Tier 5 Blood Altar (Blood Magic PT. 14) [Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod Guide]

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Hello and welcome back to another guide for blood magic today we’ll be going over how to upgrade your blood altar to a tier 5 and everything you can do with your tier 5 Blood altar so let’s hop right into it to upgrade your blood off with the tier

5 you’ll need 52 blank runes and four beacons now you’ll place the blank runes one block below the previous tier and you need a two block gap in between them so you place them on the one to the third block out from your previous tier and each side will have thirteen blank runes

Now you place the beacons on the corners at the same level as the previous tier with a one block gap in between each section of the rooms now the beacons do not need to be active they just need to be there so if you want to keep them

Inactive as I have here I’ll take my see your schedule and check and you can see in the top left corner that my blood altar is tier five without active beacons now if you want to add something nice to make your altar look a little

Fancy you just go around if you have the materials needed throw up a couple beacons and personally I put some red glass on them and they look pretty nice so that’s how you upgrade your altar to a Pier five with TFI of altar you can now make the Archmage blood orb and this

Is made by placing a nether star into a tier five lot altar with at least eighty thousand Life Points and then you’ll get your Archmage blood work with this you can now hold ten million life points in your blood network with your tier five welter you can now

Make the ethereal slate commit this you need to take a demonic slave enemy a blood altar with at least 30,000 light points in it I’d live adjust places laid in and now you have your ethereal slight to use for tier five crafting and other recipes to activate the highest tier

Virtual you would need a awakened activation crystal now to make this you need a nether star and your Archmage blood orbit the blood or will not be consumed in the crafting recipe but the nether star will give you your awakened actor your awakened activation crystal the sound of cleansing soul is a ritual

That will move all traits from your living armor and sentient armor and make them into tomes in your inventory they’ll cost twenty five thousand Life Points activate this ritual and every time you walk on the master ritual stone while wearing either living or sentient armor it will activate the ritual again costume

Consuming another twenty five thousand life points I checked my inventory you can see that I have the new armor with a couple upgrades on it and I also have a slightly colored inventory let me go tear it out and there we go clean inventory so let me walk in stand on top

Of my master ritual stone check marmar and then I will activate the ritual and as you can see I now have a number of living armor upgrade tones so these will have been removed from my armor put me back down to 100 upgrade points but I now have all of the desired upgrades I want Now to add your desired trace the army you want simply hold the upright home and right-click it will place the upgrade on your armors I want to add all these back I now have them back on and for the upgrade price so if I want to get extra

Ones of these I simply walk back on the NASA virtual stone activate the ritual and there you go I have more upgrade tomes these work very similar to enchantment books that if you take to upgrade tomes of dwarven might throw them in an anvil you can check and see

That now I have a dwarf in might in level 2 and these go out all the way up to some of their depending on the max level you can get them some is 10 some is 5 some you can only get a single level And again when you have them just right-click and it is now placed on your armor if you want to get a specific upgrade on your armor you can use a training bracelet craft it you’ll need a master flood orb or higher for gold nuggets one in each corner two gold

Ingots one on top and bottom of your mass of your blood orb and two iron ingots on either side of the flood orb and this would give you Utrecht living armor training bracelet now now the way this works is you take your training bracelet and you place it in an anvil

With whatever affray you want let’s say I would like more strong legs so I take it place it in now I have a training bracelet of strong legs as long as this is in my inventory the only upgrades my armor will get will be the strong legs now I could be doing

Other requirements for a number of other upgrades but I will not get that the training bracelets limit deborah jury armor can get to whatever it is in there and if you have number of these they will only again do the specific ones you want so if you want a specific set of

Armor see and I can see I have strong legs and PI around this time I probably would have got one for running as Wow now if you would want a specific set of armor with a specific set of upgrades depending on the amount of points you

Can have to it you can use training bracelets to do that do that you only need the first level and it will continually go up until you have it at its highest now this ritual may look familiar but it is very different over there you have your ritual of the cleansing soul this

Is your ritual of living and pollution but this does is it increases the amount of points you can have on your armor from 200 to 300 all you have to do is just stand on the master adjuster activate it while having fifty thousand life points And the girl let’s check and my armor now has 300 points now to note this will only operate it by a hundred you use the UC draft of Angelus you can make to upgrade it to 200 and this ritual will upgraded another hundred to three hundred now you can have three hundred

Points on your living armor for more upgrades now if 300 points is enough for all the upgrades you want you can actually technically get more points by taking away them and this is done with dependent of the leaded soul ritual this will add points to your armor by giving

You negative effects that technically remove points So the way this ritual works is you need a chest to be placed here an item frame to be placed here and when you are standing on the master virtual stone depending what items you have in the chest and on this item frame you would activate your ritual then you

Would shift on the master ritual stone to activate it consuming the items in the chest but not the item frame let me show you exactly how it’s done so let’s go through our little tomes here and let’s see exactly what one we want to use these are all level 10 so these will

All be pretty expensive so let’s go with battle hungry now this has multiple different ways to do it Let’s go with why not let’s go with disease so to make a level 10 disease you need a golden apple two diamonds and ethereal slate and another star so now I have all the items I need if I check the recipe again Bertha seized you can see

The Golden Apple is in this little window here that any item in that window will go in the item frame any items you find in this window to the left these will go into the chest and will be consumed the golden apple will not so as

You can see I have door for my strong legs on here what I do is I will stand our master ritual stone take my activation crystal right click to activate it so then you get this nice little message of what happens this happens this would kind of give you a

Basic and cryptic description of what it does what disease does is it slows the rate of which your health will regenerate and that kind of code kind of tells you maybe what it does so I would shift on master virtual stone you see upgrade acquired nightly chests gone and now I

Have disease level 10 and negative a hundred and eighty seven points so now I can 487 positive points to his armor it will cost you ten thousand Life Points for every upgrade for every downgrade you add and I will now go over what each

Of them do and some of the costs that go along with them the battle hungry downgrade will give you a chance of getting the exhaustion debuff every 20 ticks depending on the different level besides the chance the crippled arm downgrade stops you from holding anything you’re offering whether that’s

A shield torches or anything else the disease down parade reduces the rate of your health regeneration the percent depends on the level of the downward does this oriented downgrade gives you a chance to change the direction you are looking every 20 ticks for one second the percent chance depends on the level

The down rain the dull the blade downgrade reduces the amount of melee damage you inflate the percent change depends on the level of the downgrade the limp leg downgrade reduces your movement speed the percent change depends on the level of the downgrade the loose traction downgrade will make

You slide like every block is ice the quenched downgrade stopped you from being able to drink any potions the Stormtrooper downgrade reduced to accuracy when shooting an arrow the percent chance depends on the level of the downgrade the we can pick downgrade will reduce your mining speed the amount

Depends on a level of the downgrade the mark of the falling tower caused a meteor full of war at the cost of a focus and life points depending on what you use as a focus that will change the size amount of war and the Life Points

It will consume if you use an iron block it will cost one main life points and spawn a meteor six blocks in diameter being roughly fifty percent or 50 percent stone and it will mostly comprised of lower tier item low to your ores such as iron and redstone a gold

Block will cost two and a half million life and activate to activate and spawn a meteor that is seven blocks in diameter composed mostly of or such as gold and lapis A diamond block will cost five million life points to activate and spawn a meteor that is four blocks in diameter and this will be 100% comprised of Wars mostly diamond and emeralds And you are also using a diamond each of these you will be very likely to get the amount of materials you expand the back with the ritual plus more so this is the first tier of using an iron block now as you can see there’s no ritual here

Except maybe a couple of these stones so as you expect it’s causing a meteor that falls from the sky at lands centered on the master virtual stone now as you can see there’s not a lot of stone here one thing I discovered while testing some of these is that in mod

Packs such as the one I am currently using the test this ritual it seems like thermal foundation decides it’s not a fan of stone so it’s going to take up a lot of absorbs so anywhere where there would be stone thermal foundation was like those are

Mine now and they take over so if you’re using a mod pack and depending on how the config is set up you might just get a meteor of a hundred percent water next one is the gold tier one and as you can see it did not blow up my

Nice little ritual at least maggiore can see there are a couple stones missing this is because if i zoom on up here in pure end I made a platform made of obsidian that this meteor hit now this is ten blocks up and it is a slightly

Larger meteor so it did have a larger explosion radius now one thing to keep in mind is that any obsidian you place that is not just the center one will replace the boards inside so a center block for this which would land on the sender obsidian piece has been replaced

With the nor but the rest of the obsidian around it the meteor just kind of formed around so I love to you lose that or inside but again with gold you see that they’re diamonds plenty of gold lapis to mine but also you can see that there is no stone because there’s

Thermal found and my test this only seems to work with thermal foundation ores and not any other mod that provides ores now the last one is the diamond one and a you can see again my ritual is perfectly fine that is now both these were 16 blocks above from the master ritual

Stone so depending what they are for the larger ones you might want to go a little bit higher or might build one so you avoid losing the entire ritual like I did with my first pass so as you see there is a lot of diamonds

And a good number of emeralds on here as well as long as some mixes of gold iron and maybe couple redstone and lapis but again built up this has been able to not the genre tool and I did place a single block of obsidian so now if I dig into

The center you can see that there’s no obsidian because the center block which I believed was a diamond that I just destroyed replace that single block of obsidian but still kept the meteor in air so you might want to do that for all these all you need is one block obsidian

About 16 to maybe 20 blocks up fer your thing or your meter to land on it will consume the block moves in but again it’s a single block representing not too hard to get and if you’re worried about pickaxes and you have five million life points you

Can make some plenty of diamonds to get a lot so that is the mark of the falling tower now that is all you need to continue your journey through blood magic as I have for you today if you enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe for some more minecraft

Guides and the occasional online video thank you for watching and have a good day bye

This video, titled ‘Tier 5 Blood Altar (Blood Magic PT. 14) [Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod Guide]’, was uploaded by AA Gaming on 2020-06-19 23:24:01. It has garnered 20732 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:18:24 or 1104 seconds.

Today we will be going over how to upgrade your blood altar to a Tier five blood altar and everything you can do with it. Including new items, rituals, and armor upgrades.

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