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Minecraft is no stranger to adding features suggested or created by the community in fact there is an entire website fittingly called the feedback website and a popular subreddit where they take the community’s many suggestions some of which have even been added to the game but what’s much lesser known is that there is an interesting but mostly hidden list of features which Mojang will never add to the game they aren’t allowed and in fact will remove your post and potentially ban your account from the site if you do try to suggest them but why why are vertical slap guns elytra chest plates redstone on walls blue Redstone a thirst bar Redwood forest mining helmets sharks and many many more requested features banned from the game all right so if you go to the Minecraft feedback website go up here and H your mouse over the knowledge base click feedback website again and then out of these various URLs select the previously considered suggestions hyperlink you find yourself on this page right here pretty hidden from normal view this page here is made solely to document the idea and suggestions Mojang don’t want you to make posts about and if individuals do make threads about these they will be considered spam and will be removed if you make too many of these forbidden suggestions you will seemingly be banned from posting on the site in the future quite with the forboding warning but why is it that such features are not allowed to be suggested and for what reasons has Mojang decided against ever adding them well let’s take a look we’ll begin with General features furniture and decoration items are something that many mods have added to the game over its years some of these mods accumulating down downloads in the tens of millions according to Mojang furniture and decoration items are features which inhibit natural creativity or can already be done in other ways that are not being considered as such they will never be added to the game I guess the classic stair chair and fence pressure plate table will have to make a do in a similar Vein One of Minecraft’s most requested features vertical slabs or slabs facing different directions is also never going to be added to the game as according to Mojang they also inhibit natural creativity or can already be done in other ways that are not being considered not exactly sure how rotating this 90° inhibits natural creativity nor am I sure how vertical slabs can be created in other ways not being considered but hey maybe Mojang knows something we don’t the reasoning for this one definitely is not as sound as a Furniture one though guns are not allowed in Minecraft either it seems that anything that remotely resembles a gun is not on as Mojang States if it can be classified as a gun it is also classified as a solid no quite the bit of passive aggressive ESS from whatever employee wrote this anywh who if you’ve been active in the Minecraft multiplayer Community the past year this won’t come as a surprise to any of you as basically 1 year ago there was a huge drama where a bunch of gun related Minecraft servers were told they couldn’t have guns by moing enforcement despite being fine and operational for over a decade for whatever reason Mojang does not want guns in the vanilla game this raises an interesting question though as stated here anything resembling guns even cannons are not allowed but we can can technically make cannons with TNT that function the same as actual cannons arguably even more deadly and not only that but we have bows and arrows which like cannons shoot a deadly projectile so what’s the hard line here or maybe these anti-gun rules only became a thing after Microsoft took over in 2014 but they didn’t want to remove core Minecraft features like TNT and bows from the game so just let them be although we did get crossbows a few years later which are even more gun-like than anything else in the game so maybe that’s not true at all voice chat is an interesting Minecraft mod proximity voice chat mods have become increasingly popular the past 2 to 3 years with YouTubers using them for series and then being present in Civilization type videos many servers such as my own og- even allow players to use proximity voice chat mods as they really add to the fun but Mojang are not going to add it reason being that there are lots of other services which we can use body fluids including animal body fluids are also not a fit for Minecraft and will not be added to the game anytime soon or ever all forms of poop and bodily fluids have already been rejected from being put in the base game interestingly though as one commenter pointed out the llas ability to attack with spit technically means that a body floid is in the game but I think Mojang are mainly referring to body fluids in an item or block form and the next forbidden suggestion is probably one Mojang are well in tired of hearing by now and that’s the other mobs that lost the 2017 mob vote with them specifically emphasizing that the hovering Inferno will not be added likely the most highly requested one of the three now this is an interesting one as I said in this video’s intro Minecraft has in the past taken the community suggestions even going so far in some cases to add features of mods to the vanilla game I made an entire video about that here however it seems that era is over as Mojang States here that they are no longer adding community-made mods to the base game of Minecraft kind of sad as some of the mods added in the past revolutionized and changed the game forever even on a technical level but I guess it’s no longer the small in the game it once was and such additions are not feasible anymore one major complaint amongst Minecraft players is that of the differences between bedrock and Java while developers have gone on record stating that their goal is to continue making Java and Bedrock more and more similar over time one major and game-breaking difference between the two versions that being the different systems of redstone are supposedly going to remain functionally different for the time being so there you have it bedrock and Java will never be entirely the same and one of the biggest and most frustrating differences between them being their differing Redstone systems will forever remain a point of controversy the last two forbidden suggestions in the general features category are kind of funny Mojang will not add any feature creature or anything related to real life politics or religious things they even acknowledge that this is a pretty vague rule but it’s fair enough also they explicitly state that they will not be changing the name of the game not sure why people were suggesting that in the first place we now move on to forbidden biome and structure suggestions the first of which being lying skeletons in the world determined to be not fit for Minecraft back in May of 2019 now I’m not exactly sure what is being referenced in this date here but I found this Reddit post from around the time that suggested lying skeletons even including some cool models which also linked to a feedback post although it seems it is no longer available to the public what’s interesting about this is that we technically do have skeletons in the world in the form of fossils but I guess making them human or human resembling skeletons would make the game too dark or violent in Mojang’s eyes and as such they won’t be added although I have to say this is my favorite suggestion by far and I think it would really add to the immersiveness of the wild Minecraft world its caves and of course the game’s many structures so it’s a bit of a shame that moing have taken a hard stance against it roofed Forest tree houses as well as buildings for illusioners are another forbidden feature this is pretty vague and specific but I came across this suggestion from around the time that suggested illusion of tree houses that would generate in roofed forests primarily known as dark oak forests these would have contained some loot in them it’s an interesting suggestion for sure but also very specific I have no idea why such a specific and comparatively forgettable suggestion was permanently blacklisted by mojam kind of strange a redwood forest biome a biome which actually exists in various mods containing a reddish tinted wood which comprise gigantic redwood trees is another Minecraft feature which will never make it into the game due to them being too similar to Mega tiger biomes mushroom villagers are also supposedly not very likely to make it into the game although I couldn’t find the reference source on that anywhere and finally Wich Huts will apparently not be seeing any updates or additions and are currently determined to be fine as is all right so let’s move on to forbidden blocks tools and items starting with the Subscribe item 75% of you seem to not have access to that one but don’t fret it’s been added in the latest update you can click it to make sure it works no pressure anyways the first forbidden item is lava boats or just general lava Transportation as stated here The Strider which at the time had yet to be released would fulfill this purpose if you’re like me and prefer Minecraft’s older textures one common issue You’ probably run into when using programmer art is that many of the game’s newer blocks obviously don’t always work with the older art style normally this is fine but it’s very much noticeable on blocks such as the Netherrack variance warped and Crimson nyum both of which have the newer nether texture at the bottom designed to work with normal nether but not with the old nether texture luckily community-made resource packs do fix this and such issues will always have to be the ones Community fixes in the the future as Mojang has no plans to support programmer art with newer Textures in the future one of my favorite features of OptiFine and other similar mods has always been Dynamic lighting allowing players to hold items like torches that carry and move the light with them this is a feature which has never made it into vanilla though and never will as it seemingly had a negative impact on gameplay and thus was rejected by developers so how do mods do it to no issue then well the way mods do it is purely visual so for example if you threw a torch on the ground in in a dark cave sure it looks lit up but this is only a visual change and the game still sees this area as pitch black and will still for example spawn mobs here the way Mojang wanted to do it was probably the proper way where the game actually recognizes this as a light source and game mechanics change around it and it seemingly was too hard to implement in the Minecraft 1.14 trailer released about 5 years ago now around the 44 to 45 seconds Mark there is a brief few frames where a villager tosses out a blue colored Redstone players with a Keen Eye caught onto this and for some time it was a commonly rumored theory that we might be getting a blue version of redstone in the future ultimately this turned out to be a mistake in the trailer and the idea of a secondary Red Stone in the form of blue stone was rejected by Mojang with them instead focusing on existing Redstone systems and speaking of redstone any of you who would have dabbled in it in the past would have likely built timers or clocks using various redstone contraptions as it turns out Mojang States here that the game will not be seeing any timer blocks command items or enchantments in the future blocks and items I can understand not sure why we can’t have a timer command whatever though but enchantments was there some weird time related enchantment planned at one stage seems odd continuing on the topic of redstone a popular suggestion was to give Redstone the ability to be placed on walls going up vertically this is actually marked under review and has remained so for almost 6 years now but Mojang do not want to hear any other related suggestions to it so it seems they may be considered it or still are considering it but are unlikely to add it in the near future piston push limits will also not be changing as they are limited intentionally by design a feature that has been suggested since the beginning of Minecraft is the ability for torches to eventually run out and be extinguished or partially affected by rain this feature unfortunately will never see the light of day likely for similar reasons to the dynamically lit torch sleeping bags will also never be added to the game as beds are already just so unique apparently and no additional Furniture items similar to beds will ever make it into the game either Mojang has also taken a hard stance against suggestions relating to stacking ender chests double ender chests or any similar ideas pretty interesting hard stance to take but I guess maybe they want to focus on alternative storage additions such as the bundles rather than just adding additional space to pre-existing storage items 6 years ago in 2018 a post suggesting the addition of a new or called Silver was made to the Minecraft suggestion subreddit in that suggestion was also a miner helmet a helmet crafted with gold and silver that shoots a beam of light forwards this was ultimately rejected for being too modern well I thought it would be rejected for the same reason the other lighting changes would be but two modern is different I guess if we go by the logic of the game being set in a medieval time period it does make sense but we also have stuff like Redstone which is basically electricity so not sure if that logic is consistent now interestingly foods that are in mods such as pizza for example are not the kinds of food Mojang wants to add in the future as they want food suggestions to be focused on crops and recipes instead we do have prepared type foods like mushroom stew in the game already though but guess we won’t be seeing anything else similar in the future onto building and game mechanic Associated forbidden features now the first of which is anything at all related to bedrock breaking that is not ever going to happen through non- exploit means dyable or paintable wood also will not be seeing inclusion into the game and intentional design limitation meaning it’s also unlikely we’ll ever see paint added of the game in general and for all of you disappointed by the fact that we won’t be guessing vertical slabs combined slabs where you can put two different kinds of slabs together are also not going to happen mirrors are an interesting feature Mojang has taken a stance against now I once again could not find the source that is being referenced here but reflective blocks or just Reflections in general have never really been a vanilla Minecraft type of thing so it is likely not going to be added because it’s not Minecraft enough here’s a game mechanic we will never see that absolutely crushed me and that’s a toggle to switch back to 1.8 or Legacy combat as I’m sure you are aware in 2016 with the release of 1.9 Minecraft’s combat was drastically changed and this change went down as the most controversial Minecraft update ever to date almost 10 years later some of Minecraft’s most popular servers still remain on 1.8 because of this and people refused to play virgins after 1.8 because they disliked the new combat so much the combat changes were so controversial that Jeb even began working on a new type of combat in a special snapshot version that was more of a mix between 1.8 and 1.9 although that has seemingly been put on an indefinite pause and I agree to be honest Modern Combat is boring and slow but has gradually gained popularity the past few years now the reason I believe they won’t at a toggle is because they don’t want to have to balance two different PVP systems and design game mechanics around them but personally I think that it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day all that would have to be done is disabling Shields and slightly changing the damage values of some weapons such as axes and it would be fine but Mojang for some reason are completely against it despite it being very much feasible one aspect in survival games which Minecraft lack is a thirst bar or mechanic this has actually been discussed by Mojang but they seemingly would rather focused on Hunger mechanics instead Mojang will also not be adding an undo command to the game anytime soon mixed potions potions containing multiple effects are also not a feature that will be added to the game in the future that being said we technically do have one mixed potion in the game that being the potion of turtle master so I think Mojang instead don’t want players to be able to combine potions together rather than make special potions with multiple effects elytras will also never be able to be combined with chest plates as part of the trade-off of having an elytra is making it to reduce your armor and Sun blindness will also not be added quite an odd suggestion there on to some mob related forbidden features now bees will not be changed to be smaller they will remain as is alligators crocodiles sharks or other similar mobs and features will not be added to the game supposedly all Hostile Mobs need to be fantasy creatures that’s actually an interesting design philosophy and it is consistent with the game current hostile mob roster real life animals do exist in the game as neutral or passive mobs like the bat though but maybe Mojang won’t add typically dangerous animals like sharks to the game as they have to be hostile it doesn’t make sense for them to be passive or neutral although polar bears do exist which are neutral mobs that will only attack if attacked first so that doesn’t quite make sense either it’s inconsistent ghost miners ghosts that would lead you through caves were at one point considered But ultimately rejected and in a similar vein mummies and pyramids were also rejected mummies for the reason that they are two simar to husks not exactly seeing the resemblance here but all right and unfortunately Dolphins will never be able to Be Tamed or ridden nor will we ever see the addition of baby dolphins for some reason drowned will also not ever drown you as an attack that makes sense as I feel like that would be an annoying mechanic to go up against and there will also be no drowned dolphin jockeys especially if they have Trident that one seems oddly specific despite being a relatively popular suggestion and present in many mods Ducks will also not be added to the game and also here Herr and other popular Minecraft creepy pasta characters will not be added this one’s pretty funny as well Herobrine is probably the most requested addition to Minecraft in the game’s history Notch would know that all too well villagers will never fight there will never be guards Knights soldiers or Warriors they will not follow players and they will never be tamed able to be hired to help or enslaved as they have their own things to do they don’t want to build things either they just want to exist someone should probably let Mojang know that most Villages are ugly treated worse than slaves and aren’t being use for anything except the Minecraft equivalent of a cage farm so maybe giving them some additional usage would be beneficial villagers are genderless and players will never be able to have relationships or make babies with the villages despite what some Minecraft Monster School videos may suggest and that about wraps it up check out my patreon for exclusive content down below and be sure to subscribe thank you all so much for watching [Music]

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There exists a mostly hidden list of minecraft features which mojang will not add to minecraft. Today we explore this list…

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    Greg56 Plays Minecraft Minigames LIVE!Video Information This video, titled ‘Streaming Minecraft Java Minigames LIVE with Viewers!’, was uploaded by Greg56 on 2024-06-12 00:18:58. It has garnered 72 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:10:24 or 7824 seconds. What’s going on everyone, today we’re streaming some more Minecraft! We’re streaming some Hypixel minigames, so if you want to hop on in, then let me know and we’ll get right on it! Donation Link: Instagram: Discord: Person who made my character art in thumbnail: Person who made my overlay: @BlasianGamer Notice: 1:23:26 – 1:24:53 of the vod is… Read More

  • Minecraft Hardcore: EPIC DEATH REACTION! 😭 #beastboyshub

    Minecraft Hardcore: EPIC DEATH REACTION! 😭 #beastboyshubVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft most painful Hardcore death😔 #minecraftdeath #beastboyshub #shorts #viral’, was uploaded by DB_official Gamer on 2024-05-22 06:41:40. It has garnered 10268 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. Minecraft most painful Hardcore death😔 #minecraftdeath #minecrafthardcormode #shorts #viral Road to 1k Subscribers @BeastBoyShub @BeastBoyShub Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft GregTech Series: Making Glass!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft GregTech New Horizons | Lets Play: EP5 We are Making Glass’, was uploaded by TigerGamer16 on 2024-01-04 01:00:15. It has garnered 336 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:57:37 or 3457 seconds. We finally are making the glass that is needed for future builds. Also next episode might not be tomorrow. Depending how busy I get. Channel Links TigerGamer16: Musical Animal: #Minecraft #TigerGamer16 #GregTech #NewHorizons #LetsPlay Read More

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  • SkillsGrind

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  • Enter the Chaos – Anarchy

    Enter the Chaos – The Ultimate Anarchy Minecraft Server Server IP: Java Version: 1.20.4 Bedrock Port: 25565 Why Enter the Chaos? True Anarchy: Experience pure Minecraft anarchy with no rules or restrictions. Endless Possibilities: Explore a vast world and unleash your creativity. Intense PvP & Raiding: Engage in fierce battles and conquer your enemies. Griefing Encouraged: Protect your creations or watch them fall to rivals. Alliances and Betrayals: Form alliances but beware of betrayals. Bedrock Support: Play on Java or Bedrock with the same server IP. Join the Ultimate Chaos Today! Dive into a world where rules don’t exist… Read More

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