapon stat here’s a good one go go go go go help take this Mikey please notice it huh what’s this yes he picked it up wo not bad St up yes huh that was awesome what’s all this he destroyed them maybe I shouldn’t have given him such a strong weapon oh well oo and look at that M Mikey looted the Bandit’s diamond armor now nothing can stop me I’m bringing you back JJ go Mikey I can do this get that orb and bring me back you’re almost at the top hang in there I’ve got a good feeling about this this is it he’s made it to the top oo great job I see something that’s a scary looking monster oh it must be guarding that or that will bring JJ back to life I’ve come this far I’m not giving up now oh he’s still using the weapon I gave him go Mikey all right you can do this you’re dead neat that hurt well take that wao it’s fighting back hang in there no I’m out of ammo seriously how am I supposed to beat it now Mikey needs help stop it I think I have to step in what do I do Mikey’s in trouble and it’s up to me to save him I’ll use this this energy launcher should do the trick stay back Mikey come on out of the way first I got to charge it up to the max then aim and fire yes I did it that monster is out for the count it’s not getting back up I think I killed it but how oh well better focus on the mission I still need to get that orb that will bring JJ back to life

This video, titled ‘Scary SLIDE EATER and TRAIN EATER kidnapped JJ and Mikey at Night in Minecraft Challenge Maizen’, was uploaded by Mikey and JJ + on 2024-03-17 02:26:27. It has garnered 14794 views and 117 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:40 or 1420 seconds.

Scary SLIDE EATER and TRAIN EATER kidnapped JJ and Mikey at Night in Minecraft Challenge Maizen

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  • HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft Battle

    HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Notch vs Herobrine – Minecraft Fight Animation #animation #minecraft #herobrine #shorts’, was uploaded by HexPeace on 2024-02-16 18:13:05. It has garnered 229 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft mod,shorts minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft challenge,minecraft facts,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft but challenge,minecraft update,minecraft 1.20,minecraft how to,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft rarest,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft animation,minecraft funny,minecraft fun facts,minecraft survival minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,shorts,minecraft but,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft tiktok,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft speedrun,minecraft funny,funny minecraft shorts,minecraft short,minecraft meme shorts,minecraft facts,minecraft meme,youtube shorts,camman18 shorts,minecraft speedrunner,minecraft manhunt,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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