Ultimate Minecraft Hardcore Mod Adventure

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[Music] all right we can hear things yay finally some food we need to make another thing okay so what I was realizing um after the stream yesterday is that we have moss and that we can use that Moss to turn rock into moss and um then we can then we can um then we can compost that moss and get um and get bone meal and then we can bir trees so we’re going to try doing that today have this iron cooking than that copper but also let the copper finish I guess I don’t think we might never use copper again though other than what we just did for our armor bupper is not that great or anything else that might be the last copper we ever smelt in this world all right uh so let’s grab the Moss and the bones actually you know what I wanted to see if we could get um create started if we get create started we could get a mill a grinder and we could actually get more bone meal than normal from these Arrow from these bones which would be helpful Z completed Quest yeah we got to start with um we need a Tre tree logs to make the campfire really need our tree to grow let can see if there’s any other trees nearby I can’t remember from when we first came down here if we left any close trees I think we may have gotten them we were in a Savannah and there weren’t that many trees that were close but if we can get Cho down one tree in the mean time then we could at least get the quest book going go ahead and make a campfire and go from there cuz I know we have additional quests finished like I think related to the um cave route we have quests I have no torches I have no torches oops two three four five of those gives you 60 it’s really nice that they have uh easy torches in this pack wish regular torches were this easy to use all right let’s see if it’s dark or not it’s not night time there still could be bad guys out here though we left a tree floating over there I guess this is the only close tree all right we got our four logs out of that enough logs so I can campire anyway uh over here some more torches around here so we can find this place wherever out and about our grass is doing well Che our light levels over here looks good let’s get this Zink if we want to start create we’re going to need Zink I think we need we definitely need andesite too though I don’t know if we have any andesite check our crate here in a sec light lovers are okay all right take this smell this campfire should do our first Quest claim reward we want this we can make a bed made a fire stick [Music] already we can do this let’s manually submit it kind of weird it gives you more cave roots to grow if you have cave roots not very helpful we haven’t we don’t have lava yet we need to get some lava going all right let’s put this away let’s go ahead and make our bed while we’re thinking of it oh turn this log into wood planks okay rid of this rid of this I don’t know we really need to go around carry coal around with us cuz we’re making our um torches with the fire charges wonder why that says inventory there that was kind of weird all right uh let’s see so still no tree growth what can we do in the quest book I guess we have to wait could try to get some lava we’re going to need lava um so the other thing that we’ll get when we do the Moss is we will get seeds and we’ll be able to start crops but before we start crops we’re going to have to put up glass and to make glass we’re going to need need to smelt sand and smelting sand would really be easier if we could get a lava Farm going so let’s see if we can find some lava somewhere close so let’s make a bucket I don’t think we have a bucket already do we have a bucket for water make another bucket for lava I saw lava in our other direction um not sure what direction this is North so to the South there’s lava way down deep I was hoping to find some closer lava over here but doesn’t look like there’s any I don’t see any of The Telltale glow of lava so let’s go back to the other way therez the lava that I saw uh to the North or to the South rather was was way down below I was hoping to find something a little closer for now let’s try over here [Music] lock over this way either a bit unlucky as far as that goes L times you’ll find lava spilling down from above I don’t see any glow any lava glow anywhere is that a white flower that is a white flower that’ll let us start with Dania uh let’s get over there it’s actually white fungus not flower you can only find um fungus Among Us I don’t know if we need more than one or not to start batania usually there’s more than just one I see a zombie guy coming quite heard that yet this morning all right let’s get out of here let’s see if we can start new bloom cool all right we can start Bania we’re not really quite ready for it though we need um a lot of coal especially to get our Endo Flames going so we’re not actually going to start it now but it’s nice to know that we can start it whenever we want to now that is very good all right so I know I saw some lava here but down below deep right down there lava tons of lava let’s see if we can find any closer lava up here where we head all the way down there realiz we’d come this far exploring the other day forgot anyway drink of water there there’s a moonstone I do remember seeing that yesterday we didn’t need Diamond to mine that we can make um way stones using ender eyes and with moon whatever that’s called Moon shards what’s it called again Moonstone with Moonstone you can um you can craft ender eyes which is kind of cool without needing to kill Endermen it also has other uses you can make armor out of it and stuff the main use we’ll get out of it is making Ender um nice no Lava here either kind of bad luck I feel like usually you see lava spilling out from somewhere not in this world apparently all right let’s go back over there I guess we’re gonna have to go uh down that deep pit find some lava or Chasm whatever it’s called Chasm GM that’s the um dangerous biome with the skeletons that shoot arrows that make you blind or surrounded by Darkness anyway I guess you’re not completely blind still pretty scary though let’s check over here oh there’s lava that’s way down there though not any closer than the other stuff now a lot of times there’s a chest here that can be a mimic and the mimics drop really good accessories that you can equip that do all kinds of powerful stuff but there’s no chest here at all so that is disappointing all right let’s go now to go there’s so much lava down there it’s crazy it’s a huge Lava Lake gold armor clinks I think that’s us clinking I remember I it’s just reusing the sound of gold armor it says gold armor clinks whenever we move yeah gold armor clinks that’s us all right so what is going to be the best way to get down there we could ride this water down it’s probably the best way up and down and we make a little dock over here for the water column you can get in and out of the water easily all right look at all that lava that is terrifying that’s a lot of lava I guess we did the same same thing over here we ride the water down let’s hope we don’t die here feels like a dangerous operation all right uh where did we come up we’re too hot come on come on come on come on come on no no no no no no no no no no go up go up all right hold on hold on hold on I need to calm down so we need to go we could just pillar up let’s just pillar up for now and then we’ll get in the water when we’re out of the heat that will be much calmer okay all right um some food so that’s what happens that’s heat damage right there let’s get this lava off our hot bar always dangerous up lava on your heart bar there have ways to go the current was forcing me away from the water back there so I wasn’t I was having a lot of trouble getting um getting into the water column with that fire tick going all right we live right I went the wrong way tree still didn’t grow what is wrong with the tree I wonder I should say what is wrong with the setup I’ll take another look at that in a second let’s get the lava going though all right so we need a cauldron and we need this and we need a piece of our zinc we’ll use in create mod we need one of these I think it’s not 100% sure if it needs to be I think it does need to be dripstone block that the point of dripstone is attached too I’m not 100% on that it’s easy enough to do though whether it’s right or wrong all right um that’s where lava will go let’s make some of the bricks that look kind of cool around our base all right so we’ got lava creation going very nice infinite fuel what if we should get more cave going we seem to be going through our cave Ro faster than we’re growing it maybe expand our cave Ro Farm over here so the stone CLE will Farm it in a space that’s five wide I think the other sickles do more area but I’m not 100% on that I don’t quite remember but we’ll probably just use the stone one until we um upgrade our tools permanently right how our yeah so the CLE will do a 5×3 area five wide and three deep or three tall let’s get our [Music] shears move a couple pieces over oops there we go all right mine these look like we could use a [Music] new steel pickaxe or iron pickaxe rather oh that’s not what I wanted okay all right so I think the next thing we want to do is get some sand let’s go and make a shovel for that and then we’ll be ready to use the uh be oh the trigger finally nice okay excellent our first underground tree is grown they’re Off to the Races all right let’s see if we can actually get two going side by side another piece of dirt should build some stairs there dirt give me some dirt right right get that one stalactite or stalagmite I can’t remember which is which all right be more trees growing there where this stuff all right what were we trying to do in the quest book we were trying to oh we did another one okay oh we got lava right so we get the book now we can turn that book into um the antique Atlas because we don’t need Soul binding Soul binding makes items that you’re carrying not disappear when you die saves items from being dropped on death okay that’s a more succinct way to say that uh since we’re playing hardcore and we’re restarting if we die we don’t need that at all so we can disenchant that book and turn it into our Atlas that is the plan all right let’s get some sleep I’ll go outside and see if we can get some uh sand if I remember right we were right next to a Sandy place so I think we should be good to get sand wonder if we next to a desert I can’t remember maybe it was a river I just remember seeing sand when we first spawned in one of these days put proper doors on here but that day is not today maybe yeah maybe we’re just by a river I know I saw sand here’s sand right here this is a lot of sand this kind of looks like desert sand to me all right we’re [Music] cold all right getting undercover always helps with cold um torches can help with cold all right we better go warm up this is unrelenting we need to do is build a campfire we can set up our over there oh we have a campfire in our inventory don’t we must have put it in the uh chest made made a campfire to do that one Quest yeah here it is we’ll put it over there in our sand our sand mine our sand Quarry just have to check for bad guys bad guys can spawn even in the daytime here I hear something it’s a bad guy I like to put the campfires under a piece of um piece of something like that so that I don’t accid walk into the St campfire and take damage yeah this really looks like a desert we must have right next to a desert these huge Dunes we need at least 81 pieces of sand but might as well just get a whole bunch so I have to do this again for a while or 80 pieces I guess 80 pieces will let us do a farm a 9×9 farm with water in the middle all right how much do we have not quite two stacks I didn’t bring a whatever you call it I didn’t bring a crafting table well let’s put some torches along here path to our house want it to be as easy to find as possible possible I you’re being chased by something I nice get a stone cutter separate and some stairs so let’s cook up some Stone uh I don’t think we need this snow for anything we can um always get more snow if we need it so we have an endless supply of snow all right let’s see if our lava Farm has made anything yet yes we have lava excellent now we can start smelting our sand as soon as our rock is done [Applause] let’s make a stone cutter make some stairs oh another tree growing good A lot of times it seems like that’s happens it takes forever to get the first tree to grow and then they start growing faster I don’t know if it’s just a psychological I don’t know what but seems like it works that way a lot of the time all right uh stairs over here very good doing things a little quicker all right take this out put this in eventually we have that auto smelting with um with like Hoppers and stuff we don’t really we don’t have the resources for that right now I mean we could technically but I’d rather wait until we have more resources uh our axe broke we need make a new axe let’s make a steel one this time or iron one upgrade a little bit we’re starting to get a decent supply of iron going okay put the stairs back for now put this here all right so here’s what we want to do oh yeah I wanted to see if I could get create going so for create we need andesite I don’t know that we found any andesite yet doesn’t look like it create oh I need to do add create I think uh that’s create okay so first thing we’d want to make is a water wheel we need andesite alloy and aite and iron so I haven’t been looking to see if we actually saw any andesite we can make andesite with diorite I believe yeah diorite and Cobblestone we can make and aite so we can make it if we have to but obviously more efficient to mine it so let’s see if we can find some andesite somewhere put the proper gate on this now that we’re starting to get more wood more wood this happened where I just could not find and the site where I started so it would not be the first time unless be certain biomes make less of it or maybe it’s just bad luck I’ve definitely had it happen before right at the Devil of time finding of sight kind of weird whole underwater thing all right well no an aight this direction we already went that way too this is a dead end I believe or mostly a dead end goes into that scary biome more of that emper that would be very handy we could wait though and mine it when we have a fortune that’s that scary biome over there all right let’s stop going this direction I want to be hit by one of those blindness Arrow skeleton dudes Darkness Arrow skeleton dudes let’s see anite anywhere goes back up toward the scary biome heavy dripstone ve caves are a little bit scary to navigate because they uh got the little dripstones everywhere that block your progress not a good place to be if we trying to outrun some bad guys so there’s the diorite more diorite anyway let’s see the andesite I think we had easier diate down another Direction though I remember right get some more rock and our glass it’s doing well yeah here’s all the diid I saw before so we can turn all this into andesite there a lot of andesite we can make probably enough we don’t actually need to find andesite let’s get like a stack of it get us [Applause] going [Applause] good all right set tree down here that third spot must be the uh optimal spot I think we’re only getting trees growing in that third spot I don’t know why that would be too close to something this way I mean we’re three away on all sides so I don’t know why it would matter this one has the torch we could move the torch back and get some tree growth going you can also compost these extra saplings to turn them into bone meal all right let see how our glass is doing pretty good not ready for more lava yet all right I think we can just turn this into an aite like this excellent all right so let’s see about making some water wheels and such all right need an aite alloy which is iron five what was it it was I remember the recipe and de side El here we go oops 22 all right let’s see how far we get with 22 we need buttons we need lots of wood for this lots of wood right back over here we need buttons let’s make 16 buttons get us going four of those planks you can actually mix planks of different kinds of wood I want at least three water water wheels can’t remember how many we’re going [Applause] for I think we need some shafts some of these things and we’re going to need some small cogs more buttons let’s make a buttons right we got small cogs we got big cogs got water wheel all right where should we do this over here maybe our create section make a place we can put our water wheel water wheels shaft um how do we want the water wheels I actually want them this way excuse me I don’t think that’s right I think we want one lower not 100% though that doesn’t look right does it let’s try it see what happens uh let’s put some light back here all right yeah that’s not right here let’s change this there we go that looks correct all right like that think that’s how that works so then I think we’re going to want with the water there me we need a wall there this Ro a little more could put a ladder here too but let’s do this for now all right we’re going to need two our buckets all right that’s good it doesn’t fill in the way um it would over here like if you put two there you’re not going to make an infinite one there that’s good no power there we go all right so we want to make a cobblestone Factory which we’ll use to make our mob farm and I want to get a a grinder going or Millstone I think it’s called that we can um efficiently grind up our bones into bone meil which only matters here before we get our before we get our mob farm going but uh we can actually use it later too for like making dough and stuff like that so not like it’s that’s one use only okay so first thing we want is our cobblestone generator so let’s get that going get another bucket of lava in here R all this all right inventory a little bit trees yeah Farm’s really going now excellent you can get a spruce tree farm going that’s even better for those huge spruce trees one tree was like chopping up um I don’t know like 30 of these little oak trees we are nowhere near Spruce near as I can tell that St a really tall uh growing area to get the big trees but it’s not that hard to build a deep pit and then start growing spruce trees much more efficient way to get wood we should be using a stone axe for that we don’t have that much iron right now let’s go back to Stone all right uh let’s see we were working on a cobblestone generator okay so we want a gear box and we’ll make it over here the cobblestone generator so we’re going to need a crate to put all the cobblestone in so let’s make some more crates these crates are really great I would love to see something like this some of Minecraft all right we’re going to need more than that I want have a full eight boxer so that’s not quite what we need there’s our eight boxer okay TR to get AE on food here so I have to harvest it all the time once I get like a stack in our inventory it’ be really easy just to keep it maintained all right so let’s make a gear box I think is here there’s gear boxes and there’s vertical gearbox want a regular gear box maybe we need a log yeah we need a log to make that I just used all our logs uh okay okay a log and little Cog Wheels we have little Cog Wheels we have little Cog Wheels I guess we’re stuck waiting for trees again and here’s a tree already now trees will grow even though there’s leaves in the way but we want the drops we want the saplings I wouldn’t mind have apples for later we can turn to the golden apples sticks definitely helpful right now so all right let’s make our cases or gear box rather or wood side case a box all right so we go to gear boox here we want to run a drill let’s figure out how to make a drill drill case that was easy to make all right so we put a drill right here then we’re going to want lava to be over the drill with water pouring down on it the lava there and maybe water here something like that we need a hopper don’t think we have any chests regular chests so let’s turn more of this into wood take a hopper all right we’re going to want a chest or crate rather to take the all the Cobblestone we’re going to be generating and then we want this Hopper to go into that uh should work yeah perfect okay so now we need lava right there and then we need water behind so water back there and lava on top it should make cobblestone oh I didn’t have um I don’t have this gear so that it’s faster so that is going to be really slow all right let’s fix this I forgot about setting up uh gears to amplify the power of the drill the speed of the drill there should be one piece of cobblestone in there maybe maybe I stopped it before it did anything my careful construction okay so we’re going to want a big Cog that goes into a little Cog or is it a little Cog goes into a big COG oh no we don’t want it to be on the shaft like that we want it to be on the side so do I want to go this way or that way I don’t think I want to go the other way put the Cog over here so let’s do that the small Cog over here it’s like I can’t do that because the thing’s in the way I could put another shaft on it I don’t think I want to though this stood here and then we want to put a big Cog on the small Cog maybe we do want a sha all right here let’s go back do this U we need to take this off actually then we don’t need the do that there and then we do this here we do oops that a big one here another small one here can’t do a small in there maybe up here there we go all right we could just leave it like that I wonder if that’s fast enough like that might be fast enough so we put the drill on there and we would want the hopper to be here like so [Music] okay so then the lava would go here the water would go there so let’s put the water in put the lava in May this kind of slow and we do want that last speed check on it we need to get all this stuff this so if we want that last last bit of speed out of this then what do we do here we put a how do we do this again so we got to put another small Cog I believe right that’s out for a second right there and then another big Cog on it I think that will give us turbo speed yeah that’s much faster all right let’s try that so okay so then the drill goes on the end here oops there’s the drill okay perfect all right so we want the lava to be here no Lava there and then the water here right lava water yeah so then this will be the hopper and this will be the crate crates upper okay so right there so the crate can be here no that’s not correct crate can be here right like this yeah that should be perfect okay so it’s going to have to look like this little bit weird think we’ll move our little water supply kind of in the way now uh let’s put it over somewhere else I don’t know where we’re going to make our farm where are we going to make our farm we over here put the water over here all right let’s make this look a little less weird okay all right so want lava there it looks good over here take a look at this and lava here we’re going to have water right here so we need to put that like that the block there all right so let’s put the water in first got to get my water forgot to get more water all right so water water here lava here lock that in there we did it all right cool that is our cobblestone generator so we use all that Cobblestone we’re going to make with this thing to um to make our mob farm okay very good all right excellent all right so all of our glass should have finished cooking up so we have all the glass we need to get a farm going you have to have crops covered by glass or they don’t grow this mod back let’s make a crate to put our create stuff in and we’ll leave it over here by the stuff our Cog wheels and andesite shafts care casings can find it easy next time we need it nice to fill this in let’s get some wood and then we can finish that crate so it doesn’t look so weird ax broke let’s make another axe like technically we don’t need to get rid of these but I want to get the drops the sticks and everything at least for now anyway till we get a good supply of stuff going some so early days we can use every bit of resources we can squeeze out of those trees all right let’s make some more boxes or crates rather so we need some more wood maybe more than that great I really need to I love these crates though these are super cool you have this huge storage thing like that I wish that was in vanilla Minecraft all right let’s make some more Fire charges if we make 16 we can do another quest which I think we just did here with the reward it is we get for that I think logs we get for that yeah 16 logs very nice all right so now I think the next thing do is get our crops going so let’s work on crops so we’re going to want a hoe oh actually we need to we need to do the thing where we get the seeds before we make the crops so let’s do that let’s leave this in here for now all right so we’ve got the Moss we’ve got the bones I know I wanted to make a mill so I could um I could get extra bone meal out of the bones Millstone how do we make this look like we need a log no we just need Rock okay so we have some rock some Stone I should say and we needed this do we need this too some an sight okay now to power this I think it needs to come in from the side yeah so we need um is there anything on the bottom I don’t think there is anything on the bottom there’s no gear on the bottom so we’re going to need the vertical gear box so see if we can make one of those vertical gear box we need to make a gear box okay we need logs which we have a ton of logs now thanks to the quest all right this then your box we don’t have enough little cogs okay how let make little cogs buttons I don’t think we have any more buttons all right let’s make some buttons let’s make eight buttons oops hey spatula good morning how are you we’re engineering today Minecraft my God neglected Shadow oh sorry man sorry I’m focused on my my in my stuff over here this is not in regular Minecraft this is in a mod called create and um uh it’s really fun though you can make U machines with it so right now we have a machine that is generating cobblestone so it’s basically making building material for us that we’re going to use to make a huge mob farm later that we’ll use to get experience and enchant our our gear and armor and weapons so um anyway it’s a lot of fun so there’s water wheels under here this is I think one of the coolest Minecraft Minecraft mods there is so we’ve got water wheels here that are powering this system over here and then we can hook up different machines to it so um anyway it’s a ton of fun so right now we’re working on our Mill Millstone so that we can grind our bones into bone meal and bone meal is like fertilizer in this game so anyway yeah it’s fun it adds a lot to the game I think having these uh having these different mods all right here’s a gear box we got to make a vertical gear box anyway how are you today anything cool happening in your world oh so you know what yeah this is going to work we can put this here right yeah so then we need to put a cog on the bottom of that and then we can put our Mill right next to it yay look at that very cool all right so now we’ll check our bones in there doing fine I’m doing good too big adventure today is I have to take uh dad to Walmart my mom now again they don’t live together even though they’re not divorced uh it’s completely weird um they my mom gave my dad some gift cards like I think they’re American Express gift cards but 100% any some gift cards for Christmas and dad is completely perplexed by them he’s like how do I use these you know because of course he’s not online at all he’s completely analog um and uh so now he’s finally decided he’s going to try spend these at Walmart so that is the plan for today yeah is to go to Walmart and spend his spend his gift cards all right there’s a better way to get stuff out of there than me breaking that but I don’t have the right setup for it so the advantage of what that did um I don’t know if it matters but to give you the need technical detail is so we got 11 bone meals out of the bones and normally uh I think you get three per bone yeah normally get three bone meal per bone so normally we should had nine bone meal but we got two extras because we did it in the mill which is a little disappointed actually I would have liked to add more than two extras but um we’ll take what we can get when you only have three bones you want to maximize your bone use so that’s why we did all that yeah sometimes right they’re just uh old school to the end our dads I tell you anyway I’m always glad any chance to get him out of the house and he wants to go to Walmart oh so the other good thing about Walmart is I can finally get the tea that you recommended like months ago uh biscuit tea right here I made a shopping list for it uh cuz we haven’t been to Walmart walart ever since you uh suggested that Walmart Yorkshire biscuit tea so I’m going to look for that when we’re there but the other thing I like about Walmart is it’s huge that means a lot of exercise for Dad he’ll be wandering around that giant store and getting his cardio so anyway it should be a good trip all in all I’m not normally excited to go to Walmart but today I actually have things I want to buy so it’s a win for everybody okay so now we need to get seeds so we can get our crops going but to do that we’re going to use these Moss blocks and we need to figure out where we’re going to turn Stone into Moss uh where should we do this maybe over here in the hallway I think I want a big flat area to do this though kind of down here is the best place for it I don’t think I can turn um Cobblestone into Moss though I have to use actual stone to do it to do the magic trying to find an area where we’ve got a nice flat bunch of stone we can use this is pretty good up here let’s do it right here can’t remember how big an area we can do push this back that was creepy what that sound supposed to mean there’s a scary biome down there but I don’t see any bad guys coming up all right so the way we do this is we take the Moss we take the bone powder the um bone dust whatever it’s called bone meal and then we go like this no isn’t that how you do it is that not how you do it am I doing it wrong hold on a sec I don’t have enough uh I can’t afford to waste any of this I thought that was how you did it let me see let’s go to the wiki uh Minecraft Wiki moss moss block using bone meal and Moss box ca certi for jent BLX to replace with moss blocks supposed to work using bone mail Moss block clo to replace with moss blocks allows Moss to spread to them blocks need to have air above why isn’t it working this is uh very disappointing I’ve done this before in this mod pack so I don’t know what the problem is what does that say again to allow M to spread blocks need to have air above them okay we have air above of them huh I don’t know what’s going on there do we have air on the side like that maybe no is this a defective Moss block we’re using our bone meal doing this this is a disaster it’s not working what is happening here the light levels are good I wonder if I need to restart or something this feels like a glitch because I know this works I’ve done it before in this mod pack uh here let’s try that let’s save and quit I don’t have enough bone meal to waste making this work I’m G to restart real quick I got seven bone meal left it’s precious so the way it should work is you take that Moss you put it down by Stone it turns the stone into moss and plants including the seeds that we’re going to need that we can get from grass that will grow and then you um you turn that new moss some of that new moss into bone meal and rinse and repeat so you can actually net more bone meal than you used to create the Moss and convert the stone um you can actually get more bone meal from that process than you started with but if it’s not working then obviously none of that works so I don’t know why it’s not working but hopefully it didn’t change the mod pack to make that not work let me check the Discord real quick just make sure I’m not missing something let’s see social media uh where’s my Discord we go all right Moss search Romeo Moss is a great way to get grass I agree got mine through moss moss for grass yeah everybody’s saying you can do what I I know I’ve done this before in the mod packs I hope this works I realized yesterday that um I screwed up the I screwed up the seed cuz remember you and Phoenix gave me the words I think we end up doing um Teletubbies don’t die or something and or no dying um but I typed that in the world name not the world seed so I noticed it when I logged on this morning and I saw that the world name was Teletubbies don’t die or whatever it was so the seed is actually a completely random seed which had nothing to do with the words you guys gave me so anyway it seems like a pretty good seed so uh but uh yeah completely random all right please work I really really need this to work work yes it worked that’s what I supposed to do I must have just had to restart okay so now we can bust this grass and now we got seeds so this we can turn into wheat we’re looking for another kind of seed called flax seeds and we can make um string out of the flax and with that string we can make um all kinds of stuff most importantly we can make bows and we can make um fishing gear so that is super cool and then all this Moss that we made we can turn into more bone meal so now we have infinite bone meal so we can do this as long as we need to do it so I’m going to keep going until I get some flax seeds that is the plan so the stone needs to have air above it I wonder if it’ll do on this adjacent like that yeah it looks like it will Okay cool so to get the flax seed we just have to keep hitting this grass until until it randomly busts and gives us fla seed which are brown seeds these there’s some plaques right there hemp seeds not um hemp not the fun kind of Hamp but the Practical kind and we got some bushes shrubs okay cool excellent all right what happened a little lag there all right let’s take all this Moss we can turn it into more bone meal all we’re going to need more dirt I think I don’t think I have a shovel yeah so we Ed I don’t know very little um very little bone meal there we have 62 we have just a ton of moss that and Mars carpet that we can just turn into um fertilizer more bone meal so it’s a uh it’s a magical infinite resource machine let’s go get a shovel and come back and mine out this uh actually you know what let’s make a make a crafting table we should actually have one I must have one in the chest back there all right our farm is going to be a 9×9 grid so we need 81 well actually one the piece in the middle is going to have water so we need 80 chunks of dirt and I know we don’t have 80 chunks of dirt right now so let’s get a whole bunch of dirt here see what we’re getting Some Coal while we’re at it all right Che our light Lev levels good right how much do we have maybe we’ll just get two stacks of dirt just mine out all this dirt not sure how much there is though like there’s a lot of dirt here some [Applause] IR all right one more piece off two stacks all right excellent more than enough dirt oh have extra dirt over here also grab this iron while we’re here all right I think our light levels are probably off yeah all right that’s good all right let’s go make our farm now normally for a farm in Minecraft you don’t need to put glass over it but that is something that is required by this mod pack I think because it’s supposed to simulate like a greenhouse effect a hot House Effect like because the world is so cold you need a greenhouse to grow crops I think is the the flavor story anyway I left my crafting table over there axe going oh I have a full inventory let’s go n some stuff off and come back giant crate over here let’s put the crate stuff in our create chest anything else create doesn’t look like it um we need that hold on to that don’t need that actually need a board one of those have lab as they call them all right so going to make our farm here Farm adjacent to a farm so it’s going to be 1 two 3 4 one two three four five one two three four five so one two three four let’s make sure our math is right one two three four one two three I think I made it too close one two three four five no I didn’t okay cool right we put this here in the middle then let’s go ah and make a make a lantern we can put in the middle of our farm to keep it nice and lit up all the time lanters actually provide a lot of heat in this mod so which is good and bad at the same time you have to uh keep an eye on them make sure you don’t get overheated by them okay so now we want to make our farm let make another pickaxe oh I was going to make it one more away from the wall forgot about that so it didn’t interfere with the um rock route cuz Rock Root’s not going to be able to grow or the crops aren’t going to be able to grow uh okay I screwed that up forgot that was a thing all right let’s fill this in or cave route I keep calling it Rock route it’s cave route what stuff is called all right 1 2 3 4 one two three three four so the way it works in Minecraft is um a farm can be watered by you can use water within four blocks of a square of a block to consider it watered for purposes of growing plants and it also works for um for the vertical distance I don’t know how it’s calculating these things but this whole area will be considered water because it’s in a 4×4 Square um adjacent to to the water source that is how it works all right it’s a little bit dark over here let’s put a torch over here okay add our crops all right now I need to put um glass above the crops or they won’t grow so let’s grab our glass I think maybe they technically do grow only like ridiculously slow um but yeah they basically don’t grow all right so let’s clear this out okay so that is looks correct two three four one two did I do this wrong one two three four no it’s good all right I think we’re good is that right the block placement pop all right I think we are uh get there all right there we go cool so now that stuff should grow because it’s under glass and we’re on our way to being farmer gentleman Farmers so let’s go and expand oh I forgot I had the lava farm right here lava farm right next to our farm is that a good idea that’s not a good idea I’ll set the crops on fire we might have to move our lava Farm it be easier to move the lava Farm than move the farm at this point yeah let’s move this lava Farm somewhere else um oh is that right interesting look like I forgot to replant saplings last time I did this make another ax he’s texting me oh insurance company thank for your payment all right I need to get more saplings all right let’s see where should we put our lava Farm we could put over here maybe I want to it somewhere completely out of the way though maybe we pick it over here have anything going on over here lava can actually starts off on fire which sounds obvious but um this maybe not so obvious in Minecraft [Music] so we need to put it somewhere away from stuff that will burn all right we need to grab that other lava let’s put one bucket in here and grab another bucket all right there we go how’s our light levels doing now I’m a bit low all right let’s put the cauldron here actually be easier put the cauld inset in the wall like that now then we need this and this this okay so that goes there dripstone goes there lava goes above the dripstone and now we got a lava Farm okay cool our trees are really growing fast now I don’t why it takes so long to get the trees going and then once they get going seems like they go much faster of course we have four trees going now which is four chances to grow instead of one so that is helpful oops all right uh let’s get rid of so let’s keep working on our farm over here 1 two three four all right hey Dooku how’s it going sweet tanita I don’t know who that is actually how are you de good morning or good afternoon whatever time it is I guess must be afternoon huh welcome doing some hardcore Minecraft it’s our next challenge sweet I need D have to Che it out what uh kind of stuff does she stream uh okay what am I doing here so this is good oh so pretty late in the day actually for you a lot of chatting okay fair enough you ever play Minecraft at Eco I don’t think a spatula has tried it I resisted it for years when my kids were playing it I did not have the proper attitude and uh I could have missed out on some time a lot of time I could have played Minecraft with my kids cuz I was like oh it’s just this blocky pixel ated game right but when I finally started playing I was like wow this is actually really fun especially when you mod it um you can do all science of cool stuff anyway so yeah so anyway so I did end up doing it some before they you know grew up and left the house but I could have been doing it you know like a decade earlier then I finally got over my uh my Minecraft prejudice yeah thanks for rubbing it in edu come on man sure they’re not traumatized from it but is one of the regrets I have exactly but later on you know we played on the same server and stuff so I guess we made up for a little bit of lost time but yeah I’ve definitely could have done more of that so again the the crops will grow within four of the Water Source our water source is under there so we want to make a 4×4 grid with water in the middle so that’s 80 farming spots 81 minus one exactly yes it’s never going to go perfect the whole time through that’s for sure but you know it’s also good you know if somebody else is you know watching and they’re thinking about it they’re like oh maybe I should pay Minecraft with my kids maybe they can uh benefit from my experience at least I hope so I do it more for the um survival hardcore survival challenge that I do for just like building um Cool Shapes and all that I’m not much of a cool stuff Builder I am more of a practical stuff Builder all right yeah we could try this uh if you want a real challenge you try this mod pack called permafrost eyes of the storm and I can show you here in a sec but the whole world is basic basically wrapped up in a Perpetual storm so you end up being forced underground in the beginning and uh which is why we set up this little cave here and then to grow crops you have to basically Greenhouse them so that’s why we’re doing this glass on the top to make our crops grow so there’s a lot of stuff gated behind them progression which is fun I think yeah oh in the summer okay fair up here let me show you the storm outside yeah so this game has um it has has uh heat sensitivity and cold sensitivity or you can actually take damage if you get too cold and you can take damage if you get too hot so like the nether is super hot so you have to have some kind of cooling effect to survive there and outside is super cold so you have to have some way to warm up to um warm up to survive being outside oh here did I sleep I can’t remember let me sleep make sure it’s not dark out there all right so let me show you the outside here so the outside always looks like this it’s always Perpetual blizzard 100% of the time 24/7 7 days a week or 24 whatever anyway it’s I always like this oh there’s a bad guy all right never mind um I didn’t mean to use glass there but I guess it is what it is we could kill this guy we have the tools to do it we might as well I think you have to kill so many of them to get a um benefit out of the quest book over here buddy so the enemies the undead you have to consecrate so you see all those little white particles coming off him that means he’s consecrated and we can damage him normally if he’s not consecrated he takes hardly any damage from our attacks so that’s the other mechanic is you have to consecrate Undead to damage them yeah there’s a lot of sleeping in this game to roll the day over um it’s kind of like real life I guess anyway so uh so that’s the big mechanic too is you have to consecrate the undead to damage them and consecration generally means setting them on fire but there are other ways there’s like a potion of consecration for example um so it’s not always setting them on fire and anyway so that makes it more difficult too is that the monsters are harder to kill all right let’s grab another bucket of lava over here I didn’t realize that would harvest my crops all right that’s not going to work we’re not going to be able to so doing that Sickle thing actually harvested crops oh we got our first hemp so with hemp we can turn um we can start to make um start to make string and with string we can make a fishing gear yeah so we’re starting to get our infrastructure going we haven’t we’re not super powerful but eventually we will be we’ve got a cobblestone Farm going over here this is from the create mod all this gearing over here we’ve got a cobblestone generator going so we’re making tons of building supplies CU we’re going to make a huge mob farm uh here in a bit and this is all powered by water wheels over here this create mod is what does this super cool um one of my favorite mods for sure and uh anyway so we’re doing good so right now we’re working on our infrastructure just got the Exotic I needed for my stasis build oh there you go I’ve never played Destiny I know a lot of Borderlands people um play it but I’ve never tried it maybe one of these days always nice to find a rare drop that you need jump over to Warframe my son used to play Warframe frame I don’t know if he does anymore but used to play a lot of that back in the day I think because it was free you know um or at least you know generally free or I’m on free okay let’s see if we can make some more Quest book things let’s see what’s going on with our Quest book so has this this mod pack has this cool Quest work that talks about it gives you the lore of what’s Happening like the world is dead the storm began anyway there’s all this lore to the to the mod pack which is kind of fun um and then when you do quests you get things as rewards so we M these crystals which are for the ele elementum mod I think it is or Elemental mod I can’t remember what it’s called and so now we got some gold for doing that and so it also gives you progression that you can work on to get your way as you go through the game so the next thing I’d like to do is fishing but we need to get our string for that which means our hemp needs to grow and then we can do that we could start doing um batania and to do that we need to make a pedal Apothecary anyway reason shatter enemies finally oh to your regular name to Deco I remember that to my you know my usernames kind of varied in the beginning and uh anyway it’s nice to finally get everything synchronized change it to eaten the dummy okay all right we need to plant this new stuff okay all right that makes sense sure fair enough all right uh there we go all right uh trying to think what we do so we din our crops grow as the crops grow they produce seeds and with the seeds you can replant the crops and you get more seeds than you do um anyway you get more seeds that you can always grow your farm so you want to finish growing this Farm to its full potential let’s see if there’s any any other quests we could do in the meantime while we’re waiting okay it’s a little hard to change your Twitch usual name isn’t it I guess I don’t really know what’s involved maybe it isn’t that hard people get to learn you by the one name though after a while maybe makes it practically hard if it’s you know actually easy to do password I use the password manager which I recommend everybody with a password manager you can have completely random crazy passwords and you only have to remember um one of them then everything else is um protected by the manager seems like a good idea to me all right so we need some plants let’s do this and then this all I got a pedal theary so we need to figure out where we’re going to do our batania stuff batan is another mod in this mod pack oh last pass got hacked I didn’t know that I don’t use last pass though but yeah that is it is scary if they get hacked although um yeah yeah it is scary no getting around that that is true but I still I don’t know whatever I guess everybody else to decide their own for me I like it cuz the passwords are much more random back before I used the password manager I was using similar passwords and uh that feels dangerous also so make some steps all right I kind of want to do batan over here I wonder if I have enough room to do it right here I don’t think we’re going to have too many more machines going and we can always make the machines go that way so I think this is our batania spot let’s see what the next thing the quest book wants us to do is obtain Floral fertiliz izer make floral fertilizer yeah reasonable I it does cost money for the um password manager that is true at least the one that I use cost some money all right so we need Dy to make the all right to get D I think we need to make a um uh yeah pestl and mortar so let’s make a pestl and mortar I don’t think we have enough plants to make enough dye to get going I haven’t really been focusing on grabbing plants let’s turn half this into wood store the other half all right I guess I just got these plants here let’s turn these into how much D do we need to make that fertilizer we need four things of Dy okay so I think we do it like this yeah oh I turned it all into die well it’s all die now everything’s fun and game so you turn everything into diee all right so now we need our bone meal and we can make the fancy fertilizer okay very good claim reward we get eight more very [Music] nice yeah CU they’re not they’re not going to have the development um they’re not going to have the um whatever you call it the the funds of a place that’s actually cost money most of the time so I agree with that obtain a pure Daisy okay how do I obtain a pure Daisy oh you know what there’s actually a book that goes with batania which is right here let’s start a batania crate so let’s get rid of some of this crap in our inventory and let’s make a space for all our pot stuff okay so we want wood make a big crate one more big crate we can put our our stuff over here then let’s throw all this stuff in here so cared around all the time this I think we’re about to use not Inventory management in Minecraft see how our crops are doing over here not too bad my sickle broke so much content okay you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff to do that game has been around for a very long [Applause] time all right we’re slowly getting more hemp hemp is growing a lot faster than the um wheat is growing yeah 10 plus years yeah it’s been around around for a long time I remember my son playing it when he was little or pretty little anyway relatively little all right uh okay so pure Daisy so how do we make a pure Daisy let’s get our book Basics mystical flowers exent lovely welcome to Pia how come the thing is not disappearing it still says question mark like I haven’t looked at all this oh maybe it’s exclamation point introduction to trinkets extracting Ender air we’re a long way from extracting it’s in a whole different dimension I’m just cing through this stuff quickly so the exclamation points disappear and then hopefully we get new exclamation points of stuff we’re actually interested in so I want to make a pure Daisy how do I make a pure Daisy welcome toia how does end work so the end is a um so the ender dragon or whatever supposedly created this huge storm so the Ender Dragon is like this super cold beast and and the end is ridiculously cold so um you have to have cold resistance program cold resistance potions to survive in the end and cold resistance potions are gated behind killing ice Elementals which is a rare drop so you have to kill these ice Elementals to get their ice shards to make cold resistance potions and then the end is super cold and the dragon has like 8 million more Health than he does in normal Minecraft um so yeah the end is the end could be pretty challenging the only one of the nice things though is this mod pack includes the enchantment um Ender Veil and the Ender Veil makes it so that you can look at Enderman without them attacking you um so that at least you don’t have to wor about Enderman when you’re doing that fight but yeah it’s a it is a challenging fight for sure okay so I think the next thing we want to do actually instead of the pure Daisy is maybe we work on this one here or this one trying to get the um trying to get the floor the fertilizer to work yeah it’s pretty tough uh the final dragon fight so that’s the goal my goal is to do the whole go through the pack uh become superpowered and and fight and beat the Ender Dragon that is my goal for winning this uh challenge this one life challenge hardcore Challenge and other people have done it I’ve seen um Captain fufu’s done it and another guy I watch um what is his name uh I’m spacing on it right now dead Pine these got a really interesting username of dead Pine uh he has done it he actually has a YouTube uh series on beating the um this mod pack so it’s difficult but it’s not impossible so I’m sure we’ll get it done I have beat it um not hardcore before so I have some uh experience with it yeah the combat’s pretty simple no matter how you uh how you try to improve prove it yeah it’s definitely not definitely not the most complex combat mechanics in the world all right so we need some dirt over here we’re going to grow our mystical flowers okay so do I need fertilizer I think we might have to use this on grass I kind of don’t want to waste it because it’s a little bit hard to make so I think we’ll make grass so to do to make grass we can actually use um seeds to make grass we really need our wheat to grow we can get some seeds and then we can make grass I guess I could try it I’m going to try it see if it does anything oh it does do something okay right so these are called mystical flowers and they give you um flower petals the batania mod is like a it’s a Tech mod is what people describe it as a technology mod but it is for flavor it’s behind this kind of flower concept but you can make really strong stuff with um batania really good armor and weapons and utility items so right now with the magical fertilizer izer we’re making a magical flowers like our inventory is full get rid of some crap our pedal Apothecary down so we’re trying to get all 16 varieties of flower right now to complete that Quest so let’s make some more room in our inventory we want room for 16 different flowers oh we got some hemp do the have so two four six five six wait 2 4 6 8 10 12 look like we need oh no we do have enough okay I think we have enough room now get 16 in here 6 12 13 14 15 yeah we’re good okay you one shot hyperia so cool I have to check that out only once okay interesting I’m not even familiar with that um technique that cuz when the um Commander Lilith DLC came out I was kind of um I’ve been playing a lot L Borderlands 2 so I’m not super familiar with the stuff you do with the um the new gear in that game in that DLC like the world burn I’m glad though that uh Maya has a one shot for hyperious that’s cool all right let’s the tree we got all kinds of things going on here we’re making crops we’re doing Bania we are improving our world bit by bit all right so do we have 16 now I’m not sure I guess the quest book will tell us if we have them all oh we’re missing mystical orange flowers okay uh but we’re we’re out of our magical fertilizer so we’re going have to make more magical fertilizer here in a sec so let’s dump off the flowers we have now and do a little farming over here looks like we finally got wheat ready our first wheat of the game now we need to replant that our hemp so things grow better if they are next to different crops crops that are different from what they are so you like to plant things in rows when you farm in Minecraft all right so our food problems will swiftly be over keep this up a lot of good gear Peak opener torch Amigo sniper hot mama electric chair I’ve used the electric chair actually um uh I think I’ve used the Peak open a little bit that’s the assault rifle I guess uh when I whenever I do my Axe and R off are using that quite a bit would they grow better next to different plants though yeah it’s um only in rows though I don’t know how the game tells you to do this but so we have hemp we’re having hemp wheat hemp wheat so if you alternate rows like that they grow faster you don’t need to um checkerboard them but I don’t know how the game knows how they’re planted but that’s how that works okay we need to make more dye so we can make more fertilizer so do we have anything we can turn into die uh doesn’t look like we do I think what we need to do is go find some more um plants that we can turn into dye we can finally get the orange flowers if you leave them alone those leaves will Decay on their own but I want to get the drops from them so that’s why I’m manually destroying them all right uh let’s put this in here get rid of this put some water H prob like that yeah they redesigned bats for the new um for the latest uh Minecraft mod or Minecraft version not mod I’ve going through a lot of trouble just to recover one thing I hate uh losing supplies though I’m kind of crazy about that all right I saw some uh mushrooms up here we could turn into dye I remember this this uh pack actually has um like much bigger bats I fig what they’re called at the moment but it has a lot of different um stuff there’s a mod called Alex’s mobs and it has the Alex’s mobs a bunch of mobs from different packs there’s a pack called Ice and Fire and this mod pack incorporates it and that includes dragons which is cool so you can actually fight dragons all kinds of different mobs in this pack all right that’s a dead end what’s this a bamboo actually get bamboo out of that pot kind of cool bambo you can use do a few different things most importantly making scaffolding I saw a mob coming after us I don’t see any plants over that way right good enough also grow some bamboo while we’re sitting around uh it’s not going to grow very tall here let give the bamboo some room to grow all right should be good all right uh let’s go find some more plants we can turn into dye there’s some right here we never bothered to harvest don’t see any plants go and harvest this while we’re here our farm is snowballing nicely too bad the wheat grows so slow though compared to the umed to the hemp here’s some more plants those in die what was I doing up there I wonder I’ve obviously been here before maybe there was something I wanted to grab up here probably just exploring lot of dripstone where we live a little bit of a pain it gets in the way these huge dripstone areas I don’t even know what that is Deco never heard of that P three okay my wife and I um when we go out and buy a bagels which we do I don’t know periodically um we like to hit one of the bakeries around Portland too usually there’s a French bakery that we go to which I think actually we’re going to hit I think we’re going to go do it this Saturday make a bagel run we got to get up early to get bagels in Portland if you go uh late then they’re all sold out we’ve uh tried though every um Bakery every Bagel maker in the city and now we have our favorite which now I’m forgetting the name of it as I’m talking about it but uh anyway oh yeah Bago with um locks just absolutely delicious one of the greatest meals in the world Bas are popular Bakery based in subartic Jewish Cuisine all right well sounds good man sounds delicious the pastry and delicious pretty much go together right like pizza and cheese let grab this iron while we’re here you never have too much iron except late game when you have all the iron you need but we’re a long way from having all the iron we need eventually we’ll get uh enchantment called fortune and with Fortune we’ll get much more pieces of ore per per uh per um whatever you call it or block so that will be [Applause] nice all right got a lot more hemp than we need we can turn that into um bone meal let’s replant our hemp though we’ll go ahead and we might as well grow hemp even if we don’t need as much as we’re growing cuz we can bone meal it later but we’ll eventually replace the hemp with other crops cuz we’ll have more hemp than we’re ever going to use potato filled and pizza flavored oh okay that sounds delicious yeah more ore for ore yeah basically more ore per ore but what is this called This is called raw copper okay you get more raw iron per or block maybe that’d be a better way to do it yeah they take different times to finish the weed is growing really slowly compared to the hemp for example but you can also get you know carrots and potatoes and um uh I’m forgetting the others but you get more a lot more different crops that you can grow and they definitely grow at different speeds I still don’t feel like we have an enormous amount of wood so I’m going to harvest these trees when I see they’re ready to harvest eventually we’ll have enough wood and we won’t be doing it all the time but we’re still I think pretty light on wood this use wood to do literally everything there’s very few things you can craft that don’t have wood at some point Hey Arthur how’s it going my day is treating me well how is your day treating you over in Mississippi all right uh so now let’s make some let’s get this cooking lava is our new so now that we have the lava Farm over here we have infinite um fuel source with lava and smell all our Goods with lava so we don’t need to use our coal which is good cuz we’re going to use our coal in batania to make Mana all right so let’s get our thing it Mak some more dye I put it over here I think I put it over here yeah [Music] so then we make fertilizer have you played any uh Minecraft Arthur we are 10 minutes okay oh the new pc woohoo very exciting super cool that uh new pc looks really nice it actually looks nice in addition to having having a good um good staff good stats in it yeah well the the main point I guess is um survival and then a lot of it is um building but I’m more into the um survival aspect of it and so this is a this mod pack this is you various mods and then they get they incorporate the various mods into a mod pack um this mod pack is like a hardcore surv survival thing where the whole world is a storm and you’re trying to survive this Arctic Frozen world and then it has um different mechanics from normal Minecraft like too much heat or too much cold hurts you um that sort of thing so this is a very much a survival pack is what this is although you can do fancy builds in it yeah so in this case my goal is to beat the Ender Dragon but um the game keeps going after you do that right you don’t have to stop that’s just my particular goal for this uh mod pack Ender Dragon being kind of the final beasty Final Boss Challenge in the game all right let’s get rid of this stuff got magic powder I thought we had more magic powder than that I guess we can make one more fertilizer all right so we need the orange one is the one we’re looking for then we’ll have all 16 colors I don’t see any orange plus that’s orange yellow okay up on the new pc and the graphicss setting to Max PC have any issues oh excellent yeah that game’s pretty old now your um modern PC should uh chew it up and spit it out even though the game is super efficient the code in that game is terrible um as far as uh how it uses resources but yeah you can just Brute Force the thing doesn’t doesn’t matter how bad the code is when you’ve got brute for Brute Force to use on it or how inefficient the code is and this hemp is growing like 10 times faster than the wheat is streamlabs okay I’m still using um I’ve been using a lot of the twitch um twitch has their own built-in custom notices and um I’ve been using that instead of streamlabs or any of the others I only use muot for my um mod for my uh chat commands and I use the free version of that um so I’m resisting I’m resisting streamlabs I just think stream streamlabs has gotten really bloated there’s just so much stuff there that I’m trying to avoid it this time around even though I used it last time I streamed like back in 2019 or whatever it was all right uh what are we doing here so we still need to get orange flowers for that we need die so we need even more plants cuz we are not getting luck with the orange so I guess that means we need to do some more exploring to try to find some more plants is that what I’m hearing I think that’s what we have to do now more plants more dye which will let us to do more batania so we don’t need the batania book with this if we’re going to go exploring let’s see if there’s any quests we can do on the quest book we can do fishing let’s do fishing so we can take our hemp and turn it into string how do I do that two two hemps so string we already have some string from before so now we can make a fishing pole am I not doing that right fishing pole oh I need three okay now we got some fish and Minecraft is kind kind of weird you can cast fish in any bucket of water even if it’s tiny and in the middle of a cave with no nothing connected to it the fish magically appear I was playing dismantle and unlock the farming section I wondered how to plant seeds to grow crops okay cool all right that sounds very similar to Minecraft so for the fish we’re waiting for the stream of bubbles to appear and then we pull our bobber out when the stream of bubbles gets to it that’s how that works just taking a while there we go so we got a fish how many fish do we need to get for this we need three cods and we just got a salmon all right see you man good luck have a good one Arthur yeah I’m not a fan of fishing in real life I’ve done it a few times but um it’s too mellow for me I like to be doing something just standing there in the river just did not appeal to me thanks Arthur you too man this might be easier if we made a bigger Pond to fish in there’s another Pool of water up above near this entrance to our base so we’ll go switch to that after we get a fish out of this all right let’s let’s go to here let’s chop down the trees and then we’ll go go fishing up top oops on tool here we go might be easier to see the um fish coming from here hopefully it’ll be a little faster in regular Minecraft ratings or um fishing is better when it’s raining now but I don’t know how that correlates with the fact that it’s a perpetual storm outside I don’t know if that means it’s theoretically faster all the time or not doesn’t seem particularly quick wonder if it has to be exposed to the uh surface maybe I don’t know if we did that though it would turn to ice so that would not work there we go all right so we need to get three cod we’re getting nothing but salmon need some cod that’ll be something start it now it seems like this will be something yeah Cod is good h a bit I like salmon but um don’t tell the Northwest but I like the Atlantic salmon much more than I like the Pacific salmon the Pacific salmon has kind of a fishy flavor to me which I don’t enjoy the Atlantic salmon is more of a mild flavor and that is by far my favorite kind of salmon I’m not a big fan of mahi mahi um if it’s in sushi uh it can be good but I don’t think it’s all that great when it’s cooked all right there we got some cod all right so we need two more of those finish our fishing Quest Fukushima no I don’t worry about that the amount of radiation relative to the Pacific Ocean is insanely trivial that’s my opinion anyway all right come on COD let’s go we go oh another salmon sometimes in like a river you actually get salmon spawning and fish looking for them I think that only happens in River biomes with specific narrow biome where rivers are of course I don’t think we’re going to get any fish spawning in this little Pond not like that look like fish swimming around you know so the different biomes like um there there are different kinds of biomes like we’re on the border of a desert and a um Savannah Biome so it does a little bit so so it affects what’s on the surface right so like we were able to find acacia trees on the surface so that is still true um the plants that are there and then the other thing it affects is what like grass looks like so the game still considers Savannah to be like a hot biome so you still get the kind of dull grass that you get in a regular Overworld Savannah Biome um but that matters and then of course what matters what the structures that spawn so so the main so the point or in order to defeat this mod pack you have to collect these eyes eyes of eyes of the storm which are like basically supercharged ender eyes and you have to find these various ender eyes in various structures and oh I got a puffer fish you can make a water breathing potion with that um the one of the one of the structures you need to loot to find an eye is the pyramids so pyramids only spawn in the desert so biomes are still important for that sort of thing thing um anyway we’re getting a lot of stuff except for COD salmon puffer fish kinds of stuff all right we got we need one more cod we’ll be good if you fish in a bigger expanse of water I think it has to be so wide and so deep um you can actually get junk which includes like enchanting books from fishing all right we got our three Cod so I should complete that Quest so I get a reward puffer fish tropical fish or pike fish H whatever I’ll take that I don’t know what we’re supposed to use with pike fish out of a pike all right now we have a pike what is it do I have no idea can live here eternally let’s get some water I guess this just empty bucket we had we got a bucket with the pike maybe that was the B main benefit probably the main benefit was just progressing our Quest book The more interesting quests uh well I don’t have any enchantments so you might be thinking of mining with um enchantments all right we have quite a bit of wood now I’m going to stop chopping down the trees every second I see one we’re good enough on wood now for a while we can relax on that all right we can actually cook this fish and eat it so might as well do that so do that I think we want to make a smoker which Cooks food a little bit quicker yeah super slow with wooden yeah oh you’re playing with the pack okay yeah well that’s always um slower is um is a wooden pickaxe all right so let’s put some fish in here also cook it with lava so we have infinite lava all right um let’s get rid of this hemp we don’t need to be carrying around see what else we can do as far as quests go clim reward let’s get a red bed roll so bed rolls that you um grab rest without changing your spawn location which matters more if you’re not doing hardcore um since we can’t die anyway our spawn location isn’t that important to us but I do think it’s kind of fun to wander around the bed roll instead of uh instead of a bed makes a little more sense that you’re carrying a bed roll around so we’ll start using that just for theme you can find these Frozen pigs out in the wild we’re going to have to explore to get that seeds of survival so how come we’re not triggering seeds of survival we have to have seeds in our hand maybe I on book there’s a lives counter can you get more lives in hardcore um no um I mean not the way I’m playing it there is no official hardcore version of this pack um I’m just if I die then I restart so it’s not actually built into the pack it’s a challenge that I added on top of the pack um inspired by some other Gamers Captain Fufu has beat this pack on Hardcore and um dead Pine another streamer is beat on Hardcore so I was inspired by their playthroughs to uh try to do this hardcore we must have to get the backpack in order to do this to do the um seeds one it’s like you have to have both prerequisites finished all right do we have more room let’s do another row of hemp all right we have all the hemp we’re going to need all right we can make a we don’t have we don’t have um we don’t have sugar cane we can’t make paper so we can’t make paper bag to start something called a lunch pail um which is really cool yeah this mod is pretty great I think it’s I think it’s one of the best ones of all time and the quest book adds a ton of flavor to it I’m a huge fan of this mod pack so okay so we need one more um diee or one we orange plant to progress this Quest we don’t have enough stuff to start making our mod Farm we could go down and get um Redstone so we can make our Atlas and maybe we can explore a little bit on the surface without getting lost so let’s do that let’s do a little more try to get a little lower in the world and do some uh find some Redstone maybe some diamonds start progressing that way let’s make some more Fire charges have one spare we keeping the Vault all the time all right um we don’t need this have some water in our hot bar what else have some lava in our heart part two I guess in case we run into mobs all right let’s um let’s try to get low we know that there’s a way down over here I like having that lav of my hard power actually let’s not do that we just put this here for now cuz we were very low down there so different ores spawn at different levels and Redstone spawns low in the world and Diamond spawn low in the world so you can see your um your elevation like I don’t know if you can I can’t I can’t really point to it but there’s a paragraph in the upper left and then there’s a space and the the first line in the space below the upper left paragraph is XYZ so it gives you your X and Y coordinates and the middle one the Y is your depth in the world so in regular Minecraft now you can go to like 64 or something but in this pack this is based on older Minecraft 16.5 you can only go to zero so we’re at level 31 so we’re pretty low in the world is what that’s telling me right there yeah the skeletons will wreck you and remember you have to consecrate Undead to kill them you have to basically set them on fire um is the main way to consecrate so you’re not going to be doing hardly any damage to him at all if you’re trying to beat him up normally so you can trap them and try to beat him to death that way without fire but you’re going to want to make a fire stick um which it tells you how to do that in the quest book and you’ll be off to the races oh speak of the devil I want to try to get him a little closer we don’t have our own era yet all right let’s grab these can make more dye which will me us make more fertilizer this is uh use this for some stuff although we’re actually going to use it in this mod pack there’s an alternate way of crafting superpowered way of crafting that you can get through um idolon which is a um dark magic mod that’s part of the mod pack pack so we’re going to use the soul enchanter and it doesn’t require um this uh lapis lazuli ore so I’m not sure if we actually use that oh we use it a little bit I guess in batania the lapis ore you can make torches that’ll burn underwater with this fiery glass which is very handy eventually we’ll be able to breathe underwater and we’ll spend a lot of time I’m underwater want my ore there’s actually really dangerous creatures that spawn in the um in the water you can get these um sea serpents that will wreck you in a seconds they can shoot boiling Jets of water at you and just literally melt your character so uh be careful of the ocean for till pretty much late game all right lead we need to start the um idolon mod the dark magic mod this is lead or right here I don’t see any diamonds we need diamonds to mine a moonstone and um not sure we need it for what else we need it for can’t remember right now but Diamond’s also just a really good material to make armor and weapons out of pretty much top tier um there’s stuff better than a netherite and in this game you can make Terrace steel with a botanium mod and ter still is very very strong but diamond is still very very good you also need diamonds to make ter steel it’s an ingredient of a lot of the um magic diamonds are so we’re going to need some diamonds in fact I think we need diamonds to make the soul enchanter that we’re planning to make so we definitely need to get some [Applause] all right I don’t know if I actually that there do I no I have a couple of other mods installed um adiku I have um the light level mod um I forget what it’s called now but you can use um you can tell you if your your light levels are safe or not and I also added um hey what am I looking at so that tells me what the various things are that I’m looking at are so um I do I do recommend uh some additional mods on top of the pack the thing about the what you’re looking for is make sure you grab I guess any mod right this is a 16.5 mod pack so you definitely want to make sure using um 16.5 um versions of those mods the light mod and the um what am I looking at mod I saw something up there it’s like ammonia or something I don’t know that we use this for anything ammonite I don’t think that’s in any of the crafting recipes we want to use all right I need to take a break and hit the restro I’ll be right back that was actually super J super dangerous what I just did there I forgot to uh pause the game I could have been killed by any wandering monster I just went to the restroom but we live it’s always nice when you don’t die from your mistakes that would have been a sad way to end this run come back from the restroom to have my character killed yeah you can you can do the setting um game rule setting right if you want to do that 1 two three four five you know grain uh you know game rule keep inventory on death you know what I’m talking about oh there’s some Redstone we can use to make that um Compass so we can make our antique Atlas so that we can know where the hell we are in the world the mod pack includes an enchantment called Soul binding which if you apply that enchantment to anything it’ll keep it when you die so if you want to play it you know more hardcore you can um but still have that ability then you could wait until you get that enchantment um since I the game’s over if I die the for me the way I’m playing it so the soul binding is completely useless to me so I never use that enchantment at least not on these hardcore runs all right so now we’ve got Redstone so we can make the atlas maybe we should go back and do that so we don’t get lost while we’re exploring uh I’m not already lost am I how did I get here how did I get here think I need to go up wow look at that lava that is frightening as hell that is a very deadly drop that is a huge Lava Lake below our base all right we’re going to ignore these trees for now we got plenty of wood at the moment all right uh let’s dump some scrap off I did but it didn’t work okay I don’t know I’ve never um I haven’t played with that in this mod pack I don’t know if it’s um I don’t know if they’ve changed something there they might have all right we need to make uh we’ll use this to make dye later all right we can get this lead smelted up after the iron and then we can start idle on continue our power curve all right so we only need one piece of redstone to make the thing all right so we do need to make though is the grindstone to take the enchantment off the book so let let us do that make a grindstone um there all right so now we make a compass my compass on the book to make the atlas and now with the atlas we can see where we are so yeah so here’s a savannah that we’re on the edge of and there’s the desert that we found all the sand in it looks like an ocean to the south of us Savannah Desert and ocean is our immediate surroundings I don’t see any um Villages all the villages in this pack are zombie Villages because of the storm oh yeah The Dread fish dread fish are super rare spawn that was uh that was bad luck to run into a dread fish um that’s a really rare spawn those things will Ms you up so yeah that was bad luck on your part it’s hard to actually find a dread fish there’s a quest reward for killing a dread fish but they’re such a rare spawn that it’s hard to um I always find it hard to pick that that one off all right um so what do we want to do now I’m wondering if we want to I’d really like to get the batania going we might be able to get that going without having all the different without having the quest [Applause] [Applause] completed yeah we have way more hemp than we’re ever going to use so we’ll slowly start converting the hemp into into um wheat as we get more wheat seeds and we’ll until we replace um probably all the hemp or almost all the hemp why won’t this let me plant there it’s kind of weird it won’t let me click and plant there what’s going on with that one two three four it’s just a bug you have two of those red fish manad I’m kind of jealous they’re pretty hard to kill though with them regular gear I think I’m not super familiar with them cuz there’s such a rare spawn all right um just thinking what we should try next I guess let’s go back to figuring out I know I can figure out how to make one of those white daisies pure daisies pure Daisy here we go so makeing your Daisy you need three white things in the Apothecary or the um okay so do we have three we have four 1 two three four so put these in here oops water in there Chuck in the white things we need some seeds okay I think I just replanted all my seeds all right here’s some wheat we can Harvest now we have seeds all right we got one of those yeah they’re really fast and flying yeah yeah yeah they’re tough those uh those things are tough I agree all right uh so this turns rock and wood into fancy Rock and wood that you can use with the batania mod so let’s go ahead and plant one right here and it’ll slowly turn this rock into I think it’s called living Rock something like that then you can use that to make various patania things pick one I’ll take this right here sure why isn’t it letting me get it my reward do I have to have it in my hand yeah let’s wait till it turns these in maybe I’ll pick it up and see what happens Harvest some bamboo while we’re waiting I wonder if bamboo needs glass to grow I mean obviously it grew a little bit there but I wonder it be a lot faster with glass above it you just like bamb grow bamboo grows super fast yeah I think the worst start was like a desert something where you can’t get wood you really need wood to get going I think that’s always a bad start anyway you can definitely get some bad starts all right we’re going to need more rock let’s try holding this see if it’ll let me get my quest reward oh we need this Living Wood okay all right so I think you make Living Wood with logs yeah you can see a little particle effect that mean the magic is working so I used up all my magical die right or magical fertilizer so while we’re waiting we can make some more die oh you can’t make dye out of flowers okay all right so now we should be able to get this [Music] reward excellent okay put that back take some of this make some more living wood or living Stone whatever it’s called living Rock that’s what it’s called All right we have a second white daisy thing but I don’t think we’re going to use it right now I’ll use it later all right um so now we want to make more fertilizer we still need to get that orange flower for the other Quest we haven’t gotten an orange flower yet there’s orange excellent all right so now we have all the different flower types okay back to our Quest book oops we don’t want that living Rock there claim reward take a rune of [Music] spring okay what do we do next make a craft a wand of the forest okay so for that we need to use our wood and how do we make a wand to the forest two three those in any kind of plant okay one two let’s get some more Living Wood going we’re definitely going to need definitely going to need Living Wood let’s get this stuff out of our inventory this lead out of our inventory all right um wand of the forest we need two pedals okay excellent all right now we need to oh so we need diamonds to make um do we need diamonds to make a Mana spreader let’s see how we make that man a pool and a spreader no we don’t need diamonds we need six Living Wood and gold so that’s for the um it’s for a mod um here I can figure out what the mod is in a second hold on a sec the mod is uh Elemental craft that’s for Elemental craft you can um you can harness those orbs to do um infusions of your tools and weapons so there’s a good there’s actually a decent Elemental Craft wiki that explains what the different colors can do um but that’s it Elemental craft mod I used to use that mod quite a bit but my last through run throughs I haven’t used it very much um but it can actually be really handy like you can use a Red Orb or red shards to put level one fire on your sword which is obviously super useful right because you need to consecrate bad guys so it’s a good way to get an early fire weapon um anyway some of some of the um infusions are actually pretty useful but um I haven’t been using them lately I haven’t found I haven’t found um I haven’t found uh good um orbs lately in the past I found like a Red Orb like right by my base and was able to use it but the enemies will drop shards of different um elements and that’s another way to get them in addition to orbs you can get it from uh enemies enemy drops uh so need living Rock five living Rock okay so then we get some diamonds and [Music] four make a flower pouch okay I’m just progressing this as far as I can while it’s all pretty easy to progress so we need wool to make the Flower Patch so we can make wool with our string which we can get from our hemp so take two hemps turn them in the string and then you turn the string into wool and then we can turn the wool into a flower pouch right there we go [Music] right all right now what here uh man generation begin you’ll need flowers not generating flowers so create an end flame so let’s go to generating Flora endoflame all right we need light gray two Browns and a red light gray two Browns and a red here’s two Browns and we need light gray where is our light gray flower going have in our hand do we I don’t think so we know we had all of them oh here’s light gray so there’s only we only have um need to grow more of those light gray and a red was the last one we needed and then we’re also going to need seeds to activate it so we need some seeds put this diamond we got over there put this Mana in here for now Put the flower we’re actually not going to use a flower pouch or anything we’ll just shove it over here all right need some more seeds which we get from [Applause] wheat also Harvest this hemp we might keep one row of hemp just for making like wool until we get um some sheep in case we need wool for anything else I can’t remember it’s just small won’t let me plant there why won’t it let me plant there it is super weird what is the deal man do I need more water why does it think I can’t plant there I’m going to try putting some water over here and see what that does maybe it’ll let me plant I mean it should need more water but something’s bugging out over here I just won’t let me plant there that is super weird is it too cold yeah it must have been too cold okay all right well I just learned something else it won’t a plan if it’s too cold where you’re trying to see sew your crops so watch out for that all right um so let’s go make the what were we working on we’re working on the [Music] endoflame so we need let’s double check the book okay one gray one red two brown one gray one red two Brown and some seeds to activate got Ender flame excellent Quest [Music] complete make some Mana steel so to make Mana steel we need to get the Mana actually going all right how do we make a runic alter living stone and a diamond okay or living rock and a diamond so we have one Diamond it’s probably why they gave us one Diamond get rid of this stuff over here plant these um seeds all right so we’re going to make the alter so it was like this okay now we got the Ric alter very cool uh let’s put it over here all right let’s get rid of this this all right so we might as well get the might as well get the Endo flame set up get started making Mana all right see you man all right have a good rest of your day man I’m looking forward to your uh starting tomorrow it’ be nice to have it live and not be practiced anymore anyway have a great rest of your day man all right let’s see thank you thank you sir um bage generation so it shows us how to make a a drop thing which I can’t quite remember how to do it it might be with the endoflame tells you how to make it somewhere it shows you how to make a how to make this dropper thing I thought it was with the end flame but I don’t see it open crate okay maybe it doesn’t show you how to do it all right so yeah I’ll bet that we grow a lot faster with um glass I don’t think we need a lot of that though so we need a pressure plate I think we want a wooden one I think no pressure plate open crate uh Hopper and then if we want block and then Redstone like that maybe and then we can put some coal on there some fiery glass yeah that’s working okay so now we need the end of flame so okay hold on let’s make a Mana spreader uh which is this dude looking thing right here oh we need terce still to make it okay never mind all right so make terce still that we have so we have all right um and then we want a have you done a lot with um batania IO do you know how to do it it’s pretty um pretty technical but I think I’m getting the hang of it I’m definitely no expert at it all right so the endof Flames burns the fuel which turns it into Mana the Mana spreader sends the Mana to the pool and then we got Mana starting to accumulate in there which will let us make a terror steel eventually and other things [Music] all right so if we make eight ter steel then it will give us stuff all right let’s see if we can make some more endof Flames we can make that more efficient so endof Flames was red gray I think the gray we’re almost out of and brown so we need regular bone meal which we can get from these hemp seeds over here and okay so we could make more Moss that’ be another way to get more bone meal cuz we don’t have a mob farm yet the best way to uh get bone meal is Bones from skeletons okay oh you need use shears I think I just wasted that need shears to harvest those I forgot about that so that unfortunately means that we wasted that plant I think we had one more though don’t we yeah one more it’s our last one we need to be careful with this one although we did get a ton of that um fertilizer so we could make more if we had to right now we do it like that that gives us another one all right now we got plenty of gray all right we want to save one of these flowers cuz we’re using our last one make sure that we keep at least one uh okay all right so we’re done with the shears for now all right so end of flame is going to be one gray one red and two brown make sure we have brown flowers we need to grow more Brown just put the stuff away let’s grab it again all right I had four Brown pedals I guess I don’t oh we need some seeds too means we need to harvest some wheat to get some [Applause] seeds all right let’s replant our wheat all right I think our field is fully planted now look like it is now we’ll start replacing um some of these hemp rows with wheat rows we just don’t need that much hemp all right one of these two of these one of these some of this all right we can actually Auto build the thing there we go two more ender Flames I should Auto automatically attached to the um spreader but let’s make sure he’s in our wand to the forest okay we’re good all right how is our Mana pool doing slowly slowly slowly filling up painfully slowly hopefully it get a little little faster now with um with uh multiple plants going into it so wonder if we can make that spreader thing we did get some yeah let’s make the spreader this will spread the Mana amongst four different pools so there we go all right let’s put this stuff away think we just need to wait for um Mana before we can do anything else so we can double check [Applause] that Ric alter yeah we’re going to need a um lots of Terrace SE to make the different rooms all right so let just wait we’ll let the Mana generator generate Mana then we’ll do something with that later all right I guess we could start um idolon so to get the idolon book I think we can we have to combine a book with rotten flesh I think not sure I might get the book for free actually from the quest book still live in a cave yeah we’re still living in a cave we’ll be living in a cave the entire time M kotel because um because the world storm never ends it literally never ends so our base will always be in a cave there’s not another point to being up on the surface unfortunately when you beat the Ender Dragon it doesn’t um it doesn’t reverse the storm the storm stays even after you win the game it probably is just too hard to program it to um un storm yeah so you can never get rid of the storm fortunately all right I’m trying to figure out how to start the black magic um Quest oh here it is okay so we’ve got oops I just messed up so we have this protection task so what do we have to do better than gold but already give me that reward I don’t remember getting [Music] um here we [Music] go combine a book with rotten flesh okay so that’s how we get the book tell us how to do the rest of this I we can grow pumpkins and melons now might as well all right so to make the lamp of growth how do we do that lamp of growth need emeralds for that and blaze powder not going making that for a while all right let’s go and get our um pumpkins and melons planted this over here uh okay pumpkins and melons [Applause] all right we’re going to start replacing these um EMP with wheat so let’s do that the whe won’t grow as fast but it’s going to be more useful than the hemp will so we have uh so much hemp already all right so where do we want to grow pumpkins and pumpkins and watermelons may be right here we can have a row of water and then a row of plantings and then a row of dirt for the plants to go on to I think they also need glass over the main plant so we’ll go ahead and do that we have a pumpkins on one side and melons on the other that’s all right so this will be water we don’t need that much water actually um well this is definitely going to be dirt let’s get some dirt hey Fenix how’s it going man happy Thursday how’s your day going well I hope just get back from school okay what uh classes did you have today I am doing good we’re really ran really really ramping up our survival we’ve got um the botanium botania mods going so we’re making some uh Mana so we can make magic tools and items we got uh water reel going so we have a cobble Farm over here making Cobblestone so we can make a giant mob farm eventually and this is all driven by water wheels from the create mod um found some bamboo we’ve been growing we’ve got our farm up and going um a lot of progress today we are gearing up a lot better safe than we were yesterday all right math today okay my daughter’s really good at math me I used to be pretty good at it but I haven’t used it in a long time and if you don’t use it you forget it right so I think I forgot most of what I used to know about math all right um how do I do this okay I’ll just make the stone again I’m not sure about my setup here it’s a little bit wonky yeah exactly it’s like you used to know how to do it I forgot I was going to get so many seeds we could have a huge pumpkin farm H all right we’ll just start some all for now I think it’s the melons you only get one one seed per thing something like that oh we have to turn them into um have to turn them into watermelon slices and get the seeds from the slices okay always get a math good for you a Kel need some light over here should might make some lanterns make it brighter maybe make a few lanterns lanterns give off slightly more light than torches do but we can also hang them from the ceiling which is helpful so we don’t need as many torches around all right let’s plant our melons so for do that we got to turn these into I guess we have to hack them to turn them into watermelons I thought you could do it in the crafting machine I guess not all right now we turn the slices into seeds all right the pumpkins and melons growing like we should be planting more of those especially the pumpkins pumpkins can be pretty handy not so sure about the [Applause] melons we’re going to need more water we’ll just do one more row of um four I guess all good enough I don’t think we’re need a ton of these things or one more row five I guess I should say yeah I thought you could just put it in your um you know in your little four5 thing and pull out um seeds I guess you can’t do that or slices rather kind of weird that wouldn’t surprise if I’m doing something wrong there this is not I’m sure the most efficient way to grow these but I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it so I’m just going to get it going this setup will give us I think plenty for our needs which is good enough I have not found diamonds yet now I’ve been avoiding um I’ve been avoiding going down too deep in the world so I don’t have diamonds yet we’re going to have to go get some soon though because we’re going to need diamonds to set up our soul enchanter which is like a ridiculous broken super easy version of the regular enchanter um so we are going to need diamonds sooner rather than later so probably next time we’ll go find some diamonds yeah we’re still got hobo gear that’s right we’re still wearing our lousy copper armor and using iron tools we might we’ll probably switch to Mana steel before diamonds actually Mana steel is something you can make with the ban botanium mod and Mana steel can actually mine um anything unlike iron that’s better than iron yeah tier three weapon yeah well especially when you get enchanted right when you get the gears with the you know protections on them and you know you get a um you get a uh pickaxe with the fortune on it I mean it’s like a whole another game you know just really elevates your power all right we need more dirt let’s go get some more dirt so maybe we’ll finally make a new shovel some more dirt over here what time is it uh okay we got to proba about five more minutes see how much progress we can make all here’s some dirt right here let’s take this dirt yeah they’re like superpowered weapon weapon attachments but yeah it’s a very similar concept you know upgrading the basic tool into something better the thing you know with for Fortune you get so much more stuff it makes your mining a lot more than three times more efficient makes it much much more efficient I me Fortune is like the best enchantment in the game all right that’s plenty of dirt more than we need let’s all this scrap up okay okay enchantments are good they really need to add more enchantments to vanilla Minecraft this mod pack has a ton of new um enchantments in it um some of the most important being Cooling and then there’s also something called um there’s adjusted warm there’s Cooling and warming and then there’s Superior versions called adjusted Cooling and adjusted warming and the adjusted versions will give you as much warmth or cooling that you need for the situation as opposed to the regular ones which will um just make you um give you the same amount of warming all the time which means you could be too hot for example um if you have too much warming on so the adjusted is a nice upgrade to that anyway a lot of different enchantments in this mod pack oh my um a water thing broke there see if we can at least get our uh watermelon and uh pumpkin farm done for I have to sign off I got to take my dad to um Walmart today so I have a mission to get to all right let me chop some more oh no we don’t need to do that already got plenty of slices all right so that’s good like all of our oh we actually have some Darkness over here maybe make one more Lantern don’t want bad guys spawning in our base that would be very bad yeah he’s a fan he likes the Walmart everything you know it does everything on a budget um he doesn’t have a lot of uh retirement income so Walmart is cheap and that is good yeah the Walmart Mission the quest book this is the real life Quest book and the take care of your parents section hope that your kids will take care of you when you get old the karma will keep going all right um so yeah ton of progress today all the stuff we made today all this stuff none of this existed this morning so ton of progress today uh hopefully um next time we’ll find some diamonds maybe build our giant mob farm with all this um Cobblestone we’re making um just continue to ratchet up our power level to Superstar status anyway but pretty good all right so have a great day guys whatever you’re up to and I will see you another time thanks for watching

This video, titled ‘Minecraft Hardcore Permafrost Mod Day 2 2023’, was uploaded by ShinyRobotGod on 2024-03-08 04:48:31. It has garnered 97 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 03:50:09 or 13809 seconds.

Get the Permafrost – Eyes of the Storm modpack on Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/permafrost-eots

I added the Light Overlay mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/light-overlay. Be sure to download the Forge file for Minecraft 1.16.5. You also need to download the two files listed under the “Relations” tab on the Light Overlay page on Curseforge.

I added HWYLA (Here’s What Your Looking At): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/hwyla Be sure to download the Forge file for Minecraft 1.16.5.

I added the Retraining mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/retraining Be sure to download the file for Forge 1.16.5.

These attempts were streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/shinyrobotgod

My Minecraft resource pack removes villager idle sounds (hmms and such). It will make your trading hall or villager breeder much quieter. Get it on Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/no-villager-idle-sounds

Music by Karl Casey @WhiteBatAudio

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