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e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e okay let’s see does it go all right what is up everyone welcome to the stream it’s your girl kayb boo welcome in and happy Saturday hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and also happy Mother’s Day weekend and happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers out there you guys are much appreciated um happy Mother’s Day weekend what’s up Deborah what’s up and Marque what’s up Craig I appreciate you what’s up Daniel what’s up duplicate how you doing Deborah welcome in welcome all right so make this smaller I’m going to go ahead and get Minecraft up thank you appreciate it thanks okay go ahead and get that it turns like 50 or something like that okay that okay all right why is it only working in one ear okay there wait go ahead and talk again okay all right so if you want to go ahead and if you guys want to go ahead and moderate the chat you know keep a look at and also um can you post the uh your server thing in the Stream so I can pin it all right let me go ahead and get Minecraft up then um all right I mean I’m decent at Minecraft MS but actually you know it’s been minute it yeah give here [ __ ] sheep I’m G to kick your ass sit the [ __ ] okay so for Minecraft I might have to um capture it as a window what I might have to do thank you Alice I appreciate it um all right so we’ll go ahead and do that I’ll put my I’m try to get angel I don’t know yeah I’m watching the guy right now okay let me try to moove this God let me um real quick and then I’ll I’ll go on ahead and I’ll come back just so I can hear what he says because I guess um it all let me just see I mean this [ __ ] out of this for I don’t care [ __ ] you I guess to make it all even I have to make Greg ax now I’m going to Sho in one item for all of us no don’t worry about be an I like how it Pi all right that’s what’s up hor [ __ ] you come here [ __ ] [ __ ] you little come here [ __ ] home thank here on you with you thank you Deborah come on just what the [ __ ] are you installing now what’s up Roger it’s preparing an install right now okay yeah so we’ll um pin that comment prace says it’s preparing for some reason it’s [ __ ] downloading again I don’t know why oh yeah because world oh okay I see I just got some McDonald’s and McChicken and some french fries munch it on it on the way give me this in my inventory because I don’t really need it hold on y I’m getting this capture thingy up um I’m just going single [ __ ] treat make any this bit yeah of course it’s not going to come up all right come on dude I’ll just do a screen this make it a bit easier up um okay and then look the Jo and go over to my mother’s hey Bradley thank you so much what’s up easy di hello get the [ __ ] back here [ __ ] yeah get [ __ ] out so I’m going to leave it on peaceful until everybody joins all right well uh we can go ahead and do it then um let’s get into it yeah um I’m just get an XP right now I don’t really care about surviving okay okay we got the um server link if you guys want to join all right I’m here [Music] Alice you look tiny guys look at my character like on the website you can change the uh look at my character she cute she cute what’s up artist pain Minecraft the gun in yep Minecraft with some McDonald’s I got some french fries and a MC chicken hey chicken chicken I’m going to kill you oh my God I’m drowning I just [ __ ] up a chicken and I don’t give to [ __ ] that was my chicken ho chicken [ __ ] back up [ __ ] my chicken [ __ ] suck that was going to be my me all right let’s [Music] see welcome to toxic Minecraft Monday okay so we’re doing survival right now and I want to do a little bit of creative Alice because I want to um make a house on Water I want to make a cute little house so do you want to do creative first or what because I mean I can okay creative mode okay let’s find a good place for the um base or not yeah I want a house on water yes what you want to know what’s great about creative mode now mhm you don’t lose you don’t lose your survival oh wow cool all right let’s find a good spot I don’t know okay hold on I kind of like this area but I feel like what do you say like a better area or what I okay you got an En what’s up Cole just popping in to say hello happy gaming thank you I hope you have a good day thank you guys so much for coming in here appreciate it what’s up Charlie I saw you in a live in a fight in a fight what fight I ain’t no fight all right Alice where’ you go oh I don’t know but I wasn’t in it okay let’s see you can make it in here this is big as hell all right so my thing is okay I want to okay so we can start off whoa excuse me sir okay all right so what I’m thinking Alice is we can start hold on okay got most of it figured out the only thing is that it’s the port I guess I need the number oh it should be it should be that what’s up Titan mask how you doing bro give it to you hold up hold up I can give it to you all right I appreciate I think I want to start it right in this little area it’s right here [Music] deep B put that in there do you guys have the forest I I like I like the forest better than sons of the forest okay let’s try to drop down Drop it like it’s hot all right I think I’m thinking in this area you got that explosive bow that I really like I’m over here I’m ready to make a base over here all right Alice so um I don’t know I don’t know if explosives work you heard a shot let me see it make it big and nice okay cuz I kind of want to get rid of the front paper how the [ __ ] do I make [ __ ] m i it work for dude what is that her is that her PR I think it is or it might [Music] be a working oh you sure about that game I like exploding things hey hey Angel come over here oh I have an idea I don’t know if that is Angel is it it might not even be Angel hold on real quick that’s not me yet oh sh gu real quick be right oh no okay y’all I might have done something oh look it’s coming back yeah can you reset it [Laughter] here I’ll do you a favor who just be a [ __ ] out now it won’t now it won’t do that anymore I unloaded it okay can you reset that what’s upam hi hone you do know to the entire [ __ ] chapter right yeah I kind of [ __ ] [ __ ] up here listen okay you don’t have to I got the other world still all right well um can’t yeah just like that okay okay okay um okay I think I’m going to start it here um let me see all right how are we going to do this I kind of want to make like a okay let’s see it’s going to be purple Vibes too purple ones hello hey what’s up C what’s up Christopher how you doing um all right I want to make start with like a how we going to do this hi there I don’t know who this is but hi I like your um little cape what do you think about my fit you can uh change the skins in the website I think it’s cute with the little yellow eyes I like yellow I like yellow if you guys see I use yellow oh it’s raining I love it okay um I’m trying to I’m trying to think of like maybe a bridge that goes to it like a bridge and then in the middle the big base So like um let’s see I’m trying to think of how we’re going to start it I’m using my mind right now to think what kind of I’m trying to imagine it if you guys got any ideas too go ahead and do it I’m flying up here okay do you know how to fly yeah I’m up [Laughter] here Minecraft rain it’s beautiful I like relaxing rain on minecra sometimes I like to just leave it up while I sleep with the Minecraft music it’s amazing um what kind of what’s up hi I know right look how high I can go [Music] woo all right let’s see um okay so I’m kind of thinking let’s see what we got to work with I mean pretty much everything huh um oh okay let’s get rid of some of oh [ __ ] you’re head okay uh let me get a pickaxe use that there we’re definitely going to get a bunch of axolotes fluffer fish there’s going to be aquariums in my house um okay so first I’m gonna get rid of some I’m GNA get rid of some of this uh what are you thinking Alice I’m trying to we’re going to start it here all right hold on hey give 32 H yeah give me a God damn [ __ ] pickaxe my pickax is Dick let’s go s theu achievement made Stone AG oh wait okay okay [ __ ] I did not mean to going back to this going back to the up in this [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what happened yeah I know my base ain’t G to be much guys but I’m gonna try look at it hi Christopher let’s see okay let’s see what what’s up okay water okay okay okay you know what hold up um so M’s going to be not that obvious but I swear to God if I get blown up and everyone joins I’m going to lose my [ __ ] yo what’s up artist how you doing give me that baby Jesus Apple give me that [ __ ] [ __ ] thank you here great now I have to make a another bed come hey how the do I make a m not make one oh you’re fine you’re fine artist you’re fine okay let’s see Houston we have a [ __ ] problem it’s a little dark in here right now okay why can I not make a [ __ ] map that going to hurt what’s this little thingy those are cute um okay I first want to start with like a nice little uh cute little background thingy let’s add some um and if you guys what happened what’s up Daniel I need to find some [ __ ] coal me okay I’m like a like a swamp type of that face cracks me up oh is this like bushes hold on think what is this yeah that’s let me see give me what’s up hey beautiful how you doing gaming with BB how are you doing tonight beautiful how are you doing give me a cou um and rainy is gonna join us in a bit too um I’m over here just uh planting I want it like I want it like a swampy type of like little cute house on the um water you know like a swampy type of you know um so I’m trying to think here I’m doing my little putting on you know what I mean I mean what are you thinking Alice Alice you going to help me make this house yeah you can go ahead and join artist um you guys can join if you want feel free to do what you want it’s open area um it’s the link is uh Alice pendit and it’s in the description yeah you can join if you want we’re just uh chilling we’re doing creative and survival right now we’re just doing a little creative [ __ ] around and uh I’m just uh you know planning some things okay there’s the is there any let’s see the trees I’m stuck with sural the rest my [ __ ] life after this uh let’s see hey honey got any cute trees hey was that uh yeah it’s it’s bedrock and Java you can join don’t ask Cal but Alice just knows things okay she she knows she just knows see what kind of trees these are giving I like oak trees hold on hi there hi um oh God how do I jump up jump oh my God okay where are you because I’m I don’t even see Somewhere Over the Rainbow Somewhere Over the Rainbow these trees aren’t big enough I need bigger trees is there any bigger trees I got Big Trees near me oh [ __ ] ah let’s see why is it different color I can’t I can’t what are you doing to my pink why are you making it like that leave my pink alone why can I not add I to know it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay what are you doing to my pink what you doing it’s my pink I can use some over here honey why you look what they doing to my colors they’re turning it why you need water I tried I don’t think it’s going to work I did everything said what are you doing you can you can get water go to your inventory I think I think I’m have to try there’s plenty of other room around here let me let me do my [ __ ] what you keep turning it gray I’m just get a [ __ ] T of wood right now don’t ask yes you are or is that Alice Place it and look at it okay there I looked at it are you serious why I need water oh God why does it need water go do yours over there I want my pink D why do you keep changing my color this is my [Laughter] house this is my house [ __ ] you [ __ ] I want pink Mo scenario Alice I could just wait to see if my dad let me use hisp why if you if you want if you want that boring color do it son what’s up nippy I’m doing good how you been doing nippy good to see you man whatever look how boring it looks when it’s gray guys tell me in the chat is pink better look at this [ __ ] keep making it gray I want a pink Wonderland [ __ ] pink pretty and pink I’m all the way over here bro sure you are I have plans here okay I have a big ass plan I’m even going to make a water park you just wait what look at it hey what’s up hey let’s go party rockers in the house tonight what’s up way too cool how you doing what’s up party rocking through the house tonight you’re dying why are you dying all right cuz you keep turning it not gray angel I see you bad boy I see Alice what they keep turning my [ __ ] gray look how ugly it is now it it needs water Tay what needs water thing you [Music] goof bully what they die I want pink leave it alone okay I got it got it I got it I got it there’s plenty of other room for you to here somewhere else what’s up ghost how you doing uh you know what I’m my B right here be next door neighbors yay neighbors okay that [ __ ] there okay um why that’s cute I’m not even I’m just getting started oh Fu I’m trying to do pink but they keep [ __ ] with me please please I beg you I just want pink yay pink leave my stuff alone oh my God I’m my okay I see it is I’m I’m dumb I don’t it water I’m a cry it has to be underwater why do you do this to me what has to be under trying the coral it’s a coral block God what about it maybe it has to be underwater or it dies oh [Laughter] okay fine I get it now I’m sorry jeez I’m sorry I didn’t know I was just pink okay do you do you want me to set it to something pink yes I didn’t know I didn’t know I what the [ __ ] that’s ugly that’s pink it ain’t it’s not as cute as the other one can you do purple crystals purple crystals it’s giving like giving Crash Bandicoot crystals you want amethyst yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m sorry I forgot what’s up farmer what’s up cold Angel how you doing fear it’s dying so it turns gray I’m sorry I didn’t know I didn’t know greetings farmer will make you lose your mind what’s up geek yeah you can join you can join you can join um the server IP is pinned in the chat and in the description any of you guys can join I thought you were [ __ ] with me I’m sorry I was like why is this man’s [ __ ] with me okay okay you want the walls to be um see here’s the thing it’s going to be I want no Bridge a Bridge to Terabithia I want a bridge you want a bridge yes I want a bridge this going to start here we’ll put cute stuff around it a bridge yeah but that’s not the type of bridge I wanted son I want it to look cute it’s it looks like it’s like going all the way over there yo you know what all right guys let’s just let’s just do what we want with it all right guys come on free your mind I’ll do a little bit of man it but I’m thinking of not this type of bridge though like a bridge that goes up and then and then over into like a big water base all right like like it arcs I got you you want it to go up like a Arc son like that no all right it’s it’s a little bit more complicated than that all right yeah yeah like you know a bridge that goes up like a castle type of bridge like a castle castle of glass type [ __ ] you know what I mean I’m thinking of like a Castle of Glass on water with aquariums and stuff it’s going to be my house okay let me ask do you think I can pull that out of my yeah yeah like a you know what I mean like a well don’t I can do it myself okay okay okay I got you hold up I I can make a curv bridge I’m I’m smart I’m smart I got this hold on you sure about that because I yeah and then on the sides like right there it goes up like then it needs like some kind of all right all right I’m super smart I know what I’m doing I promise I promise oh let’s go I found baby everybody Believes In Me all right we’re making a bridge give like that right yeah and then it has railings like it goes up railing okay and then we can start the house we can start the house somewhere over here but need to go up we in mine what happened the G she BR the game no I didn’t I didn’t do anything I’m smart I know what I’m doing wait can it be like Stone like a cute stone color you want Stone fences yeah okay okay I fix she don’t want to get blown up by creeper what’s up David it’s going good how you doing what’s up mask Roger I appreciate you gaming what’s up thank you Angel I appreciate you honey I’m I’m single oh there we go I’m just watching you guys right now I don’t know that’s not what I was thinking that’s why I wanted to do it I don’t see my okay okay okay okay oh wait my you’re onl too yeah let me go find you I kind of wanted this to be a crying obsidian can you make this crying obsidian okay so you want this okay got it yeah this part got got [ __ ] okay more stairs more stairs yeah godam [Laughter] it oh [ __ ] put that [ __ ] there okay more stairs I see you Ang I see you l oh my God wait it’s sideways and then we’ll put the railings right here okay I got you I got got like right here go up more from there right here [ __ ] do oh wait so you so you want so you want the stairs to go up yeah oh [ __ ] okay is that what you I think is going honey ow [ __ ] you [ __ ] [ __ ] sucker you [ __ ] [ __ ] sucker no leave [ __ ] alone the [ __ ] alone [ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ] you wait what is this they’re sideways one one Me One V one me [ __ ] come on you can you can build you guys can go ahead like I said we’re just doing our own [ __ ] you can help I don’t care you can make your own stuff or you can help godamn it honey you want it you wanted like it’s sideways honey and then at the bottom it needs it needs um support it looks like it’s just floating you see what I’m saying yeah give me a give me a hot minute give me a hot minute I’m going to fix it hey you would never see me in my base you want it to you want it to have support ow what the [ __ ] you little [ __ ] get the [ __ ] out of my base [ __ ] [ __ ] you okay now having a one over here all right this looks stupid fight me I’m that ass you know what you know what I’m going to do something real funny watch I’m going to give okay okay here’s the deal I’m going to give somebody the most rarest sword in the entire game whoever picks it up gets it this is good but I feel good about it what I’m ring in my base [ __ ] that the man’s got a wooden sword of the most powerful enchant in the game I’m surprised he that [ __ ] hadn’t killed me yet oh I like this music oh what have I done you made everything overpowered honey why not overpowered it’s it’s fine it’s fine very very logical okay it’s very okay so I’m thinking okay over hello huh I know he’s just stay over there that’s good that looks cute I agree with that oh I’m trying to like get it to like get some make it all fancy okay just do this side how you want it now and and I’ll uh I’ll I’ll do magic and do it on the other side I love the way my mother thinks about how she builds stuff yeah my base ain’t going to be much I’m probably just going to keep it like the way it is right now I don’t give a [ __ ] I mean this man this man going across the [ __ ] ocean just to get a kill hold on I want see this why you why the [ __ ] brother holy [Laughter] [ __ ] oh boy T S8 started the funny part is Angel he has the strongest [ __ ] C in the game right now with the reaper enchant um it has a chance of um hitting Max damage so my chat why the [ __ ] is my chat disabl godam it what’s up gaming uh you just put in the server link it’s a it’s pinned in the chat nippy and in the uh description as well Su spooky gaming what’s up it’s just a for me because I can’t take [ __ ] and it’s Java too right isn’t it Java we got a problem you can’t talk on Bedrock I mean I well it is bedrock then you don’t have a encryption key so it’s not going to work I haven’t set that part up that’s a little bit too [ __ ] me [ __ ] me so least can still play like I told you playable that’s what I care about another TR across the ocean I don’t know anymore I don’t know anymore brother what am I done Angel yeah bro I see you we’re talking in Discord by the way y’all yeah at least play with you guys with the laptop but yeah I can watch on Java so here’s the deal when um So eventually we’ll have like a voice chat for Java Edition so you can talk in Java if you have the mod the voice mod so that’ll be a thing eventually yep yep you know what it is yep what what the [ __ ] okay you know what I don’t think hold on is this GNA work God damn it I [ __ ] it up for Bedrock chat doesn’t work and I don’t know what else doesn’t work because I don’t remember how much I coded it it worked with me and Angel well that’s because you you guys want a Bedrock [ __ ] [ __ ] it up Alice what so like every three rows I was going to do one can you do that like every three put that okay I’ll do it give me a second you see how this one is this first one the railing or this it’s like four blocks I think in space I [ __ ] it up dude for you two what a what the [ __ ] dude okay you little [ __ ] get the [ __ ] over here no I’m what’s up Ken how you doing calm down you [ __ ] dick good morning you [ __ ] dick two damn it I don’t even have a bed m he better mying let me see let me see yes I’m going to murder that [ __ ] on the other side I’m going to his ass he comes at me like that okay I’m G do the same on the other side yes he’s one tapping me I put the r do c sucker what’s up ronom how you doing before thank you R there we go kale perfect yes now I need railings on the side of the stairs no don’t come at me Boo you’re [ __ ] okay you know what now you done it now youing done it now you are going to die [ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ] you little [ __ ] die come here [ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ] you [ __ ] you come here get you know what I’m going to [ __ ] what’s up Jojo what’s up how you doing Papa’s girl how you doing beautiful I’m gonna unre this guy TR to take a [ __ ] down his neck me a [ __ ] me a [ __ ] no come here you [ __ ] with this interesting guess what I’m going to do again angel you’re watching this is no no no listen listen listen I’m not going to make again I promise I promise I know you would oh what up buddy what up bud you m are you buddy you [ __ ] [ __ ] you little [ __ ] do that again I’m fing for a divorce I what a divorce is I don’t play Survival and that is why I don’t [ __ ] one one now if he were just leave me the [ __ ] alone maybe I’d stop dying cuz he’s the one that SED that [ __ ] don’t you do it dude don’t you [ __ ] okay you know what well I guess this I’m G [ __ ] murder him come here a [ __ ] come here buddy come here [ __ ] [ __ ] kick your [ __ ] ass [ __ ] timey to make it interesting again no Hy we’re going to make it interesting come on it’d be funny I’m going to leave you if you do that [ __ ] [ __ ] I’m G [ __ ] kick you I’m kick his [ __ ] ass after this match this oh oh leave me the [ __ ] alone you ATT sucker shut up li [ __ ] I’m allowed to say what I’m on my stream damn it I don’t give a [ __ ] die wh come on buddy you mad why you mad dude really honey is this [ __ ] [ __ ] necessary [ __ ] dick you what I’m getting off [ __ ] this and that is why I don’t let mods in my [ __ ] honey especially with you doing that cuz I’m trying I’m trying to do my own [ __ ] thing B you better leave me the [ __ ] alone you know what get the [ __ ] over here oh my God yeah stay that [ __ ] hope you in hell where you belong yeah I’m kind of enjoying this I’m not going to lie yeah because you’re numb for adding these [ __ ] overpowered [ __ ] dumb ass what die [ __ ] buddy yeah you mad you mad bud you mad because I’m better at PVP come on One V one me on Call of Duty [ __ ] I’ll [ __ ] kick your ass all day yeah stay away from me I don’t give a [ __ ] if you were why the [ __ ] are you doing this [ __ ] okay let’s make it more let’s make it even more interesting I’m GNA I’m going to do something for you hold on hold on make this idiot start to take me I [ __ ] kill his ass so um help honey come here come here come here protect me first here I gave you something in your inventory oh this has just got really interesting Kayla look what I did I gave him watch your instinct was a whole [ __ ] yeah stay on the ground buddy I’m a [ __ ] M you thank you I appreciate it thank you guys so much thanks for coming in how am I getting Tru Tru you know what [ __ ] you buddy I’m not calling the truce of you get the [ __ ] off the Ser but yeah stay on the ground okay all right oh my god dude next time he does that I’m gonna make sure he stays dead by burning him come [ __ ] Co sucker stay down there stupid give me the [ __ ] this is no I think I made these boots too powerful yeah because you’re dumb actually no wait I take that back you’re a [Music] genius dude no no bad boy dude I can’t even finish my base without him [ __ ] attacking me cuz he’s dumb [Music] Bud yeah your mods are making this not interesting anymore [Music] honey dude leave me the [ __ ] you both have Ender Instinct this is the funniest [ __ ] I’ve ever SE dude I can’t do [ __ ] with him he can’t either so it’s even Sten yeah he’s [ __ ] annoying this is why when I get a gun mod in Java I’m gonna [ __ ] pop a c in his ass oh I haven’t added guns yet hey drunk gamer how you doing honey die [ __ ] stay get the [ __ ] under water I think I’m I think I’m enjoying this a little bit too much he gave up appar he does not know I’m your son kayb God damn it B [ __ ] I’m going yeah drown drown stay [ __ ] dead you know what [ __ ] this I’m just going to drown I don’t think drowning is going to work Greg oh maybe I probably should balance those later what you need to do is [ __ ] get with of them Ultra instin more like it’s it’s [ __ ] annoying as [ __ ] honey you should know that that’s why I don’t play on these random Minecraft servers that have these Comm mods you feel me yeah oh my godu if he doesn’t St the [ __ ] on the ground I’m going to [ __ ] make sure he does I’m going to put him 6 feet deeper than the [ __ ] he belongs die [ __ ] oh thank you uh no uh I may turn to [ __ ] knock that [ __ ] off before I [ __ ] kill him what’s up Sam how you doing okay I’m going to t you thank you thank you [ __ ] stop if I lit tell him go suck dick I will you [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you honey I the chill oh my god dude this is funny as [ __ ] God damn it uh K you want the bridge larger babe this shit’s [ __ ] annoying tell that [ __ ] [ __ ] to [ __ ] stop if I make he stays dead cuz you know p with these [ __ ] enchantments is [ __ ] stupid honey [Music] bab get me out of here what what oh [ __ ] okay it’s time to stop attacking me before I need this server permanently and I would not give a [ __ ] this damn just two kill on him [ __ ] away from me ATT sucker bab just kill him already thank you Jesus Christ bro [ __ ] the pain of the [ __ ] dick oh get of that [ __ ] I’m tring hey what’s up gamer the shiny how you doing the shiny what’s up King what’s up Minecraft tonight yes the drunk yes thank you Sam CU all I’m literally trying to do is my own [ __ ] business what’s up JT what’s up gamer hi the shiny how you doing tonight and this is why I play creative fun so I don’t have to deal with that [ __ ] yeah cuz he’s griefing and I do not like Griefers want know what I do to Griefers in real life I [ __ ] hack this [ __ ] you [ __ ] dick you know what [ __ ] this you thought I was a statue I can’t what happened to the [ __ ] TV [ __ ] out of here what get of these [ __ ] enchantments right [ __ ] now okay okay go to I’m with this sh I’m [ __ ] I’m doneo trying to [ __ ] concentrate here need be the pain of my dick you thought you was so focused you thought I was a [Laughter] statue Kayla ask your your uh you know REM if he wants the timber X I don’t know you ask him want to play legit God damn it dude I’m going to [ __ ] murder his ass tell to [ __ ] stop attacking now I’m it what’s up boo what’s up free smoke the Daniel gamer Park Park ah yes okay and Craig with they beef interesting yeah because I’m trying to [ __ ] him up and he won’t be stop being [ __ ] pain my dick like godamn all I’m trying to do here is be a [ __ ] base trying to [ __ ] do don’t give him to it don’t give it to him honey you know what get the [ __ ] over here fu stop stop he started it then [ __ ] kill him do SL kill if he’s in survival and next time if he doesn’t I’m not joining the [ __ ] server cuz I just get on my own [ __ ] wood chill chill chill brother [Music] chill actually [Music] don’t do it honey yeah exactly stay with there you know what dude get the [ __ ] over here honey I’m two second I’m Banning him when I get my perms die [ __ ] get the [ __ ] away from me go B somewhere else this is make it nice seeing you too JT I couldn’t play with that dude what dude which one what are you talking about Sor talking about me [ __ ] I don’t give a [Laughter] [ __ ] must be like that he’s get I forgot to make ad there we go why did I not get admin you’re just G to go to creative yeah guess I don’t give a [ __ ] it’s but here’s the deal I already put in the stuff for creative so technically you can use it now uh honey a little help here can you that corner going out thank you thank you God damn it I [ __ ] that up no give me [ __ ] I’m going all out give me some of that that sh so I can like this God damn water thank you honey that was really being a p my dirt I at my house so I already [ __ ] I mean kale looks like she’s having fun okay I need a Alice I need a a door yeah a door get out of my base dude okay yep I’m not sh a base I’m going to be doing that [ __ ] like that that nice seeing you too JT oh God I just realized something what such a middle so that’s the middle I was thinking like two doors okay okay then never mind if it’s going to be uneven then never mind how tall you want this to be um hold on my brain’s still processing um okay um so I’m going to make the wall a bit bigger than to match up or the bridge um so here I’m going to um I don’t know is that a little too tall or what I got it okay okay no I swear guys this my face I’m gonna my [ __ ] hi Chuck good morning or yeah basically good morning hope you’re having a good weekend as well I appreciate you coming by to J JT the drunk everyone oh thank you Alice see this is going to be the first stream okay don’t do anything else with you I’m going figure out what to do with it I kind of want to make it bigger though this room who is cutting onions what’s up James money I kind of want to make this room bigger but this one for the ceiling I’m thinking about doing for the ceiling um because I I kind of want it to be like a glass type of house on the water let me just R my base as I was mining to cre one okay come down give some torch [Music] I guess this could be the first room but it’s kind of tiny okay I’m going to do aquariums um hey Alice how do I get pet doggies and kitties and I want axelos I have to summon those no I can’t too you can no you can’t I disabled it one honey what did you [Music] disable all right I love Axel they’re cute p in the ass I needs water look at him he’s cool oh we got to put them in a bucket in order for them not to despawn hey thank you for liking and sharing James I appreciate that I’m sorry guys I’m a little bit hungry right now I’m going to I got McDonald’s um I’m GNA eat real quick I’m hungry okay thank you and then rainy said in order for them to not despawn you put them in a bucket yep okay I’m putting fries on my make chicken but I did tell you there’s going to beet that have talents and stuff later on you said talents Y no no one told me about that let me see if I can turn this music down dude no God damn it get the H he’s trolling he’s being a little p going again [Music] dude I swear to hey tell him to not kiss [ __ ] off now yeah he’s chasing [ __ ] over my face making a l hard than it has to be why do you think I do Clos Minecraft servers not open you want to help me with my house rainy I’m eat my [Music] McDonald’s I mean if he wants to do that I can change his game mode or he can change it to me dude no bad [ __ ] get the F out of here dumb [ __ ] stupid dick dude I’mma [ __ ] kill you [Music] [ __ ] honey tell him to knock his [ __ ] off he’s being a pain in my dick turn the CLS on my [ __ ] base no he’s not he just m he’s over here but you’re not looking you’re supposed to be doing your job as an admin darn it I am no you’re not you’re doing a pretty crappy job use this man because I’m building a base on the ground I’m actually going to take my lip piercing off so I can eat better swear to God if he comes over here again I’m going to [ __ ] murder him what’s up dragon the [ __ ] over [Music] there please tell him in chat to stay away from me Hy you’re not doing anything I’m already looking at it this is why I prefer bed light servers so I don’t have to deal with them why’ you set it to survival I didn’t I set my own game mode oh you going to help me with this house suit wait where’d you go wait wait wait wait now unless he’s going to help me build this base which I highly doubt he will and I don’t want him near me there’s no k cut it you [ __ ] [ __ ] do that [ __ ] again dude babe tell him to cut it now honey I just saw m no he’s not cuz look at the ho took to my [ __ ] base I’m G look again there how do you like it you little C sucker sit a [ __ ] away from me see this one right here honey with the Cobblestone yes thank you there is shin having me too me too I’m going to do that with all myall I can’t hear you but if you guys want to talk or join the Discord if you guys do want to talk this is where we’re talking we’re talking on there so it’s in the um General chat thingy you [ __ ] good dude tell to cut it now I’m done with iau it hopefully he gets I’m hoping he gets p in the [ __ ] future dude artist ban says they’re stuck can you TP them want me to TP the artist no they want you to TP to you oh got it hey for once now I can actually try and focus without him being my day I how many black was our BS that we made in the development damn it where my game mode stay creative if I no if you quit it’s going to revert back to survival oh [ __ ] fck me why did you have to do that to me H I’ll set it back when you come back cuz you just cu I want to get a precise measurement of it okay go here no it didn’t give me that one that I wanted damn it okay yeah I think you both both them budny no than you because I can’t go because my face is not venerating D I swear to God you know what hone is doing it again I swear to God if [ __ ] in [ __ ] creative I’m going to break his ass and I’m not going to give to this is why we don’t like open servers H well I don’t I prefer clothes or weight listed to be exact how can I make this harder this guy hold so guys I see game come near again I’m I like how when I build my bases it goes a lot faster than creative now we can do survival in a bit too I’m just getting like uh my little want to make my base you should I wonder what Remy thought about the timber enchant uh I’ll ask him when he gets back what’s up purpose how you doing I’m doing good bracket thank you so much for coming in thank you appreciate it what stair did I have I need your help something right what kind of house is that dude in a hole days in the hole he’s in a hole right now yeah Kayla you want to come look at my base when you’re done sure it’s not much it’s still under construction it’s going to guess how many beds it’s going to have what four actually more than four bed because when we get enough people in then it’s going to have room for me you Alice Remy and angel in Reuben okay I think this was the right wow nice house dude now honey did you do that with both WS or just this one that’s weird because apparently it showing that you did edit with the other one like the like it shows that you wiped everything and that one so I can’t go back and look at [Music] that uh I see I haven’t made a proper World manager I am I don’t I I like your opinion really quick on this stair for the base as I go ahead and get drink my beer rest my beer hey honey what’s up brand what sorry what’s up Gary my bad bro okay kay hold on son what this is actually kind of dope my God angel she many love I don’t have cister muted oh I like this house so many ways to all right I need to uh I know I need to put more support underneath so I’m going to do that real quick one make it all nice and pretty it’s giving I want to get like an aquarium with fishies and axel uh okay good to know oh this is going to be dope this is going to be a dope ass base hell yeah I’m already getting cold war Vibes now you know I’m out of bedro around this [ __ ] I don’t care not my sh protected what smokey smokey smokey [Music] smokey so that someone decides to get TNT they can’t blow my base up I would cry dude someone do my B up that I were caught on I would be pissed like very pissed like you can even as right let me up here I’m dying where looks good and got a cover up from this side oh this is going to start looking like a real bunker here in a minute get the bunker get to the bunker get to the to oh this is going to be dope can’t wait to see my base okay now I can come down here actually you know what F you want me to get you a bed set too give me blue what’s Angel’s favorite color I’m not sure damn it I am not sure I’m going to get her see M I’m going to try and guess M’s favorite color yeah okay um I would say his favorite color is green I could be wrong though the K’s favorite color is pink how do I know that because not pink it’s not pink damn it it’s no Dam uh on is it all right now it’s time for me to protect Kayla’s house put a condom on purple hey Alice come here what’s up come here babe come here where are you right here oh what’s this Craig what you got going on a little cave wait are you going to be are you going to be live what the Craig this is interesting all right come here Alis I take that offensively Hy okay so will you uh help me with the uh structure down there you want to what the structure will you put the little pillars oh yeah or should we just do four should we just do four one two three four CU there’s already one on the other side just want to do it like uhhuh yeah just like that all right give me one two more actually one two a dicks F honey I [ __ ] up you do it way faster than me honey what’s your favorite color so what do you think mine is I would have to say purple mhm got it second time was a time for me yeah you guys are close pink is cute too I like pink I like purple and my other favorite color what do you think it is what’s my second favorite color is it black or yellow yeah yellow listen son here you go okay I guess my two favorite color actually three favorite colors right now you here where’d you go oh my Lord okay wait what’s going on here son look oh okay I see now yeah like what no that looks kind of weird that bch okay never mind it looks good it looks good and then we can put this to like kind of like no that’s a point okay thank s beautiful I’m drowning save me Alice save me I’m drowning will okay so this I want I want these octopuses inside my house is what I want video on it you okay yeah the [ __ ] do I fix my [ __ ] Graphics look it looks like he’s going to eat me he’s going to eat me he’s going to eat me God damn I’m dying over here now is this your house over here Al no no that’s are you making him a house no I’m helping oh that looks good I can’t do all that I I name pronoun what’s up Suzanna what’s up Smitty what up Smitty I think I fixed I think I may have just remembered how many stairs it was chimney wow you see that it’s looking Nifty all right what what am I going to do for C cuz I am not trying to waste time in surviv just to do that [ __ ] let’s go all I’m going to make some windows oh I got an idea I don’t want it to look stupid though I want see if I can guess Angel’s favorite color to join how do I [ __ ] okay I need torch I can’t see [ __ ] okay now I can go here uh let’s go cour I mean does that look stupid right pillo I think I have a second does it look silly a little bit but I’ll fix it you ready mhm what you think no y no okay what happened to my house I don’t like it I like it now I’m magic Kayla you forget this well I got some magic too that way you know what you sh D going to take that disrespect good I’ll tell you time and time again all right Alexa lights off Alexa play some hard country well I I haven’t heard country music in over a couple days yeah always I thought it was for me all right give me one more back to call courts thank [Music] you e ready give me a one there let’s see this oh this I’m just going to do that there we go all right go ahead and talk guys see if it works but okay it does can you hear me good though I don’t know yeah I can hear you perfectly okay oh this is going to be dope okay Epic why am I [ __ ] swimming I don’t that does that okay I made that one a little bit bigger but so now I have to care this sh what do you think honey I’m trying to go off of what I can remember from theile hey Alice um what do you think I’m going to get this rid of this this is extra I mean do you really think it’s cool oh [ __ ] I did not mean to do that okay come here I don’t even remember the precise measurement that look stupid that’s that’s not good that’s how you know it’s a bad day when you don’t remember the precise measurements of the base so let me see one three four five six seven eight okay one two [ __ ] go up four five six s I’m sorry I am not used to playing on PC yeah Miss thing I could tell those things one two three four five six seven eight God damn it I [ __ ] up uh stone stone stone stone stone I need Stone Light this T Craig I want to see your house okay give me this knock knock then there going to be a million dollar underground base right here is like the [ __ ] now nice this your little dungeon if you well it’s going to be a base for all of us obiously I just have to figure out what color better everyone wants and if no was saying it then I just did all this work for nothing feel me you Hy he’s doing it again what I do what did I do he’s being a pain in my dick again dude go now I’m not going yeah stay away from my base damn it this ain’t for you what’s up sniper I swear to God if I’m going to lose my ship I’m goingon to lose my ship okay get pickax up you hear me find that holy [ __ ] okay you don’t need a furnace [Laughter] anymore oh I haven’t oh I haven’t I I haven’t really done that part I forgot I’ll I’ll uh I’ll code it in secret between you and me I’ll make it for a shovel so work on shovels too you just reminded me damn I didn’t think [Music] of that looks like a tornado I know what I need to do to get him to stop being a pain in my dick I’m doing good all right I don’t think I’m going to make this my bedroom this is going to be my uh son of a biscuit okay like guess what I changed your nickname to in my Discord yeah I changed mine too you see mine I always saw chicken nuggets mhm dude get dude I swear to God SC now scat I’m not going to tell you again bro dude I’m I’m giving you one more chance you better W right now one move because I said so dude I’m trying to focus here you’re making my life hard than it already needs to be dude I’m serious go please dude you better dude I swear to God you better move now see running is not listening I want him I want him out of my base that I can get this thing completed dude I’m serious move now I can’t you tell him this SC honey [Laughter] atast I know you are God damn it I’m dying over here [ __ ] don’t ever call me that again dude I swear to God you call me that again ex you only allow to call me Kayla’s son or Alice’s husband that’s it only I will go here come here hey where’ my Axel go it’s gone I think I tossed him into the ocean can I have another one please go yeah first we need water hi I love what do I feed him look at him I cute hey come back don’t [Laughter] leave okay okay you I well hold up a yeah he’s cute what if I feed him he looks like he’s got something in his mouth I don’t know where did my berries go get noes move now move please thank you you can stay right there I don’t mind but if you want to help just follow my instructions please what I ask deal okay these remind me of little Yoshi eggs it’s okay I want this is mine hey so I have an idea okay now hear me out so so we’re going to go about this High all okay we’re going to go this High all right we’re going to make this by eight okay s by 8 so if you want you can start mining this Stone just count eight blocks BLS and stuff and uh we can get to it how’s that somebody it looks like a snow one just like that you’re doing good can you also unep too please unmute I don’t they have pain in my ass why are you keep leaving all right stay here okay I I finally gave something to do he buddy you’re doing good sweet berries two three four five six throwing stuff at you cuz I’m getting rid of [ __ ] that’s what I’m doing Alice she’s busy what are you thinking Alice you got any ideas I mean mine’s kind of weird get me up what oh my God it’s beautiful Kayla’s about to cry cute face they say once you go black you never go hi let’s see what you got buddy hello yeah look the windows are uneven son of a biscuit you see how it’s uneven over here fix it fix it okay perfect can you go like that OBU I’m just going to call you okay is that okay dude see what I did [Music] do someone’s going to give me music this looks cute atas I love it wow you know what can we put something cute under oh hold on you’re giving me ideas now I want a pond with the Froggies and everything all [Music] right so together this will be a 14 because we’re going 14 team black ride in oh that’d be cool if you could put them on the Windows wow just like that you’re doing good keep it up this is beautiful hey Alice okay he’s getting the hang of it all right what do you think about that I might let him stay l in the base is it so you like my little idea here it’s going to be so pretty all right now we’re getting somewhere I Gotta See Craig’s progress he said now we’re getting somewhere let’s go check it out come here Alice all right finish that up and we’ll go what’s up Kyle I love you too Kyle what’s up Kyle [Music] hold on oh [ __ ] I [ __ ] I was going to do something but that’s what I was that’s what I was going to do oh my God I mean that’s what I was going to do I want to see yeah I was going to do that I’m doing you see my vibes just place it place it right there buddy oh yeah boy oh shoot I forgot you can jump oh I didn’t finish that one huh all right now we got to make a wait all right you’re doing good buddy all right up yeah let’s he a joke bro you got a little bit bigger where’s my other one I really like the yellow one oh okay I’m going to put a ladder okay let’s just make half I think that’s look down your shirs dude I am first of all I’m not a good but [ __ ] it what’s up sour how you doing I hope you’re having an amazing stream mystery tours welcome in how you doing boo thank you sour thank you thank you Kay want to hear Jo oh what one of my viewers just said all right here’s what he said look down your Shir and spell attic out loud hey titty I see I I see I see boobies I see big ones I see big mommy milkies wait what I want fishies in there fishies and we all yeah all right after this oh we got build the floor we got a problem kill the fish that’s crazy eat up lovelies we’ll have a separate tank for them then for our little tank so the thing is like for my bedroom I I had this idea our bedroom’s going to be upstairs we’re going to make a staircase going up and it’s going to be a second floor to make second Flo right now now when I say time so when I finish this part all right let’s hit that floor get it done okay can you do that all right let’s do it okay okay I we are actually making very good progress over here on the base I’m I’m stuck in here [Music] Alice what you you tried do to me hey I was putting stuff in the fish tank GL it looks boring I was going to make it more vibrant and there you know put some decorations in there and stuff okay okay okay I got it I got it I know I know our room’s going to be upstairs but come here look I’ll show you what I’m thinking you’re doing good bud all right I want leap pads yeah wow well we can’t put anything under here now cuz you already put the water in can you take the water out real quick are they they’ll be all right right I don’t know we are going to be cleaning house over here like that’s what we already all right bye I’m sorry out of here I’m swimming jump in here with me right now I got to add my stairs perfect now I have to pick out this part damn it what’s up Kyle viral what’s up thank you Titan thank you sweetie thank you what’s up Vlogs appreciate you sour mystery KY what’s up John how you been doing John okay let’s see you’re doing good B keep it up what’s up Titan my from H from hos DOI what’s up oh Alice honey yeah okay it’s kind of dark in here can we get like a a nice little light Vibe like you know my type of vibe oh thanks honey what that’s crazy look the moon’s right there too this is beautiful I would definitely have sex in there okay now now we can can your crafting table I’ll take care to rest but thank you for your help buddy be free little birdie wait can you on op come here me buddy yeah pretty how would you like to stay in the base for your first night on the server yeah all right go me on what color you want your to be oops all right so let me go here damn it okay every what I don’t you come upstairs okay there we go purple blue oh can you teleport me up there purple blue purple blue hi oh what did you just okay what don’t like it no there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just like a copy paste how you even get up there without stairs she’s done can you make a glass staircase like that that curves around in spiral up to our room um that’s a good question give me give me a minute I’m thinking okay I I always have good ideas but I’m not good on putting it on paper that’s me creative but doesn’t know how to put it you know what I mean like i’ like a like a spiral can you do like a different type of beautiful okay well my brain just went all right got a spiral I was going to go for spy wow ow hey I guess just out of my chat can you do like railings around it what we are not responsible for any concussions you may receive from smashing your face into the like button what’s up lifestyle greetings what’s up log what’s up Dwayne how you doing and Dwayne thanks so much for coming by I appreciate it what’s up abdulla viral what up Dwayne how you doing it’s staircases are hard yeah but you know I was thinking of like you know a different kind of one but oh no I’m just like you know I’m good with ideas and I I’m Alice is putting it onto the plate for me you know what I mean like I imagine things can I have a water bed I love water beds they’re exciting have you guys ever heard of a water bed or like a water bed dude I love those there’s water in the bed dude little fish is inside of he yeah we had one of those before door no you can’t come inside God damn it no because you’re have SAA and I’m not here you go Craig come inside welcome we’re working on it I could get used to this okay one two God damn it I’m stuck y okay Kayla I see you I see you Alice is helping me with it I’m giving her uh so it’s basically my ideas is being put onto the plate you know what I mean and she’s doing it what do you think I like it you said do you want a bed it’s going to be our bedroom but me and uh Alice are going to have a little private room room God damn and you get your own room too oh crap I’m lagging don’t you want your own room yes please I would love to stay at my mother’s place for a night you feel me yeah we got to make a kitchen and stuff too but our room’s going to be upstairs I I actually have to do that what up D my dude thank you John all right let me come see artist all right I’ll go look at AR’s house real quick hold on they want me to see I’ll go I got to work on the upstairs I’ll be right back Alice all right let me see I can’t close door Kayla Kayla I can’t close door by the way you’re going to have to do it well is this your house artist damn it everyone is on freaking bed ja [ __ ] my sister had a yeah yeah those are fun like we had one of those before it is fun you know what I mean it’s pretty cool yeah yeah but I I don’t have access to but I always get scared they’re going to pop though but they are fun you know because just imagine right like if it just pops I mean I think it I think it does take a lot to pop it but you know say for instance uh something pointy gets stuck in there something just pop and you know and then just blast and bust all over the place pop and then the whole room soaked you know and probably it would be my laptop artist is this your house I or no that was someone else’s house I don’t know where your house is artist where is it let me see it yeah oh so me Alice Kayla Remy Ang beautiful I love it I [ __ ] up you’re going to put a nice little bed in here or you know some stuff know that I did that let’s go Blue no yeah purple you think about my skin uh I don’t know I’d have to ask just whatever just whatever I have it in mind when I invite everyone to the base you know how we do there we go we’re going to make this bit into a big old fashion slumber party spiral staircas okay Alice now hear me out okay I want a dragon oh [ __ ] son of [ __ ] I want Spyro huh I it’s gorgeous I would definitely 10 out of 10 got one question huh how the [ __ ] do you expect me to do that wait never mind I can do it it’s going take you you didn’t see that right I saw it I I have that recorded Kayla it sound my stream epic what is up what are you guys building uh so sorry this is basically just like they’re building their little houses we’re just like building random [ __ ] honestly and um we’re working on like it’s going to be a house on water you know I’m not finished yet we’re not finished but it’s like you know type of I don’t know what type of Vibes it gives but it’s like a aquarium house on water does that make sense I don’t know something like that do want those type of Vibes uh um I forgot my door I broke it down man broke down that door emotional damage okay and then all right I want to make like a it’s going to be like a master bedroom master bedroom and then I could know what Angel favorite col what this man been busy what are you talking about Alice been mining oh yeah oh what’s up Brian Alice come back I just texted Angel to see what her favorite color is so I can get the beds properly oh yeah I need to get yeah I need to get her uh bedroom in here too like we can make all this into like one room technically oh want to know what I should do Kayla what what what are you gonna do I should make a I should make a ton of no no no from my base kayb to your house you feel me oh damn F what are you doing Alice this is like a huh this oh wow this is going to be like a mega Motel right here oh my God honey that’s going to be enough for like what 300 people probably know what’s even funnier what that is messing with my mind a little bit it’s kind of trippy I’m sorry for tripping tripping that I do oh whoa don’t worry okay okay don’t worry I know what I’m doing whoa honey now the spiral staircase follows the pattern oh that’s beautiful oh definitely oh God this would not be a good place to get drunk at hold on let me see cuz I’m I’m having a second I’m I’m have a second thoughts about making my b God damn it honey you had one time math listen math is hard man nothing is easy if you just do it properly you feel me right what’s up arcade welcome in how you doing sweetie welcome in you feel worse than yesterday I’m sorry Kyle I’m sorry to hear hey you got good friends around you here for you Kyle we’re always here to listen you guys are like family to me no only son you got this is my family well I actually I’ll take that back you got more Sons but obviously no I don’t actually okay then that makes me the only son then exactly you’re only job for my 23 yes I am the only okay I’m smart [Music] here yep that work an infinite [ __ ] spiral staircase just about bu a goddamn again so for a minute what she’s stuck yeah it’s a bit odd all right all right wa hold on hold on oh okay cayb now you got my base beat by a goddamn long shot what happened to my walls man my walls are gone [Music] can’t do that voice that I just did which one that sounds like Mario no I can’t do that it’s me Mario I can’t sound like none of them y I can’t do it Blom got got him wait I found Peach she’s dead what Y come here buddy how do you do that do that again go down there and pick just for your BD what up can you roll your tongue or like can you I mean I mean it hurts when I do it but I can do it do it it hurts I do it though I can roll my tongue oh that’s pretty water drink that water Angel Ruben let’s all right red okay I got I want lots of cats too she’s a Catwoman see you good buddy all right now we’re getting everyone in this [ __ ] God damn it what’s up I created a basement I don’t have rocked don’t know you should should be able to try try pasting that uh link let me know if it works the one that’s pinned in the in the description as well it’s Alice’s server you should be able to you should be able to join but if you have it on Playstation then I don’t think so I think you have to be on PC though that’s probably the problem right oh don’t know that shit’s whack I can’t tell what console works on what anymore right I originally thought it worked on [ __ ] console hey what’s this I mean it K why you get me kill You’re So Random H [ __ ] okay so I need this I need my quarts imagine if you changed my Nick to that my nickname was a call me K I got a lot of [ __ ] all right honey I might need your help in a minute I’m rebuilding every single [ __ ] champing on a mankind up in his bch oh D is there lizards on here I need a lizard I got to put leppy in his tank all right cool bye let me talk no regrets never no feel like I have no best friends that’s not true Kyle you worry too much we’re not going in anywhere I ain’t going nowhere I’m not going nowhere you’re in the call with us you feel me we’re always together even though I don’t talk that much I seriously don’t even okay for the most part now I need a door what door should I use cayb pick a door any door um I don’t know pick a door any door yep any door cut for the chapel CU I have to rebuild it no oh did Alice reset it that one was pretty Yes W yo what’s up Kyle honey I might need to store I might need to store a couple things in the chest but you have it blocked for me wow this is [Music] beautiful it’s a castle of glass aquarium ni I wish I was a fish kle I wish I was an aelott look at them if I could have any pet if I could have any pet right now I want to aelott so bad dude they’re so cute and they’re so rare there’s barely any left and it makes me so sad cuz they’re so cute I even got a pillow of him he’s cute every night cute we named her we named her lle a [Music] lle Peters should I make you know what I’m going to make a floating island for the chapel cuz why not what’s up betray bison hi how you been doing honey I hope you’ve been doing good how have you been doing what up bosi appreciate you arcade so so much thank you guys appreciate you all and thanks for um Coming in I just decided I just want to chill tonight and play some Minecraft you know Thursday was pretty um we were pretty drunk but it was fun as [ __ ] I’m not going to lie it was fun but was yeah yeah dude um I actually you know the thing was Alice I wasn’t even that hung over and I drank a lot no I just drank two bottles of water before I went to sleep and I woke up and I drank a couple more and I showered and then I took another nap then I still kind of felt a little bit like crap so I drank some more water and went to sleep again now we’re good so yeah Alice went to bed early that night she was so tired she wanted to stay longer but she was just really this is beautiful Alice this is going to be our bedroom and I okay so our bed’s going to be on we’re going to make it all pretty all right now I gota make this [ __ ] because it’s like an aquarium type of vibe you know what I’m saying get out of here wow why are they oh yep no water okay um I have an idea water bed then we can put these on top with water what’s the water bed I always do that but they’re so pretty they’re I forgot these are the ones that I can’t I can use cuz they die without water water bed it’s basically just like a bed with water in it well that’s Hil oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh we could put a fireplace in here too all right this cute thingy oh my sweet baby Jesus [Music] so even okay Alice if I if I do use these bubble corals will they like come back to life after there’s water on them oh I don’t know okay I’m testing or they just dead where’s this water I don’t even know how much space I had for that Chapel honey damn it that sucks cuz I was going to go off my measurements of what I had for it hey what’s up Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny I got but I got [ __ ] [ __ ] I feel basically wow Alice that’s absolutely so pretty somebody called John [Music] [Music] let me pull up my notes really quick oh damn it oh my God now this just turned into a living house for me cuz uh I don’t even remember how I made [Music] that what are you building [ __ ] you building but I’m doing I’m making an island for the chample which I have to re build let me get all right hey Alice can I have water water water water what are these [Music] nuts put a boat in here boat house no um everywhere in here okay and then um you know what I lied revert changes okay how dare you lie that is a sin my child all let’s see how’s that look this is going to be awkward as [ __ ] but uh what are these those are pretty I like how Kayla is placed the most scarious [ __ ] block down right now am I really the warden spawn oh wow put him in here no don’t he’s going to kill you Kayla trust me I I don’t know [ __ ] oh wait I remember it’s on it’s on no no no no no that water’s right underne honey no did he really oh that’s it we got beef get him get rid of him got it I got it die he’s killing him leave him alone n he can he can N I told you Kayla not to have the Wen spawn but yeah it’s okay I I tried to warn you is there a pink one too or purple is there a purple one I want purple hold on yellow hold on is this even honey I need your calculations over here please when you get a chance cuz I think I may have just [ __ ] up let me what the [ __ ] is this what is what just just let me do my thing Oh I thought you were talking to me so this is supposed to be where the chapel is going to be rebuilt honey all thank you just keep that there so I know Place back there place door you don’t know how to to the server you should be able to uh just join the server like you should be able to click join server and then put in the link is not working for you or something are you playing on PlayStation or good you too Brian happy Mother’s Day everyone too happy Mother’s Day much love to all you wonderful mothers out there happy Mother’s Day and I love you guys all and I hope you guys are having a safe weekend didn’t see that let’s see [ __ ] [ __ ] up and today’s episode of Minecraft is brought to by the word [ __ ] up today’s I am a mother of a lizard I gave birth to him little did you guys know I can give birth to um lizards and cats yes that’s crazy I know right that’s crazy I have this rare condition or I can give birth to animals don’t don’t p that [ __ ] with me Kayla Kayla you’re giving me you’re giving me IDE okay wait what happened what you mean I’m giving you ideas this looks like sperm oh Jesus here we go again guys if you haven’t already go back to the dead by daylight sword definely not self-promoting right now but uh yeah go check it out if you have already Craig really it’s your favorite one the accident man it’s embarrassing now that I think about it no it’s not no it’s not it’s kind of cute I’m not going to lie which one the one where you all of them actually but which one that you thought was cute the that you said hey you guys want to come me yeah but why how’s that cute though it’s funny really honey delete that now please I’m trying to focus here damn it what’s up Bam Bam what’s up Nathan is that my future wife uh future ex-wife oh I didn’t wishing you too I was confused I was like what you’re worse than my ex-wife that’s like my favorite quote from George I love George from Resident Evil Outbreak you’re worse than my ex-wife no you’re doing it because I’m all so on today’s episode of how [ __ ] up is how [ __ ] up that’s [ __ ] up babe you just R my roof um okay bedroom [ __ ] back right there now thank you all right purple bed this is why I don’t do stop I got it I got you Dam hold on all right at least copy this part and then I’ll play they down to next I’m stuck of a biscuit what sit down okay okay now let me see okay perfect now I want to decorate that roof decorate it with some leaves just go to goddamn Chapo damn it get it late PC what’s up Nathan should be able to work then arcade are you are you copy pasting the uh link that Alice put you said it’s not working all right arcade says it’s not working Alex and arcades on PC you yeah it should work then if you’re playing on PC arcade if you copy paste the link that I put in the description or pin in the chat it should work if you’re playing on PC happy Mother’s Day bam bam I appreciate it I mean Happy Mother’s Day more so to all you guys you know all you mothers because I am not a mother You My Mother well you know what I mean like actually I’m not so you know what I mean have kids um yeah okay I should put these more in the middle live try to reset or whatever no I go down this way go here here here here here here here I guess I could put in Fr the window [ __ ] hell oh this is going to be beautiful get away from me so one two three four five you know what guys we should sleep to this tonight or later I mean l didn’t think I built a base that’s six feet deep under the ground no I’m serious like when we actually go to bed later we should um leave it up just to listen to the ambience I’m saying up on night but I off stream obviously but I’m talking about like whenever you know it’s just us obviously yeah man I mean I actually slept pretty good but sure about that you sound tight as [ __ ] no this is just me whenever I’m like straight chilling you know so that there give it a that okay don’t forget coffee I got me a Mountain Dew monkey coffee monkey coffee uh a coffee and it’s 1:21 in the morning s let’s see we’re going to do survival here soon but right now we’re just doing creative I’m over here rebuilding everything I’m okay with that actually not really okay much like it I’m just looking at stuff right now I’m trying to think about what it D this is going to be decorative I’m not where can I put these at oh they’re just okay they’re just blocks oh these are cute those are cute we could do some of that outside too Chapel is almost rebuilt after this I have to work on the heart which I do not have the precise measurements for because reasons I don’t want to to leave this world and then have to search back into creative to do it you feel me oh you can only put those in the water all right got that side dog decorated give me it’s Britney [ __ ] I can’t do that ah wow Craig [Music] God damn it now I start singing for jacket songs [ __ ] a they’re so cute I can hear them down there I swear to God if I get woken up by one of your cats Kay we’re going to have problems what of my cats are going to wake you up how’s my cats going to wake you up for one I don’t have cats yet I them M from here like God damn Alice there is arcade arcade I’m so glad you this is like actually the first time getting to play with you too to uh arcade you don’t have to but if you want to like hear us in real time you can uh talk to us on the Discord server too Discord so I can communicate I like communication communication is a big thing wait I want to see if I can hear my cat’s meing from here I mean I can hear I got super hearing but I don’t hear them they’re not bothering you I can hear I can hear because I gotra human hearing what are you thinking Alice I mean it’s not done yet but I think it’s gorgeous we’re not done with it yet but um I want to make it like really really pretty around here I want to smoke weed but I know if I do that I’m going to end up getting where’s arcade where’s my man’s at where’s my man’s arcade arcade no don’t do clear weather do rain rain sounds clear weather please guys but are you guys do you guys like rain I might be a little obsessed with it but come on now this is beautiful I would sleep to this all day because like for me normally what I listen to is I can’t sleep without a fan and it’s something that I can’t help but I’ve been doing it since I was a kid like it was it would either have to be like a box fan or some typee of fan or um or like on the you know what I mean on the computer or the speaker somewhere so now I just uh whenever I go to sleep I play on the computer and it just [ __ ] all right so either that or I’ll have like rain Plane 2 on a game or some [ __ ] or like stuff like that like this you know what I mean I can’t sleep without sound I have to have a fan I can’t sleep with the TV on I mean I can I I mean actually cut that back if it’s like a game or something or something like that with non- commentary maybe like low I do it sometimes but mostly for the most part um no TV just rain sounds and fan hey uh honey in a minute I might need you God mode over here for some I can’t sleep without a fan man I literally like there could be a tornado happening outside of my house and I could be sleeping through it but as soon as that fan cuts off I’m awake I hate it it’s so bad I know like I I wish I just can’t sleep without it so I do it I’ve been doing I do it every night I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and then like if I go somewhere and there’s not a fan you know what’s up gamer how you doing where’s arcade where are you guys a where where’s arcade where are you Alice teleport me to you yeah because I need help with the windows wait Craig so is there going to be a way to get to this Chapel yeah I don’t know if you want me to like connect it to your house too Caleb so that way we can all just take like one rout you feel me where’s arcade at yeah okay do skeleton I oh my God this is beautiful this listen to this okay guys shut up I’m trying to focus [Music] a I’m sorry that’s just too pretty I love that uh once I get to books once I get everything rebuilt honey then I’ll go into a survival how’s that but this is going to take a lot of time and effort for me to put in I want pretty trees I want weed smoke weed hey where where’s the um Alex can I have your good pickaxe the one that breaks down everything quickly SK please move you are trespassing on my property move stupid thank you H you good over there Bo I hear someone get blown up skeleton oh my God skeleton you are trespassing on my property please leave SC God damn it honey why did you disable me from hitting mobs damn it I was just going to have fun with that skeleton just going to One V one him [Music] lots of zombies yeah arcade well I don’t know where you’re at [Music] son you know that kind of looks like a face this know what [Laughter] list okay hi I am God also known as my but you know how we do I want trees there you are H put this there hold on I need to see something I need to go to my camera all right I want I want this stuff to be gone I’mma poop it out in the ocean poop get rid of it okay man please what no damn it hey arcade I got something for you come here yeah yeah come here hold on I got something for you a minute just a second okay oh I love mushrooms I’m going to be putting those all over [Laughter] only some of them right all hey how do I how do I have big trees Alice I just had a thought Alice can you redo that uh what I just did your stuff is making me come here come here uh Al you [ __ ] Alice can you redo that please please please I’m I was doe I didn’t mean to I really hope this regions properly what my heart uhoh [Laughter] uhoh sh myant I’m sorry I got excited will it come back I really did have an idea man I was trying to make it look cute out here too now let fix it I [ __ ] realize you are crazy I mean I’m a little bit crazy but it’s okay right man my B my BLS keep UND disappearing each BL that I place down just disappears why it’s coming back we’re good we just got to wait a minute bab your coding is actually really starting to Ru my game okay no more explosions oh my God Kayla [Laughter] why you [ __ ] up his house hi Violet hi biscuit floppy I appreciate you flopp poy much love to you too biscuit much love to you too I appreciate you so much biscuit had your streams up for you earlier and I hope you had a good day thank you everyone Hi Violet how we doing we’re just chilling playing Minecraft so yeah two seconds from which is great cuz I’m you know okay uh arcade blew up apparently okay oh me he didn’t giving me a heart attack beautiful I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone oh Jesus someone’s going to get me CA dude you’re not going to get copyed for me singing a song no you won’t it’s it’s considered a cover cover These Nuts And even if so it’ be for the most part copy claim which I’m trying to avoid at the moment me too but it’s kind of hard to dodge like when you’re playing fortnite and especially whenever with dbd whenever I was playing um I had my Iron Maiden t-shirt on that was a copy claim too for um Fair of the dark the lobby music and DVD so every time that would be playing in it um I couldn’t like clip anything from it what’s up biscuit oh thank you biscuit I appreciate it so so much for the months thank you so much for being a part of the boo gang thank you biscuit let’s get the W’s let’s get the emot thank you so much thank you so much I appreciate it biscuits and gravy I appreciate you oh [ __ ] God damn it biscuits and gravy Fu and you said I could call you that right that if you don’t mind I have little nicknames for people 13 people in the house don’t forget to give oh thank you that’s you though you’re beautiful Papa’s girl thank you VJ Nathan hi Nathan how you doing hun beautiful that’s you and lovely stream too love your streams I love you guys keep your streams up for you I know Thursday and Saturdays are like my day streaming but I try to come by huh he me a heart attack what almost [ __ ] my pants because I thought you blew up his house I was going to be like no it regenerated thank God not perfect Kayla Kayla what are you doing Kayla what are you doing Alice come here take this from me take it from me take it from yes keep it away from me I’m going to blow up everything it’s fun it’ll regenerate right just slowly it’s like a regenerator you brought me flowers babe is those [Music] mine thank you hey I got something for you come here H uh this ain’t going to be a very good heart but uh else okay here hone I might need to help with the heart because uh I’m dumb apparently I love how arcade’s just chilling with a egg you know I’m saying can I help you oh damn honey God sitting on my face damn it and I thought I was supposed to be doing that I guess not are you sitting on my face again wish I love the view good night Papa girl good night beautiful you too you too have a great weekend yourself appreciate you violet yeah this is uh yeah we’re playing on Bedrock I believe yes it’s like the reason why I put Java and Bedrock because it’s basically that yeah you could you should be able to join uh if you want all right but are you playing on PC I’m not sure if you can like um join through PlayStation cuz Angel couldn’t which was sad I wanted to play with Angel too but we can’t play with her on this it’s hard Microsoft or mro whatever the [ __ ] your name makes it too complicated lovely view that’s why I got it through my Xbox app why do you think I bought it like that she lives on my head I rock Alice on my head but don’t call me an ALICE head you remember that song I rock PE on my head but don’t call me a bee head bees on my head but don’t call me a bee head you know what you know what game I’ve been thinking about arcade do you remember this game uh the B Movie game I love the B Movie I was playing a little bit of that you hated the be Movie game I love it you get to sting people I it was a movie I hated more thank you casy sweetie thank you Violet hun I I really appreciate you guys thank you guys for hanging out with me appreciate that appreciate it what honey top your head are you I don’t see you no more um I see you you okay you little goofball Alice was sitting on my head [ __ ] me I think wants toite my you sure about that cuz uh I okay I don’t um bab did you finish the front windows yeah they not [Music] even okay thank you dick how do I sit on your headed Alice go okay dude get skeleton get the why want to let me why don’t let me type a command oh oh you got to space it okay I see hi wow [Music] beautiful it’s someone get the skeleton out of my God damn tapple yeah eat up ho yum yum a skeleton in there did you put it in there for him no hey put a bunch of oxalatos in his house no do n you do that I’m going to kill someone and I don’t care who the it is I would literally go outside and kill someone right now how do I get off your head I am going to grab I’m going to grab a bucket of lava and I’m going to burn this bit bur you cats they’re not cats bro what do I get off that you are shf button yeah okay thanks okay now that I got that out of I want trees I want this to look like like it’s giving Final Fantasy Vibes mixed with aquarium house said I’m call you know right in the front of those beautiful trees it’s like it’s giving Enchanted Enchanted okay all right the back door why did I even say that reget my I regret my life to ciens M that’s F I’m actually surprised Goku hasn’t came in my stream yet I was hoping to piss him off damn it it’s like I don’t get to piss anyone off today you’re good arcade where are you though I didn’t see you Bab can you kill this map for me please why it looks good godam no I’m at the skeleton gone but I don’t play with skeletons Alice knows that by now as I told her can you give me the good pickaxe which one the one that destroys everything in one hit okay oh Jesus Christ shit’s about to get real ladies and gentlemen um oh did you give it to me yeah you’re literally holding oh oh no oh no skeleton you okay I mean I didn’t mean to destroy all I was trying to get rid of those trees oh F that’s cool I just had a thought I just had a thought yeah I’m so I’m s we all Kayla yeah all right I guess we can do the normal one sh [ __ ] hold on I can’t was that too much I have a I have a picture of the it go you did that all in [Music] one yeah I don’t want to break too much of it off though fast so I want a normal one can I have a normal one I was just trying to get rid of the I like this one like I want to use this one to get rid of [ __ ] quick but I don’t want to mess this up too bad you want me to downg it mm okay this is whoa I like swimming wow this one’s still badass dude [Music] oh Jesus oh no oh well on who [Music] [Laughter] I [ __ ] it up a little bit but we’ll fix it I thought this was level one dude it is hold on all right so stairs in the water more stairs well well we got the wall in the water stairs in the water more I need more go check out the heart all right let me see behind the chapel oh all right let me see it oh that’s beautiful a it for you a give me a big old fat hug give me a big old fat you little goof big hugs big ones that’s cute [Laughter] okay don’t ask why I’m playing as Alex and not Steve play who play whoever I am gonna Kayla do you want me connect Oh no I got an idea I’m want a bit a [ __ ] Alice more it’s not finished see but it’s I just feel like I just want to get rid of all this extra [ __ ] down here I don’t know I have to create a bridge now going from here but I also Kayla is okay if I connect the bridge to here too oh no oh damn yeah you can do it if you want uhouston we got a problem you can make a bridge that goes here too and like like I said we could work on the outskirts too maybe I’m like I haven’t got the inside I haven’t gave the beautiful wait Kayla what are you doing with this water are you leaving it or getting rid of the water okay see why don’t we have like a connector okay well that [Laughter] works do you want me to get rid of this water yeah no I like the water damn it there is I was about to get rid of it for you you said nope denied God damn it honey no all right fine you know what I’m not going to get I’m not going to get rid of the water but here this is what I’ll do oh wait I that was a good tunb right there oh oh my God she’s just she’s just [Laughter] plowing hold on we got to get [ __ ] in here too what hold on make this [ __ ] is so cool what’s up clown ZZ thank you I appreciate it thank you clown how you doing brother clown how you doing yeah I’m making you a goddamn swim pool godamn it a swimming [Music] pool oh Jesus whoa what the hell it’s a goddamn elevator what the hell all right you know what here so honey we’re gonna have a little bit of an issue we can make a hot tub right bet hold on I got you this just this pickax is like it’s even though it’s level one it keeps killer you said he wanted hot tub I got you hold on Craig I’m good I’m good I’m doing something Dam I was gonna make you hot to where’s the rain at Alice I ate itay hey what happened what is this oh my wow okay why’d you take me away from my house it’s not that far at least at least better pop a staircase okay yeah this something that a God would do I look down on my children damn it this is cute I like it that’s nice mhm wow yeah okay we’re not that far then I’m home I’m trying to think of know what I’m going to do get rid of this area here make a goddamn hot [Laughter] tub can you can you do that yeah I okay Now give me a bucket of [Music] water cuz we got make this B hot tub yeah we can have like a little I am sised ran yeah it actually did good hi Angel welcome back you love the colors thank you Angel I appreciate it thank you Angel what’s up King doctor Nathan I appreciate it Angel yeah I’m sorry it wasn’t working for you Angel like I don’t know if it’s because you’re playing on PlayStation or not but I’ll tell you what angel I do have Minecraft on Playstation I mean we’re going to do some creative here soon too um I got Minecraft on Playstation we can play on there as well I might staying creative right I know we’re doing creative right now but like you know what I mean because I have Minecraft on the PlayStation and PC so me and Alice can or not Al excuse me me and Angel if you want girl if you want to start a save together I like survival too it’s fun sural was right now I’m just kind of being creative with my last Brain so that I have yeah we definitely can angel I haven’t played Minecraft in a long time but I I find it really relaxing though I like it though Kayla I finished your H tub okay I just feel like it kind of like in a chill mood you know what I mean chilling you think of the H tub honey what I would normally do type [ __ ] and wow all right skeleton I swear to God if you’re still in here I’m going to burn your ass alive okay that’s what I thought too bad I don’t have a capture card though for my Wii I would definitely stream my games on there too got a bunch of games on there I it’s just sitting in my tote right now with my remotes that’s fun yeah if you like if you put the the sensor in a good spot you can do it while you’re laying down too that’d be cool though Craig you know what we play a bunch of [ __ ] together Sports and stuff I I would kick your ass in boxing bro you would not oh my God yeah no you don’t want this smoke you know what Craig you’re I see your idea I drop kick you faster than a snail on a Craig what were you thinking though so oh know you just started building these blocks over here so it’s Alice this thing is too strong honey this pickaxe you gave me it’s breaking everything it caused a mess I do didn’t think I did it this one’s really strong all right let’s see you love that yeah I have it on Playstation too I’ve had it on there so we can play on playstation later if you want Angel like me and you have some girl time and by the way what’ you get to eat girl I got some McDonald’s earlier it was just a MC chicken sandwich with french fries and I put my fries on my sandwich because I’m a psychopath but what did you get to eat and I hope you ate good and yeah we can have some girl time and play off stream you know I would love that I cuz I don’t I don’t really have I don’t have any other girlfriends so to like you know play stuff with so that’d be cool CG you know no that’s Ser all I have to do is blow my hair out long yes happy Mother’s Day everyone once again happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers you guys are awesome keep going you guys rock you guys make the world go round uh like I said I’m not a mother but cheers to all you mothers out there and I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you’re you have a great Happy well it is Mother’s Day oh okay [ __ ] it is Sunday okay it is already happy Mother’s Day everyone [ __ ] but yeah I hope you guys have a good day today have a blessed day hope everyone stay safe I’m not a mom though but I mean to a lizard my mother I gave birth to leppy actually um honestly why most spicy chicken rice bowl oh my God that sounds so good that sounds amazing you know what I’ve been craving lately that I want to get I want to get sushi it’s called Uh Sushi boss or boss or something and it’s like subway you can customize your sushi and uh I love it it’s good I want I’ve been craving Sushi yeah you know what I mean uh sometimes I like to get the the you know shrimp or um you know salmon or they have different kinds grilled chicken they have all kinds you can put I usually put like you know you could like it’s you can customize it kind of like subway like you customize your sub and you customize your sushi and I put um sometimes I do crab dep pins and they have like really good sauce too um they have like a bunch of stuff you could put on it and I always put crab on it is so good dude it’s so good Wasabi I don’t know too much of it is a little bit you know crazy but I love me some sushi what’s up Serenity how you doing beautiful baby happy Mother’s Day everyone I appreciate you angel with her did a great job with her world yes she worked very hard and um it’s really nice and I really wish you were here angel I really wish we’re like see Craigs were doing the chapel and I’m basically just like chilling I’m not like in a hurry or nothing I just was just using my mind and I was thinking oh you know like an aquarium house before we start a survival I want to get more into it but I’m just I don’t know I I think too much maybe instead of you know what I mean but uh we’re working on it it looks nice I like it everyone’s just doing their own thing you know on here I’m over here being a my own deck that’s what I’m doing just doing their own um I got Alice is there a way you could add more water over here I use a lot of bucket for that sh no my thing it looks kind of silly under there but whatever stay now there’s a hot tub too wow nice thing to [ __ ] disappear on this is I want to my favorite thing to do ever is uh go Night Swimming naked hey I do that like at 12:00 a.m. you know what I’m saying dude that sounds like a Vibe I will literally go swimming naked at 12 am dude it’s my favorite thing I know it’s weird but I don’t care not naked necessarily but maybe sometimes I used to do that all the time with my friends well my girlfriends obviously just them but you know you know shit’s about to get real when some like you know some s’mores by the fire pit roasting the weenies listening to that music you just Dive In leama like last year for fourth in July whenever uh we was we was just watching fireworks swimming and it’s so amazing there’s nothing better because for me I don’t know that’s just how I am I I love uh swimming and I love water I’ll jump in that all day like one time my friend literally like she just refilled her like big pool and it was like cold water and I’m telling you it was ice cold water cuz you know it’s got to warm up in the sun and it was like really ice cold and I did not care I I jumped right in there it was nice and fresh turned the music on and she’s like are you crazy and I’m like what get in here and she’s like no you’ve got to be nuts that is freezing cold I said yeah that’s why you got to jump in there and just get it over with CU once you jump in you know your body regulates to that temperature so like you got to get used to it you got to get your head under the water cuz you’re going to be cold if you’re just going to like walk in there BL you know what I mean you just got to dive in there and then once you dive in there you you’ll get this like shock feeling that feels amazing and then oh it’s great it’s the best feeling ever diving into a pool beautiful I like it I like swimming okay I see what you’re doing Kayla I see I like the water like I to be honest I haven’t been to the ocean since I was was like a little girl so I don’t even know what it’s like honestly with the sand and all that [ __ ] you know the sand castles are fine I did a little bit of that but just the pool man oh yeah we going to the pool this summer I want to go on the water slides like maybe it’d be cool like going to Holiday World cuz you know in Santa Claus Indiana they got Holiday World and they got like some of the biggest water slides in the world and I remember how scared I used to be of them too like whenever we went to Holiday World um everyone wanted to do the roller coasters and they were doing like they’re wanting to get on the biggest one it was the voyage I said mm nope nah dude I mean I don’t know about that like rides are fun and all that I love rides but like that roller coaster looks scary like I could do it some of them but that one looked like it just dived right down and I was like nope my stomach is just like bro I mean I could do it now maybe it was because I was younger I was scared but like all I was worried about I was like yo when are we going to the water sign what’s up Elmo how you doing thank you I appreciate it Elmo thank you I’ve never done that but I would try it right you should you should try cutie pie Serenity skin a dipping in the dark on a summer day amazing [ __ ] it was time where I a roller Coter [ __ ] ocean is cold water yeah and I don’t even remember what it’s like to be honest I was a little kid so I haven’t been to the beach since then so he me what time I roller coaster it made me [ __ ] my pants oh yeah I used to be scared to ride the Zipper at the carnival it does back flips and front flips and all that it was because it it was because that it was going Hyper Speed and um I had the illusion that it was broken yeah and I actually thought it was broken so I was like a [ __ ] I [ __ ] my pants I feel like maybe I could I don’t know no I don’t know if I could do roller coasters they kind of scare me like I could do cool rides you know to spin around with music you know I’m saying like some cool [ __ ] I don’t know y’all I don’t know there’s been some stories listen there’s been some stories that I’ve heard and I’ve watched maybe I’ve watched Final Destination too many times but I kind of terrified of roller coasters yeah you’ve been watching too much destination too I appreciate you Elmo and I’m sorry to hear that Elmo I hope things get better for you and we love you and appreciate you God bless you too God bless thank you um be problem for the CH when we use the chapel hey Elmo you know what it’s okay Elmo because you know that’s your past for a reason um it doesn’t determine who you are so like I know it’s probably in your head and it’s getting to you but I promise you people don’t Define who you are mistakes don’t Define who you are the past does not define who you are it’s your past for a reason you know that’s not who you are now you know who you are all that matters is you know who you are are it doesn’t matter and you know what I mean the past is the past you know you can’t change it so that’s why in the future you know like people you know I mean we all have past you know it’s you know you’re growing um so you know don’t let it like Define and you know let people think they know you cuz they don’t honey that’s all I’m saying now I get it on M but you know um best thing to do is you know who you are and it doesn’t Define who you are it doesn’t make you the person you are so yeah see what I’m saying I’m trying to think here trying to make this sadly I did have a panic oh no I I feel the panic attacks I definitely know what those are like for sure thank you Angel I appreciate it baby thank you sweetie you’re adorable thank you sity should I and yeah with the panic attacks I get those sometimes too Elmo I get those two as well like I get panicky and I get nervous or anxiety I do that a lot too so trust me do you know just whenever you feel like you’re panicking try to find things that make you feel comfortable because if you’re uncomfortable like sometimes for for instance I get a little panicky about things and like I get uncomfortable about for example like you know having my camera on or things that make you uncomfortable you know you don’t want to do that or force yourself to do it whatever you’re comfortable with find things that are comfortable to you whenever you’re in feeling panicky and definitely talk to someone too that’s what when like whenever I panic I talk to Alice Craig or rainy you know that’s what I do I talk to my friends whenever I’m having panic attacks cuz I’ll start freaking out and like your mind will your mind will [ __ ] with you and tell you things and make you panic or like you know what I mean and people try [ __ ] with you and you see what I’m saying the best thing to do is do things that you find comfort in in that moment so whenever I panic I just kind of like I you know I try to chill out and like you know talk to my friends and I you know just breathe and find something relaxing that relaxes you you know what I mean that brings you any comfort I would help you out because I know it’s like to have panic attacks you know you need you need hugs too you need big hugs big ones that’s what I do when if I get panicky I get a little clingy I’m like help me but I’ll be you know what I mean just kind of you know um it happens are you trying to build like a crystal Garden or something okay the off in there see all right let’s see King I see you Angel yes Elmo yes and it’s okay to do that too as well Elmo me too yes yep and that’s okay whatever helps you you know what’s up gaming not going to talk hold on let’s see just not going to talk oh you’re okay Emma you don’t have to talk like I said you know stream and do you I’m always going to be there no matter what you guys stream and do I’m here to support you and uplift you uplift you guys and hope y I try to make people’s day better and be funny sometimes you know and don’t let no one change you Elmo you’re awesome the way you are you’re cool you know what I mean you know don’t let that get in the way of everything it’s not the end of the world even though sometimes it feels like it it’s not and you know if you need a call out to God you know where’d Alice go I don’t move oops shoot sorry hey Jacob how’s it going it’s going good how you been doing Jacob I might okay I got me a Dr Pepper here I’m going to open up my soda what’s up Jacob how you doing hun I’m just chilling talking telling stories just talking to chat mostly like I’ve you know it’s one of those games where you can like talk you know what I mean you don’t have to like Focus the whole time you know I kind of like that sometimes just to you know not really have anything to focus on my three favorite colors are red blue and green nice that’s cute mine is purple yellow and black don’t hear that yeah it’s a beautiful song I really like the um yeah I mean those colors are really cute too I like them yeah I know you guys I feel like I don’t know the yellow hearts are my favorite heart emojis to use too I like those purple and yellow ones they’re really pretty hearts um speaking of yellow we need to add some yellow Vibes we I mean I didn’t do too much black but yeah I like black I like the mixture of black and purple together specifically people going yeah exactly and then day Elmo you know just live your life sweetie and no people are not going to understand what you go through not everyone’s going to understand what you’ve gone through or go through because you know they’re not in your life they’re not in your shoes they haven’t lived it so they’re not going to understand what you’re going through uh and in that type of way but like I can get you in the sense of like panic attacks and um when you’re feeling like you know um you know what I mean so I get it I get it in a sense I can get that where you feel like no one understands you I get that cuz like I said you know everyone’s different so not everyone’s going to understand you but that’s okay CU there’s people that will understand you is what I’m saying there’s people that will understand you just relaxing and enjoying the stream thank you King I appreciate it thank you thank you I just opened my Dr Pepper strawberries and cream Dr Pepper is really good too j a redheaded stranger and red hairs you say that cuz I wanted the gamer Subs [ __ ] yeah Alice really wants the new gamer Subs it’s kind of like gfuel right and you said it’s strawberries and cream oh strawberries and cream sounds amazing and I really like the gamer Subs too because it’s it’s you put it in your water and you get you get energy from like um you know what I mean it’s just caffeine pure caffeine it’s not like whatever the [ __ ] you know like natural caffeine I love that stuff it’s pretty good and it’s easy to drink TOA you need you know whenever I wake up and need my energy just put it in my water just put a scoop in there Shake It Up it tastes good too tastes like flavored water basically except there’s like energy in there a lot of it that [ __ ] will wake you right up so it’s really good I like it and Alice really wants the new strawberries and cream flavor and they have a bunch of different flavors too yeah we don’t have any of that right now I want to get some though I want to get some more actually and imagine Alice I got strawberries and cream mhm I do I love strawberries and cream I like the candies too you know what I mean the cream Savers they’re like old older fashion candy but oh my God they’re so good have live Fe of Kay over for some strawber yeah I love it I only understand after three oh yeah Jacob uh you know it’s 2 a.m. for me 3:00 a.m. for you thank you gaming I appreciate it thank you guys you all right take all the time you need Elmo let’s see I need this well then you need to go hire that lawyer um yeah this rain is perfect I love it I’m going to go to sleep to it later whenever I do sleep it’s going to be great cuz you know I just really just felt like chilling tonight anyway so I was like you know play Minecraft I didn’t really feel like uh doing anything else really so it’s my kind of vibe Roblox and Minecraft tonight let’s see yeah we’re just chilling I’m just trying to like I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to do look stupid yeah 2:27 a.m. for me or for you yeah same for me too yep [Music] I don’t really know maybe I’m skipping too far out I’ll figure out what to do with the outside let me finish my room though might do a little bit more down there too I’m going to finish putting these um firep places oh [ __ ] no okay I hate this pickaxe I’m never using it again I start using my hands and breaking everything oh my God yo wow Alice I [ __ ] it up thank you okay I won’t use that again thank you thank you I appreciate it um okay what’s up Keith good morning all right hold on I’ll be right back e e e e all right sorry guys what’s up King what’s up floors all right sorry okay try to put my audio back on it for for for for for for for for thanks Jacob for thank you so here but just editing a video thank you I appreciate what kind of video are you editing let’s see I wonder if I can stick that um actually I want these ones on here you I don’t f for hey what’s up how you doing Howard I hope you’re doing well too just woke up it’s 1:44 very sleepy oh thanks for coming in you should get some you should get some good sleep thanks for coming in hope you’re doing good what you looking at Alice it’s my bedroom Craig fell asleep so we know that what’s up gamer this very relaxing game yeah exactly yep it’s a kind of mood I feel like I mean mostly yeah I just like doing relaxing games yeah it’s fun to just like you know I collected arcade’s turtle egg arcade said he had to do something and he never came back for for yeah Jacob yeah what kind of what’s your favorite type of relaxing games to do yeah like you know like sometimes I just like to play relaxing things you know I mean that’s what I mostly do anyways I just like chilling to be honest that’s what I mostly do and we could uh change it to survival too as well soon I want to just get everything set up here I’m going to so that we W ever we do play Survival I can have some stuff so [Music] um everyone played Minecraft and like f Craig to sleep but everyone to sleep what’s up Serenity I appreciate you still being here thank you beautiful thank you so much you play a lot of different kinds me too it really depends like you know like there’s a lot of games that can be considered relaxing um you know that you know you see what I’m saying it depends on what you find relaxing really I just meant like you know it’s like a break from all the like competitive [ __ ] or whatever story games or whatever it’s just kind of like you know you build bases and [ __ ] and relax do whatever you want you know and just hang out and survival too survival is pretty fun I like survival I just like mining for diamonds and stuff I like doing that because on Creative you kind of just get everything like handed to you but I like you know the creativeness of it you can just do what you want however you however you want it to be you know I’m thinking about adding some um these are bushes I don’t know all these but I’ll try some of them these are just like plants you know a mushroom house would be cool too mushrooms Mushroom House build those sunflower so like lines good morning Kyle yeah let’s see 7 a.m. for you huh 7:50 a.m. for you good morning Kyle good to see you thank you I appreciate it gamer I’m not doing too much anyway I’m mostly just chilling talking to you guys just relaxing not doing anything too too much really you know what I mean furnace notbook all right so we’ll add a furnace is that a be nest what the heck big one I can add some art too some paintings keep it a little warm in here too you know I’m you know I have an idea I H oh sorry um a nice house would be cool too oh like Ninja Fruit man it’s been so long since I played that oh yeah those kind of games too Ninja Fruit yeah yeah stay gone um yeah Ninja Fruit and stuff like that little mobile games I used to have a bunch of games on my tablet too chill games like that I don’t play too much mobile games anymore on my mobile phone because like I you know I always say my mobile phone is like 10 years old so I can only have a few apps on this phone I don’t really use my phone too often so I really don’t unless I’m reading comments or you know couple other things put my phone on the charger though my phone also takes so long to charge like very quick talk to you guys okay got our furnace our stoves how does Alice get like all these cool like animals too I want animals oh wait I see are these just okay these are just Foods yeah I like to get my own stuff in survival anyway you know but I’m just making my house I find survival fun cuz you kind of just earn everything you know mean creative everything gets thrown at you but it is fun to be creative though you just um do you want spawn eggs wonder if these are it there’s a kitty figure this out a kitty Dolphins oh my God there’s [Music] Dolphins see if I can throw this for [Music] I didn’t know there was Dolphins [Music] Froggies panda there’s a lot polar bears poers Tad pools h love you too Eli hey what’s up Anna I love you too Eli hi what’s up Anna have have you been Goku welcome in Goku how you been doing love you too Li I need to be operated what do you mean like if you’re playing on PC and you want to join you should be able to um just join the server by posting the link the copy paste and the link that’s in the description or pinned love you too Kyle all right let’s see I got Dolphins Axel ladas frogs polar bears and I’m going to make it snowy outside here in a minute um well then go in there why not all I do is mess up everything f it can’t even open the door I’m outside your house oh hold on let me let me go open it for you sorry sorry you’re just chilling I’m sorry I’m sorry um here you want to come see my house I’m not done with it yet I’m doing sorry it’s a little random I opened the door where are you you said he was at the door I let me see your skin oh cute okay yeah sorry I didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to smack you I’m sorry come here you want to come in here I didn’t mean to smack you yeah girl this is our house that we’re working on it’s it’s not done yet you know just a little bit of prepping prepping I kind of wanted to like you know thank you it’s not done yet I want to do the fix the outside too it’s looking a little weird out there but um thanks um I was trying to give it like a aquarium Castle type of like Enchanted um Final Fantasy looking I don’t know my mind is a little crazy but it’s kind of giving like a castle house aquarium type of Vibes on the water and Craig is over if you have a look over here Craig has fell asleep in his stream probably yep and he’s just sitting there I can’t blame him though I can’t blame him if I was really tired I would be falling asleep too playing Minecraft not in a bad way in a good way cuz it’s it is relaxing he got to relax so hard he went mans went to sleep yeah that crazy King is just a hater Oh no you’re fine Howard you’re fine I don’t know what you’re talking about um with that I don’t know what you’re talking about and you know no one should be jealous of my content or anything like that I mean I’m a small stream room I’m not that big of a deal I promise you know obviously yes Jacob yes I love you Jacob don’t you love it uh I don’t know who you guys are talking about I’m glad you’re doing good though Goku that’s good pumpkins pumpkin pies Yeah Anna so this is a chapel that uh Craig was starting to work on and you know you can mess around with whatever you want as well Anna we’re going to be playing Survival soon we just started off with creative mostly because we were just you know creating some stuff I was creating [ __ ] with my one brain cell that I have right now cuz you know my mind’s a little everywhere right now but that’s okay it happens I try to focus as much as I can though on things I have a focus problem to be honest sometimes I’m bad at focusing you know what I mean and that one brain cell is trying to like keeping contact like uh yeah he’s got like a little heart back there so yeah I was working on um my house it’s nothing too crazy it’s really nice though I like it I wish I could teleport here I if like you know what I mean if I this would be the perfect place to just free your mind I would definitely if I could teleport anywhere I would teleport into right here in Minecraft it’s so pretty or you know just like a really I don’t know but yeah like I really like the um like the crystals and stuff I don’t know it’s kind of sounds kind of silly you can’t go fully Final Fantasy in Minecraft I mean you could try you know make it um my favorite part in Final Fantasy X2 was the Enchanted Forest Area and it’s like you know it’s like a magical type of vibe and then there’s crystals everywhere it’s amazing dude different colored crystals that was my favorite area in the whole game just by like you know it the atmosphere is so nice I love it it g gives you Good Vibes that’s what I like Good Vibes so that’s why I was like every time I don’t know why I said wee we on accident stop it I’m sorry but yeah um like this whole time I was building this for some reason especially with the crystals up there my me of that from Final Fantasy X2 always reminds reminds me of it actually um I like it it’s pretty what’s up Chuck okay let’s see a thank you I appreciate it thank you Howard what’s up Chuck how you doing Chuck no it’s okay it’s okay if you’re stressed I totally get it it’s going to happen just ignore him Howard just ignore him well I don’t know who they’re talking to but it’s like I thought we were cool but I don’t know don’t bring it to me okay oh my God all right so I want to spawn these eggs now for the Dolphins here I’m going to make another um area up here thank you thank you yeah I don’t play Minecraft very often I don’t sit on here and play this game very much but I do love this game I love it remember the first time I played it too it was uh Pocket Edition or something it was on my phone I remember the first time I played it uh I played it on my phone actually back in the day um okay how do I um Spa these eggs thingies oh shoot okay I didn’t have me to do that all right I don’t mean to kill you but you must die oh I can’t do it now okay Froggies okay I can spawn more I’m going to put my animals in here Froggies okay actually where’ the Froggies go a hi they don’t like staying in the water why don’t they like staying in [Music] there what if I put a polar bear in [Music] there I’mma put him outside good boy good one Froggies going to put a dolphin in there a oh my God okay so we’ll put a couple dolphins in there polar be won’t go in there we’ll put you outside these frogs are just crawling everywhere jumpy jumpy all right here oh that’s a big polar bear I want a baby polar bear ah sorry I know it’s okay you’ll be all right Alice he’s not dying oh well oh okay sorry yeah eat the fish eat it yummy Dolphins like the fish yeah let’s see thank you I’m not done yet like I said but hey Al okay I was going to ask you something but never mind I got it now not hung over yet just maybe tomorrow oh boy I feel bad for you make sure you drink plenty of water what’s up unknown how’s it going unknown I hope you’re doing well there that is adorable very cute animals thank you thank you thank you yeah like I said I don’t know what beef people even got on YouTube I I mean I don’t know like you know who’s fighting with who or whatever all I know is uh I don’t know I’m pretty cool with everyone you know like I said like I whenever he was talking about it that’s why I got a little confused I don’t know exactly who’s mad at who cuz I don’t know what drama people be having I don’t care like you know uh let me see try talking again KY let me see if it works hello oh okay I hear you now yeah I hear you no you’re fine you’re fine [Music] be yeah comments H the for oh okay it’s fine yeah not just control dude he fell asleep man’s just he okay I will more yeah want toep everyone went to sleep on me it’s okay though I’m having fun I don’t know how to switch it back to survival though but I want to sleep cuz [ __ ] yell at 6:00 oh you better listen to your mother I sleep yeah I [Music] know yeah me too [Music] oh I don’t care actually somebody actually somebody done on this game which is pretty sick layers of snow too like like I’m sure let me check something on YouTube really quick wait Minecraft no something made a n in in Minecraft like a like like a [ __ ] statue thing so if I was on PC play [Music] MC get snow CH sleep he yeah I know like whenever I get off here I’m going make sure I have to deafen because he’s going to have it on all night feel and like yeah he’ll be okay trust me he’s happy Craig loves taking naps yeah true me to he didn’t you today though he [Music] today W it was warm yesterday it’s the same as the day before but now the same today 25 sounded bad but it is pretty bad to be honest with you I’m just piling it up when I I know I could just use regular snow blocks oops um I don’t know I’m feeling like the snowy Vibes snow H yeah it’s very pretty actually we don’t want that in front of there pisc okay how do I I’m need to figure out how I make it snow is there a way I could do that which yay look yay snow snowy it’s pretty very pretty [Music] s what the [ __ ] what you do oh that’s okayy look pretty no I feel like more for [Music] ow I don’t know why I said ow when I broke that I do K yeah okay let’s see if I can just that over there there you go needs to be all snowy over here snow everywhere snow I want snowball fight I my kind me thank you I appreciate it Von Del yeah me too I like The Vibes of it you know it’s pretty you know the snow like it’s cold and stuff you know but um it’s pretty it’s really pretty you know I like especially like my favorite thing growing up you know is like really pretty Christmas lights I like Christmas oh yeah is pretty the lights in the snow and the yeah yes I love it you too okay snow everywhere I’m going to add some polar bears around here now polar bear hopefully they don’t drown I hope not yeah some people got haed yest tell people don’t click on the links yeah definitely don’t click on any links guys never click on random links to me never click on the links yeah and then he was saying people should know by yeah unfortunately some people don’t it happens but yeah definitely don’t click on any random link it’s sketchy thing it’s just going to be if if it was me I would have block [Music] okay crash it’s okay arcade you can join back anytime you want like I said I’m just playing by myself right now arcade what do you mean Goku what do you mean [Music] bulli let TR to be mean yeah don’t be mean it might be make me might be big titty okay Jacob no even if there is even if it’s tempting don’t do it because people people from my server I had to ban a couple of them because they their accounts got hacked so you know whatever that’s about I don’t know more polar bears I want baby polar bears babies Ice Ice Baby to go to go to [Music] go that McDonald’s was so good I need some more you it’s good sad no I’m sad oh my God Burger King was so good the other day I was craving it so bad I had to tell you guys I said guys and that was like whenever I got done streaming too like I I passed out after the stream cuz you know the power went out and I pass out for like 5 hours and I woke up drank a bunch of water and then like I’m like I could go back to sleep and the first thing I thought was like I really want Burger King and then yeah I went to Burger King and they had the two for five junior bacon Whoppers so I got two of those and um a 16 piece nugget and they it was fresh too they gave it to us and it was fresh and I was like yummy so I got some zesty sauce with it honey mustard yeah honey mustard honey mustard sweet and sour sauce is good too they got a bunch of different sauces pretty good but yeah they had like these Whopper Dills there they had barbecue ones too and I was like barbecue I don’t know but [Music] uh to me to I just got the regulars with bacon so good what’s a rogue mod what’s rogy or whatever I no no a thank you Goku I appreciate it thank you I really too I’m glad I can get you through something things L you and I we don’t talk I’m glad I’m glad I can help you guys all in ways you know if I can you know I don’t know how much of impact I make on everyone but probably not much but you know I just want everyone to be happy and eat chicken nuggets to do together like let’s just eat chicken nuggets and happy guys play our games enjoy life it’s a it’s a holiday it’s Mother’s Day you know try to relax as much as you can have a good day you know weend for you guys to don’t yeah we um oh it’s different there it’s not Mother’s Day for you is it a different day or what I it’s a different day y oh really I’m dumb ass no you’re have dumb ass hold on [Music] oh yeah I see okay Goku um they explain in the chat um what was I going to say um I to see sometimes I forget what to see sometimes no I was thinking uh oh yeah and about the the mod thing too or whatever like I don’t really care if people make me mod or not like that you know what I mean like that doesn’t determine um I notice people get upset when I don’t mod them but you know yeah you know what I mean like it doesn’t make like a moderator doesn’t make you know you better or do yeah I noticed that my I mean if I know them well enough I will but don’t really need too many anyway you know like I do I have lots already yeah [Music] mhm play some but I don’t happy Mother’s Day Elmo honey yeah Sor oh Jacob Jacob knows exactly what to do to make me hungry again I mean I know I started it with the chicken nuggets and the Burger King and McDonald’s but y’all I’m serious it’s 3:00 a.m. for me and I don’t care like I I mean do do you guys ever go on a trip at 3:00 a.m. to your local uh I mean I do that a lot yes yes I remember being so excited when my parents got me McDonald’s breakfast especially when the bagels first came out I was so happy bagel and then yeah I would get excited every weekend I’d look forward to getting McDonald’s breakfast and then I would share the eggs with my cats I would share it with my [Music] kitties yeah my kitties I miss them best my first cat her name was eony and I I got her when I was like four and I grew this connection to her and I had her all the way up until is about she was in my life for like I mean she was a pretty old cat too um yeah was like four or something like that maybe anywhere between four years old and six years old I think she was my first cat I ever got and uh she was connected to me she was like my best friend and we make little heads together and cuddle together and yeah I miss her yeah makes s yeah I know oh look that’s turning into ice over here ice yeah yeah you get I don’t know all the polar bears went but I need to make like a gate thingy cuz they’re just going to they’re just going to run off oneing one take one with me home [Music] turtles turtles I have two turtles BYT got frogs FR I like frogs Turtles I just keep seeing all these spawn eggs and I want them yeah like I remember growing up I always wanted a pet that short but then the more I’m older I get the more I realize that was really um a bad idea to even think about yeah I don’t know why cuz maybe I watched too much Nemo when I was a kid you know fish are friends not food type [ __ ] and I thought sharks are kind of nice you know so that’s probably why but oh definitely not now no I love Dolphins I mean sharks are cool to look at I like I like going to the zoo and petting the baby ones although I used to be scared of petting them though cuz I was afraid they would bite my finger off yeah you can pet them at the zoo I love zoos those are fun I like looking at animals I love animals I like [Music] seals it yeah smacking it that’s cute what did you like the little shorts I sent you of the seals they’re so cute right yeah [Music] prob I’m going to have to kill you sir [Music] swe I’m sorry I feel bad he can chill in there I can’t do it once they spawn I feel so bad Turtles put a shield on the sh look at the turtles they’re big ones oh my [Music] goodness is the turtle eating them are they eating each other I hope not no don’t eat each other no Turtle what are you doing are they you are you messing with them are they hurting my [Music] dolphin no leave them alone do what happen hi baby where is he getting that meat from is he killing him let me see oh no [Music] like they hurting him no BJ no she said no or yeah blue wrench yeah yeah that doesn’t determine yeah like I said that doesn’t determine anything a moderator doesn’t I don’t care about being a moderator yeah I really don’t I really don’t like it doesn’t mean anything so no I mean you know in a way like yeah you know like congratulations you know but I don’t know congratul made me a yeah cool you talk off I I appreciate that Goku thank youate boy I’m glad you didn’t get offended by it and I’m glad you know you you understand you know I’m glad you don’t see it that way because it shouldn’t you know now yeah okay okay let’s come join party on Playstation join anyways appreciate you King when are you going to be streaming again King oh subscri in a while stre four weeks ago yeah earlier I don’t know what their problem was I thought I was cool with them I mean I literally did not do I didn’t do anything like at all I don’t even talk to people really I really don’t do anything I this com and the so you can go away look it did a flip wow it did a flip in here the the dolphin it was doing tricks okay if I put fish in there they’re going to eat it so I’ll make a a separate aquarium I’m going to make another one okay this turtle is just like vibing on this glasses look at him Kyle he is chilling what should I name him I want to name him Franklin you know that show hey it’s [Music] Franklin you remember hey it’s Franklin that little turtle and I like Oswald too I like o i i remember I was like I was on this website I was watching some of other episodes and then the next I woke up and it was in like a different language and I was like tripping out I was like I was like wait is it because I just woke up or are they speaking English it’s like oh [ __ ] it tripped me out I remember that yeah like Little Bill Little Bill I’m G name him Franklin and then all my polar bear my polar bears polar I’m name po po and then for my Axel I don’t give them names can I give them names oh no I hope so I love seven days to die and it like on Playstation it’s not fully updated to the newer version so it kind of sucks on console but if you played on PC they did just finish it finally years later now I haven’t played the I haven’t played the full game yet on Steam but I I love Seven Days to Die cross platform cross platform no it’s not [ __ ] it sucks cuz you you play on playstation so like you guys that play on playstation I feel so bad cuz like I don’t want you guys to be left out or anything that’s why I was telling Angel you know uh me and her we can just uh play together later too sometime yeah I have show you what I do I [Music] by oh no that’s right I accidentally killed a polar bear well I mean I did it on purpose but I do feel bad listen guys okay he’s in the water yeah I accidentally put him in there but this one he’s just chilling there he’s not he’s going to stay there he’s fine speak he was in the water who me in the water well you are British though so that’s how you say it that’s cute yeah I think I’m put some yeah the polar bear can chill and then Franklin can chill there too I’m going to make another Aquarium here let me just get rid of all these um see you later I know the turtle is a Vibe I feel like he’s my favorite what about you guys he’s trying to go upstairs in my room a yeah yep and then um I was I was trying to ask Alice if she could get me a purple Axel but are these the only color options cuz there’s yellow and then there’s these like uh I think they’re red and white maybe think so yeah let’s see ly my little lotes all right and the dolphin I’m going to call what should I name hold on H do well it’s what type of dolphin is it it’s got a like pointy nose so [Music] um dolphy that’s her name dolphy trying to get stream watch hours 500 did they change it to 3,000 now what for the watch hours like or is it still 4,000 y’all because whenever I hit mine it I had to hit 4,000 watch hours within a year and that was that was kind of hard for me to do considering uh my schedules yeah and uh yeah because um I don’t know I didn’t even realize about it I guess or anything like that like you know um I would only I used to only stream like two hours at a time I didn’t really I don’t didn’t really [ __ ] care about all that you know what I mean I guess for years and then like last year I was like okay um you know everyone you know they’re hitting theirs and I’m just like so we’ll try you know what I mean I guess you know see if we can reach a goal and we did it yeah the 4,000 can you definitely got a grind I did mine by streaming for long hours longer that that’s why yeah watch time like if you just do streams or I mean videos or anything shorts you know shorts too shorts and streams just longer streams because like some people want to reach it I suggest if you want to reach it I would do longer streams know like you know especially for us smaller streamers you know it’ be a little bit harder yeah or smaller you know we’re going to get you to 100 Kyle we’re going to get you to 100 I stre I don’t know and a name tag to them okay thank you I’ll get that Goku like I said I like I was saying I don’t I don’t play Minecraft very often at all but am I going to yes like I said like I played it growing up yeah you know what I mean yeah so like I’m not like an or anything if you could tell like I I don’t play very often but I love it though and I like don’t know why I just don’t like I’ve been having fun everyone just went to sleep and I’m over here messing with spawning animals and stuff just doing random [ __ ] yeah me and you and you’re not even here sadly I wish you were here cuz I’m alone no I I wish my animals I have the MC PlayStation edition it still to Edition should able to play right my dolphin get out of the water dolphy there’s there’s Craig Craig just randomly spawned this is our voice chat guys this is my f they’ll fall asleep mid stream like one time Craig fell asleep when I got done streaming and I was talking about kind of like kind of personal stuff with Alice that was kind of a little too much information but I was just being random and Craig was still [ __ ] streaming well you still you still how’s your good night VJ I hope you have a wonderful night and thank you so much hanging out for hanging out VJ my buddy that lives in the same same area as me type Vibes have a good one did you see yeah I saw that Jacob and um yeah they they did full release on PC too and yeah I did hear about that and um oh yeah 3K for shorts okay I see now all right I get it I I see um I’m trying to help you guys I’m trying to help you guys and my other friends reach it to by Le leaving your guys’ streams up and I’ve heard someone like I don’t know like someone I know is like complaining like oh if you leave tabed in it only gives it to one person and I’m just like you could watch after the the stream that’s what I do that’s how I get my watch time since it won’t count that way I’ll just I go to I go to people’s streams after the stream and that counts as watch time you could do that it still counts you know that’s what I do like after it’s done streaming so that way I can keep multiple tabs up of people that’s what I do I mean I didn’t I didn’t know about all that either but you know um that’s what I do and plus it adds an extra lurker you know what I mean who complains about that like I don’t know it’s you know people are lurking they’re lurking they’re helping you so you know they don’t got to you know just by being there um this week sorry I don’t want to go what is it what do I been in school like over a year I have a plan I have a plan you know a meet up for all of us that are close obviously like a you know just us type thing like you know that we’re close to you know cuz wouldn’t just like meet up with random people um we should have we should um like have a cookout and like we can cook a bunch of stuff on the grill outside and then like um we can like go night swimming and stuff with pretty colored lights and everything I have plans it could be like a you know what I mean M we can grill a bunch of stuff grilled chicken you know all that chicken’s actually one of my favorite Meats to you like chicken me too I love chicken me too I love me a good burger too on the grill grilled burgers cookouts are so fun like summer cookouts like mosquitoes are a thing here what about you you got mosquitoes as well yes you got m so you don’t have the mosquitoes there the ones that like suck your blood oh [ __ ] okay well we have mosquitoes here and they’re and they’re annoying they’ll like suck your blood and they they you know they come out mostly at night during the summer and they’re so annoying but we have repellent for it though oh yeah mosquito bites suck dude I start itching them until they bleed so I always spray pant on me and turn on the Torches and you know what I mean that’s what we would do yeah meow meow meow oh these are candles D no that’s oh these are cute I’m going to make some tables with pretty candles CRA going to make a like a game oh [ __ ] no there’s no way the game he sure did [ __ ] this [ __ ] to sleep yeah he he went right back to sleep from broy IED to goo what’s up Hulk thank you I’m doing good call you stream as well 89 Subs oh let me goe and sub to you hold on one I got you well are you trying to get some watch time and stuff cool I’ll go Ahad and uh subscribe to you too there we go there’s 90 we need to get you to 100 and I’ll share you out too if you want to join my Discord feel free to uh self-promote in there whenever you want you guys are afraid to do so [Music] um yeah he’s still streaming I fell asleep restarting my PC after crashing you’re good you’re good you fell asleep a arcade fell asleep a Katie ory that’s a good name for AR yeah that’s what I want to do I’m I’m just craving like we can go uh do you ever go um you like walking on trails Kyle yeah no what no wa you don’t like walking in the nature no oh never mind then I was going to say it’s fun too to uh I like cave exploring that that shit’s always fun around the trails and then the little Creeks I used to swim in those yeah like I like how like exploring f for like some like I don’t oh yeah I’m pretty pissed offen Xbox onbox Studios yeah xbo you should get you I I was going to tell you you should get the forest too the forest the game yeah what’s it like you doing what you laughing at Jacob what’s Jacob laughing I don’t know Jacob just enjoying himself love you Jacob love you man yeah hope everyone has a good day too um where go sleep nah what was I going to say hold on N I forgot I forgor that you have is the walk the P the drink yeah purple Yoshi I love it that’s why I like that’s why I like Yoshi’s story a lot cuz you can play different colored Yoshis and it’s cute you get Black Yoshi you can get green Yoshi Blue Yosi it’s adorable yeah as [ __ ] I like Yoshi BL BL I like Yoshi okay I’m going stick these candles over here oh hi froggy hello look also say what’s up on the water [Music] water okay well this even light though beautiful gorgeous hey my God the Frog’s trying to cook himself on the stove no I’m kill St no you’ll be okay nothing’s cooking in there right now he’s good it’s off reminds me of my cat or you know the the cat I had or my cats in general they always tried jumping on the countertops and they or just try to like get on the stove when something is cooking and uh this one time I was cooking something on the stove and uh whenever I I was I was turned away and I looked back and she like got on there and she got her paw burnt and I felt so so bad yeah cuz she jumped up there and touched it while something was cooking I was cooking raymen noodles and I felt so terrible I got her off there real quick and I put aloe on it and put cold water on I was like oh she was so hurt I felt so bad she jumped on the stove so I tried to like you know like get all like you know I mean try to take the burn out for that poor girl and I tried to cuddle with her and stuff luckily she didn’t burn it her paw too bad though on the stove but yeah my cats love doing that they’ll like try climbing on everything like dude they’ll like in the claws it you know how cats are they they try to like you know jump to the highest place you know that’s what they do you know what I mean y yep on top of the cabinets everywhere Bridges it don’t matter yeah she I felt so bad cuz she burnt her paw so I comforted her the rest of the night yeah evil to be an open world game I saw I saw that and there’s a lot of opinions about that I mean what do you think about Resident Evil 9 being open world what’s your opinion I want open world game I don’t know why I just always wanted one you know me I’m off I a lot of people were like saying like no you know what I mean like that it would ruin it and all that and I was seeing people talk about that if they were to make a uh open world Resident Evil that you know they were talking about outbreak oh yeah because that’s the one where you could have four people oh yeah yeah even play yeah and that’s the one where I’m pretty sure it’s now I don’t know cuz I never played the other online Resident Evils I mean besides Resident Evil 5 and six with Savannah or whatever but I mean like isn’t outbreak the only one where you could have four characters in one lobby well the first six and five would call pres evil but yeah I think only one four people yeah if they [ __ ] that’s amazing I mean you oh yeah cuz he said he hates going on walk in the nature yeah ky ky said [ __ ] nature bro K’s like nope I like it I used to do it all the time with my grandma I miss it I like I like visiting the Falls too it’s really pretty you just hang out you know have like a little picnic I like that yeah I used to just go to the park and walk around all day it’s what I used to do it’s nice especially when it’s a ice day now if it’s too hot no like if it’s a really hot day oh my God last summer it got so hot it was so bad oh my God I was dying in my bedroom I I will never forget that day I felt like I was burning in hell no I did I was yeah and the I I remember I played Texas Chainsaw all day just to get over the fact of how hot I was I mean I kept trying to like take cold baths and like put I had cold Rags dude it was awful I wanted to just drown myself in a water hose that day so if it’s too hot if it’s too too hot then I could I can’t it’s you know what I mean but as long as there’s water nearby then that’s good you know I don’t I don’t tan or anything like that I’m white as [ __ ] dude like and plus like I burn I kind I pretty much burn easily too sort of I don’t know it depends I mean I used to I used to do the tanning thing but I can’t do it anymore I just end up getting too hot and I mean going swimming so maybe a little bit tan but I don’t know dude I don’t really do that [ __ ] I you know what I mean like laying out it seems fun you know like listening to music and stuff but I’ve never really been that type of person I would just be in the water so I guess getting taned that way then maybe a little bit and then whenever I get like really taned especially I mean like you can’t really see as much now um but like whenever I do get sunburn like all my freckles pop out on my face way more like it’s crazy that’s the one thing I do like about it though cuz yeah cuz I don’t even realize how many freckles I actually [ __ ] have on my face until I get sunburnt on my face and then there’s like a bunch of freckles like they really pop out leg I was like Bro [ __ ] Me leg leg are [ __ ] itchy as [ __ ] they’re like on fire like when when I Sun like like like aome some okay you do the wall PC fan on full blast N I only have one fan right now Jacob your like a big oh you’re talking about those kind of fans oh well Jacob’s talking about the uh oh my God guys I got a taco it’s a soft taco here I give you some I’m sorry guys yeah it’s got cheese on it um it’s got shredded cheese sour cream taco sauce oh baby I can’t help it okay oh but yeah about the uh fan stuff um I don’t have a I don’t have a fan it’s a air conditioner oh would yeah so how your P going with the f is okay now oh my God is this steak it’s a steak mother [ __ ] Taco mhm else oh my God so like it more around because I know it’s going to be [ __ ] warm suppos to be raining today rain oh yeah refried beans on the taco too beans beans beans baby sometimes sometimes good oldfashioned cornbread and potatoes and beans and like you know sometimes when we eat chili in school we used to have cinnamon rolls with it and I dip that in there or um cornbread and chili is it the G just mentioned it is it the game called Suns of the is that the game is the gam it’s yeah there’s one of them that’s one of them but the one that I want you to get is the forest because I like the forest better I just do like son of the forest is cool you know but I always like the forest better the first one I I love that one maybe it’s because I don’t know going to play Halloween Feast you care you going to do that by daylight or you going to [ __ ] do like res evil thing well I do a little bit of everything so definitely more scary games yeah I mean a little bit of DVD cuz the event but I’ll play some DVD with on Halloween definitely 100% I don’t do [ __ ] all I do is just chill Halloween I don’t really do too much either but like watch scary movies and eat candy and stuff I don’t really do too much either I’m not haunted houses are fun and stuff like that no like the dressing up thing I don’t really dress up or nothing I’m such a boring person sometimes well you with me I’m a Bor person too we go [ __ ] [ __ ] [Music] got LOL right yeah Goku that one did you did you like that one no I’ll be I’ll be okay Goku I won’t you st toight s burrito I I eat my taco Fu going to knock out my God Goku [Music] Goku Goku but it’s Goku yeah I’ll be okay I hope you will be okay by the way it’s homemade taco so yeah I add everyone just let you know I want some of their nacho fries though Taco Bell’s good nacho fries they’re Mexican pizza so good people I want a shrimp burrito what you said what why so pretty wait why’ you say that after I said shrimp burrito which what I say shrimp burrito I said lady burrito I don’t fart Goku what are you talking about oh you know i’ be really good on this too like uh ride what youing I call go I’m sorry so many people I miss Jacob even always Jacob oh yeah Jacob’s lives oh David in the Stream I know he’s not he’s for hours Fu I know I feel bad too I think he uh he so if it was a couple dang it I missed it then I tried to go by everyone’s streams before I start I know me too I don’t want to I don’t want to miss anyone’s streams I want play you you can play with me Evil Outbreak I could literally play it right now with no problem because I still have it L I still have it you know res evil you might agree with me do you remember when used to click like the game and it goes Resident Evil 2 biohazard toyy me too Resident Evil Outbreak Resident Evil out by husand yeah they call bio oh I I know they do yeah andc would be Jacob would be like Kayla the only people on these servers are what did he say on the other side of the uh the mad we off with angry face and then put JK oh yeah even if if I were to have my uh PC fans on full blessing it wouldn’t have helped trust me n it wouldn’t have I guess I like suffering I me have thought you sleep no I’m not hi Craig sh what up Shy shorty got a fatty all right oh man you do to your finger [Music] dude that was the best burrito I’ve had in a long time yeah it was steak it was sexy I had just say a burrito at 400 a.m. [ __ ] it up [ __ ] hell it hit my kneecaps you okay mhm hold on [Music] [Music] [Music] call for have no fear son God is here what’s up son what’s up gamer he said oh thank you thank you you Sun God I just say a big fat burrito uh that was Craig I don’t burp it’s illegal yeah you don’t Craig hey Craig dude I am come here [Music] Craig you see my you see my animals yes you want to pet them Alice is floating Alice is just Stu just chilling down here hey who are these people arcade okay boogie hi there Hey look check this out okay the [ __ ] you what the [ __ ] is this just there oh [Laughter] [ __ ] do [Laughter] it oh [Laughter] [ __ ] [ __ ] to the C I love you guys we are just [Laughter] chilling get 12:5 for me [ __ ] 9 A.M no I want bees I’m help [Music] sleep stre by the way I’ll be right back all right oh [Laughter] noice no the off the okay don’t like B you don’t like the B he’s away he scar of away he likes bats trust me he likes them have no fear Underdog is here just playing some Minecraft [Music] son no that’s you you’re the best that’s you I’m not you are no I’m not here you are you are put a bunch of uh I’m just not explain to me how I don’t know oh yeah great yeah great go try click the E button you can build and make anything you want he’s under the stream all right yeah he was sleeping during it damad oh yeah I know with the Beehive I don’t know why I put them in here I was just being random at this point make a DVD too that by no I want a wolf T come here come on doggy it’s a doggy look see doggy Noy what the [ __ ] is do yeah arcade is doing arcade looking you [Music] meow hey get back here come here come on get in here don’t sh my pussy’s getting out my cat’s getting out I’m in the good girl [Music] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I accidentally hit her trying to get him to sit down oh hit the buggy here it listen to your mother sit I do [Laughter] a yeah you want to give the fishies to the kitty no you H the cat the for the dog for doggy good kitty good one Shadow that’s Shadow right there in my black and white one hey what’s up edits how you doing how you doing tonight bone and the yeah the bones for the dog and the fish is for the cats so good dog in a bone snowballs oh yeah right click uh arcade come back I got an idea I already watched this stream be like oh on all right watch this be ready to be amazed because you guys are actually about to be amazed right now see I see if I remember correctly what are you laughing at wait no wait how you know what I’m talking about no [Music] [Laughter] what he just text Instagram funny ass [ __ ] I don’t know what he’s doing he’s just saying like funny ass [ __ ] to me yeah that’s the guy sh small instag I thought you were laughing because of my sweee love you I’m trying to make snowman pumpkin oh what’s up Ray kill site thank you I appreciate it kill site o [Music] oh yeah my God [Laughter] hi don’t you run away from me I heard I heard a kitty where’s the kitty oh stop it stop it shh don’t meow right now my [ __ ] sorry stop it oh there she is okay I found her hey that’s the kind of trees I want everywhere these ones these are pretty I want these ones everywhere where did that tree come from it’s gorgeous I want more I want that tree [Laughter] I don’t know where it came from but I just noticed it there it’s so pretty pretty like you a oh me no yeah no yeah what the [ __ ] did he do to snowman what the [ __ ] you see him oh snowman Do you want to build a snowman do you want to come and [Music] play they’re dying cuz the rain the rain melted them away no it’s run they died they melted jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock jingle bell rock sing Christmas it’s going to be hilarious Christmas be singing just feel like I teleported back to 2013 right it’s fun right so that’s what I mean that’s when I really played Minecraft man it’s been a it’s yes it’s been a it’s like I have it on my PlayStation last time I played it on there it’s been a couple years right yeah the days man the days the water water water water water you want to go swimming in the water it’s very it’s very wet what’s up Joe Good morning Joe Ray thank you kill site s this snow sneer the snow golen pum pumpkin s it I will but they melted or Goku I it started raining here I’ll build them inside and do it I was trying to do it out here but oh what’s on this one burrito that’s a big piece of steak I’m from United States what about you is he a British another all right Elmo thank you so so much for hanging out with me tonight appreciate it LOL the Snowman you saw you like it arcade lik the Snowman all right hold on Goku let’s see what is that how you oh is it sear or sneer sour thank you so so much thank you sour so so much thank you for the raid welcome in Raiders welcome in what’s up Tango thank you so much for coming in Bri and sour thank you sour thank you Bri I love you guys so so much I came to hang out for u a little while like a couple hours before I started my stream I appreciate you guys I hope you guys had some good games we’re just chilling playing Minecraft right now on my server on PC but welcome in everyone and thank you so much for coming in thank you hope you guys had a great stream catching some W’s thank you Brien sour I appreciate it thank you guys so so much I appreciate it we’re just chilling here nothing too much what’s up Stringer gamer Stringer gaming sorry hey thank you I appreciate it what’s up nightbot thank you Ray stins I appreciate you thank you stin thanks for coming in here vulgar what’s up thank you for smashing that like y’all thank you so so much for coming in here ride from the goats oh yeah nice sour and free thank you guys so so much I hope you guys had an amazing stream amazing thank you guys thank you thank you beautiful sorry I could only hang out for like an hour or two tonight guys but I’m definitely going to go back and leave your guys’ streams up for you and I appreciate everything you do sour and Bri and thank you yep I love me some sour and Bri they’re good people they’re good people so you guys should check them out too for my community so yeah what you play Call of Duty it’s hot hair for you what’s it like there Joe thank you I’ll I’ll subscribe to you back too I’ll make sure I connect with you guys nice to meet you Stringer gaming I just subscribe to you turn on notifications I’ll subscribe to you guys as well show the love those of you who have a channel I’m already uh subscribed to stins Mango do you have a channel oh it doesn’t look like it I’ll still subscribe anyway yeah I love mangoes by the way 25 degrees for you right now Kyle thank you thank you guys so so much it’s very sweet of you are you guys in an early tonight usually uh I thought you guys streamed a little bit longer than that but I hope it went well we’re just chilling Minecraft Vibes building and stuff I appreciate you guys and I subscribe to you as well I appreciate that ww oh yeah follow connect sorry yeah they changed it to follow and connect yeah because yeah he went to the dentist at 5:30 got fillings done for oh you you had to be put to sleep oh hopefully it went well though hopefully um you know at least you were asleep so hopefully it went well for you though got to get rid of them cavities [Music] cavities guys thank you so so so much I really appreciate that yeah sour and Bri are really good people I love them they’re like family to me I’m glad I met you guys yeah here Chucky Chucky hi Chuck not Chuckles Chu Chuckles wff thank you Stringer appreciate that we had a good time this good to hear I’m glad you had a really swell time I’m over here just chilling drinking some Dr Pepper I [Music] cocaa sour is my second dad oh I did not know that’s cool he’s he spoils me sometimes a that’s cool I subscribe to you as as well vulker nice to meet you I did not know that that’s awesome and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone as [Music] well do I like massages massages yeah heck yeah I love massages oh yeah I like being tickled to sleep mostly you know what I mean massages are so nice oh yeah I love Mass [Music] M oh God I can’t even say that word massage massage [ __ ] it’s like you guys know but no I’m just joking all right yeah I like massage massages is that how you say it yeah I like them I like being tickled to sleep too tickle tickle everywhere tickle my legs tickle my belly my face [Music] and then I’ll tickle your face aggressive head massages oh oh wow that sounds nice yeah tickle to sleep it gets me man it helps it’s messages oh you’re not talking never mind y’all I read that wrong I’m sorry I read that wrong you’re just messing around oh God that’s embarrassing I do love me a good head massage that sounds so good I can’t believe I said massage instead of messages whoopsies oh Lord yeah those are nice neck massages leg massages get that oil in there that lotion and then I sit on your back and put tattoos on your [Music] back those are fun that sounds a little sus but you know what I mean Chuck I appreciate you much love we got the Beautiful music going on here and yes tickles are the best just being tickled to sleep it’s so relaxing I’m kind of ticklish on my feet though it depends how you tickle it I’m trying to get used to it but my feet are ticklish bro I miss when my grandpa used to tickle my feet until I would pee my pants I miss him he was great he would uh mess around and like tickle my feet I’m have always been ticklish on my feet like it depends on the aggression of your tickle like if you’re you know what I mean trying to get me to you know oh God I don’t know if you start tickling my feet I might start [Laughter] kicking but you know if someone aggressively tickles my stomach oh yeah I’m ticklish in a way but I love being tickled I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m serious like I love being tickled but it depends on how you do it like if you’re just like doing it like a little spider that’s perfect but if you’re like trying to like dig into my stom then I’m probably going to die laughing because I’m a tickle box in that kind of way I’m ticklish start laughing so you know like a little spider tickle type of O amazing nice all right Goku told me to put these Jackal turns in here so I’m going to here let me shut the door first cuz it’s raining son of a biscuit I just broke my door it’s okay we’ll make a new one um which one yeah I like this one put that one back I didn’t mean to get rid of the door but all right and then we can try this out put a couple of in here and they make snow too when they walk there we go there’s three of them and then Goku told me to um what do you think Goku was talking about rainy he said it was the Sears or he said Sears the pumpkin the pumpkins right what does that do Shear them oh okay oh yeah okay Ry Randy go or not Goku um KY said he loves you who should you who should you massage I often wonder should make a command on nightbot for tickles you know I’ll start making some commands I I want to do some anyway I don’t like I never really mess with nightbot commands or anything but I mean I guess I could mess around with a little bit and add some like cool little redeem stuff and all that put so that way you guys can put your links in the chat too or like you know what I mean like sour does in his stream and some others so I can add commands for that for you guys that join the chat and then um which would be cool and then um some other ones like you were saying and like for points and stuff yeah I I guess I should mess around with it a little bit more it’ be cool like I had some alerts I wanted to use too like for when people subscribe and all that but I haven’t messed with it too much I I mess with it a little bit I could probably get it to work again actually but I ain’t going to mess with it right now we could do it next stream I know I don’t really [ __ ] with that [ __ ] too much what are the pumpkins doing in the corner I mean they they just uh well I mean if you ask me it looks like they’re building snow they’re having um they do look very connected though don’t they yes they do they’re like connected okay let’s try sharing them now you remember the Elmo doll Tickle Me Elmo oh yes I remember that doll too tickle me the Tickle Me Elmo doll my gosh like my yep I had those too and but most of the dolls I had was Bratz dolls cuz I love Bratz dolls I love Bratz but um yeah and you remember the little Annie little dolls Little Annie dolls whatever they’re called man I used to be obsessed with those too tickle fights oo amazing what’s the weather like here um actually let me see what the hold on I didn’t mean to do that let me see what it’s going to be today check it out love you too Kyle and I and I appreciate you guys so so much once again I appreciate it okay so 48 degrees Fahrenheit for me and today is going to be a high [Music] of 79 degrees it’s going to be almost 80 so I’m going to turn my air conditioner up more right now it feels like 48 so it’s kind of chilly not really but then it’s going to warm up to 79° sunny skies today that’s what the weather is looking like for me Northern Lights are the visible tonight oh I’ve always wanted to see those Chuck that’s so beautiful that is so beautiful I would love to wow yeah see them what’s up Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam what K who do you think I’m not sure kinky stream oh Lord oh yeah Mage me Daddy oh yeah oh God I’m joking I’m you doing I was joking too do no I don’t Joe to put a button next to the door I will I’ll put a button there and now okay I’m going to share all right sorry I was looking at the weather the forecast all right um look Goku oh that’s a sideways smiley face yeah isn’t it yeah look this polar bear is my vibe he likes me you know what we do need some snow in here can I make a Christmas tree a they’re cute I guess we can try to make one I’m not going to get into all that I’m not you know what I mean I don’t really want to answer those type of questions you know if you’re okay I don’t feel comfortable we need to do a talk show yeah we should like a podcast where we just talk about random stuff like random stories in our lives like storytelling or like podcast on things I what so you saying I should do that sometime like a podcast if you wanted to all right let me add a um excuse me sir thanks I don’t think I need anything in front of it right yeah I can open it fine Goku I don’t need anything I want more trees like that too out here um okay I always keep typing in there looks like I’m saying e don’t laugh at me you’re meanie butt I’m not a mean no you AR no no I’m throwing these out goodbye see you later alligator where’s arcade Go Arcade leave me no no leave my best friend who’s this arcade is vibing arcade’s just putting snow oh he’s vibing over here look at him he doing his own thing he’s SP s that’s cute oh that is beautiful arcade I love it that is it’s fun what yeah we just stole someone’s house oh what’s down here oh man they got some deep dark secrets man it just keeps going down I think they’re trying to looks like they were mining they made a little yeah that’s the classic right there way a mine that’s yep hey arcade come here arcade [Laughter] hi come on get down here I’ll show you something all right follow me arcade’s trying to fly arcade you got to uh press space and tap it you got to double space it and go up watch this look how high I can go [Music] no wait wait AR watch watch watch look at my hand movement in the end watch oh my God come here all right I’m G to show you this this is uh Craig’s house over here [Laughter] [Music] uh oh [ __ ] was that the wrong area Okay wrong house that’s not a house come here [Laughter] look at Craig’s Masterpiece oh you figured it out mhm snowball fight right click there there yeah okay come here [Music] [Music] come here come on don’t be shy get in here [ __ ] right now [Laughter] what do you think about his room can you even type on here [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] right uh how do you get how to get into massage what do you [Music] mean I miss the greatest show on the earth what is it we need to do a talk show AR make sure I already read this uh no I haven’t watched it Joe [Music] [Music] yeah creative mode he’s twerking for Sonic oh yeah twerking for that Sonic I look over and arcade still in the same position welcome back sloppy Elmo and thank you so much for coming in I’m I’m glad I uh I could have you I appreciate it thank you for your time I really appreciate just your his time you know um it’s really special when people give you any amount of time so I appreciate that and I only I only uh stream twice a week too always on Thursdays and Saturdays maybe eventually I might change it to Sunday or something but but you know I just whenever I have time you know and then I post stuff here and there and nothing too much really is Craig still asleep yeah he’s sleeping I can’t type in the chat in the game also my Gamers my game’s slowing down no arcade the proxy of the server uh you should be able to just join the server with the link that’s in the description or that is pinned and for the proxy I don’t know what you mean by that it’s Alice’s server and uh she put the um the link is pinned in the chat and the description you can copy paste it from there from the description should work it works for me I don’t know what you mean by proxy though I mean I was able to just connect disconnect to are you playing on PlayStation or what thank you st same you know just stopping by you know showing the love dropping a like that’s awesome thanks uh which region of the world oh okay um yeah see that whatever one’s America the US right I know I don’t know about the proxies on here I don’t know how to look at that either I have no idea oh the region oh um yeah it’s USA right for oh yeah your sister never had to massage before earlier I said message instead of message I said message why I don’t know that was so hard hard to say let’s go home I got lots of thing here hold on Arcade is so cute arcade is just chill dude we just been chilling dude good night Goku hope you have a good night thank you I’m glad you have fun thank you Goku I’ll see I’ll see you soon should should I give her one later your sister if you if you want yeah okay just chilling here what are you giving me candles did you just give me candles or was it Craig Craig oh shoot I’m sorry [Laughter] I’m sorry I should I should have told you I like whacking people with candles I can’t help it I won’t do it again though I promise no I’m serious I won’t I won’t do it I promise see that that’s the kind of tree I want I want more of these trees this house is blocking it oh I want some all right I’ll leave it alone I’ll hold my urge wait come here come here man you got a long name [ __ ] what I was going to sit on your face never mind never mind never mind you want to make a house or something you playing music oh he’s cute Kayla if she son bathing should I I mean I don’t know I would ask her if she’s okay with it yeah Craig’s still sleeping chck you saw him right chck and the B goes on like you won’t believe arcade I wish you could join the I almost said the Discord chat so that way um yeah so that way you can hear me think my stream’s delayed by 15 seconds but it’s okay though I no he does but it’s delayed he doesn’t hear it in time I think he’s got to wait My Stream is delayed I mean it’s always delayed by a little bit like 15 seconds what’s up how you doing safan let’s see yeah yeah definitely if you think you’re going to get yeah definitely don’t then I don’t know what’s going on I mean maybe maybe he wants to M Massage some um sunscreen on her or something maybe that’s what he’s talking about why you looking at me like that I’m sorry arcade’s making me laugh guys guys his little face is is just looking at me clueless he doesn’t know what’s happening do you yeah jump in there don’t be shy come on see look we can give him some food too let’s feed him oh yeah they eat them watch this oh that’s to eat son’s a biscuit bis I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine puffer fish do you remember that one video where the puffer fish is eating the carrot and they like they like smack it they’re like choking it with a carrot you remember that video he’s like you know what I mean or like ch choking the puffer fish on the carrot and then smacking it I’m not going to lie that kind of made me sad what made you sad I’m trying to put the puffer fish in here but it’s not working it’s just making me eat it oh I know why now I’m an idiot sandwich um I got a Pucket got a Pucket full of sunshine puffer fish oh no he’s hurting him is he hurting him is he hurting my puffer fish or is they they hurting him or okay they’re hurting the puffer fish okay see that’s how they eat hey don’t beat up on him you got to get a bucket of them oh it’s hurting him they’ll be okay just a little spiky where my dolphin go my dolphin’s gone oh no where my dolin my dolphin My Dolphin left no I died I don’t know [Music] why there we go yeah eat that yum yum yum [Music] where my cats go now if they get hungry again then yeah okay hey stop it what no there’s a hole in my floor where is it I fell through so many fishes what’s up Joe’s yeah there’s a lot of fishes thank you Joe’s I appreciate it thank you probably not Joe definitely not I don’t know that’s not you know thank thank you I appreciate it thank you yeah it’s a cute aquarium isn’t it yeah Dingus and peab body hey arcade you not know how to get up here [Laughter] oh the [ __ ] floor I’m sorry here I’ll fix it the S is down there don’t don’t fall for it again don’t do it again here I’ll fix it there we go you can’t fall off now where did you go where’d You Go Arcade let me get rid of these you like the purple stairs me too me too Alice helped me build that one that’s so sweet of her and thank you for sharing too to the water it’s okay just been basically chilling I haven’t really been doing much of anything I Vibe I just like talking sometimes too so here mate hey mate yeah mate okay this this dolphin can you go back in the water I don’t know I also don’t know how to switch the game mode to survival I think Alice would have to do that but yeah yeah but she just sleep in for for d for what’s up Jen is that you on a different account or is that the same one you Chang your name yeah it’s it’s basically like an indoor aquarium I mean I haven’t done that much to it or anything I mean I just been chilling I don’t know I’ve haven’t been doing too much of anything but I don’t know yeah it’s like a aquarium Joe’s type Vibes is what we were doing I was going to do a survival for a bit but I don’t know how to switch it I think Alice does I think Alice might have to switch it but she’s asleep I mean I don’t know if I can or not yeah I was just make it basically like an aquarium house sort of and just been chilling you inspired and to changed my name so here it is oh I did me I inspired you change it to what I did to Nyx oh okay I see cuz I call you NYX thank you thank you boo thank you Joe’s my phone’s just charging at 3% right now it’s funny yeah when are you going to be streaming streaming again like I said like my thing is is like you know whenever I have you know like my thing is you know like whenever someone’s spending their free time with you you know that should mean a lot to you you know what I mean so like for me whenever you know I mean I keep people tapped in and stuff like that and lurk and stuff and um I watch people’s streams and stuff that’s what I like doing that’s why I watch all you guys yep they like Kayla what are you doing up and I’m like I don’t know but I’m here okay all my friends your guys’ streams and stuff I just like leave everyone’s streams up like uh before you know I get you know what I mean do [ __ ] or whatever I stream twice a week because you know that’s the time I can have to stream so I just chill and like mostly like you know especially um I like to keep stuff a lot for memories too like I made I make Clips so I can look back on too cuz I don’t know memories with my friends too so yeah not too much go oh [ __ ] I accidentally disconnected [Music] no I I accidentally did not mean to do that but yeah um what was I going to say not too much going on tonight I didn’t really feel like I don’t know my friend’s been wanting me to play Minecraft and I like it a lot actually I mean I need to get back into it more because you know I’m not like a hardcore player I don’t play too much of it ever but I like it and you know I’m going to play offline more later where I could like you know yeah yeah get comfortable and stuff and I comfortable type Vibes what do I think about what is Kyle in the he’s in the Discord chat yeah Nick oh and by the way Kyle loves you too by the way don’t you Kyle we love Nicks [Music] yeah yeah we we were watching you play resin Evil 2 it was so cute you were so lost so bad people love seeing me lost so does Alice like if I’m lost in a game people love it for some reason I don’t know why like uh so like what’s happening especially with Alice Alice loves see me struggle well a lot of you guys do see you yeah Alice loves seeing me suffer she loves it the most I think out of anyone she likes seeing me suffer she likes it like don’t let her tell her she’s got this Kink where she gets turned on if you have a hard time arcade like it’s funny I don’t know why she won’t be upset about it either she don’t care it’s not that big of a [Music] deal so I kind of want like a winter wonderland Enchanted uh Vibes though I’m going to work on it more later I don’t know I just I honestly I like chilling man you know me me too Kyle what am I thinking about again if she says yes why you keep asking question I don’t know I don’t know Joe don’t ask me that’s none of our businessing like I’m being an ass but I’m not I just you want [ __ ] your sister just do it what the [ __ ] I’m not even in the game bro what’s up big Big Joe I subscribe to you how you doing Joe what’s up lunar how you doing beautiful good morning good morning beautiful I appreciate you guys so so much I’m getting off here soon but it’s it’s like a chill Minecraft and chill stream I’m even change it chill like if you see me standing here mind your business bu I’m just joking I’m joking I know yeah Sweet Home Alabama I’m coming home to you on Old my old ones yeah I had to get I got I deleted some of my older videos I lik it I like some of them are are just like and the thing is I’ll watch it and I’ll be so cringed out and I’ll get rid of it just because of that because I don’t know cuz I want to you know yeah you’re not yes I am it’s bad sometimes worse than other but I mean I look at it and cringe so I get rid of it should I remove shorts oh my God so your are funny I your no Je what the [ __ ] why you say no man I’m I I answered your question oh thank you you guys don’t have to do that uh guys you don’t have to I appreciate it though you guys don’t have to I really really appreciate it thanks guys for smashing it appreciate it I don’t go to parties or clubs I’m also not the typee of person hey no no like I’m saying no for me I I’m not the type I don’t go to clubs or parties I never have I never have went to clubs or parties and I I don’t care if I have a party it’s gonna be my bedroom that’s it that’s it in my bedroom it’s a party in my bedroom I don’t go out to parties I never even cared about him I mean and like you know like meeting people I mean for me I don’t know I can’t just be like oh hey you know I don’t know around like fuing of people it’s like a small group than just I don’t know like everyone’s different you know what I mean I feel like for me like if I were to go to Club I’d just drink like a beer or two and probably leave I’d probably be bored just want to go home if anyone tries talking to me or anything I’m would be like uh go away I don’t know I’m if it was you Craig or Al no I know what you meant arcade like you know I know people do that I don’t care I’m saying for me though I ain’t doing that not for me I got wakey see it’s warm e [Music] e hi what’s up what’s up I was going to grab me another water gra me some water but feel like it right now yeah I ask the same question please answer it he ask [ __ ] question should I [ __ ] that HTS oh you didn’t hear it I told all right so right I mean I don’t know you asked if you should remove the shorts when you massaged her and what the [ __ ] I maybe it’s just my mind I’m sorry just your mind yeah [Music] yeah arcade’s really cool Joe’s he’s really cool R just like’s he’s always chilling I mean look at him he’s he’s chilling with us he does not care need to stream more too yeah I know you upload a lot I like your videos arcade I wish you I mean streaming would be cool too I try to show up everyone’s streams I mean I try to like watch everyone’s stuff you know but I try to make it to streams mostly because that’s just what I’m used to but the the videos yeah um arcade you should do some by city oh yeah someone asked me to do Liberty City I forgot who you saw that coming Grand that’s yeah no that’s the one I would play I like Grand Theft Auto 4 all of let’s go Bing you want to go bowling Nico n baby would you like to go bowling yeah I like I like how um how it actually feels to be drunk in that game because it like actually seems that way and I remember just going to the bowling alley and bowling with everyone for hours that was like one of my favorite things to do just go bowling and play pool pool’s fun that was cool GTA 5 didn’t have that type of [ __ ] so lame g GTA trash ass game the only thing I like in GTA is online and that’s it yeah I played online sometimes with friends and it was fun but at the same time like I couldn’t get invested in the story ever and that’s why I never did one for my channel cuz I don’t like it I don’t know yeah I yeah the online yeah it’s it’s good on you playing with your best but like when you’re like on your own it’s just kind of boring is doing chilling you love bowling good morning Charlie yeah I I will grab me some my phone’s going to die soon I mean I could use [Music] Ry I am going to grab some more water soon I just haven’t felt like water yeah water water I mean yeah water I’m not going to go to bed when I get off stream either I’m just going to um I’m probably going to switch out shower yeah probably going to shower and um play something else probably the H on DVD like right now it’s just kind of I mean might as well wait until tomorrow because tomorrow’s rank reset so we can I’ll get on tomorrow yeah not today but tomorrow I’ll get on dbd okay sure offline obviously but you know I’ll be on yeah that’s how I mostly play DVD anyway so no thank you guys thank you I appreciate that I appreciate it I wasn’t even paying attention I don’t pay attention to all that you know what I mean but I really appreciate it it’s really nice of you guys thank you for for always uh doing that it’s really sweet of you guys it’s really sweet welcome you know it’s good just to know I have people that love me yeah I do I do big hugs big hug that was quite a big joke did [Music] what are you doing right now you’re getting that coffee oh nice you know what you make me want to drink more coffee I was or not coffee or yeah caffeine I was thinking about getting um now you make me want coffee though right now cuz we have coffee but that’s a process coffee I would probably just grab another Dr Pepper out of the fridge or water I was thinking water fresh cold water is the best water cold water room temperature water or cold fresh water what do you think cold water I can’t drink water full I mean I get yeah oh what’s up s’s girlfriend how you doing welcome in sweetie welcome in welcome back SS welcome back bro BR bruh yeah I need I do need to add some more commands though Joe when are you gonna be streaming again too Joe and arcade I love your videos I you know I love you cuz for me like I always feel like sometimes this is why you know cuz like I stream twice a week and sometimes I have like random ideas that I want to post when you know what I mean when I can but like yesterday or whatever I just uploaded a couple shorts cuz I I thought they were funny to me so I don’t know I keep them on I keep that stuff on there for me though I like making little Clips I make it for me and my friends and I keep certain streams on here because of my friends does that make sense yeah with Kyle Craig and Alice that’s why I don’t get rid of them and all my friends that I’ve ever met yeah cuz it means something to me I keep them all yeah and if it’s like if it’s a stream that doesn’t really matter to me in a way then you know it’s like Memories it’s like a c it’s like a time capsule like vods that you can go back to that’s what it’s like for me yeah hell even though uh on Thursday the DVD stream that went out cuz of power went out the whole neighborhood went out by the way guys yeah so F yeah first the house power went off for some reason and I don’t know exactly what happened but then an hour later the whole neighborhood went out for like what what was it like 10 to like 20 minutes or something like that and like I I just remember I was like oh wow and it was just like really dark and and then I was thinking I want pizza and then rainey’s like and he goes downstairs with his phone flashlight just to get me pizza he’s so sweet and he brings it back up and I just eat pizza in the dark and I pass I pass out and or not pass out yet the power came on about 15 20 minutes later and I was like oh wow and then I fell asleep and then I woke up and I was like wow I’m hung over and then I drank water and showered and then I went back to bed that was funny that was good but yeah even though the power went out that stream or whatever that type of [ __ ] that’s still one of my favorite streams I’ve had in a while yeah I don’t care about that like I said you know it was only like what not even three hours long it’s one of my favorite ones I loved it was funny as [ __ ] up I you giggle on that one oh thank you remember I only got seven minutes [ __ ] yeah I said that that was funny uh I know there’s some funny clips from there too that I wanted to clip but I don’t know I wanted to even RK told me to do I think it was arcer someone told me to do a couple yeah the clips from there that’s funny because I love Vice City Vice City has always been my one of my favorites my favorite games ever I love it like I used to I still do it that’s what I like doing sometimes sometimes I just like uh um role playing on there you know you know you know what’s crazy moneyat that game oh I didn’t use any cheat codes on that one why get money and I the Malibu club yesterday oh yeah I didn’t have enough to get the Malibu club and I just remember like I finished like the base game not the side things like you know not 100% but you know just the game which still counts it’s still the game but yeah you you unlock certain areas for side missions and all that they’re basically like they’re not even main you know what I mean that you need to do to complete the game they’re decide and they do give you a lot of money and I didn’t have enough money for that so I still have that save so I could I’m going to try grinding for some money on there later I’d rather I don’t care I’d rather grind for money on San Andreas or vice city rather than GTA 5 any day which I get why people like it it’s nice cars you know it’s just like like it’s not even the story that laed it for me it’s just the base gaml dude it’s just it’s not it’s like um it just lacked a lot for me I don’t know it just I don’t get like how how you go from having a clucking Bell and Pizza Places and all that [ __ ] to not H even having hunger or anything like that like what happened to that and what happened to the other [ __ ] you know I just don’t like the clo the cloves they suck yep and the hairstyles for the girls it’s boring I mean if you now GTA 5 with mods like like 5m like they probably got some cool they probably got a lot of cool [ __ ] right but what I’m saying is for base gameplay I like I it speaks volumes that I would much rather just play the base game of Vice City than GTA 5 with no mods included just the game yeah you don’t even need for Vice City no you don’t that’s how good VI city is I don’t know but everyone’s different but a lot of people love GTA 5 and I ain’t knocking them I don’t care you know that’s your [ __ ] I mean I it was fun to play with friends it was you know but sometimes but it’s just I get bored I bed like [ __ ] this game d right and you play the online version too yeah GTA 6 trailer apparently GT City Easter like the hotel and L is in Thea apparently l City Easter EG video watchat yeah uh have I seen it I haven’t seen it yet but I will after the stream though I haven’t seen all your guys as yet like I said I need to catch up a little bit but I will though I need to catch up on your guys’ videos and stuff because I usually watch everyone’s stuff uh so if you guys posted any videos or anything today or yesterday I probably didn’t watch it yet or I mean if you streamed yesterday I watched it but a video no so have have to catch up with it after the stream though which I will I’m on YouTube anyways I mean not all the time but you know I always try to make sure I have people’s notifications on so that way I can try leaving their stuff up and that’s why I don’t talk as much because I’ll be like busy and stuff you know what I mean yeah if you want to I mean that’s up to you play whatever you want I watch whatever you guys play I don’t care what you guys play you guys can be into anything you want I can we’ll still watch it I don’t care you know and that’s like I appreciate you guys that watch me whatever I play too and support whatever I play and feel like playing you know what I mean because you know maybe not Everyone likes it but maybe they like some of my other stuff more but you know real ones always support you no matter what you play and you’ll you’ll see that you know it’s kind of like in real you know people’s support you no matter what so that’s how I I’m with with you guys like I’ll support whatever you guys play I don’t care what you play even like I a lot of you guys play GTA 5 I still watch like I still watch whatever people play I mean I don’t care you know as long as you’re just you know you’re chilling you’re having fun with it oh well you know what I mean it’s all that matters to me y so I just watch whatever people play a lot of people in my community play like war zone Call of Duty yep Call of Duty um fortnite a lot of fortnite and I don’t even hardly I got on fortnite actually for like 2 hours the other day and as soon as we got on and I kid you know I haven’t been on in a long time I don’t play fortnite ever anymore really that much and we I got on for a couple hours with my friends and like four matches in a row uh we won and I was like what the [ __ ] I was like I don’t know how this happened I haven’t been on this game in so long and then we we come on and we just randomly win four matches in a row dude that was actually crazy though because and then I just like I was even trying to like the aiming was weird on there for me because it’s been so long I’m so used to like GTA aiming like you know San Andreas and stuff like that by City I’ve been used to that lately cuz you know that’s what I kind of been grinding off but like yeah it’s it weird wait what was I talking about I’m like I always was I no I’m serious what did I just say I don’t know why like [ __ ] somebody say something oh yeah we’re just talking about step people stream but yeah I was play thank you uh I don’t know what you did but you popped it back in my brain um yeah I won four matches on fortnite and then we played a game of building and I could not build build is terrible oh my God like no builds I could do no builds but I used to be able to build decently like it wasn’t amazing or anything but like we we played a building match and this dude started building up on me and I said oh [ __ ] I said here we go so he just [ __ ] me up and I was like well damn I’m done you know I accidentally clicked builds and I I can’t [ __ ] build anymore I used to be able to build I can’t do it no more I like no builds better you don’t have to worry about a bunch of like sweats climbing up on you and doing all this I can’t do it cheers to you guys like I don’t know how y’all do it like that they’re so good at it I can’t do it and I know like PC is easier for builds and all that I’m sure I could get you suit again because I was decent I wasn’t really like you know amazing I I build but I used to do build but I very good I don’t know I I really like no builds why does no stream so [ __ ] late D like you eight hours ago one who notes oh I I yeah Notes too notes is pretty cool yeah I haven’t been able to go to stream the past two days I think cuz he was streaming whenever I was asleep or gone yeah that’s the same thing time Z must have a different time zone it was when my girlfriend comes around yeah see yeah massage your girlfriend Joe perfect if she wants you to yeah massage it very good very nice yes oh you know what that turns into yeah maybe that’s just me I don’t know but anyways yeah fortnite is just H like you I was the old like the old old old like chapter one [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah man old fortnite OG fortnite back when I couldn’t even win a match I mean that was kind of like everyone oh my god dude yeah and then they started bringing in Bots Bots or noobs yeah yeah Bots that’s what we were facing sadly it felt good though yeah it felt good though like there wasn’t even any real players dude they were they were Bots were newbies I mean it’s still it it still worked though I mean it was still ah I mean it felt good to kill people yeah in the game but you know pretty sure I’m pretty sure they were all Bots man coming to think about it so yeah like they added that in the Bots have been in for a while and then like I feel like I had a good match and then like someone like those are all Bots man I’m like listen like listen it felt good okay but yeah I mean I’ve had I’ve had a lot of good matches that weren’t Bots but I’m pretty sure those ones we did the other day they were all Bots I you know what game you want to play some matches be like that though and then we got in that one match and that dude was not a bot I was like well here we go want to chel yeah that’s that’s one of the ones I do I want to play that sometime but I can’t because I don’t have a PS5 right now cuz I play most of my stuff on PC but yeah you play PC mostly to I’m good with my PlayStation 4 Pro it does its magic it plays the stuff I want it to play I mean if anything I’m pretty sure I have most my games anyway on my PlayStation 2 and [ __ ] so cuz I’m a weirdo know yeah I am but you there is some like I wish they would remake some of these games like for like I was playing sonic heroes oh yeah that wasn’t even rage man that was not rage I wasn’t even mad was no mad no you thought I was mad I said rage quit and I just played The Sims I was not mad I said I said I’m done I ain’t do switch to the Sims that was funny and it’s the same with whenever that stream where DVD messed up and we started playing Roblox and was just chilling I really want you to play C and then um my DVD works now but it kept disconnecting me from every match and it was kind of getting annoying too cuz like yeah I had to restart the whole thing like I I mean I know I should have done it before but like I thought it would fix itself but it just kept doing it and it’s like validate your account and I’m like what so I get back on there today I’m like uh you know see what’s going on with it you know and it was fine so being mean to me it didn’t like me it was telling me it was telling me to go to bed and I didn’t want to go to bed I ended up going to bed anyway yeah to survive I I want to get you do you should you should get you should get her isn’t aent Hill yeah Silent Hill 2 remake that’s going to be I’m GNA that’s exciting um yeah I was you know I hope they would remake Sonic Heroes too I wish they would just do like a HD remaster or something or remastered or something I hope they do cu I know there’s rumors about a remake in the future for a Sonic I don’t know exactly if it’s Sonic Heroes but people are saying it is and then some people are saying it isn’t it and they were showing the ones that it could be and Sonic Heroes was in there and I always thought like after watching the Sonic movies I always thought that a Sonic Heroes movie would be super cool because Sonic Heroes is one of my favorite Sonic games and it sucked because whenever I was playing it um or streaming it yeah no cuz whenever I’m not streaming it it runs 100% fine yeah that’s crazy and I don’t have a capture card to capture the PlayStation 2 version the Sonic fils are pretty funny I like Sonic one yeah or like the Sonic collection the first three I like Sonic the Hedgehog too yeah that one I’ve seen the first one the hedgeh that one’s my favorite out Sonic Hedgehog 2 I like that one yeah and like yeah I like the movie they had did you watch the Mario movie no you didn’t watch the liveaction Mario or the yeah I don’t know but those were cool but the Sonic one that’ be cool if they had a Sonic Heroes one that’d be dope maybe they will I don’t know because in the Sonic movie there was knuckles and I was like or until so it was giving you know Sonic Hero right there yeah cuz Knuckles was in it right yeah oh yeah something Knuckles was in the game yeah Knuckles was in there in the movie and it was giving Sonic Hero’s Vibes and I was like oh could you imagine like the other teams joining in in the next movie like team team dark and team Rose you know team chaotic team chaotics or whatever yeah that was super yeah that’d be cool if they did that and you know they have Mario and they have the Sonic movies now where’s the crash movies like they need those now because like where is that you know what I mean like there’s those two but yeah that’ be pretty cool if there’s a Sonic Heroes movie yeah zeld Z what’s up Channel how you doing honey sorry what’s up Channel thank you for the like appreciate it thanks for coming by sweetie and good morning morning lens oh you got a dog named Roku that’s cute give him some got a called Goku oh kitties give your kittens some lovens yes give them some lovens give them lots of lovens I just want a bunch of kittens to sleep with me they’re so cute I miss it yeah kittens now I want kittens lots of them I know I’m bad I want just one a bunch of kitties little babies well bikinis wait what we talking about okay room temperature water spoke like I don’t mind drinking room temperature water Joe’s I definitely don’t like I’m not picky but like cold water fresh cold water is so good especially you know when you wake up in the middle of the night and you guys like you know you got your water by your bedside right or whatever your glass of water or whatever um oh I’ll be I’ll be drinking that up cuz like I wake up in the night I get really thirsty I’ll start chugging it you know water whenever you first you know what I mean wake up the middle of night is always the best why I don’t know it’s like you your like throat’s really dry like I need some water just go go go do you drink shower water by chance like when you’re in the shower and you just get a little thirsty sometimes once I did it once I did it but I don’t do that yeah you know if she’s cold with it Joe if your girlfriend’s cool with it you know I that’s up to your girlfriend bro yeah like if your girlfriend likes it I mean I’m sure she would you know you just got to give the give consent you know but hey baby how about I lay you down and massage yeah depends I mean just ask her see if she gives consent my polar bear is all the way over there polar bear I like polar bears every time I tell people I like polar bears they’re like why uh they’ll Eat You Alive and I’m like no they won’t I know they will but I can’t help it baby polar beares are the cutest too and it’s sad too cuz they’re you know there’s not too many polar beares they’re going extinct as well like there’s not a lot of them and I feel so bad and they’re so cute like I love polar bears you know it’s really sad actually yeah I know they would eat me but they’re cute trust me I know I don’t I don’t know I mean like cuz the one we had at our Zoo the Indianapolis Zoo like the one that we had there uh unfortunately passed away some years ago and it was so sad cuz I always visited him he was so he was so sweet and like I always I don’t know why but like I still want to like I’ve like I like working with animals and I like animals so I’ve always thought about like I don’t know ises that sound stupid working at a zoo or something cuz I like you know feeding them I like feeding animals it’s cool watching them get fed fish and all that little dolphin shows are cute too I used to watch them I mean and the uh they they would have some of the same ones though cuz like every time I’d go back it’d be the same but I always just wanted to jump in there and swim with them and it was really cool because like um you know there was like this place where you can go under and you could see the dolphins under uh you’re basically um like looking up at all the Dolphins and it’s like glass everywhere it’s awesome it’s like a it’s like a dome it’s really cool yeah and pet and the Sharks was cool too I don’t know why I’m talking about this again but it was fun I mean I I was scared at first you know petting the little baby sharks but you use two fingers to pet them and I I don’t know I just always found it interesting and um I like feeding them animals and stuff and it’s always cool watching them get fed I don’t know I like it you know what scares me though I the snake section there the snakes yes oh man I’m scared of them I mean venous most of them I don’t I don’t know like I’m not you know my lizard’s not a snake but I don’t know about snakes um or spiders I mean they were cool to look at but it always freaked me out it always I don’t know you know it was really cool to look at the Sharks and stuff too but it was the sound when you go in is like so cool it’s like oh it sounds so dope I love it and I like jellyfish and seahorses too seahorses are adorable they’re so cute I love seahorses I want actually I want pet seahorses now I want all the seahorses and jellyfishes they’re just cool little fish je oh my God what are you doing over there you look lonely come here what you doing all the way over here you just chilling is that what you’re doing polar bear was just staring at me from over there I was trying to get him to follow me but I don’t know exactly what I could use to follow or have them follow I don’t know but oh crap let me jump up here oh I got switched to survival oh did Alice switch it to survival and didn’t say anything oh my God that’s funny there’s no way that’s what like dripped me out I was like wait why can’t I jump anywhere and go up high yeah I know everyone kind of went to bed and I’m just like like over here chilling cuz like I don’t really want to mess with anything too too much without them cuz you know I kind of like doing it together and you know I mean this is my own [ __ ] here but Alice yeah she switched it to survival mode she Hur me and then she she went over there I mean it’s survival mode but is it though because my Hunger is not going down I don’t know when she changed it but okay survival mode now arcade probably fell asleep too definely everyone’s sleeping on me it’s cute though what’s up K how you doing I mean it’s 6:00 a.m. for me I’ve been up so I’ve been up all this time I’ve been up what I’m cool with it that’s not my bedtime yet my bedtime is weird I’ll be like yeah it’s 12:00 p.m here good night and they’re like what the [ __ ] girls going to bed at 12:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. you’re crazy I yeah I don’t care I do not care [Music] uh hypnotizer arcade or maybe that will scare her are you scaring me you trying to I like animals way more than people you know I’m going to have to agree with you on that I love my people though my you know my certain people if I love you I love you so you know I’m the same I love animals ran there you know what I mean I love them I always feel so bad for them too because you know so many animals deserve good homes and stuff like that makes me sad I like watching those videos that are so heartwarming though I like those heartwarming videos yeah and this like it’s you know it’s sad and then they take them in and get them taken care of and stuff it’s sad abandoned makes me feel sad I used to do that too I used to go I used to I don’t know I used to just go to the um walk to the the animal shelter just to pet the cats every day every day I would go they’re just a fet cats it’s fun okay I would used to do that and I would fall in love with every single one of them I’m like oh they’re so cute and the little doggies makes me so sad though it really does I wish I could have them all and I I was always like that as a kid too I would bring home stray cats all the time my parents would be pissed at me and i’ like they’ like get rid of it i’ like Mom I love him and you know what I would do I would literally hide them from my parents yeah I was kind of bad like there’ be straight cats around and like I would like I would make sure I get them it’ be so sad too cuz like they’re you know they’d be dirty and stuff and I want to you know like get them clean and you [Music] know yeah and I would take them in and um I would sneak them in my bedroom and I my parents would be like why won’t you come out of your room I like it in here guys I I would have to keep the cats in the room obviously and I had to sneak certain things like cat litter and all that and cat food had to sneak it well the thing is I didn’t I didn’t have to like sneak cat litter exactly in cat food like we did have cats already but you know they didn’t want any more so I would SE separate them and I keep these snowball and doodles was their names snowballs and doodles snowball and doodles and I took care of them and until one day they found out and we decided to take them in though so I mean I took care of them took them in so then get a home even though I wanted them to have a home with me but yeah we couldn’t landlords would be pissed or something like that so I would do that I would take in a bunch of random animals and uh caterpillars all that stuff I would make little you know so they could turn into butterflies I love doing that they get in their little cocoons and my grandma used to be like they’re going to count your teeth don’t smile and I was always afraid to smile around them I was terrified what a [ __ ] she used to tell me that she like don’t smile at the caterpillars you lose your teeth and I’m like oh they like some like they count your teeth and I used to be terrified I like oh my God they’re going to count my teeth oh my goodness and that reminds me too cuz that was around the time which it’s kind of random but you know it was around that time when we were doing that me and my brother and we’re I was playing Final Fantasy and I was was dancing and I stepped on a toothpick and it went through my foot yeah cuz it was around the same time so it reminded me of that it didn’t go all the way through my foot like it went through the like part of like my Hill like the skin of it luckily it didn’t like go through yeah and um yeah that was and I was afraid to tell my mom about it so I put a a pillow over it and I was just like you know trying to hide it and then uh she said what are you doing and she said why do you have that pillow over or whatever and she like snatched it off and she saw that I was like Mom please don’t touch it cuz like I tried pulling it out before and it was hurting so my grandma was about ready to come over and she you know we I I guess my you know she’s like you need to get that out of your foot your grandma’s coming over or something so she just yanked it out real quick and I’m not going to lie to you though it didn’t even hurt that bad once she yanked it out you know what I mean so she just yanked it out I was like oh my God thank goodness I was I was so scared of a toothpick dude but yeah that was around that time I used to collect caterpillars all the time they do the little turn into little butterflies or tadpoles tadpoles were fun to like turn into frogs Yeah we we are what’s up Seb how you doing it was raging and beyond mad it was mad Charlie my mom or I they they weren’t really that mad just a little upset but yeah I used to like one time I saw this pre mantis on my window and he was inside and um I was fascinated by him so I named him ziki and I made him a little habitat and my mom’s like you can’t keep those you got to get rid of it I was like oh come on just for a night it was so cool his name was ziki I miss ziki yeah he’s my little praying buddy he’s protected me he’s always praying yeah I was definitely the insect girl go outside and start freaking tearing the bark off the street to just to find bugs I was so weird I don’t know rly poies and all that roly poliy speaking of roly poly roly polyol was such a good show mhm have you watched it rly poly did you watch Disney Channel or any of that stuff no really no or Nickelodeon or no you didn’t oh well I didn’t know if you knew that well sure or not we pie in the rly Poli [Music] Sky damn giving memories it’s been a long time since I watched that arcade you can always talk to me you guys can always talk to me always talk me you want I love you too car even though you’re right here you’re right here next to me I have a brother and I have two um half sisters I don’t talk to though I don’t talk to them but yeah I have like a real brother though like How’s being doing sleeping [Music] oh he’s told me the reason why he’s not join VC because it’s prob like cuz he telling me about you know UNM and stuff like that he just telling DM couple of days ago and stuff like that so so I did I didn’t miss being PC was like I miss you being PC I likey dude very nice person yeah yeah he always says sorry because he hasn’t text me I was like you don’t have to say sorry D if you’re bu busy you know I just he always says sorry to me like to say Sor he’s always mad at me why better than you I don’t know you be all right I think you I is personality person just always mad I feel bad [Music] though get mad at me I don’t know it’s little stuff like uh stream no it’s not even anything that’s why I’m saying it because it’s nothing it’s he’s just mad he’s just mad no it’s just stuff it’s little [ __ ] no yeah like I said it’s fine though you know he’s gon to go spend time with his mom today I ain’t doing [ __ ] you talk he’s going to go hang out with his mom I’m be here I mean I probably I I mean I probably would go visit my mom but she lives she lives far away no yeah there so many people yeah and she doesn’t live that far away but you know if she comes get me or something maybe but okay you’re so funny okay I think you likeing stu I don’t know don’t know F smile okay it’s funny bro I think you like stretching and instead you like stretching oh stretching oh yeah okay remember when I wanted to stretch on that Resident Evil stream so bad because I do that a lot cuz especially if I’m sitting it makes it look like I’m popping out my tits or some [ __ ] and you know it’s kind of awkward like you know what I mean cuz like no because like you know cuz like I do that a lot cuz like my back like all you know what I mean my posture is bad so I’m always like slouched over and I hate it cuz I’m like my posture is so bad I am so bad at sitting up straight I’m always slouch so like like I’ll keep trying to like you know the way I was positioned I was trying to like you know my my back is that a villager and I was I was just like oh you know like I just want to chill cuz right now I’m still sitting in my gaming chair you know I tried not to go to my bed as much as possible but that’s where I want to be my hi where’d you come from llamas I don’t know where they came from but they live here now um llamas yeah yeah Alice switched it to survival but it’s not even survival like it is but isn’t it’s the thing that confuses me cuz like I was like okay I’ll play Survival I got my house ready you know we’ll go explore and go mining but it’s not even really survival like you saw the clown and by like kill yeah with the clown yeah like going against him I just free drop a lot with certain Killers especially I mean that’s what I do that’s my [ __ ] but you know I got to get better like my thing is is just like it really depends cuz like you know I I don’t know for some reason I I I don’t know sometimes I’m just how do I say this I play the best when I’m offline that’s where I play my best that’s where I get all my [ __ ] online I guess I’m kind of shy I don’t know but regardless it don’t matter I was gonna say I do like my thing you know as I learned which I normally do is like you know like Killers like the huntress you know they if they lift up lift up a lot pallets or like alien you know if they lift their tail up a lot you know I’ll [ __ ] greet that [ __ ] cuz you know some of them abuse their power it depends on how they play though it could be confusing like you kind of have to see how their play style is cuz you know every Killer plays differently that you go up against and and it’s it’s like say for example you’re going against a legion and you think you don’t need to heal but say they’re just M1 or they do a lot of M1 because some of them do that and it’s like with any killer you know some Killers use their power a lot or you know use it right or whatever and some you know don’t use it as much or whatever so it really depends on how they’re playing even for clown 2 depends like you know like you’ll see like some of them will throw yeah will throw um down while you’re looping around a pallet to slow you down so you don’t make it you know what I mean so I don’t know it really depends my favorite killers in that game is you know wker and [ __ ] hun wker K yeah you do I mean why don’t you why don’t you play killer then I try best to get too annoying it’s like like thech is like like kill I just kill yeah me too I mean head’s mine but yeah everyone has their own that they like doing you know game like a boss you could kill like a box something like like yeah something [Music] yeah one I mean yeah definitely [Music] definitely like I remember how they changed the movie too when it first came out I remember it was a bit different in Parts like they changed or something I don’t know it’s weird I don’t know if it was like a different version that I watched when I was a kid or if it was a I don’t know but all I do know is that um some parts were different especially the part where you know with Anna or whatever whenever he was ripping her guts out like I thought there was a part where he like ripped the skin off her leg first or something and one A different film or like maybe I’m Tri tripping I don’t know but I could have swore it was a bit different but maybe I’m tripping I don’t know yeah and then uh yeah I watched that one no problem for some reason it didn’t really bother me and then I think the next night they were trying to get me to watch Chucky or something and I called my dad to go home they were like why you leaving I was like I don’t want to watch no more scary movies so then I went home and watched Tana Montana I’m just kidding but something like that probably that was weird cuz like I don’t know what was my deal but I it’s so weird I don’t know Chucky scared me I mean I watched them you know when I got older but like I remember the first time they were trying to get me to watch it I was like F this I’m leaving Silent Hill was cool but this I don’t know I don’t know why but I watched that one no problem then they turned that on they’re like why are you leaving and then they called me a chicken I was like fine I’ll be a chicken I don’t care so yeah then my dad came all the way came all the way here pick me up take me home all the way back home [Music] what yeah but like I you know when I got older though I watched them again I loved it what’s up Devils how you doing so War today how you doing new doubles how you doing fam she for 10 yeah we just been talking a lot y’all I’m sorry if I’m annoying I’m just chatting I’ve been chatting for like hours now I like talking to you too um all right arcade good morning Devils God Joe my Lord yeah we just been chilling tonight really like not too much going on I mean I got some progress on but I literally just been chilling yeah that’s what I’ve been doing me not much of anything like then everyone wants to beted on me and I was like a little sad arcade’s over here chilling yeah but anyways guys I just been chilling and talking you know just talking my ass off you know but anyways I love you guys thank you guys so much for hanging out it’s like 6:00 in the morning appreciate you hanging out sorry there’s not too much going on I’m just rambling my mouth and talking to Kyle and you guys and just saying random [ __ ] I guess uh I’m get off here take a break you yeah probably shower and stuff yeah Minecraft for a bit yes but you know you know I’ll do most of my [ __ ] you know on there I have a hard time focusing sometimes whenever I’m streaming on getting what I need done but it’s okay I just like talking anyways you know that’s the point you know what I mean chilling anyways I’ll see you guys next week I love you guys so much and bye

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    Ultimate Cobblestone Generator Hack! Minecraft Encrypted_ | ULTRA FAST COBBLESTONE GENERATOR! #2 [Modded Questing Survival] Embark on an exciting Minecraft adventure with Nik and Isaac as they delve into the world of Encrypted_. In this modded questing survival series, they showcase an ULTRA FAST COBBLESTONE GENERATOR that promises to revolutionize gameplay. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling episode! Exploring Stoneopolis The journey begins in Stoneopolis, a new generation of Stoneblock that challenges players with unique quests and survival mechanics. Nik and Isaac navigate through this innovative world, uncovering hidden treasures and facing formidable challenges along the way. The Power of Modded… Read More

  • Minecraft’s Tricky Trials Update Released!

    Minecraft's Tricky Trials Update Released! The Minecraft Tricky Trials Update: What’s New? Minecraft 1.21, also known as the Tricky Trials update, has just been released across all platforms. Let’s dive into the exciting additions that this update brings to the beloved game. New Trial Chamber and Dungeon Exploration The highlight of this update is the introduction of the new Trial Chamber, which serves as a challenging dungeon for players to explore. This new addition promises thrilling adventures and exciting encounters for players looking to test their skills. Abundance of New Blocks With the Tricky Trials update, players can expect a plethora of new blocks… Read More

  • Tricky Redstone Door in Minecraft

    Tricky Redstone Door in Minecraft The Marvels of Automatic Sensor Doors in Minecraft When it comes to intricate redstone builds in Minecraft, automatic sensor doors stand out as both functional and visually appealing creations. These doors add a touch of sophistication to any structure, be it a grand castle or a cozy cottage. Let’s delve into the world of automatic sensor doors and explore their fascinating features. The Mechanics Behind Automatic Sensor Doors Automatic sensor doors in Minecraft rely on redstone circuits to detect players’ movements and open or close accordingly. By strategically placing pressure plates, tripwires, or other sensor mechanisms, players can create… Read More

  • Fishing Dock Bliss: Day 31 in Better Minecraft

    Fishing Dock Bliss: Day 31 in Better Minecraft In the world of Minecraft, Day 31 did unfold, A cozy fishing dock, a sight to behold. Timber cross brace, spruce shelf, and more, Creating a scene that we all adore. With pearlescent froglight, kelp sand so fine, Blue dried kelp block, a design so divine. Rope and nail, banners in cyan and light blue, Every detail crafted, every element true. Chests and fences, trophies of fish, Barrels and boards, a delectable dish. Glowing hook, barbed hook, knives so sharp, Creating a space, a true work of art. Mods and shaders, enhancing the view, Dearplaysminecraft, bringing it all to… Read More

  • MLG Minecraft Race

    MLG Minecraft Race Minecraft MLG Yarışması: A Thrilling Adventure in the Minecraft Universe Step into the exciting world of Minecraft with COOLMAN’s MLG Yarışması! This thrilling competition brings together players from all over to showcase their skills and creativity in the beloved sandbox game. What is MLG Yarışması? MLG Yarışması is a competitive event within Minecraft where players compete in various challenges, showcasing their mastery of the game’s mechanics and their ability to think on their feet. From building intricate structures to surviving intense battles, participants must demonstrate their prowess in all aspects of Minecraft gameplay. Key Features of MLG Yarışması: Challenge… Read More

  • “Spicy Minecraft Memes You Can’t Miss” #minecraft

    "Spicy Minecraft Memes You Can't Miss" #minecraft “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes Read More

  • Insanely Cool Foeslayer Live at The Hive – 1 Sub = 1 Punch!

    Insanely Cool Foeslayer Live at The Hive - 1 Sub = 1 Punch!Video Information [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] e [Music] oh wait my mic is my my mic mic is off I I just started doing it okay good thing nobody could hear me because the mic that was a that was rather that was rather embarrassing anyway welcome to another Hive stream this is like the 80th one I’ve done cuz it manages to give me subscribers which well sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t but you know the grind never ends my friend oh wait we met the sub goal kind of… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Busted!

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Busted!Video Information This video, titled ‘🤯 Minecraft Myths DEBUNKED 2024! 🤫 Hidden Secrets You DIDN’T Know Existed! (#minecraft )’, was uploaded by ASMR Gaming on 2024-04-23 10:46:03. It has garnered 87 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:57:57 or 3477 seconds. Calling all Minecrafters! Do rumors of spooky happenings and hidden wonders plague your nights? Are you tired of falling victim to creepypasta legends? This video is your one-stop shop for separating Minecraft myth from reality! We’ll delve into the most persistent rumors and uncover some mind-blowing hidden features Mojang might not want you to know… Read More

  • KIRILL dominates epic Minecraft jump 💪

    KIRILL dominates epic Minecraft jump 💪Video Information This video, titled ‘Jump #Minecraft’, was uploaded by I’m KIRILL💪 on 2024-05-10 08:27:01. It has garnered 79 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Read More

  • "EPIC NEW Cobblemon Preview – Minecraft 1.5!"

    <p>"EPIC <em>NEW</em> Cobblemon Preview - Minecraft 1.5!"</p>Video Information hi chat welcome back to cobon I and many other content creators are uh lucky enough to receive an early version of the next cobon update and there’s a server uh where we can check out this early version so let’s do it sorry well fix things okay so it just open up unless you’re okay my bad so here it is there are Rockets invited but up with that oh I caught one I have no idea if I have uh welcome everybody let’s uh we’re going to get set up here in a second I’m going… Read More

  • Insane PVP Edit on Minecraft!! 😱🔥

    Insane PVP Edit on Minecraft!! 😱🔥Video Information a [Music] This video, titled ‘Smooth🗿🤯🔥#minecraft #pvpedit #lunarclient #sonyvegas #pvp #shorts #trending #edit #crazy #edit #sick’, was uploaded by PandaDoxx on 2024-05-15 18:58:52. It has garnered 10195 views and 250 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Pretty Cool ey? Tags: (I just copy pasted from random video lol) I’m a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client because you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. I know how to butterfly click and how to dragclick and how to jitterclick in minecraft pvp, my butterfly can easy go up to 16 CPS. Sometimes I… Read More

  • FF SENTAI – DEMON KING ATTACKS LION SMP 🦁🔥 #minecraft #clickbait

    FF SENTAI - DEMON KING ATTACKS LION SMP 🦁🔥 #minecraft #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘DEMON KING’S Entry in LION SMP 😱🤯 #minecraft #shortsfeed #shorts’, was uploaded by SENTAI FF on 2024-01-13 02:42:51. It has garnered 2493 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. #edit #amv #jujutsukaisen #gojosatoruedit #gojo #Animevillains #editing #editsanime #edits #editaudio #editamv #animeaesthetic #animeamv #animeedit Gojo Satoru 4k [Edit/Amv] (Otilia Bilionera) – Jujutsu Kaisen #shortsGojo Satoru Edit | Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Ep 1Jack death in fleet SMP |||| #gamerfleet #jackbhaiya #shorts @AnshuBisht@GamerFleet God Level Clutch @AnshuBisht #gamerfleet #anshubisht #minecraft #clutchgod #shorts 61K Likes 11,40,372 Views 12 JunEND OF FLEET… Read More

  • Insane Chef Boomi Mamana Ch. in Minecraft!

    Insane Chef Boomi Mamana Ch. in Minecraft!Video Information [Music] for [Music] [Music] there we go there we go the last time I I um it was like you know when I noticed that I wasn’t live I pressed I pressed start streaming I just have a bunch of like junk on my desk so I can’t see like my computer screen properly I I press start streaming and and you know I I I let the the the intro screen go for a bit and I I go over here and I’m like good evening and I realized then I was like oh [ __ ]… Read More

  • Henkall’s CRAZY Country Guessing Challenge!

    Henkall's CRAZY Country Guessing Challenge!Video Information стой если ты из России Украины Узбекистана или Казахстана Поставь лайк и подпишись [музыка] This video, titled ‘ЕСЛИ Я УГАДАЮ ТВОЮ СТРАНУ ТЫ ДОЛЖЕН ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ!!!’, was uploaded by henkall on 2024-05-07 15:27:08. It has garnered 7678 views and 1914 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:07 or 7 seconds. minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft civilization, minecraft song, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft videos, minecraft movie, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft ambience, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft arg, minecraft aphmau and aaron, minecraft armadillo, minecraft animation movie,… Read More

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    Choose Your FNAF Character for Epic Action! #ViralVideo Information [Music] I’ve been trying for so long to sing you the right song to show you something different every day so you he what I have to say now we’re here at a stand I wonder if you feel the kind of This video, titled ‘Your action your fnaf character 337 #fnaf #edit #viral #trending #shorts #shortvideo’, was uploaded by Savage cupcake on 2024-05-13 21:40:35. It has garnered 455 views and 17 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:18 or 18 seconds. #shorts #shortsfeed #shortsviral #trending #trendingvideo #trendingsong #viral #fnaf #popular #edit #minecraft #fnaf2 #fnaf3 #fnaf4 #fnafshorts… Read More

  • ZuZu Survival Server

    ZuZu  Survival ServerWelcome to ZuZu’s Survival Server, a friendly and thriving Minecraft server where your adventure begins! Dive into the limitless world of blocky wonders, build your dream home, and forge alliances with fellow adventurers. Currently searching for staff members! – Explore Boundless Worlds: Our server features a vast and diverse landscape for you to discover. From lush forests to towering mountains, there’s always something new to explore. – Resource-Rich Environment: Gather resources, mine for precious ores, and farm for sustenance. Our server provides the perfect balance of challenge and reward to keep you engaged. – Craft and Build: Unleash your creativity… Read More

  • Nu Towny SMP Semi-vanilla Java & Bedrock AdvancedEnchantments Economy Towny Jobs Quests Dungeons

    Nu Towny 🌍 Welcome to Nu Towny! 🌍 Experience a brand new take on the classic Towny survival with a twist. In Nu Towny, we’ve taken the traditional Minecraft gameplay and enhanced it with unique features, custom plugins, and a player-driven economy. Java/Bedrock/Console IP: Bedrock/Console Port: 25565 ⭐ AdvancedEnchantments: Custom enchants, Enchanter & Tinkerer. 🏡 Towny: Start your own town or join an existing one. Make friends, build your dream home, and create a thriving community with players from around the world. 💰 Economy: Our server features a balanced and player-driven economy. Trade, barter, or set up your own… Read More

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    Why did the pig join Minecraft? For the bacon, of course! Read More

  • Mine & Shine: 1.8.9 Adventures in Achievements

    Mine & Shine: 1.8.9 Adventures in Achievements In the world of Minecraft, our hero does roam, Mining for diamonds, crafting a home. With iron in abundance, and gold in sight, Exploring the caves, in the dead of night. Shears in hand, to gather some wool, Building a gazebo, a beautiful jewel. With leaves and flowers, a garden so grand, In this blocky world, where creativity stands. Facing zombies in diamond armor so rare, But our hero is brave, without a care. Achievements to unlock, rails to lay, In this pixelated world, where dreams do play. So let’s bid farewell, until next time, In the world of… Read More

  • MLG Minecraft Master Blaster

    MLG Minecraft Master Blaster When you accidentally hit your friend with a diamond sword in Minecraft and they start yelling “MLG GOD” as they respawn for revenge. Read More

  • Mom’s Chatting Tricks in Minecraft!

    Mom's Chatting Tricks in Minecraft! Minecraft: Chatting with Mom Tricks!【Cube Pavilion】 Welcome to Cube Pavilion, a channel dedicated to providing child-friendly content, avoiding any elements that could potentially harm their health and safety. Hello everyone, I’m Cube Pavilion, a creator in the Minecraft realm. I make funny and humorous Minecraft animations to spread joy. This channel is the only official channel for Cube Pavilion. Any videos related to me on other channels are pirated and unauthorized. Enjoy a new original video every day. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see! Let’s spread happiness together! MC Funny Moments👉 Watch Here Classroom Series👉… Read More

  • Everything 1.21 Update Release Date Revealed!

    Everything 1.21 Update Release Date Revealed! The Exciting Minecraft 1.21 Update: What to Expect Get ready, Minecraft enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Minecraft 1.21 update is set to release in June, and it’s called the “Tricky Trials.” Let’s dive into what this update has in store for players. Tricky Trials Chamber The update introduces the Tricky Trials Chamber, a new feature that promises exciting challenges for players. Finding this chamber is said to be easy, leading to a grand structure made entirely of copper items. From copper doors to copper trapdoors and lamps, this structure offers a unique experience. Players can even control the brightness of… Read More

  • INSANE Hypixel Player DOMINATES Wynncraft!

    INSANE Hypixel Player DOMINATES Wynncraft!Video Information and we are live again for day four of daily content June I think yeah I did I I went live I did it w okay now it’s time to as as you all know it’s time to spam the self-promo channels of Discord oh I also got to put it in my own Discord server that’s a that’s an important step I think I decided to join wincraft with shaders on just to show you how terrible the frames get yeah my computer’s not going to like me for this one if I was in Deb list… Read More

  • Midnight Minecraft Creepypasta: Otherworldly Feline

    Midnight Minecraft Creepypasta: Otherworldly FelineVideo Information my once Placid cat whiskers fixated on an empty Corner pupils dilated with feline Terror unnerved I approached only to find her hissing at an invisible entity the room’s temperature plummeted as a spectral chill settled whiskers every fur stood on end as if confronting an unseen adversary desperation seized me Whispers of an ethereal presence saturated the air My Pet’s hostility seemed directed at a malevolent force a lurking Shadow veiled from Mortal eyes as my fingers grazed the Unseen cold whiskers emitted a guttural growl an unseen Force gripped the room and the air pulsed with… Read More

  • Unleash Chaos in Enchanted Outpost Tower!

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  • 🔥 Geo King Reveals Chaos Tricks in Minecraft!!

    🔥 Geo King Reveals Chaos Tricks in Minecraft!!Video Information for what’s [Music] up got [ __ ] to do today CH all right any VW Watchers out there today the plan is we’re gonna we’re starting a new Minecraft series all here we go um I’ve taken this mod pack and I’ve RI I’ve given it a ter eaten it [ __ ] and it’s mine now I’ve done a lot I was up until 6:30 last night it’s the latest I’ve been and latest I’ve been up in probably like four [ __ ] months to get that [ __ ] done so hopefully we got… Read More

  • “Insane Clutch in Bedwars – Tacpac Montage” #Clickbait

    "Insane Clutch in Bedwars - Tacpac Montage" #ClickbaitVideo Information got me feel enough everything you do I get enough you got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling enough girl you got me shook from the way your body looks got me rid in Hook This video, titled ‘Perfect Clutch in Bedwars #minecraft #montage #pvp #gameplay #bedwars #fyp #clutch #edit #shorts’, was uploaded by Tacpac on 2024-05-28 14:39:47. It has garnered 503 views and 36 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Tags: Im a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client cause you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. i know… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Wige Creations! See Now! 🔥

    Mind-Blowing Wige Creations! See Now! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘What Would You Build Here? 🔥 #shorts’, was uploaded by wige on 2024-02-25 17:00:49. It has garnered 437 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:10 or 10 seconds. ✅ BE SURE TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!! 🎥 Welcome to Wige’s Cinematic Minecraft Let’s Play Modded Survival Series called Spoils Of War. Let’s rediscover the joy of playing Minecraft together. Taking things slow and documenting every step I’ve taken within the world. 🤍 Check Out My Main Gaming Channel @wigemojo Hey! Any Feedback & Criticism is much appreciated and I… Read More

  • MaunTeen’s Mind-Blowing RP Adventure!

    MaunTeen's Mind-Blowing RP Adventure!Video Information [музыка] бля а теперь ты понимаешь что у нас разница 28 сме 28 в жопе это [смех] много так у него у него очень это у него эпилепсия началась синее не [музыка] сейчас я вот тут микрофончик включу Ай б я первый х крутых северах погнали погнали хорошенькая Да огром не тут эти ни гры вот здесь живут пом говорим с этими ними ты пря назвал это Геры это тут А где они [ __ ] [ __ ] вы [ __ ] Здравствуйте а что что у вас произошло я снимаю брат я снимаю снима я тоже… Read More

  • Rickson’s Insane 2b2t Vertical Spawn Hunt!

    Rickson's Insane 2b2t Vertical Spawn Hunt!Video Information what is up guys a little impromptu daytime base hunting stream uh of course we’re going fully vertical once again and uh yeah let us get going so I am going to go we’re going to go this way this is the way we’re going to go and uh we are going to find a bunch of stuff cuz we are close to spawn oh we found something already look at this cute little Monument a cute little boat what’s up Dane you are the first I believe um yeah look at this cute little Monument oh that’s… Read More

  • INSANE SPEED in Subway Surfers | Minecraft Shorts

    INSANE SPEED in Subway Surfers | Minecraft ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘subway surfers super fast running speed | Minecraft #shorts #shortsfeed #ytshorts #gaming’, was uploaded by Farhad gaming on 2024-03-16 03:35:38. It has garnered 3355 views and 61 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:32 or 32 seconds. subway surfers og ,  subway surfers old ,  subway surfers ost ,  subway surfers hack ,  subway surfers ohio ,  subway surfers poki ,  subway surfers pros ,  subway surfers song ,  subway surfers music ,  subway surfers phonk ,  subway surfers remix ,  subway surfers sound ,  subway surfers theme ,  subway surfers glitch ,  subway surfers profis ,  subway surfers zombie ,  subway surfers deutsch ,  subway surfers paluten ,  subway surfers gameplay ,  subway surfers official ,  , #subwaysurfers , #subway , #subwaysurf , #subwaysurfer , #subwayseries , #subwaystation , #game , #subwaytile… Read More

  • CraftClue

    CraftClueCome play a nostalgic version of Minecraft CraftClue is a cracked 1.8.8 anarchy Minecraft server. It has absolutely no rules and no game-changing plugins, it is purely vanilla survival. It has been running for more than 1 year and the world file size is over 50 GB large. Over 50,000 accounts have been registered on the server since its beginning. Java (1.8-1.20) IP: java.craftclue.rocks Bedrock IP: bedrock.craftclue.rocks:25638 java.craftclue.rocks Read More

  • Ordinary SMP, Vanilla, Java 1.21, Hermitcraft-like, Whitelist

    Hello Crafters! Our Ordinary SMP is a Vanilla Whitelisted server free from cheats or mods. Join our diverse global player base as we start Season 2 with the new 1.21 update! We have Simple Voicechat for communication in the SMP. Join our community where we work together to craft an extraordinary world. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. We have over 100 active members on our Discord server. Join us here. Thank you for reading & see you there! Read More

  • Snowpoint SMP

    Snowpoint SMPWelcome to Snowpoint SMP!🐈‍Join us at Snowpoint SMP, the ultimate Minecraft survival experience where adventure and community come together! Our server features a variety of exciting plugins to enhance your gameplay, including:Pyrofishing🎣: Dive into a unique fishing experience with special catches and rewards!Slimefun4🛠️: Explore new mechanics and items for a truly innovative Minecraft journeyCustom Enchants✨: Upgrade your gear with powerful and unique enchantments!Crates📦: Open crates for a chance to win amazing prizes!SilkSpawners🕷️: Mine and move mob spawners with Silk Touch!Jobs💰: Earn money and level up by taking on various in-game professions!mcMMO⚔️: Enhance your skills and abilities with RPG-like progression!McPets🐈‍: Adopt… Read More