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[Music] hi everyone today me and Mikey decided to go for a walk in the village and walk a bit together we love walking yeah we like to go for walks Mikey have you noticed how the village has changed in the last few years remember how empty it used to be yes JJ that’s right there are so many new houses and Gardens now in general The Village looks much better yeah especially the park did you see what they did to it I’ve seen it there’s a playground there now benches it’s a nice walk yeah I really liked it too we can play there now hopefully there won’t be too many kids there it doesn’t matter we’ll chase them away it’s not very good but uh okay maybe Mikey are you seeing this too what that girl yeah yeah I can see that she’s absolutely stunning who would have thought such a beautiful woman would live here I don’t even know how to approach her and talk to her do you have any ideas well we could start with something simple why don’t we ask her for directions to somewhere and then we can keep talking that’s a great idea let’s give it a shot jez I came up with that in a second it’s not a great idea but okay we’ll just St at her from the sidelines we won’t know if we don’t try okay come on let’s go great JJ show me how to meet girls yeah I’ve met a lot of girls in the past so I have a lot of experience I’d say I’m experienced yeah sure I’ll laugh when she runs away from us 10 seconds after you start talking to her uh why are you always so toxic bro if I was toxic you’d be crying all over the street okay hey sorry girl what hi who are you hey don’t be afraid we live in this Village too yeah we just wanted to say hi why were you so scared it doesn’t matter are you sure maybe something happened no no it’s okay I just uh if you need help we can do something to help yeah we could help you we’re good at a lot of things are you okay no I’m fine uh thank you so uh maybe we could go for a walk together what oh no no no I can’t no I got to run I’m sorry I’ll go what was that I have no idea it’s weird maybe she’s in some kind of trouble maybe but why was she so scared of us I don’t know let’s keep going maybe we’ll know something later did you notice the way she looked around like she was afraid someone would see her that’s right maybe she’s in some kind of trouble maybe but why is she so scared of us it’s not like we did anything wrong maybe she thought we were someone else the next day hey everybody it’s been a day already but I still can’t get that girl out of my head I thought I’d go out with Mikey and talk about it maybe we’ll figure something out during the discussion or I don’t know just go out and have a good time hey Mikey you ready to go out hello JJ yes of course let’s go you know I can’t stop thinking about yesterday you mean that girl who got so scared and ran away yeah it was really weird she looked really scared I was thinking the same thing something was obviously wrong why was she reacting that way maybe she’s having some problems at home or is she afraid of someone it’s possible but I think it’s more than that she looked around as if someone was following her you think she’s in trouble wow look around there’s a bunch of posters on every meter look JJ it’s her on the poster it says she’s missing that’s the same girl we saw yesterday wao what happened to her I don’t know but it explains why she was so scared of us maybe she was hiding from someone you’re right we have to do something you think we should go to the police yeah I think that’s the best solution we have to tell them everything we saw ouch sorry okay let’s go right now let’s go I hope they can find her and help her we only saw her for a couple minutes but it could help with the investigation yeah every little detail counts maybe our information will make the difference I hope so as long as she’s okay I agree let’s hurry up oh we’re almost there I hope they’re on a workday I’ll have to tell them everything we’ve seen around here they’re always working they don’t have days off wow I didn’t know that okay well let’s go inside I guess hello anyone wow there are so many posters yeah there’s tons of posters of gangbangers from different gangs even the Crips gangs are here okay we need to find someone to explain this to I guess there are some tough cops around here hey open up we have information about pomy hello is someone there I think they’ve heard us and they’re about to open come in pomy she’s lost what’s wrong with her have you seen this poster oh I’ve got a lot to do I don’t have time for this you can look for her yourself if you want that girl is Missing we saw her oh my God children did you hear me by yourself we don’t know where to start that’s your job isn’t it look I’ve got a lot of other things going on right now crimes reports it’s like he wants us to look for her ourselves all that if it’s that important to you you do it yourself you could try looking where she was last seen talk to the neighbors see if anyone knows anything but isn’t that your job we might miss something we we have no experience I guess we could try Okay moments later wow now we’re cops yeah we look cool yes all the bandits will be in awe of us it’s just awful okay and so are you ready to get started with your training yes of course we are ready for any challenge all right the first thing I’m going to tell you is how to use the Baton here you go sounds great we’re ready to use a stick to ward off the bad guys all right the next item is apprehending criminals it is important to remember that your safety is Paramount use all the techniques I will show you to disarm the criminal okay we’ll keep that in mind yeah I’ll have to remember that finally the search for missing persons this is one of our most important tasks you must be willing to work as a team and use all available resources to find missing persons these are your batons you can use them to apprehend criminals like I said before they’re your weapons we will try to do our best to help people yeah that’s good but be careful Bandits are no strangers to dirty tricks no wonder gangsters are always trying to cheat everyone we’ll always try to cheat you out of a good deal we understand that and we’ll remember that good we’re now officially part of our team luck cops thank you we’ll do our best here are the bicycles take them you can ride them around our Village and look for places where the villains could have hidden that girl okay but where do we start what are we supposed to do now well now it’s your job just drive around town and look for suspicious places ask the locals wow Mikey we’ve become cops yeah that’s really cool who knew we’d be on the other side of the law but this is such a turn of events now we have the opportunity to help people and make the city safer absolutely and now we’ve got our first Big Challenge to find remember remember and save her yeah that’s our top priority we have to do everything we can to find her and bring her home you think she’s still in town somewhere I hope so but we need to move fast the more time that passes the less chance we have of finding her that’s right we need to gather all the information we have and start investigating yeah and let’s use every resource we have we can go through security footage talk to people she may have last seen and track her down with all the available data and let’s not forget our new police skills we must use them to Maxim effect so where can we start well I’ve got a cool bike so I’m going to start doing tricks so that when we have to go after the bandits I can easily jump over obstacles and you can figure out how to find her oh okay helpful well I don’t know she didn’t say anything she just ran off in a direction she didn’t understand so I don’t even know who could have been chasing her maybe knock on the houses that were around when we met her and ask if they saw anything yeah that’s a good idea okay we just need to remember where we saw her I think it was at an intersection near the woods I think it’s right next door I’ll have to look closer that’s right we now have access to specialized resources and training that will help us in our investigation but most importantly we work as a team we can rely on each other and help each other in difficult situations wow look some rusty car looks very suspicious W let’s follow him maybe he’ll lead us back to where they took her I agree maybe it has something to do with the missing person’s case we have to be careful let’s go get her the car is speeding up the driver seems to have spotted us hurry up we can’t let her get away pedal to the floor Mikey we’ve got to catch up to her the car is turning left hurry up I see it come on keep up she’s pulling away from us these bikes can’t keep up with that speed we can’t let her go it’s our only chance maybe she’s got something important we should at least memorize the number my hands are full we completely lost sight of that truck yes in the woods his tracks will be quickly lost but we must not give up yeah I’m so tired of pedaling it’s really hard yeah me too and we lost him completely yeah maybe we can take this road I don’t think there’s many orks maybe we can find where they came from at random yeah that sounds logical okay let’s go let’s go wow I’m so tired this bike is cool but God I’m so tired of pedaling when we’re chasing this truck you heard that scream yes I did from up there in the trees let’s go faster yeah it’s from somewhere down this road let’s go fast we got to be ready yes these Bandits can be dangerous you have to be careful like the police captain said they like to use yeah it’s okay I got a couple tricks too look it’s an old building looks like the screaming came from there yeah the building looks long abandoned but we should check it out let’s be careful who knows what’s inside the door is a jar let’s go in quietly so we don’t attract attention wow this is the car looks like we’re on the right track yeah it looks like the one we’ve been chasing looks like a gang house it’s weird how a wreck like this is going so fast it looks like it’s going to fall apart never mind let’s go inside the building find those guys I think we should do something about their car in case they get away from us and they can run off in that car again whatever yeah fine all right keep your baton at get the ready we don’t know what’s waiting for us out there let’s go in quietly so we don’t attract attention get ready to see whoever’s in there it’s dark and smells looks like the building’s been abandoned for a long time yeah watch your step you’re right don’t trip I’ll do it listen I think I hear something again it’s quiet I think it’s coming from deep inside the building yeah I hear it too it sounds like it’s coming from over there let’s go but be ready in case it’s an ambush you drive I’ll cover you looks like a basement door let’s get closer and take a look at it let’s see what’s in there let’s take a look around first I don’t want to be caught off guard pomy we found you don’t worry you’re safe it’s all right pomy we’ll get you out of here wait I think she’s asleep yeah it looks like it I got to get it out of there you don’t see any keys or maybe a lever to open her cage yeah I got it I got it let’s take it and go okay open one chain and I’ll open the other it looks fine I hope nothing’s been done to it yeah she looks fine we have to wake her up I don’t think we’re going to be able to drag her very far with just the two of us good morning PNE pomy we found you don’t worry you’re safe help I was so afraid I thought no one would find me Poma can you go we need to get out of here maybe Set Me Free first I’ve been kidnapped by some toilets what okay now hold on we almost got you out of here okay we’ll be here to help you come on one step at a time you don’t understand have you seen them they could be close by they could be waiting for us pomy tell us what happened who did this we need to know all the details to catch them I I can’t I don’t know it all happened so fast try to remember pomy any little thing can help what did they look look like how many were there I’m telling you they look like toilets wo uh there were uh two or three I’m not sure they grabbed me on the street when I was walking home I didn’t see their faces you don’t remember what they said did they have any special signs they uh they were talking about some place I didn’t understand what it was one had a deep voice the other was silent it’s very important try to remember more hey what are you guys doing here we’re uh we’re the guys who kidnapped you who you they’re the ones who stole me you all right kid scared of me distract his JJ okay hey you we’re here to free pomy and lock you up for stealing her what what what I think you’re in my cage and it looks like you’re in here forever ouch out waa stop and you’re going to get one too ow hey I’m a cop you’re going to pay for this don’t hit us Hey where’s Mikey he said distraction and he disappeared what who are you talking about that green snot hey he’s my friend and he dumped you you’re all mine now hey hello no he didn’t leave me I don’t believe it yeah well I don’t see him here so you’ll be in a cage from now on who are you you saw me didn’t you my I thought you’d run away here I am don’t worry everything’s under control Mikey good job you saved us oh Mike thank you it’s not over not so fast we’ll hold you too you’ll answer for everything Mikey you’re my hero thank you for saving me I don’t know what I’d do without you this is our job we will always be there to protect we’re going to get you to safety it’s going to be okay and we’re going to turn this guy over thank you again I’ll never forget it to the police he’ll get what he deserves yes villain we won we’re real tough cops now Legends I still don’t believe we were able to find you pomy how are you feeling honestly I’m still a little in shock but I’m so relieved you guys are the real heroes come on that’s our job the important thing is that you’re safe but I couldn’t agree more it was awesome to save you JJ right we’ve trained for situations like this we had no margin for error you could be in great danger and we knew we had to act quickly I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t come you saved my life and for that I am eternally grateful we’re glad it ended well but we still have to deal with the bad guy they can’t go unpunished absolutely this guy goes to jail and we find the others we try the main thing is to protect people and help them in difficult moments whatever we’re the coolest cops now I think our CI say now yes we will protect everyone who needs us yeah the next day today we decided to play soccer with Mikey I’m going to have to win this red guy again again I’ve never lost to you ha JJ is lying on camera again to make himself look cool but now he’s going to lose for the 10th time ah don’t kick the ball so hard I can’t catch it that fast I told you you don’t know how to play soccer at all nah haha you didn’t expect a kick like that it was some kid’s punch any fool could have hit that uh now you’re really belittling my abilities Mikey no oh my God not again I told you JJ can’t play this at all you didn’t play fair you should have warned me when you hit the ball I’m warning you JJ don’t ever play soccer again or you’ll embarrass yourself again ha Mikey look there’s a cab coming didn’t you order this for yourself uh no I don’t have enough money to take a taxi cab then who is it that came here why do you think I know everything in this world thanks for the ride dude I’m finally going to live here wao who’s that pretty girl I should definitely meet her wonder if there are any good-looking boys around here oh yeah I’m a very handsome boy I should be her boyfriend she’ll never even look at you because you stink but here’s a lot of chances for me this girl is literally made for me we’ll see about that all the girls are hanging all over me hey girl stop what’s your name we’d like to know you hello I hope you’re not robbers my name is pomy PNE wo what a beautiful name oh it’s nice to hear about it from such a handsome man oh my name is JJ you have such a cool costume oh nice to meet you and my name is Mikey I’m a really cool kid who outplayed JJ at soccer um it’s nice to meet you too Mikey you better stay out of here so Mikey and JJ that’s funny you two are such fun boys oh yeah I’m a lot of fun by the way let’s go for a walk somewhere is there going to be a JJ on that walk I’d love to see him there I’m only interested in that red dude uh okay he’s coming with us too oh yeah I wouldn’t mind taking a walk with pomy oh yeah then I agree just to be near my favorite JJ just come pick me up tonight I’m just in the middle of something I got to put on some new lingerie for my JJ oh that’s so cute he he I’ll finally get to walk around and get to know the girl better yes with such a beautiful girl in general you can not only walk but also do all sorts of little fun uh little fun what are you talking about haha you’re too young to know that it doesn’t matter looks like I’ve fallen in love with this girl I have to do whatever it takes to get her to like me oh yeah I’m in love with her too I think she likes me too I clearly doubt that she’s just being nice to you out of pity out of pity really what are you talking about I just know that no girl will just look at you oh my God you’re the one no girl wants three hours later you know I was thinking Mike’s been my friend since I was a kid it’s the first time he’s ever been in love with someone so much friends have you ever fallen in love with someone write about it in the comments I think Mikey better help with that I just want him to be happy and for that I have an ingenious plan if pnia gets a bouquet of these beautiful flowers and a love note from him she will fall in love with Mikey well do I look like a handsome lover that’s what Mikey will look like in pne’s eyes all that’s left is to write some nice words for pomy so she’ll fall in love with Mikey for sure hello this bouquet is for you I love you the post scriptum is yours Mikey and a bunch of Hearts ha this is so ridiculous but the girls love it Mikey will probably not thank me for this but I’m doing it to make him happy guys would you like to date pomy write about it in the comments I’m such a romantic if I wasn’t so kind to Mikey pomy would definitely be my girl I wish I could date pomy there’s her house I’m a little worried it’s like I’m going on a date and not Mikey guys would you be able to confess your feelings to a girl write about it in the comments hey pomy open up it’s Mikey’s here H I got a surprise for you huh what uh-oh she’s getting close I have to hide so she doesn’t see me who was that ringing my doorbell if it’s another commercial for some vacuum cleaner I’m not even going to talk about it what is that somebody left a bunch of flowers at my door but why what kind of romantic man is that I think I have an idea who it might be that’s so nice of him I fell in love with him even more what a nice sweet caring and kind guy he is I will definitely be his girlfriend uh everything seems to be going according to plan except I’m not sure who it could be but there’s a note just read it is she even blind oh my God I made a mistake ah I forgot to put the note in ah what do I do my whole plan for seduction is ruined oh my God ah now she’s going to think I made that bouquet not Mikey that’s just awful oh yeah I’m going to go take her for a walk while JJ plays his Roblox again uh buddy this is a bad time to be here he doesn’t know anything about flowers oh my God I’m going to make it worse he maybe after the walk I can kiss her it’s going to be a great night this is going to be the worst night of your life if you don’t get out of there right now hey pomy open up Mikey’s here oh my God I don’t like this wow I hope it’s JJ oh hey pomy it’s me Mikey what why did you come to me I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m really busy right now well I was just passing by and thought maybe we could go out together I told you I’m busy and wow that’s quite a flower who’s it from oh my God you came to ask me about flowers well I just saw how beautiful it was and I assume someone gave it to you and I uh I don’t know what you want to know who gives me presents do I have to tell you my whole life story no I don’t but I’m just I don’t want to know anything get out of here and don’t come don’t come back but uh I what did I say no good but I just wanted to suggest something to do together why so aggressive I didn’t say anything bad what am I supposed to do maybe go to McDonald’s and get a good meal I don’t even know I got dumped before I even started dating but wait what’s that red stuff in the bushes I think it’s time to run away wait what that’s JJ what’s he doing here has he been watching me in the bushes the whole time I’ve been talking to pomy wait did he get here before me and give her that flower that’s right he’s the one I didn’t want to talk about remember now I hate him he started seeing her in secret from me I’ll show him he’s my friend betrayed me for the girl I wanted I hate him so I hope she didn’t tell him I gave him those flowers and he didn’t notice me running away it wouldn’t be nice if he thought I betrayed him and so on I’ll have to go out with him tomorrow and talk to him we’ve known each other for a long time and I don’t think he’s going to be too mad about it so it’s fine wow it’s been a long day it’s been hard I think we should rest maybe watch some TV or go to the bathroom I think it’s a good start to get cleaned up after a hard day and then you can watch cartoons it’s good to watch something before you go to bed wow look at those muscles I’m handsome I think I need to work out more and the presses will be even better and then I’ll look like a real jock oh that’s good a hot shower is just what I needed oh I think this is his house I hope he’s home I’d like to thank him for that gift and he’s so handsome I don’t think I’d mind going out with him he seems like a good boy boy I like that kind of guy it’s weird no one’s answering I guess he wouldn’t mind if I came in I guess he wouldn’t mind if I came to visit I’ll come in I don’t look like a thief hi JJ I hope you’re home hey hi JJ are you home can I come in I’m already in but he’s not here what’s that sound it’s like water running I think he’s in the tub I think I’ll surprise him by going in I just need to figure out where his bathtub is coming from over here I think up on the right track I’m getting close ah I don’t even want to leave this place it’s so nice I feel like I could lie here forever this nice warm water is so warm that I don’t want to leave M it’s incredibly Pleasant I’m going to be here forever hey JJ are you washing already what what are you doing here I was thinking maybe we could take a bath together it’s more fun and warmer that way well that was strange but oh that would be great do you really want to of course I’ve always loved when we do things together and I love you very much JJ I love you too pomy let’s give it a try you know I always felt there was something special between us I think so too it’s like we were made for each other yeah I think so too it’s so nice yeah unexpected but nice well uh Okay shh I’m almost there I can hear them chattering what’s going on in there wow it’s like the second floor and it’s so hard to get up here I saw pnia come to him oh what they’re bathing in the tub together really after all these years of friendship he just started seeing her in secret from me I can’t believe it haha yeah that’s funny wow you are so funny I’m glad you liked that joke I have a lot of them I would love to hear more and I’d be happy to tell you more wow thanks I think when I’m done washing up we could watch TV together that’d be cool oh wow that would be cool what are your favorite movies well it’s uh it’s hard I like a lot of different movies I guess well I’m thinking La La Land a place under the tree wow cool movies I like them too I’ve seen them many times yeah me too I think it’ll be nice to see them together wow this tub’s getting hot I hope you’re having a good time yeah hey wait what Mikey what are you doing in there have you been spying on us this whole time why you’re breaking my windows I hate you you started dating a girl I liked before me she came to me on her own man honestly hey JJ did you forget about our friendship betrayed me for a girl Mikey don’t worry it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you but you’re with her all the time Mikey please don’t be mad and I feel unwanted we still want to be friends with you that’s right we just made time for a relationship and a friendship don’t worry everything’s going to be fine Mikey please don’t be mad Mikey look remember we don’t mean to be mean to you but it’s her choice I’ll beat you up for this wait ouch hey hey hey Mikey oh my God Mikey get this for our friendship this is for betrayal Mikey and I decided to find the treasure and become super rich we’ve been walking through these swamps all day Legend has it that a very rich Merchant drowned here carrying a lot of gold we better not drown ourselves I don’t want to repeat the fate of that Merchant think how rich we’ll be if we find just one gold bar we could go our whole lives without working what if we get attacked by a bear or a wolf I’m scared to walk around here uh-oh looks like someone lives here yep that house looks pretty creepy I wouldn’t disturb the residents of this house let’s get out of here Mikey you’ve gotten too scared this house could be the treasure we’re looking for let’s go over there I’m not leaving this stinking swamp empty-handed uh all right I still think it’s too dangerous and stupid idea I can already sense that there’s a mountain of gold in there and I can already smell the stink on you Mikey you got to clean yourself up I’ll wash up only after I find my treasures here oh just be quiet I don’t want any trouble you better not say anything you’re the one who’s causing all our problems oh there’s someone who lives in this house looks like she’s asleep let’s not wake her up hey look what’s in here Ah that’s a mountain of gold I’ve never seen so much gold in my life now you and I are really rich oh yeah with that kind of money any girl would want to date me take all that gold Mikey and let’s get out of here I hope your pockets are deep enough enough to carry it all at once it’s easy it’s no problem for me I don’t get it who are you what are you doing in my house uh hey there what’s up we just decided to come visit you put that gold back where it belongs you stupid kid uh wait um JJ get out of here how did you even get a whole bunch of gold away so fast uh very easy just calm down stop right there you’re not going anywhere Mikey run or that witch will destroy us with her magic you’re going to regret this ha stupid witch you don’t have any more gold do you realize what you’ve done you’re so stupid who gave you permission to break into my house and take my stuff but I don’t care about that gold though it was cursed anyway I should have just thrown it in the trash it’s still a good thing those two idiots stole this useless junk from me that’s so cool the next day hey guys we’ve become really rich do you want to be that rich write about it in the comments look at Mikey he’s literally throwing money all over the floor I have so much money I can afford it stealing that much of that witch’s gold was so easy now we can buy anything we want expensive cars houses Apartments games appliances everything who needs all this expensive stuff you could just throw that money around it’s so much more fun oh yeah some passer by will obviously be happy to see that much money we don’t spare anything by the way there’s a beautiful TV woman living here we can seduce that beautiful girl with money with that much gold any girl would instantly fall in love with us pretty girls need Rich boys boys and they don’t have to be handsome well I’m handsome not like you Mikey I’m a thousand times more attractive than you I’m also richer richer ha we’re both Rich Mikey hey open up woman Rich boys are here to play with you he does she even know how rich she can get if she opens that door apparently she’s dumb in general hey everybody you wanted something oh yeah baby come have fun with us look how much gold we’ve got uh what we got tons of money we’re buying you and your house you’re all ours now wow guys you are so generous thank you so much we don’t care about money buy yourself some lady stuff and entertain us for that kind of money I will love you forever oh yeah love us here’s more gold for you it’s so nice to be a rich dude uh-oh I don’t feel so good uh What what are you talking about oh what why did she fall I don’t know maybe she collapsed from happiness it’s not every day you get that rich she fell as soon as she picked up our gold I don’t like this anymore there’s something wrong she must have fainted from happiness oh yeah she’s an overly emotional girl let’s go give our gold to someone else this is so fun and cool oh yeah we’ve got enough gold for everyone in this town then let’s keep spending our money wherever we can oh yeah let’s go it’s so hard to be rich we haven’t bought a single car yet I would buy myself a green Lamborghini ew that’s awful did you know we’re both Rich yeah I was thinking the same thing we’re really lucky I totally agree we can afford a lot of things and that’s great we should brag to everyone that we have huge gold reserves so they’ll be jealous and nobody’s going to get hurt because we don’t care about anybody we’re not afraid of a stupid curse that’s right we can travel by expensive things and give gifts to our loved ones and most importantly we can help others when they are in need this is the most valuable thing in our wealth like And subscribe yes it will help us in our adventures whatever happens to us we are always happy to be helped by these things let’s go to class we’re probably already late no we’re rich we can be late yeah you’re right we can be late because we’re rich and if they ask us anything we’ll just pay them off with the gold we have endlessly oh there’s a teacher here let’s give her some gold and show her we’re rich now yeah I remember her saying we’d never make it and we’d be poor so let’s see what she says now hey teacher it’s Us JJ and Mikey what are you guys doing here we’ve come to give you gold and show you how big we are now yeah hold all that gold look how rich We Are We Can Make It Rain gold bars now wow that much gold makes me sick they’re making everyone stunned I don’t know what to say I was wrong thanks guys yeah we’re always happy to help those who tried to tell us how to do things better I’m glad you remembered my lessons you’re really good thanks for all that goal you’re welcome it’s no problem for us I hope you buy yourself something nice and don’t work in this place anymore and go to the islands for a vacation oh I don’t feel so good what uh Mikey I didn’t do anything she just uh said she was sick and fell down yeah I’ve heard of it some gold rush or something should we call an ambulance or what kind of disease is this don’t mind her she’s fine it’s like when you’re too happy to find gold sometimes you pass out wow I saw it on TV are you sure about this it’s not the first time think about it how many people have you given gold as a gift to not much I’d fall over myself all right I’m going to have to get someone else to check if it is or if it’s gold I don’t know cursed what’s going on here why is the teacher on the floor well we uh shocked by our gold you want some of our gold she felt unconscious because you gave her gold really I take you out I’m rich all right Mikey let’s just give her the gold here you go what what are you doing nothing interesting just take our gold we’re testing something it’s safe yeah yeah yeah beautiful you’re going to be fine yeah oh wow I’ve never gotten a gift this Rich wow I don’t know what to say don’t say anything everybody says that just take our gold we’re giving it to you as a gift take it and you’ll be a princess so yeah wow that’s so sweet thank you I hope the teacher’s okay you’re weird but very kind she’s still good take more what well we’re uh not sure what’s supposed to happen why do I still feel good well actually oh my god wow she just blacked out yeah she just passed out on the spot when she was fine so what are we supposed to do now well at the very least we should panic and run to the hospital with her oh great yeah but you have to collect all the gold I think there’s something wrong with it yeah but how do we go to the ER with her what do we say seriously I don’t know sunstroke dehydration what have you but not that we knocked her out with a piece of gold okay I think they’ll believe us anyway I don’t think they’ll think we kn knocked her out by hitting her or anything believe what she just got sick and unconscious she’s fine are you sure of course okay we got to get to the hospital before she gets worse take the teacher too she got sick too after we gave her gold okay go with the school girl I’ll try to lift her she’s bigger than the girl and obviously heavier it’s crazy we just wanted to give gold to make our loved ones rich and now they’re on sick run run run which way is the hospital I don’t remember but it’s a big building God okay I kind of remember where it is I hope I’m not mistaken our mistakes could cost them their lives okay we have to run the sooner we find them the sooner they can get help well well it’s all good it’s all laid out it’s all right it’s cool God I’m so tired of cleaning this up it’s been a mess it’s a good thing we’re out of visitors and now I can sit here alone and play on my phone and get some rest doctors nurse help us nurse help me we’ve got unconscious patients help us what happened to them haven’t you heard about the phone calls to the ambulance we just didn’t know what to do we thought the hospital was the fastest place to get help yes and we didn’t want to waste time calling and waiting okay don’t worry okay I understand your panic but next time remember that calling an ambulance is always the best option they’re in a very bad way in the meantime I’ll try to help your friends help me please there’s nothing we can do yeah they suddenly passed out right in the classroom after we gave them gold this is a very strange situation I don’t get it well actually we don’t know what happened we gave them some gold as a gift let’s give her gold and then all of a sudden what’s with the weird gold they just fell over Mikey thinks it’s from happiness but I don’t think so here you go too maybe you can figure out what’s wrong with this gold wow I’ve never had so much gold it’s so shiny and it’s so beckoning it’s plain looking gold yeah that’s what we think it’s just ordinary gold but for some reason but what’s wrong with him when we give it to someone they just fall unconscious oh my God oh my God even her what are we supposed to do now I don’t know it’s like no one can help us we have to get out of here before anyone sees us it’s just weird and we don’t have to give anyone gold every time we do they just faint yeah you’re right it’s very strange maybe the gold is poisoned I don’t know but then why are we fine that’s too bad moments latale well they were good people but now they’re gone I hope they’re in a better world and they’re okay yeah what a weird situation Mikey all three of the girls we gave gold to suddenly feel sick how is that even possible I don’t no JJ maybe it’s some sort of Witchcraft or curse associated with this gold after all it happens in stories and legends but why just them you and I have been in contact with this gold for a while and we’re not affected perhaps they had some special circumstances or backstory that made them more vulnerable to this influence it could be but what does it really mean what should we do now maybe we should go to a sorcerer or a psychic to get to the bottom of this situation maybe they can help us I agree we can’t just just stand idly by when our friends are disturbed by something so obscure and dangerous yes we must act but first yeah let’s try to find out more about the origin of this gold and what connects him to the girls okay maybe that will help us find a solution okay let’s gather all the information we can oh young men you do not know that this gold was stolen by me from the spirit realm for this sin suffering Came Upon those who took it what but we just wanted to help them we didn’t know the gold was yours we thought everyone could have it that was my gold you knew well you were stealing it so what now we can’t just stand by and watch our actions make them sick you’re unfortunate fate yeah sure but it’s still sarcasm what you stole from me and now you must pay no there have to be ways to fix this we can’t let them suffer for our mistake okay if you return my gold I’ll lift the curse on them and they’ll be alive again that’s right we’ll find a way to get the gold back and make things right no matter what it costs us all right I’ll resurrect your girls but remember don’t steal my gold next time I won’t be so good-natured thank you so much we owe you next time we’ll pay you back for our mistakes yeah yeah good luck what happened to us I don’t remember wow I think we should step back yeah I don’t think they’ll be happy when they find out what you did I hope they don’t find out we did a very bad thing and now we realize it it’s a good thing we realized that I’m glad you realized that and now I got to go do my witchy thing it’s good that we get it good luck witch maybe we can go over there and ask her to teach us some witchy stuff witch stuff sounds sounds cool I wish I could fly a broomstick and stuff yeah or brew a potion that makes you invisible or super smart so what do we tell them truth well it’s going to end badly it looks like what have you done to us what happened well when we gave you the gold it turned out to be cursed cursed what do you mean curse like calm down it’s like it ouch ouch ouch hurt you’ll get for what you did ouch oh please it hurts get for it I have tons of important things to do today like playing computer games eating some goodies or just lounging on the couch oh who’s here to see me at 7:00 in the morning who needs me this early in the day if it’s some kind of delivery or mattress vendor I’m going to beat it come on I can’t beat anybody what do you want Oh Mikey good morning buddy it’s time for a wakeup walk right now who’s walking around at 7: in the morning those idiots will be the two of us but I had a bunch of very important things to do today sit on the toilet for a few hours then go back to sleep you’re going out with me no questions asked uh well okay friends do you like to go out in the morning write about it in the comments I used to go out at this hour just to go to school going to school is unpleasant but just walking around at all is cool are you suggesting we just walk around town oh yeah oh

This video, titled ‘TV WOMAN POMNI is STUCK alone in a CAVE! BABY JJ and MIKEY POLICE INVESTIGATION in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Mynez on 2024-05-28 20:44:15. It has garnered 11019 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:36:00 or 2160 seconds.


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