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hello everyone and welcome to Roots UHC season 3 this season we are going back in time to make a couple of you feel old we’re playing a version that came out in January 2013 which is over 11 years ago 1.4.7 to give you an idea of what is in 1.4.7 you’ve got anvils you got enchanted books but uh Sprint key is not a thing you can’t drag click in your inventory I actually don’t even know if water bucket landed is a thing so just be aware of that and the other thing to let you all know about is that um we are doing Secret wish teams of two so no one knows their teams for pretty much the entire game and you’ll I guess you’ll learn them as you go along uh Tommy why don’t you quickly introduce the players um well we did have uh Ripper Steve returning from previous Seasons unfortunately he’s been slain so he’s eliminated from the game um as well we have newcomer Zulus thank you very much for coming we have returner chalk 3n uh we have newcomer K cath roots oh I get the pun pretty good thank you we have Chris and the mom as well returning dude shut off don’t say that don’t behaven we have newcomer who’s I think been in the Discord since like one of the first like 20 people we invited so thanks on finally making it uh we have the man who did successfully carry SC Stone uh in season one to a higher placement we have uh Austin I think returning no yeah yeah returning he he did pretty good season one no I didn’t I died okay well and did nothing uh we have uh big time Fragger season two eight kills s Haven hand it’s on site it’s on site we have wow that rocks dude we have Mark man nice time uh we have returning as well from season one tied up H HC Legend um over this one we have really the only good one here uh Sid Garcia happy to be here Tommy thank you thank youur again from those are the first two seasons rebles all right man we have running around a pumpkin and I think also on both the first D Chasm I’m not alled to touch it okay uh we have again we’re ring from season one Talen 3 another UHC hosting Legend God hates you oh god wow did you just go right past Emily on purpose no not yet we have uh the only actual good one Emily darkening who also is out of contact with the pumpkin [ __ ] you uh we have uh one of the UHC greats Majora hey hi we have one of the UHC lates and upcoming great elg youo Su Primo we have did I is that everyone actually wait did I get we have some you’ve done a la around yeah flu maker definitely dodged me but he’s here you got flu as well you got flu little that you left one of the two bills two you missed me that’s not true we have we have you hate women so uh confirm everybody um last thing to mention oh up on the thing up on a pumpkin two feet in the air son as usual um has slightly different rules PVP is on from the start so you may murder each if you’d like to the never is on but to be clear tier 2 potions are not allow and um yeah I think that’s everything um let’s let’s let’s let’s play roots [Music] [Applause] [Music] right you want to you want to tankle that temper or yeah definitely don’t forget that there’s a there’s a plate at the bottom right it’s going to take us a while to dig hero oh you don’t get sticks from Little bushes in this version do you do no no no that’s a very recent thing yeah dang it I might run to the top of the hill real quick and go look for like trees well okay but all you need is uh come back for you all you need is like uh 10 sand and you can go down All You Need Is Love Dr sand yeah I’m I was thinking like digging through the Sandstone with nothing yeah I’m really glad they tpd you to me and not the other way around I saw this stting spot I was like oh my gosh oh go okay yeah we’re starting I’m going to I’m going to punch some sand so welcome to routs three I’m punching some sand and then I’m throwing it at Talon who is my team there you go and that should give you more sand faster oh the double tap to tackle the temple or tickle the temple whichever I’m definitely I’m tickling this temple dude mhm don’t don’t tickle the temp the the the pressure plate I’m a temple ticker so as you can see or maybe it’s not that obvious this is not a resource pack this is Minecraft 1.4.7 the version where we’re all Steve and the only good thing we could hope for back then was a temple like that yeah this is an insane starting spot uh considered yeah there’s IC see I see trees over there all right I guess I’m going to go oh oh no oh I’m already dying whatever we have to Sprint by double tapping the this is not going to go well for me yeah the double tap is awful and the swimming is slow so we we get a temple but I think like uh this is going to be the biggest waste of a temple with me on this team oh pigs no no no we’re going to win all right I got no diamonds um you got diamonds no no diamonds yeah back then I don’t I mean it was possible but diamonds would be really rare in a was it rare back then which way did you go um I I went to where there are some trees closer to the Border um it’s terrible biome it’s a snowy biome before the tigas existed right yeah it’s long time ago and I’ve got these sheep like yelling in my face so if I remember correctly cuz you you actually oh my God the crafting I think hold on I got not restart you can’t you can’t click and drag with the crafting it’s it’s it’s kill me on the inside oh that’s going to be awful wait look at that okay so uh from what I was if I remember the meta from back then food was rare So on the first day you made yourself a stone sword not stone sword but you made made yourself a a wooden sword and then you went off and murdered all the food especially chickens and cows because there was going to be enough for everyone type of deal I do think I remember that got have some rotten flesh so oh yeah so the rotten flesh it will it will sustain you it will feed you a a little bit all right so I got a whole lot of reads a lot of sugar I mean whatever Yeahs oh we’re so old actually is it reads no they’re sugar canes okay we already sugar canes I think it was like Alpha that it changed or early beta oh the worst thing is when you like you pick something up if if I recall is this the version where you don’t need leather for books you just need uh three sugarcane I’ll probably I’ll have to check next time I place the crafting bench down I think it is you just need the three paper huh okay good good that would be awesome I’ll try in just a second so the server is in my backyard that is not going to be an advantage for me really usually when the server is in Canada it’s like in my city uh or technically in the suburbs of my city you wouldn’t actually put the server uh where you pay Max rent uh that’s just not how it works wonder what my ping even is oh I wouldn’t be able to tell yes sir um and I think we’re supposed to explore and I think the back then H is um God did we confirm that books are with um sugar only with can this is not fake news let me try right now yeah okay paper [Music] paper oh no we need the leather we we do need the the leather okay darn that would have been amazing yeah oh the the click and drag come on it’s awful work with me oh it’s so bad okay I have four books I have 12 paper I can give to you that’s that’s oh how did what I I hate how like uh the the view resets or something every time I stop looking okay so there’s a little cave here maybe I can get well so much for cave how much food do you have I have 18 p chops and uh seven uh seven beef chops nice we should find each other cuz I have iron I can give to you okay all right all right all right all right all right all right all right all right uh I suppose back then this the sword or the pick how much iron do you have uh I got plenty uh seven that’s all your already made stuff I guess I didn’t make armor but oh we find it I also already have 22 gold I forgot that that’s important yeah yeah so we I should go back to where I cut the trees uh so I’m at like 950 minus 300 just checking through some apples real quick and then I’ll over I’m at 1100 minus 350 mhm an apple oh you’re doing much better than I am on the Apple Department no worries no worries another Apple okay I got two all right you’re at 950 300 I just took half a heart what the hell why would you why I don’t know you were our only hope for Iron Man no are you not Iron Man uh yes but U I’m not an actual hope for Iron Man no no you’re going to be great you’re going to be great I’m have to eat some raw food I’m already out oh is that you I’m looking for there’s that I’ll give you half the gold as well did you food I mean I’m smelting food you could you should probably grab the one I’m smelting I’ll just come with you just going to kill this real quick heard your smelter in the cave uh it’s not in a cave uh I placed it in in the ground so that uh an opposing player would not see it immediately but if you look if you F5 you’re going to you’re going to see it forgot about fing this should be next to the crafting bench got it thank you this is awesome okay this is done I’ll put pork chops in go yeah we got got way more pork chops to can’t can I have a one oh thank you I’m going to just make here will you give me the gold back I’m just going to make two gapples right now and give one to each of us yeah I think I’m going to go with an iron me the the gold that I gave you oh yeah yeah right I’ll I’ll keep a pick up gold I don’t know how that would help me actually do you need it um a gold pick is no not the gold pick uh pick up gold like in case uh like it’s not happening there’s there’s no one to pick up gold from uh man here’s a here’s a gaple for you right here oh I like how how you oh um we forgot to put fuel in there is there any way to get this apples faster God dang I know they feel most of the day is gone I bounds we can make some yeah is leaf Decay on is an excellent question it it really looks like it isn’t we should Pro all right given the circumstances we should probably head over to the forest maybe move the entire fle closer to the forest do we want to keep bones for wolves or um or should I just grow so that we can grip some I I was going to go where the oh yeah but we need we need okay okay let’s do these craft an axe this is annoying maybe I should have I didn’t uh make enough uh I didn’t take enough Stone man this this Minecraft is is painful this is a wild this is a throwback it’s uh it’s amazing how softcore current Minecraft has become seriously it’s so easy now we were in the trenches back in the day come on man oh okay we got a we got a ravine here oh nice I mean it’s probably not going to lead to a significant cave but I did manage to say the word but mhm and we’re supposed to be the the elderly [Music] ones we are allowed to strip mine it’s probably Our Only Hope do we have more uh bone Mill H well it’s it’s going to be too late like if the skeletons shoot us yeah it’s too late we have to come back for apples another time I guess jeez this is really sucks I don’t even is there like coal in there um I have three coal I haven’t seen any so far will we have to do the old school thing of a making charcoal making charcoal yeah gosh charcoal’s so expensive it’s kind of wild that that was ever in the game hey coal just found a vanin all right good all right I’m bringing the stuff down here now and we’re uh a little nervous that’s the cave right there mhm nervous little boy he’s little nervous short and stout by the way we have to uh we have to think about dedicating our win uh and and I I I have a group that is like seriously underappreciated that I I think I think it’d be good for them if we if we dedicated them this win this upcoming win uh because really the in solemn silence they they put the weight of the word world on their shoulders and carry it in silence often in to ridicule and you know they’re they’re really possibly the most important people in the world uh so of course I’m talking about guys with small wieners amen sir yeah they are the most important people around without them I would probably merely be average but so thanks thank you to all the small Meer guys out there bring the average down so that I can be above a even by a mere technicality I’ll take it you you are doing the heavy work out here despite the Light Equipment I you know they need the love cuz like people just point and laugh and they don’t understand they don’t understand like the importance the important work they’re they’re doing wait who’s pointing and laughing at you you want to talk about it oh no no no no not me of course I would uh I would not be that way uh all right I’ll go get the coal over there then to make a torch I I hear like zombie but it might be in a connected cave I’m getting a bunch of Flint eight so far do we have to go fight spiders for string yes o i mean to be fair you know sonm is already almost dead no that’s not true half Health poor girl those a bad decisions have been made uh did I leave the crafting bench outside I sure did that’s what happens when you are dumb I might be uh larger than than most but uh I am not smarter than most all right and that’s all thanks to the tiny wiener guys if they same thing same thing by the way for the short Kings out there if you weren’t short like I’d be smaller than average thankfully all you short Kings out there are doing the great work of being short so that I can be average height that is fantastic oh that’s funny I should probably make of my crafting bench outside too oh M shaft we won’t have to fight spiders oh huge be really careful it’s at the other end of the ravino I think you know uh I I need to find a little bit more coal cuz I only have one torch left no worries and I was I was smelting some iron so uh here yep fantastic uh did you grab a little bit of I got 17 iron so I think I’ll uh okay I’ll take this last one and craft me a breast plate like okay breast plate no cooking in is actually going to kill me mhm um here’s some more coal for you thank you you you can take that crafting table I’ll take this one yes we’ve been using a lot of wood to do the SCH smelting so wisely okay oh there was this other fle up there all right so three fical total nice I also I hear that zombie but I think the uh M shaft is way more important we didn’t find a single chicken though so we’re going to have to oh I found a few I have four feathers oh yeah that’s going to get us very very far yeah that said did I just hear a witch what is that sound there is no sound witches are silent killers in in this version what is that sound hey now what’s that sound sound sharpness too book oh there we go I have one string I’m just going to stick with you I’m scared little boy need my big strong flu to protect me you’re uh your expect are misplaced hey you know what we’re going to go out there we’re going to have some fun and that’s what matters I am known for oh for shooting my teammates in the knee and running away hey you what you got to do that way you know I don’t die first but exactly did did we miss end of episode message probably not right no I have the uh timer on in case they’ miss it ooh timer onone so we got two minutes left okay I got two oh I hear a skeleton watch out the skeletons shoot yeah faster than anything else known to man in this version oh yeah I forgot about that I managed to block him and kill him I have an arrow okay um I have enough to make a bow oh that’s the Enderman I think you were hearing oh oh you’re totally right okay holy that was scaring me so bad scaring him so bad did I lag to death okay yeah I just lagged hard to well if you’re going to lag you better lag hard you better lag hard yeah someone nether clearly so on a scale of uh 11 to five how much do you want in another I would love pots I think we’re both going to die if we try though yes Fair okay I have uh one string for you if you have two I I have four oh nice come thank you so much for watching go byebye sponsored by the flu group on patreon [Music]

This video, titled ‘Old Minecraft uhc but with a temple start – Roots UHC s3e1’, was uploaded by Flouzemaker on 2024-05-01 20:00:07. It has garnered 200 views and 24 likes. The duration of the video is 00:25:40 or 1540 seconds.

➤ Welcome To Roots UHC! Roots UHC is a r/ultrahardcore hosted game organized by TommySuX and Havenhand with the goal to bring a bunch of players together that once played UHC but has since stopped. ➤ UHC or “Ultra Hardcore” is a custom Game type in Minecraft. Where players don’t naturally generate health. Instead if they want to heal. They must use Golden Apples or Health Potions. In most cases the Last Team/Player standing wins. ➤ Whilst Roots UHC is a r/ultrahardcore hosted game. We do 2 things that most games do now. Firstly every season will have “Death Drops” enabled. Meaning when a player dies, he will drop a “loot bag”. These Loot bags will give the players some extra items to help them. For example, certain potions, gold, diamond and arrows. Roots also does not have a Grace Period. Meaning from the start of the game. PvP is on and players may fight when they are ready. However for Season 3 the Loot bags were not enabled due to the older version we played in. ➤ For the Third Season of Roots. We are going back in time to January 2013. As we are playing in Minecraft Version 1.4.7! This was the version to add Anvils, enchanted books and Withers! As well we are doing Secret Teams of 2! Players were able to wish for players they would like to team with. And then the teams were rigged by Tommy/Haven to balance them the best they could.

➤This season has 22 players split into 11 Teams of 2.

Here is a list of all the players.

https://tenor.com/en-GB/view/siahlv-gif-18923524 ➤ SiahStone – https://www.youtube.com/@SiahStone ➤ Zev – https://www.youtube.com/@zevyxenzevulpes1025

➤ Stupid & Stupid ➤ Darkening – https://www.youtube.com/@TommySuX ➤ Katy – https://www.youtube.com/@KatyLawson

➤ Imagine being Married ➤ Ripper – https://www.youtube.com/@rippersteveM5 ➤ Gavin – https://www.youtube.com/@deadeyeinglewood

➤ Dancers in the Marclight ➤ DancersTalon – https://www.youtube.com/@talonraker1140 ➤ Marc – https://www.youtube.com/@unremarcable

➤ Party like it’s 2013 ➤ CH0CK – https://www.youtube.com/@vincent2553 ➤ TicedUp – https://www.youtube.com/@Dibzcraft

➤ Psychadelic Mess – ➤ Tommy – https://www.youtube.com/@TommySuX ➤ Torin – https://www.youtube.com/@torinth4064

➤ Lost Cause ➤ JustKerp – https://www.youtube.com/@JustKerp ➤ Mjora – https://www.youtube.com/@Mjora

➤ Chewsday Gaming ➤ Havenhand – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM2o5Sn0Tb8s7H0gmwafeYw ➤ Chris – https://www.youtube.com/@chrisanthemum2

➤ Outer Wildlings ➤ Sid – https://www.youtube.com/@SidPlaysGames ➤ Grips – https://www.youtube.com/@GREEP88

➤ Minecraft Mythbusters – ➤ Chasmic – https://www.youtube.com/@Chasmic ➤ Sonmica – https://www.youtube.com/@sonmicaLP

➤ For the Smol Kings ➤ TalonIII – https://www.youtube.com/@TalonIII ➤ Flouzemaker – https://www.youtube.com/@Flouzemaker

Come play with me in my public Discord: UHC Club House: discord.gg/nchBZMg

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Flouzemaker

Check Flouze out on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/flouzemaker/ Follow Flouze on Twitter @flouzethemaker

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    馃敟Mr Warden's INSANE PvP Texture Pack Survival FUN!馃敟|MCPE 1.20+1.21Video Information This video, titled ‘Best survival+pvp texture pack mcpe|Best texture packs for minecraft 1.20|pvp texture pack 1.20/1.21’, was uploaded by MR WARDEN PLAYS on 2024-04-24 03:48:21. It has garnered 306 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:05:39 or 339 seconds. Best survival+pvp texture pack mcpe|Best texture packs for minecraft 1.20|pvp texture pack 1.20/1.21 My PVP Texture Pack For Minecraft pe/bedrock edition! Download Link in comment: Search related Tags: Texture pack minecraft pe 1.20.51 best survival texture pack mcpe minecraft pe texture pack download best 32x pvp texture pack MCPE 1.20 fps boost texture pack mcpe 1.20… Read More

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    Insane Hardcore Challenge! Survive 100 Days in Prominence II ModpackVideo Information This video, titled ‘Pre啪il som 100 dn铆 v HARDCORE! | Prominence II Minecraft Modpack | Cwortex’, was uploaded by Cwortex on 2024-05-26 14:00:15. It has garnered 526 views and 40 likes. The duration of the video is 00:39:28 or 2368 seconds. I survived 100 days in Minecraft HARDCORE on the Prominence II modpack. Discord: https://bit.ly/cwortexdiscord Instagram: https://bit.ly/cwortexig My PC: CPU: Intel i7-12700KF (12 Core Processor) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 (12G) Motherboard: Gigabyte B760M Gaming RAM: 32GB DDR4 SSD: Kingston NV2 (2TB) OS: Windows 11 Pro Monitor: AOC U2879G6 3840×2160 ( 4K) Mouse: Glorious Model O Keyboard: HyperX… Read More

  • EveryLunaEver: My Minecraft Boyfriend Reveal! 馃槏馃敟 #AmICoolYet

    EveryLunaEver: My Minecraft Boyfriend Reveal! 馃槏馃敟 #AmICoolYetVideo Information This video, titled ‘ICH HAB ENDLICH EINEN FREUND (in Minecraft) 馃槑 Bin ich jetzt cool?’, was uploaded by EveryLunaEver on 2024-05-11 13:00:40. It has garnered 1092 views and 138 likes. The duration of the video is 00:11:36 or 696 seconds. A new experience in Minecraft! We get a really cool pickaxe owo AND our very first good friend Berndt! Guys meet Berndt he is my BFF! He is a villager and now unemployed! Edited by: https://twitter.com/Rokuagames My links! LIVUUU 鈫 https://www.twitch.tv/everylunaever VOD Channel 鈫 https://www.youtube.com/@EveryVODEver React Channel 鈫 https://www.youtube.com/@EveryReactEver The little bird also chirps regularly (掳銉悸) 鈫 https://twitter.com/everylunaever… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Ship Building Speedrun! | X Cross Gaming

    Insane Minecraft Ship Building Speedrun! | X Cross GamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft | Nevergame.net | Projekt Schiff Part 3’, was uploaded by X Cross Gaming on 2024-05-19 01:00:04. It has garnered 81 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 01:03:48 or 3828 seconds. 鈻 Support is not murder 鉁旓笍鉂わ笍锔 鈬 鈾笍 You can find more information in the description 鈾笍 鈬 鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻 馃摑 General information about me: 鉃★笍 My Discord 鉃 https://dsc.gg/x-cross 鉃★笍 Partnerdiscord 鉃 https://discord.gg/dreamwyld 鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆鈻柆 馃摑 Did you like the video? 馃敂 Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything 馃敂 馃憤馃徏 Feel free to rate the video, I would… Read More


    Hxdrii - INSANE NEW FNAF MOD UPDATE!Video Information This video, titled ‘THIS NEW MINECRAFT FNAF MOD UPDATE ADDED SO MANY ANIMATRONICS’, was uploaded by Hxdrii on 2024-06-09 16:00:18. It has garnered 4925 views and 211 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:31 or 1231 seconds. In Today’s Video, I check out a Minecraft FNAF Mod / Minecraft FNAF Addon for MCPE. THIS NEW MINECRAFT FNAF MOD UPDATE ADDED SO MANY ANIMATRONICS #minecraftmods #minecraftfnaf #fivenightsatfreddys Enjoy! THE ADDON 鈻 https://mcpedl.com/fnaf-blocks/ DISCORD SERVER 鈻 https://discord.gg/3TU7mc9TXW FOLLOW ME HERE 鈻 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ok._.jacob/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hxdrii MUSIC 鈻 Chill Day by LAKEY INSPIRED Read More

  • FlyKitz

    FlyKitzFlyKitz is a F2P Random kits server, each death you get a new COMPLETLY random kit. You can earn rewards by voting/linking your discord account with minecraft account. flykitz.minehut.gg Read More

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    Welcome to UneasyVanilla Welcome to UneasyVanilla, the vanilla Minecraft server you’re looking for. A server where you can unleash your creativity in a tight-knit, relaxed community. Experience the excitement of survival in a world where surprise encounters await you at every turn. Authentic Gameplay At UneasyVanilla, we stay true to Minecraft’s original vision, offering a blend of anarchy and survival gameplay while still having some rules. Join our community today and explore a 4+ year old world where imagination knows no limits. Fair and Enjoyable Environment While we embrace a sense of lawlessness, we have straightforward rules in place to… Read More

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    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Features Experiment with new features such as crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the bogged, the mace, 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and more! Community Join a friendly community with multiple towns and a diamond-based trading economy. Explore the End every month, participate in enhanced dragon fights, and never worry about resets… Read More

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