Ultimate Showdown: Karl Builds vs 1 Billion Block Challenge

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I found a Minecraft build that literally took 1 billion blocks to make and me and my friends are going to show you the difference between that to a ton of other builds starting with this one block build let’s check it out it’s just a chest it’s like a box oh look at this oh wait a second this is more than one block I’m giving it a zero out of 10 I’ll give it a one for the one block it’s supposed to be I’ll give it a two cuz I like it but will it be this 10,000 block build ooh it’s a Pokémon Center what that’s Pikachu I don’t know if I like squir Squirtle looks traumatized okay it has some interior not not much Furniture but I feel like for 10,000 blocks we got a good bang for a buck I like this keep in mind Tariq the final build is 10,000 times the size of this yeah yeah yeah this is cool though I think I’m going to give this a seven I feel like this Squirtle boost it up to a six for me I’ll give it a six all right well it’s currently in the lead and for whichever one wins we’re going to give the Builder a $1,000 tip but will it keep its lead compared to the 1 million block bill oh my god dude it’s an ancient Coliseum there’s a dragon and a sinitar is that what they’re called I feel like I’m there look at like the Tail of the Dragon wrapping like all the way around back here dude this looks like a scene out of one piece this is like art I’ve never seen any build like this look at the detail on the ground wait there’s a dragon’s egg dude this is sick I’m like flying around like the edges of the Coliseum this like so cool wo look at this place the details there’s just emotion in this but is it enough enough emotion to give it the lead I think it’s time to vote this is the coolest thing I’ve seen so far this is a 10 what all right Tariq I’m about to blow your mind okay I think this is deserving of an eight this is not a 10 I think it’s a really good use of a million blocks I know there’s going to be something crazy coming up so I’m going to leave room and give it a seven oh my God this is currently in the lead now sorry Pokemon Center but will the dragon beat out this five million block solar system oh my gosh oh my gosh dude [Music] dude this is beautiful do you see this Cosmic flower we spawned in I don’t even know where to start where do you even look at do you see this like Giant Eye creature in the distance with mushrooms on him dude look at these Starships dude if you think about it the first build was literally just one block right here like this glass pane could have been the first build wait before we get any further this guy gives Tariq energy to me no if you’re confused Tariq is actually using Nolan’s skin because he doesn’t have a Minecraft account unfortunately everybody comment telling Tariq to get a Minecraft account check out this space cat with its space treats dude oh that’s awesome wow wait is he like fighting this like tentacle what is [Music] this guys I think this dragon is better than the last dragon oh a spaghetti planet look at that fork the fork is so big meatball Moon there’s a toothpick going through it this person thought thought of literally everything and then in between all of the really cool builds they have enough blocks where they can just scatter it with like asteroids and stuff to really build the environment oh all of these planets are completely Hollow so that they could use those blocks that they would have used to build more planets Oh look The Pirate chip has chained to this lava Planet though there’s like a whole story there are so many different things going on this is like the most chaotic solar system that’s ever existed I think we’ve looked at it enough guys and I think it’s time to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 I mean this is definitely the coolest build so far I’m going to go all the way up and give it an 8.5 wao I like this build a lot they put a lot of time in it but I don’t know what to make of it as a whole so I’m going to give it an 8.5 I’m going to have to agree with Tariq I feel like this is a lot of really cool things is it five times better than the Coliseum no and for that reason I think I’m going to give this a six what as cool as this is sometimes simple as good currently the coliseum’s in the lead and getting the $1,000 tip but will it beat the 100 Mill Ion Block ancient city W oh my gosh guys I mean where do we start this is like a full Society guys keep in mind this took 100 times the amount of blocks as that Coliseum yeah cuz dude look there’s a whole Coliseum over [Music] here I mean this is stunning dude I’m starting to see what you meant about the everything fitting together as a story yeah exactly cuz this is what the story looks like this is the type of build I could just go in survival mode and just explore for literally days I feel like I could start a whole life here look they have like battleships and stuff oh oh my gosh they have a Navy the beautiful bridges dude look at their water systems look at this this is what Society should be like look at this theater like are you kidding I like how the included mountains within the city like like there’s nature walk down this with me for a second look how gorgeous this is just constantly stuff to explore I like this a lot all I’m going to say is the buildings are starting to look very similar to each other you do have a point Carl these houses do look very similar it’s a city so the houses are going to look similar but also at the same time you get 100 million blocks wait where’s the king’s Palace is that in the middle oh wow it is oh I will say guys it is completely Hollow I like the outside but the inside little empty and I want to let you guys know before we vote it took him 500 hours and it was made by one guy no no way one person did this dude that’s literally like almost a month straight I know I know my score all right then let’s rate it Tariq what are you going to give it on a scale of 1 to 10 that’s a 10 Tariq a 10 and I can’t even really blame him I think this is more cohesive in one full build so I’ll bump it up a little bit and I’ll give it a nine just cuz of the fact that there was no Interiors really anywhere I do have to dock it a point I think that this is an eight Hey Nobody’s perfect baby but with a score of 27 points it’s in the lead and there’s only one build left how are these builds going to keep getting bigger I don’t get it I don’t I don’t see this getting better than this I’d be surprised and now the grand finale 1 billion blocks New York City bro oh my God that’s my favorite [Music] City they made a one to one of Manhattan in Minecraft this is actually cool they’re still actively working on it but it’s been a billion blocks so far dude this is Time Square this is where Spider-Man did that one scene and just so you guys know it’s an exact one to one as tall as you are in this game that’s how tall the buildings are dude really like this is so cool wait is this a real building in New York it has to be right we got permission to film this in the middle of them working on this they’ve been working on it for literally years so they’re not even done no this is a team that has the goal of building the entire Earth on Minecraft I can see the buildings where they’re like about to work on them I can see their future plans over [Music] there check it out Central Park is literally right here oh that’s so cool wa My Game just crashed my game literally could not handle this guys I’m still in Central Park My Game just crashed oh both of you guys have crashed still I’m standing strong well there’s not much else to be said about this one it is literally New York City it is time to vote is this better than the ancient city and does it deserve the $1,000 tip here’s the thing New York City in Minecraft completely to scale is so cool to me but it’s just not finished yet so I’ll give it an eight I can’t help but agree with you but I’m from New York I feel like it’s bad if I don’t give this an eight go rangers I love New York it’s my favorite city but just like purple said they’re not done building it so I’m going to have to give this a nine and because of that the ancient city officially wins the bill Challenge and gets a $1,000 tip oh don’t for for get to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one

This video, titled ‘1 vs 1 Billion Block Build in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Karl on 2024-03-23 21:23:03. It has garnered 3391510 views and 21765 likes. The duration of the video is 00:08:03 or 483 seconds.

A billion is such an UNIMAGINABLE number to me. Thanks again to the builders! Ancient City: https://www.youtube.com/@timtenth_buildings8113 New York City: https://discord.com/invite/NDsg44V —————————————————————- Follow me on all socials! • Twitter – https://twitter.com/KarlJacobs_ • Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/karljacobs/ ——————————————————————–


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  • GloriousRevenge

    GloriousRevengeNamed after the game we’re developing GloriousRevenge is a vanilla server without active administration, so feel free to play as you wish. If you want to read more about the game feel free to visit: https://gloriousrevenge.com minecraft.gloriousrevenge.com Read More

  • StorytimeSMP – smp roleplay with voice chat, dynmap, 1.20.4, whitelist

    Welcome to Storytime SMP! The Storytime SMP is a Survival Multiplayer Server where players create their own character, telling their own story. Create nations, engage in diplomacy, have epic battles, and more! Each season lasts about 2 months. Unique Storytelling Events, special items, and more add to the unique story of each season. Players face boss battles, with only one life per event. Items of Power grant special abilities, but can be stolen by other players. Item of Power Items of Power grant abilities like speed and strength. Players must keep them in their inventory, as others can hunt them… Read More

  • Slkiny Middle School

    Slkiny Middle SchoolWelcome to SMP SlinkEach update my friends like to get together and play. The more the merrier, come join us!Group of Goofy goobers gettin tricky and tinkin in those trials. Don’t be cringe. Have Fun in new update! Read More

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  • Crafty Kolor: Minecraft’s Globasa Adventure

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  • Minecraft: Fishing Rod vs Brain Cells [🔥😂]

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